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At what time I have boils and abscesses in different areas of my body. How I got rid
of them before Was eating raw garlic and a salad every day. And eating garlic in my
food daily. Cleaning and went to my mouth almost every hour with hydrogen peroxide.
I believe the garlic cleanse my system. I one time I was getting Boyles it lanced every
month. The boils and abscesses did not come up while I was pregnant. But ate garlic
daily for about six months and noticed I had no outbreak. I came on this remedy by
Char 11 December 18
Vitamin B complex and Hydrocortisone buccal tablets for mouth ulcers has reduced my frequency. The vit b complex the key one take every day! If they occur the tablets can kill them if get it early.
jimmy 3 August 18
Try clobetosol gel for treatment. While it does not prevent, it helps alot with the healing process. Needs a prescription in tht States as it is a steroid.
Kas 2 August 18
Iv been disgnosed with steven johns syndrom i was getting ul ers under my tounge and in my throat i hsd lots of diffrennt tests done they though i had a immune problem it came back negative then rhey said its herpes then i started getting ot on my joints so they done more tests came back negative then one day i saw a doctor ild never seen befor he daid ot was steven johns syndrom and as you get older it will ware out i did get it very bad but know its a mild form still painfull but i cope having a shower to hot earatates and the sun brings ulcers out
Karen wiltshire 10 July 18
I have mouth sores in my entire mouth. My throat is sore. Hard to swallow. Burst out on my lip. Now it breaks out on my body.
Spits of blood. This going on for months. ENT did biopsy, says not cancer. I need help. PLEASE.!
Marie 25 June 18
Mouth ulcers are a common symptom of celiac disease. All you sufferers out thereís should get the blood test. Itís fast and easy. My niece just got diagnosed this year and this was really her only symptom.
Katie B 9 June 18
Hey, i now mouth ulcers can be really bad you, cant eat or drink properly..while writing this i am going through this so i can tell its too bad, but what worked for me is SOMOGEL. Its the best, ive been using it since childhood and its amazing! these mouth ulcers go in a day maybe less than a day its so quick.. so i would surely recommend this..
Bisma 19 February 18
Guys, put a fresh ice cube in a thick paper towel, place on ulcer for 5 mins to numb the ulcer and reduce swelling. Add Listerine, or any other particularly strong mouthwash. Repeat every 5 hours for 2 to 5 days.
Ren 3 December 17
The best solution i have for mouth ulcers is something i don't do enough of due to my job. SLEEP. Usually i get ulcers cause i know i haven't been sleeping enough.
tomato 13 November 17
Iíve suffered with mouth ulcers now and again though my lifetime. I always remember as a kid my gran giving us Alum and the ulcers literally disappearing overnight, or if not then most definitely over 48hours. Iíve spent a long time wondering where to get this stuff from now, 40 years later. So recently, having a few ulcers for some unknown reason , I started in earnest to find some of this stuff. So the trick is, you can get Alum relatively easy on ebay. But, after making a number of purchases, I finally found the correct alum and it has to be: Aluminium ammonium sulphate ammonium alum. The other ones I tried donít do the trick. Itís been so long that I canít even remember exactly how we used to take it but it was certainly something like dissolve some (probably half teaspoon) into half a cup of warm water. Rinse and gargle a few times. DO NOT SWALLOW. Your mouth will feel like itís a dried out like a prune and youíll get a shiver down your spine. But itís worth it to say goodbye to the Ulcer. If this helps anyone, then my work is done!
Paul_66 19 October 17
Hello! I have a problem with mouth ulcers. Ever since I was 8, I've been getting then continuously, this has hindered me in many ways as I cannot eat a variety of foods, talk in some cases, eat and such as it brings excruciating pain to me. I have tried honey, aloe, coconut, difflam, Kenalog, meditation, change of diet, vitamin c pills and so on! Yet they don't seem to be leaving.
aixa 17 October 17
I've had 3 really bad mouth ulcers for 4 days now the 2 little ones have merged into one great big one and the other one on its own has gone down. Salt reaaaly kills but numbs it after. Avoid drinking water after even if u can't stand the salty taste . I found It reduced the numb ness so try to lick away the salt instead . Hopefully will be gone by next 2 days
Tee 4 September 17
Of course its the bran.
Cook unpolished raw rice. Preferably red rice. Eat the skim over the top and the superficial layer contains the nutrients enoough to combat your long lasting mouth ulcers. I wonder whether it works for you but definitely it has has a good effect if u share the same deficiency I have.
Mahinda lk 1 September 17
I had infrequent mouth ulcers when I was a child to teen years. Gly-oxide usually helped. I am now in my 50s and have been having more frequent, to almost constant ulcers. I had tried some home remedies with little success. I have taken L-Lysene for several years. I also take preavid, OTC B12 vitamins. I have used the peridex prescription mouthwash and get Debactoral swabs from my dentist(sulfuric acid swabs). I went to my doctor and was put on acyclovir for a year and a short term steriod treatment. Nothing has kept the sores from recurring so I keep a supply of Kanka soft brush gel pens with me and a bottle of chloraseptic on my night stand. I went to the pharmacy and saw an over the counter treatment-Dentek canker sore covers. Honestly did not think it would work, but decided to give it a try. I had an ulcer on the tip of my tongue and another one just inside my mouth by the corner of my lip. The night before, I had used Debactoral which didn't help much. I was using my Kanka brush all that day. Before I went to bed, I halfed the cover and put them on my tongue and right cheek. By the next morning, the gel that forms was dissolving, I pulled some of it off when brushing my teeth. I had no pain the next day or night and still haven't hurt. The sores are clearing. In conclusion DenTek canker sore covers are awesome. I ordered some more boxes on line to make sure I have some on hand. I also notified my dentist office of my success so they can tell any of their other patients to try it too. For your sake, give it try. I highly recommend it!
Cindy 20 June 17
At the mommet i have two very big ulcers in my mouth and its rubbing up against my teeth if i find a soulution i will let you guys know!!

