Does anyone get ulcers in their throat?

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I been getting ulcers for years now and there getting worse. The consultant iím under takes notice to the problem unlike most others. I get these big things all around my mouth but they seem to come more on my tonsils and throat now.

does anyone else get them on their tonsils?

And if you do, this may seem like a silly question, but the ulcers i get have eaten away my tonsils and it now looks like iíve had them taken out and something been nibbling at my throat. Does anyone else get this or am i use not normal.

Iíve only been on this site a couple of time and itís so good (well not for you to have them) but to know that iím not the only one who gets really them really bad.
katie 21 June 05
Same here. For the first time I noticed theyíre where my tonsils should be. My doctor asked me when I had them taken out. WHen I told her they havenít been taken out, she seemed shocked, like I was lying to her. The ulcers hurt really bad when I eat. Sometimes when i get them on the insides of my lips they swell really bad.
LIV 21 June 05
In answer to your question... yes I do get them on my tonsils. And yes they have left scars, the tonsils seem a little more delicate.

And I seem to have struck very unlucky this week.

I have been off work since Tuesday with one mother of a fever/temperature and heavy headache.
I might point out that an ulcer had appeared the previous week just above one of my tonsils but it didnt give the usual aggrivation and seemed to be dying a quiet death.
With the stress of this bug Ive got and the bad sleep I noticed on Thursday that another had appeared next to the previous one, kind of joining itself and bringing the old one alive again, unbelieavable. I also started getting some more severe pains on my right tonsil... the pains were so bad yesterday that I went to see a doctor.
He took 1.5 seconds to have a look (and I explained I get a problem with ulcers) and said it was tonsilitous... Im not convinced as Ive had tonsilitous before, and that was on both tonsils with different symtoms.

After close inspection when I got home, it looks to me like my right tonsil is ílitteredí with ulcers on the outside and in the crypts, and let me tell you it is fíing painful!

Im thinking of having the damn things removed cos a) of the ulcers and b) I get ítonsil stonesí, which is another stress of the mouth which I could do without!

Ive gotta say tho... I do believe ulcers are slightly stress related. They always attack when Im down, have little energy or sleep.

Have a good w/e all
Rob 25 June 05
yes i have just had a week of ulcers at the back of my mouth also one on my tongue and side of my mouth. they all burned like a furnace, hard to swallow food and drink . what i found out when they are at the worst is to put your self under a bit of stress just work maybe it kick starts the immune system . this did happen today . was able to eat a meal and drink tea. still need to find a way to stop them coming in the first place yes will try to keep my mouth shut .
ted 25 june 05 25 June 05
I also get them (rarely) where my tonsils should be -- I had them removed when I was a child. I have also got them on my uvula (the little dangling punching-bag-like part in your thoat). That KILLS! Everytime you swallow it rubs against your tongue!! OUCH!!
Nathiam 3 July 05
You Poor ******s, i Feel for you, Right now i have a massive ulcer on the inside of my top lip. When i was younger 11 i was in hospital for Ulcers in my throat, my whole throat was completely covered in them, i was kept in for nearly 2 wks on drips , pills and everythink. Doctors was never sure what caused it, they just put it down to stress Ēpersonal problems at the timeĒ.. i had one bad relapes like that when i was 15. Im 23 now and since the age of 10 ive had ulcers on my tounge,inside anywhere in my mouth and Mainly my throat. Ive been put on god knows how many pills, mouth washes, gels, creams.. nothing ever seemed to cure them. Vitamin B complexe is the only thing i ever found to help prevent them. But over the years of having ulcers in my throat and on my tonsils, my ulcers left my throat completey scared to fuck and my TONSILS degraded away and left large TONSIL CRYPTS which then made matters worse cause i started gettin TONSIL STONES, which aint a nice way to startt your day when you have to scrape out these yellow hard looking lumps of hardernd puss. I went to see 2 GPís who which told me there was nothing wrong with my tonsils and it was a normal thing and there was nothing else i cud do with my ulcers because i had already seen so many ENT, Ē its okay for someone to say this when they dont sufferĒ. After many months of tonsil stones and mouth ulcers, started feelin very runned down, tierd and sick. Im on private insurrance now, so i decied to get hold on my ENT who done my nose pollops before, and asked if i could see him without a referal.. MY INSURANCE COVERED IT and that means the doctor gets payed, surprise suprise i was straight in. The ENT took one look at my mouth and told me i needed my tonsils out because they were full of puss and that the puss was goin down into my belly and was causing me to be feeling ran down and was a possible cause of ulcers. I had the op 3 wks ago.. already im feelin alot better, still a little sore and just one mouth ulcer in 3 wks.. im not sure if this as cured my mouth ulcers as yet, but one thing is i know that without PRIVATE INSURANCE/ OR THE MONEY TO PAY FOR IT i probabiliy wud still have my tonsils.. Iíve herd from a doctor reccently that many GPís are ignoring the fact of tonsil removal because its so common and costs an awful lots of money on the NHS... but how many people suffer with tonsil problems and how many people have to take time off work, says alot for our current health system then really.. sorry this is soo long.. if anyone would be intrested to know what meds pills i have tryed i have a list at home

