IBUPROFEN gives me mouth ulcers...

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I was prescribed Ibropofen 800mg for pain by my doctor but I got mouth ulcers after 1 hour of taking the medicine . i was not sure why my throat and mouth became so sore suddenly but thanks to people who post here . Now. I know that I am allergic to ibopofen and I am never going to take it again . i have swelling in my eyes as well . Never had a reaction to any medicine before . This is terrible . Anyone knows what can I do to cure the mouth ulcers from reaction to this medicine.
Harvy 13 February 20
Take L-Lysine. A dentist a long time ago told me I could take up to 1000mg while I had the sores in my mouth. It really speeds up the recovery time to a matter of days. I wish I had some right now - just came on here because Iíve been taking ibuprofen for head pressure and today it seems like they are getting worse, not better.
Rachel 4 November 19
Celebrex Naproxen and Advil common trate sodium laural
Sulphate . Common complaint but rarely noted as a side affect is mouth ulcers especially around dental
Work , and ratty dry straw hair damage .
Celia 20 September 18
Holy crap! Am in so much ch pain with several clusters of sores, several on cheeks and tongue, it hurts when I swallow so no doubt down into my esophagus, and have terrible sore throat as well. Took IB Prophen for shoulder injury. I canít believe there is no warning on the bottle, and that no doctor seems to know about this. Such a simple thing. I honestly thought I had something terminal as I didnít make the connection. I also have bee hives, so thought to commence raw honey therapy on the ulcers. In one day pain has subsided. I expect to awaken tomorrow to a whole new day, thanks to this site. I think we need to sue the makers of I B prophen to keep others safe from such pain
NTOTO2 30 June 18
I had 3 wisdom teeth out two weeks ago. Been taking paracetamol & ibuprofen regularly. A week after extractions I had 2 huge canker sores/mouth ulcer on my right tonsil, the pain is excruciating & really gets me down!! No fun when Iím running around after a 1&3 year old :(
I suffered with these sores a year ago after switching Toothpastes, luckily joined the dots & switched to Sensodyne daily (NO SODIUM LAUREL SULPHATE) problem resolved...until now 😔
No more ibuprofen for me!!!
Sarah 16 May 18
I got mouth sores from Advil switched to wine no problem pain I replaced last meal with 500 calories of wine pain gone and no mouth sores.
Al 11 March 18
Just had 4 wisdom teeth removed about 5 days ago almost. Started taking ibuprofen for the pain but soon developed around 5 ulcers in my mouth, 3 of them being near the tonsils. The pain is so much worse than the wisdom teeth surgery itself and now the ulcers are the reason I canít eat properly. Have stopped taking the meds and hopefully the sores will go away ASAP!
IL 25 February 18
Iím one of those people that canít swallow tablets (I know pretty pathetic) so instead I bite or chew on the ibuprofen tablet and wash my mouth with water. When I do this I notice a stinging and burning on the inside of my mouth which then creates a mouth ulcer. Iím questioning whether thereís some chemical in there doing this to me. Would love some tips for alternative pain relievers
Sally 16 February 18
I have just returned from the drug store to buy some mouthwash or any remedy for canker sores and the lady asked me what medication I was on and when I told her she looked puzzled and said that would not cause canker sores. Anyways I bought some mouthwash and then as I was paying I asked her what kind of medication may give me canker sores....and right away she said Ibuprofen and yes!!! I have been taking it for the past few days to cope with pain from past surgery. I was literally tearing my hair out, out of frustration as I could not work out what the hell was going on. I brush my teeth before bedtime and am meticulous about oral hygiene and yet I kept getting the blasted things...NOW I know I am binning the remaining tabs...rather annoying as just last week I bought 96 tabs!! Thanks to the original poster who started this page...I owe you a debt of gratitude for solving this mystery for me as it was starting to depress me. I could not work out how I could clean my teeth...go to bed and wake up with 2-3 canker sores on my tongue and inside of my cheek!!!
Turner 15 February 18
The more ibuprofen I take to get rid of the canker sores in my mouth, the more canker sores I have in my mouth! 4 under my tongue, 3 on sides of tongue, 5 on top, several on my gum line inside and outside of my tooth line - All over the roof of my mouth and JUST before reading this??? I took another 800 mg of....... Ibuprofen! Jesus. If I though throwing it up would help, I would.
Christine 23 December 17
All NSAIDS give me horrible mouth ulcers! Has anyone figured out any alternatives?
John 2 December 17
i have bruxism and i have chewed the inside of my own cheeks, this lead to canker sores which i also suffer from, its good to know im.not alone with this pain... but, i have been taking ibuprofen for the pain, i had a cold the week before and took an advil, now ive just realised that ive taken the very thing that has cahsed, to try help it, oh no.... i never knew
CM 1 December 17
I've also seen a connection between using Advil and getting canker sores. Was so grateful when I could finally see what could be causing them. At the first sign of a canker sore, I use Colgate Peroxyl mouth sore rinse and it's made such a difference in decreasing the healing time. Not trying to advertise, just want to share what I find has been helpful :0).
Carol 21 October 17
I had a breast operation on Thursday, the hospital gave me ibuprofen to take one , three times a day, by Friday I could not eat my gums were so sore, I thought the only thing it can possibly be are these horrid things, I will not be taking them again. So glad I found this site.
Linda 30 September 17
Oh my god i could cry that's its taken me this long to realise.
Simon Mayson 15 September 17
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KamorkasOt 9 August 17
I started taking Ibuprofen for inflammation in my feet. I got a whole mouth full of canker sores. I read this blog and stopped the ibuprofen. My mouth is a lot better, but my feet hurt more.
Mary 19 July 17
My rheumatologist just told me to STOP taking any ibuprofen. She said NSAIDs can cause canker sores. So at least there is one doctor out there who will inform you of this. I've had no less than 3 in my mouth for the last 6 months. Sure hope this works for me. BTW, do not use toothpaste or mouthwash with sodium laural sulfate in it.
Margaret 26 May 17
Not sure if im happier to have learned what is finally causing my canker sores ive suffered with for 29 years or more mad that all the dentists (and Dr's for that matter) Ive had over my lifetime never brought this up. What a bunch of douchebag doctors!! Im 38 and have had chronic headaches since childhood and taken my share of Ibuprofen. Dentists and dr's suggested cutting out sugar and pineapple or other acidic foods... OR HOW about the frickin Ibuprofen you take all the time for those headaches!!? Just goes to show you have to do your own research and not depend on a total douche-of-a-doctor to help you. -Frustrated
Aaron 12 May 17
I had a strong fever and my neck was swollen from both sides. At that stage I had no ulcers at all but I took Advil for a bit. The pain from my connected to the throat was acceptable. When I went to my GP he prescribed antibiotics, Brufen 400mg (contains ibuprofen), and panadol. 1 day after that large ulcers developed on my throat right before my mouth. I can't sleep, speak, or eat properly and I prefer to keep my mouth shut regardless my hunger.
I'm going to stop ibuprofen and hopefully I'll start healing.

