Recurring Mouth Ulcers

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Thatís for everyone who has posted on here; Iím only a newbie to mouth ulcers (4 mths) but in that time I have got pretty depressed as it is impacting my life a fair bit. I started getting them and at the same time my bowel habits changed so I had a colonoscopy and was diagnosed with ulceritive proctitis and ulcers can be part of the symptoms. That was 5 weeks ago and the conulatant was adament that the medication for my proctitis would fix the ulcers but no such luck. They are worse than ever, currently 7 and a huge one on the side of my toungue which looks to be breeding more next to it. I had been lucky in that after a clump would heal I would have 2-3 days of relief before the next round appeared but not any more, it is a constant churn.
I am trying dissolvable b12 tablets under my tongue, SLS free toothpaste, kenelog, gluten free, lactose free, no processed foods, Bonjela, and even broke down in the docs last week as it is affecting my work but he said just use salt water which is having no impact.
I have a job that requires me to present to customers and talk a lot and I just sound like Mike Tyson.
No one at work or home quite understands how dehabilitiating these little nasties are.
My only hope is a new treatment today from the consultant.
Good luck to everyone else!!!
Alison brown 12 November 18
thanks to all who have shared here. I have had canker sores before..plenty of times. But this time I had a canker on the side of my tongue. I treated it with canker covers and for a day or so it seemed to calm down..and then...the canker erupted only to leave me with a painful open ulcer on my tongue. Can barely speak or eat. Seeing dentist tomorrow for help. Will keep you posted. The pain for the last four days has been unreal !
Nancy 11-6-18 6 November 18
I am going crazy with mouth ulcers. I am 55 years old and have never had them in my life before six months ago and all of a sudden I woke up with a mouthful. And when I say a mouthful I mean 30-40 all over my mouth - on the sides of my tongue and cheeks, the back of my lip, my gums and anywhere else they can hide. My primary care doctor had no idea what to do so she sent me to a dermatologist who took biopsies and put me on Acyclovir, which did nothing. My dentist thought it was my toothpaste so I changed that and nothing. The pain is excruciating still so Iím using an oral steroid paste which helps with the pain but it gives me thrush. After doing every test possible, the dermatologist told me she canít wrap her head around what it could be and referred me to a rheumatologist. Meantime I have gone Gluten free and have quit taking any medication that could even remotely cause oral blisters. These changes havenít helped either. So - here I am six months out with a mouthful of blisters. And now, this week, I can add a bright red rash on my legs to the situation. I am also exhausted to boot and just donít feel well. I know what hell is now and hope the rheumatologistís appointment gets here soon, but Iím not hopeful that he can help.
Lori 1 October 18
Tried Bacterol swans and they worked brilliantly for about 2 days after about 10 seconds of searing pain. However doesnít help frequency and can be expensive. Going to try B vitamins. Pleases God donít let this be a gluten thing. I refuse to go gluten free
Joseph 11 September 18
Hi everyone,

This website is so useful for us mouth ulcer suffers. I have suffered for years. I used to think it was from something I would eat such as strawberries but now I think it is when I am run down and feeling stressed. The position of the ulcer also makes a huge difference. If they are on my cheek it is ok but on the front of my lip they can take weeks to heal. Iíve had them at the back of my throat and and a few painful ones on the tip of my tongue and towards the back underneath which made it difficult to reach. I have used every treatment - Oralmedic, bonjela complete plus, SM33 gel and liquid, salt water mouth wash, Kenalog, Cepacaine mouth wash.

For me I have found that vitamin B12 tablets have definitely prevented my ulcers - the brand I use is in Australia called Blackmores and I have been told they have to be the ones that dissolve in your mouth instead of tablets you just swallow. After years of suffering I did find they greatly reduced my ulcers. I think Kenalog is rubbish. I find that when I put it on I canít help but play with the stuff with my tongue. Maybe it might be ok if it was somewhere my tongue couldnít reach. Bonjela complete plus is good for the smaller ulcers. And Cepacaine mouth wash really numbs the mouth so I can st least try and eat. Oralmedic is also great but I have definitely found that if I put it on the ulcer when it hasnít fully developed it makes it worse so be careful. I think maybe I put too much of the stuff on as I am so desperate for them to go. I have one at the moment (I went away and left my B12 vitamins at home and I am fairly stressed) that has been there for 2/3 weeks. I even went to the doctor which I havenít done for a while just to see if there was ANYTHING that could be done. He simply said you need to just wait it out and tried to prescribe me kenalog. Itís so frustrating. I went to the chemist after and she said you should go back to the doctor it is a bad one. But they just always donít really understand. I just wish that I knew exactly what caused it whether it is being low in b12/iron etc or am I allergic to something or is it simply from being run down? And then also what is the right treatment? As every time mtukcers react differently. I alsmodt thought I made this one worse by trying so many different things but I am so desperate to get rid of it. Itís on my bottom lip the size of a 5/20p coin and swollen. I canít talk and I canít really eat anything. If anyone has any tips for me that would be great!

