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I've been getting canker sores my whole life... normally in between my gum and my lip but nothing constant enough to worry about. Lately I've been getting them when I'm pmsing - like clockwork. I normally get two, that morph into one large one and lasts for 1 week or more. Now i have three! The pain is so horrible. I've tried everything. I haven't gone to the doctors yet but I'm willing to try anything... I'm in Canada. HELP
Kate 18 July 17
I've had recurrent canker sores for the last 15 years and have seen every type of Doctor possible and have tried everything I could get my hands on. Nothing worked. I am forever grateful that I've found this site and information about Debacterol. I called my doctor friend immediately to send in a prescription to CVS. I had 3 large cankers, one on the tongue, one next to the ovula and one on the roof of my mouth, and the pharmacy only had 1 swab in stock. There was enough medicine in the swab for all 3. I couldn't talk or eat for a whole week because the pain was so unbearable. This stuff worked in seconds. The pain was gone immediately. What a miracle drug. I only paid $2 per swab.
Kerry 3 June 16
I found easy and not expensive treatment. Buy highly concentrated vinegar, and apply with Q-tip for 60-80 sec, depends from concentrate %. After 2-3 days sores should go away.
Debacterol is great but hard to find in north America.
Alex 11 March 16
The cost at the focusedrx website is double what the cash price is at a local pharmacy. Most local pharmacies can also order for you for next day.
Kelly 7 October 15
Debacterol is fricking miracle for me. Been having ulcers on my tongue lately and getting NO RELEIF from standard protocols. A friend suggested this product. I called my Dentist and he called a scrip to my local Rite-Aid. They did not have in stock, but ordered last night and received scrip today. Obviously did the application myself and have immediate relief. I'm a believer, the amazing thing is how many Dentists are not aware of this product? Good Luck Everybody!
KWEBB1 24 December 14
You can get a prescription from your dentist. That's what I do. My co-pay for insurance is $50. Better than ordering 12 from that website for $120! My dentist and I both suffer from canker sores. He introduced me to Debacterol. I can't live without it!
SuttonA 15 August 14
Debacterol is available online in the U.S. at
Chris 13 February 14
Debacterol has been an absolute lifesaver! Cures most of my canker sores within seconds! You guys gotta check out this crazy guys site that is what turned me on to Debacterol.
Roger V. 13 June 13
Steve, look up focusd.rx or you can click on the blue Oralmedic link to get it sent mail order.
Dom Walton 14 May 13
Where can I get this oralmedic in the US? I need some badly - intense pain for me makes me cry all day long with my ulcers. If it's a crime to bring them over the border, I'm willing to risk prison time. I need it that bad.
Steve 14 May 13
Jeff - not exactly OTC, but looks good though.
Dom Walton 8 April 13
Debacterol canker sore treatment is now available in the US,
Jeff B 8 April 13
There's an OTC version of Debacterol called OralMedic. People have compared the active ingredients and it appears 100% the same as Debacterol, right down to the way it is applied and how the packaging looks. I used it last night for the first time and so far it's looking like a miracle cure!!!
Bastiaan 11 November 12
Debacterol has always worked great for me. The dentist does a great job at drying the area with cotton gauze, applies the ointment, and lets it sit for about 5-10 seconds. You get some stinging pain, but the pain is reduced by 80-90% immediately afterwards.

I think the biggest complication is that people aren't adequately drying the areas that need the ointment on them. It's essentially sulfuric acid, if you just throw it around the area, it's just going to burn. By drying the spot, the dead/dying tissue absorbs it more readily, and kills all the bad tissue.
Mike 19 December 11
Debactoral is the best treatment I have used on canker sores. I have visted my dentist 2 to 3 times per year for about 6 years. Here are some tips based upon my expereinces:
1. My dentist uses a simple topical ointment just prior to application to numb the area slightly. This is the same topical a dentist uses prior to a shot. It does not completely take away the stinging pain of the treatment, but it does help. It does not seem to hinder the effects of debactoral.
2. I get sores behind my bottom teeth under my tounge. This is a bad place due to all the saliva. I don't think Debatoral works as well in certain parts of your mouth where you have a lot of saliva. My dentist tries to dry the area right after rinsing away the topical. But if you have a lot of saliva there, the treatment seems to flake off after a day or 2. Unfortunatly, that is not always long enough for the sore to heal. All you can do is ask your dentist to keep it very dry right before application.
3. I never go in at the first sign of a sore. I wait a couple days because the sore may not be done growing. Debactoral does not heal a sore. It cauterizes it. So if the sore still grows, it will grow outside of the original cauterization and then the pain just starts up again.
Debactoral Expert Patient 2 November 11
In Canada this is being sold in pharmacies OTC as OralMedic. My daughter has suffered from painful, recurring canker sores for a few years now, and this last time we were at our wits' end with the pain. The biggest one she had was on the tip of her tongue. I have to say, please, please do not ever use this on your children! The pain sent her through the roof, and it did nothing to heal the canker. The day after, it was worse than ever. Never again.
Kathy 20 October 11
this contains sulfuric acid. and the instruction sheet mentions that it is harmful if ingested. im sure that in the course of applying it, you wont avoid ingesting a small amount, even if you gargle with water after. could it be harmful if you are a frequent debacterol user due to recurrent sores? frequent ingestion of small quantities might be harmful, right?