Thank you all.
Abraham 31 December 16
From this site I was so happy to figure out that my canker sores were from the Advil prescription, which I started this summer. I take no other medication of any kind and have rarely had a canker sore. All of a sudden a mouth full!! Switched to Celebrex per information from this site. Still get canker sores, but not as often or as many or as big. Still sucks. I need the pain relief to recreate and work, but not every day. A hip replacement is in the future, but not bad enough yet. I wonder what it is doing to my stomach if I am getting canker sores in my mouth....also wonder if there is something I can take with the Celebrex to reduce the problem in the stomach, which would in turn help my mouth....
Lynda 17 December 16
I have been taking Ibuprofen for one week for a dental problem.....I have canker sores all over my mouth....I googled the syptoms for allergic reaction to Ibuprofen and came upon this site!! I just through them in the garbage....hopefully tomorrow I will start healing up! Glad I happened on this sight. Thank you!
Darcy Pucci 30 November 16
My heart is broken with feckin ulcers. 4 years one chronic attack a month. I have had 3 attacks this month. At the moment I have over 25 ulcers, cheeks; inner lips; under and over my tongue; throat and the roof of my mouth. i cant sleep, eat or talk. I find whiskey the only thing that numbs my mouth enough to swallow some food. all doctors and dentists are absolute clueless tools. I'm just barely keeping my wits together.
After reading this forum I think there is a like between mine and Ibuprofen. I take them regularly for sports related inflammation but never made the connection before. I am praying this is it for me. I absolutely cannot live a normal life and it is killing me.
Thanks so much to everyone who has commented on this, it has really given me some hope.
John 26 Male 13 November 16
This popped up as one of the top searches and I'm so glad to find out that there are others out there who've seen a correlation to ibuprofen and canker sores. I've gotten canker sores for as long as I can remember and have tried diet changes as well as every kind of toothpaste out there. I'd just found a toothpaste that seems to work and havent had any mouth ulcers in 2 or 3 months when I fractured my collarbone and have been taking 3 tablets of 200 mg 4-5 times a day. Within days, I have 5 or 6 large, painful canker sores on my gums and I'm convinced it's the ibuprofen.
Liz 25 October 16
Wow. I have been getting mouth ulcers starting about 2 months ago when my hip started hurting and my Dr. proscribed Ibuprofen 800 mg. I have never gotten them before and I was wondering if it was connected. Now I know!!! I had a sneaking suspicion..... Now what to take for my hip... any recommendations??
Lyndall Heyer 4 September 16
Ibuprofen doesn't cause me problems, but I've tried Aleve the last couple days and I have a huge painful ulcer on my tongue. I've always been told that if you have ulcers in your mouth, most likely you have them in stomach as well - which can lead to a lot of problems. No more Aleve for me. Thx everyone!
Lynsey 27 July 16
I was sitting up in bed wondering why it always seems like when start out my busy season on the farm (im an oyster farmer) I always end up getting a few canker sores. At first I thought it was the sun or the added stress on my body from the heavy cages and anchors I must move every spring. Looking back I realized that I've always taken Motrin for the few weeks of heavy work and thats when the cankers always appear. I'm convinced now that the ibuprofen is the culprit. I've got two right now, they are inside my upper lip where the gum ends and the lip starts and are rubbing against each other when I eat. Quite uncomfortable I must say. No more Motrin for me.
Chuck 27 May 16
Thank you for the post on this page. Few months ago i got fever and my doctor has advised me to take a tablet which was a combination of paracetamol 500 Mg and ibuprofen 150 Mg. After taking one tablet i got canker sore however i was not sure why i got it. Few days back i again got sick and used the same tablet and next day to my surprise i again got canker sore which proves that it is ibuprofen which gives me canker sore for sure.
Abhishek 16 May 16
Does anyone feel sick with these sores? I feel tired run down. I'm a daily excedrin user. I just want them to stop.
Pam 5 May 16
i have had serious mouth ulcers directly related to non steroidals for many years. i also have pernicious anaemia (vit B 12 deficiency) which makes it worse. however, the ibuprofen seems to be the real culprit.
jill 9 March 16
Wow. I am so glad that I found this site. I am a chronic Motrin user. I take 5-6 at least 4-5 times a day for body aches and headaches. A couple of months ago I had started getting cracks on the sides of my lips and white sores inside the walls of my cheeks along with a big one inside of my lip. My excuse was that I was working outside a lot and not drinking enough water and biting my lip and cheeks when I eat. The sores are now outside of my lips on the sides and very painful. I read this article last night and did not take Motrin at all today. I went to the doctor and he said it was a fungus and gave me a cream. That didn't help. I didn't tell him about the Motrin. I was in kind of a panic thinking it was herpes. He verified it wasn't herpes. Whew. But my question of these bumps went unanswered. Now that I haven't take any today I can feel some improvement. I am going to give it a week to see if it goes away. If so, then Motrin was the culprit. Thanks for the site.
Mike 12 December 15
I was given naproxen 500mg for a trapped nerve in my back around 6 months ago & had a couple of packets spare. imnow having pain with my wisdom tooth which is soon to be extracted. ive been taking naproxen for about a week and now have one ulcer on my tongue and 2 on my gum. this isn't nice on top of the tooth pain! thanks for the info ill now switch to another pain killer.
shan 11 November 15
MY MOUTH IS FULL OF ULCERS FROM IBOPROFEN, have to decide between having a painless mouth or a scorching migraine
Abdo 7 October 15
OMG i have the flu and for the past 4 weeks been suffering with throat ulcers thinking it was the flu causing them only to see them getting worse and worse and i have been taking IBOPROFEN for them........................Im stopping and im in incredible pain
Danielle 28 August 15
Yes, I have been taking Advil for 2 weeks due to a knee injury. I've been prone to cancer sores before, but this time, I cannot even eat. Thx for this link and feedback.
Dar 25 August 15
Alleve gives me terrible ulcers in my moth and throat. I will never tske itcagain.
Lory 22 August 15
Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone who has posted on the site.
I thought I was going crazy and now i know i am/was not alone.

