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Found it! You have to buy from NZ and it costs £7 per tube, but it is worth it!
It is a pharmacy product over there so they will email you to check you are going to use it correctly before use.

Dom - do we know why it was discontinued? If not for a medical reason, could we put some sort of petition to Squibb?
Kate 11 November 09
Will let you know if it gets delivered obviously!
Kate 12 November 09
Thank you Kate, yes, let us know if it arrives! Why is it discontinued? Who knows? A few years back when I was trying to wangle a way of getting it for the shop, I tried get some sense from Squibb, Adcortyl didn't even have a product manager assigned to it - that's how important it was to them.

Trying to get hold of many products is so difficult, it defies logic.
Dom Walton 12 November 09
Maybe we should use the powers of the masses to get some sort of answer?!

I am also off to the States in 10 days, so will check out availability there.
Kate 12 November 09
My cousin works in medicine and sent me this letter from Squibb who make the product. It was removed due to cost!

04 March 2009
Dear Sir/Madam
Adcortyl™ in Orabase™ 0.1% (Triamcinolone Acetonide in Oral Paste) 10g Discontinuation UK
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd regrets to inform you that Adcortyl™ in Orabase™ 0.1% (Triamcinolone Acetonide in Oral Paste) 10g will be discontinued by 31-March-2009 or when current stock is exhausted.
The appropriate authorities have been informed.
Please note that Adcortyl™ in Orabase™ for Mouth Ulcers (Triamcinolone Acetonide in Oromucosal Paste) 5g (P) will remain available through B-MS.
Could you please include this information in the next issue of your publication or notifications to your customers.
For medical-related questions, please contact our Medical Information Department on 0800 731 1736.
Yours faithfully
Medical Information
Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd
TK 24 November 09
Phoned Squibb who have withdrawn it from Europe - seems to be cost not medical but not very helpful re finding it again. Thanks for the tip re NZ
Aileen 11 January 10
Thanks for this v helpful information - I have been using Orabase for 20 years and was very concerned to be told by the chemist that it was not longer available. Do we know what "available through B-MS" means?
celia 13 January 10
I would love to hear if Kate has now received her supply from N.Z. I also will check out U.S.A in March.
Eileen 14 January 10 14 January 10
I have just found a site on the web that sells something that is similer to Adcortyl it is called Kenalog in orabase, it is on the I will post another message when it arrives, and if it is as good as adcortyl. It is about £9 a tube, but if it works them it will be worth it. Will let you all know.
Barbara 14 january 2010 14 January 10
suffering with bad mouth ulcers on a regular basis ,adcortyl was the only treatment that worked.has anyone managed to get some recently and from where?
keith/north wales UK 18 january 2010 19 January 10
Had this stuff rom my gp a couple of years back and it was great. Been all round Manchester for the stuff, cannot find it. I have had a big flare up and am stuck with stupid lidocaine gels that sting like hell when I apply them and last about 20 mins, and tahts just numbing the ulcer its effect on the pain from the swelling my neck or jaw and no relief from the ear ache. absolutely gutted. Going to try my local pharmacy in the hope they have some.
Heather 21 January 10
Adcortyl is definitely the best, have been using it for 40 yrs now. HOWEVER approx 1.5 yrs ago I changed my diet & started to eat more fruit. I started eating 2 apples per day & it seemed to work like a miracle. Not sure if it was the apples buts thats all I changed. It's worth a try.. It has to be regular,, every day, as I sometime i.e. holidays break the habit & I get really nasty ulcers again.. I still get the very odd one but it's nothing in comparison to what it was like.. I still keep the emergency tube in the bathroom, now it appears to have gone off the market. TRY THE APPLES,, TRY THE APPLES + as much fruit as you can get your hand on,, not Oranges but no proof !! Good luck
Matt 27 January 10

My colleague David Veitch has forwarded the mail that you sent concerning the Withdrwal of Adcortyl in Orabase

I understand your concerns and disappointment that BMS has made the decision to discontinue the manufacturing and distribution of Adcortyl in Orabase , and the impact this is having on patients suffering of mouth ulcers.

When discontinuing BMS products , we follow a procedure of informing a number of key stakeholders .
-Notifications were sent to MHRA in June 2008 and July 2009 , to the NHS , British National formulary , Mims , Pharmaceuticals journals.
-All Doctors , pharmmacists , patients who contacted us for information receive a formal response from our medical information department

As this is a global BMS decision , we are not considering to restart the production , and we will not be able to find an alternative source of supply in BMS
However, we have been approached by a few companies which are interesting in manufacturing and selling Adcortyl . This is being handled by our divestiture team in the US . I have requested this team to keep us up to date on the progress they are making

We have checked if similar products were still available outside of the UK , and we have found that the company Sigma in Australia /NZ and the company Taro in USA/Canada have products that are similar to Adcortyl
We understand that the company IDIS may be in a position to supply these similar producst on a named patients basis .
IDIS contact are as follows:
Idis House
Churchfield Road
KT13 8DB

Again , I understand your concerns , and I hope that this answer is addressing your specific request

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information

Yours sincerely

Rob 28 January 10 .....

