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quit smoking almost to weeks ago go about 80 to 100 canker sores in my mouth
paul 3 2012 10 March 12
Abreva! I quit smoking six months ago. I've never had canker sores like I did a month ago. I hope they don't come back. Sounds like the body is fighting the tars that are left in our body from smoking.
Lindsay 5 March 12
On two occasions i gave up smoking both times about 2 yrs, in those two episodes of non smoking i had anything between 2 and 5 ulcers at the same time.Back in the seventies my dentist asked me if i smoked and if i was quick tempered which i was at that time, he said there was a condition in non smokers with a temper that are plagued with mouth ulcers. Im just about to quit again :(
jan 29 February 12
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Seagerawing 24 February 12
Smoke... just don't inhale into your lungs. At this point I'd rather take a few years off my life than suffer anymore with these sores. :(
tara 6 February 12
I'm 18. I had my first cigar last fall, a black and mild. It was pretty nice. I haven't smoked since then and i'm not a smoker by any means. In fact I despise it though I can appreciate having a cigar on a rare occasion. Last Tuesday I smoked a cigar at my buddy's house. Two days later i'm pretty sure i've got canker sores underneath my upper lip on the side I was smoking on. It sucks. I've only had them for a day and I hope they'll go away.
Dug 26 January 12
Guys, these sores really do suck. I have too given up smoking Jan 11th 2011 - so now been a little over a years off the nicotine. Ever since I have been plagued with these retched things, been to Dr's, Dentist, Herbal (ists?) anyway with no joy. About 10 years back I gave up smoking for 3 years which i was very proud of BUT every day for that period I was in pain from mouth ulcers/ canker sores, but hey ho as soon as I started smoking again I was sore free. As a result I am 100% positive it has something to do with the smoking, without question!!! Any way I am going to try these from the site AftaZen, Savacol & Lysine (300mg per day) 1500 am and 1500 pm) tosee how I get on.
Would like to wish everyone all the luck in the work and remember SMOKING KILLS, try not to go back and lets beat these pesky ulcers. If I get any success I will be sure to post it here!!!!
Steve Hawthorne 26 January 12
Approaching 3weeks nicotine and cig free! 20 years 3-4 packs a day I feel better than ever. These mouth sores are painful ive never had mouth pain like this ive been smoking since 18 now im 39.This is the best choice ive ever made in my life I wish i would have never started. Thanks for all these tips now I can work on the mouth part ive been freaking out waking up in the morning thinking that ive been chewing my tongue all night. Its been great food smells and taste so much better now just have to be able to eat without pain. Ive started using listerine 3 times a day 3 days ago starting to get better. Congratulations to everyone and i never want to go through nic withdraws again!
Dan 24 January 12
Many scientific studies 11 12 have shown that people in the process of giving up smoking experience canker sores which can last for months before fading away.

As canker sores can become a source of pain and stress , this physical strain can actually endanger one's quitting smoking. Some people started again to smoke cigarettes because of the huge pain given by the canker sores.

If you are getting mouth ulcers while quitting smoking, we recommend to try AftaZen .

Read the interview of an AftaZen customer who was able to manage his canker sores while quitting smoking.
anny 24 January 12
In my opinion it is obvious. I recommend to look for the answer to your question in
Chiervemedher 23 January 12
You guys would not believe that how much relaxed I feel. I am also living with the same problem. I used to smoke for past 12 years. I quit smoking for three months back and these damn canker sores has make my life like hell. Untolerable pain... too tough to pen down here. I am taking augimentin 625 duo+ B12 twice a day. Although these medicines are not able to cure the problem but restricted it.

Well I'll be going to take homeopathy treatment for it. Hope it will work and I'll be get out from this hell.............
Amit 22 January 12
I have been trying to quit for three years and every time I do within 5-7 days the ulcers appear. Everyone thinks I'm crazy even the doctors told me that it is not possible!!! I am glad I am not alone. The only thing the doctors do is load me up on Vicodin when I show them my mouth full of 9-10 sores at a time. I went one year for five months smoke free trying to outlast the sores and they stayed with me every single day for five months, even as many as nine at a time, there wasn't a day that I was smoke-free without a sore. As soon as I light a cig within a week all is well again and I never get any sores, not even one when I start smoking again!! This year I thought I would try again (Year number four!). I started using a mouth wash made for mouth ulcers every single since the day I decided to quit and this is day number 7 and no canker sore yet! I will keep you updated and let you know if it works!!!
Hayley Hutton 12 January 12
I have given up smoking 9 days ago. New years day, its the first time Ive gone cold no patches or gum and I have 4 sores on my gums and 2 on my tounge. I think there maybe something in the nicotine withdrawl theory, as when I tried to quit using patches etc I didnt get sores. Now I did however get sores from time to time when I smoked but nothing like this. So glad to find out im not alone
steve mckeogh 8 January 12
I have two things to add to this board:

1) Lysine is the key. I took 3000mg per day (1500 morning and night) and all of the were GONE in three days. I was getting 3-10 at a time and non stop for 4 weeks, trying every home remedy known to man. It's been 8 weeks off nicotine (for good) and recently, I ran out of lysine for one day. The canker sores came back 24 hours later even though I was taking lysine.

2) The canker sores has nothing to do with smoking as others have posted. I didn't smoke. I was addicted to nicotine mints, then the patch for years. I could live without them. I decided to get off them and BOOM canker sore hell. So I believe this much more to do with nicotine and the nonsense about "thickening the skin in your mouth" is invalid as the *primary* cause. I believe that nicotine withdrawal is the culprit.
Robby Thom 22 December 11
thank you..i thought i was going crazy...6 weeks smoke free and now off chantix!!! But the sores are driving me crazy, they hurt and nothing helps. But at least I now know I am not alone!!
helen 21 December 11
my friend told me he gets cankor sores when he quit smoking i quit 3 years ago and i get like 4 to 5 a month on my tongue front and sides i dont wanna talk to people but my friend got prescribed valtrex and hasnt got one since he says its kind of embarrassing getting the stuff at pharmacy but he says it works
jason 20 December 11
Thanks for all the info here...I have been on Champix for 4 weeks, no cigarettes for 21 days, but have big nasty sore on my tongue. Note to all...don't eat Salt and Vinegar What a mess this is, hope they go away. Good luck with not smoking all!
Pam 18 December 11
Just another thought, I saw someone saying that honey helps as well.. When i get sick i use Manuka honey, it's quite pricey but always works and is way safer than antibiotics etc. it comes in different strengths and is supposed to be a great bacteria killer. friend of mine did test on it in her studies of physics and chemistry and said it wiped out nearly all the bacteria on the petri dish. anyway. i hope you'll all find some way. good luck!
Ńine 17 December 11
hei was just reading some of your comments.. i quit about a week ago and have quit several times before. this is the first time my mouth is really sore, though luckily none of it has developed to a canker sore yet. just a thought, if the problem is caused by bacteria, has any of you tried oraMD? it's a 100% natural botanical oils used instead of toothpaste. i've been using it for a while, when i was still smoking it kept my teeth white and stopped my gums bleeding. good stuff, really works for many things. but this time i'm not so sure, it's quite harsh and i worry that it irritates my mouth even more. i know it kills all the bacteria though, so i think i'm gonna stick to it for a while and see if the soreness passes.
Ńine 17 December 11
just to share my experiences, i have been getting canker sores for 20 years, i have to say the ones under the toung are the worst :( i have never smoked regularly (never cigarettes) but i noticed when i have sores and have a cigar that it helps tremendously. almost like it heals them, its the weirdest thing. but its a good enough reason for me to light up an occasional(every other month or so) cigar. hope this info helps, i feel all your guys' pain. at least we know were not the only ones going through it. thanks for the forum to vent :)
Phil 14 December 11
Anotherbrothermark hope you are still off the chokes, getting Vit B into me and buckets of water all I can do but it is frustrating and affecting my sleep.
Neil From Dublin Ireland 8 December 11
Off the smokes seven weeks and was with a new dentist this morning and told me you have mouth ulcers, jaysus tell me something I dont know. Loading up on strong Vitamin B complex is supposed to help, Ulcers could be a sign off stress in the body from the breaking of a dependancy, mouth ulcers or a 4 in 10 chance of developing lung Cancer spend a fortune on the lotto here and thats one in two million. who am I kidding.

Every one dies, smokers just leave earlier
Neil From Dublin Ireland 7 December 11
Same here. Off the cigs and ulcers are back. Guaranteed to go away if I light up again. Just hanging on this time trying to prevent withdrawal from nicotine again because I'll miss my lung capacity, the teeth will yellow, and I'll cough again and decide to go through withdrawal and with the ulcers reappearing. What a cycle. I really want to stay off the tobacco, but the smoke seems to be the only thing that kills the germs that cause the canker sores. I'm 61 and this is why I'm out here looking for a different answer. I've been on and off the smoke addiction many, many times. I miss it and really can't stand the constant mouth ulcers. I just want a shot at a different cure.
AnotherBrotherMark 3 December 11
After a month of not smoking, I had this bad-looking canker sore. Then I bit my lip, then sores appear. I never had to contend with such a thing when I smoked. Grrr....

If this doesn't heal in three or four days, I'm going back to smoking.
Joel Gaviola 28 November 11
Im on day 5 cold turkey been smoking for 13 years a third of my life got a sore on my tounge hurts like crazy but copd or lung cancer are much worse and waking up coughing my guts out isnt fun. Its better to sufer a little now then alot later peace
kaz 21 November 11
Damn I keep getting big mouth ulcers when I simply do not smoke for a day. It's getting on my nerves. :(
I kind of need to smoke to keep me going and yeah it helps kill the ulcers but then a short while without a cigarette will lead them to coming back.
Steven 16 November 11
I smoked for 40 years, just found out i have copd,i started chantix 4 weeks ago ,i went from 3 cigarettes to none,iknow i could not do it cold turkey.cigarette smoke makes me sick to smell it. i do not have sores in my mouth either.i know some people that could not take chantix .but for me its working .i was lucky my inc. payed for it. chantix has a 30.00 coupon .
lynnie 3 October 11
The same thing has happened to me twice now the two times i gave up smoking. the first time i went to the health shop as i guessed it must be from quitting and the shopgirl advised me to take vitamin b complex tablets. i had about 4 ulcers in my mouth and they did go away when i started taking these. i went back smoking but have given up 2 weeks ago and again i have a massive moth ulcer - only plus is i had been taking the vitamin all along so if i hadnt i reckon i would have 4 or 5 ulcers. i am going to stay off the cigarettes this time so am upping my dose of the b12. try it. it is working for me.
alison 29 September 11
Smoking a cigar helps kill cold sores the cigar helps wit.the ph balence it worked.for me good luvk.
Kellyann 23 September 11
i'm only 20. i started smoking on a somewhat regular basis when i was about 18 or 19. back then, the most i'd smoke was about 1 a day or 4 a week. recently, it's been more like 4 a day on average. i decided to quit a week back, since i realized i really don't like the taste of cigarettes at all.
i was smoking marlboro lights up until a few weeks back, when i discovered dunhill switch and i started smoking that. mind you, i've only had one pack of those. after that, i couldnt find those and i just got dunhill lights and i really hated smoking them after the taste of switch.
anyway, it's been about a week. i didnt really quit, though i'd said i would. i started up again after a couple days, maybe last thursday or friday. so it's been almost a week now. i just went two days (max) without cigarettes. and now my tongue feels like its swollen because i got sores on teh sides and the bottom of the tongue. i just dont get it. i mean, i barely smoked anything compared to most smokers who do like a pack a day or more.
boo. 14 September 11
Wow! Some of the people who have posted here have had some extreme problems with this! I was wondering if there was a connection; I smoked for about 7 years, and I quit a little over a week ago. I'm determined to keep it going, because I'm trying to get healthier overall. But it's frustrating to deal with canker sores; I've had a really nasty one for almost a week now, and another sprang up a couple of days ago. But hearing about some people who've had a dozen or more at a time...whoa! I think I can hold out now. I'm gonna ride these out, see how they heal, and HOPE that I don't get anymore. When I was a kid, I would get them, but maybe only one every few months or so...hopefully my problem won't get any worse than that! Best of luck to the rest of you, and I hope that nobody goes back to smoking because of THIS.
Lynsey 20 August 11
have given up smoking now for only 5 days Ive never had ulcers but I now have around 15 on the inside of both cheeks everybody told me to watch my weight when giving up smoking but the fact I cant eat anything or drink anything other than water I dont think Ill have that problem!
Im so glad I found this page as it gives me somewhere to start thanks everyone :)
maz 10 August 11
thanks to everybody. your such a relief. i've been experiencing recurring canker sore since May, Its been hell experiencing those pain. At first i'm stressed with my Manager, and some people says stress can trigger canker sore, then i quit my job to avoid the stress, then i said to myself i want to start anew, begin a healthy lifestyle and that includes quitting smoke. but then the cankers are back, and i'm stressed again because of too much thinking what's really happening in my mouth. Thinking i have a serious problem. i have my new job now but the problem is i am in night shift, and less sleep for me, checked my toothpaste and alas there's SLS in it. all that causes canker sore are now in me. stress, less sleep, SLS, immune system is low because of lack in sleep. when will this canker sore begone forever?
remide 8 August 11
OK, I have now stopped smoking for the third time, the first time for three years, the second time for three months and now it is two months. Nobody can tell me anything about the hell living with eight and more enormous sores in your mouth, you are unable to eat or speak. I spent thousands of rands on doctors and medication, and believe me, there is nothing I have not tried. If somebody mentions any medication, I can say in honesty that I have tried it, AND NOTHING WORKS! The irony is that few people believe you when you say it is related to the fact that you stopped smoking, even doctors say straight that you are looking for a reason to start smoking again.
After I have stopped now for about two weeks and going through hell, there was an interview on radio with a professor of the University of Stellenbosch doing research on the difficulties in quitting. He spoke about a medication which is not a nicotine replacement, but rather works on the hormones and nerves which are affected by smoking and takes away the edginess associated with stopping. He did not give the name, but I phoned the University and spoke to one of his researchers. They have never heard of the relation between mouth sores and stopping to smoke. They however gave me the name of the tablets, you are supposed to start using them before you stop and after a month you go over to a 'maintenance' pack. As I have already stopped, I started directly with the second pack, drinking one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. For the first time ever I found after two or three days that the sores became less intense. I was also less irritable.(Difficult to say if it was due to the fact that I had less pain or vice versa) After a month I stopped the treatment (with fear, I must admit).

