Blisters and mouth ulcers

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I have these bumps on my tongue. It gets really discomforting. Anyone had it or know what I could use for it. Thanx
Milly 15 April 15
Hi everyone" my name is Liz, and I also suffer 4rm ulcers! I'm a mother of 4 kid's. and as u can imagine how frustrating it is 2 live with painful blisters inside our mouths how stressful it gets when u can even talk about this situation bcz no one really understands what we're goin through:/ I been suffering with this blisters for 13 years and I never told nobody until today" for 13 years I suffered with this evil nasty sores! Last night I cut some limes and I rubbed it on my blisters until they pop and blood came out" my lips got numb n swollen I am desperate I can't explain how bad the ulcers is effecting my life!!!
liz 2 September 14
okay here is my story.. when i was about two years old started gettin sores in my mouth. It would get so bad at times that i could not eat, talk, smile.. nothing. it was very painful. i would never tell many people about it cause i was embarassed. i thought i was the only one. over the years i have found out that it is the acid thats in tomatoes, chocolate, most anything with sugar. i been to so many doctors about it an still no cure. well i have been experiment over these years an come to find out there is a CURE.. i dont know how to go about telling a doctor about this an im not gonna say in this.. im tired of having these sores. the doctors told me i would grow out of it but 22 years is a long time to live with these sores. please email me if you think you can help.. thanks
Jessie Lane 30 August 11
I have lumps with red dot in center inside my cheecks, little clear lumps on the corners inside my mouth and little red bumps under my tongue. What could these be?
Babygirl89 6 July 11
HI Gav
Is is possible you have OLP which is Oral Lichen Planus, a condition which a lot of us have, ucers or canker sores which are red sore ulcers and with a lacy white pattern, have a look on the net and see pictures of OLP. For myself mine is allergy related and lots of things trigger of the so very sore ulcers ie citrus fruits, tomatoes, spicy stuff and lots of sugary drinks but all down to trial and error I'm afraid, of course this may not be what you are suffering from just a suggestion, if you think this then our site here has an Lichen Planus one which you might get help from others, make sure you use toothpase without Sodium Laurl Sulphate which helps.
Good Luck
Scottie 10 June 11
Well I have never had Strep Throat until this year, where I had gotten a long line of Strep Throat, I would get it every three weeks. I had caught Strep Throat again now and I notice a bump on my tongue in midday it was an ulcer. it hurt but by the days it got more painful. Today I noticed it was smaller(I hope going away too) but it hurt lots more. I also noticed I had a mouthful of blisters too. It had hurt to eat and talk but we did not know a way to fix the ulcer.The ulcer was white the middle pinkish red.It is really bad,
has anyone known or had the blister filled mouth and, ulcer combination?
Gav, US 9 June 11
anyone ever had a black lump on the outside of their bottom lip
Shazza 19 April 11
I got a splint from my dentist. (It is like a gum shield that boxers wear!) They do a cast of your teeth and make up a plastic splint to fit perfectly. I found it good to wear when going to sleep as it stops your teeth rubbing on any ulcers, especially if you have tongue ones. In fact I used to wear my splint at work and everythinG! takes a bit of getting used to though.
Unfortunatley cost me £40 and I ended up rinsing it out in hot water and melting it!!!
julie, scotland 10 August 04
A while back there was a message about biting the cheeks whilst asleep, the problem was remedied by using a Ēbite splintĒ, I donít know if there is another name for it, but, I havenít been able to find them (I havenít tried that hard though). May be worth investigation.
Dom Walton 9 August 04
I get these little bumps on the cheecks along the jaw line. They get bad when Iím stressed and its like the whole of the skin on my soft palate sloths off leaving my mouth really tender and sore; which makes me more depressed which causes more stress. They do seem to respond very quikly to benadryll and listerine. Part of the problem is that I chew my cheeck in my sleep when Iím stressed causing a lot of problems and leaving my tounge tender too.
Mark 9 August 04
Sounds like a ímucous retention cystí these get mentioned fairly regularly on the message board, go to the list of subjects and search for ímucous retentioní, there are quite a few messages and some links too.
Dom Walton 26 July 04
My oldest daughter has had a nasty blister on the inside of her bottom lip for 2 months now. Is that normal? She says it pops every few days and then gets inflated again. She says that yucky liquid comes out of it and makes her feel sick for a few minutes and it hurts really bad. When I look at it, it looks like a large, red blister that is somewhat clear in the middle except for a tiny dark spot (kind of purple) in the center. She is only 12 and is getting pretty upset about the pain from this blister and it looks like another one is forming in the same area near the first one. I thought canker sores were supposed to go away pretty quickly, but this one has been in her mouth, either inflated or popped, for months. Iím pretty worried about this. Her doctor said it would go away and hasnít acted like there is a problem. does this problem sound familiar to anyone out there?
Wendy 26 July 04
well i have just clicked on to this site hoping to find a preventative for these beastly things and cannot believe the amount of people who actually suffer with them including cold sores! 14yrs ago i gave up smoking and have suffered with them since, so for me i believe them to be stress related.
But how does one totally avoid stress?! 2 weeks ago walking my dog i was threatened by 3 blue heelers. Needless to say my stress level sky rocketed! Then a week later ... mouth ulcers! then stress over the ulcers! itís a vicious circle. when i read that ulcers where stress related i said Ē crap Ē
i am not someone who worries about anything, then later i learned that anger was a form of stress as well as irritation. So is their anyone out there who knows of a good natural herb thats calming to the nerves...not drugs!... that works. I already do yoga, it doesínt work when you need a quick fix!!
Ha Ha! My condolences to all sufferers of the beasties!

