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My son has been taking prilosec for 10 days and started developing sores in his mouth and one around his genital area. Could the prilosec cause this?
fay 15 August 18
One more thought -- acid reflux disease (and even episodes of acid reflux in those without the chronic condition) is often caused by stress. There are a lot of people (including me) who believe that mouth ulcers are a symptom of non-genital herpes (which explains why l-lysine helps so many people), and that stress can lead to a breakout. So it makes sense that someone who gets ulcers would also have problems with acid reflux, and vice-versa. Mike, you should talk to your doctor about Nexium. It works much better for acid reflux disease, and if you’re taking the OTC version of Prilosec, it’s not going to work nearly as well. I know -- I was only Prilosec for years, and switched to Nexium when it was released. Much better!
Moira 22 January 06
I have acid reflux, and I take Nexium, which is a stronger drug than Prilosec. I used to take Prilosec, before there was an OTC version. Nexium is only available by prescription. But I wouldn’t run out and get a prescription just for the ulcers -- while Nexium really helps a lot with the reflux, I have an excruciating case of ulcers right now, and have had for the past 6 months or so, every month, same time, about a week to fifteen days.
Moira 22 January 06
I went through a 10 year period with a mouth ulcer pretty much most of the time. My stomach burns alot. Sometimes I get pains in my solar plexis just under the sternum working its way up to my collar bones. Especially when I drink a soda first thing in the morning. I had an upper GI done and they found nothing. I take Prilosec as directed about every 4 to 6 months and burn less and it has been years since had a mouth ulcer. I still wonder about the other stuff. I believe the are virual but flared by acids. Nothing to set a mouth ulcer off they remain inactive I guess.
mike 4 January 06
I looked into Prilosec and the directions state that you take it for 14 days and then it is suppose to last for up to 4 months. Have you been canker sore free for the entire 4 months? Or are you not that far through this treatment?

Just curious. Thanks!
Betty Boop 30 June 05
I was recently talking with a Dentist friend of mine and he had mentioned a few things that he believed the cause was, or at least, gave me a few things to try.

He thinks that the ulcers start by a small tear in the mucosis or the lining in your mouth and what makes them worse is the acidity levels in your mouth. People with a severe case of acid reflux disease would directly have a worse case of ulcers.

The tearing of mucosis is caused by a number of things like sharp foods such as almonds, chips, toasted bread, etc... In a ”normal” person’s mouth, these sharp food items cause a tear in the mucosis, which causes mild discomfort, but only for a short period of time(hours, if that). People with severe ulcers on the other hand will get that same tear that leads to a massive ulcer that will last for weeks, even months.

He believes that when you have bad acid reflux in combination with sleep, this allows the acidity level in your mouth to rise, which in return causes a dramatic inflamation of the ulcer the next day.

He reccommended trying Prylosec OTC for acid reflux. I did notice a decrease in the severity after taking the drug for about 5 days.

Let me know what you think.

Go ahead and give it a try, it couldn’t hurt if you already suffer from acid reflux disease.
Mark 23 June 05

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Prylosec OTC Helps

6 messages in this subject.