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Archive date 25th February 2004

I've been getting mouth ulcers all my life. I've spend lots of money on all kinds of different medication and tips. Recently I got a whole bunch of them in my mouth just about everywhere. I met a guy who had the same problem but gave me a suggestion that made my problems go away. First sign of a ulcer you take 3000mg of Lysine until they are gone. I started taking them and they went away in no time. As if I never had them. Just to be on the save side, take maybe 1000mg every day for prevention. I also suggest brushing your teeth with biotene toothpaste. Try it!
Phil 03:10 , 5 March 03

please could somebody tell grantyman what lysine is.
grantyman 23:46 , 13 April 03

lysine is an amino acid generally used for treating herpes simplex virus infections (i.e. cold sores and the like). the fact that it works for Phil and his friend lends more to the argument that there is a definate viral connection with mouth ulcers although as we all know, there is no common cause and so this treatment may well not work for some of us. anyhoo, i'm off to find out where i can get me some lysine and to bomb the h.q. of bonjela for inflicting so much pain... if any1 knows where you can get lysine in the U.K. then please post here...
ow it hurts... 16:05 , 14 April 03

dont u have anyside effects,by using such large amount of lysine,and also tell me what lysine is. 16:11 , 14 April 03

you can buy lysine in holland and barret or similar health food shops.
em 16:14 , 21 April 03

is there any link with herpes
carol 23:01 , 21 April 03

Lysine is an amino acid which just means it it a building block of protein. It is quite safe to take in that amount. It is just part of a vegatable protein. Works wonders for cold sores on the lips.
rigel-nj 23:40 , 21 April 03

This Lysine sounds great. I'm off to the chemist to find out what it is called here (Australia) and will post the name as soon as I find out. Good luck to everyone and thanks for the tip Phil
Robin 05:08 , 24 April 03

so there are no side effets of this Lysine right?...
Vik 06:35 , 24 April 03

Well, I rushed off and bought some Lysine on Thursday (yes it is called Lysine in Australia). Friday I had the most painful time I have ever had, so went to my doctor this morning. He said that Lysine is great - most often used for cold sores, but the reason it works with mouth ulcers too is that it's main function is to help heal soft tissue and it's also great for the immune system. Says Phil's suggestion to take 1000mg per day as a precaution is sound advice. He also suggested that I use soluble aspirin (or paracetamol) as a mouth wash for temporary relief. However, his main advice to me, which I'll take on Monday, is to go and have a tooth with a sharp edge either capped or extracted (at $2000 for a cap, I'll be having the extraction). It's a back tooth and has served me well for more than 60 years, but it's going to have to go ! I've had mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember, but the past six weeks or so, it's just been without a break - coincides with when I had my teeth scaled by the dentist. Another thing the doctor mentioned is that repeated attacks, such as I've had recently, are prone to turn cancerous, so it's not something to be neglected. Hope this info is helpful to some people out there - and incidentally, the aspirin wash seems to be more effective and certainly less painful than bongela or seda-gel.
04:41 , 26 April 03

Vodka works too! I had a martini last night and no more pain, no more ulcer in the am. Use L-Lysine but didn't get started this bout til a few days later so didn't have great results. Now that I'vediscovered the magic of vodka I will try this next time too!.
Jazee 14:31 , 26 April 03

Robin in Australia,
Don't let your doctor bullshit you into worrying about cancer as a result of mouth ulcers. Why not just get the dentist to file and fill the sharp tooth so that it doesn't injure you? You obviously don't need it the correct shape after having it as is for 60 years!

Truth. 23:40 , 26 April 03

It's not a good idea to write something off as rubbish just because it hasn't been your experience. I had the experience of mouth ulcers becoming cancerous. After eighteen months of extensive treatment, including plastic surgery I'm still far from well. Also, I'm a registered nurse and in my long career have come across about six people who have suffered the same thing, so although it's not common, it's certainly not impossible. I didn't get the impression Robin was worried, just that he was responsibly passing on information.
Samantha 08:33 , 27 April 03

I have also heard that L-lysine works but that you shouldn't be on it for a long time as it may increase your cholesterol. Has anyone heard that one?????
Margie 16:39 , 27 April 03

I am not sure if Vodka works. I remember developing multiple sores the night after I had a good amount of Vodka. That makes me believe that liquor/vodka might be bringing down the level of Vtamin B, which could have lead to sores.
kishore 03:15 , 2 May 03

Another sound advice apart from taking Lysie is to take up to 5000 mg of Vitamin C. It does help with the healing.
WAG 14:34 , 4 May 03

Hi, I've now been reading this wonderful site for several weeks and have taken on board quite a few suggestions. I'm taking the Lysine every day - don't know if it works, but am sure it's beneficial in general terms. About a week ago, I stared using a Difflam spray - it says spray direct on to the affected area, which I find very difficult, so I spray some into the palm of my hand and dab it on with a finger. I also use Kenalog in Orabase at bedtime. (That probably has various names, but the Orabase is the main word to look for). I hate the feel of it in my mouth, but for the past three days, I have had no pain whatsoever - having been living in unrelieved torment for weeks. Hope this is of some help to others. Regards
Robin 02:32 , 10 May 03

I've been getting Canker Sores for a long time,they come and go and nobody knows what causes them. Well, sometimes drinking beer,spicy foods,stress might be the cause too I find. I take Lysine and Vitamin C too. Oh, I HATE when I get the Cankers. They just put me in a bad mood.AND! I seem to get a feeling that I have a fever too! My heart pounds faster also.
Buggyjohn 06:20 , 12 May 03

Buggyjohn 06:22 , 12 May 03

I once had a doctor give me LIDOCAINE. I used it to rinse and it numbed my mouth so I can eat and talk.
Buggyjohn 06:24 , 12 May 03

After suffering for 16 years with Ulcerative Colitis my consultant at the hospital said my mouth ulcers were related to that.
Kez 14:36 , 12 May 03

I have a strong belief that these ulcers are mostly "stomach disorders" related. I have had these ulcers for years and have found gastrointestical disorders as the most probable cause.For these disorders you have to take lot of water and less food.Will improve.
Akbar 09:32 , 25 May 03

My biggest suggestion... WATER! I used to get ulcers for no reason. They appeared for nothing and lasted ages. For nonrelated reasons, i began to drink 1 litre of pure water(not mineral or spring) every single morning for the past 9 months. I swear, now the only time i get the ulcers is when i bite my cheek, or burn my mouth with hot drink. WATER. Im TELLIN YA!
TurboMax 13:35 , 25 May 03

SO...does lysine thingy actually work? and how long does it take? is there a faster remedy?
help! 21:24 , 26 May 03

I have been getting a big dose of ulcers later. About 6 in my mouth and now one on my lip that seems to be spreading. Could they really turn cancerous. I've gone out and bought a big bottle of lysine. The pharmacist took a look and thought it was..... well something he'd never seen. Told me to go to the doctors and get it checked out for cancer. But it must be related to the other ulcers I've been getting in my mouth....or why so soon after. Does anyone think that alcohole causes ulcers? Rob
10:36 , 27 May 03

I'm past 60 years old and didn't realize how many people suffer from mouth ulcers like me. Akbar, you may have somthing with the "stomach disorder" relationship. I've tried many products to help the problem, but I'm now using "Acidophilus" from nutrition express (its the refrigerated kind with a shelf life that works best for me) If you try it let me know how it works for you.
Jack B. 20:21 , 30 May 03

Has anyone noticed an increase in their ulcers after drinking too much coffee for prolonged periods?
Spock 21:06 , 4 June 03

Lysine truly works for me I take it every day and I ran out and kept forgetting to buy some more and I had an outbreak of 3 of the ****ing thingys for 3 weeks and finally got some more lysine and took 2 in morning and 2 at night until they quickly disappeared. Lysine rocks!!!!!
Larissa 03:14 , 5 June 03

I am a big time sufferer of cold sores however, since I reduced my dairy intake to absolute minimum - touch wood, it's been brilliant. I still get them from time to time but nothing as before. I too have been told by a pharmacist to take the Lysine and it's just great. In Australia it's made by Blackmores and called Lyp-sine which has the Vit C & Zinc in it also - excellent for the healing process !
Teyca 05:43 , 5 June 03

First time user of this site - forgive my naivety. Got a really painful cold sore and don't het them that often. Tried bonjela - what a waste of time! The survey says take salt or saline. Explain?! I'm in pain.
Shady 09:53 , 5 June 03

First time on-site as now suffering increased incidence for several months. My Traditional Chinese Dr (BRILLIANT) says (a) alcohol cause [ANY - wine or spirit, Alcohol is a POISON! Ouch!!!] (b)Digestive system malfunction,- causes vary in individuals but Stress (see survey) most common, + allergenic reaction to Caffeine / dairy frequently undiagnosed. Will now try Lysine. Adcortyl made mine WORSE, Anbesol relieves. THANKS for site!
Mike L 12:54 , 8 June 03

After reading through the above, thought I'd give Lysine a go. Had an ulcer when I started taking it - had been with me for 10 days, cleared up within 3 days of taking the Lysine. Got aother ulcer developing about a week after that, and here's the good bit, that remained for just 2 days! - never had an ulcer disappear so quickly in my life. Have continued taking a 100mg/day and haven't had an ulcer in three weeks. Lysine in the UK can be got from Holland & barrett (£5.99 for 60 tablets).This stuff seems to work!
Robin H. 14:58 , 8 June 03

Thanks Robin will try Lysine from Holland & Barrett and hope it works for me. Have had mouth ulcers for two years non stop.Tried every thing even been to dental hospital, doctor who took 3 blood test's and 2 dentists.
Will let you know if it works.
David D 20:33 , 8 June 03

07:05 , 9 June 03

Hi it's my first time here but I'm finding all this really helpful and I never realised so many people suffered from these things. At the moment I have six ulcers all over my mouth and can't eat, drink or talk without pain!! I'm going out in my lunch hour to get some of that Lysine and I will let you know what happens. thanks everyone for all the advice!
10:21 , 9 June 03

I have for a long time suffered from mouth ulcers, today I have had an appointment at the hospital and for the first time in years they have said that my body may be rejecting the necessary vitamins needed. I had blood tests several months ago and they detected that my body was lacking in certain vitmans, folic acid and iron etc. They told me to take multi vitamins, iron and folic acid, I did and my mouth improved, so did my blood results. This morning the hospital told me to stop taking my vitamin supplements and see what happens. If my levels drop again this could be due to a stomach disorder! This is the first time this has been mentioned but does make sense. The consultant thought that my body was rejecting necessary vitamins. I go back at the end of August to see how I go on without the supplements.
Wendy 13:23 , 10 June 03

I am 34 and have 2 children - this is so odd we all get mouth ulcers at the same time, I have been told to try aloclair has anybody tried this I have 3 at the moment - they always get worse when I go abroad on holiday and I go next week any good tips from anybody help!!! however, I am going out tomorrow to buy some Lysine.
Kim 14:04 , 10 June 03

I have theses darn things on my tongue at least once a month and they keep coming back.. I am sick of them! PLEASE WHAT DO I DO TO GET RID OF THEM FOR GOOD?!?!
Crystal 22:08 , 10 June 03

just a quick word on lysine, it's much cheaper to buy it online than holland & barrett and you'll also get a much higher quality product (i recommend Solgar brand)
monkey 22:15 , 10 June 03

Thats it, i'm vexed, i feel like getting some c4 explosives and blowing up my mouth, and ive only got 2 ulcers!! some of these people have like 10 and have had them for years! I can't handle them, ive had ulcers since the summer of 2002 and i'm 19 years old now and i'm going mad and they get me in a bad mood and i feel like going crazy and shouting AAAAAAAAAGGGGH IM GOING TO KILL YOU ULCER!!!
Imran Leic/Eng 01:10 , 11 June 03

This is a great site, it's great to know that others are sharing this affliction. Just recently 2 ulcers have appeared on my gums underneath my lower front teeth which I find strange, I have been racking my brains trying to figure out why as I have never had mouth ulcers there before or onmy gums and I have rarely ever had them, maybe the odd one on my tounge over the years but they have always gone away in a day or two. These ones are painful and are hanging around which I don't like. Whats interesting is that I have in the last couple of months started drinking a lot of coffee which I don't normally do (due to the fabulous coffee machine at work where I am temping) and also just started taking some multivitamins which I don't usually do that often either. I take 1000mgs of Vit C every day though for the last year which has meant a lot less colds and much improved general immunity but it doesn't seem to have mattered in this case of mouth ulcers. Interesting. I take Lysine occasionally for coldsores and will keep trying this but if this works it makes me wonder if these ulcers are linked to that virus.Anyway thanks all for the great tips. That thing about Alcohol being poison I'm sure is true, I'm studying naturopathy and coffee is a big no no as well. No more Cappucino's or hot chocolates for me!
Gemma - Australia 07:07 , 11 June 03

