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its been discontinued..... you know where I can find it??
Sem 3 February 20
Yes I have tried it. The stuff is a bit thicker / more gloopy than the Oralmedic liquid sticks we were getting before. This stuff comes in a little pouch and you have to dip the cotton bud into it. It does work but not convinced it is quite as good because of the gloopyness (that said, treatment success varied from ulcer to ulcer anyway I found)
Damian 13 January 20
There seem to be a lot of oralmedic for sale from Hong Kong in a slightly different box at the moment. According to the listings it is the same Hybenx one - has anyone tried this?
sam 9 August 19
!!!!! DONT USE ON YOUR TONGUE. !!!!! itís the worst pain Iíve ever experienced and Iíve broken bones, used tcp on ulcers and got an acid burn before! I think itís bearable pain on regular ulcers on the gums but just donít apply to your tongue!
Ow 9 July 19
Itís a day later and my mouth is completely swelled up. My lips are tingling like they have dental freezing. Didnít care about the pain caused by using the product (like pulling out 16 nose hairs at once) itís destroyed the inside of my lip. Canít go to work have to go to the doctor. The sore turned black around the outside too. Do not circle past the perimeter of the sore and rinse your mouth immediately (fast!) after. Will never use again. Hope I donít have some long term damage.
Lee 22 May 19
I noticed that there are many helpful posts here so wanted to contribute. I regularly get canker soars and often wait it out but they can tend to be frustrating and painful. Last week I felt like I had a sore throat and went to the doctor. I thought I had some cold or viral infection but the doctor looked and noticed that I had the canker soar at the back of my throat and said thatís probably why I have a sore throat. She recommended S.O.S Bucal which is a spray to help relieve the pain. It works so-so, you have to make sure that the area is dry (using a fan) before you use it and only gives temporary relief. Anyway I was a bit worried to use Oral Medic in this area of my mouth especially since after application itís painful and you have to rinse. I went ahead with it anyway and just sucked it up. The pain was bad and had to sort of gurgle the water and spit a couple times to get rid of that terrible taste. Honestly, after a few hours itís feeling better. Still not gone but Iím eating and drinking without major pain. I hope this helps out! Cheers.
Aaron 30 November 18
My tongue look burns ... and feel dry .. im worry , dont sure either its will work on me..
Paintongue 10 September 18
I just posted about the swelling, I also have some numbness around the cankersore

Any help is appreciated
joe 23 March 18
I have used Oralmedic before with no issue but I just used on my upper lip and it swollen to twice the size anyone know have any advice or experience?
joe 23 March 18
Ben~ from now on it should just heal up and return to normal, I have never heard of any permanent effects.
Dom Walton 22 February 18

I've used Oral medic just now and some things i noticed;
When i applied it on the dry area at the (Afte) wound at my inner lip/mouth i felt the pain immediately but went trough with it for some seconds, after i noticed the whitish area around the wound and right on it it was blackened (dots with black parts) i guess this is due to cauterisation.

The pain that was there is no more the same and i can eat and drink easier now, however my question now is.

What will happen with the black area? I hope i didn't do any permanent damage :(

Thanks in advance
Ben~ 22 February 18
I always have used Pyralvex. I can at least eat and talk without being in pain. Yesterday I forgot it at home. So I thought let's buy Oralmedic. I found it was kind of expensive since you buy a package that is for only one time use. At first when I apply it I was drooling (luckily was above a sink) a dog. The pain when applying it was worse than Pyralvex. I tipped the ulcers (side of my tongue and my under lip) as long as I can manage. However I don't have to apply every moment. An hour later I was afraid that it might wear off. Today I still feel I don't need ti reapply. So it not bad.
WLC 30 August 17
I have used oral medic a few times now and it works well for me. Unlike others I do not hold it on the ulcer for 10 seconds, that sounds insane!

I simply touch the ulcer with the cotton bud for no more than a second. Then I have another look with a torch (I get them right at the back of my throat), if the ulcer is not completely covered white then I do a few more dabs in the non-white parts. Then rinse.

