Extreme Fatigue with Mouth Ulcers

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I never knew am not alone on this
i Have been feeling so tired since de past 6days and it all feel like a doom to me.. Now acompanied with ulcers in my mouth
just expirencing dis for de first time
Kenneth 27 March 18
I have been suffering recurrent chronic aphthous ulcers for just over 10 years now. I suffered from anorexia for many yrs so thought nutrition and stress was th culprit, however have overcome the anorexia and have been on a full healthy balanced diet and regular gym for almost 2 yrs now.
At the beginning my ulcers seemed to disappear almost overnight and I didn't have one for about 8 months, but since I have slowly become more and more riddled by them again, and at times cannot work because they line my mouth and tongue and I literally cannot talk or eat. My tongue gets so swollen and painful and often becomes white so I have to brush it multiple times a day. Sometimes even drinking water is excruciating.
I recently came to the conclusion that part of the issue is down to the fact I have a partial tongue tie (my lingual frenium is very short and tight meaning I can't move my tongue a lot, stick it out, lick my lips properly etc.) I went to the hospital for a consultation with an oral surgeon, following speaking to my gp to see if they would be able to do the frenectomy to release the tongue-tie - however dr was very concerned by the state of my ulcers as I had three huge ones on the underside and front of my tongue measuring at least 1/2 inch to and inch in size each and multiple little clusters around my mouth. My tongue was also extremely swollen. They took swabs, lots of blood tests and decided to do a biopsy of one of the ulcers that day. The recovery of this procedure has been awful as the stitches fell out very quickly and I was basically left with a tongue so swollen I couldn't close my mouth and the ulcer they took from became huge and constantly irritated by hitting my teeth.
The day after I had this procedure I had a call from my gp asking me to go to get more blood tests done as previous bloods had come back showing a severe deficiency in vit b12. Finally a reason for all of this! She said they needed to figure out why my body isn't absorbing this as I eat so much protein rich food (for the gym), I eat a lot of animal products and am only 30. She also said they needed to get me onto a hefty weekly b12 injections. This is an autoimmune issue causing anaemia and can lead to really serious issues down the line if not treated.
I really hope that this is the only cause of all the issues I've been having and that finally I will have a resolve... ulcers, extreme fatigue, memory loss, yellowed jaundiced skin, dizziness, numbness and pins and needles, migraines, gastric issues, and depression are just a few of the things that I've put up with as doctors often just told me it was stress.
If you are having serious issues with ulcers and also have other symptoms like fatigue it's probably your body indicating that something else is not working as it should be. Keep pushing your doctor to look at all the evidence. Had I not had blood tests for something else flag this up to my doctor I'd probably still be being told it's just stress.
Ps difflam did nothing for me - ibuprofen w/ codeine and paracetamol every 3 hours was the only thing that gave me relief from the swelling and pain
Mo 10 January 18
I have suffered mouth ulcers continually for many years - sometimes multiple come up at once over my tongue, cheeks and lips. They're agony, and i feel everyone's pain when they describe how it's that painful you feel like crying. I remember once that I did while out with family - I couldn't eat or swallow. Some will swell before erupting, and boy, isn't biting into them an experience in pain management! My ONLY relief is purchasing some Kenalog from the pharmacy and keeping it on hand at all time. At the FIRST sign of getting one, apply the Kenalog - DON"T WAIT. Put it on before going to bed. That is the only thing that has ever reversed them. I can't live without it.
Karen 20 October 17
Hello I'm Karen and about 3 weeks ago I was brushing my teeth and it slipped and hit my gums, it hurt really bad but didn't notice anything, I went to the dentist because I was getting a Invisalign but and that may be what started it because they put a little pressure there, I got a white spot on my gun that if I pressed on it it would hurt really bad and I could also just feel it but not really any pain, a week later it went away then I got another one and now I am feeling so tired and exhausted, I was thinking it was because I get only like 6 hours of sleep for the past 2 weeks but I got a day off and slept all day and I still want to sleep more I just feel so tired right now. I have also never got a a canker sore before so I don't know what could have triggered it, I am 22 years old please help
Karen 17 September 17
Hello..just to update. My blood testd were normal. Ended up at put of hours gp as in so much pain. Have hydrocortisone tabs and co codamol..much happier today. Not a curr but helping pain...relief at last!
Jenny UK 22 July 17
I have only recently started suffering from these mouth ulcers (in the past just had the odd one) but now I have loads...I can probably count 20+ tongue, gums, back of throught. I'm tired, my ear aches and I can barely drink, let alone eat. This is just miserable. Had a b/t yesterday and waiting for result. Dentist says just ulcers (as opposed to the cancer that the Google keeps coming up with! I'm not stressed, my diet is healthy. I'm now taking Lysine and vit b complex (I have to now chop the tablets up as it hurts to swallow) I could just cry with the pain. It is so reassuring to read all of your comments on here. Salt water didn't help me one bit btw. I'm rinsing my mouth (when at home) with honey and turmeric as this seems calming. And cool green tea with mint is helpful too. Fingers crossed we find some relief!
Jenny, UK 21 July 17
Hi, I've been having canker sores for the last 2 years now but they seem to come in flare ups. Since December I have had them around every 3-4 weeks. I have been tested a few times for iron etc but my bloods come back fine. My GP has now suggested a hormonal blood test in about 4 weeks and also a dental check up which I have booked. I have also been experiencing a bad ankle and slight knee pain on two occasions. I have started back the gym and the bad ankle was put down to pulled tendon however I am now worrying myself that this may be linked as I've read both symptoms can be down to bechets disease and hiv. I just want to know the cause now as I'm constantly worrying. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
Becky 7 June 17
I am now 45 and have had mouth sores as long as I can remember. I always thought it was due to acid in the foods I was eating but over the years I cut back on that and I still get them. Its almost as if as soon as one starts to finally go away another one will pop up out of the blue. I am always tired and have asked the doctor about this several times and all they do is try and prescribe that mouth wash that's supposed to numb it. Does nothing so I don;t bother anymore. Only thing that ever helps is peroxide on a Q tip and put directly on the sore. It hurts like hell at first but its almost as if it eats it away and it starts healing over right after. Occasionally I will get something that seems different in my mouth like white patches and they dont last that long and usually dont hurt the same as the canker sores. They also seem to happen when I am over tired or major stressed. I would give anything to know what its like to go a week even without mouth pain :(
Audrey 15 March 17
I have been researching canker sores and believe its nit food causing it but a compromised immune system causing hormonal imbalance resulting in canker sores...the only way I believe to stop them is to get your hormones back in balance. I believe that having a weak immune system from antibiotics,chronic stress etc weakens tge immune system causing hormones to be thrown into chaos hence why women get them around their menstruation, why pregnant women don't get them while pregnant but once pregnancy stops they resume, why smokers get them when tgry stop as smoking keeps tge stress at bay but when you stop your stress starts to become chronic damaging tge immune system( if your a stress smoker) and why men get them too again stress damaging the immune system also explains why more women than men get them as we tend to stress more, menstruation etc ....also toothpaste changing as the laurel sulphate also is damaging to the body and immune system....i believe they need to start researching this! I had a colonoscopy a few years ago and tge mixture tgry give you to clean out your colon also cleans your gut killing all your good gut bacteria and many experts will tell you if your good gut bacteria is killed your immune system is compromised, did you know most of your immune system that protects your body is in your gut your gut and immune system health are so closely related that one cannot function properly without the other. Did you know medications you get from your doctors are damaging your immune system. Now there is a time and place for medications and over the counter ointments etc but long term use is detrimental to tge way the human body functions, man made medications are nit good for our bodies. Thought I would pass this info on to you as in becoming ill I researched and was horrified to find that our doctors only learn about medications through pharmaceutical companies, doctors actually don't know how tge pills and medications they tell us to take are damaging our liver, upsetting our immune systems and so much more. This is why I caution you using over tge counter medications long-term for canker sores if you can use natural approaches, aloe vera from aloe plant, I have tried foods nearly everything and nothing worked until I tried yoghurt, plain yoghurt and for tge tongue canker I swear a paracetamol tablet cut it in half and rub it on your tongue sores this works ten times better than the numbing creams its tge only thing I found works on tge tongue brilliant! Cancers really are a chronic illness and i urge everyone here to put our minds together and try to come up with a cure surely if they put a rocket on tge moon then they can find out what's causing this it really interferes with your life!
Vanessa 21 November 16
Alli, a celiac disease test can be done through your GP (refer for a blood test). Fatigue and cold sores could also be the symptoms of an overactive immune system! If you suffer from RAS you might be better ask your GP for a referral to an oral & maxillofacial clinic, they can deal with this much better than a GP... Good luck - Rob
Rob 19 September 16
I have gotten mouth sores for years now but it gets out of control sometimes and particularly recently. For almost a year now I have had at least a sore and a sensitive tongue. Usually I have about five to ten and they can be almost an inch in size. Whenever I asked doctors about it they would tell me that acidic foods and stress can cause them. Well, I'm a young mother and raising kids can be stressful but I'm not a refugee of war or anything traumatizing. I don't think my body should react that way for stress and I eat acidic foods all the time. Why would the sores come and go? I recently saw information online for celiac disease. While I have no idea if I have that specifically, I am going to try a gluten-free diet and see what happens. Wanted to share in case anyone else thinks that it might fit them - one website mentioned that fatigue and cold sores could be symptoms of the weakened immune system.
Alli 19 September 16
Yes there is help out there! I am a 51 yr old female that is also a bariatric patient. I have been going through all these same mouth sores. My mouth is SO painful. My tongue is on fire, white patches, bleeding gums, headaches...so on and so on. I was just diagnosed with herpes simplex 1 and have been reading up on it in my vitamin book. Yes lysine is one of the vitamins to take and for everyone out there... it is absorbed better when you take vitamin C with it. There are others too, so for those that still having problems do your research.
My main problem is finding out which vitamin will boost the immune system. A weakened immune system is one of the contributors. The fact that I cant eat very much at one time has me in a tight corner. Everything hurts my mouth!
Does anyone know of things that I could eat to get nutrients? Which vitamins can boost the immunity for this particular situation?
Please reply...thank you
Danine -San Diego 7 September 16
I am exhausted and feeling really low...i had a biopsy on a lingering canker sore before....so now i am super paranoid if the painful lesion takes too long to heal.....i had a binge on savoury snacks....and now i am suffering....what a drag...bless us all...
tamara 31 August 16
My husband had his first experience with canker sores 3 months ago he is 53 and had about 10 of them. We have been to a bunch of doctors and am now waiting on his appointment with a infectious disease doctor at the end of September. We tried lysine, vitamin c,b12, multi, fish oil. Currently taking oregano oil and licorice root and probiotic fingers crossed! I made him go to a chiropractor that also reads the body (weird I know) he said he believes it's bacterial. Hopefully he gets relief soon. I just got him borax pellets today.
Elizabeth 29 August 16
Going on far too long I am run down with these reoccurring canker sores. Wile mine started around age 56 it's been a solid 4+ years now. I've had food sensitivity testing done and I adhere to the list, I've written down everything I eat for a long time now. It is hard to determine what is going on. I've changed toothpastes, don't drink carbonated beverages, eat a lot of vegetables, some fruit (I've gauged fruit due to the sugar levels). Last week the only different food I had was a 1/2 C of peppered cashews and I have 4 mean canker sores. Could I be that sensitive? I stay away from gluten; carbs seem to be an issue gluten or not (although in Scotland on two trips I could eat gluten and carbs w/o issue). I wish there was an answer but everything is experimental. A chinese med practitioner offered recommendations which I followed and things were worse. Attributing the canker sores to stomach heat makes sense to me; that they are a reaction to digestive issues makes sense to me. When I am in an acute state my glands around the base of my jaw and my ears are sensitive. All very disturbing.
Liz 8/16/16 18 August 16
Hi. I get mouth ulcers once in a while but usually it's not so bad. But I had one episode that was really bad, and would like some feedback on what could be the cause...

