Putting Salt straight on an ulcer

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I get them all the time put salt it hurtes like hell but it works I use sea salt
carmen 19 September 2019 20 September 19
salt hurts loads for a bit but has always cleared them up. best to rinse with saltwater or listerine as soon as you feel a tiny one start, theyíre way easier to treat at that stage
ownotfun 30 June 19
I meant baking spice... My bad for not proof reading before sending
Eva Albright 17 August 18
I just found that putting alum your bashing spice used...put on sore... Count to 100 then rinse off an gone the next day...has anyone tried this? Does it work?
Eva Albright 17 August 18
I get mouth ulcers often - hadnít had them in years and now they are back. I rinse with salt water three times a day and then apply salt right to the sore. Hurts like a mother for couple minutes but seems to help them go away faster.
Shelly 19 July 18
Just did this. Licked the tip of my index finger, dabbed salt on it, put it right on. After having to stomp the floor 6 or 8 times, I can confirm it works.
Jason 12 June 18
I usually dont get this mouth ulcer but i started having them last month... the first one i had healed after 2weeks.. And yes i put salt in it.. itís really helpful.. but this one im having right now is painful as heck even salt cant numb it :( but i hope it goes away soon :(
JustE 18 May 18
I use Alum and salt. The Alum stings at first like salt does but then it makes it numb. I apply both directly to the ulcer and they seem to help.
GM 5 May 18
I get mouth ulcers regularly and especially after sweets.

GREEN LISTERINE MOUTH is the best cure goes in 2 days if you use this 3 times daily. Hold it on your mouth on the ulcer for about 2-5 mins

Dan 6 December 17
Hi everyone, I have had mouth ulcers for 40 years or so, I found out long ago that it was caused (at least in my case) by toothpaste. Almost all toothpastes use Sodium Laurel Sulphate, and Sodium Laureth Sulphate. I found one that did not contain those ingredients and the ulcers went away after a few days. I soon found, that I could bring on the symtoms, and the cure by starting and stopping the offending toothpaste. So that is one way that for some people will stop the sores from occurring in the first place. Alternatively, there is a product called "Kenalog in orabase", this is excellent and will clear the ulcer in around 4 days to a week. (In England this medication is called "Adcortyl in orabase" , the ingredients are exactly the same). If you prefer to take pills, I have found Lysine tablets to be almost as effective as Kenalog removing the ulcer in around 5 days. I hope this helps.
Tony 7 October 17
I'm 15 and my mom usually says to mix any form of salt and water in your mouth but don't swallow , if you get regular ulcers it's best to do this maybe once a week or once every two weeks just to prevent them , however most of the time now I try to numb the ulcer with ice or a gel and then apply salt directly to the ulcer or sometimes I just apply salt directly to it without numbing . Mine usually last around 2 / 3 days and occur from cuts inside my mouth , maybe an infection from greasy or acidic food ? Who knows but this method does help
Tee 1 September 17
Yes I use salt directly on the sore, especially when it looks most infected. I take a Q-tip, wet it and put tons of salt on it. I then put the Q-tip end onto the canker sore and let the salt transfer to the sore. I wait a few moments / one minute and then I take the Q-tip end and rub off the infection Rinse with regular water. It's numb, feels clean and feels cauterized.
Nick 18 August 17
I put salt straight on my sore and it stings for a bit and then the stinging goes away 😊
Kk 21 May 17
I use salt directly on the canker sore. I can say OMG it stings burns or what ever i keep it there till i cant handle the pain. When i do the salt directly on it the pain goes away about a minute after i rinse it off and i do this a coue times a day and with in 2 or 3 days it is gone.
Mel 9 May 17
Salt 'works' by increasing your pain threshold, that is all.
CK 14 February 17
Try salt straightly on mouth it makes pain but heals fastly
koya 3 January 17
Wish I could tell you all what causes these, most likely a T cell-mediated immune response (look up Aphthous stomatitis). However, for those of us who have recurring mouth ulcers, I do know without any doubt what helps and it's pretty simple: A CONCENTRATED SALT RINSE.

