Whats happened to Bonjela Once?

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How old to use bongela once
Jennifer 31 December 17
I just called boots (the main one in Sheffield) and they dont have eiyher prodict and have never heard of them and cant order them in.
Helen munro 28 October 16
Bonjela Once was great, im going to try Oralmedic as bonjela complete doesn't do a lot, i used to use Frador years ago and like bonjela once it zapped my ulcers immediately but ive just seen its still for sale on line so i would also recommended giving this a try.
jacqui 30 August 14
Suffered for years. Eat asparagus and not had one since. Works for me.
andy 25 January 14
I agree wholeheartedly with everything that has been said. This product was the only thing that truly worked for me - in one treatment
In fact to save money, I have on occasions taped the ends up and used a two application pack for four applications ! I have been away for two weeks and had FIVE ulcers in my mouth the whole holiday - eating has been a nightmare and Bonjela Once was the only think that ever worked
Thanks to this website for recommending the replacement.
Mark 17 December 13
Can you purchase HYBENX Solution in a bottle, as opposed to the sticks with cotton buds either end?
John 27 October 12
Just ordered some OralMedic from this site after calling every pharmacy in the area to find some Bonjela Once, and frequently being misled... "it's been replaced by Bonjela Complete".
I've been using SLS-free toothpaste (Sensodyne Rapid Relief) on the advice of this website for the last 18 months which has significantly reduced the number of ulcers suffered, but still get the odd one or two when I'm stressed or run down.
I still have a small stash of Adcortyl in Orabase for managable ulcers, but for really nasty ones only Once (or an equivalent) will do. Many thanks...
Ben J 3 March 12
I have been plagued all my life with the dreaded mouth ulcers! Bonjela Once was the only over the counter remedy that gave me any pain relief. Today I searched the larger tesco store, sainbury's instore chemist and boots for bonjela once - and not one of these 'branded stores' stocked it. They all said the same thing - their wholesaler Sangers have discontinued it. They did advise me to check with my local independant chemist and they have it on order for me from a different wholesaler! Im so happy :) and looking forward to getting this tomorrow so I will be able to eat and drink as normal again!

PS thanks for the tip on the toothpaste, I have used the same toothpaste since I can remember and will def be buying some SLS free toothpaste from now on.
K Northern Ireland 8 February 12
Bonjela once BEST ulcer treatment in the world!
Lesley 5 January 12
just to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this thread and for this website.
Bonjela Once was also my saviour for a long time, and I felt so lucky to discover it. When I found out today that it was discontinued, I couldn't help crying. Now thanks to Dom and to all who contributed here:
- I found out that Oralmedic may help me,
- I think I found the cause! I haven't had mouth ulcers for a while, and now when they're back I'm despaired to know why. After reading all the messages and articles I realised that I recently changed my toothpaste. I checked ingredients in both and yes, the old one doesn't contain SLS, and the new one does! Coincidence?
I'm so grateful, thank you again!
Anna 3 January 12
Having used OralMedic and Bonjela-Once a great deal I can confirm that they are both the same. The reason why some swear that they are different, it is becuase the product itself gives very variable results. It depends not only on how accurately you have followed the timing and the application area you have covered, but also on the stage you ulcer is at when you treat it. I suspect it it may also be sensitive to loosing its efficacy if the storage temperate false close to the max or towards the end of its shelf life. However when it works, it is boardering on miracle cure. I now always order mine from this site as the product I by from here is more often than not highly successful. For those wanting the active incredient it is HybenX which a relatively recent invention which is very expense and complex to make, and even more expesnive and complex to produce in a way that makes it safe and compliant with regs, for treatment of mouth tissue. You will not get it in any other form and even if you could, it would be dangerous. I undersand that battle with the evil little bustardo ulcers, but please dont take risks. Use the "over the counter",safe, legal and effective stuff from this site, specifically http://www.mouthulcers.co.uk/index.html
Tim 22 October 11
Does anyone know what the active ingredient/combination in oralmedic/Bonjela Once is? And if you can get it from a medical supplier or something? Ive suffered with ulcers for about 18 years now. Fortunately I've managed to go around 9 months without one, but now I've got what feels like an ulcer the size of a foot on the inside of my bottom lip and I can't get my mitts on oralmedic for love nore money...
Button 19 September 11
I don't agree that they are the same, I've used Bonjela Once & Oralmedic doesn't last as long for bad ulcers.. but saying that it's a definite life saver :) I can't recommend it more !
Derek 30 August 11
Guys, seriously, READ WHAT DOM (THE SITE OWNER) IS TELLING YOU. Oral Medic is THE SAME AS BONJELA ONCE. Order it from here, or get it in Tesco's. I actually picked some up today in Tesco's, and I have a spare in the mail from this wonderful site.

