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Hey Hello Guys..... I am the constant sufferer of mouth ulcers and i promise to those all looking for cure this message would help you a lot.
From my experience, The remedy for mouth ulcer is

Buttermilk Buttermilk.. This is must a lot of buttermilk definitely helps
Becoluse tablets before going to bed.
Colgate plax.. This mouth wash really helps you to talk and feel relax
Chlorhexidine mouthwash also cures ulcers
Make turmeric and honey paste and apply to the sores
Combiflam pills

Follow and use these mentioned tablets and remedies
Thota yugandhar 21 September 18
Hi... like many on here I've suffered a lifetime over 50 years of these miserable things and cried a bucket load along the way... Im just in the middle of what has probably been the worst episode ever .. I managed to go down with tonsillitis and my whole mouth has broken out in sympathy 😩 I've counted 32 large and medium sized and probably the same amount again of pin head sized Devils ... every inch of mouth tongue and throat ... now you understand the tears! I've tried alum , turmeric, milk of magnesia, Benadryl, kiwi,bicarbonate,salt, mouthwash from the doctors , listerine ... my god that was agony for half hours relief ... honey stung like the devil ... but with no relief at all , made the mouth worse... and then I listened to my mother and sent the other half out for disolvable aspirin ( anadin extra) broke it into pieces and packed my mouth with it... let it sit there and fix away ... I have felt relief like never before and after 24 of doing this several times am on the mend .... please please try this .. all my best wishes to you ..
Kayt 27 October 17
Wanted to share an ulcer remedy recommended by other ulcer sufferers and which works wonders! Itís called Sanjinís wintermelon frost, a chinese proprietary medicine. Amazing product, i had like 15 ulcers due to abrasions caused by braces and could not even talk or drink. This reduced my ulcers overnight by 3/4, new ulcers keep appearing I guess the bane of wearing braces but are more manageable, at least talking, eating and drink is a breeze. Go try it!
Forests 21 October 17
I've been tortured with mouth ulcers all my life, I get them very often and they last well over a week and open up to a large size. I've tried everything and nothing helped until I read about toothpaste with SLS SODIUM LARYL SULPHATE could cause them. I bought a toothpaste without it and the results have been amazing. I still get the odd one but the severity of them is minute compared to before and they only last a few days. I really recommend anyone suffering to give it a go!
Craig 27 February 17
Zalactin-B (Zilactin regular is for cold sores) gel burns like hell, but it's the only thing that I've found stops the pain for 3-6 hours. You have to make sure you DRY your ulcer before and after you apply it. For hard to reach ulcers at the back of my throat I use a couple of q-tips to (painfully) "scrape" it dry. A tiny LED book light helps with application. I get them when I'm run down, at worst had them covering almost my whole throat. My (older/experienced) doctor said she'd never seen such a bad case.
Christina 27 February 17
See mouth ulcers are really a pain, it is heat emanating on the internals, eg, heavy use of antibiotics without supportive tretement of pre-post biotics(lactic acid bacillus), again if you are on any steroid the secretions in the mouth and elsewhere would tend to dryup. Hence best take folic acid in the right measure with lactic acid bacillus, after the antibiotics are stopped or even concurrently. folic acid mainly helps cell division, nourishes the DNA / RNA structures of the body. It has been a mirracl always for me in India to take a combo of folic acid +LB,in proportion. It will rid you of mouth ulcers almost instantly. hope this helps...Myself A layman.
Nilesh Chogle 6 January 17
I hate this I have three in my mouth left, right, and middle
kate 24 June 16
I tried everything until today someone told me about make a paste from Asprin and apply to the ulcer. It worked!
Melissa 19 January 16
Has mouth ulcers got anything to do with mercury in dental amalgams? Find a dentist who removes them safely. Other that might disrupt the normal bacterial balance in the oral cavity?
Susan 21 November 15
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Anishe 7 November 15
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Martine 26 September 15
My symptoms were mainly a cracked or fissured tounge. Valtrex (vacyclovir) worked to clear it up, but it hasn't been long enough to know if it will stay healed. I used 500mg 2x a day, and once I got over the stomach upset I went to 1000mg 2x a day, and then 1500mg but just for one day. Then back to 500mg for another week. Hopefully it stays healed, but I am just ending the treatment.
Matt 12 September 15
I tried the first thread mixing 1/2 tsp. of childrens' liquid Benedryl and 1/2 tsp. of Pepto Bismol and swishing in my mouth, and after two weeks of awful pain, I finally see some relief. Also sucked on honey lemon cough drops. Orabase only tore the skin prior to my doing this and Kanka burned too much. Off and on I also used salt and water rinses, but believe it was the Bendryl/Pepto combination that finally helped.
Susan 26 August 15
Lysine! Over the counter vitamin. Helps keep them away! I've had ulcers my whole life and I've tried 90% of the remedies in this article. Lysine works. Only thing I'm upset about is the fact that I didn't know about L-Lysine sooner!
Tamara 25 April 15
I used for 5-6 why do I have red pee and white tongue?
Candy 15 February 15
Hopefully will assist some people. Recently I developed canker sores in my mouth especially under and on the sides of my tongue. It was agony!!!! Coi Coincidently in the course of two days I had two different people recommend liquid Benadryl and either pepto bismol or milk of magnesia in equal amount, swish in mouth and gargle if throat is affected. This is a miracle pain reliever and the sores are going away. Apparently this is the "go to" treatment here in the United States. Hopefully it will help someone else. This has been the worst pain I have ever experienced and even narcotic pain meds barely touched the pain. Good Luck.
Jenna 3 February 15
Hi! I too suffer from bad mouth ulcers. I used to have three or four at a time and I truly believe that once you have one and are run down with the pain you're likely to get more! Here are my top tips for you to try.
Firstly, when you have an ulcer (or two or three...)
Take regular painkillers: paracetamol, codiene, ibuprofen - take them ALL!
Tell your loved one, colleagues that your in pain so you can talk as little as you want, refrain from smiling etc
Eat soft food - why enhance the agony by trying to eat crunchy nachos and salsa?! Ouch!
Take vitamins - a lack of B12 is linked to ulcers. I just take a multivitamin everyday when I have one.
Hydrocortisone pellets - Small dose steroid to be used only after you've spoken to a pharmacist! You can buy them without prescription, the tablet dissolves in your mouth so you position it on your ulcer(s) and it reduces the inflammation. It can make a big difference.

To try and prevent ulcers I've tried the following...
Switch toothpaste - If you haven't tried this yet then please do. I found out about it on a forum like this and its made the biggest difference. Look for one that doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulphate (most Sensodyne toothpaste is SLS free). SLS is the foaming agent so it can be strange at first to have so little toothpaste froth but it doesn't strip your mouth like other pastes.
Try and avoid mechanical damage to your mouth, which sounds obvious, but I consciously do things like bite large crisps into smaller bits before putting them in my mouth, and I leave the crispy chips on my plate.
Keep hydrated - I keep a glass of water by my bed. Nothing worse than wakening to find your mouth has been dry and you've bitten your own mouth in the night!

I hope some of this has been useful, if you do nothing else, I urge you to at least try the toothpaste! Good luck!
Sarah 31 January 15
I've found a link between mouth ulcers and candida. A friendly bacteria supplement is very important, high dose and change it up, buy a different one each time, I'd take this long term. Friendly bacteria in the gut is part of your immune system, so if they're overcome with candida then it affects the immune system. The candida diet is definately worth a try normally 2 to 4 weeks. No sugar, carbs, coffee, alcohol, mushrooms. If you get flu type symptoms a few days in, you know it's working, that's the candida dying off. People on here talk about being too acid isn't good, sugar is the main enemy in making your body too acidic and feeding the candida. Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, barley grass all very good for alkalising your body. A healthy diet with fresh fruit and veg. Not too many carbs especially white rice and wheat. Meat, fish, eggs. Dairy isn't good either, take out or cut back. Paleo/caveman diet is best. I hope this helps. I used to get them alot, since I've cut out the sugar and am eating alot healthier I haven't had any. I hope this helps.
serena 30 January 15
I used to get one or two pretty painful ulcers once in a while. I read online to rinse with half hydrogen peroxide half water. That really seemed to work.... when it was just the one or two. Side note: I found rinsing with half hydrogen peroxide, half water when you DON'T have an ulcer prevents any from showing up at all and for a long time. I ran out of the peroxide and didn't get more for a couple of months. Big mistake. 4 days ago I woke up to immense pain all over my mouth. I tried rinsing with the peroxide to speed up the healing but it just kept getting worse. Finally I called the nurse hotline. She recommended to hold off on the peroxide and water as it can be too harsh on your mouth. She said to soothe the pain to try half liquid benadryl, half milk of magnesia. Just as a rinse then spit it out. It works well! She also rexommended oral numbing cream like babies use when teething (benzocaine) and then Advil or Aleve (work best in my opinion). I was in so much pain I tried all of the recommendations combined.

First rinse with the benadryl and milk of magnesia. Next take the pain meds. Finally put on the ointment. Match made in heaven! Try it I know you'll get some much needed relief for at least 2 hours. Then do it all over again when the pain comes back until the ulcer goes away.
Carmen 9 March 13
I have been getting mouth ulcers from about 12 years old. I have figured out it is a food allergy to bell peppers; all bell peppers. If I don't eat peppers I don't get ulcers.
Erenya 2 February 12
For pain relief to make eating less sore I take a small mouth full of water followed by half a tablet of Disprin or any effervescencing form of aspirin and hold it in my mouth for several minutes before spitting it out. Works well and doesn't sting. To speed healing I've found Manuka honey held on the ulcer is beneficial. The best is to hit it with the honey at the first sign of the ulcer appearing. I've only had limited success with other types of honey. And in case its caused by a vitamin/mineral deficiency I use supplement pills until it's healed.
Dave 26 January 12
I am 75 yrs old and have suffered from canker sores all my life. Recently I read an article saying SLS in tooth paste is what causes them. So far so good, I stopped using tooth paste and haven't had any in about 2 months. Usually I get them on the sides of my tongue or at the lining in my throat. Hope this helps others.
GO 23 January 12
Lack of vitamin B, C, A is part reason.
Also sour stomach from wrong food combinations.
Take a liquid vitamin supplement of B's add to this
Raw foods for 10 days. Include FRESH leafy greens,
Orange vegetables, raw cruciferous, sprouts in abundance,
And green apples. Don't mix fruit & vegetables at the same
Meal. Cleanse your bowels. Drink freely of red raspberry leaf tea
And take golden seal capsules daily for 10 days.
During this 10 days begin a routine of regular rest times,
Regular eating times, regular times for bowel evacuations.
Spend time reading encouraging and calming material that gives
You solid, grounded hope.
While you are resting research thoroughly the importance of each vitamin
And mineral, amino acid, EFA's and pure water, carbohydrates.
Record your findings and eat according to the needs of your body.
Forget the past recipes you loved. Eat to live not live to eat.
Too many should have written on their tombstones:
Here lies _______________ who died by his own knife & fork.
Just as laws govern the universe, so laws govern our being.
When we have knowledge, we have power to be free from sickness!
God Bless Your Search
Marianna 19 November 11
hi everyone well im in alot off pain and cant get rid off this god dam ulcer. ive tried everything and nothing is working. salt takes it away for few mins but its strait back to pain wand even feels worse afterwards.
cathal 17 November 11
What a fantastic site! I have suffered for years with these blighters, I have 4 as I type. Non-sufferers can't understand how debilitating they are and how miserable they make you. However family and close friends understand that it can be difficult to speak and eat. I have had them in my throat too. I do think they are caused by foods such as tomatoes (make my lips sting when i eat them), apples, poss chocolate and stress. My 15 year old suffers too. I have had blood tests but all the results were clear. Doc said it was probably genetic - yep made me feel heaps better. Have tried so many remedies but nothing seems to work. Gave up smoking thinking it would help, even worse!!!! I don't think I'm brave enough to try pineapple and salt I've tried *wince*. Will try out some of the others tho
Jackie 17 November 11
I tried bread soda (made into a paste with a little water), put a little on to ulcer .... Stings like mad for a minute, takes away all pain .....
Mir 31 October 11
I have looked through the posts on this Forum, my son was diagnosed with ORAl Crohn!s when he was 6 and a half.
He had been suffering with shocking and massive ulcers in his mouth that seemed to last for ever.
We was finally given a Diagnosis upsetting but he has managed to get on with his life and do what he wanted to do.
Oral Crohn!s was rare in Kids his age so it did take some time for him to be Diagnosed, he is now 29.My husband does suffer with ulcers and at the moment he has 4, a couple of months ago we thought he had Quincey. He is suffering bad at the moment he is Gargleing with mouthwash which does deaden the mouth for a while i feel so helpless and sorry for him.
So my point is if you have a child who has repeat ulcers and with this the lips are swollen as well, the lips have to be swollen as well, the ulcers need to be persistent and big and last a long time.
I do not wish to alarm anyone but this is quite rare and there are medication to help, my son did take Thalidomide for some time, and it did put him in remission for some time , just to say he is not on it now and he is a father to a healthy 5month old little girl.
linda 27 October 11
VEGEMITE!! for all you Aussies out there, if it's a small case or one where you've simply bitten your lip then just rub some on and avoid crazy food (spicy, really hot, icecreams and such) obviously if you have huge ones this may not work but if you're desparate then you never know
Kate M 27 October 11
Some people are just lacking nutrients. Eat an egg. They are the 'perfect' food, has all nutrients except calcium (the shell). Try eating a lot of eggs.

Honey works really nicely too. Honey extract, actually. But if you don't have honey extract, then just use honeyed water. :/
afrowish 13 October 11
I had ulsers in the back of my throat which would not go away, I went to the doctor a few times, eventually he did a blood test and I am lacking in vitamin b12, after starting a course of b12 injections the ulsers cleared up and soon I should have some energy. If you have had ulsers for a while ask your doctor for a blood test!!! hope this helps someone!
Emma 6 October 11
I have a huge ulcer on my bottom lip at the mo it's been there about a week now, reading through this thread I don't get them nearly as bad as some but I know they hurt like hell so I sympathise. To make it worse my job requires me to be talking most of the time which is very painful. As many have said bonjela is crap only thing I have found is crushed paracetemol and work it into the ulcer gives me a couple of hours rest bite.
Tim 2 October 11
buy katha used in paan and dissolve it in water then apply it to ur ulcer
ayesha 24 September 11
I suffered mouth ulcer since 8 years, please tell me the way, how can i relief from it
seshadev 24 September 11
The immune tabs are working!!! She had another dose this morning and she hasent mentioned anything about the pain. The ulcer on her tongue which started day before yesterdayish is going...This may work for adults too..Must be worth a try eh? ingredients are as follows :
Vitamin A ( retinyl acertate 114.9 ug)
vitamin C 60mg
(Ascorbic acid from sodium ascorbate 67.5mg)
Vitamin D3 ( cholecaliciferol) 200 IU
Vitamin E 7 IU
Zinc 2.5mg

THESE ARE KIDS IMMUNITY PILLS...So adults would need higher doses maybe?

