I know the cause of some mouth ulcers

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Nestle chocolate triggers canker sores for me. Also, what heals them very quickly is drinking cranberry juice. It goes away within 24 hours.
Jennifer 29 November 18
Iíve noticed a reduction in mouth ulcers since I stopped eating chocolate, nuts and replaced coffee with Tea. I also gave up wine because of the sulfites. Anything with sulfates causes sores in my case. I also eat less bananas. When I do get one I put Manukau honey on it and it heals faster. It has to be that kind of honey.
Hope this helps.
Shannon 30 July 18
I think there is no treatment works for mouth ulcer most of them heals naturally in 2-3 week. I have observed following cause of re-occurring mouth ulcers
1- Genetics
2- Weathers conditions (specially the cloudy for many days)
3- Not having proper sleep
4- Consuming ulcer triggering foods (most of them are citrus)
5- Stress (mental or physical)
Dr. Mahesh Tiwari 23 July 18
I also found certain foods cause canker sores for me. Many fruits like cranberries, strawberries, also home grown tomatoes, anything with cinnamon in it. If I haven't eaten certain foods for a long while, I can get away with eating them again once or twice. Then it goes downhill fast and will take a month or more to get it calmed down. Staying away from these foods has helped me immensely.
Stef Aguire 1 February 18
Hi. I hope that this can help someone. I used to get horrible outbreaks in my mouth and my throat, but I don't any more. I figured it out and I hope you all do too. I eliminated foods from my diet until I discovered the culprits. BELLPEPPERS and the gel-type toothpastes caused me major problems. I have found that bell peppers are used in many spices in powdered form. Also, MANGOS, KIWI fruit and sometimes PINEAPPLE and HONEYDEW melons. I think it may have to do with the stage of ripeness of the fruit. I was able to test this by exposing them to my mouth and I would get a canker sore within a few minutes. I take half a Benadryl to reduce the inflammation. I have also ground it up into a paste and applied it directly to the sore. I hope that this helps someone because it has sure helped me.
Jed 23 January 18
I have had the exact same problem my entire life and have had to deal with it for 26 years. I would have multiple mouth ulcers at a time, they would get so bad at times my face would actually swell, I'd have to be put on antibiotics and put alcohol, coconut oil, oil of oregano, hydrogen peroxide, I tried everything. Supplements and vitamins eating healthy, I cut out so many things like acidic food them sweet food, and I finally found that then thing giving me mouth ulcers all this time was ketchup. I was talking to a coworker about how frustrated I've been and she said her cousin only gets them when they eat ketchup. I cut it out and they went away. I had it again and have another bad ulcer, swollen face and antibiotics. I can eat sweets, I can eat tomatoes. It's just ketchup. It must be some preservative that is in it that I can't have. I know how awful it is to deal with, so if you try this hopefully it is the problem and then you can just cut it out and never deal with it again.
Lauren 12 February 17
ok. i didn't read everyone's post heref so sorry if someone said this already. i have had mouth ulcers my whole life. From being a kid to now 37. i have gone through paste, tooth pastes and mouth washes and nothing 'really' worked. everything either numbs or cleans the ulcer. so when i was young i used to use yogurt. I would dry the ulcer and let the yogurt sit on there until as long as i could and it used to shrink the ulcer immeditaly without waiting. Then apparently something changed with yogurt and it no longer works. I'm not sure what they took out of yogurts but it no longer works as well. It still does work but not as well as it used too. Use plain yogurt and if the fruit is on the bottom don't stir it.

another recent find has been a really interesting one. Get pure peppermint extract and vodka. Yeah i know it sounds crazy but i find this works best for pain. get a shot glass or regular glass. Pour a small amount of vodka in there and add some pure peppermint extract. mix it and get a dropper. dry the ulcer and let it do it's job. it will burn a little but it keeps the pain away the longest!

