Colchicine stops canker sores

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I have just been given colchicine tablets by my consultant so hoping they will work. Iíve been getting ulcers for the past 5 years since I stopped smoking, pure pain!! I used to get betamethasone which was great but I canít get them anymore.
Dave Robertson 10 May 19
I have been having canker sores for as long as I can remember. When I used to smoke I would constantly have them in pairs sometimes on the tip of my tongue, inside cheeks, or even gums. But the cigarettes somehow made the pain bearable and sores would only last a couple of days. Ever since I quit smoking these bastards are from hell. They literally are ruining my life. I have been put on colchicine 1mg twice a day and, Prednisone 10 mg a day a mouthwash with Solupred Oro 20 mg twice a day. These are three different corticosteroids. Well guess what? The sores shrank and I have no more pain. Waiting to see if it actually prevents them. Just glad something seems ti be wirking.
YAZZ 17 October 18
Any of these people still taking colchicine have they had any side effects .i was obit for 2 months and was ulcer free but about after a week of stopping taking them they were back with a vengeance .
Yvonne 13 January 18
I have suffered from mouth ulcers for over 50 years. I started taking Colchicine. 2 pills a day and the ulcers went away withing 3 days. When I stop taking Colchicine the ulcers come back.
Elazar Sheffer 11 December 16
Jasmine, I've used Colchicine in the past, 3 tablets a day and it seemed to work in the 3 months I used it but I had to stop because it gave me quite some stomach/bowels upsets.. Hopefully it will work for you. I'm using Azathioprine now and so far it's going ok. Good luck. -Rob
Rob 29 September 16
I been getting cancker sores all my life since I can remember when I was about 4 years old I'm 25 now and my doctor finally sent me to a autoimmune doctor she prescribed me Cholchicine 0.6 mg she tested me for Bechet's disease but it showed I didn't have it I'm so scare to take this new medicine i"'m real iffy with new medicinces I'm dying to see if it would work for my canker sores. Did anyone else that tried it had any problems
jasmine 29 September 16
Hi everyone.. if you get chronic mouth ulcers, brush your teeth more, eat less sugar, but most of all gargle with hydrogen peroxide.. Like 10% hydrogen peroxide 90% water. For 2 to 3 mins twice daily for two days... trust me it works wonders!! 10 June 16
My rheumatologist just put me on Colchicine 0.6mg twice a day for painful bumps I get in my mouth. I also get burning sensation in my mouth. They never erode or ulcerate just hard bumps that pop up and only on the roof of my mouth. My sister has Lupus so we are thinking it is something autoimmune related, but I don't have any official diagnosis. Since taking I have developed a terrible sore throat. Has anyone ever experienced this.
Gicki 14 May 16
I am a dentist and I am a SjŲgren's sindrome and Gout patient. In the dental field Colchicine is not known. My reumathologyst prescribed Colchicine for gout. My severe mouth ulcers and inflammation of the gums went away in 10 days. I have found out with my symptoms and signs that M.D.s are not too familiar with mouth diseases. Anyways Colchicine worked for me!
Martha DDS 18 November 15
My daughter now 9 has been suffering from canker sores for 3 years! Today she was prescribed Colchicine by her pediatric rheumatologist. I am a little skeptical about any kind of medication for her, but at this point am willing to try it under my close watch for side effects. Thank you for your stories. I have been researching for months and have never come across anything like this.

thanks again and best of health to you all
Momma of 5
Momma of 5 20 July 11
my oral surgeon told me that mine looked like pempnigus...anyone heard of that one???
ps sound like me, i get about 50 at a time is debilitating
jennifer 4 November 04
I am so sorry to read of your situation. I am dumbfounded that with everything you are doing nothing is helping, especially the Colchicine. Donít give up looking for an answer. It is so depressing going through this type of illness because you arenít sick by a textbook type of definition. I am seeing a dermatologist who helped me more than all the other doctors Iíd seen combined. She is just the type of person who didnít think I was just a whiner and had told me not to give up on her that she would find an answer for me. That was about a year ago. Iím glad I continued with her. I hope your doctor has that type of committment to your medical care. Even with my dermatologist being very committed, I was still a pain and would keep her closely informed of what was going on with me. After about 6 months my sypmtoms really got her attention due to my persistence I believe and she would bring up my case at conferences she attended etc. She kept her word and didnít give up on me.

