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After dealing with Mouth Ulcers since the 6th grade, I finally found a doctor that helped me. I had blood tests done multiple times, herpes tests etc, all came out negative. As it turns out, I have always had a sensitive stomach, and this is causing ulcers in my mouth. I have acid reflux and the acid is causing me to get ulcers in my mouth, not just my stomach. Stomach ulcers are also known for causing the same symptoms, so I am at a complete loss for words that it took 15 years to discover this. So instead of taking oral steroids to get rid of the ulcers, only to have them re-appear in 2 weeks, my doctor prescribes an antibiotic. Since the problem isn't viral, it can be treated. It is worth talking to your doctor about.
Jennifer 7 November 08
Jennifer -did doctor prescribe acid blocker? I tried Prilosec OTC for 14 days (per directions) only to have one of the worst doctor had prescribe Nexium for acid reflux but it is very expensive. Good luck!
Kerry 10 November 08
i think it is a stress related disease,,,food sensitive ,,,i am suffering for 20 years
i wish i can find treatment,,i am now usin cortisone injectin and its good,,but i use to heal sever cases
ahmed 18 November 08
i have either a wisdom teeth coming in or i have a ulcer in the back of my mouth that i keep bitting on it and a swolen back lower gum it hurts like crazy
jacob 19 November 08
My son has been afflicted with these since he was a three weeks old. I just cannot understand why we cannot get them under control. He is now 12 and has already missed 14 days of school since the first 9 weeks. It is something he lives with (although HOW is beyond me) every day. At times he can go for a couple months with nothing. And other times he can just be getting over some and he can feel a new one coming on. He has had them on his tongue, his cheeks and inside his lips. they are NEVER on the outside of his mouth. He also used to get sores (boil looking things) on either butt cheek. I am desperate to find an answer! They have told him he has everything from Food Allergies to Herpes. Doctors don't know and they keep switching up his medication in hopes of finding something that works. Right now they have my 12 yr old son on a Herpes medication. I just don't understand it.
Teresa 21 November 08
We really are (literally) what we eat and almost 100% of health problems (including mouth ulcers) are down to eating something our bodies do not like. Try eliminating foods for a period of time (such as dairy and/or refined sugars) to see if that helps. Keep a DETAILED food diary and correlate ulcers outbreaks to foods (including drinks).
Brian 22 November 08
my heart goes out to you Teresa, its hard being a mum without a problem like that, what a brave lad he must be!
morag 23 November 08
i keep getting mouth ulcers since the summer. ?my gums at times peel near the tooth. My dentist did a brush biopsy of the peeling and it came fine. However, the mouth ulcers are coming every two weeks or so. iwent to oral surgeon, he wants to do more detailed biopsy. He also said it could be do to hormones,stress,or my immune system. Im at wits end with all of this. Any ideas
bella 1 December 08
have you recently started on the oral contraceptive pill? there is definately a hormone link. Also, what about diet? it could be due to a vitamin deficiency. keep searching and don't give up.
tammy 1 December 08
My recurrent mouth ulcers are getting worse and worse. Recently i asked another dentist what I could do and he suggested that if I could stand it I should do a fresh lime juice mouthwash since i) lime is full of vitamin c, and ii) lime/lemon juice will 'cook' the ulcer the same way it sears raw fish or meat. Ouch. Is there any chance this is true, or is the dentist a sadistic maniac? Does anyone know whether acidic foods which hurt ulcers when you eat them make the ulcers worse (eg raw tomato, lime, salt), or as the dentist suggests, could they be beneficial despite the pain?
Greta 1 December 08
Teresa, funny you should mention that your son has had the "boil" looking sores on his butt. I used to get these rather frequently when I was about that age, but I can't definitley remember having mouth ulcers back then, I just know I've been getting them in bad doses since sometime in high school. I've been tested for everything also.. HPV etc and all came back negative, god only knows why your GP has him on herpes meds, but then again I'm no quack!!

Greta, I've currently got three ulcers in my mouth and found that any type of remedy that actually works does tend to hurt/sting when applied... except Kenalog, which just tastes disgusting and I didn't really find it worked that well anyway. But I normally lick my finger, pour a little salt on(fine salt) apply it directly onto the ulcers and then go about pulling the worst faces while the salt does it's trick. I have to do this over a sink as it makes me salivate rather badly with the pain from the salt.
As for how I keep getting them.... well, so far I've nailed it down to tomatoes which I still choose to eat in very small doses albeit I do pay for if I eat too much!! & also if I chew any type of gum or eat breath freshening mints(especially Extra branded stuff)... I think it has something to do with the additives in it, but havn't really looked into that yet, I just stay away from those type of things now.
Benny 1 December 08
Teresa, have you considered Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease or Celiac Disease as a cause of your son's troubles? Celiac, in particular, sometimes produces skin outbreaks or Dermatitis Herpetiformis as a sometimes-symptom. Doctors often miss Celiac in considering a cause for mouth ulcers.
TomF 1 December 08
Use perscription strength acyclovir or valtrex daily, it works great and has been a real miracle cure for me!
Hope 11 December 08
i have had ulcers for years as usual, my doctor cannot find a cause.Of late i have started to get ulcers with oral thrush i feel so run down.Im stuck on what to use i also get headaches and fever.I find salt gargle to be helpful but all the other things like bonjela, tcp are not very helpful.iM STUCK
sophia 18 February 09
can anyone help i get lots of small ulcers all around my mouth my lips swell up, under my toung even my glands swell up it lasts about a week or 2 i loose a lot of weight because i cant eat or drink
adriaan 8 March 09
I have been an ulcer sufferer all my life and it STINKS! I am particularly susceptible to them when I am run down/stressed when I get them on my tongue/back of throat and in the crease between my cheeks and gums.

I donít know where she found out but once when I was in tears eating a piece of crusty bread my mum remembered hearing that SUCKING an effervescent vitamin c tablet (like Berocca) on the actual ulcer can cure them (can be an issue when its at back of throat but try to get it as close as possible). I tried this and it stings like mad but honestly the next morning the main pain is taken out and if you keep at it every few hours youíll find they are gone in daysÖ

Has anyone else found as they get older (Iím 28) that you get them in the back of the throat more?? I am avoiding wine and alcohol as they are really acidic and always buy an alcohol free mouth wash!

Boo 8 March 09
Mine seem to really pop up when I return to citrus fruit after a significant period away from citrus fruit. I'm sure someone can explain the vitamin/acid causation behind this. I put soda powder or salt on them for a day or two. This seems to speed up their exit.
Kirk 9 March 09
I'm just suffering my second bout of severe ulcers in the past 3 weeks, all at the back of my throat. I originally thought it was because i was run-down and stressed, and this could very well have contributed to the break-out. However after reading these posts i've found some common activities. I should mention that i have never really suffered from ulcers, i remember maybe only 2 isolated incidents prior to 2009 and they were one-off ulcers, not a whole bunch like i get now. So, how do i think i get them?
- Extra Chewing Gum!!!
Thanks to Benny (December 1), i think i've found the cause. My ulcer break-outs relate directly to when i've started to chew extra gum. For all those that don't chew and their ulcers are do to a different cause, here's what i find has helped.
1. Kenalog is good if ulcers aren't at the back of the throat. Cover the ulcer just before you go to bed and leave it alone. Two nights and you should see drastic improvement.
2. Difflam spray gives really good short term pain relief but doesn't cure the ulcer.
3. Bonjela is not bad for short term pain relief but will not cure the ulcer as well as Kenalog.

NB: If the doctor prescribes anti-biotics to help with throat infection it is a good idea to get a pro-biotic. These come in capsules or a sweet milk-like drink. I've heard that they also come in losenges, which are reportedly great for throat ulcers, but i haven't been able to find any.

