Consistent mouth ulcers and jaw pain since tooth extraction 9 months ago

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Plz suggest me I had removed my lower jaw teeth 1 week ago but I still have pain but in upper jaw and mouth ulcers painful unable to eat anything and couldn't talk too much bcz pain wat it's reason n wat it's solution? Mail me
Akm 9 July 17
Hi evryone I had my wisdom tooth taken out 2weeks back and the doctor only managed to come out wit one piece nd I was told to come after 2 weeks which I did but now im in hell I fil lyk I could cut my head off coz of the pain wjat can I do I tryid a lot of pain killers but stil the is pain
Thuliy 16 February 17
My mouth ulcer formed a few days after tooth extraction. And has not got better, it's less painful but still as big and maybe even bigger, I formed another ulcer about 1 week after the first one appeared.... It's been 3 weeks now. Has anyone else had this experience!?
Cassy 3 February 17
This condition is common in middle-aged and older adults is characterized by a persistent burning sensation in the tongue, usually bilaterally. The cause is unclear, but response to topical anesthesia suggests it is a form of neuropathy. Discomfort is sometimes relieved by eating and drinking, in contrast to the pain from ulcerative lesions, which is typically aggravated by eating.
Allbesta 19 January 16
I had 20 teeth extracted last Thursday morning and had dentures fitted they said keep them in for first night and keep taking them out to clean them,since doing that I am unable to get them back in because of white sores on my gums that are so painfull,does anybody know how long it will be before I can put them back in without pain?9th November 15
Alison 9 November 15
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Andres 26 September 15
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Natta 26 September 15
I've used a home remedy for canker sores and its always worked for me personally . Take about 1/4 inch of alum or the powdered version and dissolve it in about 1/2 cup of water . Take a mouthful of alum water and swish it around for a couple of minutes . Repeat this till the water is done , do not rinse your mouth with water after this . You can do this twice or three times a day .

Bobby 25 August 15
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Alice 20 February 15
Had lower right molar extracted dec.2nd2015. Quite a bad extraction. Ulceration appeared through normal,continued the dentist removed a fragment of tooth. Ulceration still continues what to do next? Very painful,,
Lynda beasley 4 February 15
I had my bottom teeth pulled last Tuesday however I cannot put my denture in with all the swelling and sores in my mouth. I have been rinsing with warm water and salt and also putting warm cloths on my face. How long will this tke to heal?
Bobbie 17 January 15
I've had 20 teeth pulled an my mouth is full of plisters? This dendist left some parts of my tooth is still there! My jaw on the right side hurts bad. I can't even wear my Plates. Why is this hurting so I can't sleep?
Barb 8 December 14
I just had 23 teeth removed, now i have false teeth, i had no surgery just freezing very painfull but now i have several white spots on my lower gum WHICH IS BONE from extraction they tell you to massage it all the ime but thats bullshit, get some oragell on a q tip and place it on the sore with your lips againts it , and do the same thing to the rest of them . It will take the pain away for awhile but what a relief hope i could help....shawn