Hi, just found this site and THANK GOD!! I have had reoccuring mouth ulcers since puberty (I'm now 30) having up to 15 of the little (well not that little...)buggers at any one time, on my tongue, lips, roof of mouth and even on my tonsils. I'm also off to Holland and Barrett to try this Lysine and will have my fingers crossed. Incidently the only time I didn't have ulcers was when I was pregnant with my two kids (of course I'm not recommending this as a form of treatment....!)
Melissa 15:09 , 11 June 03

hi, i've been undergoing investigation by a professor in london to see if there is anything he can do, i've tried everything on the market and nothing works. it gets so bad at times i feel like giving in to the suckers. eating is a pain, aswell as talking and drinking. i had one the size of a 10pence piece on the back of my throat and that just about did me in, until it came the time when i had 17 at once, it's a living h**l, i didn't know how many people were in the same boat. it's nice to know i am not alone. havn't tried this lysine stuff, but when i am next in town will certainly give it a go. thanks for all your advice
Lydia Eng 20:22 , 11 June 03

Man, lydia i feel for you, can't believe the little fuckers can get that bad, you had 17 at once!? i thought 2 was bad enough, theres got to be some cure out there.....
Imran Leic/Eng 23:05 , 11 June 03

Hello... I think mouth ulcers are a living hell. I started getting them after I was hospitalized with salmonella, and then repeatedly after that. I thought it had something to do with all the stomach problems I had afterwards (but I feel this started it all off)...but oh no... now every month before my periods I get them at the moment I've got a huge one on the roof of my mouth which is giving me ear ache, 2 on my lower gum at the front of my mouth and 1 at the corner of my mouth. Great laugh... This has been going on for 10 years and I suppose I've just got use to it and try to eat and drink bland things when I have them..
Lorna Vicenza/Italy 11:20 , 17 June 03

Hate to be miserable but it gets me down that we all of us have to use these lists to share our experiences because of the absolute cluelessness when it comes to what causes ulcers and what can help them. I have had mouth ulcers for most of my life, since I was a pre-teen, on and off. Currently, for the second time in almost two years, I am utterly infested! My whole mouth is carpeted in them and they seem to feed on my intention to get rid! Due to my experience with them, I am used to just seeing them out. Indeed, I should have learned from this and the last carpet bombing when I used homeopathic medicine - BIG MISTAKE. Straight away they flared, but I carried on taking them in the belief they would help. A visit to Glasgow Dental Hospital when I was visiting (God love that city - I don't know where to look in my native London!) brought the only reliable answer I have ever come across - steroids for gargling. Well, this time I have tried saline (negligible), ibuprofen (no difference) and ambesol (actually made it worse). I would go to my doctor but since he has misdiagnosed me in the past, I don't have any faith in him. Think maybe I should have laid off the self-help and just gone to the doctors straight away? Oh for hindsight, eh?...
MattC 22:25 , 18 June 03

To those of you above who have said you were going to try Lysine - have you tried it and does it work?
Chris Gowland 09:41 , 19 June 03

An observation: i often get them, however, i remember of two different occasions when i have accidently made them bleed, (through biting or whatever)and the little buggers have vanished. Has anyone else had this experience? Now i have a really bad one that i need to make disapear as im off away next week and i dont want it to annoy me....but im not psychotic enough to deliberately make it bleed. SO, has anyone else found this?
Ian Pain! 23:58 , 19 June 03

I never had a ulcer/cold sore in my life till I married my husband who has had them all his life! Now I get them mostly when he gets them....only not as bad. Sometimes they folow a nerve and actually mimick a tooth ache....or sore throat!!! Ouch....they suck!!!!
Our dentist did prescibe Triamcinolone Paste 0.1 % and it works great but only after you have them...not preventative and expensive....a very small tube was 72.00!!!!
I cherish that little tube though....but wish i could do something to prevent them!!!
Thanks for all the insight from everone....:)
Lee 01:20 , 20 June 03

I often get attacks when I can hardly talk for the pain. I have to talk through clenched teeth. I eat soup and pears either canned or fresh don't seem to cause pain. I get mine after I have been eating too much buiscuites bread or anything with white flour on it (especially scones). But do I get them because I am allergic to the flour or because I am eating all this stuff because I am stressed out. When I get them I drink lots of water, fruit and veges, and home made soup with meat and veges,so I don't have to chew. Think positive (if you can possibly bear to).. eating like this could lose me some weight. In summer when it is Mango season, I eat at least 3 mangos every day. and I don't see a stupid ulcer all season. does this mean more vit. C ? Listen all you budding chemists out there! If you can find a reliable cure you WILL become a millionair!
lorraine 09:46 , 20 June 03

Also I would like to thank who ever set up this wonderful site. I have never been able to find any info that I could relate to about this pest of an affliction till now. The ulcers I have now are even making my ear ache. And they are so unsociable. Hard to eat gracefully when your teeth are clenched with the pain isn't it. And I find it hard to talk properly when I can hardly move my tounge for want of crying. Anyway at least my family gets some peace and quite and my husband is finaly able to get a word in edge wise.
lorraine again 10:00 , 20 June 03

L-Lysine really does work for the mouth ulcers, I take one 500mg tablet every day (in Australia Nature's Own is the cheapest I've found), & it prevents them flaring into a full on painful ulcer if I accidently bite my lip or gums or knock them with the toothbrush( if I do get one I up the dosage to two tabs morning & night and it quickly goes away) really does work. I also didn't get any when I was pregnant(didn't take L-Lysine when I was pregnant either).
Larissa 12:53 , 20 June 03

I have read and reread all the messages and have come up with one inguiry...."IS there a vitamin that contains zinc, magesium and lysine"? In other word's a vitamin especially for preventing these horrible tongue sores?
Lee....again! 15:59 , 20 June 03

Hi guys... I have just stumbled apon this site - MY GOD we all share the same f**king problem!

I have three ulcers on the tounge at the momemt... and i am in so much pain, my stress levels must be up and i simple haven't got any patients for anyone and anything!!

Thanks for all the advice... i'm off to buy some Lysine.
Nelson 16:30 , 20 June 03

It seems we are all in the same boat! I never realised either how many people are affected. Have been getting them badly for about two years now and have one now right at the back of the underside of my tongue and is also making my glands swollen like a sore throat and ear ache. Have been using Corsydyl mouthwash (disgusting-also affects your stomach and makes you feel sick) and bonjela (only numbs the pain for about half an hour-rubbish). Lysine seems to be the most common successful cure so am off to try and find some this affternoon!
So nice to read messages from people who understand the pain and the bad mood ulcers put you in. Mu husband never gets them and thinks I am pathetic moaning about something so small. Doesn't realise how miserable it makes you feel!

I sometimes think I get them after I have gone through a phase of eating a lot of sweet things but that logic doesn't apply this time as haven't been eating any sweet things at all!!

Gayle, Dublin, Ireland. 21-6-03
15:11 , 21 June 03

Has anyone talked to a dr about Lysine? I have been taking 500 mg and it has had no effect, I have the worst canker sore of my life, right beneath a sharp tooth. I upped it to 3000mg, but I have had the cankor sore for 2 weeks and it's going to start getting better with or without lysine after this length of time. What dosage is safe to take, how often can it be taken and for how long?
20:22 , 21 June 03

I have a way of controlling my mouth ulcers thanks to a web page that I stumbled across when I was looking, believe it or not, for a yacht to charter. Who ever wrote the page really knows what we suffer and I have tried their methods and that’s why I am giving myself the nickname PAINFREE.
By the way the web page is:
PAINFREE 23:12 , 21 June 03

Thank you, very genuine, like a breath of aerobic oxygen...
Dom Walton 00:13 , 22 June 03

Has anyone else tried junior aspirins (the soluble kind) applied locally (ie. placed directly on the offending ulcer). Even in my case right now with just about my whole mouth covered, this works really well. To put it in context, I have been prescribed a benzydamide hydrochloride mouthwash, and though this is okay (it numbs my mouth for about an hour and a half), it doesn't come close to matching the aspirins for killing the pain and reducing the swelling. The pharmacist who recommended it said it was old fashioned, so I assume people here must have tried it. It is the best solution I have come across yet and can only think that, if it works for me with the huge and numerous ulces I have now, then surely it must be worth people having a pop. Cheap, too.
MattC 00:43 , 22 June 03

i have in the past two hours taken 2000 mils of hoping to see some change very very soon! However, i have been researching this Lysine, and i have descovered that you get it from fish and meat and whatnot...i eat these all the time so i cant think i will be deficient and so i am not holding out for any change -
i pray i am wrong!
gazzy 13:36 , 22 June 03

i dont think it is so much a deficiency gazzy, lots of supplements have beneficial effects if taken in addition to what you receive through your diet, although you do need to thoroughly research the effects of high dose whatever as there are some serious side effects with certain substances.
this is the argument behind the current legislation (in the UK) which plans to curb the availability of loads of supplements. The fact that we have been using them for decades with no problems leads the more cynical of us to believe that it is nothing but a ploy of the drug companies to make even more money whilst pretending to act in our interest.... poor us, we must be really thick and a danger to ourselves to need such nannying......
monkey 14:11 , 22 June 03

Regarding probiotic supplements (good bacteria) and Lysine (amino acid) - I am wondering if either or both would be most effective if actually absorbed through the mouth rather than swallowed and digested?
Dom Walton 18:46 , 22 June 03

I have suffered from recurrent ulcers for ten years and have tried everything. I have tried Lysine but did not see any tremendous difference. I have recently been sent to the Dental hospital in Newcastle and they recommended I use Gengigel gel. I have tried this and had amazing results, the pain from my ulcers went in about 24hours and they healed within 3 to 4 days. The more frequently you apply it the quicker it seems to work. The only thing I am waiting to see is if I keep using it whether it will stop my ulcers coming back - I will let you know. It is also really effective with Lichen Planus as I suffer as well.
Tom 20:15 , 22 June 03

Interesting Tom, I too have lichen planus, on the back of one hand, which seems to be getting better along with my ulcers now that i am taking lysine (i only started taking it 1 week ago..) does gingigel list its active ingredients by any chance?
Good point dom, need to go look up on that one....
monkey 22:23 , 22 June 03

I've suffered from ulcer outbreaks as frequently as once a week for the last 10 years. I've tried lots of stuff such as Kanka (made them worse) and Cank-aid (did nothing).
Ad-Cortyl seems to shorten the length of time of the outbreak if used overnight. I'm planning on purchasing some lysine like the rest of these guys and will let you know the results.
Doug 01:27 , 23 June 03

Monkey, Gengigel is based on a substance called hyaluronic acid which is produced by the body as part of the body's natural healing process. Apparantly it has been used in the medical area for many years to help promote natural healing particularly with burns patients. The dental hospital at Newcastle told me that a number of dental hospitals are now using it with thier Lichen Planus patients with excellent results. The big advantage of Gengigel is that it is natural and there are no known side effects and it can be used by Children and anybody who are taking other medication without problems.
Tom 13:40 , 23 June 03

I have the same problem as everyone else!! But I am 48 years old and just started this about a year ago. What's up w/ this I asked my docter? Of course he didn't know why it would start now in my life. He puts me on Valtrex. I have taken bottles of it -no more it does nothing. I went to my ENT docter and of course Valtrex again. I told him I wasn't taking it anymore, it does no good. So he also put me on prednisone. This seems to get rid of them quicker but they still come back. And I really don't want to take prednisone for ever! I have started taking Lysine and supplementing w/ vitamins. We'll see what happens. This is the worse thing that has ever happened. Also I have found that on the first sign of a canker sore i apply Gly-Oxide to the sores and every night before bed I rinse my mouth w/ half Mylanta and half liquid Benedryl this helps. Everything else over the counter for numbness or pain is about a waste of time! When they are really bad to the point I cannot eat or drink I swish my nouth w/ Lidocaine. Whatever it takes! Any help from anyone would be appreciated. I'm New at this at 48!!!
Judi 17:09 , 23 June 03

I've suffered with mouth ulcers since I was a kid but they got a lot worse in my late 20's. One preventative measure that hasn't been mentioned here that REALLY helped me was changing toothpaste to one without Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS). Nearly all toothpastses have this foaming agent but don't put it on the list of ingredients. Anyway, I noticed about 2 weeks after I started brushing with non-SLS toothpaste, my mouth ulcers almost dissappeared.
Mike in TO 19:59 , 23 June 03