Hope to help at least someone out there...Good luck..
Kirsty 23 September 11
WOW! So much useful info! My daughter has had multiple mouth ulcers most of her short life. She is 7 yrs now and has a flare up which is why im here. My poor baby is in agony and its made me so much more aware of what the pain must be like for her reading what it feels like from an adults point of view. She crys and crys sometimes. She eats heaps of strawberries,tomatoes,apples,prob a bit of soy, peanuts in peanut butter....almost everything listed on this extensive thread that has caused ulcers in someone.A while ago i gave her an immune supplement vitamin type thing and she remembers that she didnt get any ulcers while the tabs lasted. So ive been to the chemist to get more today.
She is talking better now. No pain anymore and she had the tabs 10 hrs ago.This time last night she was screaming. I remebber she got a cluster when she was about two and watchiung her starve while food was all around her was #$%^%!!!! One of the worst things ive been through. She couldnt eat f9or a week and was starving....Anyway thanks to all who have posted on here. Ive read the whole lot and am so so so very much more informed than i was 3hrs ago when i found this thread/page....Ta and good luck guys...I will let you know in a day or two how my girl is as one just started today, so if it goes without getting worse i will know for sure that these vitamins has vit c and zinc and a few other things which have been mentioned here as "good"..
All the best,
Kirsty 22 September 11
please advice how to use valtrex..i mean how many tablets per day
noland 17 September 11
The only thing I have found that really helps to control outbreaks is smallpox vaccine. If you are lucky enough to find a doctor that still does the vaccine. I would get the vaccine every 6 months and never had a problem. Now I can't get the vaccine and take Valtrex which helps a little but after three weeks the ulcers come back.
6 Sept 2012 7 September 11
Salt really helps too,but it will sting for the first few minutes when its put on the ulcer
vvvv 2 September 11
rub sensodyne to the ulcer it really helps:)
anonymous 28 August 11
simple really all you need it to up your folic acid intake ie cereal or tablets from health shop TA DAH!!!
mark 16 August 11
I have had an outbreak of 15 ulcers under my tongue and have found out that taking anti inflammatory drugs can give you them. I was taking Naproxen for a week bfore these painful ulcers appeared! I was given mulberry syrup to dab on them from the pharmacy in Turkey but when I went to Greece I was given Mundisal which offers instant relief but like all these things has to be applied often. Still suffering after 3 days.
Gillie 15 August 11
I have found GRANTS TOOTHPASTE (of Australia) as well as GREENRIDGE HERBAL THROAT RELIEF (sprayed on the ulcers), helps prevent my ulcers from flaring up. I bit my lip/inside of mouth recently quite badly causing 3 ulcers to form next to each other. Normally they would've flared up into one massive painful ulcer, however with regular use of the toothpaste and spraying the ulcers about 3 times a day it has prevented this flare up and the 3 small ulcers have almost disappeared already. So that's what works for me and wanted to share with you! Hope it helps for you as well!
jess pickett 27 July 11
had these for awhile and valtrex works!
chad moore 24 July 11
i wanted to know if after adding the paste onto your ulcer should you spit it out after a while or should you keep it there, and if so for how long? I also wanted to know if you can eat or drink after applying it? ive been using the anbesol gel for my painful ulcer and it works a treat for a short while.
Adam 23 July 11
I have always had ulcers, the antiseptic TCP often works and youcan buy it from most local drug stores like superdrug and boots.
ulcersufferer 3 July 11
I've had many ulcers and I know the type of pain you people are going thru. I'm having one now and I have to agree it really hurts. Well,there are also ways to cure it. Keyword: SALT. You can use either sea salt, or those normal ones many people use. take a bit of it and dab it on your ulcer. it may hurt! but its worth the pain. Or its either you use Listerine. It works for me almost everytime. You can also get "Bonjela Once". not the bonjela(useless).
Crystal 2 July 11
greek natural yoghurt, before bedtime, dont brush your teeth. worked for me
morrison 28 June 11
I have suffered with ulcers for as long as I can remember... i agree that bonjella gel is crap, but bonjela once is great! it is pretty pricey and caines to put on but it works for the whole day. what does everyone think of bpnjela complete? like a plaster for your mouth...I have been using it but dont really rate it compared to bonjela once. Anbesol is great for quick relief - easier to apply and cheaper than bonjela once too.
Alex 27 June 11
YEP Kenalog works for me. I find I get them when I am stressed and or drink a lot of COKE! I apply KENALOG on the uncer just before bed and usually after two nights is enough and you dont even know its there.

Bonjella is crap!! Perhaps to much as a kid.
Greg G 26 June 11
Hiya, basically mouth sores are due to a lack of iron in the blood and/or vitamin K
(expecially when we are stressful).

Furthermore, when possible avoid eating food containing preservatives such as, "E210, E200,... " and salty food.

Above all, it'd be good to take care of own oral hygiene!...daily ... so brush teeth before going to bed and soon after getting up ... (^_^) . Mouthwash is not enough to keep our mouth clean. I hope it can be helpful

p.s. I apologise for my poor english. Someone said : nobody is perfect lol
Alex 24 June 11
you can try smyle mouth ulcer gel.... my ulcer disappeared in 4 days and it susbstantially reduces the pain. It really stings at first on application but then it kinda numbs the ulcer
sweta 13 June 11
Hi guys my dentist told me what is causing my ulserd. Heat where I live it 119f here and he told me to crush up a baby asprin and put it on my ulser. I just did it and it helped! It doesn't take all the pain away but most of it. Iam free to eat what ever I want
gina 12 June 11
I have wisdom teeth coming through and have bitten the inside of my cheek but now its swollen up and i can't close my teeth without biting myself!! i was told there is some sort of gel you can get that sort of cements the area so that when your teeth hit they just slide off has anyone heard of this? or have another solution!?
mark warden 10 June 11
I have been struggling with mouth ulcers since I was around 9 years old. I am now 20, and have at least 4 or 5 a month, and not little ones either. All over my mouth. Even if there is a problem with my wisdom teeth, one pops up by the side of the tooth. I currently have two on my lower lip which are killing me. They usually take around 8 to 9 days to go. If someone could help me with a genuine cure, I would be so grateful. I try to eat a balanced diet, I just don't know what to do!
MouthUlcersAreShite 7 June 11
For temporary cure: salt solution ,
For faster cure: Kenalog or Orabase ,
I GUARANTEE you these will work!! :)
malteseKid 6 June 11
Everybody on this message board needs to try falters and write on their experience. It is a cure. It can prevent them altogether. Your doctors are Misinformed if your are getting them
On your throat mouth or near your tongue it may be HSV1. I had to diagnose myself and it worked. Ulcer free for over a year now!
Canadian Guy 5 June 11
i have had this all my ife and the best thing 2 do is rub melted chocolate on it (but put some asprin in it so u dont taste it or feel it ) trust me it works 4 me....
cul 23 May 11
To ease the pain of a mouth ulcer, put an aspirin directly on the ulcer and let it dissolve there. The pain is diminished immensely, and the healing is quicker.
Dog Mom 23 May 11
Hi, I've had mouth ulcers on and off for years, I've never been to my gp but have tried loads of treatments. I currently have one huge one on inside of my lip and one on my tongue that hurts like pains going out of fashion. Over the years I've tried bonjela, pure salt applied to ulcer, gargling salt water, ice, not eating to avoid pain ect.. the list goes on. By reading opinions on this site I think I might give bonjela once a go as hopefully it will take this terrible twosome I'm suffering with away. I do think being rundown is a lot to do with it and stress, isn't it crazy how our body reacts to certain things. I understand those who have been to gp's and been given no advice as a lot of gp's just about help you when your very ill let alone a mouth ulcer. I hope all of you find the thing that works for you and hopefully some suggestions will help me. I give the regular sufferers some advice, keep a record in your diary e everytime one pops up and how painful it is what you use and how long the ulcer lasts. If you also record what you ate or feeling i.e stressed, ill. A couple of days before it occured I'm sure after a couple of occurrences you will know your triggers and how best to treat and minimize it. Unfortunately I have asthma and I get ill quite often and that triggers mine so there's not much I can do except wrap up and try to keep away from those who have flu ect.. hard for me to do as I'm a nurse. Anyway hope my post helps you. Take care.
sarah, london (24) 23 May 11
Best temporary pain relief: Salt! Dip a cotton bud into warm water, then dip it into salt, make sure it's caked in it. Then apply directly onto the ulcer. Yes, it will sting like no other sting known to man, but once that initial impact and few seconds after have gone, massage the salt into it. Then either brush your teeth or swill with mouthwash to remove any remaining bacteria. This will keep the swelling down for about 6-8hrs.

Best cure? Time, unfortunately! I'm relatively lucky, I only get them on the odd occasion, and they take about 3-5 days to clear. I feel for those of you who get them on a regular basis and clusters, that must be dreadful. :(
Matthew, UK (25) 20 May 11
im currently being investigated for recurring ulcers. I know have burning mouth dry mouth and cracked tongue to go with the numerous ulcers in my mouth and throat. Have had swabs and blood tests done and am awaiting results. Have been told it could be a virus....or infection...or vitamin deficiency...or hormones....or allergy!!!! Not a clue is what they should say! Have got difflam throat spray and mouthwash and am avoiding things i know irritates but was wondering if anyone knew of anything else i could be doing to relieve the constant burning and irritabilty?
Sharon, England 19th may 2011 19 May 11
I have one on my tongue right next to my teeth so everytime my tongue moves it rubs on my teeth with immense pain, ive tried this stuff called iglu which is great but comes off after abit and i neva notice, wish there was a way to jst burn them off, wouldnt mind the pain jst wqnt get rid of it
The Quiff 18 May 11
Salt. It hurts like hell but its a natural remedy. Unfortunately nothing will 'cure' but time only. If you get them, you get them, and it can be hereditary. I have had them since childhood and you tend just to accpet them. One thing that did speedup the recover was the Boots own ulcer treatment. They are like a cotton bud filled with a red liquid. Again they hurt for while but ease the pain and aid recovery. I have three at the moment arooud the gum and its difficult to talk sometimes. When you feel one coming hit it at first discovery with salt and its should halt its growth. The largest I had was the size of a 5pence peice and lasted for 3 weeks. I feel all your pain but as stated earlier, if you get them then you always will. Good luck
Matt S, Worthing, England, 36 18 May 11
go to the shop and get a pineapple cut it up and suck the pieces and eat after if you wish the next day the ulcers will be gone or very nearly .
pete B 18 May 11
Try dry ginger powder. I was amazed at how quickly it stopped the pain for hours and accelerated the healing process. By the second day my canker sore was healed. I usually have to wait out a week of intense pain and discomfort and feeling sick from the canker sores but this my new miracle cure. I use organic powder ginger found in the spice section of your local supermarket. Wet the tip of your finger, dab it in the powder and dab the powder on the sore. Try to let it sit for a few seconds to adhere to the sore.
Janet 29 April 11
I've been using really small quantities of liquid Methylen Blue and it always works. Unfortunately it's considered dangerous or something in big quantities so you can't buy them in drugstores anymore. I've heard you can still find some in chemistry stores and stuff. You just take a Q-Tip, dip it in the Methylen Blue (just dip it and take it out, no need to leave it there so it absorbs more stuff, you just need a little of it), dry out the ulcer with a kleenex or something, and then apply the Q-Tip directly on the ulcer. It's not instant of course, but within a few hours it should be completely gone for small ones.

Be careful though: It's called Methylen "BLUE" for a reason! It easily stains anything it touches and you will have blue teeth and possibly blue/green urine if you take too much (though to treat an ulcer you don't need to take as much Blue as to turn your pee green). It also has a weird taste and drinking water/licking it/eating something will remove most of the stuff, basically ruining the treatment. So what I do is apply it right before going to sleep! Wake up in the morning and it's gone! (or at least greatly diminished, but repeat the treatment on the evening and the second morning you should be fine). And do brush your teeth, they'll most likely be blue =)

Also, you will see when you apply it that it really easily adheres to the ulcer (if you dried it properly), whereas if you apply some on your healthy "skin", it's going to dilute in your saliva and it's going to taste a bit weird (No worries though it's not going to kill you). Make sure you apply enough so that your ulcer is dark blue, but try not to put any Blue where there is no ulcer. I've been using this all my life and have always been satisfied and so does all my family.

By the way, it has been removed from drugstores for a reason and I just can't find it. I've never had any issues with it but I do remember an experiment I did in high school where we put just a drop of Methylen Blue in a petri full of cells, and it was instant death for every living cells in there. I'm not a doctor, I just know it works for me and I've never had any issues whatsoever. Though I only rarely have ulcers (once every 3-4 months) and use the stuff just as often. I probably wouldn't suggest it for anyone with a whole bunch of ulcers or ulcers recurring every week without asking a pharmacist or a doctor first.
Alex 12 April 11
anbesol. ive tried others but anbesol works, its expensive though.
natalie wallace 25 March 11
I had mouth ulcers every month for years then I got diagnosed with Sjogrens syndrome which causes dry mouth and dry eyes. I was diagnosed thanks to my dentist who had said that I wasn't producing enough of the right kind of saliva and that was causing too much friction in my mouth. I also wear a chrome lower denture which didn't help!
After trying loads of over the counter stuff I found this site and started experimenting. I now use Squigle toothpaste all the time and rinse with Biotene mouthwash several times a day. I also change my toothbrush more often than recommended and I now find I hardly get ulcers and then it is usually when I've bitten my cheek or eaten something very hard which has created a sore. They don't last long if I use Gengigel for a day or two.
Maria 25 March 11
I have tried to read all the post. To sum it up it looks like without taking medicine I should avoid soy, tomatoes, and chocolate, all of which I have noticed reactions; and I should add to my daily routine a sea salt water mouth wash, put salt directly on big sores (painful but may speed the healing process), L-lysine, B vitamins, all-natural toothpaste and have regularly pineapple, watermelon and lots of fresh vegetables. Ohhhhh how nice a ulcer free life would be!
K.G.D. 22 March 11
many of my friends thk me for introducing watermelon frost to them.
catapasli 20 March 11
Having recently had a big, angry mouth ulcer, I can really sympathise. What I believe really speeded up the healing for me was taking 1000mg of L-Lysine daily until it disappeared. For me, using Corsodyl mouthwash really seemed to bring the pain down for a few hours after using it - I guess due to killing off the bacteria? Aloclair mouthwash also provides temporary relief for an hour or two at a time by coating the outside of the ulcer to prevent chafing. Hold the liquid directly over the ulcer inside your mouth for a good few seconds.
It's worth a try, right?
C. 19 March 11
So sad , all these people suffering everyday with these and no cure! I too get the ulcers all through my mouth....last 2 times they have been down my throat as well. Starting as small white spots growing to be the size of a quarter...usually 6 or so at a time and once one starts to diminish new ones surface...usually lasts for 10 or so days peeling and stinging. I can say its the worst pain Ive ever eating, talking,drinking...even if I move my tongue. Ive been to my doc many times even when they were the worst and he seems not to know what to do. Ive had all the tests for herpes and im clean of that! Ive found they usually come on after or during a cold or virus...meaning (a guess) it has to do with my immune system. I take lysine and zinc plus other vitamins every day in hopes to avoid them but nothing works. My doctor did prescribe me a steroid last time (prednisone) and I must say it definitely helped as far as the length of time I had them ...probably cut them down by 3-4 days and they were not as severe. All I can say is I hope they find a cure soon as I have 4 or so in my throat and my ears hurt so bad I wanna cry! And, if you have a doctor that will prescribe vicodin good for you ...mine wont...but in the past it has been the only relief for the pain.
Lora 18 March 11
Hi, My wife gets mouth ulcers. I find they flare up when she is tired and has not been eating right. She is a vegetarian so we tend to eat a lot of Broccolli, mushrooms,beetroot, carrots and other crunchie greens., I believe you need to cure from the inside. Vitamin B2 - Riboflavin: Aids in production of body energy. The more active you are the more B2 you need. It also protects against cancer and anemia. Sources of B2 are milk, yogurt, chicken, leafy green vegetables, fruit and almonds. A high dose of Vitamin C is known for fighting colds and cancer as well as enforcing strong teeth, healthy gums, and prevention of heart disease and cataracts. Sources of vitamin C are strawberries, melons, citrus fruit, broccoli, brussel sprouts, red peppers and cranberry juice.
You need to have good food intake or you will fight a loosing battle.

