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Hi everyone name's Amanda I myself have had an ulcer on my tongue and at the same time I had a bump under my chin which I currently have it came back the last time I had it was maybe eight years ago nothing sense. Well I shouldn't say that my tongue started to hurt last year but I combated it with orange juice and spicy foods I know this may sting on the tongue but it works just like somebody else mentioned the L-lysine is a godsend. I myself also went to my primary care the first time he told me not to worry about it wrong answer week later I walked into urgent care and the doctor on call has seen something like this so that's when he prescribed the orange juice if I can deal with it anything spicy and the L-lysine. Basically need the acidity to break up whatever it is it's clogging your salvatori glands and the spicy is to produce the saliva to keep moving it along through the ducts . And the bad breath oh man it was bad nobody wanted to ride in the car with me it was horrible I was like a leper not funny I know but oh well I hope this help somebody out... Feb 1st 2018
Amanda 2 February 18
Hi, I had a lesion in the front of my mouth. The dr. tested me and it came back as herpes which is weird because I have never had a lesion and have been with my wife a long time. also have swollen glands for 2 weeks on the right side. She said if you ever had Mono, which I did years ago in college a herpes outbreak can reactivate Mono, even years later. She said Mono and Herpes are both in the same family of viruses and a lot of your mouth problems I have read in your posts are probably Herpes since 90% of us have the virus but are not tested for it. So if you have a Herpes outbreak it might retriever Mono later in life.
Steve 6 November 17
hi- I have ulcers on the side of my cheeks and a swollen throat. It hurts when i swallow. My ears are also blocked. Do you know how i can cure this? and how long it takes to cure?
N/A 27 April 16
I hve swollen glands and huge blisters on roof of mouth and on inside of cheaks on antibitoics but its doin nothing wat is this
Stacey 1 January 15
Hey, I keep getting multiple ulcers and sores on the sides of my tounge. This usually happens once a month and sometimes the ulcers are worse then others. Any advice on what this could be?
Rebecca 14 June 14
I hav never had any mouth sores or ulcers before now....im not sure howit happened it seemed like one day I jst woke up and there were cur s on both sides of my tongue...and sore on my gums....a few days later it was accompanied with swollen lymph nodes and a severe sore throat I can hardly swallow im in tears! Also there is a painful white taste bud on the tip of my tongue. .....and my stomach feels inflamed..what is wrong with me?? Could I possibly have mono? I am so lathargic today :(
sarah 13 June 14
I've gotten mouth ulcers for years. Very painful. Once 13 ulcers with several more on my tongue. The recurrent ulcers contributed to my diagnosis of systemic lupus. Ulcers were just one symptom of lupus. I use Orabase for pain. Also use a mouthwash developed by university of va hospital called dukes mouthwash. Both help however nothing is a cure and when the pain is unbearable it takes several days and medication before I feel better. My heart goes out to suffers of mouth ulcers.
monnie powers 9 December 12
Persistent mouth ulcers can be indicative of diabetes. If your Dr hasn't checked your blood sugar then ask him. Some pharmacies will also check it.
Gremlin 5 December 12
I am also sufferer of this sore throat thing,
i think,i got this sore disease after prolonged jaundice.then after that,i think i usually get once in 2 or 3 month,but wht i researched after getting it so many times,ts tells,it happen due 2 acid influx and abnormal functioning of sphincter muscle which causes acid 2 flow through food tract.i usually get fever before its arrival or sometimes after its arrival.its really painful,when i visited Dr he injected some Vitamins and gave some pills 2 eat.i really hate whenever this soreness happen 2 me.its killing gentally,nothing else.all scientist are working 2 solve the mystry of lethal or shining cromosom patterning but they dont bother abt this sore becoz its not lethal or fatal,but they are wrong,its severe,its weaking my moral,my guts.i hate sometimes being always alive with this disease.
Anyway,have courage and face this viscious disease.
If some1 knows permanent cure,plz tell us all.
Uma 28 November 12
Can any one Help me with this my feelings also. I have been going through this symptoms for a year now. I just went out there and Play football in a cold weather and I just feel like Vomiting, Since then I feel so weak early in the morning and I feel so heat inside me and my mouth change taste Like i have salt in my mouth. My stomach make some strange noises too some times and My stool smell a lot since then. Can some one help me with any Idea of this?
Seun 27 November 12
Thank you all and God bless this site, I was so afraid that is was something worse. What ever you do keep posting because it really helps. Just got a few and thought I was dying. I have 1 on my bottom lip, on the tip of my tongue, my glands are swollen, and my gums are really sensitive. I hope this dose not last long!
Sheri 14 November 12
I have a sore throat a knot middle ways of my ear, and now my whole right side of my head is sore to touch, can a gland do this , daughter's just got over the flu? Soreness in my head worries me
lisa 31 October 12
hey guys, not sure if im doing this right, But yesterday i got my tongue webbing pierced and now i have a fever and swollen throat/neck glands. The area itself looks and feels fine, i have had galandular fever but that was at least 4 years ago. Any ideas? infection? or my body response to the bar?
jacinta 29 October 12
Ok so I have a question because I have never had a mouth olser only a stomach. I woke up on Sunday with swollen gums on my right side of the mouth only, the lower inner gum of my mouth is really swollen and painful, It looks to have had a blister, but is now just dead white skin. It stings when I eat and my gland under my chin on teh right side is swollen also. It is uncomfortable and I am not certian what I have. Do you think it is a mouth olser? I never had issues with my Tonsiles nor my mouth and i drink alot of water. I did have a lot of stress about two weeks ago for a while prior, but now nothing so I am confused on what it is. I made sure to take my vitamin this morning, but I am owrried this could be alot worse then something simple that will heal on its own. Help me!!!!!
Britney Oct.22.12 22 October 12
Jess i can sympathise with u very much I have all the same symptoms & have had for the bast part of 30 years, I'm having it bad at the min I even feel they r right down my swallow pipe When I eat it's like swallowing glass, I'm just at my wits end. Keep making sure there healing with in a week r so, I had a nasty one last year which wouldn't heal, turned out 2 b cancer, but had it successfully removed & now just have a funny looking tongue.
Maggie 11 September 12
Went to my family doctor with all of these mouth sores and swollen glands. So painful cant eat . Wakes me up all night on and on. He told me to try glyoxide and after a week still had the sores. Now he is sending me to an ENT said I might need a biopsy. Can't believe this.
Marianne 1 September 12
i have the symptoms of most people on this page..swollen glands, sore throat (kind of gone now) feeling tired headache, fever (also kind of gone) , bad breath, swollen lips, swollen painful gums and about 18 horrific mouth ulcers. i cant eat. i cant drink anything but cold water. i've been this way for just under a week. some of the sores are in the corners of my lips..actually theyre everywhere apart from the roof of my mouth....
the doctor said i had tonsilitis so im on penecillin

should i go back to the doctors again?
is there a way to make these ulcers clear up pronto?

