Ulcers caused by Milk/Dairy

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I have always been a dairy person. Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Ice cream.. you name it. As long as I remember I used to have canker sores pretty regularly and worse during winters. I finally connected dairy to canker sores. Stopped dairy completely and havent had a single one for last 2 years. I also removed added sugar from my diet. That didnt fix the canker sores but made me feel great in different ways.
Raj 27 February 19
Found many years ago that after drinking milk straight more than 2 days , my mouth will get canker sores, next time i will test with organic milk. I am age 30. I use to drink protein shake with soya milk everyday and i got no issue with canker sores.
David 1 November 18
Hi All, I have been suffering from awful mouth ulcers since I was a child (now 39!).

I noticed that the same problem seems to occur in the (maternal) female side of my family. We all suffer from the same thing. The drís and dentists have not helped at all over the years. However, I think I have worked out the culprits:

- the contraceptive pill (yes! It changes your hormone balance and it definitely triggered a huge surge on mouth ulcers
when I was on it)
-tart oranges (whole or juiced) and excessive lemon or vinegar in foods eg tabbouleh or fatoush
-English walnuts (I instantly felt these triggered a reaction when I ate them).
-avoid almonds and chocolate when you have ulcers - it makes them worse
-unpasteurised cheese (major cause!) eg cheese from France
- probiotics eg keffir, yakult, actimel, etc (major cause too!)
- certain yoghurts
-toothpastes containing SLS (for me, corsodyl mouth wash also spread the ulcers)

I hope this helps!
Elena Yannis 17 October 18
I used to get impitigo on my face and arms if I ate cheese, when I was a child, it stopped as I got older. I have always had food intolerances and reactions, this all resulted in a septic colon 2 years ago which had to be partly removed. Since then I was very intolerant of any dairy (haveing a rather violent toilet type reaction), I had a lactose test and its not that and have started to tollerate dairy a little more. Cheese still make my mouth blister and ice cream / cream is totaly off the menu but im now ok with a bit of milk in my brew.
Debby 18 September 18
Dairy causes ulcers for me too. I suffered from them for as long as I can remember, then gave up dairy a couple of years ago, as I am intolerant, and the ulcers cleared up straight away. If I go back to dairy, I go back to ulcers.
For years I thought it was Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in toothpaste that gave me them. When I used toothpaste without they would get better, but I was still susceptible. Now my gums are fantastically resilient, without dairy.
Hooray for a dairy free diet and pain free mouth. I do miss cheese, mind you.
Featherard 6 July 18
Has anyone tried organic milk instead of regular milk? I just wonder if itís some kind of antibiotic or pesticide that is causing it. I have gotten canker sores since I was a child, I am now 24, but I have always been a big dairy eating person. I just wonder if itís any kind of dairy, even organic dairy.
Anita 16 March 18
I suffer from mouth ulsers usually on my gum or lip. I only recently considered that they may be triggered by my ice cream habit.

This is not a preventative suggestion, but I wanted people to know about this bee product I use called canker-rid. I have no affiliation w that company and wonít even link to where you can buy it. However I can say that after getting these my whole life it is the only thing that has made dealing with them easier.