Essentially, when I was about 27 years, I was slightly run down after an afternoon soccer tournament in the rain, and then going out partying after that until late. However, nothing that extreme I thought.

I woke up on a beautiful sunny September day and passed by the park to play soccer again, and noticed that I was quite slow, but thought nothing of it. A few hours later I felt extremely weak, and started feeling quite cold too. It came on very suddenly - by the evening I think I had fever and was really wiped out. I thought I might have the flu.

however, over the next couple of days my mouth exploded with dozens of ulcers, lines of them, and few days later my gums started to bleed. In general my gums were inflamed, including the roof of my mouth, and quite painful. There were also white spots on my cheeks, my tongue turned completely white, and a very viscous film covered my gums (but that may just have been a healing mechanism of the body). The tiredness I experienced was very different than normal tiredness from the flu, etc - I was foggy, and felt like sleeping all the time, not just resting, and could fall asleep in an instant. I delayed a bit going to the doctor, but when I did he prescribed magic mouthwash (combination of fungicide, viracide and antibiotic?) and it seemed to work very well and quickly within a few days, and that was it. I think the whole thing lasted about 8 days.

So I suppose I was very lucky compared to others here. However, it freaked me out and I got paranoid that I had some immune condition. Got tested for HIV since then twice so obviously not that. I also generally frequently get sick, with very bad tonsillitis sometimes, to the point where it is hard to even drink water, and get something akin to the flu often, very painful. I've also suddenly developed bad sebborheic dermatitis, and other skin conditions, and when I was younger was diagnosed with psoriasis, but it usually has been very mild.

Does anyone have any experience with an outbreak like this? Basically like oral thrush, though my case seems a bit extreme. And any possible connection to underlying immune issues?
alex 13 March 16
For the last 6 months I am having constant ulcers I am in so much pain I feel like crying all the time blood test booked I just hope I find a solution because these re occurring ulcers are slowly painfully killing me.
beverley 4 March 16
I have a major apthous mouth ulcer on my jaw and ulcers on my tongue and 1 in my throat I've had them 3 weeks went to hospital they gave me magic mouthwash it has done nothing I'm in severe pain went through bottles of Tylenol and ibuprophin that are no better I can't talk or eat very well I have headaches and feel sluggish does anyone know anything that can help
charlotte 16 February 16
For mouth ulcers , try aloe vera drink or eating the real white pulp of the plant. wash the 1 or 2 square inches white jelly a few times and eat it in empty stomach for all those who is comfortable with aloe vera for 3 to 7 days.
lak 24 November 15
I used to get these sores all the time. Usually if I bit the inside of my mouth. A lady told me her sister was able to prevent them by rinsing with the green listerine mouthwash every day for at least 30 seconds. I've found it has reduced the number of sores I've gotten significantly. Amazing.
SD 31 October 15
Hi! I have these mouth ulcers since about 4 days ago where it started with a simple mouth sore then comes fever with chills and a few mouth ulcers or canker sores i went to the doctor twice already giving me same reason that maybe it is caused by stress i have taken high doses of antibiotics yet it even worsen my case I'm starting to be scared my gums are swelling and lots of mouth ulcers on my throat any advice will be appreciated thank you! Glad I'm not battling this alone
Say 23 October 15
having a mouth ulcer always seems to be accompanied by general malaise and fatigue. Got one at the moment, and feeling wiped out - a feeling that started after the ulcer appeared.
Dominic Stockford 19 October 15
I am not sure what I have. I have one oral lesion feel fatigued, it sucks I don't know how it could be herpes simplex 1 I don't have fever blisters, I just feel foggy like I am anemic or something the oral paste Triaminiicone acetonide helps but I cant figure out why my doctor would put me on doxycycline, doesn't make sense. Some input would be helpful right now
Mary 13 June 15
Guys my ulcer went suddenly in4 hours u know I did my own operation
I took 2pain killers &antibiotics which r used for curing the metal injury&anticeptics
Then I took a fresh blade and did cut sore without any sign having a ulcwr
And apples anti Celtics &Painkiller
I hope its helpful
And. Ifu do this don't from blood that rushes