I wish i had a cure i really do. My mom had these and grew out of them. She once got them burned out and swears they never came back 'bad'. As i gotten older i'm starting to have bloating and gas daily and starting to think i have a food allergy but my blood test didn't show anything nor did my celiac test. the worst part is my 3-4 year old is starting to get them and now it's really upsetting to me.

i wish someone could seriously give me answers.

i hope this helps someone out there.
marc b 26 May 16
OMG. I was never a big fan of chocolate but I do really enjoy very fine quality chocolates (like Michel Cluizel). Sometimes I have to eat low quality chocolate because there's a chocolate Birthday cake.... or someone has baked something that they want me to try... Last week I found myself in this kind of situation. About 6 bites into this dense chocolate birthday cake with boring chocolate frosting.... the inside of my lip started to tingle painfully. It's been 3 days since and now I have full blown white oval canker sore that keeps me up at night it's so painful. I hadn't had a canker sore in years, perhaps decades, and now I suffering with a large one that appeared mid dining on chocolate cake. I initially wondered whether I was getting a cold sore. But it was different. And it looks completely different. I'm going to try one of the suggestions I saw here above left by Mary ..... Myrhh.
Man, canker sores are painful. Now finally finally I have an excuse not to eat chocolate. I'm allergic to it!
Biologykid 15 May 16
afteEr reading Posts I No Longer Believe Ulcers On My Tongue Is My Problem. I get A Small Bump On The Fron Or tIp Of My Tongue That Doesn'tReally Hurt Bad But It's Enough To Irritate. SO I BIte It All Day And ItTakes Longer To Heal. I Started Making My Own ColOidal Silver. I Rinse My Mouth Out 2 Or 3 Times Daily And It Heals Over Night But I'll Repeat For 3Days To Be Safe And It Doesn't happenAgain Til I BIte My Tongue Or Eat Too Many Acidic Fruits. hope This Helps Someone.
Geoffrey Washington 5 January 16
Toothpaste for me is a big one I use toms natural with xylitol rather than fluoride ---every time I use another brand I break out. Also unclean soda fountains---if I get drinks from convenience stores I get these---I love ice drinks---but in 2days after a drink from a place my mouth will tell if it is dirty place--I break out-- so I usually go to mcdonalds bc I don't get mouth sores from them---dirty fountain drinks is a big no no --and chocolate or some foods just erode it- they don't cause it---but I can't eat chocolate while I have one or it just get deeper. Hope this helps
Jennifer e 14 January 15
Hello. I have been dealing with mouth ulcers since June of this year. They were really bad. My throats was bothering me as well as my ear. I developed mouth ulcers on my tongue and palate. My lips became swollen as well a couple weeks later. On top of that I started getting a burning on my tongue. I read on another site that some doctors in the USA and pharmacists prescribe what is called "mom's cure". This is a mixture of divol and benadryll. It is used as a mouthwash for the ulcers and the burning mouth feeling. By December, I ended up taking two benadryll tablets at night with a shot of divol. I did this because the constant ache in my ear and feeling as if there was liquid in it erupted into a massive mouth ulcer at the back of my tongue behind my molar. I was scared! In my experienced, the next morning my burning tongue and the huge mouth ulcer had changed drastically. Half of my tongue had stopped burning. Five days later, that massive mouth ulcer had gisappeared and my tongue was mine again. I still get flare up but I follow ingesting the benadryll tablets at night and divol during the days. I hope this helps some becaus it really helped me, my mother who suffers from constant mouth ulcers because she has lupus and now my eldest sister as well. NOTE: some of the other posters on the other site said that prescription antacids did not work- only the benadryll did.
Matt 14 November 13
Like everyone else on this page I've had mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember. Only recently did I link the painful sores to chocolate consumption. Lucky for me if I eat good quality dark chocolate I don't have a reaction. Since discovering that, my ulcers are limited to when I eat cheap milk chocolate, like hershey, nestle, cadburry, mars, etc.