Hang in there and good luck!
Betty Boop 3 November 04
I started taking 1.2mg of Colchicine a day Oct. 15, 04. My ulcers never went away and are now back with a vengeance. My top and bottom lip are covered all across the front of my mouth. I also have them on the tip,the side, and under my tongue. I have them on both sides of my mouth and toward the back of my throat. My doctor has me an appointment with a rheumatologist next week. I have suffered with ulcers for over thirty years, but never anything like the last year and a half. I must have really done something to piss somebody off, paybacks a bitch. I am still taking Colchicine, Lysine,vitamins,stress pills,and brushing with toothpaste with no Lauryl Sulfates. I have tried Clobetasol and steroids, I still get ulcers. I donít want to take Thalidamide. I just keep hoping and praying that they will find out what set off this major episode. I quit drinking alcohol 11 months ago to see if it helped, it didnít, but I decided not to drink anyway.
TomR 3 November 04
Has anybody tried Colchicine since I started this message? Just curious if it worked for anyone else.
Betty Boop 2 November 04
It seemed like it helped me immediately. I was fortunate in that I started taking it right at the time a few sores were healing and no new ones had started yet. It did seem to help the ones I had heal quicker. Maybe you need to be on a higher dose. My doctor told me not to get discouraged if it didnít help as she could adjust the dosage. I was just fortunate that .6mg twice daily was all I need.

I donít think this treatment is very widely known eventhough you were aware of it. I just think it could help some others so I really want to get the word out. Iíve tried Lysine, Zinc, Vitamin B etc. and nothing made any difference. I realize Colchicine is just masking whatever is really causing the canker sores but I really donít care at this point. Iím just happy to not have them!!
Betty Boop 2 October 04
Well, I think I am actually going to suggest I try Colchicine again - it was a long time ago that I was on it and perhaps thinking back, I wasnít on it long enough to notice any benefit... Did you find that you had to wait a period of time before you felt any better taking Colchicine?
Paul C 1 October 04
Well, Iím by no means any type of expert. My doctor had been to a conference a few months ago and this condition was discussed. Apparently, she thought of me! Here is a link that can discuss it better than I am able.

I do not have cyclic neutropenia however, I do believe going down this path helped my doctor to find the Colchicine solution. She explained that Colchicine essentially helps scatter my neutrophils which prevents them from causing my ulcers (or canker sores!). So, far Iím canker sore free!
Betty Boop 1 October 04
Thanks Betty - no my ulcers donít seem to follow any set pattern really, but interesting point of view there..
Paul C 30 September 04
Cyclic Neutropenia? Betty could you give us more information on this, Iív never heard of neutrophils.
Ed 30 September 04
I donít know if your canker sores seem to follow a pattern as far as time. For instance, do they seem to erupt every 12 days etc.? One thing my doctor was looking at was Cyclic Neutropenia. Just something else to consider. She had me get a blood draw each time I got a new canker sore to check the neutrophil count in my blood. If the neutrophils drop abnormally low she said it could be causing the canker sores. Although for you, if this is the case, Iím surprised the Colchicine didnít help since this drug effects the neutrophils too.

Just something else to consider and something I had never heard of before my doctor mentioned it.
Betty Boop 30 September 04
Thanks Betty - interesting ... I donít think I have any problems with my eyes - apart from being a tad short sighted (!) but I will still enquire when I next go to Guys in October

Paul C
Paul C 29 September 04
Well, obviously Guyís Hospital is one up on my docs. Guess that is why they call it Ēpracticing medicineĒ.

I know there is no test to identify that you have Behcetís. It is by exclusion. Obviously, canker sores is one symptom. My doctor thought because my cankers got very large and took so long to heal that it might be more symptomatic of Behcetís. She had me get an eye exam. I wasnít having any problems with my eyes but she needed to rule that out. Since I checked out okay she determined it must not be Behcetís. Apparently, there is swelling in your eyes with Behcetís.

Unfortunately, there is no quick answer.

Good Luck!
Betty Boop 29 September 04
Well, I was referred to Guyís Hospital in London to investigate my ulcers and was told by them, that this is a pretty standard type treatment, once youíve been referred to an oral specialist.

Funny you should mention about Behchetís actually.. I was going to ask the hospital about this on my next appointment... Do you know any more about this ie symptoms/testing for it??

Paul C
Paul C 28 September 04
I was referred to many specialists and this was never mentioned as Ēstandard treatmentĒ. The dermatologist I have been seeing researched to find this solution for me. So, it doesnít seem so standard in the United States either.

