I found a Cure.. NO KIDDING!

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I have suffered like the rest of you for YEARS, without any relief. I would get so many at one time, I could just cry with the pain. My entire face would hurt and it would be painful to talk. And the ones that were so far back in my throat would make me feel like I had a sore throat and an earache. I too would feel as though I were coming down with the flu ie: body aches. I tried everything from putting an aspirin on them to using medication they give to chemo patients and nothing helped long term. I even went as far as taking vicodan. I work for an allergist (he to is a sufferer) and had mentioned this problem to him. He said many years ago he came across an article in the Scottish medical journal about mouth ulcers.They had suggested BECLOMETHASONE. It is an anti inflammatory, corticosteroid that is found in Asthma medication. I tried it and IT WORKED! I got an asthma inhaler and on the FIRST sign that an ulcer would start to develop, I would shake the inhaler and directly spray it on the ulcer. It cuts down on the pain immediately. And even prevented them from ever developing. I used Qvar 40mg inhaler, (but you can get any brand that has the medicine in it) and sprayed it on the area 4 times a day. Or when I would feel the irritation start. The good thing about this, even with the ulcers way in the back of my throat the inhaler spray would reach the area. I am SO HAPPY that I have found this. I can only hope that someone else can benefit from this info. Do a search on BECLOMETHASONE, ask your doctors, dentist....whatever but please give it a try. I know the pain and have tried it all as well.
This really does work.
Pat 17 March 05
iíll give it a shot matey - nothing else works
Tony 17 March 05
Actually, Iím an asthmatic and find an increase in mouth ulcer outbreaks when I have to use my ĒrescueĒ inhaler. This isnít the case with my maintenance inhaler, however.
Kate 18 March 05
Kate, Have you checked the medications in both of your inhalers? Is Beclomethasone in either one of them?
Pat 18 March 05
Beclomethasone sounds interesting but could this be bought over the counter at the chemist, I am in agony at the moment and would try anything I am currently using Adcortyl in orabase and have used soluable aspirin swilled around the mouth, bonjela, and Anbesol it all seems to be very expensive rubbish!
Greg 18 March 05
Unfortunatly NO. I am very lucky being I work for an allergist..I can get samples of asthma medication. I did do a quick yahoo search and I see you can buy it online. Maybe you could mention it to your doctor and he could right you a rx for it. I am going to try to find the info from the Scottish Medical Journal so others can read it.
Greg.. I have gotten to the point I would put ĒyellowĒ snow on my ulcers if I thought it would help. I understand your pain. I hope you can get your hands on this medicine. My 9yr old son also gets ulcers and I have been using it on him...with Success!
Good Luck~
Pat 18 March 05
I told my doctor about the use of Beclomethasone and he felt that it would be a good idea to try it, being the medicine is a corticosteroid. He wrote me a prescription for it. He knows how much pain i have been in, i guess he just wants me to find some comfort. I am keeping my fingers croseed it will help me to.
Daria 23 March 05
I have had an ulcer on the side of my tongue for 10 years! It is always there - sometimes it is painful and sometimes not. My dentist referred me to a Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon and I see him once a year for check-ups. He biopsied the ulcer around 6 years ago and told me I have Erosive Lichen Planus. Anyway, he tells me to spray Beconase (Hayfever over-the-counter spray) twice or three times a day to control the Ēcell turnoverĒ. Beconase contains Beclomethasone. His other suggestion is to use Corlan pellets, which are hydrocortisone and can also now be bought over the counter.
Julia 2 April 05
can you buy this over the couter.
diane 2 April 05
You can buy a steroid paste product - e.g. Kenalog in Orobase. It has always worked for me. This is available over the counter in Australia - I donít know about other countries. You just put some over the ulcer before you go to bed.
D 3 April 05
hi all
i have just found this discovered this site i always suffered with mouth ulcers as a kid when i started smoking i stopped getting them but every time i tried stopping they came back i like yourselves have tried everything all the gps and dentists would do is give me mouthwash but that did not stop them returning.i gave up smoking last week and straight away they are back i have about 6 i canít eat can hardly talk have not slept for 2 nights with the pain but i will certainly give this BECLOMETHASONE a try and let you know how i get on.
roy stevens 4 April 05
Hi all
I chanced upon this website and am glad to find it. I started having horrible ulcers that grow on my tongue and lips area. I can get up to 15 at a time and we all know how bad it is. My colleagues are asking me to quit smoking and I have reduced to 3-5 sticks. Note though that they didnít appear when I started smoking, only in the past two years... The ulcers do recover by themselves but new ones keep appearing and I am just so sick of them... they are affecting my life in every way. Does this beclomethasone prevent them from coming back?
Thea 6 April 05
Please help! Im desperate to find something to help with this awful pain. I have suffered for years with terrible ulcers but its my 9yr old son who worries me most. He suffers with up to nine at a time some the size of a penny. Whats best to use for kids?
katie 6 April 05
I just posted two days ago and now my MIL has given me a form of chinese medicine which was originally banned in Singapore (where I am from) when it was still being manufactured in China. Now local manufactureres have made it locally with the approval from stringent authorities. I tried it and it reduced the sizes of the sores over the night. I am still waiting to see if it is really so good so I will continue over the next two days. Itís commonly known as Watermelon frost and is available only in Chinese medical halls. I think u can only try the china town in your area for it. Just make sure it is not from China!
Thea 8 April 05
Hi Pat I donít suppose you know which year the paper was in the scottish medical journal. We have it here in our library and Iím really curious to read it. A year or so ago I was prescribed a nasal spray by the doctor for my ulcers as she said she had read some artical that said it was good - I have never really tried it as I though it was a bit strange and stung my nose but maybe I was to spray it directly on my ulcer instead of up my nose........ Anyway, Iím going to check the ingredients when I get home and maybe start giving it a go as usually Iíll try anything! Thanks for your post!
Kate, Scotland 18 April 05
There is a Vitamin B12 formulation that is meant to be sprayed into the nose, where the mucous membranes are better at absorbing the vitamin than are those under the tongue.

