Ask GP for prednisone. It works every time.

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When taking Prednisone, you MUST taper the dose when coming off of it. Prednisone "shuts off" your adrenal glands (that make natural steroids for your body), and in order to have them start functioning again, the dose must be tapered down (a maximum of 10mg/day at the end of your treatment is acceptable). If you fail to do so, you can go into adrenal crisis.
Sue S 9 June 19
Gluten free and sugar free diet works for me!
Palm 10 March 19
I am a 37 year old female and I have suffered from mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember. As an adult Iíd get them more frequently, usually every couple of months or so. But for the past 2 months Iíve been getting ulcers in my throat non stop. Just as some start to heal, more come, and the cycle keeps going. They start out as tiny white dots and then grow. Some can be less painful than others. At the moment I have 7 in my throat. 3 very large ones and they are so painful! Itís a struggle to eat. Iíve seen my doctor multiple times and Iíve had 2 lots of swabs for bacterial and viral infections, both came back negative, and Iíve also had a blood test, the results were normal. Iím seeing a specialist dentist next week but Iím feeling very anxious. Has anyone experienced the same thing? Is there an end to this? Itís becoming extremely depressing.
Amanda 7 February 19
Just been giving these to use as a mouth wash as been suffering a long time with ulcers. They have helped a lot with the pain and the ulcers seem to go in a few days.
Cheryl Errington 7 December 18
How do u all take this medication I have been on it before a few years ago in short term but once started b12 injections I stopped getting them but now have a major attack again it says soluanle the last time I took them I failover them in water and rinsed round my mouth! But I have read u can keep them in ur mouth to dissolve is this more affective there was no directions on this box for me! And if letting the 5mg tablet failover in my mouth makes them heal faster Iím all for tht! Advice please!
Lynne mills 27 November 18
I in the past have suffered terribly with cankers sometimes as many as 70 at a time. One can imagine how utterly agonizing this could be. My last bout, I think was due to eating arugula of all things. Mine are definitely related to food sensitivities and Iím very careful about foods. My last round were in my esophagus, under my tongue in mychhels and throat. I was prescribed oxycodone for pain and 50 mg of prednisone for 5 days. By the third day the healing was tremendous. Iím having a bout currently and have decided to take a 50 mg dose for 3 days as there arenít many but theyíre very painful. Iíll let you all know if they clear up quickly. A very lonely and misunderstood illness, people donít understand how painful it is. Thanks for listening.
Jen 11 March 18
For mouth ulcers I take 40 mg daily for 2 days, then 30 mg. daily for 2 days, then stop. By 3rd day all pain is gone. I have at least 1 ulcer nearly all the time, but only take prednisone when I have several and they become unbearable. Diagnosed with Crohns Disease 25.years ago and noticed I didn't have the ulcers while on high dose Prednisone, but had up a time when tapered off. GI doctor recommended the short bursts for mouth ulcers. Rarely have to use now. Dentist believed oral bacteria could be a factor. Now I use electric toothbrush & water pik twice a day along with flossing twice daily and using tongue cleaner and crest pro health. Has greatly decreased ulcers.
Carolyn 30 January 18
Try Colchcine for stopping ulcers. it works great for me and i have Behcets.....
Alan K 11 December 16
I've been taking prednisone for ten years for my chronic canker sores and it works. I started getting sores when I went to Iraq in 2004 as a journalist. (One doctor thinks a booster shot I got before leaving could've triggered them.) I was getting 6-7 at a time. Painful ones. I started taking prednisone and it changed my life. I still get sores once a week - now always on the right side of my tongue. But prednisone tends to make them go away in a day or two. And I only get one at a time. I still have a problem obviously and continue to look for a permanent fix. But prednisone has helped tremendously.
Ben 22 November 16
Catherine, maybe ask your GP for a referral to a Oral and Maxillofacial clinic...
Rob 13 September 16
Hello!! Yeah 2 months now with mouth ulcers - they are running down the sides of my tongue... so much pain,,, the ONLY thing that gives me relief is ICE. Chewing on ice and freezing my tongue. There just seems to be NO cure for real. They just treat the symptoms not what it could be caused from. Now my ENT is sending me to a dermatologist for wound care. Mornings are the FREAKING WORST!! I CRY because I FEEL SO ill!!! They just make you feel ill. They really do!! Seems to be NO end. So sad I am!! Steroid helps that's for sure but the round face sucks they only give you so much ya know.. but that is a temporary fix also. God help us... :0( i USUALLY DON'T CRY BUT EVERY MORNING I CRY IN PAIN AND SADNESS FROM THESE SORES........
Catherine Baggyallday 13 September 16
I have at least 20 mouth ulcers all over my mouth for 6days given prednisolone 5mg 3x a day for 5days. When do they start too work only been on them 2 days. I in agony I off work cos I feel so ill . Any advice be great
isobel baxter 22 June 16
Prednisolone is the only reliable thing for stopping developing ulcers in their tracks. I can't understand why it's not been offered to me before! No side effects, I just do a mouthwash with them for a few days when I feel an ulcer coming. Has seriously changed my life.
Rosalie James 5 May 16
What the person wrote about Prednisone causing mouth ulcers because of "thinning of skin" is pure hogwash. I've had canker sores all my life, and Prednisone relieved me from that hell. When a canker sore would appear it quickly disappear when on Prednisone. When going off the Prednisone the canker sores appeared again. Low dosages of Prednisone is not going to have all these "scary side effects" that some drama queens and hypochondriacs on the Internet think it will have. Prednisone is GREAT at treating mouth and throat ulcers. No if's, and's and but's about it.
Thomas Whalen 4 May 16
Preds long term use cause thinning of the skin which is why people do get mouth ulcers when taking preds
trouble me 14 December 15
I've been tapering off Prednisone after being on it for 9 months for PMR..once I got below 3mg daily I've developed mouth ulcers and throat and tongue this because my cortisol is returning and my body is attacking itself..I didn't have mouth ulcers when on the higher dose..I'm also nauseated and dizzy on the lower dose..this drug has messed me up and can hardly wait to get off it...has anyone had mouth irritation and canker sores in their mouths from prednisone taper ?
Zeb Cura 10 August 15
Prednisone works very well to get rid of major ras more quickly, but at the end of the day you will see that ulcers get back more quickly too. If you have several prednisone 7 to 14 day-treatments in a relatively short period of time (ie 6-12 months) the prednisone won't be effective anymore either so you will be back to square one.
Rob 23 May 15
Hi, I was taking prednisone for my breathing for a week & when I stopped I started getting mouth sores, is there anything I can do or take to relieve the sores?
R. Martinez 23 May 15
There are other options although I know predisone works great. The dentist encourage me to take daily doses of lysine. Really cuts down on the occurrence of mouth sores. Additionally, if there are sores that you can reach, dental paste TRIAMCINOLONE ACETONIDE can help, You need to get a rx for it but great to have it on hand.
JoJo 22 April 15
What's the latest on prednisolone?
Sj 7 January 15