SLS... not mentioned ??
Dom Walton 00:16 , 24 June 03

1. Stop using SLS toothpaste
2. void spicy foods/ acid foods
3.Use every over the counter ointment for pain and to numb! I have
4.Rinse mouth w/ hydrogen perioxide and water
6. Vitamin supplements
7. Rinse w/ liquid benedryl and hal milk of magnesia
8.Dissolve aspirin in mouth
9.Using Gly-Oxide this works pretty well once you puncture the white of the canker sore. Yes, it hurts alot
10.What have I forgotten? Someone please let me know something else to try!!
11. Oh yeh, I forgot the Valtrex don't waste your money.
12. I'm on prednisone now trying to find the right doseage as not to turn into a blimp because of the weight gain.
Please I need anew one, I'll try anything!
01:25 , 24 June 03

Ye Have a go at the method discribed on the web site I found and mentioned in a message on this board 21st June above. It works wonders for me.
PAINFREE 09:35 , 24 June 03

Man alive ... this lysine thing better work! I've been in pain for 4 days now and I've got a connect-the-dot picture happening on the inside of my mouth! Haven't had an outbreak like this in bloody years! Thanks for all the advice, I'm going to hunt down this herbal remedy ASAP.
Sally in Canada 16:49 , 24 June 03

PAINFREE, I tried to pull up the website you suggested and cannot get it. Is this right?
Judi 16:51 , 24 June 03

PAINFREE, All I get is compact oxygen generator?
Judi 16:54 , 24 June 03

OK Try going the way I found it in the first place I was looking for a yacht charter so just go to then look on their links page for the link to the Oxygen site.
PAINFREE 18:34 , 24 June 03

There is also alink to it in the Inventory section of their site. In red in the bit about the gally good huntin I just tried the address as you typed it minus the ? of course and it took me there.
PAINFREE 18:46 , 24 June 03

Having suffered with the foul things for 36 years, I was finding toothpaste seemed to be a particular irritant. Three months ago, a pharmacist suggested brushing my teeth with bicarbonate of soda powder - and IT WORKED LIKE A MIRACLE FOR ME! It not only healed the ulcers, it also prevents new ones coming. It's not particularly pleasant but who cares if it prevents the misery of mouth ulcers. Bicarbonate of soda is (among other things) a cleaning agent, and is therefore very suitable for teeth-cleaning. Every day is like a holiday still, when I get up and realise that I have no mouth ulcers - again! I do hope other people might find it works for them too.
Hazel 21:37 , 24 June 03

To unnamed above: you could try zinc picolinate, which works for me (see my separate message of the 17th June).
Ian. 22:44 , 24 June 03

Rembrant has a toothpaste specifically for canker sore sufferers. It is supposed to help you avoid canker sores. Give it a try!
01:51 , 25 June 03

I've been plagued by ulcers my whole life and they seem to flare whenever i eat/drink anything made of chocolate/cocoa and 3-in-1 coffee. Right now there are 2 under the right side of my tongue, 2 on the left side of my mouth and some (2-3) at the back of my tongue. I feel slightly feverish too. I've just attended a meeting today and it was pure TORTURE whenever i have to say anything. It makes me feel slightly better knowing there are others who know how i feel! I usu have a hard time explaining my condition to my colleagues/friends! I've just bought Biotene-SLS free and Daktarin oral gel to try. Will also be getting Lysine tomorrow. Will post result here. Thanks for such a great site!
painful swallow 14:24 , 25 June 03

Just to let you know how lysine worked for me.
Saturday 21st...3 ulcers appeared
Sunday 22nd.....extreme pain
Monday 23rd.....bought some lysine as soon as shops opened
took 2 x 334mg lysine 3times per day.
Tuesday 24th....same dose.. not much better
Wednesday 25th...same dose ..maybe a little better
Thursday 26th...took only 1 x 334mg lysine 2 times day
starting to get a lot better
Friday 27th.....havn't taken any lysine today
Ulcers look like they are still there but only on the surface and the pain is very minimal. I can eat just about anything again. except I won't be eating much floury stuff for a while just in case. This is the first time I,ve used lysine.
These ulcers make me so embarrassed. My brother keeps saying .. stop using your tooth brush to clean toilet. Just luv that brother of mine.
Julie australia 08:46 , 27 June 03

Update as promised: L-lysine really works for me!
I used the Biotene SLS-free toothpaste and took some Daktarin Oral Gel (for Thrush) on the night of 25th Jun and the ulcers were less painful when i woke up yesterday morning. I repeated the same routine before work but by the end of the day, i was in great pain again. I rushed and bought this L-lysine supplement last night. It came in 1000mg tablets which i thought was excessive but the store had run out of stock for its 500mg bottles. I took 3000mg straight away and wala, i woke up literally pain-free this morning. Interestingly the ulcers are still there (even now) but somehow the pain is gone. I'm still pain-free now. My verdict: SLS-free toothpaste seems to ease the pain somewhat but the "miracle cure" here seems to be lysine. It's almost hard to believe that it worked overnight. 8)I'll update on what it does for the healing. Pls guys, go get this wonderful supplement and at least stop the pain!
almost painless swallow 17:42 , 27 June 03

One more thing: does anyone feel there's a link between these ulcers and Vit.c supplement, both chewable and the buffered kind (calcium ascorbate)?
almost painless swallow 17:59 , 27 June 03

Hi i have just found this site,guess where iam going tomorrow,holland and barett,but tonight iam in pain with this great big ulcer,so here goes luke warm water and salt,here me scream..
shell 22:32 , 27 June 03

Goto I found a go method of managing the problem there.
Pain Free 21:00 , 28 June 03

From the manufacturer of AerobicOxygen I quote... "Aerobic Oxygen does not have a formula, it is a compound created by a process and reaction to the ingredients used to produce the non-toxic, stable oxygen compound that it is." chemical formula? How is that possible?
Not Convinced or Pain Free 00:21 , 29 June 03

Don't knock it till you have tried it. Mybe you realy enjoy the suffering as for me I remain yours Pain Free.
Pain Free 00:30 , 29 June 03

28 Jun: Took 1000mg in the morning. A very slight pain crept back in the afternoon. Took another 1000mg in the evening and pain was gone later. Ulcers looked darker than the usual whitish, yellow.
29 Jun: 3rd pain-free day since i took Lysine. Took 1000mg in the morning and evening. The ulcers have almost healed but i noticed some acnes which i suspect are caused by Lysine?
I'll probably be taking 2000mg everyday till they healed completely and 1000mg preventive amount thereafter. Hope you guys find this info. helpful.
almost painless swallow 13:51 , 29 June 03

Well, my first day on this website. I have been suffering for more than 15 years (and I'm only 25 years old now). No body wants to guess, I am leaving work for Lysine.
Someone asked if this is to do with wine or vodka? I never had a drink in my entire life and I get these ****ers at least once a month for two weeks.
Banat 08:11 , 6 July 03

Hello all,
Am glad to know I'm not the only person to be plagued by the darling mouth ulcer! I have noticed recently that after visits to the Dentist for treatment I am plagued by nouth ulcers. It always seems to be where my gums have been injected. Has anyone else been affected by this? I was thinking that perhaps my gums are sensitive to the needles used in the dental surgery. I also find alcohol free mouth wash and Difflam mouth spray great for pain relief.
Living in hope!! 22:12 , 6 July 03

'From the manufacturer of AerobicOxygen I quote... "Aerobic Oxygen does not have a formula, it is a compound created by a process and reaction to the ingredients used to produce the non-toxic, stable oxygen compound that it is." chemical formula? How is that possible?'
Hear hear, i don't wanna knock it b4 i try it but they arent selling it very well with such unscientific statements... how can it not have a chemical formula? everything else in the universe does....also a phd in chemistry leads me to a certain degree of skepticism....
monkey 20:29 , 7 July 03

Man, am I glad I found this site! Been having these bastards since I was 10! I am now 22. I find that stress levels & alcohol have nothing to do with my outbreaks. I have 4 on my tongue & 1 on my lip at the moment and I am presently on holiday (i.e. no stress) & haven't had any alcohol for 2 weeks - promise! (gave it up after a nasty experience the other week...) Going to the doctor tomorrow 2 find out about Lysine. I've tried EVERY mouth wash & cream known to man! This is my last resort!!! Will let u guys know what happens...
Odette - South Africa 00:52 , 9 July 03

By the way... I found that Med-Lemon (I think it's called Lem-Sip elsewhere) really helps to kill the pain. I suspect its the asprin...
Odette - South Africa 01:01 , 9 July 03

Bless you all. Didn't know there were so many others. The doctors I've been to have made me feel like I was from Mars, they don't know the pain. Got one, (just one thank God), but the size of a nickle on the inside of my lower lip. Had it for about a month, (the normal time period for me). I take Lidocaine for the pain. Without it I would go insane I sure. Just started with these things about 4 years ago why now at 50? Had some Lysine in my med cabinet, silly me. Just now took 1000MG, let's see how it works, I tryed everything else. Thanks all for the info and support.
Thom 21:02 , 9 July 03

I've suffered from mouth ulcersn for most of my life (I'm 34 now, and remember getting them as young as 5). My 5 year old son has also been getting them since about age 2. I always thought that I was the only one with these!! I too noticed that they decreased (almost none) while I was pregnant with both my boys. One question - does anyone else have links with other types of herpes? I suffered from shingles when I was about 12, which is a type of herpes (a more serious, more painful chicken pox). At that time, the Drs said I had a weakness towards the herpes viruses. Soon after, I also developed an outbreak of genital herpes (related to the shingles they thought since I was a "good girl" at the time!!) My theory is that they are related to the mouth ulcers. For treatment, my best bet is L-lysine, taken consistently. Also apply on over-the-counter pain killer, like Kanka before every meal or when you need to talk! My record was about 15 on my tongue at one time. What a pain!
Char 18:42 , 10 July 03

We definately need more research on the herpes/viral link. Conventional medecine says that there is no link at all but I can't help wondering if that ain't quite right. Having said that, my wife suffers from cold sores but never mouth ulcers whilst I am the opposite.....Maybe there is a much greater variation in the types of herpes virus than previously thought. I'm off to trawl the net (again) on this one....
monkey 18:46 , 11 July 03

I think you have a very good point about the research topic in your posting. It's a shame there isn't a registered charity set up in order to look into a cure for this horrible affliction. Looking at the number of postings on the message boards on this web site, I'm sure a lot of people would be prepared to make a regular financial contribution to such an organisation and hopefully bring an end to something which ruins the quality of our lives!!
Mike 22:43 , 11 July 03

I only get ulcers on my tongue. Is this common?
07:22 , 12 July 03

I'm also intrigued by this herpes/viral link as I have recently been diagnosed with Glandular Fever and have probably had it for the last 6 months. In this time the ulcers have got worse. They are bigger, more numerous and don't seem to heal up at all. Thay cause my tonsils to flare up and my glands swell and become painful. It HAS to be connected. Incidently am I the only one Lysine DIDN'T work for? Also the fact that a few of us found that they became non-existant when pregnant could maybe suggest a hormonal link?
Melissa 08:53 , 12 July 03

I would like to know, does anyone get cold sores and mouth ulcers? Just from talking to people over the years I feel that people have one or the other but not both. I'd really like to know if this is true?
lorraine 09:20 , 12 July 03

I also think it is a virus that we have in our system that breaks out when our defences are down. This could be triggered by different things in different people. But where do you think we get it from, because I am the only one in a family of 5 kids that has it, though my sister gets cold sores. I have had them for as long as I can remember.
lorraine 09:30 , 12 July 03

Melissa, thats an interesting point about glandular fever. I had recurring glandular fever for about 3 years when I was a teenager and I learnt that the virus stays with you for the rest of your life. I wonder how many of us here have had it at some point, as it is very easily transmitted, and if it has a part in the whole mouth ulcer thing....
monkey 18:14 , 12 July 03

I am 100% sure mouth ulcers have a root cause in a Virus/Bacteria. Stress and various foodstuffs are just a trigger. I used to get coldsores 5/6 times a year until a few years ago when I tried Zovirax ( Sp ) and now hardly ever have one. I'm gonna stick my neck out along with many others and say that this Virus may be the cause of some cancers, and you guessed it I have cancer of the Colon, which started as an ulcer in the lining of the Rectum, the lining of the mouth is not dissimilar.
I am going to try Lysine, and find a toothpaste to suit, as I have narrowed some toothpastes down that trigger an outbreak.
Tammus 10:11 , 13 July 03

That sucks Tammus, max. sympathy on that one. I was reading about the link between the epstein-barr virus (a herpes virus which causes glandular fever) and 2 kinds of cancer, 1 a form of lymphoma and the other a carcinoma of the nasal passages- also a delicate mucous membrane area....the link has been established for nearly 40 years now but still doesnt seem to play a major part in treatment developement, surely it is in everyones interest to prevent the general infection of the population by these viruses, particularly the herpes ones? I fail to see why the pharmaceutical companies arent chasing this rigourously as there is surely a lot of money to be made here?
mad 18:55 , 13 July 03