It is expensive and difficult to apply but once on it provides immediate relief. It changed my life I hope this helps someone.
Forest 1 February 18
I miss the milk shakes but not the pain! I'm a male in my mid 40's. Within the past year I discovered that cow's milk consumption led to mouth ulcers for me. Like many posters, I suffered from these painful mouth ulcers since early childhood, or as early as I can recall. But not until the last year did I put the connection to milk together. I don't consume much dairy as a drink as an adult though. I can still eat cheese and not have an occurrence however I don't consume much cheese in general. I googled this connection between mouth ulcers and milk to see if anyone else had come to a similar conclusion. Every dentist and doctor should know this and share it with their patients!
John Concern 13 December 17
After reading an article on the dairy industry, I decided to give up milk and dairy products. Straight away, I notice that my constant mouth ulcers stopped and only reappeared when I accidentally ate something containing dairy. After suffering for 52 years, I headed straight to the doctor to ask two things - why had I never been told that milk might be a cause? And do people know this, because no one should suffer like this if it can be stopped so easily. He decided that the best option was to send me for all the standard tests (B12, platelet count etc) and when they showed nothing, tell me that it wasn't likely to be the cause. I know one thing - I take no dairy, I get no ulcers. I would like to have some kind of test, but only to refine my understanding of the cause, ie is it lactose, cassaine etc, but until then I just want everyone to know.
MaryC 29 October 2017 29 October 17
I am 21 years of old, I used to suffer from mouth ulcers per every 2 months without unknowing what could be the reason for this?
Uday M N 23 August 17
I have found that drinking A1 type protein in milk brings on terrible lesions in my mouth, like shallow Stanley knife cuts also, and these resolve in ten days or so after stopping using that, and drinking goats or sheep milk instead, which is always 100% A2 protein (unmutated). Some cows - Holstein or Friesian type mutated-3,000 to 5,000 years ago and produced a new protein, A1 protein, and evidence suggests that this mutated A1 protein in cows milk and meat causes or exacerbates autoimmune disorders, including cancer. Many breeds have now been interbred with Holsteins, so many other breeds now carry some amount of A1 protein. I only drink raw milk now, as pasteurized milk is quite toxic. I have seen reports that pasteurized cow milk causes calves to die in 60 days usually, as all the nutrients are not available from that, so it cannot be good for us either, hence the US, UK and Sweden having the largest (pasteurized) dairy consumption, also having the largest incidence of arthritis and osteoporosis, with the largest percentage of artificial knees and hips as a result.
I have found that whenever I use antibiotics, my OLP flares up again, leaving patches of raw flesh on my gums and swollen raw tissue.
Dave 12 February 17
I think it could be the different types of bacteria in the dairy products
Lyn 6 February 17
I too get these from pineapple and most items with much acid. I got on here this morning to check on the milk thing because i love cereal. Whenever i eat cereal it seems to happen too. However my doctor prescribed Valtrex a few years ago and it works quick fast and in a hurry. If i know im going to be in the sun (another trigger of mine) or do something else i really want to do, i take it at the same time or right after and I don't have to have it cause issues. I have NO side effects.
Stacy 5 September 16
Me too. I suffered from canker sores most of my life. I am 55 years old. When I was in university I used to drink milk instead of water. I love milk. I love cheese. In my forties I started getting mouth ulcers but nothing major. However, later on canker sores started showing, big, painful, and many at a time. My mouth was never free of them, 5 to 7 at a time, on the tongue, under it, on the gums, just below the teeth, every little part of my mouth had one at a time. Very painful. Can't eat, can't talk, can't laugh. I finally stopped milk, they were gone. Brenda mentioned Cadbury chocolate, it never crossed my mind, but it is so true. I ate Cadbury chocolate two days ago, and I have since been suffering from painful sores. My sores form in less than 24 hours and need 6 days to heel.
I am so happy to learn that my conclusion is correct, and that you all had the same conclusion.
I need to check the effect of different dairy products now. I love cheese. I will look for NZ cheese.
I wonder whether its the lactose causing this reaction or something else. I know that hard cheese dont have lactose, so I am not sure what the real issue is.
Hadalu 3 September 16
I found out that I am allergic to cows milk 30 years ago. I get ulcers in my mouth(24 hours after ingestion of milk). I can eat cheese, (the cream part of the milk that floats to the top of the milk after the cow is milked). My allergy showed up after I went on a 7day fast and refrained from drinking milk for about 3 months. It took the Doctor and I awhile to figure it out. My History: As a Baby I was colic, at that point my Doctor believes that I obtain a level of immunity to milk. I would get sick once a year; after drinking milk, my stomach would just feel like the milk would curdle in my stomach, I would vomit and get a below normal temperature. This would last 24 hours. This started in my teenage years. Now when milk gets into my system I can almost feel it immediately in my blood system(I feel a sensation in my body like I can feel the blood in my veins). I will take aspirin Immediately (I have found that this is a wonder drug for me). I can stop the allergy reaction quickly. My emergency dose of aspirin is High and not recommended(1,000-1,500 mg). There was one time I had to take this High dose twice thirty minutes apart. My new wife at the time did not believe me, so she slipped a high amount of milk in my food. I was in extreme pain, had to pull into the next gas station and purchase aspirin. She told me the truth a year later. I carry aspirin with me always now. Non-Dairy foods have dairy in them! many will use the Proteins of milk. I was taking a childs dose of aspirin daily for a long time. I stopped a couple years ago(doctor recommendation). Have been having more mild issue. I think it is due to the trace amount of the Non-Dairy Dairy proteins being used. today I am going to restart my daily child dose of aspirin again. I am 53. I hope this helps. Please be care full with the use of aspirin. ask Your Doctor or research the damage aspirin can cause to your stomach lining etc... P.S. I can use goats milk. I drink cashew milk.
JohnL Morgan 28 July 16
Yogurt caused my canker sores. Never had them in my life until my mid 40's when I thought I needed the protein & calcium from yogurt so I started eating it daily. After GI doc telling me there was no relation to my gum health & my gut health I decided to try an experiment myself. No yogurt for months. Then some plain greek yogurt = canker sore on my gum within a few hours. I kept eating yogurt for 4 days with canker sores. Then stopped eating yogurt & whala no canker sores. Big message: listen to yourself!!
Yogurtcausedcankers 11 June 16
I have exactly the same symptoms as many people here. I grew up on a farm and drank milk my whole childhood, mostly straight from a cow. Around the age 20 I started to notice ulcers on my tounge and feeling so stuffed up all the time. The ulcers were so painful I found it hard to talk or even close my mouth. And they were constantly moving, Changing shape, multiplying. At first I just put it down to going out all the time and not looking after myself. Being young and reckless. But after a while I came to the conclusion I was allergic to dairy, that somehow that was the cause. So for 7 years I was completely dairy free, and completely ulcer free.
When I became pregnant with my first child I started to eat a little bit of dairy again. By this time I had educated myself on food and what we should be eating. So it was unhomoginised milk products, unprocessed and mainly organic if possible. I found out I can still drink milk straight from a cow. I can drink/eat unhomoginised products. I have no trouble consuming dairy products in Europe. And overall I am not allergic to dairy, but more something they put into the dairy products that is not labeled.
I live in Australia and can not drink the milk from the supermarket, only unhomoginised milk from Organic stores. From the same store I can not eat the Australian cheddar cheese but can eat the NZ cheddar. It's crazy! What are they putting in our food??
Over the past 8 or so years I have had two really serious reactions and both times have been from Cadbury chocolates - cream egg and chocolates from a celebrations box. Both times a lapse in judgement and I could feel it almost instantly start to burn/tingle my throat and mouth. I have it now and it's so so painful.
I must say it's nice to read these comments as for many years I was going crazy not knowing what was wrong. And many doctors telling my I was crazy to think that milk products were the cause. I would not want anyone to go through the pain of this reaction, it's so horrible!
Brenda 15 January 16
Ais - milk (or lactose) is something I hear about quite often as a cause. Some people find they are OK with product from goats, one I remember couldn't tolerate anything from cows or goats, but was OK with products from buffalo, she established this by allergy testing.
Dom Walton 15 December 15
I have been suffering my while life of mouth ulcers, i hate it when i have them X( , it a life style changing situation i often get them under my tongue on on tongue on my teeth gum, underlips, inside the cheeks , and even very deep close to my throat! to the point where i think i have sore throat..
It sometimes gets so bad to the point where i cant eat or even talk. i went to doctors but got nothing and i searched the internet with no point as no one knows the real cause of these sores and they always say that there could be many reasons that are hard to point or spot that varies from stress to constipation..etc.
So what i noticed the last 3 months : i had some mild acne so one of the things i did is that i stopped having (Milk), thought this could be causing me acne to appear in such late time as i am in my late 20s, well apparently milk is not the reason for my acne and i have been having milk my whole life technically, BUT i noticed something else ! once i got back to drinking milk after i cut it I GOT REALLY BAD SORES ! and i was like WAIT ! i haven't got sores since last time i had milk!! So i am really not sure yet but i think MILK IS CAUSING THESE SORES to happen!! . what i am going to do is to cut the milk for another 3 months and see, if i don't get any sores I'll get back to this blog and post the result . Will see ...
Ais 13 December 15
Greek Yogurt made the roof of my mouth feel as if I ate hot lava, the sores were deep and painful, and eggs make my teeth feel numb.
rose 23 September 15
Could it possibly be the citric acid, and not necessarily the dairy and chocolate? I already know highly citric foods like pineapple orange lemon tomatoes are a big trigger for me and I do avoid them but citric acid is stuff I didnt even knpw had it like chocolate, cheese, even shampoo and beauty products. I can go a while wihout a canker sore even though I eat eggs and milk daily, but noticed mozzarella and cheddar would cause a canker sore and sure enough they are really high in citic acids ( extra citric acid is added during proccessing so try to avoid processed chees) The processed/ cheaper chocolate has citric acid, I'm fine if I eat pure chocolate, dark chocolate, but if I eat processed chocolate I get cankers right away. Gummy bears, runts, nerds etc I avoid like the plague, all instant triggers again high citruc acid. From my understanding citric acid although naturally occurring in most fruit, legume, it is also used as a preservative and flavor agent, so mostly canned, jarred, processed frozen food candy, but in a synthetic form and sometimes it is derived from black mold! Eww yuck! After reading that I'm avoided citric acid but its so tricky because sometimes its not listed, or is listed undrr other names.

