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I have suffered from ulcers for years. It starts with a swollen face then the large ulcers form ALL OVER my mouth with my lips sticking together and bleeding! I am sometimes prescribed steroids for it (when I cannot bare it any longer) which is the only way to stop the swelling, and hence the resulting ulcers. The whole thing will last about 3 weeks without steroids. The attack can be about twice a year. It's absolutely terrible!
Liz August 2016 3 August 16
I had suffered from mouth ulcers for years and took every supplement (vit c vit b and multivitamin ) never cleared because by complete chance discovered I was allergic to tomatoes not the vine tomato - the round tomato! and when I discovered this and cut this particular variety out of my diet never got a mouth ulcer after that
Claire 25 June 16
Lately I noticed when I take vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), dose: 5000 mcg. I get an ulcer! Additionally I take B-100 complex everyday. Sometimes you find a trigger and stop it, but years later another thing triggers it and good luck finding the new trigger in the following months or years... Anyways the two most successful things for numbing the ulcer are: Arak (Arabian alcohol), soak a tissue & keep it on the ulcer for several minutes. Cloves powder, put it directly on the ulcer. I think one of the best advices is keep your body alkaline (carrot juice). Best of luck everyone :)
Vahram Nersessian 18 June 16
Hi I suffer extremely bad from mouth ulcers as well. I have drove myself mad trying to find out what was triggering these awful things. I almost have been in constant outbreak for the past two years. I have been to the doctors a few times to get checked and everything always come back healthy. So far the best remedies that I feel has helped me the most is a balanced diet, and this magically mouthwash that was prescribed dexamathosone. (Spelling may be way off) but it sounded out like that. It helps ALOT! I would recommend to anyone who gets them as serious as I do. GOODLUCK everyone . Best Wishes!
LF 23 February 14
can I take B complex injection instead of tablets
cony 25 December 13
The regular B complex vitamin has a mixture of Bís and some are not watersoluable so donít increase that one just stick with the one a day. If you want to try the plain B12 you can take megadoses. If you start out with the Oral Medication try the 1000 mcg dose. Use sublingual if you like. Just titrate it to the dose you need to be painfree. Iíve kept the ulcers in check by the way my tongue feels and if feels gritty or there is a reddening, I take another pill. Iím an RN so Iíve felt quite safe with this regime.
Georgia in Pittsburg 13 April 07
See my new subject íMiracle cure or flook?í Having read this lot, I think it must be the Vit B which has brought about my miracle cure. Iím eating a low carb/no sugar diet and have cut all the rubbish out of my diet, also gave up alcohol for 2 weeks and have hardly touched it since. Am becoming a self righteous cow but if the ulcers have stopped I donít care!
Sarah 12 April 07
Please give it a go take 1 a day when you have no ulcers then i personally will take up to 3 a day when i do have one or two. So far i havent had any in a bout 2 weeks and the ones i had healed great they even stopped hurting about 5 days before they finished healing. I have bit my cheek, scalded my mouth and eaten sharp food these things woulf normally cause ulcers but so far i am doing great. Good Luck everyone! together we will all find relief at least!
Ryan 10 April 07
I was getting more desperate than my husband with regards to apthous cankers -- and HEíS the one suffering it. I finally got him to take L-Lysine upon someoneís suggestion on this site and use an SLS free toothpaste. He hasnít had an attack in months! prior to that suggestion, he had been getting these ulcers continuously for the last four years with a break/no ulcer outbreak of less than two weeks in between attacks at itís best. Additionally, heís now taking vit B complex, but because we started with L-Lysine, it seems to have done the trick for him. It may not work for everyone, but it worked for us and I am just soooo thankful!
bixdee 28 June 06
Man, Iíve got one right on the end of my tongue and boy is it a pain. And whatís worse, I canít leave it alone, I canít bring myself to quite messing with it. Plus, this doctor I went to gave me some type of faomy something or another, I think it was ĒApthasol,Ē he then gave me some ĒTriamcinolone AcetonideĒ after I had went back stating the former didnít work and there really didnít seem to be much difference to me. Both were kinda foamy and put some kinda bubble around it, and both caused me a horrific amount of pain and swelling and earaches, so I stoped using it; thatís not supposed to happen. Iíve been putting salt on it and seems to numb it for a little bit but thatís all. Iíve been putting ĒAnbesolĒ on it and that doesnít do too much and this Benzocaine doesnít help either. Course I canít stop grating it against my teeth so that could be another problem, it hurts but I just canít leave it be.