cheryl 26 July 04
ĒI wasnt sure if some fatigue illness gave me the ulcers or that the ulcers make me feel so run down and make me feel tiredĒ
can you drink ensure? I think the ulcers made you run sound so sad,I understand..I hope tomorrow is better for you
Gail 23 July 04
Feeling particularly low with my recurrent ulcers today,i looked on the web and found this very informative page.i was particularly interested in Ēpauls storyĒ, which almost mirrors mine. In 30 years ive only ever had a couple of six month breaks from my ulcers and i have tried virtually everything mentioned on the survey. I relate particularly to the extreme tiredness which seems to go hand in hand with my ulcers, I wasnt sure if some fatigue illness gave me the ulcers or that the ulcers make me feel so run down and make me feel tired. Whatwever it is a relief to hear that i am not alone. I am such an active person ,the fatigue really distresses me alongside with the pain of course. i feel so bad tempered when i have to repeat myself in conversation to my family. I can definately say that it has affected my whole life.

When I am really suffering, constant warm drinks definately sooth (after the first couple of painful sips) and when i am out and about I take anything anesthetic (but whether it be ĒmedigelĒ pastels or anesthetic strepsils i invariably exceed the stated dose which i know is not good.As I am writing this i am sipping a measure of gin in a mug of warm water, because i am feeling so sorry for myself. My husband has just rung me and i could not answer him for the pain. I had to put the phone down and ring him back after iíd had my sip of hot water.

Some years ago I had so many uicers in the back of my throat and where, as i call it, my jaw hinges, that i could neither swallow nor open my mouth wide enough to put a spoon in to feed myself liquid food and hence over a period of two months lost two stone in weight. I thought between me and my most recent doctor that we had finally got to the bottom of it last year by keeping my iron count higher . i seemed to have six months reprieve from the most sever ulcers, but i am afraid they have come back with a vengence. I follow a very healthy diet, but like paul wonder if they allergy related. I would be interested to follow Paul s expereinces with the Ēcinnamon and benzoate dietĒdespite my give anything a try scepticism.
alex johnson 22 July 04
yeah I had canker sores on my left side of my lip and down the left side of my throat for two weeks prior to now.Than I got a fever blister,which one would take my mind off the other? Than it finally went away and also had yeast in my mouth (lovely) than that went away and than I got one in the middle of my lip that went away and than I got one next to that,than that went away and than I had 3 tiny one which made one big one inside my upper lip.And now one on the side of my tongue and also on the post below I have cellulitis a bacteria under my foot,things could be worst tho.I could look like Michael Jackson
Gail 22 July 04
Sounds like me. I still have a sore throat today from whatever?!?! Iíve had this thing on the back of my throat for a year and a half! Doctors say not to worry. Well itís hard when you have had a constant sore throat.
T 21 July 04
I think you have a new member. I have been suffering from, actually I donít know if they are ulcers, cold sores or whatever, for about a year (only). Until recently, I had only one on the right side of my throat, almost every third day, it swell, was red and burnt terribly. I went two see my family doctor and a ear-nose-throat-doctor who donít know what it could be and tell me not to worry (one doctor said that the bump in my throat looks like scarred tissue from a cold sore). I feel like a hypochondriac but it really affects me. Sore throat, tired, bad mood, worried etc. Now it seems to be spreading, but more or less on the right side. I have now pimples on the back of my tongue and my gums get little blisters and lesions more and more often in my mouth. I wish I knew what exactly it is. I donít sleep very weel, I guess that doesnít help. And itís hard not to worry when you have these things in your mouth.
Ulrike 21 July 04
hi,friends like me from past six days i am sufferring from ulcers today condition is slightly better suffering from past five years . i was thinking i am alone but after visiting this site found many like me .i will also try some of the tips given by you guys. if some thing will click i will get back .
nitin bajpai 9 June 04
I have been getting these little blisters in my mouth as well. A ulcer on the sides of my toungue always seems to follow.
They are only a single blister - Not really painful - and seem to come up in the same places when they do.