anything would be much appreciated..i'm really hungry
jess 18 March 12
I don't have tonsils had them removed when 18, I've ben using a mouth rinse kenlog orajel max strength campho stuff for lips and taking drugs to sleep, sleep helps the most. I actually got to eat yogurt n applesause today, first food in a week!! brushed teeth this morning and OMG!!! ouch ouch and double ouch. the sores don't seem to be spreading they don't seem to be disappearing either, taking 2000mg lysine qd along with b complex for better attitude lol, don't think its helping, I think its extremely sad that will all the technology and stuff that can be cured there isnt' a cure/fix heal/ solution for these nasty buggers!!
amy 13 March 12
When I had swollen glands, I got told it was tonsillitis. Don't worry if it is. It makes you tired and you get head ache. The doctor gave me some anti-biotics (it tastes horrid so if you get put on it, get some water at the ready!) and I had to take paracetamol.
Also, (for the ulcers) L-lysine is good and so is bonjella.
The glands may just be swollen because of the ulcers. If you have any more concerns it's best to contact your doctor.
Hope that helped!
Sephie Wise 12 March 12
ps, I drink tons of coffee and use real cream or half n half n my coffee and it doesn't cause or effect the ulcerations in my mouth. its mainly aggrivated by stress....as one poster stated ride it out... unfortunately that is very true, ambisol or other numbing agents help, sugar free lemon cough drops also help as they increase the saliva production, I usually chew sf gum as that helps with saliva production as well. this week has been extremely stressful for me as well as its coming up on the one year anniversary of my mom dying which is hard for me as well. this started out with the flu like chills, low grade fever, some neck/shoulder tightness, increased jaw pain that radiated (thank God, not a heartattack lol) then the glands became painful and swollen, my gums began to hurt like has something stuck in between teeth, as the ulcers are on the mouth lining, wall, tongue, gums, under my tongue and the back of my throat, I keep augmentum lx on hand and started taking it right away and it has helped with the inflammation of the glands, the ulcers supposidly go away in a week or two.
amy 12 March 12
I have sarcoidosis, which has let to ulcertive colitis as well as numerous other organs, and have had submandibular swolling and pariotals usually antibotics knock it out, well being overly stressed, which activates most auto immune systems, this last week, I got the gland swelling and have mouth ulcers including tongue gums roof of mouth and throat. Went to dentist this morning and since they dont know I have sarc the hygentists first reponse was oral herpes, which isn't possible in my case. after lookin at some sarc info I keep on hand, as I've had this "dis-ease since I was 22 I'm not 44. the ulceration in the mouth is usually the first sign of sarc so for some of you that might be a good screening to illiminate. since I'm backwards it figures I'd get it at the end and not beginning lol. yes avoiding sugars and gluten does help, also drinkin lotsa water will help. if you have un known reasons for the ulcers just have an immunologist test ya for sarcoidosis, and don't let them freak you out with steriods and how bad it is bla blah. I've managed my stage lll sacodosis for over 15 years with holistic natural treatments, its more symptom management that fixing it, there is no cure. managing stress is the most helpful thing. do a search for oral sarcodosis and this might help some of ya. the dentist told me holding maloxx in my mouth will help and since I drink a ton of lemon juice daily I don't see that being a factor or cause, it keeps my blood ph nutrual and helps keep the sarcoidosis in remission.
amy 12 March 12
I have had a sore throat, swollen gums and lymph nodes, and mouth sores for about two to three days. It just seems to be getting worse. I've gargled salt water, flossing, and taken pain meds. Nothing helps. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?
Shelbie 10 March 12
My mouth ulcers were caused by Ulcerative Colitis disease. 2 things that worked were oral steroids which gets rid of them completely although this was for my UC not the ulcers and then having my whole colon and rectum removed. Now I get no mouth ulcers. I dont recommend this treatment for mouth ucers but I suggest taking on all possible side effects like stomach aches etc and tell the doctor as ulcers are a tell tale sign of something else going on. Also if you really suffer and have tried everything, see if the doctor will let you try a course of oral prednisolone (steroids). These have bad side effects used long term so only use in short courses to give you a break. They do work and will clear them 100% but not sure a GP will prescribe just for ulcers.
Chris S 9 March 12
Celiac's disease is one disease known to cause recurrent mouth ulcers, stomach ailments, fatigue, a whole litany of symptoms. Have your doctor run an IGA blood test to start, then you will need an endoscopy to confirm. It's no fun going gluten free--but it beats being sick all of the time.
CA 07 February 12 7 February 12
Mouth sores with other symptoms can also be Crohn's, I'm being tested for that soon. The stomach and the mouth are directly related and can cause them.
LJ 28 December 11
To Abi + TIFFANY... i have the exact same symptoms as you. It is very painful to eat and drink. I have herpes. Although everybody immediately thinks that herpes is an STI they are wrong. It can be passed on other ways. So dont stress out. but treatment should begin A.S.A.P!
cb 22 December 11
Hi, my glands are like golf balls sticking out of my neck and my tonsils are red, swollen with white patches on. The doctor suggested glandular fever, which I'm having a blood test for on Thursday, but since I visited the doctor I've also got lots of ulcers in my mouth, spots on my tongue, and really swollen gums. I was just wondering if anyone else who has glandular fever had the same symptoms or could this be something different? Not really sure of what pain relief I should try, but its soo painful at the moment. Getting a little bit worried!!!!
abi 12 December 11
I have the same problem for several years now. I have been using lemon juice as a cure and it helps a lot an usually it heals in a day or two. The only problem I have is the severe burning sensation I get when I use the lemon juice. It sometimes brings me to tears but to me it is better than having the breaks for days.
Ezra 10 December 11
hi i had swollen glands in my neck they came up when i ate my doc sent me for biopsy it was mouth cancer they removed one gland then few months later another i am now getting numb feelings on my left side of face and it came up when i ate something could this be the same thing .
dianne 9 December 11
I get them all over. On top, under tongue gum line, rarly on the roof of my mouth though. Glands in neck swell and my cheeks sting constantly like when I have a sour candy. That feeling is terrible. Its like a weakend 9 volt battery being on my cheek all the time. I get nausia and dizzy feeling sometimes as well. Some people post that their chest hurts as well and I've had that feeling too and it was because the sores were present all they way down the esophogus, covering the epiglotis too. That was very painful. I notice that when I have lots of sweets, I get canker sores a lot as well with citris fruit.magic mouthwash didn't help me at all.
dono 28 November 11
I have heard of gluten causing this as well. I have had swollen glands and tongue/mouth sores off and on for 2 months. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroid, as well as + thyroid antibodies (this is an autoimmune response). If this continues for you, I would be tested for thyroid - but not just T3/T4 and TSH, but also free T3, Free T4, reverse T3 and cortisol. EBV is another cause, a virus that just waits till you immune system is low and then it appears, and can cause mouth sores and swollen glands. To respond to Tiffany, I haven't seen this in my child before, I would continue to take him/her to the dr.! Best wishes to everyone.
LJ 15 November 11
I also hade Ulcers for a wille and i had it due to Gluten Intolirence it has man effects on the Body check it out why i say so is because when i went on the gluten free diet all my symptoms subcided putsoon as i ate a Pie after a few weeks then the next day walla a nasty ulcer last for 2 weeks it was hell never ate gluten again and no attack for 3months and still going strong.
jonathan 11 November 11
ive had a lip ulcer for three days and then today my chin glands are KILLING me! its so sore :( its on the same side as my ulcer too. ive been using bonjella for my ulcer but its just not getting any better. cant even turn my head properly without my chin aching like mad. ive had ulcers before but ive never had this thing with my chin before :( so painful!
Jessica x 9 November 11
Hello, I don't know if anyone can help with this or not but... My 3 year old suffered 103.5 + fever then came ulsers on tounge and throat about a month ago. It was diaganosed as Coxsackie virus. Now he started with a severe sore throat, wouldn't eat or drink, then nausea and vomiting and fever bout 101, then ulsers all over lips and inside sides of mouth, which he said was not painful at all. Gums are okay, and none on his throat. Now he has a cough and conjested nose. All over 4-5 days. Doctor really does not know what it is, and guessed it was the Herpes Virus, which neither me or my husband have, or never had any ulsers or sores. I am at a lost. I CAN'T FIND ANYTHING ASSOCIATING ALL THESE SYMPTOMS WITH THE HERPES VIRUS. And wonder if it is related to the sickness a month ago. Am I worrying over nothing? Has anyone expierenced these symptoms or your children?? Thank you.
Tiffany 8 November 11
Omg!!!!!! I thought I was alone on this I was freaking out didn't know if to see a doctor or dentist! I hate this I'm getting worse! And I have no idea how to fix it.... :'(
Samantha 8 November 11
I have another bout of sore throat and ulcers at the moment, the doctor did tests and I had no iron store which she said was making my immune system low and allowing for infections. Other causes I have read are low B12.
lisa in New Zealand 8 November 11
There is a product called Canker Cover - it's a small tablet that you apply directly on the ulcer, it adhears to the skin and overnight (I use these before bed) it forms a gel-like patch over the ulcer. It stays on and dissolves over a day or two, and totally relieves the inflammation and pain. You can get these in the drugstore or online. This product has been a lifesaver for me.
Janis from Wilmington 3 November 11
I have had one very large ulcer on the side of my tongue for almost 4 months, I have a sore throat and swollen glands. I have Lupus which doesn't help of course. Have tried everything, including stuff from the doctor. I am now using a product called moo goo for excema and psoriasis, it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it is a cream and I put it on lots of times but it seems to be soothing the ulcer and some of the sweeling around it is going.
Gloria in Australia 23 October 11
I have had swelling (looks like mumps) on right side of my face. I have ulcers on roof of my mouth. Sometimes my tongue swells and get cuts on it. It is debilitating and annoying and everything I eat hurts the ulcers. I have been swishing my mouth with dental wash. It does not help. I am in my 60's so I wouldn't connect it to hormones.
Will try the baking soda for the pain.
Nan 23 October 11
It was a relief to read all of this. I've had the same - sore throat, swollen glands, mouth sores, oral thrush, headache, stiff neck, flu symptoms - for a month. I have seen Dr's but the drugs they gave me seemed to just make me more sick. I'm going to consider some of the illnesses and syndromes mentiontioned here and maybe have tests done. It's very hard to take time out of life because of sores and just not feeling right/well! Thank you for sharing.. takes the anxiety level down at least a notch.
LJ 20 October 11
Had 3 days of very painful ulcers, thought the had stabilised but seem to have found more today, eating is very uncomfortable, have the chest pains also and glands up in my neck, Bonjela gives a very short relief, Iglu last a fair bit longer, have been taking Renee to help with the heart burn feeling and drinking milk, reducing the acids is helping, am bored now of the pain and have the deepest of respect for those who have suffered for years, I am fortunate to only have minor infections once or twice a year, goodluck all and thanks for the various advice.
James 19 October 11
Im having trouble with mouth ulcers so I put baking soda on my ulcers and it stops with the pain I have herpes simplex type 1 down there and i also suffer from bad ulcers mouth from it if u have any sort of painful sore rash ulcers herpes have a baking soda bath the releaf is amazing hope this helps u guys x
Renee 19 October 11
Reading the comments makes me wonder if the doctors know anything i hace had glandular fever chest pain and very severe mouth ulcers seems like we are all suffering with the same symptoms they last forever and nothing does seem to help i got a liquid painkiller from the doctor and that really helped
terri 18 October 11
I am having one right now and cant get over it!My mom gives me a mix of maalox benadryl and water but i cant find the right doses!So annoying
Emma 10 17 October 11
Hi everyone. I have suffered with mouth ulcers since a child and I have found that taking a good multiple vitamin always manages to keep them away. I have read that it can be a vit b or iron deficiency so this would make sense to me.
Julie 16 October 11
Hi there everyone i too have suffered with terrible mouth ulcers for many years had loads of test etc. with no joy but then i reasearched and monitored my ulcer brrleakouts and noticed they seemed to happen every month before my period so i went on to an injection that turned off my hormones which seemed too stop the recurance the doctors then said i had autoimmune projesterone dermititus and i had a full hystrtectomy even though i am only 35 it has been nearly 2 years now i still do get some ulcers but they are now tolerable and less frequent i believe my hormones were not the main cause but were a trigger which made it worse i can at least eat now and have gained weight as before i went down to 6 stone. Hope this helps as i know how much pain and distress this horrible afliction can cause.
sarah x 6th october 11 6 October 11
I am 16 years old I had glandular fever in feburary and tonsillitis 2 time since then. Over the last few days I have had all the symptoms of glandular fever and the doctor said I had an throat infection. I am on penicillin and it hasn't changed a thing, I have got worse. I have pink lumps on my tounge and down my throat as far as I can see doe. With a torch. On the sides of my tounge and front they are very small and closer towards the back they are bigger and further apart. I have red eardrums ( doctor ) rashes behind my ears, ear aches, fatigue, dizzyness, pains lower stomach, pains under rib cage. HELP
Tenillie HELP x 25 September 11
ALL I CAN SAY IS TAKE L-LYSINE!!! Stay away from peanuts, any nuts for that matter, large amounts of red meat or anything with a lot of arginine. Look up "arginine containing foods" and stay away from them as much as possible.
KAREN 25 September 11
everyone! I've been also suffering this canker sore every month special when i am having my period, right now i have a lymph nodes swollen and i am worried if it is because of my canker sore or what?..i hope ill get a response guys keep safe.. i have this cheaper kind of medicine for canker sore and it really works for me.. i need to have this coz i might have a lifetime canker sore..
soresufferer 14 September 11
Can someone help with ideas? I am into my fourth month of pregnancy. Lat weekend, I had a burning sensation on my tongue and found I had a red and sore mouth and ulcers under my tongue, swollen glands and pain while swallowing. I couldn't eat not drink, plus, I also had a sore throat and ears that hurt. it's been a whole week now-- a week of vit C, mouth washes and pain! I read the columns above and saw how many people have had similar symptoms. Just a few days ago when I saw my dentist, she had said I had great gums for a pregnant woman...and now this! What's happening?
Nash 10Sep 10 September 11
Sounds like Oral Allergy Syndrome to me. I suffered exactly the same way, then more recently it escalated so I didn't just get the sore mouth, my throat and tongue swelled so I could hardly breathe, when it eventually started to go down my mouth started to be covered in sores/ulcers/blisters and lasted days. It turns out I am allergic to Rocket (Arugula). I sussed that it always seemed to happen after I ate salad, so I eliminated one item of salad each time I ate it and lo and behold I've not had an episode since cutting it out. check it out on the web, it's linked to hayfever allergies. My doc treated me like I was making up the sore mouth, so glad we have the web or I would dtill be suffering. Good luck everyone, it's so miserable having a sore mouth, hope you manage to sort it soon!!
Manchester Moonbeam 6 September 11
Hi, ive had mouth ulcers for years but about 3 years ago my tongue started to feel burnt and dry and then the tongue ulcers started. Nothing prepared me for this, the pain is excrutiating and hardly does one ulcer go away than another. Can barely speak! Started gluten free diet at end of june and within a week my tongue started to recover, last weekend stupidly ate a kebab wrap and 2 regular sausages and lo and behold the agony is back, as well as glands up and sore throat and headaches. Wont eat gluten again!! Try it.
cat 19 August 11
I am 15 and since i can remember I have been getting ulcers in the back of my inner cheek neer the molars and on my inner lip. Everytime i get an ulcer, my lymph node swells depending on which side of my mouth it is on. The only thing I have found that helps is strong mouth wash. Its nice to know that im not the only person that gets this. It sucks :(
Logan 17 August 11
I went off of wheat/gluten and sugar a year ago. Both times I've gotten this, (roof of my mouth is sore/raw plus the sides of my neck are sore/swolen,) is after a glutonous weekend of breads, cheeses, desserts and wines. It's food allergies, gluten and sugars both ramp up your yeast and cause sugar overload which plummets your immune system.