TomF 18 April 05

How happy I am to have found this website!! No one ever takes my pain seriously even though I constantly have 4 or 5 ulcers!! They ruin my life and all the doctor does, after 10 years of pain and an outbrake of over 30 at one time, is recommend asprin! I am going to give this inhaler a try and hopefully will see the same results as you! Will keep you posted
Jess 23 April 05
I am from Nortc Carolina in the US and just called my pharmacist regarding both BECLOMETHASONE and BECONASE but he said the US doesnít have the first one, and requires a script for the second one....he named another drug, FLOVENT which seemed to almost the same as BECLOMETHASONE...does anyone know anything that can be purchased OTC in the US? Thanks..
Sharon H. 29 April 05
I use the watermelon frost and it does help heal my ulcars and also take the edge off the pain. Iíve just run out so Iím having to live without for the time being. I recommend it though.
Damien 15 May 05
I will try anything!
Joel 15 May 05
i have ulcers every where in my mouth n it is horibble!!!!Wen i get rid of 1 another 1 comes n they r HUGE!!!! im onli 14 n i need some GOOD advice 2 get rid of them plzzzzzzzzzz some1 help!! xxx
louise 2k5 15 May 05
It will be 8 yrs this coming June of canker sore suffering..they are not tiny things like people think.some are the size of dimes,quarters,you know the drill,sigh 8 yrs of this anyone who has this has the right to be insame
Gail 15 May 05
Hi, Iím really glad to come across your site.