shawn 10 October 14
I've been sick so long and am so desperate. I've got swelling in canal alongside where tooth extracted, (upper). Is this a cavitation? The area has extruded white stuff. Had blisters on tongue, they went away. History of oral herpes, but they seem to be just another complication, gone away, also, I think. Now, four months later, gum is swollen to cheek, small, red blisters on one side. I know this was an improper tooth extraction, and I know the infection is still inside the gum. Spent three months on antibiotics, clindamyacin, Keflex, flagyl, fungal treatment. No one has done an aspiration or biopsy. Several oral surgeons seen from two weeks to four months now have told me it was okay--this after the doctor who pulled it said he had never seen anything like this--and he pulled a perfect pearl of white from my gums. He knows he didn't fully clean away the tissue when he pulled it and wants someone else to fix it. Well, they won't. Now I've been to our dental school and several oral surgeons who only did panorex xrays. I need someone with technology to take a picture of my gums. I am so desperate. Have been sick so long with should have been a normal extraction. I've gone everywhere. The hospital. They said it was a mouth lesion. My family doctor. After a peroxide rinse, they found some yeast. I've done all the mouth rinses from salt to Peridex (chlorhexidrine). My daughter can't stand to be around me and neither can my husband. I feel this abnormal mass. It's visible if you pull the lip high enough. It goes all the way up to my maxillary sinus. I even saw my ENT who found small amount of staph in sinus. I keep getting referred to the "Dept. of Oral Pathology" at our state medical school. This dept. doesn't exist for living patients. It appears to be a "dead patient drop." My family doctor finally got another referral but the dentist backed out at the last moment and I did see their new young associate who gave me a fancy name--apthous stomatitis--for mouth ulcer. But he, like the others, did nothing. I need gum pictures, and surgery. Or at the least, aspiration of the mass that won't heal. Please help. No one in Oklahoma City will do anything.
Brenda Finch 1 October 14
I have had my wisdom teeth removed almost 3 months ago and then I noticed a white lump by the surgical site with red on the gums. I don't know what it's from but I'm really scared that I'll have to have another surgery or something. I'm only 14 and really want an answer
Frances 11 September 14
I got my top back tooth removed 3 weeks ago, I had a dry socket so I'm guessing that's why it's taking a little longer to heal, but know I have noticed the tooth next to the removed tooth I have like a soft white, and red lump gum looking stuff I'm not sure what it is I'm freaking out
Abby 19 August 14
I had tooth next to wisdom tooth removed 4 weeks ago now I have small hard nib of pencI'll like small lump on gum if wisdom tooth it really hurts and the whole side of mouth burns no throbbing what is it