And. If any scientist sees this listen the blood that came was more darker blakish
chriswilder 14 April 15
I get these canker sores as well. This is all accompanied by fatigue, foggy head, nausea, fever and sometimes diarrhea. I've had mouth ulcers for as long as I remember, but the older I get the worse the symptoms. I rarely treat the sore, I'll take some oral pain relievers or rinse with peroxide. It's getting to the point where I can't work sometimes during an outbreak. I hate sounding happy about all the other people that suffer with these same symptoms but I really thought I was alone. Best of luck to us all.
Brian - CA, USA 30 March 15
I have the same symptoms of fatigue, feeling like I have a virus and "foggy brain". I have been using The Natural Dentist SLS free toothpaste for a few years and this helps considerably. I will also note that all my symptoms start BEFORE the ulcer appears. As soon as I zero in on its location I apply hydrogen peroxide with a Q-Tip right on the ulcer. Just drench it. It will fizz a little. Do this twice a day and the ulcer will disappear before it becomes a big open crater. You can also swish it around in your mouth (1 part water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide).
Motherof4 5 January 15
when I was in Brazil, I had a particularly bad case of mouth ulcers. A local lady suggested I use something called "pedra hume", which I did. It healed the sores very quickly, it was great. It looks like small rocks, similar to rock salt and you rub it on the ulcerated area, in tastes quite astringent. I brought some home and continue to use it for flare ups.
Nat 1 December 14
Hi; my name is Thiloshini:I have been struggling with mouth ulcers for more than six weeks; I am feverish and constantly tired; the first time I consulted a dr; he said I had viral infection; I went to him in the weekend and he now says stress; I am at my wits end; please help: how do I get rid of these awful sores.
Thiloshini 9 September 14
it is so relieving to hear that others are going through the same pain as me. I often suffer with mouth sores and get a very clammy face and head (almost flu-like sweats). I also feel extremely fatigued and get horrible headaches. I have suffered for approximately 5 years, but have never gone to the doctors about it, as i didn't think they would be able to do anything. Today it is almost unbearable, where i am struggling to concentrate on anything. There was a time when i could fit a nap in, and would feel a little bit better, but am now in a full time job where such action is not deemed acceptable!!!
I would love to know a diagnosis of this horrible feeling, as it really does make me feel incredibly groggy.
Emily 2 September 14
I currently have an ulcer on my uvula, which is the small appendage that hangs off the back of the roof of your mouth. I never had one there before, and I feel like poop. I was full of energy two days ago, and this freaking things pops up, and I now feel like I could sleep all day, I'm COMPLETELY drained of all energy. I hope it goes away soon. I read an earlier post by a person complaining of multiple ulcers in her mouth, and that she also had one in the eye. She was complaining that her doctor's where not treating her properly. Eye ulcers and mouth ulcers are one of the symptoms of Behcet's disease, a rare auto-immune disorder. I think eye ulcers is a required symptom for the diagnoses. Darn I'm so tired right now, typing these words is giving me a headache.
UlcerDrained 18 July 14
I have had these outbreaks off and on for several years and experience extreme fatigue, malaise, a little irritation in my lower lungs (not sure how to describe this sensation), and I'm irritable because I can't concentrate well. Ever since I switched to Rembrandt's non SLS toothpaste, I rarely get an outbreak of mouth ulcers. I did notice that I was very itchy before this last outbreak. I know I usually get them if I get off my schedule, have unusual emotional distress, or even get a cut or mouth injury. I used to think it was a virus, as that is how I felt, but I took a test and I don't have Herpes. Besides, the description of the sores I have are canker sores not a cold sore. I imagine that I could have a food intolerance, an immune something or other, an irritation to a chemical or additive, or maybe a b-12 deficiency. I don't know. I'm making an educated guess. In just happy I found that I am not alone. When I read all other disorders, nothing seems to explain it completely. It is a mystery!! Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences!
Kelly, in my 30s 25 April 14
Hello to Mark, you say that whenever you get can or or ulcers on your tongue that usually is accompanied with one in your throat as well. Even though you hate to see an MD , I'd advise you to see one if only to ask for a referral to a ear, nose, & mouth Specialist. This is your best route to take.
Beverly Howe 9 January 14
Wow, thanks everyone. I have these as well. Canker sore appears and my energy is wiped out, I just want to hide/hibernate, sleep most of the day if I could. Amazing that this one little dot of 'ouch' could cause so much tiredness. But now I am thinking it's not that the canker sore is causing tiredness, it's that the canker sore and the tiredness are both symptoms of something. It feels like a body immune situation with me. Just a guess. I usually get mine from accidentally biting my cheek or lip when it swells, which often happens if I mistakenly eat some gluten (I have celiac disease). The comment below by Renee, re: Herpes Simplex virus, makes sense to me. Maybe it's that? Well I will try Lysine, and some of the other simple suggestions below. Thanks everyone.
Gracie 25 November 13
I use L-lysine and it works for relief and daily to keep them from coming back.
Craig 30 September 13
I have take hyperiscince for the last few years. vitamin C and B vitamins and have not had another canker or mouth sore for the last several years. Hperiscince is known to kill the Herpes Virus in the test tube....reduce your stress and good luck!

BKK 16 September 13
My brother had horrible breakouts of canker sores. Then he started having other symptoms: weakness, numbness, inability to think clearly. Docs 1st thought it was MS, but discovered it it a severe deficiency in B12. Lack of B12 absorbtion also causes canker sores. Now that he gets monthly B12 injections, all the symptoms are gone.
Jay 16 January 13
I to suffered for many years with mouthucers till mysiste i n law told me about lysine a natural supplement the body needs very cheap to buy theyhave them at wal mart take a Pil a day ulcers gone worked for me
mary 14 October 12
The best thing I found to help with reacuurent ulcers after having them all my life was eating watercress most days. Always suffered but when I was pregnant I didnt suffer a single one the whole time but after they came back with a vengeance. I suffered and suffered I tried vitamins, iron supplements and nothing worked until I added this to my diet and after about two weeks of eating it by just having it in a sandwich for lunch I saw results. I was at my wits end, I read it was classed as a superfood full of nutrients and although I still get the odd one or if I am stressed they come back but never for as long as they did and and never as often, I used to have them one after the other if a slightly scratched or bit my mouth it would always turn to an ulcer. I have read alot of research about the vitamins in food being better than supplements so maybe I was lacking in what ever the watercress gives me, i know its full or iron but iron and vit b supplements did nothing for me. Its a long shot but worth a try, I would have tried anything so thoughts i would share my experience.
Cathy 7 October 12
Hello everyone,