I get the Herpes cold sore virus (although not much these days - due to Lysine use) but I still get mouth ulcers and I do think there is a link there. At times when I could barely speak because it was so painful and they were on my tongue and inside of my mouth I have put bicarb soda on them. I virtually pass out with the pain that causes but it changes the pH in the mouth and numbs it for awhile and eventually helps them go away. I use this only as the last resort. I link them with a sensitive gut as well. I can eat anything and drink (alcohol/coffee) what I like but if my stress levels go up, I find I don't digest properly, plus if I am close to a period - bang! mouth ulcers. Remember that beta - carotene (orange vegies like carrot and sweet potato) is good for mucus membranes. I also try and get hold of wheat grass as well (high in vitamin Bs). Before we resort to pharmaceuticals(which treat symptoms not causes)we should try manipulating our diet. We are all individuals and from all these emails we have all different causes and treatments.
Clare 07:54 , 14 July 03

I have been having Mouth Ulcers for the last 35 years. Of late, the frequency and severity has increased. I shall try Lysine and get back with my opinion. I am not sure whether I can get Lysine in India.
Sabu Abraham 12:12 , 15 July 03

i have been getting mouth ulcers for as long as i can remember in batches no less that 15 a time ive never been to the doctors with them and after reading all this im getting worried. all ive ever used is bonjela which is a twat does any one have any better suggestions that i can get from the chemist before i go crazy??
kerry 17:39 , 17 July 03

Another bit of information for those who suffer with ulcers -
"In macrobiotic terms, mouth ulcers are caused by excess body heat, so you need to cool your system down: avoid chillis, garlic, ginger, alcohol, red meat and other spicy foods. Eat plenty of cucumbers and melon. I often suggest that patients follow a very simple eating plan of minced chicken and other meat (organic), with mashed potatoes made with olive oil and salt, or overcooked rice.
Kev 12:27 , 18 July 03

Hmm dunno about this 'excess body heat' stuff, I've eaten loads of chilli, garlic, ginger and booze all my life and had periods of no ulcers for months at a time. Also stopping eating these things means a ruddy boring diet and they are also extremely good for you (well mebbe not the booze...!)Chillis are a well known source of vitamin c and antioxidants, garlic is a natural antibiotic and fantastic system tonic- as is also ginger. To state that this is the sole cause of mouth ulcers is, frankly, unfair and unfounded. If it really was that simple then we would all have found this out a long time ago and this message board would be a very lonely place.... What we need is some hard evidence compiled from some serious research; what next? My mouth ulcers are caused by my chakras being upside down? Give me a break, I know my body better than that.....
monkey 17:37 , 18 July 03

I have gotten more Info, and help from this site in a week than I have from my GP ( Doc ) in 10 years. Monkey I tend to agree with you about Knowing your Body. I am sure some Doctors do not believe the " Virus Theory " and prefer to believe it is all in the mind, they think all the KILLER viruses have been conquered ( which they have to an extent ) and put it down to things like your lifestyle, or poor dental hygiene.
Kerry i'm sure this site can help you, it has helped me in the very short time i've come here.
Tammus 10:15 , 19 July 03

my young son gets mouth ulcer, wonder if any relation to school sore's, are these related to the herpe's virus as he once had a bad case of two strains of school sore.
carol 06:51 , 30 July 03

The Lysine definitely works for us. When we first notice a sign of getting a cold sore or mouth ulcers in the mouth, tongue or wherever- we start taking the lysine. We've been doing this for many years and it always works. It may take a few days, if you wait too long before starting the lysine. We don't take it all the time, only when we get the signs of getting one.
Sandy 01:28 , 31 July 03

I am a 64 year old women, who has been getting mouth ulcers for the past year. Usually I get 1 or 2 under my tongue I have talked to my Doctor and he suggested rinsing with salt. I have tried it, sometimes it works. I have noticed that when I eat fruit, especially plums, oranges, melons, tomatoes and sea food, I get mouth ulcers. Right now I have 2 ulcers in my mouth, which are bothersome when eating or talking. Also I have a slight headache and my eyes are bothering me. My eyes seem very tight. I wondering if there is any connection. Right now I have no alternative then to try Lysine. Will keep you posted. From Montreal, Canada
Lynn 15:38 , 31 July 03

Hi Everyone i have read all the meessages here and i tell you first thing in the morning i will got out and buy everything and give it a go.
What have i got to loose.
Hve been suffering from mouth ulcers for many years now ,currently i have a huge sucker under my tounge .
I get them for weeks on end cant seem to find what trigers them.I will let you all know what worked best for me.
One product that i can guanrantee works if you place it on the ulcer as soon as you get it before going to bed is KENALOG PASTE.
Matthew from Melbourne 12:06 , 11 August 03

After years of fighting these things on my own (i thought) i found a website that has really helped. im going to go and buy all the products mentioned here and have a mouth healing, week i guess (well i'll try). i have noticed that the ulcers appeaer whenever i eat nuts and tomatos definatly, but can also be bought on buy anything from chocolate to fruit. i usually get them on my tounge,gums and side of cheeks. at the moment i have 5, all vary in size but all VERY PAINFUL!. i have notice they also occur at any time when i wear my retainer, this does not help as i have to wear this at night as well as use adcortyl in orabase for the rest, i am sure you can imagine the effects. anyway after trying any of these products hopefully i will find something suitable for me!
Emily from London 17:11 , 11 August 03

Okay, wow what a reading. I've been suffering for 40 years and have just started the l-lysine stuff myself. Not sure if it works or not, hasn't been enough time.

I would like to say to "Ian Pain" above, I too have found one fast cure is to have them bleed. However, I don't recomend this because when they bleed they really, really bleed. This has happened to me by accident, had a tooth hit into one, due to dog whatever and within two days it's gone. The pain and blood though are awfull, so unless you have a sidistic nature this cure is not for you. Even knowing it may help I have not been able to do to myself, but secretly wish an "accident" would occur.

I find mine are brought on by anything that will make my body acidic, ie sugar(including fruit), coffee, soda, tomato,chocolate, basically anything I enjoy! I do think that stress is a factor, not just "nerve" type stree but also when I'm tired and run down, physical stress.

I've never heard of the tooth past thing, so that's a must try. After that I like the idea of the Vodca above and possibly a bubble! Cuz lets face it we can't eat, drink, do anything because it's a possible cause!

I don't think there is a link between these and herpes, virus and bacterial infections are contagious and these aren't. They do run in families so I think it is a genetic thing that predisposes us to lack of something in our body or an allergy to an external sourse.

Thanks for the page, it's been interesting and helpful knowing I'm not the only one suffering.
currently miserable! 02:30 , 12 August 03

I'm another sufferer of these torturous things! I've had them for several years, but God the 6 I have now made me find this site in the hope of somebody knowing a cure.

At first I took a medicated relief mouthwash called 'oraldene' for mouth ulcers and other mouth infections. It tastes acidy, and at first it worked brilliantly. Now it does not seem to have any effect whatsoever. I'm going to try this Lysine, as several people seem to recommend it.

good luck with the ulcers =)
Pete Southampton UK 22:41 , 16 August 03

The last thing on earth I think anyone should do is use any form of steroid treatment. Doctors are researching the effectsof steroids on the human body and while it is accepted that they can infact save lives.. the side effects can be very dramatically bad over the years and infact it has been discovered that even in SKIN CREAMS you can buy over the counter, its beeen recorded by those people doing the research, that applcation of even skin creams do cause thinning of the skin. I have has Asthma all my life though now I dont eat much dairy it has enabled me to come off my steroid puffer. I have no need of it, though I do keep one incase I get a severe cold. I had cause to consult a skin specialist a few years back and what do u think he said_.. Yep.. he said my skin was thin due to the steriods. Inhaled steroids are NOT supposed to have any damaging effect so WHY would my skin become thin_ I even washed my mouth as instructed after every use. I believe the steroids have damaged my stomach lining and my mouth lining and also my gut in fact I would go as far as to say it has damaged anythin 'mucose' in my body. You will get a quick fix using steroid therapy and do long term damage. As far as my mouth ulcers are concerned I believe this has a big part to play in the 'why' I get them.....

By the way Bonjella in my experience greatly slows and retards the healing process.. even though it helps the pain. Salt water is by far best... Im off to get some Lysine too and see if that helps. My doc says he thinks mine is Herpes simplex related. Need to build myself up a bit .
Willow 23:37 , 18 August 03

Please exscuse bad spelling and typing .. its late and I am rather tired and my keyboard has for some reason chnaged languages LOL.
One note regarding steroid treatment DO NOT stop taking steroids if you have been prescribed them by a doctor. It could be dangerous. Consult your doctor first before deciding to stop taking your steroids. Steroids have to be stopped in a very special way or you could be risking your life (for those who are on steroid tablet medication or asthma treatment etc)..

... this is not the case with simple over the counter creams that can be stopped at any time...
Willow 23:43 , 18 August 03

For years now, I swear by 'Bocasan'(a powder-in-warm-water mouthwash from Oral-B Laboratories). I reckon three washes in 24 hours (esp. last thing before I go to bed) will abate the pain and evict the offending little blighter.I always take them on holiday with me ... just in case. However, today I went to the chemist to buy some replacements and would you believe it, the product appears to be no longer available. Lysine it is then !!
Ted, darlington 19:40 , 19 August 03

I never used to have mouth ulcers unless I ate chocolate. Then I would get a couple of really painful ones appear a few days later, and last for about a month. SO, I just stopped eating chocolate, and I never had one again... until about 6 months ago, when I started getting them even though I wasn't eating the chocolate. I tried Lysine, and it seemed to help to start with, but after a few weeks it had no more effect, and they came back. Then I tried drinking loads of water, and that seemed to work for a while, then it had no effect, and they came back. I read somewhere that the body uses a lot of water to break down fatty foods, which might go along with my chocolate and water thing, and so my current theory is to cut back on the fatty foods. I'll let you know how it goes.
11:48 , 28 August 03

Have had ulcers for as long as I can remember. The pain is unbearable. Makes me want to sleep for a week. A couple of days ago, a small one appeared on my lip. The next day, I had them all around my entire lips. Just found out yesterday that I am anemic. Was wondering if there might be a connection. Has anyone else had iron deficiency?
Helen 15:15 , 29 August 03

just ordered my lysine now so hears hoping!! one thing i have noticed which is common with all of us ulcers sufferers is that we will try ANYTHING!! if someone told me to balance on my head at full moon , whilst gargling with washing powder i might try it! it says something about how painful these bastards are and how much they impact on our lives! good luck guys and hang in there!
grant 15:28 , 29 August 03

I consider myself as an experienced sufferer and I currently have 8 which have been hanging around for about three weeks now. I am going to buy some Lysine straight away. I have tried many different products and none of them have been particularly effective - although last year I went to the doctors and he prescribed a product called Pyralvex which is an extract of rubbarb. This worked superbly with instant relief and they cleared up within days, but I may have over used it and built up a certain amount ofimmunity to it (although I still use it). Give it a go, it's available over the counter and costs just £2.49.
Glad I'm not suffering alone...
Andy 20:34 , 29 August 03

L-Lysine is the way to go. 1000 MG 3x a day at first, back to 1000 MG a day preventative, in my opinion. Thanks for cool site. Take care.
happidae 14:37 , 30 August 03

I agree ----Lysine is the only thing that seems to help. I've had mouth ulcers since I was very young.(now 36) They hurt and last for starts to go away, and another one forms. They make me feel terrible. Mornings and Evenings are the worsts times. I've tried about every product there is. Nothing seems to prevent and the pain med. only lasts momentarily. I wish someone would find out how and why these things form....and then let us know how to prevent them.
SKJ in California 15:53 , 31 August 03

How do you take the lysine tablets? Do you chew them in your mouth the swallow them? or swallow them whole? They taste absolutely revolvting when I chew them, I really felt sick. So I crushed up 3 andmixed in it some milk and drank that. is that ok?
Pete 09:57 , 3 September 03

Distressing to know that so many suffer from these antogonizing b*****ds. Does anyone else notice the reularity of the outbreak, I normally get a large coldsore on my chin between last week of March and first two weeks of April and later in the year bewteen August 31st and first two weeks of September. If it does not happen then then its very rare that I get them at any other time. They are nearly always accompanied by mouth ulcers and sometimes do not get the cold sore just a mass of mouth ulcers on lips and tongue. As currently suffering off to try the Lysine solution as nothing else seems to work. Great website, thanks keep iy going lets try and eliminate the little blighters
Gary 14:29 , 5 September 03