mark 28 August 11
I hope this helps even just one person. First off, Debacterol (if you can find it...) really works if used properly, but I have another thing that has helped me even more. I like many of you have suffered these nasty sores my whole life and one day while searching the web for cures I read about SLS. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is used in almost every toothpaste on the market. It's some nasty stuff. It's used to make the toothpaste foam up, and also does a number on the lining of your mouth making it easier for canker sores to develop. Well I found that Tom's of Maine makes a toothpaste called "Clean and Gentle" and it doesn't contain SLS. Make sure you read the box well though, because most of their toothpaste does contain SLS. I was able to find the kind that doesn't at a heath food store. Let me tell you how much I love this stuff. After 6 months of using this I have had only 2 sores. I would normally have 2 per month! As funny as it sounds, it has really improved my quality of life. I hope it helps you too.
Dave 12 August 11
I'am having always this mouth ulcer i used debacterol and it was ok. But now it is consume and the supplier i am buying was already close. Where can i buy this debacterol id stay in Philippines Davao City. My email add
Reuben B. Cabahug 5 August 11
Silver Nitrate works really well too. For prevention of future outbreaks add folic acid and B12 to your diet.
Emma 10 July 11
I have had canker sores for the last 10-15 years and just recently tried Debacteral, so I can't comment on how good it is... BUT for those that may not want to try chemical cauterizing just yet or are afraid to use it on certain areas of their mouth, I highly recommend Glyoxide. It is available OTC and cuts healing time down... way down. It is an oral debriding agent (cleans out the sore). I can attest to its ability (when used appropriately) to speed the healing process.
Nick 2 July 11
I've been suffering from canker sores for my entire life, and I have to say, I think debacterol is by far the best thing I've ever tried. My boyfriend is a doctor and was kind enough to get walgreens to order some and pick it up for me, and it really did work. I've only used one of the two swabs he got for me when I had a vicious sore under my tongue so bad I could barely talk or eat for days, but now I have my first ever sore on the top of my tongue. I'm nervous about using it there because I really don't want to damage any taste buds, and my boyfriend isn't sure because there's so little research or info out there about debacterol. I don't really trust the response about ones on the top of your tongue in that interview with Reg Dupre, he's incredibly vague. Anyone have any personal experience? Benzocaine just isn't cuttin it
Maddy 8 September 10
i am alvin, i am suffering from mouth ulcer for 15 years and debacterol is the only cure, but now i am in saudi arabia and theres no debacterol here. how can u help me.
alvin 2 September 10
My 16 year-old son has suffered with giant, recurrent canker sores for years. We've tried all the tips recommended by the pediatrician, orthodontist, and a couple of different dentists (including the inane suggestion of "reducing stress"), but nothing worked beyond a minute or two of relief from some mouth rinse. He was headed out the door last week to full-contact, two-a-day football practice in the Dallas August heat with four canker sores. He's strong and tough, but it was all I could do to watch him have to endure that. I sat down in front of my computer, determined to find a solution before he returned. First, I found a dentist in Houston who uses Debacterol and was tempted to get on a plane with my son to go there for treatment. But I kept searching and found a dentist in Dallas who could see us on a Friday (apparently many dentists work only Monday through Thursday), Dr. Sugg at Wheatland Dental Care. The office manager there patiently answered my questions and told me she had used the product herself. DEBACTEROL IS A MIRACLE! The treatment itself was painful, but only for a minute, and he walked out of the office pain free and now, five days later, is still pain free. UNBELIEVABLE!! WHY don't more dentists, pharmacists, and physicians know about this? I am so grateful. We now have an answer for this awful affliction.
Diane B. 17 August 10
I've suffered from persistent canker sores for almost 30 years and finally had the chance to give this product a try. My experience has been mixed:
-Generally speaking, after application, the type of stinging pain from an ulcer dissipates but not completely, and is replaced by a lesser pain caused by the cauterizing. In other words, my experience has been that the product doesn't eliminate pain entirely as claimed, but certainly does reduce the type of pain normally produced by canker sores.

-The pain reduction is far less on sores that are on or close to the gum tissue; I would hazard a guess that this is because the nerves in the gum tissue are deeper. Pain reduction on softer tissue like typical lip surface has been much, much better.

