Hospital referal for Mouth Ulcers

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I went to dentist on Tuesday & saw mouth Vera I have had for a while said saud will reffer me to hospital hospital phoned on thursday with an appointment for next week , she I be concerned ??
Carmel 3 February 18
I don't know you guys aware about Homeopathic or not. But it works.
It takes time to show result but the result is long lasting. I am an example of this.
Find a good experienced homeopathic doctor and take his advise.
Rishi 29 October 12
My Father is 56 now and he been suffering form stomach ulcer and now Severe Mouth ulcer over 2 years. We refered to the doctors every time he gets worst , and they precribed some vitamins and some antibiotics whenever we visit them, but we didnt get any concrete long lasting cure from this practice. Doctors always say this is lack of Vitamin, he canot eat any food, he got fever, headache, and even he says his skin becames senseless when it is severe. I am always trying to give him milk and other vitamins rich soft foods. But iam worried i read few comments above, stopping milk products. Does it really makes worst from consuming more milk? I am finding the long lasting treatment for my father. Best of luck to all the people.
Bhutan 24 July 12
You need to see a rheumatologist ! You have Sjogren's or Behcet's.
Christy 28 September 09
Me and my brother have always gotten them... constantly for years and years. Recently, we stopped drinking milk, ice cream and milkshakes. When we feel a small one coming, we double take a daily vitamin (one w/o milk as ingredient) and daily use a liquid vitamin B supplment. it seems to be helping. I am in week 3 w/o bad ones and the small ones that form seem to dissappear when i double the vitamin. Hopefully, it will keep helping. Good luck.
Alana 23 September 09
Well my week got even worse as the anit biotic did not work ! I got worse and worse feeling really ill . So it was back to the doctors i went and i could of cried i really had everything crossed that they could do something , i was on the verge of wanting to cut my lip off lol !
The doctor was good and could see my distress , she gave me some Corlan pellets to but on the ucler to disolve . I have to say i was unsure about them but horray they have worked and have taken the swolleness down and the redness . Its still painful to eat but i can talk without dribbling now !!! I am definaltly going to ask for more ready for the next outbreak .
I think iam going to keep a food diary i would avoid anything so i did not get another one like this its been 3 weeks of hell !
Good luck to everyone else suffering and thanks for the support its nice to know its not just me suffering !!!
Helen 11 September 09
omg u poor thing. I have a bad throat ulcer right now, i have a temperature, headache and feel fluey with it (i also have a few in my mouth). But this throat one is really far down my throat and it is making feel unwell. I also got yellow flem with it. (sorry i know its gross!)

I was tempted to go see my doctor this monring, just to say to them, see i get them and they DO make me feel sick. As my doctor does not seem to take it seriously....... well my thermometer doesnt lie does it.

I have started noticing a pattern i think wheat or gluten might make them worse, if i eat a lot of bread like more than 1 or 2 bits a day i get a bad bout. I ate 8 bits of bread before this bad bout at the moment and i was also eating mints which seem to cause them also.

Have u tried cutting out wheat or gluten? And the tooth paste mentioned or ones without sodiumlauralsulfate seem to help. Also Lysine but take it in large doses such as 4000mg or more a day, i have found that helps a lot!But i need large doses otherwise it doesnt help. Also b12 the type they sell on this site seems to help me more than the other type usually get from teh health stores (there are a few types of b12 qnd one is easier used by the body)

I am going to start using a food diary.

It does stink doesnt it but hopefully something good will come along and help you

sick n tired 10 September 09
Vist to the doctors today and i am on anti biotics , my current ulcer has got so big and sore its infected ! My lip is very swollen and very sore ! My doctor also does not know why people get them so think i am fighting a losing battle and have to accept i am going to always suffer with them
Helen 7 September 09
I am so sorry for you, they are so horrible I have had them since my very early teens they make it hard to communicate with people and make you feel sad and look sad. I also get snappy as I often have to repeat myself as I can't round my words off properly as I am in pain, and talking is so painful.

Over the years I have tried everything, the number of dentists, docs who have said have you tried B12 erh Yeah!

I even once had a biopsy taken of an ulcer, I also had to go in to hospital once a week for a blood test with a diary to see if anything was different this lasted a year. All this lead to me and the doc being none the wiser !

The only thing that works for me is small steroids which you can only use once or twice a year, and adocortyle paste which I have to keep on all night and its so sore the first morning taking it off but by day three I am getting better.

Its tough feeling romantic when you have your mouth filled with what feels like wall paper paste. Nice !!

Sadly my youngest son also suffers in the same way as myself, so I guess the idea of it being linked to my hormone cycle is out the window.

Chin up I am sure they will come up with something eventually.


Julie 6 September 09
Well my visit to the hospital was a total waste of time . Was told by the dentist that they would run bloods but they did'nt . He looked in my mouth and i had a nasty ulcer , he confirmed that yes it was an ulcer !!! Thanks for that i wondered what it was lol. He then told me nobody know why people get ulcers and we would never get the bottom of it . He gave me some Betnesol Tablets - steriods to use as a mouth wash and told me to come back in 3 months . I was in and out in 5 minutes . I left the hospital in tears my mouth is so sore and i feel so ill i just want to get to the bottom of it . Will see if the striods do anything but i feel very disappointed .
Helen 6 September 09
Dear Helen & Linda,

Have you tried Squigle Toothpaste?
They sell it on this website.

Hope you get relief.


Dr. Edward Cutler,
Inventor of SQUIGLE's Toothpastes
Dr. Edward Cutler 5 September 09
Hi, i did see a consultant about my ulcers, with no results, i am 37 and ad this all my live, My 9 yr old daughter is the same, we try almost everything in the boots, also b12. nothing seems to work, but good luck, and let us know the results.
linda 4 September 09
On friday i am going to the hospial to see if we can get the bottom of my dreadful mouth ulcers . I am 29 and have suffered all my life . I tried cutting out Milk products which helped slighty but still getting at least once a week . I am fed of feeling ill with them . Hope we can sort it out has any one else seen a consultant about ulcers ? I really hope it helps
Helen 1 September 09

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Hospital referal for Mouth Ulcers

13 messages in this subject.