Max 17 March 11
It has to be Oralmedic. it's a cotton bud type thing, you snap one end, liquid runs to one bud, it stings like mercy but you literally see it costs £8 but that's why...because it works, another brand is BONJELA ONCE - The only Bonjela product that works!
It however isnt a long term solution so I suggest this; Buy it, use it...then google, or use this website to pick your diet - WHAT TO TAKE OUT, I.E. Choose your toothpaste carefully, for me its NO BANANAS/KIWIS - Too much Potasium will cause them!
Good Luck...I have one now and I'm going to do this experiment now...I'll let you know.
Jake 16 February 11
Chocolate chocolate chocolate! Without fail, no matter how bad my canker sores are, even half a hershey's chocolate bar (they are my fav, i don't really eat any other chocolate bars), and the next day the sore is not NEARLY as painful, and has already started healing. I ate a whole regular sized bar yesterday, and i just got ketchup and salt on this thing, and it was nearly pain free. Meanwhile yesterday before the chocolate, I was eating my food funny and talking funny b/c of the pain. I tried to chew up the chocolate, and using my tongue rub a little on the actual sore. This initially hurts, but no more than it normally would hitting it with your tongue. The problem i had this time, is that the sore is where my cheek is meeting my lower jaw, so it's tough to clean out the area (I don't really leave the chocolate there, just rub it over it). Please please please try this fellow canker sore sufferers! I know your pain, and chocolate is here to cure us!
Mattemer 7 February 11
You might try adding baking soda to your remedy, it balances the ph in your mouth. Try a rinse of 1 tsp salt,1 tsp baking SODA and 6oz. warm water. rinse 2-3 times a day. I've even tried the lingual B-complex you can find anywhere. (its the liquid form w a dropper you put under your tounge.)I put it directly on the sore and under my tounge. They both work for me. Good Luck!!
VM IN 26 January 11
I have had the sores in my mouth for over a month now & they are so darn painful. I can't eat a darn thing without tears! My doctor told me it was a "viral infection" in my mouth and that there was no cure, it has to go away on its own! Well, doc, I can't wait for it to go away on its own, I am in so much darn pain, it's rediculous. Some of the info on this site sound interesting to me and I'm calling my doctor again tomorrow and ask him to give me a prescripton for Valtrex. At this point, I'll try just about anything. Salt water however, I'm sure would burn like hell but if everyone says it will work, I'll try that too. What do I have to lose at this time? Weight, because I cannot eat a darn thing. I know I am run down though because I had gastric by pass and you don't absorb vitamins anymore. I get a Vitamin B-12 shot every 3 months and that's for life! I also had my stomach removed in 2009 along with an ulcer - gosh, what the "h" next? Thanks for all your interesting suggestions. Painful in PA!
Phyllis 24 January 11
I am suffering by this blody mouth ulcer, now it is in my chick and tongue at a time. i tried too many things; B-complex, salt water, ice creams, ice, pain relive jels, still HO HO HO I cant ... , when I am having Chicken, Egg, Some fishes then it is coming .
A fellow suffer 22 January 11
After 3 years of persistent ulcers, I finally changed my badly scratched TEFLON frying pan to a quality NEW one and 3 weeks later my ulcers left and have not returned. [worth a try maybe] also, I tried every treatment and the best one was called WATERMELON FROST available at any Chinese medicine apothecary, good relief and only $4 a bottle.
Ken 29 December 10
i am not tired or rundown! But have had persistent ulcers since I was a teenager, although they seem to have increased in number with my age as I sometimes have up to 10 at any one time. I know they are linked to acidity as when I eat acidy foods or drink wine they get worse. But at last I think I have found a cure!! I read in the paper that they have had amazing results with stomach ulcers using Ginger. So I went to my store cupboard and found a packet of ground Ginger. I have been putting it on my ulcers twice to three times a day- it sticks to them quite easily, and amazingly they shrink overnight, to the point now when they have- apart from 1 which is on it's way out- totally disappeared! I would love some of you guys out there to try it and let me know if it works for you. Ig you google Ginger apparently it has great anti- inflammatory properties.
Pru 26 December 10
I suffer from mouth ulcers when ever I am tired and run-down, or have been eating processed foods and/or too much sugar. I often get them when I am fighting a cold or the flu and my immune system is taxed. For anyone who gets mouth ulcers I would *highly* recommend Canker Melts, made by orahealth. They are little discs made of licorice root extract that you place over the ulcer as soon as you notice one forming. They stick to the ulcer and eventually melt away in an hour or two. They work very well to speed the healing of mouth ulcers, but you have to be consistent about using them. I've had mouth ulcers vanish over night if I start using Canker Melts as soon as I notice the ulcer forming.

Kerstin 25 December 10
I have just had a huge ulcer on my tongue and I use 'Oral Aid' to numb the pain and take Valtrex up till 1 week. That helps me. But there is no cure for mouth ulcers I think. They just keep on coming. But u KNOW when you have new ulcers because you COULD FEEL it/them even though it is still invincible. When that happens, straight away take Valtrex once a day. That really helps!
Carl Ismile, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 17 November 10
I am a fellow lifelong (51) sufferer of mouth ulcers, tongue, gums, lips, cheeks you name it! Personally I believe pineapple and tomatoes in large amounts withing a few days and stress may be triggers for me because I had not had an ulcer for months then bang 3 in my lower lip/gum. I use orajel so I can eat without pain and two things to speed up healing which I have not read here include acidophillus (good bacteria for the intestines also found in yogurt and supplements) and topical antibiotic ointment such as neosporin or bacitracin applied directly to the ulcer. Other than avoiding triggers, use an antiseptic mouthwash for prevention. As an oncology nurse we gave the patients who developed mucositis (mouth ulcers) Biotene mouthwash which can be bought at WalMart. These patients developed mouth sores because the chemo caused low white blood cell counts and this allowed the normal flora (good bacteria) to overgrow. Same idea as Thrush, white patches on the tongue, which is caused by overgrowth of yeast fungus. This can be passed between partners if one partner has a yeast infection without even knowing it. I hope this helps. I am going to try the suggestion for iodine on the ulcer - I have seen this used on other skin virus problems (genital warts) and it eliminates them in 24 hours. One more tip, HPV - human papillomavirus can be spread via oral sex and HPV has been linked to oral cancer in men. Talk to your physicians, get checked out to be safe. Especially if recurring in the same spot.
cj tx 22 October 10
yes I agree Christy as I stopped them for some weeks and symptoms retured ie tiredness, no energy and of cours the mouth ulcers big time!
Liz 16 October 10
I took supplement Vit B12 and it helps but need to take the pills everyday... :(
Christy 16 October 10
My tests also came back normal for low iron and vitamin B, nevertheless I bought both supplements and have never felt better, plenty of energy and sleep better - ulcers a lot better also with using SLS free toothpaste and cutting down on acidic foods and fruits, wine etc, worth all the elimination not to have a sore mouth all the time.
Liz 14 October 10
I have suffered from ulcers since I can remember, 1 or 2 I can cope with but I always have 5 or 6 at any time. I have come to the conclusion there is no cure, I have tried Adcortyl, Bonjela, Iglu, Corsodyl and salt water all with no success. I have about 2 weeks where I may be ulcer free in 6 months, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why I get them. I was tested for Vitamin B12 and iron deficiency as lack of these can supposedly cause mouth ulcers, the results came back normal. I was half hoping they wouldn't so I could start taking a suppliment to get rid of them. No Dr seems to know enough about them or really want to help find a cure!
Fed up of Ulcers 14 October 10
Hi guys, I'm 21 female and a long sufferer of mouth ulcers! Every 3 weeks I get 2-3 fairly large ones! Today I went to the pharmacy and they told me the best to get is anbesol liquid! It's incredible! Numbs the pain while the antiseptic tackles the prob! It's brill I recommend it!!
Sarah x
Sarah - Manchester 12 October 10
just got three ulcers in my mouth one on my throat sice a dental visit(thankyou dentist) didnt realise how painful something so small could be. Going to try the salt water or maybe the ginger just looking forward to the end of them as not had a ulcer for years so i sympothise with all you regular sufferers. They are bad news and very painful at times .
dusty 12 October 10
I also suffer mouth ulcer in all my life as far as i can remember i never had a mouth ulcer when i was pregnant. Then after 6 months after having a baby its back. I tried everything but only WORKS FOR ME Is taking Vit B12 and Zinc everyday and using FREE SLS toothpaste, im using organic toothpaste you can buy this at health shop. And avoid being so STRESS...Sometimes still comes back when im stress but its not too bad anymore 1 to 2 mouth ulcer but not that painful anymore or you will not even notice it...:)

MYNAH UK 11 October 10
I have been dealing with ulcers for most of my life and I'm 32. I get them in the roof of my mouth towards the back on my throat. They start out small then get huge! I have tried everything. I use Zilactin B to numb them when I eat. It burns like hell when you first put it on there but it helps a little till it wears off. When I get them I feel like I have a virus , I'm tired and ill and have terrible headaches with them.
Sallie 11 October 10
I am 13 , ulsers stop me from speaking like i normally do (alot) they stop me from eating and cause severe discomfort . Getting ulsers usually has something to do with biting your mouth . Or not having enough vitamin c . i have tried many things . From my experience bonjella is shit .
UK BRUM 10 October 10
HELLO ALL MY DAUGHTER GETS MOUTH ULCERS I HAVE SPENT OVER £80 IN THE ONE WEEK .WHEN I WENT TO SPAIN I GOT THERE THIS GEL CALLED>> AFTAS >> iIT HAS TAKEN THEM ALL AWAY THANK GOD ITS TOOK THEM AWAY NOW I CAN SAVE FOR MY NEXT HOLIDAY NEXT YEAR IT COST £9 in scottish money but its a cure for my daughter now she never had one in three weeks ,,,well proud i would go over and bring plenty, back ,,because it very good ,,boots just give you any thing to get money in there till hope yous could get on line i would recomend it to anyone
agg from scotland 10 October 10
Just as an addition, the only time I get ulcers is when I get a scratch in my mouth (from eating crisps or french bread with a hard crust) or bite my cheek. So for me, I guess there must be some kind of bacteria or something that lives in my mouth that as soon as it sees a wound it goes to town! I had a nacho 2 days ago that left a ~1.5cm scratch at the back of my throat and I can already feel it becoming quite possibly the worst ulcer I will experience!

I've tried so many things and nothing has ever worked to cure the ulcers. Salt water, bonjela or lemon juice will numb it for a short while, but that's as good as it gets. Some throat lozenges that provide mild local anesthetic help with the numbing too.

In general my ulcers last anything between 5-15 days so even the things on here that say "oooh they were cured after 5 days" is basically BS because they would probably heal themselves in the same amount of time! imho anything that keeps the ulcers as clinically clean as possible will help the healing process but they're by no means a cure unfortunately.

If anyone invents a sure fire cure to mouth ulcers, they will be millionaires overnight!
In a lot of pain at the mo 8 October 10
For those folks in the UK looking for SLS free toothpaste - Sensodyne whitening is an option - there's also a gel version which is SLS free but I cannot remember the name (possibly Sensodyne Gel :P).

