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Is there anyway to get rid of these awful mouth ulcers that doesnít hurt? I know people do the salt water thing, but that just sounds - ouch! I am on Day 4 of a huge ulcer than keeps on getting bigger. It is on the gums of my upper lip, right in the middle. I canít talk, smile, or even eat very much. They hurt by themselves very much, I donít want to cause even more pain to myself, with salt-water or any other painful remedy. I sure would like to get back to my normal life.
Emily 1 August 05
I use neat TCP. It stings a little bit when you first put it on, but no where near as bad as the salt water thing! My ulcers are huge too and like you smiling, talking, eating, drinking is a nightmare. The TCP does kill the pain for a while, sort of numbs it, whilst eventually killing it off. TCP is the only thing that works for me, I have tried everything as I have been getting huge ulcers for as long as I can remember. The stinging only lasts seconds and believe me, if I can handle you can too, I am the biggest wimp around and hate pain! If you really canít dab it on there neat, dilute it with some water and rinse your mouth like you would a mouth wash. TCP doesnít smell the niceset, granted, but I really donít care, it really does help. I carry a small bottle everywhere with me! Good Luck :) x
Donna 1 August 05
Thanks Donna -
What does TCP stand for? And where do you get it? The drugstore? Thanks!
Emily 1 August 05
TCP blooming hurts! I stopped counting the ulcers on my tongue today at 40 and that doesnít include the ones in my throat, lips and cheeks! I use Difflam Oral Rinse for the pain as it is a local anaesthetic, it feels hot on them at first but no where near the pain that you would have from salt, etc, your mouth goes numb for a while afterwards which is bliss. Warm salt water does help to soothe to and honestly it doesnít hurt, I put a teaspoonful of salt into a glass of warm water and rinse around but itís not as good as Difflam.
Sam 1 August 05
Sam, TCP isnít that bad!!! It does sting (for a few seconds) a bit depending on size of ulcer but not enough not to use it . Works everytime for me. I got rid of ulcers in Sunday, more formed yesterday morning I started using TCP and iit has kept it at bay, it is nearly gone!

Emily, yes it is an antiseptic and you can buy it any chemist. I have been using it years and I amashamed to say I have no idea what it stands for! Sorry! :) x
Donna 3 August 05
We have a bottle of TCP around the house, and if someone opens it and leaves the cap off, the whole house smells of it. It may be outlawed in the U.S. and that may be why U.S. readers have never heard of it. Hereís a review of it:

ĒIíd often wondered why nobody in the USA uses TCP. Well, I did some research and I think Iíve found out the answer.
TCP is 2,4,6-trichlorophenol. Itís a flaky yellow solid substance, which in the UK is sold in suspension in small quantities for use as an antiseptic. Itís great for cuts and bruises, and as a last resort against particularly evil throat infections. Itís also more effective at killing bacteria than toilet bowl cleaner. Practically every UK bathroom cabinet has a bottle of TCP in it.
Anyway... It turns out that 2,4,6-TCP has a close relative -- 2,4,5-TCP. 2,4,5-TCP was one of the main ingredients in Agent Orange. It was discovered during the Vietnam war that the process of making both kinds of TCP tends to produce a particularly unpleasant toxic dioxin, 2,3,7,8-TCDD.
Hence 2,4,5-TCP was banned in the USA in the mid 70s. Dow Chemical still made 2,4,6-TCP for a while, but gave up because (a) demand was low, and (b) the cost of eliminating the dioxin meant it wasnít very profitable. As of now, nobody in the USA makes 2,4,6-TCP.
It also turns out that 2,4,6-TCP is a carcinogen. (Then again, what isnít?)
Oh, and the EPA considers it subject to reporting and record-keeping requirements... So yes, at this very moment English people are gargling with a chemical that the EPA considers a hazardous material.Ē
TomF 3 August 05
Oops. I read on and found this:

ĒSorry for reviving an ancient thread, but seeing as your erroneous chemistry may damage the reputation of an excellent product (it doesnít take much for such rumours to spread on the Web), I felt I had to say something.

- The chemical in Agent Orange 2,4,5-T, or 2,4,5-TCP is trichlorophenoxyacetic acid and NOT trichlorophenol. As you can guess, the two chemicals are biochemically almost totally different.

- While 2,4,6-trichlorophenol is a suspected human carcinogen, it is extremely unlikely that the product TCP contains any.

To cut a long story short, ĒTCPĒ IS NOT CARCINOGENIC.

On the other hand, it is the only antiseptic on the market which actually kicks some bacterial/fungal ass, and receives a full 5 stars from me!Ē
TomF 3 August 05
Donna if it works for you and you can stand the pain I am for anything, personally I canít. At present I have 42 Ulcers on my tongue, several on my lips and I canít count the ones in my throat, I donít think I could even sniff the tcp without crying. I did try it once when I was about 16 and that was enough. At present nothing is working to shift these ulcers, I have lost 1/2 stone in just under a week as I can barely eat, I am breastfeeding so therefore am about on my last legs now not sure what to do with myself, coping with ulcers on their own is bad enough, coping with a 4mnth old baby and the ulcers is just a little too much.
Sam 3 August 05
Sam, I do feel so sorry for you!! Not sure how I would be trying to cope with a baby as well! I turn evil when I have poor partner!!! I have never had 42 at once...I probably couldnít do teh TCP thing then! I only get at most 6 at a time and cope with the pain for them. have you spoken to the doctor? I am now being tested for Coeliac Disease (allergic to gluten) as this can cause them. Pineapple also casues them for some people my doc tells me....poor diet! I donít eat a lot of veg and she says this could be a reason. I have now started taken multi vit everyday. I also just changed my toothpaste from Colgate to Sensodyne as it does not contain SLS....according to other comments on this website, SLS can cause them. Will keep you posted! Good Luck! Chin up! :) x
Donna 4 August 05
Thanks Donna. Not sure how much longer I can cope with this pain, it is exceptionally bad today. I have just started to use the Squigle toothepaste so hoping that will help a bit, at least it doesnít sting the ulcers so I can brush my teeth. I am being tested for Crohns disease, but no two consultants can make their mind up and itís been ongoing for about 6yrs now on and off. If I can get over this latest bad bout and eat I would feel better. I am taking a multi-vit suitable for breastfeeding and also taking Lysine.
Sam 4 August 05

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Pain-Free Solution?

10 messages in this subject.