artificial sweeteners

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Just started a new diet that requires I drink protein drinks that have artificial sweetener, now Iím in misery after a couple weeks of this! My tongue has swollen bumps all over it and a painful sore on the tip. I just came back from a trip to the clinic and the doctor didnít have a clue!! So I was googling and came across these posts. I bet if I quit the drinks my tongue will clear up!! Thanks everyone!! Iím
DD 9 October 19
I have found the TOLS, cause my mouth ulcers. Sorbitol, xylitol,. Hard to avoid since now days even tooth pastes are beginning to use. I made a toothpaste from baming soda and xoxonut oil, love it
Bonnie 1 April 18
I don't think all artificial sweeteners cause the same results for me, but I have not figured out which ones do or don't. For example, I know if I chew Trident I will absolutely get an ulcer. If I chew Extra I don't. I also use Zinc therapy, (Zicam or generic versions) when I feel a cold or sore throat coming on. They absolutely help with the cold, but the ones that melt in your mouth give me ulcers.
I also tried the Crystal Light flavored drops that you mix in water last year. I used them for about 2 weeks and although they did not give me ulcers, I had a headache a lot during those 2 weeks. Once I stopped using the Crystal Light, my headaches stopped. So whatever that artificial sweetener is gave me headaches. Fortunately I have never had a problem with toothpaste though.
KKR 31 January 18
Just figured out artificial sweeteners trigger my mouth sores, toothpaste and mouthwash also contain these products so how do I keep my mouth healthy
Paddy 19 January 18
Hey Guys,

I cam across this thread so I thought I would post my findings. We all have highly sensitive mouths, which erupt into canker sores and mouth ulcers when triggered. For me, it's highly acidic foods... (lots) of tomatoes... balsamic vinegar (usually with bread) and some weird products like coffee sweetener.

For me this last week... I forgot about the link between the mouth ulcers and artificial sweetener and now I'm laying the price. 2-3 sores on the roof of my mouth :(

So what helps ?!? Sensitive toothpaste is a saviour !! I use Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief. This takes the pain away quite a lot. It's also recommended to use mouth wash (antiseptic mouth wash) to keep your mouth in tip top shape.

It's funny... I can't do diet pop because of the sweeteners... however for some odd reason I can totally handle Coke Zero. So for any pop lovers out there... give it a try :)

I've also figured out that when I eat highly acidic foods, I come down with Geographic Tongue. (Yes it's a thing) super painful swollen and cracked tongue... so some of you might have that too !!

Hope this helps
Kelstr 27 November 17
I drink many large glasses of tea sweetened with stevie and now I know what's causing my horribly painful ulcers on the sides of my tongue. It really hurts to eat and swallow. Now I don't know what I can drink nowIt even hurts to talk. Has anyone tried silver nitrate to get rid of the ulcers?
Peg Mickelson 17 December 16
Hi... My tounge gets very sore and sometimes sweels and splits...could this be linked to sweetes/canderal that i use to sweeten tea/coffee..

thank you
c.phillips 4 December 14
Kingfisher toothpaste in the UK is sweetener free. Local pharmacist definitely links sweeteners to mouth ulcers.....non diet lemonade particularly bad for sweeteners.
Paddy UK 30 November 13
I was having many mouth ulcers until I quit artificial sweetners but they are hidden everywhere including mouthwash and toothpaste. Finally found Squiggle toothpaste and it has made a big difference. Anyone know of a mouthwas that has no artificial sweetner? I can handle glycerin.
ellie 22 February 13
I have suspected this for a long time, and it has become more obvious as I have had alot of diet sodas
Bella 18 October 12
Hi, I'm a physician and was not aware of this issue. Spoke to my dentist about it and she didn't know anything related to this topics. I have been having the same problem. I get mouth ulcers as soon as I take sweeteners, lately on the tongue and very painful. Also hope this helps.
Guy 12 November 11
I can give myself a mouth ulcer any old time I want. All I need to do is not bother reading the ingredients on packaging. Any time I accidentally eat or drink something containing any artificial sweetener, I get an outbreak that is pure misery. First discovered when I went from sugar to sweetener in my cup of tea. Always got the odd one, but suddenly found I was going from one batch almost straight into another. Tried to figure out what had changed and it was the sweetener. Cut them out and no more ulcers. You have to be very picky - you can forget sweets, gum, soft drinks etc etc, but it is worth the effort. Having said that, at times of great stress they still manage to make the odd appearance whatever I do or donít consume. But all things being equal, Iíve found that artificial sweeteners are definitely my trigger. Hope it helps.
Mark 15 May 05

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artificial sweeteners

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