I suffered for years with these things every week or two and having moved to SLS free toothpaste I now get them maybe once or twice a year - the only reason I am on here is because I got two in the last few days (one on each side of my mouth) and remembered it was this forum where I read about trying SLS free toothpaste - please - if you suffer from these give the SLS free a go!!
Remembering how bad they are! 8 October 10
Hi Anna
Finding out what you are allergic to is not easy as it takes time but anything worth doing to ease that pain of having ulcers surely is worth it.
Maybe you could try on a 2 day basis at first to eliminate certain things on a list, ie firstly strawberries and tomatoes because if this is your allergy you will react quickly when you eat them again, if you have no reaction then try for stuff like candies or sugary fizzy drinks and so on. I hope you have some luck Anna as I have helped my self a lot by doing this but when I lose my willpower and drink wine or eat grapes etc and all the tomato based stuff I love like pizza, bolognese, lasagne just gives me so much grief it is not worth the pain in a couple of days or even the next day.
good luck and maybe let the site know if it help, remember also toothpaste without SLS definately helps a lot and maybe this is your allergy.
Liz 7 October 10
This is a great message board! I am 21 and i keep getting ulcers every couple of months its realy annoying becuase I cant eat, drink or talk! right now Iv got 2 one on each side of the tongue and iv tried everything and nothing works! salt water helps especially before eating because it numbs the pain for time being. other than that nothing works for me. I cant even pin point what Im allergic to. I start uni on 4th october and im stressed as I wont be able to talk to any one :(
Anna21 2 October 10
get watermelon frost
kk 21 September 10
I used to smoke 10 a day and always had mouth ulcers, now i have given up for 2 years and i still get them so im not sure if smoking has anything to do with it. The only time in my life i cannot remember having mouth ulcers is when i was using CORSODYL mouthwash 3 times a day. Maybe it is worth a go
mark 21 September 10
i am 13 i have ulcers alot can anyone help x
mia 20 September 10
I used to suffer ulcers on my gums, insisde of the cheek (from sneezing), back of the throat etc. I now change my toothbrush at least once a month or if I get an ulcer, this gets rid of the bacteria building up on the brush. I cut out coffee for 6 months and the throat sore went away (I am back on 1 cup a day). I now also use an interdental brush to clear away the debris between the teeth. I have not had an ulcer for a year, and also I no longer feel I have been run over by a steamroller, which happened every 3 months or so for about 2 days.
Jon 1 September 10
When I was at boarding school I suffered terribly wih mouth ulcers that always lasted quite a long while, and my infirmarian nun at the school made me eat a block of live yeast every day, which made me feel quite sick. the block was about 2" by 1" sqare, but I have to say that it evenutually cured my mouth ulcers for good and I have not ever had one since.
NIcola Devlin 31 August 10
hi, i've been suffering from mouth ulcers for nearly 10 years. the first 2 years were just bad as no treatment worked and the buggers lasted for up to 8 weeks at a time. then a break of a week or 2 then they would reappear at different spots. i used to get up to 8 ulcers at a time on the inside lower lips, then after a while they started to spread to the tongue. these ulcers were large up to a centimeter in diameter and my mouth used to burn; couldn't eat, smile, talk or even rinse. i thought that may be it was some food i was allergic to. so i started eliminating foods from my diet. one day my tin of peanuts on my desk at work ran out and on my way to the deli to get a replacement, i thought to eliminate peanuts. this was during one of the time when i just had a batch of them. after a couple of weeks of quiting peanuts, no ulcers came back. a month later i had some nuts and the buggers came back the following day. to cut a long story short, its not easy to stay nuts free because a lot of processed foods are made with nuts contaminated equipment. so now and then i'd get the odd ones. the problem is they still last up to 6 weeks and very saw. until i found kenalog cream. they work a treat for me. best results when you apply it as soon as you first feel the ulcers. your gp can prescribe kenalog for you. i also take l-lysine 1000g/day and increase dosage to 3000g/day for a week if i have a bout of ulcers. i hope this helps anyone out there as i believe everyone is different with ulcers.
kenalog&l-lysine 30 August 10
AAAAAH I have about 5 ulcers on the roof of my mouth...I'm also trying to lose weight....With these buggers I can't eat anything maybe the ulcers are sent from heaven! ha
Rioone 29 August 10
hi all,i always use to suffer wit very bad mouth ulcers an got so fed up that i decided to find out what mite be causing them. so i wrote down and kept a record of everything i was eating an drinking every day for months. i discovered that anything to do wit apples was causing my mouth ulcers,i loved drinking cider an a day later i would get an ulcer, so i gave up cider an didnt get any, i also had to give up apples an anything to do wit them. now i dont get them.
maz 26 August 10
Reading this message board, I realize that my ulcers started shortly after I quit smoking, 10 yrs ago. Always inside the cheeks, never on the tongue or gums. I should say that prior to that, I had fever blisters on my lips my entire life that I can remember; since the inside-mouth ulcers started I've only had one on my lips. I have gone SLS-free for years (toothpase but also shower gel & shampoo). I was on a gluten/soy/casein free diet for over a year & that had no effect on mine. An md who specializes in integrative medicine (ie, viamin therapy) told me to use a mouthwash of half & half Maalox (it's a liquid antacid) and Benedryl (antihystamine), swish around in the mouth, spit it out. It does help; burns/stings for a couple of minutes but then pain-free for hours; he also recommended a combination zinc/echinacea lozenge to suck on between mouthrinses, it helps to heal them. I've just started using a sublingual B12 every night--a recent study from Israel suggests this is something that minimizes or eliminates mouth ulcers. Warm salty water rinses help as well, as do any number of over the counter mouth sores remedies. I have hopes for the B12 and will report later if it works for me. If it doesn't work for me I'm going to get a Valtrex prescription (valacyclovir--it's generic now) because I'm on my fourth course of Acyclovyr and yes it clears up the ulcers fur they're back in days; it's really depressing, as you all know. I really believe that there unfortunately is no cure-all that will help everyone; you'll have to find what works for you. If I have to go on Valtrex daily to keep the !@#$%^& away, then I will. Good luck to everyone!
Judith Hawkins-Tillirson 25 August 10
I just tried salt water...It stings like crazy, but it does give a sort of instant relief. You just have to deal with the pain and keep it in your mouth for at least thirty seconds and if u can swish it around your mouth. Thanks a lot to everyone who wrote about salt water. I just read honey comment by Nellie, and I think I am going to try that next! :)
Rowan 22 August 10
Try eating 3 teaspoons of honey a day! It worked for my husband!
Nellie 22 July 10
Hi to all my fellow mouth ulcer sufferers.

I have them at the moment and so I know that I need to go back to the doctor where I get an injection of Vitamin B, the problem with the Vitamin B supplements that you buy in a pharmacy or health food shop is that you don't always absorb them as they can be full of artificial supplements which are body cannot break down. My doctor told me of these injections about 3 years ago and I have had to have it about 4 or 5 times since.

Problem is you dont realise you need to get the injection until you have an ulcer. So now I am in agony I have one on the inside of my bottom lip and three under my tongue, and nothing is relieving the pain.

Suggestions greatly welcome.

Sinťad 13 July 10
I've tried everything and nothing works for me so I just sterilize a needle and burst them then rinse with salt water to make sure you don't get an infection!
Sharmcd 13 July 10
I have recent ally had a really bad mouth ulcer under my bottom lip and have had no idea how to get rid of it! It makes your lips and gum swell and my dad said that bonjela is the key. I have had two squirts but nothings happened. Its so painful and I was wondering if anyone had anything to help me?
Thanx Amelia
Amelia 7 July 10
thanks for information it will surely help me pesonally i used homeopathic medicines it reduces pain for 5 to 6 hours
ani 2 July 10
Thanks Doug i give it ago and good luck to you i hope the little buggers stay away x x
Sarah 29 June 10
Hi Sarah,
For pain relief I strongly suggest trying Gelclair. It is a mouthwash used 3 times a day. It stops the pain for about 4 hours at a time and doesn't sting when using it and it doesn't numb your mouth. Depending on where you live (UK, US) you might need a prescription but an online pharmacy in australia sells it without a prescription ( I also used 3000mg doses of Lysine to help my ulcers heal and now take 1000mg doses daily. The lysine is designed to heal membranes. I am also using Avamin Melts daily. Vitamin B12, as it appears in most supplements, must first be processed by the liver before becoming usable by human cells. Avamin Melts are a form of bioactive B12 similar to its state after being processed in the human liver. I had a very large ulcer on the inside of my cheek for about 3 weeks (as well as a few others) and since using these 3 products not only has the ulcer healed but no others have appeared. It has only been 2 weeks but it has been a great 2 weeks. I only needed the gelclair for about 4 days for the pain but before buying it I need strong pain killers just to sleep. Good luck, I hope this works for you as well.
Doug in OZ 29 June 10
i stopped smoking 5 months ago now and i have had a mouth full of these evil things ever since the doctor in my surgery are sick of me, i finally got to see a specalist am not sure if i pinned to much hope on it but all he did was say its not very often we get a case as bad can we take pictures for training proposes ill give you steriods if you want but they will come back as soon as the course is over i have gone away to think about the steriod has anyone used them ,These things are making me cry there are so painful as you guys all no does anyone have any advise
Thank you x x
Sarah 29 June 10
I'm going to try the Bonjela Once, my ulcer erupted on Sat and is a painful little bugger! I'll let u all know if it works---
Mike 7 June 10 7 June 10
I have both the HSV1 type and the canker type and concluded that stress brings them on. I can usually tell them apart, take valacyclovir, herpes med, for the ones that begin with the prodrome: tingling, numbness on side of face, then erupt with big dome-like clusters that end as ulcers. But if it's the canker type, which usually ulcerate first, then the herpes medication doesn't work. Use hydrogen peroxide/water mix for rinses. Thinking about being tested for bechet's (sp?), have some other skin problems now. Keep a logbook of outbreaks to show Dr. Appreciate all your treatment hints, I will try some of them!
Chris 14 May 10 14 May 10
honestly, just get Bonjela 'Once' it's AMAZING heals the ulcer really quickly and after ONE application, completely pian free, I will GUARENTEE it...I used it and was amazed...I even flicked my ulcer (stupid I know) and it didn't hurt ONE bit!!

I'm not an advertiser or anything, I'm just trying to help some people, the treatment take about 5 mins tops, but the solution is VERY painful, but so worth it trust me! it's like a wasp stinging you on the ulcer is the only thing i could compare it to...but then it's pain free, so worth it trust me!
Mark 13 May 10
That is great news re allergies, I have been trying to tell folk that my canker sores are definately caused by tomatoes, aand citrus fruits ie boiling sweets also and I take JJlike's addition information to the site as my young daughter is allergic to food colouring, ice lollies and coloured icecream and sweets so most of us must have some allergic reaction to additives in foods.
Beth 11 May 10
I get mouth ulcers really bad, once they swelled up so bad in my mouth i had to go to a&e. Then i found out i had an alllergic reation to colorings and flavourings that caused it. so it could be what you are eating x
JJlike 11 May 10
Best way for temporary relief is Benzocaine Gel..! Topical anaesthesia
Vinod, Bangalore 8 May 10
Gargle every 2 hours with Yoghurt..! Basic remedy.
Vinod, Bangalore 8 May 10
im sick at the moment with a chest infection. I think it is causing the mouth ulcers. all i know is they are all over my tounge roof of my mouth on the inside and outside of my lips. all i can eat is packet soup, custard and drink tea. It been six days. and my mouth somtimes bleeds. it is becoming very swollen and painful to the point my tounge cant stay in my mouth and i have to eat from a teaspoon. help me?
tiffany 8 May 10
People, people, people...I take it those recommending all sorts of quack cures have first tried a SLS-free toothpaste? Try Sqiggle first, then knock yourself out with whatever rubbish you want if that doesn't work. BUT CHANGE YOUR TOOTHPASTE FIRST!!!
Anoonnoonn 26 April 10
the best cure is bonjela ONCE its about £8 and u get 1 applacation its like a swob with a liquid in u snap it and liquad goes to the end and soaks the cotton wool bit u dab it on the ulcer and im telling u right now u will never feel stinging like it but the god damn thing burns the ulcer off and the pain is gone and so is the ulcer, im telling u guys get it!! it works like a fat bird with a cream bun.
Gaz 19 April 10
I get throat ulcers as well as mouth ulcers. Mercifully, I don't get the throat ones often. After sampling several topical products, I found that KANKA+ by Blistex works best. It coats and numbs.
Terry 19 April 10
I had a massive outbreak of ulcers recently (worst ever, could hardly speak or eat) and I was also prescribed VALTREX like the original poster. My doctor said that it was viral in my case... I'm happy to say that it worked, cleared up the ulcers in a couple of days!
Tom 6 April 10
hi i have ulcers most of my life i have often heard smoking stops them do you have to inhale or just take the smoke in your mouth i play the flute and its really annoying when i have them cos i cant play
john 5 April 10
In response to Beth 30 March 10 - I have had an allergic reaction to something (i'm not sure what yet) and have a very itchy red rash all over my body. I have also got about 10 ulcers in my mouth at the moment - Last week I started with just the one and that went and I've ended up with all the rest. I've never suffered with ulcers before and the doctor didn't say that it was allergy related but reading Beth's notice I'm definately convinced it is! I'm now going to look this up - Thanks Beth for posting on here. Also I have tried anbesol and it numbs for about 10 seconds then nothing!! I have also tried salt water and doesn't seem to have done anything either!! Good luck though!
mandy 31 March 10
Hope this helps someone. I've always regularly had ulcers, mainly on my gums and cheeks. However for the last week I've had 34 ulcers along my tongue, never had this many before. No change in my diet - I enjoy spicy food, but one thing has changed my toothpaste. My wife bought a new leading toothpaste brand on offer - with micro-crystals. I've stopped using it and no further ulcers have appeared. I've always used leading brands which typically contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate so cannot say its this ingredient. Note: for reference Aquafresh little teeth (4-6years) doesn't contain SLS. My daughters not happy about sharing her toothpaste!
Pain Cures: these have been difficult with tongue ulcers as most are removed through rubbing, Iglu provided some relief but was fiddly to put on, saliva got in the way, but iglu did provide the ability to eat one meal before it was dislodged. Easily the best was the Oralmedic or Bonjela Once cotton bud applications, from the ingredients it seems to be acid that burns and seals the ulcers. 2 applications covered all ulcers and I've been eating pain free - whoopee!!!!!! It stings a lot on application but only last 10 seconds so no worse than using salt which I find provides short pain relief and only ends up aggrievating the ulcers.
By the way if a doctor prescribes penicillen go to another doctor cos this one hasn't got a clue.
Richard 30 March 10 30 March 10
Hi all
Went to Dentist during this week and discovered my 'canker sores in inside of my cheeks' are not only canker ulcers but caused by allergy. Some folk have a condition called Lichen Planus which affects the mouth as in ulcers and canker sores but also a rash on arms and legs elsewhere on body, I do not have any rash and dentist says therefore I have a lichenoid reaction which is allergy to metal tooth fillings, certain foods and is often mistaken for mouth ulcers caused by other conditions, if anyone is interested look up this site called Lichen Planus or Lichenoid Reaction which I have been diagnosed with and it shows pictures of the inside of other sufferer's mouths; it ooks like a raw red inflamation of the mouth (sometimes swollen with ulcers also) but a whitish lacy pattern on innere cheeks is visible which the dentist says is Lichenoid Reaction. Next step for me is elimination of all sorts of stuff eg citrus and tomatoes etc, hopefully I do not need to have fillings removed and replaced as the cost will be enormous. I have spent years buying all sorts of remedies and never thought of asking the dentist to take a closer look at my so called ulcers. Hope this info might help some of you out there.
Best wishes
Beth 30 March 10
Back on site and with the big return of ulcers for weeks now after being ulcer free for months, feel really tired too, early nights, no alchohol, trying to eat healthy but found out tomatoes are a trigger, something I had not associated with before as salty nuts and spicy foods are a bad trigger, still using Sensodyne toothpaste (Blue Gel SLS free) but I also notice when inside of cheek ulcer is really bad I think biting during sleep must happen to a lot of us without realising, God it is so painful and depressing, back to the site for help.
Beth 16 March 10
I think i get ulcers when i get run down but I couldnt say that for sure. But how am i supposed to eat and drink healthilty to try and get rid of them when i cant even eat or drink at all! I recently had a baby and Im sure these ulcers hurt the same amount as the first contractions do. I cant concentrate on anything as Im in so much pain. all those stupid gels at the chemist are crap and i feel like taking 8 paracetemol to try and stop the pain or getting drunk so i cant feel them (if i could get liquid down my throat) im not asking for help becuase nothing works i have tried it all i just cant take this anymore. i wish somone would put me under anaesthetic until they go away.
Kate 12 March 10
I have about 10 ulcer on the roof of my mouth and at the back of my throat at the mo. I also have very bloody stools or lack of stools rather. I went to the doctor (GP) who was absolutely usless. I mean these ulcers I have had constantly for 6 weeks and I cant eat, speak and am just down at the mo. However I went to A+E today (instead of waiting god knows how much weeks to see a doc at the hospital) and they almost kept me in over night. The doc saw my mouth and was shocked and they were worried about my bloody bowl movements. Basically she phones the gastro doc and he wasnt me in tomorrow for more tests.