I broke my toe almost three weeks ago and started taking Advil to ease the pain. Luckily it did, however 4 days after I started taking it i noticed by first canker. The pain got worse and worse so i went to the Doctor. They gave me some prescription medication, but told me I could keep taking the Advil for my toe. It wasn't until this past Sunday when I was frustrated with the prescriptions not working after a week that i put two and two together. When i came across this page everything made sense and i stopped taking Advil immediately. I am happy to say that three days later I have seen a vast improvement in how my mouth looks and how i feel.

Again thank you to all of those that posted before me.

TIP: I found that spraying a throat spray on the cankers helped so much with the pain.
Sara 12 August 15
I had the worst headache and a sore throat. Started taking Ibuprofen around the clock (600mg) at a time. For 4 days the sore throat did not let up. Headache went away. I was baffled. I never had a sore throat that lasted so long and was that painful. I began noticing sores behind my molars leading into my throat. That was strange. And also a generalized gum swelling in the back of my mouth. I could not say if there was canker sores or not. Either way, I was in PAIN. Could not swallow, talk, chew, etc. I thought the one factor in all of this was heavy doses of Ibuprofen i started taking. So I STOPPED and low and behold i'm getting better.

I can eat again.
john 14 July 15
I broke 3 ribs last September (2014) and took Advil (Ibuprophen) 4 X a day to control the pain and so I could work. About 2 weeks into it, I developed canker sores that were SO painful and nothing made them go away, except time (and unbeknownst to me stopping Advil.) Two weeks ago I broke a rib on the other side (don't ask) and started taking Advil again...Canker sores developed within days! That's when I put two and two together. No more Advil for me! Using Tylenol for pain and Anbesol for canker sores now. Hopefully all better in a few days.
Beth 6 July 15
Glad i found this site, i have found the same conclusion, ibuprofen gives me mouth sores within a day of taking, so no more for me, and i will try the alternative as people have suggested, thanks to all believe in posting
rob 12 March 15
This is a sign that the ibuproefn is too hard on your system. Since you are getting them in your mouth, there is a chance that over time you may begin to develop ulcers in your stomach lining. This can be very dangerous and very painful. Please use care when taking NSAIDs and try not to use them for a prolonged time. If you are in pain long enough that you are taking Advil/Ibuprofen multiple times a day for many days in a row, consider seeing a doctor and they will be able to perescribe you with something more useful for your condition.
Taylor 12 December 14
Yes!!! Ever since I started taking ibuprofen I started getting some sores too! I just needed to read this because I felt like I was going crazy.
Wendy 10 November 14
I, too, always get mouth ulcers with NSAIDS, except for celecoxib (Celebrex). Celecoxib is a Cox-2 selective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent and I have been taking it for years with no mouth ulcers. It is prescription only, so that is a drawback, but if I ever run out and take an ibuprofen or naproxen sodium (non-selective Cox inhibitors), I will get mouth ulcers.
Robin Sculthorpe 3 November 14
I have suffered on and off the past 6 years and I am a heavy Excedrin (aspirin-containing) and ibuprofen user for headaches. I have switched to acetaminophen and my canker sores have disappeared.
Jill 29 28 October 14
I am glad I read this! I was prescribed Ibruprofen 800mg and Amoxicillin after a pulpectomy! Now I have canker sore on my throat and inside of my lip. I got canker sores in the past but it was always a result of taking Ibruprofen. I looked this up on a hinge, and I am glad I did. Apparently, I am allergic too. For canker sores, take a q-tip, dip it in water, then in salt and apply it directly to sore. It won't stop hurting but it will ease the pain for a few hours. That works for me. Now to get some Naproxen (Aleve)!
Karlie 2 October 14
Hello. Also confirming that Ibuprofen side effect is canker sores. But if you need to take Ibuprofen and can not stop using it here in Europe we have great product for canker sores. It is called URGO Aphtes. It covers painful area in mouth with gel which gets transformed in to some kind of white shild over the canker sores. Looks like a white blister over it. It lasts for 4 hours and protect against pain. Wish you all good health. Greetings from Slovenia.
Miran Slovenia 14 August 14
For anyone currently suffering, ask your doctor for a prescription called "Magic Mouthwash." It is a mix of oral lidocaine and Maalox. It doesn't heal them but sure does make it feel better!
Dre 20 July 14
thought I would buy some period pain medication to ease my back pain I purchased nurofen period pain medication I took 12 tablets in about 36hours and I felt and ulcer starting and I got worse as time went on I went to bed and when I woke it was feeling better so later that day I took another 2 tablets and went to bed only to wake to find the ulcer very inflamed and angry the medication has ibuprofen I don't suffer from mouth ulcers but I tell ya this was a big ulcer and very painfull just behind the rear moller any way I stopped taking the medication and yes it cleared up
martin 19 July 14
taking ibuprofen for joint pain for the first time 2 days into the prescription boooom mouth ulcers ! I knew it
dion 13 July 14
I suffered with painful mouth sores for at least ten years. I tried every OTC remedy with no relief. As my friend who is a Equine vet was telling me that they don't prescribe animals ibuprofen because it interferes with their bodies to regulate PH balance I decided to stop taking Ibuprofen. (Advil had been my regular pain medicine). I immediately stopped getting mouth ulcers! I went two years without an episode and then took a dose of Advil for a sports injury. 1 dose 1 new mouth ulcer. Unbelievable. Now five years later I can say without a doubt I don't get mouth ulcers ever... Unless I take ibuprofen. Sad really because it is effective for aches and pains but the ulcers are worse than the original ache or pain. Now I wish doctors would quit looking at me cross eyed when I tell them I am allergic to ibuprofen.
Aaron 8 July 14
So glad I found this. I am 100% sold that ibuprofen is the cause. I've had canker sores since as long as I can remember, I got them from my fathers side of the family. I'm 27 now and usually get 0 to 3 per year, and almost always just one at a time.