Adi 20 June 17
Hi everyone, been suffering with recurring ulcers for probably 5/6 years now and they usually start as an ulcer in my mouth but then spread to my lip, which makes me really self concious as well as the obvious pain of them. Anyways does anyone know how to reduce swelling? Never been this bad and unsure of cures... don't wanna leave the house with it looking this bad
Amber236 11 April 17
I know a easy way by putting vegimite on the ulcers it will get smaller and eventually go in 2 minutes ULCERS STINK
hampton 19 March 17
One person here mentioned Oralmedic and I would second this. It works instantly. It's expensive - $20 Australian dollars for 2 swab sticks, but so worth it. I used one swap for two ulcers on my inner cheek and behind bottom lip. The first was just under 1cm, the second was a few mms. A word of warning, when the chemical touches your sore for the first time, it is not just a "sting" was the instructions would suggest. It is the deepest, craziest, pain you'll ever experience. I can't even find words - but since pain is obviously registered in the brain, it's like your brain being washed in acid. A deep, arresting pain as if your soul is being burned in hell. It's not a sting. Believe me. In fact, I reckon it's worst than a thousand snake bites. Well now that I've sold the product, I can honestly say it works just as the packaging states - pain is gone in seconds. Before I found this product, I could not eat or talk as the pain was incredible - since the one on my cheeks would rub against my teeth at any movement, I just wanted to die. Even drinking water was impossible as water had minerals that caused a sharp sting. I was so embarrassed at work at being unable to talk properly. And I wasn't looking forward to even days being in this condition! Anyway I got home from work and went straight to the bathroom to apply the product. Read the instructions carefully and went ahead... Yep, again, the initial pain was $%$&@#@ but wow, no more ulcer pain. One swap was enough for both as there's a lot of liquid in one, so I kept the other for next time (hopefully never again though!). One word of warning, the instructions don't do a great job explaining this, but only apply the product to the ulcer by pointing the swab directly into the ulcer so you're only using the tip - like gently "spearing" the ulcer then rotating the swab with your fingertips to get the chemicals into it. I made the mistake of applying the swab sideways so the chemicals got all around my ulcer, including the healthy gums around it. BIG MISTAKE. The chemicals instantly dry the tissue it touches so I had the whole corner of my mouth turned pale pink and dumb. It's like coming out of the dentist where you can't feel it and it's annoying as hell. You can't eat or talk properly cos the corner of the mouth is actually important in those functions! So for a whole day my mouth was partially disabled. It always felt like I had a piece of food on that corner that I just wanted to bite and remove, but alas I couldn't. To make matters worse I read a review online that said if this happens, the skin starts to flake and bleed and the mouth becomes one big mess. I was so scared of this, worried my mouth would just dribble blood at a work meeting... Thankfully this didn't happen. After a full day, the "dead skin" simply flaked off, exactly like happens when you get dry lips, except it's moist as it's in your mouth. These white flakes just roll or pull off with your fingers revealing the new replacement skin underneath. Don't force it. I had to leave half in place til the next morning as it wasn't ready to come off - I knew it would bleed otherwise... So I went to sleep and the next morning it came off. I realised this "re-skining" happens normally in the mouth like when you wake up sometimes and have these white stuff in the corner of your mouth (no dirty jokes pls). Anyway now as I'm typing this, I can feel the ulcer with my tongue (it is still a healing wound) but no pain at all. I've eaten normally and can talk normally. There's no more numbness or foreign object feeling. If I applied the swab properly it would have been a perfect application first go. But it works. One last thing, before I found this product I gargled with alcohol based mouthwash - I think that was a big mistake as it caused more pain. I think it makes the nerves hypersensitive. I'm going to chuck the mouthwash away - I don't think alcohol based mouth products do you any good. Oh and what caused my ulcers? It was cheap replacement toothbrush heads I bought on ebay for my Oral B electric toothbrush. DON'T! You don't know how they're made. Thankfully they were cheap so I'm chucking them all away.
JC from Sydney Australia 26 January 17
COCONUT OIL!!! Coconut oil has been used for different medical injuries for centuries. Using coconut oil will help with the swelling and the mouth ulcer/ canker sore will be gone within a day. I do recomend using this as i jave got rid of them. Big canker sores take a day and a half sometimes two days to go but as long as its gone your okay. Continue this a few times a day for the faster and painless releif. Using clean hands or a cotton swab apply some coconut oil onto the mouth ulcer and keep it there, it will desolve quickly and the coconu oil will slip away. if you can then try to keep it on the canker sore.
Daisy 24 January 17
Just a thought for all those sufferers who are advocating the use of mouth wash - do be sure it is alcohol free as long term usage of the alcohol containing variety can lead to conditions far more serious than mouth ulcers.
Rosalind January 19 2017 19 January 17
Best fast mouth sore relief is very hot water with 1 teaspoon of gourmet salt and a few drops of tea tree oil. Follow up with echinacea .
Also do oil pulling with coconut oil.
Sexchef 18 January 17
i am going crazy with this pain I have 6 mouth ulcers at the moment had strep throat and now this I've tried every thing ave got a list from this site that I'm going back to chemist tomorrow iv never experienced pain like it i will let you no if anything works
Ruth white 12 January 17
Every person has to find the trigger for their mouth ulcers. My husband had severe mouth ulcers, it took years to find out his triggers were cheese, lack of sleep, stress and toothpaste. He now uses sensodyne toothpaste and a listerine mouthwash.
Nat 31 December 16
I have perennial problem of mouth ulcers and believe me whenever they occur it disturbs me alot till they go. each time i try different solutions but it takes time to heal up.. Recently i read in this forum and lot of other places that have gargle of warm water mixed with salt provides relief and to my utter surprise this work immensely. I also used quik kool gel of primal brand. You guys can also try this..wish this work for everyone.
sandeep dhyani 18 December 16
H there - Coffee definitely causes or makes ulcers worse!

I have found B12 helps to limit the ulcers happening. Dynexin helps to soothe the pain and allow eating.

Kenalog in Orobase heals. But it works best when dried - push a blob of dried Kenalog into the crack between two teeth opposite the ulcer overnight. The next morning it is most often completely healed. As the dry blob is softened by saliva while you are sleeping, it heals. by the way, when the Kenalog tube has finished, there is still a lot in the tube - break open the tube and there is a good store of dried Kenalog there.
David 18 December 16
Try putting on toothpaste it will sting only for a few seconds and it really works keep doing this every hour or so and it will numb your ulser so it won't hurt hope this helped xxx
Simran 16 December 16
90 percent of these outbreaks are viral. Stress and fatigue are primary triggers. PerioGard is a perscription mouthwash ($20) which is VERY helpful. Adult Oragel is useful as well. Some doctors may prescribe lidocaine which can be applied to the painful sites/ulcers with a q-tip. Avoid salty, spicy, hard foods. The salt water rinse is probably unwise. The good news is the recurrence becomes less often and less severe as your immune system adjusts.
Jim L 12 November 16
Jim L 12 November 16
I have seven month mouth alcer...how can I replace
papiya karmakar 4 November 16
I am a frequent sufferer of these ulcers since i was like 3. I was the creep around my friends and family who would talk weirdly and lose many pounds because of them. The only good remedy that I found is olive leaf. It gives instant relief lasting for a few hours. It completely numbs the sores if you chew the juice on them. It numbs the mouth and dries it up, and everything you eat loses its taste. When I use it, I can eat and even bite the sore without pain. It completely numbs it. Some common triggers are: Constipation - sweet food - injures in the mouth due to biting or chewing something hard.