My key tips would be - use sensodyne toothpaste that is SLS free and also take the B12 vitamins that dissolve in your mouth. I hope one day they really do find a cure. The stress of having the ulcer I find just makes it 19 x worse and it can really really get you down.
Hen 14 April 18
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Iqbal Boxwala 11 August 16
I suffered from mouth sores for more than twenty years. Some were spontaneous and some after biting lip or tongue. Deep ulcers, very painful. I tried every thing, Zinc, Magnesium, Acyclovir, avoiding certain fruits etc, nothing worked, had to cauterize them with silver nitrate for pain relief. I also had fatigue and attributed my symptoms to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Richter's syndrome. Last 10 years not a single ulcer!!
10 years ago I was in Sri Lanka drinking a morning cup of tea and I aid to my wife that we will go tea shopping as I had to have my Chai every day to survive, the next sentence was This will be the last cup of tea. I stopped all caffeine, tea, coffee and chocolate.
Had significant withdrawl, headache, drowsiness, sleep. severe headache for 1 week then moderate headache for about 1 month.
within 2 month headache was gone!! Then I realised there was no fatigue, I would not even have the strength to bathe in the morning unless I got my Chai and on the way home from work I would almost fall asleep on the wheel. Mouth sores were gone, not a single mouth sore. Depression from which I suffered for more then 10 years was gone, not a single day of depression for last 10 years. Obsessive reading, compulsive thinking and recurring jingles in the head, Paranoia all gone! I used to get a pain in my ear cartilage, gone. I have been blessed with a new lease on life!!
I rarely drink a cup of coffee now or eat a piece of chocolate, I feel different when I do that and I am afraid to get hooked on to caffeine again.
I hope my experience can help someone else. I am a practicing Medical Oncologist and am 61 years old.
Iqbal Boxwala 11 August 16
Hi everyone, I wrote on here back in July and said that after years of suffering from extremely painful mouth ulcers since I was 4 years old, ( I am now 55) that I had gone gluten free for 6 weeks and had not had any mouth ulcers, well after another two weeks I thought I had better test out to see if it was gluten or not that was causing these mouth ulcers, so I had a sandwich with normal bread, well the next morning I woke up to an ulcer on my tongue, I continued eating gluten and more appeared, after a week I could not stand it anymore so I went gluten free again and all ulcers went within two weeks.
I have been gluten free ever since and no mouth ulcers at all, I will now be staying gluten free for good, I just cannot keep going through the pain anymore.
I would advise people to to either see their gp and ask for blood tests for gluten intolerance/coeliac disease or just start eating gluten free and see if it works for you. I am now a very happy and ulcer free lady, good luck to you all
Julie 11 August 16
im 65 have copd and take doxycycline 100mg twice a day for 7 days for flare ups which about every other month. i have, right now, 6 sores on the sides of my tongue even going down into the esophagus. very, very painful and very larage. ive tried salt water, some paste the dentists prescribed that will stay on the sore for a while, to no avail. i start reading and become overwhelmed at all the people who are suffering from this. i was so scared because for three yrs ive thought it was cancer. now, at least, i do feel its not and have some relief from that. has anyone tried anything from this store and did it work. thanks for your answer. may it be speedy.
terrie charlton 8 August 16
Hi my name is Julie, I am 55 and I have suffered with recurring and most horrendous mouth ulcers since I was 4 years old. I have tried everything to try and help with the pain to get even a little bit of relief, but nothing ever worked, nobody ever seemed to understand the amount of pain that I was actually in, people would say to me "oh it can't be that bad it's only a little mouth ulcer"! Um well actually when you keep getting maybe 5, 10, 15 mouth ulcers at one time, you can't eat or drink properly then yes it is that bad!!! I also find it so very annoying and very frustrating when people would say "just dab a bit of salt on it, it will soon clear up!! I often felt I could just punch these people with the stupid and useless comments they come out with, I would often end up in tears with the stupidity of some people. Well anyway, six weeks ago I started on a Gluten and Wheat free diet as I had been having tummy trouble, and hey presto!!! NO MOUTH ULCERS!!! I feel like a new person, I can talk properly and eat food that I would normally never consider eating because of the horrendous and extremely painful ulcers, All my life I have really never known what it was like to be without mouth ulcers and the constant pain of having them, I shall continue without the Gluten and Wheat and hopefully stay ulcer free, I just wanted to share this with people in the hope it may help others who have suffered like I have. Good luck to you all.
Julie 22 July 16
I never write on things like this but i am at the end of my tether because of reuccuring mouth ulcers like many ppl on here when a batch of 2 or 3 has gone i get 1 week if im lucky in bang 2 more painful ulcers appair.its affectin my life they do affect the way u eat and drink.i have used every over the counter remedy.anesthetic like anbesol liquid help .in av trywd rubbing coconut oil onit.but im feelin there hasto be somethin wrong with tests have came bk fine but next week i have the dentl hosp for these ulsers in they are gony investigate.please i hope they help me.
samantha milne 29 May 16
I currently take 1 acylivor a day I find they work amazingly. I take 400mg a day if I don't and the ulcers come back I take around 3 a day of the 400mg and usually heals by day 2. However this is what I was prescribed everybody is different. I find they ar harmless and I've always relied on them. I've even found I don't get ill with General coughs and colds while on them. My immune system is usually horrendous however since Ive been on these I haven't been ill in 2years. So there beneficial to me. Hope this helps
Heather 20 April 16
I've had mouth ulcers before, but never this bad. Before I would get one every so often, which is normal. However, over the past two days, I've had around 20-30 ulcers come through in my mouth, on the inside of my cheeks, inside of lips, and underneath/on tongue. I've been prescribed Difflam, codeine and aciclovir today, and so far they do seem to be relieving pain quite a bit. Has anybody else used Aciclovir and found that it works? If so, when do the mouth ulcers start easing up. I am in so much pain, I can't seem to concentrate on anything.