I've recently had an infection by my back molar, an acute impacted wisdom tooth that is due to a hard french fry getting between the teeth and gum. I know that was the cause.

Since then I have been taking Amoxacilin for the infection and 850mg of Ibuprofen for the pain. 2 weeks on the ibuprofen and I have 9 cankersores. Yes 9, 5 are in my throat and they kept multiplying. Just stopped taking the ibuprofen yesterday, and they have stopped multiplying and seem to be healing as they normally should.

I knew something was wrong. Thanks for this site, it's been hell.
James 8 July 14
Yay, I'm not crazy! I take ibuprofen for menstrual cramps...I'll take the prescription dose (4 over-the-counter pills) once every 4 or 5 hours during the day for maybe 4 days in a row. The past couple of times - when I quit taking the ibuprofen - I've gotten a really sore throat. I quit taking it yesterday, and I woke up with a horrible sore throat (really bad - the kind you might take ibuprofen for hah) and I have a canker sore. This didn't happen to me in the past, I've been taking ibuprofen for years. Gahhh!
Erin 26 June 14
After years of taking ibruprofen for sporting injuries, I've finally realised that taking ibruprofen gives me mouth ulcers! All over my tongue, gums and in my throat. My neck glands also swell up and I also get neck, back and joint pain. I also used to get thrush constantly!! When I mentioned these symptoms twice to different GPs they both they'd never heard of such reactions. Made me feel like an idiot. I've stopped taking ibruprofen for the last year and guess what? No mouth ulcers, no neck or joint pain and no thrush - so I've proved it myself even if the docs don't believe it. And of course reading this site just proves it too!!
Linda 11 June 14
Those of you getting the mouth sores- try Lysine it is in vitamine
Section- OTC- If I don 't take it daily, I get mouth sores too!
Rebecca 23 May 14
WOW! Thought I was only one in a few but after reading posts here seams I'm not. NSAIDS and Statins cause mouth ulcers for me. Makes it hard because I have OA and have to take Norco to take the edge off. Don't like the idea of living on pain meds.
Jan G. 23 March 14
I took Ibuprofen yesterday morning for toothache, and by the afternoon I had mouth ulcers along the right side and under my tongue ...so painful, Ive never been allergic to this , and im usually not allergic to anything.....took some last month with no side effects.....this was a sugar coated tab? Baffled.
Thanks for all your comments !
J Morrison 18 March 14
Thank God, I thought I was some unusual being! I told my Doctor that it seem as Motrin causes my teeth to ache. She said that's impossible, if anything it helps because it's has anti inflammatory components. So now, with 3 teeth less than I should have, I run into this forum. I took an Ibuprophen 3 days ago. I have an abscess or infection on my gums and my tongue is sore. I have been talked into root canals and extractions behind ibuprofen! I'm pissed!
Cheryl 29 January 14
Started taking 1 Aleve ( for the first time ever) every 12 hours for a backache. After about 4 days I developed very painful mouth ulcers. Never had them before in my life. Went to see Dentist - told me they were ulcers and should go away in 2 weeks. Never happened while taking Advil. One week down - improving ever so slightly but still hurts like the devil.
bab Nov. 8 9 November 13
Thanks for this great sight. I used to take 600 mg of ibuprofyn once a week before I played golf and it helped me enjoy the game without pain. In the last three weeks I have been taking that dosage every day for two weeks brecause of bad back pain and now I have developed mouth ulcers. No more ibuprofyn for me.
Barry S October 2013 7 October 13
I was taking Ibuprofen for muscle pain and developed a canker sore that lasted a long time in my throat on the Uvula. Talk about painful! The thing got to about 1/4"! I saw a doctor who told me to take Ibuprofen for the pain! Worse!! I thought it did not want to heal because I was at high altitude. Things eventually go better back home. Now I'm taking 600mg for back pain and sores are back in the mouth. I also have headaches. Looks like I'm another to add to the list of people effected by this side effect!
James 19 September 13
I think you guys are allergic to ibruprophen. Try naxoproxen or acetaminophen.
Teenager 1 August 13
Sure enough, Ipubrofen cause sores in my mouth, lips and throat. Just started to happen. I had been taken it intermittently for years with no problem, but now sores and swelling of my face. Also think I am having a similar reaction to aspirin. This stuff is posionb for me and takes a lont time to clear my system.
mykhel 17 July 13
I have been taking children's ibuprofen for a sore throat. The morning after I took it I woke up with my throat so dry it felt hard to breathe, as if there was a cottony lump in there. Now I have a burning sensation on my tongue and painfully dry puffy lips. I looked this up on a hunch and I'm glad I did, I'll stop taking it immediately!
Squidgirl 3 July 13
In my 20s I suffered from canker sores, and then nothing for many years. Now Im in my early 40s and i started taking 800 mg of ibuprofen and sure enough They are back . I will stop taking the ibuprofen and I hope they go away!!
Peaches 7 June 13
I have suffered with canker sores my entire life and was so happy a few years ago when I found out it is caused by SLS. Switching toothpast is the easy part but like all of you have found out...SLS is in cold meds, pain meds and the list goes on. right now I have three cankers in my mouth and have no idea what has caused them because I am so careful. The burning question is WHY do companys use SLS. What are the benefits when it causes such a problem for thousands of people. I read all labels and even call 800 numbers to make sure I'm not getting SLS. When I get my teeth cleaned I don't let them use that paste to shine the teeth because it has SLS in it and my worst cankers were after a teeth cleaning but not anymore.
suzy may 2013 30 May 13
I use buprofen regularly for back pain and developed sores inside cheeks, lips and sides of my tongue. The lasted 6 months. I've had biopsies and 4 stitches in my tongue now. Still no idea what is causing it but i do suspect the ibuprofen.
stella dale 27 May 13
when I take ibuprofen my tongue burns ,my mouth gets really dry,and my whole body burns like I have a fever also chills
sharon 3 May 13
I have battled with canker sores periodically throughout my life with no explanation. Recently have been eating Ibuprofen like candy to take the pain out of a neck strain; I think I have solved the mystery of my canker sore issue. Thank GOD my neck pain has subsided, after about a week and I can stop taking the Ibuprofen and get these sores to go away!
becky 25 April 13
I was given myloxicam for arthritic knee pain and within a week had developed three to five canker sores so have been doing home remedies for about two weeks total now. Didn't put it all together until stumbling across this site. I am stopping the medication today and am anxious to see if that is the cause. I have taken Aleve and other forms of ibuprofen before but never daily for a long period of time.
SusanF 4 April 13
I've had a really painful cankersore on the inside of my lip for a week now, 2 days ago I got one on my tongue and the inside of my lower lip feels sore. I finally googled to see if ibuprofen has this as a side affect and saw this posting. I've been on it for 2 weeks for a tooth issue....I'm so glad to know what is causing it so I can switch to something else. Thanks for everyone's posts.
JTS 30 March 31 March 13
Yep, I have taken Ibuprofen and within hours break out with blisters all over my mouth and inside my nose..this is every time I take it so I have stopped taking them...found online where some people almost die from allergic reactions and they suffered horribly with blisters that cover their whole body..one girl was blinded by it.
Debra Forsman 26 March 13
I am suffering a painfull elbow, and started taking ibuprufen, then I developed mouth ulcers on my tongue, which were very painfull, they healed up and then two days later would start up again , also with a sore throat, and night mouth dryness. I went to my gp , blood tests were normal. Then I read about ibuprufen and mouth ulcers, since stopping I have not had an outbreak of mouth ulcers . Fingers crossed ibuprufen was the cause as I was beginning to get very depressed having such a sore mouth all the time.
Claire gosling 26 January 13
My sister has been taking quite a bit of Advil to alleviate the pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Yesterday she vomited blood and found out she has throat ulcers. Doctor told her to take Tylenol and stay away from Advil!
Lotus 9 January 13
Thank you so much for this forum. Two tings to add. For those who have had regular occurrences of canker sores I always found Lysine to work great. Also skip the soda. Second I found that Vicodin and ibuprofen both caused terrible canker sores and even in my throat. I searched this out and found this forum tonight because I have been having shoulder issues and needed relief to sleep. It seems Ibuprofen works best for that relief but then the canker sores kick in and there goes the sleep as well. Urrgh. I will see if the Tylenol will help. as anyone experimented with Aleve? Thanks!
Greg 7 January 13
I highly recommend AminoActiv over ibuprofen. It is a non-toxic anti-inflammatory that works as well as NSAIDs without all the negative side effects. You can relieve your pain without getting ulcers!
June 10 December 12
Same here... been on 800 MG ibuprofen for neck and shoulder pain. 3 days in tongue ulcers. Found this article and will stop taking them....
Dennis, USA 27 November 12
For several years I have suffered with breakouts on my tongue. Had no clue. My doc. Said i could be allergic yo acid in fruit. So i avoided fruit,did not help. It was not until just recently that i associated it with ibuprofen. I take it when i have bouts of arthritic pain. It is great for the pain but the mouth/tongue pain is horrific! Am finally making the connection
Emma B 22 November 12
I have confirmed that Ibuprofen causes mouth sores. I have tested carefully multiple times over the past 10 years, including taking the medications purposefully to see what happens. The effect is dose and duration dependent. I have also found that Aspirin causes the same problem.

I have tried Celebrex and found that it does not cause the same problem. I have run many trials and only rarely do I find an instance of canker sore -- not enough to be considered more than what could be explained by random chance.