At the moment I still get sores, but nowhere nearly as painful and as many as before, so much so that I can really live with it.

The tablets are expensive, but not as expensive as smokes. The name is Champix 1mg by Pfizer. Here you need a doctor's prescription to obtain it. If this can be of help to anyone, I shall be very happy, I know what it is to go through hell
Danie 26 July 11
Thanks everyone! Your words give comfort, make me understand what I'm going through and help me stay more focussed on my new resolution - 'quit smoking'. Guys like me need this. I quit smoking three weeks agao, after 23 years...lucky me, my wife of 22 years encouraged me to quit and I stay in her company while not at work, just to stay off smoking. So far I have not seen any sores or blisters. My tongue tip 'burns' a little. I just want to tell you lovely folks to stay focussed, stay closer to your loved ones and believe in yourself. Think of all the other big challenges in life that you successfully handled, this is just one more....
Samy 25 July 11
So glad that I found this page. As a child and teenager I suffered from horrible mouth sores. When I began smoking around age 17 they gradually disappeared and didn't come back. I was relieved but just chocked it up to me growing out of a childhood phase. I never imagined that the smoking was keeping the evil sores at bay. I smoked every day for 10 years and finally decided together with my wife that we should both quit for the benefit of our health. After 1 DAY... I woke up with the largest canker sore that I have ever seen right on top of my tonsil. At least the size of a dime or even a penny, it is the most painful thing that I have experienced in a very long time. My lymph nodes are swollen on the side of my neck where the sore is as my body struggles with the infection. It has nearly been two weeks and the spot shows no sign of improvement. It is absolutely horrible. I pray things improve soon. I don't want to live in so much pain, but then again, I am still alive. Keep your strength and courage, do what you can for the pain. Just stay away from those evil little soldiers of death. I will never smoke again.
Ryan 22 July 11
So reassuring to find this is such a common problem. We should start a campaign to get drug companies to invest in further research, there must me millions of people suffering with this around the world. I suffered with mouth ulcers as a child but never did during my 20 years as a smoker. I gave up smoking almost a year ago and I now have a constant problem with the sores. It usually starts with one or two small ones and they soon develop into big painful sores, at its worst I will have 10-12. These eventually start dying down after a two or three weeks and the cycle starts again. I will be trying vitamin B-12 and also lysine but my doctor has just prescribed betamethasone. I gt the impression that Doctors are generally not bothered. Good luck everyone...
Nathan, Twickenham 8 July 11
i think you all should try ibuprofren if you haven't already. seems to help with my sore throat associated with quitting smoking, but i've had canker sores in the past after quitting, and i can't tell if i have one on the back of my tongue or if its my throat.. but i think it is a canker sore and ibuprofren really helps
josh 8 July 11
Glad I am not alone. I quit smoking after almost 30 years. No one told me about all the crazy things that would happen to me. My eyes are inflamed, my stomach is never normal, and I have these terrible canker sores all over my mouth. I quit 2 weeks ago cold turkey and I'm determined not to start back. I am going to the drug store and try some of your various remedies. I hope we all can get some relief. Thank you, and I'll let you know what works.
Wanda 28 June 11
I quit smoking because I sing in metal bands. Classicly trained vocalist that smoked for 30 years (since I was 8 years old) and all I wanted was to increase lung power but now I have canker soars all over the back of my throat and the sides, underneath, and top of my tongue, and the roof of my mouth. Now I can't sing even if I wanted to. Plus, since the soars started I feel exhausted like I am constantly on the verge of a bout with the flu.

I have got to be able to sing. I love what I do but it is also my job.
zlord 19 June 11
I'm on day 104 of quitting, personally. The hardest thing, as with a number of people here, has been dealing with the ulcers. It is certainly a measurable problem when you are woken at 5:00am by the pain alone; the focus of one's own dream centred around a semi-conscious rationalisation of that very pain... quite annoying indeed. Whilst 'Bonjela Once', 'tincture of myrrh' and 'Bonjela Cool' have been the most successful pain relievers, respectively, I have yet to find anything that noticeably speeds up their removal with any immediacy.

Anything which presents itself with the ingredients 'sodium dodecyl sulfate', 'sodium laurilsulfate' or 'sodium lauryl sulfate' might well be causing or otherwise worsening ulcerations in the mouth, so it would be a good idea to stop using anything with said ingredients, as well as tracking as to whether or not it is beneficial for you. They are long known and well documented irritants, found in toothpastes and other cosmetics.

My good wishes to you all with regards to your quits too. It's a scary thing to give up anything that is of routine and seemingly beneficial - something at only smokers and other addicts can ever relate to. It is especially difficult to quit when there are such side effects as ulcers : (
Ed 16 June 11
My husband is having the same problem guys. He has tried giving up smoking (roll ups) 3 or 4 times now and each time he gets large mouth ulcers. Lots of them as well. He has tried lots of things, but from reading the above I think he is just going to have to ride them out. Hopefully they will just go. It is horrible for him, and a nightmare living with him !!
Donna 14 june 11 14 June 11
Hi this is Lokesh, the same thing happens to me.. But i don't want to smoke again. Its been 1 month to me and still suffering from sores. It stays for more than one week but could not do something, I am thinking to do Homeopathy.
Please suggest if that would be fine for this side effect.
Lokesh 13 June 11
Now my 5th attempt at giving up... same as lot of people ive read.... i find it quite easy to quit but end up quitting my quitting due to amount of mouth ulcers i end up getting after a few days... i have to say this is bull!!!!! up give up smoking due to the health problems and end up worse off than when u did smoke..!! just dont make sense...plz plz doctors sort out something 4 us poor sufferer's!!! good luck fellow quitters :))))
andy 11 June 11
"SOLUTION" FOR CANKER SORES; I'm a med-student, i used to smoke occasionally, but then whenever my exams came near, i used to do chain smoking. For all those who are having canker sores; i think i know why its happening and what might help u prevent occurence of canker sores.
when u smoke, the mucus glands of your mouth(that produce saliva) increase in number and size causing increased frequency and amount of saliva being produced when u smoke. when u smoke, the saliva and smoke gives a slightly acidic pH which helps kill micro-organisms responsible for canker sores.
BUT when u stop smoking, the acidic pH is not maintained, also the increased amounts of saliva actually provides a good medium for growth of micro-organisms, thus u have canker sores.

I'd suggest using mouth-wash before sleeping and after getting up in the morning before drinking or eating anything else. and each day after every 1.5 to 2 hours, you should wash your mouth with proper squishing in your mouth with water (or mouth-wash whatever's available). also try not to ingest the saliva that comes to your mouth every now and then. try to spit it out rather than ingulf it. and this will certaining help in reducing the incidence of canker sores.

Some1 please try and let me know if i've been helpful enough, or i should explain more...
WJ 10 June 11
OMG I am so happy to have found this site....I thought I was going mad. Everything that has been said Thank you.....I stopped smoking 1 month ago....been getting canker sores for the last 2 weeks.....terrible like 3-4 at a time. Bought antiseptic last night going to try and find the L-lysine today.....Like others thought it was the fruit smoothies I was taking or the gum I was chewing. You know not even this will make me want to smoke again.....
Shirlann 7 June 11
my wife has been goin through the same for the past 2years and has been to everykind of doctor and nothing works....she has asked me t post what helps her the best with the sores are a remedy we have read other places and uses daily..mix 50/50 mylanta and benadryl use a q-tip to apply she swears by might help....good luck
john d 6 June 11
Wow this site has been a god send! after months of suffering & endless trips to the doctors I was beginning to think I was the only one! Its been 5 months since I quit & within a few weeks I suffered with several aggressive ulcers, mostly over my tongue. I have tried several remedies from non traditional to prescribed, all unfortunately having little effect. The only words of advice I can offer from my experience is basic but seems to help me: Colgate Peroxyl was suggested a few times above & I have found this to be a great help, it cleans & helps relieve the pain, which is always a bonus! Apart from this I have found little other medication/prescribed drugs to work. I found that regular rinsing with warm salt water helped ease the pain & aid healing, also a tip I found was to soak my toothbrush head in boiling water prior to brushing, this helps sanitise the head as well as softening up the bristle which causes less irritation to the gums..... not the best help I know but all I have found to help me personally. Will keep checking back to see new post & will inform of any new developments as Im trying new things every week!!
Tyler Sol 23 May 11
I've been smoking since i was 12. im 21 now and multiple times have quit smoking, the longest was 6 months. every time though my mouth breaks out in sores. i just quit a week ago and have over 17 of these damn things. they stay with you...all through my 6 months i had them. scientists cant figure out what they are or why they pop up but there is definatly a cure in smoking. ive made the decision to continue smoking because i cannot eat. they will have to put me in a hospital and tube feed me... if i want to quit. its not known to be a virus but the immune system has something to do with it as well. stress also plays a big factor and least im not alone...
Starus lark 21 May 11
I have been smoking for 6 years now. I wanna stop, i realized smoking has been bad and to the detriment of my body. It also stops me from being able to play sports because of the weaker lungs. I stopped 6 days ago. Now i have 4 sores in my mouth. I am not sure if its because of the smoking cessation, but im pretty sure it is. I found that the salt thing was good, but it was merely a temporary solution. If anyone finds a permanent cure, please please help.
Just 2 May 11
I had to stop smoking in order to help my tonsil heal. I was having a hard time keeping myself from smoking, but I was a good boy. For three days I kept at it. I woke up the next morning with a horrible pain in my tongue. It felt swollen and chewed on. I thought it may have swollen up in the middle of the night, and I bit the sides in my sleep. Still no smoking, and I was spraying my mouth with Chloraseptic every twenty minutes for the pain. This whole time, the tonsil was still very sore and looked so swollen it might burst. Over the next few days, sores started to appear on the same side as the inflamed tonsil. I assumed they were related, and just kept myself from smoking (which was very hard, this pain made me want one sooooo bad!). Mouthwash, salt-water, and eventually even Chloraseptic gargles did nothing for the pain, and certainly didn't help with the healing process. I'm so happy I found this message board, I don't know what I would do if I hadn't. Thank you so much, people. :D
DoobieHayve 29 April 11
This is so very helpful but I am the opposite to most of the posters up here... I have been smoking since I was 13 but NEVER a heavy smoker. My normal day of smoking would be having my first cigarette at about two or three in the afternoon and would NEVER smoke more than five or six a day, some days only smoking one... As my life has gotten very hectic over the past few months I started smoking heavily about 6 weeks ago, about 10-20 a day from the time I wake up untill the time I go to bed. I have since formed massive sores inside my mouth, one huge one top of my tongue and one on each side of my inside cheeks that are as wide as my middle finger and just as long. I couldnt figure out what it was from but as time went on I noticed that they swell more when I am smoking a cig and by the end of the day I can barely talk or even drink water. My stess levels are extremely high but I am ready to quit... I am wondering though, as I was in another country smoking a different type of tobacco and different brand of cigs for 10 years, could it be that that is causing this. I intend to quit very soon so I will keep you all updated on how things go once I do.
abandem 28 April 11
I also have this problem I quit smoking a week ago after about 3 days 1 huge canker sore , I have another starting now but the big one altho its still there is not sore and hasn't been for a few days now as I started taking Turmeric, I used the powder you get for spicing food up a tea spoon in water tastes like crap but within 20 mins the sore was going down the swelling in my face went down and it did not hurt, I kept taking it a few times a day, it never got big again, I know its still there but it is going, I brought Turmeric capsules from a health food store on Sat and this is a well known cure for boils and mouth sores , I highly recommend you try it, it cleanses the blood apparently and is a anti inflammatory, took a capsule about ten mins ago and the new one is also now pain free and looks like it is also going to go. I will keep you updated.
Maybe it is the chemicals in the cigs that stop these from starting when you smoke, or maybe its the toxins coming out now we have stopped, I do not think its the nicotine as I am not=w using a e-cig and vaping nicotine juice , I would never have been able to quit without this, having been diagnosed with heart prob a couple months ago I had to quit. Angiogram in 2 weeks :O
DeeDee 26 April 11
My ulcers seem to be right the opposite. When I smoke, I get the sores. I know, quit smoking but I've tried and still haven't quit and right now have no intentions to quit. Any suggestions???
Loretta 24 April 11
Do not use a Listerine OR any mouthwash !
Avoid alcohol at all time !
use only Squigle enamal
I'm 4 Months free of smoking.
still have the dam ulcers but it's better.
henry 21 April 11
Hello All,
So it has been 9 days smoke free and 5 days since I satrted the regimin (see post from April 8) and I must say it is WORKING................... yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has not cured the 6 existing sores however it did stop them form getting any bigger and not a single new one has shown up. Even though I bit my lip the othe other really hard I was like "Oh Nooooooooooo" that is going to be bad and turn into a huge sore, but it didn't. I don't know which of the things I am doing is working but I am just going to continue to do them all. I will keep you posted and hope that one of these solutions can work for any of you fellow sufferers.
TDowns 13 April 11
Day 7 no smoking I have the most excrutiating sore on the side of my tongue cant talk cant eat please help. dont want to smoke anymore !!
Shona 9 April 11
Hey fellow sufferers!! Just an update, been smoke free for a week, had one canker sore, but it's gone now. I posted April 5th, and it's been working for me. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has posted on here. Find what works for you and go for it. Should mention I also changed my LOTS of greens!!! Smoking is an alkalyne(sp?) and you need to control your PH balance. Sugar = bad. Greens = good. Lots of websites out there about this too....
Scott 9 April 11
Hello Again All,
So I have decided I am going to give some of the ideas I have seen on this a try. I will give it 7 more days to at least not get worse, I may not be cured completely but if I can at least control the sores from being to overly painful then I will stay smoke free. Here is the regimin I am trying, I will keep you posted on my progress so that if it works then maybe it can work for some of you. I am taking 1500mg a day of Lysine, 500mg twice a day of Valacyclovir (prescription), I am drinking at minimum 80 ounces of water a day and 12 ounces of Cranberry juice. I have completely changed my diet to the least acidic foods possible (no oranges, no sauce, no tomatoes etc.) I make sure to eat at least 1 small portion of yogurt a day as well (I hate yogurt but was told since it is a natural bacteria it should counteract the bacteria in my mouth) . I am using a non SLS toothpaste which wow feels actually good when I brush (at least twice a day). Rinse with warm salt water at least 3 times a day (this hurts while doing but feels ohhhh so good after for a little while)
As you can see from my post from yesterday morning prior to starting this regimin I was in serious pain. I can say that today not so much, I am not sure if its from all that I am doing or just pure luck but I am going to continue. Right now my sores are fairly small and I am hoping that with all I am doing they stay that way and just start going away from this point on.
I will keep you all posted.
TDowns 8 April 11
I just want to cry, this is my 3rd attempt at quitting smoking, 4 days with no cigarettes and I have 6 very painful sores on my tongue and 2 in my throat. I am taking an acyclovir regime like my doctor recommended the last time but it is not helping in the slightest. I want to be smoke free but I am in so much pain. I wish I could just take a puff a day to keep the sores at bay at least, but a puff turns to 2, then 3 then back to half a pack a day an so on. My goodness, they can cure cancers, prolong lives of people that have aids, but they can't come up with a freaking cure for canker sores. uuugggghhhh
TDowns 7 April 11
well!well!well!!, boy am i glad i found this website., thank you !! thank you!! i was about to lose my mind didnt know where i was getting these sores from, one stage thought it was some kind of Cancer!! but yes i was a heavy smoker of 34 years, and also recently stopped when my son was born nearly 3 months ago, but will now truly fight it off, since knowing that it's from quiting the thing, should have quit years ago!!!!!!!1
avraam 7 April 11
I was sooooo happy to have found this website a couple of weeks ago. For the longest time I thought I was the only one!! I have tried to quit countless times, only to have canker sores appear.....sometimes as many as 20 or 30. So painful that I would start smoking again and they would be gone in 2 or 3 days. Well, after having read every post on here, I decided to quit again - cold turkey, only this time would use the advice of a few on here. I have been smoke free for 4 days now, no cheating at all. I have one very small sore on the tip of my toungue, but nothing else!! Wooohoooo!! If it stays like this, I'll have it beat, no problem!! So, this is what I am doing. I take Ly-sene(500mg) twice a day, B12 supplement(5000), Vitamin C supplement(1000) as well as a multi vitamin(Centrum - with acid control). I am also taking a pro-biotic supplement (2 pills twice a day) and eating 8 small Activia Yogurts a day. I have switched toothpaste to Sensodyne (no SLS for me) and use Steri/sol mouthwash 4 times a day. I have no idea if it's one or all of the above that are working, but it is working. I would get the sores within a day of quitting - GUARANTEED - everytime. Like I said, I've got one small one, but hardly even notice it.