'Idis is a company that connects physicians and pharmacists to pharmaceutical and biotech companies to create access to drugs that are not available to patients on prescription, for example named patient medicines, for various reasons including the drug has not yet been licensed or it has been discontinued'
Lulu in Hackney 1 February 10
My daughter and myself need to find a supply of Adcortyl in Orabase, as it is the ONLY product on the market currently which works to heal and stop the pain of mouth ulcers. The only other product, available from Helios Pharmacy is Myrrh tincture which also helps with healing and pain relief for mouth ulcers.
Janine Parkinson 2 February 10
My doctor said that Man med are making a substitute. I e-mailed and this seems to be true. Was told Your doctor can contact them on 01296 394142.
Manmed Hunter, East Sussex 6 February 10
I think I may have found a pharmacy which still has some in stock! I've ordered a few tubes this morning so fingers crossed it's all legit.
David Daley 10 February 10
Just an update: the Waltham Pharmacy referred to in the above post is legit. My tubes arrived on Sat and made my weekend. Best Valentines present ever!
David Daley 15 February 10
Thanks David for this info. I have also ordered from Waltham Pharmacy.
Glyn King 17 February 10
Thanks David. I have also just ordered some from Waltham Pharmacy.
Sarah Evans 22 February 10
Thank you David. I too have just ordered some from Waltham Pharmacy. How could Squibbs have been that shortsighted? No wonder this country is in a financial mess.
Hilary 22 February 10
Thank you David! Suffered for 30 years, getting worse by the year and I was in tears in the pharmacy when they said it had been discontinued. At least this order will help until hopefully they sort out alternative manufacturer.
ps what was the use before date on your tubes?
Zoe H 25 February 10
Thanks for spotting Waltham Pharmacy - ordered two tubes on Sat, arrived today. Bit pricey at £9.80, but when you know something works so well, it's more than worth it. Stocks are limited, so get in while in lasts. Waltham's are based in Grimsby apparently.
Robin H 25 February 10
PS To respond to early question from Zoe H, use by date on tubes is 2013.
Robin H 25 February 10
This site has been so helpful. Been to local Boots stores and other chemists in West Sussex area. And no ADCORTYL in shops at all they just say it has been discontinued.! Help I am now sending off for some from Walthfam Pharmacy, here's hoping they have some left in stock!
Sue H 26 February 10
Hi everyone,
I posted this in the big thread but thought I'd it here as well. As per posts above I have recieved adcortyl from waltham, but obviously this source isn't going to last forever. But here is another possibility for you: a product called Oracort. I haven't used it in anger yet, but it has the exact same active ingredient as Adcortyl, in the same concentration, in the same carrier gel. I don't think you can get it in the UK, but I successfully recieved an order from in NZ. It's made in Canada, even has the same expiry date as the final batches of Adortyl - 2013.
Micky 27 February 10
got some this morning from waltham 2 tubes ordered sat
judy 4 March 10
Thank you David. Waltham Pharmacy still have stocks as I was able to order successfully 2 tubes this morning.
I am going to check out Hong Kong and will post any further information. I agree with Hilary (Feb) it is a disgrace to discontinue such a brilliant product on a cost basis, we sufferers would pay anything for the relief it brings.
Sue Lane 15 March 15 March 10
Thank you guys so much for the advise above. ordered some tubes today to stock up