For people trying to treat the canker sores - there is an excellent steroid treatment called Dexaltin that can be purchased in Asia. It is available over the counter in Taiwan. I have tried several others as well, with varying degrees of efficacy. Dexaltin is the only medication that consistently resolves the problem for me.
Dave 17 November 12
2012 I've been taking a lot of Ibuprofen recently to combat Migraine and suddenly developed ulcers on my tongue. I usually take Zomig, and wanted to combat rebound headache. I Googled Ibuprofen and tongue ulcers and came up with these messages. I wonder if there is something in this? Diane September 2012
Diane 11 September 12
I recently had four wisdom teeth extracted and have been on more pain meds over the past week than anytime in my life. I was given Vicodin and was told by my dentist that it was okay to supplement the Vicodin dose with Advil I'm order to allow the dose to last longer. I've been doing so consistently for about a week. Just yesterday the pain has subsided enough to where I no longer need the Vicodin but I have been popping Advil like Chicklets. About two days ago I developed a mouth ulcer and man does it kill! I'm glad I found this forum, no more ibuprofen for me.
Michael 2 September 12
I was taking Ibuprofen because of an injury, the pain gradually ceased, but my mouth is full of canker sores. Something I used to suffer terribly from years ago. Back then, the only think that gave me some relief while they healed was dabbing Pepto Bismol on them. It coats them and immediately eases all of the pain. It is only a temporary fix, but it takes the edge off. I can't eat or drink either.
Heather 21 August 12
I'm glad to find this forum. I'm certain I have a ruptured disc, possibly 2, in my neck. I've gone through it before, culminating in a bad surgery. :( In 2007, my pup jumped up at me from behind and hit me under my jaw so hard it knocked some teeth out and sent blood flying all over the wall about 4' away. I naturally thought the reason my teeth hurt so bad was b/c they'd been broken loose. I pulled 6 teeth myself. (no insurance) Anyway, I have almost crippling pain almost daily/nightly. Just last night it took 10 ibuprofen to get it under control. The point is I've been having a lot of mouth ulcers, too. There's another in the making now, right above another. :( Not really sure what to do now. Can't live like this forever!
Sherry 17 July 12
Wow finally...i guess im not the only one suffering from this Pain!! i have tried everything and gone to the doc twice...not once did they mention ibuprofin being a cause. i will definately stay away from it. thanks for all the help!
karli40 14 July 12
OK I have the relief for these things I have been dealing with a canker sore on my uvula for the past week when I remembered this stuff I had in the med cabnet. KANK-A Google it it is made by Blistex. It is a liquid that you dab on with an applicator (included) it forms a patch over the sore and numbs it. The bottle is small enough to carry in your pocket. Just remembered it today and have been needlessly dealing with this hell for a week. Ran across this forum looking for an answer so I know how you people are hurting so I have posted this in numerous places.
Vinny 9 July 12
Omg. I have had mouth ulcers for 8 weeks now. I have never suffered from them before. I started taking ibuprofen the same time. Cant believe i have been in this much pain because of so called pain killers. Will stop taking these immediately. Hope my mouth gets better soon.
lynned 9 July 12
Wow...this site is great. I've taken Ibuprofen on an off for years. But due to increased arthritic pain recently I have been taking it almost daily (about 400 mgs - split 200 each) and couldn't figure out why I have mouth sores and the sides of my tongue feel swollen. I googled the condition and asked about the possibility of Ibuprofen causing it -- and wow...I LOVE the internet. Will get off the drug and if necessary use it sparingly...thank you everyone!!!

