Do Antibiotics cause ulcers

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Hi everyone

I have recently been taking a strong course of antiboitics for a sinus problem, and my ulcers certainly seemed to worsen. I was still taking my multibionta tablets, using the SLS free toothpaste and also doing my daily lysterine mouthwash, and I do know that antibiotics can have nasty side effects with regards to your stomach (if you catch my drift - which incidently the multibionta also help to regulate!), and I was wondering whether other people had noticed if they also cause ulcers to worsen? Does anyone have any remedies to combate this?

Since finishing the course of antibiotics - which incidently didnít work, my ulcers have improved again - there must be a connection! Any thoughts???

Nicki 13 October 04
Hello Nicki,
I havenít noticed that my ulcers worsen when on Antibiotics but to be honest I havenít had any antibiotics for a while so I probably wouldnít have put any worsening of my ulcers down to the antibotics....if you get my garbled explaination!
But I do know that I get an upset stomach when on them and so usually make sure I eat some live yoghurt.
I have a git on my lip at the moement...

Lucie 13 October 04
Hi Lucie - nice to finally talk to you, I have read a lot of your conversations on other message boards!!

Touch wood, I am pretty clear at the moment, (bugger, shouldnít say that, bet I get that tingling feeling later). I have suffered with mouth ulcers for years and years, but find that the worst are those on your tongue or tonsil. I have tried numerous different treatments, ranging from Bonjela (!), to steriods. I have also been down the food allergy route, but to be honest I havenít really found anythihng that helps in the long term.

I discovered this site about 2 months ago and find the information on here far more useful than that of any doctor, or so called specialist. I have been using the Enamel SLS free toothpaste, multibionta and lysteriene mouthwash, which are working (at the moment) pretty well. I still get ulcers but they are smaller, less painful and shorter in their duration, but who knows how long it will last.

I have noticed a possible trend towards the Ētime of the monthĒ, so I wonder whether their is hormonal connection. There probably isnít but I find it difficult to believe the myth that the medical proffession tells you that their is no reason for mouth ulcers, a bit difficult to believe.

Hope your lip is feeling better today - I hate those ones because you talk funny and makes your lips soo sticky.

Nicki 14 October 04
Hi Nicki

I donít have any experience with antibiotics, but the Ētime of the monthĒ thing definately holds true for me. Aside from almost always having ulcers in my mouth, I am sure to get worse the week before my period. For the last 2 months I took extra iron and Bcomplex vitamines during that time and it seemed to reduce the amount of ulcers. Letís see if the luck continues...

shorty 14 October 04
Hello Nicki!
...I may have a few other messages on other boards!!!
Am pleased to hear that you are pretty clear at the moment (shhh...!), I agree the worse ones are on your tongue or tonsils (just pure hell). The one on my lip is much better - this is AMAZING as I only got it yesterday!!! It is now weeny and not much of a problem (makes my lips a bit sticky though). I zapped it with Adcortyl in Oralbase last night and will do so again tonight.

I have definately found not drinking Red Bull and other fizzy drinks a bonus for me. I havenít drunk any for about three weeks now and my mouth is much healthier, Iíll keep doing this as well as SLS free toothpaste. I am still getting ulcers but they are within the realms of ínormalí! and I can cope with those!

I have often wondered about getting ulcers at íthe time of the monthí and so from now I shall try to take more of a note - Iíll keep you posted!

I hope you are well,

Speak soon,

Lucie 14 October 04
Hi Lucie

Have a little one coming on my tongue - knew I shoudnít have said anything!!

Thats interesteing to hear you are trying a fizz free diet - I may try that - I do drink a lot actually.

I am intrigued to know more about the Adcortyl in Oralbase??

Take Care

Nicki 15 October 04
Hello Nicki,

Iíve got another on my lip!!! Bugger.....but it is smaller!!

I tended to drink a lot of Redbull due to working long hours and never having enough sleep (am a copper...) and it was suggested by a work pal to stop drinking it and see what far I am much better. I donít drink any other fizz pop now but I can see that lapsing but as long as I donít drink too much I reckon I may be okay - anything to try and keep control of the little gits!

Adcortyl in Oralbase can be bought over the counter. I think it is a steriod based cream - check the site for contents!! It feels really grosse in your mouth so I only use it at nightime but it kind of puts a protective coating over the sore and I have noticed a speedy rocvery from using it. I would recommend it. It comes in a tiny tube and I think is about £ only need a little dab!

