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Hi All

I have been getting a few ulcers on my cheeks but there these 2 st the start of my throat .... man they keep coming back very often at the same place... & its not painfull .. it just feel it . I read about the other posting & understand quitting smoking might be one of causes .... cuz i quit smoking some time ... i have aslo had extensive travelling with bad food ..... my doctor told they have their own lifestyle ........ Can any of you guys tell me a non painful reaccuring ulcer (at the same spot) .. is common too ......
Raj 29 November 04
Hi Raj
Iím haveing something of the same thing right now
itís all new to me
Helena 29 November 04
Hi Raj,

Are they like little blisters/bubbles that you can pop? I have those and it comes back monthly. I donít smoke and I eat well. What else did your doctor say about them?
Leann 29 November 04
no dont try 2 pop ulcers i have tried 2 and hurt i am 9 years old and i have at least 20 monthly
dont complain im nine and i barely use any thing only warm water with some salt in it it releives the pain a lot!!!
the ulcer man 30 November 04
hi all

i visited a new specialist doc .... he told me it has occured due to me quitting on my smoking. he said that the area is very sensitive even though has the ability to heal fast. Smoking has made those areas sore and since they the area is now not being abused its opening to form these ulcers as a relative reaction. As the place cannot stop itslef from getting in contact cuz we keep eating/drinking something, the healing will be slow. (leann) Folic acid can help in healing this .... its available in small tabs .... or multi-vitamin tabs..... & drinking lots of water helps
Raj 1 December 04
Hi Raj,

Thanks for your response. Iím not sure mine are ulcers - they are painless and like a bubble that can pop. Are yours the same?
Leann 1 December 04
One more thing Raj,

What kind of specialist did you see - I might consider seeing one.
Thank you.
Leann 1 December 04
Leanne, could be you have a mucous retention cyst, check out
Dom Walton 2 December 04
Thanks Dom,

It is like that only on my soft palate. Donít know why it comes back monthly. Wish there was a dental specialist monitoring this site. Glad to have others to talk to though. It makes a world of difference.
Leann 2 December 04
Hi Leann

the doc is an ENT ... (ie Ear, Nose, Throat) specialist. food & alcohol makes a diff in curing these effectively. its better be off alcohol during this ........... i even got an advice from my friend to sing loudly so the dots might just pop out!
Raj 3 December 04
Hey Raj,

Thanks for the scoop. Are yours like little painless blisters that expand and then burst by themselves?
Leann 3 December 04

I know what you mean, I get a painless blister thing on the inside of my lip. Sometimes I can burst it. Have you found out what it is?
Rob 6 December 04
Hi Rob, I heard they are called mucocele. Mine comes back monthly in the same spot? How about yours?
Leann 6 December 04
Hi Leann, thank god I found your message. Ive been so worried but I have got exactly the same thing as you!! I have got a painless blister on the roof of my mouth that swells up and bursts randomly. Ive had it now or 4 months and it keeps re-occuring in exactly the same spot. The area around it is quite red too, is yours? Im currently going to the dentist trying to sort it out so Iíll let you know if I get any mouthwashes or anything.
Emma B
Emma B 1 April 05
Hi Emma,

I get them now once a month in random places - when I eat or brush my teeth (when saliva is being created). I went to an ENT who said that what is happening is the saliva/mucus is getting stuck in the little gland, it swells, then bursts. He said not to worry about it. I also asked my dermatologist and dental hygenist - they both get them as well. They told me not to worry the mucus gets trapped sometimes. Iím not sure why this just started for me all of a sudden. Maybe hormonal changes, who knows. Let me now how you make out.
Leann 23 April 05

How did you make out with this?
Leann 15 May 05

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repeated ones

16 messages in this subject.