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tried salt water rinses, vit e application, allergra. nothing worked. canker sores. i am late on my period, have gluten intolerance & have been stressed.
any ideas?
Cathy Peral 29 January 19
I have one noteworthy addition.

Silver Nitrate. Silver Nitrate chemically cauterizes wounds in the mouth and is sometimes effective at eliminating the pain of a canker sore and allowing to heal in a matter of days without all of the pain of a canker sore. As noted above though, most dentists treat Canker Sores as a mild irritation so they don’t carry this or any other cauterization tool. Also, you’re cauterizing yourself so it burns like hell. For me, if it doesn’t work, it’s because the cauterized sound cracked and turned into a canker sore again.
SomeDudeOnline 24 December 17
It's disconcerting to see how many posters claim to have discovered a "cure" for oral ulcers when so many other posters have clearly tried the same or similar remedies without success. This is especially the case with simple dietary changes, like eating oatmeal. I have always suffered from occasional mouth ulcers (aphthous ulcers or "canker sores"), but since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease the ulcers have appeared on a whole new level. As a result of the Crohn's I frequently experience several persistent mouth ulcers at any given time. I should note that though the ulcers are associated with my Crohn's, and thus not technically aphthous stomatits, they are clinically identical to aphthous ulcers and respond in the same way to various medications. Usually they appear on the inside of my lips along the gumline, on the tip of my tongue, and along the sides of my tongue. However, I also experience ulcers along the top of my mouth (my hard palate) and down my throat. These ulcers at the back of my throat are probably the most painful and debilitating. Anyway, despite knowing the root cause of my ulcers (crohn's), I have found no reliable cure. I have however, tried many solutions. Here are a few of the products I've tried along with how effective I found them to be:

Anabasol, Kank-A, orabase: I group these together because, for me, they have the same result. Most people will also have tried these. When the ulcers are in the mouth, these products act as a relatively effective but very temporary form of anaesthetic--they numb the ulcers temporarily, but do nothing to cure them.

Canker-rid: This is a product I tried out fairly recently. It claims to both provide pain relief and help heal the ulcers. It is made of honeybee propolis. It is fairly effective for pain relief, perhaps more so than the above listed products, but only slightly. It is more viscous than the gels mentioned above. When it comes to "healing" the ulcers, I havent found it that effective. However, I didn't really follow a regimen of application or anything, so I can't say it doesn't help heal them.

Cepacol, Strepsils, et al.: These are lozenges made for sore throats (strep throat, sore throats from viral infections, etc.), but they are mildly effective at relieving pain associated with ulcers in the mouth and, more importantly, in the throat. Since ulcers in the throat are hard to treat with the typical first-line anaesthetics (e.g. those mentioned above), these lozenges are worth trying. They don't help heal the ulcers and they aren't even that effective at getting rid of the pain, to be honest. Nevertheless, they do slightly help with the pain and so they are better than nothing.

Chloraseptic (and similar sprays): These anaesthetic sprays are also made for sore throats and are pretty much identical to the lozenges. I find they are slightly more effective at relieving pain but also less long lasting than the lozenges.

Magic Mouthwash: This comes in many different forms, usually by prescription. Generally it contains some combination of a topical anaesthetic (e.g. benzocaine, lidocaine), an antacid (e.g. maalox), an anti-fungal (e.g. nyastatin), an antihistamine (e.g. diphenhydramine), and/or a steroid (e.g. cortisone, prednisolone). I haven't yet tried a solution containing a steroid, but I would like to, as I think steroids are likely the most effective in terms of actually speeding healing of the ulcers. I find this the most effective form of pain relief for ulcers located anywhere in the mouth. Nevertheless, it's temporary and I haven't found it to help heal the ulcers (though perhaps a steroid-containing solution might).

CankerEx: This is a product I have just begun to use, so I cant be sure how well it is working, but I do think it is helping heal the ulcers in my mouth more quickly and possibly helping to prevent the formation of new ulcers. I recommend you look this one up--it contains all of the nutritional ingredients that have been shown to have some possible benefits for individuals suffering from oral ulcers (B-12, lysine, folic acid, propolis, and others). Online reviews of this product are consistently excellent, so I'm cautiously hopeful it will help.

