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Taking vitamin b complex helps prevent mouth ulcers for me. Excessive fruit/ sugar seems to cause them.
Margie Culhane 4 August 18
Hi all, like everyone hear the doctors don't know what causes my mouth ulcers and sore throat (tonsillitis) that I have had on and off since I was young. I have finally found out though trial and error that it's due to sugar and yeast. I have found a website that states it runs in family's and their is a name for it but unfortunately I can't find it atm. Due to it flairing up to sugar and yeast I take garlic tablets and multivitamins and my ulcers go away a lot faster than normal. I now try and stay away with anything with sugar and yeast.
Vector 27 July 17
SUGAR IS DEFINITELY A NO! PLAIN YOGHURT SUPER, after eating a bar of chocolate 20 mins late r I'll have beginnings of an ulcer. Bonjela gel useless, Bonjela liquid that you paint on (leaves a coating over the top ) SO painful I have epilepsy so suffer quite bad ones!!
Beverley 6 May 17
My son was hospitalised with mouth ulcers as they were so large he could no longer swallow water and his face had blown out of shape with them. I completely understand your frustrations and pain!! Doctors have never been able to tell us what caused and still causes his ulcers (he's only 11) however he's been trailed having daily doses of Vitamin B12. What a difference this makes! Good sleep, good food, low sugar and B12, those things really help.
Emma Bowen 15 February 17
I discovered the cause of mine when I was a teenager. Every time I went to movies and ate Jaffas, bingo! Later found that I had grass allergies and sugar is
basically a grass. I am now 70 and ten years ago discovered Solagran's Bioeffective A, now sold as Taiga in Australia. It has a great effect on the immune system and my allergies are mostly non existent.
Peter Bell 3 January 17
Difflam and non brand equivalent even better ... I have a cracker back of mouth just waiting to bloom! Spray hits the spot to give a little time to eat and drink. I have another 5 dotted in and around and a stonker on my bottom lip... The pain is unbearable and... like many of you doctor can give answers. Seeing a gastroenterologist in few months .... could be ibs causing them. Seem to flare up few days just before period and stay for a week or so after so have just a few days or a week if I'm lucky without them ...then it starts all over again so GP put me on pill in case it's hormones ... 2 week in but need to give 3 months to see if this is the case. Some mornings I just don't want to get up cos the pain so bad. Can't eat or drink or speak or sleep properly. I feel your pain !!! Taken on board the sugar thing ... need to check amount of sugar in pills etc and all the other potions lathered onto these little nasty things! It's relentless and any other advice greatly redeliver.
Kayenne 24 November 15
I have to agree with everyone who has mentioned sugar. If I have a refined sugar eg. Chocolate, an ulcer will appear in the space of half an hour. I eat a lot of fruit and only now has it come to my attention that this is also a factor for the ulcers. When I can remember, I take vitamin c daily. It's a great habit to get in to. It's not until I have five or six ulcersi n my mouth that I remember the vitamin c and swear to never eat any form of sugar again! However, I am glad I am not the only one who is having issues with ulcers and sugar!
MCW- Australia 27 July 15
Over the past cople of years I have been prone to mouth ulcers. They pop up of their own accord or if i accidentaly bite my lip/gum. My bottom lip is the most badly affected and now have scarring because they are so cavernous. I went to the GP and after being prescribed multiple mouthwashes, steroids and having plenty of blood tests Ive been told "we don't know what it is and there is nothing we can do to help you"
I've found than Anbesol liquid (NOT THE GEL, it just slides off) helps with pain but the pain of applying it is more painful than the ulcer.
Salt water stings a tiny bit but the ulcer goes numb for a little while. Basically, ive found a lot of short term solutions but nothing that actually prevents them occuring. The only time they disappear quickly, if appear at all is when im on holiday in the sun!
Does anyone have any reccomendations for products from this site? These horrible little things are really starting to get me down!
Jodie 27 January 15
I have had ulcers all my life. I eventually broke the cycle after reading an article on the Internet. It suggested using a toothpaste that didn't contain SLR's such as Arm &hammer baking soda toothpaste. It had an immediate effect by reducing the time and severity of the ulcer and I now find I rarely get ulcers at all.
Marcus Maximus 26 January 15
Looks like most people agree SUGAR is the culprit. Stay away from all forms sugar for awhile and see if the mouth sores don't stop. Yes your whining already, but you weigh the sacrifice verses the cure! and stop whining already!
Sugar addicts? 11 January 15
Frador.... Best thing for ulcers. I have 4 right now including one on my gum. Tried everything, bonjela, pellets from gp, mouthwashes etc but only frador helps. Cheap off frador website. Not every chemist stocks it over the counter though
Natalie 1 December 14
Hi I suffer with them on a monthly basis very painful, And I've tried every treatment going however a friend told me to rub sugar into them!! I have just tried this and it does seem to reduce the pain. Not sure if it will make them heal up any quicker as I have only just tried it, but its a great tip for pain relief.
Dawn 26 December 13
I'm just glad to find other people who have a mouth ulcer problem! I have three right now and after trying everything (including a gluten free diet), I am starting to think it may be sugar. It is nice to bond with people who keep getting inflicted with evil ulcers!
Adele 7 January 13