jules 15 August 14
I had my back tooth out 6 days ago, and yesterday my moth was in so much pain I toot pills all day. It did not help to much the ulcers in my mouth were on fire. I got on line and read everything I could find ,salt, baking soda, nothing worked. As I was getting ready for bed I remembered read some where that Xylitol would help..That is what is in my dry mouth discs witch I had not used sence I had my tooth out. Last night I keptp one in my mouth all night. The ulcers are still there, but are no longer red, and my mouth is just a little sore. I will keep one in my mouth intel they are gone. Put Xylimelts in your search to buy on line.
Memetolles 14 July 14
I had my tooth extracted over two months ago ..i had canker sore next to the extraction site .i kept going back to the dentist she put me on antibiotics and paid meds ..i was still in alot of pain i told her on my visit monday that the sore felt alittle crusty she looked at it and pulled several bones that worked it's way there from the extraction. Instantly was pain free..the sore is no longer there.have your dentist look at it to make sure there is no bone from the extraction causing a canker sore.
jenn 15 June 14
Can anyone help I had a wisdom tooth out about 2 months ago was very unpleasent experience, but now I have having pain in the gum where the tooth was the gum looks pretty normal and I haven't had any unlcers but its killing me. I am currently using an ice pack on my face to help numb the pain and really don't wanna have to go to dentist as the experience of having the wisdom tooth out caused me to faint and fit I'm scared to go back. Any ideas on how to get rid of the pain.
karrie 27 May 14
hi i had a tooth removed 4 days ago due to an abcess u am on antibiotics now but the pain and swelling in the gum are just the same is that normal?
jackie 18 March 14
well im new to this...but I'm suppose to get my 2 moler teeth taken out TOMORROW I don't know which one she was talking about ... so hopefuly she is talking about the ones that are wiggly .....theres two sides that they have to i get stiches Im scared ...
Heaven 18 November 13
am having throbbing pain on right top side of gums had my top teeth extracted 6 months ago and just got my new dentures 5 days ago wore them off and on for 2 days having pain on my upper gum what is going on
linda 13 November 13
I feel youre pain!I had all of my front teeth about8. it has been about two months aggo. the pain wasn't too bad .But it keeps getting worse.II have red and white pustuials,that hurt like .I also get bouts of shingles . And it is realy feels the sameas shingles, Not to mentionthe litle white
. and red .pustulesrealy stink and burn please help if you know any thing that could do this to me
frederickchurchill 26 September 13
i have extracted my upper 2nd premolar tooth about three months ago, now the wound is not healing properly. Swelling and redness is coming to my face and cheek. What will be the cause?
s w khan 2 September 13
hi all i had a molar tooth extracted due to bad dentistry, it should never have had to be removed at all really, but to make it short i also had mouth & tongue ulcers, for me i have had them at different time's in my life and what i found to help make them go away was for sure VITAMIN C. so i would drink some real fruit juice not sunny D etc. and i would maybe if i had one around take a vitamin C tablet or chewable. i had that molar removed 5 days ago and had a couple of sores on the back side of my tongue, yesterday i drank a can of v8's new fruit juice, i forgot what flavor it was and it plus a bottle of coconut milk made it much better today. still slightly sore but better. as for my tooth still a lot of pain there. still am swabbing a slight amount of pus away from the top of the gum area where the tooth was. i gargle with salt as many times a day as i can remember to, and also gargle with scope.
the first 12 hours were so painful, but after that it was just horrible sore and very tender type of pain.
i miss chewing on that side of my mouth ! hopefully in a few days it will be a lot less tender.
sheela in denver 30 May 12
Recently I've been experiencing a piercing pain just on the one side of the mouth feels like in my gum. About a month ago I had a tooth refilled on that side. The pain comes lasts for a minute ot 2 and then just goes, most times I pop a disprin to relief pain it doesnt feel like there is a hole as I have no feeling of toothache except when that pain strikes....please help
Aimee 25 May 12
had 10 bottom teeth extracted plush two bones under my tongue. i have had ulcers covering my gums and severe headache for 2 weeks tomorrow. on ab also pain med. what now advise please
cecile 13 May 12
hi i had a tooth out 2 weeks 2day my gum hurts the pain is is bad and pulsing pain been put on a 7day antibiotics called amoxacillin 500mg hope they work plus panadol extra painkillers
kim 1 May 12
I had had 14 top teeth pulled Feb 16th 2012 and I was on antibotics for 2 weeks before they were pulled and 2 weeks after. I had a big sore under my tongue on the right side.. well that sore would heal then another would come up on the same side.. this went on for a week until it scared me because the sore was really big and it looked like a burn but it was white. ( I get canker sores and these sores under my tongue felt like canker sores but didnt look like them. I went to my dentist who pulled my teeth and he said it looked like a fungal infection so he gave me these pills to dissolve in my mouth. Well it got worse so I went to an Oral surgeon who said it was alphomous ulcers (canker sores) he gave me a paste to put on them. Well that was March 22 and they went away until yesterday!!!! I have a urinary tract infection and I was taking anitbotics for 1 day and I got another big sore under my tongue on the same side AGAIN!!! But this time I have about 4 tiny ones on the sides of my tongue.. Im soo scared!!!
Amanda 30 April 12
The dds called me back the ulcers are totalling normal after an extraction. He said the best thing to do is for two days after do not rinse with salt water, baking soda, or mouthwash. The site is irratated and he said just to let it simmer down and then on the 3rd day you can rinse. I have a prescribed oral rinse called chlorehexidine and this stuff is good i will be rinsing tomorrow with it per the dds okay..... good luck to all of you I know it hurts but it will go away think positive and take vitamins!
debra 22 March 12
I just had my upper back tooth pulled yesterday. The denist used some numbing cream before he gave me he novacane today I wake up and in between my cheek and gum area where he gave me the shot has blisters or ulcers it is hard to see cuz it is way in the back but it hurts like hell. I rinsed with salt water doesnt seem to help and just rinsed with baking soda. Reading these posts say alot of different things I have never had this happen waiting for the dds to call me back tempted to go to his office to see what can be done....I will post his answer I cant believe that all these posts and not one dds has jumped on here to clear the air....
debra 22 March 12
hi all ive had an extraction of my 2nd molar las wk n im still in serious pain cant eat properly, im sort of livin on pain killers rite nw i've been rinsin with warm salt water n followin all instructions... the hole not even lookin like it fullin up :(... best advice plz
Megan 11 March 12
I had four wisdom teeth removed and am now
In more pain dude to 10 canker sores in my mouth. Things to help the cycle finish earlier are vitamins and supplements such and L-Lysine (I take a lot of those, and they work wonders) also anything to help your immune system such as Goldenseal and Echinacea vitamins.
Rae 25 February 12
dear all based on my experience the best why to treat it is the Ozone, ask your dr. to give you some of Ozonated Oils and water i had a bad experience with ulcers (read my comment above) but now i am fine and i am planing to buy an ozone machine for home use .hope this will help u regards
Ali 10 February 12
i have had dentures for 20 years now, right now i have my top dentures out, my whole top mouth, gums, full sores. IM in pain, cannot eat, just want to cry.