All you have to do is get 1 or 2 olive leaves or even more, and chew them near the sore (dont put them on the sore because they will hurt it as they tend to be thin and hard and can hurt the sore that is vulnerable to anything touching it). The subtle juice that is chewed out of the olive leaf is what kills the pain. You dont have to swallow the leaves and try to bring the juice to the sore. You can drink a little water after chewing the leaves, and direct the water to the sore as it will instantly attract the juice to it. Pain will disappear for a few hours no matter the sore unless you did it wrong. You can keep repeating forever, eat and drink and talk normally until the sores are gone for good
Mike osner 17 September 16
ASPIRIN PASTE!! Crush aspirin and add a little water to it and apply it directly to the affected area. It has saved me!!!
Arielle Nicolle 19 August 16
I get mouth Ulcers to the extent that i cannot open my mouth. Then i started researching with different options.
I am successful with 2 methods
1. GOOSE BERRY JUICE - Prepare Juice of goose berry, rinse in your mouth for 5 to 10 min. You will get immediate relief. Doing this 2 to 3 times, your mouth ulcers will dissappear.
2. YOGURT - Take 250ml or atleast of 100ml yogurt 2 to 3 times for 2 days. At home , take curds in a glass, add 1 to 2 table spoons of honey, mix well and have

Combining above 2 methods, you will find ulcers pain relief immediately and in 2 days they disappear.
Remember we are very lucky to get mouth ulcers as the stress is popping up in mouth which we can handle well. Otherwise for others stress will impact internal organs of the body which will only appear when good amount of damage already happens.

Doing Yoga : Bramari for 5 to 10 minutes daily is very good stress buster which prevents us from getting mouth ulcers.

Hope my Analysis will be helpful the mankind.
Madhu Kumar. B 18 August 16
Guys, i suffer from mouth ulcers A LOT and an effective method for me is to let some listerine freshburst mouthwash sit in my mouth for some time. It not only soothes the pain, but if i do this like twice a day for 3 days or less, my mouth ulcer goes away. I've noticed that this works best for me. If you are going to try this method then make sure you either go for this exact mouthwash or one that does not have any sugar content in it. It needs to be strong. Somogel had also worked in the past.
Ramisha 8 August 16
I've got a really sore wound on the side of my mouth, right where the teeth come together. I bit myself about four days ago whilst chewing food and have tried a bunch of things since then that haven't really worked. But just this morning, after reading a few articles on the internet on natural remedies, I decided to use Bosisto's Eucalyptus oil spray (in a can). It only contains eucalyptus oil so I figured it must be safe to use. I sprayed it directly onto the affected area. My mouth has gone slightly numb and dry, and the taste is pretty strong, but it seems to be providing some relief.
PhillN 7 August 16
i am so done wid these mouth ulcers .I have tried everything whether its honey,salt,glycerine, aloevera..despite of AL these nothing seems to b olryt.situation is still d same please recommend me something.:(
vandana 15 July 16
Hi ,
I have mouth ulcers with pain, redness, and swelling . they appear on the inside of the cheeks, lips, under the tongue, and on the floor of the mouth. Actually i face this problem everymonth when near my period time after finish the period time everything is ok but again 2nd month i face this problem . what should i do.. please help me
Surbhi 30 June 16
hi .. finally I found that .. there is no permenent solution for mouth ulcer ... God save us .. :(
dixy 29 June 16
It is hard to deal with my ulcers they keep popping up even after using toothpaste and mouthwash every day but all i'v ever heard to use is salt ore gel and honey plz give me tips on how to get those things off my lips!!
???? 26 June 16
I have a huge ulser that has spread from the bottem of my gums to the top of my lip. My lip is swollen so that the side of my mouth with the ulser is bigger than the other. I have used ice to reduce the swelling and and even though it hurts putting salt all over it helps. However if the my ulser isn't painful so if yours is, you can put teething gel on it and will go numb in a few seconds.
Caity 12 May 16
The ulcer i am having is not one or two. I have it all around my mouth. libs gums tounge evry where cant eat anything not even talk this thing is so bad that i am writing this message at the middle of the night
Sudhin VT 11 May 16
I has horrible ulcers just now and myrrh oil helps a lot. Few drops in toothpaste, mouthwash, or just dabbing it on with a q-tip heals up these ulcers.
Mike 12 February 16
I have found that placing tums on the ulcer until it dissolves works for easing the pain and the swelling :)
melissa 11 February 16
I get mouth ulcers quite frequently but the ones I'm dealing with now are the worst I've had! 7 all at once.. Over the past 2 days I've been using warm water and salt to swish around my mouth and I have noticed less pain in some of the ulcers today, so I will continue to do that every couple of hours!
However, there's a couple of particularly stubborn ones on my lip which are causing me great stress! Can't eat or talk properly I've not managed to eat a thing today!! I've been putting honey on the worst one as I've heard it can help speed up the healing.
To all of you that are suffering with mouth ulcers I feel your pain and hope you recover quickly!!!
Star25 4 January 16
I've been suffering from mouth ulcers since 2013. And its not just 1 more than 5, right now I have 7 inside my mouth and 4 on my lips. I tried to gargle salt and water, i use mouthwash everyday, i changed my toothpaste, i am also using oral gel, sometimes i put honey on my mouth sores. This regimen helps relieves the pain for about 10-15 mins but it doesn't help my sores to completely healed. its been 5 days already and i cant eat properly. Is there any home remedy that you can suggest for healing of mouth sores for 2-3 days only? FYI my pain tolerance is low so please suggest for home remedies that is not too painful.
Trish 4 January 16
Apply glycerine
xxx 6 December 15
Simple and effective remedy for mouth ulcer. Drink milk and ensure that you dont drink immediately maintain some milk over the ulcer area. Do this for 6-7 times a day. Your will drastically reduce
Nanda Kishore 23 October 15
Hello, I've had mouth ulcer that grew really big because i didn't take care of it right away, but after i tried something, it actually shrank A LOT after a few days. So this is my treatment: 1st put some salt on the ulcer. It will sting but helps make it shrink and go way. Then get a cup (not glass) and put some hot water and a little bit of cold water to it really warm. Then take a teaspoon of salt and put it in the warm water and mix thoroughly. I put 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of salt in a half cup of warm water so that it's very salty to go away. I did this for maybe 5-7 days and my big mouth ulcer shrank a lot and eventually will go away. The more smaller it gets, the less painful it will be. This really works every time. And make sure to always drink water, usually that's the cause of them, when it's really hot and you're dehydrated. I hope this was helpful for you!
Jenalyn 9 October 15
Mouth ulcers are a pain!!!! I recommend to everyone to use mouth wash and cough for ulcers on your uvilia and or throat.
Mom 18 September 15
I have got 2 mouth ulcer in my mouth maybe is because I put braces ..I think . Coz is secound time i got ulcer after i put braces .
Just kindly asking whether have any gel can let ulcer faster recover ?or what I should eat BTW this period.thank you.
Agnes .k 15 September 15
I have finally found the HOLY GRAIL of mouth ulcer remedies. Am planning to turn it into a cream. No mixing of stuff, no complicated procedures, just wet it and dab it, the pain is literally GONE within 5 minutes and the ulcer heals in 2-3 days, it works every single bloody time, i'm a chronic mouth ulcer sufferer and have been searching high and low in this forum for a cure, but my search ends today.