Iím sorry to hear it didnít help you. Have you been tested for Behcetís or Cyclic Neutropenia? Just curious.
Betty Boop 28 September 04
I would add for our UK readers that Colchicine, although often a Ēstandard treatmentĒ if you are referred to a specialist, is not often recognised by G.Pís.

I was put on to Colchicine via my specialist in London and my GP admitted to never having heard of this treatment for mouth ulcers. So, just to say, if you are in the UK and wanting to mention this to your Doctor, be prepared for him to not know anything about this treatment for ulcers!

By the way, is sadly did nothing for me.

Paul C
Paul C 27 September 04
Yes, I am from the United States. Where are you from?

As far as side effects are concerned, my doctor told me diarrhea is most common. I never experienced any side effects however. I do know that you donít want to take too much of this particular drug. You can get a sort of poisoning. I only take 1.2mg/day and that is doing the trick for me.

Good Luck!
Betty Boop 27 September 04
Well I am definetly going to mention this to my doctor because right now iíll try anything....thanx for the responds.....iíll tell you if it works for me......where are you from? the US??? what are the side effects???
Liz 27 September 04
Well I am definetly going to mention this to my doctor because right now iíll try anything....thanx for the responds.....iíll tell you if it works for me......where are you from? the US???
Liz 27 September 04
I was tested for Behcetís Disease and thankfully do not have it since it effects your eyes too. That is something for anyone with the canker sore problem to have their doctor rule out. Unfortunately, there is no specific test you can do for Behcetís. It is only by ruling out things that you come to the conclusion that must be what you have. I know that sounds a little crazy. I had an eye examine by an opthamologist (sp?) NOT an optometrist (no offense to them). They ruled out Behcetís for me.

I think my doctor finally gave up trying to give whatever it is that I have a name. Instead she tried to just treat my symptoms. Iím very thankful for that! Iím on .6mg of Colchicine twice a day. I donít know if she will ever reduce the amount or eventually take me off of it. At this point, Iím very content to be on it the rest of my life. It is working!! I had canker sores continuously for a couple of years now. Obviously, something in my body triggered it but who knows what. I would have 2-5 canker sores at a time. As they would heal I would get a few more. So, I never seemed to be without them. Colchicine has been around for awhile which makes me a bit more confident in taking it regarding side effects etc. Prior to finding this solution my doctor talked about putting me on Immune suppressent drugs that organ transplant patients take although not as strong of a dose. Apparently, this is done also for patients who have Behcetís. My doctor knew I wasnít very excited about that course of action. Thankfully, she researched more and found this solution. I have been seeing this particular doctor for a couple of years so it was definitely a process to get to this point. Please check with your doctor about taking this drug. If he/she blows you off regarding it press them for a reason why this wouldnít work for you. I want to shout this from the rooftops as a solution which is why I made the post on this site. For some reason, this solution is not well known. Word definitely needs to get out and I feel a bit responsible to help that happen! I would be very curious to see if you have the same results with this drug as I have had.

Thanks for responding to my post!
Betty Boop 26 September 04
Hey through research just wanted to let you know that Colchicine is also used for people with Behcets Disease check it out you might have that???
liz 26 September 04
Iím definetly going to mention this solution to my doctor...but tell me is it something you use everyday or when you have the ulcers....and did u get alot of ulcers or only a couple. Because I have been suffering from this for 2 years now and I get so many I canít even eat or talk its ruining my life and Iím thinking I might have to quite my job because I canít go in when Iím any info please let me know. Thank you!
Liz 25 September 04
I have been suffering for a few years with constant canker sores. I have been seeing numerous doctors to find an answer. Many doctors are no help at all. I got extremely fortunate to find a doctor that has really hung in there with me and was not satisfied to just throw up her hands and tell me I was just going to have to suffer with them indefinitely. She spent a lot of time researching and has put me on a drug called Colchicine. It has been around for a long time and is typically used to treat Gout. I definitely do NOT have Gout. Since being on Colchicine I have had ZERO canker sores. I cannot say that for any other remedies and believe me I have tried them all. I just wanted to get the word out since I know how painful these things can be. I have no idea why this solution is not widespreadly known. I was able to find a study done by searching that states the benefits some individuals reaped who have canker sores and who took Colchicine. So, there are more individuals than just me. (If you look for the article youíll have to put in canker sores and Colchicine otherwise youíll get a bunch of stuff about Gout).

Colchicine is a drug so you will need to go to your doctor to get a prescription for it. It is pretty inexpensive though!

Please let me know if this solution helps any others. I am extremely thankful for this solution!
Betty Boop 24 September 04

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Colchicine stops canker sores

32 messages in this subject.