For relief I dip a q-tip in myrrh powder and coat the sores. The I avoid spicy, salty, or rough textured foods until they heal.
Mary 17 October 13
I've had them all of my life. I noticed it often happened after I ate tomatoes, so my doc recommended I go off all nightshades which includes potatoes, and all types of peppers. I also went Gluten and dairy free. I still get one or two occasionally, but only when I accidentally eat one of these trigger foods. I've learned too, that they are not just in my mouth, but all through my digestive system which triggers an immune response that is killing my thyroid. Canker sores are just a small symptom of a much bigger problem.
Joey 7 October 13
misery loves company. im 53 years old and have had mouth sores since i was a little boy.it was nearly 20 years before i met someone elce with the same problem. i always beleaved it was a very unfortionate few that was blesses with the miserable gift, i see now that im not alone, and im sorry each and every one of you have to indure even 1 of them.i can probly count the number of days iv been without a sore on, under my tounge, cheek, roof of my mouth is one of my favorites, eeeessh!! iv probly injested 9000 tubes of 2% benzocain ( it helps temporarly knumb them while you eat.) anyway were was i ?? oh yah probly been without a mouth sore a total of 10 days in 53 years untill last month. iv tried every possible medication. prednasone works exellent but its not something you can stay on for a long period of time. a dentest recently gave me a perscription of something called ( fluoncinonide ) its for external use but if you use patiently and let dry on the sore, and before bedtime you will kill about 80 % of the lil f..,..rs before morning.it truly has helped me enough to want to share it with all of you. i hope this will help some or all of you with a little releaf.
danton 1 June 13
I have been suffering from extreme mouth ulcers for the last 4-5 years (21 years old now), I went to several doctors over the years, but all they said was that my diet was bad, even though I changed my diet to the doctors recommendation every time. I finally found a doctor who took it more seriously. He prescribed Omeprazol and Zovirax (Herpes medicine). Luckily the Omeprazol worked and I don't have any kind of Herpes. I went to get a Gastroscopy and they found out I have a stomach ulcer. So don't take mouth ulcers lightly, it might be serious
Martin 23 May 13
i have ulcers, they do not alyaws bleed, they do not alyaws make you vomit either. What you need to do to get them to heal on their own is to keep the levels of acid in your stomach controlled and never leave your stomach completely empty. A good way to neutalise acid or when you start feeling like you are going to vomit then have a glass of cold water. and with it have a half teaspoon of baking soda mixed into a little bit of water. The home cure that helped me heal my minor ulcers was cayenne pepper. I know it sounds odd but cayenne burns in the mouth but when it gets to your stomach it turns alkali and helps the environment in your stomach to heal itself. This is how you take cayenne. In the morning first thing before you even brush your teeth take a half teaspoon of cayenne peper and mix it into one tablespoon plain yoghurt then drink it and chase it down with a glass of cold water. wait at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything.
Ornella 23 December 12
I am on PrevPac for Hpylori and I'm almost finished with the daily dosage prescribed for 13days. Ulcers have formed in the back of my mouth since I've been on these drugs which is a combination of Lansoprazole, Amoxicillin and Clarithromycin . This diagnosis was determined by an endoscopy in 2004 and again in 2012.
I'm concerned that the bacteria has become resistant to antibiotics and Pylera had too many terrible side effects. I discontinued Pylera after 4 !/2 days. I may get rid of the ulcers. I'll certainly try the mouth wash. However,if Hpylori is the cause of the problem and it is resistant to antibiotics,I may have a big problem
Kathy December 10,2012 11 December 12
Nuts in any form! Within minutes of eating anything with ingrediants made from nuts my mouth start to peel, burn, gums burn, tongue cracks.
Dana 5 November 12
My 12 year old son has been suffering from mouth ulcers for two and a half years. An oral surgeon has even attempted to cut them out but they came back. His appears way back in behind his last molars. He misses school due to this. When they erupt they also bleed. Can anyone give me any advice.
Karen I.e. 17 October 12
suresh, hi am having mouth ulcer in upper sides of both cheek for more than 40 days, and am also having ear ache , ... i visit dentist 7 times but dentist says no problem... dentist sayit will take 4 months to cure ... Is there any problem
suresh 30 August 12
RATHEESH 11 August 12
DEAR Friends try collidal silver it bust the immune system and kills all microbial infection, try it out and let me know if it works. God bless.
Spartacus 14 July 12
hi there,
I am having mouth ulcers since i was 14, right now i am 40. No body knows what is the exact cause of it. I tried everything possible but have not gone anywhere. H. Pylori is kinnda new thing i just learned in this blog, last severe outbreak i had was actually cured by using prednasone. Magic mouthwash (prescription) does not do any good. No research so far, who knows what cause it. I will try coconut water early morning empty stomach ... why not what the heck .. Believe me one doctor told me i have Herpese (STD). I was about to smash his face.
ryan 5 July 12
I have no idea why blisters comes again and again in my mouth. As soon as i will eat oily and spicy vegetable or rice it will appear within just one or two days.
Dilip 20 June 12
I have found the cure for me was to stop eating chips and crisps believe me it works
we had a trip to france a few years ago and i had a moment of weakness and had some of the dreaded chips within 24 hours the mouth ulcers were back .
i do think it is somthing to do with the fats they use today .
give it a try.
Edd 5 June 12
i am having ulcers too, the ulcers sizes are almost 1cm big. i had nexium 80mg, i had blood test, i used SLS tootpaste, and i avoid all the acid foods. ulcers are killing me and almost 350 days in a year i am with ulcer..
i am wondering what is wrong with me, i just want to settle my ulcer thing.
fish 18 May 12
I totally agree with the above post. I too have been suffering similar symptoms to everyone on here which has plagued my life for 4 years. I have recently after years of pestering my gp been referred to a gastro who has diagnosed me with h pylori which I believe is the cause oft tummy upsets, bloating and mouth ulcers. I strongly suggest anyone who suffers these symptoms to ask their gp to refer them to a gastro for diagnosis as your gp will just treat your symptoms. You will only eradicate this bacteria by taking a certain combination of antibiotics and stomach meds. No amount of probiotics or herbal methods will clear this problem.
Donna 28 January 12
after reading all of your posts it appears that we have all been infected with the h pylori bacteria and because we have not been treated with the correct combination of triple antibiotics and ppi therapy and followed up with probiotics to restore proper bacterial balance, we still harbor just enough h pylori to cause these annoyances but not enough to get additional complete eradication therapy, thus leaving us with these bandaid-type solutions that will never end
tinabones 25 January 12
just want to say after a lifetime of enduring mouth ulcers, and having experienced expert natural medicine (different modalities) through out that time i have only just discovered the trigger was eating lamb. A great dissapointment. Nonetheless incidence has dropped right off since i stopped eating it.
stan 5 January 12
After going through all these messages I have realized we are all traveling in the same boat. As far as my memory goes, mouth ulcers are my company. first it was once in a while phenomena and started increasing its frequency and duration. always it has a reason to appear. I used many cures and almost all of them worked for some period of time. For last two years, mouth ulcers appear without any rhyme and reason and were very stubborn to disappear. the status was less painful and more painful. I have so much experience with this problem so I think I have authority to write a thesis on mouth ulcers. Then two months ago, I saw one mouthwash ad which says it helps fight germs that cause bad breath,plaque and gum problems, and throws a open challenge to all readers to prove their claim is wrong. I wanted to give it a try. with in three days The results started showing. So for last two months I am relieved from the constant nagging pain of mouth ulcers and eating with out any reservations. But I have noticed, if I stop for a couple of days, they start appearing. So in my case, the problem is due to bad bacteria and viruses. May this solution may work for some of you. try good mouthwash.
Sandy 17 November 11
One more thing, coc.nut water cure ulcer very fast if taken it emtpy stomach.
Abi 13 November 11
I read entire blog and I found that most of the probles you guys are facing is similar.
I'm also facing problem same problem and noticed below causes....
- Red Tomato
-Milk product
-Spicy food,color food
- Curd ( if you take diluted form, will get positive effect)
-Late sleep
-Late food
-Red wine/bear