30 year old male with canker sore issues since my teen years. A little about myself, I work a full time job, married, no kids (2 dogs), and been working on my own company for the past several years which causes high levels of stress. I remember clearly that in my early 20's everytime I got a canker sore it was just that, a sore that stung but now things have changed. When I get canker sores now I feel sick, tired, depressed, run down, and at times I feel like I'm in a dream state. I have an appetite but then again I don't feel like eating but when I do eat...I can eat. Weird. I feel exhausted like I have a virus or something. I changed my tooth paste and have been on SLS free toothpaste for a while now. I started taking vitamins about 2 months ago which seemed to help. I forgot to mention that I have anxiety really bad. When I go to new places I feel like crap. This is terrible. I can overcome my anxiety by performing self calming remedies but my issue is these damn canker sores. Right now I have a canker sore on the side of tongue and it feels like I may have one in the back of throat. It seems like everytime I get a canker sore on the side of tongue I get irritation in my throat. Really, I don't want to go to my MD because it seems like doctors are all prescription happy and I want to avoid meds as much as possible. If anyone has any info please let me know. Thank you all and I wish all of you the best. I'll pray for all of us.
Mark 30 September 12
I get ulcers all the time, and bad ones too. They mainly appear after I drink alcohol, eat lots of salty/sugary snacks, or miss out on good sleep for some time. They make me feel tired, miserable and depressed. They also make my breath smell and give me toothaches. I hate them! Nothing I do gets rid of them so I just have to wait (normally a few weeks :/). If someone has a good remedy for any of my symptoms, I'd greatly appreciate it!
Jamie 13 September 12
I have had mouth ulsers since I was born, my mother discovered them in my mouth when I was three. I think dairy products cause mine, as everytime I eat them I get ulsers, when I was at school (now 33 years old) I used to get up to 15 in my mouth and would loose half a stone in a week because I couldn't eat and I would have the worst breath!! They say that anything related to the mouth is an infection in the intestines. Thank god I don't get too many now as I avoid dairy products, but they used to poison me all the time, I would have a temperature, feel exhausted, depressed, extreamly fatigued and just completely run down. Some people get them occasionally, so they could be related to stress, but if you have them ongoing, I think it must be an intollerance or allergy to some kind of food.
Amy 2 February 12
I am 27 and I have suffered from ulcers my entire life. Even my son gets them now so I can tell it is hereditary for us, whether it's some sort of allergy or what. A couple of years ago I noticed that I was getting them very often and they were much more painful than usual. I went to organic, all natural toothpaste and I stopped using Splenda. This helped A LOT! I now read the ingredients on everything I buy and if it contains any Splenda (sucralose) or other artificial sweeteners I avoid it like the plague! I used Debacterol for the smaller ones and although it stung like hell, it would get rid of the pain while the ulcer healed. I was doing well until this December where I started getting them one after another. I have one right now that is extremely painful and is at least 1 cm in diameter. This one is way to large to burn with the Debacterol. I had started Effexor a few months ago and I am now questioning if it may be what is causing it. I am afraid to stop it because I have terrible anxiety but I can't live with such terrible ulcers constantly. Here's hoping I figure it out soon!
Julie 10 January 12
I suffer 20-40 little yellow ulcers on and around my tongue along with extreme fatigue. Going to oral surgeon for consultation. Will let you know. I take multivitamins, I calorie count and have a balanced diet. I wonder about food intolerance but cannot see a pattern. When it comes on I know I'm in bed for at least five days straight. To be able to eat I take Beechams powders- THE BEST THING FOR MOUTH ULCERS! Please try them- it hurts at first but because it goes straight onto them it really helps. I promise. The other thing I take is Difflam an over the counter mouthwash- it numbs your mouth and let's you at least swallow. I've been so ill, sad and tired. I really share your pain. Please try the above and fee better every one! Much love. Jennifer, Edinburgh
Jennifer 17 November 11
I have had terrible ulcers all my life, then when I was 26 it was discovered that I had an underactive thyroid. Since then my ulcers have been considerably better. It's just a simple blood test; insist your doctor does it!
Redjasmine 26 October 11
I think its definitely herpes simplex related. I have never had mouth ulcers in my life until I recently was infected with herpes simplex type 1 virus. I had a mouth full of extremely painful mouth ulcers that lasted for 3 weeks and ever since then every three or four weeks I experience severe fatigue and get a number of mouth ulcers. Not as severe as initial infection but the fatigue is what really causes me problems. Days of not having energy and being unable to go to work but can't explain why except very tired... and then the mouth ulcers appear. Surely there is something more to this than just stress? I have reduced my activity levels, have taken up yoga, eat and sleep well. Nothing seems to matter. They just keep on coming.
Em 25 October 11
I have found over the many years of having mouth ulcers that the trauma ulcers you get from an injury, such as biting your tongue or eating something that has hurt the inside of your mouth, are much easier to treat than the ulcers you get from a systemic cause such as being stressed, run down or maybe an auto immune condition. I have lupus and am a diabetic on insulin plus I also have a couple of other things that give a lower immunity, I get ulcers quite a lot and at the moment I have a very large one (1cm or half an inch) on the side of my tongue, I've had it since begining of July and have literally tried everything.
Gloria in Australia 21 October 11
I have 3 tongue ulcers which are the result of biting my tongue 6 days ago. After reading another blog on this site I bought some Vegemite (don't eat this normally...yuck) and applied it directly to the ulcers. As you can imagine this salty spread did hurt considerably, but I persevered & kept re-applying for about 5 minutes. It has a numbing effect which is nothing short of brilliant and has helped heal these horrible little pains....well worth the discomfort. I have always associated ulcers with being run down so the B vitamins in the spread are good. Also gargling with salty water several times daily is another good cure along with adequate rest & healthy diet.
Geraldine 21 October 11
Thomas 12 October 11
I feel realy bad that in the world of science doctors still don't know the exact cause of mouth ulcers. I get mouth ulcers when I feel dryness within my mouth and they generally appear around the same time.I generally drink too 4-5 ltrs of water a day but if I short of dequate water I feel dryness within my mought.
One of the doctors said that it is beacuse of your liver which generate heat and open sores are they way to relase it by our system. I am taking B-Complex Forte with Vitamine C and they work but you really cant drink same amout of watre everyday. Also, I think when I drink alochol it also causes the mouth ulcers.
Any one has same cause? I wish we all can get rid of these mouth ulcers. they are so paintful, iam not able to eat and drink.
Sid 5 October 11
Simone, sounds like you need to go to a different doctor. I don't visit the doc often but when I do I go to the same practice but see a different doctor - you could the same. Behcets would be something they could look into. Good luck.
Dom Walton 5 October 11
Hi guys,
I'm 23 and so so stressed out by my ulcers i feel like I cant cope!
I wondered if anyone could help me?
Not only have I had uclers non-stop for the past 6 months (new ones coming as soon as the old ones have healed!)
but i also get them in my eyes?
I've been to the doctors non stop and they're treating me like an idiot!!! They've thrown the cancer word at me with no compassion, wrongly diagnosed me with Chrohns disease, suggested my fiance "was playing away" and i could have contracted HIV and now have decided it's all down to Stress.
My mouth is covered in ulcers, my lower and upper gums, even on my lips. I'd say 75% of my mouth is covered.
The doctors wont do any more for me, and have just told me to use corsodyll?!
PLease could someone advise me of anything that helps, i'm a Speech and Lanuguage Therapy Student graduating in 3 months and currently i can't even complete my placement because i look so poorly :(

Apologies for not scanning all answers but i'm accrssing this sight through my phone and can only see the last 10!
Simone2011 5 October 11
So this is about my 5th day with the side tongue and throat cancer sores. I have had them a least a few times a year since a kid. I am 64! Today I could eat scrambled eggs and I was excited. I thought I was going to starve to death it was so hard to just sip water. Thanks to this site, I don't feel crazy anymore, especially about being sooooo tired.
georgi 2 October 11
Wow, I am so glad I found this site! I have known people who get mouth sores, but they don't get the debilitating fatigue, fever and flu-like symptoms. Finally someone who understands! I did some research trying to figure out what was wrong with me, and the information I have gathered is this: these mouth sores are caused by the Herpes Simplex type I virus. When I found this out, the fatigue made sense. It's a virus. The virus lays dormant until triggered. Triggers may include trauma to the mouth (slip of the tooth brush has done it for me) and stress. If it seems to run in families, I think we can exclude hereditary and conclude that it can be passed on like the cold. My husband and daughter both get them (without fatigue though) and I'm pretty sure I have kissed them a few times ;) Thanks for sharing. Blessings!
Renee 28 September 11
Wow ! I didn't know I had so much brave company suffering with mouth sores and fatigue. I am so happy I found this site. I am 74 yrs with Rhematoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Fibromyalgia. I started the mounth ulcers when I took Methotrexate for my Arthritis. The Dr. put me on Folic Acid which helped a great deal. Along with that I used Gentian Violet. It is an over the counter old time remedy people used for mouth ailments. You can actually use a long q-tip to put it onto your throat. Only problem is that it is a bright purple color and will stain your gums for awhile. Now my ulcers or canker sores are different. They are on the tip and sides of my tongue. The hurt and burn but not as badly as the ulcers once did. However I do have the terrible fatigue I didn't have before. I realized the fatigue was happening with the tongue problems. The first couple of days I sleep for hours and cannot function. It gradually gets slowly better until it starts again which is only about 10 days or so on this cycle. I am making a chart to show my Dr, but have had little luck with her before. I still use the Violet Medicine along with Kanka and the Antiseptic Mouthwash. It helps but the sores still take their time going away. I found some new things to try on this site so Thank You everyone ! Keep pressing the Dr.s for answers. I was told to call a Therapist when I presented her with my list of symptoms. I cried the rest of my visit with her. Thank You for listening !
Carole 11 September 11
So glad i found this site as at home and mis cos of ulcers and so tired. Salt watef helps a bit for me. I think grains and not sleeping bring them on. Have heard of gaps snd will look again at that. Thank you!
Fiona 10 September 11
I read this when I was also getting outbreaks of ulcers/blisters on the roof of my mouth, and had gone from occasional outbreaks to more or less constantly suffering them. When they appeared I would feel horribly ill and wiped out and would have to spend a lot of time in bed.