Oracort: This is a triamcinolone dental paste. Triamcinolone is a corticosterioid. It is only available (at least in Canada, where I am) by prescription. This is by far the most effective topical product I have tried. It only slightly relieves pain (by covering the ulcers), but it truly helps to heal them. The unfortunate downside (at least for myself because I have a somewhat sensitive gag reflex) is that it can't really be used for ulcers in the back of the throat. However, I have definitely found it effective for ulcers on my gums, lips, and tongue (though I do find it rubs off the tongue fairly easily over time, making it a bit less effective). For best results, I put it on right before bed so that it stays put, because it does wash away with eating, lots of talking, etc. I am not saying the ulcers will necessarily go away overnight (I firmly believe there is no topical product that will do so), but it will definitely shorten the duration of the ulcers. I haven't tried any other similar steroid-based products, but I'd love to try some because I'm confident they work.

Infliximab (Remicade, Inflectra): This is not a product that will be available to anyone not also experiencing another condition (crohn's, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis). It is also prohibitively expensive even with health insurance (roughly $20,000 a year for bi-monthly infusions). It also has serious potential side effects (allergic reactions, immunosuppression, and, rarely, cancer). It is a biologic medication that is used to inhibit the body's inflammatory response--basically, it suppresses the immune system. You might be wondering why I mention it; I do so because it literally gets rid of ulcers entirely within 24-hours. If you are like me, suffering at times from upward of 20+ painful ulcers in the mouth/throat, this is miraculous. I hate to dangle the carrot of a cure in front of those for whom this is not an option, but for anyone suffering from ulcers related to UC or Crohn's, I highly recommend. (I should mention that I am not responding entirely well to this medication in terms of my other symptoms and, though it does completely cure the ulcers, they've been coming back within about two weeks after each infusion, indicating a lack of effectiveness at controlling my disease more broadly.)

I realize that many of the above products have been mentioned in earlier posts. I also recognize that this is not an exhaustive list. However, I do hope that a person googling possible cures/solutions for oral ulcers, mouth ulcers, apthous stomatitis, canker sores, etc. will find this post somewhat helpful.

A few other things:

I find most doctors do not take this problem of oral ulcers seriously. They treat it as a minor irritation when, in fact, it can often become a profoundly debilitating issue.

I find that on any given forum there will be individuals who have discovered "the cure" for mouth ulcers. There are such people who've posted below. They have not found a cure--they may have found an effective solution that works for them, but there simply is no ready fix-all cure. Even infliximab, which has cured my ulcers (albeit temporarily), will not work for everyone (indeed, it's not available to most people and it is dangerous and ineffective for others).

Anyway, hope this has helped someone!

Here's to finding that fix-all cure,

Billy 30 April 17
If you a coffee drinker that is probably the cause of ulcers, stop drinking the coffee. Start eating oatmeals daily, that should heal ulcers really fast. Make sure you eat good quality oatmeal. If you can find organic that is the best.
Mike 29 November 16
I started to use TCP in the early 50's until we migrated to western Australia in 1968 where you could buy TCP for a short time until they took it off the market then i happen to call into a Chinese herb shop and found to my suprise a bottle of TCP on the shelf and now i have seen it on ebay and purchased another bottle of TCP, Keep up the good work it's bloody marvellous .
Kind Regards
Leonard jones 29 October 16
can I put betadine gargle direct to my mouth sore?anyone could answer me
thank you
dayanara tolentino 22 June 16
I’ve had a mouth ulcer on and off for most of my adult life, but, having had dental rebuilding they have come in 2s, 3s and even 6s. I have spent three years of agony and have tried everything, even to cutting out all kinds of foods. I have come to the conclusion that it has nothing to do with diet and all to do with stress - but, I mean stress in my mouth as well as life in general. Once I get an ulcer, my tongue doesn’t want to leave it alone and I think this spreads them. My daughter has taught me to do what she calls ’Yoga of the mouth’ and it works. When you are not speaking, curl your tongue back and place it against the roof of your mouth, at the back. You can also position your tongue to the front of your front top teeth when resting. Either will keep it quiet. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I have had no more ulcers since I started this. I now automatically rest my tongue when not speaking. Hopefully this will work for others. Mouth ulcers take over your life!!
Valerie 31 December 07
thanx yvonne-i drank orange juice every day and my ulcer healed quickly! i was grateful of the advice.
clo 6 April 04
Candace- what did the ENT dostor say? I have an appt. next week. Would be of great comfort if I knew there was some light in the end of the dark tunnel of mouth ulcers.
Mervi 25 March 04
I’ve had mouth ulcers for about 35 years on and off, tried practically everything with little success, then a doctor here in Austria gave me a course of zovirax tablets. They seemed to help, along with avoiding sugar and a lot of fruit. Now I generally only get them after antibiotics and bouts of other illness, but they have never come back with the intensity of the first 20 years, when I often couldn’t speak.
pat 24 March 04
I have a 50 ml bottle of TCP in front of me right now. Here is what it says on the label: ”TCP liquid antiseptic. Soothes Pain, Fights Infection. For sore throats, mouth ulcers, cuts, grazes, bites, stings & spots. TCP Brand Liquid Antiseptic is an aqueous glycerol solution of halogenated phenols 0.68% w/v and Phenol BP 0.175% w/v. Other ingredients: concentrated phosphoric acid, E104 (quinoline yellow), demineralised water.” My bottle says it is a product of Pfizer.

