Aspartame & Mouth Ulcers

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I eat not flour and no sugar / nothing artificial and no wheat or dairy. A friend told me that Vitamin Water zero was great and was sweetened with stevia. So, I figured I would give it a try. It would be nice to have something besides seltzer water. Well, it wasn’t so good! Wound up with a huge and very painful canker sore on the inside of my lip - my lip is very swollen and the canker sore is very painful. I did some internet searching and found this thread. Although, most of the entries site aspartame as the culprit it must be a combination of things or something else because the ones I have are seeetened with stevia. But, you can rest assured that I have drank my last vitamin water Zero. Marnie 50
Marnie 8 September 18
fREDDIE 7 January 18
I started getting mouth ulcers several years ago , after eliminating, trial and error I decided regular Mountain Dew was the culprit. When ever I drank Mountain Dew mouth ulcers would follow several hours later . It has phenylalanine in it . Do not drink Mountain Dew any more . All of a sudden I started getting mouth sore again . I chew gum , checked the ingredients there was phenylalanine. Boy that's a bummer for me . I don't think aspartame is my culprit because regular Mountain Dew doesn't have it in it .
C Stanley 1 September 17
I completely understand! But it is more than soda... Aspertame can also be found in chewing gum and even yougert... God only knowing what other foods are poisened with this substance... I stoped drinking soda sweetened with aspertame, the 'normal' soda seems to be fine... But be careful with everything else... Particulary anything that is strawberry flavored, seems to be a common 'sweetner' used...

My symptoms:

* Swollen mouth within minutes of eating, chewing, or drinking anything sweetend with aspertame... After an hour red points form... They are hot to the touch and painful... Next they form into ulcers or something like a pimple... Will be in mouth or the lips...

* My speech will become... Sloppy... Could call it slured if you like...

* If is really strong reaction... Desyness and lightheaded... Followed my bad headache...

* Treatment: Wash mouth 3 or 4 times a day with a mixture of salt water... Best if it is warm water to help the salt disolve... Seems most helpful when warm... Cold water makes it hurt more ;)

(P.S. Appologies for my spelling and grammer mistakes :)

Aspertame (America); E951 (Europe).... Other Names:......

Najmuddin 18 March 15
I'm a 41 year old female who is homebound and essentially bedridden due to a myriad of chronic illnesses: Celiac, Lupus, Non-Ankylosing Spondylitis, ReA, Sjogren's, and infections (Chronic Lyme, Chronic Yersiniosis and Mycoplasma Fermentans). Anyway, I have so many symptoms, it's extremely difficult to know what is causing what. I must avoid gluten due to my Celiac Disease. However, I also react to the following foods and NEVER eat them: dairy, soy, yeast, corn, eggs, all peppers, most nightshades... and the list goes on. Suffice it to say, I'm very sensitive. Here is where my Aspartame question arises. I have NEVER liked the taste of artificial sweeteners, so I've just never consumed them. Over the years, I've had to deal with outbreaks of oral ulcers and blood blisters (inside mouth). Recently, I've had the absolute worst outbreak in 15 years! Excruciatingly painful ulcers, lasting two weeks, all over my tongue (and one blood blister) - and they are not going away!!! I haven't eaten anything differently. Then I remembered that I started using a new lip product, a few weeks ago. It's called Stila Lip and Cheek Stain (color: Crushed Cherry). I read the ingredients, on the website, before I purchased it, and all seemed okay. However, today, when I read the ingredients listed on the box it came in, ASPARTAME was listed as an ingredient!!! I checked other websites and only about half the websites which sell this lip product, list Aspartame as an ingredient. I know it's an ingredient, for certain, as it's listed on their own box. So, here's my question: This product is not a lip stick; it's a lip stain, which means that once it is applied to the lips, it dries fast. So, it's not like I'm "consuming" this product, like I would food. Does anyone know if a lip stain containing aspartame, could cause a massive ulcer breakout? Could just a tiny bit of this stain on my lips possibly cause such a reaction? Again, unlike food, I'm not ingesting this stuff. What do you think? Anyone else experience a similar reaction caused by a lip stain, a lipstick, or a Chapstick? I would very much appreciate any thoughts on this. Thank you so much!!!
Michelle 23 January 13
I have been getting mouth ulcers for a year. I have traced it down to Vitamin water zero and Aspertame. It was clearing up and I had a diet gingerale last night and have some ulcers starting this morning. The gingerale has apertame in it.
Wally 14 December 12
Exactly three months ago I gave up eating wheat. I cut out wheat products from my diet as far as was possible, with just the occasional 'hidden wheat' product like sausages or a packet sauce.
I don't generally drink diet drinks, and only occasionally a can of pop. But this morning I had about 3 spoonfuls of Morrisons own brand baked beans with my egg and bacon breackfast, before I reached the office I had a good sized mouth ulcer developing and two more have come up during the day. Baked beans have caused me problems before, swollen lips is my usual aspertame reaction.
The reason I mention the wheat is that in giving up wheat you also give all sorts of sweet baked goods as well as jams and so on. The remarkable thing about todays ulcer is it was the first in three months.
Angela, Gibratar, 2012 22 August 12
I have a few drinks of vodka every weekend and decided about three weeks ago to use diet seven up for mix instead of regular. This article may explain why, for the last three weeks, I've developed ulcers in my mouth. I'm going to return to regular again and see if they go away. Thanks!
Shelley 8 March 12
I used to get these ALL the time. Hadn't had one in over a year, then, last night, I had -2 drinks- of coke zero. I woke up with one starting to form on the back of my mouth! This is 100% proof to ME that the aspartame is the culprit. I only had 2 drinks of the coke because aspartame also gives me migraines...I thought 2 drinks wouldn't hurt....what a mistake!
Paul 29 February 12
I am very interested in what you have said. I have suffered from mouth ulcers for years now (I am 26), even when I was a little kid. Over the past two years they have been consistant......that was until I cut out all fizzy drinks from my diet. A big culprit for me was Red Bull but I now don’t drink any pop. I take Vitamin B Complex daily and I haven’t had an ulcer last more than a day since Christmas which frankly, I find amazing.
I still get the odd one but a quick dose of Adcortyl in Oralbase and the Vit B complex seems to do the trick. My mouth has never been this good. I did have tonsillitus last week but I think that was totally different from my normal ulcers.
I hope this is of interest to you.