connie 2 July 12
Yep, same here! It took me forever to realize the mouth sores were a result of using ibuprofen.
kelly 18 June 12
the day after I delivered my son, I started experiencing dry mouth and a fizzy sensation on the roof of my mouth and within a week I had about 30 sores and thrush- lips, tongue, gums, back of throat. I was feverish and developed off/on sore throats. I gargled with salt, used a Rx mouthwash called Dukes, antiseptic mouthwash, rinsed with maalox (used up 2 bottles), all types of numbing agents including lidocaine swish. I started taking a daily MVI, iron tab, B complex, Vitamin C and zinc. I switched toothpastes to a SLS free type, swished with peroxide, and even rinsed with coconut oil. I brush my teeth with a children brush (softer). I quit eating meat, sugar, and acidic foods. I lost all my baby weight in 2 weeks. Over 30 lbs because of how intolerable these sores were. I was given oxycotin, and anti-anxiety meds (one MD thought it was stress related). Another MD said that it was hormonal so I started birth control.So now its 7 weeks later and I keep getting sores and thrush and a fizzy mouth. I have becone neurotic, I am in so much pain and so depressed. So I looked up pain relief since I have been taking advil 3 tabs every 6 or so hours and if thats not available tylenol. I wanted to find out which one was better for pain and I read this blog. And I feel stupid and sick. I was given advil (which honestly I had only had once before in my life) the day of delivery and I had been told to take it every 6 hours which I have done religiously for 7 WEEKS (except for a couple day when I had tylenol only in my purse). If that is the cause, then I feel like crying. I hope this is true. I have had such an agonizing maternity leave and I have to start work tomorrow. I have barely talked to anyone or eaten because it hurts so much. My first pregnancy I never had a sore during or after the birth and that was a lot more complicated delivery. I remember taking tylenol when needed but not daily. Im praying that this is the reason.
Tina M 4 June 12
Same here anytime I take IBUPROFEN I develop very painful mouth ulcers. Recently I didnt realize the cold medicine I was taking contained ibuprofen and sure enough two days later several mouth ulcers appeared extending down on my throat. Lesson learned.
Terry 22 May 12
Wow, I'm glad I was right. I have taken Advil since the 80's and for the past year started developing ulcers on my tongue. Just a couple at first but they multiplied and spread to my whole mouth with each occurrence. The pain of these things far exceeds the headache pain I suffer. Sadly nothing else works for my headaches, but I will have to say goodbye to my friend Advil......
Bobby 5 May 12
Wow... I'm glad I have finally figured this thing out. I have been getting mouth ulcers for quite a while now and didn't know why. I suffer with headaches quite often as well as pretty severe menstrual cramps, I also have a bad knee and here lately I've been taking about 1000mgs of Ibuprofen per day. I asked the dentist about them and he told me to change to oral care products without sodium laurel sulfate. I did but it never helped. Glad to finally be able to pin point a cause. Thanks for your posts...very helpful
RozA 29 March 12
Great advice. Thanks. I've always got ulcers on and off anyway but took ibuprofen when I damaged my rib and my mouth went mad. Also extremely dry in the night - is this common? Have stopped ibuprofen now so we'll see how we go. As usual - more help found here than at my useless doctors!
Stew 4 March 12
I have had ulcers on my tongue for 10 months now. The dentist told me it was burning tongue syndrome but it is quite apparent to me that these are ulcers. I have tried all sorts of remedies including prescription medication and even acupuncture.. nothing has helped. I do take Ibuprofen regularily for headaches and menstrual cramps - I will try eliminating the ibuprofen and hope they finally go away. Thank you for sharing your stories.
susieq 25 January 12
I have had mouth ulcers for 6 months. I take ibuprofen quite often for headaches. I have been to the doctor and got blood work done...everything came back normal. I have tried taking high doses of vitamin b12...no help. And I have tried otc mouthwash, prescription mouthwash, and L Lysine...no help. I think I may try laying off the ibuprofen.
Marina 31 December 11
There is a special mouthwash available over the counter ( I got it at my local Target store) that helps with mouth sores tremendously. I think my sores are also caused by ibuprofen. I was wondering if anyone else here is also allergic to sulfa based prescription drugs? I ask because I became allergic to them after taking them too many times. The allergic reaction is the attack of mucus membranes. I have taken motrin my whole life on and off and only noticed the mouth sores the past few months. I am no doctor or chemist but does anyone know if there is a link between the two? Sorry if it is a stupid question, I am just concerned there may be a deeper issue with this for me. Thanks!
yankees 21 December 11
NSAIDS gave me mouth ulcers (canker sores), and ill put a soaked black tea bag on them for about 10 minutes and it helps healing and reduces the pain. Hope that helps, peace be to all of you.
N'Christ 14 December 11
I think we are all onto something here. I have suffered with canker sores most of my life. I never could figure out what brought them on. This year particularly I slept on a cot in a hospital waiting for my elderly mom to come through surgery for 4 nights. Afterwards, my back was out of wack for a month. I took advil every 6 hours regulary for several weeks. I had canker sores for weeks afterwards and then my esophagus was irritated like I had swallowed gasoline or something. I thought I had a stomach ulcer due to the heartburn and reflux I was experiencing so did the whole gastro thing. No ulcer just inflamation. After a few months it went away. Just recently I was on the treadmill and hurt my hip - prove that exercise is dangerous for your health. I started advil again for it. My tougue, back of my thoat and roof of my mouth broke out with canker sores within days. I've been suffering for 2 weeks now along with a terrible head cold which I was treating with Advil sinus.... now the canker sores just keep popping up. I'm really in pain here and now after reading this post, I'm connnecting the dots. No more ibuprofen of any form for me again. If my back hurts, I'm taking tylenol or nothing. The canker sores are worst than the back pain. Thanks everyone for sharing.