Iím doing some research because my 9 yr old son has had mouth ulcers on and off for about 2 years now - he get cold sores on his mouth sometimes as well. My doctor told me it was the herpes virus that causes them both and basically once you have that virus in your body then you always have it. He didnít seem overly concerned. When I see my sonís lips/mouth starting to get sore, I use Zovirax which does seem to work straight away. However, Iím looking for something thatíll work inside his mouth - it is such a shame when he canít eat. Yesterday, he had a bad ulcer on his tongue which really bothered him and later on got quite a high temperature - it never occured to me until reading some of your posts that the two could be connected. I got some mouthwash from the chemist and this seemed to ease the pain a bit and the ulcer looks smaller today - however, the mouthwash only lasted for about 4/5 rinses and cost £4.99 so this would be a fortune if I used it every day. Any natural remedies that could be used long-term would be far better. Iím going to the doctorís again tomorrow but Iím not holding out much hope for a long-term cure - but perhaps the paste you use to coat the ulcer might help - what do you think?

Best regards,
Karen 15 May 05
Hi , I too am an ulcer sufferer I have read that Mastic gum maybe a cure/relief. I canít find this in Australia would anyone have any information that would be helpful. I also will give Beconase a go. I do use a ventolin myself but have not noticed any change in the ulcers.
Kerry 15 May 05
I Found a Cure too...
My dentist put me on to an Oral Pathologist, without a blink see gave me a script for QVAR 50, in a spray inhaler form. She also recommended Difflam C or Curasept 0.2% CHX. If you spray with QVAR the instant the ucler appears its gone, the steriod in this stuff is amazing. It is not a cure but a treatment that actually works. After 5 years with big ulcers I am now a happy camper. The chemist and other doctors have know idea. If you are serious about ulcer treatment and maybe even prevention insist you get a Dr who will prescribe this and ignore the Chemist, they only know about it as a treatment for asthmatics.
Rod 16 Sept 10 16 September 10
watermelon frost works on me.........give it a try.
kk 20 September 10
to add to the conformation that the beclometasone does work, recently diagnosed with oral lichen planus, doc prescribed beconase nasal spray , normally associated with blocked noses etc, i was somewhat surprised that he then told me to spray it onto the affected area!! the guy is a maxillofacial surgen so i guess knows what he's talking about.... anyhows just applied the first spray and we'll see how it goes!!
oldvic 4 December 10
my names mollee im 14 i suffer from mouth ulcers i can have anything from 5 to 15, they look like cigarette burns in my mouth, i have been to the doctors countless of times, im a vegetarian and the doctors use that as an excuse, my dad has been looking on websites and going to chemists spending loads of money for as long as i can remember, ive tried so many different things some might ease the pain but never last any longer than an hour or 2 can any one please help me, xx
mollee 6 December 10
ive been given these tablet from the doctor for my mouth ulcers, and my dad has ordered some stuff from newzelnad hopefully one of these things will work xx
mollee 9 December 10
I have been using Anbesol. See my blog at http://bestmouthulcerrelief.blogspot.com/
Desmond 10 December 10
I have a mouth ulcar that reoccures every spring at the roof of my mouth. Means I cannot eat and I lose allot of weight, this is the 4th spring I have had it. Very odd how it's annual and so regular? Any suggestions as to why this may be?
jenny 10 March 11
why doesn't the Mouth Ulcers Shop on this site, sell Trinolone and Kenalog to us - if they care enough to have a Message Board, why don't they buy the stuff from abroad and we can buy it from them, and not have to wait for a whole month for delivery!!! Think about it!!
loyalmouse 18 March 11
The steroid Triamcinolone Acetonide is a controlled substance, that is why.
Dom Walton 18 March 11
