extracted wisdom tooth gave me ulcers

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I had an impacted wisdom tooth pulled, oh my god! Now,i have had to c-sections & i recovered quicker than i did with this god darn tooth. Just when i thought things weíre going to get better, POW i have 3 open sores in my mouth, that my dentist tell me are called ulcers. The pain that you people go through on a daily basis is unbearable. I am ready to rip my face off! He gave me a prescription called (CHLORHEX GLU SOLUTION), i have only taken one dose, so i am not sure if it works. But i am going to give it a try. And for all of you mouth ulcers sufferes,I really feel for you, wish i could find a cure so we could all be pain free!!
Angel 9 April 02
wanna hear something gross? I had all my wisdom teeth out and during my recovery I developed big ulcers where they had put some stitches in my gums. When it was time to remove the stitches they had to pull them through the ulcers!!! I have never known pain like it and I hope I never experience it again..
chris 7 January 03
Just had two left wisdom teeth out and have developed ulcers from hell all over one side of my mouth. The teeth were dreadful but its the ulcers which are really turning into the unbearable situation. patience and salt water I hope will bring this misery to an end....
Nye 18 January 03
Bloody insane I tell ya.. Had 4 wisdom teeth extracted and one normal one. The pain from the ulcers are worse than the pain from the extraction. Ulcers everywhere 3 in one area in my gums. One on each side under my tounge. 3 near the back of my throat. Salt water soothes the pain a lot. Dentinst told me to try Savacol Antiseptic Mouthwash.. I donít think this really helps. Dentist says it was trauma from the operation.. Iíd tend to think so as I was extremely rare I had any before.
Ed 20 January 03
Great i Just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and i think i have to small ulcers and idk why. im trying to find out how to get rid of them before they hurt even more. I dont know wheather its from touching that spot with my tounge and fingures too much or trying to stuff that spot with gauze so i can smoke. Im hoping mouthe wash and salt water will help me so i can go back to work monday:(
Miranda 5 August 12
5:30 am in the morning , I had 1 bottom wisdom tooth taken out on Tuesday nigh and it's now Saturday night, the dentist checked my recovery on Thursday and said its fine, stitches out next week. However Friday pain developed and now Saturday night and I'm lieing in bed awake due to a far more unbearable pain that has developed . A very uncomfortable large ulcer right next to the wisdom wound so it is constantly rubbing. I hope time and warm water with salt can kill of this evil little thing because it is not a nice experience.

The wisdom tooth recovery itself was half as painful to this.
Nico 11 August 12
As soon as I got my wisdom teeth out I started getting bad ulcers and have had them ever sense...
luke 20 August 12
Had 9 teeth extracted on Wednesday had 8 injections to numb my gums .
Now we're I had the injections I have ulcers I have to wear a bottom denture so at the moment can't eat only drink happy days . Having to use bonjela and salt water washes hope this helps soon as I'm not a happy bunny
Sue 24 September 12
I had my four wisdom teeth cut out last week and while under general anesthesia, the doc mustve gotten me with the suction tool or some other tool because i now have an ulcer the size of a quarter on the side of my throat where my tonge constantly touches. Swallowing and talking make the pain unbearable to the point that I tear up and feel as though my throats going to rupture. I am prone to small ulcers, usually no bigger than a few mm in diameter but this one is huge, about the size of a tonsil. I had my weekly check up today and the doc said to expect it to last for another 6-8 weeks. Great. He said just a salt water rinse and time would be the only things to heal it.
Joel 16 October 12
Same has happened to me, got 2 wisdom teeth out 9 days ago and have a few ulcers in gums where the wisdom teeth weren't removed, hope they go away soon
Vicki 28 March 13
Exactly the same, had 4 extractions and two little ulcers have appeared right next to the wound. Annoying since i have a job that requires talking to people ALL DAY
Matt 4 April 13
Same pain here. can't eat anything. Had my wisdom teeth removed 1 week ago and my stitches will be removed tomorrow. Thank god my ulcers aren't the place where stitches are present as u guys said.I have three ulcers total, two next to removed wisdom teeth.
Anonymous1xyz 7 August 13
Had wisdom tooth removes last friday and now where i had the anesthetic injections (8 in total ) have a big ulcer which is as painful as the pain i had in the tooth :(
Ivan 27 August 13
a week before i visited a dentist to remove my cracked wisdom tooth
he ave me 4 shots of numbness
then struggled more than an hour to pull that tooth
he also cut the gum to pull that tooth out but it was another failure
finally he drilled the teeth upto the roots and stitched the gum while roots remain inside

