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I am writing this for my nephew. His ulcers were so bad that he was hospitalized for over a week. His hospital stay was just so that he could get nutrients because he left with no diagnosis. NOTHING!

So, to make a long story short, he has been using VINCE. It is hard to find. I have been finding it in privately owned pharmacies. The old neighborhood pharamcies in Philadelphia. Ask an older pharamists - he will know what it is. It comes in a powder form and you have to mix it and it is over the counter.

Use as directed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael 25 August 05
What does Vince do? How does this powder work. Is it a treatment or a pain reliever?

Please help me understand.
Naneki 26 August 05
”Vince” is a powder that you mix with water and gargle with it. You can not swallow it. I am not sure how it actually works but he has said that it has helped keep the ulcers from coming back. I read the label briefly before I gave it to my nephew and I think it had something to do with Oxygen. Vince has been around for years. It wasn’t until we saw an old cousin who reminded us of it.

You should try it. It is an over the counter product. It comes in a white plastic container. Like I said, we had trouble finding it in the major drug stores. I found it in a little mom and pop store in my neighborhood and then my brother in law found it in a mom and pop pharamacy in his area.

I will ask my nephew to give me information from the back of the bottle. His computer is down and he ask me to let the message board know about VINCE.

I fell horrible for all of you who suffer from this. I call it MUD (mouth ulcer disease)

Aunt Claire 26 August 05
I did a Google on Vince and found something called Lactona Vince Gum and Mouth Care Powder, made by Lactona Corporation of Warminster, Pennsylvania, USA.
TomF 26 August 05
If anyone has some to hand, perhaps you can let us know what the ingredients are, please.
Dom Walton 28 August 05
An Internet site has the ingredients for Vince Oral Rinse. It is a liquid, not the powder, but maybe the alum and sodium perborate are in both.

The ”active” ingredients are sodium alum, calcium carbonate and sodium perborate monohydrate. The ”inactive” or formulating ingredients are sodium carbonate, magnesium trisilicate, tricalcium phosphate, sodium saccharin, flavor and D&C Red No. 28.

(”D&C” stands for ”The Society of Dyers and Colourists” which also has an Internet site!).
TomF 28 August 05
Just learned that Bocasan (British market name) and Amosan (U.S. market name) are oral rinse preparations that are similar to Vince. Both the ”sans” contain sodium perborate monohydrate and sodium tartrate. I think they are made by Oral-B Laboratories.
TomF 28 August 05
Thanks TomF, quality research as always... I am regularly asked if I can get Bocasan and/or Amosan (which I believe are now only sold in Canada and Spain). I’ll take a closer look at Vince.
Dom Walton 28 August 05
Vince is a great old product; I am 68 years old. I can remember my mother having us swish with it whenever we had a sore in our mouth. This last time I bought it was about five years ago. I can't find it at any of the major drug stores, i.e. CVS, Rite-Aid, or Walgreens. Where can I get it?
Kathleen Chapin 29 July 10
Look online. It is sold in many places online. Cannot find it in drug stores. Have even asked if they can order it. They can't. It is expensive. Be sure to check prices. Cheapest I have found so far is $12.44 at My OTC store.
Sharon 17 May 11
VINCE GUMS AND MOUTH is made by Lee Pharmaceutical in California. They have their own web site - - where you can purchase it.

I suggest that you Google it to compare prices.

Since Oral-B discontinued AMOSAN (nobody can tell us why), I started using VINCE.

It has the same active ingredients and keeps your teeth and gums healthy by providing oxygen to you mouth.

Oxygen kills germs and bacteria while stimulating blood circulation.

VINCE is an oral antiseptic rinse used to fight:


Canker Sores

Denture irritation

Tooth extraction

Other minors mouth irritations.

It's does'nt replace regular tooth brushing but completes oral hygiene.

I hope Oral-B will be back soon with AMOSAN, because VINCE is a lot more expensive as AMOSAN is now a hard to find product.

For a maximum benefit, use it like ROGAINE: every day, twice a day.
William (Bill) Cadbury 2 January 12

Amosan-Bocasan now have another substitute: BIKOSAN

It's the same original formula than Amosan/Bocasan

Though the price is 7.55 euros, this product is made in The Netherlands !

Shipping to the US is possible but very expensive.