I really need something to NUMB it.
Roy 13 June 06
I have had problem of mouth ulcers since childhood. I canít explain in words how irritating they are, they dry up the mouth, you cannot eat anything, feel thirsty esp. while sleeping.

My observations why they are caused:
1. Lack of sleep
2. Stress

For the past 4 years I have been taking one tablet of Vitamin B complex everyday.
That has really reduced their occurence.

Also, if you get them, increase your dose of Vitamin B complex for a week and you should be able to get them in control.

Lack of Vitamin B complex is root of the problem.

Some say eating spicy food does but I do not buy that.
Varun 5 June 06
hi evry1 ive been suffering mouth ulcers since last July and am going mad!!! ive been in and outh the doctors and have been put on b12 supplements 3 times a day but dont really feel like they have worked at all! am going bak to the docs tonight as i have a huge ulcer right on the tip of my tongue biggest ive ever had and its agony !! does anyone else get earache when they get ulcers ??
Gillz 10 January 05
It contains B1, B6 and B12, which are the important vitamins for fighting off ulcers according to my doctor of some time ago, and various others like folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and zinc. It is an Australian brand made by Roche and it is thought to be a very good hangover cure by many Australians. I have to admit it does seem to help a lot if you remember to take it before going to bed after drinking too much! Itís sort of orange flavoured and tastes quite nice.
Plum 8 January 05
Plum...What exactly is Berocca?..please let me know...thanks Lucille
Lucille 8 January 05
I used to take a vitamin b tablet every now and then and usually only when my mouth was very sore and for a while this worked quite well but then it was almost as though I built up a resistence to itís benefits. I was so pleased to find that the soluable Beroccas taken on a daily basis have been so affective. I hope other people have the same luck as me. I have suffered ulcers all my life and instead of having at least 3 or 4 ulcers that take three weeks to clear up I only have one and itís not that painful. In fact I am now realising why we sufferers donít get a lot of sympathy from other people because I think when they get ulcers they donít sting the way we know them to do - they are probably like the one I have now which on a pain level of 1 to 10 is about 2. Try the soluable Berocca regime I have been on and see if it works for you.
Plum 8 January 05
I think Vitamin B complex has helped me too. My problem is that I tend to forget to take the tablets for weeks at a time until I get a sore from biting a lip or cheek. Then I begin taking them again. I also think one has to take the tablets until some minimum level of the vitamins in the system is established. Then it is probably enough to take one tablet a week. It is probably a lifetime regimen.
TomF 4 January 05
Thatís great news from Robin. She used to post regularly here and I did notice her absence. Lets hope that the Vit B continues to do the trick. Best wishes Robin.
Dom Walton 4 January 05
I have been taking Baroccas every day which is a vitamin complex with reasonably high doses of Vit. B. It has made such a difference to the ulcers. They appear but clear up with in a few days and are not nearly so painful. This is a great method of improving the ulcer problem because they can be bought from super markets and chemists rather than trying to get doctors to take and interest and prescription drugs. They go on my shopping list on a regular basis now. Previously I took vitamin B to try and get rid of existing ulcers but now I take them every day whether I have ulcers or not and this has been very effective. I find the soluble Baroccas the best as it helps sooth the ulcers in your mouth before swallowing.
Plum 4 January 05
Hi Friends. Itís about a year since I last wrote in. Having suffered from mouth ulcers all of my life and tried just about every suggestion - including having all my top teeth removed, because they were badly shaped and kept catching on my tongue - (that helped but not a whole lot !!) I eventually took the advice of a friend and have been taking 1 Vit B complex tablet every night for practically a year. Nothing happened for about three weeks and then I did notice a difference - the ulcers didnít last so long and werenít quite so painful. Theye eventually disappeared altogether (after about 65 years !!!). I donít imagine this will work for everyone, but do give it a try and remember, you probably wonít have instant results anyway. At least itís a whole lot better than those revolting pastes and has the benefit of promoting healing for all sorts of minor problems. I probably wonít write again, no longer having the need!, so I wish you all the very best and hope that like me, you can eventually rid yourselves of what is indeed a hidious problem. Regards Robin J.
Robin 3 January 05
Paul C,
It would be difficult for me to guage the effect of milk and sugar on my ulcers as I donít really consume a great deal of either....though having said that I have just scoffed a Marathon though I would deem that as medicinal...;-)
Lucie 13 October 04
I never eat ice cream because I believe that milk and sugar are the most destructive forces in the universe. However, during my ulcers attack, the only foods I could consume were ice cream and chicken broth. Iíve been using ice cream occasionally since then for medicinal purposes (ha). Not only does it soothe major and minor irritations but also speeds healing.
The Other Paul 13 October 04
Thanks for your advice.
I do still get ulcers with Vit B complex but they are so much easier to deal with - smaller, speedy healing time and generally do affect me in the drastic way that they did before. I donít get so many - I am ulcer-free at the moment!!:-)
I had noticed that my urine was yellowy though....thanks Tom for that snippet!
Lucie 11 October 04
Thanks for your advice.
I do still get ulcers with Vit B complex but they are so much easier to deal with - smaller, speedy healing time and generally do affect me in the drastic way that they did before. I donít get so many - I am ulcer-free at the moment!!:-)
I had noticed that my urine was yellowy though....thanks Tom for that snippet!
Lucie 11 October 04
If you find that the urine is a bright yellow after taking a Vitamin B complex, it may ease your mind (as it did mine) to read that this is considered a harmless effect of the Vitamin B-2, riboflavin, in the complex.
TomF 11 October 04
If you find that the urine is a bright yellow after taking a Vitamin B complex, it may ease your mind (as it did mine) to read that this is considered a harmless effect of the Vitamin B-2, riboflavin, in the complex.
TomF 11 October 04
Hi Lucie
Folic Acid is advised for pregnancy, it helps prevent babies being born with Spinal Bifida. All women planning to have a child are advised to take it. Folic acid I think just comes with the Vitamin B Complex so i donít know if it is the B Vitamin or Folic Acid or both that prevent mouth ulcers. It shows you that if this vitamin has been scientifically proven to be strong enough to reduce Spinal Bifida in babies being born, itís got to be strong enough to prevent other things like the dreaded mouth ulcer.
So do you still get the ulcers even though you are taking Vitamin B?????????
Pauline 11 October 04
Vit B complex is really helping me - especially my healing time is now down from two weeks to about three days which is amazing!! I also find Adcortyl in Oralbase good - though I hate it in my mouth.
Pardon my ignorance but what does Folic Acid do?
Lucie 7 October 04
Hi Lucie, the Pauls and Keenan