I was wondering if they could be caused by Acid Reflux.. (I have a hiatal Hernia)... I hear that erosions can be caused in the throat but not a lot about mouth ulcers or blisters from it.

I also was getting the occasional - coffee blister on the very bottom of my toungue..

Sound familiar anyone?? Are ulcers typically started out as blisters?

I love this board!!! I dont feel alone... :-)
Randy 31 May 04
I get them on my tongue,lips,gums,inside my cheeks
roof of my mouth..I think the lips are the worst
Gail 29 May 04
Geez....I just read my post and I apologize for all the english and grammer errors! I was typing fast in between employees coming in my office and I see I did a poor job! Sorry!
T 27 May 04
knock on wood, i am ulcer free for 3 weeks now...just waiting for them to come back though!!! linny, you sound exactly like me...from start to finish they last 3 weeks, i do not eat for 3 weeks (one shake a day) and maybe some mac and cheese when me mouth is numb...
jen 27 May 04
Yes, I do. It started 21 years ago when I was pregnant and developed a severe case of strept throat. Every spot on the inside and outside of my mouth had a blister. I was put in the hospital for 10 days and lost 20 pounds while being pregnant! Scary!! I still get a few mouth ulcers, but mostly on my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I was getting cold sores on my lips every month. If you donít think thatís not pretty?!?!? A disease specialist prescribed me the herpies medication Valtrex. Donít let the word herpies scare you as there are many types. Itís good to have Valtrex on hand if one starts breaking out you take it right away, usually for only a couple days. I now take one 500 mg every day. I still get an occasions mouth ulcer, but never a cold sore. I used to get them bad alot. Donít let doctors talk you into creams. All they do help dry them up, but they donít prevent them and that is what you need. Not having those beautiful huge things on my lips have changed my life so much!
T 27 May 04
Does anyone else get blisters on the inside and outside of their lips as well as ulcers? Compared to many of you i feel quite lucky... iíve only been suffering with mouth ulcers for just over 2 years, at the same time i was also suffering from tonsillitis which i would get at least every 3 weeks, until i ended up getting quinsies and then the doctors finally decided to remove my tonsils... i assumed that the mouth ulcers would clear up once my tonsils were gone, but no!! they continued. My GP says that it is gingivitis and when i visited him again on Monday he didnt even look in my mouth!although i stated that for the first time i had them on the back of my throat and on the sides of my tongue as well as all across the top of my gums and my lower gums also that the little saliva glands underneath my tongue were red and swollen at least 4 times there normal size ( which i have had once before) and also the nasty and very painful blistering on the inside and outside of my lips.... which according to my GP is a cold sore and prescribed some cold sore cream. I have found that Blistex relief cream has helped a little, but the blisters seem to be spreading... it started as a smallish blister just inside my mouth and has worked its way to the outside of my bottom lip and all the way along from one corner to the other.... does anyone else get these blisters? im assuming that they are linked to the mouth ulcers.
Linny 26 May 04

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Blisters and mouth ulcers

25 messages in this subject.