Can certain vitamins cause mouth ulcers?

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I have the same issue
Kim 20 February 20
YES! I have also had a reaction to Multivitamins, ever since ive been taking them mouth ulcers on my tongue. One starts to heal and another one appears. Its never ending! Im going to stop taking the multivitamins and see what happens! Ill report back!
Leah 20 January 20
THANK GOODNESS I FOUND THIS PAGE> YES it must be multivitamins! Since i started taking a prenatal vitamin , all i get is mouth ulcers - especially on my tongue. Going to stop taking them for a week and see what happens!
Leah 20 January 20
Ok ive been reading a lot of same ulcer cases here but getting no answers??? Why?
Frank 23 May 19
I donít dream (or perhaps remember my dreams) unless I take a multi-vitamin. Sadly I have also discovered that when I take the vitamin I get a flare up of geographic tongue.
Joe 21 December 18
I have a geographic tongue. It has been sore off and on for years. I cannot eat pineapple , walnuts and acidity food. What is a good remedy for that. It has been bothering me off and on pretty bad for the past two months. I was thinking it may be a heart medicine I started at that time.
Can you help me.
Evalene Graham 20 September 18
This is INSANE! I thought I was insane! My doctors thought I was insane! EVERY single time I go back to multivitamins , my mouth BURNS SO BADLY FOR DAYS! IT SUCKS because I want to have the nutritional value they offer but itís so insanely uncomfortable and I thought I was the only person in the world who has experienced this. As soon as I stop the multivitamins, BOOM the burning is gone and everything is back to normal. Itís so strange!
Robbie 4 August 18
I have recently become pregnant and started to take a prenatal vitamin. I have found that I have had an out break of mouth ulcers (usually one has just healed and then another one appears). I think when I forget to take the vitamin, they settle down. However, last week I took two by mistake in one day and now Iím in complete agony. I was thinking maybe itís just pregnancy hormones, but after reading this message board I think itís the vitamins. Iím going to stop for a few days and see if things improve. Will check back in for update.
Molly 9 June 18
I get daily ulcers under my tongue and tip of tongue. They come and go and I have seen 3 or 4 different Doctors and no one knows why. I will try lysine.
Debbie 17 April 18
Since I was a child, every time I take a multivitamin I get bad fever blisters in my mouth. My mother & grandmother told me what was causing the flare-ups. If I take a high quality multivitamin with L-Lysine, I reduce outbreaks. Recently tried Menoquil for menopause and have the worst, most painful fever blisters in the roof of my mouth, & the L-Lysine isn't helping. I know from experience that once the blisters grab hold, its a full 10 days before it goes away. I just can't believe how many people suffer with this yet there is so little information about it. How to get a study started??? Any ideas?
Suzanne 12 February 18
I found out that Vitamin C is causing ulcers for me. So I stopped it.
Ali 19 January 18
B Vitamins wreak havoc on my mouth. Gums, teeth, tongue and lips. Horrors! I just got a new batch of "The Best" multi-vitamins and after two days my mouth is on fire. I am so glad I found this site and the messages from those who have the same problem as I do with Vitamin B's (although I seem to do ok on Vitamin B shots). Everything else I found on the subject says the opposite, that more B vitamins are needed! Taking vitamin C in large volume is the only way I've every been able to handle the mouth soreness in the past. I do well on a lot of Vitamin C (by the Synergy Company - made from berries) and with this new Multi-vitamin I started taking yesterday, the extra C was overpowered by the B's. So I am off this multi-vitamin and onto just the C for a few days. The one multi-vitamin I have found that does not effect my mouth at all (and which I am immediately switching back to) is made by The Synergy Company, and it is made with organic vegetables and fruits. Real food. I hope this helps others.
Joann 10 January 18
I get awful mouth ulcers every single time I take multi vitamins. Anyone know which vitamin causes this please
Viv 17 November 17
I got canker sores and painful corners of my mouth long time ago after taking B complex vitamins and had to stop. It cleared up. I forgot about this and started B complex recently thinking it would give me more energy. After a few days canker sores appeared again which made me quickly remember the first experience. In my case it is definitely B complex. I take other vitamins and vitamin C drink and have no problems. Must remember now to avoid B complex. supplemewhich.