Also recently started taking the pill (Cerelle) - has anybody found that this triggered mouth ulcers for them? Both doctors I've spoken to have brushed it off, but that's the only change that I can think of, and I have read on some sites that hormonal changes trigger mouth ulcers. Any advice/help from anybody would be greatly appreciated!
Yas 16 February 16
Rosie, have you been checked for Coeliac Disease? (gluten intolerance)
Robert 9 February 16
Iv been getting mouth ulcers since I was a teen I'm 36 now and used to get 3 every few weeks now last couple of years I get them all the time at the moment iv got 5 when they heal new ones appear so I'm never with out them and its very painful and depressing I can't eat drink or brush my teeth properly my Dr just always says hormones stress ect ! Its very frustrating iv had tests and everything comes back normal I'm actually underweight now as a result of not being able to eat much and my glands swell up making me uncomfortable I just wish I could get rid of them for good! I don't smoke and eat very good diet when I can eat ! So its nothing I'm doing when I was pregnant they were much worse so probably is to do with hormones. My teenage son also suffers with them quite bad. Any suggestions to get rid would be much appreciated
rosie 7 February 16
I get sores and ulcers in mouth about every 6 weeks or so, that is what bought me here. They started when I quit tobacco. I smoked since I was a kid and then quit and went to Cope and Snuff for 7 yrs... since I quit completely I get the mouth ulcers. Believe it or not, the tobacco and nasty stuff in there was killing the bacteria and stuff which now is free to rip my mouth apart.
I actually read that and it makes so much sense, been a year and half, I just wash my out with OraJel and mouthwashes... still would never go back to tobacco... that is for sure.
Old Man Bill .. 9 December 15
I have had mouth ulcers since I was a kid. Finally my dentist and an Army Medic discovered that I actually have a Vitamin B12 deficiency (my body does not produce enough naturally), I produce more saliva than normal and I am anemic. Vitamin B supplements a week before and a week after my period has solved the problem!
Jacqui 25 March 14
I had been to the doctor numerous times with many mouth ulcers so painful I could hardly eat or talk. I also had been having constipation with some blood and quite a bit of mucus but stool tests for blood were negative. After several visits with the same complaints, my physician did a limited colonoscopy in his office, and found I had similar lesions in my rectum and colon. I was eventually diagnosed with Crohn's disease. While taking Prednisone for the Crohn's, the mouth ulcers disappeared totally, though my Crohn's didn't go into remission despite numerous treatments. Since having my colon removed, I don't have nearly the frequency or number of mouth ulcers. When they interfere with eating I swish with about 1/2 to 1 tsp. Dexamethasone 0.5 mg/ml liquid solution about three times a day, then spit it out. They are much less painful and heal within a few days. When I have a particularly bad case, I can take a burst of 30 to 40 mg. Prednisone (tablets) for 2 days, then reduce to 20 -30 mg of Prednisone for 2 days, then stop. It is amazing how fast they heal! Usually I don't have any more for quite a while. I rarely take the Prednisone tablets now, since the Dexamethasone (which is also a steroid) helps a lot. By swishing and spitting it out, not as much is absorbed systemically. In my case the mouth ulcers are an autoimmune response. Ask your Doctor about a trial of the Prednisone Taking it for only 4 days then stopping does not have the risks of long term steroid treatment. Using the Dexamethasone liquid then spitting it out is also less problematic than long term treatment.
Carolyn (RN) 30 August 13
Hi all. I make a visit to this site every time I buy another batch of Squigle toothpaste. My life sounded like Christina's, with constant ulcers a batch at a time. There's lots of causes and so lots of cures or non-cures, but if you haven't tried SLS-free toothpaste, you really should. It worked for me and for others in my family who were similarly afflicted. SLS is a nasty chemical which attacks the gum lining, creating ulcers. It's in toothpaste because it is a whitening agent: great for that Hollywood smile, not so good for your oral health. This was also the first logical explanation I had ever been given: I got ulcers not because I was tired or eating too much cheese, but because I was sensitive to a rather nasty chemical.