It's cheaper to purchase VINC in 4oz format.
William (Bill) Cadbury 6 January 12
Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada has the Amosan product in the Life Brand. I bought it last week and it is the exact same in flavour and active ingredients. Ya!
Finally its back! 6 May 12
I just bought Vince from
Clarissa 6 June 12
I love Vince Powder! My Mother gave it to us when we had a sore in our mouth and it always worked very quickly! I am trying to find it for my husband tonight because he has a very bad sore in his tongue! I have not seen it for years and hope I can find it! He is miserable..
Thank you for all the great info on this web page! It has been very helpful!
Catherine Machado 30 March 14
i have been searching for vince mouth rince also , the last bottle i found was from 2004 and have some left that i still use . there is another product called gly oxide that is very good for oral inflammation i worked at a nursing home and we used gly oxide also for the residents. you put a drop on the ulcer three times daily clears any mouth ulcer in a matter of days.
maureen 29 August 14
Where can i find vince
loutrell kirkland 14 September 14
I've found this board after searching online when learning that VINCE has been discontinued. Good god, remaining bottles are being sold for $100! It looks as if Lee Pharmaceuticals may have gone out of business as their website isn't working... I'm upset ... I've used the product for 30 years and watched as the price soared and distribution fell apart after Lactona sold it to Lee. But I kept buying it...I've ordered it from Dental Depot online most recently... now it's gone. I've been reading up on Amosan and its Canadian descendant... I guess I'll try the Colgate Peroxyl rinse but I have doubts. It's amazing to see a good, effective remedy disappear. Anyone have any other suggestions or experiences?
Arthur 23 September 14
Following up - for what it's worth, Lee Pharmaceuticals is out of business and they sold their assets to another company; Vince supposedly ended up with Monticello Drug. Their phone system doesn't seem to work and their website shows it as out of stock but try if you are seeking it like I am, and let's hope!
Arthur 23 September 14
I can't find Vince, it's the best I have used for sore gum's.
Pearl 14 October 14
I do have a bottle here & love it too. Someone wanted to know the Vince ingredients so here goes~
Sodium Alum,Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Perborate Monohydrate, Sodium Carbonate, Magnesium Trisillicate, Tricalcium Phosphate, Sodium Saccharin, Flavor, D&CRed#28.
Please let us all know if anyone finds a replacement & where we can purchase it . Thanks
julie 13 February 15
I have a container with the ingredients listed; sodium alum,calcium carbonate, sodium perborate monohydrate, sodium carbonate, magnesium trisillicate, tricalcium phosphate, sodium saccharin, flavor, D&C Red No.28 --that's it I hope we find it!
Audrey M. 14 March 15
Im sorry I cant help with finding VINCE but I just finished using my first tube of NEEM THERAPEUTIC TOOTHPASTE. It really helps with the sore gum situation.
Julie 26 April 15
Vince is sold on Ebay and's the best and i won't settle for anything else. my pharmacy stopped selling it , said it was to expensive to stock, those of us who know its value would have paid what they asked of us, my mouth has been sore for 2 weeks, i just ordered from Ebay and i got the best value with the 4oz bottle.
donna ellis 20 September 15
I also love Vince, but I just discovered something really great - I have suffered from chronic apthous ulcers ever since I can remember and there is basically never a time that I dont' have at least one. I always get them on an injury, too, like if I bite my cheek., or if I use a new brand of toothpaste , or for a million other reasons. I have used everything you can think of. Anyways. I tried this mouthwash called "smart mouth" which doesn't claim anything about mouth ulcers. But I swear to you, within about 4 hours the ulcers were healing up. Used daily, they don't come back. Only thing I have ever found that prevents them.
Amy A. 22 November 15
I am also looking for Vince. I have used it for over 50 years but everywhere I look I am told they no longer have it -- told me to go online but that hasn't helped. The last I purchased was in Yuma, AZ and it cost for 4 oz. $16.33 -- at the time I thought that was high but my word - Amazon did have it for $99
that's outrageous. What has happened. Looks to me if so many are wanting it that one of the companies would have it again -- but I hope at a more reasonable price. It's the only think I have ever found to clear up any problems in my mouth.
AJ 10 January 16
i also have not found a better product than Vince.
relying on it for 50 plus years.
we need to have someone making it again.
Michael 19 January 16
If you live anywhere near Snellville GA, the Snell's pharmacy always carries it for about $16. They order it and have it the next day if it's not on their shelf when I go in.
Marcy 5 May 16
I own Snell's Pharmacy. The product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We are no longer able to get it.
Snell's Pharmacy 26 June 16
I am also looking for Vince. My family has been using it for eighty years. How can we go about having another pharmaceutical company make it?
Marjorie 15 August 16
There should be a law suit against and E bay for trying to charge 200.00 for 4 oz bottle when in fact the normal price was less than 10.00. Talk about price gouging this is it. The must have bought up all bottle that was remaining when Lee Pharmaceuticals discontinued it and out of business. E bay even had a price of 500.00.
Jackie 22 August 16
I have a bottle of the Vince gum and mouth care 4 ounce bottle powder it does not have an expiration stamp on the bottle. Does it expire?
J. Lawlor 9 January 17
Fortunately my 30+ year old bottle of Lactona branded Vince is still over half full I never mix with water. Wet the tip of your finger, place it over the opening in the bottle. Place the pink powder now adhering to your fingertip directly on the ulcer or cut. This is an oxygenating dentifrice. It creates bacteria milling oxygen directly into the wound. Typically 2 or 3 applications are all that I require. Good luck on locating it, well worth the hunt!!!
Bill Nolte 29 May 17
I too have been using Vince and I just saw that a bottle cost 5,000.00!!! I have yet to find anything though that works as well as this product. I also saw on Amazon a price of 255.00.. If anyone knows where to get this product I would love to buy it! NOTHING works as well as this in relieving mouth sores!
Leslie Lax 12 August 17
I am also a 50+ year fan and would love to know where to find it or how to make it.
Sinclair 15 September 17
For anyone who has used Amosan, Bocasan, or Bikosan: are they powders like Vince?
Patrick 8 February 18
The reason Vince is so expensive (the bottles that are left) and hard to find, is because the manufacturer stopped making it. I spoke with them a few years ago about it. At that time they had no plans to resume manufacturing it.
DebLynn 18 June 18
I was given a tin of VINCE in the ‘80s as a gag by a college friend. She found it in a box of old stuff at her parent’s. It is 1/2 full and I oddly never looked up what it did. Does it expire?
Vince Adams 21 October 18
In case anyone here did not know (as I did not until today) VINCE IS BACK! Available from or on ebay - 25 bucks for 4 oz plus shipping....
Arthur 20 November 18

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VINCE works for me - yes VINCE

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