KVS 4 December 11
Canker sores are a reported side effect of most NSAIDS. I would love to know of one to try that does NOT lead to canker sores.
Teri 29 October 11
I'm convinced NSAID drugs have given me mouth ulcers. I've always been prone to them but have had a good couple of years by avoiding sharp foods such as crisps. Three weeks ago I took a course of 400mg ibuprofen and experienced several ulcers in my mouth. Horrible experience. I then had a week off the pain killers and the ulcers cleared up. Went back to the docs because pain in my shoulder/neck wasn't getting any easier and he prescribed Naproxen 500mg tablets. Within two days of taking them I started to get more ulcers. Now have six in my mouth. I've stopped the Naproxen and won't be taking them again. I would rather put up with the shoulder pain than have multiple ulcers.
toekneep 19 September 11
I've had a long (several years) bout with knee pain on and off. When it gets bad I take 600 mg advil three times a day until better. Sometimes I only take the ibuprofin for a day or two, othertimes I have taken it for weeks at a time. Over the last couple of years I've noticed that occasionally canker sores will occur in my mouth within a day or two of taking the advil. It's not all the time - and I don't know why it happens at some times and not at others - but it's a toss up as to which pain should I deal with? The knee pain stops me from getting any exercise.
Maria 15 September 11
My doctor put me on a new drug Vimovo for my joint pain, I believe this medicine has caused canker sores on my tongue. I've been dealing for 3 weeks with these sores and pain when eating and talking. My doctor gave me some mouth wash to use for 10 days and if not better let him know. I believe it is the medicine causing my problem and after reading the post above, I'm stopping as of today. I hope it goes away quickly. Has anyone else had this problem with taking Vimovo? It has the naproxen and nexium in it.
Patti 20 August 11
I have been taking ibuprofen for two weeks for tennis elbow . I have now a mouth full of small and medium sized ulcers .I am now going to stop taking it an see how i go
Stephen 19 August 11
I've been having some strange back pain when I wake up, so I started taking ibuprofen to feel better. Before long I was also dealing with terrible canker sores all throughout my mouth and even in my throat, so severe that I went to the doctor twice and was tested for strep throat. I happened to just randomly use acetaminophen this morning instead of the usual advil and lo and behold I'm feeling dramatically better and can eat without pain for the first time in several days. I know that doesn't prove anything, but it is enough for me to choose acetaminophen from now on.
Peter 5 August 11
Regarding my earlier message about ibuprofen, I wish to correct my remark that ibuprofen may, and not does, cause mouth ulcers. It may be one of the side effects , but it depends on the individual taking it. It may cause ulcers for some but not for others. Just be mindful of the possible side effects of mouth ulcers when taking ibuprofen. Some people like me have the reaction or side effect of mouth ulcers. But it may not happen to others though.
Susan 3 August 11
I was prescribed ibuprofen by my dentist. The day after I took it, there was a burst of several mouth ulcers in my mouth. It was terribly painful! I went to my regular doctor who told me to immediately stop taking ibuprofen. I did. The mouth ulcers and the pain subsided immediately that day. I urge people not to take ibuprofen as it does lead to
Mouth ulcers.
Susan 3 August 11
I was prescribed (Tactinal) = Aspirin for fever, when to sleep with this stuff swimming in my blood-stream, I awoken to a very dry and thought it was from dehydration or something. After drinking lots of water throughout the day it worsened so much, my mouth (gums, tongue...) got sore and sensitive, I could hardly eat without saying OUCH!
Tony.. 24 June 11
Yes i have suffered terrible mouth ulcers because i was taking ibuprofen fir my back pain. The ulcers came back every couple of days, so sore and spread throughout my mouth. Stopped the ibuprofen and they seem to be getting better!
stella 2 June 11
How long after stopping the ibuprofen did the mouth sores resolve?
TAMMY 23 January 11
This is very interesting subject I've stumbled on here. I am 20 years old and have suffered with mouth cankers my whole life on and off. I had been seeing a natural path to treat them. He had me taking a multivitimin, tranquil sleep because I thought poor sleep triggered them, and B12. After 6 months of this things did improve. However I still had the odd week when my mouth would go nuts. And when it did I would treat the pain with Ibuprofen because it gets pretty extreme having braces. I think this worked as a big cycle, making them worse and worse lengthening the stink of cankers. Although I do have some gastrointestinal issues of late potential IBS or stomach ulcers to confuse things a little... I will however avoid the ibuprofen or anything similar as a trial. Thanks everyone hang in there.
Jordan 13 January 11
a nurse friend advised me to take 2 week course of ibuprofen for shoulder pain, i did then got the mouth ulcers
went to my doc who said stop taking the ibuprofen, and ulcers are now going but had them on throat and tongue
horrible and very painful
Natalia 12 January 11
Good work as always TomF.