The ulcer usually still takes ages to heal (10-14 days) but I can eat, talk and drink without much discomfort. I used to struggle with meals, constantly taking pain killers but this gets rid of the pain for the duration.

It seems you don't want to attack the ulcer too early (as in day 1), I usually wait until day 3 to apply although I have started experimenting with applying on day 2.

I think the people with negative results are doing damage by holding the bud on the ulcer for too long. I don't care what the instructions say, as soon as the liquid makes contact with the ulcer, it cauterises. There is no need to do more than a touch.
Barry 4 December 16
I used this for the first time after 6 days of suffering and it worked wonderfully. Pain was gone and eventually so was my canker. I was amazed. Recently I developed another one under my tongue and so on about the 3rd day I applied it and it worked for the first day. The next day I woke up in more pain, with one more canker right beside it!! Decided to reapply because it worked so well the first time? Next day woke up with the same 2 cankers but BOTH MUCH BIGGER!!! In pain again too. Disappointed with this product now:( I think this works best if you wait until the canker is done growing or else it will get bigger. And more painful :(
Woody 2 October 16

MILICA 5 August 16
Honestly, this didnt hurt when i put it on except tbe normal pain of touching an ulcer..... Also a little pain is still left although 90% is gone...something wrong?
Mike 27 February 16
Thank god I found this site which led me to Oralmedic, I've been unable to speak or eat without extreme pain for nearly two weeks. In desperation I searched the Internet for a mouth ulcer sufferers forum in the hope of finding something which actually works.Like others I've tried everything so I had nothing to lose so I ordered the Oralmedic and the SLS free toothpaste ( not tried yet) As soon as the postman delivered the package I applied the Oralmedic, sting is putting it mildly! It was excruciating! But only for a few seconds, a little discomfort for a while afterwards but nothing compared to the pain of the large ulcer under the tongue, one under top lip, one on the inside of cheek..
I have eaten a normal lunch, enjoyed tea and cake with no pain in the last six hours.Yet to see if it is a once only treatment, God I hope so. my tongue is still swollen but let's see what tomorrow brings.
Jane 7 May 15
I get infrequent mouth ulcers and as a lot of folks on here pointed out, it happens either when I am really rundown or stressed out, or if I accidentally bite my cheek, lip, etc. They take almost ten days to go away and hurt like nobody's business for the entire ten days. I've used just about everything. Bonjela gel which numbs it, but the pain comes back eventually. Anbesol gel and liquid version, which numbs it, but again the pain comes back within the hour. Bonjela Complete, which sort of covers it, but is a bit messy, with the pain still coming back every four hours. I gave two things a try recently. The first was a lidocaine-based gel "kamistad gel", which was available over the counter here in Germany (you would have to check for whichever country you are located in). It also numbs the area, but I have found that the numbing effect lasts much longer than Bonjela or Anbesol. I get several hours of pain free existence, during which time I can eat or drink anything I like. I'd say it gives the sensation of when you go to the dentist and he gives you an injection before carrying out dental work, except much more localized (and not as long lasting, unfortunately). Still, after dealing with these little mouth ulcer devils, buying yourself 3-4 hours of being pain-free is welcome relief. Definitely give it a try if you can find it (it also has chamomile extract, which is supposed to help with healing). I also recently tried Oralmedic..... good lord, applying that stuff literally made me jump. It was the most intense pain ever, to the point that tears started streaming out of my eyes! Still, within a few seconds the pain was gone. I left it on for the full 10 (okay maybe 15 seconds because I was desperate!) seconds and then did the whole rinse with water and spit out thing. For about 30-60 minutes afterwards it stung, but definitely not as bad as when I first applied it. My lip swelled a bit around it (the ulcer was just inside the under part of my lip) and a white ring formed over the ulcer and then around the ulcer, just as instructions said it might do. After about an hour (I took some OTC pain meds in advance, knowing the Oralmedic was going to hurt upon application), though some swelling was still present, the ulcer itself did not hurt anymore. The skin around it felt a little tight and the ever so slightest tingle, but after almost a week of killer pain from the ulcer, I was happy for the pain to be gone. It's now the next day, my lip is barely swollen at all and I'm still pain-free. The ulcer looks kind of horrible, as it is sort of covered in white-ish/pale yellow-ish film and the white ring around the ulcer is still there, but no pain at least! I can talk, I can drink, I can eat -- all without crying. I definitely recommend both the Kamistad gel and the Oralmedic (I should have thought to put the kamistad gel on first and numb the area, then wash and dry the area prior to putting on the oralmedic to avoid that painful 5 seconds of killer pain!).
Ann 7 March 15
Hello all,