Hope this helps someone/anyone and fingers crossed my ulcers go away and don't return since, starting today, i've quit chewing gum for good!
Anthony 25 March 09
I'm bouncing around on all the threads now to see if there's something I've missed. On another thread I posted that I believe tongue sores are, (for me at least), have an elevated intensity. They are always so much more severe than the ones on the inside's of my mouth or lips. A lot of that is due to the fact that you need your tongue for so many actions. Anyway, the latest thing I tried is Oral B Amosan, suggested by Alexandra. I had high hopes, but it's not proving too effective for this monster tongue sore. Possibly it will assist with less severe outbreaks, and I would recommend it to anyone else who hasn't already tried it. It's pretty inexpensive and worth a shot.
I appreciate the suggestions here by Anthony. And, I agree completely that there should be a cause for this affliction. Anthony found it with gum. I know for sure sugar exacerbates any sores you have, but I've completely cut out sugar for months and, although it *is* an important thing to eliminate from your diet, it didn't turn out to be my cause.
The bottom line that I believe is, it's some sort of deficiency and/or allergy. All these topical remedies are only dealing with the symptom, but not the cause. I think we want the cause, and then the cure will be forever. The things I've tried are eliminating certain foods....adding certain vitamins and minerals...drinking more water....herbs..... Possibly this will spark ideas in others here. Post back with any great revelations.
Tony 25 March 09
I have been blighted by mouth ulcers for years; well if you can call the ulcers some of them are as big as craters and so painful.
I am under the dental hospital and have tried a number of treatments, pastes, gels, sprays and steroids. Nothing seems to stop them or even offer any form of relief.
Well here is a thing. After seeing a recent photo of myself I gasped and decided to loose half a stone. I eat far too much bread so decided to cut it out.
Guess whatÖÖ.. NO MOUTH ULCER FOR THREE WEEKS !!!!! After loosing 5lb I decided to have the occasional sandwich at lunchtime and yes you have got it. I have got a mouthful of these craters about 8 or so, they are so bad I cannot talk properly.
I am not had any bread since yesterday so will keep you posted
Maria 26 March 09
I used to get alot of mouth ulcers, I was advised by a food allergy person to give up all CITRIC ACID well this is added to sooooo many foods, snacks, sauces, boiled sweets etc many you don't expect to find it in even shampoo and make up remover, its everywhere! you really need to read all your labels.
I believe its because we absorb so much of it, but there are alternatives items out there and even reducing it will help.
This really worked for me and please give it go
Pat 1 April 09
Im currently in bed for the past 3 days with a mouth ulcer in the back of my throat...the second time I've gotten one here and its hell!I've been getting them for about three years and each time I lose weight, not being able to eat, I miss work for days at a time and the pain is unbearable!I was taking steroids for prevention and a shorter healing period, but they did nothing for me. I'm at my wits end, they're driving me mental.
I went to an oral hygienest last Autumn, they said it could hae been related to my birth control pill,but I've sice stopped taking it, and I still can't understand why they're so bad!!!
Can anyone shed some light...I cant stick the pain!
Melissa 1 April 09
i have had mouth ulcer for 18 years on and off . 2008 was abad year for me i had a mouth full of the craters and they made my live hell, i had previously been under guys hospital with them,i have had every mouth wash and gel ,the magic sticks ,watched what i eat and drunk but nothing work.At the beginning of november i had a tongue full of the monsters my mouth felt like it did not belong to me, i was in pain all the time, could not eat,drink or sleep i was lucky if i got two hours dentist got me an appointment at the oral clinic where i saw an oral surgery who could not belive i had had this craters in my mouth for three months.he did some blood test,which i said i had before,he said they had looked for the wrong thing.he was looking for my folic levels,this came back at 1.2 ,the normal level is 15 to 20 so mine was very low indeed, i also had a biopsys done which came back ok.i have now been on FOLIC ACID for 3 1/2 months and my mouth is fine with no pain or ulcers. i hope this helps.
lyn 3 April 09
I have been suffering from chronic mouth ulcers since 1990 and have tried everything to cure them. Sometimes I am in so much discomfort I canít eat or sleep or talk. I can be free of ulcers for a few days and then they are back sometimes with vengeance and itís not unusual for me to get 15/20 in my mouth and inside my tongue at one time.
I have tried most things like mouthwashes but nothing works. I have however had some relief by taking B12 tablets daily but the Ulcers return eventually. After research on the Internet I found a link with Chlorine and Fluoride in tap water to mouth ulcers so for the past week I have omitted Chlorine and Fluoride from my diet by drinking spring water and my ulcers have somewhat eased. I am only into my first week of this and things are looking very promising. Iíll let you know how things are going in a month or so if you are interested.

Jonathan 18 April 09
Hello everyone. I'm from New Zealand. Right now, I have 4 ulcers sitting inside my mouth, 2 of them are right next to each other like round studded earrings! I've never had so many at the same time. JONATHAN I feel sorry for you- 15 ulcers must be totally unbearable! Have just spoken to my mum and she suggests I go see the doctor. I'm not motivated to go see the doctor. I've had ulcers every since I was a teenager and now I'm mid-20's. They are fairly random - sometimes I am OK for two or so months without them, and other times I get them week after week and each of them lasts for nearly 2 weeks! I had tried everything from Kenalog gel, to BonGel, to salt mouthwashes to putting salt on the ulcer (it STINGS). I don't know what I can do to make them heal! Life sucks with these, as I can't enjoy a nice dinner let alone talk properly to people. It's worse when I'm eating with people they have no idea how hard it is to eat, and talk too.
Helen 20 April 09
I hope my experience with this can help some of you. I have had mouth ulcers on and off since I was young so I have done a lot of research on it. However, over the years I have come to realize that birth control pills definitely were my biggest problem. When I was on the pill I would get them constantly. As soon as one would heal another would take it's place. I have been off of the pills now for about 8 years and in that time I have had maybe between 8-10 canker sores the whole time. So for the ladies that have them, I would consider looking at other birth control methods or at least try changing to a different type of pill and see if you have better results. I do think it also has to do with acid reflux (I had this also) and possibly a vitamin deficiency. So you definitely want to eat right and make sure you are taking a multi-vitamin. Also, if it helps anyone, I have tried every single product out there and the best thing that I have found to relieve pain and help in healing is simply hydrogen peroxide. I have found that using hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash helps heal the sores quicker. When I have an ulcer I brush my teeth more often, at least every time after you eat, and SLOWLY swish the peroxide around the mouth or gargle lightly if they are in the throat. Vigorous swishing just irritates more. Try using the peroxide at least 4-5 times a day. Sores in your mouth take longer to heal than anywhere on your body because of the wet environment and because your mouth has more bacteria in it than any other place on your body. The peroxide helps to keep it clean and it will heal faster.
Angie 21 April 09
I know what works for one person does not necessarily work for another regarding mouth ulcers.
Over the years, and there has been a lot of years suffering with a mouth ulcers, I have tried everything.
Helen, thank-you for your kind words.
If you read my previous offering I told you that I had abstained from using tap water, thus omitting chlorine and fluoride from my diet.
I have to tell you that I have now been free of mouth ulcer for three weeks.
This is a first for me in many long years.
If anyone wants detailed information on how I achieved this please state an interest and I will post it on this web site.
Jonathan 24 April 09
Does anyone know of a natural bacteria killer that you can swallow, because my tongue ulcers go away when I am on an antibiotic called Clarithromycin 500mg 2X per day.
Rose 26 April 09
I too, like you all, have been a sufferer for many years. The chloride / fluoride thing makes sense to me Jonathan, as whenever I have travelled to Asia and been forced to use bottled water more than tap water ( which I use all the time at home), the mouth ulcers have subsided but I have always put it down to the fact I was on holiday, relaxed and threrfore not stressed and run down! I'd be really interested in hearing more about how you've achieved omitting these two from your diet.
Angie 2 May 09

When I read your reply stating that when you were on holiday and your ulcers eased, that really reminded me of my own situation.

I live in East Sussex in the UK and have researched the content of the tap water provided by South East water. They seem pretty switched on about adding Fluoride but it seems Chlorine has to be added as part of the cleaning process nationwide. On the other hand I work in London and because I am a keen runner could consume anything up to 4 litres of tap water a day.

What I did was I boiled up saucepans full of water and simmer for 10 mins; this according to research will remove the chlorine and fluoride. I use this as drinking water and for making tea. I purchased a plastic jug from Asda for £1.50p and store it in the fridge; I also fill up old water bottles and mix it with orange squash, which I take to work, or when Iím out and about. It is a pain because you canít drink tea or coffee in snack bars but I have turned to hot chocolate made with all milk

After you have cooled the water in the saucepan and are decanting it into a jug you will notice a residue in the dregs of the water; Iím not sure what this is but I discard it.

It is a bit of a bind when you first start this new regime but it soon becomes a way of life. From the second day of the exclusion of chlorine and fluoride my, mouth ulcers eased and after a few days they had completely disappeared and I have been ulcer free for over a month; which is a first in 20 years.

What you have to remember is that you canít survive on boiled water, you have to have some natural water. I use still spring water which I have every day to balance it all out. I got some from Asda for £2.50 for 6 x 1.5 litre bottles its called ďHarrogate SpaĒ Iím not sure where you live but Iím sure you can find a decent cheap spring water on sale. When you look at the ingredients of the bottled water you will notice it has ďChlorideĒ and ďFluorideĒ again after researching the web I am told these are found naturally in water but please check because I read somewhere cheaper bottled water may contain High levels of Fluoride. Chloride is not Chlorine.

The other day when showering in London after a run, I accidentally got a mouth full of water and for the rest of the day my mouth was tingling. I no longer use tap water to clean my teeth I use a glass of the boiled water and I got some fluoride free toothpaste for £2.50 from a health shop

This regime works for me; Iím not saying all the facts within are correct but I have hit on something that has given me relief from ulcers, which in the past has somewhat, ruined my life for 20 years.
AngieÖ you as a fellow sufferer will know what Iím saying. If you try this method I do hope it works for you. Please let me know
Kind regards

Jonathan 3 May 09
I am also suffering from mouth ulcers. Recently I have been told to rub coffee granules or cheese in the infected area. I usually take vitamin C tablets (chewable) 500mg/day but I am not sure if they really spead up the healing process.
George 7 May 09
I am having mouth ulcer since 3 years but mostly on the toungue with red pathes and a small growth. Mamy allopathic medicines did not given any cure and now I am on Homeopathy. Anyone got fully cured with Homeopathy. Now for past 3 months I also have a small growth on the toungue covered with patches.
hari 7 May 09
I am goin to the doctors but i have been suffering for 12 years now i have one at the miniute its the sive of my thumb
Jack trevaskis 17 May 09
I suffer with ulcers, and have just discoverd in the last few days a good way of removing the pain and helping get rid of the ulcer quickly. What you do is crush an asprin into a powder apply this to the ulcer and keep it on as long as possible before rinsing your mouth, it will ease the pain straight away and help cure it.

