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My Mum stopped smoking 6 months ago and ever since has had major mouth ulcer problems. Might there be a connection?
jossy 27 July 01
Sounds like thereís a connection, I donít think Iíll start smoking though :) Out of interest though, are there any heavy smokers that suffer with ulcers ?
Dom Walton 6 August 01
I was ípacked iní for a good two years, and suffered badly with mouth ulcers, including on my tongue. Iíve since resumed the dreaded weed, and have not had a single one appear since. My Dad has given up and stayed given up, and he suffers badly, for the first time in his life. Itís hard to believe that there is ísomeí benefit to smoking! Not that I would advocate it to ease the ulcer problem :-)
Sal 8 August 01
Thatís definately very interesting, I wonder if it could be the action of the smoke in the mouth - or whether it is the ingestion of chemicals within it ? ...if you get what I mean.
Dom Walton 9 August 01
Out of curiousity... are there any heavy smokers that suffer from mouth ulcers ?
Dom Walton 20 August 01
I stopped smoking in March last year and have had ulcers ever since. The cigarette companies might use it as an advertising ploy: - ĒReduce Ulcers by smoking 20 a day!Ē
Martin Evans 26 August 01
I started getting them when I started trying to quit smoking. When I would have a breakdown and start smoking again I did not get them. That is interesting.
Laura 12 October 01
havenít had a mouth ulcer in 15 years. quit smoking last week and got the 15 year old one that was hiding all those years. dentist says that there is nothing to do for them and mouthwash and the like just irritate them. ouch!!
kel-kel1 28 January 02
And I thought it was just me !
I had Mouth Ulcers nearly all the time as a kid....until I started smoking at around 15 years old !
I gave up a couple of times briefly and got them back but didnít realise the significance at the time.
I now gave up smoking (for good) last september (+20 a day) and my mouth has been going ballastic with these horrible things ever since also accompanied with boughts of colds and flu.
This despite eating healthily (when able to eat of course), taking all vitamins and trying all the usual proprietary treatments.
Iím determined not to go back to smoking and desperately trying find some long term solution.
English doctors that I have spoken to offer no solution or explanation other than a change a of behaviour and health !
Things that give me relief are, sipping cold milk, luke warm tea and coffee and mild hydrogen peroxide mouth wash. It hurts a bit and leaves an after taste but it seems to get rid of excess acid (?) in the mouth.
And number 1 relief is sharing the problem with a bit of sympathy !
I can be found on If any body wants to comminicate with me
Carl Hibbs 1 February 02
I too gave up smoking after 20 years a year ago due to severe COPD. My lungs are doing great but I am miserable with the ulcers. I constantly have them and only on my tounge. I canít eat, talk or sleep. Iím ready to start smoking again!
Kim R. 19 March 02
I also gave up smoking a year ago and I now (lucky for me) sufferer from severe mouth ulcers, I seem to have 1 week per month where Iím free of the dam things ! they are becoming the downfall of my life.I am finding that they can sometimes make me feel really ill as in the shivers and shakes and genrally feeling really run down and depressed.I find myself avoiding food altogher as it is just too painful to eat. One thing that I think (or maybe I know) makes them worse is the amount of red wine I drink !! It irritates be so much because I love to have a few glasses of wine in the evenings, I feel ULCERS are really effecting my life............I just dont know what to do. Please help
Ali B 12 April 02
I agree with all of the messages about stopping smoking and the occurence of mouth ulcers. I stopped smoking 9 years ago and started having the damn things almost straight away. I have seen my GP and a specialist, had bllod tests, I take vitamin supplements do not drink red wine, but do drink lots of cranberry/orange juice, which on reflection may not be a good thing and I still get them. The only thing you can do is try and relieve the pain with oral gel(Bongela) for instance, but that is only brief relief! PS Iwould never start smoking again, but I have been tempted!!!
Lizzie S 5 May 02
The same goes for me. I stopped smoking a year ago and my mouth has been full of the little devils. Although I did not smoke whilst pregnant and I never had any. I did read an article about ones body de-toxing after giving up the weeds which can cause excessive mouth ulcers. The article recommended taking lots of antioxidant-rich foods, stay off tea, coffee, alchol and red meat
judith 20 July 02
oh god -it so relieving to read all this . i quit smoking a few months back and now i am suffering from terrible ulcers for more than a month . seems like i am caught between the devil and the deep blue sea!!
anshu 2 August 02
anyone smoke while they have the ulcers in there mouth if so does the smoke hurt them ,make them worst.
howard 22 August 02
I Gave up smoking 7 months ago and have suffered since the day I had my last cigarette!! I have tried all the vitamin remedies, mouth washes seem to help a little, and I find also that cold sores seem to accompany them.
Jamie 28 October 02
I cannot belive this. I gave up smoking a couple of months ago and I have ulcers all over my tongue! This is painful and horrible and I have been to the dentist and an ENT doctor and they say there is nothing that can be done! This is horrible. As I am typing this my mouth feels like it is on fire - does this ever end? Does anyone suffer from dry mouth or throat/neck pain?
Marisa 6 November 02
This is weird. Either Judith has hit the nail on the head re the body de-toxing and causing mouth ulcers after someone has quit smoking or there must be something about having a mouthful of carcinogenic smoke which stops them. How ironic that would be.
I find the little horrors so awful that if I thought smoking a couple of fags a day without inhaling would keep them away it would be worth doing. I donít suppose itís really that simple, though. It would be interesting to hear whether anyone has given up any other of their vices and broken out with ulcers as a result, or does it only happen to ex-smokers?
CC 7 November 02
I also quit the weed about 6 years ago and have been plagued with those damned cursed ulcers ever since. I get anywere from 2 to 6 at a time (once I had 13 of the things at one time) from the inside of the mouth,on/under the tongue, up the back of the nose and down the throat.
I have tried most possible cures to no avail. Best I have found is to gargle with Difflam Oral Rinse (Benzydamine Hydrochloride) and eat lots of paracetamol for the pain. Irritable days, restless nights, not eating, snapping at the kids, neck/head/ear aches, Dentists & Doctors just fob you off time after time - I CANT COPE WITH THIS ANYMORE. Please has anyone got any other suggestions apart from to start smoking again
Ian 12 November 02
This is so weird. I never got mouth ulcers before. Iím 23 years old, started smoking 2 years ago. Became a very heavy chain smoker (doing almost pack and half a day), and heavy rum drinker. Realised it wasnít good for me and started to cut down because of the possibility of lung damage and other illnesses. Tried quitting smoking and immediately started suffering mouth ulcers. One thing I noticed though, is that the conditions became worse after a night of heavy drinking and smoking, so perhaps there is an íidealí balance that could be found?

Smoke/Drink too much = mouth ulcers
Smoke/Drink too little = mouth ulcers

But when I smoke 2-3 cigarettes per day, mixed in with a glass or two of wine/beer or a couple of rum & cokes, with good oral health and rinsing nightly with salt water, seems to keep them in check.

This just started happening to me, so Iím no expert, and maybe if my body de-toxes completely they will stop.
tryingtocope 12 November 02
Dear Jossy

Smoking has been implicated as a protective factor in mouth ulcers. Until recently, however, few studies actually compared the rate of smoking in people with mouth ulcers vs the rate of smoking in people who donít have mouth ulcers. If smoking was a protective factor you would expect to see less smoking (as a percentage) in people who suffer with canker sores. This is exactly what a May 2002 study performed in England showed when it compared blood levels of cotinine (a chemical absorbed into the blood when you smoke) between 84 mouth ulcer and 81 non mouth ulcer sufferers . This seems to support the link between smoking and prevention of mouth ulcers. But I personally would not suggest smoking as a means to stopping mouth ulcers. Its the single largest cause of preventable death in the United States. Smoking can have drastic consequences - its a leading cause of colon, neck, cervix, esophagus, kidney, pancreas, lung, urogenital (bladder), and stomach cancer. Smoking also leads to and worsens heart disease.

There are several other factors that seem to work much, much better at preventing mouth ulcers than smoking (ie. avoiding SLS containing toothpastes, avoiding certain foods, and avoiding oral trauma).

Donít mean to scare you but hope this helps.

Chuck Peters
Author of Ē7 Steps to a Canker Sore (Mouth Ulcer) CureĒ
Chuck Peters 10 December 02
Its probably worth mentioning as well that if someone gets cancer through smoking they will probably need chemo-therapy and one of the many nasty side-effects of that treatment is......mouth ulcers!
CC 11 December 02
I think its better to die of a lung cancer once then die every moment of the pain from these ulcers.
Asma 29 December 02
Please donít say that Asma. I know mouth ulcers are hellish but smoking unfortunately is likely to lead to something much worse. people donít just Ēdie onceĒ of lung cancer which tends to be a long and very painful illness and besides that smoking is linked to many other cancers and also to heart disease.
A mouthful of ulcers is awful as I well know but you mustnít give up. I have been treating mine for 2 months now by taking Multibionta (on the recommendation of this site), using non-SLS toothpaste and avoiding acid in the mouth as much as possible. I currently have only 1 ulcer and I have so far (and my fingers are crossed, am touching wood etc) found that the ulcers which do come are less frequent and go away more quickly.
So do try some better remedy than smoking fags. I know itís tempting but really the consequences could be devastating, and by that I mean even worse than your painful mouth ulcers.
CC 4 January 03
I am so relieved to find this site!!!! I thought i was the only one in the world this happened too. I quit smoking after 29 years and started to get mouth ulcers, sometimes the size of dimes. I was smoke free for 5 1/2 months and suffered the whole time from ulcers, I started to smoke and i was cured. I smoked for 3 months without the reoccurance of ulcers. I just recently quit again and within a week i have ulcers, about 8 or 9 of them all over my mouth. I have tried everything in the past. someone must know something, i donít want to start smoking again, but i canít live like this.
maria 9 January 03
I guess I buck the trend. I have suffered from mouth ulcers since I was a child. I started smoking in my late teens and am now 38. I continued to suffer off and on all the time I smoked (sometimes it was so painfull to move my lips it was even difficult to partake of my favourite vice!). Iíve now been off the dreaded weed for 12 months and I canít honestly say things are any worse (I have 3 ulcers at the moment but then I was free for about 3 months prior to that).
I lost my Father to Cancer two days before my 21st birthday and had to watch him suffer a gradual decline for two years prior to that. I know that even when the pain really gets me down, I would not want to trade it for the big C. It really is a matter of perspective. A drop of Frador gets me through meal times and I know the worst only lasts a week or so.
Daddsy 9 January 03
It is very clear that smoking keeps ulcers at bay,& when one stops smoking ulcers appear, therefore there is some cemical in the cig that controls them. Find the cemical,seperate it from the cig, find the cure to no ulcers.!
steve sykes 25 February 03
Im a suffering from mouth ulcers I have been since a chid I was told by the doctor that you either suffer from them or you donít bit like some people suffer from a cold sore. I have been prescribed before by doctors to take vitamin B complex with zinc which I forget to take all the time.Any how I think giving up smoking initially can make them come on in a big way.....I stopped smoking 3 weeks ago and after 2 weeks I got ulcers all along the back of my throat, on my tounge and at the side of my gums. I was convinced this was something to do with smoking just because of where they were situated. I have read on a anti bacterial mouth wash instruction that stopping smoking can cause them but canít find out why. Im guessing that your throat and mouth is getting back to normal from all the bad chemicals it was thrown. The best mouth wash Ive found is called oraldene, another cure is called Frador which is an ointment usually sold behind the chemist counter thats only good for ulchers on the inside of the mouth. ULCHERS Horrible nasty things that can really make you feel down.
Jen 2 March 03
So Im not the only one who suffers from these things, I stopped smoking 10 months ago and havnt felt right since, neck pain, headaches, sore throats and colds but worst of all mouth ulcers, sometimes upto eight at a time evry fortnight I smoked for 20 years and smoked 20 a day and had about about four ulcers in total so after reading these messages some kind of clever chap needs to do some research because I would say smoking is definately the cause. I dont want to start smoking again because I do feel fitter breathing wise that is, the worst part of the ulcers is when I have to taste all my food that I cook because I am a chef, a sort of cure I have come across is if you suck a clove that you use in cooking it can work as they have antiseptic properties or soak have a dozen in water and then gargle with them.
Dave Robertson 3 May 03
Iíve had ulcers 95% of the time since I stopped smoking over a year ago (having never had them before). Despite the pain and grimness of it all -let alone the disappointment that I donít feel wonderful since giving up - thereís no way Iíll start smoking again. Iíve been told by doctors that Iím very misguided to think there could be a link between ulcers and stopping smoking. Maybe you could all come down to my GP with me? There might be strength in numbers.
Itíd be great if someone could isolate a superbly harmless chemical in fags that prevents these buggers.
Em 4 May 03
I think smoking has something in it that kills the ulcers. From what i am reading here. I dont understand how? Here is my story.....
I just stoppied smoking about 2 weeks ago. I was not a real heavy smoker about 2 - 5 smokes a day.. for about 2 years. Before i started smoking i had 1 - 3 ulcers at a time. Started to smoke only got 1 in the 2 years of smoking. As i type i have have one on my tounge and another little bubble which will turn into an ulcer soon. I need some help in getting rid of these ulcers. Dont wanna start smoking again either :(.
Ed S 4 May 03
I am 39 years old. Iíve had severe mouth ulcers up until I was 20 and I stopped getting severe cases of them at that time, but as it turns out that was when I started to smoke. Iíve just quit 3 weeks ago and and within the first week I quit I developed an ulcer which took a week to go away, and now another. It isnít quite the way I wanted to relive my childhood.
Alan G 17 May 03
I have given up the horrible habit after 11 years and have had ulcer after ulcer. This is driving me mad but I hope I have the power to over come the problem. Itís nice to here that doing something good such as giving up smoking can cause so much stress, If giving up the fags was not enough to worry about you have these little bliters messing you up. HELP!
Mark T 17 May 03
I didnít read all the replys here but if nobody mentioned it Nicotine does have an anti-bacterial effect. Itís not uncommon for people who quit smoking to get mouth ulcers a lot. I quit and Iíve had between 1 and 6 at any given time constantly for the last 4 weeks. Sometimes so bad that I leterally could not eat for a few days at a time.
Kirk W 19 May 03
I have had ulcers for around 10 months since I stopped smoking so I have been to the doctor and told him they took some blood and tested me for a multitude of different things and my blood came back clear. Again the doctors dont think smoking is related, it must be that its the only thing I do thats different, cigs have something in them that causes this, I am now getting fed up with them.
David R 20 May 03
Hmmmm, well I had mouth ulcers up till I was 14, when I started smoking, continued having them until I quit a heavy smoking habit of approx 10 years and have still been having them for 10 smoke free years........
21 May 03
Stopped smoking 3& half years ago. I have had at least two ulcers every three months since. Have tried different toothpastes,vitamins,salt,dentalwork and just recently massive doses of zinc. Wonít ever go back to the fags!! no mater what the pain will try Lysine.. will try anything!!! P.S. 100% Vegemite Kid.. but only on toast!!
Patrice 12 June 03
I was told to quit smoking once and for all. (2nd heart attack) It has been 2 weeks without smoking and Iíve got an ulcer that cover over half of the underside of my tongue. Whatís worse ulcers or dead. Iím still trying to decide. THIS REALLY SUCKS....
dabush 18 June 03
Stop pipe -after 20 hours ulcers start.Start pipe ulcers however bad gone within 24hours.
Done this many times .no doubt link.No doubt no answer.Thought i was the only one .much happier now at least if Iím mad iím not alone!!! 21 June 03
AND NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS!!!! Went out and got me a BIG BOTTLE OF LYSINE***Have not had an ulcer for one whole month!!!I one take 500gm tablet in the morning and I take one 500gm at night and itís bye bye ulcers. Cost 17.00AU 200 tablets quick and it has worked for a whole month!! amazing.. Have had at least two mouth & tongue ulcers at least every two weeks for the last 3 and a half years but hopefully no bloody more!!!:) Happy :)
Patrice 18 July 03
And now for an update..Started taking LYSINE in June 2003 it is now 1st of October 2003 and I have not had one single ulcer since I started taking the LYSINE!!! that is over THREE MONTHS WITHOUT AN ULCER!!! Some mornings I wake up and I get that tell tale feeling.. you know a sort of tingly feeling that happens when a mouth ulcer is about to I just make sure that I take an extra tablet in the morning and ..whala!!no mouth ulcer starts..itís like magic..I will continue to take LYSINE for ever if I have to..better than bloody mouth ulcers
Patrice Australia 30 September 03
Bumped into this site by accident !! It seems like there is a whole population of guys with mouth / tongue ulcer problems. Yes, I am also one of those who are suffering from the after effects of quitting smoking after being at it for the past 20 years. Odd to discover a link between quitting smoking and ulcers. I never knew that this could be a cause. Any way I have no plans to take to the reed ever again. There have already been 2 deaths in the family on account of lung cancer associated with chain smoking. I have seen the persons concerned suffering. BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THAT THE TROUBLE WITH THE MOUTH SORES IS NOTHING COMPARED TO ONES WITH CANCER AND CHEMOTHERAPY.