FYI, the remedy is a local herb/ingredient in my country, so its 100% totally natural and ultra cheap, it comes in a solid form, i'm trying to turn it into a cream for easier application, any of you guys know how to do this?
Zach 24 July 15
None of the ideas mentioned here actually speed up the healing process or cure ulcers. I've been suffering for nearly 40 years. My mum gets them and my grandma had them as well. Funny thing - my sister never had a single mouth ulcer! From my experiences, it seems they develop every time the mucous membrane gets damaged. Be it a visit to the dentist, accidentally biting yourself or poking yourself with a fork while eating. There is also no rule, as to how big they grow. Some stay relatively small, some grow to nearly 1 cm in length. After doing extensive research, I haven't found a single legitimate cure. It looks like a genetic defect is somehow responsible, one that is hereditary.
PC 22 July 15
I have a relief for mouth ulcers. In fact it is wonderful for herpes wherever on the body, especially genital herpes. It is a mixture of MSM and colloidal silver. Make sure the MSM is distilled not chemically produced and that the silver is no less than 25ppc and pure, no colour. You need a glass spray bottle with no metal exposed from the spray part inside. Take one desert spoon of MSM to 500ml silver, warm the silver and dissolve the MSM. Pour into the glass bottle add the spray top and away you go. It's a wonderful healing mixture. If you are so inclined you can soak organic lavender buds in the silver solution for a couple of hours before dissolving the MSM. You can also buy this made up from elixirskinfood.com.au they are in Australia but I am sure they would post to you if you asked them. I have never had a herpes break out since I have been using this so I am totally happy about passing this info onto anyone who needs it. The great thing about this is you can use it in your mouth, ears, even your eyes it is so pure. Hope this helps.
Natalie 12 May 15
I went to the dentist Monday to get a couple crowns on my two front middle teeth. They gave me a whole bunch of shots (had them before...no problems) and then used what they called a desensitizer that burned like the devil. It was awful. I've never had anything burn that bad in my life. The tech used too much because I told the receptionist this morning who called to check on me about it and she said "No it wasnt the desensitizer because they use just a tiny amount right along the gumline." I told her it waaaay more than just a tiny bit and it ran all over my mouth and even onto my tongue. It was awful...but my main reason for posting is that the next day (yesterday) my whole top lip is swollen and macerated on the inside with a huge ulcer. I am looking for something that will help heal it.
Sharon Hanna 8 April 15
As a lifelong sufferer of mouth ulcers I find ALOCLARE MOUTHWASH the most effective, with instant relief! Aloclare also stops the ulcer in its tracks before it becomes fully blown. Hallelujah!!!!
Lover of Cadbury\'s Dairy Milk 30 March 15
Very strong listerine mouthwash it may sting like a bitch! But keep that ulcer soaked in listerine until she stinging feeling goes away and makes it numb it cleans out the crap/infection out of it and relieves the pain for a while do this as much as you can and you'll see results maybe brush your teeth too before doing this! If you don't have listerine either buy some! Or put some salt on your finger and press it into the ulcer yeh... That will sting too it's how my brother cures his!
ii S4R4H xX 22 March 15
I have sjogrens syndrome so I have had dozens to deal with. However, I had extensive dental procedures and oral surgeries recently and I have a humongous ulcer at every injection site for the anesthetic. Help!!jd
jd 20 December 14
Once in month i face the problem of mouth ulcers...I very much sick of dix problem. they only remedy i follow is using Somogel again n again to soothe them temporarily. . . Its quite offensive. I kant hav tea for consecutive 4 days. . . and i even dun knw d cause.
Sameen 8 December 14
For me I think the main triggers are chocolate, tea and coffee in this order. Effective remedy is Difflam Oral rinse combined with Adcortyl Oral paste but they are expensive. Drinking water and swilling your mouth with it after tea etc. is a good practice.
Steve 10 March 14
It seems like most people are finding a chemical or food allergy as the cause of their throat ulcers. In my case, I believe the ulcer was caused by a medicine I took for an attack of gout. The medicine was Indomethacin. Talk about a downer -- I could hardly walk because of the gout pain and then I get a large throat ulcer that causes me major pain when I swallow. The doctor put me on a different medication and now my gout is almost gone but the ulcer is still there. The Dr. gave me some gooey liquid pain reliever for the ulcer but it only lasts for 10 or 15 minutes. After trying several items, I have found that gargling with Listerine works the best. It takes away the pain for a lot longer than the other things I have tried. Hopefully, the ulcer responds and is gone in a few days.