I think it's very much about controlling the toxins and acidity in the body as we adjust to being a non smoker. So far, so good. Don't know if it would work for any of you, but this is working for me. Good luck to all!!
Scott 5 April 11
Wow i cant believe i found this. Im 22 and ive been smoking for 7 years. I quit about 6 mos ago and after a week the sores started and lasted for 9 weeks! I couldnt take it anymore and went back to smoking. I quit again a week and a half ago and now the sores are back again. I thought i was the only one. So weird.
Nate 1 April 11
A doc once told me that smoking provides an alkalinity and that your body has to re-adjust when you quit. Until then you are overly acidic. He said he always suggests alka seltzer gold (the one without asprin) to quitters to reduce mouth sores and acid stomach. Also they should avoid acidic foods/beverages like pineapple, tomatoes, colas, coffee. My Grandma always recommended baking soda for canker sores, which is also alkaline.
CT 26 March 11
I've battled with these ulcers ever since the first time I quit smoking. A year of not smoking here, another 3 sucking down cancer sticks, 6 months or so on the gum ect ect. Every single time I quit smoking, no matter how I quit, I get outbreaks of 2-12 ulcers in my throat and on my gums and tongue. They will go away in a week or two but as one fades another grows stronger. The pain is unimaginable unless you've suffered the same.
Finally last year I found a doctor who gave me a regimented dose of Steroids. You take 9 the first day, 8 the next, 7 the next and so on until you're out of them. Within 3 days your ulcers will begin to heal. All of them! Now this is great! the drawback... Do I want to slowly destroy my body with cigarettes or Steroids? Or... Do I want to suffer through a longer life of tremendous pain in the mouth!?
If someone can find a healthier way to combat this common malady i'd really like to try it. My wife and I just recenty found out we're having a baby so smoking is just not an option for me anymore. I almost feel guilty for spawning a child that will undoubtedly suffer the same =*( Good luck to everyone and may we all someday find a cure
Adam 21 March 11
I have tried to quit numerous times over the past couple of years, and I too get the awfullest sores in my mouth, well, I quit on Feb. 23rd, no sore, a miracle, march 1 the sores developed, I now not only have them in my mouth, they are going down my throat, way down my throat. I am trying my best to not give in, I do not know how much more of this pain, or should I say PAIN, I know if I smoke, they will be gone and I will be pain free tonight, I will not smoke, I will not smoke.
Kim 19 March 11
use the e-cigarette if you feel that is the cause.
DOC 18 March 11
I found a cure that has helped me, i have suffered for 5yrs with ulcers and now there all gone, i got a inhaler from my gp. Its to be held in ure mouth and not inhaled, it has a strong steroid in it and kills the ulcers, its called Clenil Modulite 100 (Beclometasone dipropionate). Its working for me, have had no ulcers this 2 mths now and its great. The inhaler is used for asthma but the steroid in it kills the ulcers, try it out....
Keith ruddy 17 March 11
I quit 2 years ago and only recently started getting cankers. Not a lot - one very big one which took forever to heal and then a smaller one on the other side. I used an over the counter medication KANKA, which is applied directly on the sores and it is wonderful. It numbs them - no more pain and does promote healing. Canker free now - my problem however is a chronic sore throat and 2 bouts of laryngitis - never had it before in my life that I can recall. Wierd - but so glad to be off of the smokes. Good luck everybody.
Brenda 16 March 11
I just recently quit, and like others, quickly got mouth sores. Nicotine has antimicrobial properties, and I wonder if this has something to do with it. Nicotine lozenges are said to reduce the number and frequency of these sores.
Jay 16 March 11
try buttermilk i did and it helped me
louann 2 March 11
I'm the same... quit smoking and a few days later I've got ulcers all throughout my mouth and I can't say they are excruciating but they are annoying and effect my eating and the way I talk. It's embarrassing and I've never ever had anything like this. There seems to be no solid evidence to suggest why but the most logical explanation would have something to do with the nerves reactivating and the veins starting to pump more blood through them. I don't know how this can cause an infection but it must as these are the only changes in the mouth after quitting smoking. There seems to be nothing you can do about it either which sucks really bad.
Daniel 24 February 11
I quit cold turkey almost 3 Months ago
and never felt better!!
after 20 years of smoking
only now i have some kind of nasty sores as well
very difficult to eat.
don't know what do do.. :-((
Avi 20 February 11
An update. Have been down to only using 7mg nicotine patches for over 2 weeks now. I do get a canker sore or two sometimes but nothing like it was before (the clumps of them) I started using the patches and taking acyclovir. I stopped taking the pills about 3 weeks ago to see if it is the patches that are keeping the sores away. It must be. Haven't had any sores since I stopped the acyclovir. At some point in the future I will get off the patches also and hope my body will no longer need the nicotine to keep the sores away. I am very happy I have pretty much licked the problem. Also finally got rid of the kidney stone from hell after almost 3 months!
Rocko 12 February 11
I have a very similar problem, but every time I stop I get the Shingles to! My mouth is very sore and every time I brush my teeth my gum's bleed, I started smoking again, better to live 20 good years than 40 in this much pain!
Ro C 7 February 11
quit 5 days ago.. now have a sore on the bottom gums and one at the back of my throat.... Insanely annoying and painful can't really swallow anything. Probably going to start smoking again if I can't figure out something to make them go away.
bah 29 January 11
1 week into giving up smoking after 20 years! i've got 3 ulcers on my gums and 4 on my tongue! There's no way i'm smoking again (I want to see my son grow up). So i'm going to put salt on them before i go to bed and tomorrow i'm going to the chemist for some rinsested pastels, I hear this works. Also is it normal to bring up hurrendous amounts of guitar?
Benji the gringo 13 January 11
Thinking about quitting again and thought I'd search the internet before attempting to deal with the nightmare in my mouth that happens every time I quit smoking. It took me a while to make the connection too, and no one believed me about it, so I am really glad to find this site. Unless you have experienced the pain, you just can't understand. Even taking a sip of water would burn like you-know-where, and whenever I talk people would tell me I am talking funny-that's from the ones on the side of the tongue. Nothing gives any lasting relief and going through tubes of orajel like crazy, that stuff is not cheap either! So needless to say I am a little hesitant about quitting again, but tired of feeling tired all the time and I know it's from smoking! I am going to definitely try some of the suggestions on here so I'll let you know if anything works for me this time. If not, I may have to try smoking just a few every day. I know they make filters that you put on the cigs to help reduce the nicotine and tar - better than nothing I guess! I would prefer to be smoke-free though but like some others on here feel the pain is worse than the smoking.
Beth 8 January 11
dear Mike,
I just had the same problem, and I realised that to replace the cigs i was biting and scratching the inside of my cheeks and lips at night, which, in turn caused ulcers. My dentist fitted me with a night guard and Im fine now! try it out :) good luck!
Vio 6 January 11
My New Years Resolution is to start smoking again! Like the first poster I am able to take or leave smoking, so give up very easily when I want or need to!(Sorry, but its true). I've had a miserable 4 years as I have advanced breast cancer in my bones and liver (NOT lungs!!) and have had to have 6 months of chemo 4 times in those 4 years! After the last bout finished I decided lung (primary anyway!) cancer is not going to get me before breast cancer, so, although I had notbeen smoking for several years, decided I fancied starting again..only 5-6 a day..thoroughly enjoyed them too!! When I had to start chemo again, I stopped smoking again, no problem! Still undergoing treatment. I have always suffered mouth ulcers, so never made the connection, but I can honestly say the ulcers I have been having for the last 6 months are worse than any other horrible side-effects from any of the drugs I have been treated with..EVER!

I'm hoping to get my 6 months break from chemo again in the next month, so , having found this great web-site full of people who really understand the misery that is mouth ulcers...especially the ones on and under the tongue, I am going to give smoking a go again and have some enjoyment and normalcy in my life for a while again, however short-lived! Some might think I'm lucky to not have to worry about lung cancer, but if it works I now see smoking as medicinal and restoring quality to what remains of my life!!!