Hope that this method helps.
Martin 20 May 09
I'd been getting those nasty mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember. I'm now 15 and have tried absolutely EVERYTHING. Nothing seems to have any effect on the healing process. I have seen a doctor a few times, and have been prescribed stuff that don't even work or make it more bearable... It's getting worse; I've not been 'ulcer-free' for nearly a month and they have begun developing outside my mouth, on my lips.

If any of you have tried anything, but Bonjela, salt, Kenalog, Zavirax, lemon etc., and it work please do let me know. I'd really appreciate it as, even after around eight years I did not find a way of dealing with it.
Thanks in advance!
Izzy 22 May 09

Try seeing an Acupuncturist or AcuEnergetics practitioner as they understand the meridians (energetic channels) and other underlying issues that are connected to mouth ulcers, and so can treat them. Also meditation helps. Good luck!
CJ 24 May 09

You may want to have your son evaluated by an immunologist. My son has been seeing one and has a tentative diagnosis of Behcet's Syndrome. I believe lesions on the genitals are a hallmark symptom of this disorder as are the mouth ulcers. My son takes colchicine on a daily basis and it seems to help with the severity of the ulcers.
MJM 49 2 June 09
Hi Izzy,

my darling son (9 yrs old) suffers with recurrent aphthous stomatitis mouth ulcers. has for 5 years. we have tried everything there is to try. diarised life and food & ingredients. there is nothing you can take. however, to stop the pain i highly and most definitely recommend "lidocaine". its an anaesthetic gel and your gp will prescribe it to you.

evana 19 July 09
recurrent mouth ulcers can also be a sign of crohns disease as crohns affects anywhere from mouth to anus so often ulcers are sympthomatic of crohns
dietitian 29 July 09
Hi i suffering with some very nasty ulcers at the back of my mouth, now it if that was not bad enuff i also have swine flu !
the flu is being keeped under control with tami lu drugs but the ulcers now that another game all together, i have been using hot tea in the morn to numb thepaineso i can get some food down.
For the rest of the day i use a cold and flu drink and some numbing spray, i also use a mouth wash called Oraldene, very good to take the edge off . try any of this hope it helps.
gavie j 30 July 09
Hi it's so interesting to read everyone's posts- I have ulcers at the back of my throat and a sore throat with it too- i was all achy the night before last & yesterday, & was worried in case it was swine flu but the doctor said it was a viral infection- but she wouldn't give me tami flu! She instead prescribed Aciclovir for herpes. I came off my pill- femulen on monday and its now thursday- i'm wondering is there a link with my body getting rid of the pill in my system- could it have affected my immune system?... therefore giving me these ulcers ? the doctor did prescribe it rather quickly- but I'm scared to take the Aciclovir as I'm breastfeeding & worried about it getting into my milk- i need natural remedies! I am feeling better- no aches now but just the ulcers & sore throat. Any ideas? regarding diet aswell? Thanks
Nina 30 July 09
well well well..i have had mouth ulcers since i was small...but in the last 6-8 yeras i made a significant may sound funny or weird far it has solved my problem.....for some reason i decided to watch my sugar after trying all sorts of things. i could not eat without using my oral anesthetic gels. They could get so bad that i have permanent scares on my tongue till today. One xmas i decided no candy no sweet drinks no confectionery..the Ulcers disappeared! ..but for how long could i live like that...not very!..the i decided to drink imported sweet drinks and not those produced locally..i live in West Africa...the ulcers stayed away....I put sugar in my tea...the ulcers returned. I ate problems..i ate apple pie with sugar coating..the ulcers returned..So i concluded that i should not consume sugar in the raw cubes..coatings..frosted stuff etc....ulcers never returned. i cant explain it but its the fact. I have been on sweeteners for my beverages for the past 8 yrs
Lyna 31 July 2009 31 July 09
I completely agree that the ulcers are a result of what comes in contact with your oral mucosa. I have improved mine dramatically by following the advice I found in this web site. I changed my toothpaste to Squigle; that started the road to recovery. It made them less frequent, but they did not went away completely. I started to pay attention to what I eat in a regular basis. I eliminated Colas, and that improved them more, but It wasn't until I gave up all diet (sodas)and Low calorie beers that they went away completely. I have not have a flare up for many months now. I still drink my beer but never low calories ones.
Jguard 1 August 09
Hi there all the folk like me who suffer from 'inside cheek mouth ulcers' - mine at times seems as if they are huge and so painful covering the full size of my inside cheek at times. I have had recurring ulcers now for years, never ever really getting rid of them. I have discovered that when I have for example chips with salt and vinegar they are 100% worse and also most toothpastes irritate them also especially the 'whitening toothpastes with bicarbonate of soda is a no-no for me! . I also gave up drinking wine to see if this was the cause. There are some good herbal tootpastes on the shelves and they really are helpful. I also suspect fruit like pineapple, mangos and grapes the really juicy fruits for me can also a trigger, it is so difficult to really find what the cause is and at least eliminating some culprits it can make the pain bearable.
I would be grateful if any others share the same culprit food or fruits that I suspect is the trigger.
Liz 12 August 09
Hey guys Ive been having mouth ulcers for over a year now and thought I could share some of my knowledge.

First off I have done hours of research on this topic and browsed hundreds of forums with people suffering with the same condition. I am no way qualified and only listing what has helped me and others.

After quitting smoking, any increase in mouth ulcers will be temporary, and you should not let it deter you from stopping smoking. However if the problems persist then there may be an underlying reason however the cigarettes have been preventing this. I donít recommend smoking as a cure.

First off if you are a newbie but getting recurrent mouth ulcers go to the doctors and get all the tests and blood work done. If like me you have done this and find that the doctors are USELESS and that recommendations of stress and Corsodyl mouthwash are even more useless then I might be able to help identify your cause.


I think it is important to list symptoms you have i.e. when the ulcers appear and where and other symptoms.

My symptoms include mouth ulcers but these present themselves usually on the tip of the tongue. I always have one on the tip of the tongue and it is reddened like the lining is weakened by something. The ulcers usually appear a night but then they can spread and get bigger which I think is weird. Because my tongue lining is weekend I then get more ulcers due to certain foods and the cycle continues.

I also get very dry lips and when my mouth gets bad skin on my upper palette, and especially in both corners of the inside mouth and inner cheeks. The skin and gums almost rots and becomes loose which eventually turns into an ulcer.
James 5 October 09
my daughter and grandaughter suffer from mouth ulcers and have done for years, their problem is oranges, whenever they eat or drink anything with oranges they suffer mouth ulcers. you have to check labels on everything because its in a lot of food and drinks. hope this helps .
fran 17 October 09
I've been dealing with mouth ulcers for about 3 years now. I found on my own that it is food related, simply by analyzing my diet over months. CITRIC ACID on a frequent basis will causes me to get one. I also believe that some type of supplement in MULTI-VITAMINS will cause me to get an ulcer. I have eliminated vitamins and citric acid out of my diet and stay free of mouth ulcers. The moment I have a product with CITRIC ACID for a couple days, "bam" I develop an ulcer. Energy drinks, Citrus drinks, and Juices are the worst. Once you figure the main cause of it you may also find that more than one specific thing causes a "hit". I wish I knew what specific component of the Multi-vitamin I was allergic to. I miss taking vitamins and feel as though I need a multi vitamin supplement in my diet. Once I get health insurance again my first goal will be to visit an Allergist and get some extensive testing done.

The mouth ulcer sucks, they are painful and usually last a couple of weeks for me. It is odd that it has to run some sort of cycle before fading out, nothing helps. As long as I stay away from CITRIC ACID containg products and VITAMINS I have no issues. I've dealt with allergies my entire life, and feel as though its just a new way my body has decided to tell me stop. Good luck with your search!
DD 22 December 09
PS - my mouth ulcers always appear on some part of the inside of my mouth lining. It starts out as a little redness and then day by day turns into a painful type of pit. The pit is relatively small, but feels like a monster. Roughly the size of this letter "o", depending on your display resolution of course!
DD 22 December 09
Hi All,

I've had mouth ulcers since I was nine...I'm now 22! After reading all your posts I realised that I'm not the only one. I have been diagnosed with Major Ulcers, I have spoken to a doctor, dentist & dietician and have concluded that as mouth ulcers are a strain of the Herpes Virus, it helps to use a similar treatment. Doctors treat Herpes with an amino acid called 'L-Lysine' you can get this in capsule form at most Health Stores. I have used this for the last 3 months and they have almost gone completely...however I ran out of my tablets about a week ago and I now have a huge one on my tonsil making it hard to eat & drink.

To ease the pain I use:- Bonjella - A topical analgesic, Corsodol - Mouth wash with numbing properties as well as antiseptic and Raw Salt directly onto the ulcer. Raw Salt stings like mad, but it essentially fries your ulcer and kills it, after that it's usually gone in a day or to. Once you've ever put raw salt on an ulcer, it's hard to ever bring yourself to do it again.

The L-Lysine really helped me so please try it and let me know your feedback. P.s. tablets work best if taken before eating.
Daisy5 26 December 09
Reading many of these messages, I realise how lucky I've been to escape until recently with just the occasional ulcer. That changed after a major operation when I had an 'unexpectedly large' haemorrhage. A transfusion didn't make up for the blood loss completely and during the following weeks when I was taking 'iron' tablets for anaemia, I suffered 'waves' of mouth ulcers. The most effective treatment I had was 'Betnesol 0.5mg' soluble tablets prescribed when I finally consulted my GP. The Betnesol tabs are dissolved in 20mls of water and used as a mouth wash, before being spat out. I think Betnesol contains cortisone. I found this , supplemented with a mouth wash of two soluble, Paracetamol tablets, which could of course, be swallowed, were of enormous help.