-It's been my experience that one needs to apply the product far longer than recommended. I usually need to apply for 20 seconds, sometimes longer, in order to cauterize the sore sufficiently. Five seconds has been nowhere close to long enough.

-Generally speaking, 1-2 days after applying Debacterol, the ulcer remains and pain returns but at a lesser magnitude. The injury to the surrounding oral mucosa is usually healed by this time.

-Debacterol GREATLY accelerates healing time of sores. Generally my sores will heal up within 3-4 days after application as opposed to the 10-14 without the medication.

So bottom line,
-Don't expect that this will kill all of the pain
-You will probably need to apply it much longer than recommended
-Ulcer will remain pain will return to some degree for some time
-Healing time is greatly accelerated.

The healing factor alone is more than enough justification to use the product... Recommend.
M Smith 9 June 10
Walgreens in the USA or elsewhere? Walgreens doesn't have Debacterol on their list of medications, and the Debacterol site says that consumers cannot use it - only dentists can use it.

A comment on what I think of Debacterol - it is like gold to me - LOVE IT, and I don't want to live without it!

A usage hint: if you have a single swab applicator - have a small glass bottle with lid, and let the contents of your single swab drip into the bottle. Then use something like a paintbrush, plastic fork tine, orange stick to dip into it & dab it on. It will last through multiple episodes. The strength seems to not be as strong the longer it is in the bottle - but it still works, and better than wasting an entire swab on one tiny sore.
Jumoe 14 May 10
I called my dentist and next hour went to Wall greens to pick up prescription
If you can not do it buy non prescription Oral Analgesic Benzocaine it relive pain..
Nikita 10 May 10
I need some debacterol right now, lots of pain, i can't even drink water. I'm willing to smuggle items to you in exchange. Please hlp.
Steve 2 May 10
I began having canker sores two years ago after an injection of Perlayne and Botox. Mybe not related but I had never had canker sores before. I tried everything, taking Lysine, changing toothpaste etc. My dentist tried Debacterol on a large sore and within days it was healed. I took home a "single use dose" and used it again a week later on another devloping sore. It works very well, the pain in application is NOTHING compared to 14 days of pain and swollen glands when a sore is active! I would love to find a cure to avoid even getting these darn sores but in the meantime this is the best thing do use!
Marcie March 26, 2010 28 March 10
This is the best product out there for pain relief but it only lasts a day for me. I still use it even other day if i have a really large sore. I usually buy it from my dentist but she charges me $10 per schwab. Any suggestions on where i can get it cheaper and if insurance covers it?
adam 3 February 10
My name is Dr. Laudie DDS. I have used this product personally, my orthodontist uses it, and I did a case study on it in dental school. It's painful to apply, but works very well. It is believed that the reason you get an ulcer (canker sore) is because your body is reacting to that area and causing the mucosa to sluff off. Debacterol kills that tissue and deadens the nerves in the area. The reaction ceases and the person is able to begin healing. I find that within 5 days the ulcer is nearly gone, as opposed to 14 days. The best part is that the pain is bearable within seconds after application. (some large canker sores require two applications).
Dr. Laudie 26 January 10
Itís interesting to hear that Debacterol doesnít work for some. Iíve suffered with canker sores most of my adult life, Iím 53, and Debacterol was the first thing that I have ever tried that worked and worked fast. My first treatment was at a dentistís office, and I was his first trial. I had a huge ulcer on the roof of my mouth, one that even my dentist was shocked by. He applied the Debacterol to the ulcer, and yes, it did feel like a hot poker for a few seconds, which is nothing compared to the ongoing pain and discomfort of these miserable afflictions. After the treatment, all mouth pain was gone, and I could actually eat and talk free from pain. I had another sore appear on the tip of my tongue this week, which was both new and ridiculous. I had saved some of the Debacterol from my dentistís visit and put it on my tongue. The ulcer is still a little sore, but nothing like before. I encourage all who suffer from this pox to give it a try, just make sure you follow the directions to the letter. I found Debacterol at Dr Charlesí Smile Center on the internet. Itís not cheap, but then Iím sure all of us would pay a Kingís ransom for a little relief.

Kim 1 December 05
Do you know where to buy Debacterol ?
Michael 16 October 05
I had such bad sores under my tongue that talking brought tears to my eyes and I could barely eat anything except tofu, oatmeal, etc. I discovered Debacterol and bought one treatment from the one drug store in my city that sold it. It was a miracle for me! Yes, sulphuric acid burns the sucker away and stings unbelievably for 5 seconds. But then, the sore is gone and absolutely no more pain. I havenít had a sore since using it twice after buying a case directly from the manufacturer. Definitely my miracle cure
Ingrid Weber 18 September 05
Aloha potential Debacterol users,

I have first hand experience with this product. I flew to the mainland from Hawaii to have my ulcers treated with this well recommended product.