Try Bragg's apple cider vinegar (2tsps) and a little honey in water every morning to reduce candida and stop eating sugars and gluten so you don't get it again.
SW 16 August 11
I went off of wheat/gluten and sugar a year ago. Both times I've gotten this, (roof of my mouth is sore/raw plus the sides of my neck are sore/swolen,) is after a glutonous weekend of breads, cheeses, desserts and wines. It's food allergies, gluten and sugars both ramp up your yeast and cause sugar overload which plummets your immune system.

Try Bragg's apple cider vinegar (2tsps) and a little honey in water every morning to reduce candida and stop eating sugars and gluten so you don't get it again.
SW 16 August 11
Hi guys, I was stressed, working double shifts eating not a great deal and most of which was not good food, I then kissed my girlfriend who occasionally gets coldsores... I was away working and became sore, stiff, got all fever symptoms and the following day apart from my temperature going up and down like a yoyo I got massive swollen glands, then following that mouth ulcer one... then two then three, now I literally have 30 in my mouth most of which are huddled at the back, so I simply cannot eat of clean my teeth which is really upsetting me and well making me loose weight rather fast... which, normally would be great but not this way. The pain is often indescribable and my doctor says I have ulcerative pharyngitis...?! Anyway,. he prescribed me with surprise surprise... penicillin... some dissolvable tablets that act as a steroid for my throat which I gargle, which do really help and a mouth spray, that to be honest doesn't do anything except sting when I apply it...

Does anyone know how long this pain last or if in fact there are any cures whatsoever?

Would really appreciate the advice as my doctor doesn't seem to have a clue or care that much!

Thank you!
AlWaters 6 August 11
I have heard and read that mouth ulcers are caused from candida (overgrowth of yeast in the small intestine) Go on a candida diet, take anti-fungals, if necessary and take lots of good bacteria. I take Dr. Ohhira's probiotics from mynaturalmarket.com, best place for the price. Put candida in the search engine and you can read for days on this subject. carolyndean.com and yeastconnection.com are two places to start.
Charlotte 24 July 11 25 July 11
I used to get cancer sores ALL the time, and I have had thrush a couple times, ear infections.... the thing that has helped me is consistently taking juiceplus.... an awesome supplement that is dried fruits and veggies in capsules. I have maybe gotten sick once in the past two years, just when under stress and no more cancer sores! I don't miss them at all. Now I sell juiceplus :)
jennifer 11 July 11
I get ulcers/sores on my tongue and gums everytime I am stressed and right now I am stressed and have a lovely on on my tongue that hurts when I talk. My doctor gave me the best stuff ever!!! She calls it the magic pink stuff. You have to have a perscription for it and I can't spell the name of it, but the pharmacist told me it is a 1/1/1 ration of Lidocaine/Benadryl/Maalox.. I have done the whole gargle salt water and that takes forever, this stuff is the best.. Going to make it myself, since my doctors office is closed.. Just passing on what works for me..
Lisa 8 July 11
gargle with warm salt water gets rid of ulcers
jujusummer 3 July 11
I also have had mouth sores with swollen lymph glands and low fevers. The severe case came after a 5 day fruit and vegetable diet and 3 day water fast. I was fine on the fast, but I think it was the sugar in the food I ate afterward that aggravated me and caused my body to react. I used 4000mg of vitamin c per day and it healed up. Plus I tried to avoid scraping my sores which will make them worse.
They call me Doc 8 June 11
i seem to keep Biteing my cheek when eating food as of late i have an Ulcer and a Wisdom tooth thats on a slight slant in the same problem area do ulcers make your cheek swell abit could this Be whats making bite the inside of my cheek?
Zeon 18 May 11
I'm curious about the suggestion that this could be an allergy to the metals in our mouths. How many of you have a lot of fillings?
Bev 24 April 11
I'm pretty sure Christy is right. My grandma has sjogren's syndrome. I know I have it too I have so many symptoms and when the mouth ulcers happen and my lymph nodes get tender. Sjogren's syndrome is a chronic autoimmune disease where the white blood cells attack the moisture producing glands. If you have chronic dry lips that's a good sign. I can't even wear contacts because my eyes are so dry they develop blisters on the lids. I hope this helps some of you! Get an early diagnosis especially if you have lymphoma in your family, you're more likely to get lymphoma when you have sjogren's. My grandma has sjogren's and lymphoma. Good luck!
Lia 22 April 11
My husband got sick and then my son. I noticed my glands becoming sore and a day later, the roof of my mouth had tiny bumps I could feel with my tongue and finger. It's excruciating! Any sucking motion, like on a cough drop or through a straw makes it far more painful and hurt more. My mom told me to gargle with salt water and this seemed to make it worse so I will not do that again. The stress thing and over-exertion seems to make sense. I've been cleaning like a crazy woman and that has brought on some added stress on my mind and body. Tomorrow, I'll take it easier and if the pIn doesn't subside, I'm going to Urgent Care for some painkillers that actually do the job. I have too much on my plate to sit around and let this keep me down. I've got my husband, kids, handicapped mother and aunt to care for so there's no time for me to be down. Even when I'm sick, I'm still taking care of the house, animals, plants and all the people in it. This is crazy. It's the first time I've ever experienced this and reading all your stories and how most of you have dealt with this for years and years. My Lord, you deserve medals for having to endure the pain and discomfort I'm whining about now and I've only had it this once. I truly hope this is a one and done deal and I never have to feel this pain again! Kudos to all of you for writing in here. Without you, I'd still be crying and thinking the worst (OMG! I have cancer, lol). I feel better because now I understand what is happening to me and what I can do to relieve the pain until I get a horse sized narcotic prescription. If stress is the problem, pain only amplifies it.
Mary Moody 26 March 11
Have some protein shake, yeast levels are low and iron levels are high! Mouth ulcers are often caused by not having enough iron in the system!
David 26 February 11
I cured my herpes with hsv-zero
MarImmorm 23 February 11
I have had mouth ulcers for 30+ years and one day a dentist asked me to try a paste he gave me, it is called Triamcinolone Acetonide Dental Paste, he advised me to apply a small amount on top of ulcer and this changed my life. Call your dentist or doctor and try it, it works, just apply it after drying surface as much as possible. Good Luck, Todd
Todd 27 January 11
ive had "lie bumps" all over my mouth for about a week now. not only that, my gums are extremely swollen, my glands are huge, i can hardly eat anything. ive lost 10 pounds since ive had this. ive been taking Trimox, an off brand of Amoxicillin, but only for 2 days, so i havent really gotten a result yet. i heard mixing peroxide with water and using it as a gargle works also. i tried mouthwash, but i think it just makes it worse. it increases the pain, and just doesnt help at all!
delaina 22 December 10
Misoprostol tablet
What is this medicine?