I am feeling extreme pain since then and a burning mouth (inner cheeks, tongue & gums)
first i thought that it may be a due to antibiotics.

Please help & suggest
Adnan Khan 2 October 13
It took almost 3 hours to remove my back tooth on Thursday and now Sunday I have ULCERS all over my left side of my mouth. Huge ones that are hurting so bad I could throw up. The ulcers are worse than tooth pain!!! Tylenol 3 doesn't even touch it!!!
Priscilla 11 November 13
i got my wisdom tooth removed 3 days back which was not painful but i have got 5 to 6 ulcers near my lip on right side, left side and right side...the whole mouth is in bad shape and i cant eat anything... cold water helps fr some time.. i will now use the salt and baking soda remedy in warm water.. just rinse my mouth with it.. if it works will post it.. this pain is much more terrible..
sakshi john 22 November 13
I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled december 2nd. It was the worse pain I had ever endured and still dealing with because I have 4 to 5 ulcers in my mouth.. I've tried everything besides oral jel to get rid of them. I haven't had a check up yet. What should I do ?? This sucks !
smith 11 December 13
I haven't had my wisdom teeth out yet but had some of the symptoms described above, pain,swelling unable to open mouth. And this was all due to an infection. The pus (excuse the grossness) was building up under teeth and gums, I didn't know this was there until ulcer popped and all pus was removed although infection was still present I felt much better.
Sabea 2 February 14
I had terrible gum ulcers after I had wisdom teeth extracted in hospital. The ulcers cleared up in 24 hours when the bottle of pink mouth wash they gave me ran out. It was a while back and I did not keep a note of the name but I did follow directions to the letter. Next time I will insist on salt water only.
Malcolm 26 February 14
Glad to know its not just me. Had my upper right wosdom tooth removed a week ago, started noticing red spots on back of m throat. Now I have a couple I large ulcers that are quite painful. Using chlorhexidine gluconate mouthwash but i had been taking NSAIDs, so that could be the cause!
Jon 2 July 14
Saturday I extracted 4 tooth and Sunday I got 5 ulcers!! Today is Wednesday and I got a new ulcer ... The pain is killing me I just hope it recovers soon
Jo 23 July 14
I got all four of my wisdon teeth cut out out last Friday and today is Thursday, I also have braces on my bottom six teeth. I have ulcers the size of dimes on the inside of my bottom lip which has caused my lip to swell up and I have four ulcers around where my incisions where I got my wisdom teeth out. I'm pretty sure the pain from the ulcers is worse than the pain from my wisdom teeth. Does anybody have any suggestions to get rid of these ulcers? My birthday is in three days and I really don't want to be in this much pain!
Elizabeth 1 August 14
Had wisdom teeth pulled last year and got ulcers. Had a molar pulled two days ago and I have ulcers. Im not sure what causes it but apparently its not abnormal.
Dirty Red 13 August 14
I had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out Thursday 11th September 2014. I first developed 2 ulcers on my tongue, and now 1 on the soft tissue at the back of my pallet, and one under my tongue and by my lip. Andolex-C is an oral mouthwash and it numbs the whole inside of your mouth and back of your throat, which alleviates the pain from ulcers. It's a pink translucent fluid that you use between every 1/2 - 3 hours. if you experience intense pain where your wisdom tooth was removed and you don't think it's an ulcer, it could be something called dry socket. Dry socket is when the nerves or jaw bone are exposed to air, fluid, and food debris. If you think you have a dry socket, it is best to visit your dentist so the can irrigate it and put on what they call dry socket paste with gause, which relieves any pain fairly quick and speeds up the healing process.
MatFire 14 September 14
i have one long ulcer just beside my pull out wisdom on 4 oct 2014, and is painful even my stitches is heeling soon.
what should I do ?
emerlynn 7 October 14
I've never been in this much consistent pain. My mouse is dry from all the rinses and sprays I've bought and salt water makes me want to rip my hair out. I have two huge ulcers at the back of my throat and the base of my tongue preventing me from speaking/eating/generally doing normal things, and small ulcers dotted around my gums and tongue. Why do they not warn patients about this post-op? I've tried Corsodyl, Difflam, Bonjela, Iglu, nothing works. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen have made zero difference. I'd rather have all my teeth taken out without pain relief than to go through this again!
Jess 25 October 14