One of the 'paint-on' products I tried was 'Iglu' and whilst this may be of use for the occasional ulcer, I found it quite impractical. It's a gel which has to be applied to a dry surface or it won't adhere - it just clags up and turns into a granular lump if it comes into contact with moisture and even a slightly warm drink washes it away. One of my more frustrating efforts was trying to reapply Iglu when I woke in agony at 3am and couldn't get my mouth dry enough to use it.

I hope my experience may be of use to somebody and I send my sympathy to those battling long-term problems with mouth ulcers.
Marie, UK. 31 December 09
my son has ulcers on his tongue, i've tried to get a appointment at my doctors but there is no space till monday. what can i do to ease the pain till then??
sarah 19 March 10
I suffer with ulcers also, sometimes i can have up to 5 at one time and they are so painfull, i have come to learn that i only seem to get them when i eat cheese, any cheese, and even things like pizza...sometimes stress causes them too i have noticed.
Also sometimes get boil like things too in my mouth.
Tanya 21 March 10
hi I have reocurring mouth ulcers every few days,and this has been happening for over 2 Years, sometimes they hurt so much I have difficulty eating.I have tried many so called remedies without success-mouth washes,Zinc,Vitamin C,Echinacea,Multivitamins.I have read about DR Organic toothpaste, Oralmedic and Squigle Enamel saver toothpaste. Enyone have any comments about these or any further suggestions.
Ann 28 March 10 28 March 10
After reading many of these postings, quite a few sound like you may have mono. The more intense post that include swollen glands + sore throat + vomiting + tiredness is usually associated with mono. Others such as ulcers + swollen glands are just the common mouth ulcer that should only last a few weeks if left untreated. After having many ulcers myself, and trying almost everything I decided to try the wonder drug. What I did was, I took an aspirin and ground it into a powder and began packing the powdered aspirin onto the sore. This instantly relieved the pain and brought down the swelling. This treatment wasn't an immediate cure, it still takes a few days for the sore to heal but the pain is 100% gone and swelling of the glands as well. Keep in mind you must continue packing aspirin on the sore for a couple days!
MEF 28 March 10
I have been getting ulcers for years and have just recently discovered that I get them only when I eat something with Citric Acid in it - citrus fruits, dried fruits, juices and tomatoes are the biggest triggers.
Stacy 19 April 10
It's really good to see that many of you people here had the same the experience of mine. But I was too late to find out that CITRIC FRUITs caused me the mouth ulcers. It took me around 15 years to figure it out. Some doctors say "You might have bitten", some doctors say "It is vitamin B complex deficiency", some doctors say "It is genetic" and some people say "It is because of the content of SLS (Sodium Lauryle Sulphate)". But finally it is citric fruits are the one caused me that most irritating mouth ulcer.
Asik 9 May 10
Hello there
Citrus fruits for me are a no- no also after years of trying everything, tomatoes and all tomato based foods also - even pizza, bolognese etc but anything and everything is worth eliminating if ulcers make you miserable.
Liz 10 May 10
Vinegar or anything with citric acid are a major causes for these horrible things as far as I'm concerned. I recently foolishly had some Heinz Salad cream - the first time for years, and as a result have a huge mouth ulcer under the tip of my tongue and little clusters along the side. Please - has anyone tried Canker Melts? I notice they are sold in the shop and reviews on the internet are good.
Margaret 10 May 10
HI there
Reading lots of the sites it is good to know that a lot of us are now trying elimination of citrus fruits and all toothpastes which has Sodium laurel sulphate, there are now loads of SLS free toothpastes in chemists or pharmacies - surely a much better way to try and find what our mouths are allergic to ie causing ulcers, however I appreciate there are other factors with some folk who really have health problems or low immune systems but for myself after buying everything on the planet earth for uclers I suspect my allergy is tomatoes and all citrus fruits so wine is a no-no also but still enjoying a tipple of the spirit kind! Margaret I am amazed that Heinz Salad cream upset your mouth, I will keep that in mind and not buy it.
Hope some of you try elimination and are lucky to find out the culprit.
Take care .
Liz 10 May 10
Hi Guys,

The best treatment for mouth ulcers is Galpharm Mouth Ulcer Treatment (sold on this site) BY FAR. I tried everything to take away the pain from pastels, Bonjela, Anbesol etc etc....then I was introduced to Galpharm one spot treatment by my niece who also suffers from ulcers. I WAS AMAZED at the results !

One treatment for this bad boy stuff and the pain goes promptly....followed by the ulcer within a day or so. Ok, so it stings like hell for a bit but in my experience with ulcers, I happily welcome 5 seconds of pain opposed to a week of it. I had tried EVERYTHING to heal them/ease the pain as like a lot of people, I tend to munch on my cheek on the inside which causes them but this is the stuff to get rid of the wee horrors !!

The key to success is to apply the treatment correctly. You need to dry the ulcer/area with a cotton bud.If its too painful to touch, use a hair dryer on "cool" - Seriously - I know it sounds silly (and looks silly when the air inflates your cheeks and your partner looks at you like you are nuts ) but works well, actually better than the cotton bud.

Then, when you apply it, hold it for 5 seconds DIRECTLY ON THE ULCER - now this stings...quite a bit....and wash your mouth out with cold water straight after. Pretty much straight after, the pain will subside and you should have a white film over the "wee nasty". The pain will subside and it will be gone in a day **depending on the size of the ulcer.

Really guys, try it and you'll be amazed !!.... or at least entertained with the hair dryer thing.

Steve 13 May 10
I agree with Steve, I tried the Galpharm mouth ulcer treatment a while ago after trying every other treatment going to no avail. It really does work! It hurts like hell, but after the initial pain, it fades away and the mouth ulcer is permanently numbed! It doesnt disappear straight away, but it stays pain free, and heals quickly. I don't know how this stuff works - it burns like acid (maybe affects the nerve endings) but I don't care, as I have been so fed up after suffering for years from mouth ulcers.

Also, worth noting for female sufferers out there - I have had ulcers almost permanently since I went on the pill about 10 years ago. I didnt correlate this at all until a year ago I had a 6 month break from the pill, during which time I didnt have a single ulcer. Now I am back on it, and I've had 3 more in a month! So, it could be hormonal for some people.

Other than that, try the Galpharm treatment!
Jess 26 May 10
Applying Aloe Vera gel on the mouth ulcer helps to soothe it.
I have also taken Chinese herbs for the mouth ulcers and it helps. Go to the Chinese Medical Shop and ask for the medicine which comes in Capsules.
I have heard that Bee Propolis also help to heal mouth ulcers.
Joan 26 May 10
I have had mouth ulcers ever since i can remember (now I'm 18) sometimes 5 at one all round my lips, under my tongue .. bonjella is rubbish.. i used anbesol which is an anti septic and anaesthetic, it really takes the pain away making eating so much easier.(kills when you put it on though, but worth it) My doctor put me on some steroids that i had to dissolve next to the new ulcers 4 times a day... so far I cant see this working. Also, like someone said above, i get boil like spots on my bum. my last ulcer lasted 3 weeks and was HUGE, the ones i have now have been here a week or so at the moment.. nothing seems to work.. HELPPPPP
Rosie 9 June 10
Hello, I can see that you all have the same problem of mouth ulcers, mine also can occur in the throat, I think the acid in fruit has a lot to do with this problem so I am concentrating on not eating this for the next few days, I find rinsing your mouth with salt helpfull and also i dilute solcode in water and swish around the mouth this sort of numbs them and it does help to get relief for a few hours, hopefully getting rid of them more quickly.
Barbara 23 June 10
I have on both sides of my cheeks, inside my mouth , sores. I developed them 2 years ago. they have never gone away. They remain there and are very painful. I had a biopsy done and it was negative. I am now going to Tufts Dental in Boston. At first I thought it was my teeth cutting into the sides of my mouth. So, they made me bite guards top and bottom to keep the skin tissue away from my teeth. I wear them all day long and I still have painful sores!!! They are these tiny glands that hurt like hell every minute of the day!!!!!!!!!!! So far the Dr at Tufts wants me to go on a medication for the pain Its an antidepressent but works on pain sufferers. I do not want to take it!!!!!!!!!!!! Does any on have this problem? My sores are there morning noon and night for 2 years now.
JMP 29 July 10
I have this condition which is called Lichenoid Reaction which can be allergy to something you are eating or drinking as told to me by my dentist and oral doctor as I also was sent for a biopsy. In my case I never realised how I was getting so many painful ulcers. My inner cheeks were in a mess, swollen, and with painful canker ulcer - at this moment I am completely ulcer free for the past 6 weeks after elimination of citrus fruits, tomatoes and tomato based foods, strawberries, all the things I ate for health I had taken a reaction to them, only my mouth was affected. I was given little pink steroid tablets (Betsonate) to dilute in water and rinse 3 times daily, I also use toothpaste without Sodium Laurel Sulphate as the normal toothpaste can also irritate ulcer sufferers. Please try eliminating foods that you think may be triggering your problem, much better than spending a fortune and getting the wits scared out of you with doctors, of course doctors are wonderful but it is only you that can find out if you have an allergy, do the citrus fruits first which also includes fizzy drinks and orange juice etc, I wish you the best of luck for a mouth that is healed quickly if this is the same problem as I have. Best wishes
Scotty 29 July 10
Hi, just thought i would add as it may just help someone but my 3 year old son used to suffer from horrible mouth ulcers on his tongue and gums etc so much so that we would have to give him liquid via syringe as he wouldn't eat or drink anything. he was flaring up every 3 or so weeks, just when he seemed better they would come up again. I did heaps of hunting around and found where someone had mentioned an ingredient in normal toothpaste, cant remember the name of but its used to make it froth up so its in most of them from what i could tell, anyway to i bought him some all natural herbal toothpaste around christmas time and he has not had one major flair up yet!!! he has had the odd one or two ulcers but only when he is was run down and sick. recommend trying the change if you are looking for something new to try!
Rowes 16 August 10
I have had some ulcers come up in mouth 3 days ago. It has given me a headache from day one. My throat is really sore and my whole body hurts. I am a little sick to my stomach and not sure if this will pass or I need to see a doc..Any advice?
Melissa 20 August 10
I hv an ulcer that wont go away on the SAME spot in the inside of my lower lip. I have applied the usual oral gels etc. And it has gone thru a healing cycle with whitish patch etc. But problem is that at its 'healed' stage it is still an circular shaped elevated whitish ring with a hole in the middle. It never completely heals and will flare up once in a while to a bigger shape and then subside down but NEVER completely disappears.