If you have successfully given up the reed, NEVER NEVER GO BACK TO IT AGAIN.
Shyam 9 October 03
Ha ha ha

I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has suffered from the little devils after quitting smoking. Itís a toss up either 8-20 sores in your mouth almost continuously or die of lung cancer. The ulcers are cheaper. I mean I have always had them but for the last 6 months, since I quit smoking, itís been a little ridiculous. Itís ironic that I used to pack a big old dip of chewing tobacco on top of a sore and burn the sucker out for about a half an hour and it would be gone the next day. Maybe tobacco is good for something besides killing yourself slowly.
shane 17 October 03
I would try dog poo if it was a cure,that is how bad it is
gail 18 October 03
Same here- quit smoking beginning of Jan of this year (smoked 16yrs) and ever since then my mouth is basically constantly covered in ulcers. 3-7 at a time in various places (my least favorite at the moment is at the tip of tongue & side of tongue) and once they leave- more pop right back up. Some of them start out as a ĒblisterĒ type thing that once popped then turn into an ulcer. I thought all of this was happening because I replaced cigs with chewing gum and kept accidentally biting into my inside cheek with my sharp teeth when I got a bit aggressive when chewing- but now on the tongue... and reading this thread and the correlation with quitting smoking... I realize itís not just because of biting to make a sore that turns ulcerous. It has to do with not smoking anymore. This is just great. I donít want to start smoking again and have no desire too- but these ulcers are making me miserable. I canít eat, even drinking water hurts, and itís making me depressed and rundown from lack of sleep, etc. :(
Shell 28 February 04
I hate to come across as a real one-note singer, but hereís something I posted on Ēthe other boardĒ about smoking, mouth ulcers/canker sores and gluten intolerance. ĒI have been reading the postings that say some people have only suffered canker sores when they stopped smoking. This intrigued me, and I went to a Celiac disease/gluten intolerance listserver and searched its archives. The archives search engine can be found at When I searched under ísmokingí I found some interesting discussions of people who had smoked all their lives, stopped, and then started getting symptoms of gluten sensitivity/intolerance. Canker sores are one of the acknowledged symptoms of this intolerance/sensitivity. It has been speculated that people who get canker sores after they quit smoking were always sensitive to gluten, but for some reason the smoking masked it. Further speculation is that nicotine may be the factor that masks the sensitivity, and maybe it does that by being a íprecursorí to some of the B vitamins. I donít pretend to understand how this could be, but gluten intolerance can result in damage to important structures in the surface of the small intestine, and these surfaces are where folic acid and some of the B vitamins are absorbed from the food we eat. The speculation about nicotine is that smoking provides it to the body through another pathway than eating a food and perhaps the nicotine eventually becomes the B vitamins. One poster on the celiac list even suggested that maybe chewing ĒNicoretteĒ gum might be a way for someone who canít get the vitamins he used to get from smoking via the gum. Maybe nicotine is ĒVitamin NĒ after all! I think anyone who suffers from canker sores would be well-advised to test the effect of removing all gluten sources from the diet for at least a trial period of, say, two weeks. My reading about gluten intolerance and celiac disease makes it seem that celiac disease can be a step on the road to some kinds of bowel cancer. In my own case, I am 59 years old, and had absolutely no idea that wheat/barley/rye/oats were the cause of my canker sores. I love breads, cakes, pies, cookies, pasta and all my life ate those foods on a daily basis. You really have to take yourself by the ear and make a concerted effort to find out what is causing your canker sores. It is not going to be easy, but the pay-off is wonderful. I donít think it is wise to only treat the symptoms (mouth ulcers/canker sores) with cautery agents like mouthwashes because this is not really getting to the root cause. It seems the general experience that the medical and dental professions arenít terribly interested in helping, so we have to help ourselves.Ē
TomF 28 February 04
Holy Crap! I thought I was the only one with this problem! I quit in OCT and have NO urge for a smoke but, I CANT deal with these things any more I am really thinking about smoking again.
Gary 1 March 04
Have just found this site. Started Lysine last Wednesday so far so good. Only smoke occasionally, but read an article afew months ago and doctor confirmed that nicotine patches for people that have given up smoking seems to stop mouth ulcers.
April 2 March 04
After 30 years of smoking I finally quit 6 months ago. Although I had an occasional canker sore before, what I am experiencing since has been nothing short of ridiculous. Five to ten ulcers at a time, bigger and more painful than ever before. No amount of lysine, B12 complex, Zovirax, multivitamins, acidophilus, echincea, magnesium, yogurt, aloe juice, sls-free toothpaste, mouthwash or peroxide has made the slightest difference. Only the steroid-heavy prednisone gave some very temporary relief. This is quickly becoming a quality of life issue. I am in constant pain with no relief in sight. Is smoking and the possibility of cancer really such a bad alternative? I know of a lot of pharmaceutical products that are a lot worse than nicotine, yet people take them without question.
Sick_of_Sores 14 March 04
Well - here is another person who got a ĒhaloĒ by giving up smoking 9 months ago and has not been without dreaded mouth ulcers since! I do not, obviously, want to resume smoking again but would like to find something that will make some sort of difference as I have tried most of the things listed above. I think they have to run their course and your have to try to manage the pain unfortunately - unless of course there is someone out there who has found something that definitely works. Please let us know.
bojo 22.44 15 March 04 15 March 04
some one must have a cure for these, given up smokers ulcers,this is my third attempt at giving up smoking, on the last two attempts the ulcers only went away when i started smoking again. i havent had a fag for two weeks, and the ulcers are back, the worst one is on the tip of my tongue, i am useing patches this time, because i was told this might keep the ulcers at bay, but it hasnt, help
eddie 16 March 04
Previous attempts to give up smoking have ended in failure due to the occurance of mouth ulcers. I am now just over 4 months into not smoking with the result that I have regular bouts of mouth ulcers. However what I have noticed this time is that my saliva seems to become acidic prior to an outbreak and that the site (usually the gums) of the ulcer tastes metallic, anyone experience this? I have decided to do a detox diet, no booze, carbs or dairy to see if that helps to keep the ulcers away. Also going to try Lysine.
TimR 26 March 04
For pain relief go to a Chinese herbalist and get some Melon Frost, its a grey powder that you spray on the ulcer, tastes disgusting but works.
TimR 26 March 04
The reason you get mouth ulcers after giving up smoking is apparently something to do with increased oxygen levels in the bloody stream. The less oxygen you have in your blood, the less susceptible you are to things like this. You will probably suffer with ulcers for a while but eventually you should go back to normal.
Carol 26 March 04
Wow! iím stunned anD shocked that so many other people are suffering as much(hopefully not more)as I have been since I stopped smoking 7 years ago. PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY CURE US BEFORE WE GO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Al 30 March 04
Me too! Have quit smoking for the second time in my life and somehow did not make the connection between smoking and the ulcers until just now when I stumbled across this site. I too would hate to start smoking again now that the cravings have gone but will very seriously consider it. I canít believe there has not been any medical researchers to discover this link themselves, find a solution, and make BILLIONS off of it!
Shane 31 March 04
I knew there was a connection! I have been through literal hell over the past year and a half since I quit smoking. Throughout childhood I suffered from canker sores, but when I started smoking they went away. I am going to try to find research on the connection.
Alan 1 April 04
i get them if i drink too mudh red wine, or if i drink cheap beer. i guess the answer is : donít drink red wine or cheep beer! iíve been getting them all my life and i canít see a pattern, iím healthy and hygenic, i eat well and i exercise regularly. iíve just bought the most expensive vitamin B tablets available, so, fingers crossed! cheers!
steve 1 April 04
Sometimes I think I must be an alien because my experience is just the opposite of you ex-smokers! Well done all who have quit, I accept that some ppl can tolerate and even get addicted to smoking cigarettes, even though I personally could not and would not be capable of smoking, it totally disgusts me anyway and smoke in the air always makes me cough and get really sick. You certainly donít deserve mouth ulcers for taking such a positive step as quitting smoking! I am sorry you are suffering. I admit that my wish for ppl to quit smoking is mostly selfish, if ppl want to slowly self-destruct, they are welcome to do so as far as I am concerned, but the fewer smokers there are, the less I suffer from the dreadful effects of second-hand smoke (and for me it is dreadful).

Iíve never smoked, in fact I think I always was highly allergic to cigarette smoke, I suffered sheer HELL as a kid with mouth ulcers but they were nothing compared to the effects of second-hand smoke from my chain-smoking mother, I had loads of coughs and bronchitis and she still carried on smoking around me!!!
I cannot forgive her for that, because I told her all the time that I was ill because of it.

Anyway once I was older and away from that smoky household, all my health problems immediately went away, including the mouth ulcers. They only ever come back when I get ill from being exposed to cigarette smoke, so for me second-hand smoke seems to CAUSE the mouth ulcers, maybe because having to deal with cigarette smoke overloads my immune system, makes me get run down, etc. In fact these days very small amounts of second-hand smoke just outdoors can trigger all the bad symptoms I had as a child. Iím about to see a private specialist because it seems that I might have a severe chemical sensitivity to smoke and the NHS is hopeless in dealing with unusual conditions like mine. They are stumped and say I do not have asthma (well as I tell them itís actually a lot worse than asthma because it affects almost all my body systems).