I have had problems with canker sores in the past (caused by eating high acid foods like tomatoes). To treat the canker sores, I either gargled with Listerine or I applied an ointment called Carmex directly to the sore. Either cure seems to work pretty effectively. With the Listerine, I found that I had to gargle every hour during the day in order for the sore to heal quickly. I think the key is to eliminate as much bacteria from your mouth as possible.
Buzz67 4 July 13
Stop drinking coffee and tea. I love them but this was the cure or prevention of my problem. I didn't get an ulcer for ages I ate a chocolate bar yesterday and my tongue now has 2 so chocolate may be a trigger for me as well. I drank coffee and had ulcers almost daily for years without seeing any link until I read something about foods high in tannins causing mouth ulcers. I recommend trying this it was worth giving the coffee up.
Alex 19 June 13
hello everyone... i have bad bad mouth ulcers.. and also on tongue ..... so i think one effective way for curing this is .. dab of glycerin ....just put a dab of it on the ulcers .. try it regularly and u'll see its effect.. u can also do salt water rinse ..2 times a day..it can help a lot...
kritika 18 June 13
I only occasionally suffer from mouth ulcers. If you have access to traditional Chinese medicines/remedies, then try a product called Watermelon Frost. Its a moderately distasteful grey powder, no idea what its made from, but it works on most ulcers; they usually heal within 2-3 days and have disappeared completely within a week
mark 3 June 13
Rachel, Gengigel is good for preventing trauma site turning into ulcers, you doctor should be able to provide this. Also I'd suggest not over-doing the rinses and treatments, you may be counterating your mouth's natural defenses. Check to see if your toothpase contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, if it does, then I'd recommend changing to one without.
Dom Walton 17 May 13
I get severe mouth ulcers from any traumatic injury to my mouth. Even the tiniest bite turns into a raging ulcer. I use a colgate mouth sore rinse daily, colgate sensitivity toothpaste, and a benzyol peroxide antiseptic twice a day. This still doesn't speed up the healing. I have tried narcotics to no avail. Currently I am using a product called Zilactin which hurts terribly when applied but it is the only thing that takes the pain away for some bit of time. It tastes aweful and leaves a weird film that eventually loosens and sloughs off. Besides that, salt water and a mouthwash made of maalox,benadryl and lidocaine ;which is prescription,are the only forms of relief i can find. When I get the sores whichever side of my mough they are on causes my lymphnodes or salivary gland to be extremely tender and sometimes I have felt very sick from them. Doctor say it is usually caused by a virus but its not true. It happens when I injure my mouth. He gave me triamcinolone topical ointment which did nothing. I guess no one really realizes how aweful they are unless they experience them. I long for a cure.
Rachel 17 May 13
Been a lil over 3 months since I quit smoking and I haven't had one for 12 years but as soon as I quit bam it came back. But I remember getting them when I was a kid and my mom used to give me this dark green powder that tastes a tad bitter but bearable. I dab it onto the sores right before I go to bed with a clean finger or cotton bud (tough to reach spots). Prob has more staying power to apply before bed since you don't move or talk much. When I wake up next morning, my sores don't hurt like a bitch as it does usually when u wake up in the morning than throughout the day and it actually feels like its healing. Do it again for the next 2 nights if required and it disappears. I had no idea what it was. All I knew was that my mom buys it from a Chinese medicine store and calls it watermelon powder. I Googled and found out that its call Xi Gua (Watermelon) Shuang (Frost). It's an age old traditional remedy for mouth lesions. Found a couple of online sites that sells them straight from China/HK. They appear to have it now in the mouth spray form. Personally I haven't tried that so I'm not sure if it works as well as the raw powder form. I think the sprays might be more convenient to apply during the day but I would buy the powder that come in little plastic tubes/tiny vials. Or maybe someone could try both. Watermelon frost before bed and the mouth spray through the day. Let me know how the sprays go! Hope this helps.
Shaz 12 January 13
I get ulcers everyday or weekly, I have no idea if their is permanent solutions but for once in my life it would be nice to have a clean mouth no ulcers, it hurts so much. For genuine permanent answers to my serious ulcers please email searching4sid@hotmail.co.uk

Best temporary solutions for ulcers stuff like vinegar, lemon, mouthwash, it's not hard to get rid of them but its annoying to do it constantly and everyday which I hate. Acidic stuff to rid of the ulcer (bacteria destroyer) sweet things to make it worse (help the bacteria)
SID 6 January 13
Hi All, I used to suffer due Mouth ulcer for many years, tried many different tablets and home remedies. Recently, I followed few steps which help me to recover from mouth ulcer and frequency is also reduced. drink warm water always instead of cold or normal water, try Vitamin E and B tablet from Nutrilite. All the best! Try and let me know your feedback.
Raja 4 December 12
Try NeutraSal. It is the only thing that has worked for me! It is a prescription mouth rinse, that takes like salt water. It is so soothing & my mouth healed so quickly! I use it everyday (because it also kills germs and helps with my dry mouth) I love this stuff! Oh, it cost ZERO if you have med insurance!!
Amy 6 November 12
I'm a sufferer that has found out that too much acid causes my ulcers.Went to the doctor and they thin it's herpes but I've had this problem b4 when consuming 2 much acid. I drink a lot of lemon juice dail alon with other acidic foods. I thin tis time has done it 4 me and I'm puttin down the lemon juice. I have a really bad case this time and my tonue sores aren't ettin that much better. The dr gave me some maic mouth rinse which only numbs da pain for a short while. They gave me sum pills 4 a viral infection(mouth herpes) I'm jus hopin 4 sum relief soon even though I don't think it's herpes my mouth is infected really bad. Thankx 4 all da suggestions though!
Tracey 36 2 July 12
Kenalog isn't working for me ! its only making it worse ! I can't eat and I can barely talk :(
Taylor 17 June 12
Hi. I use emu oil on a little bit of cotton ball..very small amt of cotton then tuck it between by lip and the sore. I wear it there overnight. Also if it's not too noticable keep it there during the day. It is very soothing. Emu is from the bird the emu, who has a 2 lb oil gland area on it's chest. So the oil is purified and processed. One company is Laid in montana emu oil products. Honest, not selling it.
I usually got the canker sore after biting my lip or tongue, but sometimes they show up even without an injury. I take lysine 500 mg twice a day always to try to prevent them.
I"ve tried to figure out is they are related to herpes. I dont think they are.
Good luck.
joy 14 March 12
I too have suffered from mouth ulcers -for many years - clusters of small white ones as well as bigger single ones. While pregnant I didn't have any -but immediately after giving birth ....I had a mouthful! The doctor immediately prescribed 'hydrochloric' tabs ......to just place (& dissolve) on top of ulcers ....and thankfully ...it solved many years of having a painful mouth. Now in my 'senior' years I seldom have any .... my chemist recommended 'kenalog' for the odd one. (instant relief) I was the only one in my family to have them .... I am the most worrying/emotional type!! Valerie (WAus)
valerie 9 November 11
Hey, im suffering from mouth ulcer. I have tried so many things but nothing works. I used somogel but that made my tongue even bigger and now its really painful when you are not able to talk or eat. Hope so my tongue gets better but actually im losing hope day by day, it looks like i would have to stay like this forever..:(
zoya257 28 October 11
Kenalog has been a lifesaver for me. From time to time I get really big nasty mouth ulcers. It helps take the pain away while they heal
Emma 19 October 11
use a very good pain releiver called difflam-c and then to heal use that Amosan thing
moaz 26 May 11
i think mouth wash really works use mouth wash before nd after meals or use it for 3 to 5 times daily
asma 2 March 11
Eliminate food allergies. Strange as it may seem, clinical and experimental evidence points to food allergy as a primary cause of ulcers. The link between allergy and ulcers has been investigated in several studies. In one study, 98 percent of patients with radiographic evidence of ulcers had coexisting lower and upper respiratory tract allergic disease. In another, 25 of 43 allergic children had X-ray-diagnosed ulcers. A diet that eliminates food allergies has been used with great success in treating and preventing recurrent ulcers.