Many thanks

Tubbstar 21 April 10
Cant find Adcortyl on the Waltham pharmacy website ! Had to resort to tring the NZ website mentioned at the start of this string. Any news about other manufacturers taking up the manufacture of adcortyl? Like everyone else, I used to rely on adcortyl and was completely gutted when I was told it was discontinued...
Marcus 28 April 10
Sadly Waltham pharmacy have run out! Have just ordered 2 tubes of Oracort from, based in NZ (Thanks Micky!) Cost of £4.27 per tube of 5mg Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.1% which is exactly same as Adcortyl in Orabase. Postage was £4.80. It all seemed very easy so am hopeful delivery will be the same. Will advise when arrive and pray it will be as good as Adcortyl! Have just tried to survive 2 massive ulcers and ended up taking time off work as pain, glands, and feeling sick really bad! Nothing else recommended by pharmist, doctor or dentist works!
Amalou 1 May 10
I've been suffering for mouth ulcers all my life and have been using Adcortyl in Orabase for over 10 years. I was worried when it went off the market but I finally found a way to get it. It can be made up specially by 'Cardinal Health' in the UK. What's more, I got a 30g tube, which is 3x bigger then the tube I could usually get in Ireland (10g) and I think it was sold as 5g in the UK. So this should last me a long time. But here is the catch people - it is very expensive. I was charge over €200 for the tube [yes, TWO HUNDRED Euro!] And my local pharmacy (who ordered it in from UK to IRL did not charge any margin. That represents an 1000%+ mark up on the old price (gram for gram). But as we mouth ulcer sufferers know, Adcortyl in Orabase is worth every cent (or penny!). So yes it is complete extortion but still worth it. This has encouraged me to try natural preventative measures. I'll try the apples Matt ;) I'm also trying salt & water every day as a preventative measure. If more people demand it, maybe BM Squibb will do a U Turn. It seem odd that they would discontinue a product many of us would pay any amount to get.
Neil 4 May 10
It is very difficult to get Kenalog without a prescription. Have been able to buy ORACORT in Barbados which is made in Israel. Find a friend there to ship it for you as it is cheaper than tubes from New Zealand.
Chris 7 May 10

Found this info really helpful have been using Adcortyl for years! I have just ordered some kenalog from NZ i hope it is as good as Adcortyl.
Nicky 13 May 10
It's about 4.50 pounds from per tube of oracort and that's about the cost of the freight too.
Frances 23 May 10
Chris (7 May 10)
Please could you tell me if ORACORT works as effectively for you as adcortyl. My in laws live in Barbados so I can get them to bring some over when they come next month. Does it really have the same active ingredient?
Many thanks
Jo 11 June 10
I have just purchased some Trinolone Oral Paste, in Thailand from a pharmacy, ingredients: Triamcinolone Acetonide in Dental Paste. This appears to be the same as Adcortyl, although I have yet to try it I am still squeezing the last out of the Adcortyl tube. When I do use it I will post. PS It cost 180 baht approx. £3.75
Chrissie 5 July 10
Jo(11 June)
Absolutely works although it does have a slightly stronger taste. Is also available in Israel across counter as a friend brought me 2 tubes when visiting
Chris 21 July 10
Hey! Have just found Trinolone on ebay and no restriction on quantities it seems. Originates from Thailand but seems to come from Au site
6 tubes cost £32!
Chris 21 July 10
Chris does Trinolone work aswell as adcortyl? If so i'll get some. Gutted they don't sell this stuff anymore. Makes life a misery when you can feel an Ulcer coming on and there's nothing you can do to stop it
Jamie 11 August 10
Does anyone know if Kenalog works? Also how difficult is it to get from Healthchemist in New Zealand?
Michael 16 August 10
i've used kenalog since visiting this site a year ago, it saved my life, absolutely works!
Laura, Sydney 17 August 10
Just found this website with all the comments about Adcortyl in Orabase being discontinued. Have just spoken to BMS and it is unbelievable that they don't seem interested in re-marketing the product. Bet they would change their minds if the management suffered with mouth ulcers! Have found all your comments really helpful as will run out of my last tube of Adcortyl soon. Thanks!
Alison, UK 24 August 10
If u get a prescription like me you can get adcortyl on chemist direct
Adam 25 August 10
Hi, i too suffer with horrendous mouth ulcers, but my dentist gives me the pescription for Adcortyl, might be worth asking yr own x
Michelle. UK 25 August 10
Adam and/or Michelle, do let us know if they really can get hold of it!
Dom Walton 25 August 10
just got iglu in the post gonna see if that works...just about to send off my prescription in the post to Chemist direct
Adam 26 August 10
Iglu does not appear to have the same chemical composition as adcortyl and does not have the same sticking power .I always applied adcortyl at night and it stuck like glue to the affected area.Unfortunately the same cannot be said of Iglu.However,it does seem to ease the pain and 3wks into the ulcer it has contracted ,compared to the ave six (without any treatment save mouthwash) it does seem to work to an extent.The pharmacist at my local major Boots says that the company are attempting to re-stock it so that they must be applying pressure to the manufacturer to start up production again.Adcortyl is the best product I have ever used for my mouth ulcers and Ive had them since childhood and am now 48!
paul,southampton (ENG) 31 August 10
I'll have to follow some of these leads up. I'm in a bad way at the moment with a sore about the size of the old half pence - and no Adcortyl in Orabase to put on it. I've been trying the Corlan, but it really doesn't do much for me, and holding a gritty tablet near a sore can hurt. In any case, I wonder whether it's the orobase stuff that does the good work by protecting the area rather than the steroid. Does anyone have a source of a dental paste with no medication in it? Do pharmacists stock this kind of thing? I've never asked one, but they may have a source...
Gavin 3 September 10
My dentist [from Sweden] recommended Oral B Zendium toothpaste. The important ingredient is Zendium. Typically, it's not available in the UK market but I buy during occasional trips to Scandinavia. It's not as good as the old Adcortyl in Orabase but does work.
William Chubb 3 September 10
Having used Adcortyl for more years than I can remember, I have always kept spare tubes at home so was incredulous when I went to the pharmacy yesterday and was told that it had been discontinued ARGGHH...NOTHING ELSE WORKS....I am frantic - and in pain....glad to read these reviews etc to let me know I am not mad and others feel the same....
Sue Crago, Smerset, England 30 September 10
Hi Gavin a company called CONVETEC make ORALBASE PASTE 30g tubes available on prescrition in the UK. Good Luck .
Lilly 1 October 10
Like most users I too hope that Adcortyl will be back on the market. In the meantime I have a friend in New Zealand who found 'Oracort' a pharmacist only medicine, and was able to buy a tube saying it was for her use. The ingredients are Triamicinolone Acetonide Dental Paste USP,0.1% the cost to her was $14.95.
Although it was very similar to Adcortyl to use I am not sure it was quite as effective, but better than nothing.
Joan, Plymouth 5 October 10 5 October 10
have just got adcortly under another name i.e. Kenalog from New Zealand. Have been using for many years and is the actual product. Is a prescription drug and you do have to fill in a form but have now been using for a week and results speak for themselves. absolute bliss. cost £30.00 or 68 NZ dollars for 3 tubes, including postage.
Linda Sykes 15 October 10
Hi Everyone....I cant believe they have discontinued Adcortyl - but I have found the identical replacement on
ebay its called KENALOG and its made by the same company but in South Africa I bought one and its identical!!!
the person I bought from was great - I recieved it the next day!!
8 November 10
Hi,has anybody got the web address for the South Africa source of Kenalog in Orabase.I tried to order some from Australia,but was bogged down with all the info.they required eg GP details.Thanks