Symtoms for ulcer attack:
-Sounds and some time of movement in stomach

Ulcers start attack in a very small group and later cover big area.

How to avoid-
there's no medicine to cure it and I'm sure Dr can easily make big money when you go there with this type of problem.
I did same after doing couple of testing.got below one.
-Make sure you take some some food before 08:00 am
-Take small meal around 11:00 am
-Lunch around 13:30
- Snacks around 16:30
- Dinner before 20:30

Avoid below items immidiatly after food:

Before you sleep:
Rinse your mouth with deep salty water as it will kill gerns resting on cavity.
Abi 13 November 11
I got this dental paste from an ENT dr and it helped my mouth ulcer on my tongue but then I ate some chips with hot salsa and now it is sore again. so I am cutting back on spicy foods and chocolate..stuff that is salty. It is horrible and then one of my teeth is sharp and rubs against it. Does anyone have problems with spicy foods and chocolate?
cindy 16 October 11
I suffered severe mouth ulcers and the pain was unbearable I lost my appetite to eat and it is difficult to speak because my tongue was also severely affected. Reluctantly I take prednisone because I can't bear the pain but the ulcers came back whenever I stop taking the drug. Luckily, I saw the Hydrogen Inhalation Method of Bill Munro ( http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/hydrogen_peroxide_inhalation.html ). I open my mouth and put the sprayer inside as far as I could and spray the 3% peroxide solution 6 times while simultaneously inhaling deeply that I cough when the peroxide hit the very inside of my throat and I do it every 2 hours 6 times a day. It works, the ulcers are gone as long as I'm using the peroxide.
allan 27 September 11
I have been suffering from mouth ulcers my whole life. Don't even know what it would be like to wake up one day and not have any. It seriously ruins my life. Sometimes u will get one on your tongue and talk like you are drunk because it hurts so bad. I am taking Lysine but that hasn't done squat. I had tried every kind of toothpaste and has done nothing. I know this is weird but I will sleep with a tissue on the sore at night. I have so many tissues in my mouth that one day I am going to swallow one at night. This definitely helps with the healing process. Nobody should have to suffer with this. It is very depressing.
Cindy 17 September 11
Hey I just wanted to give my two cents on the situation and I've noticed that when I get mouth ulcers it I'd Judy like one of the guys up there said, it's from eating junkfood on an empty stomach so I've started to just make sure I eat real food before indulging in a bunch of junk because I've noticed that what gives me the ulcers so it's been pretty easy to keep from getting them now. And when I notice one coming I just dint eat junkfood for a bit and only healthy food and it goes away before it gets out if hand pursay.
Mr.BM 11 September 11
I hadn't heard of that before and I thought it was great.
KareemServ81 29 August 11
have had ulcers all my life. 3 massive ones at moment. feeling really miserable. swollen glands, headache etc. Can't eat or drink properly. had allergy tests yrs ago and told not to eat oranges, tomatoes, no red wine. still get them but not so often. best thing I use at moment is Iglu as can no longer get Adcortyl in this country. Any advise gratefully received!!!!
frances 18 June 11
i used to get mouth ulcers all the time and have done for about 6 years, my doc prescribed lansoprazole 30mg which has worked for me and seemed to have semi cured the problem as whenever i stop taking them within 5 days the ulcers are back! if i carry on taking 1 30mg capsule a day i very rarely get any problems. theres no doubt in my opinion that poor lifestyle, junk food, alcohol and smoking will only make them worse so unless you wanna be a total goody 2 shoes and eat cabbage all ya life go n get some tablets (drinking cabbage juice is actually supposed to cure ulcers)
shane 14 June 11
I have had chronic mouth ulcers for approximately 2 years! Recently, I underwent allergy testing http://www.allergytest-london.co.uk/ and was found to have a high number of intolerances. These included wheat and wheat gluten, dairy, apples, beef, ham, trout, certain E numbers (food colourings), eggs and other things such as amalgam fillings (which I have too many of!), sodium laurel sulphate (I was aware of this one) and diesel fumes. Strangely enough, prior to having my oldest daughter 2.5 years ago I had very little wheat or dairy in my diet and I only had occasional mouth ulcers. When pregnant I re-introduced them & due to breast feeding and falling pregnant again soon after did not eliminate them. Since seeing the allergist and eliminating the above products, my mouth ulcers have completely stopped. I relapsed while in New York recetly (the bagels and cream cheese just got to me) and I have suffered...and I mean SUFFERED...for the delights that they were. I am due to be re-tested very shortly but I have a feeling that it's a lifestyle change that will stop the unbelievable pain and discomfort associated with these awful afflictions.
annetteo 11 June 11