@Judi even though you have cut out dsiry, are you esting foods with high citric acid
Pam 3 July 15
I have recently been bombarded with canker sores and as soon as one goes away, two more pop up but I have been a vegan for almost a year now and eat no dairy of any kind. Puzzled!
Judi Lewis 30 June 15
I have suffered from mouth ulcers on and off for years, but most recently I have had them non stop for the last four months. I usually have about 5-7 at a time and when they clear up I only have about two days of relief before the next batch come. It is incredibly painful and very hard to live with. I decided to have a food panel allergy test done in which I was tested for the 120 most common food allergies. My biggest allergy was dairy but more than anything it was the proteins, casein and whey. I of course am dairy free now, but I have to be careful because even dairy free products still have casein in them. If you are lactose intollerant and have dairy allergies, be careful when you buy products- it could be the casein that bothers you.
MegL 4 June 15
I am glad I am not alone with this canker sore problem. I have had it all my life. I notice that when I eat tomatoes and later chocolate I brake up in canker sores and they will not go away fast, it takes up to 2 or 3 weeks. OUCH! Then lately I started making home made milk shakes, and just like most of the comments here, I found out that milk brings them on. I am beganing to think Milk is the one thing that most effects them. Chocolate has milk in it and I have always broken up after I ate delicious chocolates. I am staying away from milk and chocolate but I know that one fine day when I feel great and have not had canker sores I will go back to chocolates and break out! Depending on whre they are in my mouth it can also effect my speech.
Izzi in Dallas, Texas 30 May 15
I am 38 years old and I have been suffering from mouth ulcers for over 25 years. About ten years ago I did an elimination diet and found out it is lactose that brings on the cankers. I now read every label. I accidentally failed to read a label on allergy pills and my mouth if full of cankers at the moment. Dealing with the pain for 10 days is unbearable. I will think again before not reading a label on anything! The pain!
pauline 20 May 15
Thanks to menopause, I became lactose intolerant and I only recently learned that now being lactose intolerant meant I would get 4 to 5 canker sores at a time. Over and over and over! But now I take a dairy digestive supplement (for lactose intolerance) from the local Walmart store and the canker's have all but disappeared. Yay!
Splash 14 April 15
Hi! Ive suffered my entire life with ulcers! It got a point where my dentist thought I might have an allergy to chloride in toothpaste! Turns out, I didn't! I thought it might be stress related as naturally I'm a bit of a worrier but to be honest, I hadn't had one in a while until recently. I've been lactose intolerant for about 2 years now but this Easter my lovely friends decided to buy me dairy free Easter eggs! I enjoyed my easter eggs but even as I ate them I felt like I could physically feel ulcers forming in my mouth! It's been 4 days since my first bit of dairy free chocolate (and my first ulcer) and now I have 4 ulcers! 1 by each wisdom tooth, one on the inside of my lip and one on my tongue! Could it be something in the chocolate or possibly the dairy alternative? I read in a previous comment that soybean can cause ulcers...? Has this happened to anyone else?
Sophia 8 April 15
I am a 66 female from the UK. I have suffered with mouth ulcers since approximately 5 years old. After trial and error, I find the culprit of my lifelong allergy and misery, is: CADBURY'S DAIRY MILK CHOCOLATE!