Anyway I very rarely get mouth ulcers these days, but just now I can feel a couple starting, right after a day of having two severe reactions to second-hand smoke (one nasty woman deliberately blew smoke in my face just to make me ill today - my sworn enemy because Iíve criticised her for smoking around her kids). I donít think it is coincidence, for me mouth ulcers are one of the symptoms of my allergy to cigarette smoke.
Lesley 7 April 04
First time website user but long time sufferer of the demonic mouth ulcers..Iím currently battling two of them and let me tell you in a very selfish way, that Iím glad that there are others that understand my pain and discomfort.
Iíve only discovered this website yesterday and have been reading a few of the stories and various methods that people use to deal with the ulcers. I have tried many myslef, but Iím sorry to report that nothing seems to work.
In my case, quitting smoking, has not made much of a difference. Although mouth ulcers werenít the reason why I decided to quit, I thought it may help. I still get them with the same frequeny and quantity, if not, more severe. Although, it has certainly helped me with other aspects of my health, it has no made any improvements in the mouth ulcer department (or weight! but thatís another thing altogether)
Anyway, another point I wanted to put across is that when I get this monsters in my mouth I usually get swallen glands as well, around the ears and neck depending where there are situated. In some instances I have to take antibiotics - which take ages to do the trick because on top of it all, I am allergic to penecillin. Must say that they donít get infected, thereís just too many and too big. Iím very aware of oral hygiene so donít understand why they get so bad once they are there.
Everything out there seem to be made to alleviate the pain, however thereís nothing to prevent them.
In my case, I have come to the conclusion that I usually get them with a vengeance when Iím run down, tired and stress. Smoking, used to relax me, I know itís malignant in many other ways but it did help me to unwind and relax. Iím sure it was purely phycological, but it used to help me calm down and get on that distressing mode. May be the connection in my case is there.
Marcela (Australia) 8 April 04
Nope - I smoke and have had them for 4 years. Iím thinking the smoking is what is causing it. I have gone to several doctors - nothing they can do, had an endoscopy, biopsy. Donít know what causes it. I also drink a lot of cokes - trying to cut those out. Tired of guessing.
Mel 23 June 04
I gave up smoking 3 months ago, i am pleased to say, but my dr failed to tell me i would get mouth ulcers, twice a week taking ages to go!!!!
Sleepless nights too!!!
kerrry 23 June 04
Iíve always been abit different. Iím the same as ĒDaddsyĒ. Smoked for ages and always suffered from ulcers since a child. When Iíve given up smoking before now I donít recall getting any worse ulcers. They just appear when Iím Ērun downĒ, although Iím suffering particularaly bad at the moment with at least 20 including on my tongue and next to upper and lower teeth. Vile!! Using Difflam mouthwash which is excellent, until u discover it kills anyone with sensitive teeth (me of course!!). Oh well, Iím looking on the bright side, havenít eaten for a week so I might lose weight!!!
Nicola 4 July 04
Luckily I found this website and found people in the same predicament as me after quitting smoking. I was reading through alot of medical sites on canker sores and I thought I have a reduced immune system and starting to believe that I could be infected by the dreaded HIV virus. This is one of the symptons noted for HIV infected patients. Paranoid!!
Anonymous 16 August 04
Iíve been suffering with ulcers for over 20 years and have tried the usual over the counter remedies with little or no success. The only stuff that really worked were some steroids that were prescribed by my GP but being steroids they are not meant to be taken for long periods of time! they worked a treat but the ulcers came back as soon as i stopped taking them. Iíve had numerous blood tests and a biopsy and was told that iím just one of those people prone to ulcers and theres noting that can be done about it! i gave up smoking over 4 years ago and had a really bad attack of ulcers. My GP said that the chemical make-up in my mouth had changed and had probably triggered the outbreak of ulcers as a result. It was suggested i try Corsodyl mouthwash which iíve been using since with some success. It does help ulcers heal quicker but leaves an after tast in the mouth for ages!
Ian 20 August 04
Hi we are from a Stop Smoking Service in Portsmouth and we have one client in particular who wants to give up smoking but suffers very badly from mouth ulcers which stop her from eating, sleeping and making her life a living hell. We have found from GlaxoSmithKline that there is no rhyme or reason for this other than the chemical change in the body from quitting the fags. We have found that this is a very common withdrawal sympton of quitting but normally if you stick with it they will disappear within 2/3 weeks. For those who suffer badly, if you have any further help or advise for our wanna be quitter please let us know.
Gail & Kay 20 August 04
If you mean Portsmouth in the UK, then thatís probably the same Stoping Smoking Service that my Missus went to (she has been stopped for 18 months now), small World! Keep up the good work.
Dom Walton 20 August 04
A Bit of a Consistent theme is running here,I Too Stopped smoking over 21 months ago and have had a Mouth ulcer virtually every day since,My GP is nothing more than a Quack and to date as offered No pain relief other than the usual íDrink plenty of Waterí itís good advice but I would be glad to get something that will remedey and keep at bay any further ulcerations.
I guess 25 years of Smoking needs to leach out somewhere.
D.Blue 5 September 04
A consistent theme IS running! I gave up smoking on 12 Jul 2003 and I have been plagued with throat ulcers - massive ones and 4-5 at a time! I am definatley going to take advise of this site (which is brill by the way) and stay away from SLS toothpaste/acidy foods to see if this will help. I will definatley NOT be going back onto the cigarettes because bad enough as the ulcers are (and they can be so depressing) at least I am not going through a slow and painful death because of lung/throat/mouth cancer!
Cathy N Ireland 6 September 04
I have had ulcers for 14 years and was a smoker. I gave up smoking 6 1/2 months ago and can still say I get these evil things everyday. Personally I donít believe smoking has anything to do with it.
Doreen - Australia 9 September 04
dont smoke here, but have been reaeding all over the web...many studies have shown that chewing nicorette gum gets rid of them in non smokers???
jennifer 13 September 04
Well im not a smoker either and i have always suffered from ulcers. In people that get them after giving up maybe its a dependancy thing. The body is so used to having certain chemicals it goes into cold turkey an lowers defences leaving you prone to ulcers. It seems a lot of people never had them before smoking either so i cant see that smoking is actually a cure (unless you were smoking previousl). nicorett helping non-smokers is very curious though, it doesnt seem right but i am willing to try almost anything.
Steven 15 September 04
LIZ 25 September 04
If you return to the home page of this board, and wait for the messages to load, you will see a box at the top of the screen with a ĒSearchĒ button to its right. Type ĒglutenĒ without the quotation marks/inverted commas in the box, click on the Search button and you should get a pile of postings back that talk about gluten.
TomF 25 September 04
I smoke, not very heavily about 5 cigarettes a day, when Iíve tried to stop smoking in the past I tend to get ulcers when Iím tired or hungover. However when Iím smoking I only tend to get them if I have a cut or abrasion in my mouth, quite often, my tootbrush aim needs improving. Smoking when I have an ulcer definitely irritates it.
JPS 29 September 04
Interesting... that suggests that the smoking is helping to protect from the allergic reaction ( or whatever it is that is actually causing them ) rather than protecting against the secondary bacterial infection.
Dom Walton 30 September 04
I quit smoking 3 years ago last month. weird, I donít seem to remember getting them before I quit either! But I refuse to start up again!
meeks 4 October 04
I am not sure that this has been mentioned already, but cigarettes contain Thalidomide, a normally bad chemical substance that has however benefited many a mouth ulcer sufferer. By quitting smoking you deprive yourself of Thalidomide which has previously prevented the ulcers from occuring.

Now, I know this is hard for a smoker, but you do not need to inhale the smoke from a cigarette to get the ĒbenefitĒ of Thalidomide. Hold the smoke in your mouth and blow it out. I do it with 2 cigs daily and have had no ulcers in months.

Yes, I know cigarette smoke is bad even if you donít inhale it. I am just trying to help by suggesting an alternative that worked for me.

Good luck!
Twinsdad 13 December 04
I stopped smoking nearly five years ago and my densist said that it was probly that that caused my ulcers. Today I had to go to the doctors to show hime the state of my tongue. It looked like I had tonsillitus over one side of it. Been to work today and really was in no fit state to teach. The kids had to tell me that Iíd made a mistake in making the calf milk up! The doctor has given me a script for GELCLAIR ORAL GEL. Looked it up on the net and it sounds promising but in this small town the only pharamasist open didnít have it! Do I go to work tomorrow or look for a palce that can give some comfort until my immune system kicks in and rids this plague until the next one arrives?
Or do I go to school and scrounge a fag to see if that wards the B------- off!
Wendy, Yorkshire,UK, 15 December 04
interestingly enough, i quit 10 days ago and am getting íquit tipsí in my email from hereís what they sent this a.m. Iím in agony with little cracks or ulcers (i donít know what) but tongue, roof of mouth, throat and cheeks all feel full of sores. very painful. iím assuming cold sores and mouth pain go hand in hand. says itís not permanent but judging by what iím reading here ... eeek.

Acne/Cold Sores After Quitting

These are common detox symptoms (often called QuitZits around here), and are related to changing body chemistry/hormone shifts, as well as toxins, etc, leaving the body through all soft tissue. Quitting smoking puts extra stress on you bodyís nervous system. A natural response to this kind of stress can be things like acne and cold sores. This detox process can also inflame, even infect, all soft tissue. Not fun, but also not permanent, and proof that your quit is on the right track.

good luck everybody.
LKK Canada 17 December 04
I call the Blisters Ētounge ThingsĒ The really hurts and annoy me. I think stress can bring them on some how. Maybe changing the chemicals in your mouth ?
RRITT USA 18 December 04
After 20 years of smoking cigarettes, I stopped smoking 26 months ago and have had painful mouth ulcers ever since, one or two at a time with a 5-6 day break from them each month... this forum is the only thing I have found in writing to back up the fact that there IS a connection... when reading books about stopping though, many stated that youíd get fewer mouth ulcers if you stopped smoking, but didnít get them whilst I smoked!

If it helps, I have cut and pasted all the remedies etc that people mentioned in the general forum of cures, they are: Corlan Pellets - b12 & Vit C - L-lysine Ė Iron - Difflam spray Ė LIDOCAINE - Triamcinolone Paste 0.1 % - - benzydamide hydrochloride - Gengigel gel - Biotene-SLS free and Daktarin oral gel Ė Frador Ė bioplex Ė Valtrex - Acidophilus PB8 Ė Oragel - SM33.

I just bought some cigars for over the festive season and it will be interesting if smoking them(probably one a day) helps with the blasted ulcers! I shall report back in the new year.

What we must remeber of course, is that even if smoking does prevent ulcers for us sufferers, it was smoking in the first place that caused the íulcer reactioní when we gave up, otherwise people who never smoked would all be suffering with recurrent mouth ulcers (I think that makes sense!).
ASK - London,England 18 December 04
I donít think it is 100 percent certain that it is smoking that causes the íulcer reactioní upon giving-up smoking. It is also possible there was an underlying condition that was somehow masked by smoking and when the smoking ended, the condition came to the fore. Celiac Disease, for example, often doesnít present any symptoms until fairly mature years, and it is also true that many smokers began to smoke when they were in their teen years, and continued until ífairly mature yearsí and then stopped. At that point, perhaps Celiac Disease had damaged the small intestine to the extent that mouth ulcers/canker sores were ready to appear, but smoking was (for some unknown to me reason) suppressing them. After some time off smoking the sores appear and there is misery.
TomF 19 December 04
Tom is right. I had the gits before I started somking in my teens and i had them after I stopped smoking. (I smoked for 9 years.) I honestly donít remember if I had them while I smoked.
Ed 19 December 04
If you take 2 Niccorette chewing gum twice a day this may cure your mouth ulcers. in a recent study 70% of peolpes ulcers have gone completely. There must be a link between the nicotine in your body by smoking that stops ulcers. Im going to give it a try as i suffer pretty badly with ulcers i also take lysine tablets everyday which helps the healing of sorft tissue and they never last very long now and are not that painful anymore hope this help guys good luck.
Jason 24 December 04
So Jason, how is the Niccorette gum system working?
Ed 7 January 05
Thanks to all of you for taking the time to post on this board. I thought I was UNIQUE, in that whenever I attempt to be a non-smoker, my mouth goes nuts with the ulcers. I have been to my doctor, a dentist, an oral surgeon & then finally referred to Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas. All of them had a different ĒcureĒ. Alas, I still get ulcers whenever Iím not smoking. At least I guess there is comfort in numbers. So thanks again.
Glenda 12 January 05
I quit dipping skoal about a year ago and my mouth ulcers have gotten more frequent. I used to get one every now and then when I was dipping though, but since I quit I have gotten them on my tongue (which I never have before).
Ken 12 January 05
does any one know of a gargle that makes a cigarette tast bad, I know there is something out there as some one once asked me to gargle with this stuff and yes it did make a cigarette tast bad, but I have no idea what the gargle was. I NEED to know badly as me husband is dying from smoking. Thanks Debbie
Debbie 17 January 06
Thatís a heartfelt message Debbie, I donít know the answer but I hope you find it. Smoking is bad. Best wishes to you and your husband.
Dom Walton 18 January 06
found this site while googling for some relief to the torture. been getting ulcers as a kid all the way through adulthood. started smoking about 4 years back & had not one ulcer then, regardless intake or water or lake of sleep. tried to quit after a year and BOOM.. iím was in ulcer wonderland.. canít eat, sleep, drink nor talk. those little buggers just exploded all over the gums, lips, tongue, mouth. back on the sticks & only 1 ulcers since till i decided to quit a year back. dejavu with mr ulcers within a week.. had my wisdom tooth removed 2 weeks ago & was hence staying away from cigs..woohoo..10 ulcers in all the places you can name connected to the mouth with new bubbles waiting to pop as iím typing this..are ulcers just so insignificant to doctors? i really hate to think with so much advancements in medical science & new technologies, ulcer is still a huge unsolved puzzle with nothing more than speculations & aids doctors quickly prescribe so we would get out of their clinics.. is everyone waiting for everyone to find a cure or the root of the problem..?

if youíve never smoke before, please donít start. i hate the taste of cigs & the idea of praying for a peaceful & painless death, but these ulcers are pure living hell.. regards to all & may you find your ways to stop the pain or make em go away, even if itís for a day.

and to all those in the medical or physiology field pushing to unravel the canker puzzle, your names would go down the history for the million pains you cure, nobel prize winner or not.
BB 23 January 06
I am so glad to have found this board i suit smomig in october last year and my mouth is like the travel inn to mouth ulcers nothing i have tried seems to work.the only up side is i ahve saved about £300 per month so i can but up with the 25 or so ulcers having a convention metting in my gob!!!
stay strong and off the weed
db 28 January 06
I used to smoke regularly, a pack every two days, until i started getting these damn ulcers on my tonsils. I am fine with ulcers anywhere else but until you had these ulcers on the tonsils, then you know what Iím talking about. It is living hell. In the last few years, I have had these ulcers there a total of five times, with each lasting about a month long. There is no cure for these things. Iíve tried everything. The only thing that seems to work is letting the ulcer complete itís infection, and then it goes away. Thrust me, you do not want to know what completing itís infection means. Iíll try to describe it for you. You begin to feel the ulcer developing two days prior to the visual ucler. Then you see that white spot. The spot eventually grows enveloping the entire tonsil. The skin of the tonsil usually breaks and then the pus and blood comes out. The tonsil usually heals after that. And yes, the whole process is painful. Anyways, about smoking, I completely quit tobacco for now. With tobacco, I was getting the infections every other month or so. Interestingly, marijuana so far has not caused the infections for me.
calvin 5 February 06
Iíve gave up smoking 3 months ago and have had numerous outbreaks of mouth ulcers since then.