Food allergy is also consistent with the high recurrence rate of ulcers. If food allergy is the cause, the ulcers will continue to recur until the offending food or foods are eliminated from the diet. Ironically, many people with ulcers soothe themselves by drinking a lot of milk, a highly allergenic food. (See the Allergies section of the NaturoDoc Library for information on how to control or even eliminate allergies.)

Increase fiber intake. A high-fiber diet is associated with a reduced rate of duodenal ulcers. The therapeutic use of a high-fiber diet in patients with recently healed duodenal ulcers can reduce the recurrence rate by half. This is probably a result of fiber's ability to promote a healthy protective layer of mucin in the stomach and intestines.

Stop smoking. Another factor strongly linked to ulcers is smoking. Increased frequency of ulcers, decreased response to therapy, and an increased mortality due to ulcers are all related to smoking.

Avoid aspirin. Aspirin is a gastric irritant that damages the lining of the stomach and predisposes individuals to ulcer development when taken regularly. The combination of aspirin and smoking is particularly harmful to the ulcer patient.

Reduce stress and emotional factors. Many people consider stress an important factor in ulcer development. However, this belief is based on uncontrolled observations. In medical literature, the role of stress is controversial. Men and women with ulcers seem to have distinctly different psychological profiles. In addition, several studies show the number of stressful, life events is not significantly different between ulcer patients and ulcer-free controls. This data suggests the individual's response to stress, rather than the amount of stress, is the significant factor.

Emphasize specific nutrients. Vitamins A and E have been shown to inhibit the development of stress ulcers in animals and are recognized as important factors in maintaining the integrity of the digestive tract lining. According to clinical studies in humans, zinc also has a protective effect against ulcers.

Emma 10 February 11
Hi all, I have just started B12 injections after suffering for 3 years with recurrent mouth ulcers. I am Still exploring possible triggers or reasons for the ulcers. I have also tried SM33, kenalog, difflam solution, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, salt water rinses, nurophen plus, bicarb-soda directly applied to ulcer and as a mouth rinse, and numerous vitamins including lysine, zinc, acidophilus, and a women's multivitamin. I am sure most have tried a lot of these options but some work better for me at different times. I hope the increase in vitamin B makes the difference. Thanks for all your entries it does help to get different ideas.
Bec 3 February 11
Hi Karen and all readers
There are obviously many suffers around and likewise I also have suffered all my life.
Not all ulcers are equal and not all ulcers have the same cause however in general I believe Karen your on the right track with the B12. In fact most people are realising that Stress triggers it and B12 can assist. But I also believe that the real cause is a genetic defect that we are born with. I can also be heridetry and in my case is, as my mum and now my daughter also have the same problem.
From my research and self evaluation over the years I have also found coffee to have a major effect on my skin with acne outbreaks evertime I drink a cup of coffee it happens and seems to coincide with ulcer outbreaks. Further research on coffee has indicated how caffeine effects the body and they way it works is by stimulating the Adrenal gland. The adrenal gland is directly linked to the release of hormones in conjunction with stress.
My theory is that B12 will only midly assist in reducing the outbreaks depending on how severe thjey are becuase we are born with the genetic defect relating to the adrenal gland. Our problem is bigger then any supplement currently on the market can fix. I hope that the doctors scientists and experts in the field commence further studies on mouth ulcers and a possible link to the adrenal gland / stress levels etc.

Anyway these are just my thoughts and I could be totally wrong but the link between coffee indulgence and skin outbreaks coupled with the ulcers tells me that something is linking them togther.

As far as treatment goes my Immunologist prescribed my steriods, Cortisol I took it for a while yea sure they reduced the inflamation but the side effects are dangerous and definetly not worth it. Got off them pretty quick.
Best treatment I use is Kenolog. Apply the paste at bedtime and this usually speeds the healing by over 50%.
You need to be consitent with the application though. I tries sea bucktorn oil and didn't find it that useful the results were so mild that I didn't see the point.

Hope this helps.
Chris 3 February 11
Hi everyone
Its does seem nobody has been on here for a while but i to have suffered mouth ulcers all my life as did my nan. I found out 12 months ago that i am vitamin b12 deficient and need monthly injections. I have found the month boost of b12 has definately slowed the frequency of my ulcers down but i still get them occasionally and when i do they are whoopers where i cant even talk let alone eat. My nan always used carb soda ( yes very painful for about 20 sec ) but it dries them up very quickly. Just wet your finger and dab directly onto the ulcer and hold on. I hope this helps someone that is getting constant ulcers, get your b12 check by your doc.
Karen 1 February 11
Hi All,

I am suffering from mouth ulcer problem since last 17 years and I am 31 now.

I have tried various medicines. treatments from xray to endoscopy, But none of them worked.

After trying a lot of things finally I have concluded the things which has healed me personally. And I have put it in a diet plan which should minimize your Mouth ulcers too. Myself and another 3 persons have been benefited by this.

I also want other people to get healed by it and get rid of really painful Mouth ulcers.

Please check my website where I have shared the diet Plan.