You can get SLS-free toothpaste at some chemists, but a word of warning: my Dad's ulcers reappeared, then he discovered that his Superdrug toothpaste was no longer SLS-free. I just buy Squigle from Dom's shop because I know for certain that that's going to be SLS-free and let's face it, it's not a huge spend compared to the pain I was suffering before. I'd use it constantly for a month or so, then see if things are improving (though for me it was quicker than that).
Andrew 3 December 12
i suffer from mouth ulcers from as long as i can remember. I am 29 and i have never had ulcer-free days for the past few years. The most ulcer-free days is at most 3-4 days and even that is hard to come by. Usually when 1 batch started to heal, another new batch wil attack. It comes at least 5-6 ulcers at a time. I am so tired of them & I get really really stressed out from these ulcers if it will turn to cancer....I've been to a number of GP & all of them told me is because of stress, sleep. Nobody has wanted to perform a biopsy on it though i requested....The stress of having these ulcers n the thought of cancer is killing me....
Christina 26 November 12
I have them every three month or so.... I have realised that if I increase my intake of water by a factor of 3 and stop protien intake, go vegan.... it heals in 3- 4 days.... no tea or coffee.... that works for me.... however what causes them not sure..... any other clue or solution.....
Ravi 1 November 12
Ahhh...another tongue ulcer! I just put a bit of Kanka on it to tame the thing, but I am in the process of trying a theory my Chiro told me about. It has to do with having the right probiotic existence in your gut. He professes goat (or organic milk from grass fed free cows) yogurt, raw sauerkraut, miso to re-establish the good bacteria in your innards. I am giving it a go.
Tony 17 August 12
I think it is linked to the nature of food we are eating the status of your digestive system, Doctor told to write down list of food that ulcers usually appears after eating it, i will try, please do the same to reach for the suspicious list
Ahmedmph 5 May 12
I feel everyones pain, I've tried them all, hang in there someday they'll find a cure. Dealing with ulcers and canker sores, I buy cheap toothbrushes and use them 2 days and then throw them away during my ulcer attacks. Haven't tried SLS toothpaste, but will do today! Thanks for all the advice and someday we will be free of those nasty ulcers.
Marie 1 May 12
I have always suffered mouth ulcers, but the last 6 months they are much worse and more frequent. I have identified that I will suffer when I've got my period, but I will get them at other times too. I've got three stinkers at the moment. I gargle with aspirin when I have tonsillitis and find this can help ulcers too. There are steroid pellets that you can get from your GP - they taste horrible but do help. My doctor gave me mouthwash too, but I was also recommended a paste - Orabase - which covers the ulcer and you are pain free for a while and at least you can eat.
Helen 2 April 12
About a year ago I discovered two things: Kenalog in Orabase steroid ointment and Oralmedic. At first the Kenalog worked a treat - it not only numbed the ulcers and healed them faster, it also appeared to reduce the number of instances I would get in a month from around half a dozen (usually with three or four appearing at one time) to just one or two. But a year later and I am still getting ulcers - never as bad as before, but always one or two every month. So the Kenalog reduced the severity and frequency of the ulcers but hasn't got rid of them altogether. Oralmedic works brilliantly in helping me manage those I do get. One dab of that stinging liquid fire and ten seconds of teeth-clenching pain later, the ulcer may as well not be there. I love it. Wish I could get to the bottom of the underlying cause, but in 32 years of having these things in my mouth I still don't have a clue.
Lucien 31 March 12
I'm 17 and suffered with mouth ulcers since I was 11, I have had over the counter products, prescribed treatment, blood tests, food diaries and herbal remedies, I've changed my toothpaste to a SLS free one and I have a healthy diet. Yet I seem to always have them! When I get one ulcer I get more and they spread all over my mouth and down my throat and they last for at least 3 weeks. The most I've had at once was 20+ and the longest I have been without a mouth ulcer is 2 weeks. Does anybody know anything that could help me to get rid of them?
Ria 19 March 12
Trying to find SLS free toothpastes was more difficult than I thought-- none of our local drugstores carried them, even though they DID have certain all natural brands. But I finally found some (yes, more than one to choose from!) in our local Wegman's store-- Wegman's carries many all natural products, including Burt's Bees, JASON, Tom's of Maine, and many more. I am guessing that Harris Teeter or other stores that carry at least one line/brand of many all natural products might also carry an SLS toothpaste. I went with the JASON Powersmile SLS free toothpaste (they also had gels, but I prefer traditional paste), and I do think it is helping somewhat. It took a few times to get used to the different consistency of the paste, and the strong peppermint taste/smell, but I like it now-- it seems more like a true peppermint smell and flavor than the artificial stuff I was used to. Anyway, I will be sticking with it because I feel like it's helping, and am willing to try ANYthing to help alleviate this awful pain....
Donna March 13 14 March 12
For all those who can see their ulcers and take a bit of pain for 5 seconds, there is new medication for ulcers which is genius (but it all depends if you can see and reach the ulcer). Its called Oral Medic, singes the ulcer and 5 min later you can talk again, i use it all the time, better than suffering for 10 days (life span per ulcer). I have not seen patterns as of yet, I am pregnant, taking prenatal vitamins and still getting ulcers, dont think its to do with that, maybe stress and on the body, def. think there is a good reason for them, science hasnt figured it out just yet.
Ortal 7 March 12
I have always suffered from Mouth Ulcers, however in the last 3 years they have become noticeably more frequent and much larger. This prompted me to start keeping an 'Ulcer Diary' as well as a photographic record (to show my GP) and through this process there is a very clear corrolation between my recurrent ulcers and long haul travel by air (a nature of my job). I have been back from South Africa for 4 days and have 4 ulcers, each the size of a 5 pence piece on my inner lower lip.
Not sure what my next action will be (comments on SLS are interesting), however I encourage all of you to start keeping a record of these ulcers and see if any obvious patterns emerge.
Mine I am convinced are inextricably linked to long haul flights.
Matt 22 February 12
I also have been suffering from these mouth ulsers. Where do you find toothpAste without SLS? I've searched the shelves and everyone I picked up had it as an ingredient. I wish I could just stop eating and speaking but then I can't do that. I'm a teacher and have to talk all day long and if I stop eating then I won't have any energy to get through the day. I shouldn't comain. I've only been suffering for a year. Can't imagine 10-20 yeRs of suffering. Hope something works. I've recently started taking a double dose of Iron supplements and I see improvement. Good luck to you all. Glad to have friends to collaborate with.
Shelley 21 February 12
I am so glad that it is not just me. My mouth is killing me, so sore it is making me depressed. Good luck everyone.
Kathleen, Melbourne Australia 6 February 12