Oh my gosh Gary....I also have had this type of problem. I get 3 or 4 coldsores on my mouth every fall and every spring, with a few in between. Usually they start out small sores in the mouth, then I know the big ones are coming. Now I take a daily dose of Valtex (that lovely herpies medicine) and that seems to be helping the coldsores, but not the small, but painful, mouth sores. I've only been on the Valtrex since May so I'm hoping (and praying) to make it through Sept/Oct without the big daddies on the lips! I'm thinking with all the allergies I've had over the years, they are very much related. I used to get allergy injections every week as a child, and the spring and fall were always my worst. I can tell you I tried Lysine and it did NOTHING!! Go to your doc and get a prescription of 500mg daily. They are extremely expensive if you don't have insurance to cover the costs. They will help the sores on the outside of your mouth and on your face, but not too much on the mouth ulcers. My family doctor wouldn't prescribe a daily dose, only when I had the outbreak. I'm now seeing a specialist and he was all for the daily preventative! your doctor and get a prescription and save yourself that embarrassment of having these things all over your face! I know how you must feel about them! Best of luck my friend.
Kellie 16:25 , 5 September 03

Hmmmm... interesting thing about this Lysine. I'll be checking into that. Otherwise, I have found that a new toothpaste (here in the USA) is Aquafresh Extreme Clean. It kind of tastes like cough drops, but it seems to lessen the severity of ulcers when I have them and I don't seem to be having them quite as often either. Of course, as I'm writing this, I'm battling it out with a 10-day old invader now (and it's not excrutiating pain all day like they usually can be), but it's better than having 3 or 4 at a time like usual! I'd appreciate also any feedback if the Lysine has any adverse effects for anyone. Thanks.
Pam - Maryland, USA 17:41 , 5 September 03

Back again. I have used Frador on mine which can be ordered/purchased in most pharmacies in the UK. If you can handle (they call it transient smarting) the eye-watering pain when you rub the fluid in I have managed to eliminate 50% of mine with one or two on the tongue and one whopper on the upper lip left to go. Good luck to you all
Gary 19:34 , 9 September 03

I heard about Lysine about 8 years ago as the "miracle cure" for mouth ulcers. At the time it was. Taking Lysine cured my ulcers for about 2 years. I suspect it was some sort of a placebo effect though. I now suffer from mouth ulcers again (and have for the past 6 years) and no amount of Lysine helps or prevents them (even though I keep taking it in vain). I even tried stopping the Lysine for a year (to clear it out of my system?) and started it back up again. It is no good. The inside of my mouth feels like a bomb went off inside. Now, I am looking for the next miracle cure that will give me another couple years of peace...
Tim 03:29 , 10 September 03

I've been down the road with the Lysine thing and I can tell everyone it does not work! I've been taking Valtrex for my coldsores and now I have noticed that it's keeping the mouthsores to the very small stages. They seem to not really break open and are gone in a couple of days. They can get painful on the tongue area, but they are not lasting. Valtrex is a herpies medicine ~ but honestly I think that's what we all have with our sores. Don't panic though, there are several types of herpies. I know Valtrex is extremely expensive and if you don't have insurance be prepared to pay. It is a God send to me though!
Kellie 17:14 , 10 September 03

i,ve had private treatment for mouth ulcers, with lots of tests & swabs done. the one swab that brought out a mouth ulcer in my mouth very quickly was salted nuts[peanuts, cashew,etc]. the doctor thinks[not knows] its to do with the oils in the nut.since giving up eating nuts[just over 8 months now] i have been free of any mouth ulcers. to all fellow sufferers check your diets see if they contain nuts in any form. hope it works for you all as we'll
colin 21:37 , 12 September 03

I haven't left a message here for several weeks, because for the first time in years, I have been free of mouth ulcers - then I realised this is the very time I should be logging on. I have tried just about every remedy which has been suggested, apart from steroids. and the only thing which helped in the slightest was Kenalog Orabase. I HATED the feel of it in my mouth, but it did seem to help. Like many others, my ulcers seem to be caused by dental problems - partly from very badly shaped teeth, which I keep catching my tongue on (bugs bunny has nothing on me!) and partly that every time I have any dental treatment, even just a scale and polish, my mouth erupts like a volcano. Several weeks ago, I had blood tests done and was told I had mild anaemia and the doctor suggested a two month course of iron. I honestly didn't think it would make one blind bit of difference, and indeed the first two weeks showed no improvement. However I persevered and am delighted to report that it's about six weeks since I had the faintest hint of an ulcer. This is a LONG time for me. I know it won't help everyone - nothing seems to, but it's worth a try. Good luck to all of you.
Robin Johnston 05:31 , 13 September 03

I have suffered from mouth ulcers since as long as i can remember and the pain sometimes gets me down so much. I have an absolute b*****d at the moment, my whole cheek aches and cant even bare to touch my face! I think they are worse for me at the moment as my wisdom teeth are coming through. Has anyone else experienced this?
DOMINIQUE 17:38 , 14 September 03

Sorry to see so many have this too!! I now know I'm not the only one though. I'm going to find some Lysine tomorrow since it has gotten excellent reviews here!! I only get these when I eat chocolate and BOY did I do a doozy this time!! I knew this was gonna happen but I just had to eat that cup cake anyway! Never again, at this point I would be glad if they took chocolate off the market LOL

I also saw on here about the baking soda! That really does help for the pain. It doesnt take it all away but I can now sit here without being in pain right now. I made a paste out of the baking soda and rubbed it on each sore (A bunch of tiny ones on the inside of my lip and one in the back of my throat OUCH!) It burns like HELL so I couldnt leave it on for long but just the few seconds i was able to leave it on helped. I'm not in pain right now (but I'm not really doing anything either, not eating) So if you need a quick pain relief be it at night or if you ran out of something else grab the baking soda and rub it on the sores!

I also had a lot of dental work done 1.5wks ago but I really think this is more from the chocolate I ate cause I could almost feel it burning my lips as I was eating it. Good luck to everyone, I hope they really find a cure one of these days so future generations dont have to post on some board like this about how much pain they are in!!!
Rachel 07:01 , 15 September 03

I just posted but wanted to post again, I just found this site (I was looking thru the treatment survey) and saw that the Enamel saver toothpaste had the highest rating for preventing canker sores. I dont know if it works or not, I'll probably be trying it soon just to see (Will do ANYTHING!!) SO i'll let everyone know but I wanted to post the site I found it the cheapest (So far, only look thru 2 sites and 1 site was considerably cheaper)

Or just look up the brand on a search engine. Good luck
Rachel 07:13 , 15 September 03

I have not been canker free for almost 6 years. It has been Hell living with a mouth full of canker sores every day for 6 years. I have tried taking Calcium Lactate, that works for a while but then your system gets use to it and they end up coming back. I have used every herbal remedy on the market also experimental drugs. Nothing seems to work. About Lysine, it did nothing for me unfortunately. It didn't seem to make any difference at all. I just ordered the Rembrandt toothpaste for canker sore sufferers. Has any one out there tryed this product? It is suppose to lessen the outbreaks by 80%. I ordered it from
Diane H. 03:01 , 18 September 03

Boy, I don't feel so bad after reading that some of you poor souls get more than 3 at a time! I have 1 dime sized one in the back of my mouth, right at the bend of my throat and 2 little ones on my tounge. I feel like I am dying! I keep checking my temperature....I feel like I have a fever, and a BAD flu! I've had these things for years! Seems to me they are brought on by pms (premenstrual syndrome for all you guys out there), stress, poor diet, and of course if I jab my mouth with my toothbrush I get a visitor a few days later. My dentist recommends Zilactin. The red and beige container. You put it on after you dry the area with a tissue or qtip. It hurts like hell, I mean you feel like you're going to pass out. My husband says I actually loose color in my face! But then, you allow it to dry and sop up all the saliva that follows, and then, poof! It forms a bandage over the sore and you can eat a bit and talk! It's hard to put the stuff on by yourself especially if you have one in your throat like lucky me! But, gagging and all, I shove a qtip down there and search around until I find it.

I have said many times that I would rather have my leg cut off then have the pain of one of these ulcers!

I will ask my pharmacist about the lysine. In the meantime? I will eat yogurt and drink tea with sugar and milk, (the only liquid that for some reason doesn't hurt it) and then tonight? I'm having some wine to insure a solid nights sleep! Ha Ha! Take that you dirty little bas----s!
Beth, NJ, USA 19:31 , 19 September 03

Sorry, but Lysine doesn't make any difference at all with my ulcers.
Chris Gowland 12:21 , 23 September 03

Thank you for the Internet. Thank you for this web site.
Thank you contibuters to this page for sharing your knowledge with me. I'm going to try some of your suggestions and then hopefully I will be able to share my knowledge with others
12:55 , 26 September 03

Wow, what a wealth of knowlege. I was searching for something just like this site. Took a while to find it-- I'm surprised so many other people have found it. The amount of people with these ulcers must be huge, since the ones that found this site are likely a very small percentage.

I started getting these buggers about a year ago. After not being able to eat and stuff because of the pain I stuck my tongue out to see what the matter was, and it looked like someone had pounded a nine-inch nail through it! Argh! I had never seen anything like it.

I tried Lysine. It worked, sorta. It's not a cure, but it definitely helps. I got in the habit of taking one a day, and about a month ago, I ran out. I didn't have ulcers in my mouth anymore, just little cankers that stay for a day or two (ulcers take forever to heal, it seems). So yeah, it helps ulcers, but not little cankers for me. Now that I ran out of Lysine, they've been slowly increasing, and every time I eat I'm reminded that I need to go get some more. Now, I can hardly talk. Sigh. Shows how much of a procrastinator I am.

I have noticed when I get dehydrated, my mouth is the perfect environment for ulcers. Just drinking a soda with caffeine in it will make my body dump all the water in my blood, and my mouth starts feeling dry. If I keep drinking it, it just takes a couple days, and here come the holes in my tongue again.
Troy 07:33 , 28 September 03

I use Euthymol toothpaste (UK). I ran out a week ago an started using a normal floride toothpaste and the bloody ulcers are back. Euthymol is the only thing I've tried that
prevents them.
Surreyfox 21:40 , 28 September 03

ok went out m bought some lysine, how do you suggest on taking them ?
these are 1000mg tablets, so do i spread the 3000mg out evenly over the day
or take the 3 tablets when i get up with brekky ?
DAVE UK 15:07 , 29 September 03

18:41 , 29 September 03

I just found this web site today. Have had mouth ulcers for years but as every body eles has done i have went and bought Lysine, hope it works. I will keep you updated
Paul M 19:09 , 30 September 03

Reply to Dave..UK Been taking 500mg LYSINE morning and night for over 4 months now ..not one single little bugger has dared appear in my mouth..HOORAY!! I crush up those HUGE tablets and fill up the gelatine capsules size oo the biggest ones that you can buy..from health food stores in Australia..or you can just break the tablets into 4 pieces you will find by trial and error how many tabs you need to take everyones different..If I feel that tingly feeling that tells you that an ulcer is coming..then I just take one extra tablet per day for a couple of days and nothing erupts!! LYSINE is a building block of life it appears naturally in the body and is washed out normally in your wastes every day so you can't overdose on it but if you take the right amount it will save you money. Good luck
Patrice Australia 23:53 , 30 September 03

I've had mouth ulcers for years. Started taking L-Lysine 3 months ag and had a couple of small ones first few weeks but NOTHING since!Fellow suffers, "JUST DO IT!"
IAN, Egypt 10:37 , 3 October 03

Olive Leaf Extract

is something i just recently read to help ulcers also (Or maybe that was cold sores?) Cant remember but wanted to post that here just in case anyone wanted to look it up more in case the Lysine didnt work for them. Good luck!
Rachel 09:17 , 6 October 03

Our entire family gets canker sores. My mother always had us use powdered alum on them. You can buy this in the spices at the grocery store. They also have the grandular powdered alum, too. It does hurt at first, I won't kid ya, but it seems to 'eat' up the problem overnight. Hey! It's worth a try!
iz 02:28 , 7 October 03

Thanx so much to you guys with all the treatments, I currently have 4 incredibly large and painful ulcers, which make it hard to eat (especially tomatoes), drink or talk. Bonjela is a joke, it only makes it hurt more and does nothing, im ready to try anything you guys have suggested. Once again, Thankx
Krystle 12:47 , 7 October 03

At the moment I have four ulcers on my tongue and two on my inside lip, I can hardly talk and eating is painful, I have read so many people take lysine. Is it safe to take over a long period of time? I have tried bonjela which is just torture and adcortyl which has not helped at all. I have just been on holiday for two weeks and think that the ulcers may be linked to too much alcohol and salty foods. Thank you so much for all the tips I feel some hope of getting rid of these ulcers.
Hayley 10:48 , 10 October 03