Hope you have a wild Friday night planned....I am working!

Keep smiling,
Lucie 15 October 04
Hi Guys

Thanks Shortie for your comments - I forgot to mention that earlier - maybe I will try to up my Multibionta dose the week before I am due on to see if that helps! There must be a connection, I donít think it can be coincidental, if you have also noticed a pattern.

Hey Lucie

Have got one coming on side of tongue - they always feel soo deep - never mind, such is life.

Hope you are well - and that work wasnít too busy, although on a Friday night, I guess it nothing but Busy. (I work at a Mags Court, am PA to Chief Exec!!). Have had a busy day myself, and went straight out for dinner after work - so I am going to go and have an early night.

Have a good weekend. Take Care


Nicki 15 October 04
If you find Multibionta is helping a lot, you may also want to try out Acidophilus, in case that is the particular ingredient that is helping.
Dom Walton 18 October 04
Hi I am new to this site. I have three huge mouth ulcers at the moment - agony. Interesting that I am at Ēthat time of the monthĒ too.
Jean 18 October 04
I had a bad case of ulcers during July,Aug and some of sept,I finally made a dentist appt,so I hope I can go to that,sigh!
I had a canker that started to come out and I took L-Lysine and yogert and acidophilus and they little bastard went away =) I have no idea why..I have been trying to get to the dentist for months now,but he told me if I have canker sores,he wonít see me or do any dental work,he thinks it is contagious but he donít know much about canker sores,no surprise to me
Gail 19 October 04
Hi Gail...If I were you I would NOT go to a dentist who thinks canker sores are contagious!!!...what a jerk!!! I have found dentists know even less than doctors...when went to the dentist last year he knew nothng about canker sores!!!!!!! Lucille...p.s read my post on... if it aint broke donít fix it...wanted to hear some feedback if some people get more canker sores at a certain time of the now when itís fall and change of seasons....Lucille
Lucille 19 October 04
Hi same as many of you I am taking a strong antibiotic for my sinus and have blisters on the side of my tongue and under and also a side of my mouth....yes probably there is a connection between antibiotics and this....Anny
July 2011
Anny 22 July 11
I've been getting these painful tongue ulcers for years. It took me a long time to realize they erupted whenever I took antibiotics for something else. They were often treated with antibiotics by doctors who didn't have a clue as to what caused them. Obviously, they would last as long as I took the antibiotics. I found that the only thing that actually works to alleviate the pain is something called "Ulcer Ease" or "Perooxyl" Both get swished around the mouth for a few minutes and really do help.
Barb 24 December 11
hiii am suffer of thi ulcer my tooth had bren plucked dentist prescribed me antibiotics my inner walls of chin started with ulcer and the size of the ulcer became large.its so painful.... hell on antiboitcs
christin 5 April 14
I never knew mouth ulcers were worsened from antibiotics, but i have been on them for a few weeks now, ingrown toenail, still got another course and surgery next week(on toe) but OMG my ulcers have been awful, i have five right now, i even had one on my lip 3 weeks ago that bled! awful, dr did blood test but b12's were good, just low iron so on 400mg a day of ferrous formarate, had them all my life usually just period time, i stopped taking the acidophilus tablets cause i thought that was making them worse.
shazray 10 March 15
I have been on 875mg twice a day for the past 7 days. I have laryngitis and the meds seem to be doing the job. Except, 5 days into the course, I developed sores throughout my mouth. I've been using a canker sore med. Earlier in this thread, someone suggested using a peroxide wash. I will try that now. Thanks to all for your experiences.
David 4 May 15
I was given anti inflammatory drug Naproxen to help wth joint pain. After I week my whole mouth : tongue ,pallette ,lips were completely ulcerated. I had to go on a course of antibiotics After, and have blood test to see my blood count wasn't damaged. Not funny.
Vivian may 2015 20 May 15
i am on antibiotic for treatment of prostate infection from 3 weeks i am using Ciprofloxain 500 twice a day, med are working to recover my problem but off and on sore in throat and ulcer in mouth is coming please help is it due to Med or some thing else
Adeel 8 June 15
Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria but also the good ones. I always get moutth ulcers during the course of antibiotics. A steady dose of vitamins especially vitaminC and probiotic live culture yogurt helps me in a lot.
Cynthia 29 June 15
I had my wisdom teeth pulled last week and so I am currently taking Penicillin. However, the oral surgeon tore up my lip which is now covered in sores. Do you think I should stop my antibiotics?
Francine 21 July 15
Corlan hydrocortisone pellets from the pharmacist work really well. If you can get one to stick to the ulcer and let I'd dissolve on it overnight it'll be pain-free and almost gone by the morning. They're great and really cheap too!
Ro 23 August 15
I am taking antibiotics for sinus infection. Recently, I developed mouth sores. I am using salt water and peroxide to flush. Any other ideas. I have 7 days to go on the medicine.
JAJ 10 January 16