Will keep you posted..also going to try the Lysine, SLS free toothpaste etc. etc....I'm up to try anything to be able to speak and eat for more tha a few days each month!
Jacqui 2 January 11
Thank the lord i found this site. Thought i was going crazy. Since quitting just 1 week ago after 21 years my whole body has gone bad ;-( mouth ulcers on inner bottom lip. Please somebody tell me i will feel better soon? I want to feel great for quitting, not like this. P.s good luck to all and PLEASE do not be tempted to start because of these horrible ulcers?
Debra UK 2 January 11
Has anyone tried this? I just found it today:
Joe 25 December 10
Christmas morning so why not post an update on the dreaded canker sores from you all know where!
Still free and clear of any smoke related sores. I have a couple times had a sore that was caused by my tongue getting a little scrape on a tooth with an edge on it or maybe even a potato chip scrape. Next time at the dentist he will be asked to smooth out the tooth. (these times were only one sore. Many millions of people get these single canker sores. The multiple sores related to quitting smoking, well they are a different animal and simply just not the same)
Have to say that I have not changed (reduced my amounts) anything yet for the same reason, the kidney stone. Still on 400mg of the acyclovir twice daily and a 14mg nicotine patch once each night and no sores at all. If I didn't have this kidney stone from hell in my body I would really be sounding the horn here about my successful results regarding the sores. Joe, if nothing else seems to be helping you yet then you may want to try it. The acyclovir is prescription and the patches are available at any drug store. Post it here if you do try it and I hope it helps as well as it worked for me. (Again I started with 800 mg twice a day but 400 is now working and 21mg patch once a night, now I'm using the 14mg patch). I am sore free for roughly 6 to 7 weeks now.
Rocko 25 December 10
Keep us posted Rocko. I'm watching your posts with great interest.
Joe 20 December 10
I have a cig maybe once a year but sure enough within two or three days of having one i get the mouth sores. TO me this says smoking causes them. I never have mouth sores otherwise. I gargle hydrogen peroxide for 30 seconds each day and they last about two weeks then disapear. Hope this helps.
Mike 16 December 10
Quick update. Have reduced my intake of acyclovir from 800mg to 400mg twice a day and down to 14 mg on the nicotine patch.
Still no sores.
After the kidney stone is gone I will be cutting down again on the mg of the patch and also on the pills.
Rocko 14 December 10
I have this same problem too. I didn't make the connection until recently. Started smoking at 16 and kept going until probably 25. Had my tonsils removed for an unrelated problem and stopped. Had lots of cancer sores over those 3 years I quit. Started again and never really made the connection as to why they went away. Quit on Nov 24th and have already began getting them again. Mentioned it to my wife yesterday and decided to google it tonight. Great to see that others have the same issue. Sad to see there isn't a cure. I forgot how miserable these dam things are and how I can't eat or drink anything salty due to the pain. I don't know if it's worth it..... Has anyone tried having one smoke daily? Does that keep them at bay?
Joe 13 December 10
Rocko here again with an update. I am extremely pleased to say that my regimen of acyclovir 800mg twice a day plus the nicotine patch has been working effectively since my last post on the 6th of November. I was going to start cutting back on the dose of 800mg to 600 or 400mg to see if that is enough to continue on and be canker sore free but I have not done so yet as I have a serious problem with a kidney stone for the last two weeks and just do not wish to deal with the sores that might come back until I get rid of the stone. My thought was to keep cutting back and if I get down to a low dose or to zero with still no sores coming out then I can try the nicotine patch next, cutting back the mg on it also. My hope is to get to either very low doses of the acyclovir and the nicotine if not stop them totally. If at some point in the future the sores start to come back then I would get back on the medication and the patch but I am truly hoping my body will start keeping the sores gone on its own. Wishful thinking? Maybe but I have hope as I don't like taking any medications on a regular basis. I have not used the colloidal silver for 2 weeks now so I don't think it has had any effect on me.
Remember we are all different and our bodily functions will react differently but I cannot tell you all how happy I am being able to keep the sores away without having to smoke! 40 years was more than enough and when I do leave this world it will be with a smile on my face and no sores in my mouth.
I will update here again when I am able to start reducing the amounts after the problem with the stone is gone.
If anyone else tries what I have done please post your progress as I am sure there will be many more people coming here to see what if anything has helped others. Good luck for now.
Rocko 27 November 10
I quit 7 weeks ago and have been experiencing some major pain since then, which I was not expecting since I quit three years ago with no problems. Started using the Lysine, B12, plus gargling with warm salt water, and rubbing baking soda paste on inflamed areas a few days ago after finding this blog. Thanks to was a major relief to know others are going through the same thing.
Kathy 20 November 10
I have tried everything that has been mentioned here without anything working. All that I have been able to do is treat the pain a little. I use cepocol mouth spray. It is meant for sore throats. I have also used chloraseptic throat spray wich does not seem to work as well. I know that the sores cant be due to stress of quiting. I had once quit for 6 years and had problems the entire time, just had not figured out that smoking and canker sores were related. Something else that I have tried that didn't work, but maybe it will help one of you is to get a prescription protonix or some other prescription heartburn med from your doctor. I had met one person who this worked for. I am just about ready to go back to smoking. not eating or drinking will kill me faster than smoking, and if I smoke, then my wife and kids wont think I am mad at them because I wont talk to them.
Dave 15 November 10
I have had the same problem, but oddly enough my canker sores did not appear until about 6 months after I quit smoking. I had multiple sore in my mouth and even had the canker sores 'ulcerate to the bone' as my dentist said. I am a school teacher and could not talk with the amount of canker sores in my mouth. I too went back to smoking after a few months of the sores. I would really like to quit, but cannot take the pain of the sores.
Laurie 11 November 10
Hi guys, I started to use herbal tea at the end of october see my last far so good, I've been ulcer free for 2 weeks now. I'll keep you posted but I've been having 2 -3 cups of pau darco tea a day. It tastes like cardboard but seems to be working.
Good luck.
Tobie UK 9 November 10
OMG, I am so glad I found this forum. I have been smoking for 20+ years. I had quit a few years ago, but at that time I had braces on so all the doctors and dentist just assumed it was a reaction to the braces. It was so bad I had to have the braces removed 6 months in advance. It just so happen I started smoking again a few weeks after the braces came off so no more cores. I quite smoking again 4 weeks ago and it has been misery. At any given time I have 4-10 sores, and wehn they start healing more come. The sores have even started to be in my throat which is excrutiating. I am going to try some of the recommendations form here and sooo hope one of them works. I try the warm salt water, I have lidocain formt he Dr. etc. but there is some from this forum that is new to me so I am going to try. Here's hoping with everything I have that something works
Sick of these sores 8 November 10
I quit smoking 25 years ago. I am 58 now. Had recurrent multiple canker sores and areas of them in the mouth that would sting more time than not and hurt when any motion occured in my mouth...talking, chewing, swallowing etc. I had the sores bad usually about 7 to 10 days and then maybe get a few days of relief when the sores would not be there or just not hurt. This went on for 7 months. I was eating bland food, most of which hurt anyway. I did this for seven months. Went to 4 doctors at the time and one of them a skin doctor said he'd heard of my specific problem. Unfortunately, the only thing he'd heard of that would make them go away was to start smoking again. Thanks Doc. The other Doctors had no clue except pain relief from the drug store.
I started smoking again and sure enough the sores went away shortly after. Through the years I have tried quitting only to find the sores wanting to return so I never really quit again until a month and a half ago. I need to quit as my lungs have been damaged from 40 plus years of smoking so I've made the choice to quit and figure out this canker sore nightmare all by myself if I have to. So far since I've quit I've had the sores for maybe 22 or 23 of the last 40 days. After buying all the junk again at the cvs store for cankers, I've since gone to my regular doctor and started on a strict regimen of acyclovir (for cold sores outside the mouth/herpes complex and as Gretchen pointed out cankers are not Herpes), nicotine patch and also colloital silver swished in my mouth and then swallowed since a week ago yesterday Friday. The sores are gone today and were mostly yesterday. It probably could be it was time for my few days of relief but I'm trying to stay optimistic that something is working. I'll know for sure sometime later this week if this is going to work. I have not read all the posts yet but I feel for anyone having these dreaded, painful and regular attacks. I am hopeful that my situation will be relieved and that my story might help some others. Remember this, I do not believe what helps one will definitely help all others. We are all different having different lives, habits and body actions/reactions. My Doctor last week found out something about Behcet's Disease which mentioned one of the thing's that helped one of those patients was the nicotine patch so that is where that idea came from. I do not have that disease but am hopeful that one person's solution to the ulcer's will be mine. Good luck all and I will post more later next week. 21mg is the patch I'm using for 24 hours. 10ppm of Sovereign Silver once per day and Acyclovir 800mg twice per day. That is what I'm doing and this is not a recommendation for anybody else.
Rocko 6 November 10
In response to Amy the "Registered Nurse in the ER", Please let everyone know which ER you are working at so we can make a healthy choice to avoid it. Canker sores are NOT herpes. Canker sores are NOT caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Valtrex does NOT help canker sores. Any Google search, WebMD search, or visit to your local doctor will tell you this. Canker sores are not the same as cold sores/fever blisters. I should hope that a registered nurse is taught that. Please don't panic if you've read that. She was completely misinformed. How do I know this? I'm an ear, throat and nose doctor who's also been afflicted with canker sores since childhood.
Gretchen 1 November 10
I gave up smoking 8 days ago and it rally feels nice except for the mouth ulcers and severe constipation. Is it a sign that the body is recuperating or something?
arvind 29 October 10
I have quit twice now and both times had sore mouth ulcers etc, swollen and very sore tongue. I don't want to start smoking again, but I have done some research and reckon it is down to poor immune system.
I've just bought some pau darco tea which was reccomended to me. I'm going to have 3 cups a day for a month and see if it improves. I'll report back and let you know how I go.
Tobie UK 26 October 10
gargle with salt water three times a day good remedy, do not go back on dirty cigarettes" good luck.
cooper 23 October 10
After reading some of the stories the only thing I can think of is stress. Oftentimes stress can cause the body to produce illness. It has been proven that as stress increases the immune system gets weaker. Perhaps the smoking is something that helps you manage your stress level and after you quit smoking your stress level increased resulting in infection. My advice is to find ways to relieve stress besides smoking and use those methods and see how it goes.

Also, it is important to note that people who smoke have some form of an oral fixation (pleasure through having things in their mouth). It is possible that if this is the case for many that they're putting their fingers in their mouth or other things that can be dirty to compensate for not having a cigarette in their mouth. Again, see if this applies to you.
Tom 9 October 10
I have a really good one. I may have gotten this problem from kissing a smoker. I have been with smoker for about 6 months, and then left for a job in Utah. I got them bad, and think it may have coinsided with leaving Washington. A month later went on a trip back to Washington, and when I got back I got the ulsers with a vengence. I had acutally stopped having problems by the time I went back.
Clifford 8 October 10
I quit in my late 20's and had tongue soars for a couple months, but didn't make the connection, I stopped smoking for about 2 years. I quit again in 2004 and a new round of mouth soars, again for 2 or 3 months, started after a few days. Even then I wasn't sure it was related to stopping smoking, it wasn't until recently that it became a fact.
I hadn't smoked since "04, I cheated when on a business trip for abut 5 days, pack a day. Within a week I had soars on my tongue and inside of my lip. It lasted about 3 weeks.
Like an idiot 3 months later I cheated, but for 2 days and just 1 pack, again within a week, same soars. I'm now into about 2 weeks with mouth soars, if it follows the same path, they will be gone in the next 10 days.
I don't know why our medical community doesn't know more about this, mush not be enough money in it.
I've also noticed the soars seem to start at the tip of the tongue and work their way back. It also seems to be way to much coincidence that as 1 starts to go away another starts up, a lot of comments hear repeat that statement.
Mike K 27 September 10
I am so so happy to have found this thread. I quit smoking a week ago and a few days ago tiny sores appeared and my mouth started to feel tingly. My mind went right to "i quit too late - i have oral cancer!!!!" I am seeing a dentist tomorrow, but think i will sleep much better tonight having read about these experiences.
Becky 20 September 10
I quit smoking about a year ago, and immediately had this problem. I thought at first it was some sort of dietary deficiency, but I couldn't make sense of that so I kept looking. I found this page (as well as others) that talked about bacteria in the mouth and how smoking used to kill it. This made sense to me, but going back to smoking wasn't an option.

But I thought about it, and i thought "Doesn't Listerine kill bacteria?"