Rembrandt Toothpaste hasn't worked for me. I to have suffered from mouth ulcers for many years. Most of the time I am just in a bad mood and ask everyone not to talk to me. I just went out and bought some Lysine, just took 3000 mgs. So we'll see. I have been using Rembrandt Toothpaste for about 2 years, doesn't work. I don't know why I still buy it. Thanks for this site. I thought I was the only person in the world suffering so much.
Sharon 21:58 , 10 October 03

20:01 , 11 October 03

Slicing?!!!!! Oh my God! Do be careful...
21:49 , 11 October 03

slicing can't be the answer, if you slice it off there will be an even bigger one where you did the slicing. Please try something else!!!!!
01:06 , 12 October 03

I am on vacation this week,see if this makes a difference considering my boss is a real A__hole!
could be stress related
Zilactin,oh yeah tried it and I went down on my knees in pain..and had cover my mouth from letting out a primal exaggeration.....
but yes you could eat something once you had the intense pain of getting that on? this is unbelievable
so ok I will give it a shot take 3000mg of lysine when one comes out and on regular days take 1000mg..I take that now,first thing in the am when I wake up
Gail 00:29 , 13 October 03

Gail...wishing you much luck while on vacation. I'm taking my 1000mg of Lysine everyday as well as my iron. The only problem I'm having now is still the large one on my throat. It's very hard and I'm thinking when I go back in Dec to the specialist it will need to be removed. The Valtrex is working wonders on my lips!! Knock on wood and thank God no cold sore since the beginning of May!! I always get a mouthful in the fall too. The doc prescribed Xanax (control released) and they are working great for my nerves as well. Now, if the worse that I get is a few little bumps (which can be a bit sore) and no new huge "puppies" in my mouth my prayers would be answered! AS far as my son-in-law in Iraq, three more from his platoon were injured last week. We got a message through the point of contact person that he's okay! Again....praises to God! Here's hoping everyone is doing better!
TL 15:39 , 13 October 03

Has anyone ever tried Acidophilus for canker sores? I was in the fourth day of the worst case of sores I have ever had. My Aunt told me about Acidophilus, it comes in liquid form or pills. I got the liguid and took 2 tablespoons every 3 hours for the first day. By the next morning I could tell they didn't hurt as much. I hadn't eaten anything and barely drank anything for four days. I got to eat a little bit today. I would certainly say this Acidophilus helped a great deal. You can get it at any herb or health store. It is not at any drugstores. I got mine at a Health Hut. Not very expensive, about $12.00 for a 16 oz. bottle, comes in strawberry flavor too. Try it, it can't hurt.
Anne 19:04 , 14 October 03

DEN 14:51 , 15 October 03

I am not sure if you get LYSINE in India.. are there are natural remedies in terms of special fruits vegetables etc
16:43 , 16 October 03

why about purchasing it on line? L-lysine
stay away from acid and read my post under Nutritional Healing book
Gail 01:39 , 17 October 03

Wow, this is great, im looking for a cure for my mother who has suffered with them all her 50 years. I think ive found by reading all these posts, so i will go and buy her some lysine from

Thanks all, its been an informative read
David Hasslehoff 15:03 , 17 October 03

I'm back again! I have had ulcers since I was about 5, and am now 35, so it's a long term thing. Anyway, I have been on L lysine for about the last 2 years, and it definitely does make a difference - doesn't take them completely away, but it helps. A few months ago, it seemed that my body was becoming "imune" to it, and I was getting them again. I tried different toothpaste (again) but specifically looked for one WITHOUT SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) - the only ones I could find were Rembrandt for Canker Sore Sufferers (which I haven't tried yet), and Biotene (which is a toothpaste for Dry Mouth Sufferers, but it doesn't have SLS). SLS is the foaming agent in almost every toothpaste, and it definitely does inflame and aggrevate the ulcers - I don't know that it "causes" them, but if there is any small abrasion there, it seems to turn it into a huge one. Anyway, after only a few weeks with the Biotene, my ulcers were gone - it was the only time in my life, other than when I was pregnant that I had none for about 3 months! I have since gotten 1 or 2, but nowhere near the intensity or size or frequency. So, my suggestion is use L lysine, and find toothpaste without SLS. One more definitely seems linked to the herpes virus (even though no Dr's will confirm - they seem ignorant to most of this!)
Chari in PA 19:55 , 19 October 03

Hello everyone. I have sufferred from mouth ulcers - always several at a time- rare breaks in between - for years. I agree with all of your sentiments about the pain and misery. Why isn't there a real cure that works for all of us? I have found one cure but after you have read this you may not wish to try it. Even I have have given up and gone back to the ulcers!

After about ten years of abject misery I was sent off to see a specialist in Bristol (UK) and he too admitted there is no known cure, but he did mention that people who smoked or took up smoking no longer had ulcers.

I thought I would try a cigarette a day - the ulcers disppeared but i became hooked on cigarettes! I have finally, after two and a half years of smoking and NO ULCERS, not one, given up the smoking. Within days I was back to the painfilled days of constant mouth ulcers. Whta a horrendous choice to have to make. Surely someone could research why the complex chemicals from a burning cigarette actually do work? Any research people out there prepared to give it a go?
Caroline in Cornwall 11:44 , 20 October 03

it fuc**n kills me so much it makes my eyes water when i put bonjela on the little sh*t why am i cursed with this devil why me
ste 18:01 , 30 October 03

Hello! blimey, I can't believe that I'm not the only one suffering from awful, hateful ulcers! I've had them all my life, at school my best friend used to explain to the teachers for me as I couldn't open my mouth. At the moment I have been drinking lemsip (hardly touches) and peroxyl mouthwash (numbs slightly) for the huge amount of great big fat ones all down one side of my mouth. I'm sorry for everyone but perversely I'm so happy that it's not only me! Thank you so much, I will try everything!
Sally, England 00:03 , 31 October 03

Orabase with Adcortyl definately works for me. Put a fair dollop on at night and the ulcer is practically gone the next morning. Have also tried Lycin and seemed to work but can't be sure. PB
PB 17:31 , 31 October 03

Hi there you poor people. I thought I was the only one, I've got a mouth full of ulcers at the moment and my God they hurt like nothing on this planet!, I've been to the Doc's and the dentist but neither can help with a cure, the doc has given me a mouth wash called bioplex which seems to wear them down after a week. I'm a smoker and find that smoking does'nt help get rid of them or keep them away. However my wife is getting concerned that they could be linked to cancer, so I'm off back to the Doc's to get a blood test, plus I intend to take down a few of your pain relief's and try them out!, any thing to get rid of them.
Bob Clarke 19:44 , 31 October 03

Hi!I just realized that I'm not the only soul who suffers so much. Since young I've been prone to having ulcers, any cuts or lesions in the mouth will end up be big mouth ulcers. But it had never been so bad until recent months. Few months back I had an attack of hundreds of ulcers in my mouth. This time round,since Sunday I started getting ulcers all over my mouth, now I have at least 50 big and small, especially more on the left side of my tongue. They're killing me. Been to doctor this morning, given CRIXAN 250MG (ANTIBIOTICS), PREDNISOLONE 5MG and ORAL AID LOTION, don't know whether they'll help but I've started taking them. I don't know whether I can get Lysine in Singapore, I will try to find out. Anyone out there have any suggestions?
Lucy Siau, Singapore 11:37 , 1 November 03

Caroline, I think it is the nicotine, try chewing some nicotine gum.
jamie 16:28 , 1 November 03

Thank God I found this Website. I thought that I was the only one living with this. I seem to get sores when I am stressed or when I bite or burn my mouth or even when I get an illness like the flu or a cold. The sores have continued since childhood and have only worsened as an adult. Lidocaine temporarily numbs the pain. I used Lysene 25 years ago as a child without much success, but am willing to try it again. The doctor just recently put me on Valtrex. Waiting to see if it works.Keep up the advise...please.
ryan 23:02 , 6 November 03

Good luck on the Valtrex. It sure helps with coldsores. I've been dealing with both ulcers and especially coldsore for 20 years and I know how I feel. Lysine did NOTHING! I have one ulcer on by throat that's like a bump that will have to be removed. It has been there for 6 months! I have another appointment made with my specialist. He's the one that put me on a 500mg daily does of Valtrex. Best of luck to you!
Tracy 14:00 , 7 November 03

Got a massive ulcer on the underside of my top lip, right in the middle ....looks like I've been hit by Tyson! The pain is immense, I've had today off work!. This site is brilliant...I'm not alone and hopefully I've found some cures!. I'm off out now to buy some Lysine! Thanks to everyone who's posted on these pages with advice!
Sean J. 09:43 , 14 November 03

As a child i suffered terribly with huge mouth ulcers until i got past my teenage years, thankgod i don`t get them now. however my 10yr old son gets them just as i did. Is Lysine safe for children?
Louise 19:29 , 14 November 03

great site these little bastards annoy the xxxx out of me but after reading all these messages i think colin could be on to something,for me anyway as i have always suspected that it was red wine or nuts and he said he hasnt had an ulcer for 6 weeks since cutting out peanuts and cashews believe it or not but i just had a handfull of cashews an hour before i found this site .im going to throw up !!
glenn 16:17 , 15 November 03

CHRIS.J 19:57 , 17 November 03

Dear all. Thanks you all for your advice. My two favourate people in the world suffer badly from ulcers and my heart goes out to them (also means I cannot kiss my boyf a lot of the time, cos he is in too much pain :0). I have read this whole string and one thing I have seen repeatedly is that with some people they get immune to a product after a while that has previously worked fine. It seems that the body or the ulcers become immune to the product... Surely that has go to be a lead worth the time of any researchers that use this message board? I am also of the opinion that the ulcers might be an outward sign of an inward malady, but have no evidence to back this up...(any reasearchers help here?). It really does seem that the body produces these things as a result of a whole host of ailments not just one - hence medical science's confoundment on the subject and the whole range of products that work for people. I find that quiet sympathy and a hug can relieve the immense frustration my boyf suffers when he gets these things if not the pain. Goodluck to you all, esp the multiple and large ulcer sufferers.
Sass 17:51 , 18 November 03

Also the Aerobic Oxygen sounded so good I wish for it to really work [PAINFREE 23:12 , 21 June 03] on this string. Dom seemed to think it was ok or was that sarcasm? Thanks
Sass 18:14 , 18 November 03

Hi Sass,, sarcasm I'm afraid. Never tried it though, but the style of the 'presentation' was pants.
Dom Walton 00:17 , 20 November 03

I've been afflicted by them for years and so has my mother. Brother ok, father ok, wife and children ok. We are always swapping treatment suggestions. One treatment (which I don't think you will be able to get anymore) was like something from the dark ages called "tincture of myrrh and borax" - hurt like hell and then I think the nerves gave in and gave you some respite. In New Zealand we have available "Kenalog" a treatment in dental paste best applied at night (over the counter medicine). Also Difflam mouth gel is good. Unfortunately these things don't stick and only way is first to dab the mucous off the ulcer - horrible but necessary but dab it, don't wipe, its agony. As for the cause? My dentist has often said its viral. I know stress and run down feelings are associated with poor immune systems etc and vice versa. One of the most important things is to try and limit trauma in the mouth - mainly physical stuff like a jab with the toothbrush or aggressive brushing. My dentist says always use a soft brush, take it slowly and gently and if someone can hear you brushing your teeth from the next room - then you are brushing too hard. Sharp foods like cornflakes and cornchips must be eaten slowly and chewed thoroughly! Biting my cheek is probably the worst thing - apart from the immediate pain and blood is the knowledge that an ulcer will develop. If you gargle with aspirin, don't forget to spit it out. Adoctor suggested gargling daily with warm salty water. Also suffer from sore throats. Once had a throat so badly ulcerated I couldn't drink and was threatened with hospital and intravenous drip - had a pain killing jab and started drinking again! Balanced diet, adequate sleep, stress management and minimising mouth trauma and having topical treatments seems our best hopes. Luck all.
Stuart 09:31 , 20 November 03

why should you spit the aspirin out?
12:26 , 20 November 03

A homeopathic doctor recommended applying a used tea bag to the ulcer. Depending on where the ulcer is, this may be difficult! However I have had some success with it. It is worth a try anyway. Oh, better wait until the tea bag has cooled down a bit!
Par 16:22 , 20 November 03

Thanks to the Message Board for the advice. I was beginning to think that I'd caught something nasty from somewhere dodgy... I'm off to get some Lysine
Waiman. London. 00:20 , 22 November 03