Elizabeth Gohil
Elizabeth Gohil 3 December 10
A good alternative is Prednisolone 2.5mg loz. It can be allowed to dissolve slowly near the ulcer. Then cover the ulcer with Orabase Protective Paste.
Available from
Chandra 16 December 10
I am in America at the moment and can buy Orabase here. Does anyone want me to bring some back? I am back in the UK january 11th. Or could post the Orabase tube to you. I used the discontinued Adcortyl in Orabase and was devastated when it was discontinued. Found that this Orbase helps reduce the pain. On the pachage it says: Orabase / 20% Benzocaine / Maximum Strength Oral Pain Reliever / 20% Benzocaine provides clinically proven pain relief for: -canker sores, cheek bites, toothbrush irritations, denture irritations, orthodontic irritations. - Shields from further irritation - alcohol free.
I get mouth ulcers that really make me miserable. This Orabase tube helped. Not as perfect as the discontinued UK version, but very good and better than all the rest I tried. Doesn't hurt to put on. (I'll check my messages on my old e-mail address terminusaquo AT - I had a streak of time when I was into latin, hence the strange e-mail address, it emans: "we begin from here").
Birgit 20 December 10
I too suffer with mouth ulcers and just gutted there is no adcortyl on sale anymore. Good to so many posts about it. I am not alone! going to try to buy from N.Z. Will let you all know if and when it arrrives.
Kay ONeill 1 January 11
I suffer from mouth ulcers several times a year. The latest one a few days led me to get some Adcortyl from the chemist only to be told that it's been discontinued. I've tried Anbesol, which has made it worse. In desperation I went to Boots today and bought their own brand mouth uncer patches, which don't seem very effective. I also bought Aloclair mouthwash from Boots and that seems to have some limited effect. I've just read on another forum about someone who used bicarbonate of soda to brush their mouth with and it has reduced the frequency of their mouth ulcers by 80%. If an acidic mouth is the cause then that would make sense, so I've just tried that too.