I have used salt water, doctor orderd special mouth rinse, and i also bought antiseptic mouthwash. Nothing is helping, 7 days now, i am starving, ANY IDEAS, my friends.
colleen 7 February 12
I had my first extraction 2 weeks ago. 2 days after it happened, I broke out into several ulcers around that entire side of my mouth, gums, and cheek. Here is what I was told: that its a form of herpes which is very common. Most people don't know they have it until a tooth is removed. Eat bland foods, as acidic types "feed" into the herpes breakout. Rinse with baking soda! Not salt. The dentist said to do it for a week, however they were all gone with 2 days!!! It was awesome! So far no other ulcers have appeared. Oh and by the way, I was on an antibiotic for 2 days before the extraction, and then another 8 days after. So antibiotics won't help (or at least they didn't help me.) I'm am so happy to be relieved.
Sonia 7 February 12
JOLINDA 23 January 12
This is my 22nd days for me I think in hell Ö
December 31 exactly was Saturday on new year . I was angry of someone and shouting on him after that I felt like electricity passing from my left ear directly under tooth continue to my left shoulder and remain around 30 min so immediately I went to ER they made panoramic x-ray and blood test they said we think u should see a neurology dr. nothing is clear they gave me tramal and back home .. so i called my dentist and said today is new year but will see me so after examination said there is infection on canal root and needs to extract the wisdom and lower left 2nd molar but will remove the wisdom now and will wait in case the antibiotic can save the molar, I said do what ever you need to do I am dying from pain I slept from 6pm after the operation and woke up @ new year running screaming searching for pain killer to stop me from pain I went to ER again they gave me tramal injection AGAIN it did nothing just makes me tired and the pain remain I started taking all the pain killer you imagine I spent all Sunday taking pain killer and vomiting tramal, zaldiar, solpadeine, ibuprofen, and to make things worse my dr was on vacation with his family so pain remain with me till Monday 2nd he call another dr. to help me so she came and open the stitches and found that I am having a dry socket donno what she did but pain get less around 4-5 hours and back to be 10/10 on Tuesday on Wednesday another professor came and did as she did and said we had to remove the 2nd molar when we removed the wisdom sorry for that we canít remove it now you have a dry socket will fix this first and wait till next week to remove the 2nd molar so he tried to get me numb to kill the nerve to stop the pain from 2nd molar he cant he gave me block and local injection and I kept feeling the driller drilling my teeth was so so so pain full I didnít want to stop till I got blackout he stopped and get scared and stopped this was Wednesday jan 4th he said stop the antibiotic take only prednisone and ponstan forte till Monday your dr. will see you.
on Monday they change for me on Wednesday 11th my dr came and extracted it the 2nd molar so 2 tooth been removed and both makes dry socket from 11th till now I am taking only rodogyl antibiotic and ibuprofen 3 times a day but believe me I am suffering not from the operations I had only itís from the ulcers, I have 3 ulcers on one side driving me crazy I am pretty sure you know what pain I am talking about .
What I am doing to solve it is everyday visiting my dr. for ozon treatment he said this is the solution and he gave me ozonated oil to put every hour and he is calling everyday to check on me plus from my side I am putting daktarin oral gel and Gengigel mouthrinse donno what to say the gum is inflamed and red still open its healing so slowly and as well the 3 ulcers still exist , the pain is still exist donno what to do its been 22 days now I cant handle taking anymore tablets I am not eating still vomiting from antibiotic and pain killer donno what to do ozon is relaxing me but is it true this is the solution ?? we need an expert to explain to us what to do please anybody helping us I am getting scared and a lot of bad things on my mind and reading a lot about mouth cancer .
Ali 21 January 12
Try grape seed extract take 3 every morning for 3months do not skip it worked for me no ulcers or fever blister it's been 4 years now
Judy driver 19 January 12
I had a lower wisdom tooth pulled 5 weeks ago. Still tender and sore. Is this normal?
jared 12 January 12
Jamie - MU can be a result of the herpes simplex virus, it's similar to the cold sore virus, they will present I'n the mouth in small clusters anything up to 30 at a time but should never be more than 1-2mm big, they are a bugger to get rid of and may require an anti-viral med. Thy are not STD related as everyone would assume having the name herpes.
JJ aged 33 30 December 11
Seeing all these posts are making me feel a little better. This is my first tooth extraction ever and I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed and the first few days went pretty well. Today is day 5 and I'm going crazy...I can feel my stitches rubbing on my tongue and teeth. I also am having a very hard time eating, talking, drinking, and even opening my mouth. I have several mouth sores all around my gums where they pulled the teeth , under my tongue, and now starting on my lip..I have been freaking out wondering if something went wrong. I have been rinsing my mouth with salt water, eating soft foods, I have not smoked or drank out of a straw. I followed every instruction and have been scared out of my mind. I find it all very uncomfortable even to sleep...I get like 2-3 hours of sleep every night and I'm tired and sore. I want answers and I want them to go away.
Candis 26 December 11
To the mom: call your doctor. It could be an infection, and since you are a mommy of two, you need to get seen.