I've used this product a few times before and it worked fantastically, painless for good, but this this time, I applied it early on Christmas eve, just to make it through the day and have a great time, and it seemed like it had worked like always, I had covered the whole ulcer, it hurt but the white patch appeared and I was talking and eating painlessly the whole time, then by the next day, it was just as painful, I noticed that all the white coating had flaked off and you wouldn't even know it was treated at all, just back to my normal painful, bloody ulcer. Why is this? I spend longer than 10 seconds trying to carefully cover the large ulcer, it hurt and went white all over. So what went wrong? I'm pretty worried. Gonna try reapplying it later on today. Any input would be great, has this happened to anyone else? What went wrong?
Steven 28 December 14
Leena, Oralmedic should be fine to use, it cauterises the ulcer, you don't ingest it. To be ultra-safe you could always check with your doctor or pharmacist though.
Dom Walton 21 December 14
I am 11 weeks pregnant, and I have mouth ulcer.... So is it safe to use Oralmedic in this stage? Plz suggest me...........
Leena 21 December 14
Definatley works but only on small ulcers i found i have one that is about the size of a 5cent peice and the moment i put it on the big one the pain was unberable and 2 hours later is still bad and causing shooting pain in my jaw but the small one like there is nothing there :-)
rebecca 26 October 14
I've just used oral medic for the first time and so far so good! The pain when it first touches is like grinding lemon juice into a cut! It really does sting but after a few minute calms down. My lip has swelled up a lot abd the ulcer looks horrible now, but fortunately it is a lot less painful and that's all that matters!

I'm a bit concerned that this product can stop working over time as I've spent ages trying to find a solution to these ulcers abd I will be gutted is this stops working. I'm also worried about the long term damage that putting acids into open wound will do to my mouth tissue?
Seb 12 September 14
I too have suffered from mouth ulcers since I was a small child. I'm now 26, and for perhaps the last 5 years I've been dealing with painful swollen glands in my neck when I get a large mouth ulcer. It generally makes me feel lethargic and miserable. Oral medic is the only thing that works. Application for 10-15 seconds provides instant relief. I often need to reapply the next day (I wrap the swab in cling film so it doesn't dry out) but it's nothing compared to applying standard treatments every ten minutes to get a little relief. When dealing with the swollen glands, I have found that applying oralmedic to the ulcer brings the glands right down overnight and I wake up so much happier. I wish there was more product I'm each box, but it's genuinely the only thing that has ever worked for me - and I've tried literally every treatment on the UK market.

Those saying it leaves a mark, it only reacts with damaged tissue, and cauterises it. It will turn your ulcer, and only your ulcer, white until it heals. There will be no damage to surrounding tissues and no lasting mark. For those trying it for the first time, persevere. Reapply if the pain comes back and find the routine that work for you.