This started more than a yr ago. The doctors have done all kind of chks ruling out herpes and some other reasons. I think it is fruitless to do further tests but i am at a loss to how to get rid of it completely. Anyone with the same experience? Any advice? I hvnt tried taking Vit B though.
Pat 24 November 10
Suffered from ulcers all my life, relying on the likes of bonjela and anbesol. Which unfortunately only numb the area for like 30mins at a time.
Today i picked up some mouth ulcer patches from Boots, and they work wonders. A tad expensive but take the pain away for hours at a time, and you can still eat/drink etc as normal and the little plaster still stays in place.
Definately the best remedy i have found.
Danni 23 December 10
Hi all

Well I have suffered with mouth ulcers since I had glandular fever 10 years ago, whenever I get run down or start coming down with a cold I would break out in a rash of them. I have found that clorohex mouthwash seems to help get rid of them quickly, of course as soon as I found it they stopped selling it in the uk (I think, either way become hard to find) and other so called medicated mouthwashes don't seem to work.

To all those succeeded out there I empathize completely.
David 9 January 11
For all the people who suffer from Mouth Ulcers please increase your vitamin supplements and eat less spicy food and eat home cooked food using natural ingredients instead of tinned items...Less preservatives the better. Use less dairy products. Using BLACK NIGHTSHADE- Scientific name Solanum nigrum. If you can please eat the ripe berries and clean the leaves and you can saute with onions and little garlic and Olive oil and eat it three times a day...Your mouth ulcer will not come back to you. Once you are relived please include this atleast once a week in your diet. Eat lot of dates, nuts and fresh fruits to supplement. Eating folic acid and Vitamin Bcomplex tablets will also help. I did this from my own experience since I have ulcers from 6 years. Please also consider what you are putting in your mouth. You are what you eat. Please avoid pickles and hot stuff. Do drink lots of water and do relax stress is also one of the reason for mouth ulcer.
prashanthy Vasu 10 January 11
It seems like 3 weeks out of 4 i have atleast 4 mouth ulcers. Ive done everything the doctors say, take every medication and they still come back. Sometimes they get so bad i dont eat because it hurts too much. I can lose anywhere from 10-15 pounds in two weeks. These damn ulcers are ruining my life.
Brandon 25 January 11
Hi All,

In India we are using Catechu for treating mouth ulcers. This is an excellent remedy for mouth ulcers. Take powder form or paste form catechu on your index finger and gently rub on the mouth ulcers and saliva be drained in sink drop by drop. Catechu do not hurt mouth ulcers like salt or other acidic substances. Also it cures mouth ulcers speedily compare to other medicines.

According to Ayurveda, mouth ulcers are mostly taking place due to heat in the body which is generated due to some of our food and eating habits. Catechu is considered to be cold in Ayurveda and one should not let it go to stomach. Property of Catechu is to absorb heat and drain it via saliva. This is working very nicely for me. You can try to get some if it is available in your country and try for couple of days, I hope it will work for you too.
Anonymous 22 February 11
Hello everyone,

I'v been dealing with these ulcers on my tongue for years. It has become an almost weekly struggle with finding one or two almost daily. Then they subside and come back. My doctor said I have acid reflux, and I'm wondering since my acid reflux is bad if that could cause the breakouts. I'm taking prilosec daily, it almost seems to cause them! I'm going to taking your suggestions and maybe try different toothpastes. I take fish oil, b-12, vitamin c tablets daily. I will try the folic acid thing too and see if it helps. If yall have any advice please share it. I don't want to feel so rundown all of the time..
Dan 25 February 11
Do not use toothpaste with SLS, I have switched to Squiggle toothpaste and it helped. Use Chloroseptic spray (use for sore throat), it's good for temporary relieve and it does speed up the healing process. Spray it many times a day. Amosan from Oral-B is excellent, unfortunately they just discontinued the product. I am still looking for a replacement.
helen 22 April 11
hi, for chinese we use watermelon frost...its not painfull like salt
chinese 23 May 11
I am suffering from this thing since childhood.My key learnings theough out this perioed are as follows
1-Clean ur mouth thrice or more time daily.
2-Avoid eating chilli food,cheese,tomatoes,tea,coffe,liquor.
3-Avoid beef,pork and fish
4-Dont rub ice on the tounge
5-Dont rub ur tounge with teeth as it will hurt more
6-Take Folic acid tablets(1+1+1)
7-Do exercise at it will also helps in healing,I prefer jogging
8-Drink lots and lots of water atleast 3 liters daily.

Dr.Ehtisham (+92-300-3619113)
Ehtisham 25 May 11
i'v had them since 13 and i'm 29 now,i have ulcers now had them for the past 5 weeks they started inside my mouth then went to the outside of my lip now i'v got them on my tongue. tryed everything,doctors are a waste of time i have 3 kids and i can't even talk to my babies which is so sad
kath 27 May 11
Mouth ulcer patches are ok to ease the pain but the best treatment I know for me is aftazen , preventive tabs that will just block mouth ulcers outbreaks somehow... Expensive though... Not sure you can get them from boots I buy it online.
Paul 1 June 11
Sorry, I couldn't read through all the responses as I just don't have time. However, I've had multiple mouth ulcers since around 14 years old and I can only put it down to three things though I'm not sure which makes them worse: 1) Tomatoes 2) Peppermint 3) Hormones
Shona 2 June 11
Dr Etisham (25 May), are you saying you can only really eat lamb, game or chicken as meats? Can I also just ask: are you truly a qualified doctor? I'm puzzled as to why you have spelled so many things wrong in your post. I worry that if you are NOT a qualified doctor you are giving advice under the pretence of being one.
Shona 2 June 11
Spelling correction:

Dr Ehtisham (25 May), are you saying you can only really eat lamb, game or chicken as meats? Can I also just ask: are you truly a qualified doctor? I'm puzzled as to why you have spelled so many things wrong in your post. I worry that if you are NOT a qualified doctor you are giving advice under the pretence of being one.
Shona 2 June 11
sir i am suffering with mouth ulcer from last 10 years. when ulcer come in mouth i took some medicine they dissapear but again after some time hey come. i had blood test of vitamin b12, and then doctor gave medicine. and even i took victofall injection 7 doses but the also i am no getting rid off this i.e mouth ulcer. plz help me its very important.
om 5 June 11
Adding a teaspoon of salt to a glass of water and treating it as a mouthwash works. The average ulcer takes 7-10 days to heal and salt speeds up the process. Never ever touch the ulcer directly with your finger, tongue or teeth as all three contain huge amounts of bacteria which will burrow in your yellow oval of the water thus delaying the process, applying raw salt works for most ulcers though it hurts A LOT. For my case, I simply applied bonjala to the ulcer, waited for 5 minutes, before proceeding to licking my finger, apply it in a container of salt and apply gently to the yellow oval. They still sting but the amount of pain is lower. Repeat shall the pain arise. My ulcer disappeared after 9 days. Just a warning, try NOT to drink the saliva that instantly move out of your tongue from the glands as it contain huge amounts of salt and can inflame your throat ( I am not sure of the official medical term but it will still agitate your throat ) Swig down some iced water if that happen. Hope this works for the minor ulcer and be brave.
Melvin 18 June 11
I use the Tom's Toothpaste that is SLS free (not all are, so watch which one you buy). It has made my life much eseir, I used to suffer with them all the time, they are much reduced now!!
Janet 27 July 11
Trust me just take a pinch of salt and press it on your ulcer. It will HURT like hell but if you repeat it for 2 to 3 days it will go. it worked for me and before i knew it it was gone. I also used anbesol gel but that doesn't really work so try and keep away from gels and just put some salt on it. It burns the ulcer down and works a treat. Hope this helps!
Adam 29 July 11
Anyone know a good treatment for this for my son?
AppovaMyday 15 August 11
I have this prob over 8yrs already No idea can't find right treat I'm so hopeless anyone can help me pls thanks lots;)
Jb 20 August 11
Try aftazen it's really good for chronic mouth ulcers
Areski 20 August 11
even i also have ulcers frequently, apply ORASEP GEL. it really works.
stewie 16 September 11
I too suffer from mouth ulcer and have tried a few medications which I want to share with those who suffer as much as I do (I do get them frequently). I consulted a relative which is a doctor. He suggested I use Arzol Silver Nitrate Applicators. These can be gotten only through prescription. These applicators look like long matches with the match head being the silver nitrate. I initially used these applicators while having a severe mouth sore that was killing me with pain. I applied the stuff for a few seconds only a couple of times per day for about three days and it really took care of the sore which started healing and receding. The silver nitrate will cause sever momentary pain especially if applied on a large and very infected sore. This stuff is also a poison, so you need to rinse your mouth with water after each application. I now discovered that if I apply it at the very early stages of the sore emergence, you can squash the sore very quickly before it enlarges. One box contains 100 applicators so it can last. I have used the same applicator over a three day period since it seems to maintain its strenght. You just have to keep it wrapped up and away from light which renders the silver nitrate ineffective. Recently on vacation abroad, I had a very painfull sore and I had left the Silver Nitrate at home. A local doctor prescribed Oracort E. It comes in a small tube and the paste is applied directly on to the sore. The stuff worked great and I am keeping it as one of the weapons in my arsenal. The doctor also recommended taking 2000 mg of vitamin C on a daily basis which I have been doing. I am happy to report that the frequency of the sores has greatly diminished (I am crossing my fingers). I hope these suggestions work for others as well as they worked for me.
JakeD 20 September 11
i have only recently started suffering with aphthous ulcers which i have been told there is no treatment,however i have heard a lot of suggestions to help,they areas follow:
.get your toothpaste and mouthwash from a health shop(there is something in the ones from the supermarkets that aggrivate the ulcers)
.make a food diary then eliminate the foods you think aggrivate them
.aviod acidic,salty,spicy foods
.avoid caffiene
.avoid tea or coffee(even decaf)
.avoid hot chocolate
.use a babies toothbrush (soft brush)
.use corsodyl mouthwash after every meal(you can get a mint flavoured one)
i hope this helps you.
rox 4 October 11
I have been suffering for a couple of years finally a Dr gave me some steroids for 1 week after 2 days all clear!! Buys some painless time while having more tests done.
kym 14 October 11
my son jack had a virus then he got a mouthful of ulsers why would this be his gums are all sore and bleed when he trys to brush his teeth im worried about him as hes only eight.
michelle moreland 2 November 11
Hi. I've been plagued by mouth ulcers for years - the worst are on my tongue. I recently seen an allergist who advised me to give up wheat, dairy, apples, beef and quite a few other things. This left me with a pretty restricted (but seriously healthy!) diet of white meat, vegetable, fruit, rice...and the odd bit of dark chocolate. I can honestly say that I haven't had a mouth ulcer since :) I am also studying Chinese Medicine and Eastern medicine associates mouth ulcers with excess heat in the stomach, which I am told, if cleared I should be able to re-introduce these "warming" foods.
AnnetteOM 3 November 11
i have suffered with mouth ulcers sice i was 15 (i am now 36) usually just 3 or 4 when run down but for the past 4 months i cant recall a day when i havnt had any i currently have around 15 on my tounge and at the back of my throat i have tried almost all over the counter remedies to no avail i am at my wits end and am constantly in pain unable to eat or drink would welcome any suggestions to help ease the pain
Thomas 12 November 11
Mike Taylor 4 December 11
OMG I have had the most painful stomatitis out break for a week and a half now. doctor says should go away in 2 weeks. Im 21 now and this is my first occurance. But after reading these posts I am terrified it may be a reoccuring problem. I don't believe I could handle that. It being hard to eat and talk, it has been miserable and I have only recently began to feel better. Please tell me some prevention techniques! God Bless
Trevor 9 January 12
My son (he is now 9) was ill 2 yrs ago with H1N1 flu. 2 weeks later, he got Pneumonia. Ever since then, he has had mouth ulcers as well as recurrent high fever "episodes" (usually 106 degrees!) in 2 yrs, he has only had 2 weeks where he did not have at least 2 ulcers on his mouth, and he was on antibiotics at the time. Sometimes he has as many as 15. We have been to every Dr., ( Rheumatology, dentistry, oral surgery, oncology, infectious disease, dermatology, allergy, and orthodontics.)and had every test done, including genetic testing for periodic fever syndrome. The ONLY Dr. Who has provided any relief has been Ortho. They coterize the ulcer, which closes it up & provides immediate pain relief. However, as soon as those are healed, more pop up in other places. He has had an ulcer biopsied, only for them to tell us it is a sore indicative of "an autoimmune disease". However, they cannot specify which one! This little dude is so tough- but I honestly cannot take watching him in so much pain! Now, he has also developed RLS (restless leg syndrome). He is in pain day and night. I would love for there to be 1 person out there that could offer a solution that worked. Tomorrow we venture back to Ortho for coterization because he is barely able to talk or eat. My heart is breaking...
Tiffany 12 January 12
PS All of the Dr.s we have been to make us feel as though my son is a total mystery case, with no answers, hints or others like him. After reading these blogs, it sure seems to me that he is not alone! I am in awe that the medical professionals are so truly baffled by these symptoms & that not many of you here have had much luck with a Dr. who has any profound answers either. With all of the wonders of modern medicine, I cannot understand how these ulcers can be so mysterious when they obviously are not all "that" rare.
Tiffany 12 January 12
Drinking large amounts of spring water is very helpful. I have sufferred with this since childhood. The doctors try to be helpful but are clueless to this issue of recurrent aphthous. Yes they tell you to avoid acidic foods, spicy and sugared foods. Also to include a multivitamin and folic acid to your diet. Some doctors reccomend lysine supplements. I have tried all of these and have still been invaded by the ulcers. The only time I haven't had them at all was during pregnancy. It was wonderful. I have read the post and found that the epring water along with the special diet and vitamins are the most helpful. A gallon a day is what Im drinking now and I have had so much relief and also gotten my appetite back. Natural spring water is the key. Deer Park!
Chaundra Graham 17 January 12
Have just read all the above messages and can identify with everyone. I am 49 and have suffered with mouth ulcers since my teens. I have been taking vitamin b complex for ages now and for a while the ulcers subsided but they are now back with a vengence. I always get them on one side of my tongue, then it starts to heal up and then I get them on the other side and at the back of my throat. It is almost impossible to talk as they are so painful. As from today I am cutting out chewing gum, tap water, citric acids and bread and am starting to take folic acid and just drinking spring water. I will let you know what happens.
Mandy 26 February 12
Please start taking Aloe Vera 5000mg capsules one every day. They kick in after about four days but keep taking one a day because i havent had one since.
Virginia 26 February 12
I have been suffering with mouth ulcers. I tried Betadine throat gargle for infected throats and just swished it around my mouth for about 2 minutes about 4 times a day. I thought if it was good for infected throats, why not mouths too. After about 2 days the ulcers cleared up. I bought the premixed one. I have been eating a lot of grapes and I think the acid from the grapes could be causing it.
Kevin 27 February 12
When I get mouth ulcers, it's when I tend to be tired or weak, after i got a cold or travelling a lot and lacking sleep. A mouth ulcer generally doeant come alone so I would have 3-5 of them at the same time which doeasnt seem a lot compared to what I've read here but believe me it handicaps me greaty because I can't speak properly nore can I chew so much the pain is killing me. What works for me when I am in the middle of these crisis is to eat child food. It's perfect because it contains no additives, no suggar, and it's blended so it's easy to eat. Any boots or supermarket sells vegetable puree or beef, pees and carrot puree. Try the organic and gluten free version and you can't go wrong. It doeant hurt the mouth ulcers as it's not acidic and it doeant stick on teeth. I ate that for 3 days as an emergency diet to get better and so far so good, no new one developping, and the ones I have are heeling slowly but shorly. I will keep chocolate, sweets and fruits (apart from organic apples) away from my diet for several weeks as I know they are very bad for me... Hope it will help some of you
Celine 15 March 12
I have been suffering from this bloody disease for 23 years. In my case, recurrence period was zero and from two and half months I had constantly this problem. Now I have overcome this disease 95% by applying a very simple method. I have used many medicines like homeopathic, herbal way of medicines but I am sure that there is no medicine on the earth so far to cure this disease completely. Anybody who wants to share me please send me email on I am a Pakistani but presently in Qatar in connection with my job.
syed khalid jamil 28 March 12
> I have overcome this disease 95% by applying a very simple method
That's great, why not share it?
Dom Walton 28 March 12
The method is whenever I take diet/food/meal I always take half of my stomach. I mean I have to keep some empty space in the stomach. Within three months I saw results.I am so happy to see 90% positive result. I want to share with this 100% save method.
syed khalid jamil 30 March 12
This is interesting... a lot of people cite acid reflux as a precursor or exacerbater of mouth ulcers, this could well be something that would happen when eating to capacity, and a lot of people do eat until they are "full" - and eat quickly too.
Dom Walton 30 March 12
Hi all; I finally tried a medication that worked. Mylanta, just swish around your mouth, and spit it out, Its an antacid so it should work. I went to Ant Dr. and he gave me a script for Dental paste. Told me to come back in 2 weeks.
I told him what I did and left.
It takes a few days to feel better.
M.Hall 15 November 12
I am getting recurring Mouth Ulcers on both sides of my mouth
I have stopped eating chewing gum, will update you
Vivek 4 April 13
I would be interested to know if anyone else has noticed this? I used to get mouth ulcers all the time when I drank tap water with chlorine and flouride. Then I moved outside the USA for seven years and only drank cistern water that I ran through a water filter (with no chlorine or flouride) and I did not have a single mouth ulcer the entire seven years. When I came back to the US and started drinking tap water again, guess what? I started getting the mouth ulcers again. I bought another water filter and now I only drink filtered tap water (with the chlorine and flouride removed). No more mouth ulcers now for almost 3 years unless I forget and drink tap water. Has anyone else noticed this effect or seen any studies on it? Thanks!
dechen 24 April 13
Try avoiding sodium laurel sulfate in your toothpaste. It is an agent that causes the toothpaste to become foamy while brushing. I only use Closys toothpaste since I discovered this issue. It has really cut down on the number of sores and the frequency. You can find it at Walgreens and online.
Sarah 1 October 13
Some time ago I had a 'viral infection of the mucous membrane', meaning that I had huge mouth ulcers all over my mouth and even down my throat. My doctor prescribed me a mouth ointment, which was his own mixture. This is so far the only treatment that really worked for me. The smaller ulcers were gone in 2 days, the bigger ones in 3 days. I think there was cortisone in it, and also lidocaine to ease the pain. Unfortunately, I'm now all out of ointment, so I have to go back to get some more. I'll try to get the exact composition so that other people can take it to their doctor too.
Sjoera 10 October 13
I read this whole page this morning, after being barely able to speak or swallow for four days. I was frustrated with the chemist telling me the same old things, and my regular doctor wasn't able to help... he told me it was a virus, similar to herpes, and stress can bring them on - but so can many other things. So I decided to try a Chinese Herbalist, and wow, I'm glad I did.