A while back, thinking I might be suffering from food intolerances, I did an elimination diet. I found that having cut out break and grains for 5 weeks, the ulcers and illness came back with a vengeance when re-introduced. At the time I thought I must be intolerant to gluten, or something in bread. However, I explored further, found something called GAPS (I recommend anyone looking into that who has similar symptoms) and from there discovered I have a candida overgrowth. The blisters/ulcers were oral thrush and since following the GAPS protocol with a strict anti-candida diet I've felt a lot better. This won't be the answer for everyone, but I hope it at least helps point someone in the right direction.
PP 25 July 11
I have had only 3 outbreaks since i was 16 and am now 24. But in each instance it was stress related and i had over 50 ulcers all over the inside of my mouth and throat that was bad enough that i couldnít eat because of the pain. i lost 15 pounds and i would try salt water washes to try and numb the pain before eating. My brother has the same occurrence but on a larger scale and was diagnosed with------ Erythema Multiforme----- if you have extreme symptoms such as myself i suggest you look into this condition. -Ben
ben 13 July 11
Extreme fatigue, yeah, I know it well, I first mentioned it aged 12!.. and wasn't taken seriously, just like with the ulcers, kidney infections and headaches. For the red face I get told to cut down on my drinking (I drink one and a half pints of beer and one scotch a night, it helps me relax and sleep. I don't like to drink more than this it makes me feel rough the next day. Is this excessive?). Purely by chance the other day I looked up Lupus for someone's mum, and suddenly it all falls into place - doesn't help though. Doesn't help one bit.
Tired Depressed Jedd 13 July 10
I also keep getting re-occuring mouth ulcers they are so sore and I fell so tired all of the timw even when i get a night sleep, I have an un-deractive thyorid so this does not hep either, its good to here that I am not alone on this, it seems by reading some of the above that stress is a big factor in the ulcers and when you get the ulcers it makes you feel even more tired than what you where before - mouth ulcers can really get you down
Phil M 08 July 2010 3 July 10
I suffer from Anxiety & my doctor prescribed me Effexor.I have recently have had canker sores & my doctor tells me it is heriditary & stress related.I do worry about everything and sometimes will bite the bottom of my lip when i feel stressed,causing a canker sore to appear the next day.I bought a mouth rinse at Walmart called Oral 3 Amosan & Oragel for cankers.This really helps!I am now going to try that SLS free toothpaste.I am so happy I found this site.Reading things on the Web can scare you into thinking you have Cancer,ect.Thanks Guys!
Natalie S. 7 March 10
I suffer terrible fatigue with ulcers, the best method is to beat them back by randomly changing mouthwashes and toothpaste, keep your teeth impeccably cleaned and rotate products every 3 days as they get immune very quickly to what you are using.
the worst attacks are always when you get rid of a cold, I am sure your immune system runs out of targets and attacks the good bugs in your mouth, making way for these nasty little devils to take opportunity
dab the the little blighter's with a cotton bud and fluoride toothpaste to shorten their lifespan by half.
Mark R 1 March 10
I am so glad that I have read this site. I have been getting intermittent mouth ulcers since a kid, but now at 32yrs old I have had them constantly for the last 6 months, and feel so tired! Everyone has commented how tired I look all the time, and I have been wondering what is going on. I have been checked for coeliac disease, and had bloods done - so far all normal. Just wondering to keep on going on the investigation path, but by the sounds of all the postings here that there is not much hope of finding a cause! At least now i know probably why I feel so tired at the moment!
Thanks for this site!
Trace 26 February 10
When I get ulcers I feel completely drained and tired. The attack does something to the body and makes it feel tired. It's NOT the other way round as someone said....ie. you get tired so get ulcers. It's the ulcers that directly cause tiredness PERIOD!
ulcerRULESme 29 May 09
Yes I understand, try using a herbal toothpaste instead of the stuff they place on the market. I have had 4 months of canker sores and ulcers, then 10 days ago oral surgery to remove a mass. (No cancer thank God) I do not smoke or drink. My only change last year was my toothpaste. I now use a herbal one that does not contain any SLS.
Hopefully I wont get anymore. Make sure you see the doc as thet can turn to Cancer
Gaye 8 April 09
Wow, what a powerful message. We have all added our two cents on medicines, causes, cures, whatever.....but I truley believe that you have summed it up with your awesome contribution. Thank you, thank you! And the greatest thing is, I was so wrapped up and feeling sorry for myself, boo hooing about having to finish my shopping in this lousy weather, and carrying on because I have family coming over for Christmas that I forgot the reason for the season. Again....thank you!
Tracy 19 December 03
i would say the best cure is to remove all stress from your life - and donít give up on this - i have been very stressed for the past 4 years. So be brave - find out whatís causing your stress and kill it. I personally felt a wonderful holy feeling when i was prayed for by Christians four years ago which have got me very interested in Chrsitianity - and yes you might notice that it seems that iíve been suffering bad stress for the same amount of time that iíve been Christian - well it may have been longer than that that iíve been very stressed for - it was, and i had no responsibilites back then plus i had ways of dealing with it which iíve stopped now - smoking, drink, drugs, to name some, all of which iíve now given up. That feeling of The Holy Spirit was complete peace when I felt it and iím longing for nothing esle ever since. I felt it more than once - probably less than twenty times - my heart goes out to you all - come to Jesus - He said Ē Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and you will find rest for your soulsĒ. Thereís hope for us all. God bless you all. I love you all and so does God, hence why He sent us His only begotten Son, the whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. He helsa many people today, of cancer and ĒincurableĒ diseases. His mercy extends to you all. H ehas born all our disease on the cross, not to mention our sins, whcih He died to save us from, and all who are baptised into Jesus now have their sins washed away. Iím not sayinfg being a Christian is easy but it sure beats everything else Iíve tried by miles, and in the end, we have peace with God and will inherit eternal life after all our trials on this earth. God bless you all. God bless you all. George
George 19 December 03
i have been getting painful ulcers on the inside bottom lip as sara said, youíre not alone - nice thing to say too
George 19 December 03
Like all the above sufferers I just want to die when I get a new set of ulcers, the sides and top of the tounge, cheeks and lips all suffer at times and I am not free of them for morethan 2 weeks out of every month. Tried everything I can think of, the only thing I found was whilst living in america for the last 10 years was a product called Kanka made by Blistex which coats the ulcers with a film and stops the pain, this is the only way i can get through the night. Since returning to the UK I have to thank my American friends for my care packages. Yes I wish there was a cure as it has a huge impact on my life just as many of you express in your comments.
Colin 18 December 03
Wow at last others that suffer like me. Iíve been suffering these damn things for the at least 5 years. Iím currently sporting at least 15 and yes I feel so tired. I always seem to enjoy a large influx of killer ones straight after a night out with a bit too much drink. Not good news with so many nights out planned over xmas....anyone have any simple help to survive xmas and actually taste the xmas dinner ?
Martin 17 December 03
I have exact same symptoms of fatigue every time I get mouth ulcers...there is some connection with fatigue because I find everytime I have ulcer I am tired.
doug 16 December 03
I canít believe so many people have the same symptoms as me. I go through bouts of feeling very achy (like when you have a bad cold), tired and never realy thought it could be linked to my mouth ulcers. The other day i phoned in sick because i just couldnít get out of bed, i slept for 13 hours solid and was still feeling bad the next day. I get alot of ulcers on the tip of my tongue, side of tongue, cheeks and i currently have the biggest ulcer iíve ever had on the back of my throught. This all seemed to start about 2 years ago when i caught this god awful virus, iíve never been in so much pain, my whole body ached to extreme. Ever since then every so often it seems to hit me again causing the ulcers and aches. I caught genital herpes about 8 years ago and get occasional outbreaks, does anyone know if this could be a possible cause?
Jon (uk) 10 December 03
I had just finishing posting to another topic then I read this one. I have one right now on side of my tongue that is killing me, Ive had swollen glands and tiredness for about a week now, then the blister showed up yesterday. I never associated these symptoms, but now thinking back, its making me wonder. Im definately feeling run down. Im so glad to find this forum, I have always suffered through this alone, ( i think I did put salt on one; one time, almost killed me)I just didnt know so many ppl had this.
laurie (US) 8 December 03
You are right the ones on the tongue are the most painfull. I have had one the size of a penny on my tongue for 3 days now, and I just want to cry. I have also found that headaches normally accompany ulcers, is that probably something to do with holding your mouth funny do you think? I know all I want to do is go to bed for 2 days and not get up until it is gone.
michelle 4 December 03
Reading all your post,I can almost relive feeling the pain..the one post mentioned when she gets her period it could be a iron deficency? Just a guess b/c the same thing happens to me..but I get them also when I donít have my period..I also noticed when I eat anything with acid like pickels,relish,pineapple I will break out in quantity..I think it is a an immune system problem
Gail 28 September 03
Hi all,I suffer with Ulcers for 2 weeks of every month.Iím always tired but try to eat sensibly. I suffer with interupted sleep so am going to try nytols to see if this helps. I also have a slightly over shot top jaw and think that my teeth rubbing on my bottom lip at night is probably part of the problem. I think I might start sleeping with a dummy in my mouth and see if this also helps.Iím not mad! just desperate.I find that adcortly in orabase helps speed up heeling,best to put it on when you go to bed.Haze 25.
28 September 03
Hello all - I am a 42 yr old male - Iíve occasionally suffered from a few small Ēcold soresĒ on the inside of my lips but now Iíve got this HUGE sore on the side of my tongue. Every time I eat or speak it rubs against the ridge of my back teeth and cause EXTREME pain. This is the first one of this size or pain. I canít even imagine how most of the posters here cope with multiple / reaccuring sores! I can barely speak sometimes. This is day three and I hope the d*mn thing goes away soon. I read another poster here that questioned the link between mouth sores and herpes. I think there might be a link. Anyone else? Thanks all!
Brian 27 September 03
Right before I get a mouth ulcer, I get swollen glands and feel very fatigued. Plus, the pain is very exhausting in itself. I could sleep all day!
monique 27 September 03
hi paul, yes fatigue is a big player with the mouth ulcers, also i agree that the ones on and under the tongue are the worse i am currently on iron tablets that do not seem to work, adcortyl in orabase seems to quicken healing and slows down the spread of the ulcers.i have plenty of theories but no solutions. if i eat a lot of sugary stuff, e.g sugar in tea , sweets etc i know i have no chance of getting rid of them, could they have anything to do with dental fillings, i have had ulcers for as long as i have had dental fillings. anyhow many thanks for an enlightning site and a relief to know that we are all in the same boat.
roger 19 September 03
The ones on the tongue are awful! Does anyone else find they subconsiously ífiddleí with them though, I know this makes them worse and stops them from healing, but it is a habit now and I donít know how to break it. They hurt some mornings more than others (mainly when we have had a rubbish nights sleep with our 8 month old!) what a relief to find this site!! How can I break my fiddling habbit then?!
Clare 12 September 03
Hi this is the first time i have read up on mouth ulcers and i cant believe all the baggage that mouth ulcers come with, i thought stress and lack of sleep caused them not the other way round....im 21 and i have had them constantly for a good few months now-the worst is wen your trying to eat., i really want to get rid of them sometimes i feel like biting the things off cous they r ssooo painfull-yes, the ones on the tongue are terrible!
em 8 September 03
Hi, Iím 19 and I get a lot of mouth ulcers and all I want to do when I get them is sleep! Iím constantly tired and got the Ēcant be botheredĒ feeling whenever I have them so your deffinetely not alone!
Caz 4 September 03
Yes, Budge, Iíve found that I used to always get ulcers on the top of my tongue and my gums/cheek, but in the last two years they pretty much always appear on my throat (were my tonsils were) and underneath my tongue. God knows why?!
Alice (UK) 25 July 03
Has anyone else noticed that ulcers seem to invade new areas of the mouth? You may never get ulcers, for example, on your tongue but once you get one there you know that from then on itís as likely there as anywhere.
Budge 25 July 03
I have suffered with mouth ulcers on and off for years, and they are a bloody pestilence, but in the last couple of months Iíve started experiencing them on my tongue as well, which is just excruciatingly miserable and makes you want to become a complete recluse and not do ANYTHING! Iím ĒgladĒ to find out that Iím not the only one to feel completely wiped out and exhausted whenever I suffer from these things, but discouraged that nobody seems to have a definitive answer. Fellow sufferers, I know your pain... the rest of the world have no idea what we have to put up with!
Simon 24 July 03
Try rubbing salt on that open wound! Iíve done it myself in desperation and it does help (albeit f***ing painful!) BTW if you have ulcers you should cut down on chillies or any spicy foods. The one thing I notice is that they appear more in winter?!
Kev 18 July 03