I wrote in on Oct. 10, I had a mouth full of ulcers. I read about everyone trying Lysine and went out and bought some. I took 3000mgs the first two days after that I have taken 1000mgs every day first thing in the morning. I don't know if I'm just having good luck or if the Lysine is really working, but since about Oct. 16th I have only had two very small ulcers in my mouth. They didn't last very long either. I am still using SLS free toothpaste but it never helped before. Now I have added Acidophilus PB8 to the Lysine. I hope to get even better results with it. Thanks for this site as far as I am concerned you guys cured me. I use to have at least 5 to 6 ulcers at all times. I can't belive the difference, I am very happy now. Thanks
Sharon 01:59 , 24 November 03

I do not suffer from Ulcers very often. I've sudenly come out in abundance of them all. They are all over my mouth. I've recently given up smoking, increased my eating regularity, taken Vitamin C supplements. I am fairly run down and don't sleep enough. Really upset and surprised how I got this. Doctors pescribed Cordosyl and Adcortyl. Got worse. Now I'm using Aciclovir 200mg (5 times a day). Will be down to Holland and Barret to get some Lysine in the morning.
Jean-Claude, London 19:37 , 25 November 03

I have heard this mouth ulcers since i was 13 years now 23 years that's 10 years of pain, I have used all sorts of medication name it Kenalog, bonjela etc, used all sorts of mouth wash, hydrogen peroxide, listerine, etc the list endless, this lysine is new am going to look for it in the stores in Kenya hope it's available in preparation for the next time they come again, BUT on hope has kept me going to know that Jehovah, God promises in Isaih 33:24, that in the near future no one will say am sick, Yes even with strange diseases like MOUTH ulcers.
Erukan .P. Imoh 11:09 , 26 November 03

I've been a sufferer of the f***ing things ever since I can remember and have gone through numerous allergy tests. As a result I am apparently allergic to Tomotoes, Strawberries and Beetroot - something to do with the colouring or so I'm told. I haven't eaten any of the above for at least 2 months but I am currently suffering with 3 ulcers which are stopping me eating/drinking/talking etc and this time round I'm finding myself extremely tired. Do the doctors/specialist's out there actually know what their talking about? As you guys like myself actually suffer from ulcers and are not researching info from the same crap book my doctor and dentist use - I would very much appreciate your help. Please name some SLS free toothpastes available in the UK and let me know if LYSINE is geniune does it actually work.
In Extreme Pain - Nicky 16:54 , 26 November 03

I would be careful with Lysine. High doses of Lysine can suppress levels of another important amino acid (Arginine I think). Arginine is important for lots of things like maintaining growth hormone levels, so, I wouldn't take very large doses of lysine all the time as a preventative. In fact, I think lysine works against herpes because herpes needs arginine to replicate, and lysine displaces it. It is probably fine as a short-term treatment though.
Ned D. 05:15 , 27 November 03

Wow! What a great site, wish I'd found it when I was younger as I had them horrendously then, not had them for a few years now - maybe its due to smoking!!! Anyway, my 7yr old son has them badly at the moment and is desperately miserable, is Lysine suitable for children and how much should they take? Our pharmacist is rubbish, just says to use bonjela which doesnt work. I do remember natural yoghurt really helped heal mine but its not working for my son so maybe that was a coincidence. He also seems quite run-down so perhaps there is a link between iron deficiency too, will try that too and let you know! Thanks!!
Jo (in Devon UK) 11:12 , 27 November 03

Lysine supplementation works by tilting the balance between Lysine and Arginine heavily in favor of Lysine. This amerliorates herpes outbreaks because the herpes virus depends on the presence of arginine for it's replication. Arginine: An amino acid, one of the 20 amino acids that serve as the building blocks in protein. Arginine is not an "essential" amino acid. It is not essential to the diet, but can be made by the body from other substances. However, it is usually considered essential to the diet for children so they can grow normally. Lack of arginine in the diet impairs growth and in adult males it decreases the sperm count. Jo, I hope this answers your question about giving Lysine to your son. I'm researching at this time if there is anything that children can take. You may want to try the SLS free toothpaste for now. Rembrandt for canker sore sufferers is a good one. A friend of mine uses it and it works wonders for her. I don't know if it is in the UK, I am in U.S.A. It is about $6.99 for a tube here. I am so sorry for your son. I hope this helps. If I comes across anything else I'll let you know.
Cheranne 01:00 , 28 November 03

The vodka may have helped as it is alcohol and kills bacteria by nature. Exessive drinking of alchohol does not however.
I just got two m$£%%$F%$^ers after having 5 last month! Totally fed up of it. When I get to med school i swear im going to work on a cure :)
Eve 17:54 , 29 November 03

lysine lowers sperm count?? yes! another good reason to take it ;-) what next? can it earn me a living while i park my butt on the sofa? talk about miracle cures.... =)
monkey + beer 23:36 , 29 November 03

What a great web site! Well I've had cankers off and on since I was a teenager, and I've just had a horrible outbreak of about 4. Well that's bad enough, but now it seems like all of the inside of my mouth has a rash. All the vessels are enlarged and some are very red, like there is blood under a thin layer. None of this is painful (of course the cankers are) but it feels very funny because the usual smooth surface is bumpy. Has anyone else had this or know what it is???
Heather 01:48 , 2 December 03

Sorry to hear so many people share this ailment... but it's good to know I'm not alone. I suffer from occasional outbreaks which typically run their course in a few days. Kanka usually works for me but this latest outbreak take the cake... a couple on the edge of my tongue turn into a massive infestation on my tongue! Feels like i burned the surface of my tongue. I gargled salt water (ouch), turned to multivitamins, and sucked on zinc tablets. The pain has diminished, but my mouth still feels like it's been through a war. Just crushed a baby aspirin on my desk, made a paste and spread it on my tongue. We'll see...
Gentle Jim - USA 18:42 , 2 December 03

The reason L-Lysene works is because it promotes cell regenation. 3000 mg's a day is a good idea, it also works better with B6 because the B6 helps it to break down into your system easier. The red bumps in the mouth are called blood blisters. Usually people with reccuring cankers also have TMJ, grind their teeth at night, or do other things that injur the mouth. When you put great amounts of pressure on the inside of your mouth it can basically bruise the skin. The inside of the mouth bruise looks alot like a little pocket of blood.
BlueGirl 19:58 , 2 December 03

I have had 15 ulcers at once before. Most of them were next to eachother along the cheek and gum line. They KILLED! Plus I had to smile for a big show I was in. Does drinking a lot of water and eating less food really work. For the next week I'm going to stop drinking iced tea because the kind I drink is said to have a lot of chemicals that may cause ulcers.
PerkasieGirl2 00:07 , 4 December 03

I agree with alot of what alot of you have said, I take the L-Lysine, dentists and doctors haven't prescribed anything that gives relief. I also have heard putting 'powdered alum' on the ulcer helps with pain and healing. you can get it over the counter but have to ask the pharmasist for it.
Jayme 11:27 , 10 December 03

It seems pretty clear to me that the ulcer issue is autoimmune at it's heart. The huge impact of stress on it, the wide variety of very individual triggers and the ineffectiveness of most of the remedies all point to this conclusion. It's also clear that the predisposition to them can be inherited. Sadly, my 2 year old daughter joined the club this week. It's unlikely there will be any cure in our lifetime, the human immune system is so complex that it will take a long time to truly get a handle on managing it (if you think we're even close, look at the very slow progress of the AIDS fight and that's a relatively simple foreign invader) Hopefully the Hindus have it right and the karma we accumulate from all this suffering will eventually pay off.
Noah 20:25 , 11 December 03

I had one 'cauterized' with a silver nitrate stick at the Dr.'s, it turned it a silver/white color but I think it's helping the pain alot! It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would, no worse than putting meds on it!
Jayme 04:24 , 12 December 03

My opinion, based on personal experience is this: The trigger would be something you ate or swallowed that irritated your taste buds or a slight scrape as a potatoe chip scraping your tongue. Something unnoticed normally. But if your body is dangerously low in certain nutrients (vit. B and C it appears) the painful ulcers invade quietly at first and then the next thing you know,your whole mouth has been invaded.I am healing presently. The last bout I had started on Thursday and by Friday morning even my teeth hurt my tongue. I only went to the store an hour ago after seeing no relief in site. I picked up Orajel with a film forming gel. Instantly my mouth feels 80% better and I am going to make dinner now. Oragel or other similar- containing the "film forming gel" gets my vote
tami 03:28 , 21 December 03

I,ve just been to the docs and he said i,ve got leuco something or other and that it could be pre C I thought it was mouth ulcers ,i,ve had this sore thing in my mouth and on the side of my tongue for yonks has anyone else heard of this or is it just another name for mouth ulcer?
Duncan 12:40 , 30 December 03

O.k. looks like I need to go shopping at lunch.. I have one on my upper lip and two on my tongue that I can see, could be more..I work as a server at night and I'm seriously considering calling in sick because it really hurts when I talk.. Will pick up some lysine at lunch and some orajel. anything to try and get rid of this. I feel like I'm running a fever and just feel lousy.. hurts to even lick my lips.. my tongue is actually swollen.. thanks,, good to be able to vent to people who know how I feel..
Barbara 18:34 , 30 December 03

It's comforting to know that there are more of you out there suffering from these bitches. I'll give the Lysine and go and report back!
Shaun 01:28 , 7 January 04

I get these ulcers sometimes but mainly on the inner bottom lip - I also suffer from what the doctor called "Geographic tongue" this is where my tongue gets sore patches all over it and it kinda looks like a map of a weird country or something. I found I only started suffering from the problem with ulcers and sore tongue after I had chicken pox at 17. I also notice certain foods can cause my tongue to become very sore like boiled sweets and pineapple, and even large does of ketchup. Ive had these ulcers on my tonsils in the past aswell but not lately - thank F@@@! At the moment I have one nasty ulcer on the inner lip and it is very painful - Just bought some Adcortyl in Orabase and some L Lysine from a local health shop (500mg) Gonna give it all a go - dont want to lower sperm count though so will only take for a few days! Keep up the posts as its great to share these probs with like minded sufferers. Cheers!
Stevo 21:32 , 9 January 04

You know they spend billions on reasearch to on how people wanna see a chocolate bar on the store shelf you think they could spend one f***ing penny on trying to find out what the hell these things are
I've tryed everything legal and nothing works 01:59 , 12 January 04

is genetics a factor into getting canker sores???
eve 07:43 , 12 January 04

I read somewhere Acidophilus works, but don't think they worked for me. Trying the lysine now. Has anyone tried the stuff they sell on I wish it would just go away.
eve 07:49 , 12 January 04

nic 15:18 , 13 January 04

I have been plagued with ulcers for as long as i can remember- at least 2/3 every other week. Read this website about L-Lysine and decided to try it (Currently in Holland & BArrett's at £3 for 100 tablets) for first couple of weeks was taking 2 tablets each day, ulcers came and went, but after about 3 weeks they went completely and i only ever take a table perhaps one every other week maximum. Me and my sister are now ulcer free and are loving it! Thank you ever so much and i do heavily recommend it!!!. I was concerned about the amount i was taking at first but now i rarely have to take them so there's no apparent need to worry about any potential side effects!
nic 15:23 , 13 January 04

Been having them for 11yrs now......tried vitamins, penicillin - tablets and injections, nothing has now trying an oral suspension called Nystatin...doesn't seem to work either.......guess I should try the L-lysine and i hop i'll find it......can't stand the pain anymore.....can't eat...can't laugh..even talking is such a bother.
Sly 11:15 , 14 January 04

Read my story under the title Valtrex. I've been through all of know, been there, done that! Try it!! It's a medication used to control herpies and my doctor gave it to me to take as a supressant! It's been the greatest!
T 13:14 , 14 January 04

Have recently found this site and its great, but can someone tell me what's the difference between Ulcers and Cankers if any? Apart from ulcers I get these little hard spots mainly on the botton of my mouth under the tongue that are not painful like the ulcers are these Cancers? I'm off to buy L-lysine today - Here's hoping!
Angie B'ham England 11:56 , 16 January 04

I had canker sores/mouth ulcers all my life (now 62) and found 4 years ago that eliminating all forms of gluten from my diet also reduced the incidence of sores to almost zero. I am currently suspicious of coffee, too, which is a real "downer" because I love coffee. Gluten is in wheat, barley, rye and oats (maybe). The elimination diet means no bread, pasta, scones, biscuits, cookies, cakes, and no beer. It is tough, but well worth if it works for you. The key phrase is "gluten intolerance" which may also be "Celiac Disease".
TomF 22:16 , 17 January 04

suffering from ulcers for years..awhile back there was a tablet called was green and it seemed to work a treat,they changed the colour to white and then they stopped selling it completly..tried everything else since to little avail although carboscan is a little better at helping,if you can stand the vile taste.vitamin c also helps ward them off
Ger,ireland 14:37 , 18 January 04

never heard of them Ger, dont know if we get them over in england... worth a look tho
monkey 21:32 , 18 January 04

a bit of gin and fresh orange with crushed ice relieves the pain for a couple of hours but i think that's the only thing it cures. if you like gin then i think it's worth a try. fresh orange is a great source of vitamin c and i really recommend this delightful concoction.
Helen Zuhass 22:23 , 18 January 04