Soluble aspirin often contains SLS so I tend to aviod it. I have for a number of years favoured ibubrofen, however I have stopped using it having gradually noticed that it does seem to slightly Ēdry the tubes outĒ, i.e. mouth, lungs etc.. Paracetamol seems OK.

Once when I was driving I popped a couple of Nurofen (branded ibuprofen), they were actually quite sweet so instead of trying to swallow them I thought I would let them dissolve in my mouth - by the time the sugary coating had gone it was clear I had made a big mistake - really burned big time.

Some of the prescription ibuprofen drugs have doses way above the OTC ones.
Dom Walton 14 January 06
Because my back is still sore, I considered taking a different NSAID like aspirin, but my son, who is studying biomedical science, said I might also get mouth ulcers/canker sores from aspirin because the action of ibuprofen and aspirin is basically the same and so might produce the same kind of side-effects.

The Mayo Clinic in the USA has an Internet site
which discusses NSAIDs from a laypersonís point-of-view and lists these common medicines as being NSAIDs:
* Aspirin
* Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others)
* Naproxen (Aleve)
* Ketoprofen (Actron, Orudis KT)

Quoting here and there from the site, it seems these drugs work by inhibiting an enzyme called cyclooxygenase (COX). This enzyme is responsible for your bodyís production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances involved in inflammation and pain. The enzyme suppressed by NSAIDs has two forms, COX-1 and COX-2. Part of the role of COX-1 is to protect your stomach lining [and perhaps the lining of the mouth, too?]. Suppressing COX-1 can result in stomach problems and bleeding [and mouth sores?]. A newer type of NSAID suppresses only the COX-2 enzyme, which is associated with inflammation and pain. COX-2 inhibitors effectively relieve pain with a reduced risk of ulcers, although the risk is still there.

The only COX-2 inhibitor currently available in the United States is celecoxib (Celebrex). Other drugs in the class have been withdrawn from the market after being linked to increased risk of serious cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke, as well as to severe skin reactions.

Maybe NSAIDs can also cause mouth ulcers/canker sores if they prevent the mucous membrane in the mouth from repairing itself after minor injuries that we would ordinarily not even be aware of because the enzyme responsible for repairs goes to work immediately. If the NSAID stops repair of these injuries, then perhaps the injury develops into a sore.

My conclusion from all this is to be suspicious of aspirin and ibuprofen as probable agents of mouth ulcers/canker sores and maybe more serious problems.
TomF 13 January 06
I did a little surfing and found this about ibuprofen (other side effects left-out):
ĒWhat are the possible side effects of ibuprofen?
ē If you experience any of the following serious side effects, stop taking ibuprofen and seek medical treatment or contact your doctor immediately:
∑ ulcers (open sores) in the mouth;Ē

TomF 12 January 06
About five weeks ago, my back began giving me trouble and I began taking paracetamol, but was told that it would be better for the back pain to take NSAID (non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs), ibuprofen in particular. I have done that, and when taking the ibuprofen with codeine, had no problem. But now I am taking just ibuprofen and have had a run of mouth ulcers/canker sores that do not respond to my remedy of brushing the spot with my toothbrush and then applying Betadine antispetic.

In my experience when a sore does not respond to the toothbrush/antiseptic regime, the problem lies in something besides a bacterial infection, and so I am guessing that maybe solo Ibuprofen is a cause of mouth ulcers/canker sores for me. This is a real eye-opener to me, but I see that Sarah and NeillC are way ahead of me! Iíll be going off Ibuprofen immediately to see if there is any improvement.
TomF 12 January 06
Ibuprofen also causes my mouth ulcers.
I also find that using a toothpaste without sodium laurel sulfate helps to clear them. The SLS doesnít cause them though.
NeillC 4 July 05
I was getting ulcers (Ēcanker soresĒ) in my mouth constantly. I was working for an oral surgeon and finally had him look at them. He asked me if I was ever taking ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin...), which I did for occasional headaches. I stopped taking ibuprofen and started using Tylenol (acetaminophen) or aspirin....... no more ulcers! L Lysene is also good... and it even helps acne for some people! -Sarah, lic. Esthetician
Sarah 29 June 05

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