Incidentally, I have switched to SLS free toothpaste and it has helped reduce my ulcer occurrences. I'm using pronamel, but there are others available.
Shortie 14 December 13
Garrett - on the lips... I hope you mean inside and not out, if the latter then it's probably cold sores not ulcers, you wouldn't want to treat them with Oralmedic. If they are ulcers then it is very important to apply it accurately. You can buy it in the US (where it is made as it happens) as Debacterol, but you need a prescription. I hope they clear up for you soon.
Dom Walton 15 September 13
Wow - great website. Fun to commiserate, isn't it? Yes, I've tried OralMedic - my woman bought me a pack as I prepared to leave on a business trip. I thought - oh, how sweet of her. I'm willing to try anything - and my ulcers had been there for more than a week (one on my tongue, the other adjacently located on my lip). I applied it first to my tongue and, as others have described, it was indeed the worst pain in my life. No, I've not given birth - but I've broken my arm, competed in multiple Ironman competitions, and generally have tried painful canker sore medications for years. I yelled in ways that I've never imagined yelling. I then hated my girlfriend for doing this to me - okay, not really. But man, I jumped. Using the same swab to apply it to my lip - was not as painful, but I think it was because partly, it's not as effective anymore that way. The next day, I was feeling great, tho the sores looked ugly. About 5 days later, the sores are still there and just as big or bigger (lip). I'm debating whether to do this again to myself - I just want these things to go away. I've started taking the Usana vitamin pack as recommended by a doctor-friend. Not exactly helpful, sorry. I have noticed that the OralMedic does not appear to be sold in the U.S. I wonder why?
Garrett in Asia 15 September 13
I've used Oral Medic three times now and all three times it's gotten rid of the pain immediately. If it keeps working like this every time I'll be ready to declare this a miracle cure!

I'm currently experimenting a bit by putting the contents in a small bottle so I don't have to use as much of the stuff each time.... but unsure if it will remain potent if I store it in a bottle. If anyone has tried this, let me know so I don't waste 50 euros :P
Bastiaan 7 December 12
i have a huge sore in my mouth ... yes i have used moral medic on it twice ...and its really not working i'have read the instructions carefully and applied it all around it .. the pain disappeared for a while and its back again ...please help
HDMI 29 September 12
For the love of GOD the pain is unbelieveable. shocking actually. but it is the only thing that works. try to stay within the area. it leaves quite a mark. tap quickly on the spot a few times to get yourself ready then count to 0
Tammy 11 September 12
Oralmedic is amazing; I've used it for years, ordering from the USA, and it's the only product that I've ever found that stops canker sores in their tracks.