Jessica 23 August 17
I took one Alive gummy and my mouth was sore immediately. I had problems chewing the following week. Now it feels like there is something in my mouth that needs to be removed. Based on the recommendations in this post, I will try L-lysine.
Mark 21 August 17
I started to take vitamin Alive 2 years ago and since than I got mouth sores now I hear people are getting the sores with the vitamins so I am going to stop them see what happens. I was told to take L-Lysine for them to go away. I just started to take them see what happens.
Rosie July 14 14 July 17
I just started multi vitamins and got a canker sore on roof of mouth a week later.. hmmm then yesterday an irritation where bottom lip connects inside mouth... so I came to internet to see if others have correlation.
mke 12 June 17
Has anyone gotten canker sores while using Remag-magnesium supplement? Just curious
Barbara 5 May 17
I never get mouth sores nor cracks in the corners of my mouth .Recently, I have gone through several different antibiotic regimes for an infection in my foot (Cellulitis). Nothing was working and the ER doctors tried three different antibiotics including an intravenous drip. Most of the antibiotics were 100mg in strength. The last one which I am currently taking is 800mg (2x daily). At the same time, my son (a true believer in heavy doses of vitamin C when one is sick) brought me a large bottle of vitamin C from the health food store (Full Circle brand 1,000mg each). He told me to take NINE of these per day (three, 3x daily). Guess what? The corners of my mouth are very cracked, sore and red. I wondered if it was the strong antibiotic killing even the good bacteria in my body and causing the mouth sores or if I was taking an insane amount of vitamin C. I quit taking any vitamin C as of yesterday but continue taking the antibiotic for now. The mouth sores are still present and still very sore. I have been putting different ointments on my mouth but so far nothing is helping. OUCH!
Christy 27 February 17
I have been taking a prenatal vitamin (MegaFood Baby & Me 2 - which is supposedly from whole foods) for the last month, one capsule a day since I am not pregnant yet and checked the amounts of each vitamin/element inside one capsule from the website of an independent analytical laboratory and concluded 1 capsule/day covers nearly all my daily vitamin needs. Anyway, for the last few days, I have a huge canker sore at the tip of my tongue. Yesterday, I did not take the vitamin, in case it is happening due to it and it is already much better today. This is not to say that this determines the cause, it might be simply that over the last few days, the tongue has started healing and it is just coincidental. Nevertheless, I am writing this to show that vitamins from whole foods are not a solution to canker sores - at least based on this anectodal evidence...
Sheila 21 February 17
As far as the chewable vitamins go...I'm wondering if it could be the citic acid. I also notice the mouth sores when I eat jellybeans or gum drops...which also contain citric acid.
Patricia 23 January 17
I spoke to a friend tonight who told me her doctor recommended buying a Vitamin Supplement from a Vitamin Store. She did and, within a few days, the inside of her mouth was coated with about 25 ulcers!! She needed the Vitamin C but said she will never take Vitamins again. I told her I take a Whole Food Supplement which gives me all the minerals and vitamins I need, straight from the food itself. The water has been extracted and the food reduced to a powder has NO Side EFFECTS! The only allergic reaction would result from an allergy to Broccoli, Cabbage, Oranges, Papaya, Spinach and 12 other foods in a capsule. Over 22 Double Blind, Gold Standard, Peer Reviewed studies have been done and published in Medical Journals supporting this food in a capsule is the very best route to take!! Everyone is different with different needs so it's difficult to say what exactly the foods will do individually. But it is a fact, everyone needs these foods daily for optimal health.....not a hard pill in a Vitamin bottle!
Sybil Smith, Greensboro, NC 3 January 17
I too have detected a link between vitamins and mouth ulcers..for both me and the more for me.
Theresa 30 August 16
my grandmother has bad blisters in her mouth on her gum and is taking Nature's Bounty Hair skin and nails. Warning please do not take those gummies!!!!!!
Elizabeth 29 July 16
Lyzine is THE BEST cure. 6000 mg/day! Empty stomach. Twice a day, 3000 mg each time. Within hours they start to heal Also there is a VERY VERY GOOD Mayo Clinic site on what to eat and what not to eat to prevent canker sores!!!!! Follow this, and you are cured!!!