I sincerely hope this helps somebody!
Lover of Cadbury's Dairy Milk 30 March 15
OMFG i have had these ulcers come and go for the past 15 years and have been saying to many different doctors i think i might be allergic to milk, they all pretty much laughed at me and said don't be sill. I am going to try and go with out milk . this will be so hard for me as i love milk, after reading peoples blog im more than sure this would work i was a little run down last week and bam they started , i have been having milk with cereal , and i have been eating cheese on sandwiches and had some ice cream the last two nights I cant even kiss my girlfriend it hurts that much . glad i found this site, P.s i think i should be aloud to punch these doctors in the face for all the pain i have been through over the years im livid they wouldn't even refer me to get a blood test, and just said it was stress, I will never visit a doctor again .. I am 40 yrs old
I hate doctors 17 March 15
I develop Canker sores whenever I eat dairy products manufactured/produced in North America! Milk, cheese, butter, milk chocolate, ice cream. However, I am able to consume the same foods when I'm in Europe or South America with no ill effects whatsoever! I can eat anything in Europe for a month, no problem, but as soon as I get on a flight home, if the cheese or butter on the plane is manufactured in USA or Canada, Bamm! Canker sores. What's up with that?
Cheryl Morris 6 December 14
I have the same problem as yours. I have been suffering canker sores in my whole life. Now, after I read your stories about canker sores and you have discovered that dairy product(s) is the culprit, so I must try this also to avoid any dairy products. I am so glad, I have found this link. I hope will work this for me!
Please give me some tips what are the other things that I should do and donts to get rid of this canker sores! Thank you so much....:-) I
Ivy 17 November 14
dairy products has killed me!cankers cankers cankers,,,yaaa today i wanted to be sure and convienced that im allergic to milk products,,only 5 hrs ago i ate an ice cream now the cankers are all over my mouth
vongai 3 November 14
I'm 36 and suffered from mouth ulcers all my life until recently, I had it almost all the time, often couldn't even properly eat or speak
then I accidentally found out that its all due to dairy products! only because lived in a dairy free environment for a while, cant believe it, I never had any allergies, and neither doctors or dentists ever suggested that it may be caused by this, they just kept referring to each other!