I can't find Kenalog on Ebay now, but it seems the only way of getting an Adcortyl substitute which contains triamcinolone acetonide.
Anders, UK 4 January 11
Birgit - In USA, which pharmacy did you get the Kenalog from?
Thiny 12 January 11
Thanks a million for all the info guys! I've just ordered Lebanon from NZ, hopefully it arrives! Very helpful forum so thanks!
Jenn 20 January 11
Oops! Supposed to be Kenalog I ordered not Lebanon!
Jenn 20 January 11
I have used Adcortyl for many years, absolutely gutted when told at Superdrug that it had gone out of production. How can a company stop making a product that works so well and has so many followers! I have a friend that will be visiting NZ in the next couple of weeks. I will email her to ask if she can get some for me. Great to see so many people making comments about this product, hopefully company will have a rethink. It truly is the only product that stops ulcers in their tracks. I like a previous post used to put it on at night at the early stage, and it would be nearly gone by the morning. I have one at the moment high up by my teeth in my upper jaw, absolute agony, haven't had to endure this for years!
Heather 21 January 11
I was also gutted when my doctor told me that Adcortyl in orabase had been discontinued as it had really worked for me when he prescribed it before, and this was my worst episode yet (have had ulcers for years on and off) with 4 ulcers on top of my tongue and one underneath. Couldn't eat or talk and have a young baby to look after. It was hell! He did give me a prescription for little steroid tablets (Hydrocortisone Buccal tablets) to put directly on the ulcers (pain!) and then a big tube of orabase. He said its the adcortyl that makes it work well so orabase a bit useless without it. The orabase definitely does not do anything except cover the ulcer - it doesn't speed up the healing like the adcortyl in orabase does. The tablets do seem to help the ulcers heal faster but not the ones on the tongue as its so hard to get it directly on the right place. I have thought about grinding up the tablets and mixing it with the orabase myself - might have to do that with the new ulcer that has appeard on the tip of my tongue today!! So basically just wanted to let you know about the Orabase and that you can get it on prescription in the UK (v similar to iglu).
Heather 19 February 11
lets all get together and tell sqibb and sons to start making adcortyl in orabase again atry nd we will pay twice or three times more for it .I have tried everything too but no has mentioned eludrill mouthwash try it or difflam mouthwash i find anbesol help take the pain away liquid type if anyone finds adcortyl put it on here so we can get it. phil.30/3/11
philip finbow 30 March 11
Agree with all of the above, sitting now with miserable mouth ulcer and seething because Adcortyl would have healed it overnight! Bring it back PLEASE
Lynda 4 April 11
Lynda Burn 4 April 11
I just ordered from here
Ed 6 April 11
I totally agree adcortyl kills the pain and the helps the healing. i don't seem to suffer anymore - have changed my diet a lot and all sorts of other things. My daughter still suffers though and has just had my last drop! So glad for the info above and will look to some of the websites mentioned. Thanks everyone.
Jude 10 May 11
I was chatting with an ENT surgeon last night about ulcers (during a post-op checkup) and he suggested Zovirax or even 1% hydrocortisol if Adcortyl had previously worked..
Stu 11 May 11
It's so comforting to know that there are so many others out there who can identify with the problem of painful mouth ulcers and the frustration of the discontinuing of Adcortyl in Orabase which was really the only stuff that worked. Can anyone recommend a way of preventing the onset of ulcers? I've tried Folic Acid, vitamin B12 and zinc but nothing works. Hardly a week goes by when I'm not plagued with the blighters.
Carol Harries, Wales , UK 27 May 11
It is now August 2011 and I have just written to my sister in New Zealand to send me some Kenalog in orabase . Like most of you I've found adcortyl a marvellous cure for nasty mouth ulcers. One go at night and the nasty has almost gone the next day. I think they didn't advertise their miracle cure enough- the other gels that have done nothing to help me ( we all know what they are ) are making a fortune because they are advertised sufficiently.
I'm thinking of taking out a franchise to sell it over here! Anyone interested??
Jennie Harvey,Worcestershire 16 August 11
Thank you for finding it, BRILL! I have got two ulcers now and can't wait until I get it
Janet C, Scotland 18 August 2011 18 August 11
Jennie, are you willing to sell some some tubes of Kenalog in orabase? I am VERY interested.
Andreas 19 August 11