The vitamin B complex has definitely worked for me, I am a changed woman!! after I gave up smoking at 24 I suffered for about 10 years with 4 to 10 whoppers at a time. I used to be in agony and talk with a lisp. During the 10 yrs I was pregnant 3 times and whilst pregnant never got ulcers. It then dawned on me that when you are pregnant you are advised to take Vit B and Folic acid which I did. In between pregnancies I didnít and thatís when I got them back again.

At the beginning of this year I started taking Vit B and 3 weeks after, I stopped getting ulcers....yipee, yahoo. When on Hols in the summer I stopped talking them and they came back. I am now taking B again and I am ulcer free.

Try it, it works but you have to take it consistently.
Pauline (UK) 6 October 04
Vitamin B-12 seems to work for me. I used to get ulcers about once or twice a month, but since I started taking a daily dose of B-12, I havenít had any in about 5 or six months. Gotta love it, but I hear it doesnít work for everyone.
Keenan 29 September 04
We have fluoride in USA water but I never drink it. Only drink bottled water which probably has toxic waste, radioactivity and dead fish but no fluoride.
The Other Paul 24 September 04
Good point Other Paul! They put floride in our water??? Do you have that their with all your whiter than white smiles?!!
Nothing bad happens in the UK either - they just make it up in the news....
Lucie 24 September 04
Also noticed that a lot of these posts are located in the UK. Is there something in the water? I live in the USA where everything is perfect and nothing bad ever happens.
The Other Paul 24 September 04
A copper? oh Blimey! Better be on my best behaviour then!!!