MISOPROSTOL helps to prevent stomach ulcers in patients using nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDS, drugs commonly used for arthritis, inflammation, and pain). Misoprostol reduces the amount of acid produced in the stomach and protects the stomach lining from the effects of acid.
LaryFlintJohnco 2 December 10
my glands swelled up on my left side pretty bad at first. thought it was just an over night thing. then the right side started to puff up and i thought ok that aint too bad. i can handle it. then out of nowhere lots and lots of ulcers appeared all over the inside of my mouth and my gums got all sore! went to the doctors and got some anti viral tablets so hopefully they will sort me out. also went to the chemist and asked them what mouthwash they recommended for the ulcers. the worst thing is not being able to eat properly :-( hope everyone else suffering with this gets better soon. i know it aint nice
claire 25 15 November 10
i have an ulcer right at the end of my top tooth..when i wake up in the morning,i could hardly open my mouth..i ahve to open it slowly and then it gets better..but eating is hard too..when i swallow,it hutrts a lil bit as well..could this be a normal ulcer..
sarah 5 November 10
Well just to add to the list, I never associated a mouth ulcer to the sore throat and ear ache that I seem to get everytime I have an ulcer until I did an internet search and found this site. I get a mouth ulcer on the underside of my tongue, I think from a rough edge on a tooth. It is so painful it brings tears to my eays, but I also have a tenderness on the side of my chin and my glands feel tender. I also have a mildly sore throat. I'm on day 3 of an Antibiotic that I got because I didn't think those symtoms could be from ONE stinking mouth ulcer, but I feel pretty sure now that it is. I can barely eat or talk and it has impaired my ability to work since I talk alot. I'm glad to hear others reaffirm my suspicions. I'm on day 3 of salt water and hydrogen peroxide rinsing but it's still there, driving me nuts...!!
Kenny P 28 October 10
My grandmother used to keep Potassium Permanganate for mouth ulcers and then I never saw any again until a few years ago I found some of this in a pharmacy in Mexico, a tiny bottle lasts for years, all you do is dip a cotton wool bud into the PP then apply to the mouth ulcer. It will dry it up & the ulcer will disappear overnight. Works like a dream! I get mouth ulcers when I am anemic (autoimmune problem) and feel low, very tired etc. Good luck, do try this. Walgreens Pharmacy also sells Gentian Violet which seems to work well also, I don't know if these are one & the same thing?
Angela 26 October 10
For 3 months earlier this year I suffered with mouth sores. I'm not sure if it was ulcers or oral thrush but either way it way pure agony. My mouth felt the same as when you burn the tip of your tongue on a not drink only it covered the inside of cheeks and lips as well as on and under my tongue. I was so tired of all the things prescribed and suggested by doctors. Finally, after a lot of googling, somewhere I read about peroxide. At this point I felt it was another option. Using about a teaspoon of peroxide in cup of water I would rinse my mouth and then spit out the solution. I usually did this twice a day and felt an improvement the second day. Good for whitening teeth also. I don't know if it was just a fluke or what but I'll definitely be trying it again if need be. Good luck. I feel your pain!
Ruth 22 September 10
I just got my first mouth ulcer after having a tooth extraction which the tooth was starting in infection. I also have a swollen gland on my right side which is the same side the tooth was pulled. My mouth ulcer was in the middle of my lower gum. My dentist is saying that my gland is swollen because of the infection that my tooth had when she pulled it out but if it doesn't clear up in a week or two, to ask my doctor. I am also getting over a nasty cold. I hope that these symptoms are related to eachother. I have bad anxiety so reading these stories really put my mind at ease.
Melanie 16 September 10
Hi, I have just had my tongue pierced two weeks ago and that had healed fine and seems to be fine now. On Holiday i started having an outbreak of ulcers all over my mouth, my gums are swollen too and its so painful, after reading all of this I feel its not connected to my piercing. I expected it to be, however as the piercing itself its fine i did seem odd to me. I have got some Antibiotics on holiday - are these likely to help clear? Many thanks
Hayley 13 September 10
Hi all, I'm 31 and just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder/disease after suffering for over 20 years with aptheous mouth ulcers with no explanation. Like most of you my Doctor, as a child, said I had a poor diet and gave me Vitamin C tablets. I still broke out with mouth ulcers for years on with recurrent ear infections and swollen glands and was referred to E.N.T at the local hospital to be told I may need my adenoids and tonsils out. I refused and carried on just dealing with my symptoms with prescribed medication and antibiotics. When I was in my teens my G.P then told me I might have an irritable bowel because in addition to my angry ulcers I was always having stomach cramps and constipation and so was told to eat plenty of roughage (fibre). I still broke out for many more years! When I hit my early 20's I found myself having mood swings, was very emotional and feeling really low which was blamed on my contraceptive pill and also said that I was working too much and had a stressful job which contributed to outbreaks. They changed my pill, I reduced my work load and gave up a job which I loved so much. Still I kept breaking out!! Now 31, I am so fatigued and always feel hot and cold when I have outbreaks which by the way are worse than ever. And for the first time in my life, an ulcer broke out on my labia so I was immediately sent to a sex clinic as my G.P thought I had a S.T.D!!! After all 8 blood test results came back negative including being tested for Herpes, Chlamydia and Syphilis, also checking liver functioning and chemical levels in the blood, the only thing to come back unusual was that there was inflammation somewhere in the body, which along with my many many ulcers and other symptoms in life, has lead to the conclusion of me having an autoimmune disorder/disease, Behcet's Syndrome. I finally feel that after all these years of pain and discomfort that there is an explanation but I now have the journey of living my life with my diagnosis.
I hope that there are many people out there that can relate to my story and advise me what to do now or prepare me in some way for what lies ahead. I also hope that my story might also help other people who have also suffered for years and want a diagnosis.
Any comments, feedback or advice welcome x
Joanne 9 September 10
I have mouth ulcers every single day, they are so annoying!!!! and to make it worse no doctor can give you an answer to why you keep getting them! my throat is always sore and right now my left jaw and upper lip is swollen. Does anyone else get swollen when they get ulcers? Ive been getting ulcers for over two years now and I feel like i could i scream. I wish i could at least get a couple weeks of not having these stupid things. They might go away for a day but they always come right back. When i wake up sometimes i can hardly open my mouth, this sucks!! I wish there was a cure for ulcers, any advice?
kristy 7 September 10
maaann, f this! why has no-one found a cure for this yet?!

i have a whole throat full of cankers and i can't swallow or eat anything! it hurts so damn much!! i woke up on thursday morning with what i thought was just a sore throat, thursday night spat out a bit of blood which i thought was a little unusual. friday morning woke up with a really sore right hand side sore throat and swollen gland and by friday night i was in bed, with a fever and chills, the lot. saturday i was all drugged up on panadol and ate 2 mandarines the whole day, sunday i woke up with a fever of 92.3 degress celcius so raced myself to the docs who said i had coldsores in my throat...? he gave me some random medication for cold sores and i go home to google and find out i have cankers instead. is there a difference?

does anyone have any remedies that could help and heal them asap?! i miss eating! my throat is killing me and i can't even swallow my own spit :(

this is the first time this has happened to me so kind of freaking out. especially since everyone is saying they only have 1 or 2 and i have a whole throat full. more than 10!!!!
daniella 6 September 10
not sure if anyone else has had this problem: lip swelling and what looks like light bruising, as well as red, sore inflamed spots on lower lip