Within 6 hours of treatment, my ulcers were 3 times worse and it was weeks before they were back to where they were before I left Hawaii. For me the word Depacterol is a threat. I will do almost anything to have it as far away from me as possible.

I know many people have said it really helped them, but I believe we have different kinds of mouth ulcers that respond differently to what is tried.

Unless you know why you have mouth ulcers, you have to be prepared for treatments to fail and for more pain than you can imagine beforehand.

Keep us informed, Itís the only source many of us have for hope and good advice.
Naneki 15 September 05
I am posting this as a new subject as it is not so much about the effectiveness of Debacterol (which I an unable to comment on) but how to get it in UK.
Here follows a copyof a letter to Dom which is self explanatory:

<<<<<Doubt if you remember me but we bought some Sqiggle a while back and my wife came and picked it up at your house.
I have become increasingly more interested in Debacterol (aka HypenX (Canada, maybe Europe), aka Apthe Relief Pro or Oral Medic (UK).,3915,8135%7CDebacterol,00.html
You have an interview with Reg Dupre, then CEO of Northern Research Labs, now Epien ( on your site. This has now become a bit dated as APPARENTLY Henry Schein now distribute it world wide and obtained MRHA approval a year or so ago.
I have failed to track it down in UK (or in Spain, where I am). Schein wont reply to emails asking for availability details, let alone details of any clinical studies. None of the 8 doctors/dentist my daughter has seen this last year have ever heard of the stuff. She has been seen by the No 1 expert Prof Dxxxxx Hxxxxxx and he does not seem to know about it either. (Hxxxxx is an expert on Behcets and thus should know all there is to know about RAS but the best he was able to offer were the usual palliative mouth washes etc).
From my investigation I find that Epien is a very small little (family owned?) company -- less than 100 employees. I think they knew they were onto a money spinner and kept it private. Being so small they had difficulty getting their voice heard. So when Henry Schein made a deal to distribute they were happy. However Schein have concentrated activities in USA/Canada and dont seem to have bothered about Europe. The only person in their organization who replies to my emails is their webmaster who keeps on sending my request for info to one department to another, to one manager to another manaer. And I get no replies!
Would you like to take up this cause in the interests of fellow sufferers? Debacterol seems to offer a unique approach to treatment and I think we should all know more about it and how to get it.
I am posting (if I can!) this on your forum too.
Kind Regards
Denis 6 September 05
probably both dom
cc 24 March 04
Interestingly the second time I used it was on an ulcer on my tongue, completely numbed it as before, but about a day and a half later the pain started coming back, until it was just as bad as it was to start with - whether this is because it was on my tongue, or because I was very short of sleep I donít know.
Dom Walton 20 August 03
As Dom knows, I also have tried Debacterol and found that it actually didnít work what so ever for me - it was extremely painful to apply and although it felt at first like youíd bitten the area in the mouth where the ulcer you treated was, there was a numb type feeling, but this soon wore off and the following day, I was still getting the same pain as before. I made absolutely sure I applied it exactly as you should do..(which for this product is very important)... Still, glad it works for some...
Paul 6 August 03
I tried Debacterol and concur with BobCool. Very painful upon application (application needs to be made carefully and thoroughly - not always easy in your mouth). Once the pain was gone though, there was no more pain from the ulcer. Not sure Iíd use it on all ulcers, but certainly for the really really painful ones. Donít know how available it is outside the US though.
Dom Walton 6 August 03
Does your dentist do the treatment or can you do it at home?
Judi 24 June 03
This site includes an interview with Reg Dupre, CEO of the company that makes Debacterol, who claims that this is ĒtheĒ wonder cure for canker sores. However, this siteís own survey of the effects of different canker sore treatments shows that 60% of all responses on Debacterol classify this form of treatment as ĒrubbishĒ. Does anyone have more information or experiences to share on the usefulness of Debacterol?
Monti 19 June 03
Just got back from my dentist after getting a Debacterol treatment - my ulcers are fully cauterized and I have no pain at all! I had requested him to order it and they shipped it overnight - no hassles getting it. I will tell you, though, it was VERY painful when he applied it. I had two large ulcers on my lips and a tiny one forming right next to one of the large ones. It was like a white-hot poker being held in the ulcer for 15 seconds, but in retrospect it was worth it. My dentist is confident that applying some anesthetic will not hinder the effectiveness of Debacterol, so next time he will do so to make it less painful (I was his first patient to try this, so we had to do it without any - argh!). If it takes a long time for your ulcers to heal and you are sick of it, then you should try this method. It will probably still hurt alot, but the end result is well worth it...
Regards, Bob Cool
BobCool 10 December 02

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