And I started using Listerine. It cleared up my existing sores inside of a week. It's now 4 weeks later and my mouth is in great shape. Just wanted to pass this along.
Terry Stigers 12 September 10
I used to suffer from mouth ulcers i got a gel called cordosyl and havent suffereed from them since x hope this helps any1
katie 30 August 10
L-LYSINE & B-12!!! I've been smoke free a little over a month now & shortly after quitting started getting canker sores on my tongue. Not as bad as many here have described, but 2-3 at a time and as soon as one would start to heal, another would take its place. Very painful and irritating! I started taking two different supplements as a result of reading different recommendations posted & they worked!!! L-Lysine & B-12. After about 3 days of being back on multi-vitamins and using the l-lysine & B-12, my canker sores are gone. Not sure if either one would have been sufficient on their own, and am afraid to stop one to test it out, but before you give in and light up again, try them! Good luck.
Dianah 27 August 10
I too have just quit smoking, been using nicotine patches to help out with cravings and am confident that I can continue my smoke free lifestyle, have added daily muay thai training for a bit of exercise.
I didn't even know what these annoying little spots on my tounge were until today, I have had a bad sore throat as well at the same time. About three days ago I started taking a tablespoon of Active Manuka Honey three times a day, eating it slowly, savouring the flavour, letting it coat my tounge and throat, today I am free of the sores and the sore throat.
Might be a co incidence, but it is something to try, and very yummy.
Matthew piper 15 August 10
Its my 9th successful smoke free month. No ulcers in the mouth. Sometime I have cough problem and I have to clear my mouth.
Wish you all good luck
mukesh kundan 29 July 10
Not a commercial for it but Durham's canker rid has saved me. I have quit smoking for long periods of time and everytime the damn canker sores come back as soon as I quit and don't go away till I start again. Last time was 8 years of sores. Its been 5 this time and have had them the whole time. I still get thevsores but the canker rid keeps them from getting out of control. They only last a day or two so they never get to the extremely painful point.
joe 28 July 10
Try eating 3 teaspoons of honey each day! It helped my husband but if he misses the honey for a few days, the ulcers come back! Please try it for at least a 2 months before you just give up!
Nellie 22 July 10
hey glad to find this post, it has really been bugging me, I kind of had the random sores now and then but since quiting has been constant and I keep getting weird tastes in my mouth even when not eating.
jim Medcraft 30 June 10
what a relief to know that i am not alone. After 38 years of smoking i quit cold turkey, 4 days later my mouth, cheeks , tongue is full of canker sores. I am on day 8 now and now i dont want to eat or talk. Before when i went to doctor was told to take dissolvable B12 tabs,,,it worked,,,,,i was smoking then,,,,,now i take the B12 and its not working,,,,,,Im going to try taking the advice from a previous post here and take valtrex,,,,will let everyone know how it works
deb june 29 30 June 10
My father has the above mentioned condition as well. He suffered for 8 months or so and went to a zillion different doctors, thinking that he had throat cancer or something. Eventually he found a doctor that was familiar with this and was told that there is no cure. Legally, the doc couldn't prescribe him cigarettes but said that smoking was the only thing he knew to keep the cankers at bay. My dad didn't like the idea of going back to smoking but did because he couldn't stand the pain. (Honestly, I've never seen him so miserable.) He smokes as little as possible (only as much as keeps these things away) and has found a couple of additive-free options that he doesn`t mind. So, whatever your bodies are lacking it is NOT one of the many additives in regular cigarettes. I know this can`t be much of a consolation to those that wish to stay quit but the more you rule out, the closer you are to finding the source of the problem. As my dad has just suffered a heart attack, he will need to stop smoking altogether. This thread has been interesting and I am going to tell him to try gargling the tobacco-water (Ew). Sounds like it may work! Thanks for everyone`s input. Take care.
Andrea 29 June 10
In Japan they have the lowest rate of Lung cancer in the world and every man and his dog smokes. They just chain smoke everywhere. Why the low rate and no sores in the mouth when they give up? Because the Tobacco is owned by the Japanese Government ie the stuff is pure. So all these other tobacco companies put an extra additives in the Cigs to keep you highly additive and if you want to quit there must be another additive while you were smoking that turns the mouth into to these horrendous sores once you quit causing everyone to eventually keep on smoking.
Bob 26 June 10
try going to a sauna a few times when u first quit. it gets rid of the nicotine through your pores and not your mouth
tom 24 June 10
Has anyone tried Rembrandt canker sore formula toothpaste? I think it is available only online but my patients have had very good results with this. Good luck!
Janice Karlsson 11 June 10
Try It's a pill and from the websight, it looks to be effective. Also, my dermatologist said she had something to take daily about 5 years ago. She said to not take if I was thinking about having more children. Now, I'm older and thinking of calling her to find out about taking it vs. cankercure.
Shari 10 June 10
I just quit smoking the otherday and im in agony, no joke these canker sores are on my lip, my tongue and gums please, plese, please help
Daniel 10 June 10
I just quit smoking a week ago and have two canker sores which I never usually get. They are not so painful but my gums seem much more raw then when I was a smoker. I'm amazed that this seems to be a really common side effect of quitting smoking yet you never hear about it when you are quitting.
Jim 9 June 10
I am so glad I found this site. I have been going out of my mind with these Ulcers, I quit smoking 3 months ago and have had a mouth full ever since, I work in telesales and its killing me at work. I'm stressed enough with quitting smoking and now my work is suffering. I'm going to try the Omega fish oil and all the other advice I'll do pretty much anything to get rid of this curse... Good luck guys I hope someone bright spark comes up with a cure soon.
Rob 26 May 10
I quit smoking 10 months ago and I wanted to let people know that after 8 months my sores went away and haven't come back. But i don't blame anyone for starting again, it was very painful and they were all under and on the sides of my tongue. Also to Kundan, man I get that nasty very strong desire to smoke also and it sucks lol. But like you I feel the same, its all in my head now and I've never felt better. Actually started running a week ago. Wish me luck and G'luck to anyone trying to quit.
Jay, Indiana 25 May 10
This is my 7th month being smoke free. Absolutely fine now. Now ulcer nothing,no problem. Sometimes gets a strong desire to smoke.Than I think I am much better now, saving lot of money every month, not bad health,so far so good.
I wish I should have a strong feeling of hate for smoking now.
Wish you all the same.
kundan 13 May 10
Everyone isn't the same but for me the

Omega 3 fatty acids from Salmon oil or flax seed (4000MG a day) (two 1000MG AM and 2 PM after meals)

makes cankers much better.

One morning after a few days not taking my fish oil I woke up with 9 cankers starting to appear. Some were from biting myself in my sleep. I started the oil and they all went away in 2 days instead of 2 weeks. Mine used to always start out and get real bad one week later and then they start to slowly go away. Now, on fish oil I can feel them starting but they never get white and hurt.

Don't get the soft gels over 1000MG or they are too hard to take. They will get stuck all the time. 1000 is perfect and man its a God send.

Good Luck and No smoking.
Richard Miller 1 May 10
I have gotten an occasional canker sore here and there in my life and warm salt water fixed it quick. NOW, I quit smoking a week ago, I am using the PATCH, and my tongue is covered in canker sores that wont go away! Even with salt water! This sucks!
Misty 12 April 10
I am 52 and I smoked for 39 years. Before I started smoking around the age of 13 I would get these sores mostly from eating Tomatoes from stores. I could eat fresh home grown tomatoes or cooked tomatoes. But raw from a restaurant or grocery store would cause me to have real bad sores. Smoking stopped them. I forgot all about them all my life until I was about 41 I met my current wife and I quit smoking for her and my increasing CPOD. After not smoking they have returned. It is not just tomatoes but also the STRESS from not smoking. I have one on my tongue right now that is killing me but I found only home grown tomatoes for me AND it seems that a lot of Omega 3 fatty acid like Salmon oil helps me a lot. Take a lot. Eat a lot of fish or take the supplements. 3000 mg a day at least with meals. I also use Cepacol Sore Throat to numb them while I eat. But Man can these things hurt. Smoking is not the answer.
Smoking is not the answer. I ended up with a clasped left lung that compressed my heart and I went into a cardiac arrest. I was very lucky they were able to bring me back. Only 6% of the people with lungs as bad as mine survive 4 days on a respirator. Then I needed surgery to fix the hole in my lung. Anything is better than COPD like I have. I am a trapper and I feel CO2 is always trapped in my lungs. They feel almost full all the time. I am looking into getting a transplant. Donít Smoke. Pain is nothing compared to lying in the hospital for 8 days and there is nothing they can do to help. Go get a PFT if you smoke and see if its killing you like it did me
Richard Miller 31 March 10
I have been smoke free now for 25 days and the canker sores in my mouth seem to be getting worse. I am very glad to have found this forum as I could not understand what was going on. I thought maybe it was the increase of fruit I was eating so I stopped eating oranges and grapefruit and then the sores just kept getting worse. I have heard of a tea called "detox tea" and it is supposed to help people who have quit smoking. Congrats on everyone who is smoke is awesome!
Karen 29 March 10
smoking the e-cig didn't prevent my canker sore attack when i quit smoking this time, in case ya thought that might work...
Mr. Krinkle 17 March 10
Use sea salt ( from body piercing shops) with warm water. Not to much salt or it will burn. Swish 3-4 times a day. Sea salt heals many sores. I read the Allen Carr book "the easy way to quit smoking" in 2 days and havent touched a cigarette in a month. You should get an antidepressent and take it for a few week, read the book, and you should be fine Oh and SWISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I quit smoking after 26 years, I was up to almost 3 packs a day. I have never craved a cig since. Good Luck
Dawn 16 March 10
Even I am a smoker and these sores are not due to smoking but due to sugar we take with smoking, one can try avoiding sugar from diet. Hope this will work.
Roz 19 February 10
LYSINE WORKS!!! You can get it from the local supermarket or drug store in the vitamin aisle. I usually have to take about two pills for the canker sores to go away and this will prevent them from comming back for about two months or so. When they come back..just take the Lysine again.

I had canker sores as a child and completely forgot about them once I started smoking. After I quit smoking 11 years later, they came back again and Lysine has been a blessing.

Quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Keep up the good work all you quitters and go get yourself some Lysine!
Donna 17 February 10
hi ashlyn are you sure. may be i will tell my hubby about it. no one seems to know why is there bleeding. he has tons of pain and sore are back of the throat and top as well. does any one know where to get a SLS free toothpaste.
roma 9 February 10
So this 'suggestion' may be a little bit out of the ordinary but i have also recently quit smoking an had a LARGGE amout of mouth ulcers/canker sores 'pop up' (so to speak). I had quit for about a week and the sores became so after several useless doctors visits and script use i decided to find my own remedy to this issue, both are again like i said, out of the ordinary.
1. letting a cigarette soak in Fluoride and Alcohol free mouthwash (mouthwash helps with the taste)
2. pot. Yes, it's a controversial issue, but whatever I live in Canada (its true, but that point was just for jokes). Anyway, for some unknown reason smoking a couple bowls, or a joint a. helps me de-stress but i've successfully quit smoking cigarettes, and yeah i smoke weed every now and again but i haven't have had any mouth ulcers since or a cigarette.
Ashlyn 9 February 10
Hi everyone, I have suffered with ulsers since i was tiny. I remember sitting at my school desk with three tubes of different treatments, crying because nothing worked and my mouth hurt so much. sadly, years later im still the same. Im 23, i quit smoking 3 weeks ago. I have got the biggest and most painfull ulsers at the moment. they are healing slowly and when one goes another comes.
When i quit smoking a year ago, i started again because the ulsers where so bad. As im a sufferer anyway, i can tell the difference! I have many more and they are huge. the only reason i wont start smoking again is because i fear the pain of the smoke in my mouth with these ulsers!
I have tried everything! Im totally at a loss, and getting more stressed about it! which i doubt is helping!!!
OH MY!!!! Help please!!!!
Laura 6 February 10
Brent my husband has the same situation. he has like a dime size sore. right on the back of his throat and he gets bleeding too. he is trying to quit smoking.
roma 5 February 10
has any one experienced husband has had these ulcers for a long time. now he gets bleeding as well. he is trying to quit smoking. eating b12, folic acid etc. i am concerned about the bleeding part.
thanks for your input.
roma 5 February 10
Try L-Lysine 500 mg. Please try this. It really works! Don't give up on quitting smoking because of mouth ulcers. I know they are awful but if you take these vitamins and cut back on eating acidic foods you will see a huge improvement.
Maureen 1 February 10
Try L-Lysine 500 mg. Please try this. It really works! Don't give up on quitting smoking because of mouth ulcers. I know they are awful but if you take these vitamins and acidic foods you will see a huge improvement.
Maureen 1 February 10
Congratulation's to those who are still committed not to smoke. Mouth ulcers has to go. It will eventually.I too had them couple of month ago now they have been just disappeared. I think it was due to acidity because when I wake up in the middle of the night .I feel my mouth goes dry and it will not come to normal until I have sufficient water.
I will give you a very cheap and trusted way to bring them down. Chew small chunks of dried coconut as mouth freshener. You can also try crushed sweetened coconut (you may get at Wall Mart) It will work and you will be happy.
Kundan 1 February 10
Hello i am on day 27 without a cigarette and i have been suffering from a mouth ulcer for about a week. Then about 3 days ago i felt like i was gettting strep. I had my wife look and she told me i had ulcers all over the back of my tongue, throat, and on my uvala. this is painful. tonight i went to brush my teeth and when i brushed my tongue i started to bleed. i feel pretty good about quiting but this could be a real pain. Will it ever stop?
Brent Mitchell 1 February 10
I've been off smoking for 26 days and my upper mouth is sore and swolen with ulcers and a few of my teeth even seem to have worked hurts like hell and I can't get in to see my dentist until a week on Friday.
There's no way I'm going to let this beat me though and intend to get through it this time and stay smoke the end it's a small price to pay for long term gains.
Dave Martin 26th Jan 10 26 January 10
im just gald im not the only one suffering i gave up smoking 12 weeks ago but now have ulcers all over my tongue, throat and mouth so i am in agony ......went to my gp who said it was virol infection even though i explained that i had them last time i gave up smoking??? If they can make tablets to help us give up smoking surely its time the medical proffesion try to make something that gives us the releif from these???? It was less painful to give birth to a 10lb baby without pain relief!!!
The gp gave me these tablets to put on my ulcers they are the size of a pin head and im supposed to place them on the ulcer to disolve.....very hard when they are all over your mouth and at different angles?????
I just dont want to smoke again but if it releives it???????
sarah london uk 25 January 10
I can't believe that it has taken me until now to find a group of people who share my life time experience of the link between smoking and mouth ulcers. I'm 56 and have smoked since I was 12 up until December 09 - about seven weeks ago - when I quit yet again and have been wrestling ( as I knew I would ) with the extreme pain of multiple ulcers ever since. I have been ridiculed by everyone, including the medical profession, when I have used the pain as an excuse for going back to the smoking in the past and this website is the first time I have found evidence to support my long standing claim that there is some aspect of smoking that prevents the mouth ulcers I was plagued with as a child. The one change from previous attempts to stop smoking is that I am using NiQuitin Minis 4 mg Lozenges to reduce the nicotine cravings and the ulcers don't appear to be as severe this time as they have in the past. ( I'm only taking a maximum of 4 of these a day, am, after lunch, late afternoon and evening.) There are days when I don't have any ulcers at all and when I do they are not as large as I have had in the past so perhaps there may be some support for the view that the stress of stopping smoking is a causal factor. I am however now also going to change my toothpaste, drink more water, take a Zinc and vitamin tablet every day as a result of others experiences posted here. THANKS TO ALL OF THE PREVIOUS POSTS and MY SYMPATHIES.
Sam Finlay 24 January 10
Thanks to Amy's post in Jul 09.......................this does make sense re: the dormant virus receptors next to the addiction receptors. I quit smoking 7 weeks ago after being a 20+ a day smoker for 25 years - since then, I've suffered the ulcers, sore tongue, two serious tooth absesses, shingles and have a horrid painful cold sore that will not shift no matter what I try! I sympathise with everybody on here - the pain is unbearable not to add so is the foul taste I have in my mouth ever since quitting that no mouthwash will get rid of however often I use it. I can totally understand why so many have been driven back to smoking as I get the same ulcer problem every time I quit - however, this time I'm trying to get through it and NOT smoke again. I've seen too many friends die well before their time and suffer through lung cancer over the years and don't want that to happen to me too. Just wish doctors could find some sort of cure as there seem to be so many people suffering from this same recurring problem whilst trying to quit the ciggies!
Helena 9 January 10
I quit smoking 1 week ago after 20 years of smoking. I quit once before for 2 months and I did have a lot of mouth ulcers when I quit before. Reading this thread has been very disheartening. I'm still craving cigarettes and already have some very painful mouth ulcers. My head knows the health risks of smoking far outweigh those of having mouth ulcers, but they hurt and I really want a cigarette!!!! This thread isn't helping. Apart from the posts with advise on how to eliminate ulcers (other than starting to smoke again!) so thank you to those people with your helpful advice. I will definitely give all of them a try.