SALT is a known antiseptic, a cauterizing agent, an alkalizing agent, and has anti-inflammatory properties. There are people here talking about applying the salt directly on the ulcer. Ok, whatever works, but that's just spot treating. I personally use Balene's Sea Salt mixed with warm water, but any salt will work I think. The key is to rinse and swish the entire mouth. This takes care of tongue issues as well.

1. Put about 1 tsp, or even up to 1 tbl, of salt in just enough warm water to make a mouthful.

2. Swish around aggressively for at least 5 minutes or as long as you can stand it. Do not swallow!!! You should experience relief almost immediately. You'll notice the salt attacking exactly where you have ulcers or tongue issues.

3. Spit out the salt solution. Completely rinse out your mouth.

Do this twice a day or at least once at night before bed. This won't always work to prevent a recurrence, but overall you'll have less and smaller mouth ulcers that will heal in about a day or two.

- Just say no to pizza.
- Avoid salty, rough, snack foods.
- Avoid too much cheese
- Celiac disease or gluten intolerance is a very common cause of mouth ulcers.
- Hydrogen Peroxide is not nearly as effective as a salt rinse and it drys out your mouth.
- L-Lysine and a B-Complex may help, give it a try.
- You can try some of the other herbal home remedies people advocate here, but honestly salt is the best. Who has myrrh laying around?
- Kenalog Orabase (triamcinolone topical) is good for emergencies, but try to avoid regular use...it's a steroid after all.
- Lemon juice and lemonade does not bother me or cause mouth ulcers. Weird, huh? But, avoid it if it bothers you.
- For those with acid reflux: get off any proton pump inhibitor medication you may be taking for acid reflux ASAP. If you must, take generic famotidine (brand name Pepcid). Try 2 ounces of Aloe Vera juice twice a day (buy the good stuff: Lilly of the Desert - Preservative Free)
- Ask your doctor to recommend a really comprehensive stool test to rule out a fungal infection like candida. Fungal infections are becoming more and more common and bacterial infections often accompany fungal infections. You may need to be treated with Diflucan and/or a powerful antibiotic.
- Take probiotics with caution, they are not the cure-all people think they are.

Hope this helps you.
John 15 May 16

In my opinion dont put salt straight on ulcer, better use salt water , salt can make it worst , so use gel when its pain too much or use ice chips on it , it will numb your ulcer but dont use salt straigth on it
Ayush 15 May 16
What works for me is I like to scrub my ulcer first with a cotton bud, or anything that will rough it up to make it bleed (which I find soothes it crazy I know) and then put salt straight onto the ulcer, this part kills but after initial pain I find it completely numbs it. Does anyone else do this?
Yazzy 14 April 16
I am trying out the salt method I hope it will be gone by tomorrow
The ultra NOOB 27 March 16
i usually apply salt straight on the ulcer.. once the numbness sets in, i will keep applying for at least 2-3x more.. by the next day, it usually heals..
Alvin 16 November 15
Unfortunately there is no evidence that any of the mentioned therapies actually work, and in most cases I would suggest its a placebo effect happening, or just a coincidence that the ulcer disappeared. Anecdote is the worst form of evidence, as well as self reporting, as most people suffer from confirmation biases; a well known psychological phenomenon. I know most people reading will get their pride up and say "screw you I know it worked for me"... but did it really?

As with most health problems, the best way to avoid them is living a healthy lifestyle generally. Ulcers are the price we pay for living, along with many other medical problems that plague people.

Salt could actually make things much worse, as salt kills human cells too, meaning it will be interfering with the healing process as your body tries to fill the hole with new cells.