For American readers, ”mouth ulcers” = ”canker sores” and ”spots” = ”pimples”, ”w/v” = ”weight of the particular solid in volume of the liquid product”, ”BP” = ”British Pharmacopoeia”, which is equivalent to ”USP” which means ”United States Pharmacopeia”
TomF 21 March 04
what is TCP and where do you get it cause I have two huge ulcers going down my throat .. I go to the ear nose and throat doctor tommrow hopefully he will be able to help me get whatever I have gone
Candace 19 March 04
I always used to give my mouth a good rinse with TCP that speeds things up a little, makes your eyes water though =|
TCP 17 March 04
I find drinking freshly squeezed orange juice heals the ulcers quicker, although there may be discomfort as you drink.
yvonne 16 March 04
The Betadine solution will at the very least give you some pain relief. That much I can attest to so far.
Markus 16 March 04
Thanks for the Betadine advice. Will try to get from the pharmacist in the UK. I am trying cranberry juice at the moment but have not seen any change yet but will keep perservering. Good luck
bojo 22 49 15 Mar 04 15 March 04
as you can see i am just learning about computers!! asisaid in the previous message------- until now . I started her on cranberry juice and they gradually got smaller she hasnt had one now for 3 weeks. She drinks 1 litre daily. Hope this works for you.
isabel 9 March 04
my daughter suffers from mouth ulcers and nothing worked
isabel 9 March 04
I’m so glad I read about this - I have 3 ulcers I speak - one the size of a dinner plate. Ouch!
NBM 11 February 04
Couldn’t agree more. It worked for about three attacks but now i’m back to the drawing board again :(
Laura 6 February 04
I bought this betadine mouthwash from my dentist and found it amazingly effective, a real life saver. However after using it generously and regularly for a year or so my ulcers seemed to become resistant to it so I’ve stopped using it. My advice would be definitely get some, it really is very effective, but use it sparingly. Adcortyl in orabase is the other very effective treatment. (It’s a steroid and does help healing, especially if you put in on at night). You can buy it over the counter in the UK but only on prescription in the USA
Anni 5 February 04
I’ve lived with these pains for eleven years now.....thanks for your advice......
me 14 January 04
betadine is an iodine type productand is also available as asurgical hand scrub
mouth ulcer sufferer 1 January 04
This one specifies that it’s non staining. I wouldn’t recommend it if i hadn’t done my homework!!
Laura 31 December 03
Be careful with mouthwash type ’cures’, they tend to discolour the teeth. However, with the pain of mouth ulcers being so great I am willing live with it.
Richard - Australia 27 December 03
I simply found it on the shelf in a pharmacy.
Laura 27 December 03
I haven’t been able to eat my Christmas lunch this year due to a huge ulcer at the back of my throat! As soon as the shops open I am on the hunt for this mouthwash. I am so glad I found this website!!!!!!
Kelly 26 December 03
Laura Where can one purchase this mouthwash? I never heard of it...Donna
Donna 26 December 03
I’ve had recurring mouth ulcers as long as i remember but seemed to sort the problem as a result of this site last january. Unfortunately one single use of sls containing toothpaste caused two months of them without respite. Needless to say desperation set in. Last week i arbitrarily picked up betadine mouthwash, manufactured by seton healthcare group and available non prescription. The pain was subsiding literally the next day and within about three days i was cured. My father developed two mouths ulcers today and i passed the mouthwash on to him. five hours after using it he says the pain has noticably decreased. In short, avoid sls containing tootpaste like the plauge and buy this mouthwash!!
Laura 23 December 03

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Miracle Cure!!

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