I have been to my dermatologist twice and he is not sure what is going on

i have only 1 ulcer-like bump on the inside of my lower lip- which the derm was not too concerned about, and did not refer to it as an ulcer, canker sore, or sore at all? he was unconcerned about it. BUT once i got hm i remembered that i did recently switch toothpastes to crest 3D toothpaste, and when i looked up side effects on the web, i started finding info that linked me here. Only one other post mentioned lip inflammation so I am not sure if I am even on the right track, but figured it was worth a chance sine its been over 3 wks and I still have NO idea what is going on, and NO relief from the painful lip issues. I do get more irritation from drinking coffee or anything heavy touching my lips like coffee mugs. Any info would be helpful since i am going crazy trying to figure out what is going on here. ??????????????????????????
krista 1 September 10
I have had swollen gland on left side extreme pain and all associated above symptoms including when I pressed on my gums liquid like water came out. Antibiotics have helped and mouth washes but what is it.
lisa 26 August 10 26 August 10
I well get this,
i have it now,
and all of my mouth has ulcers, to the roof of it anyways.
chest pains everytime i breathe deeply or swallow and I had a lump sensation.
the doctor says its viral so im on penicillin.
majorly hope it goes soon.
Liv. 29 July 10
I have a painful ulcer in the upper side of my right cheek. My cheek has swollen up and the skin on my inner cheek is peeling. I've also had some minor bleeding and pus. The peeling may be due to the fact that I've been using too much salt on it. Over the last several days, I have repeatedly washed my mouth with salt water and even rubbed salt directly on the sores. Ouch! I've read that applying too much salt on mouth sores can cause scarring. So for a while, I'm laying off the salt. I am doing my best to keep it clean by rinsing it with fresh water and avoiding any foods that could irritate it. I'm now doctoring it with just Hydrogen Peroxide and oral pain-reliever gel. It seems to be helping some. I'm hoping it will heal soon.
Philip 18 July 10
I have had mouth ulcerations prior to this. However this is one of my worst bouts. I can't swallow any type of food so I am on a primarily soft food, liquid meal plan. I want a juicy McDonalds burger. I was throwing up blood along with 2 swollent glands, ulcers on the tongue, under the tongue, along the gumline. Good luck to all of you. Guess this just has to run its course.
Elaine. 30 June 10
I also have this problem. First time was 2 years ago and within last year, i had these serious ulcers every 2-3mths. Every time, I can't eat anything for 2 weeks. I had tried yogurt, SLS free tooth paste, Vit C, B complex, watermelon frost (chinese medicine), salt water, eating more vegetables instead of meats... but nothing helps. Last few months, i traveled to other country where eating and living habit is totally different from my current country. Before the trip, I had some ulcers and few days after i reached there they went away... I stayed there for 2weeks. Then, 3 weeks after I came back to current country, those ulcers came back. For me, the cause is mainly due to eating habits... I think I must change my diet more carefully. I also really fed up with those ulcers.
Zin 11 June 10
i have had this problem for over a year now , i actually went for hiv test and was negative ,please help the problem still persists
fay 9 June 10
i have just been told that i have Glandular fever, i dont have a sore throat or anything like what the usual sympthoms are... i have huge glands all up my neck and under my chin, and i have a mouth full of ulcers, eating is just way out of the question, someone please help me get rid of them? ive tried salt water and they dont appear to be moving anytime soon.
Lucy 31 May 10
This is my second bout of these nasty little buggers. Wierdly the last time I had tongue ulcers was about a year after my first child was born and my second daughter is now one. The doctor told me it was geographic tongue but after reading up on the condition i feel it is more like what people here are experiencing. the pain is excruciating and feels like there is broken glass in my mouth. i tried to ride it out this time using mouth wash and herbal remebies but it's just got worse. I've actually now been given some antibiotics which worked last time -Erythomycin. after 48 hrs I can feel a major improvement and i can almost eat normally and have not needed any painkillers today for the first time in 6 weeks. I don't think the doc would have suggested this except i was able to show in my medical history that it had worked previously. I know it's not a long term solution but it may work for others to get better.
kate 25 May 10
I am also suffering like you guys...I have swollen sore glands, a throat like I swallowed a razorblade, painful ulcers on tongue and cheeks...worst is I have a cheek piercing where the back of the labret stud is sitting in a huge cluster of ulcers. I am determined not to take it out as I lost one cheek piercing during pregnancy. I believe it is down to the immune system but don't really know what to do about it. To the best of my knowledge I have not had glandular fever but since having a baby my ordinarily good health is in tatters and I am constantly ill with something. I love my food and eating is AGONY!!!
Zoe 24 May 10
It is relieving to read these posts. I have 2 ulcers - one behind a canine, one on the skin of my inner mouth (>?!) - both on the right side. Maddening pain in the jaw. My teeth feel weird as hell, like I want to bite into thermocool or as somebody posted, straw. The ear pain is excruciating. And don't even get me started on the torn skin a.k.a ULCERS!
Sadly, this is a routine affair for me. Hereditary + anaemia. And I'm still 18. Its only gonna get worse, ennit?However this time, quite oddly, I seem to be salivating like a rabid dog every time I use the (rather ineffective) gel. WEird.
Helpful pointers:
1. Drinking lotsa water and swishing it around. Hurts like crazy but definitely makes eating a better experience.
2. Mouth exercises. Stretch mouth open & do all the weird 'mouthy' expressions possible. Painful but somehow increases tolerance for the next half hour atleast.
I've been driven to lengths of lunacy as well where I've photographed my ulcers.
Feels great to stumble upon kindred spirits!
Sandhya, 16 May 10 15 May 10
I had two outbreaks of a viral infection in my throata couple of years ago and suffer with on/off tonsillitus. Seem to get ulcers and swollen glands a lot of the time too :( currently I have very sore glands and ulcers...also feeling exceptionally tired. Think I better get back to docs, so fed up of feeling poorly with these symptoms...and still don't know the cause!
terri ann 9 May 10
Hey I too have been suffering from the sore throat, swollen glands, painful teeth on one side and ulcers. I was diagnosed with Glandular fever last April , it became obvious when the fatigue kicked in!!!... Now a year later im currently feeling the same way and going to the doc about it again as i was led to believe glandular fever doesnt reoccur. At the min ive swollen glands , worse on my right side and the back of my neck, ear ache coming from the pain from my right hand back tooth. I also feel heavy headed and shivery ...will keep u all posted what the outcome is from the doc.
Donna 5 May 10
Hi all, I currently have a mouth ulcer - right behind my wisdom tooth - its just so painful at the moment. The glands in my neck are swollen and painful. Its sore to eat, talk and to touch my neck. I have been using Corsodyl mouth wash - its not a cure but it take the pain out of it for a while. Hope it goes away soon....
Eibhlis 4 May 10
Hi all, My daughter has had swollen bleeding gums, ulcers, high temps, The doctor suspected Glandular fever but the blood tests came back negative. She has been on a course of antibiotics. After doing my own research I found that she has Trench Mouth!! Do a search if you have any of the above symptoms for treatment details. The doctor was pretty clueless but at least did the right thing by starting the antibiotics, I am very grateful that it was not glandular fever.
Good luck to you all.
Fiona 2 May 10
Hi Dale, would you please give me more information on this low reactive diet and what it invovles?
Hayley 15 April 10
Thank you for your feedback! I really think this was the start and cause for my ulcers. im being tested for celiac disease but doubt i will have any luck. I went through a major period of fatigue after glandular fever as well, but i have mouth ulcers constantly, when i do get really bad ones i get the achey, tired feeling back. id love to here from others who may have had glandular fever and have suffered since with constant recurrent mouth and throat ulcers.
Hayley 13 April 10
I have had recurrent mouth ulcers (several at once and usually only a few days break between episodes) since having glandular fever 10 years ago. I went on a low reactive diet for a couple of months and they went away but diet very difficult to stick to long term. I will try diet again soon. I've found no improvement when using SLS free organic toothpaste (or even just brushing with salt). I ususally use Kenalog orabase, which heals a bit quicker. Major flares are treated wth Prednisolone (about 5 times in 10 years). I've also recently been introduced to Xylocaine viscous which totally anesthetises the mouth and throat for instant pain releif (can be painted on single ulcers or swizled around the mouth. I had sever Fatigue for several years after the Gladular, I'm back in the land of the living but still get the ulcers.
Dale April 10 13 April 10
hi, i had glandular fever about 3 years ago and ever since then i have suffered from mout ulcers, i get a break of about a week then once one goes i get another and they are always occuring in the same spots! i also get run down, stiff neck and saw glands plus sometimes ear aches when i get a big bout of mouth ulcers. does any one else feel glandular fever may have been the cause or start of recurring mouth ulcers?
Hayley 13 April 10
from boots i bought some stuff called Igluu in a little white tube, it put a layer over the ulcer so i could eat as it was terribly painful. I have special toothpaste from the dentist on pescription now, and ever since i have had it i have not had the ulcers, its colgate called Duraphat, can only get on pescriptition. a small tube and pescription charge 7.20 is worth the pain releif.
Chloe 12 April 10
I Have One Now. Can anyone help me it really stings when i eat chocolate, and acidy food!!! helpp mee it realli hurts
Alice 7 April 10
so i have been fighting this 1 that i have now....my neck was all swollen for like 3 days....freakin me out......about 10mins ago.... i just scrubbed the hell out of it til it was bleeding then i put peroxide on it....next i put salt water on it..lots of salt...now the swellin is gone but my jaw and canker still hurt but the neck is not swelled .......im so excited:) i was really cool i was showing every1 in the house the my neck was back 2 norm...i hope the rest goes away soon...prob a day or 2 i hope...well im about to go do salt water again...lol ps i think by scrubbing it re opened it and the perxiod cleaned it and put the oxegen in it but 10 mins and my neck went down so cool
rierie 6 April 10
After reading many of these postings, quite a few sound like you may have mono. The more intense post that include swollen glands + sore throat + vomiting + tiredness is usually associated with mono. Others such as ulcers + swollen glands are just the common mouth ulcer that should only last a few weeks if left untreated. After having many ulcers myself, and trying almost everything I decided to try the wonder drug. What I did was, I took an aspirin and ground it into a powder and began packing the powdered aspirin onto the sore. This instantly relieved the pain and brought down the swelling. This treatment wasn't an immediate cure, it still takes a few days for the sore to heal but the pain is 100% gone and swelling of the glands as well. Keep in mind you must continue packing aspirin on the sore for a couple days!
MEF 27 March 10
everytime i swallow it hurts iv'e had it once or twice but apparently lots othere people get this i beleve it is called swallon glands i dont think this is very seriouse though as i have had it before. does anyone now how to get rid of this at all ? ?
Jordan Gallacher (girl) xxx 25 March 10
My son has many of these symptoms as well. It started with a sore throat, then fever, vomiting, swollen gums and swollen lymph glands. He went to the doc and they tested him for strep throat. By then he had developed a couple of nasty fever blisters on his lip, one under his nose and another one just above his mouth. The doctor gave him a 3 day pay of arythromiacin and well we weren't happy with that diagnosis that we went back the next day for a second opinion. This doctor gave him a treatment of Valtrex and told him to take it easy. After reading all the posts it sounds like an outbreak of herpes. He does share untensils with roomies as well as towels, maybe razors and so forth. He's learned a valuable lesson and is more conscious now of "germs". It's only been 6 days though and he's still bothered with the crusty lips and swollen lymph nodes. He feels better though and is startihg to eat a little more. There were blisters inside his mouth as well which made it difficult to es eat. He also is exposed to the sun alot since he is an athlete so we're not sure where this all came from. Anyone have the same story?
lulu 22 March 10
My mouth seems to be full of ulcers. My glands are really swollen, making swallowing painful. I have also lost my appetite as eating hurts my throat and ulcers. I am also feeling tired alot of the time. I don't know whether to see a doctor or not? Or what can I do to get rid of the ulcers?!
Marie Louise 13 March 10
I had similar symptoms - burning throat, sore gums, swollen glands etc. The doctor put me on antibiotics, which in turn gave me oral thrush (which turned out to be the most painful thing ever)! It took 4 days for antifungal pills to start working, but I'm still getting recurring ulcers on my mouth and tongue, and my glands are still quite swollen. I get excessively tired too, which makes me grumpy, because I'm usually such an active person.
Elly 7 March 10
i developed impetigo ,the doctor said one of my grandchildren would have given it to me so he put me on a course of pennicillen. after the impetigo was cleared i came down with an ulcerated throat sore ear and headache with trouble swallowing,i am on anti biotics for this ,4 days now without any change,have to sleep in the chair downstairs because i can,t swallow and if i fall asleep lay down i awake thinking that i am going to choke.its really getting to me and i can normally put up with anything. i don,t feel as if this medication has any affect on it ,but i will take the course and then see what the doc says.
arthur 3 January 10
I had glandular fever about 8 weeks ago now and its really knocked me flat! Ever since I have suffered from non-stop mouth ulcers and swollen glands.....the pain in unbelievable! I haven't found anything that has helped take them away yet but thanks for all the suggestions....I'm deffs gonna try some of them. For pain relief there's a oral anaesthetic spray you can buy over the counter from most pharmacies in the UK called Difflam. I've lost sooooo much weight but it manages to numb my mouth enough for me to eat. It really is great. Think it retails around 5 and it lasts a good while.....only problem is it takes away your sense of taste but its not THAT big a problem :) Hope that helps :) lovelove xxxxx
gail 29 December 09
I had this virus 2 or 3 weeks ago, it affected my throat and chest, it stirred my ashthma as well, my doctor put me on antibiotics and steroids which I took the course, and for two weeks now I have been left with this cough in my throat, and also a bad throat, its not like a sore throat, but it aches and hurts all the time when I swallow and when I dont swallow. has anybody had the same thing occur.
elaine 25 December 09
well firstly , i woke up with a sweat and thoughtt i was just a little ill so i didnt thikn anything of it and then the next day my throat was reeally swollen my glands were the size of golf balls and i thought that was it i just had swollen glands and i would get over it , i still didntt eat or drink for a couple off days and then a couple of days later i started to get ulcerss in my mouth , my gumss were reeally swollen and redd and then white blebs started to appear on my gums then on my cheeks and on my lips the ones on my lips are reeally painful because i cantt put my lipss together its that painful , so anyway i went to the doctors and they gave me some bright green mouth was that numbs your mouth for a coouple of hours and gets rid of your sore throat and calms down the ulcers ,they are litrally horrible i havent ate for a whole week probably a few spoon fuls of rice in a whole week and im getting wuite worryed !!! , i hope you all aree okk and your illness passes sooon x
jordan :) 22 December 09
Hi there Christa
I live in Scotland, where can you buy this toothpase in the UK Rembrant Canker sore toothpaste?
Much obliged if you know.
liz 27 November 09
Wow - what a great site! I have had canker sores for about 35 years, but over the last year have had the swollen gland on one side, earache, sores down my throat or at the base of my tongue. These are definitely different! My neck hurts and I get extremely tired. I have found that they come and go on 3 month cycles -- and I have had the worst year of stress... For regular canker sores, I have found that Rembrandt Canker Sore toothpaste really helps prevent them (and my teeth are very white!). Also, rinsing with Listerine or putting a Listerine dry film over the sores helps get rid of them much quicker.
Crista 27 November 09
"Hey guy's how's it going! I hope all is well..just thought I'd make a post introducing my self and to share a bit about my self, I'm 24 years old...Im orginally from Canada but I moved here about 6months ago..I have a pretty exciting week coming up..I'm meeting up with a amazing man I've met online at http://tinyurl.com/ydvgc7s we've met up a few times now, he lives about 15 hours away from me and everytime he comes down we have an amazing time! Thats all for now, I look forward to meeting some of you to"
DarceyBlackwell 23 November 09
quite often I get swollen glands each side of my neck for no apparent reason. At these times I tend to feel lethargic, and feel a little lazy.
Sheila 19 November 09
I am really scared, I have got these symptoms but they only came after I kissed this man with a coldsore! I woke up today with my throat still swollen, but the ulcers that were by my teeth have grew in-between my teeth and swollen up very big! Can somebody offer any advice please? Thanks a lot.
georgia 4 November 09
I haven't heard of betamethasone dipropionate being used for mouth ulcers before, I guess it should work rather like triamcinolone acetonide. Anyone else used it?
Dom Walton 13 October 09
get this form your doctor for your mouth ulcers