Ken Eakins 25 August 11
I've suffered for years but I do have a B12 deficiency and since I've started getting B12 injections from the Docs every 3 months I suffer much less. I've had 4 in the last 2 weeks (my injection was due last week) and have been using up the last of my boots complete (I bought 4 packs when Boots were selling them off) was panicking about what I would do from now on but will order some Oralmedic. So if you haven't had your B12 levels checked then ask your Doctor to do so
Wendy Luton 20 August 11
I am having problems now ordering oralmedic online, Amazon are saying they cant get hold of any, hope this hasn't also been discontinued!!
Jane hopkins 3 August 11
I have had similar problems finding Bonjela Once but have now found (and tried) Oral Medic in Tesco and online at Amazon. It is such a relief to have a product that works. I agree peeling one self from the ceiling is a small price to pay......I bought 5 packets just incase!!
Pamela Hague 18 July 11
I'm sorry to hear about people's bad reactions to Bonjela once, but if I'm really honest I couldn't care less if my whole face swelled up or even my whole body swelled up as long as I was free from the pain of these ulcers for a few days. The pain they bring....? I'd do it every single day if it meant being pain free for 24 hours, the fact that they last longer than this is an absolute bonus! I'm absolutely gutted I can't just pick this stuff up off the shelves anymore! Nobody can understand the pain relief these things bring without having to go through months and months of pain with one ulcer the size of a 2p. Even the hospital I go to about these things say they are the best things before using prednisolne!
Ali Robinson 13 July 11
...after 45 years of mouth ulcer agony ...Bonjela Once was my saviour ...only found out in Boots this week that it had been discontinued ...will start the search for Oralmedic ...and let you know if it works

Does anyone know why some of us get them ...and some of us don't ...and is there any lifestyle choice we can make/avoid ...to stop them? I was told taking Vitamin B supplements helps to stem their occurence ...but it doesn't work for me...?
Mike, Southsea 8 July 11
Thank you for this thread, been trying to get Bonjela once for a week or more. Boots told me they didn't know why it was no longer being stocked. Tried the Bonjela complete and it doesn't work for me. I also used to suffer from ulcers which I swore were created by toothpaste, usually the white toothpaste type. I swapped to the blue gel types and now only get the odd one a year, hence Bonjela once was perfect for treatment and the Colgate blue gels do not seem to have the SLS's in them. Now I will look out for Oralmedic.
Mark B 3 July 11
Oralmedic is the same as Bonjela Once, it is the same stuff, made by the same company. The company that supplies it in the UK was the one that put all the work into getting it licensed in the UK in the first place.
Dom Walton 17 June 11
Bring back bonjela once I'm desperate for it, I have been getting these stupid things for 12 years and there ruin my life! It's the only thing that works!!!
Emma Mcgough 17 June 11
OMG!!! Bonjela once expensive, but i don`t mind to pay for instant relief. I don`t eat for last 2 days and it difficult even to conversate with my boyfriend....Bonjela Complete is total rubbish, waste of money, i was very surprised when i read under Contra-indications: Do not use on major mouth ulcers (bigger than 1cm in diameter) or herpes-like ulcers (many tiny ulcers) So when actually i can use it? I`ve got like 10 ulcers in my mouth.... Was trying to find oralmedic, but could not get it anywhere...So i ordered bonjela once from the internet.
lina 31 May 11
hallelujah from all ulcer sufferers!!!! i must have spent three days in agony searching the region for bonjela once to be told it had been discontinued and taken off the shelves and to be given the sorry excuse for an ulcer treatment that is 'bonjela complete' which to me seems to be bonjela from a tube stuffed into a fancy bottle with a spoon. So thanks to other like minded ulcer sufferers i now have a new 'bag buddy' oralmedic!!!
Miss L. 19 May 11
I spent most of my day yesterday going round every large Tesco and independent pharmacy in Edinburgh and to my disappointment / waste of time and petrol not one stocked Oralmedic, have had to order online but with all the bank holidays will have to wait until next week before it arrives and i can cure myself. I currently have 2 ulcers on my tonsil and 1 on my cheek, can barely concentrate on work for the pain. I was disappointed when bonjela once dissapeared, i am hoping Oralmedic can take its place on the shelves for when you need it fast. It is more realistically priced too, bonjela once was a rip off.