I am in the USA and a substitute has been released by TARO. The paste is called Triamcinolone Acetonide.
pandi 6 September 11
Hi i would be interested in buying some off you if you do go for the franchise, my son + i suffer bad mouth ulcers and i would personally pay £10 a tube
Mark 17 September 11
Pharmacists can dissolve either betnesol or hydrocortone tablets in orabase in Ireland. This has the same effect as the adcortyl in orabase. This preparation is subject to prescription.
maura 11 October 11
Have you tried finding toothpaste without SLS (sodium lauryal sulfate)? That has reduced my ulcers by 80%. Instead of one a month I get about one every 6-8 months.
rg 24 October 11
hi all yea i was prescribed the brill stuff many years ago when in marines have been using it for over 30 years got my laST ONE FROM LLOYDS PHARMACY . couldnt beleive it when went into boots and they told me discounted. !!! maybe al us mouth ulcer sufferers should club together and do big import it from nz then !! anyone intrested ?
steve in devon 14 December 11
Jennie my son and I would both be interested in buying supplies from you if you set up. Wpould you be happy to put your email address on this site so that interested parties can send you their addresses so you can see whether you are likely to achieve a critical mass? meanwhile I though I might contact Boots the chemists and direct them to this site to illustrate sthat there would be demand if they were to produce or stock a product with the same ingredients as adcorty. sOn was recently prescribed anti viral for herpes simplex which did help after ten days. Not as good as adcortyl but better than nothing.
Lorri and Hugh, Northampton 23 December 11
I have just had 5 tubes of kenalog delivered from new zealand. It is just as good as adcortyl in my opinion. It cost me around £60 but is well worth it
rich 23 December 11
I just finished my last tube of Adcortyl a few months back. I don't get mouth ulcers very often but when I do get them, I have great difficulty in eating or talking. So ? with the stress of Christmas, I got 3 ulcers appearing and set off to the chemist this morning, only to find that Adcortyl has been discontinued. I am gutted! I have tried Corlan tablets in the past and they did not help very much. Can anyone recommend the most reliable way to get some Adcortyl from abroad. I don't like using my credit card for this purpose so will wait for a recommendation first. Thanks in anticipation.
Margaret, Fife 28 December 11
HI, Adcortyl was the only solution for me and yes very worried I couldn't get hold of it. I ordered some of the chemical from India, via online chemist in the US. I have now just received Kenalog from the NZ Pharmacist though and would really recommend this, product i very good and service was fantastic, a little expensive however compared to mouth ulcer pain it's nothing !!!! Am also now experimenting with manuka honey, less hope that works.
Steve G 2 January 12
Hi Steve, I've tried to order Kenalog from NZ but after filling in all the details, when it came to my address, there wasn't an option for UK so could get no further. Who did you order from please? Fellow sufferer.
Elizabeth A 14 January 12
Hi Elizabeth, I have just received mine from New Zealand - - I think two tubes cost around £18 and took about 10 days.
Horrible ulcer gone in two days with the Kenalog, having tried Aloclaire (completely useless!!).
Let me know if you need any further details.
Margaret, Fife 17 January 12
Thanks Margaret, will try your link to NZ
Elizabeth A 20 January 12
Hi - I'm in the Philippines and just paid GBP16 equivalent for a tube of "Oramedy", Triamcinolone Acetonide. I'm a first time user but will se eif it works for me, mouth ulcers on lower part of inside lower lip. Made by Dongkook pharmaceutical, Korea
Steve W 29 January 12
val 11 February 12
Everyone who really wants Adcortyl reinstated should phone 0800-731-1736 (the Medical Info line for the manufacturer, Bristol-Myers Squibb) to register their demand for the product.

I phoned today, spoke to a very helpful adviser who said that every single enquiry about a product is reported on, because the company remains responsible for it even when discontinued. So - a massive volume of enquiries would attract interest at a high level within the company & (we can only hope) might persuade a re-think. He confirmed that Adcortyl was discontinued purely on cost grounds (ie licence/legal costs), & agreed this was ironic given how much people seem prepared to pay to get it from abroad. They have not authorised any other company to manufacture their product, so the Thai product on eBay has nothing to do with them. However, as it appears to contain the same active ingredient, it may be perfectly OK (any reports?).

So - get on the phone & give them a bit of customer feedback. It can't do any harm (unlike their decision to stop making it!) & might actually do some good.
Diane 1 March 12
Hello I have just bought 3 x tubes of Oracort from in NZ. There was just a brief questionnaire to complete and it included options to pay in £'s and ship to UK. Total cost was £36.80.
Butterfly 5 March 12
to all you suffers out there ---- i've phoned Squibb as well ---- they were very,very sorry for me ----
but really no comfort to me at all --- so --- just suffer...---my son did get me "orabase" (colgate)
from florida --- nothing like adcorrtyl --- but the thought was there, so i love him for that....
i'm going to phone this Waltham pharmacy though and see how i get on...
Isabella 14th. April 2012. 14 April 12
Last night someone posted a message saying they bought a tube from the Co-op pharmacy in Swaffham, Norfolk. I called them this morning and they have some in stock but do not ship. I am very disappointed as this place is so far away from where I live.
Hanifa 22 May 12
I have just bought 3 tubes of this cream from 2 different stores of Co-op Pharmacy in London. Whoppie. Try calling individual stores, some have in stock, some dont. Good luck my fellow sufferers.
Hanifa 23 May 12