I got dry socket when I got my wisdom teeth out - that was years ago - at the time I thought they would never heal but they did - it took 2 months. NOW I simply had to go in for a filling a week ago and where he put the needle on the inside of my top lip - it has come up in a massive ulcer where the dentist injected - what is this all about ?
melinda 14 November 14
I had my top left wisdom tooth removed 4 days ago and since, the site of extraction has started to feel better, but my throat has started hurting so bad it's unbearable. I checked to see what it looked like, and there are white spots all over the back of my throat, specifically on the left side. Are these ulcers? Are they normal? It hurts so much to swallow and talk that it's making my stomach hurt.
Carly 12 December 14
I currently have several ulcers, mainly around my tongue. My throat is soar. However, I have been able to narrow down the cause of these damn things. I believe that the pus excreted from the wounds as they fight off bacteria are the instigators of this problem, here is what you can do: Most people use toothpaste with a type of sodium sulfate abbreviated as SLS. This is acidic and makes your mouth vulnerable to soars, especially under severe trauma (wisdom tooth extraction). Find a toothpaste that advertises being "NATURAL" and "SLS-FRE". I personally have Ayurvedic toothpaste now, because there are other helpful things in that toothpaste for your ulcers. DRINK CHAMOMILE TEA. It helps temporarily. Oil pulling with sunflower or coconut oil helps some, but it doesn't taste good. Be sure to gargle the oil in the back of your throat if you do this. Salt water rinsing (lots of salt to facilitate osmosis) is a must, but be careful not to re open your blood clot from your tooth. STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR. All types. It is inflammatory. And, finally, Meditate. I know not many people do it, but it has been proven to reduce inflammation, not to mention all of the other benefits like increased metabolic rate, etc. (look it up) Now that I am doing all of these things, I feel much less pain, although swallowing still hurts, which sucks big time :) I feel for you, and hope you get better!
Thomas 19 December 14
Just after i got my wisdom teeth..i didnt pull it out tho....but i got ulser its like a month now...
Siam 15 June 15
I just got one of my wisdom tooth out on Monday it's Wednesday. Now i have two tiny white bumps on the inside my bottom lip what is it never had it before.
Odette Luther 12 August 15
I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago under local anesthetic, I get my stitches removed tomorrow. And I haven't been able to even open my mouth with out a ton of pain. I'm pretty sure my top ones are healing right they haven't bothered me what so ever, the bottom right is alright I developed a small ulcer which I feel every once in a while however my left bottom incision has about 5 ulcers around it and the pain is unimaginable. If tried everything, all sorts of mouth washes and the incision too doesn't seem as though it has heard correctly it still hurts unlike the rest. I'm so frustrated, I haven't been able to eat right even brush my teeth for the past week. Any suggestions?
Lina 20 August 15
i had 4 wisdo teeth removed. 3 days later i get 2 ulcers on right cheek, 2 ulcers on left cheek, 1 ulcer on EACH TONSIL, AND OMFG AND ULCER THE SIZE OF 2 PENCIL ERASERS ON MY DAM UVULA!! i dry socketed 2 and in my opnion the ulcers hurt more. dentistsgave me lidocaine and told me to wait it out 3 weeks and hopefully they will go away. R U ****ING ME!!! man this sucks
craig 8 December 15
my god. i was looking for some answers of how to ease this pain and only by reading all of your experiences, mine suddenly feels better! Jesus guys. god bless you all. its good to know im not alone. hurts so bad. and my mom thinks im over reacting but she doesnt have any clue how painful these ulcers are. my face is still swollen but the pain is gone. the ulcers just hurt like a biiiiiiii***!
Kate 31 January 16
How long did it take for the ulcers to heal?
Barbara 2 February 16
I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled out Monday afternoon and today is Thursday. The second I woke up (which I don't remember much of) my throat started to kill me. The next morning the numbness on the bottom left side of my face and mouth went away, but the right stayed. Now I cannot feel anything on my lower right, but I get several sharp pains and those teeth feel extremely weird. Also, I can barely open my mouth without wanting to scream from the pain and the left side of my throat has not stopped hurting. It's so unbearable I cannot swallow, it's super dry and almost feels like strep, but only on the left side. Because of all the pain, my throat, the numbness and not being able to open my mouth I can barely eat. Nothing is working for me. My meds, other meds, tea, ice, salt water... I mean seriously nothing is working for any of the issues and pain. Does anyone know what I should do? Or what else I should try? I am planning on waiting until Monday, exactly a week after the surgery, to call my doctor just in case it does start to feel better after a week, but this is god awful, I can't even sleep through this... Someone help me!!!