I had previously used a similar product called Debacterol, but it's now unavailable for the most part. Oralmedic is its cousin and worth the cost of importing. Yes, it stings at first: you're placing acid on an ulcer! However, within a few minutes, the pain disappears, never to return. The ulcer is, in effect, cauterized, and is sealed to any food, irritants, etc. Worth. Every. Cent.
Brian 13 July 12
Good news!!
It came back to it normal size while i was sleeping during the night... and... i had my first kiss ! my boyfriend didnt feel it during the kiss! my first serious kiss was yesterday :) woohooo
HappyGirl 19 May 12
My lip just swelled up HUGE because my mom didnt read the instructions !!!! it was in my mouth for a minute and my lip is twice bigger !!!!
it was supposed to be in my mouth for 10 secs...... DAMN !
i have a date tomorrow and it may be my first kiss and how am i supposed to kiss someone with my giant lip?!!
pleaseee help, when will it go back to it normal size?!
im 14 yrs old
SadGirl 17 May 12
Hello all! I'm in Canada and just read about this product in a Canadian magazine. I haven't had a chance to look for it yet. I'm like a lot of you, had ulcers all my life, my mum had them, my daughter has them. I guess it's somewhat comforting to know lots of us are in the same boat. I'll have to find this stuff and give it a try.
Maureen 2 March 12
This works really well for me, haven't been able to get it for some time (from Tesco) but have just found it on this sites shop page, nice price too. It is important to put it on well and I find the dry cotton buds don't dry the area sufficiently so I use a piece of tissue, proper tissues that is because they don't leave fragments left behind.
Stevie 2 November 11
It works on small canker sores, but beware about using it on big ones! It can make things worse and result in big scars and infections. Also be careful about making sure it's a canker sore you have and not something like herpes. Or an unlucky combination of herpes AND canker sores at the same spot, if there's such a combination (I think there is). BTW, a softer treatment is AFTAB (triamcinolone)
james 25 July 11
I just used this for the first time, I have bought every remedy that this site sells :D and had long chat with the owner who advised me, now I have been putting off using this as I knew the pain was going to be bad bad bad, but i just did, I currently have 2 ulcers, both the size of 20 pence pieces, and yes it HURT like hell, but one of them is as numb as can be, the other; which because i am a miser, and used the same treatment; is throbbing, so am just summoning the courage to reapply it and am about to go an purchase more of his wonder stuff. I have suffered with mouth ulcers since I was 8, I am now 33, I am not anaemic as such, but have incredibly low Ferritin levels, and find the lower it gets the worse the ulcers are, I also find, if I am tired they get worse & if I already have one and have a glass of wine, by the morning it will be 3 times the size!
Jem 11 July 11
when in stress you can unconsciencely suck your inner muscus, lip against teeth and cause an ulcer mechanikly. your mounth will also be drier.
marcel 18 June 11
At present time Oralmedic is the best solution to kill the hardest sores to me. You just need to localize the very center of them (sometimes bleeding after dry treatment) and then target it with the red stick. I have noticed that the pain could last also for an additional hour after treatment. In most of the cases, you do not need to repeat the treatment at all. Just need to wait until the "memory effect" of pain disappears. And you can come back to your favourite food.
davidkano 11 April 11
my daughter just took Oral medic, it stung like mad, then formed a white srust on her ulcers (about 10) and then, her lip swelled up. She got very panicky and asked me to look it up, I see that a lot of people have swollen lips, how long does it last?
Shirli 31 March 11
I have used it a couple of times with some treatments successful and others not. There seems to be a knack to getting it right (completely based on my limited experience).
There is no point in applying if the ulcer is still growing. First time I used it the pain went but by the next day it was coming back and was almost as bad after day 2. I think the ulcer was still growing so whilst it sealed the open flesh at the time of application the new flesh became open and caused the pain.
You really have to make sure the area is dry before applying, and you have to really soak the entire ulcer in that horrible purple stuff otherwise it simply doesnt work. This rules out using one application for multiple ulcers in my opinion. Some people may have had success with this but I didnt and ended up using a second application anyway.
Judging by the pain and the feeling inside my mouth (like sucking on lemons for an hour) this stuff is not suitable for regular use. I would say its fine to use on those really nasty ones but otherwise its probably best to put up with the ucler pain.

Slightly off topic, but given that causes are mentioned here, I have worked out that I WILL get ulcers if I have 2 or more of the following:
Extreme tiredness
Weakened immune system (Nasty cold or infection)
My teeth are in need of a damn good de-scaling (surprisingly I get none or very few a month or so after visiting the dentist)
Damian 24 February 11
i found a long term preventation method!
it occurs when we lack vitamin B3, B6 and B12, i had ulcers everyday of my younger life until i started taking vitamin tablets and after 2 weeks my ulcers never returned ever
Melvin 2 February 11
Wow, finally something that works! I have been suffering from ulcers all my life and never found anything that helps. I must say that I experienced a lot of pain when I applied this product, but it is totally worth it. The ulcers seem to be covered in a white film and they don't hurt anymore. Too bad it's so expensive, but still worth it.
Stephanie 5 November 10
I have used Oralmedic (now available as Bonjela Once) and it does work for me...
I have noticed that it seems far more effective if used on about the 6-7 day of the ulcer first appearing..

If used too soon the ulcer seems to grow beyond the initial area of treatment if that makes sense...
If used on day 1 of the ulcer it seems to make it much worse.. it seems to make the ulcer much larger very quickly.. then subsequent treatments are required to ease the pain...