Truly & honestly L-Lysine (or sometimes called Lypsine) works to get rid of mouth ulcers and cold sores...I take 500mg every day as a preventative measure and when one appears(ícoz lets face it we bite our lips and gums and knock them with the tooth brush & thatís when mine mostly appear or lack of sleep and stress...I just had a baby 5 months ago and she didnít sleep for the first 6 to 8 weeks, so neither did myself or my husband), I up the dosage to 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets at night and it quickly dissappears without turning into a massive swollen, throbbing sore mass of flesh...people, try it....it really works. ( a tip: Apparently in the UK it is cheaper to buy it online, otherwise you can buy it at ĒHolland and BarretĒ or something like that, does that place sound familiar to anyone?? In Australia you can get it in any pharmacy.
Larissa 20 June 03
Hello all,
What relief it is to come across this message board!
Ive been suffering from the swines since I was 18, randomly popping up, sometimes having none for months but then being dissapointed when discovering one yet again. This past 3 months has been hell though.... one after the other, after the other...
And the one I have at present (at the back of my throat on my tonsil) has to be the worst yet. It appeared about 2 weeks ago, slowly got worse, I had to go on holiday on the 10th and the pain seemed to erupt on the plain - usually Id be having a laugh, maybe a few drinks trying to jeer everyone up but I was just a misery throughout the flight due to the excentric sharp pain in my throat... maybe its a mind thing, Im not sure, but it certainly affected the rest of my holiday. Obviously I couldnt enjoy the lunch/dinner I had just forked out on, conversation seemed like a drag, and I basically lost all enthusiasm. Well the ulcer just worsened and grew larger as the holiday progressed.... its now a cm in diameter, bloodshot (was bleeding last night) and has a bruise feel to it as well as the usual intense pain. And to top it all off, I suffer from hayfever and get the itchy throat syndrome.
Oh... and theres another ucler forming on my lower gum....arrrrrrgh!
Stuart Weybridge 18 June 03
hi, i never really put 2 and 2 together until reading your comments, just thought i was tired because i am aneamic, but i am more tired when i have mouth ulcers (which is nearly all the time) Maybe now my boyfriend will understand why i am tired, and go to bed early. Itís great to know other people feel tired and miserable, and at least we are no longer fighting alone!!!! hope u all feel better soon, will inform u if anything comes up. xxxx
lyd 12 June 03
Iím Past 60 years old and have suffered for 30 years or more. My best luck has been using ĒacidophilusĒ. Prevents and helps releave symtoms. I get mine from Nutrition express, but any health food store has it. Be sure to get the one that needs to be refrigerated and has a experation date. It seems to work best.
Jack B. 31 May 03
I have been blessed with the little devils along with cold sores for half my life. When I was pregnant with my daughter 20 years ago I developed strept which led to every inch inside and out of my mouth covered with sores. ( I even had to have gum surgery later!) After 10 days in the hospital I left not having a clue what I was in store for. I am a very anxious person so I will say that may contribute, but overall I can go 4 months or sometimes only 4 days without a reoccurance. It usuallys starts with a sore or two on the the roof of my mouth or on the gum line - then BOOM...here comes one of the pretty little sores on my lip. It happens like clockwork. A few years ago they did a complete blood work up and found nothing. Iíve tried everything in the book with no luck. I had severe allergies in the past and even received injections for years (I no longer do) and when itís the worse allergy season ..fall & spring.. they pop out bad. This time it started with my tongue feeling as if it was burnt, then sores on the gum line. I topped it off with a major blister (actually about three) on the outside of the lower lip, and now a huge one on the back of the throat that keeps growing everyday. The ones on the throat are the worst!! I even felt as if my glands were swollen and I had a fever, but fortunatly I have neither! I do however have a tongue that feels likes itís burnt still! Today my doctor prescribed Paxil to help with anxiety and stress. They seem to be on overload. Who knows...maybe this is my answer! Thanks for listening!
Sue 16 May 03
Hi Wendy, My mum has had Chrons Disease for at least 10 years and she suffered bad with ulcers for years, before and after she was diagnosed. Over the years they have gone, she gets 1 every blue moon now. However I now get them all the time, Iíve had upto 20 in my mouth at one time. My uncle also suffered with Ulcerative Colitus and he suffered too but doesnt anymore. Makes you think whether it is hereditary doesnt it!!!!
Lauren 16 May 03
i was told three years ago i had chrohns disease and that was why i suffered with ulcers but i have been getting them for as long as i can remember i also feel very tired and want to sleep all the time sometimes i have one or two then maybe a mouthful for months at a time. The only time i was completly free of them was when i was on steroids for nine months have tried so many things but nothing else seems to work.
Wendy 12 may 12 May 03
A friend of mine sugessted dandelion root. She swears by. Itís probably better if you use the tea form with nothing else mixed in it ... or if you get a tincture, get alcohol free!!!!
Ina 25 April 03
A friend of mine sugessted dandelion root. She swears by. Itís probably better if you use the tea form with nothing else mixed in it ... or if you get a tincture, get alcohol free!!!!
Ina 25 April 03
Hello, mine is much of the same. rarely a day without and at the moment I have 8 ulcers and a split tongue. Specialists all say the same - no real idea. I cant help wodering if anyone hs found links with either herpes or helicobacter??
carol 21 April 03
Hello everyone and blimey do I sympathise. Iíve never really been bothered by ulcers (just the odd one and no real pattern) but now Iíve got a mouth full (7/8 from left cheek all along back of mouth/throat)I found this site looking for help and Iím gonna try the salt thing now. Mine were triggered by oral surgey 3 days ago and they are causing more grief than the wisdom tooth!!! Can anyone tell me how long they might last? Thinking of you all (and thanks for a v helpful site dom)
Sky 5 April 03
Hi Dom...Well im not really sure what happened to start them but now after a week of them theyve gone,i dont feel any burning pain on my tongue and i can eat normal like nothing happened so do u think that it was a one off because im just feeling great again..
Lee 1 April 03
Hi Lee... Is there anything that you can think of that may have triggered them (diet or otherwise) - probably a day or two before the first one appeared?
Dom Walton 30 March 03
Hello i wrote a message yesterday sayin that ive had them for a week and ive never had them before so i was wondering if this is a one off or will i get them all the time now. please help.
Lee 30 March 03
Tim, SLS is sodium lauryl sulphate, my mouth ulcers stopped when I started using toothpaste without it. If I eat mints or gum I get ulcers though.
Kath 30 March 03
Since last sunday afternoon my tongue was iritating me a little but it didnt really bother me but on the monday while i was at work my tongue felt like it was on fire and i noticed little blisters on the end of my tongue, as soon as i got home a bought some bonjella but that made it sting and that night while in bed the pain was unreal. The next day i went to the doctors and they didnt have a clue what it was and told me to keep taking nurofen so i did but that did nothing the next day i had to leave work early because of the pain.Some days i dont really feel the burning pain but see the blisters on my tongue ive been out on the town twice and it wasínt too bad until later and i needed to go home early, Eating is a real pain and talking really hurts too im only 22 and ive never had this before so do you think its a one off or will i get this all the time now..My name is Lee by the way.
29 March 03
íGoodí to hear everyone has a similar experience. Iím a psychologist, so I think Iím reasonably aware of when Iím stressed and it doesnít seem to be associated. I used to get terrible ulcers down the back of my throat that would make me feel almost fluish. I switched toothpaste on reccommendation from a fellow sufferer and colleague to a bicarbonate toothpaste and have never had them since. Iíve also tried to take zinc quite regularly and that may also have had an effect. Itís not all good though as I still get them in my mouth, about a centimetre across, and then, yep, feel completely rundown, glands are up, irritable, tired and ill - Iíd much rather have a heavy cold and the pain, as bad as it is, is the lesser of the evils. Not sure what causes what: being run-down leaving me prone, or the infected ulcer causing my neck glands to swell.
Iíve only just found this site - could anyone tell me what SLS free toothpaste is? And Gemma, yes Iíve also got dry skin just now, didnít realise it could be associated.
My girlfriend has just come in and told me that she read that teatree oil mouthwash and aloe vera gel helps - anyone tried them?
Tim 28 March 03
Oh yes, and Iíve been wondering why Iíve been feeling so tired. I thought it could be linked but have never had it confirmed until I found this website!
Gemma 28 March 03
Iíve had ulcers constantly for the last 2 years. Iíve recently had a (minor) breakthrough in that I have not had a single one for about 2 months. However, this week theyíre back with a vengence - 5 of them scattered on cheeks, and the end of my tongue is unmoveable. My glands are swollen and I feel a bit feverish. Iíve been told (by a celiac sufferer) that the ulcers and other symptoms i get - dry patches of skin on my face, scalp and elbows could indicate that I have a food allergy . Iím currently blaming food colourings. But was wondering if anyone else suffers from other symptoms such as dry skin when they get mouth ulcers?
Gemma 28 March 03
I am 51 & suffered mouth ulcers since I was about 5. I get the ulcers in every part of my mouth,tongue & gums. Since New Year I have had 1 week ulcer free.I am to the stage were I have had enough!!! They are so painful. I have been to many Doctor,s & have tried lots of medications, but I have never found one that works.The ulcers that are in the back of the mouth often cause ear aches & swollen glands,even my teeth ache & eating is a real problem not to mention drinking .I am now looking into my diet,as I often crave salty food before & during my ulcer period .I have been looking for info & also talking to pepole & like Kim Mac Jan 03 I to think it is also somehow related to celiac.
.I am very glad to hear that other people get tied. I am on zinc tablets now.I will try most remidies that people offer, this weeks were rock salt,sea salt & vegemite rubbed into the ulcer........enough to make your toes curl..
I hope we all get relief soon .
Lyn 28 March 03
I am 51 & suffered mouth ulcers since I was about 5. I get the ulcers in every part of my mouth,tongue & gums. Since New Year I have had 1 week ulcer free.I am to the stage were I have had enough!!! They are so painful. I have been to many Doctor,s & have tried lots of medications, but I have never found one that works.The ulcers that are in the back of the mouth often cause ear aches & swollen glands,even my teeth ache & eating is a real problem not to mention drinking .I am now looking into my diet,as I often crave salty food before & during my ulcer period .I have been looking for info & also talking to pepole & like Kim Mac Jan 03 I to think it is also somehow related to celiac.
.I am very glad to hear that other people get tied. I am on zinc tablets now.I will try most remidies that people offer, this weeks were rock salt,sea salt & vegemite rubbed into the ulcer........enough to make your toes curl..
I hope we all get relief soon .
Lyn 28 March 03
I have mouth ulcers if I am under alot of stress or bite my jaw. When I was younger I used to get more fever blisters, but the older I got the more mouth ulcers. They make you feel like crap. I think warm salty water really helps. It gives you a few moments of relief. To me the pain is not as bad as the fatigue.
Ricky 27 March 03
I suffer from fatigue when I have Mouth Ulcers, recently I suffered four in one go. It was the worst time Iíve ever had with Ulcers and I missed two days of College because I was so fatigued. I have been known to wreck family holidays because I have been so tired due to ulcers that I donít feel like doing anything and have spent whole days in the hotel. I like many on here have also had a cold prior to many of my ulcers. Take Zinc tablets everyday, it has worked for me before.
Matthew 28 February 03
Hi Paul...
I also have fatigue problems associated to my ulcers. To be honest, Iím chronically tired, but worsening fatigue is always associated with the cold symptons that accompany my sores. I am in no doubt my sores are related to a (I suspect)dormant virus in my system, that is triggered by susceptibilities... either lack of sleep, bruising or grazing of the skin in my mouth, stress, anything that might temporarily knock back my immune system. Iíve been doing a lot of studing on this group of viruses and the more I study it the more it all seems to add up. Today I was so tired. Iíd gone out to accompany a relative to hospital and had to breastfeed my baby in a loo... and fell asleep on the loo holding her. I had to sit down every ten steps to get my breath back. It was horrendous; everyone was looking at me like I was the patient.
Oh well, hope youíre feeling OK of late.
Jenny 27 January 03
If you can stand the initial pain, that feels like nothing else on earth, I think the application of pure salt to the ulcer seems to help clear them up quicker. Perhaps a dab of Bonjela (spelling !!) before the salt may help with this pain. After this the ulcer loses itís characteristic white/yellow centre for a period of time, though it returns. My own personal feeling, and wholly unfounded, is that these maybe linked to an auto-immune reaction; where the bodies immune system decides to attack itself. Just a thought, though this would also tie in with the Celiac disease comment. As for the stress factor, Iím most certainly not! Though a doctor friend of mine likes to say its subconscious stress. As for tired, I always feel tired (especially this time of year). Though I put this down to being a lazy person and possible dehydration Ė the single most common cause of daytime fatigue. Iíve never had one on the tongue tough, normally inside the mouth where the lower lip joins the gum.
A. Knights 22 January 03
I just started to get these mouth ulcers and definetly identify with alot of these symtems. One thing I would like to mention is a girlfriend of mine was diagnosed with cilliac (not sure if spelling is correct). Your body cannot process gluten (usually found in breads and such)and for some reason some of the symtoms are mouth ulcers. Has to do with possible abdominal surgury. Sorry donít know anything else.
Kim Mac 21 January 03