3 months dairy free and no ulcers at all!
AV 3 October 14
Yip, cheese does it for me. I was never sure however I now know cheese is the culprit.
I have also found a 10 sec mouth rinse with 3% Hydrogen Peroxide seems to clear it up quickly.
MacTitan 11 September 14
I agree, milk will do it!
Kurt 10 September 14
My story:

I had canker sores all of my life. I would usually just get 1-2 a year.
My canker sores took a twist for the worst. On New Years Eve, 2011, I had a canker sore out of the blue, just appeared on my tongue.
From than on, I have been bombarded with canker sores, I would get multiple canker sores at a time, which would last at least a week, and there was only a day or two, where I had no canker sores. This went on for a couple of years.
Since late last year, they stopped being so frequent.I was able to enjoy Christmas without a canker sore.
There was even about a month a went without canker sores. Now, they seem to be starting back up again.
I have at least 5 right now.

I found out it was dairy and stress, but not together which causes them.
I was off milk, I had some cheese, and got a canker sore. While having a canker sore, I ate some more cheese, and a few hours later, my tongue got really bad.That was a couple nights ago.
I know it's dairy and not just a coincidence. I eat some cheese last summer and got full canker sore in a matter of minutes.
Another thing I thought I should mention, is summer of 2012? I went to the hospital for an X-ray on my knee. When I left, I got one out of no where, even though I didn't eat anything. Maybe I had milk or something that morning and it just took awhile for it to come on. It started and fully formed within minutes.
I told my doctor and she was astonished that a canker sore could build up so quick. Usually, before I was bombarded with them, on New Years Eve, they would take some time to build up, at least 12 hours.
They would always also be bright on by a burn, or if I bit my tongue.

I don't know why some happen so quick.
I think I am having a more and more strict tolerance to diary, as it seems to be less and less required to be consumed before the canker sores start. Pretty soon, I will be getting a canker sore from just begin around it or thinking about it. Sarcasm.

My canker sores are often extremely painful paralyzing pain, that stops me dead in my tracks. I'm often in tears, becuase the pain is so bad. I have to take multiple numbing stuff (Anbesol, Orajel, Kanka, etc), so my body does not become immune to it. The worse it is, the more I have to use. It only numbs it for a minute or two.