I went to a local guy (I live in an area with lots of Chinese people, so a good herbalist/doctor is not hard to find)... He asked me a bunch of questions, then mixed up a couple of herbs. He said I should put them on 4 to 5 times a day, and my ulcers will heal in 1-2 days. I put the first lot on (it's a powder), and it's the FOULEST tasting stuff I've EVER tried! However, the older of my four ulcers immediately felt significant relief, and the newest one felt a little relief. That was four hours ago, and I can now swallow and eat. I can't believe they're drying up so fast.

He said it's from "too much heat" in my stomach. I googled it when I got back to work, and it seems Chinese medicine looks at a few elements - too much damp, too much cold, too much heat... and I don't know the rest. If you are out of balance, you get a myriad of symptoms of one kind or another. Mouth ulcers are just one of the symptoms of too much heat.

Long term, he gave me other herbs to 'cool' my stomach, and a few foods to avoid.

I've had ulcers for 30 years, although they are MUCH worse the last few years (since 35). My Dad suffered with them too. This is honestly the first thing that has ever worked. Bi-carb and a gel similar to bonjela didn't work, and neither did the ultra expensive 'single' tablet my doctor prescribed another time.
Cat 28 October 13
Hi CAT, I live in Sydney. I have the same problem. Could you please give me the contact details of the Chinese herbalist, mentioned in your message. I'll be highly obliged. Regards
SAHIL 30 October 13
Hi guys! I have suffering from tongue ulcers whenever I eat fruits salad, for more than three years now, I am real fruit salad freak am addicted, I cant quit but whenever eat I will take like 5 to 6hrs to my tongue to be torn. what is the cause? what is in these fruits that make my tongue vulnerable or is there any thing wrong with my body? the fruits that I normally mix are Banana, watermelon, pineapple, mangoes and avocados! please help thanks!
tonjeya 4 November 13
Tonjeya - of the fruits you mention, pineapple is probably the one most likely to be exacerbating ulcers. There is loads of ascorbic acid and fructose in fruit, and the skins (thin skins like those on apples and tomatoes etc) once chewed up can cause minute lacerations which under the right circumstances will become ulcerated. Probably best not to overdo it if you can.
Dom Walton 5 November 13
Hello folks. I am 36 years old and have dealt with cankers sores for as long as I can remember. I get them often and usually more than one at a time. Like most of you I have tried every ridiculous suggestion hoping anything might work. Years ago my doctor prescribed me a dental paste called Triamcinolone Acetonide Dental Paste USP, 0.1%. It has improved my quality of life tremendously. When I notice one forming I put the dental paste on at night. Often it is cleared up within two days before it ever forms into something painful. I can't stress enough how wonderful this stuff works. Ask your doctor for it. It can be expensive. My insurance typically covers it, however, without insurance it has cost me $55 a tube. The pain relief is well worth the cost. As a side note. I discovered this site while searching for correlations between canker sores and Ibuprofen. Due to an extremely sore throat I have been taking Ibuprofen steady for about 4 days. I know have about 9 canker sores.
EV 9 November 13
Hello I don't have mouth ulcers exactly, but my gums get extemely swollen where they're purple. Went to a few doctors until one told me I have a lechenoid reaction in my gums. I have trays with an oral creme that doesn't seem to work and no over counter pain medicines are helping with pain. I have no idea what I eat or drink that could possibly cause this! I've had it for about 6 years now. I tried cutting things out of my diet, using organic toothpaste or just baking soda. Anyone have any suggestions for me?
Gretchen 23 December 13
I had a ulcer for over two years, tried everything all the dentist had it wrong until the last, got a product called "Resorborina" contains Betamethasone valerate 0.5 mg, Tetracaine hydrochloride 1.0 mg and excipiants. After two long years of terible pain and swelling it is all but over. The product is made by ROWE in a small spray bottle burns like H**L but just after 4 days the ulcer has reduced 60% and getting better every day.
jc 1 January 14
I have been suffering from chronic mouth ulcers since last yr. and have tried everything to cure them. Sometimes I am in so much discomfort I canít eat or sleep or talk. I have tried most things like mouthwashes but nothing works. I have however had some relief by taking B12 tablets daily but the Ulcers return eventually. can anyone assit to me?
BRAJESH 18 February 14
Hi- I am a AA female, 31 years of age. I have suffered from mouth and tongue ulcers for nearly 9 months now. Cause is unknown. Tested for HSV 1 and 2, lupus, vitamin def., lip and tongue biopsy to rule out cancer and currently undergoing more test to rule out key autoimmune deficiencies.
After researching the internet on cures to ulcers in general I found that pure unrefined coconut oil will fix the issue. It is has been a God send, literally.

I was prescribed the following: (all of which did not work)
1. Antibiotic
2. Valtrex (had no effect at all)
3. Prednisolone for 10 days (corticosteroid hormone to slow down immune system). The hormone worked after taking for 6 days my tongue healed by the 10th day but by day 12 after completing steroid the ulcers came back even worse.

After being placed on these medications I decided to take matters into my own hands and researched the internet for pure herbal remedies for mouth ulcers and found that pure unrefined coconut oil was the answer.

Now, I eat 3 tablespoons of coconut daily. First thing in the morning, lunch when I can and when I come home from work. I bought mine from Whole Foods.

I've found that the ulcers are not able to form, there is no inflammation, and there isn't the constant annoyance of soreness in my mouth or tongue. I don't know what exactly to blame these attacks on. I would like to blame birth control pills however; my doctor believes that I have an autoimmune disease, but we have yet to pinpoint which one.

I am looking also into finding an natural herbal remedy for autoimmune diseases to fix the problem because conventional medicines do not work. All I can say is do your research and put your health in your own hands. There are natural cures to a lot of the issues that we are facing but you have to do your due diligence to find it. I'm so glad for forums like this that allow us to share information.

Also, there is also something call geographic tongue and geographic stomatitis. Look it up...people get this mixed up with herpes and the two are not the same. Geographic tongue and stomatitis causes is unknown and doctor's will even tell you that they don't know what causes it but herpes is viral. Do not be fooled.

If you're getting mouth ulcers you might have an autoimmune disease. I've learned this only having to rule out all of the other stuff. But coconut oil will help!!!! I hope this information was helpful.
HateUlcers 1 March 14
mine seem to come only when i eat tomatos or a lot of citrusÖusually lemons, limes and grapefruit.
ss 24 April 14
I am suffering from mouth and tongue ulcer. Please help.
pawan kumar 17 May 14
I've had these little buggers forever. I was told to use tea tree oil to apply on the canker sore as well as brushing your teeth with it. I've noticed the healing time being much quicker AND a lot less popping up. Apply it on to your toothpaste prior to brushing.
Tony 9 July 14
I am also suffering severe reaccuring mouth sores since 5 years.All blood tests are negative. No herpes, no lupus etc. only prednisone is working. Nowadays painful small sores on skin also, fingers and genital area also. I cannot eat or drink. Every month taking prednisone is not good. Any suggestion.
Rama 16 July 14
I don't have ulcers but I have a situation where the back of my throat and roof of my mouth becomes very sore and itchy. I find it occurs whenever I eat anything spicy or tomato-based. It went away for awhile and now it's back again. I am in the process of radically changing my diet by eliminating tomato and citrus-based foods and anything spicy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Lori Walton 6 December 14
Probiotics toothpatse is the answer! Forget everything else ... for years I had tried traditional remedies and several types of medication ... now I have the solution! I had mouth ulcer problems since I was young. I could hardly talk or eat when the ulcers were on my tongue. Some months back I was introduced to a probiotic toothpaste and it was absolutely fantastic. First there was little pain when applied directly unlike other over the counter medication which numbed the area for a while and the pain came back stronger. Secondly my mouth ulcers hardly recur after using the toothpaste regularly. When they do come back, they won't last long and the toothpaste reduced pain to bearable.
gdprobiotic 10 December 14
Hi everyone,
I empathize with all but there is too much to read above. I will provide you with my experience which I hope will help someone. It has worked for me.