Chris 10 August 10
Oralmedic, I have mixed reviews.
First off, it hurt INCREADIBLY bad upon application.
One it did keep the pain at bay for a day, but it made my lip swell to twice it's size.
I followed the directions to a t, the ulcers became covered in a white film (most likely the tissue being burnt) but by the next day my ulcers that were semi close together had merged together making the canker as large as a penny.
Seeing as it's on the inside of my front lip and I am a receptionist, this makes my job very very painful.
So yes it helped, but the swelling lasted two days whereas the pain relief lasted only one and it was very expensive.
Would I repurchase, probably not.
Cynthia 27 July 10
I tried oralmedic and yes it is so painful you could willingly jump off the nearest tall building! Just wait about 30 secs tho and the paiin completely disappears - its like magic! Only prob i had was a swollen bottom lip but i probably applied it to my ulcer too long and even that subsided after a couple of hours. If you`re in a lot of pain you`d try anything.
Jackie T 22 July 10
@Howie, it's probably a 1% silver nitrate solution he had in that brown bottle. It works very well too, but is hard to get your fingers on.
Asger 28 June 10
i found new treatmant after search oral aft . i havent found any answer yet. it began in my 23 years and so on. sometimes pain is big problem no meal no talking sometimes on tongue sometimes inside mouth. it is over only in 7-10 days . so now i saw this oralmedic. and next time i will try. no chance not to try .
ismet 9 May 10
Can anyone tell me if the pain is similar to applying clove oil to an ulcer. I intially started using it for wisodm teeth sores from imapct molars but decided to try it on ulcers. It works but does sting a lot if you get it right in there. Downside to clove oil is it stings like hell and smells but will numb the pain far longer than gel applications like Bonjela and Anubesol. Just recently had an outbreak of ulcers starting with a big sider on the tongue spreading to under the tip of the tongue with several little buggers, then one either side above top canines along gum line and finally one under bottom incisors in gum line. Yummy!
Wing 9 February 10
I've found Oralmedic to be becoming increasingly less effective the more I've used it. From a miracle cure the first few times I used it, to making a recent ulcer drastically worse. A pharmacist has suggested that I may be developing a sensitivity to one of the ingredients (a specific ingredient which he recognised as having that problem). It's also possible that I've just been unlucky, or that I was over-zealous in trying to ensure that I covered the whole ulcer and did so much damage to surrounding tissue that it was bound to become ulcerated.

I'd suggest being very careful with it, though; and it may be wise to avoid overuse if possible.
Simon 21 December 09
Oralmedic is the most amazing Mouth Ulcer Treatment to date. After suffering from severe mouth ulcers for years and years I was so relieved to discover the product. The product is pricely BUT it really does work. So as far as I am concerned, if it works instantly then its worth every penny. Try it - you wont be dissapointed.
Senay December 20 20 December 09
I'm going to give this a try, but if you do suffer mouth ulcers on the tongue, get your dentist to check if you've an uneven bite. If you have you are probably grinding your teeth at night, and catching your tongue. After years of suffering, I've a mouth guard which does make a major difference. (still managed to bite my tongue though! hence reading this site!)
Karen 12 December 09
Brilliant at taking away the pain after the initial eye watering stininging that last for about a minute, after that though - no pain at all - however it has made my lip swell and i've got a date tonight - that would be good if I was a woman!!! - not in pain though, cool.
JIm L 11 December 09
A follow up from my last but one posting with regards to Oralmedic. It,s now eight days since the one off application and all i can say is "WOW" the ulcer has now gone. Don't get me wrong. The healing time has remained the same, for me that's usually 9 to 10 days but from the initial application to the finish of this ulcer episode, completely pain and all the rest that comes with an ulcer, free. From a young teenager to an old fart this has never ever happend to me, not once.
I almost want another to arrive so as i can treat it and see if it was all a dream. I did say ALMOST.........!
Jim C 10 November 09
Quite simply, this acid product is only one that works with persistant unhealing ulcers, all other "treatments" should be banned. Bonjela is good for numbing the area before applying Oralmedic (or similar acid) Just remeber to wash it away and dry the area carefully before applying..
Chris 6 November 09
Have had these little ##c#ers for most of my fifty years on and off. All of the over counter remidies, the tootpaste wonder cure that's mentioned on this website I have tried. I have been prescribed Corlan pelets that just made my mouth feel like i had been licking out a stagnant fish pond. Diets, food trigger diary. Believe me i have been through all to no avail. Along comes yet another new potion Oralmedic. Ok i am game. At £5.99 from tesco the price smarts but not as much as the smarting thats going on inside my mouth from my unwelcome visitors at present. Basically the kit consists of four Johnson bud lookalikes. Two are just plain drying buds the other two contain in the tip the potion. Dry with the plain buds first then wiggle tip of the potion bud untill you see it run down the inside the stem of the bud to the other end. The tip will become crimson red. Now for the worst bit. Place crimson tipped bud on the ulcer. When you, after thirty seconds remove yourself from the ceiling because the most painfull feeling known to man/woman has just shot through your mouth re-apply to surrounding areas coating the ulcer completly. Rinse mouth after then sit down and wait for what one can only desribe as euphoria .The pain that was my ulcer has left my head. Day 3 now and i am eating normally. Saliva has returned to normal production. no foul taste. I can now speak without sounding like i have a bag of marbles in my mouth. Looking at my ulcer, sure it's still there, looking at me, just as always but it don't hurt me anymore. It's benign. A cure?, maybe a little to early to say but three days of pain free relief has more than made up for the inital cost of the product. Watch this space for the end result.
Jim C 5 November 09
i have a big ulser on my tongue and have soo pain. but i am little bit confused:( Should i use it or not:( i cant decide.
sema 28 October 09
I had a huge ulcer on the side of my tongue and used the Boots Version u were talking about, it was amazing!!
I could hardly talk before and eating was impossible. but 2 hours after i went out for dinner with friends and had a huge meal, prawncrackers and chilli dip too! no pain at all! fantastic!
(atho application is eyewatering 20min after it was numb beyond belief)
next time i get the hint of an ulcer starting im going to use it, mine start of as pin pricks then slowly get huge so im hoping that i can catch the next one before it takes over my mouth!