I also suffer from mouth sores when I take antibiotics, and I came upon a solution that works for me. I rinse my mouth 4 times a day with warm water and salt (1 1/2 teaspoons to 4 ounces of water). I also take 2 probiotics a day (Culturelle - in the morning and evening). After 2 days, the mouth sores were barely noticeable. During the first 2 days, I also took Advil to reduce the pain.

Hope this helps.
John 28 January 16
I'm taking antibiotics, and now I have a bad red, raised painful tongue. Ugh....
Cb 9 May 16
I've suffered from antibiotic-driven mouth sores all of my life. Yoghurt, probiotics & acidophilus supplements all help expedite rcovery. Either warm salt water rinses or peroxide gargles, definitely sooth & facilitate healing. Some cold sores strongly suggest a hormonal relationship. Worse, I developed a far more sinister reaction to these same common, broad spectrum antibiotics; C Dif AKA, highly resistant diarrhea that can be life-threatening. Good news? Was credibly advised the "monthly" mouth sores tend to disappear, once post-menopausal. Yippee! Kath
Kath A. Walker, Esq. 4 June 16
Hey bros,

I got some antibiotic pills which cuased mouth uclers , any advise for a speedy recovery please?
Hakim 1 September 16
I wondering would a course of antibiotics clear my mouth ulcers up I've had them for a month now
Ann Morgan 16 December 16
I got some antibiotic pills which cuased mouth uclers , any advise for a speedy recovery please?
Hakim 1 September 16
tony c 20 January 17
I have had 3 bouts of h.pylori over a period and have had to take very high doses of antibiotics on each recurremce.. I have had take about 1110mg per day for 7 days of each of these drugs on three separate occasions. The two drugs that seem to create the sore tongue are metronidazole and for this latest bout, doxycycline. I am allergic to penicillin so have limited options. I have mever had any success with any treatmemt. Only 3 days to go on this treatmemt, so will have to grin and bear it I guess. Unfortunately the symptoms take quite a bit of time to go away after cessation of treatment.
Sondra Hodgkinson 8 March 17
I'm taking amoxicillin 500mg andclarythromycin 500mg for pneumonia and pharyngitis, now I have a very painful tongue ,is there a connection please?

Patricia viant 3 September 17
my child (2 years) was taking antibiotics for an abscess in his tooth, the doctor changed the antibiotics twice during this period,now my child has sores and ulcers on his inner side of the lips and tongue. also he is feverish and feeling tired. any advise please, by the way, we stopped the antibiotic 1 day ago.
othman 8 November 17
I have had for about a week now ulcers on the inside of my right gum and insidd my upper lip also a large very painful one under my tongue i have reinsed with baking soda and salt water which hurts like pure fire I also rinsed with poroxide and nothing is working please God can anyone help me ?
Bill 21 January 18
Today I realized why I have soars inside of my mouth, as I am taking Doxycycline for an infection. Last time I went to see my dentist, he prescribed "ACYCLOVIR 400 MG TABLETS" aggressively he had me take it four times a day for 5 days. Gave me 2 refills and told me as soon as I am finished with one refill the next. My soars disappeared completely. In retrospect I was taking Doxycycline at the time. Now as I am taking it again, the soars reappeared. Very painful and I refilled the third prescription and I already feel better.
Fauz 5 June 18

Any solutions other than yogurt / probiotics / peroxide?

I am in the uk so canít get peroxide and I am allergic to yogurt/ probiotics (indeed am on a microlide as I am allergic to penicillin and have chest infection).
Sore mouth 1 July 18
How soon after did anyone notice mouth ulcers after taking antibiotic?
Chad 15 October 18

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Do Antibiotics cause ulcers

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