Christmas 28 July 16
i also got blisters in my mouth after taking multivitamins..what is the reason.?
nimi 19 June 16
I had been taking the Natures Bounty "Hair, Skin and Nails" gummies which are very high in vitamin C, E and biotin, and slowly started to develop multiple sores on the inside on my mouth. It started with one on my lower gums but grew to develop all over my gums, tongue and even some on my tonsils, which was incredibly uncomfortable and felt like I had strep throat for two weeks straight with no relief. I have stopped taking them after seeing this page and seeing the relation between excess vit c and mouth sores, so I'm hoping everything clears up quickly!
Kay 12 June 16
If Vitamin C is absorbed from our diets and not from a lab-created pill, powder, or liquid, vitamin C can help in preventing viral attacks on the body, and can help the body cope better with stress and stress-related chemicals. Both of those things are what causes my mouth ulcer flare-ups. As long as I'm getting enough vitamin C from my diet, I seem to avoid not only mouth ulcers but colds and illness in general. Within a couple of months or maybe not getting enough vitamin C in my diet, coupled with any real stress (we have a baby, 5 prys, and are selling our home), I always get an ulcer and fever blister flare-up, and usually a nasty cold afterwards. I tried taking vitamin C supplements but it always ended with some other weird side effects like sensitive teeth and too much acid in my stomach. The only exception is Sonne's Naturally Sourced Vitamin C tablets. I find it's a lot easier to just make sure I eat enough vitamin C in my diet than to remember to take 4-5 tablets a day.
Lexie 8 June 16
I get cold sores on my lips occasionally, but several years ago I broke out with three at one time. I read later in Dr. Blaylock' s monthly news letter that vitamin C should be taken in buffered form. I realized that I had taken powdered ascorbic acid just before the eruptions. Now I use only buffered vitamin C capsules. That problem was eliminated. This occurred several years ago. Some of the readers may want to consider buffered C supplements.
However, last week, ulcers on the roof of my mouth developed. I thought I had burned it with hot soup, or eaten kimchi that was too spicy. However, they are not healing. Has anyone ever dealt with ulcers on the palate related to supplements? I use many different types.
Helen. March 1, 2015 2 March 16
I have had very bad canker sore the only thing that help me get better B complex
Jim 8 January 16
I discovered this message board while researching "Vitamin C as a cause of canker sores". All I can say, is that in my opinion, it absolutely is responsible. I have found that I can no longer take any Vitamin C, even when I am sick, or I will develop at least one of these things in my mouth. I keep looking for remedies to get rid of these quickly, and thus far, have not discovered anything beneficial.
Anna Maria 23 December 15
Specifically looking for info on iron supplements and gum irritation
Maxie 21 December 15
I noticed mouth ulcers when I started taking magnesium/calcium/zinc liquid supplement. I stopped and they disappeared. Then took the liquid again and presto, they appeared again. I believe it is the zinc in the supplement since I have taken calcium/magnesium liquids with out the zinc many times with no appearing mouth ulcers.
sherry 12 December 15
I get ulcers on my tongue every time I drink orange juice. These last 2 days I have only been having a small amount with water. I find a good pure Aloe Vera gelly works really well on my ulcers and also good for cold sores.
Tracy 23 October 15
I have been taking an organic mineral supplment and a tumeric tablet for quite some time, with no problem. I recently added vitamin D3 and the inside of my mouth amd lips have been very sore, even the outside ofy lips hurt. Thank god for this sight.
trisha 2 October 15
I used to suffer from cancer sores monthly. I never new the cause until I found out! Since then I never get them. I found that it is a certain ingredient in toothpaste. Any toothpaste with Sodium Laurel Sulphate can cause cancer sores. I now buy my toothpaste that is free of this ingredient at Sprouts or any health supply store . I never get canker cores anymore!
Stacy 13 August 15
Anyone know anything about the effect of high doses of Vit D3 and Magnesium? Can this cause canker sores?