These are the only kind of products worth considering, i have tried everything else and they are useless, i get upset when pharmacies only stock the crap products that are a waste of money.
Ali H 29 April 11
Bonjela Once and the Boots version were the only thing guaranteed to get rid of my ulcers in one go.
Auldy 22 April 11
Oralmedic nd bonjela are the same thing, except oralmedic is mcuh cheaper! Its the only thing that gives me relief. Yes, it stings like mad when you firstapply it but its worth it for constant long lasting relief! You cud actually poke your ulcer and feel no pain after using oralmedic! Amazing stuff however, phamacists in my area just dont have it and dont seem to know about it! Shame as i have to wait for it to be posted now
Gareth, Northenr Ireland 25 March 11
Nikki P,

Thanks for that. I have since been in Boots, and they order it in for me next day. Oralmedic works perfectly for me, just as well as Bonjela once ever did. I hope that this product doesnt disappear!..
Jason B 15 March 11
I'm surprised that so many people had success with Bonjela Once. I found that once you broke the end it would piss out so quickly that it was very difficult not to get it all around the ulcer too, did no good to help the ulcer (in fact made it bigger) and hurt the flesh around it too. In general it was agony and felt like a massive waste of money. I thought it had been taken off the shelves for this reason.

Bonjela complete is pretty useless too, for me. It doesn't claim to work on large ulcers, so when it didn't help the 1cm+ ones I've had I didn't blame it. However, i thought that if i used it on a small ulcer it would help, but it actually helped one that was just over pin sized to become almost double the size.
Jax 10 March 11
Bonjela Once was the best stuff in the world.
Chillitsphil 3 March 11
Hi Jason,

I work for the UK distributor of Oralmedic. Oralmedic is stocked by larger Tesco stores and can be found on the main mouth ulcer shelf. It is also stocked by independent pharmacies, as well as in the Mouth Ulcer Shop via this website. If your local pharmacy doesn't stock oralmedic, they can order it in for you, usually the same day or at least the next day. The code they need to order from their wholesaler is 329-1044.

Nikki P 21 February 11
Waitrose in Welwyn Garden City has plenty, but it's all due to expire May 2011
Simon Bartlett 20 February 11
When I say "cheek", I mean "inside of mouth", just to clarify.
David B 18 February 11
Bonjela Once & OralMedic are essentially the same product. From what I can determine, more than a few people suffered adverse reactions to the sulphur content in these products. However, OralMedic is still available & comes with a warning not to use the product, for anyone allergic to sulphur or materials that contain sulphur. Obvious really, considering one of the active ingredients is a form of sulphuric acid.

OralMedic is a strong product, very strong. It will nuke your ulcers fantastically, but if you've ever had any reactions to sulphur or drugs that contain sulphur - seriously, stay away from it. It'll mess your mouth up.