I am a mommy of one, and got a tooth pulled 10 days ago. My molar cracked through the root, I had a root canal, and then the tooth extraction. I have been in pain for a month, ugh. I was on Penicillin, Amoxycillin, and now Clindomycin, over three weeks. My only guess is I had an infection brewing from the cracked tooth, and it got worse with the root canal.

If the gum is inflamed and red, hot to the touch, and/or you see pus, you need to call your oral surgeon/dentist.

As for the ulcers, I just noticed these today. I have three on one side, one on the other. Canker sores are not Herpes. Herpes presents on the mouth and lips, and is commonly referred to as a "cold sore." Canker sores are a result of stress/trauma in the body, and are not Herpes related. Which makes sense. Any time you undergo a major/minor surgery, your immune system is compromised (especially if a foreign matter, like a graft, is placed).

But, I feel much better after reading that other people have gone through what I am going through! I have been taking 600 mg of Ibuprofen a day, and Vicodin 10/1000 once a day. As a mom, this pain has been wearing on me. I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Jaime 22 December 11
I don't know how long this soreness will last I had a wisdom tooth pulled out on friday and now I have like 4 ulcers. :S. My jaw is sore and underneath my jaw hurts. Ouchy.
Diana 21 December 11
Hey guys, just had my first tooth extracted about two weeks ago. Had to be pulled because of an abscess that infected my tooth and also my gum. Today i realized that this abscess was back on my gum even after removing the tooth. Also a couple mouth ulcers have appeared. Its a very throbbing and painful feeling. Im very nervous that it is going to lead to the removal of another tooth. Not sure what to really do besides call my dentist. Any other suggestions on why this is ? - Thanks Guys!
Alyssa, 19 20 December 11
Hi guys any idea how long these ulcer will take to clear? I pulled my tooth 6 days ago and these ulcers are killing me? What should I do?
Rayed 17 December 11
My lower Molar tooth partially broke and i had few small ulcers on my tongue which were temporary and use to go away with IGLU but this weekend i had ulcers all over my tongue and it is extremely painful to eat or swallow and difficult to open my mouth. My friends say that it might be due to vitamins deficiency. is there any quicker way to get rid of them. I am using Iglu and Anbesol as suggested by Boots ...
Sumeet 28 November 11
I had three plus upper teeth remored. The dentist scraped out the old broken teeth. I am now suffering with mouth ulcers. I haven't eaten in days. I did get the magic mouth wash. It numbs the mouth for a few minutes. I was also given cipro as an antibiotic. i have never experienced such pain in my life. I hope that all the meds help this go away soon.
Kevin K. 30 October 11
WOW thought i was the only one dealing w this jaw pain after 10 teeth cut out( AN THE SORES IN MY MOUTH)!! 7days ago an still the pain an i cant stand to eat cause my mouth burns so bad.. I thought i was gettin lockjaw, but can you open your mouth with lockjaw???
Cindylou 20 October 11
i got my teeth pulled out weds the 5th and i am in soo much pain my face hurts my eyes hurt my head hurts and i cant eat i cant even brush my teeth or touch my teeth cause all my teeth hurts what can i do? and what does it mean? would they have to pull my teeth out that i cant touch cause it hurts soo freakin bad! i am only 24 years old and have 2 kids an i cant even take care of them right now cause my mouth hurts sooo bad and i feel bad i cant play with them or nothing they just play by themselfs what to do i need help?????
jessie 7 October 11
Ask your GP for metronidazole which is special antibiotic (you cannot drink alcohol at all with it though) and use Corsodyl mouthwash (chlorhexidine) mouthwash until the infection goes. This worked for me.
Zena Braithwaite 23 September 11
I had a tooth out last week, been in agony ever since. I've had two different types of antibiotics now and still no relief, I've had mouthwash tried bonjela, I can't even lift my Tongue without pain, I've still got pain and throbbing from where the tooth was removed. I can't even eat because of the pain down the side of my mouth, has anybody got any suggestions or answers to these pains.
