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I Have geographic tongue. Yogurt works to make it subside, but sadly it will come back.
cynical ferret 21 December 17
I recently woke up and felt like the tip of my tongue had been burned. I couldn't tolerate muchof anything to drink or eat because everything made my tongue burn more. I tried Anbesol and I already use Biotene and Listerine at hygenist's suggestion for plaque and dry mouth. I gargled with salt water which immediately made it burn like fire. It seemed to help after it stopped burning, but then I developed 3 small circular smoother and darker areas at the tip of my tongue. No mouth ulcers or lumps. The burning got better and I could tolerate eating and drinking most foods, but the spots and a little discomfort remained. Then, I went in for a regular dental check-up and told the dentist about it. He said the remaining spots were unusual but didn't appear to be anything to worry about. He suggested I use Kaopectate to coat and soothe the spots. I went home thinking everything was ok and it would soon be behind me. This morning, I woke up with a swollen lip and several mouth ulcers inside my lip! I am beginning to think either it is something I am eating or something in dental products. It may be acidic things. It all began after having several days of salad with strawberries, blueberries and mandarin oranges on top. Last night I had spaghetti (tomatoes are acidic). I have had stomach issues and mouth ulcers from time to time after having a lot of tomato sandwiches and Italian food often doesn't sit well with my stomach, but never the tongue issue or swelling. I have no idea what to do from here except leaving of all acidic foods.
Angela 3/29/17 29 March 17
i had a viral infection 2 wks ago now i have an ulcer on the right hand side of my tongue ive tried bonjela mouthwash salt water but its still hurting and stopping me from eating and drinking
sam 16 june 11 16 June 11
having a similar problem to what you described above, i keep getting numerous ulcers on the end of my tongue which is affecting me eating at the moment. No sooner does one go, but four or five smaller ones appear. this has been bothering me for the last 10 days but my ulcers are only on the tongue and i dont seem to have any other symptoms. any new advice?
BAZ 22 April 11
\\Adding onto my earlier post on 9 December 10\\

Alright, so I've tried the 500mg of L-Lysine 3x a day for the last month (yes, I had ulcers that lasted that long).
The ulcer i had as soon as i started taking the L-Lysine lasted over 2 weeks, so the supplement didnt help any!
As soon as it went away, over night i got 2 more next to my right canines!!! ughhh

But here's the thing!! I think i found out the very FIRST fix to my ulcer problem!! I'll sum it up.

Alcohol-Based Mouthwash = Do NOT use. Worsens ulcers by killing good bacteria. Can cause cancer.
Hydrogen Peroxide = Tried it a few times. Bubbled.. tickled... didn't help. your choice. but I'd imagine it is much stronger than any alcohol-based mouthwash, but still too weak to heal BAD ulcers (my own experience).
Foamy Toothpaste = Do NOT use. Irritates ulcers. Get some Sensodine without that foamy crap.
Salt = haha... do NOT use.. it just hurts (directly/mix), and is probably not strong enough to kill BAD ulcers!
Biotene Mouthwash = USE!! MUST USE! Medically tested! Use it right before you go to sleep. This is when the bacteria usually spreads (my own experience). The moisturizing effect helps your mouth out over night!

So, to sum it up, use special toothpaste instead of the regular one, and also use Biotene (all day long). It doesn't burn, it tastes really good, and it makes your ulcer stop hurting for a long time.

Also, i use equate oral gel to numbt the ulcer pain (apply directly to the ulcer). It is only for the pain.. and last night i applied it directly right before i went to sleep.. and one of my ulcers is REALLY small!!! i can't believe it! the first time in like 15 years for an ulcer to noticeably improve in any time under 2 weeks! It has to be either the Biotene i am constantly using or the equate oral gel, that is covering the ulcer from spreading or something...

On a related note, my wife did a little lab project on a sample of my last ulcer (when it was huge), and she found out this... I had, in one of my little spots.. Cocci, Rods, Gram-Negatives, Gram-Positives, and hemolytic bacteria...
sounds disgusting.. in that little spot, i had every type of bacteria that she could do tests on!! omg my mouth is bad!! and i keep it very clean! well, now im trying a diff approach!

ill keep you guys updated
Anon 30 December 10
if they last more than 3 weeks get it checked by dentist esp coz of red patcches as thats not normal
john 21 December 10
I've had those recurring problems for about my whole life... seen doctors... several different ones since my childhood. They've prescribed random things from lozenges to throat spray, and even to reduce stress.

I'm completely uncured from this (10+ years). I get mouth/tongue ulcers and inflammations randomly every month (lasting from a week to 3 weeks). Brushed with different toothpastes 2x a day (change all the time) and used mouthwash ALL the time. No luck. When I STOPPED using mouthwash the ulcers/pains last 3 weeks average. So mouthwash knocks off a week! (woo....). I've used salt, peroxide, numbing creams, campho, etc. Nothing gets rid of these faster than a week...

Right now i have one very large one directly touching my left bottom canine and a very painful one one the left side of my tongue, rubbing against my upper teeth (sucksss). Both randomly popped up overnight (no biting, brushed+mouthwashed.. pretty much went to bed PERFECT).. but still randomly popped up.

I'm trying some supplements now. 500mg of L-Lysine 2x a day and 3x a day on outbreaks (like now).
I'll let you know how it works out... but i've given up.. I eat healthy, workout, keep good hygiene.. oh well!
Anon 9 December 10
I have the same a big lump on my bottom tongue it goes after about 6 hours or more
Farhan 17 July 10
I had something similar, but I know already that I do have Herpes. Fortunately, my ulcers were tested and the doctor ascribed them no be a bad reaction to citrus, and not a Herpes flare-up.
Kenny Chandler ~ AZ
KC 27 June 10
I've had recurrent ulcers for well over a month now, with really similar syptoms to you Davo. I've also had swollen glands, a sore throat and I'm losing my voice. I was prescribed some lozenges by the doctor at a walk in centre, who explained it would take 5 days to heal. No such luck. Bah!
Diddley_Dee 24 June 10
Bumping this thread up...keen to know if anyone else has had recurrent ulcers on their tongue?
Davo 23 June 10
Sounds as if you are very run down, maybe supplements will help.
Bob 21 June 10
Oh - and red patches on my hard palate!! Not painful though... :-o
Davo 21 June 10
Hi all,

I feel as though I have a collection of symptoms where nothing really adds up. Started with a few ulcers on one side of my tongue a few weeks ago, accompanied by a swollen gland on the same side. Ulcers were pretty small and went swiftly with bonjela but hey presto new ones popped up to replace! They worked their way over to the other side and also I've had some on the flat of the tongue, plus one on the lower inside of the lip. The weird bit is that I have random inflammations of areas inside the mouth, like at the back of the teeth where the gums are and those bits of skin which stretch from roof to floor of mouth. No swollen glands now but sides of tongue often sore :-9

Has anyone had such a combination? I was STD checked (apart from HIV) the other week so it's none of those. Or what do we know abot geographic tongue?

Davo 21 June 10

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Ulcers on tongue / random symptoms

14 messages in this subject.