Bought some yesterday, it's about £6 but I was over the moon to discover it's the same as Adcortyl, which at least allows you to eat without crying when you have mouth ulcers!!!
Karen 28 May 12
Same as Adcortyl... I think not.
Dom Walton 28 May 12
I just looked up Iglu and studied the patient information leaflet, and it is definitely not the same as Adcortyl, as it does not contain the healing corticosteroid Triamcinolone which is what makes Adcortyl so effective. It is merely a painkilling gel, which will offer a few minutes of numbness (maybe useful for eating a meal) but it will do nothing to speed healing, and is likely to be no more useful than Bonjela. Far better would be the "Trinolone" from Thailand, as this works out at £2.67 per tube when buying 3 (if it really is post free!), and it does contain Triamcinolone. This is approaching half the price of Adcortyl when it was on sale in the UK! Good luck.
Chris 4 July 12
Have found several Trinolone retailers in Asia, but every time I try to enter my credit card details I get a message that they do not accept Mastercard at this time! near yet so far. There was me thinking that Mastercard was accepted all over the world!
Phil 24 September 12
Phil - if you can send me the details I'll see if there is anything I can do. Certainly be good to get hold of some.
Dom Walton 25 September 12
As of yesterday they have taken KENALOG off our shelves here in South Africa, it is to be discontinued.
I have a friend, who is having radiation treatment for cancer in the face, is frantic to get some.
The only ointment allowed it KENALOG.
Been to many pharmacies, and e-mailed others. No one is able to assist us.

If anyone knows where in South Africa we are able to purchase it PLEASE e-mail me
Thanking you kindly
Antoinette 6 October 12
The Co-op pharmacy chain in the UK are now selling Adcortyl in Orabase again. It's around £5/tube, and looks to be manufactured by BMS in Italy, and distributed by Squbb & sons in the UK.

Let's hope its a permanent arrangement!
Dan 7 November 12
Confirmed - that the co-op have Adcortyl in Orabase on their "shop plan" which basically means they have a place on the shelf for it .... and i have called my local shop who confirms they have stock !
Graham 8 November 12
This is great news. There is no Coop pharmacy near me, presumably it will be rolled out to all the others too. If you have some to hand can you see if it is still pharmacy only (POM) or whether it is now available over the counter generally (GSL) - if the latter I would be able to sell it from the shop.
Dom Walton 8 November 12
I am so pleased I looked on this site as I was just about to order another batch of Kenalog (adcortyl) from New Zealand at approx £35 for 3 tubes. I have today rang my local Co Op pharmacy and they had 1 tube of adcortyl in stock and are going to try and order me some more. The cost was £4.18. I am thrilled to bits as I have suffered with mouth ulcers for a few years now and this is the only cream that works!!
Jennifer 4 January 13
I cannot believe they have stopped making Adcortyl. It was the only medication out that that truly works for mouth ulcers!! No other product comes close to healing these. perhaps we should start a petition to get it back on our shelves!!
Chris 18 January 13
I got 3 tubes of Trinolone from Thailand via E-bay for £8 post free; it does contain the same active ingredient as Adcortyl, and the waxy paste it is presented in seems the same too. Looking again today, it seems you now get two tubes for £8 but even this still compares very favourably with when Adcortyl was on sale in the UK.
Chris 25 February 13

Adcortyl is a corticosteroid. My Oral surgeon got me to break up a 5mg predniselone tablet (similar drug) and gargle that for 4 minutes, 3 times a day - similar effect. Tastes horrible but does help with the inflamation. I find gargling easier than pastes when you have more than about 5 ulcers (I am recovering from about 20). You would have cover your whole mouth with paste otherwise!
Simon from Australia 25 February 13
I agree about the effectiveness of Adcortyl . It was the only thing that really worked for me.
Danny 14 October 14
Hi, I also suffer bad mouth ulcers and have run out of Adcortyl. I bought some Kenalone from eBay, manufactured in Thailand. It does work, just as well... which is a huge relief. There is one drawback, the taste is much stronger and makes me feel very sick... that won't stop me using it though because the sickness is better (and very temporary) than the awful pain from the ulcers. I hope this helps! :)
Anastazia 20 October 14
Sorry the spelling is actually 'KANOLONE'
Anastazia 20 October 14
I bought some Kenacort off ebay, although more expensive than Dom's it was for 20g not 5g - but when I got it all the writing was in Turkish. The taste and consistency didn't seem right - so with the help of Google translate I found out it was for external topical use, not for use in the mouth. Well I guess that's what you get for being so pikey. Caveat emptor as someone once said.
Richard S 21 October 14
I persuaded Squibb to market Orabase in England having read about it in a medical paper. I was impressed by the trial results and published a short report. I am very disappointed to learn that it has now been withdrawn I suppose it is typical of the NHS management today. My patients were all very pleased with it in 1951