Alison 22 September 11
I had a tooth pulled in febuary, i had extreme pain from this for over a week and now the hole seems like it hasn't closed up all the way, it is healed and not tender, swollen or anything, but the past couple of months when i eat anything cold i hurts more and more like there is still a tooth there. Has anyone ever experienced that kind of pain (like a nerve pain) when there was no longer a tooth? i didn't like the dentist i went to, and of course if i don't go back there, i will have to pay for the visit because of my insurance and have been putting it off..any suggestions?
debbie 8-21-11 22 August 11
Had a tooth extracted because the nerve was dead and tooth absessed. Did not want root canal, as that may carry bacterial health hazards. Have ulcers on lip and under tongue for 2 weeks now. Found that a bit of baking soda in water as a mouth rinse helps to calm and heal ulcers. Less pain. Less redness. Also salt water rinse. Peroxide helps. Maybe add a bit of colloidal silver to rinse water to help fight infection. Eat or take garlic supplements to help fight infection.
Vickie 08-16-11 16 August 11
i had my tooth extraction a week ago, the site took a little longer to stop bleeding than they advised but all seemed to be going well until the second and third day in when i got a huge ulcer the size of the extraction site running along the gum directly underneath and one by the edge of my lip. The site still appears very open although reading up on the healing procedure it does say it can take 14 days for gum to grow over the wound. what's worrying me is that starting yesterday the gum around the tooth has become very hard and sensitive to hot and cold a feeling that i am familiar with from when i had an infection that lead to this particular tooth extraction. the tooth directly next and above to the extraction site are both feeling agitated and sore. i also get a nasty taste from the area that left me feeling nauseous along with bouts of feeling hot and dizzy. its safe to say i feel more off key than i expected to at this point. has anyone else suffered with a bad taste and nausea. im trying to determine whether all the factors are combined, whether to wait a week to see if the mouth ulcers pack up and leave, or to be cautious and get it checked out to see if i have an infection coming along? any ideas or similar experiences?
Alice 27 July 11
Hi there 16 July (Glenn)
Reading your input - for myself taking Iron supplements plus Vitamin B12 certainly has had an effect on the trauma within my mouth ie 10 years later with Oral Lichen Planus an allergic reaction to something that gives me a really sore ulcerated mouth ) has taken perhaps 6 months of these supplements plus no Sodium Laurl Sulphate in my toothpaste and recently I have bought Holland & Barrat's (I live in Scotland) Tee Tree Oil toothpaste or Saraken toothpaste or Squiggle (online)which has no additves whatsoever, ideally we must all check out any additives that we may be allergic to and buy toothpaste and definately check out the food we buy that does not contain any additives ie colour not forgetting the sweets we eat or whatever, lots of stuff we eat is laden with rubbish to make food taste good and also contain preservatives to look good!! the diet obviously plays a big part for a lot of us and no doubt if you eat a lot of rubbish with colour ingredients it may also be a trigger, as in the saying "You are what you Eat" also means too much wine or acidic fruits that cause canker sores to just mess up you life, getting the willpower is difficult but worth it to look good, feel good, and no pains with ulcers is the bonus. I am not ulcer free but much better. Maybe other sufferers can add to my input as I try lots of ideas to be free of pain.
BOB 16 July 11
It would seem to me to be a medical deficiency that mouth ulcers are not yet fully understood. Having read the posts those of you suffering mouth ulcers have described, it would seem to correlate to common denominators causal of the cankers.