Kristina 18 March 16
I'm glad I'm not alone.. I had my four wisdom teeth out on Friday and it's almost been a week but my mouth is burning with pain because of a bunch of canker sores! I can hardly eat anything..
Sty 18 March 16
I am with you all. I normally get canker sores every couple of months, sometimes small sometimes large, usually in the same spots of my inner lip or gum. I've had them all my life and they hurt like hell but go away in 7-10 days, what can you do. My dentist gave me a corticosteroid paste to use when they get really bad. It takes the swelling down a bit when left on overnight and I even think if I use it as soon as I feel an ulcer developing that it can reduce the time to heal but that just may be wishful thinking. BUT GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN, I just had 3 wisdom teeth removed and have developed a half DOZEN cankers in both lips and back at the corner of each extraction site, the worst I have ever experienced and as I told you, I've been living with these all my life! Hang in there, people. Rinsing with salted water is supposed to help but hurts like HELL. Time will heal these suckers like it always does so hang in there. I will do the same.
Todd 29 March 16
Hi I just had a wisdom tooth extracted, and got stitches straight from my cheek to my gum, because there wasn't enough gum tissue to cover the hole. The irritation from the stitch gave me large painful canker sores. I am doing salt water rinses daily but it doesn't seem to be helping. It's only been a week so maybe I'm asking for too much but the stitches are supposed to dissolve in a couple of days they said! I feel like ripping them out, which would put me in more pain, but it's just so darn irritating!
Saki 1 May 16
The best stuff I've found for the white canker blisters is Tanac, a tannic acid preparation that also numbs the pain a bit. You put it on with a q-tip (use a clean one each time), and eventually the acid helps dry up the eruption. Seems to speed up healing the outbreak a bit, for me at least.
Rocky 10 May 16
I had 1 impacted wisdom tooth removed, took 2.5 hours. My whole bottoms lip is one big ulcer, the corner of my mouth where the tooth was pulled developed a large wound and infection and it cracks and bleeds all the time. Best is to accept you will be eating through a straw for some time after the surgery.
Beth 16 May 16
Guys hang in there I am in the same pain but I found a way that helps me with the pain. I got two wisdom teeth removed. They were grabbing on to the nerve and were really bad. It took 4 hours to remove them. Well anyhow, a day after I woke up with a bunch of ulcers in my throat by the wounds. They hurt like hell. For two days straight I felt they were sucking the life out of me. I tried rinses with hot water and slat but nothing helped. But on the third day I did something completely stupid. I mean I was in so much pain I didnt care. I got a cup of listerine and put it in my mouth. I held it there while laying down. It burned like a b*tch but after like 30 seconds I felt better. So ive kept on doing that and it has helped me. I hurts for a while when you have the listerine there but trust me after it calms them down for like 3-4 hours
Walter 25 May 16
I have one lower left wisdom tooth pulled 20 days ago today.Back several days ago I had what friends said was thrust in my mouth.My tooth was pulled by a dentist from a dental clinic associated with a local church.I don't have insurance.I was told I could not return to them for any needed follow up.So I went to the health dept.and was told there that I had thrush..gave me a nasty mouth wash..swish and swallow..because the white patches were down my throat.Well....finished medicine...and white patches are still there and now even on my gum where the wisdom tooth was cut out!!!! And these places hurt really bad!!! Please someone help me.What can I do? What can I buy to heal them up?
Veda Moral 5 July 16
If you have read my story find me at kyrose.vm@gmail.com if anyone has any known over the counter idea that will heal gum users caused from wisdom tooth extraction...I am in so muxh pain.The extraction was done by a dental clinic pro bono..and I was told that I can not return for follow-ups.
Veda Moral 5 July 16
There are natural herbs that heal ulcers, I just had one of my molars extracted and I have a small ulcer on my left cheek right where the tooth was surgically removed. For those who cannot afford the compound herbs I've always removed ulcers with coconut pulling, occasional peroxide swishing, and using non Flouride toothpaste/mouthwash. I haven't done this process yet, just waiting for my gums to heal a little more. Hope this helps, it'll take about a week to heal, or to see any results. Much love and blessing!
Kidschiz 3 September 16