People who suffer mouth ulcers for long periods of time MUST be asertive with the doc coz they will fob you off as having stress etc. Mouth ulcers are symptoms of something and you need to know what. Normally a gastro issue or an intolorence to a food ie gluten. There is no cure for ulcers other than to cure the source. Find the source and the ulcers will be cured. Look for other symptoms ie IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) or anything else. Then go to doctor and say you think they are conected. Hopefully they will be. I honestly have never felt pain like it and arsed with years of this. Hopefully tomorrow they will find the source to my mouth ulcers!!!
Chris S 11 March 10
I have been suffering from mouth ulcer since I was a child. I never new when they will come and when they will heal. While visiting China, I found that they have a specific OTC cure for mouth ulcer, I tried it and hey presto, it cured overnight!. I tried it on my brother with same results. It is a tiny medicated plaster that you stick on the ulcer before you sleep at night. The plaster dissoves to deliver the medication the whole night through and the next morning, the ulcer becomes painless and you know if is on the way to healing. Bigger ulcers need 2 nights of treatment and so far, it worked like a miracle. If you need to get some, contact me
dave choy - singapore 11 March 10
I am suffering from mouth ulcers about 8 year's. I am in alot of pain. I can hardly eat of talk because of my mouth ulcers. I have about 6 to 8 at the moment. I've had them since last Thursday. Doctor's are a joke they don't understand. I'm using mycostatin, gargling with salt n water but they are still there. I keep praying i will wake up and they will have gone. I can't take this pain much longer. Please help????????????
Denise 8 March 10
Since wednesday 20th I had ulcers on the side of my tongue and I found it hard to eat and drink.
Anyone know any cure's? I do not use bonjela coz I used it before and did not like it.
I've been using abosol which is quite painful sometimes and I been having paracetamols and that helps mostly.
Danny 24 January 10
I get mouth Ulcers whenever I drink Non-diet Coke... Weird, ay? One glass gives me ulcers for at least a week.
Aaron 23 January 10
I have a really painful ulcer on my tongue and when I put orabase it takes long to dry and it sticks in mouth. Bonjela works but it comes off once you wet it in your mouth. what should I do ? its so painful. ps how long does it take to heal on its own approximately? Please Reply..
Nicky 11 January 10
wow lots of you out there. i have had ulcers on my gums just below the base of my teeth. going on 3 months now and i have tried almost everything. i will continue to use the steroid rinse given to me by my peridontist. oral surgeon wanted to do biopsy, but told me i could loose a tooth if he had to take a piece of my gum away for the speciman. ugh.. so i am not opting for the biopsy just yet. one side of my mouth the ulcers seem to have subsided, the other side is raging. i just stopped using toothpaste with sls last week, so hopefully i will see some results from removing that from my daily diet.
cmaerz 14 December 09
Hi Ros
clean your mouth with hot salty water lots of times in first day which should help clean any infection and then convert to SLR free toothpaste, I read this tip on this site and gave it a try so please do try it as it has hopefully cured my misery of the pain of ulcers forever, anything is worth a try rather than suffer and spend lots of money trying mouthwashes and all sorts that sometimes also irritate your mouth so much so I found some of them made the ulcers worse. I do sympathise with you as I have been there for years and am pain free at the moment because of not using toothpaste with chemicals. After 3 days my ulcers were almost gone and have not returned for 13 weeks. Perhaps next week you have some relief from pain.
liz 13 November 09
I have 6 ulcers atm and they are SOOOO painful. ive tryed everything but then are all deep in my gums so when i put someting on it it comes straight off :S what can i do??
Rosalynn 13 November 09
New member here, had ulcers for ever. Does Valtrex work? I have tried everything else with limited success.
pattece 10 November 09
Hi all.

Seventh week on since my first ever, now really big and painful major ulcer in my cheeck. I've tried most remedies: Corlan pellets, Acid teratment (Oralmedic or similar) most gels: Bonjela, Alocure, Gengigel etc, elimination diet, B12 etc. Nothing works it's still there, huge and throbbing. I just started to take 2000mg L-Lysine, let's see if it will have any effect. Now I also got thrombosed haemorrhoid caused by constipation caused by all the painkillers I've ben taking, So at the moment I'm not sure if there's more pain in my mouth or rear.
I have come to a conclusion that nothing will help and I just have to let it run it's course. I have reduced the painkillers to absolute minimum, just some before I go to bed. So I take the pain and live with it. Haven't taken one day off work as I would just be as miserable at home. I started smoking a few days ago as it seems to ease the pain a bit. If anyone has similar experienceas, let me know
CM 10 November 09
I use to get ulcers from braces from punctures, I have crohns disease in my stomach and from what the doctor said in my mouth i have had it ever since i was born and i get them all the time in the back part of my mouth behind the back tooth. The pain is the most horrible thing i have ever had. I usually do lidocane or hurricane spray to numb the pain but lately it isnt working and im tired of the pain. I need something to help fast
anonomous 2 November 09
PLEASE PEOPLE, If you do anything stop using toothpaste with SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) In people who have recurrent canker sores, there is much evidence that avoiding oral exposure to sodium lauryl sulfate can significantly reduce the development of ulcerations. My son suffered horribly for 15 years and has not had a recurrance for 2 years. GOOGLE SLS and get all the information.
Please try it 2 November 09
Great to read this board and realise I'm not alone. Got a real sod of an ulcer on my Uvula, (Dangly bit at the back of the throat), at the moment and as well as hurting at that point it's also making me feel like I have toothache and earache! I've always suffered from mouth ulcers but it's the first time I've had one here and I have to say it makes the others seem insignificant! Impossible to put anything on it as I just gag when I try and put a cotton wool bud towards the back of my throat. Tried gargling warm salt water but ended up swallowing it and that made me feel violently sick. Had this for 5 days no so hopefully it'll be gone soon. Sorry there's no hints and tips for anybody here but I've tried almost everything available over the last 40 years and it seems the only healer is time. I guess this message was just to let you all know..........I do sympathise.
PetefromNorwich 2 November 09
Hey, Lots of good advice on here - I have a list of stuff that I havn't tried yet - I have had them for 6 years ever since I gave up smoking - Im currently on my 2nd dose of anti biotics that are not working - I have one that is an inch in diameter at the base of my tongue that is horrendously painful. It has also given me a constant ear ache. With the greatest respect to all of you, Im so relieved that I am not alone cause I am so down about them now. Cheers for the advice
Fed up of ulcers 26 October 09
i have an ulcer on the side of my tongue
holy crap it is so effing painful . just sitting here not moving any part of my mouth and i can feel it
just pain pain pain . Its affecting my life . and spreading. I'm so over it. I hate my life I get SO down
reading these blogs i have made a HUGE LIST of things to try
i'll put them in here for all of you . good luck. and wish me luck. i f*cking needit
to try-
salt water rinse
ice rubbing
anbesol liquid
bonjela once
pineapple chunks
black licorice
salt straight on ulcer
ciggie ash?
tea, cold tea, cold tea bags
inner flesh sultana
chew ginger
zinc tablets
benadryl & tetrecycline magic wash
cranberry juice
bicarb soda
vita C
orajel mouthwash
powdered water melon seeds
Oral Medic

sigh . byebye
sore as 26 October 09
Oh god I am SO glad theres other people who suffer out there with me .
The other day I bit my lip alot, under stress, I have had a massive massive ulcer on the top of my lip for over a week now, I cant talk properly, I cant eat properly I cant close my mouth . Ive been using coldsore cream for it, Its not a coldsore but its got antiseptic in it to numb the pain, and its got other things in it to get rid of bacteria. It gets ride of the pain and all but god damnit its still here!! Just starting to clear up now. But now its spreading more to other parts of my mouth. God dang. Ive read all these blogs I'm going to give salt a go, Its going to hurt hurt hurt but i need to try it. I hope it works.
ouch mouth 25 October 09
OMG i didnt realise so many ppl had this ulcer thing too! my friends were always surprised when i told them, hey i got another ulcer in my mouth. At this moment i have a gigantic one on my bottom lip!! And its the biggest one i have gotten so far. Salt definately works. but stings like @#$%. But it WORKS. so long term pain or short term pain? I always jump around when i put salt into my ulcer, distract myself. haha
Get well soon everyone!!!
Jl 24 October 09
arghhh mine started yesterday...its so painful...cudnt eat or my dad brought me a tiny tube of the iglu gel for 6 squid and its made some difference...lyk i can nw eat d harder foods...iv given up on fizzy drinks coz that makes the sores on my tongue really sore..its been hard to wean away from the spicy food but iv started to eat more spaghetti n pasta...neway this canker sore has messed my face up, both my lower and upper lip r bruised n i can hardly talk...tuk a few day off from work coz of this!!! but neway as this is the first day of starting my treatment with the iglu gel and the second day of the flaming canker itself, il let uz lot knw how it goes....oh yeh iv been rinsing with some warm salt for a bit..dribble a lot!
syed 22 October 09
excellent site, full of real time advice from people who unfortunatly know what they are on about. I get the damn things fairly frequently and they vary in size, location and duration. the best thing for me by far is corsydol mouthwash which is readily availiable in the uk, i still cant get over how good it is, stops the pain, brings down the swelling and speeds up the recovery no end!
paulp 16 October 09
Re Andy's comments 7 October on running out of toothpase SLR free, I also did the same when visiting Geneva, I misplaced mine and trying to explain in sign language to the pharmacy as you can guess French is not my strong point, I ended up using a normal brand and within 2 days was in misery once more with inside cheek huge ulcers so really the SLR toothpaste must help, there also are other causes no doubt but I think a lot must be allergy related as in E colours and preservatives in all the stuff we consume. the other day I ate some walnuts and had a reaction very quickly so I think maybe the walnuts had a preservative that caused myself the irritation, I healed up much quicker than I used to do so another item to eat is off my list.
Liz 16 October 09
I get mouth ulcers on a regular basis. Having read all the messages, I am covinced it is best to do nothing at all.
They eventually dissapear. Join a choir and forget the damn things. By the way, I am 85 years old. Phil. October 16
phil bowell 16 October 09
Paul...get some peppermint/spearmint/almond oil and gargle with it 4 times a day (or more). This will keep the bacteria down, and help your mouth sterile. Also, get a dental cleaning and brush after every meal. This will also promote a bacteria free environment, and deter the ulcers.
Tony 11 October 09
Ok here we go , i was a 20 a day smoker i gave up in feb 2009 this year and ever since i have been getting mouth ulsers lots of them *uck they hurt. I asked a medical friend in the know and i was informed that the smoke seals the mouth from infection. Hench giving up has made me lose this protection. I watched someone die with lung cancer so mouth ulsers albeit painful on a daily basis is lesser of both evil. I wish i had a cure for these as they are so painful its just not right that we should have to suffer like this.
paul 10 October 09
Christi I used to get those, and they would last a long time, I think because that area of your mouth is wet so it takes longer to heal. Lots of bonjela should help: apart from the antibacterial, it also forms a physical barrier allowing the ulcer to heal.

If the ulcers are becoming more than an occasional irritant, though, change your toothpaste to SLS-free. You can buy it in superdrug but I still use the squigle that you can buy on these pages. I went from 3-4 ulcers continuously to almost no ulcers ever - one every 3 or 4 months, now. I once went away with work for a week and ran out of toothpaste on day 1. I bought some ordinary toothpaste from a shop and had 3 ulcers by the end of the week. Never ever again!
Andy 7 October 09
I usually get ulcers inside my lips or cheeks, but recently I got one on the floor of my mouth underneath my tongue. It is taking a much longer time to heal and is alot bigger than the ulcers a typically get. I can't say (thankfully!) that I have been as unfortunate as some of you, as I only get one or two ulcers every couple of months. Does anyone have any idea why this one is so much bigger and taking longer to heal??
Christi 6 October 09
I have suffered with mouth ulcers and and ulserated tongue for over five years.
I have finally found an answer to all my suffering. I take one teaspoon of Andrews in water every night before bed and this stops the acid which everdently causes the ulcers.
I have found this a wonder cure after three nights all ulcers were gone .
Just try this it may work for you aswell.
Joy 5 October 09
Hi, ive been suffering for a year now and have managed to gain mine under control so thought i could help you out.

My symptoms are mouth ulcers but its a little bit more than that and im interested to see if any of you have the same. The lining on my mouth especially on the tip of my tongue appeared weakened and reddened and my theory is that certain acidic foods and chemicals are able to cause mouth ulcers due to this weakness.

Im pretty sure mine were caused by the high content of chloride and fluoride in tap water. I now avoid all contact to the mouth with water and drink Highland spring purchased from tescos which contains low chloride and fluoride.

Two other causes of why you could be getting mouth ulcers can be due to acid reflux or an intolerance. Alkalise your diet -

and if it doesnít work begin an elimination diet with your dietician.

A few ways to help or prevent ulcers include a vitamin C, and B complex, Lysine, and an aloe Vera supplement.
Also change your toothpaste to Sarakan available from Holland and Barrats.
Also change your toothbrush once a month and brush lightly.
De-glycyrrhizinated liquorice and salt in boiled water (wait to cool) helps with the pain and speeds up the healing process

Hope this helps, good luck.
James 5 October 09
well pineapple never worked for me...instead once i got lots of small ulcers on my tongue after eating lots of pineapple!!
sharad 29 September 09
Have a big 1 inside my cheek. I've just now put salt. Kind of tried to squeeze the salts into the ulcer. Before it looked a perfect circle. know it looks like a freakin white amoeba with blood spots on it. My housmates thought i had a fight with my bf. The pain shoots to a point I wanna cut this $#!% out.
pedih 29 September 09
i've got an ulcer at the moment,its massive. nothing seems to work. I've tried bonjela cool,salt and hydrogen peroxide. I thought that eating healty foods would decrease your chance of developing them but i just read that tomatoes aren;t good and i just ate loads of them for tea :S i really dont know what to do i've stopped eating now because the pain is so unbearable. I wish there was an easy solution to get rid of them :/ !!!
Ellie 28 September 09
roddy dude you drink 1 -2 energy drinks beofre bed? LOL... that may suck as bad as your ulcer
nlip 14 September 09
For me, it is the Energy Drinks.. I get these fits of inside mouth sores, and it always happens during those times that I have been heavily drinking energy drinks (1-2 at night, before bed). Includes Monster, or Rockstar soda - the sour ones, loaded with citric acid and caffeine. I'm not sure if it's the citric acid, or any of the other ingredients.. I have these software projects that last for a few months at a time, where I stay up and drink the soda. The mouth sore fit happens 2-3 months into the project. I get mouth sore after mouth sore. One heals, and I get another. Sometimes clusters appear in similar regions. E.g. I have two 1/8th inch in diameter next to each other on my inside/lower lip (about 1/16th of an inch apart), and, one more on the tip of my tongue exactly in the location that my tongue touches the two lower lip sores as my tongue rests/extends to touch my lower lip. This suggests that the agitating agent was concentrated in this spot in my mouth. Also, since the sores surely show up a few months into picking up my soda habit, I think that consistently drinking the soda breaks down my mouth tissue over the weeks, without sufficient time to heal. This brings my mouth to a state where the sores can show up, and they do. Perhaps you can find the foods weaken your mouth's sore defense. For me, it's the sour caffeinated sodas!
Roddy 14 September 09
Hi every one I have read all your emails and I understand how you feel I shall try some some of your remedies . I wll not moan to much after reading some of your messages ,and i understand how painfull they are. No one can believe how much pain they can cause until you have one or more. I have 3 plus a tempory crown with a raw
nerve and a ulser in my cheek. Warm salt water helps as you all say bongela is useless.
I week to go for my new crown . keep taking the pain killers and the Brandy.

Frieda 8 September 09
Frieda 8 September 09
i have a few in my mouth they have been there for a week now,hurts like a bit#h
haz 5 September 09
OH! My lip ulser hurts like somebodys cutting my hand off! I need to find something to help. 1: i used ice pain relief for 11 seconds then hurt more. Then my ulser grew! I was like what the? It hurts so bad i would fricken cry for 5 hours because of it. I just need a cure. And im tired of having a lump on my lip because of it.