23 / M / New Zealand, have history of mouth ulcers, go through bouts of months when they come and go every week. Five days ago had an extreme sore throat went to after hours doc couple of days later who said strep throat (no swabs mind you) and prescribed penicillin antibiotic, naproxen anti-inflammatory, paracetamol and sleeping pills. Two days later throat is still destroyed, the sore throat is because it has a large number of ulcers right down deep not sure how many because can't see them all but feels like a lot. Have been using difflam mouth spray to numb them but barely eating anything at all and struggling to drink water. Have a spit cup so I don't have to swallow when saliva builds up.
> Stumbled upon this thread while going through my medicines for something that could help - have a nasal spray for hayfever with BECLOMETHASON DIPROPIONATE 100ug just did the first spray with try and keep this thread updated with outcome. The wikipedia article for this medicine even mentions it as a treatment for "unusually severe aphthous ulcers."
Would appreciate any feedback. Also big thanks to whoever runs this website it's great to feel like I'm not alone.
Sam 7 June 11
put salt directly on them, it hurts like hell for 30 seconds but after numbs the pain for an hour or so, it doesnt get rid of them but its a cheap pain relief compared to crap like ambesol!
Seb 19 August 11
hi, im a pharmacist in the UK. stumbled upon this blog in search for an evidence base on using beclomethasone inhalers for mouth ulcers, guess it works. just a bit of information for you sufferers, adcortyl in orabase was one of the best things for ulcers (it was also a steriod) but unfortunatly its been discontinued in the UK. if you can't get your hands on a prescription for a beclo inhaler u can still buy hydrocostisone oromucosal tablets over the counter at any chemist (if they dont have it in stock ask them to order it). the tablets go directly on the ulcer and dissolve. its practically the only steroid treatment you can buy over the counter for ulcers, i'd highly recommend it for those of you that have troublesome ulcers. but its best to get the ulcers looked at by a doctor or dentist to rule out any sinister causes.
Ritz 7 December 11
I used to suffer from horrible ulcers, up to 30 a time when I was a teenager. When I feel an outbreak start to come on I drinks lots of green tea and take vitamin C tablets. It works really well.
Julia 27 June 12
Hi am from Tobago i.have lichen.planus since i was 17yrs am now 35yrs.sometimes i feel so hopeless i cry it.cleared up a bit.while i was pregnant it came back i cant wear shorts but am trying to cope it itches like crazy can someone help me get rid of this please
onicka 23 March 13
i have suffered from mouth ulcers for years. in the beginning they would come twice a year den four times a year and hav become frequent over time mayb every two months now nd would get so many of dem dat i had to b hospitalized cos of nt being able to eat nd talk. tried almost everythn but wat seemed to work for me was kenalog..using it was a painful experience tho..but it worked well but its nolonger available here in sa so i switched to prednisone was taking it for 5 days Starting with a higher dose 30mg nd decrease da dose gradually over 5 days it works everytime..wen i feel a tiny sore appearing i start wit da prednisone treatment nd i cant remember when last i felt da pain of an ulcer its like everythn is normal again..it rili works! for many of u who have had it for years without any real diagnosis i suggest u google ORAL ERYTHEMA MULTIFORME..u might be suffering from it. and try the prednisone..hope it works for yall!
Tsholo 10 April 13
I suffered from mouth ulcers last 18 years. I tried beclomethasone and it seems it does work. Hope ulcer free period will last long. Strongly recommend others to try this.
Nurlan 2 June 13
After getting many bouts of mouth ulcers i went to an acupuncturist who told me the problem was coming from my stomach. She recommended i put half a teaspoon of bread soda in a quarter of a glass of water every night b4 bed and sure enough it seems to prevent them coming on. I've been doing this 6 months now and have gotten an ulcer only twice since.
Pat Butler 8 January 15
In the uK they nasal spray is called Pollenase and it does work, like a dream!
Thanks Pat!
majik_thighs 9 February 15
hi all
if i can recommend instant relief then get yourself some Oralmedic. In australia you can get it from priceline stores for $20--you get 2 applicators. you might think it is expensive but it is certainly worth the pain so you can eat and drink almost ASAP.