betamethasone dipropionate ointment

it works

michael carpenter 13 October 09
I feel so relieved to find this thread!!! I thought I am suffering from some diseases... I had these 2 BIG ulcer in on the inside of both cheeks, swollen gums and glands! And worse, I am still wearing my metal braces which make things worse and difficult. I can't eat, only swallow... I suspected that I might get Herpes, which I only know abit about it. 2 of my colleagues have been having blisters on their lips, which I think it's weird. My sister told be it could be Herpes. Recently after another outbreak of their blisters, I have these 2 ulcers which really freak me out. I have been searching the web for more information. How to differentiate between herpes and ulcers? I really wana know if my colleagues have herpes...
WorriedGal 9 October 09
update on the earlier message (23 Sep)
went back to the doctors on thursday due to not eating and mouth ulcers getting worse, he told me to stop taking the anti biotics and gave me some lansoprazole tabs for my inflamed stomach, he was quite shocked when he looked in my mouth and saw the ulcers, by this time i just had clusters of ulcers all over my tongue. He told me to get some difflam sore throat rinse which is pretty good for my mouth not sure its had much effect on my ulcers As i sit here and write on saturday i have lost 3/4 of a stone and my ulcers are still causing me alot of pain and lack of sleep, just hope i'm over the worst of it.
Chris 26 September 09
WOW! geez... I've been scouring the internet for about a year... talked to the dentist, gp, etc... and this is the first place where I'm hearing the symptoms described exactly as miserable as I think they are!!! I haven't found a single site until now that describes these "ulcers" as anything more but an "irritant"!! Sure, all throughout my life I'd get the irritating one tip-of-the tongue ulcer that came from eating too much pizza or sauce that weekm but that is not even close to what this is... am I right??!!! My doc is really going to think I have lost it, but this time I am getting my camera out and taking pictures of how bad my mouth really looks right now! I can't pinpoint exactly when this started for me but I believe the first few times it wasn't as involved... my tongue felt cracked, gland were swollen and of all the really wierd things, my teeth felt "itchy"... like I wanted to chew on a straw, something to get between my teeth where it felt itchy. I would have to guess mine comes back about once every one or two months though these last two times were only about two weeks apart, and much more involved. Now I have pitted ulcers under the sides of my tongue where it's cracked, ulcers in a few places where my cheek meets my gum, and on the back left side of my tongue where it attaches. All of those little glands under the tongue are looking like they are blackheads that need popped, they rub on my teeth and have bleed this time. I think it's now spread to my left inner ear, it felt like it was itchy and had that "water-in-the-ear" sensation, I used a qtip and it bled a little. I haven't slept more that a few houirs a night because it's worse at night and seems unbearable. I finally just put orajel on a bunch of pieces of gauze and packed all around my tongue and cheeks so that nothing would rub against anything, put a hot water bottle to my ear, took two neurontins and gave in to sleep around 5 AM. Mine started with the tip of my tongue this time. I noticed that i was rubbing it against my front teeth alot while I was concentrating on paperwork... about two hours later I went to lick an envelope and realized my tongue was bleedng. And honestly.... I haven't found anyone - or any other sites that even come close in description.... and i've spent lots of hours just reviewing images too!
Wendy 23 September 09
Ive got exactlly the same Celeste. I'm not a usual ulcer candidate i get the odd one from time to time, but last friday noticed my glands were swollen and wondered what it was all about because i had no discomfort apart from the swollen glands but as the day went on it became more evident something wasn't right, fever started hedache shaking and aching. I had to go to work the next day and felt like death once the lemsip had kicked in i came round a bit, luckly we'd finished by dinner time and i went home and laid on the sofa, for an uncomfortable couple of days which included throwing up and mouth ulcers. Went to see the doctor 1st thing monday morning and was told i had a throat infection and was given 28 Erythromycin anti bacterial tablets. Its now wed morning and feel pretty much the same as the last couple of days, my mouth hurts my stomach hurts when i swallow my teeth are super sensitive brushing is a torture, i have ulcers all over my tongue and roof of my mouth big ones too and there getting bigger. Just hope they go soon because the most depressing part for me like Celeste is not being able to eat food, I LOVE my food and so far the only thing i've eaten is half a tin of chicken soup and bread woop woop. Who ever said men are soft lol. one good thing to come out of it tho i've lost half a stone
Chris 23 September 09
ive never had this problem until recently. its RIDICULOUS. PAINFUL. ANNOYING. I cant eat anything right. and my gums are super swollen. Lidocaine mouthwash mix really helps. even though its disgusting. and my breath is HORRIBLE because of the ulcers in my mouth. I've never had these before. i even had a few ulcers on my tongue. the ones in my throat dont hurt as much. its my swollen gums and painful tongue that hurts. the doctor said my glands are crazy swollen because if your bodies natural filter for infection. and when they swell up like that its just doing its job. i still wake up sweating though. and i havent ate much solid food in atleast 4 days. =( and over the week i've lost 3 pounds. SUCKS. i love food.
Celeste 13 September 09
Hi there MIaS, 4 weeks ago when I used this site looking for info I had a huge inside cheek ulcer with my jaw and gland beside my right ear was very swollen. Anyway I started cutting down on acid fruits, boiling sweets and nuts etc, bought Sensodyne toothpase (blue gel one)which does not have SRL, the ulcer began to heal quickly and the swelling went down. It did take a full week for my face to look normal but I think it is the inflamation with the ulcer that causes the swelling. I have suffered for years but this ulcer was extremely large painful. SRL free toothpase really helps, if you have not tried it then anything is worth a try when your mouth is sore. then try finding out what is making your ulcers worse, and start cutting stuff out, it really does help.
good luck. I am doing better this week.
Liz 2 September 09
Hi. i'm so glad I found this site, i've had a terrible mouth ulcer for a few days and a swollen gland under my chin, i've tried gargling with tcp and putting bicarb on the ulcer which helps a bit, i've had ulcers before but not like this, the worse part is I have a part denture and this is rubbing right on the ulcer OH its hell, but it's helped so much to find it's so common.
MiaS 2 September 09
I too suffer from this condition. So everyone on here worried that it might be something else you can relax. I have had this condition for about a year now. They are painful and they come and go and they also come in in large amounts. I have made it my personal mission to concore this condition so I have been working with my doctor and dentist to resolve it. A lot of these postings are right about switching tooth paste and vitamins and stuff. So far the best treatment for it is called NYSTATIN ORAL SUSPENSION. Dentist call it THE MAGIC MOUTHWASH. It really helps for the pain and wipes them away fast. You can get it perscribed by your dentist or doctor. Also, do you have dental metals, like fillings in your mouth?? If so, they cause the ulcers too. Its an allergic reation to the metal. I know cause I use to have 8 teeth with metal fillings and two metal caps. I have spent a great deal of money and time at the dentist removing all the metal. So far I only have two teeth left that have metal and I no longer get the ulcers where the metal has been removed. This is what is working for me so hopefully I have helped you. Just remmeber to relax cause your not the only one. try the mouth wash, it works and I will keep everyone posted on how removing the metal from the last two teeth goes. Take care and we will find a cure together.
dave 1 September 09
wtf ive got it, first i felt a lump on the left side of my neck, which was obviously my swollen gland. Then, my gums became swollen and i developed a fever. i took some anti biotics and my fever went away but my other gland on the right side of my neck swelled up. WTFFFF! and now my mouth is hurting so much and ive got thse digsuting spots on and outside my lips. AND my gums are bleeded and ive got ulcers and crap on my tongue and inside of my cheeks. and i cant even brush my teeth, my breath STINKS and i cant eat anthing either. how long is this going to take to get better, its just getting worse and its pissing me off. :/
:( 29 August 09
try sucking on alum stone for ulcers,it realy wrkd for me.-clearec them away,thats if u can bear the pain while sucking.
Toby 11 August 09
One more post. I posted twice just above. The plot thickens.