Vivek Jain
Vivek Jain 28 March 10
Hi, I have mouth ulcers but i'm prganant does anyone know what i can take?
sc 18 March 10
I have had mouth ulcers alot,But not as bad as the one I have now.Some things that have worked for me was to gargle/Rinse with cold milk,Because all the calcium it has in it.Another way is to get a q-tip and rub it on your ulcer/Ulcers,The reason is as your are rubbing the ulcer with the q-tip it is getting blood from where it needs to go and heals the ulcer faster.I have tried numerous things and these seem to work the best.I hope this works,Good luck to all you out there suffering just like me! <3
Queen Ulcer 24 February 10
hello all! I have suffered from ulcers for the past 3-5 years (maybe a coincidence as this is when i quite smoking). I agree that Bonjela Once is pointless, and to an extent Bonjela adult may reduce pain, but it takes a while to take effect. I have found that the most effective way to reduce the swelling (which is the main cause of the pain as catching this inflames the ulcer, a viscous circle!) is to add a recently used, although slightly cooled teabag tothe swelling. You may look a little silly, but the swelling is reduced quite quickly and thus slows the pain. you may need to do this quite regulary as it does not kill the ulcer any quicker, but allows me totalk a bit better. Georgia - lets hopethe pain is worth it!! x
Andy 23 February 10
Oralmedic....a little expensive but i put it on about an hour ago and the pains gone here are the details it says on the packet.

One application of Oraldemic stops the pain and discomfort of a mouth ulcer in seconds. It works by forming a protective barrier the ulcer to provide optimum conditions or natural healing.

A single application per treatment is usually sufficient. No need to re apply just make sure when applying you cover all of the ulcer for around 5-10 seconds.

I used it tonight my mum applied it for me and i admit i actually screamed a little and burst into tears with the pain but after you rinse your mouth out after as it tells you too it becomes numb constantly.
Give it a try and let me know if it works for you as i say its only been on for half hour but im gunna TRY my hardest to sleep now and see how it is in the am. Ulcer sufferers together :)
Georgia x 23 February 10

I have been slowly going mad with mouth ulcers since I was a child ,I'm 57 now and they seem to be getting worse lately!
My GP prescribed an oral rinse called Difflam, which really helps the pain and inflammation, it cost £7.60 over the counter, but worth every penny. I really hope it helps some of you with this awful condition.

The other thing I found helps, and, I've no idea why, I use Lypsil when going to bed at night, it helps keep my mouth moist.

Take Care

Miss Matty
Miss Matty 18 February 10
I have tried virtually all suggested treatments after suffering with monster ulcers regularly for a few years. I have just started on Corlan (hydrocortisone) tablets recommended by an oral surgeon and prescribed by my doctor and they seem to be keeping them under control and reducing them before they develop properly. Other thing which helps is tootpaste free of sodium laurel sulphate (I use sensodyne) good luck fellow sufferers!!
Susie 15 February 10
i have had the evil ulcers since i had my daughter 6 years ago.......i thought at first it was just cos i was knackered and run down but 6 years on and they are still there....i tend to get them on a monthly basis...sometimes one or two...othertimes 5 or 6......i too think that its proably to do with hormones however i didnt get rid when i got pregnant with my little boy who is now 8 months.
at least going on here makes me not feel like a freak.... i just wish i knew how to stop them coming back. i think after a while it actually makes you feel depressed.... i cant stand the thought of being like this forever.
i'm awaiting results back for celiacs disease but am not hopeful as i think i'd have other symptoms. am also getting another referral to oral surgery...but last time i went all they could do was pescrbe adcortyl to help heal the olcers...no ideas why i get them in the first place......i remember them saying that apparantly people who smoke don't get ulcers....is this true??.....whilst i'm not advocating smoking i'd almost be tempted if it stopped the bloody ulcers!!
did anyone see the embarrasing bodies programme on channel 4 this week?...a girl on there had had ulcers 4 ten years...she had loads of tests which found nothing...but she was perscribed anti inflammatory drugs which aparantly helped...anyone else tried thisi?

Anyway big love to all you sufferers......i know what your going through x
kerry 13 February 10
Been getting the nasty sods for 20 years or more........so, so, sick of them! Nothing seems to help! Just tried Boots Once treatement and it has made it worse. Sticking with salt water and paracetemol from now on...
Mark 12 February 10
Hi having being suffering from these very painful ulcers, for 8 years after a emergency section,never had alcer before this . tried everything encluding medcal help,so bad ,12-15 ulcers a day,have now been recomended to take 2.5 mls daily of steriod by consultant, If I get really bad spells where I can,t eat or talk then I can go up to 5-7.5mls .this has given me my self worth back
Idon;t like being on the steriods so I try to come off them and in the mean time i would use neat whiskey to wash out the mouth, try to hold the whiskey as long as possible untill ulcers are numb this is better than any gells ect, I hope this help,,,,, everyone out there, as the pain is hell.