In the 20 years prior , while I smoked, I had 3 only outbreaks
lam 5 February 06
I guess I buck the trend.

I used to smoke around a pack a day (quit last July), and the frequency/number of my ulcers have not changed at all
Andre 9 February 06
i QUIT IN Oct 03-Apr 04....I posted...I started back up and all the sores went away.....I hate smoking so I am 1 week into quitting...and on the back of my on the inside of my eating is a chore...hurts going in then going down....WTF I dont wanna smoke...but the pain sux
Gary 13 March 06
Have to concur with lam and Gary. I stopped smoking middle June last year after my heart attack! Iíve suffered terribly with ulcers since then. Suspected that these were due to bodily changes brought about by the coronary and/or the new medication I am now on. Interesting though that there are others who appear to have become mouth ulcer sufferers after having stopped smoking. Iím not going to start again mind you - saving a bomb in cash and rest of health is now greatly improved. These damn ulcers are truly a pain though
Dave 13 March 06
I gave up smoking 2 years ago after several attemps and have like everyone else suffered the dreaded mouth ulcers, What i am finding strange is, my 14 year old daughter, who has never smoked, also suffers ulcers now.(she never had a single ulcer before i stopped) Nearly always during the same periods i am suffering?. I am now begining to think she may have been a sufferer of passive smoking, My smoke which in turn prevented her from getting mouth ulcers. Now that i have stopped, No one smokes in the house and she is getting the ulcers. How ironic when i gave up because i did not want my daughter to be influenced by my smoking and put her at risk. May be just coincidence
Jim 13 March 06
Hi I am now 60 smoked from about 13 until 30. ulcers till about 13 none up to 30. ulcers from then on in. wonder If the tobac companies would carry out some investigations
ron 16 March 06
Iím so sorry for all of you! Iíve only had occasional canker sores in my lifetime, but never smoked. My husband has smoked for most of his life and has had the same problems every time he quits. They are never ending. He didnít go back to smoking cigaretts, though...heís smoking cigars now. Just alittle, and tries not to inhale too much. And the sores went away. If you should go back to smoking, this might be, at the very least, somewhat better...atleast there is no nicotine. Good luck!
Dee 31 July 07
I`ve stopped smoking now for about 2 years and didn`t have one mouth ulcer. Since stopping ive had nothing but trouble with ulcers. A friend of mine is the same. Im sure there is a connection. It would be interesting to hear from the medical profession to see if a link exsist.
Dave Cox 1 August 07
I gave up smoking 6 months ago. I now suffer from ulcers. Thank goodness for this website, well done Dom. As suggested on this website by many people, rubbing salt onto them (ouch) appears to be getting rid of them quite quickly.
Geoff Collins 3 August 07
I have been a smoker for the last 11 yrs. I have been a victim of recurrent mouth ulcers since the birth of my 1st son in 1999, so smokers to get recurrent ulcers!! I have had blood tests, x-rays & and an endoscopy to determine what the cause is - lack of vitamin B12 was the answer. I started having B12 injections every 6 weeks & for the first yr everything was going ok, then BAM! I have a really bad attack & Iíve been suffering ever since. My GP told me not to get stressed! I have 2 kids - how can I not get stressed!!!! One of my remedies is Adcortyl in Orabase, this is like a paste & I put it on before bed - it seems to reduce the pain. Ironically, smoking is the only thing that doesnít hurt to do!!
Lorraine 8 August 07
I have given up smoking 3 times over the last few years and each time I get mouth ulcers especially on my tongue. I tried a lot of remedies but the one that used to work for me was íprofessional strength KANKAí from the States which worked a dream. Since I gave up smoking (again) 2 months ago, the ulcers seem to be more relentless, larger and more painful than before, and the KANKA gel is not working, also I am feeling írun downí because of them. Does anyone out there have any ideas how to deal with these little *******...Help!!
Mike 13 August 07
I had a lot of ulcers as a kid, which seemed to go away when I started smoking. Thinking about it, though, they didnít actually go away at all - it was more that they were still there, but so painless as to be an irrelevance. I believe smoking helps to pacify rather cure the ulcer - a bit like bees! Once I quit smoking, the pain became unbearable and i would have undoubtedly have started again had I not found Squiggle. Interestingly, I find Squiggle is the same in that I still get loads of ulcers, but none are that painful.

I firmly believe the majority of ulcers are caused by salty, abrasive snacks/food infecting skin breakages within the mouth, caused usually by your teeth during sleep. I also strongly recommend NOT brushing your teeth repeatedly with a regular toothpaste. Iíd find this would numb the paid for about half an hour, but it would come back with avengence later, creating a vicious cycle. If Squiggle doesnít work for you, just use the brush and get a good dentist!
Tim 16 August 07
Oh, and Iíll add one more thing. Some people have mentioned that their doctor has said there is no link between smoking and ulcers. I would urge everyone to take what their doctor tells them with a pinch of salt - almost all GPs Iíve ever been to, with a varied list of problems, have singularly failed to make any positive impact on my health. Tea, sympathy and comfort is their purpose.

Google has done more for my health than all the doctors Iíve ever been to combined.
Tim 16 August 07
Hey fellow sufferers, I too feel like Iím a forensic pathologist having looked into every possible explanation on why when I quit smoking Iím inundated with ulcers to the point that the pain drives me back to cigarettes. I had a 20 minute conversation with the head of research and development of Reynolds Tobacco company and he said there are buffers and alkalines in the actual smoke that inhibit acid production in the oral cavity (otherwise the smoke in your mouth would burn) ....I urge some of you and Iím going to try it too....Iím going to try taking prilosec or some other acid inhibiting drug and see if that has any effect. Both parents have died of lung cancer...I have to find an alternative but Iím a singer... and not being able to eat, talk, and in constant oral pain is not a nice side effect.. :(
Fevering 29 August 07
Has any one ever tried niccoteen patches? I gave up smoking 9 months ago and do seem to be sufforing more than usual. I think there may be a connection between stress levels and ulcers, since quitting I feel dizzy with stress some times.

Giving up smoking is going to give me a heart attack through stress.
crossy67 1 September 07
OK, I quit in 03-04, again in 06 and now Once again in 07...Every damn time these things pop up and kill, I cant even speak right now. 2 on my tounge, and I have the makings of oe forming on my cheek....UGH... I have absolultley NO urge for a smoke....My question is why the punishment for doing something good....I am not going to start back up thougj...I will buy every numbing product I can find until there is a cure....
gary 10 September 07
i stopped smoking 6 months ago a few days later i started to get mouth ulcers,i go 6 days or so with out any then i get two or three at once , they really hurt and to be honest it really gets me down. tryed mouth washes and gel but with no effect i was even on a course of strong antibiotics for an other ailment and still had a very painfull mouth ulcer. however at presant i am on a perscription medication called Adcortyl in orabase, it is a paste that you put on the ulcer i finde it takes away the pain and with it been a paste rather than a gel lasts a lot longer . i still get ulcers but they dont last as long and this paste gives a welcome brake from the discomfourt of the ulser .

lee 11 September 07
I was a 30 a day smoker, until two years ago when I gave up. Since then I have suffered with constant mouth ulcers. It made me very miserable, and although quitting was extremley hard, the only reason I was really tempted to start up again, was because of the mouth ulcers. I mentioned the problem to my doctor, who said that this was a common problem, and that the carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke kills all the bacteria in the mouth, so that when you stop, the level of bacteria increases, and mouth ulcers in susceptible people is more likely as a result.
Sarah 4 November 07
I smoke regularly and still get ulcers. In fact I THINK I might get ulcers more now that I smoke than I did when I didnít.
lisa 12 November 07
I am 30 yrs old and I smoked for 15 years. I have always dealt with mouth ulcers and unfortunately I have passed them on to my 2 daughters. I have been to several doctors and dentist with no cure. Since I quit smoking 4 months ago the ulcers have got worse. For the first time in my life I had to miss work because the pain was so bad that I could not even swallow. For some reason most of them seem to come up on my tongue (top and bottom). I had about decided that smoking was the way to go but I also run and we all know what smoking does to your lungs. The pain is unbearable at times! I have gone 2 days without being able to eat anything due to break outs. The one thing I do every day sometimes several times a day is rinse my mouth out with straight hydrogen peroxide. My dentist has told that it does not hurt and if anything it keeps my teeth white. Also I had my dentist call this in for me Asphthasol and this toothpaste is great Verve Ultra also Oragel works wonders! These are just somethingís that have helped me get through the agony of break outs, which has become and every day adventure! Pray that they find a cure; I canít bare the thought of kids going through this!
DEEJAY 14 November 07
I am 31 yrs old and have also smoked for 15 years. I have only been getting ulcers for the last 6 months. I had a very stressful exams earlier in the year, that the Drís said was the cause, but have still been getting the ulcers ever since. Its so nice to find a site where people understand what you are going through. My family and friends are trying to be sympathetic, but you know that they have only had one ulcer at a time and donít understand the fuss! I read in the paper the other day that swilling camomile tea (luke warm) around your mouth can help with the ulcers. Am willing to try anything as I have 5 at the moment and want to cry! Does anyone else feel tired and miserable when theyíve got these hideous things?
Sian 16 November 07
Hey all, some really interesting ideas on the smoking thing here. I was plagued with ulcers as a kid and they did seem to abate when I took up smoking at 16, except for the occasional outbreak when really run down. I stopped in Febuary this year and within a couple of weeks had awful mouthfuls of ulcers with only about one weekís slight relief in four. This certainly didnít help with the stress of giving up! And it was tempting to start again despite the fact I really wanted off the cigarettes, just to ease the pain of it. My doctor indicated that she was aware of patient reports of the ulcer-repressing effect of cigarette smoke, both in the case of oral and stomach ulcers apparently. But in any case, what has really worked wonders for me in terms of prevention is to switch toothpaste to one with no sodium lauryth sulphate - I have not used regular paste for ages now and while there is the odd ulcer, they are by no means as painful nor large nor long-lived. I found this idea from someone on this site so thought Iíd add a voice to it. I donít know if itís connected (or maybe the main thing) but the paste has tea tree oil in it, too.

Having said that, another thing was that I enjoyed a bag of juicy fresh new season satsumas a couple of weeks ago - within a week I had four raging ulcers. I have avoided citrus fruit totally, since, and wonder - this must be a trigger factor too for me, though I had never noticed the connection. Hope this might help someone! Hope in time we can all find something to ease the misery, itís just the pits isnít it.

The toothpaste is called AloeDent Whitening toothpaste, is made by Optima (Optima Health and Nutrition Ltd, Cardiff CF10 1AD) and I get it from Holland and Barrett stores in the UK for about £3.50 a tube - well worth the extra.
Jamie 19 November 07
After finding this sight and and recognising that i was not alone with these ulcers after giving up smoking 7months ago, I read alot of people were taking lysine. I was willing to give anything a go to stop this every day agony. WITHIN 5 DAYS THEY WERE GONE. I WENT TO LOCAL HEALTH SHOP. BOUGHT LYSINE 1000MG- TOOK 4 FIRST DAY AND THEN 2 EVERY DAY!!!!!!! I WISH I FOUND THIS SITE 7 MONTHS AGO! EVERYONE I RECOMMEND AT LEAST TRYING IT !!! tHANKS TO EVERYONE WHO MADE ME AWARE OF IT. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BELINDA 27 November 07
Iíve had mouth ulcers fairly regularly since early childhood. I smoked cigarettes for 25 years and it made no difference to how often I got ulcers. I quit smoking 8 months ago, and have used Nicorette gum from time to time, and again there doesnít seem to be any difference to the ulcers pattern.

PLEASE if youíre able to quit smoking DONĒT START AGAIN just because of ulcers. Yes theyíre agony and embarrassing and exhausting, but what smoking does to you is miles worse.

My Chinese doctors in Wellington (New Zealand) gave me Vitamin B2 to fight ulcers. You need about 300mg to 400mg a day which is more than the health supplement companies say on the bottle but just for a few days, then drop back to 100mg/day till the mouth is good and clear. The worst of the pain is gone in 24 hours, and they are pretty much all healed in 3 days. I also take zinc with the B2. After checking out some of the stories on this site Iíll also try cutting out citrus.

Another thing that seems really weird to me is -- why have the medical and pharmaceutical industries so little to offer for this problem? why are there no huge research programmes looking into causes and treatments? the number of postings on this site would indicate that thereís a big enough proportion of the public in real and chronic suffering, and desperate for solutions -- so why is there so little professional attention to this health issue???
Ronnie 27 December 07
Well, Add another to the list... I was just searching to find some information on my sore mouth....Well, guess what? Lining of my cheekís inside are inflamed like the protective layer is gone and have a few painful bumps. Going to an ENT in two dayís. I quit smoking Sept 1 and the mouth thing started about a month and and half later. Itís is also effecting my taste budís. I donít know if I have what everone else has, but it sure sounds like it.