At the moment, i can count nearly 20 ulcers in the back of my throat, very painful! i used to get them every week, usually only 1 or 2, but i havent had them for ages, i usually take vitamin b and vitamin c tablets every day, but i didnt in the last three days, i think the cause must be a lack of vitamins, anyway im off to get me some lysine.
Timmy 04:18 , 19 January 04

It doesn't cure them, but Lidocaine really does numb your mouth. It's a great relief if you can get the prescription for it. Careful though. My dentist warned me about the danger of choking from eating after over-numbing your throat. Just try to keep it off your throat when you swish with it, and you should be fine (unless that's where the ulcers are of course).
B.M. 02:26 , 20 January 04

this is what works for me. At night just as you are off to sleep, SM33 straight on the ulcer (be warned it hurts) - then when it no longer hurts, cover ulcer with Kenalog. In the morning, the ulcer has gone. :)
nik 08:11 , 20 January 04

Hi guys! I don't wanna be morbid, but it makes me feel a little better to know that I'm not alone in this horrible suffering. I'm not as bad as some of you poor souls and rarely get more than one at a time. But right now I've got an evil bugger on the right side of my tongue, at the back, that's in direct contact at all times with the sharp inner edge of my rear molar. It's an ungodly torment that nobody I know can understand. You guys have been real helpful with advice. I'm going to find and purchase some lysine, start bathing the demon in a stiff saline, and, just to be safe, drive over my SLS toothpaste with my car. I typically have no recourse to the pain beyond maximum strength Anbesol. But after the first few doses it seems to impart a dull throb that permeates the teeth and soft tissue around the ulcer as well. I think I'm in danger of jabberin on, now. Thanks a lot everyone and I wish you all the best in the face of this terrible pain!
Devan in Michigan, USA. 15:28 , 21 January 04

hey devan, we know how you feel! i'm just recovering from a desperately destructive one on my gum and two monsters on my tongue. the worst one is on my lip- 12 mm's and growing! when i was 8, with equally horrendous sores, i heard about lysine and popped them pills like there was no tomorrow. it didn't work... and then i got braces. if your molar is what is messing you up- try some Braces wax, it won't work for long, but any relief is worth it. may the force be with you!
T@R@ 02:54 , 26 January 04

Well folks, i was a bone fide mouth ulcer virgin untill 4 days ago and now i can really appreciate what it is all you poor souls must go through. I've entered a rather depressed state and am currently considering taking a knife to my tongue and either a)slice the little bastards off or b)slice my tongue off. This may seem rather drastic but i'm afraid i've never experienced so much pain in my life. There MUST be a majic cure out there somewhere; a Kryptonite that we can use against these evil creatures that clearly do not belong on this otherwise wonderful planet of ours...ARRRGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
DOWN with the ulcers NOW 16:34 , 26 January 04

I've had mouth ulcers from the age of six. I had my tonsils taken out in hospital around that time and have always been convinced that I picked up a virus of some kind. Anyone else have a similar experience?
DK 13:31 , 27 January 04

Can anyone recommend anything for children over 10? Can they use Lysine?
Deperate mum 19:23 , 27 January 04

i have had mouth ulcer's ever since i was little and they keep getting worse now i have 4 of them that r realy big can u recommend anything i am ten years old
A 20:12 , 27 January 04

I have suffered with mouth ulcers since I was 12 and I'm now 28. The only thing that I have found to help are the following: Brushing with a soft bristled tooth brush and flossing 3x a day using Squigle enamel saver toothpaste (no SLS in it). Its really helped in reducing the amount and frequency of the ulcers. Ora-5 to use on the ulcer to reduce the severity and length of time that you have the ulcer. Ulcer ease, an anesthetic mouth rinse, for when their really painful and you need to talk normally, eat, or when the pain is too much. These items have been invaluable. I get them on the internet. I am so suprised at how many people have these ulcers and equally suprised as to how little doctors know about this affliction and what its cause is. It can make life a living hell...... I'm always on a quest for info on how to get rid of these. I tried L-lysine and it did not work for me. Hope this helps.
Vanessa 06:39 , 2 February 04

For some interesting reading on the connection between mouth ulcers/canker sores and eating bread, etc., go to this site <> and type "canker sores" or "mouth ulcers" in the search box and be amazed.
TomF 09:14 , 2 February 04

anyone noticed a connection with heart problems and mouth ulcers? also tomato sauce. and ...high blood pressure?
barry 18:58 , 2 February 04

I don't know of a direct relationship between them and heart problems but there can be a severe reaction to some heart related medication. Two family members of mine found that the wrong mix of beta-blockers and statins caused terrible ulcer attacks.
Budge 12:26 , 3 February 04

I personally havne't noticed a link with heart problems etc. but I have read that you can get them from heart medications. I have been getting ulcers since I can remember and just recently they have taken a turn for the worse. I used to get one or two every two or three months. However, for the past 6 months I have had ulcers constantly. Usually 3-5 that last for about 2 weeks and as soon as they start to go, a few more beauties start to appear. It's really starting to get me down. My dentist has referred me to a specialist but I don't hold out much hope of them being able to get to the root of the problem. Have been taking Lysine but have just realised that I'm probably not taking enough - have been taking 500mg. Am going to step it up to 1000 a day. I also use adcortyl in orabase but find this difficult to use during the day. Anyone else suffering from a similar thing?
SJ 15:13 , 3 February 04

I truely think this is an auto immune thing because when I was pregnant, through the whole thing, I did not get one ulcer. But before and 1 week following delivery I got them bad and still have them. I've read because the body sees the new fetus as a foriegn body, your immune system is lowered so that your body doesnt attack it. So this makes sense why the whole time I was ulcer free. It makes me want to get pregnant again!! Nine months of freedom! My primary care doc agrees that it is believed to be autoimmune but has no suggestions on what to do except to gargle with salt water....whoopee. I have five right now and they're killing me-
Vanessa 04:01 , 4 February 04

I have never posted here before but have been a frequent reader of your comments. Like most of you I have had canker sores or ulcers for most of my life. (I am a 38 year old male) About four years ago they began to get worse. At one point I had them continuously for over a year. I have spent at least a couple of thousand dollars over the years on prescriptions from the doctor/dentist and every home remedy/natural remedy imagineable with limited success. Anti Viral pills from the doctor in particular had absolutely no effect whatsoever. Several things seem to help but none are a cure. Lysine seems to lessen the intensity of the ulcers. Very good oral hygiene also seems to limit them. I use biotene toothpaste and mouthwash. (Rembrandt Canker toothpaste seems to work equally well) Brushing three times a day and rinsing with a non alcohol mouthwash definetely helps. Keeping the mouthwash in your mouth for at least a minute and better still two minutes seems to help even more. Proper rest and nutrition also helps. One new product I have began using over the last two weeks is Biotene Oral Balance. It is a mouth moisturizing gel that seems to help. (No I don't work for Biotene but they should put me on the payroll for the amount of product I have purchased from them over the last year or two) One theory which I am currently exploring is that people who are "mouth breathers" have more canker sores than those who are not. Mouth Breathers meaning you always breath through your mouth when sleeping therby drying out the oral tissues. From what I have been able to find out people with sinus problems (like me) seem to always breath through the mouth when sleeping. This theory seems to hold true because I always wake up with my mouth dry. Another theory I am trying out is the Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice. I have tried this before in capsule form with no success but I just read an article which says that the capsule form will not work. It must be the chewable or gum form. I am trying the gum form (tastes bad though) made by Solaray and can be found at the Whole Foods markets. (This is a chain of organic grocery stores in the U.S.A.) Anyway I hope some of this info helps some of you. I can truly say "I feel your pain".
Scott 18:12 , 7 February 04

This things are driving me banana's. they had gone on 'Vacation' the whole of January that's the last time i tried looking for lysine. can anybody tell me if lysine can be found in KENYA...anywhere...before i die the pain is irritating it makes me feel like kicking everything around me, thanks for my being able to exercise self control.
Phillip Erukan Imoh, Kenya 10:05 , 9 February 04

Hey Scott, I too am a mouth breather! My nose was broken as a child, plus I have horrible allergies! Maybe your on to something!
T 13:43 , 9 February 04

Hello all, I have, just like so many other just found this website in desperation for a cure, my doctor has been usless and just told me to get on with them! even though I have been back twice. I've tried everything apart for lysine which I am off to try and get from the website any ideas where please ? I have about 30 mouth ulcers at the moment and they are rapidly increasing each day over the past month, 4 days ago my whole mouth has swollen up which has never happened to me before, anybody suffering the same can they help me with ideas to help PLEASE ! I have suffered since a child and even has a biopsy taken having one cut out as they thought it might be cancer linked but nothing. I get the large apsus mouth ulcers too which hurt like hell ! I can't continue like this I can't talk or eat or even smile, and feel so bad for you all too, at least you know what the suffering is like. Ohhhhhhh I fell better just telling you all that LOL .
Gabby 10:11 , 12 February 04

Awful arent they?? I am one of the lucky ones I seem to have got past the worst of them. i suffered for about 15 years before I found this site and started trying the things people suggested, First I got some SLS free toothpaste which helped for a while. The mouth ulcers found a way around that though... so I started taking Lysine @ 1000mg a day (my doctor said that there were no links to cholesterol increase). So far (after 6 months) things are great... I still get a mouth ulcer every now and then, but they are weeks apart and singular (not in their dozens like before). When I do get one the usual over the counter stuff from chemists works and I stay free of them for a few more weeks. I still use Lysine every day and use SLS free toothpaste too to be on the safe side. I would like to say thanks to all the wonderful people who post on this site and of course to the site author as well!
Stu (UK) 17:10 , 13 February 04

Just found this site. I've had mouth ulcers for years and doctors and dentists have been no help. Kenalog is good but it doesn't prevent - only help with the pain. I've tried Lysine before - but maybe not strong enough. I'm off to try again. I don't usually have more than two at a time, but there is never more than a few days break between them. Surely I can't be that stressed! I don't feel it.
Cherylanne (Aus) 07:50 , 20 February 04

I've been getting ulcers for the last 5 years, recently getting worse. My doctor says it's due to 'smoking', can anyone relate to that? please let me know. I've tried bongela, Anbesol and salts, yet to try Lysine and Orabase. It's so embarrasing, as I went for a job interview the other day, couldn't talk properly, sounded like I had speach problems or a lispe as I have 2 either side of my tongue, 2 on the tongue, 4 scattered on the inner lip and 3 on the cheecks and still counting....
Shelly (UK) 03:46 , 22 February 04

I agree that "stress" is way over-stressed (!) by dentists and doctors when they respond to a question about mouth ulcers/canker sores. I think it is a bit of a cop-out that throws the problem back into the patient's lap. On smoking, it is odd, but many smokers find that when they try to quit smoking they get bad outbreaks of sores that they never had before. There is even some thought that nicotine might prevent sores. If I had as many sores as poor Shelly, I'd be trying everything, starting with a careful food-elimination campaign to learn if anything in my diet was causing the sores. I'd start with the most likely cause, gluten, and cut out every last thing in my diet that might include gluten. Meanwhile, I'd be brushing my teeth carefully and thoroughly after every meal and before retiring to bed. I'd go to a dentist and have a good cleaning of my teeth. For the sores already there, I'd be getting some antibacterial mouthwash like Corsodyl and something to help healing like Gengigel and work hard to do what I could to stop the sores. If all that doesn't help, I'd torment my G.P. with questions about what is at the root of all the sores that won't stop coming, and if that G.P. is no help, ask around and find one that will exert his grey-matter to help!
TomF 09:27 , 22 February 04

Switching from mouth breathing to nose breathing, 24 hours a day, can really improve your health (Scott mentioned this). At night either tuck your head down to your chin or use micropore tape to keep your mouth closed. Nose breathing helps with dental health and allergies, and is used in the Buteyko technique. And it is free!
shelley 14:57 , 22 February 04

heh, what about us beardies? taping my mouth shut might be a good idea (for more than 1 reason!) but christ, it'll kill when the tape comes off... =D
monkey 13:15 , 23 February 04

Does anyone get them on their throat? I have two big ulcers on the side of my tongue, which like Shelly, leaves me unable to talk properly. Its so embarrassing. Now I have one on the back of my throat!!!
Vanessa 02:46 , 25 February 04