(Continued) Also, you can try baking soda, it is an alkaline that can break down that acid.
Kidschiz 3 September 16
Also, just would like to follow up, my ulcers have gone away due to healthy eating as a vegan. Didn't need to do any additional exercises.
Kidschiz 8 September 16
I got my right bottom wisdom tooth out 3 days back, it was very painful to have it but extraction was not too hard ( i had fear of it ). I was blessed to have a great dentist, did a great job taking out a broken root after main extraction. Dentist told me to NOT rinse me mouth for first day but aftet that gargles with warm water with salt for 3 days, i dont think there is infection but there is a small blister between my throat and that root. It hurts but not unbearable. BTW, i had my gums swallon almost all over my mouth but that has reduced also. These ulsers, as my elders said happens because of heat in stomach. So cold natured things like milk yugert or ice cream should be eaten. Ice helps a lot.
Ammar Ahmed 9 September 16
Okay its just been a week l got 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted.Well the pain is mandatory but what about the infection😢sucks right?ya,but unfortunately l am caught up with infection
And oh yes,not to forget i got an acne like thing on my lower lip. Later when l complained about it to my doctor she says its a pimple there's nothing to worry.Well how can one not worry getting such breakouts 😒 she refuses to hear my complaint i.e after the surgery it was a bruise which turned to a pimple at present 😢
Please help
Stan 20 17 October 16
Damn this is crazy!
Got a strip of ulcers on my tongue after a wisdom teeth surgery two days ago. It's my second time to go through this type of surgery. No swelling but the pain from the ulcers are just unbearable!
Zhang Jun 23 October 16
I heard that whenever there is trauma to an area in the mouth, there is a good chance that an ulcer will appear. The pain I am experiencing is worse than the wisdom tooth removal! The thing that is Really helping me, besides tylenol 3 is ora gel extra strength. I am so thankful I picked some up!
Jen 23 October 16
Had my four wisdom teeth out four days ago. Mine were fairly easy, all four were grown in. I had to drive myself to and from. I was awake for extraction but had Novocaine, laughing gas and took a xanax. The only thing that hurt was the Novocaine shots in the roof of my mouth. I wanted to scream but just took it and cried a little bit. Felt nothing after the shots except for pressure and some weird noises. Getting my perscription after was fun I had blood running down my face and didn't know till I got back in my car hahaha. Yesterday I noticed pain at one of the extraction sites. Went back to surgeon for check up and it is a ulcer. He said it happens a lot because of the trauma from the teeth extractions. Other then that he says I'm healing well. I have been gargling with warm salt water for three days and two days now using the prescription mouthwash. They don't seem to help much but I'm sure it's keeping my mouth clean. Take your vitamins, drink lots of water. Time will heal. Good luck to all
Roy 16 January 17
OMG the ulcers, the burning pits if hell in my mouth ..... I want it to stop , I am rethinking having last wisdom tooth pulled. This is a nightmare!!!!!
cheryl 12 February 17
I had my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago and I had a bad ulcer on the roof of my mouth towards my throat. Then I had a bad pain on the left side of my mouth but the right side felt great. I've been thinking I'm getting a dry socket because the pain is so bad. Today I decided to look in a mirror and I found the largest ulcer I've ever had (I get ulcers ALL the time) and it is on my incision! Hurts worse than I ever did from the surgical pain. Nothing helps it either. The pain is unbearable. Glad to know I'm not the only one who has had this problem.
Chey 31 May 17
What a great relief to know that I am not the only one experiencing this unbearable pain!!
When I first had my 2 right wisdom teeth removed I had ulcers on my cheek, lip and tongue and it was F***** Hell for 5 days! We thought it was because of the antibiotics or the doctor didn't have his equipment properly sterilized.. My friends kept laughing at me as they said you shouldnt be feeling this much pain.
One week later I had my other 2 left side wisdom teeth removed (P.S.: Without a surgery, just pulled) and ** I changed the doctor because I thought it could be because of him and I don't want to experience that pain again, BUT, guess what, it happened again and I didn't take any antibiotics or anti-inflammatory because I also said it could be because of them.
ulcers appeared again with a hugeeeeee ear pain that is unbearable. Its the 4th day today and I hope tomorrow is gonna be the last day of pain because I cannot take it anymore. I cant speak, eat, breathe, drink, or even focus on small things! and Everyone thinks I'm exaggerating.

