Great I can talk to someone!!!!!!!

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Vegie_junkie i have the same symptons that you have but the stomach feel is diferent i feel like bloting or nauseas or something weird i dont know to explained but yes i feel tired and sleepy and in bad mood i will let here my email so if anybody want to talk more about this ok ...
Diego 2 December 17
I have suffered with canker sores all my life since I can remember. I still get them occasionally when I'm stressed out or get over tired. I started taking B Complex everyday for about the past 10 years and have had a significant decrease in occurrences. When I run out of B Complex and have been off it for about a week they come back with a vengeance! I haven't had a doctor yet who understands this condition. One even told me to start brushing my teeth! I have great Oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly. Rinsing with salt water and avoiding acidic or spicy food helps. No one understands and some treat you like you have the plague.
Maggie 5 October 16
Glad to see I'm not the only one. I don't usually drink Red Bull, but 2 nights ago my BF and I went to a party and we each had 4-5 red bull drinks cause they were that good! Next morning we had terrible dragon breath, that night my BF complained that his taste buds were inflamed. The very next morning my mouth is super sore with my taste buds inflamed as if I had burnt them all off with a extremely hot soup!! We talked about what could have happened and we decided to google red bull tounge and found you all, glad I'm not alone.
Dragon Breath 16 September 16
I can't even recall the last time I had a sore in my mouth and after having two cans of red bull within 24 hours of each other I have a painful sore in my mouth. The only different thing I've done recently is try red bull again, I'm convinced it was caused by the drink.
Ruben 1 June 16
Glad to hear that the sores on my tongue aren't unusual. I love my Tito's Vodka and Red Bulls, but when I drink a lot of them (and I tend to do that on a regular basis), I get sores on my tongue. My wife doesn't like me drinking the Red Bull, anyway. I guess I need to switch back to Bombay Sapphire Gin and straight tonic.

I had been drinking the Tito's and Red Bull, because Tito's is less expensive than the Bombar Sapphire. but I've realized that when you look at the price of the Red Bull, Bombay Sapphire and tonic may be less expensive than Tito's and Red Bull, anyway.
Nauti Rogue 10 May 16
You should go get an oral cancer screening at your local dentist to be safe.
red_bull_ulcers 10 April 15
I live in Canada and find if I eat chocolate made in Canada I am more likely to get an ulcer. However, I often eat dark chocolate from Germany and don't have a problem. Something in North American chocolate must be the problem.
Maureen 2 March 12
i have flu like mouth sores dry mouth and upset stomach. Any answers......
Tim 29 February 12
I have never ever had what I think to be mouth ulcer (i hope so anyways). I've drank Red Bull before but it may of been half a can or so here and there (here and there i mean weeks) but I started up drinking them 4-5 times a week, on the weekends for work here the past month and started getting a sore tongue. it a large white spot along the side of it (looks to be about a little over an inch long and about quarter of an inch wide), and with what it looks like flaky skin on the top (like it was pulled off). But what scares me is the frog in the throat feeling i got about a few days before the sore appeared. which may be nothing since i did have a sinus infection a few weeks ago. But it just seems all odd. Honestly the first thing that popped in my head was the Red Bull causing it...but then I started reading the indications of oral cancer which really got me worried.
Aaron 13 December 11
Redbull,Coffee,Chocolagte defo causes. If I have 1 redbull mouth on fire within hours
painfulperson 27 October 11
Why don't you try Kelp seaweed extracts in pill forms, they are natural sea plants from the ocean, pretty much three time's powerful than land plants. Lots of additional health benefits, no side-effects, reasonable price not expensive either, can buy online any website beautiful results, best part you feel like a million bucks! A stess free feeling with out of the blue energy. I've haven't had an ulcer while using this extract, cuz Red-Bull is my ulcer trigger and if your mouth dries you know your getting close to getting a ulcer. Later
Willie 19 October 11
My boyfriend also has a problem with Red Bull causing painful sores in his mouth. Not worth him telling me they hurt so much when he knows what to do to make it stop! We're talking about $10-$20 every day on Red Bull..ridiculous.. No more Red Bull! Not to mention what they charge for it...
cd 18 October 11
RED BULL SETS it off for me as well. Havent had much of a problem untill I drink a can of that stuff. I was drinking the low cal stuff. No more red bull for me
pete 31 August 11
I also think chocolate may be a trigger for mine, I am addicted and when I eat it, it aggravates them!
Lyndsey 4 November 10
BUSH 6 July 10
Red bull is ABSOLUTLY a trigger for mine
john 23 June 10
I think chocolate might be a trigger for me but I am still very much in denial!
Plum 7 May 05
Lucie, I have had found the same problem with colouring in a sweet called minties which had a colour called Carmousine. its just a matter of finding what foods have these colourings in them i have pinointed it to lollies and soft drinks.
Michael 7 May 05
Well I have been trying to work out what triggers it without any luck.
I have not tasted pepsi, red bull etc for almost 5 years. I am bit of a health freak. I donít like sweets anyway. My diet has been vegetarian for last 5 years. I take Multi-vitamins I eat tons of fruits, vegetables, soya, pulses, chick-peas etc etc.