I think they are starting to acknowledge that it is related to quitting smoking as its listed in the leaflet that comes with NiQuitin lozenges as a side effect of quitting smoking. Also see i
Mandy 8 January 10
I experienced the same problem and all the doctors say that there is no way that the canker sores and smoking have anything to do with one or the other. Although a cigarette with definately cure the problem and cure the sores. I spoke to a dentist and he made a valid point. Some people create a bacteria in the mouth that will create the cankers. By smoking, the smoke kills the bacteria and allows the cankers not to exist. I was to the point after two years that a whole corner of the tip of my tongue was gone. I stated to smoke and all was cured.
Ray Grisham 4 January 10
The act of quitting smoking doesn't cause the mouth sores, but smoking prevents the mouth sores. No one is sure of the exact reason. It could be the thickening of the skin inside the mouth or the change in PH. I used to get canker sores as a child. I would get one or two outbreaks of them a year. One after another with a record of eight at once including a nasty looking one right in the middle of my tongue. Then I started smoking when I was a teenager and never got the sores. I quit many times since then. Each time I quit the sores came back, but I don't think it has anything to do with the actual act of smoking except for maybe the stress of quitting. Stress can trigger canker sores. 96% of people who suffer from canker sores are non-smokers, so there is a definite correlation with not smoking and the sores. Unfortunately, we were just dealt the genetic hand of canker sores (canker sores are genetic and thought to be an auto-immune disorder). There really is not much we can do for them, but we should be grateful that we could have inherited something worse. Sure smoking may lessen, or completely eliminate the outbreaks, but at a cost. I am happy to say that I am on my third year of not smoking, and I have chosen to cope with the sores when they come.
Michelle 28 December 09

I had no idea what was happening inside my mouth.I have never had mouth ulcers in so much number.It hurts badly. Sometime I am unable to eat even talk.Now I know that it is because of not smoking and I am one among all those who are suffering with it.Let me tell you that I have guit smoking 3 months ago and still practicing it religiously. I wouldn't know about it ; if I hadn't find your website,that having these ulcers in not unique but its a common after effect that not every but most (recent) non smokers observe and experience.From the views expressed in this site I can understand and say that it will no doubt be better not to smoke again.I hope these ulcers will go off soon as the body would develop immunity . I started feeling that my body is getting better in terms of health. I smoked for 35 years spending thousand of dollars damaging my body for several thousand dollars which I don't know, but now it has had enough of me. No more smoking, that's it. Ulcers are new to me they will vanish away soon or it may take a little time.I know ,I will be still better off.Thanks to my friends and well wishers for their help, encouragement and appreciation on my achievement of not smoking.

Kundan 14 December 09
Its nasty, I quit five months ago now and am happy I did but the ulcers are awful. Sometimes they are so bad along the bottom of my tongue I cant even talk properly. And as previous comments from others, you get excited because a couple feel like they are on their way out and then two more suddenly take their place. It is horrible and something Drs should tell people about to quit, I wish I was told so I didnt walk around thinking I had cancer or a viral infection. If I told people about it, they thought I was trying to find an "excuse" to start again!, even when I told them I wasnt going to. They are there all the time now and seriously I do think sometimes I should of kept smoking. I never felt this sore and uncomfortable.
Mark 12 December 09
im so glad i found this page, i quit smoking about 6 weeks ago and ever since i've been going mad thinking every two seconds i have cancer when i a new ulcer pops up, i have a little collection on each side of my mouth where i used to previously smoke, only one of them has gone white and is painful but im guessing the rest are going to pop through soon and start hurting
tom 16 November 09
I have also been delighted to find this site. Gave up smoking over 2 years ago and the ulcers became unbearable. I'd suffered badly as a teenager up to 21 (when I started smoking). It took a while to make the conection and I thought it couldn't be related until I read so many other similar stories. 4 months after stopping smoking I got pregnant and put the ucers down to hormones etc. My son is now 1 and I'm still breastfeeding so have been trying anything that doesn't involve drugs!
Went to an ENT doc a couple of times who dabbed the really big ones which gave temporary relief, but the ulcers have been awful, up to 10 at a time and all over the mouth so eating is really difficult. I find it just totally brings me down, I become very moody and even a little depressed. The doc says he has some method of treatment which he can try when I stop breastfeeding- will post on how that works.
But my actual point is, having read many of these posts, I ran into the bathroom and discarded my Colgate toothpaste. After some considerable time in the shops searching for an SLS free paste, I came away with Meridol (I live in germany.) The change was amazing. The amount of ulcers has decreased dramatically and the few that I still do get aren't half as agressive and don't stay so long. Have now swapped to Sensodyne F as I found the Meridol left my teeth quite stained (and me a non-smoker!).
Amazing how many products contain SLS, am in the process of ridding my house of it (especially baby products)!!!
Alison 13 November 09
Nice one Kate, thanks for the heads up with the toothpaste's. Cant believe a year has gone by & you still get'm. Someone in the expert field must know why we get them? We surely must be lacking in something like a vitimin? iron bla bla..someone must know? I am so keen to know & will try my best to find out. btw sorry for spelling ulcers as ulsers...its was very late when i wrote that last night..
Dom from Kent 12 November 09
Mine got a hundred times worse when I stopped smoking - it doesn't seem to calm down either - I am nearly a year without cigarettes and still getting bad ulcers (permanently got at least 2 or 3).

The only thing that has helped me is using Squigle toothpaste that Dom sells on this site - apparently Sensodyne Total Care Gel is also without SLS - the nasty chemical that contributes. I am still getting ulcers but they are the size of a pin head, rather than the size of a thumb nail!
Kate 12 November 09
I cant believe i have found this forum...i searched (via Google) mouth Ulsers & seem to get no major help really however, i had a brain wave. I typed "Ulsers & giving up smoking"& waller i found this site. I am so glad i am not just the only one...I understand now why i have these dam ulsers cause its obviously related to giving up smoking!! Ive got them everywhere. Down my throat, toungue, inside my mouth!! they are awful.. I gave up smoking after a 15 year habit 6 weeks ago...i Idont know if anyone else has the same feeling but i seem to get acid burps that have a burning sensation. i believe they are related to the sores...i have a feeling the acididic properties create the ulsers... I am currently using bonjela cream at the mo & i have heard that pure garlic has healing properties, so feel it cant be a harm to try. trouble with that is my wife wont kiss me, mind you she didnt kiss me when i smoked...?? Good luck no smoking everyone & remember your not alone.
Dom from Kent, UK 11 November 09
I also for got to add that I don't eat tomatoes and chocolate anymore. As I was told that they might contribute to sores. And I eat atleast 2 yogurts through the day.
Ethan 1 November 09
Wow, thanks to this site first of all. I thought for years that I was the only one experiencing this weird reaction when I quit smoking. I'm 36 years old and have been smoking since I was 14. I've quit smoking 3 times prior to now. For as long as 9 months to as short as 3 weeks. I've started back everytime due to canker sores. Mostly on my tongue and the back of my throat. Sizes range from a very painful pin prick to an excruciatingly painful half inch. I have now not smoked since 9/11/09. I thought maybe the fourth time was the charm because I didn't get a sore for two weeks. Previously they came at a religious 6 days after quitting. But at day 15, 3 showed up on the side of my tongue. SO FRUSTRATING! My teeth would feel like razor blades. So much pain as most of you know. But I'm determined to not smoke ever again. So I went and did some research and found this site. What a relief to finally know that I'm not the only one. And here's what I've found from this site and have been doing to much success for my canker sores.
This is my daily regiment. Since I've started this routine I've only had 1 sore and it only lasted 3 DAYS. And there are days that my mouth can feel kind of grainy and I get a metalic taste but no sores. And that's important.
First thing in the morning I eat an Activia yogurt with a prilosec OTC(acid reflux) and eat whatever for breakfast. After that I take a multivitamin for men, 1000 mg L-lysine, 30 mg zinc, 500 mcg b-12. After that I brush my teeth with Squiggle toothpaste, floss, and wash my mouth out with oragel mouth sore mouthwash. Then I eat whatever for lunch and dinner. If I feel like a canker sore is coming on I'll take another 1000 mg of L-lysine and another 30 mg of zinc after dinner. Then I relax a bit with an Avamin melt which really seems to relax the skin all around my tongue. And brush my teeth (squiggle toothpaste), floss, and oragel mouthwash before I goto bed. I'm not real sure if some of these things I'm doing is helping but I'm not going to eliminate any of it because this is the best my mouth has ever felt after quitting smoking. I hope this may help someone. I hate it that anyone is going through this but then again I've learned so much because others do. If there are any questions just hollar at me at
Ethan 1 November 09
Am on day 59 of not smoking. Aged 36 and smoked about a packet a day since I was 15. Googled "mouth ulcers" to find the best cure - I have about 10 on my tongue and in my mouth (biggest under my tongue is approx 2cm long) and they have literally appeared from nowhere in the last 3 days. Can't eat or speak properly. The pain is intense!
The thread on this site has made me think that the quitting and sudden appearance of the ulcers are linked, I just hope that I am not going to go through this for as long as I don't smoke!
Be positive - I smoked for over 20 years and there must be some payback from your body - it just so happens that this is a truly painful one. It cannot last forever!
Will take note from everything written here regarding hygiene, diet and remedies, so thanks to all who have posted.
Don't quit quitting.
Darryl 28 October 09
Same here, two weeks on and I ave the most painful ulcers, unfortunetly ulcer treatment doesn't work! :-(

I don't know whether you have seen but ulcers do occur because the chemical from the smoke don't kill off the infection which comes from the low ammune system you get from giving up.

You need to be positive about giving up, I would love to start again but probably like you I was depressed when I smoked and wanted out of it, keep your chin up guys!
Lee 27 October 09
I quit smoking a week ago and my mouth is full of ulcers!!!! My husband says Im crazy and that smoking has nothing to do with the ulcers. I remember last time I quit the same thing happend!!
Shellie 16 October 09

This is Day 28 of non smoking for me. Having sores in ones and twos.

Blame it all on Nicotine. Proud to stay smoke free. To all those suffering from sores because of quitting, stay put and stay off these killer sticks.