hope everyone finds away of gettin round there ulcers, cos i know how bad it is

my contact is

Sorry if my spelling is wrong im typing fast at work hehe
daveee 6 July 05
I get them in my throat,I have a few now b/c it hurts my ears as well.My conclusion it is stress related but too much acid in my diet can trigger it off
Gail 11 July 05
My first ulcer, 15 years ago was in my throat, extremely painful as it hurt just swallowing saliva. I couldnít eat for weeks, before begging my doctor to get me into hospital for tests. Turned out it was on my epiglotis and whilst under sedation the surgeon cut the ulcer out as he thought it was cancer.Fortunately turned out not to be but have had mouth ulcers ever since. I have tried everything from mouth washes to thalidomide to no avail. 7 years ago a large one appeared on my tonsils and was advised to have them taken out and that if i did, there would be a good chance I wouldnít get ulcers anymore. Of course I did but at least I canít get them on my tonsils anymore! I use a steroid paste now called Dermovate and then over that I put acortyl orabase to keep it in place. Works but takes a week or so to heal. Donít like taking it as it is supposed to external use only but what choice do we get when they wont heal on their own.
Paul L 22 July 05
I was thinking of ordering this for the longest time,I think I am going to seriously order this
Gail 23 July 05
What a relief to find out that i am not the onl person who has throat ulcers!! My work mates think i am just a big whinger. I used to get large mouth ulcers as a kid (now 31) - but 9 years ago they started in my throat. Today (privately) i went to ENT and guess what - they said that i have ulcers!! They were on my epiglotis (which i thought was rare as i have never net anyone else with throat ulcers before - but it seems not). As a kid - i always got them when it was very hot - but now they are in my throat - i reckon it is all stress related. When my daughter was ill - i got them real bad - and i was very stressed! My wife and i think it might be food related (chinese meals!?) - so will start a diary to see of there is a link.

Swallowing is a real pig - the last meal was 2 days ago - even drinking is a pain. I find Aspro (soluble aspirin) help - but there is a limit to how many of those you can take a day.

Thanks for sharing your pain - i really thought i was alone.
Ian C 30 July 05
I get them in my throat too. I have 5 on my epiglotis at the moment and because it is so swollen it makes me choke which kills the ulcers in my mouth. At present I am having a really bad flare up and canít even count how many I have. Havenít eaten in 3 days and am just about managing to drink luke warm tea. The pain is agony, all my glands in my neck are swollen. I feel a complete mess at the moment and hate them so much. Have just ordered some Squiggle toothepaste to see if that will help prevent them. I definately get them worse when I am stressed.
Sam 31 July 05
I successfully use triamcinolone oral paste on sores on my tongue and cheek(apply it at bedtime, and no pain the next morning), but there is no way to apply this oral paste on my throat. I get ulcers in my throat frequently, and recently found that gargling with listerene mouthwash helps. It seems to remove the white covering that the ulcers get and they heal quicker than with no treatment. Be prepared for some significant pain when rinsing your ulcers with listerene, but itís worth the short term pain to relieve the long term droning pain of the ulcer.
Tom 6 August 05
I get them in my mouth throat and they last for months - I was diagnosed with Behcets Syndrome a while ago and this is standard stuff. I find soluble aspirin(swill it/gargle it) is the fastest form of relief and Adcortyl is the only effective topical treatment. Dequacaine is a great throat lozinge that contains an anaesthetic which will bring some welcome relief.