Will check back later
Clint 28 December 07
Hi All, I have been browsing this site and trying suggestions since April 2007. I too quit smoking after 16 years in April, then all the sudden right after, have had at least 1 if not 4 ulcers in my mouth and mostly on my tongue. I have only gone maybe 1 week this entire time without any. I have tried everything I can think of such as using the Rembrandt Toothpaste for Canker Sores, Glyoxide, Warm Salt Water, L-Lysine, Echinecea, Praying, Keeping My Teeth Bushed More Often, Orabase, Orajel, Squigle Toothpaste, Cankermelts, Apthasol (presc.), Biotene Toothpaste, Listerine, Praying, Benzodent, Avoding Certain Foods, Gave Up Drinking Anything But Water (well maybe 95% of the time), Praying and the latest thing which I got from my Doctor this week (presc.) Triamcinolone. I DO believe that Stress has A LOT to do with them. I never had a problem with these until this April, now I canít get rid of these painful, pesky sores. I am so glad to read this message board and that I am not the only one thinking stopping smoking was the same time I started getting these. There has to be a connection, from this board sounds like there is. I WILL NOT start back smoking though for sure! Anyway, I feel you guys and hope we will find a solution one day real soon!
Melissa 28 December 07
I posted in November and was sooo miserable I was in tears!!! Since then (first of December) I have started taking Lysine tablets twice a day. OMG!!! IT WORKS! I still have ulcers pop up here and there but they never turn into what they have in the past. IF YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM MOUTH ULCERS TRY TAKING LYSINE TABLETS (500 MG) TWICE A DAY! What do you have to lose?? For me they have been a blessing! Thanks to all of you that offered that advice, you have made my life sooo much easier : )~
DEEJAY 8 January 08
I posted in November and was sooo miserable I was in tears!!! Since then (first of December) I have started taking Lysine tablets twice a day. OMG!!! IT WORKS! I still have ulcers pop up here and there but they never turn into what they have in the past. IF YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM MOUTH ULCERS TRY TAKING LYSINE TABLETS (500 MG) TWICE A DAY! What do you have to lose?? For me they have been a blessing! Thanks to all of you that offered that advice, you have made my life sooo much easier : )~
DEEJAY 8 January 08
Hello everyone. I have suffered from mouth ulcers since I was little, as long as I can remember. I sometimes get one, or many. Might not have any for 6 months, then might have them constantly. I have tried lots of different things, from prescriptions to faith healers. I know that seems funny, but everyone here that suffers from them knows how painful and almost maddening they can be. I would try rubbing elephant crap on them if it would work at times. I also have just quit smoking, and I am still having a massive outbreak. It doesnt seem to matter in my case if I smoke or not. I also just had a few teeth surgically removed, so I am dealing with that on top of the ulcers. I honestly think the surgury recovery is LESS painful than these damn ulcers.
No point really I suppose, just pointing out that it seems it doesnt matter what we do or dont do (smoke or not). I wish it were something definite that we could all point to and say this is what causes them, and here is a cure! Until then, I guess we try and hope we can each find something that helps.
And kudos on this website! I have found way more info here than any doctor or dentist has EVER been able to give me. Thank you VERY much!
Griff 9 January 08
I stopped smoking 7 months ago and have been suffering mouth ulcers ever since, i'm at my wits end. So glad i found this site thought i was the only who my suffering, docs don't really do anything and now i have a big one on my throat, so i'm going to try lysine tablets hope they help, don't know how much more i stand. Thanks so much excuse typing first time web user.
Allison 13th feb 2008 13 February 08
i was never bothered with mouth ulcers until i stopped smoking a week ago i am determined i aint going to start smoking agian to get rid of them.... i am using ambesol its for them i find it very good
heather 17 February 08
I quit smoking on January 1, 2008. One week later, my mouth was full of sores. So painful I couldn't chew or swallow without grimacing. The sores subsided after 4 weeks only to return again. I have been to the doctor with no remedy that was lasting. I have seriously considered smoking for the pain and stress relief. Any advice would be so appreciated!
Patty 20 February 08
Just found this website and thought I was the only one who suffered from ulcers since stopping smoking. Its unbelievable how many there are of us. Igave up smoking Dec 07 and ever since have suffered with ulcers continually. Been back and forward to doctors and have been given Pastes mouthwashes etc with no avail. Nothing seems to work. At the moment my mouth is so painful I can hardly eat. Anyone got a miracle out there let me know.
Maz 2 March 08 2 March 08
Yeap Guys I even had a Doctor tell me I might as well take up smoking again the ulcers were so bad. Five at a time in the throat everywhere taking at least a month to heal completely each one. Now I find a Cortisone inhaler - don't rinse fixes them and I smoke very occasionally.
Tina 6 March 08
MANDY 30 8 March 08
This has made me fell so much better, thank you so much. I am 25 and have been smokinf for around 10 years ( I am disgusted at myself for smoking from such a young age!!!) However, i gave up smoking in November last year and every month without fail have a week or 2 of painful ulcers. I have been to the doctor had blood tests, autoimmune system tests and even had a stomach x-ray to see what may be causing these. I havent had the results back yet and have been a little nervous of the outcome to be honest as I can be a bit of a Hypocondriac! However, after reading these it seems to make sense that since I have quit smoking I have been suffering with Ulcers! Thank you so much for putting a bit of my mind at rest!
Hattie 8 March 08
Wow, I didn't know this was a common problem. I quit smoking about 3 months ago after 6 years of it. Since then i've had ulcers non-stop. Looks like there isn't a common soulution to it...
Billy 10 March 08
The best explanation I found on some website a few years ago is that smoking kills everything in your mouth, including good and bad bacteria, and when you quit, some of these bacteria come back with abandon. So, it seems plausible that either bad ulcer-causing bacteria (many scientists say ulcers are caused by bacteria) come back and flourish in the mouth of someone who just quit smoking and wreak havoc, or perhaps (and this is my own unscientific guess) the "good" bacteria that have been killed off by your smoking habit don't come back after you quit to protect you from other things that cause mouth ulcers. As for me, I smoked for 9 years with only the occasional mouth ulcer, and after I quit 3 years ago, I had horrible mouth ulcers for several months. Luckily, they eventually went away, but occasionally (like the last few days) they flare up and hurt like you-know-what. Good luck everyone!
Nick 14 March 08
damn ulcers are killin me,i gave up the smokes cause they were killin me,turns out there related,but guess wot my wife would kill me if got back on the smokes.gave up smokin in nov07 had ulcers ever since but i dont think its the nicotine reduction thats the problem as ive been using the nicotine gum,so i reckon its the actual smoke that somehow prevents the killer ulcers.
Jas 16 March 08
I gave up smoking 2 years ago, have had ulcers 3-5 at a time, since, I might have a few weeks off, but they are back again,as sure as eggs is eggs. What is going on? I thought I was on my own before I came across this site. Surely it is worth some boffin looking into the syndrome. I know pineapple makes them worse , but do not cause them, I am sure. I wish you could still get Gentian violets , I remember as a child once having ulcers and it worked a treat.
valerie Crawley 23 March 08
I have had ulcers since I was a kid, and when I was smoking I rarely got them...I quit 4 years ago April 1st after 20 years smoking and I've got to tell you, not long after I quit they came back with a vengeance. I have 3 on my tongue right now ant the one on the tip brings me to tears. Nothing works for me, I just deal with the pain.
Kevin 27 March 08
I have had ulcers since I was a teenager, they always seemed to flare up after a big night out (which I attributed to smoking), I finally quit 3 years ago and they still sem to flare up after a big night out. The duration of an outbreak now is considerably less however. I think it's the alcohol, tiredness, stress on the body, for me that causes them. I was alcohol free for a year (and so wasnt going out late) and I was thankfully almost ulcer free (except if I got a cold). Maybe it's the stress of not smoking that's making you all flare up, rather than the lack of toxins?? Who knows.
Sassie_L 28 March 08
I read an article in a medical journal that looked at smoking and also nicotine gum on ulcers and smoking one cigarette a day or chewing one nicotine gum stops ulcers. At the time I had tried everything so started smoking - just one cigarette a day. I have had 1 ulcer since - in 18 months.
I don't like having to do this, but there were times that I couldn't eat for a fortnight because of my ulcers and I had them almost constantly for 15 years. It has made an amazing difference to me.
Jo 1 April 08
Jo wouldnt it be better for your long term health to eat one piece of nicotine gum per day, instead of a cigerette, if the effects are the same. It would certainly be better for your lungs and bronchi. I know it is better to smoke one rather than twenty,but even passive smoking is bad for us. Think about it eh.
valerie 3 April 08
I don't think that it is necessarily the nicotine in cigarettes that reduces ulcers - probably one of the myriad of chemicals they put into the cigarettes. I am currently on nicotine patches and the ulcers have returned with a vengeance.
Jez 9 April 08
I wonder if the same thing happens to people who quit smoking marijuana(?)
Ed 9 April 08
i read on the nhs site that stopping smoking 'temporarily' causes ulcers. Apparently a lot of saline solution and B12 helps. ive had one since saturday (its now thursday) when i stopped smoking. Apparently its your bodies way of reacting to the lack of chemicals and tar you are taking in. So im guessing the longer you have smoked the worst they will be. I gave up when i was pregnant after 4 years of smoking and only had a few ulcers but my mum who smoked for 10 years had them for ages.
Lora 10 April 08
Yes, I found that smoking in the early stages of an ulcer actually helped to fight it back and sometimes it actually disappeared. When I voiced this observation to my doctor she laughed at me (obviously not a theory to be encouraged!).
I was pleased to read recently on a French dental site about mouth ulcers that tobacco causes a hyperkeratosis of the mucous which could help prevent mouth ulcers ...... I don't know how many cigarettes you have to smoke to feel the benefit of that, but my experience (I'm not a real smoker) was with just 1 or 2 cigarettes in the evening.
KC - France 18 April 08
In other forums I have read that stress and being run down is a cause of ulcers. I recently tried to stop/ cut down smoking cigarettes a lot and my ulcer has got worse. one cigarette does not help. i think it is the stress from the nicotine craving.
Gaz 14 May 08
I recently quit smoking and have three of the worst ulcers I've ever had. I have always suffered from them but these ones are brutal.
I agree that it's less likely the chemicals in cigarettes, more the stress of quitting. I've always felt that ulcers can be caused by something psychological as I mainly get them when I'm depressed. This could also be the lack of sleep that coincides with that for me though. So many symptoms come in a bundle it's almost impossible to decide which cause which..
Stef 18 May 08
im definatly going to try lysine ive been having mouth ulsers for nearly two years when i gave up smoking
valerie 23 May 08
Finally found solution for ulcers after quitting! Having lost 2 parents to lung cancer, I've quit a number of times and was inundated so badly by mouth ulcers, I CHOSE to smoke. My doctor and I have been on a 20 year search for answers and I think we've landed on it. I quit Aug. 18, 2008 and have only had 2 ulcers the first week and haven't had any since. Here's what I did and why....based on a conversation with the head of research and development at Reynolds Tobacco company, there are buffers and alkalines that they put in the actual smoke in a cigarette that inhibits acid reproduction in the mouth....otherwise it would burn your mouth to based on that! 3 weeks before my quit date, I began taking acidophilis, digestive enzymes, and multi mineral and vitamin pills....then I quit....5 days into it, I started getting 2 ulcers....I added prilosec to the regimen and have been ulcer and tobacco free !!!!! Before that, I had tried everything! There's nothing on these boards that I hadn't tried. For me, it's a freakin' miracle :) Good luck you guys!!!! Hope this helps!!!!
Kristy 10 September 08
I used to suffer from mouth ulcers whenever I stopped smoking (and I stopped a fair few times!) I always ended up back smoking for one reason or other and then they went away. This last time I stopped (May 2007) I went through 6 months of suffering and then decided to try and find out if I was allergic to a foodstuff. I started on Carol Vordermans detox diet (basically eating not much more that fruit, veg, nuts and seeds and drinking herbal tea) and for 3 months I was ulcer free. I then gradually introduced other foods back in until I started getting the ulcers again. The cause for me is dairy products and in particular cheese. I stay off these and I remain ulcer free. If I want to have ice-cream I do, and just pay the price a few days later! I realise this may not work for everyone, as some people appear to be allergic to citrus fruit, but it worked for me and although the first 3 months were a pain where eating out was impossible and friends thought I was mad, being ulcer free is just marvellous.
Tess 5 October 08
have stopped smoking for three weeks and unfortuitly have had two episodes of mouth ulcers thought it was coinscide but glad to discover this website it seems to be a effect of trying to kick the weed i am going to keep trying
maggie co antrim
maggie 6 November 08
There is some study that said just what you foks are claiming. It said to go on 2mg of gum 4 times a day for 4 weeks and wean yourself off.
john 12 November 08
I am *trying* to give up smoking at the moment. I was a very heavy smoker (40 per day) and am currently using nicotene gum and nicotine inhalers to help me off the wicked weed.

Trust me these don't provide whatever inhibits mouth ulcers in cigs! I currently have 7 huge ulcers which are driving me insane. I never used to get them when I smoked! In fact the gum makes the ulcers hurt like crazy!

It seems so unfair, I am trying to stop smoking, have a mouth full of ulcers so can't eat -particulary chocolate which really sets them off!), can't sleep they hurt so much and the things that should help me give up smoking eg the gum makes my mouth ulcers agonising. I honestly don't know what to do. I feel in despair and am seriously considering starting again. (been off smoking for 3 months and haven't been without an ulcer in all that time!).

Interesting someone mentioned having a dry mouth at night - I get this.
ally 14 November 08
Have been reading the board with interest as again, I am one week in to stopping smoking. I used hypnosis and so far, so good. However, like most others on here, I now have a mouthfull of ulcers. I have stopped many times before and it is always the pain of the ulcers that sends me back to smoking, which disappear within days of restarting.

I do not want to start smoking again so am trying to logically look at the issue. I note from an earlier post that tobacco companies add an alkaline additive to stop the smoke burning on inhalation. I note from other sources that stomach ulcers are generally caused by over acidity in the diet or stomach. Lets say this also applies to mouth ulcers, there is the possibility therefore that the removal of the alkaline smoke additive unbalances the mouth/body PH to one of acidity and the ulcers are a reaction to this.

I have noted a website, which deals with an alkaline diet and can relieve many ailments, including stomach ulcers. I will be contacting them with my 'theory' on the issue.

Again from other posts, it would appear that people get the ulcers worse when they have been eating/drinking acidic based food stuffs. I have just bought and used the Aloedent toothpaste (Holland & Barrett), which contains aloe vera and I presume is alkaline based. This has immediately provided temporary relief from the ulcer pain.