I found a great natural treatment for canker sores on the tongue...make a paste of cumin powder, honey and coconut oil and swab the ulcers with th paste 3-4x/day.
margot 5 August 15
Same problem here. I have a mouth full of cancer sores. I've narrowed it down to the brand of multi vitamins:
One a Day Prenatal vitamins, One A Day gummy vitamins; Natural Factors Hi Potency B Complex. I'm going back to my old vitamins from primal nutrition, I didn't have a problem with that brand. I'm glad to see this site and know I'm not the only one. I also learned the cancer sores can be caused by stress. I'd get them before every speech I used to give.
Darlene P 4 August 15
About a month ago I felt really sick and thought I would take 1000 mg of C to beat down whatever was coming on... Well, within a couple of hours I felt this really sore spot on my tongue. When I touched it with my finger I felt a flap of skin lifting and it freaked me out so I went into the bathroom to look in the vanity mirror and saw this perfect circle flap of skin sticking up. Sticking my tongue out further I saw what looked like about 20 or 30 blisters all the way down heading toward my throat. Almost gave me a heart attack as I had never seen anything like that before... Even woke my hubby up in a panic frenzy to show him. I visited my GP and even mentioned to him that the reaction was immediately after taking C but he never mentioned C reactions to me. I am writing this today because I just came back from the backyard from eating red currants that grow there and I started to feel a soreness and like my throat is swelling up and now my tongue is really sore on very targeted precise spots (too chicken to look in the mirror). I remember now as a kid that I could never stomach orange juice as it always upset my stomach now I am letting my own body tell me what not to eat or drink. Boy do I ever have a few things to discuss with my GP on my next visit. I am so grateful to have stumbled on this forum as I no longer feel like a hypochondriac.
Celine 5 July 15
Reading thru the comments above, I believe some people are confusing cold sores with canker sores. For those people, cold sores appear on the outer lips, around the mouth and in the nose area. Canker sores only appear inside the mouth. When you're trying to determine what it is that's creating either sore, first look to the most common triggers, and most of them are the same for both sores: stress, fatigue, hormonal changes, low immune system, some kind of irritation or trauma in or around the mouth such as a dental procedure, injury. Too much sun or wind exposure can cause cold sores while wearing braces can cause irritation on the gums. But for all these causes, be it for a cold sore or canker sore, use remedies known for healing herpes simplex infections, such as l-lysine, lemon balm, for some people, propolis or olive leaf, or grapefruit seed extract, which is an anti-viral, which you'll find to be highly effective. Although I swear by tea tree oil for some kind of infections, it has never been effective for me for a cold sore or canker sore. Those remedies I've just mentioned won't be effective if your sores are caused by food allergies, such as acidic food. For this, I've read that calcium/magnesium products can be effective. Quantum is a brand that makes some good products that can help either cold or canker sores. There is also a brand that makes chapstick like products, one is Cold Sores Begone Stick that prevents the sore from surfacing when its applied at lst symptom, and Canker Sores Begone Stick which heals my cankers overnight but I know from a few I've recommended it to, that it can take 2 days or so, but it doesn't work if the canker sore is caused by something you eat. I can't speak to the vitamin connection because I just don't know, but for some of you, that might not be the cause afterall if there's some kind of chronic stress or illness (lower immune system) occurring. Still, I hope this helps some of you.
Robin 10 May 15
For me ...mouths ulcers melt away with Stresstabs Vitamins the one for energy. I get them from Walmart and they are cheap. At the first site take 2 and then take one in am and one in pm ....takes care of it for me. Lysine with Vitamin C works well on cold sores...but nothing on mouth ulcers for me.
NW 3 May 15
I'm no medical professional, but I I have almost constant mouth sores & ulcers which I believe are caused by Lupus and/or Sjogren's Syndrome. I have found that Tea Tree Oil on a q-tip pressed against the ulcer for a minute or so will heal them almost overnight. I don't know why this works, but it does work -- for me, anyhow.

I use it straight from the bottle which I bought at a local health food store. It smells and tastes like turpentine, so it's probably not something you want to use overly often.

As with everything, your mileage may vary --- but I hope this helps someone.