The only
Mark 10 November 15
I get around 1 ulcer per month and I've tried all the gels. They generally help with the pain a little but never really get rid of it. No doubt whatsoever you have to use salt. Dab on a little salt 3 times a day and within 3 days it starts to go.. After a week it should go..
Tom 26 August 15
Castor oil straight onto mouth ulcer heals quickly. I keep the castor oil in the fridge so it is very cool and soothing to reduces pain and discomfort.
Leslie 24 August 15
Hi, I don't know whether this has already been said, I'm too lazy to read all of the messages! But just hoping this helps someone, I get ulcers every 2-3 weeks, there's usually only one but it is always huge :( I use ground sea salt and rub it onto the ulcer until it shows signs of the white head breaking. Sea salt is a lot thicker than table salt and so has more kind of ex-foliating properties. I do this 2-3 times a day and every day until the ulcer is starting to go away. It's a pain but it helps. I've recently had one that completely covered the bit of gum that connects your bottom lip to the gums under your bottom teeth, there's probably a technical name for it but I digress, this method got rid of it in 4-5 days, Bonjela doesn't work for me but this does. If you can handle a bit of soreness it's certainly better than weeks of constant irritation!
MouthUlcerMaggie 16 August 15
I have an ulcer on my upper lips. Im in so much pain. Is there any other alternative way other than salt ?
Anti Ulcer 13 July 15
I am one of the unfortunate ones who get ulcers regularly normally they dont bother me (im 17 now) but I tend to use bonjeller but I havnt got any this time so I just stuck a butt load of salt on it followed by rinsing of salt and warm water. It numbed for about 5 mins before returning to the orignal pain. Its a fairly big one had it for a few days now and hasnt shown any signs of leaving. Help its really painful I can barely eat and talk :(
michelle lakin 27 May 15
ive jst had a few extractions and got a plate put in . the bottom plates rubbing and i have 1 on each side of my bottom jaw can i still put salt on it or will it affect me wen i put my plate in?? plz help xx
amanda kelly 13 December 14
Dear Isabella, please go back to the message board an read my article on under bicarbonate of soda fantastic results. It may work for you like its doing for me so far. I got the tip from the other people on this board. Good luck to you. Willie
willie nov 4th 2014 4 November 14
i am only 12, but i really suffer from mouth ulcers. i have had tests and everything, but it just doesnt show. I normally wet a cotton bud, dip it in salt and put straight on the ulcer. Then i have this machine that cost £30, and it regenerates the cells and eases the pain a bit. If i can deal with them, i am sure you can :)
isabella 28 October 14
Salt works very effective! stings at first a lot, but within an hour mine had gone :) no lie, try it!
lauren 9 October 14
I have never got ulcers before, I mean, I usually bite the skin inside my mouth which is a habit but it never hurt and two days later it would be gone. About one week ago I woke up with my mouth stinging so much and I looked in the mirror, and my mouth has a huge white circular oval - and I knew this was a proper ulcer. For three days I didn't do anything, I didn't react or treat it thinking it would heal in a matter of time, but then it started feeling heavy and extremely painful when I would eat, drink, talk, accidentally knock my mouth and brush my teeth, that is how I knew this was severe. Considering this was my first one, I started putting bonjela on after 4/5 days, it didn't hurt and a week later it hasn't improved whatsoever and the pain is still significantly painful. My dad advised me to wash my hands and put a large amount of salt on one finger and apply it directly to the ulcer, because this was a way to burn it. He said it would hurt a lot, so I rejected the idea at first but tried it only today and it hurted so much I was crying my eyes out but a few minutes later it covered the ulcer like a protective layer and it felt numb and heavy. With it still on now, I don't feel the ulcer but hopefully fingers crossed it improves significantly. I recommend the salt idea for anyone who is in large amounts of pain, it really does work.
S,xoxo 21 April 14
Hi. Salt really stings the ulcer. But it's effective. The pain then comes the numb feeling. It's niceee.
Aishu Nico 10 April 14
It stings so much, and it does numb the prior stinging...but I am doubting whether it helps clear the ulcer up any quicker.
Ryan Plantagenet 31 March 14
It's CNY now n I go around visiting ppl so appearance is super important but the ulcer grew on the top of my lip n it made tht part swell. I look so ugly! I tried salt n it hurts so much i teared. But it works so its worth the pain.
Stinkie pinkie 31 January 14
I applied salt directly on it rub it like sandpaper. Hurt but oh yeah!
Bob 15 November 13
I have been a victim of this tremendous ulceration. I took the advise of most of the people suffering fro the same condition, It hurts, I almost threw the glass I used, however, salt is very effective!
NOSYAJ 22 July 13
And guys. BEST ARTICLE to treat Mouth Ulcers ;)

STEADY.. I hate ulcers. 12 June 13
Salt VERY GOOD. Alum Powder, VERY VERY GOOD. And, put ICE on ulcer. DRINK 8 glass of water.