I would try detoxing or cleansing my system followed by changing the quality & preparation of food I eat. The Master Cleanse wouldn't hurt. lemons are alkalizing not acidic.
Sunflower7 6 June 11
I hate dese damn mouth ulcers.. m just so sick n tired of them ! i m on medicine for my nail infection, plus taking iron TRIIHEMIC as well... for i mayb an anaemic... taking regular vitamins for the hairfall as well.. n last but not the least taking medicines for this acne problem as well ! :( it makes me so frustrated, sick n tired taking all dese medicines... i seem not to b doing anything else other than just maintaining a diary for dese medicines-date (that i started on bla bla date n on bla bla date 1month course vl b completed) !! :( WT DA BLUDDY HECK... n now dis acidity thing vch has caused dese mouth ulcers.. cant talk/laugh properly... :(
Emma 22 April 11
I also get mouth ulcers from any kind of food with sugar, I have tried all the remedies and nothing works. The only thing is to avoid sugar, unfortunately the only thing that works for me.
Katie 21 March 11
Ask your Dr or dentist for a RX for magic mud, is has to be mixed, and some Dr's or pharmacy's don't have the recipe and don't know how to mix it. Also if you can not find that swoosh your mouth with hydrogen peroxide don't swallow it, It helps in a hurry, ambesol may help the pain also. I can get the recipe for you will find it and submit it.
Ulcers hurt 22 January 11
I recently had a mouth ulcer after eating a certain granola cereal which had been baked with marmalade, within a few minutes the ulcer appeared on my tongue, but disappeared a few hours later. I think It must have been an allergy to the marmalade.
kitty 8 January 11
madonna it might be something as simple as the crackers causing aslight abrassion in the mouth,with the acidity of the tomatoes adding to the problem,letting the bacteria in for example. try being more carefull when you eat.hope this helps you, anything is worth a try!!
johny boy 22 December 10
i have mouth ulcers, i get ulcers on my tongue every month. I just had the GI SERIES exam done a couple of days ago, and doctors did not find anything wrong with my esophagus or any ulcers. This mouth/tongue ulcers make me feel sick and weak, they give me a mild fever, for doctors is not fever. but i feel that i have fever. what should i do?
Richard 20 December 10
I have been suffering continual mouth ulcers for 6 years and they ruin my whole existence. I find nothing so far has worked a treat though they usually appear around menstruation or just after or after I have eaten too many tomatoes on crackers or eaten too much dark chocolate. No amount of vitamins has worked or changing toothbrushes or using mouth washes. I just hope I am not going to be like this forever.
Madonna 19 November 10
I also get ulcers, mainly when eating chocolate, even after a couple of bites of chocolate, an ulcer appears at the back of my mouth. I notice ths happens with any food high in sugar, mainly sweets, chocolate based thigns and even tomato sauce! Really annoying as i have a very sweet tooth!
Josie 14 November 10
I suspect my mouth ulcers are due to chocolate as I've narrowed it down to getting a bout of them a day or two afterwards. Then my whole mouth is infested and I know that I've got a miserable week ahead. People say they are caused by being run down, but it's only once they are established I feel completely lethargic and could stay under the duvet for a week. Not sure whether it could be too much sugar or an ingredient in chocolate.
kaz 13 November 10
I feel that sometimes I crave sweet stuff or crisps etc after having drunk alcohol and usually I get acid reflux or heartburn later same evening or next day and no doubt ulcers, I think I know the cure which is eating rubbish food ie biscuits and junk food but finding the will to say 'never again' is so hard. Even with no alcohol I can suffer if I just get the cravings for rubbish food and overindulge. I am beginning to hate get-to-gethers with friends - all the home baking, everyoone's input of their speciality cakes etc as next day it is ulcer time once more, does anyone else have this problem? Surely it is acid in the stomach that causes ulces for myself and others.
scottie 12 November 10
There was some research done decades ago into the causes of ulcers (my friends Mum was working as a Research Nurse on the Study). One thing she did say, was that ulcers can be cured by abstaining from sweet foods/drinks/subtances of any kind for 24 hours. I seem to get ulcers when I've eaten too many sweets things and as soon as I abstain from sweet things for that period of time, they heal up and disappear!
Ruth 12 November 10
I've been suffering from some of the symptoms you guys have described and recently my stomach went haywire so I went to the gastro and found out I have a H. Pylori infection...thought this might help everyone to pass on to their doctor...http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/5753711/description.html...it describes a pretty effective treatment and why we probably all have reoccuring episodes
conan 12 November 10
I have reoccurring ulcers in there dozens, right now tip of tongue covered in mini ones, along top inside of lip, ribbon like effect along side edging of tongue, god only knows what my stomach is like and down my throat, all feels strange, in fact feel generally crap! get this every month to six weeks, i suffer from reflux and was taken of lansoprazole doc thinking this maybe the cause? was less for a while, am now on ranitidine for the reflux.
Be grateful for some relief, or a miracle cure!
Denny 28 June 10
Hi Dennis
Reading your input, could you have an allergy as myself and many others on this site have at last found that certain foods ie tomatoes, citrus fruits, sodas , fizzy drinks with colour, nuts, crisps, it does not take long to find out when you get a reaction to a certain food or drink as usually an ulcer or sore mouth will happen quickly so worth a try at eliminating one thing every 2 days and you should find out quickly if it is an allergic reaction. Do not use toothpase which has the ingredient SLR in it as it drives some of us mad with a reaction, there are good ones on the market and clean your teeth just as good. Hope you find a cure.