Abbey 22 April 15
I have had mouth ulcers too, on two different occasions, worse the second time. I take multivitamins including fish oil. I am just now reintroducing the fish oil, but I think I have narrowed it down to my toothpaste, not vitamins.

My lips and mouth area will start out tingling, and then start to burn, a red ring comes up around my lips and then the ulcers come. It is horrible!! I, too, did internet research and whitening tooth pastes can cause mouth problems. I know of several other people having mouth ulcers too, and all were using whitening toothpastes. Just another "Food For Thought" for everyone when trying to determine what is causing a reaction.
Donna B, Texas, age 48 30 March 15
I swear by lysine for cold sores. Used to suffer a lot especially after getting glandular fever and having low immune system. Taken lysine and only had one when I ran out of them! Amazing. However, I've just started taking floradix liquid iron supplement and my mouth is covered in ulcers. I've also just noticed little blisters on my fingers and toes??!! Only been taking it 2 days so not going to take any more. Only thing that's different is the new supplement!
Marnie 21 March 15
i was taking multi vitamins and vitamins D3 i had a lot of pain in my gum very irritated and lots of cut in the cheek ,the doctor give me medicine for trash,didn't work and another doctor told me I'm in need of vitamins B and C i went to buy more vitamins and then i saw this page and realize that the probleme is the vitamins so i stop and my mouth is back to normal now,thank you to all of you
chantal 18 March 15
My mom thinks that its vitamin C causing my mouth ulcers, but I have a feeling it's the multi one I take with D,A, and B in it along with the vitamin C. As I have taken a break from them for a week now, and the four ulcers I had are still there, one of them is even worse!
Fate 1 March 15
Well.. I found this page and thought I'd contribute.

I have been taking multivitamins for YEARS. Usually two, with a few fish oil, and a 2000iu vitamin D. I was preparing for a cruise and took a ton of vitamin C, with the other vitamins I took and guess what? TERRIBLE canker sore outbreak in my mouth the entire cruise and its still lingering 2 months later. I really think Vitamin C is causing this. Also, I am now not taking any multivitamins and no more vitamin D or C. Only fish oil. I will report back if these viscious canker sores clear up. This is a terrible way to live.
Ryan 9 February 15
Doug I have the same problem.. Dr. told me i was allergic to the compounds in the vitamins.. i've now given up and just don't take them any more and try to eat more better. Any knows of a vitamin that won't let me break in cold sores.. let me know! Thanks
Helen 17 January 15
I cannot take vitamin c either. When I was a toddler, I began getting cold sores. Our family dr told my mom to eliminate all juices for a month then add them back one at a time. They figured out that juices high in vitamin c caused the sores. The dr said that for whatever reason, my body does not utilize vitamin c and in fact, purges it from my body. I am 50 yrs old now and still cannot have vitamin c. I drank a glass of lemonade a couple of days ago and sure enough, now I have a cold sore. Even facial creams that contain vitamin c will cause a breakout. Other drs thru the years have said that my old family dr didn't know what he was talking about & that it's not the vitamin c but something else, but I know better. I have lived with this my whole life.
Amy 4 January 15
Been taking multivitamins for a while now, and continuously getting ulcers in my mouth and this is the first time ive discovered anything of the sort relating to this on the internet. Everyone keeps telling me that the correlation is all in my head, but its clearly not reading this!

Has anyone found a solution yet?!
EB 17 December 14
I have been taking a large number of supplements under a dr's recommendation for my general health and I AM feeling better - she instructed me to make my own liposomal vitamin C - which is a way to bind C with lethicin so it it's more absorbable. The first batch lasted about a week with one dose a day and I noticed I was getting mouth/lip ulcers. I used up the first batch and they cleared up but I wasn't paying great attention. I waited about 2 weeks and made another batch and almost immediately got the mouth and lip sores back. It's the Vitamin C without a doubt because even one day off clears them. I don't know if it's helping the rest of me to take it, but the mouth reaction isn't good. No more home chemist for me.
Esmeralda November 2014 18 November 14
Vitamin D needs magnesium, if you take a high dose vitamin D capsule then that will place a big demand on magnesium. Many people exist on an already low level of magnesium because of poor diet (you have to eat really healthily. Magnesium, along with calcium and zinc are supposed to prevent cold sores. My guess is the vitamin D creates a temporary blip in magnesium that gives the cold sore a chance to develop. It's probably the same when you take magnesium, the body notices the excess and starts using it. All speculation.