Good luck everyone! Hope you get well soon..
Nicolas 11 August 17
I had my wisdom extracted few days back...had an extra tooth just in front of my wisdom.Got extracted both.Few days later a little bone fragment came off the wound.Later i had severe pain n was unable to eat.I assumed the wound isnt healing.Doctor checked n said it was the ulcer causing pain n not d wound.He touched d wound n wasnt paining.He touched d ulcer n i cried in pain.He gave me Anabel Gel to apply before eating.Hope it settles.
SMM 11 August 17
Five days ago I had a tooth extraction with socket preservation and a bone graft on another spot to prep for two implants. Three days ago. I started having severe pain. It was horrific. I finally womaned up and looked in my mouth. I have a large ulcer at the back of my gum line, and two smaller ones in the incision line of my cheek. Holy hell! I diluted down doterra melaleuca and clove bid and put that on it. Numbs it for awhile. It seemed to help with swelling. But today I had to go off pain meds so I could go to a parent teacher conference (nothing for 12 hours) I got back home and tried to eat. I am just not going to eat til they go away. I called my hubby sobbing. He ran to pharmacy and bought orajel mouth wash for canker sores. This is a life saver. It's really helped calm the pain.
Pickled Purple 10 October 17
12 days ago I had my wisdom tooth upper .I have a sore at the stitch site ,which was painful andworse when my tongue irritate it. ..salt water didn't help much .I put baking soda in water and rinse my mouth which gave me a big relieve..the pain went away now I'm waiting for it to fully heal....try baking soda in water
Amanda 24 October 17
Thank God I came across this!! I had my wisdom tooth removed on Tuesday. On Thursday I literally felt ill, the left side of my face was in agony. I checked in the mirror and saw an ulcer the size of a slug running down my jaw, under my teeth!!! These last few days have been complete hell. I've bought mouthwash and gel from the chemist but doesn't seem to be helping much. I'm praying that when I wake up tomorrow the pain will have eased a bit. Does anyone know Why this seems to happen after an extraction??
Samantha Ward 4 November 17
So glad I found this site had molar extracted which had anabcess 2 days later had mouth full of ulcers OMG agony 3days on I tried oragel for mouth ulcers the only thing that has worked gives relief for about 3hours never wouldnít wish it on anyone total agony hope we all pain free soon
Janys Burton 21 November 17
Aaah! I had molar extractions 3 days ago and I noticed I got canker sores around the extraction areas! Thank god for the pain killers they prescribed me though! I've literally been living off pudding and mash potatoes these last few days and even then it's still a pain when I eat!
Claire 12 December 17
Mint Leaves: You must chew a few Mint leaves to get rid of irritation and pain caused by mouth ulcer