Beth 26 May 10
Hey Dennis,what type of veneral disiase was the doctor talking about. I heard HPV gives you oral cancer. Was it that?
Margaret 26 May 10
I had ulcers for years. Turned out I was allergic to quinine, which is in tonic water and bitter lemon. Since not drinking either no ulcers! Yay!
Steve 7 April 10
I get mouth sores all the time...Right now, I am suffering with a sore under my tongue...It feels the the two glands nder my chin may be infected or something like that...I am so fed up with the guessing game..One doctor says one thing, the other doctors say another...They give me dental cream, some since rince with alt wather or lemon juice, the other says it is a viral infection....Everytime I eat something my mouth gets dry, especially sugar, soda pops, spicy foods, etc....I seem to have a headache, etc. I have lost the will to almost do anything. I am actually afraid to go anywhere,because this is drivingme nuts. One Doctor said, its acid reflux coming up in my mouth when I am asleep....I have no heartburn, I take Nexium, the head of my bed is raised up....I am just fed up....I look up other mouth diseases and it only makes it worse...They state anything from veneral disease due to oral sex....hoof and mouth disease, etc, etc....It just feels like their are little sores under the skin of my lips, but you cannot see them. The doctor says nothing is there..except the erruption under my tongue...I take
b12, lysine, have dental pasted the doctor gave me for a virus,have a rx with different meds in it to take orally...nothing is working, any suggestions...
Dennis 29 March 10
Thanks for the information, will look at the posts on Lysine.
liz 13 December 09
Its something you can buy in any health shop - you can also get it on here in the shop. Look at some of the posts on here about Lysine. The Vitamn B you want is the Vitamin B12.
Mickey 13 December 09
Hi there M
What is Lysine? I will always try other remedies from folk and will get some vitamin B and boost my immune system even though I do not feel I need it, but I might benefit from a course. I also recently found out that lemons are alkaline after always thinking they were like oranges and other citrus fruits, will also give them a try.
liz 12 December 09
I have the same problem with acidic food, and have started to make my diet more alkaline. This means more greens, watermelon, and having lemon tea rather than milk tea - bizarrely lemon has an alkaline effect on the body (it works for me so I'm not arguing). Sugary stuff is acidic. It doesnt mean that I cant have sweet stuff, but I just realise that when I do, I have to have some alkaline stuff too. I also use SLS free toothpaste and take vitamin B12 and Lysine, and it works for me, but everyone is different.....
Mickey 12 December 09
Hi there...Have you tried using SLs free toothpaste, might not be the cure but it sure does help especially after eating stuff which takes the skin of your inside cheeks and leaves canker sores, I have been there too often but must say even though I get a flare up after eating nuts, oranges, wine etc all acidic stuff my mouth does calm down again by morning as I do never ever use normal toothpaste anymore, trust me it does help and makes pain bearable, try a food diary also and see which stuff bothers you withing 24 hours, a week should let you know exactly what you are allergic to - if -** the problem is what you are eating or whatever is coming in contact with your mouth, ie mouthwashes also etc.
hope this helps.
liz 10 December 09
Yes, it is nice to know that others have this but not so nice to know treatment and causes are so sporadic. My first episode was after taking tests for asthma, second was after a dental cleaning, and third (now) I drank red wine ...a little too much and threw up...meaning stomach acid! Its hard to know where to start for causes...allergy to metals?...stress?, stomach acid?, ...I have swollen lips, milky white patches covering my tongue and cheeks...they peel away and bleed easily...cant eat or talk for days (10 to be exact) have had all the tests no herpes...My guess is I have a very sensitive mouth to acids although I have never been prone to cankers my whole life....this has all just happened within the last year I am 35 F...and at a loss!
Lora 28 November 09
Its nice to know other people out there have the same problem and im not alone. my Homeopath says i get them cause of my allergy to the night shade family, ie tomatos, eggplant, green peppers, potatos and mushrooms.. so i gererally stay away from them. I have been a vegetarian for about 18 years,, and i wonder if being aemic might have something to do with it, they dreaded bastards (ulcurs) always seem to arrive the week after my period, which is a right pain in the ass. so prctically get them monthly, which to be honest im so frekking over it now.
they are pain full and sometimes come up on the brim of the inside of my mouth. so they look ugly too.
Dont quite know what to do next,,,,
P.C.L 24th Nov 09 24 November 09
I have suffered from extremely bad mouth ulcers for as long as i can remember, in my teenage years when they were at their worst I had a dentish who was amazed by how many I got. Through this I think he spent some time trying to find something that would help me which he did. Now when I get them really bad ie can't speak properly am totally drained i get a prescription for doxycycin which comes in capsule form, you break it into water then rinse around your mouth for 2minutes a couple of times a day, each time i have used this the day after the pain of the ulcers have totally gone. This drug is not licensed for mouth ulcers this is why it is not offered and I can only get it in extreme episodes, but i am amazed by how quick it works and feel everyone who has suffered like me should know.