One of which may be sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is an additive in many toothpastes? Check your current toothpaste to see if it has SLS as a ingredient, and if it has, throw it away and find a toothpaste that does not contain it. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate may be causing microscopic trauma and membrane disruption to cells in susceptible individuals, allowing for cankers to form in a kind of auto-immune defence system.

Mouth ulcers are not caused either by bacteria or viruses, although they may arise in combination with viral infections such as herpes and colds and flu. There may be an allergy involved, and of course, any physical trauma inside the mouth such as a tooth extraction may give rise to ulcers?

Normally, they tend to clear up on their own within 10 to 14 days, but there are ways to help the healing and pain relieving process. Salt washes in the morning and at bedtime as part of your daily dental hygiene routine will help long term. Another thing to check is your B12, iron, and folic acid levels. There have been a few British studies that suggest mouth ulcers to be associated with their deficiencies. However, Similar American studies did not find the same correlates, but I would question these non-findings, for if it was one British study one could understand it, but several independent studies finding correlates, and American ones finding none, would suggest to me a 'protectionist' issue within the American pharmaceutical industry?

Use of 'anti-microbial' mouthwashes help to relieve pain from mouth ulcers, and just to be on the safe side, a prescribed course of antibiotic either prior to, or post-dental surgery should help to clear away any bacterial infections that may complicate matters.
Glenn 16 July 11
Sounds to me like they are either caused my trauma or rubbing of the dentures.

Do your dentures fit your correctly? Are you using some sort of paste to hold them in place?

I wouldn't worry about it, just make an appointment with the dentist and let them know what you're going through.
Mark 4 July 11
Hi all,well at 40 just had what was leftof my teeth pulled(16) and immediate dentres put into place.Got through the 1st few days on day #4 THOUGHT all was going pretty good swelling as normal but starting to subside,now looks like the right side of my face is swelling more and have developed 5 white sores on the inside of my cheek?(my god is it going to endalready!)
have seen all the posts but does anybody know foresure if this is normal?
zeena 4 July 11
I'm going through the same thing as we speak. I have 5 ulcers in the area where my tooth was extracted. It happens almost everytime someone touches my mouth! Try orabase. We just have to live with it until it goes away i guess. But it hurts like heck!
Weezie 5 June 11
I am in agony after a tooth extraction 4 days ago - huge ulcer/sore on the gum next to the extraction site. Also one on the inside of my lower lip. I'm freaking out. Can barely talk or eat. Saw oral surgeon yesterday who said it was normal. Told me to try peroxide, but it's not really helping. Doing salt water rinses. Helps temporarily. Now trying Vicodin. Any idea how long this will last?!
RC 18 May 11
i need a wisdom tooth out but i have a ulcer will the dentist take it out or wait till the ulcer has gone?
susan 3 May 11
My dentist claims that ulcers commonly appear after trauma to the mouth/gum area, i.e., a tooth extraction 10 days ago. My ulcer is so deep and large has exposed my jaw, basically giving me dry rot on my gum line, not in the extraction hole. I wish I had never had the tooth pulled as well.. was in less pain before!
brandy 22 April 11
Reading all your posts have helped me, as I thought I was going nuts due to massive gum/ulcer swelling after recent extraction, my gums and outer mouth is covered feels like it has been ripped to sheds. Funny enough the extraction doesn't hurt at all, just face swelling and headaches, it is the ulcers that had me worried. Thank you for posting, bring on the next 10 days, good luck to the peeps who read on after me!
Jo 36 28th March 28 March 11
i had an abscess next to my cracked previous root canal tooth for months!!!

doc told me that the abscess is an infection and will not go away cause the tooth needs to be pulled...(mind you i took antibiotics for 2 months straight) still didnt go away :( so finally i settled with taking it out...

abscess now turned into..what seems like a canker sore on the gum line where the tooth was extracted...freakin painful!! (this happen next day after surgery) at the same time i got a canker sore under my i in hell or what!?

im rinsing my mouth out with warm salt water..kinda helps..

i now tried some hydrogen peroxide and took a cotton swab and dabbed the infected areas...WHAT A RELIEF!