Honey: You only need to apply few drops of honey to affected area or spot of mouth ulcer so as to reduce its pain. You can also apply a paste prepared by mixing a little turmeric to 4-5 drops of honey on your spotted area to get rid of this complexion.

Basil or Tulsi leaves : Need to chew some leaves of basil plant with water 2-3 times a day to get relief from mouth ulcer

Baking Soda: Put baking soda in water and rinse my mouth which gave me a big relieve

Poppy Seeds: Consume mixture of crushed poppy seeds and some sugar at least 3-4 times a day so as to attain positive result in getting instant relief from mouth ulcers

Salt Water: salt water rinse and time would be the only things to heal it.

Coconut Water: Drinking coconut water helps in fast healing of ulcer

Liquorice: Directly apply the paste prepared by stems of liquorice and a little water on a grinding stone to affected area or can apply the liquorice powder dispersed in glycerine or honey on your ulcer spot

Butter Milk/Cold Products: drink a glass of buttermilk atleast 2-3 times in a day to get rid of this complexion easily. Cold natured things like milk yugert or ice cream should be eaten. Ice helps a lot.

Castor Oil:You can attain relief from mouth ulcer by applying a little quantity of castor oil to your scalp and soles of the feet followed by washing it off with warm water when it get soaked to get fast relief from mouth ulcer pain.
Ravi 25 December 17
4 wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago, 3 were surgical including stitches. I'm now in just as bad of pain as I was a few hours after when the novacane injections wore off. still couldn't sleep with hydrocodone. The prescription ran out 4 days ago. I now have several ulcers in my mouth, under my tongue, upper gums. right cheek, lower gums. For some relief try 500-1000mg of tylenol(careful if you drink 3+ drinks of alcohol a day this can cause liver failure an death read the bottle!). orel gel liquid for some quick relief while waiting 30+ minutes for tylenol to kick in. Also Clove Oil(aka Eugenol), its an old home remedy thats been around for hundreds of years. Your local supermarket, and first aid store should have some form of this.
Aaron 4 February 18
I had all 4 of my teeth pulled out 5 days ago and the pain wasnít too bad Until the right side of my mouth got ulcers and it was killing me! They prescribed me 800mg ibuprofen, Tylenol/cod 300/30 and amoxicillin. This is the biggest ulcer Iíve ever gotten in my life. At first I thought it was dry socket but came here and read that it is not. This pain sucks and I canít wait until it goes away!
Adam 12 April 18
Wow, i did not realize this was a common thing, i was freaking out about it I am glad you men/women posted your stories here cause it definite calm me down quite a bit
Dakota 26 June 18
Thought i was the only one !!! U would think your extraction is still in pain but in reality itís the ulcers smh !!! This is my second time dealing with this
Lazzette 20 July 18
Had lower and upper left wisdom teeth extracted three days ago. The day after surgery I noticed a huge ulcer on the side of my tongue. It hurts so bad! Canít eat or drink anything.
Lu 23 July 18
For mouth ulcers...Try taking the vitamin supplement called LYSINE. Or L-LYSINE up to 1000mg a day! It is great for speeding up the healing proccess of tissue and skin. Also Vtamin C and Vitamin A Are beneficial for skin health!! These have really worked for me. Wishing all a quick recovery .
D. 1 August 18
Ū had my wisdom tooth removed 5days ago both right top n bottom... the sore throat went off on the 3rd day i drink alot of cold water but my ulcer on the right cheek that is in the mouth is killing me i rinse my mouth with salt water 3 times a day and apply bonjela to it hope it works
ivy 21 September 18
I had my impacted wisdom tooth pulled with my 2nd molar last nov 20 at first i thought there is a tooth that has not pulled cause it hurts so bad and my tongue felt it hard as a broken tooth.. to my surprise i saw it was in the floor of my tounge its a sore but they call it ulcers i was in pants everytime i eat or drinks so its hard for me to eat solid foods.. its been 4days but it still hurts
Daff 24 November 18
This might be of help to those suffering from mouth ulcers: swish with bicarbonate of soda, salt (I used Himalayan Pink salt) and filtered water. This actually helped me! Had my wisdom teeth taken out about a week ago now and the ulcers on my uvula, throat entrance, right tonsil as well as my tongue and gums were the only things that were painful (Iím talking about that feeling like someone is scraping your mouth and throat with a razor blade or small shards of glass sort of pain). I couldnít swallow or talk and I was beginning to feel dehydrated.. I began with just salt and water and that really didnít help at all.