Can u not find me on the BBC website? Have they taken my mega star profile off there? Oh well. Well, actually, I have to be honest - I donít think I personally even got a mention on there. What a cheek eh ? And I spent months making this show for the BBC. Actually - it was rather dull when it went out aside of course. I will see whether my local newspaper still has my piccy on their website and if you are really good I might just post the link to it, so you can have a good laugh!

Well, donít know what sort of copper you are Lucie, but I hope you have a stress free evening.. I feel all humble now and feel like I should do something law abiding.... like set up a neighbourhood watch scheme or something exciting. I am a good boy - honest - (well...most of the time!)

Take Care !
Paul C 24 September 04
Hello The Other Paul - Sorry I didnít mean to dismiss your remedy - only I have been trying to avoid vinegary things - it makes me bite my mouth etc.....thank you for you advice though.

Paul C - Yes i have read your life story - quiz away! I even tried looking you up on the BBC website to try and put a face to you joy.
Itís Friday and I am working until 11pm again - am a mouth is TRES TRES bad today- ulcers on the back of my throat and a tickly cough......all too much really with work but canít go off sick.

I am going to try and find out if I have a ítriggerí - so am going without fizzy pop for a month.....maybe...maybe not.....

keep smiling,
Lucie 24 September 04
ĒThe other PaulĒ - Yes, sorry, I didnít particulary mean to dismiss your idea entirely - sorry if it came across that way- only that vinegar is for me, known to trigger ulcers, so I just thought I would add my two penneth worth in - if it works for you, then great - I am glad you have found something that helps.


Well, I am supposed to be working as we speak - but hey - sometimes even superstars need a break every now and again ! ( I was recently on a BBC1 programme and get people still coming up to me each day talking about you want my signed autograph ??? loL!!)

Hope you are ok and not suffering too badly at the mo. Touch wood (thatís done it now) I am not too bad (ulcer wise) ... Iíve got an appt up at Guyís Hospital in a months time to discuss all these ulcers again - did you ever read Ēmy storyĒ by the way? If not, then detention for you young lady.. and if u say you have, I shall be quizzing you - and no cheating)

Well, hope you have a good weekend - and u said on a previous post you were working until 11pm? What do u do? Iíd be asleep at 11pm if I were at work then!!
Paul C 24 September 04
The apple cider vinegar/honey mixture has never had any ill effects on me. After reading the posts on this forum, it seems that mouth ulcers and suggested remedies are different for everyone.
The Other Paul 24 September 04
Paul C - I didnít do it!!! Having thought about it on the way home and what weíd said about salad dressing - I decided against it. Plus I got muddled by The Paulís!!!

Work is good - busy and painful but good!!
Howís you?
Lucie 23 September 04


I would perhaps Strongly advise AGAINST doing this - Vinegar can be a trigger - I am sure it is for me!

Hope works been ok so far this week for you .....

(By the way that wasnít me saying about vinegar above, another Paul !
Paul C 22 September 04
Hey Paul,
I donít think they did work now as they have progressively got worse throughout the day.....and I am close tears again.
Will try the vinegar trick tonight.....cheers,
Lucie 22 September 04
Iíve been taking every vitamin ever invented for years and thatís certainly good for overall health but didnít help me when I had an ulcers attack.
Another suggestion: Try rinsing mouth with mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey.
Paul 22 September 04
Okay, as of Saturday I had NO mouth ulcers (it was lovely, I could eat and drink, talk, smile and be happy) then on Sunday I could feel the familiar irritation of a few ulcers popping up. Yesterday, they were unbearable - however, today they are much better. Still annoying and they hurt but they are íon their way outí and eating is now a reality again. Now, before I wasnít taking Vitamin B complex my ulcers would be around for two weeks and this time it has been a matter of days. The only difference is that I am taking Vit B complex and using SLS free toothpaste.
So, may I advise that if you arenít taking Vit B complex then please consider whether it may help you......:-)
Lucie 22 September 04

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Vitamin B Complex

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