I'm no expert but like all of us here, I'm fed up doing the 'right thing' giving up smoking only to be crucified by the damn ulcers. Any input or comment from others would be interesting.
mark 19 November 08
Gave up smoking 6 weeks ago - result mouth ulcers

Slipped back onto smoking wagon last night, hopefully just for one day but who knows ulcers are hell on earth

Am now going outside for a cigarrette
Jeni Woods 20 November 08
I too stopped smoking about 6 years ago and up to this point never suffered from mouth ulcers in my life. After about a month I started with the ulcers they took over my mouth and throat, I couldnít use bonjela as the ulcers were right at the back of my throat so I had to use a spray. I went to the doctors so many times then for blood testing only to be told there was nothing they could do. 18 months later I started smoking again and all the ulcers disappeared, I then stopped smoking again about 3 months later (upto this point I never received another ulcer) and guess what the ulcers came back so I started smoking again. I recently decided I was quitting smoking again and it has been years since I last had an ulcer so I might be ok this time. I have stopped smoking for about 5 weeks now and I am at the point where I am going to start smoking again as the mouth ulcers are getting me down as my job entails talking to customers and suppliers all day which isnít good when your mouth hurts like hell.
Shaun Maskill 25 November 08
Like Shaun, I never suffered Ulcers up until I quit smoking, then I was plagued constantly, family members suffer with Ulcers to but I never did! I think its all to do with immune systems and the change in chemicals must kick something off because I have not smoked for a long time and mouth ulcers seem to be with me all the time now, I ma lucky if I get a run of three days without one. Over the years since stopping smoking, though normally the urge to eat would kick in but I managed to lose a lot of weight due to never been able to eat or drink anything, (reaching just over nine stone at really bad patch!!) I have had bouts so bad its been "Nothing but water" on some occasions!! I have tried lots of other things and only find warm salt water as some method of ease. Also, though maybe conincidence I sometimes get, what I woauld call a stress rash on my neck, often this comes when Im suffering a mass of mouth ulcers and on a few times I have felt like maybe they are in my throat, like a feeling of swallowing a boiled sweet but its stuck! But that feeling is only when its really bad!
Love to here from anyone else who has similar problems or symptoms, in overall I think its when we stop smoking and the chemical balances change causng all these problems, I have been really close to starting smoking again a few times and each time I have a bad week of Ulcers etc I usually try and have to talk myself round NOT to go and buy some cigarettes!!!
Davey 29 November 08
i stopped smooking 4 weeks ago and mouth is full of ulcers but dont want to start again
sue 3 January 09
it is SOY ....READ THE LABELS of the foods you are is causing the mouth ulcers....PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!!
I suffered for YEARS...$$$ ....and pain....SOY is in almost every kind of bread we buy, it is in vitamins, soy is in tons of your labels....SOY....Try this ...avoid foods made with soy...I have been ulcer free for mouths and I had not been for YEARS till I stopped soy !!!!!
LeT me know ,
chris g. 7 January 09
It is so amusing to read all of these posts! Everything is so familiar!! I suffered from mouth ulcers as a child and started smoking in my teens - didn't think that it had any correlation with the fact that my ulcers disappeared though.

Guess what? Quit smoking back in the summer and have been plagued ever since!!!!!! Rubbish. I've been to the doctor and had blood tests, but nothing wrong with me. I've tried not eating certain foods, and to no avail. Reading this... is all makes sense.

I don't want to smoke again ... but these ulcers are just soooo painful. I NEED a cure!!!
sam 7 January 09
When I stop smoking I get asthma believe it or not.
sillygoose 9 January 09
After years of complaining to my dentist about mouth ulcers, we thought I had grown out of them until they returned with avengance a few years ago. He asked me if I had stopped smoking (which I had) - he told me that the best kept detistry secret was that smoking stops mouth ulcers because it kills of the top layer of the lining of your mouth.
Hannah 11 January 09
Developed mouth ulcers 4 weeks after quitting smoking.
I also happened to start an SLS toothpaste the same time the ulcers flared up 4 days ago.
We'll see if stopping the toothpaste/acidopholous helps.
Recall developing them the last time I quit.
steve 18 January 09
Also suffer from mouth uclers have done since 13 years old while smoking have no uclers just given up again and now the proud owner within 2 weeks of 8 uclers on my tongue with more on their way.Every time I give up the uclers come back was told I had grown out of them at 16 by my doctor but what I had done was start smoking,have given up fags for years at a time but suffer uclers the whole time always go back smoking to have a break from them not ideal but it gives me a holiday from the little buggers!Wish there were a few people out there who would do phd 's on the subject and then maybe we would find a cure.
Allison 23 January 09
I suffer from mouth ulcers as does my father.
Dad always had them as a kid, but started smoking in his teens and gave up when he was in his mid 30's...He swears he never had an ulcer when he was a smoker. Everytime i havethem real bad he suggests taking up tempting it can be!!!!
Mark warner 24 January 09
It's been a year since giving up smoking and I have had nothing but mouth ulcers ever since. Last year I started taking Vitamin B and this appears to have helped the severity of the ulcers but has not cured the problem. I have approache the GP in the past who said there is no cure but using products to soothe is all I recieved. I have since been back and she has taken a swab and I am awaiting result. My guess is I will need further doses of vitamin B and C and will have to continue suffering of these ulcers or start smoking again, which I do not want to do again.
Tracy Brown 29 January 09
I gave up the ciggies for five years and seem to remember suffering a great deal during that time. Like a fool I started again and off they popped. not a one for a couple of years. Me and the Missus then started producing offspring and so I packed in again for a while and back they came. Back to the weed. Due to a second sprog I haven't indulged for four months and I am in constant oral agony. Can't some brain isolate the curative element in fag smoke and stick it in a pastel? I, for one, would gladly pay over a pound for a pack of such sweeties and, if they taste like tabs, then all the better.
Gaspin' Tim Dooley 30 January 09
And another thing. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it previously, but could the stress of giving up smoking be a factor?
Gaspin\' Tim Dooley 30 January 09
There are a few articles online talking about recent research confirming that smoking has an antibacterial effect in the mouth and thus prevents/reduces mouth ulcers. i quit four weeks ago and have had them ever since, plus the glands in my throat keep swelling up intermittently and i've had feverish symptoms and felt very run down. Think it might be in combination with a virus, but really hoping it clears up soon!
i have found 'Rinstead' pastilles and 'Aloclair' oral spray gel to be very helpful. both of them smooth the surface of my ulcers and have given me temporary relief so i can get off to sleep etc.
Also avoiding salty foods and particularly tomatoes seems to help. Gutted, i love tomatoes! i think my nicotine inhalator which i use with my patch might be aggravating the problem.
Still, so delighted not to smoke any more and all the horribleness that comes with smoking. i am definitely better off. maybe when the warm weather comes and we're less run down it will get better!
Sarah GB 1st February 2009 1 February 09
at last a clue!i really couldn't remember a time when i didn't have ulcers till now.after all the visits to gp's and dentists who just shrug their shoulders and pull faces when you show them the problem.i am 90% convinced the problem started after i packed up the dreaded weed over 11 years ago!have many people tried the nicoteen gum at all and has it been successful.if it does work,how safe is it to it i guess on a permanent basis?are there going to be more side effects?i have tried all the regular treatments including the newish igloo and the only significant one is tcp.i'm not even sure the squiggle toothpaste is all that great for me really.curasept mouthwash is still in the early test stages for me and it certainly seems to help i think.coincidentally,i have found the igloo paste to be quite disapointing and certainly not easy to apply and i beleive{cannot confirm 100%}that it is just a variation of another i used with far better results called orabase adcortyl{sorry memory not great if spelt wrong}which came in a very small tube and applied much easier.there has to be an answer but it seems there are just too many variations and no two results are the same.come on all you boffins make a name for yourselves!
grim 5 February 09
Is anyone out there taking Corlan pellets for an aphthous ulcer on the tongue, and is it ,making any difference to the
condition? I stopped smoking eight years ago , but in the past twelve months have had a very painful ulcer which has led thaving to have a biopsy on my tongue. This fortunately showed up no signs of oral cancer, but I have still got the ulcer.
Peter McCarthy 15 February 09
I remember smoking when I was a Schoolboy, albeit many years ago now, Heamaster did not approve, advertising campaign 'then' could have been 'Smoking Can Seriously damage your buttocks' mine used to sting frequently,
a cane used for punishment purpose will do that . Did I stop? NO, when I did years later I developed MOUTH ULCERS, so now the sting is in my mouth. Should have listened to SIR I guess.
TIM 18 February 09
Well i have to agree with the smoking thing, maybe it nuetrilizes the acid in your mouth or something, i gave up over 5 years ago and was suffering from them to but since i have cut out tomatoes its made a huge difference,acid free ones are o.k mind you - I like many others love tomatoes but its a small sacrifice to make considering the awful undescribable pain that comes with the dreaded mouth ulcer...
M J W 19 February 09
I gave up cigarettes 7.5 years ago and have been plagued with painful mouth ulcers ever since. I am totally frustated and have tried everything to prevent them. I take L-Lysine, vitamins, calcium and minerals daily, and still no relief. My nose runs constantly and the skin under it is dry, chapped and painful from wiping and blowing it so much. Don't know what cigarettes have in them, but obviously something about them was positive for me.
S.A.P. 19 February 09
I get the impression that mouth ulcers are stress related and since smoking is a stress reliever, this could be the mechanism. ie give up smoking and up goes the stress and on come the ulcers. I currently use Amosan and it works, but I have to be very vigilant for a whole week or so to get them to subside. After eating I clean my mouth out by brushing then rinsing. I then use the Amosan which is an oxygen based sterilizer that attacks anerobic bacteria. I keep the Amosan rinse in a glass (only one or two mouthfuls) and reuse it for an hour or so, over and over, every few minutes putting it into my pre cleaned mouth, then back into the glass. (Yuk I know but it works). With this regime I beat both gingivitis and ulcers which usually come on my top palete.
Ian Vincent 19 February 09
Well, I have tried quitting smoking so many time, and within two weeks of quit date, The ulsers appear, start smoking and they go.. So, without a doute, there is some link. Im going to try lysine next.
Al Charles 27 February 09
OMG! Please, please do not start smoking to get rid of ulcers! My uncle died of mouth cancer and that was a direct result of smoking and drinking beer! He was unindated with mouth ulcers and diagnosed a few months later, he had to have half his tongue removed and part of his jaw! A year later he died....

Still thinking of smoking to get rid of your ulcers??

I donít know where she found out but once when I was in tears eating a piece of crusty bread my mum remembered hearing that SUCKING an effervescent vitamin c tablet (like Berocca) on the actual ulcer can cure them (can be an issue when its at back of throat but try to get it as close as possible). I tried this and it stings like mad but honestly the next morning the main pain is taken out and if you keep at it every few hours youíll find they are gone in daysÖ

Boo 8 March 09
Hi guy's i am a little selfishly glad i am not alone!! As i type i am experiencing my worst outbreak so far 7 on the inside of my lips 4 on my tongue and i suspect a couple down my throat! I am in agony!
My first point is i'm sick of my family and friends and my doctor fobbing me off with the usual rubbish'Are you run down?' Answer is NOO! I feel fine i'm 25 and feel like a could move houses i'm full of strength and life but am gradually being worn down by these things-this curse. Some days i go into deep depressions over them and the odd week when i'm free of them i'm on such a high people probably think i'm on something a little stronger than water!! My second point is AMAZINGLY i stumbled across this forum today and guess what i've had these ulcers for FOUR years and what did i do four years ago?? You guessed it i gave up smoking!! I'm now sitting here seriously considerring buying some ciggarettes and it was so hard to get off them but Right now i'd take lung cancer or heart desease over another 40 years of this! I'm sorry if that upsets some people however on here i'm sure we all appreciate the negative impact these things inflict daily on us!! Best wishes to you all

Dan 12 March 09
I have had mouth ulcers for 10 years, since I stopped smoking!( My mum died of lung cancer) I have tried everything! to no avail.
mandy 25 March 09
I stopped smoking in August 2008 and have suffered with tongue and mouth ulcers ever since. That is until two weeks ago. I tried all the usual treatments to no avail. I have been clear of ulcers since my GP gave me a preventer inhaler 100mg (dark brown with cream top). It has worked a treat.
Jean 25 March 09
Yes, there absolutely IS a connection! My doc and I've been working on this for over 30 years trying to figure it out and we least it's working for me......Even had a discussion with the head of Research & Development and Reynolds Tobacco........You're stomach is overproducing acid that's manifesting in your mouth....."smoke" from cigarettes has buffers and alkalines in it that prohibits acid reproduction in the mouth otherwise the smoke would burn your mouth when you inhale.....Anyway, start taking digestive enzymes 3-4 times a day (you can find it at any health store) and start taking a prilosec every day.......I usually maintain 3-4 in my mouth & on my tongue when I quit and it's been 2 months and I've had one and THAT was managed with a topical ointment :)
fever pitch 28 March 09
hi guys,
posted on here 12th march. Well i DID start smoking 2-3 cigarettes a day. Also started taking 2000mg of lysine a day. I haven't had an ulcer for 2 weeks and no sign of them. i'm now convinced it was stopping smoking. i've eaten all the things i thought triggered them citrus, tomatoes, chocolate and i'm absolutely pain free with no ulcers. i'm amazed and overjoyed. So i guess smoking does have some unexpected benefits! i'm off to have a smoke!!
Dan 30 March 09
I packed up the cancer sticks over 2 years ago now. I remember the ulcers were relentless for about 6 months. and I still get them now, not as frequently but still once every 6 weeks or so. Exactly the same place on one or the other sides of the back of the throat before the tonsils!.
Any ideas anyone?
Matt 31 March 09
I've hardly ever had any mouth ulcers in 40 years (the length of time I'd been smoking) but now, since I quit nearly 2 weeks ago, the tip of my tongue is full of them and they are sore all of the time - will they ever go, or am I stuck with them forever?
Fi 11 April 09
Peter,yeap my doc gave me these little pellets for ulcers sorry to say,,no use to me.I gave up fags 7weeks ago and have been in agony with the little blitters,nothing seems to budge them,but hey,I aint going to start smoking again...CAN ANYONE suggest something soothing for them or do I have to suffer these for life,I even hate saying the word ulcer !!!.Please Help they are driving me mad.Regards
margaret 14 April 09
well i stopped smoking 4 yrs ago and suffered ulcers ever since until i went on this site. I HAVE THE MIRACLE CURE-CIGARETTES!!!! i started again 2 months ago and i have been the happiest bloke on the planet!! no sign of the little buggers and i'm eating drinking and smoking to my hearts content! the choice for me is easy- the rest of my life in agony with ulcers or not so i guess a few fags a day is what it'll be!
dj 15 April 09
I stopped smoking 8 year ago, and have had ulcers ever since. at the start i was chewing nicotine gum actually for a few years i chewed it, and i was getting ulcers, but never on my tongue so they were bad but not terrible.
then i stopped the gum and went onto the patches i am still on and off the patches now....
3 years ago my ulcers jsut took off and started getting really nasty.

so no the ulcers for me did not get better over time,
I am near starting smoking again.

