Sore throat and mouth ulcers together

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Hi, I have a sore throat for 3 months and very small sores on my tongue. They appear and go away the next day, but another will appear in another location on my tongue. My lower lip is also irritated. Went to the the doctor and was diagnosed with acid reflux. I have been taking meds for it for a month and it hasn't help. Don't know what to do anymore. Please help!
Ann 10 August 17
Hello fellow sufferers. Had a sore throat and sores in my mouth since I had 3 endoscopes this time last year. I sound like a 40 cigs per day.
Grace 19 November 15
If not for your writing this topic could be very coneolutvd and oblique.
Chika 26 September 15
That's not just the best anwers. It's the bestest answer!
Rahul 26 September 15
I have exactly what info I want. Check, please. Wait, it's free? Aweemos!
Naser 26 September 15
Do you have more great arieclts like this one?
Julia 26 September 15
I've been suffering with mouth ulcers since I was little, I've been to my doctors and they tested me to see if I had a wheat/gluten allergy but it came back that I didn't.

I get mouth ulcers on both my cheeks, lips and on the top and bottom of my tongue.

I've tried a wheat/Guten free diet for a week and it kinda seemed to help, I also cut out things like coffee and tea, tomatoes etc as I read that caffeine and tomatoes are mouth ulcer trigger items.

I'm now feed up with suffering from mouth ulcers month in month out.

Please can someone give me advise on what I can do to get rid of them.

Yours little miss long suffering
Amy hogg 13 September 15
GLUTEN ALLERGY CAN BE THE CULPRIT! After months of suffering from mouth sores and trying everything I had read nothing seemed to get rid of the awful problem. I had just really given up. Then I was put on a diet for pre-surgery. On this diet I could only eat meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, eggs and limited dairy in the form of yogurt or fat free milk. After 2 weeks my mouth sores and tongue irritation had disappeared. I was elated but couldn't figure out how this happened. I looked at the diet and saw that what was missing was wheat products. In particular gluten. And Voila! I found I was allergic to gluten. I tested with a piece of bastion like bread. The mouth sensitivity came back. I had it for three days before it flushed out of my system. I recommend you try eliminating gluten products for 2 weeks. If your mouth problems go away, you'll know you are allergic or sensitive to gluten. Soy can also cause these symptoms.
DeeLee August 4 4 August 15
I have two ulcers on my tongue on the right hand side, and my tongue is red around it. I have come down with a sore throat at almost around same time. Is it common to get ulcers on the tongue? and can common harmless tongue or mouth ulcers be related with sore throats or do I have something more serious to worry about? any advice would be very helpful thank you.
Catherine 18 August 14
I have had a sore throat, blisters on my tongue, flu symptoms. Have been checking this out am thinking its Hand, foot and mouth virsus.... only thing is i have not gotton any rashes of any kind....
Kelly Bolton 19 August 12
Hi anne
toothpaste that does not contain sodium laurl sulphate is really a trigger, eliminate this and buy toothpaste free from this chemical and watch the citrus fruits intake especially tomatoes and tomato based foods, keep a week diary and just see how it goes and I am sure you will find relief with a change of diet (ps no sweets ie boilings!
Beth 10 February 11
I get mouth ulcers which usually appear on the left side of my mouth, accompanied with the left gland coming up and often the saliva gland too which is very sore and red on the left hand side. very strange that it is always the left hand side. I am a vegetarian, but do eat fish, take B12 and also takes Iron supplements. Cant work out what the underlying cause is though...............any ideas?
Anne 10 February 11
I understand right now I am suffering from about 3 mouth ulcers and a painful sore throat,the sore throat only occurred last night so it quite painful, for the ulcers gargle some salt water it helps! Im taking some Lockets for my sore throat I have a bit of a stuffy nose aswell so its annoying! :(
Laila 11 July 10
I have severe mouth ulcers too. i have headaches to wear i cant stand up staright and i feel week, and i cant eat. my left gland is swollen. and i have a high fever that spikes and breaks on and off. someone pleasee help!
Ashley 3 August 09
Yeah I get the sore throats, and my glands around my jawline become very sore and tender. Have a few down the back of my mouth just now and they are really irritating my throat but feel a bit heady and achy too so maybe coming down with something :-(
Kate 27 October 03
When I got Glandular Fever I had loads of really big and extremely painfull ulcers - I kept takig asprin.
I got a fever in the evening and woke during the night all damp! I manged to get though the day OK but felt generally run down - this happened over a couple of months. A blood test determined it was glandular fever.
JPS 27 October 03
Nutritional Healing Book saids this and this is the only advice I have and magic mouthwash

They are triggered by a number of factors,poor dental hygiene,irritation from dental work,food alergies,nutritonal deficiencies,homonal balances,viral infection,underlying immununologgic,disease,stress,fatigue,iron defenciency
l--lysine,vit B12 folic acid have been linked to this disorder.
L-Lysine 5000mg 3 xs a day with B6 100mg vit C better absorbtion
vitamin B complex 50 mg 3 times a day
folic acid 400mcg daily
vitamin c with bioflavonids 3 to 8,000 mg daily
multivitamin mineral complex
Vitamin A 50,000 iu DAILY
Tea TREE oil
eat plenty of salad, raw onions oions contain healing properties
yogert,kefir,cottage cheeese,buttermilk
AVOID~ sugar,citrus,refined foods
fish meat. avoid with an outbreak ( the fat allows slower healing process)
chewing gum,lizengers,tabacco,cofffee,and any that you feel causes an outbreak
proper balance of minerals,acidity,alkaline self test,have hair test done for m inerals
try to get iron from natural foods unless otherwise told by your doctor
stress,allergies are most common cause
some doctors prescribe mouthwash with tetracycline,antibotic
red rasburrry tea has natural bioflavionids
Gail 25 October 03
I have also had sore throats with ulcers, also caused by ulcers in the go with the ones on my tongue, lips, pallette and gums..oh and the swollen glands too :( sufferer for about 6 years now, SOMEONE HELP ME!!!
Stu H (UK) 25 October 03
hi, yes I have been having mouth ulcers for the last 4/ 5 months aswell. They are really starting to worry me now because I wasnt really a sufferer before!!
jen 8 October 03
How high up the throat is the discomfort? Sometimes you can get ulcers on the back of the throat and they are a nightmare, do you have swollen glands too?


Budge 8 October 03
yeah in July that occured to me..I had a sore throat and canker sores..I know you are suffering
Gail 7 October 03
For the last 4 months i have been getting mouth ulcers regularly. I get them every month Prior to that they would come up very rarely. Off late i noticed everytime i have these ulcers i have a sore throat too. Is there any link between the two? Are mouth ulcers similar to pimples? My work involves a lot of sweet talk and it really becomes a pain to talk to anyone. Im really suffering!!!
Namita 7 October 03

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Sore throat and mouth ulcers together

22 messages in this subject.