Richard 15 October 09

I have had a few quits over the last year. First one - 5 months, second one - 15 days and the current one - 19 days. The second and third quits are causing tongue sores. typically on the bottom of the tongue, in pairs. Now that I know it is because of smoking, staying clear off them. Let us fight this smoking scandal, boycott cigarettes. Not worth it!!
Anobal 6 October 09
I am in my 3rd week of not smoking and i have got a mouth full of ulcers. I also have dry lips and a few spots around my mouth which i never usually have. It is so disheartening when i have eventually quit and now this has happened. It does make me wonder if to just have a few cigarettes over the next few days and see if it helps, but it is really not the answer. Sooner or later i have to quit FOR GOOD so whether it be this time or next time, i will have to sufferv these mouth ulcers. I am going to leave it another week or so, and if they havent healed i am going to the doctors to see if there is anything they can do for me. If there is i will let you know, but i am not helpful after reading what everyone else has said. Anyway i am off to try the aspirin in water to see if that helps. Fingers crossed...
Jen 28 September 09
i started smoking in college about 20 years ago. I have tried to quit smoking for about 15 years now. Hundreds of times... the canker sores come and i end up smoking again knowing that i will get a little break from the cankers. They hurt so bad and they make me extremely irritable at work and with my husband. I have lost interest in smoking over ten years ago but if more than 3 days passed and i didn't have at least one cigarette... I knew what was coming. A mouthful of misery. They get so bad I can't even talk at work much. Needless to say I have smoked a cigarette a day for the last 10 years to keep canker sores away. I know it's crazy but the stress of quiting added to the cankers has been too much. i again quit smoking a few months ago after taking Zyban for a month hoping to reduce the shock of nicotine withdrawl and god only knows what other chemicals my body is now craving. I knew they were related to smoking but I thought it was due to the stress on my body. Being an ICU Nurse I can see how the smoke would kill bacteria in your mouth and it all really makes sense. In the past Kenalog in Orabase paste has worked really well. It's a prescription and it has a steroid in it so it significantly reduces the inflammation once applied. It also creates a barrier by sealing the sore temporarily giving relief. All of the over the counter meds I have tried just numb them for 20 minutes or so but also tend to irritate them and somehow make them bigger and worse. I refuse to start smoking again because I am a mom now and don't want my daughter to smoke, etc. I just hope this time passes soon because it is so painful and it makes me so irritable at work and with my husband.Good Luck everyone. PS I do not think it is viral or I would not have gone so many years with no cankers and then they immediately return when my oral mucosa environment changes.
kelly 25 September 09
I quit smoking 4 days ago after smoking for 7 years. Within 1 day i developed these very painful mouth ulcers mostly on my tongue and the top of my mouth. What i find very surprising is the fact that i have previously attempted to quit smoking, maybe 3 or 4 times but have never encountered this problem. By reading the previous posts, it appears that the mouth ulcers are fairly common but obviously no cures are available. Being an Aussie, I have been told that the old "Vegemite" will do the trick! I have just tried this remedy and am beginning to realise that it just may work as the pain has decreased. Only time will tell!
Col 18 September 09
i have stopped smoking 10 weeks ago after having an hysterectomy and mouth ulcers started about 3 weeks ago, i get 2 or 3 at a time and they are never in same place. I spoke to my mum who said that she stopped for 10 months and went back to smoking and the ulcers went, i to am thinking about going back to smoking to see if it helps,
Tracey Rhind 15 September 09
I Have quit about 3 times. Every time i do so i get unrelenting mouth ulcers. They really are that painfull, and nobody understands that it is so hard to deal with when you are all ready dealling with the withdraw's of cigerettes. I spoke to my doctor about this afew times, and he has no suggestions and said he had never heard of this problem before, i thought i was alone on this symptom until i found this webpage, as i'm going to try and quit again. I hope sooner rather than later some one finds or at least funds the research for a cure, so we can all actually quit and be healthy for good and not rely on smoking to cure the pain of ulcers.
annoyed 15 September 09
I have smoked 20 a day for 7 years and never had a mouth ulcer in my life, 3 days after stopping i got these painfull white lumps on the tip of my tongue, u thought i had just bitten it by accident at some point or something but then one appeared on the roof of my mouth at the front just to the left of my 2 front teeth, its now day 9 of not smoking and its got alot bigger, its roughly the size of a pea and its really painfull. I quit with the fake niccotine cigarette thing i dont know what its called but its got menthol in it and i did that for a week, 2 days ago i ran out of filters and decided to buy the nicorette gum stuff which is not very nice but what ive noticed is all of the ones on my tongue have dissapeared and the big one on the roof of my mouth has halved in size and its not that painfull anymore, im not going to start smoking again ever because im only 23 and my auntie has just died of lung cancer and she was my will power to quit. If this noccotine gum gets rid of them completely ill let you know but im not going to be taking it for much longer because it tastes horrible and if i have to live with mouth ulcers for the rest of my life then so be it. I promised my auntie id quit and never smoke again.
darren 13 September 09
I have quit smoking since last 8 months but roof of my mouth seems cracked and i have my gums bleeding.i have lots of multivitamins and b complex tablets but nothing worked..
Ajit 8 September 09
likewise, tobacco free for 6 weeks and experience ulcers everyday. no mood to drink nor eat, feeling frustrating. got to win this battle after quit smoking for past 20 years. keeping the mouth clean should be the key. going to gargle wash my mouth every 3 hours and will report back.
dan 6 September 09
I have also had several quit attempts over the last few years with the best result being ten months without ulcers. On the last attempt it was the ulcers that drove me back to the smokes. They have only occurred on the last two quit attempts, but today on day 14 of this hopefully finla attempt I have one on my inner lip. Will try to ignore it and will start on Vitamin C - this fixed them when I had them often as a child. Other methods that worked included Bi-carbinate of Soda applied directly to them - stings but they heal quicker and Vegemite (Aussie breakfast spread) that the rest of the world can't stomach!
Andrew 3 September 09
I have quit smoking a few times over the last few years and everytime, I get very painful cankers on my tongue...I talked to my dentist and he gave me a prescription for Oracort and it helps. It's not a cure but speeds up the healing time. He also told me that smoking "toughens" the skin in your mouth and when you quit smoking, your mouth basically softens again and so is more susceptible to bacteria etc so brushing and flossing is very important to keep your mouth clean. I know, in my experience anyway, the cankers eventually will stop. Good luck everyone!!
Vicki 31 August 09
At the beginning of 2008 (6 months after stopping smoking) I was still getting terribly painful mouth ulcers. I went on a fairly severe detox diet (New year, etc..!) and after a few weeks I noticed that my ulcers had cleared up. Through careful introduction of certain foodstuffs back into my diet, I found out I was allergic to cheese and yogurt - possibly something to do with the bacteria (?) as milk and ice- cream are fine :) If I stay off cheese and yogurt (no more pizza unfortunately) then I'm ulcer free. I had about a tablesoon of yogurt as part of a salad dressing last week and I am certainly paying the price now, but at least today I have a choice.
I would certainly recommend folllowing a detox diet and seeing what happens. It may be difficult, but I am so happy to be ulcer free - it's amazing!
PS - no allergy test I ever took showed this up.
Tessa 25 August 09
To the person who said use Champix before quitting. I can say after using Champix and quitting successfully, I have been suffering from mouth ulcers starting about a week after my last ciggy. Fingers crossed after a month or two the damm things will stop!
Dai 18 August 09 are some remedies..since I am a Registered Nurse in the ER. I too quit June 13, 2009. To explain the pnenomenon: In the hypothalumus, in the brain lies the addiction receptor and next to that receptor is another receptor where viruses lay dormant. When you quit an addictive process, that receptor must move to a new location, so it is sending signals to the virus receptor to go off. i.e. You have to re-train the receptor site. That receptor(the one that would trigger you to smoke) is now attached to a virus receptor. It WILL go away! Everyone has a different time length, everyones body is different. You have to make it stop.

So, with that, I have been getting some seriously painful ulcers. I don't want to talk nor eat. This is what I have been doing: 1st and most important of all: Good oral hygiene. Your body is sluffing off old skin. The skin takes months to rebuild. Brush your teeth three times a day. 2nd: Go to a doctor and get some Valtrex. Get a hig dose for a week to treat the ulcers and then stay on suppressive therapy for a 6 months to start. There is also a mouth wash of Valtrex you can use. 3rd: Rinse with aspirin crushed and mixed with water for the pain. Then spit. It is an anti-inflammatory that sticks to the wound. 4th: Exercise more, lots more. Produce a sweat DAILY! This retrains the recpetor site to get relaxation from EXERCISING and not SMOKING! NICE! Within that 6 have RE-TRAINED your brain. Your brain is a mushy ball of engine. You have to teach it how to drive. Good luck and God Bless you. P.S. Get the Valtrex! Get out of denial and KNOW that you have triggered a virus called Herpes..80% of the population has it.
Amy 25 July 09
I sympathize with everyone above - it's horrible. I've just started getting very painful mouth ulcers about 3 months after quitting. Orajel extra strength (like concentrated Bonjela) takes the edge off the pain immediately. It's available over the counter in UK pharmacies, but you can only use it short-term.

Ibruprofen is the only thing that's had any lasting effect, though (I mean more than 1/2 an hour or so) - ulcers are a form of infection, after all, and ibruprofen keeps it in check.

I do wonder if smoking something other than cigarettes - something without nicotine in - would keep the ulcers at bay for a while and offer relief (if, as had been suggested, smoke has some anticeptic properties).

Out of interest, does anyone else suffering from this also have psoriasis? I do, and it's worsened since I gave up smoking.
Jim 23 July 09
I am an on again off again smoker, which is horrible, I know! So, when I've quit, I also start getting the mouth sores. I really think it's one of the ways your body release the icky toxins from smoking. And if you've been smoking for awhile, there are probably quite a few. So, while it's really unpleasant, maybe it's part of the healing process?
Alyson 15 July 09
I am so glad to have found this site. I quit smoking, after 29 years, for about 5 days. Huge mouth sores. I have been prone, to one or two canker sores, at times of stress; but nothing like these beauties. As soon as the two canker sores started to clear up, I got two more. I have smoked a couple of cigaretts since. I went the 5 days, about 2 weeks ago.

I have been trying to quit for a while and cutting back. I was down to five cigs a day, and I wasn't getting the canker sores then. So wondering if it the "cold turkey" that does it. Wonder if I kept cutting down and down, until no cigs., if the shock to the mouth would be less. For a temporary help to sores, disolve an asprin on the canker area. It tastes like crap; but it takes the pain away for a while. Seems to heal the cankers a little faster too, I think.

I have been praying that these sores will go away, because I am really ready to stop smoking for good.
Shelley 29 June 09
wow i'm amazed so many people have the same symptoms as I do - i quit smoking after 14 years 6 months ago and have had awful ulcers ever since. I was told the same thing about smoking killing bacteria in the mouth, but i was using Corsodyl so much that i've had to stop as it was ruining my tongue. My dentist told me that smoking restricts the blood flow around the body and when you quit the blood effectively rushes around, especially to the gums creating hypersensitivity. I've been to the docs before about ulcers but i suspect they won't find anything this time - i'm still going though to rule out B12, iron deficiency etc.

I feel for everyone who suffers with this horrible affliction, it really is soul destroying at times...hopefully a solution will present itself sooner rather than later.
Rik, 31 yrs, UK 28 June 09
Well i gave up smoking and alcohol 4 days ago, after 20 years of 20 a day. I am glad i am warned about mouth sores. Thanks guys. i f i do come across a remedy will post asap.
aneel 28 June 09
43 years on the cigs including 20 years of daily joints. Let's see? They say 1 joint is equal to a pack of cigs in tar. Dam!!!! No drugs/alcohol for 11 years. Quit the cigs 8 days ago and got a sore ass tongue (sides). Seems to be fading and I attribute that to positive thinking and prayer. Turning my will and my life over to the care of God has been my blessing.
I lived 8 years on the streets of America in the ghettos as a drunken bum. Should of died many times, long long story. Smoked rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco, tailor made cigs, weed, cigars, butts out of ashtrays and off the streets. I am not surprized I have a sore ass tongue. 43 years of sucking on nails brought me here.
Peace and Love >Neil Young
Tom Koop Minneapolis Mn 12 June 09
Another sufferer here - am on day 15 of quitting smoking and have had between two and seven mouth ulcers since day five - plus the roof of my mouth feels all cracked and is really sore. I'm been treating it with a normal ulcer gel but think I might pop down to the chemists and see if there's anything more effective. I will see it out as I feel sure my body will adjust in time to not having the evil chemicals it was getting from the fags!
Sarah 31 yrs 1 June 09
I have had mouth sores before and the Dr. gave me some Pepcid (I think) that disolved on my tongue its not over the counter but it hepled by neutralizing the extra acid in my mouth. Im going to call them in the morning becuse I quit smoking 10 days ago. I will quit using the gel and start on the warm salt water till then. And I will let everyone know what happens.
Trisha 1 June 09
i am interested in the comment about the poisons in tobacco keeping the mouth bacteria-free. I have never smoked but had to give up my daily (very strong ) can of super lager a couple of months back, and since then have had major problems with ulcers under the tongue, and on the sides of the tongue. I had had the daily lager can for 20 years or more, but i had to bring my weight and blood pressure down. Currently citrus fruit, chocolate in paticular are causing me excruciating pain, we have always suffered with ulcers in the family, but this is worse then ever. I am 46 btw.
ian 27 May 09
I have the same problem having been smoke free for a bit more than 2 weeks. I used a dental gel which made it all a lot worse and now have reverted to warm salty water... good luck everyone

e 26 May 09
same 70 of not smoking, yet every day i get a new sore on my goes away, another one comes in its place's annoying but i chalked it up to being par for the course and hopefully soon enough it will all be out of my system!
annoyed! 20 May 09
i'm so glad i found this page!! havent smoked for 2 weeks now, and i'm in so much pain i feel like chopping my tongue off!!

i was confused for a couple of days because i googled 'tongue sores' and some of the symptoms were STD-related which freaked me out - until it clicked it could be from not smoking, i'm so relieved but i hope this wont last for years and years to come :(

thanks everyone! best of luck for being freed from nicotine xx
karen 17 May 09
I have had constant mouth ulcers, since giving up smoking in January this year.