Friend of mine suggested gargling and swishing with myrrh resin soaked water (itís traditional medicine where I come from and itís supposedly good for healing sores and is anti bacterial) so if you can get hold of good quality myrrh, Iíd also recommend that! (Please note: do not swallow myrrh water, just swish and gargle) If that is not possible (which I completely understand since weíre all from different sides of the globe) try oil pulling for a little (with coconut oil) and then swish with bicarbonate of soda/salt water a good number of times (for a good 10-15 minutes if you can). It has really helped me. The ulcers are still there but this stuff has really soothed it to the point that I can actually drink water and talk without it hurting. When it starts to feel prickly again, swish a few times with the bicarbonate of soda/salt solution. Finally got a good nights sleep last night.

Hope this info helps other sufferers! My solution is 1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda, a tablespoon of salt and then about 150ml water (my water literally tastes like the sea) but I donít think there needs to be anything exact about the measurements.

It does get better!
Jasmien 20 January 19
I have just removed wisdom tooth and the teeth beside it inside the gum as my case is complicated and I developed white spot all over at my throat entrance, felt dehydrated and have already been 3 weeks and did not recover yet. HELP!!!. When I though I having throat infection then the Dentist told me it is not due to infection but is trauma causes it
Tacky 9 March 19
i had my bottom right wisdom tooth pulled because it was severely impacted and now the tooth that was infront is sore with ulcers by the stitching, itís been week no antibiotics or painkillers iím suffering please somebody help
meriy 14 March 19
I just had my 3 wisdom teeth removed ( I was born with three for some odd reason) and 4 others because I have a small jaw but a big mouth(high cheek bones) so god thought he could fit more in my mouth then in reality 😂 and so Iím on day 5 after this extraction of seven teeth and yesterday and today have breen the worst as there are ulcers like the size of a slug under on of my toothís along with one on some stitches we and So this pain isnít even from the surgery that crap healed three days ago 😂 but those upset man.....Iím honestly dead😭
Treasure Jean 18 March 19
Last Wednesday March 20th I had 7 teeth removed, 3 wisdom, 3 permanent (for braces) and an impacted canine. On day 3 I had more pain than even the second day. I looked into my mouth and saw to the side of my stitches on my jawline near my cheek I had a canker sore!! This is the worst. The pain throbs it was initially hard to pinpoint where it was coming from and I was so paranoid of a dry socket. Iíve been gargling with warm salt water, itís getting a better but very slowly. I have a follow up on Wednesday hoping he can prescribe me a medicated mouth wash.... itís crazy from 7 teeth total pulled that this stupid sore is the most pain.
Dina 26 March 19

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