Im 25 and have had mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember. My mum told me I would grow out of them like she still waiting! However I do find that I get about 6 large ulcers all at once at a certain time of my monthly cycle. Then the any others that come along seem to be from trauma. I have been past from my doctor to my dentist and back again many times, and have found no help and brushed off by both. Very frustrating. Could someone tell me where I can get some SLS free toothpaste?
Rachel 11 January 12
hi my boyfriend, has sufferes from mouth ulcers for 8 years, they seem to be getting worse and more frequent, he is getting 4-6 at a time he's always in pain, getting haedace's , affecting speech, always angry, short tempered, ringing in the ear's , tired all the time, his iron is fine, b12 is fine, it could b stress but it has to b something else to, the doctors dont understand and carnt work out why? Looks like its up to me to find a cure or solution but i need help, please if anlone can help me i would be so grateful.
tere 10 January 12
I have been suffering from recurrent mouth and throat ulcers for 5 years. I only have approx 10 day break each month. I have tried toothpaste withouls SLS and every over the counter remedy nothing has worked. i am now waiting to see an Oral surgeon and pray I can get help. I also suffer from constipation I wonder if this has anything to do with ulcers?? People always assume I am run down I am not all the time no different from anyone else I am desperate for a cure I believe there is an underlying cause, Ulcers are the most painfull things you can`t eat or speak. I will let you know how my Oral appointment goes.
Dana Bernal 5 December 11
Hi guys, I suffered for 2 years, then my bowels started playing up and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Persistent mouth ulcers, along with joint pain and eye/skin inflammation can be early warning signs for Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn's Disease (jointly known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease) - if you're showing these symptoms speak to your doc about it. Cheers, & good luck
Fred 5 December 11
6 month ago I started using a supplement called Aftazen when i had to resort to searching the internet to find treatments that i had normally got from my GP on prescription that had been taken off the market. I have suffered with mouth ulcers since childhood, i feel as i get older (in my 40's now) that they are getting much worse, i get attacks more often and they are more severe in the amount.
I had really resigned myself to just treating the ulcers with over the counter remedies,what was so frustrating is that there was not one product that could claim to cure them. No health professional could tell me the cause. I have noticed first positive results after taking aftazen for 2 months, and in the last 4 month i got just a few mouth ulcers that were smaller and less painful than usual.
I will continue to use aftazen and hope that if others use it the price may be reduced as they become more available and demand for them grows.
Hope this can help
Shirley 1 November 11
Hi All,As like many of you have been suffering for years have tried all the bits and and recommendations . When you are in so much pain that you can not eat and can not speak then ask your Gp for Prednisolone , you don't have to take it all the time you have an attack, but when you can not cope with the pain it s always good to have a back up plan. I cope with most attacks with out Prednisolone now I have learnt not to eat certain foods, but we can forget sometimes and we then have an attack,if you have a cold it lowers your immunity and can cause you to have an attack, your hormonal state , stress tiredness they can all be trigers,but dont suffer go chat with your GP
Laura 1 November 11
I had mouth ulcers since I was a kid and well into my 30s. I got so fed up with them I did some extensive research on the net and the only thing that worked was when I changed my toothpaste to one without Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. It was like a miracle cure, and I still use it today...I now only ever get ulcers through trauma, etc
Simon 16 September 11
I have suffered with them since I was 10 years old and am now 58. The only thing I have observed is that any sort of mouth trama can set them off i.e. a trip to the dentist, acid reflux, acid foods etc., even aggressive brushing your teeth can get them started. Chloraseptic helps with temporary pain relief, but prednisone is the only thing that will break and ongoing cycle.
Michael E. 11 September 11
I have suffered with mouth ulcers from the age of 5,Im now 42 and still suffering. Over the years I have tried `over the counter` products which have a limited effect. I find tiredness/stress a major factor as well as acidic fruit (oranges and fruit drinks are a definite no no!) Having read the above comments I will change my toothpaste and start taking a B vit supplement. Hang on in there guys,they dont last forever!
Andrew 7 September 11
I had a blood test to test my iron levels, they said to me when i got my results that they was fine. But i still carried on getting mouth ulcers every 2 to 3 weeks. My dentist referred me to hospital to the oral mouth clinic. When i went there the male nurse asked me the basic questions then said because your female and you dont smoke thats why you get ulcers. But on a follow up appointment they checked my blood test results from previously and they said blood iron levels are measured from 20- 300 and when they checked it said my iron levels were 17. But previous to that i had been taking iron tablets as lots of people had been telling me it was a lack of iron.
Alice 31 July 11
actually Ruth 19 most mouth ulcers are due to stress and only 20 % from all these people that have mouth ulcers will develop behcet according to dematalogist disease because the most early symptom is recur mouth ulcer in crop way many mouth ulcers So relax is the best way and change yr tooth paste due to (SLS)....
Abbassiouz 20 July 11
What a relief to find people that understand! I!ve suffered from mouth ulcers all my life . But since January this year I've constantly had at least 5 or 6 at a time, 7 months now without a break. The pain sometimes is awful! GP was no help at all. Dentist refering me to hospital for test. Been looking in to benzoates,tomatoes,toothpaste,bananas ALL of which seem to make them worse. CANT BELEIVE IN THIS DAY AND AGE THERE IS NO CURE!!!
Ruth 19 July 11
I have recur mouth ulcer for 3 months ago on/off , i went to many doctors in different specalists ( dental, GP, Dermatalogist, rehamotolgoy and last one is Gastro specalists ) my GI doctor noticed it may be due to crohon disease so he told me to make colonscopy and im waiting .... NO one know the suffer and pain only the one who has them SO its need only some will and determination and forget them because sometime due to stress SO GOD BLESS EVERY ONE IN PAIN AMEIN :))
Abbassiouz 19 July 11
Manuka Honey has made my 1cm diameter ulcers come off within a day or two, put it on maybe twice a day at a time when your not likely to be eating or drinking. A manuka factor of 10-15 works best, any more than that may cause stomach problems if your sensitive to it. Works really well for me, ive had recurring ulcers since i was a kid, now im 20. If you know an ulcer is coming, hit it early with the manuka honey, it can get rid of it before they get too big.
Seb 14 June 11
My son has had ulcers for 4-5 years, and is now 18. We have tried many of the treatments above - with limited sucess. A friend suggested that he try SPA TONE - this is available in sachets in boots (I think other chemists also stock it - but its on 3 for 2 at the moment!)
He is having to take 2 sachets a day for the best relief - it is concentrated iron (he has had blood tests with no abnormalities previously - so not sure why this works).
He still gets the odd ulcer - but nothing as bad as previously (he could hardly talk or eat in a bad outbreak)