Some Mumbo Jumbo Here

1. Salty foods give ulsers

2. Tomatoes give me ulsers


3. Uhhh more things... ummm uhhhh...

4. Smoke for ulsers NO smoking just gives you CANCER

5. I chew gum ( 5 Gum) and that gives me ulsers ahh i dont care i like 5 gum

6. Hurts i cant talk

Bye i hope your ulsers go and i hope mine too also
Painful 10 August 09
i suggest to take b complex tablet. and by eating chewing gum...
santosh s w 9 August 09
In response to Dylan's post about marijuana (not suggesting anyone who doesn't smoke start, just for the record) but thought it would be interesting to share my personal experiences with these (seemingly) related occurrences.
I used to get ulcers at least once a month as a kid, reading some of the stories online I guess I was lucky it wasn't worse. But sometimes really large ones in clusters, but around the age of 16 I started smoking weed... never really though about it until a few, maybe 5 years later, after stopping for a couple of months I got my first ulcer in as long. I had believed I had grown out of them as my parents always said I would... but alas.

Anyway so after a couple of months I resumed my usual smoking activities and once again remained ulcer free for more than 2 years. I have now moved to another country where said smoking product is alot more expensive and not as easy for me to get as I am new to the area, as such I have only smoked twice this whole month and bang... another ulcer... the first I've ever had on my tongue, right on the tip... and goddamnit its a bastard! I've had them in the corners where my lip meets the gum and all over the inside of my mouth, I've had ones that were (although not alot mind you) more painful this this, but never one that has been so irritating when talking or eating as there is no way to avoid irritating it. That being said I plan to continue with the happy herb and if history is anything to go on should be worry free in the ulcer department once I get that under-way.

I also think it bears mentioning that, seeing as the original post Dylan was replying to was about cigarettes, I did start smoking tobacco when I was about 22 and have continued to do so even in the breaks from marijuana, and still found I got the ulcers, although I have been trying to quit this past couple of weeks so perhaps the extra stress hasn't helped with the onset.

Anyway that's my peace, whether it's the lack of stress from smoking of something actively preventing them, it seems to work for me. As I said in the beginning I'm not suggesting everyone run out and get stoned, if that's not your thing or you are morally against it, I'm just saying that since I started for reasons of pure enjoyment, I have found this to be a very happy coincidence. I'm posting this mostly because I'd be interested to see if anyone else has found this, as all the people I know who smoke it never suffered from ulcers and all the people I know who suffer from them, never did :p
Jaymz 5 August 09
HI, i have been getting mouth ulcers for YEARS.... I have had every test done and nobody knows what causes them. But after giving up hope that nothing helped with the pain i found a winner. Now, im sure your all aware that bonjela is useless, it doesnt stay in place. Anbesol, is good but only lasts like 30 mins. Salt water just hurts and doesnt work great etc..... for all other treatments...... But a new product called ORALMEDIC came to my attention, and its is amazing. Now, dont get me wrong, it doesnt kill them, it doesnt stop/cure them, but it removes 100% of the pain within 10 secs of treatment and you dont have any more pain until the ulcer is gone!

Info on ulcers - they survive on water. Cure - stop the water getting to them.

This is why some people like salt as a treatment. But oralmedic (or the similiar bonjela, more expensive branded name of it) work by forming an invisible barrier and it takes away all the pain! I dont no how, to be honest i dont care how as long as it works.

Down sides to treatment - Its really HURTS once you apply it for around 5 - 10 secs, but then more pain.

Also, it is slightly expensive if you get allot of mouth ulcers. It is £5.50 Pounds sterling for 2 treatments. But if your like me and you would pay anything for instant relief from these pesky little things then its money well spent.
Gareth MC 4 August 09
I crush a chewable asprin and pour some of the powder straight onto the ulcer.

One tablet completely numbs the pain for an hour.

Takes about five minutes to take full effect.
Scott 3 August 09
Tan 1, type the word "gluten" in the box that comes-up when you click on the magnifying glass icon on the homepage and see how many hits you get.
TomF 3 August 09
I used to use Bonjela until a friend recommended - Chinese medicine - powdered water melon seeds. apply the powder on the ulcer. It relieves pain as it contained pepper mint. It is a very cheap remedy, in Malaysia, it cost less than 30 USD cents a small bottle (about 20 ml).
Wang 2 August 09
I have also been suffering for years. Now after having my 3rd child 6 months ago they have been coming in a constant stream of clusters. I am currently awaiting a blood test result from the hospital as they were concerned by them while I was actually there for a wisdom tooth removal. The possible causes mentioned and being tested for are all bowel related - i.e Crohns or Coeliac Disease
Looking up Coeliac (as I wasn't really matching any of the other symptons for Crohns Disease) recurrent Mouth Ulcers is high on the list. Basically your body produces an enzyme when you have any foods with Gluten which then attacks the soft tissue in the body. Has anyone else thought or found this to be the cause of their horrendous pain in the mouth....?

After trying all gels and anti bacterial and steroid mouth washes - the best relief (momentary) for me is salt dissolved in warm water - I couldn't even imagine the pain of putting dry table salt on an exposed nerve - so please try warm water with a teaspoon of salt in it, not just salt.
Tan 1 August 09
I was at work complaining about a small ulcer when a lady suggested I use something that she uses. She handed me a bag of "Folic Acid", ground up powder and told me to rub it in the ulcer. I did this about 4 times that day. Overnight the ulcer trippled in size. I swear this is the biggest the one I've ever had. Anyone know if this was an awful tip or just a coincidence. I will never use that again but I want to tell her not to offer than to anyone else if it is known to make them worse.

Before this last one, I was taking L-Lysine whenever I felt one coming on and it seemed to work for prevention.
David 1 August 09
I had two nasty mouth ulcers rubbing against my front teeth. I got punched and my bloody gums turned to ulcers. They really hurt for about a week, I tried salt water like 4 times a day and other things but to no relief. This may sound quite silly or irresponsible but the following weekend I was in a mood because I was round my friends and I couldnt smoke cigarettes, we started doing shots of strong vodka(horrible stuff) to take the pain off. Woke up the next day and they were still there but had shrunk and there was no pain whatsoever. Drinking alcohol with ulcers is not sensible and is agony but hey it worked.
Lewis from Albion 31 July 09
I quit smoking 2 months ago and I had what I thought to be the worst sores ever!!! I have tried chamomile tea, that helped my nerves, yogart played a part and last but IMPORTANT !!! Orajel Mouth Wash!!! My SORES are GONE!!! I am so happy. Good Luck Everybody.
Trish 20 July 09
I read on another site a recommendation to try CIDER VINEGAR. 10 minutes ago, I dipped a cotton bud into a bottle of cider vinegar and held it on the ulcer for a minute, and the pain has gone. Amazing!!! I have suffered for 20 years, and nothing has ever numbed the pain as quickly as this. Good luck!!
LeilaA 19 July 09
Its been 4 days when i said i used BICARBONATE SODA for my ulcers and you know what???? there have gone:-0) and im so happy and also there have made my teeth look more white. So thats to me is improvement and im well happy. So plz do try it and see 4 yoursele it dose work. It taste horrible but it works. GOOD LUCK EVERY 1!!!!
Tan 13 July 09
my little girl is only 3 and has a mouth full of them. she wont let us look, she wont drink or eat. anything anyone can suggest. pharmacist sold us daktarin. Been the weekend can't get in with gp till monday. she wont use the daktarin either
Hannah 11 July 09
i usually have 15- 20 mouth ulcers in my mouth , majority of them on the side of my tongue. I have had excissions and biospys to find the cause ( nothing but they think it may be due to my ulcerative colitos) . I have suffered from these for 5 years..without a break . i have tried every kind of remedy and mouthwash and diet control but to no avail . Due to the amount and the ones on my tongue ( like 5 pence piece) i was prescribed an aneasthetic mouthwash...which was great to help me eat but not a cure....two week ago i started taking 1000 mg vitamic c tablets everyday....within a few days i seen a massive improvement and now i don't have any....and išm eating junk and kebabs again..ha ha . I think it is well worth a shot . i have pictures if you want to see how bad my mouth was just 3 weeks ago...and for me to be free of ulcers this long is quite a miracle :) . So give it a try!
mark 10 July 09
i get mouth ulcers all the time and i always get the in groups!!! i always get one big one and the loads of little ones, i use anbasol it numbs it and it lasts for the day it £5 a bottle but it lasts for months!!! hope this helps!!
Clare 9 July 09
I to had flamin mouth ulcers and there doing my head in;-( i also used warm salt water and its not helped at all, in fact its made them worse in my eyes. So i tried BICARBONATE SODA i brushed my teeth with it and you know its taken away my pain and feel that my ulcers is going away too :-) so do please try and see if that works for any one els.
Tan 8 July 09
Well not sure if this helps but it seems to work for me as I donít seem to get mouth ulcers much any more , I used to drink orange juice and eat oranges along with loads of general food and I started to take out food from my diet and over time I found that after eating or drinking oranges or juice this included dilute orange juice I would get ulcers so I cut out the oranges and now I get one or two a year and they are no where near as large as I used to get maybe worth a try?
Allan 6 July 09
p.s one thing i forgot to mention was i dont get many on my tounge mainly on my inside lips and on my cheek walls especially if i accidentally bite them while eating,i did go to the doc a few times when i was younger with tonsilitis and he wrongly diagnosed that for a ulcerated tonsils and gave me corlan pellets thet didnt do diddly squat so i had to go back and get a second opinion and he noticed it was tonsilitis immediatley and gave me ammoxycillin to which i became immune to its effects after endless doses of 500mg tablets and 3 years of taking them.thankfully i dont get tonsilitis anymore if you cant get to the ulcer to put any orabase onto it i recommend rinsing your mouth with corsadyl rinse his also helps but its not as good as' orabase adcortyl ' its great and such a relief to actaully find a real working remedy.adam in milton keynes (england).
cant talk too painfull ! 5 July 09
I have four mouth ulcers right now and have had them on a monthly basis since i can remember,i am now 35(male)i have treied dozens of prescribed cures and also all the home remedies some just numb the pain for a little while and i think they just go by themselves after a while anyway just the same as a cut on your hand heals.I did notice further up the page someone had mentioned 'ORABASE 'THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT HAS EVER WORKED!!its like a sticky cream coloured grease in a little tube and you just smear a little bit over the ulcer u need to try and dry the ulcer first though i usually draw air into my mouth in the area of ulcer and this driesit a treat save dabbing it and causing any more pain.I have also realised recently that i get them after eating pineapple(fresh) and also if i am a bit run down.bonjela is rubbish it just numbs the pain for a while it doesnt cure anything .use the orabase beofre you go to bed and try not to disturb it with your tounge the ulcer goes within a couple of days max .
cant talk too painfull ! 5 July 09
Dis sight is brill got a ton of ideas now! Hope sum of dem work
My mum has suffered from these for 9 years with big mouth fulls of them.Its horrible seeing her go through the pain of them.One thing she does is gets whiskey, takes a mouthful and holds it in her mouth for about five mins and den spits it out. It burns d hell out of dem but it numbs dem and she can speak for about 1 to 2 days after.Hate seeing her go through dis but hopfully some of d ideas above will work.Thanks.
Michelle,Ireland 15 June 09
At the moment I have approximately 18 ulcers in my mouth and on my tongue which are related to my ulcerative colitis. I have 3 kids and I would rather give birth than feel this pain. I cant eat, talk properly or swallow. I have tried Bongela cool. anbesol liquid and salt washes and everyday I have another 1. Its really getting me down. I too have tried the 'once' treatments but the coating falls off the next day and the ulcer is still there! hard to treat with those kind of treatments when you have 18 in your mouth.
Alison Low, Dundee 11 June 09

I have been suffering with mouth ulcers my entire life. The last few years I have started keeping them. The longest I have gone is 2 weeks last Christmas with out them. I have started taking L-Lysine, Vitamin B6, Changed toothpaste to Sensodine and still am getting them. I have been using ZILACTIN which forms a protective barrier over the sore and helps with pain for about 6 hours. I have used Oragel and things like that but they only make the ulcers larger so I stopped using them. My doctor wants me to have my thyroid tested so we will do that soon and start trying to narrow it down and see if we cant figure this out.
Danielle USA 10 June 09
I have had the same problem that you all had, in fac I have them now... many of the causes could be what you all stated and i agree with you all, I have tried vitamin B complex and they went away for 3 moths during I had the vitamin. Now the are back and the are as painful as before.
I wrote down all the possible solutions VALTREX, CLARITHROMYCIN, SENSODINE WHITENING, ADCORTYL few other and of course I will let you all know.
Now I will tell you where these ulcers come from. It is not our fault, it is in fact our parents fault! YES, one of them brought thse to us and maybe they even did not know

in the old days a person who had GHONAREA got better after some peniciline but thise STD never leave your body and is transmitted in your genes. Now you will understand why ghonarea and mouth ulcers hate penicilin.

I think we are all victims but one the there will be a vaccination for these MOUTH ULCERS.
Francisco Sinning 9 June 09
What a really great and helpful blog/site, whatever its called. I sometimes get these mouth ulcers and also gargle and swoosh with warm salty water. That works for me. But what started mine off when I was much younger was Rowntrees fruit pastilles or fruit gums, but especially the pastilles. Absolute bloody dynamite. I think the sugar coating on them is not sugar..... ! I think that there is some chemical in them which caused an allergic reaction and made my tongue go lumpy and painful. I havent had a Rowntree for years and probably never will again.
Mike W 17 May 2009 17 May 09
I have had ulsers re occuring as long as I could remember. Aparently there is some virus you can get that can last up to 20 years in which you will get mouth ulsers. My mum has suffered from it as well. It is extremely painful and my jaw even hurts because of it. Im scared of going to the doctor or chemist cause I don't want them to think I have herpes or thrush. I find that rinsing your mouth out with listerine for 30 seconds athough painful, numbs it for a while. Or maybe I could take up smoking?
Sarah 14 May 09
I have been told today to start using a toothpaste without SLS and thanks to Ciaran for saying Sensodyne Whitening does not contain it. I will go out and buy it tomorrow and let everyone know how I have got on. I have been a suffer now for around 20 years, so if this works it would be brilliant. I have always coincided them with my periods and as these have now finished I thought they may stop, but no joy there.
Agie May 09
Angie May 09 11 May 09
I have had mouth ulcers for about a week in a half, the doctor prescribed me a "magic mouthwash" which really doesnt seem to be doing anything, i recently quit smoking which may be the cause, the doctor said i have herpes simplex virus, my girlfriend got me some valtrex im not sure if i should take it tho, does it really work? i have them all over my mouth and under my tounge, my glands are swollen and the only thing i can eat are mashed potatoes, help!
Matt 11 May 09
Hello, I just discovered, thanks to this forum, that what I have for the first time and since 2 days now, is an ulcer on my upper hard palate, next to where one of my 2 front teeth were...when I had them! :o) I wear an upper denture, and 2 days ago the denture started hurting right on that spot. NO pain when I don't eat or drink! So thinking it was caused by the loose denture or something, I started salted water rinses which always helped in the past. But, not only it didn't give relief but it gave an intense burning sensation! So had to stop this treatment! I was going to see a dentist but since I read there's no cure, I thought I'd wait to see whether it would go away in a few more days. Would anyone in this forum be so kind as to tell me whether I'm doing the right thing? Thanks so much! (I live in USA, so I didn't recognize some of the sugested OTC remedies, such as TCP, etc. :-)

P.S. It's ironic not only that I've using toothpastes for years containing LSL with no adverse effects, but that the company calls its paste "Natural Toothpaste" and yet it contains LSL... <:-(((
Since they say there's a first time for everything, just in case this IS causing it, I'll discontinue the paste and will buy one without LSL.
Rosedala 10 May 09
hey,someone has already mentioned this but its worth another mention!
i have no idea what causes my mouth ulcers but when i get them they are biggies! the dentist also recommended me ADCORTYL which you can buy from any chemist or pharmacy but you have to ask them for it as its not on the shop floor. Only once has the (incompotent) girl behind the counter said i needed a prescription for it. it costs around 7 pound but is so worth it! its like a gritty paste so the sensation is not a nice one when you first put it on and it sticks your mouth together which means it is almost impossible to talk so i put it on right before i got to bed! you have to dry the ulcer, then put the ADCORTYL on, it doesnt hurt to put on but then there is no immediate pain release, then you go to sleep and in the morning ... no ulcer! its amazing! there is usually some gunky paste left over but its easy to just wash that out with water!
it is honestly the best thing for ulcers i have found yet!
enjoy a pain free mouth!
ickledoodaa 26 April 09
Has anyone heard of the antibiotic Clarithromycin taking away tongue ulsers? When I am on this they completely go away. Wondering if anyone else has had this happen and what bacterial infection I could have?
Rose 24 April 09
I am pretty sure I have found the cause of my own mouth ulcers (which always appeared just inside my bottom lip and between my bottom lip and my gum) from reading suggestions on this site.