Mal 23 October 14
I get like a cut in the corner of my mouth that hurts when I open it and small cuts on the top,along my gums, and on the inside of my cheeks. I take a vitamin B complex and Vitamin D. I stopped taking both for a while when I ran out and the sores went away. A few days ago I started taking both again and the cuts are back. So now I have to stop taking 1 and see if the sores go away. If not I'll have to try the other. Since I'm vitamin D deficient I guess I'll stop the vitamin B complex and see how that goes.
jodi 26 August 14
I would like to further expand on this subject ..... I never take supplements or High fresh Orange Juice. Recently I had a severe cold so bought some real OJ with pulp and have been guzzling it ever since ... I have had a mouth full of ulcers and 3 back to back colds and I hardly ever get either. There is a link between all this and Vit C
Steve 27 July 14
Glad I found this board. Honestly for the past 2 years maybe a little longer I always felt a tingle come on the left of my tongue and a feeling like someone is pushing in the left of my throat. It got so annoying blood work came bak normal and no one can figure it out then last week I had the same feeling and the doctor said mouth ulcer back of throat left side tonsils. I don't have tonsils anymore but you know what mean. I drink a lot of booster juice after the gym and before that is high in vitamin C. And I think this is the cause. Not sure anyone else experiences left side of tongue numbness and left side under jaw uncomfortable feeling. But ya. Thanks
Dan 17 June 14
I've whittled it down to Vitamin C . I used to try and take Multivitamins , but no matter what brand , in a couple of days i'd develop ulcers on the inside of my cheeks, and on my tongue. As soon as I stop taking the supplements , they disappear . So I started to take different isolated vitamins in capsule form , and last week I started 500mg Vitamin C , and lo and behold ... I have 3 ulcers. Not sure if the effervescent stuff does the same thing . But will check it out.
Mike83 25 April 14
For me the culprit seems to be vitamin d or c. Now I just need to figure out which one. I will try to remember to post back here when I figure it out.
DLB 24 April 14
My family gets sores on our inner cheek after eating kiwi or grapefruit like fruits (high in Vit C).

They hurt and I use to chew them off. I just read tums or tea reduces the acid to speed healing. Aloe also cold help.
Amber 27 February 14
I workout and take a lot of different pills and get these sores/cuts on my tongue and inner lip that really hurts especially when eating. I'm gonna try and narrow it done on what it is. I take multivitamins, bcaa's, fish oils, fat burner etc
Chad 10 February 14
my mother and I also get blisters when taking vitamins. can it be the man made part of the pills?
can not eat 7 February 14
I have suffered with cold sores since I was young. I've have 4 cold sores back to back since I switched from centrum to gncs energy blend. I work out daily and take numerous supplements. I've narrowed it down to either a) multivitamins or b) yohimbe. I can't find any research or posts to back my yohimbe theory but I have luckily found this site. If anyone has any info that may prove beneficial, feel free to email me at
chris 15 January 14
It doesn't matter what supplement I take, I always get mouth ulcers. Very frustrating. I get restless legs and this is apparently due to low magnesium but I cannot take it for long enough to see if it makes a difference.
Michelle 31 October 13
I know the cause of my mouth ulcers when I get them, though for a long time I did not, since everyone (including Dr Weil) advocates taking Vit C for mouth ulcers. So when I first started to get them I INCREASED the dose @#%##@!! I started to realize that it was the Vit C CAUSING the problem. So after having about 8 in my mouth at one time I stopped the Vit C and slowly they cleared up. The only trouble is, most multivitamins contain quite a large dose, I can tolerate about 15mgms anything higher and I am in agony.
