Toothpaste, SLS and mouth ulcers

Oral Lichen Planus (OLP)

Oral lichen planus (OLP, also called mucosal lichen planus) is a chronic inflammatory disease involving the lining of the mouth, the oral mucosa.

The main sub-types recognised for OLP are:

Symptoms are various ranging from a mild burning sensation to intense pain, interference with speaking and difficulties during eating and swallowing.

Oral lichen planus is a relatively common disease and occurs in 1-2% of the population, with a marked female predilection. It usually affects middle-aged adults in the fifth to sixth decades, but may develop in individuals of any age.

The cause of lichen planus is unknown but it seems to be an immunologically mediated process, probably in response to antigenic stimuli. Therefore treatment is generally non-specific and aimed at alleviating symptoms.

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