Watermelon Frost

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this is amazing stuff , save my life , i recommend for everyone to get it and keep it at home .
malik 18 February 19
Watch out for the mercury content in Chinese herbal remedies.
Tracy 9 July 17
Just applied first dose of watermelon frost stings a little told to apply 5 times a day please work have a mount
Mouth full of ulcers when I give up smokismoking and it drives me back let you know if it works
Kitty 16 May 17
This is the only thing I'll use for any cancer sore. I swear by it and so are my children since they were ~6yrs old. A $6 bottle will last you a very long time. It tastes like grass, not harmful if swallow, and stings a bit when first put on but it'll heal in 2-3 days.
QL 11 August 16
Is it ok if accidentally swallowed?
Angel 21 July 16
I get mouth ulcers when I quit smoking. so painful, by the time they are going away, new ones are coming. inside of lips, gums, inside of cheeks, throat, tongue, soft palat. I always start smoking again because of the pain and no relief. for the past 2 years I have been weaning, from 2 packs a day down to 8. every time I cut 5 cigs out of my day, the ulcers come. so I am down to eight, I am going to try the Watermelon frost and pray it works. I want to be a non-smoker.
Maria 19 May 16
I am Asian American and my parents gave me this since I was young for my sores.

When I got to college I didn't have my own supply of this and tried simple remedies found at CVS. The only one better than this is the Canker Cover by Quantum Health, but those are super pricey. Watermelon frost is cheap, and works amazing. The only thing is you have to keep applying when your saliva washes the frost off. This is normal, so don't find it as an annoying issue. If you have a really bad sore, reapply every hour and you can get great results.

It also acts as a semi pain killer with a icy feel. Better than any other remedies I have found at CVS.
Ryan 19 April 16
Watermelon frost made me reconsider Chinese medicine. I don't even travel without it now. Clears my canker sores in half the time and prevents my cankers from getting to that really painful stage. It's been a real godsend.
Ryan 29 January 16
This works well, but only numbs the pain a tiny bit.
Jackie 19 November 15
I agreed watermelon frost is the best medication for mouth ulcer.I got a small ulcer on my inner cheek.I just put watermelon frost on it..the next day it was gone.
lulu 29 September 15
its been almost two months with mouth ulcers now am from buying watermelon frost powder am just waiting for the miracle..but not sure of how to use it because i have two of them, one on the left side of the mouth and another on the bottom lip . so am just wondering if am gonna be sprinkling both or one?
richard 2 September 15
Is this safe for children?
Erin 28 August 15
Ok so what's the best one to use. I see people talking about the spray the powder and the tube. Which one works the best?
J Arthur Williams 16 July 15
This stuff is amazing. I was a huge skeptic before I used it but now I don't use anything else. I've tried Kenalog and other treatments as well and nothing works like this.

One caveat - the squeeze bottle format is annoyingly ineffective, oftentimes nothing comes out or a massive chunk of watermelon frost comes out and coats your teeth. But that's a minor quibble for a great product.
happy 9 April 15
Watermelon frost is indeed a wonderful cure! Get some!
nipperyslipple 20 February 15
I have really bad ulcers, but watermelon frost has saved me from excruciating pain. My ulcers tend to join together to make one massive one, so I added a dollop of the frost before bed and within the next day it was extremely better! BUY IT GUYS!!!!
Chris 13 November 13
you can buy watermelon frost tea from your local Asian markets
Anthony 12 November 13
Well I have to add to the praise for this little gem! I was sceptical. Until now the only thing that worked for me was B12 sublingual (made me dizzy after 6 months but did work extremely well!) and silver nitrate sticks (works well but constantly have to keep using and healing) Well within seconds of applying this powder I got relief from the pain. My ulcer is also going down. Thats more than anything Bonjela and its ilk has EVER done, and its only been 12 hours! Its also really cheap! Give it a try - get down to your Chinese herbalist shop!
Chris 25 October 13
Just passing by , I was thinking whethe ryou knew of watermelon frost, glad you know, this stuff is amazing :)
But as some point out here, better treat the cause, in my case this I think several factor including wheat floor (especially white one), sugar and other thing. I regurlary check what I eat so that I know what my body like :)

All the best!
Alfred 19 January 13
i totally agreed, watermelon frost is very effective and its painless
anakin 26 August 12
hey guys watermelon frost is so very effective..i had my mouth ulcer when i was 18 yrs. old and up to now i have this should i say "curse" :-)... guys i know how painful it is right but one thing is for sure watermelon frost can cure ulcer..
gj all the way from the philippines 21 August 12
I hade a huge cluster of ulcers on my left tonsil for about 3 months.

I applied watermelon frost once and within 2 days the ulcers had almost disappeared.

I think they had run their course anyway but Iím sure this product accelerated the healing process.

Visit your chinese herbalist folks.
Joe 15 November 05
I know when I had the one the size of a lima bean,it took 3 weeks or more to heal.From talking and moving my mouth,it just got larger to point where I could not movie the right side of my mouth.Couldnít even laugh or smile.I just feel a mess.I am going to try the vaseline thing b/c I do not have watermelon frost on hand.I have a new mouth sore or the opposite side of my mouth now..
it is from stress,I do believe that
Gail 7 November 05
errrrr 14 days is 2 weeks or was that sarcasm? lol
coco 6 November 05
Has anyone heard of or used Watermelon Frost (chinese medicine) for mouth ulcers? I currently have sores on my tongue, inside lower lip, and one about the size of a fingernail on the soft palate of my throat. The latter being extremely painful. Doctor said today that he can give me something and it will go away in 14 days or do nothing and it will go away in 2 weeks - money well spent.
Texas 25 October 05
Before I realised my problem was gluten, I heard of watermelon frost, and tried to find it but failed. Eventually I telephoned a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) guru who was in Dublin. For something like U.S.$40, he sent me a paper sack of a mixture of all kinds of odd-looking plants (I hope they were plants) and told me to make a tea out of it by boiling and steeping it in about a gallon of water. I was to drink a glass or two of this whole tea until it was gone to get an improvement. It was pretty vile stuff, but I got through several pints before giving up because I was afraid it was all going to come back up. I got a strong taste of licorice from it, I think.
TomF 8 February 05
Over the past week I have suffered an ulcer that first appeared on the inner left of my bottom lip. Each day it grew bigger. I treated it with Kaygon to no avail. As it grew it became more painful and began pressing on the nerves of my teeth which only added to the agony. Because the left side of my bottom lip was now much larger than the right side, I dribbled when drinking and the pain was madddening, especially when I tried to pronounce any word beginning with íVí. A work colleague said her grandmother took a Chinese herbal remedy for mouth ulcers. I immediately went to a drug store that sold Chinese herbals and asked. I was given a small box containing a glass tube of ppowder the size of half a cigarette. The product is called ĒSanjin - Watermelon FrostĒ, manufactured by the Guilin Sanjin Pharaceutical Co. Ltd at No 1 Gold Star Road, Guilin, Guangxi, Xhina. The ingrediants are Ē Watermelon Frost, Borneol, Radix Siphorae Subprostatae, Menthol, Bei-mu, Rhizoma Belamcandae, Indigo Naturalis, and Radix Glycrrhizae if that means anything to you. You sprinkle the powder on the effected area.

Then the miracle occurs.

The pain goes and within hours in my case the ulcer begins to reduce radically in size. Thirty hours and two applications later, the ulcer is causing no discomfort and has almost vanished.

Iím not into alternative medicines but in this case Iím always going to keep a tube of Watermelon Frost at hand.
Brian 8 February 05

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Watermelon Frost

27 messages in this subject.