Kitty 19 August 09
And for how long does the swollen lip last?? Looks terrible!
pontus pilatus 19 August 09
I have tried this medication. During application, I thought that I could kill myself (giving birth is nothing), but a several seconds after, there were NO PAIN!!!! Mirracle!
maja 20 June 09
I had the "MAGIC" CURE SENT BY THE MOUTH ULCER SHOP along with other remedies of which some worked faster some slower, all with some kind of discomfort or pain. The latest two ulcers appeared on my lips (strangely enough they seem to be moving outword which sometimes gives me hope they might finally go out completely. I followed the instructions and ended up with painfully swollen lips, unfortunately unsymetrically and therefore not very attractive. i am sorry to say ORALMEDIC made it worse.
aldona 19 June 09
ashley, i too suffer from the little blighters ,and for the past six weeks i must of gone through so many packs of oral meric,that tesco was getting to feel like home,anyway yes oral medic worked wonders ,you just have to endure the pain,but know this treatment doesnt work no more,my immune system has become to used to this stuff,back to using tcp on the little ones,and iglu and Adcortyl on the big ones,one day there will be a cure ,fingers and everything else crossed,
john byrnes 17 June 09
Like most people who have commented I to have suffered with mouth ulcers all my life, usually they are quite large, about the size of your finger nail, Like most treatments nothing seems to work, however I tried Oral medic and was impressed. Granted I was in pain during application but the ulcer soon when white and the pain was gone, although £2.50 is expensive it's worth it to get rid of the weeks of pain. My local doctor use to have a large brown bottle of liquid that he put on a cotton bud dabed the ulcer, it woked very similar to Oral medic, hurt like hell for a minute of so, then the pain went, the ulcer when white but was gone completely with 24 hours, very impressive. When asked what the liquid was he use to say it was something an old chemist friend made for him??? Unfortunatly the doctor retired several years ago and the new doctor has no recolection of the liquid and jut gives u gel.
Howie 1 June 09
I love this, I have also suffered all my life and the pain has now gone, god for £2.50 per app, what a god send. Ok pain for a few secs, after that, all gone, best thing in years!, try it and trust me its the best you can buy! Before this I would always have this pain in my mouth for the full 10 days, now 2 secs!
Bill 16 May 09
Its Friday the 13th of March and i,m two days into my first use of Oralmedic, and the ulcer is coming back! I,m toying with the idea of using it again, but I think I will give it a miss as its the 13th!
Danny J 13 March 09
It is Friday 13th of February and I have just tried ORALMEDIC for the first time... I must say that I am impressed. The pain went away in seconds and has so far not returned!