Oh and i dont know but i have chewed that nicotine gum and also been on the patches for years and i still got/get ulcers with them. So perhaps it is something else in the cigarettes besides the nicotine that is stopping the ulcers? There is a lot of nasty chemicals in smoking so maybe it is something else?

Has anyone tried those nicotine inhalers? That you suck air with nictine thru? I wonder if the use of those prevents the ulcers?

Does that cigarette mouth wash work? I am almost thinking of starting smoking again just to get rid of these things.
so sick of being sick 22 May 09
My poor husband had a major heart attack in February and we have both packed in, having smoked 10 - 20 a day for 40+ years, I now get the odd ulcer on the tip of my tongue but hubby has suffered excruciating pain with them some as large as a sixpence for weeks on end - and he gets a disgusting taste in his mouth. The only solution that seems to help with the pain is IGLU gel from Boots, but we wait and hope there will be a magic answer soon. Common all you doctors out there - there must be an answer........
the goughies 14 June 09
I'm the same as everyone else...stopped smoking 5 months ago and 'bingo' out came the little blighters!! Also, don't know about anyone else but when I get them I also tend to have bad breath or so my hubby tells me (nice of him!!!!), my friend who is a nurse stated that that was because my mouth was full of infection. Was prescribed Diflam by the GP but didn't do anything. I now take CORSODYL mouth wash (as advertised on tv) and this really helps and clears them up....hope this helps?
Tessie 1 August 09
I quit smoking on 7/4 by taking Chantix. 2 days later I developed a mild sore throat that hung around off and on for 3 weeks and then...ulcers on the tonsil and along the arch. I wondered about chantix causing this but blew it off to coincidence. Yesterday, I stopped the Chantix and today my throat is much better. Still coincidence? Don't know for sure but I do know I won't be collecting any more Chantix. Not downing Chantix since it absolutely helped me tremendously in putting down the smokes? I just don't plan on needing it again and I sure don't feel like taking it again to "see what happens".
Cletuss 6 August 09
I've been smoking for 20 years and suffered mouth ulcers for 17. Thing is, although at first there were loads of ulcers all over my tongue, for well over a decade the main problem has mainly been just a few areas feeling rough and the pain extending to my ear. Anyone any idea why like this? Or felt the same? Anyway, except for when it flared up really badly, I've always just about managed to bury the problem with far more painkillers than were good for me and always assumed that quitting smoking would help fix the problem. I did try ENT, endoscopy.... acupunture, hypnotherapy... in the early days but then got tired of always being a patient when painkillers allowed me to continue with my life. Now, I've decided to readdress the problem but before I revisit health practitioners I want to quit smoking..... As it happens, I've hardly smoked in the last fortnight, and am now in the midst of a nasty attack of visible ulcers, still with ear pain. Will try the Lycine asap. So, different experience to the majority on here, but thought it worth adding to the consensus
Steve 20 September 09
Hey all! Well, I packed up smoking (for the second time) two weeks and BANG these tiny little ulcers all over my tongue and side of my mouth have appeared! They are so painful that I am tempted to go out of the office and smoke 3 cigarettes!! I'm not going to do it tho..... Apparently a dry mouth can cause ulcers so drink lots of waters - one little tip from me.
Apart from that - Im going to try L-lysine when I get home tonight. Ouch - they really make you miserable so I fully understand where you're all coming from. Surely, some doctor/journalist must know the answer out there??
Charlotte 2 October 09
Apparantly after stopping smoking the body has to detoxify almost so you are more prone to lots of things such as ulcers and the cough/chest will get worse initially but this will pass i am told and you will in the long run be healthier and symptom free, anyone else heard this?
Dee 3 October 09
I am so happy to find this thread. I have had this stop smoking/ulcers theory for the past 6 years or so, having given up twice for two years and starting again because they got me down so much. No doctor or dentist I have seen accepts the link. I am now up to 18 months quit the horrible weed and suffer every two to three weeks for 10 days - basically about 90 % of my life. I cannot understand why there is no cure for something that causes so much pain to so many people. Presumably instances are increasing as more and more people (quite rightly) quick the ciggy habit.

It makes me want to wish this awful afflication on the whole medical profession. I know that if my doctor suffered as much as I did, she would not be so dismissive of my complaint and would probably dedicate her time to finding a solution.

Added to this - I have recently discovered that the ONLY remedy that has ever worked to lessen the symptoms for me - Adcortyl - has been discontinued. No idea why, but whoever made that decision clearly doesn't suffer from ulcers either.

When I am suffering as much as I am today, it really does make me consider starting smoking again, which is such a depressing thought.
Jo 3 October 09
I am a pack per day smoker and suffer from these canker sores aswell. I did quit smoking for 2 months, but I still had these little buggers...Have tried alot of things. The latest is Verve Ultra toothpaste that is SLS Free (Sodium Laurel Sulfate - not sure of the spelling). Really like it, but it is not available in Canada...Have to order it off of the net. It doesn't foam up, and it has a nice minty taste. Anywho, I honestly believe that stress plays a MAJOR roll in my outbreaks, just seems like when things are good, mouth is good. and when I am stressed, my poor mouth feels it...Docs don't seem to know much about it, was reading another website and they had many suggestions suck as a lysine vitamin, vitamin B, Tea Tree oil, and also Debactrol, which is apparently something that you have to get a presciptions for from your doc....Hope these suggestions help someone, cause I know first hand that this sucks....Also wanted to mention that my dad was a sufferer when he was young and now I am, but not my sisters...Don't know!!
Confused 16 November 09
And btw u rock:) ur projects and works are cool. and ur website is really informative. learnt a lot from it:)
keep up the good work! cheers!:)
Hubsisdinny 24 December 09
Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night.
marthafines 26 December 09
I have started a "colon cleansing" and with this I have decided to give up smoking for good. Although I have not been a heavy smoker - I have smoked "lightly" for almost 20 years. It's been just a few days and I have started getting the mouth sores. From what I've read, it really is the toxins being released from your system. And if it's still happening a year after you've quit - think about those toxins just sitting in your system! So, while it's awful - I guess the alternative is worse?
Alycat742 19 January 10
Hi guys, I have posted on here some months ago and I am positing again with a bit of an update. I stopped smoking over 14 months ago and have had mouth ulcers for nearly all of that time. I have read extensively on the net and on this forum for advice etc., much of which comes to the same conclusion that it is quite an individual thing, brought on by varying issues.
I can only comment from my own point of view. I have tried many things but over the last few weeks I have been ulcer free (at last!!!). I started taking multi vitamins, cod liver oil tablets, vitamin E and zinc tablets, I have been taking these for over four months. I stopped using an SLS toothpaste and now use Sensodyne with flouride (live in the UK) and stopped eating fatty foods such as pastries, pasties etc. I also do not eat take-away food as it appears take-aways such as chinese include additives such as Sodium Mono-glutamate, which I understand can lead to ulcers. Just to prove it, I had a chinese take-away two weekends ago and within two days had 6 ulcers which lasted a week, now gone thankfully.
Unfortunately it appears to be trial and error for the most part as there does not appear to be one cause or one solution. Hopefully this helps, I have stopped smoking many times, only to go back to it because of the ulcers. This time I was determined to see it through and whilst ulcers are unbelievably painful and irritating, they are not life threatening as smoking definitely is. Good look and keep trying different things.
Mark 21 January 10
Stopped smoking a year ago, and definitely had more ulcers.. Had them before anyway, but much more after quitting. It's abated now a bit now that Like Mark, I stopped with the SLS toothpastes. But be sure to read the ingredients, guys, because there are a lot of different types of sensodyne, and some of them have SLS. I know the original and one other doesn't. and Corsodyl is good. Chack out the treatment survey,, all the good results are from toothpaste changes. and 'Pani Puri' can someone please explain what it is... the survey results are impressive for this one
Lulu in Hackney 1 February 10
Hi everyone, im glad ive found this site. I like many others have suffered all my life with the ulcers. Quit smoking 3 weeks ago and have never suffered quite like this. No doctor/pharmacist thinks my quit has anthing to do with my ulcers. Its a shame they dont listen more.
Im going to try a few things, and like mark has said, trial and error and figure out my personal cure. I cant bare it anymore. Im an emotional wreck because of them, and being an emotional wreck can only make them worse!!!
Fingers crossed. Thanks everyone x
Laura 6 February 10
Hi, my Aunt was diagnosed with Mesothelioma approximately 3 weeks ago, she is not doing fine and her relatives is going to work at the matter in court opposed to the insurance corporation of her former employer. I'm curious how mesothelioma settlements work as a result of I apprehend they might a lot of rather settle than visit court and pay out all that cash in legal fees. Are there completely different varieties of damages that may be awarded?
gardIdori 28 February 10
Quit smoking a week ago. I AM using the nicotine patch. Ulcers under and on the tip of my tongue that wont clear up! The idea of the patch keeping the ulcers away is NOT true for me.
Misty 12 April 10
It is unbelievable that medical research has not got to the bottom of recurring ulcers after giving up smoking. It is bad enough suffering weight gain and other miserable symptons. Maybe we should just rely on fate and continue t smoking which is the only known cure. A dairy and sugar free diet does help a little but what are the long time consequences? I'll give it a few more weeks and then who knows. It is so unfair . Someone please help us.
Douglas Hart Essex 14 May 10
I quit smoking 11 years ago and have had at least one canker sore (usually more) for most of that time. As soon as one starts to get better another one is popping up. I too had them as a child but after smoking I never had them. I smoked for 20 years and quit with the Nicorette gum then patch and I got them as soon as I stopped the actual cigarettes. I've tried Lysine, Iron supplements, B supplements, Folic Acid and Zinc. I was recently on an antibiotic for a sinus infection and I noticed a remarkable decrease in the number, frequency and severity of my canker sores, so I really believe it has to do with the smoke killing bacteria.
Sally 26 May 10
Hi my name is Kathy. I've tried to quit smoking dozens of times. I get mouth ulsers when I do. The oral surgen says my ph balance has changed. They do go away when I smoke. Does anybody have any new direction in which way to go. my e-mail address is
kathy RI 28 May 10
I have had multiple oral ulcers recurrently ever since I was a kid. During my engineering college days, I took up smoking and occurences of the ulcers reduced drastically to almost nil. Its been a month since I have quit smoking ( after 7 years of smoking ) and I have the nastiest ulcer of my life on my tongue and another junior ulcer developing fast nearby. Thanks to this site, I would have kept this observation to myself. Who would believe that stopping smoking would be one reason for increase in mouth ulcers. In fact, when I discussed this with my doctor, he brushed it aside saying that it was one of the many excuses given by smokers to continue smoking.

Well I have quit, and no matter how painful these ulcers are, I wont start smoking again. But it is beyond doubt that smoking did drasticaly reduce the frequency and intensity of oral ulceration in my case.
Vipin Joseph, India 16 July 10
I never had ulcers jst once lasted few months when i had some bad intestine infection.. bt sooner all got cured and all well. nw after smokin million cigs. in past 6 years(I was a very heavy smoker, on party nites i used to smoke 40-50 cig and kept smokin until it was time to go to bed), i finally came to quit it. since then gettin ulcers and more ulcers. once i think its all gone and my body adopted the changes, then . WOW, there's another ulcer gettin followed by more haha.. dunno wht to do, i dnt think ever dr. can help with this. i wont go for smokin again bt ulcers in mouth makin me skinny. (not eating much and nothin tastes good.).. if someone got some remedy or some solution, i wud appreciate.