I have now been mouth ulcer free for 2 weeks after taking probiotics with multivitamins (I used Multibionta by Seven Seas). Maybe it was a coincidence - I just don't know, but it worked for me and I am so relieved.
Carole Millington 15 May 09
i am going to try that cigarette mouth wash......i gave up smoking about 8 years ago now. but i went on the gum and then on the patches and i still wear the patches now and then.....
my ulcers started when i was on teh gum so thats about 8 years ago now, i thought they were related to the gum somehow.....but after reading ths it seems more likely its the cigarettes.
My ulcers have gotten worse these 8 years, i used to get them now and then and gradually just worse and worse 3 year ago they started up badly and omg just so painful on the tongue for the first time. and now flu like symptoms when i have them.

I am near thinking of starting smoking again omg i dont want to but i will try that cigarette mouth wash and see.

really there are SO MANY PEOPLE with ulcers why the heck isnt more being done to try stop them. Do you think the big pharmecuticals have an idea on what causes them but dont say as it wont make them money or do u think they simply have no clue.

fed up 14 May 09
I've suffered with canker sores my entire life. I don't get just one or two. My whole mouth is coated with them from my gums to my tongue and my throat. I remember my mom taking me to one Dr. after another. I've had them carterized, I've sucked on awful tasting lozenges, I had my tonsils removed, I've had test after test after test and nothing helped. When I turned 18 my mom had a friend tell her that if I start smoking the sores will go away. She naturally didn't tell me that, but at 22 I started smoking on my own and believe it or not....the sores went away. Subsequently every time I tried to quit within 24 hours I would have another mouthful and eventually I went back to smoking every time. I've been to dozens of Dr.'s in my adult life hoping that someday one of them would tell me they have a miracle cure and I could quit for good, but no such luck. I am 59 and the last time I quit was about four years ago and held out that time for 2 weeks before finally feeling defeated and going back to smoking. That was the last time I tried to quit and I won't do it again. I hate smoking, but I hate the pain of canker sores more. I've heard people complain when they have one or two sores in their mouth. I can relate, but I have to laugh knowing that my mouth is coated when I get them and one or two would be a welcome relief.

I will continue my life smoking and being canker-sore free until a cure is found for the excruciating pain it causes.
Sandy 13 May 09
As a child when I went back to boarding school I got ulcers in mouth, the Matron in the hostel asked me if my parents smoked, and yes my mother did in the car. Strangely in 1978 I already connected the ulcers with ciggarette smoke cessation. I became a smoker and like a lot of other people quit after 20 years, I too now once again get the damn ulcers. I do think its the cold turkey or shock in cravings, the body immune system is attacking due to it thinking it is been poisoned being in shock. The best way to stop is to numb the neuro receptors with Zyban or Champix before stopping so the body is not in shock and the immune system is not attacking itself.
Vivian 11 May 09
I gave up smoking almost two weeks ago on day 7 I had mouth ulcers appear, I have never had these in my life before so I know its linked to the giving up smoking, I feel so frustrated because I have tried to give up so many times and failed then the first time i manage it i end up with these nasty sores, i dont want to smoke again but this pain is unbearable.
The only relief I get is from mouthwash which numbs my mouth and tongue for about half an hour then the pain comes back.
Jack 10 May 09
I thought I was crazy. I quit smoking on March 7th and I have had terrible canker and mouth sores ever since. They did go away for about a week or so but not they are back. I know it is healthier not to smoke but when your mouth is full of sores it is VERY painful and hard to concentrate on work, etc.
Jamie 6 May 09
its been 4 years and still ulcers but i cant smoke had a stroke but i think i would rather risk a stroke than this plus the x fat
sue 54 6 May 09
Hi, I quit smoking about 2 weeks ago. My mouth is very tender now but no ulcers yet. I hope I don't get any and that this soreness goes away soon. I read on another site that smoking actually smokes your gums. When you quit the dead skin comes off and you get new baby skin again. It is tempting to go back but my son begs me not to. He is so proud of me that I just can't light up again.
Jennie, 42, April 29, 2009 28 April 09
I started a no smoking programme 3 weeks ago and with the help of patches have stayed smoke free, but for the last week my mouth has become sore with ulcers and my mouth also seems to be really dry. I have tried an antibacterial mouthwash but it just makes my mouth and tongue numb. I find it hard to eat,drink,and talk, I really DO NOT want to go back to smoking but i can't live with this pain much longer!!!!!
claire 27 April 09
Sorry to hear about everyone's painful ulcers but a bit glad to hear I'm not alone. I gave up smoking 15 months ago and suffered really badly for about 10 months with ulcers...lots of them. Sometimes 6/8 at a time. Over Xmas I started smoking again and they went away. Gave up cold turkey again two weeks ago and have a mouth full of ulcers again. My doctor said it was likely because the poisons in cigs keep your mouth pretty bacteria free and it takes a long time for you body to work out how to fight the normal bacteria all by iteself. The longer you have smoked, the worse it might be. I would love to take up again to relieve myself of the ulcer pain but can't. I gave up while I was sick and felt like I was going to die so I made a pact with a 'higher power' to get me through my illness and I would never smoke again. I'm not overly religious (or at least didn't think I was) but I know I can never and will never touch a cigarette again for fear of being struck down. If there are any god-fearing people out there who want to give up smoking, this method works better than any other I know of. Anyway, thanks everyone for the ulcer treatment advice. The only thing I have found to help is a good old fashioned salt water gargle before bed. Seems to help them clear up a bit quicker.
Sandy 24 April 09
I too suffer from sores. I usually get 5 or 6 at a time on my tongue and under it. I quit smoking 10 days ago after 25 years and on day 3 my mouth exploded with sores. I have 32 canker sores on tongue and under it, inside of cheeks and on throat too! The pain is unbearable. Can't talk, can't eat...I am willing to try anything to get rid of them.
Denise 18 April 09
Hello! I'm 29 and I never smoke. I have had mouth ulcers a few times a year, but for the last month, they are terrible. I use Listerine and brush my teeth regularly, keep a healthy diet (multi vitamins-minerals- folic acid-, probiotics every day) and do exercise. I thought it must be due to stress or there is something else. 3 weeks ago, I had 4 ulcers at the same time. I was not able to speak or eat. I used Orajel, sore throat spray for 6 days, nothing helped and I made an appointment with a family doctor. 2 days before I met the doc, my sister told me what her doctor told her to do: empty a cigarette into 1/2 cup water; wait a few hours; drain the water and gurgle with it. I tried it before I went to bed and in the morning it was a MIRACLE, I had no pain at all. I told this to the doctor, he said he had not heard it before and could not comment. He run all blood tests and it seems I am healthy. He prescribed a special solution for 30 days. I have been using it for 3 weeks now, but I have one mouth ulcer again today. It's unbelievable :( Now I am going to do cigarette gurgling. I will change my toothpaste asap. As far as I know I don't have food allergies. Does anyone have any other suggestion? I am very nervous about getting these ulcers again and again.
Eileen 9 March 09
sorry in my 2nd line in the above comment i meant to put i 'wouldn't' have mouth ulcers!
its been a long day and my mouth is killing me!!
Jen 29 January 09
I've never smoked but suffered from mouth ulcers on and off since I was about 7, i'm now 27, so thats 20 years of pain! A number if doctors have told me if I did smoke i would have mouth ulcers, there's something in cigarettes which stops them. Despite this i've never considered starting smoking to test out this theory but from what people have been saying here, it seems the doc's are right!
Jen 29 January 09
I quit about 5 years ago for 7 weeks and had the sores, talked to doctors and they said it was just some virus. Well I started smoking again. I quit again 2 years ago for 1 year and 4 months. That hole time I had sores. seen several doctors same story as Mike C. In Sept. I started smoking due to life and I still had the sores but not as bad. I quit again yesterday. I started slowing down smoking during the weekend and I didn't have a cigarette all day yesterday. I have 4 canker sores on my tongue and one on the left side of my mouth. I am almost ready to give in again. I don't want to smoke but if you have had these they are painful. I have gone and had them burnt it was the only relieve I could get. I have tried herbal remedies, medical remedies and nothing has helped. I want to quit so that I don't end up with lung cancer or emphzema,etc. Almost 2 years of mouth sores I wonder myself which is worse.
If anyone out there can help please do. I feel just as Mike C does.
Cindy D 27 January 09
Its been 21 days since my last cig. I've be doing it for over 20 years. The last 3 days I've got them canker's on my left lower gums. Haven't had them for over 10 years. On observation now, its more due to tightness in the chest and the throat. This creates a stretch in the mouth and thereby causing the sore. I'm able to contain it by maintaining proper posture, deep breathing, stretching my arms up and holding the posture, while centering your self between the arms (ball and socket joints)

I guess the body has gone through a lot of abuse through smoking. Having said that lets not give up and step up the observation our body's changes. After all we are the closest to our body, hey we live in it. Good luck!!
Prasad 8 January 09
i quit two months ago and have canker sores all in my mouth. i just ordered silver nitrate sticks. i plan on burning the damn things out!!!
Bryce 3 December 08
What a plague on humanity this is!! Those poor folks who are trying to make themselves more healthy by quitting smoking are then confronted with pain to boot!

::Hugs all::

All I can say is: Itís time to start demanding more research from the pharmeceutical industry, and more knowledge from our physicians.
Jordan 22 August 03
Hi Mike, The same thing happened to me tooo. After years of smoking, when I stopped, I got the ulcers back,I think it has something to do with the nicotine or the tar in the cigs that coat the mouth, and stop them from happening. I carried on Not smoking and now they dont come back.. I have been off the fags for 21 years now and would never ever smoke again.I remeber the dentist saying that there was something lacking in the saliva, I thought that was an odd statement, but he never went into it further..I wonder if different blood groups get it LIke negative blood, I dont really know..Would be great to know the answer...Good luck on your search, and give Savacol a go its an aniseptic mouthwash and it really works and on my sons ulcers too.. He gets them real bad, and lots at a time. He finds this treatment really works well for him...
Valerie.. 5 August 03
I may be able to help. I quit smoking a year and a half ago. Mouth full of ulcers ever since... until a few weeks ago when i started taking L-lysine (amino acid from heath food shop) and Mulitbionta vitamins (probiotic vitamins). I also avoided toothpaste with SLS in.
The ulcers havenít disappeared entirely but Iíve had at least a month where they were never bad enough to interfere with how Iíve felt. A huge relief.
Today my mouth has got bad again but I reckon itís because I started to get slack with the tablets.

I really hope this helps.
Em 3 August 03
From someone who suffers everyday of my life from mouth ulcers - Try to determine the minimum amout of smoking necessary to keep them away and if it works, SMOKE!
28 July 03
Mike C. you have helped me.... I quit smoking 4 months ago and same thing has happened to me. At least now I know that it has to do with cigs. A friend told me about something called Dukes. You have to get a prescription for it but she says that it knocks them out.
Louise 22 July 03
My friend Jim, who died 7 years ago (age 23), would probably have argued that lung cancer hurts worse than mouth ulcers......;-)
monkey 21 July 03
Well youíd have to compare if you want to smoke, and possibly irritate others, or suffer ulcers. I really donít know cuz iíve never smoked.
GuyfromToronto 21 July 03
ooooh nasty *sending hugs* erm, sorry im no help.
laura 18 July 03
For the past five years, I have been searching for some kind of cure for canker sores. I started smoking cigarettes when I was 16. About 5 years ago, I quit smoking. Three days after I had my last cigarette, I started to encounter canker sores....nasty ones! Usually two in my mouth at a time and when one pair of sores were going away, another two would show up. This went on for almost two years. I went to my family doctor (tests, meds, etc..), then he sent me to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. Same thing, more blood work, tests, cultures, different meds, etc. Then he sent me to my dentist. No luck with him either, and he sent me to an Infectous Disease Specialist. Again, blood work, tests, mouth washes, different types of meds, etc... NOTHING WORKED!!!! I tried everything I could think of - changed my tooth paste, tooth brush, dietary intake, etc. Then only thing I didnít try was to go back to smoking. After 2 years, I had enough and started smoking again. Within 1 week, they went away and never came back!!!! Two years ago I quit again (I smoke a pack a day and luckly, I am able to quit cold turkey each time). Again, the sores came back. A week later, I lit up again.

Last week, I talk to my doctor and I told him I wanted to quit smoking, told him about the canker sores and he gave me some meds. Itís now 5 days later, the meds didnít work. I lit up again and will continue to until I can find a cure.

HELP!! I donít want to smoke any more. I am now 37 and ready to quit, but these damn canker sores wonít let me. (Iíd rather smoke and be canker-free than smoke-free and in pain!!)
Mike C. 9 June 03

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