Mouth ulcers and swollen glands. Why?

I went to the doctor, who took a sample from the mouth ulcer. I just got the test results back.

Herpes. Yes. I realized that I got it from kissing someone with a cold sore (cold sores are a form of herpes called herpes simplex). The first time you get herpes in the mouth, it is common to break out in ulcers. Also, the doctor diagnosed me with tonsillitis, which she said was triggered as a result of the mouth ulcers.

So, if you have these ulcers and swollen glands, it might be herpes. Get to your doctor and have them take a swab test to be sent away for testing.

I have been bedridden for a week. My ulcers feel like they're starting to clear up. I can eat soft food now.

Good luck to you all.
Scott 10 August 09
a few days ago, i woke up with a veryyy sore throat, and these gummy patches in my mouth. at first, the gummy patches did not hurt and i thought it was strep throat. out of nowhere i got a tounge ulcer and then my whole mouth bursts with ulcers. i cant eat or drink hardly anything. i went to the doctors and tested negative for strep but he said a good home remidy would be to buy some Maylox and mix liquid DYELESS benydryl and SWISH or GARGLE in your mouth but dont swallow. then to wash your hands real good and put colgate HERBAL toothpaste on my finger and act like im brushing my teeth with it. he said it was supposed to take the pain away and help the ulcers bust. but i have swollen glands on my left side, and dizzyness, fatigue, and headaches, and bad breath. and it scares me, im just glad im not alone.
Ashley 3 August 09
Me again.

I posted the last response. I went to the doctor today. Turns out I have tonsillitis. The doctor gave me a prescription from penicillin.

Also, she told me a good technique which can stop the pain of mouth ulcers temporarily, say, for eating. By some chewable asprin. You crush one into a powder and then pour some of the powder directly onto the ulcers. One tablet crushed like this gave my mouth ulcers complete pain relief for about an hour.

Give it a go.

Scott 3 August 09
Two days ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever, then chills. Stayed awake for hours. In the morning, glands on both side of the throat were swollen and sore. Later that day, ulcers started appearing on my mouth and tongue. Very painful and makes it agonizing to eat.

For the record, I had a very taxing two days before this started. I pushed it too hard in a workout, I did some heavy lifting and strenuous work in the garden. I went to night class after a full day's teaching, etc., etc.

Also, in the days leading up, I was eating food with little nutrition, like toast and breakfast cereal, just to squeeze meals into the little time I had.

Hmm. Well, it was great to read your emails. It is Sunday night now, and I had considered taking a day or two off. But after reading your warnings, I will take the whole week off.

Sure, I'll lose money (casual worker), but health is the most important thing.

Thanks again everyone for making this little database of symptoms
Scott 2 August 09
I've been affected by mouth ulcers from my childhood days which have appeared in many different places both large and small. Over the years, i have consulted doctors while making my own observations and can confirm the following:
1. Small ulcers 3-5mm take up to 7days before numbing and a further 5days to disappear (even with no treatement).
2. Large ulcers 5-12mm generally take longer than 14days to numb and much longer to disappear.
3. Stress has been identified as being my main cause for ulcers, followed by diet and then blows to the mouth.
4. Although stress can be managed through various aspects, Vitamin B is said to assist in coping with stress (i.e. this is not a direct cure for ulcers but a coping aide).
5. Acidic food and fruits certainly aggravate ulcers and should be avoided during the pain stages.
6. Mouth sprays merely numb the pain and excessive use can cause your teeth to feel a sharp sensation i.e. no use really!
7. I have just returned from a business trip to Austria where i drank vast amount of red meat and beer (i.e. acidic foods) while required to deliver results for the business (i.e. stress). The result has been a large ulcer on the "small tongue" at the back of my throat. Accompanied with a smaller ulcer on the roof of my mouth. This has got to be the second most painful ulcer position topped by those located on the side walls entering your throat. Interestingly enough, i was dilligently dosing my self on a Vitamin B complex prior to the business trip, but one week before, i stopped taking them and did not do so while on the trip...
Prevention - Maybe?
Treatment - Some numbing techniques, ride out the painful days.
Cure - Still waiting?
Trev 28 July 09
My sympathy to all. I have a sore mouth, since a visit to the dentist for a scrape and polish. My gums were already a little tender. The tip of my tongue feels so sensitive and some ulcers have started to show at the sides of my tongue. My whole mouth area looks swollen and I'm worried that some more ulcers might break through on the gums. I am going on holiday in 2 weeks and the thought of a long-haul flight with pain like this is scary. It seems to be a problem getting to the cause of recurrent ulcers. Am missing my food too - pure misery!
Sasha 25 July 09
Ive been having mouth ulcers too! (inside my lips and around my cheeks), they seem to be reoccuring frequently eversince ive had a swollen gland on my right cheek a week ago, i hope this can be cured early so I wont suffer eating nemore ...waaa
does anyone know the best method or better yet home remedies to this annoying sores?
Anna 14 July 09
When you have an ulcer avoid eating or drinking sugar based foods. Coffee, Tea, beer and wine are also bad. Avoid acidic foods and drinks. Basically drink water. I find this helps to reduce the time to heal. Take a pain releaver so you can sleep. Lack of sleep due to pain prolongs the ulcer. I have had these pain in the ## things off and on for 30 years.
Rob 10 July 09
I will get mouth ulcers regularly.But this time it was rather different. I had my left chin glands swollen and my left ear paining too as the ulcer is in the left side of the mouth. it very deep and paining a lot just preventing me from eating anything:-(. i tried painkiller injection , seems it didnt work and even ulcers started multyplying .
Swetha jammy 10 July 09
I find what helps the most with my ulcers is liquid lidocaine. It numbs up my mouth very well. Just mix it with some liquid benadryl and maalox. This works like a charm. Its only temporary but I can at least eat something after using this. :)
Kellie 7 July 09
Been relived to read your messages - I was diagnosed with glandular fever in February 07 and still have it. Had my last blood test a month ago and still testing positive. The doctor now thinks I also have CFS - but I've had a little spot on the inside of my lip for the last year which doesn't go away, and have just developed a lump in my armpit. I've been panicking like mad, thinking cancer. But reading all your messages has reassured me a bit - glandular fever is awful and I don't think I'll ever feel well again.
Annette 6 July 09
last week I got a sore throat on one side only? and swollen glands in neck on that side,last night started to get really sharp quick pains in the head again on the same side. And a few hours ago developed a sore on the roof of my mouth and my ear hurts a little too, any ideas?
kelly 30 June 09
2 days ago i noticed i had swollen glands, my jaw hurts to open all the way theres alot of swelling behind my teeth on the right side. now i have ear aches on that side and a sore throat. im also finding it very hard to eat. ive never gotten ulcers before, but from reading everyones input on them i think thats the case here. im so not thrilled to know that this pain isnt going to go away for awhile.
ashley 26 June 09
my boyfriend has had a really sore throat and swollen glands for about 2 weeks now, then he came out in a mouthfull of ulcers, and to top it off he now has impetigo!!!it really could not get any worse as where going on holiday next week. He's been to the doctor's and the doctor doesn't have a clue what it could be? Antibiotics, mouth spray, bongela just nothing seems to work? what else does anyone advise?
chantelle 24 June 09
i have a swollen olser on the edge of my tongue next to my back teeth and orajel takes the pain away long enough for me to eat. (:
aireal 20 June 09
Just like you guys I thought I had ulcers too.Only they were also effecting my gums.Sometimes it felt like they were down my troat.And i was having a hard time opening my mouth wider then ususal.Gums were red and swollen. Brushing my theet or even using mouth wash would burn my sores in my mouth.I went to see a Periodontics for my gums and was diagnoised with Lychen Plantas a immune disorder of the mouth. Plus I ended up have gum diease at the age of 36. So make sure you have ulcers and not lesion like me. There are no cures. And some are cancerous.
Viola 36 june 17/09 19 June 09
yes, got the golf ball gland under my chin, and the ear ache/blockage, bad headache and sore behind the eyeballs, if you know what I mean. Gargling with betadine, taking B12 tablets, and beamoxy 250 anti biotics. Never had the additional symptoms, only ever a mouth ulcer (a couple of times a year).
And yes, before this came, I ate badly for a week, didn't visit the gym for 2 weeks, was stressed out with heavy deadlines. It might have been ok... but I went and bit my cheek and hey presto, a painful ulcer turned up 2 days later!!
Oliver 28 May 09
Hi there, I currently have what I consider to my most pain mouth ulcer to date. It's at the back of my mouth on the bit of skin behind my back tooth. It's giving me earache and it's been painful to swallow because of it. I'm using a Adcortyl in Orabase but nothings happening yet. I've had it for about 3 days. Any suggestions?
Anna 23 May 09
Sounds like every one has glandular fever.
I do and have lip ulcers and dry mouth.
Vitamins and rest seem to help but I'm not better yet
.Blood test was taken to find out the problem.
mike 23 May 09
WELL WOW isnt it great to know were all not alone!!! I'VE never had ulcers! and gues wat the week of easter i got them, i was first sick with the flu but now... i have a MOUTH FULL of ulcers, tongue... gumss.... throat... swollen glands, lathargic, dry lips u name it... i cant believe they dont have a cure! it's cruel man! ne way, i've found a prevention that works for me, for awhile, because YES i miss my food too lol, SO I'm not sure where every1 is from but i live in australia so u may not have these products, about an hour before i eat i have to advills= 2 neurophen advanced, then i take a lozenga called cepacol plus(which has anasthectic n antibactirial antidots) this numbs my thoat enough to eat! every second night i mouth wash with betadine gargle, it's gross but works....
well good luck to all.
kara19 23 April 09
I've had a sore neck since Sunday, then Monday the pain became more intense. Tuesday it became difficult to eat with a sore throat and I had noticable bad breath that would not go away! (Brushing your teeth nearly 10 times a day is a bit extensive!) Wednesday I noticed my glands were swollen. I couldn't eat or drink and all because of the pain, nor could I swallow normally. Today is Thursday and it's been 48hours since I've eaten or drank anything, I can't get out of bed without help and I'm waiting for a friend to come pick me up so I can see a doctor - even talking is difficult now. It feels like I have ulcers all over the tip of my tongue, and on my cheek and down my throat.