God bless u all..
PAPA 2 August 10
A very nice niche blog, and a good design there sparks Simplicity yet complex algorithm of the internet. Thank You.
cleametle 19 August 11
I quit smoking two days ago and noticed few ulcers on inner tongue. i am going to see GP today. will have to see what he thinks,,
TONY76 21 September 11
My dad stopped smoking in Sep 11. After 4 days the Ulcers started He still has about 4 now. He hasnt been ulcer free since he stopped. Hes been to the Doctor who had never heard of Ulcers being caused by quitting smoking, but several other things suggest its true. He still hasn't smoked since but the pain is un bearable for him. Any tips to help with the pain?
AmyLOU 13 December 11
I stopped smoking as of the 29th December, and a few days later I started getting mouth ulcers on my tongue. I thought that it was because I had been eating loads of sweets. I have used Anbesol, which works for a short time. Warm salty water mouth rinse taste horrid but does work for a while, the longer you hold it on your mouth the better, and of course a non-alcoholic mouth wash. Hope they aren't here to stay!!!
galaxy 6 January 12
Wow, weird that I found this site, quit the fags about one month ago and broke out into the worst gum infection and mouth ulcers I have ever had...interesting, I smoked for 30 years and had no problems with ulcers but I do recall getting them as a child...have been using baking soda and salt rinses for "relief" and black tea bags to hurry the process of healing...will try the lysine option...good luck to you all in staying smoke free...I am with you.
Jenn, Canada 29 March 12
Any one get the ulcers on their gumline? HORRIBLE!
stacy 15 May 12
Heavy smoker but cut down to 3 a day 2 weeks ago and had a mouth full of ulcers. Went back to smoking and they cleared up. Haven't had a cigarrette for 2 day and they are back as bad as ever.
Help I really want to give up
Jean 18 June 12
Hi guys Glad I found this. Have smocked for over 20 years 20-30 cigs per day. I stopped smoking one month ago by using electronic cigarettes and I have the problem. Got a bit worried thinking that the e-cigs are causing it, but it looks like I am not the only one. If I find the answer will post it here
Kliment 26 June 12
Quit smoking 6 weeks ago...have been suffering with mouth and tongue ulcers for the past 4 weeks. I have to keep telling myself..lung cancer or mouth ulcers...the pain suddenly becomes easier to manage. The pain that u will undoubtedly suffer from dying with lung cancer and the temporary, benign discomfort of our minor mouth afflictions DO NOT compare. Ask anyone who has watched their loved one suffer...please be resolute and save yourself from the most unspeakable pain imaginable.
cara 27 September 12
Hi, I stop smoking September last year, since stop smoking I start getting ulcers in my mouth under my tongue on the sides down my throat. I start to drink Folic Acid 5 tablets in the morning and 5 in the afternoon, I drink that for 5 days and the ulcers is gone nou I drink only 5 tablets in the morning after breakfast. I also need to drink Vitamin B12
or eat food like meat, fish, shelfish, eggs and dairy. The Folic Acid that I took is 1mg per tablet. Please try it maybe it wil also help you. It cannot harm you.
Juliana 17 February 13
I have given up for 4 weeks and am in so much pain with ulcers in mouth.. I cant wat or sleep!! Im shocked to read that some people still have them months, even years after giving up!!! Any one got any tips on how to get rid of the annoying little things!! I cant bare it anymoe!!!
becky, 28 7 October 13
Wow I am not alone in this, I stopped smoking in July 2013 after 20 years of smoking and moved to e cig, I started having frequent mounth mainly tongue ulcers every othee week! Its horrible, made me feel sick most of the time with soar throat and even high temp sometimes ... I cant accept or believe that that solutiin is going back to smoking reg cig!!!
yad74 18 October 13
Hey guys same problem with me too. 4 weeks since i last smoked but these ulcers aint goin no where, tried many medicines but aint no hlping none...
oxaaneee 20 October 13
Most mouth ulcers develop from a wound caused by biting the mouths lining, burning the mouth or eating hard/sharp foods such as crisps, crusty bread, toast etc. These cuts can be minuscule and can go undetected and therefore a mouth ulcer may seem to appear from nowhere. Nobody knows what causes these wounds to develop into a mouth ulcer in some people and not others. Stress, vitamin levels, menstrual cycles, gastrointestinal problems, genetics, where you live in the world and many other factors have been associated with mouth ulcers.

In my experience (30+ years a sufferer but thankfully less severe with age, and I have tried every medication available to UK citizens over that time period) there are NO quick fixes or cures. A continued good oral health regime is a must, but by becoming obsessive with oral cleanliness during a mouth ulcer outbreak you are probably doing yourself more harm than good. Very dilute salt water washes may help but if you are able to tolerate applying salt directly to a mouth ulcer (which I wouldn't advise) then you are suffering from a reasonably mild ulcer that will probably be pain free in 4-6 days and will have totally vanished in 10 days without the need to give it any special treatment, applying over the counter medications will offer temporary pain relief and clean the ulcer of both bad and GOOD bacteria in these situations.

The truth is that personally I have only ever used one product that MAY have shortened the lifespan of an ulcer and that was Adcortyl in Orabase which is no longer available in the UK, however Orabase paste is, and I occasionally use it to protect severe mouth ulcers from further trauma. Most products when applied cause short term pain and the reward is a slightly prolonged pain free period which is a temporary relief. Bonjela Once which has also been discontinued in the UK should have had an health warning on the box stating the fact that for sufferers of bad to severe mouth ulcers the product should be avoided unless the desired outcome was to worsen your symptoms.

I have made the above comments based on my own experiences, I have an history of suffering from single and multiple ulcers ranging in size from approximately 5mm-15mm which are normally quite deep due to accidental biting. Hopefully I have not offended anyone with my comments especially relating to severity because I realise mouth ulcers are a menace to all sufferers
Charlie s 20 October 13
Most mouth ulcers develop from a wound caused by biting the mouths lining, burning the mouth or eating hard/sharp foods such as crisps, crusty bread, toast etc. These cuts can be minuscule and can go undetected and therefore a mouth ulcer may seem to appear from nowhere. Nobody knows what causes these wounds to develop into a mouth ulcer in some people and not others. Stress, vitamin levels, menstrual cycles, gastrointestinal problems, genetics, where you live in the world and many other factors have been associated with mouth ulcers.

In my experience (30+ years a sufferer but thankfully less severe with age, and I have tried every medication available to UK citizens over that time period) there are NO quick fixes or cures. A continued good oral health regime is a must, but by becoming obsessive with oral cleanliness during a mouth ulcer outbreak you are probably doing yourself more harm than good. Very dilute salt water washes may help but if you are able to tolerate applying salt directly to a mouth ulcer (which I wouldn't advise) then you are suffering from a reasonably mild ulcer that will probably be pain free in 4-6 days and will have totally vanished in 10 days without the need to give it any special treatment, applying over the counter medications will offer temporary pain relief and clean the ulcer of both bad and GOOD bacteria in these situations.

The truth is that personally I have only ever used one product that MAY have shortened the lifespan of an ulcer and that was Adcortyl in Orabase which is no longer available in the UK, however Orabase paste is, and I occasionally use it to protect severe mouth ulcers from further trauma. Most products when applied cause short term pain and the reward is a slightly prolonged pain free period which is a temporary relief. Bonjela Once which has also been discontinued in the UK should have had an health warning on the box stating the fact that for sufferers of bad to severe mouth ulcers the product should be avoided unless the desired outcome was to worsen your symptoms.

I have made the above comments based on my own experiences, I have an history of suffering from single and multiple ulcers ranging in size from approximately 5mm-15mm which are normally quite deep due to accidental biting. Hopefully I have not offended anyone with my comments especially relating to severity because I realise mouth ulcers are a menace to all sufferers
Charlie s 20 October 13
I smoked for35 years. One fine day I decieded to give up smoking I was smoking around 40 cigs per day.all of a sudden after 2months of giving up, these ulcers have started appearing . I am unable to swallow my food also.I can hope and wait only. But one think is sure.... I will not smoke again.come what may
Basant 17 May 14 17 May 14
Smokers should be warned they face higher risks of developing mouth ulcers and colds when they quit, warn experts.

Doctors found smokers developed the unpleasant side effects up to two weeks after quitting.

And they say many ex-smokers could be deterred from staying the course unless they are told what to expect.

The study, published in the British Medical Journal's Tobacco Control, studied 174 smokers at one, two and six weeks.


After one or two weeks' abstinence the quitters were more likely to have cold symptoms, including sore throats, coughing and sneezing.

During the first week of stopping around a third of those studied had three or more symptoms.

It is an unexpected side effect of giving up smoking
Amanda Sandford
of ASH
They found mouth ulcers were significantly more likely during the first fortnight. After six weeks all the symptoms had subsided.

The authors say the increase in mouth ulcers could be related to the loss of the antibacterial effect of smoking and the rise in cold symptoms could be linked to a short-term depression in the immune system.

Positive move

The scientists, from the Department of Psychology, at St George's Hospital Medical School, said they did not fully understand the impact of the symptoms on the relapse rates, but said they might be linked to people taking up smoking again.

Dr Michael Ussher, said: "This study is the first to provide clear evidence for an increase in reports of cold systems and mouth ulcers following smoking cessation.

"Being psychologically prepared for these effects may reduce their impact on the attempt to stop smoking."

Amanda Sandford, research manager for ASH, Action Smoking Health, said people should not be discouraged by the temporary side effects.

"It is an unexpected side effect of giving up smoking.

"It is important that people are warned about it.

"You just need to give smokers a reassurance that it is a positive thing to give up smoking."

But she said that anyone whose symptoms lasted for a long time should contact their GP.

Basant 22 May 14
Iif you quit right now, you will begin to feel the benefits in just 20 minutes. Follow our quitting timeline below to discover what happens to your body the moment you decide to give up. Then click on the links on the right for more information on quitting. IF YOU QUIT SMOKING RIGHT NOW:
In 20 minutes: Your blood pressure and heart rate will return to normal. This immediately lowers your risk of having a heart attack. Your circulation will also improve, bringing fresh blood to your fingers and toes, so they may start to tingle.
In eight hours: The nicotine and carbon monoxide levels in your blood reduce by half. Carbon monoxide is the same fume pumped out by a car exhaust! In high doses it can be fatal, but at low levels - such as those found in cigarettes - it causes shortness of breath and increased heart rate. Your oxygen levels will also have returned to normal, helping replenish dried-out skin and hair caused by smoking.
In 24 hours: Carbon monoxide will be completely eliminated from your body and your lungs will start to clear out excess mucus and any other smoking 'debris'. You may notice you have a cough or sore throat as new lung tissue starts to grow.
In 48 hours: There is no nicotine left in your system and your sense of taste and smell will also greatly improve. One side-effect you may experience within the first 48 hours is light-headedness as the carbon monoxide leaves your system. But your pockets should feel heavier as you begin to save the money you would have spent on cigarettes!
In three days: Your breathing will become easier as the bronchial tubes in your lungs begin to relax. Your concentration may be starting to waver as the withdrawal symptoms from the nicotine kick in, but your energy levels will start to increase, giving you a boost.
In two to 12 weeks: You may find that you are getting more irritable, restless and depressed around this time as part of the withdrawal process. Up to 60 per cent of quitters said they suffered from these side-effects within four weeks of giving up smoking. Your craving to have another cigarette will be particularly strong at this point, but don't give in. By now your circulation has already greatly improved, boosting the nutrients being delivered to your skin which helps to beat wrinkles.
Within three to nine months: Your lung function will improve by up to 10 per cent as new cells lining the lungs develop. This will help any coughs, wheezes and breathing problems you had whilst smoking. Around this time you may also notice that your appetite increases - 70 per cent of quitters say theirs did. This is one of the major reasons people are reluctant to quit - they are worried about putting on weight. But ASH, the anti-smoking campaigners, say the average weight gain is only half-a-stone. This weight accumulates without quitters taking any steps to beat the extra pounds, such as watching what they eat or taking up any exercise. Gaining a little weight 'presents a minor health risk when compared to the risk of continued smoking' says ASH. In the long-term, studies have shown your weight will return to the level it would have been if you had never started smoking.
In one year: Your risk of having a heart attack falls to roughly half that of someone who is still smoking. The stroke risk caused by lack of oxygen and narrowed blood vessels in the brain will drop to that of a non-smoker five years after you quit.
In 10 years: Your risk of developing lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker. The pre-cancerous cells in your body caused by smoking are also replaced by new, healthy cells.
In 15 years: Your risk of having a heart attack returns to the same level as someone who has never smoked. Your skin should also have completely recovered from the damage associated with smoking. Congratulations!
john 25 May 14
Too all of you who have quit stick with it this is my 17th month now. I have had every inaginable thing on the planet from miuth ulcers to nightmares to anger just stay with it. Has these things do pass its all a healing process and a test of your will toi want to stay quit the ulcers will pass bear with it
donba robinson 27 May 14
I suffered from awful mouth ulcers every time I stopped smoking (3 times). Each time I developed horrible painful mouth ulcers, I couldn't eat, sleep or concentrate because of the pain. Then as soon as I smoked again they disappeared! The last time I stopped smoking I'd had enough and didn't want to smoke again so I went to my GP and demanded a course of antibiotics. Initially she wasn't too bothered as she'd never heard of it before and said there was no treatment. I stood my ground and wasn't going to leave empty handed so she prescribed me a week's course of antibiotics, it meant no alcohol for a week while I was on the course but my goodness it was worth it! It's been nearly a year now and at first I got the odd little mouth ulcer but nothing as painful as the previous ones and they got less and less and now I only get the odd one now and again and they do not bother me at all. I was so glad I was very pushy with the doctor. I would definitely recommend going to see the GP.
Stella 7 September 14
Hi all, I've quit smoking recently and developed mouth ulcers again lol. Id firstly like to say a big thank you to everyone for their comments here, you have stopped me going to the shop this morning & buying cigs, you have just reminded me that things could be worse if I start smoking again. I would like to share my past experience with you. About 10 years ago I tried to quit smoking and developed mouth ulcers so bad I could only sip water through a straw, I even found it painful to speak. I had an actual hole in my tongue, I went to the doctors after trying all home remedies I knew and he was gobsmacked....he told me he had heard about ulcers getting that bad but not seen it. He went to try and explain why he thought I had them so bad. I had been a smoker since the age of 11, at that age my immune system had not fully grown. As I inhaled the nicotine it was killing all the everyday germs in my mouth, when I stopped inhaling the nicotine those germs had just infested my mouth and throat with ulcers as my immune system was not developed enough to deal with the germs. NICOTINE IS USED AS A PESTICIDE IN SOME THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES, IT IS A LETHAL POISON. I have struggled with the battle of quitting smoking for 10 years now, stopping for short lengths of time then stupidly starting back again. I have never suffered ulcers like that first time & when I think back to what they were like, I just think to myself how can I carry on & smoke POISON. Thanks again to everyone on this page and reminding me why I really really don't want to smoke any more!!!! Love to you all & best of luck to all of my fellow quitters, we will succeed xx
Bev March 2015 19 March 15

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