Shockingly, Adcortyl has just been discontinued on economic grounds but they could have doubled the price and we still would have paid it - its very frightening. Sensidyne Pronamel toothpaste is also SLS free and available on the high st - might be good for some of you :)
Ellie 15 October 09
i have an ulcer since 1st july near right tonsil first 5 days i ate cefodoxime tablet b.i.d,then lyncomycin ing o.d for 2 day and capsules for 5 days t.i.d,then ceftriaxone tazobactum injection i.v twice dailly, then amoxycillin clavulanicacid tablet thrice daily for 14 days along with lyncomycin injection twice daily for 5 days followes by lyncomycin capsules thrice daily for 5 days.after this 80% ulcer cleare but on date 1/ 8/2010 my dose complete. ORGANISM DETECTED E.COLI IN MY ULCER. Nnow the rest 20 % is paining and since last 2 days it became 10 % more size. any one can guide me. i'm waiting for repply.besause suffering a lot. my address
jogender senapati 10 August 10
Aloe vera capsules A.m.P. FLORACELL they are very strong and i suck on the capsule to dissole in my mouth .they are natural and can heal alot of skin dissorders or problems they have worked for me
sue 27 December 10
all my doctor advised was to gargle with dissovable asprin fingers crossed it'll work
katie 28 16 June 12
i want to know the throat ulcer can change in to be cancer isit posible i am so afferide about that because iam affect by throat ulcer pls help me my mail id is
my name is rathika 9 July 12
My 17 year old daughter has just had a bout of toncillitus, the doctor prescribed penicillin, after 7 days the toncillitus had gone but she was left with a large ulcer on the left toncil, took her back to the doctor who said this is normal she is run down gargle with salt water/mouth wash, she now has tiny ulcers all over her toncils, not sure now what to do.
Lynda 8 September 12
I have one a painless ulcerative lesion right side at beginning of throat diagnosed as a non symptomatic and non suspicious and told to stop all antoxides and multivitamins prescribed to me and come come back after a month fora follow up is this anything to worry abo
geets mumbai
geeta bhagat 18 June 14
I always get throat infections every year but this time irs different. I woke up on Monday with a sore throat and went to the clinic they
Put me on the antibiotics I am usually on whwn this happens. Except this one is worse and the antibiotics are useless and have done nothing g.
I took a picture of my throat and showed it to my teacher who is a nurse and she told me it was an ulcer . It's on my right side of my throat and irs soo painful and has tripled in size I'm really scared it's something more serious I've never had an ulcer before. .. now there is this little brownish dot in the middle of it and it hurts like hell.... I just want it to go away I've tried everything
Carly 4 December 15
Carly, I get large ulcers sometimes in the back of my mouth towards my throat, ask your GP for a 2 week course of 20mg prednisone tablets, this always works for me.
Rob 6 December 15
Help is here!!!

After suffering since childhood, trying bonjela, mouth wash and all the types of treatments under the sun, I found none of them worked.

Mouth wash and brushing regularly is what you need to maintain overall mouth hygiene but DOES NOT GET RID OF ULCERS.
Get a paracetamol tablet and wet it. Leave until it becomes a paste and then rub it on ulcers. Instead of a painful couple of weeks the pain goes almost immediately and will be gone in a few days instead of WEEKS.

This helped me so much I hope it helps you guys.
Lisa 19 February 17
I think I am queen of throat ulcer , just in month of December 2017 I was admitted in hospital for throats ulcer after I couldn't eat anything for week n just fainted I was admitted n they were giving me antibiotics n drips , n then just for like 1week I got better n then again in. Jan 14 i got admitted in hospital for throats ulcer n got released from hospital in Jan 21 n now today is Jan 25 I am again having very Bad throats ulcer can't bear tha pain can't sleep can't swallow , it's very painful n no medicine n pain killer seems to b working for me , someone plz help ,my
Lemter Rallen 24 January 18
Damn these ulcers hurt SO MUCH. I can't even bear the pain now. I'm not able to swallow my saliva even. Salt water gargles are if no use. Somebody please help.
Selena 4 February 18
Help I went to emerg and they said I have a throat ulcer .... what do I do to make the pain subside ??? This hurts so much
Kerri 16 February 18
Iím 15 and I was having problems with my throat ( I thought it was tonsillitis) , I went to my GP and he said I have a huge as* ulcer on my left tonsil . I have literally never had anything that hurt this bad 😂
Iíve had it 4 days now and Iíve tried everything , from sprays to mouth washes and nothing works . I canít eat , sleep or drink anything and Iím starting to worry a little. Hopefully it will go away soon 😂
G , 15 , 24/04/18 24 April 18
I had my first ever throat ulcer this week caused thankfully by a virus HFMD so they cleared after a week or two. They are the worst pain Iíve ever experienced, Iíve experienced painful things before like a brick falling on ankle, Appendix eruption, a severe cut on arm about 1in in depth, a wisdom tooth extraction, and strept. I do believe strept comes very close to the amount of pain I had when this virus gave me the ulcers (the ulcers lined the back of my throat along with other blisters, one barely touching my uvula) throat ulcers are hands down the most painful thing Iíve ever felt just because itís so constant and overall hurts like youíve inhaled chili powder, while stabbing your throat with a small tack, and overall feeling of dehydration on them. I tried every ďremedyĒ I use remedy loosely as they didnít do much to ease the pain as well as painkillers. If you have throat ulcers the best thing I found to do was to accept defeat and insult the ulcers everyday for causing such agony on a person. I remember I got so desperate once to stop the pain I used chloraseptic mouth spray for my mouth and instead of spitting it out I swallowed some, of course this is harmful to your liver but the pain was so unbearable I had to and it was a mistake the spray stopped the pain for a good 30 seconds and they came back with a vengeance. Never. Swallow. The. Spray. Iím finally glad to say the ulcers killed me and Iím living a happy, ulcer free life in hell. (Just kidding but the ulcers did leave me alone, if you ever see someone with HFMD just move out of state. Thatís a sure free way of getting ulcers in your throat for a good week with a very bad headache and a fever from hell. Also it will immobilize your hands and feet with painful blisters that itch a lot. They will also appear on your face. So remember if you see someone that looks like they have bed bug bites on their arms and face leave immediately.)
Steven 17 September 06 7 September 18

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Does anyone get ulcers in their throat?

27 messages in this subject.