hope this helps
pg 31 July 09
I have suffered from severe mouth ulcers for about 15 years, it go so bad i had weeks where i could not talk or eat. I went down the NHS route of checking everything. My friend recommended going for acupuncture. For the past 6 years i have been going for acupuncture every 4 weeks which has helped keep them at bay and i only get a break out every now and then. It has been a revelation. I will continue to go as this is the only thing that works. There is a register for acupuncturists so make sure you go to a bona fide one.
GB 20 July 09
TM thanks for responding. I have been taking acidophilus pills 2x per day. I also drink a Dannon DanActive probiotic drink once a day to replenish the good bacteria. I started this when I was put on the antibiotic which kills the good and bad bacteria at the same time. Thanks again for responding...
Rose 27 April 09
You could try changing the bacteria population in your gut by taking acidophilus - good bacteria that will over time replace the bad bacteria. Search on this site - it has been the miracle cure for some people.
TM 26 April 09
I had H-Pylori was treated and my blood test then came back negative. My tongue ulcers are bacteria related, I have had tons of tests and as a fluke came across the antibiotic Clarithromycin and sure enough if I take that the ulcers are gone in 3 days and will not come back as long as I am on it, and can eat anything from spicy to citrus, and even alcohol. I know I can't be on antibiotics as a cure so I am hoping someone else knows anything of this connection.....still researching....
Rose 25 April 09
Constipation and stress are also on the list of probable causes.
Amit 27 January 09