I had (and still have_ about 20 or 30 small ulcers on the roof of my mouth, stretching back from my teeth to my throat. I couldnt eait or drink for days before I applied the oralmedic. the ulcers are all still there but no longer causing me any pain after applying the oralmedic.
james 19 February 15
My son got serious mouth ulcers at 6yrs old, we had him checked out and finally found he had the auto immune disease Celiac Disease. Since going on gluten free diet they are less frequent. Just saying it would pay to have allergy tests, including fruit and vegetable allergies.
Gf Mum 13 November 15
Hi I have mouth ulcers for many years, tested for different diseases but could not find the reason. 5 years ago whenever I got ulcers it accompanies extremely sleeping feeling,redness of eyes and also burning in eyes and mouth. the severity was so much that I felt that I should quit job as I was tired every time, later I found that because of my reflux acid comes up to my throat during sleeping and give me this feeling. I am taking omeprazole(morning) plus ranitidine (before sleeping) and I feel better. I still have ulcers every day but they are much smaller and my fatigues got really better. however I think something is underneath and acid only triggers it.
anoush 9 August 16
Now this is a community :). I tried PEA Cure (palmitoylethanolamide) and it worked like a charm. I tried it cause it's completely safe and natural for my son and he is 3yo, so I was worried he might swallow something that is not safe for him. Found the substance online while I was looking for sth safe for my boy and the more I was reading, the more amazing it seemed. Since then I've read case studies, blogs and the rest and it is AMAZING. Completely safe, natural, made by our bodies, effective against inflammation and pain and inexpensive. They call it miracle molecule and I can see why :)
Paul 6 December 16
My history of mouth ulcers is not a pretty one. For years I battled recurring sores all inside my mouth, below my tongue and all over my tongue it was pretty bad. I got to the point where they became a constant and would not go away. I started loosing weight from not being able to eat I had no energy and eventually just sat around like a zombie not being able to care for my 4 children and husband. Right after my 39th birthday I finally came to a doctor that wanted to help. He could not figure out what was wrong and why I kept getting the ulcers but he kept investigating and I did a lot of blood work. To make a long story short he noticed that my B12 level was extremely low. I was also severely anemic. From there he looked into why my levels were so low and it turned out I have a autoimmune disease called Pernicious Anemia. Pernicious anemia is a condition in which the body can't make enough healthy red blood cells because it doesn't have enough vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient found in some foods. The body needs this nutrient to make healthy red blood cells and to keep its nervous system working properly.

People who have pernicious anemia can't absorb enough vitamin B12 from food. This is because they lack intrinsic factor, a protein made in the stomach. A lack of this protein leads to vitamin B12 deficiency.

My treatment started by me getting a B12 by injection once a day for 8 days. I had to come into the office even on the weekend. After the 8 days my mouth sores started to heal. I continued to get a B12 injections once a week for an additional 8 weeks. After the 8 weeks my B12 levels were normal. I now get B12 injections monthly and will need to continue to monitor my B12 level and receive monthly injections for the rest of my life. Its been over a year since my last episode of mouth sores. I have more energy and I feel like I have my life back. I want to share my story so that others that are suffering rule out B12 deficiency as a cause of their mouth sores. Medical literature don't talk about mouth sores and B12 but that was the solution for me.
There are many other causes than Pernicious Anemia that can cause B12 deficiency. Please read up on the causes and see if any of the information you can find might help you and your doctor find a solution.
Good Luck.
Elise 6 February 17
QVAR 40 mcg inhaler is my savior! An intelligent, forward-thinking doctor prescribed it for me a few years ago, when I had a horrible outbreak of mouth ulcers. Now, whenever I get that "feeling" (... you all know what I'm talking about)... sensitive mouth, sore spots developing, run down, a white tongue -- I know I'm in for a few weeks of hell. I whip out the inhaler, inhale a puff and hold it in my mouth for 60 seconds, then rinse out my mouth. Gargle with watered down hydrogen peroxide. I do this twice a day... and gargle at least 4 times a day. If it's a really stubborn case, I take 20mg. Of prednisone, twice a day for 5 days. Also, Squiggle toothpaste is a life saver. I'm telling you, I used to be plagued by canker sores, and now I have it under control.
This has worked for me, and I hope it works for you!!
Laurie 5 October 17

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I found a Cure.. NO KIDDING!

48 messages in this subject.