Good luck - and hope this helps

Angie west midlands 7 September 10
I have recurrent ulcers, one after another and most times there are at least 3 at a time. They are non stop. I recently discovered taling 1000mg of B-12 and my ulcers stopped for 2 weeks. A bubble would form but it would not form an ulcer. But now I have three. My mom keeps telling me to go to the oral doctor but im scared to find out if its something serious. My primary doctor prescribed me Triamcinalone oral ointment and it works alittle but she said it was too strong to keep using constantly. I havent tried the l-lysine pills but I heard they work for most people. I am also tired alot and stress but I figure this is because I go to school and also have a toddler. Please help if youve been through this.
Julie 6 September 10
When I was at boarding school I suffered terribly wih mouth ulcers that always lasted quite a long while, and my infirmarian nun at the school made me eat a block of live yeast every day, which made me feel quite sick. the block was about 2" by 1" sqare, but I have to say that it evenutually cured my mouth ulcers for good and I have not ever had one since.
NIcola Devlin 31 August 10
can try drinking water stored in a copper vessel.need to store water the morning first thing to do is to drink water stored in copper vessel.avoid drinking or eating anything for 45 min after that.this remedy has helped me to defeat my throat infection by about 50%
u need to clean tha copper vessel with lemon and salt.all the best to all!
masum 27 August 10
My sister has had terrible problems with mouth ulcers and is now going to the head dermatologist at OHSU. For three years they thought it was from her chrones but biopsy showed negative. they think it is from iron deficiency, but she gets iron infusions and b12 shots. i will let you know. i didn't realize how bad this could get. Hope wellness for all of you
norma 20 August 10
i used to find that zinc would take away any mouth ulcers...
melissa 9 July 10
If you have mouth sores accompanied with extreme fatigue, ask your doctor to check you for Lupus.
After many years of suddering, I was finally diagnosed with this disease, and I was put on Plaquenil, and now the nouth sores are not there anymore.
Lupus comes with extreme fatigue, pain in the body, headaches and mouth sores.
Check with your doctor. I know, I walked that route. The medication is excellent, have been in remission for 8 years now.
Nell van Ravens 19 October 09
hi, i have had mouth ulcers since i was 3, im now 23 years old and tried everythink, iv been to the doctors so many times iv lost count, same with the dentist, iv had blood test taken which came back to me being healthy as anythink yet i get mouth ulcers nearly every week, at the moment i have 5, 1 is really big on my bottom lip and i havent eaten for 2 days because its just so painful, can any1 help please?
steven conkey 25 July 09
I have suffered from recurring mouth ulcers since I had my tonsils and my soft palate operation in February this year. The ulcers are on the floor/roof of my mouth and my tongue looks as if something has gnawed at it. Some days it is extremely painful to talk and eat - I lost 21lb in 3 weeks at one stage. They clear when I have antibiotics and steroids from the doctor, but within a week of finishing the course of medication they are back. My blood levels are fine. Could it be an immune deficiency caused by the operation ?
Diane 22 July 09
I have been suffering from mouth ulcers since my 20s (am now 42), however it's not just one or two but about 30-40 all in one go (usually if I've not had enough sleep or have been stressed out). They are usually grouped together on the inner lower and upper lips, the gums and huge crater like ones on the tongue. (Also get really sore patches on the tongue apparently called geographic tongue...) Tried the Lysine and zinc supplements and used BLANX toothpaste with an electric toothbrush which stopped them for a whole year, but have another attack now. Am gutted! The pain is so bad that I'm talking as though I've got speech problems....have now taken extra supplements ie. iron, B complex incl. B12. Went to the GP and they've given me antiviral tablets (Aciclovir) - seem to be going down.
Christine 18 July 09
yes michele thats the stuff to get,i have somke and its the only thing that works on my ulcers.everyone who gets them should try it !.
adam 16 July 09
i have suffered mouth ulcers for as lon as i can remember,not just the odd one but several at a time..i have tried many over the counter reams n mouthwashes but none have worked..i went to the drs and was prescribed Adcortyl in orabase,it works a treat...
michele 4 July 09
I made an accidental discovery that I turn to when I feel the ulcers coming on. I ate some raw cabbage that was left on the cutting board and noticed the instant relief. I remembered reading that raw cabbage was good for stomach ulcers. It works pretty good for me.
patty 23 June 09
The Liquid benadryl and Mylanta do work temporarily but the only thing that seems to clear them up is Prednisone!
Have any of you been checked for Behcet's Disease or Crohn's disease??? Both cause recurrent apthous ulcers?
Michelle 21 June 09