I think I will start writting down everything I eat and see if I can pin point a culprit. Cashew nuts and wall nuts seem to trigger it sometimes but other times I might eat lot of them and nothing happens. Anyway I donít eat them anymore but still get these ulcers!

The only common thing I can see between all ulcer attacks is upset tummy. I feel a burning sensation in my stomach.
Vegie_junkie 6 May 05 is a message that I posted..........have you ever tried finding a ítriggerí for your ulcers??
..................Right, Iíve been snooping.
Snooping into why I think (know) Red Bull gives me mouth ulcers. My story is that I have always suffered badly from mouth ulcers. Over the past 18 months they were particularily bad, about 5 mouths ago a colleague (god love him) suggested that I stop drinking Red Bull as he thought it was evil stuff. Now, I have always been a partial to Red Bull what with working shifts etc so I did and cut out all fizzy drinks and tried sticking to water, fresh juices (......and the occasional beer and glass of wine...ahem...). My mouth was like heaven. Unulcerated and very happy. If I did get the odd ulcer then it lasted a DAY, not the usual two weeks.
Whilst cutting out fizzy pop I also took Vit B Complex and changed my toothpaste to an SLS free mouth was very happy.
About two weeks ago I was slightly hungover and thought íWhat harm could one Red Bull do?í...........My mouth was on fire within a day and I couldnít speak/eat/drink/sleep.
Devastated that Iíd been so silly to try and outwit my intolerence, I slunk off with my tail between my legs.

When I was a kid I was very allergic to Tartrazine (E102).....itís an orange food colouring. It gave me eczema.......and thinking about it, I always had mouth ulcers when I was a nipper too.
Right, so looking at tartrazine on the internet and reading up on side effects etc it seems that it CAN give some people with an intolerance, MOUTH ULCERS.
Also, tartrazine is in Red Bull - according to a report on the internet.................

.....So now I reckon, that tartrazine causes my ulcers and as tartrazine is in Red Bull, I get them because of that.
Have I made sense?
I wonder if anyone else has noticed something similar??? Iíd be very interested to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Kind regards Vegie_junkie.
Lucie 6 May 05
Thanks for answering. I read almost all the posts but there is something special when someone answers diredtly :-)
No I have never tried Colcchine. Does it not have any side effects? I donít eat sweets stuff anyway. Would you class eating LOT of grapes as sweet stuff as well?
I do feel burning stomach most of the time when I have an outbreak. What does that mean?
Is natural yogurt good??????
Vegie_junkie 6 May 05
Hi my name is zoe pattison and i hate needles but i also faint from them.
Zoe Pattison 6 May 05
Here I go again! Have you tried Colchicine? It is a medication that needs to be prescribed by a doctor. It isnít a cure it just prevents the sores from erupting. Iím currently taking .6mg two times a day. The prescription is rather inexpensive too. This drug is typically used to treat Gout. I definitely do NOT have Gout. It just happens that Colchicine also works for canker sores.

I live in the U.S. and have had great success with a dermatologist I found that works in a University hospital. I would never have thought a dermatologist would be the specialty that would end up helping me. But she did! I truly thank God for her. I merely went to her out of desparation.

Anyway, I still do get canker sores on occasion however I get maybe one at a time and not 5 or 6. Also, they are not near as severe as they use to be. I have weeks in between with nothing at all! I still hate that I get any and I still am searching to find answers. However, my life has improved dramatically since being on the Colchicine.

I also found I needed to eliminate tomatoes from my diet. Iíve also significantly reduced the amount of sugar Iím eating too. Sugar suppresses the immune system so it is definitely not good for us canker sore sufferers.

There are other postings about trying a gluten free diet etc. You might want to take a look at that since you have suffered for so many years.

Let me know if you try the Colchicine and the outcome.

Good Luck!
Betty Boop 6 May 05
Vegie_junkie 5 May 05
Btw I have had blood check up and everything is perfect!
Vegie_junkie 5 May 05
For some reason I could never find a descent ulcer forum. I am a 31 year old man and I have suffered from mouth ulcers as far as I can remember. As a 5 year old I remember how painful these suckers used to be. Currently I have 3 on the left side of my mouth, 2 on the right, one on the tongue and one on the roof of my mouth. Reading these posts almost made me tear up!
Man! I am really fed up of getting ulcers almost every other month. Itís such a torture seeing the small dot and knowing damn! here they come again and they will grow to half cm+ killers!!!!

Anyway do you guys feel the following things when you have ulcers?

1- Feel very tired and sleepy.
2- Feel strange in the stomach...I donít know how to describe . Itís a burning type of feeling when I have ulcers in the mouth.
3- Very depressed and sad! :-(
4- Feel irritated with your partner? Luckily my wife is very understanding and loving :-)

This has really messed up the quality of my life. I hate when they come on the lips as on top of pain I have problems talking normal with people.
Man is there never going to be a cure found for this suffering????????????????
Vegie_junkie 5 May 05

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Great I can talk to someone!!!!!!!

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