One point I'd like to make is that if you "over-use" an applicator of OralMedic, you're asking for trouble. Only use the applicator on the ulcer itself & the barest, half-millimetre width border around the ulcer. If you lather OralMedic on & slap a nice, big, centimetre-wide border of the stuff around the ulcer "just to make sure", you'll end up with loose tissue flaking off your cheek. Do not apply this product to non-ulcer tissue, it'll destroy it. I speak from personal experience.

If you're careful with it & use it exactly as it states on the box (one application per treatment session & treat *only the ulcer*, making sure the whole ulcer is covered), then OralMedic can be a fantastic product that offers seriously welcome relief to ulcer-sufferers. But again, if you're allergic to sulphur, stay away.

I'd like to add that for all those having trouble with persistent ulcers - check your toothpastes & mouthwashes for an ingredient called "Sodium Lauryl Sulphate" (SLS). It's an incredibly common "detergent" found in almost every toothpaste, yet a good portion of users are in fact allergic to SLS without even knowing it. It sounds ridiculous, but if your toothpaste contains SLS, bin it & try a toothpaste without SLS.

There's not a big choice out there, but Sensodyne makes one (it's specific, however - read the ingredients as I'm pretty sure it's only a single type of toothpaste in Sensodyne's whole range that doesn't contain SLS). It's worked brilliantly for me at cutting the amount of ulcers I get, right down. Still get the occasional ulcer, but it's usually only if I've bitten the side of my mouth.
David B 18 February 11
Bonjela complete does not work for me at all, it can ease the pain a little but half the time the white film it creates ittitates my mouth more...and its very temporary. Does anybody know if Oralmedic is available over the counter at boots or other pharmacies etc?

Jason B 17 February 11
bonjela once was horredous to my mouth, caused more damage than the ulcer. the complete has been great, stings like hell but gives me some pain relief for a few hours and means i can eat!
faerielies 5 February 11
Is Oraldemic the same kind of thing as Bonjela once then?
Hannah 5 February 11
Wow! I'm not entirely surprised, then - I did have a horrendous ulcer on my lower lip about 14 months ago which became so big I was accidentally biting it constantly - I put some Bonjela Once on before bedtime and woke up the next morning to find my lip had all swollen up, but it was nothing that ten minutes of cool, fresh air outdoors didn't solve.

Dom - will be trying some OralMedic very soon!
Alex T 3 February 11
bonjela have brought out a new product called Bonjela complete which is totally rubbish, the only thing that works was bonjela once. a friend who used it also complained of bad reaction to bonjela once. maybe its not for everyone.
Alan 31 January 11
It's because people like me had a massive reaction to bonjela once. I imagine the sulphur content or something in it, but I ended up with a trout pout for about 24 hours and phoned them to ask advice. They acted shocked that it had happened. Soon after, it disappeared of the shelves...
Nathan 18 January 11
Oralmedic was the first version available in the UK, then the others appeared, and now they have gone, so perhaps it was a legal thing. This is all nice new stock BB06/12 and should continue to be available.
Dom Walton 14 January 11

Do you know if this is likely to mean all the products (including Bonjela Once) will return to our shelves? (That said, if it's the same product, I suppose it doesn't matter, plus buying from Bonjela is the most expensive.)

Has there been any word on what caused the supply chain to dry up (no pun intended!)?

I could understand if stock had run low for a week or two, but HybenX/Bonjela Once disappeared from our shelves months ago so I don't quite understand why it's taken so long to fix.

And does this mean it's back for good, or is this some of the "final" stock from a discontinued product?