I changed my toothpaste to Sensodyne Whitening (the only toothpaste I could find locally without SLS in its ingredients).

I used to get mouth uclers every few months but for the last year I have been ulcer free, until i bit my lip last week and got a belter one - my own fault I guess. It was only when it started to appear did I remember I wanted to pass this on to the rest of you who suffer, in the hope it will help at least one or two get rid of this problem.

I'd forgotten just how sore these things are :-(

PS. When I changed my toothpaste I also started talking 1000mg Lysine daily. However once they were done I didnt buy anymore and the ulcers didnt come back - so i'm pretty confident SLS is the problem (I also get a very dry forehead after washing my hair with most shampoos, so I guess I'm just alergic to SLS).

AnyWHO - I feel your pain!!
Ciaran 20 April 09
Bonjela Once! Its a god send.
Ian 17 April 09
Hey. has any on tried "orajel"? It's an anaesthetic gel that actually numbs the area instantly with an initial stinging naturally (it will numb your mouth too if it mixes with enough saliva)- it lasts for about an hour in some cases, it's good on pain and sore throats (not specifically for sore throats but i've found diluting it in the saliva in your mouth and SLOWLY swallowing it will numb your throat - the only problem you have is you can't taste food. But Food will wear its affects off anyway! (As will licking the sore areas).

I have about 15 all over my mouth - lips tongue and throat - i'm in hell, Cause: Stress + Lack of sleep due t insomnia and a new baby (of course i dont blame the baby)
Sore mouthed Steven 17 April 09
I have had mouth ulcers since I was maybe 11 first time I remember, I have only once had an answer from a doctor and it was People that smoke don't get them. He recomended nicotien tablets, Tasted way to bad to continue using and gave me head spins so did not follow it through. I am going to try no soy and a new tooth past and have got my fingers crossed.
I have found that cranberie juice helps once I have the ulcers I just drink 1L plus in a day and most of the time they go within 2 days.
Stress is deff a reason I get them though, as soon as I start dwelling on something for a few days they appear.
Joel 17 April 09
I have been bothered by the mouth ulcer since I was child, and I remembered the only time I don't have mouth ulcer was when I was on vacation in China. I started smoking when I was in China, this could be reason why I didn't get mouth ulcer for months.

I am not sure about SOY, I usually eat alot of them, I will stop eating SOY and start to smoke to see the result.

john 16 April 09
I tried everything and the only thing that worked was combo mouth rinse of benadryl and tetracycline. Look up magic mouthwash.
Try not sleeping with mouth open. Use a chin strap or something.
nick 14 April 09
I've been suffering for a couple of years now and attributed it to giving up smoking initially, but then I went to see a dentist who said I was grinding my teeth and biting my tongue during the night and this is what was causing them. After paying £500 for a mouth guard I STILL have ulcers... they do tend to appear in the same place on my tongue however. What I dont get is why I just got them recently... giving up cigarettes is the only correlation I can find other than stress. But I've always had a stressful job. Im in my 40's and am deeply depressed at teh idea of spending teh rest of my life wearing a mouth guard to bed and rinsing with salt!
Karyn 12 April 09
HI I too have had ulcers (stomatitis,SuttonsII), I went to the Oral surgeon in November 08, he did biopsies, etc, hurt like h----., he said he knows of nothing that would help, and was apologetic to me..which I thought was nice....but, what to do? I too, have tried just about everything...that I know of...I am on zinc at present but see no difference, at this time, I have about six of them and both sides of my tongue are lined with them...I am dreading going out to brunch tomorrow for Easter..with the family...dunno what to eat....!I too am taking to avail, I have been on it since Jan. My family doc is sympathetic but can't help me, please if anyone knows anything me...take care everyone, maybe a cure or partial cure will come soon....

Sheil 11 April 09
it hurts so bad im taking a generic brand of valtrex and numbing the pain with orajel and rinsing with maloxx it kinda helps but it hurts so bad i wanna punch my own face off i thought i was the only one who fel this way guess not ay way if any 1 has answers dropp me an email please anyone help me
arlin frandsen 9 April 09
hi , nice to read all messages. ive had mouth ulcers since childhood , never had much relief. as u all said doctors and dentists havent got a clue, best thing i have used was prednisalone ,reducing dose over one week , reduces the pain and inflammation , but not a cure . still have them .
eddie nelson 5 April 09
Hi, I have suffered badly with mouth ulcers since I was a kid, I'm now 38! I've got a bad case of ulcers now and I do think its partly because my period is due, however, I just want rid for good. My dentist suggested taking a zinc supplement a few months ago which I have to say has kept them at bay up until this week. Everyone out there suffering this most awful pain, try ZINC. Its been good, I just think I'm suffering this week as like I say, period due and maybe a bit run down but on the whole , Zinc works well. It comes in tablet form and you'll find it with the vitamins in most chemists and supermarkets.......Goodluck x
Tori 4 April 09
Hey ppl

I have been having having these mouth ulcers from the age of 5. but what startles me is that doctors dont know what it is and whenever i consult with a doctor they can never give me the causes or good treatments therefore. i have been using dynexon... but it doesnt really work.... i just assumed all my life that i had a deffiency in something. anyway i just started doing some research on it right now as i couldnt sleep due to multiple mouth ulcers in my mouth ( canker sores) and now i am enlightened. im just thinking y cant doctors do research on this or shouldnt they know about this already. also could someone advice me on a pregnancy safe remedy or relief for canker sores.
Dilu 4 April 09
To Chris G,
I have been trying to say thank you to you for allowing me to realize that SOY was giving me ulcers!!!! I have posted 3 blogs, but i cant seem to find where they went. I have stopped eating Soy and they are GOING AWAY!!!!! LOVE YOU FOR PUTTING THIS ON HERE!!! SOY IS THE PROBLEM!!!!
cheryl 28 March 09
My friends from Pakistan are telling me to chew ginger! and lovage, to heal and kill the pain (one or the other) Although lovage is extremly bitter. Today I bought some ginger , having tried everything else, and it's a little 'burny' and yet quite soothing! although I only have three ulcers at the moment.I'm going to keep at it to see what happens!
Also my sister is being tested for Bechet's syndrome , which actually , my father died as a result of complications from :(
mandy 25 March 09
I have a really sore ulcer at the moment just by a wisdom tooth and it hurts like mad but found rubbing the inner fesh of a sultana on it helps for a while - not a bad taste either!
Glen 21 March 09
Hey Everyone, I am on here looking for help for my boyfriend. He gets absolutely terrible mouth ulcers mostly onhis tongue and they are so painful that he cant eat, drink, talk, or anything. He has been to the doctor and they tell him they don't know what causes them besides maybe stress. I feel so bad because he has pretty much given up all together trying to find something that will help him. He does the salt rinses, but I hate to see him suffer through that and he still has them for 2 weeks at a time. I was going to go purchase some options at the drug store for him if anyone has any suggestions. Thank you!
Jessica J 20 March 09
I've tried quite a few things, Bonjela tastes nice but that is it, it does nothing else, waste of time and money! I' had glandular fever a few years back and a symptom of this was excessive mouth ulcers (I had 37 at one point and they multiplied very quickly) as you can imagine the pain was unbearlable, if you have one it really hurts never mind 37 and it was getting worrying how little I could drink and eat. My dad mentioned this to the dentist and he gave him 'adcortyl' I was so fed up I just asumed like everything else I had ever used that this also wouldn't work but I gave it a go, it's not very nice it's thick and you can't rub it in and as for pain relief it doesn't do much but within 24 hours pretty much all my ulcers had dissapeared (no joke). Other than the dentist I'm not sure where you can get it (maybe chemist or pharmacy) but I would recommend anyone to give it a go.
Lizee 16 March 09
hi, a year ago i had a bad ulcer for about 3 months. when i lessened my soy intake it started going away. however there was always that sensation that it wasn't fully cured. a month ago unconsciously i ate soy cheese for a few days. after that i had a tofu burger and the day after the mouth ulcer flared up. so i believe now that soy is part of the cause. i will be observing these days and i will get back to this page. thank you all for your comments.
maria 15 March 09
Vitamin B worrks for me - takes approx 5 days but they all go if I take it. I always get mouth ulcers just before a period and if I'm run down. Another treatment that works when you have ulcers is Corlan Pellets which contain hydrocortisone 2.5mg. They really help the ulcer to go away. You have to ask your pharmacist to order them but they're worth a try.
Gina 15 March 09
Erm...well actually i have been told by my dentist using bonjela it takes a layer of skin af your tounge everytime you use it. I get very painful ulcers and don't know what else to use on them
Flozz 15 March 09
Just thought I'd add my comments to the above:

Iglu gel works quite well if you want to enjoy a meal, it's similar to the sticky paste that adcortyl comes in except it's even sticker - if you dry the ulcer then apply a blob and moisten the top you have a strong protective cover that will last up to 2 hours if you don't poke it too much!

Tonight I am trying taht red liquid treatment that comes in a cotton woll bud (tescos sell it as Mouth Ulcer Treatment at 3 buds for £6) it seems to be mostly sulphiric acid and it burned like hell. the ulcer *seems* less painful at the moment and it says on the packet that only one application is required, but we shall see.

For the rest of the time I just use anbesol and a clean finger.
Sam 14 March 09
i have i real bad olser in my mouth and it is really sore and i am only 12 years old deos any one know i way to make the olser go away pain free or do i have to have pain can u plese email me the ansers on
thank you
Corey 14 March 09
Thank for the advice from every one ,gonna try the valterx if i can buy it at the chemist,if not the bongela once as a second choice,will let you all know the outcome
ryan 13 March 09
Salt dont do jack. I attempted salt, I literally passed out from the pain, there has to be an alternative.
Saw Mouth 8 March 09
Iv suffered from ulcers for many years, i just bight away knowing how im ganna suffer the consequences afterwords. Its normally when im stressed. Iv tried many things and nothing is helping. At the moment i have a couple in my mouth, one specifically 3cm each way on my upper lip corner, its a *****. My hole mouth has gone scew from the pain. I dont know what else to try, i heard cayenne pepper will help. Do any of you have any ideas??
Sam 8 March 09
I found out by accident what my ulcers were caused by! I had a pain on my right side, which indicated gallstones. I looked up what to do for them and it said to drink apple juice. With a history of 10 years of mouth ulcers, I was not happy about drinking fruit juice. I started it anyway, and discovered as I drank the juice my ulcers were disappearing. I figured out that my liver not functioning properly was the cause of my mouth ulcers. I started to find out how to get rid of the gallstones without surgery. A year later I'm pain free without surgery and have eliminated a decade of ulcers. I haven't had a ulcer in 6 months thanks to "Liver PF" by Jarrow, and Chanca Piedra for getting rid of gallstones. I hope this helps!
Shirley 6 March 09
I have had them all my life like many of the other people here,my Mum had them so its partly hereditory,when they are bad you dont feel any energy.Ive also been to the doctors,they dont know much about them.I am currently trying vitamin B tablets,the chemst says they take 2 mths before they have any real effect,I will report back later in the year to tell you if they work
dave 6 March 09 6 March 09
I started about 3 or 4 months ago now suffering really badly with mouth ulcers, I tend to get them at the back and sides of my tongue, it is so painful to eat and drink and swallowing anything feels like I am swallowing glass. My doctor told me they won't address the problem until I have had just one single ulcer for over a month. But mine come and then go after about a week and then I get one on the other side. So it's not just one single ulcer. There is something really wrong with my mouth and it is really getting me down. I got this gel in Switzerland called Mundisal and it is 1000 times more effective than bonjella - but even now I am becomming a bit immune to it.

Does anyone have any tips or advice, what foods, drinks to avoid and is it related to stress ?