Kind regards,
Lucie 9 March 05
omg simon... i drink diet coke like crazy... i am going to check out that website... thanks for the lead
tj 9 March 05
ive suffered from ulcers for the last 7 years to. They first started when i had a brace fitted. now latex gloves, nuts, oats, popcorn, dried fruit, malt flake cereals .......(you get the picture) causes them. diflam spary is quite good and provides easy relief even if your out and about. i also find polos work temporarily. does anyone know if you can grow out of them?? i hope so!!!
sam 8 February 05
I fully understand the pain, nothing worse than not being able to open your mouth to speak because the pain is so intense, not to mention having to sleep with a towel underneath your head because of all the water your mouth is producing because of the ulcers. At the moment my tongue looks like it has been beaten with a baseball bat, the ulcer is massive and all around it is severely swolen, my tongue actually looks extremely disfigured at the moment.

Try the Difflam, it contains an Anasthetic which is good for the pain, it is manufactured by 3M, the cordosyl is also good, it contains chlorhexidine gluconate which appears to help the soft tissue in the mouth, when you rinse your mouth out with cordosyl, as you spit it out you will see bits of stuff which i could only descibe as skin looking stuff, it works and tastes ok too, the difflam does not taste as nice i’m affraid
Simon UK 6 February 05
I forgot to add that I have suffered from these ulcers now for 7 years.
svimom 6 February 05

I drink nothing but water, except for tonight I drank a couple of beers because my mouth ulcers were going away because I was on Prednisone pack and then they started to come back on Friday. Which means I only had one good day this week with out pain. The pain gets to intense that I get referred pain in my ears which just makes me want to twist my head off. The pain gets so bad at times that two percocets do not even touch the pain. I go to bed at night with 2 perc and a ice bad on my throat and ear to numb them. With all of us suffering like this, you would think that someone out there could, first figure out what the heck they are, and find us something that stop them or even go away within days. This is two weeks now that I have had these. How much more can someone take. But I must admit that even though I may have them for 3 to 4 weeks at a time and free for a week, they don’t seem to be as bad as last year. Does that mean I’m growing out of them - I can only pray.
svimom 6 February 05
I have suffered from Mouth Ulcers for as long as I can remember, I have had them so severe, even down my throat, my GP tried me on a gluten free diet that made no difference, A Lot of the time I generally get them before I get the flu, and I know I had mouth ulcers leading up to me being hospitalised twice with Meningitis.
As I am writing this, I have an extremely nasty bugger on the front side of my tongue, which is making me slur words and is so damn painful. I have been using Diflam Oral Rinse for the pain, basically I leave the area of my tongue which has the ulcer covered in the rinse for at least 5 minutes to let the anasthetic kick in, it allows me to eat something with far less pain. I am going to try the Lysine, may as well give it a try. The other mouthwash to look for is Cordosyl

In another light, recently doing some searches, i stumbled across an article on Aspartame (The Sugar replacement in everything diet) and was shocked at the findings, one of the syptoms of ”Aspartame’s Disease” or ”Methanol Toxicity” is severe mouth ulcers. I don’t really drink anything except Diet Coke (Caffeine Free of course) and I drink probably more than the 1Litre a day that contains over 60mg of methanol (The FDA recommend no more than 7mg of methanol as it is classed as a neurotoxin), and the information regarding the ”Wood Alchohol” in aspartame almost made me feel sick, Formaldehyde is created as well as Formic Acid which is a poison that red fire ants produce naturally.

It makes you think what the hell are they putting into things without informing of the risks. There is a good website on Aspartame

Meanwhile, I am now going to go soak my mouth in more Difflam
Simon UK 6 February 05

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Aspartame & Mouth Ulcers

16 messages in this subject.