That's useful to know, I suffer from ulcers and have thought there may be a correlation between a bad taste in my mouth and arrival of ulcers. I'm going to give acid neutralisers a go (along side the rest of my ulcer avoidance strategies: Aloe Vera Juice, SLS free toothpaste, no acidic fruit).
Matt Gale 14 January 09
Yes, my ulcers start after I feel uncomfortable with my stomach. It normally starts in 1 or 2 days then.

My parents pointed me to this fact years ago. Cold fatty food, walnut, gaseous drinks normally cause irritation in my stomach (specially if my stomach has been empty when eating them) and I can expect ulcer in a few days.
Mac 12 January 09
This is particularly interesting to me.

I have been suffering from seriously painful mouth ulcers at intervals over the past couple of years. I have also had very sore bleeding gums and generally sore skin inside my mouth cavity, plus sometimes a sore tip to my tongue. A dentist who treated me for toothache during one such episode was concerned that I might have mouth cancer but after taking antibiotics for two weeks following the extraction of a back molar there was no further sign of a problem.

I often get a minor ear infection and have noticed that ulcers often seem to follow, but currently I am under medical investigation for a duodenal ulcer and the now the pain in my abdomen is being eclipsed by the pain in my mouth, caused by a couple of giant ulcers covering each inside cheek. Lidocaine ointment 5%, prescribed by my dentist to use to deaden the pain before I brush my teeth, has made it less painful for me to eat today. I will be asking for a prescription for another tube at my February check-up!

I have had no reflux problem, but it is probable that I have excess stomach acid, for which I am taking Lansoprazole, although after three weeks of taking it the initial benefit which had accrued seemed to wear off and the abdominal pain increased again to the pre- treatment level. Perhaps in my case the stomach acid fumes, rather than the acid itself, are affecting my mouth cavity and causing the ulcers!

I spotted another previous post in which the bacteria which can cause duodenal ulcers (H. Pylori) was cited as another possible ulcer cause, so I fully agree that research in this area would make perfect sense.
Deeny 10 January 09
I used to suffer with mouth ulcers all the time. The I was given a course of anti-inflammatorys for a shoulder problem. This lead to serious stomach problems including re-flux and judinitus(sp?). To treat the stomach problems I was given a course of Losec and antiseptin and my mouth ulcers have gone. Now every time I start to feel a tang in my mouth I know an ulcer will follow and I take the Losec and anticeptin for about a week and I ulcers do not develop, but if I get distracted and forget then they will form.

The conclusion is obvious, my mouth ulcers are caused by reflux, stop the reflux and you don't get ulcers. My suspicion is that most ulcer suffers have a low level reflux problem that does not manifest problems with indigestion, but the symptom is mouth ulcers.

As far as I can see no research has ever investigated this possible cause, but it makes perfect sense to me that stomach acid is regurgitated in small amounts and causes ulcers.
Paul Reading 3 January 09

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