Thanks, Isy
Isabelle 6 March 09
ive had ulcers since I was a kid and am sick of them. the syndrome surrounding them seems to be getting worse. I get an ulcer then a heavy pain in my chest aches and pains, even depression. sometimes it feels like my teeth are going to fall out. its not much fun but i dont like the idea of putting salt on them or taking up smoking. thanks for the web page its really interesting
ewan 6 March 09
I have been suffering from ulcers for my whole life, I've tried every cream and remedy under the sun and none of them work for me. I have been to so many different doctor's and just came back from an appointment today - her suggestion was to lay a wet tea bag on my ulcer... $60 later it's still hurting. I'm trying to load myself up on iron and vitmain B, I have acupuncture and naturopath appts this week hopefully I will have some good news. i've tried homeopathy things as well. What I find that helps is if you drink coca cola - it doesn't sting as much as all those creams and it helps you get through a meal, other than that its all bad news.
cn 6 March 09
i;ve had mouth ulsers for two years now, as one goes another appears but always in the same places and huge the whole of the inside of my cheek,bonjela ok salt water ok was given tablet by doc what a wast of was only when i went on holiday last year i was ulser free for just over two weeks i,ve come to my own conclusion that its either my job surroundings (hospital) or stress but its nice to read other stories
debbie 4 March 09
Got my first one 3 or 4 days ago
my mum said bonjela, but it did NOTHING and just stopped the pain for about 30mins
ive been using salt just poured onto where it is for about a min or so until it goes numb
works for about 6 or 7hours then its straight back again
a cure would be awesome
Gavin 2 March 09
I've been in pain for 3 days with these cursed ulcers, every now and again since childhood i've had them on lips and especially tongue Ouch these are the worst I've ever had, salt used to work but not this time, always thought they were caused by being run down etc... NOT SO SURE NOW. I'm just grateful to know there's others out there wish i could find something that REALLY works
cara 21 February 09
I have had these ulcers since childhood. The only way I have found is to just endure the pain and trauma through that phase - until it hits back at you. Many times, for me, the ulcers are due to biting of the lips, mostly while eating apples. Help promote endurance!!
Little John 21 February 09
What a great message board. I have been reading all the tried and tested cures for mouth ulcers because my husband has had one on the end of his tongue for a few days. It changes his personality from a happy go lucky person to a moody not wanting to talk or eat person, both so opposite to his usual self. I really do sympathize with all who suffer with them because I too get them occasionaly so know what it feels like. I am now going to give him the benefits of what I have read.
Maureen 20 February 09
I think its tomatoes that give me ulcers too. As for the comment about smoking i just find it makes my ulcers worse! Also pineapple hurts like hell if i eat that whilst suffering a mouth full of ulcers. I have tried Anbesol and Iglu but i think they're just a waste of money, pain relief for about 2 mins but getting them to stick is the hardest part. However i do think that its different for everybody and its a long and painful process discovering whats right for you. Best of luck everybody.
Hayley 20 February 09
EEK.I too live in New Zealand and have loads of tomatoes growing atm and eat them everyday. Lots of them. I have also seen references to acidity being the cause and tomatoes are exactly that that. I use Amosan, since it is the only way that I have found to keep the damn things at bay. But in the end Amosan is a powerful oxygen based sterilant, which seems harmless enough, but it does take out the good bacteria with the bad, which is not a good thing long term. I am also convinced that stress is a big factor.
Ian Vincent 19 February 09
Hi, i really do think tomatoes give me ulcers.I love them so much but know whilst eatting them i'm going to suffer terribly so i stayed off them for a year and half, the acid free ones are o.k to eat though, and walaa,no ulcers!!Anyhow with tomatoes being in season here,New Zealand, we were given a whole bunch so i made a load of home made spaghetti and i couldnt help myself, i just had to hoe in and now folks, i tell you my mouth is a flame with ulcers , it started as teensy weensy ones all along my gum line and there growing,and the pain-you all know how excrusiating it is, i cant tolerated the kids talking loudly, or my husband not changing the toilet roll, all those little things just make me want to scream, but i just cry instead cause its so sore. Nurofen and salt and warm water rinses help but apart from that its just time and riding it through. I hope this helps someone and thanks for this cool site...Im going to try the lysine,the vet perscribed it for my cat when he had the snivels and i used to crush it up and put it in his food but he was run over new years day,atleast the tablets didnt go to waste aye,
M J W 19 February 09
What does everyone think of Bonjela Once - it makes my eyes water and there's no way I can keep that stuff on an ulcer or 5 seconds. Other than that £8.80 for two is a bit much. But it is great for about 8-9 hours - no pain at all. Great for getting me through the day at work. Although I dread putting it on!
James, Essex 16 February 09
Hmm cigarettes... I smoke marijuana think that would help me the same way?
Dylan 9 February 09
i'd major ulcers for months on end, sometimes the same ulcer for a year or more. i was put on thalidomide and it cured them straight away. smoking also works, when i started smoking my ulcers disappeared, probably due to the chemicals and them killing all ulcer growth in the mouth, i've now stopped and my ulcers are back, trade in 10years for a ulcer free life??
D.C 3 February 09
i'd major ulcers for months on end, sometimes the same ulcer for a year or more. i was put on thalidomide and it cured them straight away.
D.C 3 February 09
I have discovered that food colourings in drinks causes my mouth ulcers. I have spent a good couple of years trying to pinpoint the food allergy and have finally identified the cause. The only things I ever drink now are water, milk, tea, coffee, red wine and white wine, coke and lemonade - and the only mouth ulcers I ever get now are from injury like very hot food. Food colourings in lollies etc never give me mouth ulcers, it just seems to be in liquid form and the ulcers take 2 days from the time I consume the drink until they appear.
Lisa 2 February 09
Hello all,suffer from ulcers all my life no idea why,tried everything to get rid or ease the pain ,best thing i find is pineapple chunks.dont know what it is but they are brillant for easing the pain,have a go!
df 28 January 09
The only treatment that has helped me and I suffer with mouth ulcers all the time is soothagel from superdrug - it dosen't cure it but it sure as hell relieves the pain! It costs about £2.50 to £3 - its a gel and for a certain amount of time stays put! I have honestly tried everything, I have suffered with these horrible little buggers for 20 years and nothing else works - i have an appointment for the hospital in a couple of weeks to have further tests - my gp thinks its funny and a fuss about nothing - I BLOODY DON'T!!!!!!
Lizzie 27 January 09
I have really painful mouth ulcers and have had for years I have a monster right now on the inside of my bottom lip and it is very sore. My dentist told me that the tannons in tea is in the ulcer mouth washes they sell in the chemist and so I now gargle cold tea boiled first and then left too cool right down and i also use the tea bag as a compress on the ulcers I use the bags warm. believe it or not this works it is very soothing and I find that the pain settles down so when I get an ulcer I drink more tea as well try it see how you go and I feel all of your pain im right there with you all
Racky 27 January 09
cigarettes - that's funny. I know that when I am run down usually when I diet and exercise get ulcers and swollen glands instanly. It is HSV1. And my 2 kids get them at the same time (ulcers) as me. So gargle lots SALT, eat well, get rest. We are all trying to fit too much in one day.
pari 25 January 09
Sounds a bit disgusting (cigaratte ash) but it might work. I started smoking 1 cigarette a day in the hope of curing my ulcers after reading a study in a medical journal. It worked miraculously and I hate smoking but it was worth it - up until this week I have had 2 ulcers in 18 months. Prior to that I'd get about 5 a week that would take ages to go. Last week I didn't smoke one all week (people who disapproved of my 'medication' and said that the cigarettes weren't making a difference asked me to stop to prove their point and stupidly I did). This week I have 6 of them and cannot eat properly and just want to cry cos my mouth hurts that much.
Jojo 23 January 09
cigarett ashes help those canker sores. have a friend some a cigarett, save the ashes and put it on the sore, it'll numb it and start the healing process.
Kev 21 January 09
salt! justtttttt salt. on its own, without water. just a small amount on your finger does it. yes its the most painful feeling in the world for about 30 seconds but after that it numbs it for agess, and cleans it all up .
laura 17 January 09
I have recently found a good gel you can use for mouth ulcers after using the rather useless bonjela. It doesn't speed up the healing much but it coats it like glue and this enables me to eat without the severe pain. It is called Iglu Gel and is available from most UK Pharmacies and is around £5 for a admittedly small 8g tube. But it does work!

Matt 16 January 09
i suffer from these ugly, painful bastards too. for as long as i can remember ive always has doses of ulcers every couple of weeks or months and all people say is: use bonjela. well im sorry but bonjela is an absolute waste of time and money! not only does it sting like hell when you put it on, the numbing effect wears off after 2 minutes AND it tastes like crap and makes your breath horribly smeling to anyone who is unlucky enough to talk to you!!
the real stuff is this sticky, white cream called kenalog. its expensive and comes in a tiny tube but it works much better!! you just apply it and it sticks to the ulcer and helps heal it. use this and the severity and duration of the ulcer will be rapidly reduced. i think the docs call it an 'orabase'.
as for little quirks that i find work: definitely gargle warm salt water, and the least painful beverage to drink is beer and lemonade. well thats all the knowledge i can pass on. hope that eases some pain!
mitch 16 January 09
I can totally relate to everyone's pain! I just found out today that they're called mouth ulcers. I was in so much pain today I thought I was going to lose my mind! This is the third bout I've had, and I went to a doctor a while back and didn't have a clue what I had. I broke out on Sunday, and have had to suffer with them for 5 days now. I've been using orajel, but all that does is numb the pain for a few minutes. I was talking to a lady at work and was telling her about my pain. She asked me to show her my tongue and the inside of my lower mouth, and she said she had the same thing. After going to several doctors that didn't know what she had, she finally went to a doctor that told her she had mouth ulcers and to buy BLACK LICORICE. Not the black twizzlers that come in a pack like the red ones, but real black licorice with licorice extract, ANISE in them. I just came back from lunch and purchased black licorice with natural ingredients. She told me to chew some and hold them inside my lower gumline. She said she did this for one day and within 2 days her pain was totally gone and they disappeared. I just chewed my first licorice and placed them inside my lower gums for about an hour. It's incredible, after a couple of minutes the pain went away. Remember to chew and not swallow the licorice. I really hope this helps all of you, as it's helped me! It's totally have to try it yourself to believe it!
15 January 09
Bernie G 15 January 09
Oh and another thing, a friend of mine is a nurse and she mentioned Pineapple in your diet is good?? Not tried it or heard that one before, but it's worth a go. I don't think Pineapple on your pizza counts though
Tony M 12 January 09
I've had them for years and tried a variety of over the counter medicines, but this week I found one that worked! It's Bonjela Once (not normal Bonjela which is pointless). It is £7 a box of 2 sachets, which are like cotton wool buds with a red liquid inside. You snap one end off and put the opposite end on the ulcer, it stings a bit and leaves a white layer on it. I had a large one on my tongue and it numbed it straight away and it ent within 36hrs (No pain in that time, just a feeling of the swelling where the ulcer is).
Very good. I risked the cost but it was worth it, but watch out for the drool!! You will look like The Alien when you apply it as your mouth has to hang open while you hold it there.
Good luck fellow sufferers.
Tony M 12 January 09
Soy!!!!! STOP eating and drinking ANYTHING ( which is a ton of things) that have soy in them.....! REALLY !!!!
After years of dealing with these things and hundreds of dollars on dentist, doctors and meds of all kinds not excluding 8 dollars tubes of tooth paste, I finally did the process of elem. Starved myself till I figured it out. SOY...YOU ARE ALLERGIC to SOY. SOY is in everykind of bread these days. SOY Is in some vitamins. Soy is in butter, all kinds of cereal ,frozen foods , etc...etc.. etc... CHECK IT OUT .....I loved SOY Milk. That was my first clue. The more I drank it the more ulcers in mouth I had till I was bed ridin sick! SOY....stay away. I have be ulcer free for 6 months now and I make my own breads...I can't remember the last time I was without even one ulcer till now!
chris g. 7 January 09
Also Anbesol, a Wal-Mart-bought mint-flavored oral gel, works great to ease the pain while they are healing. I just put some on every time i get one and in seconds it numbs the area and eases the pain. Last about an hour. I usually use it before i go to sleep. I highly recommend it. :)
Josh 7 January 09
i own Valtrex for my cold sores which i only take when i feel one coming. I also suffer from ulcers quite often. Do u take the Valtrex when necessary like with cold sores or once a day, as people with genital herpes are required to do?
Josh 7 January 09
I'm glad I came across this site, I thought I was the only one who felt this kind of terrible pain! I have a huge white ulcer deep in my bottom lip. I'm going to try warm water and salt, its help me in the past to "dry" it up, but the pain while doing it is horrible :(

I think mine are caused by stress, pms, and citric acid.
Bella 7 January 09
It's not an informative site at all, it's a cynical pathetic link farm, it is a faceless, featureless barren means of getting paid for advertising. I get sick of it, people trying to sell you stuff all the time. This site is great, run for real people with real opinions, who know the pain of the ulcer curse, who share experience and knowledge for the common good - and not a GoogleAd in sight. This site should be championed as an example of what the web should be, and indeed once was.
Angry Jedd 4 January 09
there is a lot of goo information online about mouth ulcers another great informative site i came across that may help people with mouth ulcers is

I have always used TCP and salt water
james 4 January 09
I am 64 and have suffered mouth ulcers most of my life if you can get it now which I doubt try supher powder.
I use a salt water mouth wash and bonjela last thing at night when I go to bed they clear after about 3 to 4 days. I find if I eat chocolate they flare up, it may be this could be something to think about ?. Is there anything you eat that may trigger them.
hope this helps
A fellow sufferer
mick 19 December 08
can somone please tell me a cure for mouth ulsers i've been having them since i was little and cant find a cure, please help

love holly doc..x
Holly..doc,x3 17 December 08
I just use Anbesol liquid which is good to numb straight away but will wear off after a while, or dab on TCP to numb it. At first it will sting A LOT but will numb it after a while. Bonjela never worked for me as it always seems to come off. By the way Anbesol is cheap as well and the bottle lasts for AGES.
lizzie 13 November 08
I have got the same problem. I have that a mouth ulcer for arnd 4-5 months now, and it is really getting on my nerves.

I went to the doctor and he did this freezing thing, where he sprayed this special stuff that's really cooling but after a while it starts to burn like hell. My ulcer went after that (took a few days).

But then, it came back all of a sudden, and now its massive.

One of the treatments I am doing is:

Rubbing ice on the ulcer everyday, around like 3-4 times a day atleast (once in the morning, once in the afternoon, once after you have eaten and once before bed) keep rubbing the ice until you cannot tolerate the pain no more. I then press the ulcer down abit because the ice has numbed it. I then apply Bonjela Gel to it after i rub the ice. This really lowered the ulcer massively when I done it for like 4-5 days. But then I kind of stopped and it increased its size again. So I am back onto that routine this time adding salt water rinses aswel.

I hope this helps you guys :)

Karishyy 12 November 08
salt water rinses can help too.
mungo 11 November 08
The problem is that you CAN have HSV1 without having cold sores, especially if your immune system is out of whack. That is why it is important to actually get cultured for HSV whether you think you have it or not. A primary infection of HSV1 = mouth ulcers. In those immunosuppressed, or something out of whack with your immune system, you can get recurrent mouth ulcers (NOT COLD SORES) from HSV1. I was almost wishing it was hsv1 at some point to have an answer, but alas the culture and smear test were both negative.

I was put on a 10 day course of acyclovir (same thing essentially as valtrex but with a shorter half life) and unfortunately it did nothing.
misery 11 November 08
Well, that's obviously the point. I don't have cold sores or genital herpes, so there is a connection for some people that have large outbreaks of ulcers inside the mouth. It's not about me, it's about offering suggestions for others in pain.
SS 9 November 08
Were you cultured for herpes? How do you know you don't have it?
misery 3 November 08
Go to your dentist or doctor and explain to them the situation. I haven't met a doctor that would help until my Dentist did some research. I feel your pain, most people don't understand the pain involved. Ask them to give you a prescription for Valtrex because it works. It is meant to be for Herpes or Cold Sores, but it worked for my Ulcers. Please let me know if you feel any better as I am curious if anyone else knows about this.
Scott in Nebraska 17 October 08
please tell me where i can get it...this is my 5th bout of them, and i have at least 25 clustered underneath my tongue, i cnt speak, eat or nothin, i cnt work, i cnt get paid, they are ruinning my life.
iv tried betnosol mouthwash, and that worked at first, but no such luck anymore
Charlie 16 October 08
I have struggled with mouth ulcers (canker sores) for years. There is nothing more painful and I have discovered Valtrex works. Trust me, i know the difference between ulcers and cold sores. I do not have cold sores or herpes. I was really skeptical to try Valtrex, but it works. I tried avoiding foods, mouth rinses and all the other stupid things... but this has eliminated the problem. I'm still in shock that it worked!
Scott 15 October 08

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