I really like skim milk and cheese, but I can't enjoy it without paying a heavy price.
Bud Borden 3 July 14
This is great! I always had a theory that milk caused my sores, but no one I talked to had every thought there was a link. I normally avoid dairy, but last night had some ice-cream, woke up this morning and there they are. Glad there is actually a link, soy for me from now on! any advice on what gets rid quick?
MEE 21 March 14
I had oral ulcers for 15+ years, not a week would go by where I did not have at least one inside my mouth - usually several at a time. Tongue, inside of the cheeks, back of the throat. I finally just started removing things from my diet and I can say it has been about a year now since I have had one and what did it for me was milk. I would eat a bowl of cereal every morning with 1 or 2% milk. I switched to soy milk and have been freed of these horrible things. I can eat Greek yogurt without a problem, and cheese has been ok sliced in a salad (feta, cheddar) or on pizza, even icecream in moderation. That is the only thing I have changed, I just cannot believe it worked. After all that time suffering with them, I just hope this continues! Should say I recently had a desert with whipped cream and I could sense one coming on. Probably not having a bowl of cereal the next time saved me. While milk may not be your trigger, I urge you to systematically remove things from your diet to rule out food as a cause. Best of luck to all of you out there suffering.
Sans-milk 25 February 14
I'm 65 years old and was raised on a dairy farm. I have drank milk all my life. About 3 years ago I started getting ulcers all in my mouth. After going to several doctors and not finding out what was causing the ulcers I started paying close attention to what I ate or drank , realizing it is milk. I went 3 months no ulcers and one day I thought I would drank a glass of milk to see what happened. Sure enough I woke up with mouth ulcers. Ever since then if I drank milk I will get mouth ulcers.
Bettie 12 November 13
OLP sufferer 26 July 13
Yep, milk does it for me too. If I'm not careful I can get enough to fill my whole mouth. I discovered that I can still have milk/milk products but I have to limit it carefully. It seems a little dairy every few days is about my maximum. I also keep a tube of Triamcinolone Acetonide dental paste on hand. Since my doctor prescribed that to me about ten years ago it has dramatically changed my life. Now at the onset of ulcers I just put a dab of that on them, pain gone. And they seem to disappear faster. One tube lasts me about a year now along with being more contentious about dairy intake.
Shannon 5 July 13
This is exciting. Jake something changed three weeks ago to start the ĒcankerĒ sores up again. Think hard what are you eating now that you wernít eating then or vice-versa what were you eating then that you are not eating now. Did you eat beef and dairy products then?
Ed 18 March 04
I wish there was rhyme and reason to the appearance of mine. I just went 5 months with none, and thatís the longest Iíve gone my whole life. I ate the same types of foods over that 5 month period as I always do. Then about 2 weeks ago the bastards started to show up, and as I write this I can barely talk to eat due to the pain. I have them under my tongue, on my tongue, and inside my cheeks and on my gums. I HATE THEM!!
Jake 17 March 04
Vitamin B helped me a lot too. When the first megavitamin pills came out I took the 1000 mg pill a day and gradually reduced it to 50mg. Centrum was my vitamin of choice for a long time. I quit the pills because I canít determine if they contain beef liver. The vitamins reduced the severity but not the incidence of ĒcankerĒ sores. I only get them now when I ingest one of the unsafe foods. I have learned that it takes 36 hours for a sore to appear. Often the first indication is when I bite my tounge or cheek or a small blood blister will form on my tounge or cheek,dissolve and turn into the canker sore. Lysine will help heal but not prevent it. Only a very strict diet will reveal the cause of your ĒcankerĒ sores. Try going withou any beef or dairy products for at least three weeks and then add them back and see what happens. Be aware that bread is often a dairy product in that milk is often used in baking it. i woould be very interested in your results.
Ed Elkins 17 March 04
Well, I eat lots of salted peanuts, and drink gallons of coffee a day, and I put quite a bit of milk in my coffee, and I often have meat in my meals, but none of that seems to cause me to have mouth ulcers/canker sores. It seems that gluten, deficiency in one or more of the B Vitamins and maybe even lack of sunlight are causes of the sores for me.
TomF 16 March 04
YOU ARE CORRECT it is the milk. Itís also all beef relatd foods including steak and gelatin (Jello). Safe meat products appear to be Chicken and Pig. Beans and Nuts, including soybean and peanuts are the major vegatable products causing ĒCankerĒ sores. Canola Oil Soybean Oil, and especially Flaxseed Oil are to be avoided. Sunflower Oil and Safflower Oil are acceptable. Roots (potatoes, beets, and carrots) and fruits (apples and peaches) cherries and berries, including coffee which comes from a berry not a bean are also acceptable. Beaware that ĒcolaĒ comes from a bean.
Ed Elkins 16 March 04
Iím 32 years old. After suffering my whole life of mouth ulcers, Iíve discovered lately they happen every time I eat dairy products, including cheese, milk, etc. Iím lactose intolerant, and milk protein gives me arthritis pain and swelling in my knees and wrists.
Offroader 16 March 04

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Ulcers caused by Milk/Dairy

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