I have suffered from Mouth Ulcers since I was about 13 and have tried most of the remedies available... this is the first thing that I have tried that has worked. Maybe 26 years of discomfort has been solved!?
chris 13 February 09
Darren, there is not a week goes by where I do not have an ulcer and that cannot be right - it could be an underlying symptom for a number of things, you can't just say there is no cure - I am currently off sick because of them! I am not soft and can stand pain, I have given birth - now thats pain!!!! Oral Medic didn't bring relief after the initial pain it made my ulcer burst and made it a lot worse! I have tried all sorts of gels, mouthwashes etc etc but when you suffer with them alot like alot of people on this site seem to do you really need to get to the bottom of why you are getting them.
Lizzie 27 January 09
Lizzie, try not to worry. as you can see from this site there are plenty of people who suffer like you. i've had loads of tests and they've all been inconclusive. there is no cure for ulcers but there are things you can do to try to stop them appearing. Some people can put up with the pain from stuff like Oral Medic because it brings relief after the initial pain. keep trying stuff and you'll find something that works for you. The only cause i've ever had to worry was one that i had for 10 weeks and i found out it had got infected. got anti-biotics from teh Doc and it cleared up ok.

hope you find something that helps soon
Darren. 27 January 09
In my opinion Oral Medic is the worst treatment you could ever ever buy!!!!!!! It was so painful when I applied it, then my ulcer burst - I will never use it again and I suffer with mouth ulcers all the time, as 8 go another 8 arrive!!!! I have one on the tip of my tonge at the moment and its huge, nothing works. My doctor has referred me to the hospital for further tests so i'll see what happens from that - I'm worried.
Lizzie 26 January 09
I've used this once before on an ulcer at the front of my mouth. I recently developed the mother of all ulcers surrounded by lots of little ones on the soft tissue where your tongue joins your throat at the back... agony. I remembered oralmedic and couldn't get my hands on it quick enough. The application of it was excrutiating but then such relief....however after about 1 hour the tissue around it started to swell and of course was starting to close up my throat...got a bit fearful that I might end up not being able to breath ....but it died down after about 3 hours.
This didn't quite cure it and now I'm on to a steroid paste prescription from the doctors...Day 9 and counting..I really hope this thing goes fast.

Back to oralmedic...it worked perfectly the first time round so I think if your ulcer isn't too big it should be fine.
Corrie 8 January 09
I have just discovered this treatment and am amazed. Having suffered from ulcers for years I have at last found something that relieves the pain and allows me to enjoy a meal and talk properly. The cost is definately a down side to it though, although boots does a slightly cheeper version which contains 3 treatments in the pack. I usually suffer from a couple of ulcers a month that last up to 10 -14 days at a time so for now I am willing to pay for this amazing stuff, although I am not convinced if it speeds up the healing process at all.
Laura 24 December 08
Okay, this WORKS.

I have suffered ulcers all my life, no less than 10 at a time. But I read about oral medic, and was a little bit skeptical. But, I requested a sample off their website www.oralmedic.com, and when it came, I tried it on all 16 ulcers I had at that time.

The pain was pretty bad, it doesn't lie, but after sveral seconds, I had no pain. I bit the ulcers, I poked them, no pain. They dont go away, but they dont HURT at ALL.

Down side is, they cost £5.99 for TWO applications. Two cotton buds with the stuff in that you apply to all of the ulcers. If you suffer like me, this isnt going to be financially workable. If you have them only now and again, stock up on this stuff.

Half price at Tesco this week.
Ashley. 3 December 08

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