Patty 22 August 13
I am a 40 year old male. I too have noticed a link between taking multivitamins and small blisters appearing on my lips, which are very painful. They are more painful and more widely spread than cold sores I have otherwise had. The vitamins I take are Centrum Advance. I only take them when I am feeling otherwise rundown - then I get the mouth ulcers within 24 hours, so I stop again. I have repeated this three times, including once when I was feeling great and same problem every time. This is the first time I have found a website which takes about mouth ulcers or cold sores caused by vitamins. Every other site tells me I should take vitamins to get rid of the mouth ulcers. I have heard that either VitA or VitD could be an issue, as could Argenine used in the manufacture of the tablets.. Any other guesses? Easy solution is to stop vitamins - but I am low in Vitamin D as I have Colitis.
George 17 August 13
Denise - those capsules do stick readily, and if pulled off will remove some skin. Any sort of vitamins and supplements should be kept securely away from small children (and pets) just as you would prescription medicines.
Dom Walton 10 May 13
My 17 month old grandson developed blisters inside his upper lip and tongue. I found one of my husbands B Complex gel caps by his highchair on the floor. It did not have bite marks in it but I began to suspect that this may be the reason for the blisters. I'm sure that if he put it in his mouth that he spit it back out right away because of the foul taste but maybe it was in there long enough to cause the blisters.
Denise 10 May 13
My 12 year old son has just been given Vitamin D medicine by a Paedatrician. He now has the most horrendously painful mouth ulcers, is it the Vitamin D.
Deborah Deane 20 April 13
Add me to the list. I just added Calcium to my vitamins (I take D, Generic Multi Vit Fish Oil) and almost immediately had the mouth blisters. mostly on my tongue. They'd clear up and the very next day a new one would form.

I've been taking the others for quite a while with no problems.

Dixie 10 April 13
I suspect the higher dose of B complex vitamins set off ulcers in my mouth & on my lips & in my throat. Prior to the large oral dose,I had been taking a monthly shot to which I never reacted. The ulcerations are large & they're painful.
Cindy Coletti 8 April 13
About how long does it take for the ulcers to go away once you stop taking the vitamins?
This really hurts, and it is hard to talk! And that is a problem for me since I am a big talker. Guess I am giving everyone a rest
Pamela 2 March 13
I have been dieting and thought it would be smart to start taking a multivitamin. About 2 weeks ago I started getting sores on the right inside of my mouth. I thought I might have bitten myself. THey got worse. Then the other side. Burning has been so bad. I thought did I do pr eat anything different. Well Ihurt so bad tonight. I sat down at the computer..and there they were. What I had started to do different 2 weeks ago. The multivitamin. I entered vitiamin allergies on the computer...and there you were. Thanks. I hate to say I am glad I am not alone. But at least we all have found our answers.
Pamela 28 February 13
Well i've been off and on with the B group vitamins for years because i'm not sure if they contribute to my ongoing migranes or not but if I don't take them then I soon become flat and tired, and yes there does seem to be a link from the time I restart the vitamin B and the return of my mouth ulcers and yet I just read on another site that a lack of vitamin B12 may be the reason for the mouth ulcers so now i'm just confused.
Abel 27 February 13
Hallelujah!!! I've suffered from this problem for years and so relieved to hear there are similar cases out there! Various doctors could not provide an explanation, they simply told me to stop taking the multivitamin citing they are a money making scheme in any case. That simply isnt a I need to find a brand that is not harsh on my body? Any suggestions?
Lands 8 February 13
I started taking Centrum Silver and noticed that I started getting severe mouth ulcers. It took me awhile to figure out that my ulcers stated at the same time I started taking the vitamin supplements. I tried mouth wash, an oral topical medications that my dentist prescribed, peroxide,etc...but nothing worked. I stopped taking them 3 days ago and my mouth feels almost normal. There needs to be some record that vitamin supplements can possibly cause mouth ulcers. January 13, 2013
Chuck 14 January 13
For the past 2 weeks I have been taking B Complex (expensive brand) and I have been in agony with mouth ulcers. I do believe there is a link between the two, so I have now stopped and hoping that they will clear up.
Does anyone know why B Complex causes mouth ulcers?
LH 13 January 13
I too am having this issue. I started 3 days ago taking many different vitamins and omega3, I have gotten very small sores on the edge of my lips and a few inside my mouth, this is very discouraging but somewhat relieved to know I'm not the only one.