I also use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash at times and it often seems to speed it along. I've heard taking the amino acid supplement L-Lysine is supposed to help, and my dentist recommends warm sea salt water rinses. Mine seems to have a hormonal stress component. I was also told by a doctor to mix equal parts of liquid benadryl and a soothing stomach remedy like kaopectate or pepto bismal or milk of magnesia and apply to sores, or rinse and spit. I never had both ingredients in my home at the same time so I never tried it, but it sounds good....
Margie (38) June 09 21 June 09
I have suffered from mouth ulcers all of my life and I am now 35. I notice that they come on when I am stressed, drink too much white (acidic) wine, use certain toothpastes etc. I am also a vegetarian and so I suspect I have very low iron and Vit B levels. There is a website that you can view that provides a list of acidic and alkaline foods and it is recommended that persons who suffer from recurring ulcers should avoid acidic foods. I have also noticed that they occur in cycles, so I suspect a virus could be involved and when you get run down and lowered immunity the virus is able to take over. Home remedies that I know work include gargling with salt water before bed and putting alum powder on the open sores at night. The herbal remedies Thyme and Golden Seal are also indicated for mouth ulcers. I sympathise with you all as I know that they are extremely painful and make you feel exhausted.
Danielle 28 May 09
have suffered mouth ulcers for years , they make you feel rough which is an under statement. however i am also prone to sinus infections that usually need antibiotics. if you think you feel rough with mouth ulcers just get a bad sinus infection, it takes feeling crap to a whole new level, if mouth ulcers are from hell, sinus infections are times twenty. guess what i have both at moment, it feels like a near death experience.
antony 27 May 09
Galpharm Mouth Ulcer Treatment is amazing, I constantly have ulcers in my mouth, it hurts so much to put it on, but once its on the ulcer disapears within an hour. Its AMAZING. Costs about £6 from superdrug
Alan 23 May 09
I have had mouth ulcers on and off since November 08, not just one but a whole mouth full at a time, and I am really over it! I have tried everything and nothing helps, but saying that Kenalog paste helps you, you put it on at night it is uncomfortable but it does work, it only costs around about $10.00 for a tube, it helps them heal at least, but they keep coming back, I am terrified..........
Kerri 23 May 09
Take high doses of vitamin b12, change your toothpaste, take a lysine pill everyday. That might give you some relief.
Sun 8 May 09
I have had mouth ulcers for years on end at at the moment i am still only 13. I have been suffering for so long that i know basically what does and doesn't work. (i mean i know which 'HOME REMEDIES 'do and don't work) At the moment i have a massive ulcer on my bottom lip and two other smaller ones which are not a major issues as they are not as painful. I have been put on diets, tablets, vitamin pills, tried A LOT of home remedies and recently had a blood test for iron deficiency but the results were negative. The doctor still gave me iron supplements as i am extremely close to obtaining iron deficiency. I have been on them for just over a month but it obviously has not helped i went back to the doctor for more help. I have now been refferred on to a dermatologist but i cannot bee seen untill june yet i am suffering extremely painful ulcers, NOW. I need new ideas on what i can do to cure, prevent or take away the pain. PLEASE HELP.
JR 7 May 09
Mouth ulcers and fatigue could be related to low iron or magnesium. The symptoms are very similar for both deficiencies.
Kat 18 February 09
I Have lupus for 28 years. My mouth ulcers are like large bumps. Some on my tongue and in back of my tongue way back in my throat.My inter lips feels swollen. They are severly painful. I have been given a numbing gel. It doesn't help. I have sever stress,so how is stress a factor. My niece had mouth ulcers days before she died. She was 8 years old. Sometimes I get them when I'm in the sun. My doctor said he had home remedies, but was not allow to give them to me. Sombody please help!

gloria june 17, 2008 18 June 08
Hi nikkie i read that mouth ulcers with symptoms such as tiredness and dizzy spells could mean you have an iron deficancy and should go to the doctors for a blood test. good luck.
Julie 11 December 02
Dear Barry,

The problem with mouth ulcers (canker sores) is that there are several causes. The trick is in finding what ĒtriggersĒ canker sores (mout ulcers) for you. An ingredient called SLS found in almost all toothpastes is one of the most common triggers. Reactions to certain foods including nuts, wheat, and chocolate is another trigger. However, STRESS, is one of the most common causes. Several studies have shown an increased incidence of canker sores (mouth ulcers) among groups that are highly stressed. Medical students and dental students, for example, lead an extremely demanding and stressful life. One study showed that 66% of these students suffered with canker sores Ė a much greater percentage than that suffered by the general population.