yepp thats my experience..
sam 22 16 March 11
I had a molar extracted a few days ago and now have a lot of ulcers on my gum where the dentist was applying pressure to gain leverage, i guess this is a US site but in ireland & uk we have a product called bonjela, it comes in a tube and it temporarily numbs the ulcers, its quite good for teething aswell, theres also a product called medigel which does the same job, again i don't know wheter its available in the US
Iggy 29 January 11
I had a tooth extraction a week ago tomorrow. Everything seems fine, except my jaw still hurts and now I have an ulcer where he gave me shots on the inside of my gum line. The ulcer hurts more than the jaw!! I called my dentist and was told that it happens alot where they give you shots for numbing. She also told me that there is no immediate cure that they always last at least 10 days. I have tried salt water and mouthwash too, no relief. Hear a guy in the office telling me to try Aloe Vera juice from the local market. Said to drink a glass a day and it would help get rid of them and stop them from happening. Let ya know when I try it!! Anything has to help!!!
Bobbi Sue 16 December 10
Hey guys,
I havent got the jaw pain but after a tooth extraction ive developed 7 mouth ulcers. one at the back of my mouth NEAR (but not on) my Tonsils.
WE ALL WANT TO KNOW WHY Ulcers appear after extraction?!
I thought my dentist got careless and broke the skin my mistake with a tool.
Giles 14 December 10
I had an extraction last monday but had it done under 'twilight' sedation and not sure if there was a problem, My husband said it was all done very fast... However I have a mouth full of ulcers now, mostly on the roof of my mouth and can't eat, nothing takes away the pain and am considering taking the antibiotics I have in the cupboard - a broad spectrum mild one - also getting the jaw pain but to be expected as I still have a big hole!! I hope we can get some answers....hugs to you guys!!!
Alex 28 November 10
Hi Guys I have also same issue, I went for tooth extraction, And Dentist was not able to pull it completly, Some part of it remain inside the tooth and they refer me to the hospital, It is one month and I am still waiting from hospital call. Very pathetic. And Above all in last one month I have mouth ulcer for most of the time. I visited same dentist again but it was difficult for her to understand that mouth ulcer is becasue of tooth extraction. I read on some other posts that if there is a broken tooth or tooth extraction then it is common to have mouth ulcer. If any of you found some solution please post here
Harry 19 November 10
i had same issue as you.. jaw pain and no doc found the source, possible nerve issue from tooth extraction, i regret getting the tooth pulled... get a lot of what i think mouth ulcers, on top of that i found a dark greyish blueish spot on my cheek next to the extraction place, perhaps amalgam tattoo ... i spend a lot of money, went to so many docs/dentists, getting nowhere... my last sources will be to visit UCLA oral facial pain clinic, physical therapy for my jaw pain, avoid acidic fruit/food & avoid spicy food and try to loose 20 lbs weight/exercise to curb my GERD, perhaps doing all that will help....
Dee Lee 10 September 10
For mouth ulcers, ask your dentist for Magic Mouth Wash, it helps with the pain!
South Dakota 9 September 10
Margi, did you have any antibiotics to take? If not, then you should get you dentist or doc to prescribe something suitable for dental surgery as a precaution.
Dom Walton 19 July 10
i had a tooth out last week and my mouth is so sore ive tried over the counter treatments and also salt mouth washd also pain killers but still in pain ive alot of mouth ulcers and cant get rid of pain is there anyone that can help
margi 18 July 10
My mother had mounth, lips ulcers for last 2 months and she had tried number of medicines with various doctors. But the ulcers are not cured till date. the ulcers get reduced but again they grow up. I don't know what treatment should be given. She had done blood test for sugar but that is normal.
Naveen 06 May 10 6 May 10
me too, had tooth out last week, whole of my gum has ulcers i can hardly eat. i do get them when im run done, did.t think i was. Did u have mouth ulcers before your extraction. ulcers run in my family. dentists arnet drs.
boost yourself up with vitamins, etc.
good luck .
alison 29 April 10
I wanted to know if anyone has experienced something similar. About 9 months ago I had a tooth removed. Since the extraction I get numerous mouth ulcers continuously along with jaw pain. I have had some breaks in between but they only last a couple of weeks before another out break. The pain isn't excruciating just annoying. I've been told it could be an auto immune issue all the way to a possible herpes issue. So far no one has given me the advice I need. Is there any blood tests that can be run? Or is there any advice in regards to seeing someone that specializes in the mouth and face. My dentist was clueless of course!
Albert 22 April 10

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