SO SORE!!! I miss my food!!!! lol
Cass. 22 April 09
My glands started to swell first. I woke up with a sore throat one morning and swollen glands. Next thing I knew I had to large ulcers on the inside of my lower lip and "lie bump" on my tongue. The combination of the three is really hard to deal with. It hurts to eat and drink and nothing seems appetizing. The pain and discomfort is just ridiculous. All of this happened a few days after I had a horrible sunburn and my body was mending itself of that. I had a few nights of chills, sweats, fever, and restless nights from the severe sunburn, and just when I thought it was over my mouth breaks out. The Dr. told me the mouth ulcers were probably a result of the stress my body has been going through to heal itself from the sunburn. The swollen lymph nodes are a result of the ulcers. Does anyone remember that song....The hip bones connected to the leg bone. LOL It's interesting to see how one thing adversly effects another in your body. So...I think my prevention method for mouth ulcers is to stay out of the sun. I know....kind of an interesting take on things....but hey.....it should work for me.
Cpdy 19 April 09
I have been reading all of these messages and im finally assured that i am not alone!
I have a cluster of ulcers all over my tongue, as well as a few random ones around my mouth. I've also got these really strange stingy sharp things at the bottom of my mouth, right at the back where my teeth stop, they hurt like hell and i've given up trying to eat. I ALSO have that weird squidgy thing on the rooth of my mouth, and it wont budge. I've been put on antibiotics, and i have been using a mouthwash and bonjela. Have had this for 6+ days now and its really getting me down =( It all started with a swollen gland, right underneath my chin, and then this happened =( I really want it to go away so badly, how long does it normally take? Help =(
Emily 9 April 09
Sounds like you all suffer from Sjogren's disease.
Christy 8 April 09
My god, I'm sitting here reading this knowing EXACTLY what each of you are talking about. I have an ulcer in the back of my jaw (gumline) and Lemme just tell ya, the gland on that side of my face and neck is so swollen I can hardly turn my head.....My GOSH this is terrible! (and what's worse is NOTHING HELPS)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
ChristeyJ 7 April 09
I've always bad ulcers but woke up yesterday with what I thought was tonsilitis but now believe to be a cluster of ulcers on my uvula. My glands are swollen too. I think the stomach swelling up is a symptom of glandular fever and perhaps bought on by the ulcer outburst. Still hurts like hell, thanks for all the suggestions for relief will try some of these out.
Pete 3 April 09
i dont know wat it is but i have something under my cin that i get thid=s beforee when i was lil it comes and then goes its been happing ever sciens but now scine im 16 i have this problem thas something under my chin was hurtting it feels like a ball but when i touch it, it hurts what can i do to get it back to its normal size that way it wont hurt
carol march 3, 2009 4 March 09
I often get stomach pains when my glands are swollen - I've always assumed that ithere must be glands down there affected too - maybe there are glands/lymph nodes in the chest that are affected too?
Naomi 27 February 09
I get this too!! It hurts really bad, and i can't eat properly for weeks. From my experiences, i usually get the ulcers all around my mouth and under my lips too. It's probably the worst when it gets there because my lips swell really badly and become very dry. Also i've noticed every time i get it under my top lip and towards the back of my mouth, the inside of my nose gets really sore and i get chest pains everytime i swallow. I really hate this and feel like crap every time it happens. Everytime i've been to the doctors, i usually get antibiotics and some mouthwash, it usually clears about after 2 weeks. I'm really looking for a long term cure for this, so if anyone has some ideas please state them!
PS! The doctor told me i may also get the ulcers because i don't take enough vitamin C and/or i stress over things too much.
Harry 20 February 09
I was on holiday eating breakfast my right jaw felt stiff looked in the mirror my right gland was the size of a golf ball. bit scared.tried to finish toast, hurt like bl**dy hell.inside my mouth sore and had sqidgy lumps same as Naomi I found Bonjella relieved pain lasted 8 days still aware of glands
.9th february 09
John.R. 9 February 09
I also get swollen glands and often stomache ache too, I think your glands can swell their too.
Jenn - isn't it sad when you children get them too :( my poor son suffers as I do
Vicky 3 February 09
I get swollen glands when m mouth breaks outs. I also get chestpains and dry lips. The chest pains bother me. The dr's have not been able to tell me why I have chest pains when my mouth breaks out.
Isis 2 February 09
Thanks everyone - it's good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem! Does anyone else find that when they get ulcers, if they are all, or mainly, on one side of the mouth, the glands on the opposite
Sprite - Is there any way to easily work out what I might be allergic to -or anything that is a common allergy in mouth ulcer sufferers, or is it just a case of trial and error until you work it out?
Naomi 30 January 09
I have lots of ulcers and swollen glands, my 3 yr old son has it too. It hurts like hec, i've been home all week and even went to an ent, he gave me some mouthwash but nothing helps with pain. i've tried motrin and tylenol, it still hurts. my aunt who is an rn said you mix equal amounts of liquid benadryl and kaeopectatate and gargle with it. i make my son drink it, i drink it too. it helps with pain and swelling, just for a little while though.
jenn 28 January 09
I had a lifetime of mouth ulcers until I figured out they were due to food allergies. I also had swollen lymph nodes etc which is the inflammatory pathway of the immune system. You need to down-regulate the inflammation first by discovering the cause, then reducing the body's reaction (which can get out of control hence the ulcers).
I Had it under control for many years until my last trimester of pregnancy and since then have had severe lingering ones for no apparent reason. Still breastfeeding so can't really use many anti-inflammatory compounds (herbal or nutritional). Any new ideas would be great
Sprite 25 January 09
I have the same problem, i consistently get mouth ulcers and swollen glands at the same time, i really dont know what to do, the doctor suggested i try a spray but i havent got hold of one yet to try! i'll keep you posted!
Carmel 12 January 09
Thank you all for sharing your findings on these horrible mouth ulcers. I am currently suffering from swollen glands and mouth full of ulcers. This is the second time in 5 months and it seems to be worse this time and longer. Its great to hear that this "thing" is more common than I thought. Thank you for sharing and I will try out some of these ideas.
Salilo 12 January 09
Yep, I get those symptoms too! I found going on a yeast/sugar free diet really helped with the related symptons. Also the ulcers are a lot less frequent, smaller and less painful.
Hannah 11 January 09
I get this problem too. I am a nurse and believe it caused as the ulcers are inflammatory in nature.
I have been treating my mouth ulcers with L-lysine. I have found they help with healing when I have them, but have found no change in prevention with use.
Andrea 11 January 09
Hi - I don't think anyone has asked exactly this quetion on the board before - sorry if it does duplicate another posting!
I've had ulcers in my mouth and on my throat and tongue since I had glandular fever as a child. Sometimes I get sore squashy feeling patches on the roof of my mouth too. I now use SLS free toothpaste which has been a great improvement. However, when I do get ulcers, as well as the tired, achey feeling some people have mentioned, the glands under my chin and down the sides of my throat usually become swollen and tender too - does anyone else have the same problem - or any idea why this happens?
Naomi 9 January 09

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