Thanks for your message. I have started with a dose prescribed by my Doctor here. 30 mg once a day for 15 days. Today was the sixth dose. Also, 2 of my Autoimmune tests have come positive. They are:

ANA Abs - Positive.
ds DNA Abs - Positive.

I dont know that do they mean but anyone who knows about it may throw some light on it.

My mouth ulcers have gone. Just like magic. Just after the fourth dose, all the mouth ulcers have disappeared. Though I feel a little stiff in my muscles, for that I am doing some stretching exercises which are helping me a lot. Also, on the second dose, I could sleep very less the following night but since then that symptom has also subsided.

I have an appointment with my Doctor next wed (June 15). Will keep posted about the progress.

Hope it helps someone out here.

Sufferer. 7 June 11
Hi I have been on Prednisone now for 8 weeks as I ended up in hospital with severe tonsilitus and mouth/throat ulcers. I have recent;y had a colonosocopy and are awaiting the biopsy results. I have been weaning off the steriods from 40mg a day and was fine until I hit 5mg a day (1 tablet) which I started mon last week. By friday of last week all of my mouth ulcers were back and the pain has been un-bearable all over the weekend, I am going to see the doctor later today as I can hardly eat or speak now. I found I had a few side effects whilst I was taking the higher amounts of tablets, they just made me think all sorts of silly things and I felt abit depressed. I also have a lovely round face from the steriods. Since reducing the dose the side effects have become less and less. Hope this is of some help to you.
Fed up lady 23 May 11
Hi Mac,

I read your message and want to ask u something. I am having a chronic problem of mouth ulcers for a very long time now. Earlier it used to be 1 or 2 in some months then the frequency increased and now it is like I am having 20-25 ulcers in my mouth. And today I am feeling as if something is stuck in my throat. Also, once the sore cures, it leaves behind some sort of scar and the skin inside has become very irregular.

One of my doctor friend told me to take Prednisone as tapering dose...

Week 1 - Prednisone 40 mg
Week 2 - Prednisone 20 mg
Week 3 - Prednisone 10 mg
Week 4 - Prednisone 5 mg

But after reading about Prednisone on the internet, I became very scared... seeing that it has a lot of side effects...

Can you please tell me whether it helps and what are the dose that you are taking or took? Also, do you feel any side effects of taking prednisone?

Awaiting your reply anxiously....

To your good health.
Sufferer. 16 May 11
I suffered from mouth and throat ulcers for years and I now have the solutions. I have no idea why those of you who have been to your GP have not been offered prednisone. Go back and ask for it.

Ulcers are caused by injury or by your body turning on itself, usually for stress or tiredness reasons. Everything in the Chemist (Bonjela etc) will only work on those caused by injury. If your body is turning on itself, you fix all the triggers and the ulcer persists - you need to consider a short course of prednisone tablets, because the problem is your inflammatory mechanism over reacting, for whatever reason. Pred works like a dream every time for everyone I know. You need a prescription for these.

You can also watch your diet - tomatoes, citrus fruits, wheat, cow dairy, red meat, refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol will all make your problem worse. Google "Anti Inflammatory diet" for suggestions of what to avoid and why.

Lastly, you might try a low dose nicotine patch instead of prednisone. Nicotine is an excellent anti-inflammatory and I use the patches regularly - very effective. and very easy.

Persistent mouth ulcers can be a sign of serious disease such as Crohn's, Lupus or Behcets. Persistent mouth ulcers are not too trivial to bother your GP with. If they are bad (and you all know what *bad* feels like) then make that appointment and get some real relief.

Good luck and good health.
Mac. 1 January 11

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Ask GP for prednisone. It works every time.

24 messages in this subject.