marie 11 February 10
Hi I have suffered mouth ulcers all my life, as have the rest of my family & like Lorraine I didn't get any while I was pregnant leading me to think that it's a hormone issue, maybe. I was pregnant very quickly after I had my first child, not something I would recommend but it was great to be free of the ulcers for almost 2 years. They have since returned with a vengeance often making my lip so swollen that it looks like I've had my lips puffed up. I also get them on my tongue and the on the roof of my mouth, especially painful. I discovered the Bonjela Once treatment which stings almost as much as the ulcer but although would probably work for the regular little ulcers really isn't much cop against the demons I & many of you seem to be suffering with. I have tried the Orabase paste which does cover them for a while but has never seemed to reduce it's lifespan. I take a multi vitamin with B complex, and use the cordysol mouthwash daily but nothing seems to put these terrors off. I have heard lately that garlic capsules may help to keep them at bay & today I read a study that said natural Licorique has helped many people out. I would love to hear if any of these things have helped anyone else. My dad takes a daily cup full of apple cider vinegar, honey & cod liver oil, he swears by that but has still had the occassional ulcer.
Rachel, Australia 1 February 10
hey , am suffering badly with a really bad mouth ucler which is so big it's coming up my lip and has it slightly swelled...for years iv being seffering with them but my doctor and dentist reckon there just somthing im prone to (..my son is 5 months old and while i was pregnant it was the only time i never got any ..very strange ..so with him teething and me suffering badly i urgently need somthing to get rid quickly ..i live in Ireland !..all help greatly apprepiciated
lorraine 8 November 09
Try Kenalog orabase which i buy over the chemist counter - I swear by it! Apply at the first sign of an ulcer (at bedtime) and by morning its gone! If the ulcer is in an awkward position like I have on my lower lip right now, you may have to apply on 2 consecutive nights. For 20yrs now I have never had an ulcer for more than 1-2 days. After the first application it shrinks to almost nothing.
Gina 7 May 09
I find that cordisol mouth wash works well when I get bad mouth ulcers and they tend to go within a day or to . You can get it from your dentist or local pharmacy and I now always keep a bottle handy.
lucy k 23 April 09
I have had mouth ulcers consistently for the past 12 years and I am talking of at least one every month. After trying all and everything from various sites and suggestions with no success, I finally got a prescription from my GP which although doesn't eliminate it but at least cures it when it does come up. it's called Adcortyl in Orabase and to get the 10g tube, you must have a prescription otherwise you can buy the relatively small tube over the counter. My GP prescribes two tubes in one go and these last me a fair bit after which I have to run in for another prescription. I have accepted it as part of life. Hope this helps!
Valentine 14 April 09
I have had mouth ulcers for the past 3 months. i have been to 7 doctors, ENT's, Infectious disease doctors, oral surgeons, rhumatologists, etc....they all thought it was herpes and put me on Valtrex. others thought it was erosive lichen planus, some thought it could be oral lupus, etc....BUT, i was really reading up on the internet, trying to figure out what causes mouth ulcers...I mean i had them EVERYWHERE! Even went to the emergency room! I watched what I ate and the other day I finally realized what it was...IT WAS SOY! I scheduled an appointment with the allergist that day, had the appointment at 10:00 am the next day and DAM! I WAS ALLERGIC TO SOY! I was eating it 24/7 since I couldnt get any food down and I am lactose intolerant. I had soy in the past, but recently, I had it all day! Soy protein shakes (about 3 a day), soy yogurt, and cereal with Soy milk! I also had lentils, which are in the soy family!!! I have stopped ALL SOY in my diet and I am getting better. My ulcers are slowly dissappearing! PLEASE, READ UP ON SOY AND HOW BAD IT IS FOR YOU!!! Here is a link that I read, which lead me to believe I was allergic to soy. I just needed an allergist to approve it, and that was my answer!!! good luck to all. I know how painful they are!!!!! I hope this can help someone out there!!!

http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/4620/what.htm scroll down and read the symptoms!
CHERYL 28 March 09
That's good info RJ. I too think we have to find the cure and not just treat the symptom. What vitamin brand and potency are you taking? Don't you end up peeing bright orange all the time? I'm not so sure that's a good thing. But anyway...I hope it's a success.
Tony 27 March 09
I get mouth ulcers almost every month, and I get them especially when I am under stress or when I have a fever. I have tried a lot of stuff. Creams and vitamin tabs do speed up the healing of my ulcers, but I wanted to do something so that I can stop them from showing up in the first place. All the creams and stuff only help to cover up the superficial problem. I decided to experiment with Vitamin B Complex tabs. I read on the net that B complex tabs help u out with stress. ("Vitamin B Complex can help to restore the adrenal glands from stress" Google Search: b-complex stress). As I have found that stress is what more or less sets off my ulcers, (I work in the nightshift too, so I guess that adds up to the stress problem) I decided to take B-complex on a day-to-day basis, even if I have no ulcers! I take about 3 to 4 tablets everyday spread throughout the day. (What if u overdose??? - http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Can_you_overdose_on_super_b-complex_vitamins). And it has been 2 months since I began this routine, and I have not had any ulcers except for once when I feel sick. But even then, the ulcers were small and never progressed to become the really big, painful ones that they normally are. And they were taken care off within a short while (as soon as the fever went away!!). I hope this is a permanent solution because I have found soo many solutions in the past and after sometime they seem to stop giving the same results. It is almost as if my body gets used to the fix and finds a way to overcome it.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this is a permanent fix!!
RJ 27 March 09
I think tongue sores are a different animal. It's not responding to anything :o( I've traveled 20 miles to the nearest store that stocked it, and I've done 3 treatments over the past 24 hours, but I am only noticing a slight healing, which could be normal for the length of time I've had this bugger. What a pain...and I'm extra stressed since my job is technical support, talking to people on the tele all day. I can barely say my words...oh well....I still have hope.
Tony 25 March 09
For years, I have used tincture of benzoin (applied with cotton swab). After 10 seconds of serious stinging, it provides pain relief for many hours. Then I reapply. The sores heal sooner and don't appear as often as when I didn't use this. It is NOT A CURE, but it made things more bearable. I have always purchased this over the counter. Last time I bought it, I had to ask the pharmacy to order, but it was still an over the counter medication.
Liz 25 March 09
Good luck everyone- I so feel your pain!!!! I really hope you find relief! Fingers crossed!!!!!
alexandra 24 March 09
Hey...long time sufferer and I am so desperate for something that works...I've tried evertything that people suggest and nothing works...It's one of the most depressing things to wake up in so much pain...can't sleep, can't eat, can't talk...I am going to try amosan tonight...
Jimmy 24 23 March 09
I've looked online for that stuff and it *does* look good. I'm off to the pharmacy right after work. Wow! If this works, I'll be coming to Australia to bring you whatever you ask for.....it may take me a while..I'm in California :o)
Tony 23 March 09
Oh...if it were that easy, I would be SO grateful...but, of course I am skeptical. I have tried SO many things without success. The latest thing actually has given me some help. Sea Buckthorn Oil, but on my tongue sore these past few days it has not acted so well. It was keeping my general mouth sores from becoming huge blown out spots, and, in all fairness, it has kept this tongue sore from getting too huge, BUT, it is not the cure I seek. I have a suspicion that there is some sort of vitamin or mineral, or whatever, deficiency that causes these for me, but I truly have been unable to locate it...maybe I'll give your recommendation a try. I have hope....
Tony 23 March 09
Hello, I stumbled across this site a few months ago when I was suffering from very bad mouth ulcers. I had them so long that I really lost hope and thought that I would be suffering forever. Well, I came across Oral B Amosan-I had nothing to lose from trying it, and after the first mouth wash( it comes in a powder in little sachets that need to be dissolved) I noticed a difference, by the 4th mouth wash my mouth was practically back to normal-by the end of day two-I HAD NO MORE MOUTH ULCERS/SORES. And, I haven't had any since and that was a few months ago. It tastes ok, granted you get a bit sick of it after a while but it is so much better than what I was going through along with what a lot of you are all suffering with. I bought a packet from my local pharmacy (I'm in Australia, it cost about $8) I think you can get it online too. I really hope this helps everyone, or at least 1 person.
alexandra 23 March 09

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