Stress can take many forms including emotional, psychological and physical stress. It is important to note that illness is a stress in and of itself. Consequently your ĒtirednessĒ may be a sign of a viral illness - a stressor that could be causing your canker sores.

Some diseases or syndromes can cause fatigue and canker sores. Bechetís disease, Systemic Lupus, Celiac Disease come to mind. It is important to discuss your fatigue with your physician if you are especially concerned.

Best of luck. Hope you feel better.

Chuck Peters
Author of Ē7 Steps to a Canker Sore (Mouth Ulcer) CureĒ
Chuck Peters 10 December 02
my mom has ulcer problem for 2 years now & its very bad. my sister happened to read one article on mouth ulcer in the Chinese paper & it says iron deficiency could be the cause. So my mom went for the blood test & found her blood count is low. She was given iron tablets but she hasnít try it yet as she says she is feeling so much heat from her body. According to Chinese physcian, ulcer has to do with weak liver. I am waiting for her to try the iron tablets & see how.
meejoon 9 December 02
For me, the only solution has been 25mg of Prednisone for about 4 days. This virtually wipes out the mouth ulcers; however, I donít want to take Prednisone. I do it only when I have 5-6 ulcers at the same time.
Charles Patti 7 December 02
I have had mouth ulcers since I was 12, I am 33 now. I had a very bad bout when I was 20 and pregnant, I had really bad morning sickness (which lasted all day for months) I was taken to the ER when my mom realized how many I had: about 36 that she could count. I normally only get about 2 or three at one time now. I do belive it is the acid in my stomach. I only get them when I get stressed out and develop a stomach ache. I apply hydrogen peroxide on them or swish my mouth with it. I do it periodically throughout the day. Seems to help. If you pay attention, they come back in the same place eventually. Its like its always there just sitting in the back waiting to sneak up on you, when you let yourself or your resistance down.
j menchaca 6 December 02
I have been suffering from mouth ulcers since I was in the 5th grade. I have seen several doctors, all with varying opinions. I have tried several different ĒcuresĒ including fermented milk tablets that I had to chew, antiacids, and one doctor told me to pour salt on them which hurt like heck. One of my 3 brothers has them also, so Iím not really sure about them being hormonal related. I have noticed that Iíve been tired lately, and I have 2 huge ulcers on the inside of my lips and 1 on my tongue.
Steph 3 December 02
Hi, I do not usually suffer from mouth ulcers just 1 or 2 a year but this last month I have had three one after another. I have also been feeling tired, nauseous, dizzy and generally unwell and my mouth has been very dry. I have been very stressed and think this might be the cause but I am also very worried that something may be seriously wrong with me and I am too scared to find out what. Can anyone suggest anything??
Nikkie 2 December 02
Iíve just started getting mouth ulcers since early Aug. As 1 would heal (after 7-10 days) another would pop up, etc. Had 3 in past 1 1/2 months. Used ĒUlcerEaseĒ on this last one (dentist recommend) and it definitely takes pain away immediately. DentalZone website said some foods could cause, shellfish, chocolate (no way Iím giving up), wheat, barley, beer, lemon, vinegar, tomatoes (sounds like high acid foods)...even excess wine intake. Realized Iíve been eating much more soy in past 2 months (soy beans, soymilk, etc.) Will try eliminating. Stress & lack of sleep also a factor for me, especially after 9-11 tragedy. Also, make sure you use toothpaste without SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate or could say Ēlaureth sulfateĒ). Lots of testimonies re: ĒEnamel SaverĒ on dentalzone site, but must order thru them-expensive. Iím trying the food thing and non-SLS toothpaste first before buying on-line only products. Stay well!
Mary 21 September 01
If your diet includes no Vit C I think it is bad for ulcers... if you go for a large intake of Vit C, that too is bad - I try to keep vitamin intake steady (including B) by popping a multivitamin each day, I think it helps, but only by a small amount.
Dom Walton 29 August 01
Well, I find that vitamin c is the worst thing for making mouth ulcers bigger and more painful.
annie 28 August 01
I actually find that vitamin C helps speed up recovery of mouth ulcer bouts
Malcolm 23 August 01
Sounds like the tiredness needs addressing - I find lack of sleep is a guaranteed precursor to ulcer starting, therefore I would assume that being tired is kind of the same thing.
Dom Walton 17 August 01
I suffer from periodic mouth ulcers, not just a couple, but many, from the back of my throat throughout my mouth and inside my lips. Doctors say they can neither identify the cause, and so far no treatment as given me any relief. When I get an attack it accompanied by ĒdesperateĒ tiredness. Can anyone give me any help? Does anyone know of effective pain relief? no, I dont fancy having them injected! there are too many...
Barry 16 August 01

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