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I think these tablets are fabulous!!
Jenny 23 September 17
Hi, I have Oral Lichen planus which flares up from time to time and is extremely sore.I used to use Adcortyl cream which worked well but is no longer available..then went onto the Corlan pellets which were very good too but now they have been rebranded and are nowhere near as effective. I have had conflicting information from pharmacists...some say they are prescription only ..some say you can buy over the counter. The latest I was told from Morrison's pharmacy is that I can buy them over the counter but they cost 9 plus for 20 and, as I do not, thankfully need them very often, their usage expires before I have had chance to use the 20...very, very much false economy for me...a pensioner!
Michele 29 January 16
Corlan Pellets are Hydrocortisone 2.5mg Muco-Adhesive Buccal Tablets.
The Hydrocortisone 2.5mg Muco-Adhesive Buccal Tablets have a "P" inside a square on the tub because they are also available on Prescription or to buy from the Pharmacy. If it is POM inside the square, that means it is "Prescription Only Medicine"
Hope this Helps
Kaz 2 June 15
I crush the pellets and use iglu to stick the bits to the ulcer
rich 27 May 15
Hydrocortisone 2.5 Muco-Adhesive Buccal Tablets which are extremely tiny in size are meant to be placed on the mouth ulcer and left to be slowly dissolved. This is very impractical since the tablets move about in the mouth and are not to be swallowed. Additionally one becomes unable to speak without the tablet falling out, therefore I guess that you stay at home and do not attend work until the ulcer is healed! The taste is absolutely disgusting and vile, which means that you cannot eat any food while having the tablet in your mouth.

The person who developed these tablets should have considered exactly how they were to be used and should have created a paste or cream to be rubbed on, something like Adcortyl. I am extremely disappointed in these tablets and hope that a cream alternative can be developed. It is becoming customary for things which work to be withdrawn, nothing makes sense anymore except young new innovative ideas which are often very impractical.
Alexis 27 March 15
Was today prescribed Hydrocortisone 2.5mg Muco-Adhesive Buccal Tablets by my GP, went to fill the script only to be told by the pharmacist that these are available without prescriptoion. She kindly charged me only 6.10 for 20 tablets, as opposed to the 8.05 it would have cost to get the prescription filled.

Also, had to wait 3 days for docs appointment for the script, had i known they were available over the counter, i could have started treatment for my exceptionally painful mouth FULL of ulcers on Sunday (its now Wednesday).

Thanks Doc....

Joe 16 April 14
I have suffered with mouth ulcers on and off my whole life and years ago was prescribed Corlan pellets which really worked and i only had to use them 1 or 2 nights to get results. Well they were taken off the market about a year ago for months. I recently managed to buy from a chemist hydrocortisoneMuco-Adhesive Buccal tablets 2.5 mg. I've been using them for about 5 nights and although the ulcer is gradually improving its still there and I don't wake up with the bad chemical taste in my mouth I used to get from Corlan pellets which says to me that Corlan was stronger and worked.
A week ago I spoke to a shop assistant/consultant in a famous health shop who told me that health products in the shop were regularly withdrawn from the market to be re-licensed returning after time at a lesser potency. Don't know why, suspect to cut costs and make more profit, but if it doesn't work it would be a false economy.
Dee 21 January 14
I paid 11.99 for my Muco-adhesive buccal tablets. Adcortyl was the best product but is no longer being manufacture
Knobby 26 September 13

Does anybody know where you can get corlon tabs or the new alternative? i find they are the only thing that works but I cannot seem to get them anywhere, very frustrating.
fergal cleary 31 January 13
yes, had the same problem. Have huge ulcer which became infected. had a week of antibiotics which I wouldnt have needed if I could have had Corlan. Doc says they cant prescribe them any more but couldnt find anywhere that sells them so as las ditch attempt have ordered off the internet
Jan Kewish 26 September 12
I'm having a bad attack of ulcers at the moment, and a round of all my local chemists turned up neither Corlan nor any replacement. Was pretty pissed off as Adcortyl and Corlan were the most effective things for me, and now neither are available.
Mark, London 1 February 12
I have today been prescribed Hydrocortisone Muco Adhesive Buccal Tablets, but all my local chemists say the manufacturer is not supplying them and they won't be available until June 2012!

Anyone else had this problem?
Michelle 26 January 12
Corlan pellets have been renamed to Hydrocortisone 2.5mg Muco Adhesive Buccal Tablets.

They are still available to purchase from the Pharmacy without a prescription.

These are a 'P' product which means a Prescription is not required to purchase the medecine
Healthcare Professional 12 January 12
went to the doctors today because the back of my throat is covered in ulcers and the doctor prescribed these tablets and said you can only get them on prescription october 2011
t laws 24 October 11
Seems to me there is a stinking big con going on
C Moore 25 August 11
your doctor can prescribe them, might be cheaper than going to independent chemist!
Rosy 6 February 11
Rosy Wison 6 February 11
P.S. should be around 3.49 for 20!
Pharmacist 1 February 11
Corlan Pellets have been re-branded and renamed 'Hydrocortisone Muco-Adhesive Buccal tablets' - still the same thing, just a different name!
Pharmacist 1 February 11
Have been to 2 Boots stores today and have been told that Corlan pellets are no longer available. No alternative was advised.
They seem to be the only thing that help with the swelling and pain of ulcers.
Wendy Morrison 25 January 11
I went to Boots for their Mouth Ulcer Treatment (the cotton bud sticks), they didn't have any, didn't have the Bonjela Once version either. I was given the impression they weren't going to stock them any more, dunno if this is national or not?
Doug 30 October 10
Been having difficulties replacing my emergency stock of Corlan pellets-Boots, Lloyds, all are out of stock with varying reasons ("discontinued", manufacturing problems" etc.).

Have just discovered that it's been renamed Hydrocortisone 2.5mg Muco-Adhesive Buccal Tablets.
Why, oh why?

Boots denied all knowledge but I managed to get a jar of 20 pellets from a small independent. However, beware-the Internet site where I got the information states 3.79/20 (more or less the same price as the old Corlan) but the independent charged me 9.43! I went back today to query but he looked it up in a book and said that's the prices he has to charge.

Anyone else had similar experiences?
Nigel Hawkes 29 October 10

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