You can get hydrocortisone pellets if you haven't tried them already. Also, there is a new bonjela which is fantastic for the pain. It creates a cover and stays there for a while allowing one to eat. As your pharmacist for both of these.
Dell 14 December 11
I started with them 5 months ago. Can't eat, can't sleep, can't speak very well! Bonjela, rubbish. Difflam mouthwash, worsens. Rinstead pastilles, worsens. 400mg ibuprofen and a teaspoon of high strength Manuka honey, held in the mouth as long as possible and then don't drink or eat for 2 hours - hallelujah, a complete nights sleep! There is no sign of them going but at least the pain is reduced enough to sleep. Have to admit to not trying the difflam spray, but am loathed to try any more manufactured products. Will keep you posted on how quickly the honey clears them, if at all! For info, I used the 25+ Manuka honey, expensive, but if it works it will be worth every penny to me.
Sara from Lincolnshire 19 October 11
chewing on kava or kava pills takes away the pain and heals the sores
freind2all 5 August 11
can anyone help, i gave up smoking about 4 months ago and i am constantly getting mouth ulcers and its driving me mad, throat , tongue lips and inside cheeks, i am seriously thinking about smoking again as it seems to have preventive measures.
mark from manchester 16 June 10
I've had the same problem with mouth ulcers for over 45 years. Here's a summary of what works for me. Whenever I ate sugar I'd get those rotten things would erupt in my mouth and sometimes throat as well, and sometimes in as little as 20 minutes.
Most topical treatments reduced the pain temporarily but made the ulcers stay longer! (I haven't tried Difflam though)
A dab of Tea Tree oil or Eucalyptus Oil, or a 50 /50 mix of both works better than anything I found in the chemist to reduce the pain & duration of ulcers.
Also' they don’t taste too good, but sucking a Vitamin B tablets 3 times a day usually gets rid of them in a day or two.
Provided you can tolerate dairy foods, Natural Yoghurt (Not the flavoured crap) also helps.

Large doses of Lysine works well too (often prescribed for cold sores or herpes) I take 5 to 10 x 500mg tablets at the first sign of mouth ulcers or cold sores then 3 a day till the suckers are gone. Don’t worry about having too much Lysene it is an essential amino acid.
Prevention is always better than cure so eliminate all refined sugar especially chocolate because the Arginine in chocolate is like steroids for some viruses. If you are stressed, or have ulcers it's also best to avoid fruit until they’re gone. Sure the natural sugar in fruit isn't as bad as refined cane sugar (or HFCS which is even worse) but it can still aggravate your ulcers. You can use EFT or hypnosis to clear your sugar craving and help with pain and stress as well.
Foods to AVOID COMPLETELY; Sugar, Fructose, HFCS, and any artificial sweeteners.
Foods to avoid when you HAVE ulcers; Coffee, Nuts, Beans, Fruits especially Bananas & Citrus. Some people also do better without wheat and alcohol.
Foods that help; Fresh Vegetables especially Celery & Cucumber. Yoghurt, Grilled Fish and Red Meat.
Find an effective way to deal with stress, emotions and sugar / chocolate cravings. EFT, NLP & Hypnosis have worked well for me.
I hope this helps.

Good Luck
Russell Cunningham
Russell Cunningham 15 June 10
I don’t find that salt works either. Bonjela causes more pain on application than it actually relieves and it doesn’t last that long. I’m in a lot of pain at least once a month. They fire up (literally) in the more or less the same places and I’m probably due one on my lip within the next few days. The doctor couldn’t explain them but was visibly shocked by the size of one (2cm by 1 cm roughly). And to think that I work on an enquiry line.
Martin 26 April 03
Adcortyl in orabase at night shortens lifespan of ulcer quite dramatically. Incidently this is my first ulcer free day in years. I bet I’ll have twelve before bedtime. I agree with you about sugar - also fruit is a killer with me - but you cant give that up can you.
nadia 26 April 03
The sole cause of my mouth ulcers is sugar. Whenever I increase my intake of sugar (for example around Easter time with chocolate) the ulcers pop up literally overnight. They are painful and distressing and irritating. I get terrible ulcers at the back of my mouth on the bottom of my tongue to the side, so every move my mouth makes when I’m eating is like a piece of glass being used to stab my tongue over and over.

I don’t know if it’s available in the US. It’s available here where I live, Ireland, so I would imagine it’s available in the UK. Anyway, it’s called ”Difflam”. It’s an oral spray which kills pain instantly wherever you spray it (e.g. onto a sore throat). Personally I swear by it! And no I don’t work for the company that make it. My stress levels would be through the roof without it!

Also, I find Bonjela is terrible! I used to use it when I was young (before I entered my teens) but for the ulcers I get these days it is completely useless! Seriously, I am surprised that company is still in business! Also, Rinstead is another one I found terrible, and mouthwash is no help! The alcohol just irritates them!

So while Difflam is great for pain, it definitely doesn’t help the healing process. Personally I don’t find that salt works at all. And I am completely sick and tired of getting these oral f*ckers! They can ruin every moment of the day!

Can anyone suggest a treatment that truly works?

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