Lisa 19 October 12
Yes, I too have observed over the years that whenever I begin to take multivitamin or even B-complex I get mouth sores or mouth ulcers or fever blisters. Sometimes inside my mouth, sometimes at the edge of my lips. It was thoughtful for me when I discovered this phenomenonal connection between vitamin intake and fever blisters/mouth sores. Before I would immediately stop the vitamin intake after the observation. But today I'm begining to feel like it may not be a bad thing so instead of stopping I just go ahead and double up on my vitamin intake. But what I'm not too sure is if I would get same immediate reaction by consuming an extremely excessive amount of fruits and natural foods-containing vitamins. Though it might be difficult to get an increased amount of vitamins within a short time by eating fruits no matter what quantity.
KC 8 October 12
I have exactly the same problem, took me a while to figure out what it was but it is definitely the multivitamins, i have now just expanded my diet to get all the vitamins and minerals i need, so much better
ted 2 August 12
I have been taking a calcium and magnesium supplement in a high dose a week before my mentsral cycle to help with PMS. good news is PMS is much improved. bad news is mouth and tongue are really bothering me. wondering which is worse.
Annelise 17 June 12
I too have mouth ulcers with multivitamins. Started GNC men's multivitamin and within 2 days developed ulcers. It has been two weeks with no improvement. I have read Vit C can cause mouth ulcers but cannot confirm. This Sucks.

My 18 April 12
What a relief to hear that so many others like me have been expereiencing the problem of mouth ulcer on vitamin supplements. Surprisingly this has developed in the recent past (that is last 6 months). Earlier the same vitamins I was taking without any problem. I am 48 yr old female and I wonder ???? if it is anyway related to the changes during menopause.....
Mythili 16 April 12
I am so glad I google and am not alone. I am on day 2 of a multivitamin and have noticed a lot of small sores on my tongue and the roof of my mouth. This is the first time I've experienced this, but I bought Kroger brand because they weren't so expensive. I'd like to know what vitamin is causing this. Thanks!
Belle 28 March 12
Still dont know what causes it whether its an overdose of a mineral or vitamin ( in the 100% RDA varieties) but I cant take sainsburys A-Z multivitamin/minerals-if I do within a week Ive got my tongue ulcer back. I am now taking a different less than 100% RDA supplement.
Lechef 13 March 12
i too experience the same problem. i checked internet for people with similar problem and this is the only page i encountered... i noticed that when i take multivitamins i also seem to have mouth sores.. does anyone know what exactly is causing this?
Emmanuel 12 March 12
I'm a 48 year old female and I too believe the vitamins are giving me mouth ulcers. Every time I try to take calcium, I'd get mouth ulcers so I'd stop. Just recently I purchased from GNC a Womens Ultra Mega suppliment for energy and metabolish. When I started developing the mouth ulcers, I figured it was just the normal reaction to something new in my body and thought I'd ride it out hoping they go away. It's been 2 weeks and I'm not sure it's worth it. GNC does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. I'm planning to revisit the store this week.
CheerMOM 17 February 12
I am trying some other alternatives supplements at present too. You can actually buy hypoallergenic vitamins in my health shop but they are very very expensive.
Lechef 15 March 11
I have noticed increased random out breaks of mouth/tongue ulcers as a result of prolong usage of cheap multivitamins. Once i stop, the ulcers do not reappear for months. I don't know if it is the vitamins or not but i am on a 2 month cycle right now experimenting.
Ste 14 March 11
For years I have noticed certain multivitamins cause me mouth ulcers. Does anyone know why that is?
I have been told the cheaper vitamins can do that due to the way they are manufactured. Another possibility I am told is that my body is getting something it does not need and it is rejecting it or there is a reaction. I just did a comparison between some a multivitamin that does not bother me and ones that do give me the ulcers. Seems like the ones that give me the ulcers contain Iron, Potassium, Boron, Phosphorus, Chloride, and Coenzyme. Does anyone know if these items are known problems to some people?

I have been dealing with this for 20 years or better and would like to know the answer to what is causing the ulcers. There is no doubt it is due to certain multivitamins.
Doug 10 January 11

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Can certain vitamins cause mouth ulcers?

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