Perhaps there are a number of quite different reasons for mouth ulcer formation but I think, the one that applied to me for years was missing mineral/chemical for optimal functioning of my overall health. This/these inadequate components for optimal functioning were brought about by (I think) a number of factors: 1) intolerance to excess of something, 2) stress, 3) general imbalances physiological/hormonal body cycles due to genetic characteristics, 4) infections. Over the counter medications given only put a cap on the pain. What I wanted was prevention. Over the years I tried many ways to single out the culprit but it was not consistent. Sometimes the ulcer happened and sometimes it did not.

However, I found that good oral hygiene using latest mouth wash eg chlorhexidine helped to heal ulcers quicker and reduced pain. However, I wanted to get rid of them and not just reduce pain while they healed. I tried all kinds of single vitamins individually with no results. I also tried a number of different brands of multivitamins and again non worked until the last one which I have since not stopped taking it for the past 2 years. During this period I have stopped having ulcers and even when I get mechanical scratches or small mouth skin breaks, they have not turned into ulcers. All I can say thank you to almighty and who ever thought of making this multivitamin. I do not know what this multivitamin may do to me later on in my life but ..hey.. its worth it. I am enjoying eating all kinds of food at 56 and ulcers are NOT forming. I feel I have cracked my case.
When for a period I ran out of this multivitamin, the ulcers began to come back. I tried replacing it with another brand and ulcers did not go away. As soon as I got back on the same ones as before the ulcers began to disappear. Call it placebo or whatever, It works for me and obviously it goes without saying that it may not work for other. However, if you want to try them I will provide you the name of the multivitamin if you let me know at Presently they are sold at a very reasonable price of 1.99 pounds for month supply in one of my local supermarket( also on internet and across the nation). I put up this message not to advertise but with intention to help some else.
Sam mehani 5 January 15
Hello, i am Patrick from US, All these post about HERBAL MEDICINE and spell casters are scammers and fake trying to collect money all in the name of CANCER cure and when you contact them, they will be asking for your name, pictures, country, phone number, occupation and when you have given them all the information, they will be asking for money. I was once suffering from CANCER and i spent a lot of money going from one herbal doctor to another but they all scam and take my money away until i came in contact with this powerful one called Dr. Edogun who cured me from CANCER with his herbal medication, after doctor Edogun has finished preparing the herbal medicine, he asked me to send him my residential address, so that he will send the herbal medicine to via D.H.L so i did. 2days later, i received the herbal medicine and i had to follow the instructions he gave to me on how i will apply it. 2weeks later i went to hospital for test and according to the test done by the Medical doctor Frank it stated that i was cured. So viewers be wise and beware of fake spell casters and fake herbal doctors, they are all over the internet trying to steal from poor people. I will drop you the email of this powerful herbal doctor just in case you wish to contact him for help. (
Patrick 20 February 15
Dear Editor, My daughter Tohfa Islam, is now a patient of aphthous stomatitis and high Periodic fever. 1 month pass but no Improvment.We used Antibiotics, Acyclovir and paracetamol. Now fever is low but tongue, cheeks, innerside of mouth is ulcer. Sometime she cry for uncontrollable pain.
gazi saiful islam 6 April 15
To all of you who have had them for a year or two or three, you are super lucky. I have had this auto immune disease since I was a year old, and I am currently 20. I have tried literally everything. Nothing has helped me. Steroid shots work for a little bit, but then you get immune to them. Pills that I will pay 100 dollars for are just a scam and a waste of money. Viscous lidocaine helps the pain, but after 4 years of being on it, it doesn't numb my mouth anymore. I currently have 6 just on my tongue, three on my right cheek. And when I have a uti then I will have a few in my genital area. I even have a scar down there. I have been to around 15 doctors for this. A few call it bihcets (spelled something like that. Pronounced bichets) a couple call it minor apthmis or something like that, and the rest have no idea. Also, with this auto immune disease I have horrible joint pain. Don't give up hope.
Sydney Bogan 21 April 15
How did you all notice getting the ulcer in the mouth, I literally woke up one morning with this terrible pain in my mouth, thinking I had just canker sores. After the sores not going away I went to see the doctor. I have done every test, nothing shows up, and the medication has not helped at all. WI'll I have this problem the rest of my life?
Jen 21 April 15
Sydney Bogan 21 April 15 i read ur symptoms and I think u have this problem
Hope T helps u diagnose
Acrodermatitis enteropathica: In infants, the symptoms of acrodermatitis enteropathica generally appear as red and swollen patches of dry and scaly skin with crusted or pus-filled blisters around the face, the buttocks, and the extremities. Infants also tend to have mouth ulcers, a red and glossy (wet and shiny) tongue, diarrhea, behavioral changes, and neurologic disturbances. In older children, the most typical symptoms include failure to grow, anorexia (decreased appetite), swollen skin around the nails, and repeated infections. Additional common symptoms include pinkeye, hair loss (eyelashes, eyebrows, and on the scalp), sensitivity to light, irritability, and depressed mood.
Parameswaran 25 May 15
My problem starts with a white tongue that starts acquiring patches of red and becomes painful and blisters in the roof of my mouth (feels "raw"). The roof of my mouth hurts tremendously and the pain radiates to my head. I'm taking a lodacaine mouth wash that helps control the pain but does not prevent these episodes from re-occuring. It's happened to me three time already in the past 4 months. Like others above, I have been tested for herpes, auto immune, etc. and nothing is positive.
Patricia 25 June 15

The white tongue with red patches could be to do with candida overgrowth, maybe ask your GP about it and try chlorhexidrine mouthwash meanwhile...
Rob 25 June 15
Hi I'm new at this and we'll I'm really scared, a few days ago I noticed my tongue start to swell, the next day I noticed that on the sides of my tongue there were flesh colored bumps, very very painful! And now tonight I realize that right in the middle of the bumps there are small pin holes, I have no clue what this could be and I'm freaking out, ALL INPUT WELCOME, THANKS :)
Tiffany 1 September 15
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Salamasina 26 September 15
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Alexandru 26 September 15
he LISTENED to her talk, in which SHE said she was tired of men hitting on her at every cofnerence. HE was also among the group at the bar afterward, although he chose not to speak. HE should have heard her say she was going to sleep. Yes, I am frightened on elevators alone with men, having once been attacked by one in an elevator. It is actually easy to do, you block the door/buttons, and in some cases you can even stop the elevator to finish the job. In this case, he did not stop the elevator, and someone finally got on and rescued me. In getting on an elevator at 4am, if a man were to hit on me, the first thing which would go through my mind is to wonder what he will do when I say no thanks'.
Santana 26 September 15
Greg Lieden wrote:A lot of people miss the fact that in her talk and later pocdsat, Rebecca makes clear that there is a spectrum of behavior and that response to behavior needs to be adjusted accordingly.What did we miss? Please quote her exact words, the ones that EGuy should have identified with as his own type of behaviour. What actual words told him she doesn't want anyone at all to even think of coming on to her. Since you are a proven wrongful paraphraser, I'm afraid I must ask you for the exact words of hers, that you think he should have heeded.
Choi 26 September 15
Ah, I remember wonrkig in retail. The holidays were such a fun time of the year. Your words are so true - be nice to the people wonrkig in retail. They are cutting their family time short in order to allow you to shop till you drop.
Dawid 26 September 15
I moved from France to the US 3 years ago and my mouth ulcers are much more frequents now (I'd say I get them 3 or 4 times more often). I have been trying to find the reason for a while and started suspecting tap water recently. I have an ulcer now and drinking tap water makes it painful. I bought bottled water 2 days ago. It is much less painful to drink and my ulcer started shrinking (it's been a week so it could just be its normal lifespan). I'll certainly pay more attention to the correlation now. Thanks Dechen for your message, it confirms my suspicion... I really hope it solves my problem...
frank 4 May 16
I say we do something about this. It's to many people dealing with the same issue for no Doctor to help us. I been s suffering with Stomatitis Apthous ulcers for 8 years now. No one I talk to understand the pain I'm in. I have the canker sores 3 weeks out of a month and all my test result, like every else , come back negative. This should make the news. I need help please. Can we band together to solve this issue?!? Talk to u soon.
Latoya 25 August 16
My child's dr. Gave me a white powder for mouth ulcers back in the 79s it was called. Something grandulers . You mixed it with applesauce and I can't remember name. Would you know?
Janet 1 September 17
take alum which is a pickling agent, wet a qtip and dip it in. Place the stop on the canker sore for as long as you can and will dry the canker sore and soak it up. It burns but it is worth it bc it takes most of the pain away during the day and it doesnít get irritated further. Itís best to get a lot on the q tip and hold it on there for a few minutes. I have the same problem and itís definitely yaz but it happens more when Iím stressed too. If Iím not on birth control I never get them unless I injure my mouth with a chip or something. They are basically mouth blisters. If they donít dry up or stop hurting with alum. They are probably something more suspicious.
Lauren 25 June 19

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