I am so relieved. I thought I was the only one who had them and felt very ashamed. Now I realize that there are others - lots of them. I had a baby almost 9 months ago, and thatís when they started coming all the time. I donít get much sleep and stress a lot, so I think I know the reason, I just need to find a way to prevent them. One thing that helps me instantly is a prescription gel from the dentist. It tastes weird, but man oh man it helps. It instantly helps the pain - more than any painkiller ever could. After reading on this website I called my husband and told him to buy some of the toothpaste. I hope it helps.......
Marianne 20 January 03
Hi Paul, Iím having a huge one right on the side of my mouth. Tried finding cure but none seems to work. Yah I understand the kind of pain you are having. I used to have tongue uclers too until some years back I stopped having them. I realise my ucler has something to do with my sleep pattern. I used to stay up late to study and wake up early the next day and these were the times when I get lotsa mouth and tongue uclers. Also whenever I eat too much crispy / fried stuff like potato chip, biscuit, french fries, i will be prone to uclers too. These food can also worsen my ucler. Now if I sleep early (b4 11pm) and get adequate rest, I seldom get ucler. I hope my case serves as a reference for you and many others.
Ashley 19 January 03
My boyfriend found this site and I think that it was the smartest thing he has ever done...the best part about it is finding out that other ppl suffer with it and that the feelings of tiredness/headaches/ irritability are not imaginations but real! I usually run on afternoons and play tennis and soccer but when i have these, which range in location from the EMBARRASSING lower lip sores to tongue, cheek, throat etc, I can barely stumble through the bed and just wanna go back to bed. Anyways, warm salt water, bonjela (for 10 secs anyways) help a wee bit...head rubs do too.
Kyesha 19 January 03
It is amazing how many people have the same problem. I too have been prone to sores all my life. Currently at 29 this year has been the worst! I wonder if taking antibodics has any effect? I was on amoxicillian for two days, then BAM! About twelve appeared on the back of my throat! Needless to say it was quite painful. Those subsided in about a week, and then I was hit again with a mouth full scattered all about the mouth and under the tongue. All the doctors and dentists I have seen state they are Ēstress relatedĒ. This could be true in my case, but sometimes they appear when I am not stressed at all. Has anyone tried to determine if chocolate is a cause? I do not know if I could cut out chocolate to see if it is a cause. I have cut out chewing gum since I was a teenanger. This seems to have helped prevent some mouth ulcers. probably because it cuts down on mouth trauma. It would be great to learn about others who are suffering with the same trouble and the different remedies we have all tried. Letís hope for a viable treatment!
Cristen 7 January 03
Paul, I also am a sufferer of ulcers. The worst are indeed the ones on the tongue. Do you get a incredibly painful sensation on the tip of your tongue. It seems like many tiny ulcers, but those I cannot always see. I also get the ones on the side and underneath the tongue, so when I speak it is extremely painful. I have taken pain medicine. One throws me for a loop for a while and if I need another one I get violently ill. Hopeless.
Fran 6 January 03
yes i get ulcers every 4 months they are a right pain ive got this one in the left hand side of my cheek. its very sore yellow in colour so im usin this mouthwash called difflam and i hope it will go but yes ulcers are very painful indeed.
paul miles 2 December 02
A few weeks ago I was suffering with about three ulcers on my tongue caused initally by biting my tongue while chewing (Iím sure many poeple do this and donít end up with ulcers..but thatís another matter). After soldiering on for three days at work filling up with paracetomol, neurofen plus (useless) and the usual abnesol, throat lozenges etc etc, I arrived at work, burst into tears, went home and slept for about four hours. I was absolutely exhausted. Iím not particluarly stressed at work (bored maybe)although I do rise early every day, so its hard to say if the ulcers are caused by lack of sleep or the energy required to deal with the pain of the ulcers just wears you out. Iím currently suffering another ulcer, again caused by biting my cheek this time, and am feeling really tired.....
By the way, my brother has suffered ulcers all his life. During his adolescence he usually had between 10 and 15 ulcers in his mouth which prevented him from speaking and ended up causing him pretty severe emotional and socialising problems. Anyway, he did have the whole range of food allergy tests at the time and he was found to be allergic to no foods whatsoever.
PJ 28 November 02
Hi I am writing in on behalf of our teenage Daughter, she seems to either have a cold or sore throat/ear ache...accompanied by íMOUTHULCERSí.It is reaaly getting her down too, she cannot eat properly and is feeling very tired,for a 16yr old this is worrying us.The Doctor has tried various tablets and checked for Diabetes and Anaemia with negative results!
We are going to try the SLS toothpaste and also a suplement callad Echinacea to boost the immune system.If anyone has any other ideas it would be most welcomed.
3 November 02
Wow someone else who feels the same, Now Iím revealling all..... I have currently got 4 massive ulcers on the bottom gum and here comes the revelation... I havenít got dressed for 3 days.... Iím so tired, fed up and have no energy what so ever. Yes itís also the time of the month but I donít get ulcers every time I have a period although I have had them in the past at this time. Iím 35 and have suffered since I was 10, the older I get the worse the fatigue seems to be when I have an outbreak. Iím sick of doctors telling me itís stress related or due to a poor diet, as that is totally crap, the diet that is, stress, well..... Iím a busy working mum but thatís life for a lot of women, my stress levels arení that high due to work and family, and letís face it.... i didnít know what stress was when i was 10!! and I didnít work and certainly didnít have kids then!! and as I have already said thatís when they started... Maybe tomorrow I will get dressed and have more energy as the ulcers are coming up the their 5th day of survival and they usually tend to start to heal after 5 days, although they wonít disappear totally until about the 10th day, yeah and thatís if another one doesnít decide to hatch! I really sypathise with you and wish that I knew a remedy, maybe someone out there does? HELP!!!!
Bec 1 November 02
Hi Paul, I have a similar experience with fatigue when a sore is in ĒbloomĒ. It is not so much the pain from the ulcer itself, but constantly feeling tired that bothers me the most. My ulcers usually appear at the top of my throat, one to two at a time. For the last five months as soon as one heals, another is there to take its place. For me it canít be stress or the lack or sleep or vitamins. I have taken supplements for years and have reduced stress considerably over the last several months (quit my aggravating job)and I get plenty of rest. I have recently seen a specialist, but he says there is not much that can be done. I have just started taking L-lysine. I wish I had an answer.
Rosalind 30 October 02
Hi! I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, migraines, low thyroid hormone level and am tired all the time ~ and have mouth ulcers a lot of the time. If they stuck to the tongue, it wouldnít be quite so bad, but mine go down my throat as well. Famvir helps. Vitamins A&D (think the vitamin D is the important ingredient) really helps. And getting lots of rest makes them go away. I can always tell that I am Ērun downĒ when I get mouth sores. Have tried zinc lozenges, but they donít seem to do much for me. Think the cause of these sores is different for everyone. Think that having them biopsied or tests run on the actual sores might disclose some useful information. Try Vitamin A&D ~ sells at Walmart in the US and is very inexpensive. Be sure to get the combination and not just Vitamin A alone. Doesnít work! Wish I had a permanent solution!
Donna 16 October 02
I am sick of my mouth ulcers, I have been having them for the past two months and tried all kinds of medicine, Western, Chinese and Indian...if someone has a remedy please help me
Uma 10 September 02
Itís nice to know that Iím not alone in this, Sara...(not that I would ever wish this on anyone!).. and Dom - you certainly may have a point about the tiredness/stress side of things - Iíve just recently had a baby (oops - not me personally - that would be stressfull!) - but with all the sleepless nights etc.. I guess this may be taking itís toll a bit ..
6 August 02
paul.when i get mouth ulcers,usually every month,I feel tired and drained and this in turn then makes me feel very depressed.Itís bad enough coping with a mouth full of ulcers without this as well.YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
sara 6 August 02
Hi Paul, It is my guess that your ulcers are appearing as a result of being tired and drained. I have been ulcer free for about 2 months, but one week of stress and badly disturbed sleep have seen them return en-mass.
Dom Walton 6 August 02
Hi there.