See the cure ;)
ULCER_Assassin 12 June 13
Applies salt directly or stir it in warm water would make it better. My ulcers run through my family and it pops up in my mouth once a month. The other way is to drink a lot of water, it also helps my ulcers to be less pain because your mouth tends to dry up faster than usual when you have an ulcers. I also uses ice to cool it down and numb and applies more salt before go to sleep. It took about one week for my ulcers to heal when using this method.
Tanweenie 26 May 13
I put salt on it all the time :P It numbs it for so long, not sure what it does for the healing process, but I've had no problems in the past.
Matt 6 February 13
Got An ulcer on my lip, usually they only last a maximum of 3 days with me, but im run down and had this one for 6 days...... so i've applied salt, and it has numbed it brilliantly. Hopefully it will start to die off fairly soon.
Andy 30 January 13
I almost forgot ICE. Salt for the small ones Alum Powder if they're worse and big followed by ice on the ulcer as long as you can handle it. They don't like it cold and die faster.
Ulcerer 22 July 12
Ok, so unfortunately I have plenty of experience with ulcers. Salt is perfect for the little ones HOWEVER be careful if you get a really big ulcer outbreak salt will actually make it worse. I once had a major outbreak and tried salt creams "Aftamed", "Orased", plus a really strong one I got as prescription from the doc, the creams all didn't help and salt made it worse but in the end I found a wonder cure. It's called "Alum Powder" is cheap and amazingly effective and works for me every time. Tastes bitter but less painful than salt and more effective.
Ulcerer 22 July 12
I have two main methods. Either salt straight on the ulcer, or a gel sold as "Aftamed".

Aftamed makes the ulcer numb for a few minutes, perhaps 15 if you don't fiddle around with your tounge. In turn it heals much faster.

Salt makes the ulcer numb for a much longer time and kills bacteria, unfortunately I think it slows down healing.

My suggestion would be to use salt as the first step in a process. Use it to kill off the bacteria and after a while apply a gel. I know that if I only use aftamed, the healing process can be very painful.
Pontus 25 October 11
I play sax and sometimes when i get lots of late gigs in a row and dont get much sleep i get ulcers

so yes salt on ulcers are AWESOME! its cheap, easy, and its readily available
it hurts a lot relatively, but after a bit the pain becomes a numbing sensation and its nice ^^
and yes it works fast, a lot of my friends does it too
Corn 16 October 11
I have a nephew disable through bacteria attacking the brain. His oral hygiene is good with help but he started having mouth ulcer at the back of his mouth and it is on his check, near his back teeth. I started treating him with salt water wrapped in cotton wool. I mean as hot as he can tolerate it. Do you think placing salt directly on the ulcer is better. I took a picture of it using my Iphone and I am monitoring its progress. So far I have only done it three times. Any help you can offer is useful as it would help him. He has little use of his arms now.
Bee 7 April 11
Salt is very good. It will numb the pain for a bit, and also combats all the bacteria on the ulcer thus getting rid of it. Be aware - it will sting like hell - but take the pain - it's worth it. You know theres enough salt on when your ulcer is white.
Trev 7 April 11
I'm doing it now! it hurts a little but is not to bad, im hoping it will be gone in the morning.
Beth 27 December 10
I can vouch for this, I did this on one of my craters yesterday to see what would happen...
Lets just say it was uncomfortable at first, but ended up numbing that one!
Woke up this morning and it is not a problem, will do the others when i get home from work today!
It seems to speed the healing, you know that stage where it is no longer an 'Inny' and it becomes a smooth lump like thing that doesnt hurt, i got there in a day =D im hoping it will be gone in a couple of days
Lee 30 November 09
Hi everyone, I was just wondering what everyone thinks about putting salt straight onto an ulcer rather than just salt water?
Ive been trying it today as I cant take this ulcer anymore! Its right where the inside of my lip joins my gums and its making my gums hurt too! When I first put it on I nearly hit the ceiling it hurt that much but now it seems to have helped a bit. I was also wondering does anyone know why salt works?
Lucy 22 November 09

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Putting Salt straight on an ulcer

51 messages in this subject.