Many thanks!
Alex T 14 January 11
I work in boots on the pharmacy counter, and there has been no word on why this has been taken off. Boots did an alternative which worked the same way and this has also been taken off the shelves which makes me think it is related to the side effects of using it. I can't find it in any chemists at all and I get alot of customers who ask where it has went.
Kieran, belfast 12 January 11
I now have new stock of Oralmedic back in the shop, everything is smoothed out with the supply chain now so I hope this will be the end of the HybenX problems.
Dom Walton 11 January 11
I am wondering/thinking the same. I've been an ulcer sufferer for the last 45 years and that 'red stuff' is the only real relief I have found. What is in that red liquid in bonjela once? Is it dangerous to our health? Is that why Boots and others have stopped stocking it? It is the only thing that I have found that actually does what it says on the packet. Oh the relief from the pain is wonderful and provides hours of regained normality to life. My ideal would be to buy a small bottle of the 'red stuff' that I could dip a cotton bud into when I need. Is that a possibility?
Frances Coates 3 January 11
PS, I forgot to mention, when i Turkey this year with a horrendous ulcer I found something called Piraldyne. This was after playing charades to pharmacists to basically describe the 'sizzle' of the liquid. He gave me Piraldyne which has been a good alternative. Not as strong and needs a few applications but allows me to get on with life. Not sure what the main ingredient is as I can't read Turkish but it may well be iodine.
Comes in a tiny orange bottle with brush applicator.
Sarah 21 December 10
I was just about to email about the same thing. I used the Galpharm sticks, and after my boyfriend peeled me down from the ceiling and apologised to the neighbours for my screaming the first time I used them; they were miracle workers. I do remember thinking though "Surely these can't be legal without prescription?" It's basially like putting acid into your soft tissue. I'd be really interested to know why all forms have mysteriously disappeared from British shelves...

Sarah 21 December 10
I have one, yes one of them left .. saving it for an event (like job interview & can't speak). I suspect that there may be a long term safety issue with them being used... not sure why & no evidence to support... just a funny feeling.
Derek 18 December 10
Not much... BUT, Oralmedic should be available (might be available) in due course, haven't got to the bottom of what is going on.
Dom Walton 14 December 10
Hi Dom, I've just ordered some from your store - how many do you have left??!!
Seems strange that something that works so well is being discontinued.
I wonder if it is because sometimes the liquid eats away the cotton bud before opening the packet. This has happened to me a few times, but it still works if you drip the stuff onto a new fresh cotton bud.
It was the best thing I ever used as it actually worked!
Jez Cravos 13 December 10
Dom - thank you for looking into this for me. I'd be most grateful if you could enquire further. There obviously has to be a reason for this - the fact that it seems to have just disappeared without a trace is extremely bizarre.
Alex T 11 December 10
It doesn't look very good... I contacted Galpharm to ask if there were likely to be problems with supply, only to be told they are not supplying it any more, I don't know anyone at Bonjela or Boots, but, I'll contact Oralmedic next and see if I can get any details.
Dom Walton 6 December 10
Bonjela Once = HybenX, Debacterol, Oralmedic, Galpharm Mouth Ulcer Treatment, Boots Mouth Ulcer Treatment), all made by Epien and imported from the US. I still have the Galpharm in the shop. I'll try and find out what is happening.
Dom Walton 5 December 10
Hi, everyone.

Does anyone know what has happened to Bonjela Once?

These were the relatively new "liquid-filled cotton buds" that you applied to ulcers. They were absolutely fantastic and by far and away the best 'cure' I've ever had for mouth ulcer pains here in the UK.

It made the pain go away completely - it wouldn't return at all in smaller ulcers, and enabled me to be without pain for at least 48-72 hours with even the largest of ulcers.

Suddenly, I can't find it anywhere (except various places online - all the shops I have looked in don't seem to sell it anymore).

Instead, there is now this new gel called "Bonjela Complete Plus", which is more like a small bottle of thick liquid which you apply with a small plastic 'shovel'. This works, but I find it lasts only about 2-3 hours before the pain returns.

Bonjela Once was, by a long distance, the best thing I've ever had for mouth ulcers.

Does anybody know why it seems to have disappeared from the shops? (There's not even any mention of it on the Bonjela website!)

Many thanks,

PS. One theory I'm working on is that is was too successful for the manufacturer's own good and they withdrew it following a huge drop in profits due to its success! Mind you, it was very expensive - but worth it in my opinion!
Alex T 4 December 10

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Whats happened to Bonjela Once?

54 messages in this subject.