Does anyone else experience what I go through with mouth ulcers? That is, about a day before i get a bout of them (most commonly under/on tounge) I get very tired, run down and generally feel miserable. The pain of the ulcers I can quite often put up with, but itís the fatigue that seems to accompany them that getís me down. I have been referred to many different specialists (even now I am under Guyís Hospital in London seeing specialists) They go through steriod treatments firstly (but these didnít seem to work) -then a drug called Azathrioprine (which suppresses the immune system - they believe in many cases that this is a link - ie the immune system working too hard?) .. Anyway, I havenít been taking these as I should do, as they make you feel very sick, but I donít think they do much good .. As I said earlier, virtually all (well, the most painful) ulcers are on my tounge - either under the tounge/on the side (common place)or on the tip of the tounge... All of which are very painful.. I have found that Bonjella (groan, I know itís the basic common old thing!)but that seems to numb the pain for the usual 5 minutes - other than this I find Adcortyl in Orabase sometimes helps the inflammation (and sometimes helps the healing speed)Other than this, I have tried virtually anything - I am personally of the opinion that my ulcers might be food related (I have notcied that I cannot touch crips, salad cream for example without getting the usual symptoms a couple of days later. I am now 32 and had these ulcers ever since I was a young child. I have often wondered why there is no more info available as to whats behind them (you would think by now that with medical advances more would be known, eh ?) but there you go... Iíve tried (and still currently use) a toothpaste without SLS (I use a Sensodyne one)..Not that I really think this has any effect, but you never know .. Iíd be really interested in hearing from anyone else who knows whats its like to suffer particulary with ulcers on or around the tounge and the miserable tired and drained feelings that accompany them...
Paul 5 August 02

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Extreme Fatigue with Mouth Ulcers

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