Dr R J Rushton 13 November 14
Does anybody know whether there have been any new developments with regard to Kenelog production anywhere in the world? I live in Cape Town , South Africa , and would dearly like to try and get hold of a few tubes of Kenelog if it was possibly being produced again. New Zealand possibly?
Andre van Druten 9 January 15
I get it over the counter in Australia. Chemist warehouse sell online.
Tess 19 August 15
I've just found Orabase protective paste in Wynberg in South Africa and it feels the same as the old style one - it was R50 and I would have paid 10 times that as I have a mouthful of ulcers - I kept the box and have asked my local chemist to get it in.
Gavin Cape Town 22 October 15
Hello I am suffering from mouth ulcers last 13 days...please tell result of adcortyl....may it be available I belong to India what will be cost for me
jai Singh 8 November 15
Jai - In India you can get Kenacort straight from your pharmacy.
Dom Walton 9 November 15
Gavin where in Wynberg did you get the Orabase.
Carel 7 December 15
We used adcortyl for years.nothing else works,so don't know why Squibb stopped it,because it was a multi million pound product.Germoline pink ointment has been discontinued as the makers say they cannot find ingredients,bullshit! the ingredients are readily available worldwide,anything to do with the fact that landline ,from sheepskin wool,is one of them,or religious PC reasons they stopped making it? germoline white cream is not a replacement for the old Germoline made for 130 years
Bill kerswe 15 January 16
Hi Gavin in Wynberg, where in Wynberg, what Pharmacy
Ken 22 March 16
Adcortyl in Orabase is available online from New Zealand. I live in the UK and have been buying it for several years from It is marketed under the name of Kenalog in Orabase. It is available in 5mg tubes and the ingredients are precisely the same as Adcortyl (Triamcinolone Acetonide). It is not cheap but if you buy 3 tubes at a time as I do the shipping costs are the same as if you buy one tube.
Suggest also trying one-a-day effervescent vitamin c tablets (around £1 for 20 in most supermarkets) as a preventative measure. They reduce the amount of ulcers I get and make them less painful when I do get them.
Lozzo 17 July 16
A couple of years ago I saw a comment either here or another site giving the name of an equivalent to Adcortyl that was available under prescription from Germany, but as usual I can't find it - can anyone help please!
glojo24 28 November 16
Bristol-Meyers Squibb do produce Kenalog (triamcinolone Acetonide) 40mg/ml in a syringe or vial - so why can't they produce it in a paste and sell it over here in the UK, which would be a bit cheaper than us having to buy it from New Zealand?????
Glojo24 5 December 16
I have just ordered Kenalog from healthchemist in New Zealand-thanks to all who shared this information! I suffer bad ulcers due to pernicious anemia and was shocked when I found that Advortyl was no longer available as that was the only thing that worked. The healthchemist site did ask for a short health questionnaire to be completed-that was straightforward-there was an option for it to be sent to UK and I had no trouble with my payment. For 2 tubes and postage, it cost about £28. Thanks again for the info!
Helen from Liverpool 29 August 17
It's arrived!! It took 5 days- unbelievable- I've written postcards that have taken longer to arrive in UK! Brilliant service. 2 applications and the worst ulcers I have ever had are on their way out!
Helen from Liverpool 3 September 17
The answer to the withdrawal of adcortyl in orabase I’ve found for the last 5 years with compete success is as follows. Buy 2 ingredients. 1. Orabase paste which is a product absent of hydrocortisone but provides the base. 2. Buy Corlan tablets which are ulcer tablets that inc cortisone. Both available from amazon. Take one pestle and mortar and grind down one tablet. Mix with 1/2 teaspoon of orabase in ramekin. Keep ramekin in plastic bag available for application to the blighters overnight. A perfect substitute for adcortyl. I couldn’t do without it and can consume a coffee and walnut cake with reasonable confidence that any after effect can be mitigated.
Portisheadpete 25 November 17
Hey guys/ gals

Is the Kenacort the yellow tube? I bought it from here a few years ago and will need to buy some more and it's worked really well over the years almost as good as the good old Adcortyl in orabase from yesteryear. It seems Dom isn't allowed to sell it now :/ So does anyone know where i can buy it I'm in the UK but i know you can't buy it here
john 7 December 17
Hello John,
Kenacort changed formulation to more of a gel than a paste, Trinolone (which we also used to sell until the men in black came) is very close to Adcortyl in consistency, you can buy it from here:
Siam Secrets
If you put in a coupon code of MOUTHULCERSHOP you get 10% off.
Dom Walton 8 December 17

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