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A sign of Folate, B12 and B6 deficiency is reoccurring mouth sores, smooth and swollen beefy red tongue. It left untreated the lesions can become cancerous. About 40% of the population canít use the synthetic version of folic acid and B12. About 7-12% have a 70% reduced ability to absorb Folate and Bís due to a missing enzyme needed to methylate and use it. This can be serious leading to mental health, vision and nerve issues. If left u checked, some of the damage can be permanent. Check your 23andme raw data for the MTHFR 677 and MTRR. I am one of the unlucky few who is homozygous for both (T/T fir example). Iíve had 20 oral cancer surgeries and cancer 7 times over 19 years. Within 5 days of using a high dose Methylated B Complex supplement formula, ALL of my symptoms are gone. If I had known this 20 years ago, I believe I never would have developed oral cancer at age 31 (radiation, tracheotomy, etc..) when I donít smoke, rarely drink, and have no viruses common to the disease. Start slowly with the methylated Vit B complex- a few times a week, and then build up. I now take it daily. It can be stimulating. Iíve tried several brands and am currently using Methyl Pro 15 mg B Complex+. It has inositol and magnesium too which is calming for sleep. Other things I do is gargle with Glutogenics powder after I brush my teeth and gargle with coconut oil for five minutes at bedtime with 1 drop of Myhrr oil and a pinch of frankincense extract powder (not the oil bc it doesnít have the anti cancer part of the plant in it). Your mouth will be sore free, your tongue wonít be red or swollen. Itís been 20 years for me to come up with this real solution. If you do nothing else, buy and over the counter methylated B complex. No synthetic B vitamins! It is possible for your serum Folate and b levels in your blood to be ďnormalĒ and still be deficient because your body canít methylate and convert the synthetic Folate and Bís into the absorbable version due to a missing enzyme. Synthetic folic acid and Bís are toxic to you if you have the MTHFR 677T/T gene! Folate and B vitamins are water soluble and must be replenished daily. You use more B Vit at times of stress. Even if you donít know if you have the MTHFR mutation, the 5 L-Methylfolate and b12 Methylcobalimin are still a more bioavailable form and are more easily absorbed and whatís found in food, like spinach. You have nothing to lose for trying this... except those darn mouth sores!
Michelle 27 July 19
i feel pain mouth please give me advice and my breath is not good
c.kadir 11 April 15
I too, take 2500 mcg vitamin B-12 dissolve under the tongue kind; But noticed tongue got sensitive, and red, and I developed a canker sore
On the lower side of inside of my mouth. I've never taken this high of a dose before, not sure it has anything to do with the B-12 bit thought I
Would mention it, incase somebody else has experienced this as well.
Janet 8 June 14
I have had RLS for most of my adult life. I read recently that a combination of Vitamin E and Vitamin C would help reduce the RLS. I know that I am sensitive to vitamin C and have restricted my intake to 250 mg in any one dose per day. However, since I have been taking the nightly dose of C and E
I have developed a case of ulcers under my tongue -- in the front of my mouth. I also take both regular and sublingual B-12. So, at this point I am confused. I read in a popular health bulletin produced by a leading clinic that one cannot OD on B-12. For now I'm stopping everything and turning to drinking as much water as I can drink in a day. Also, no prunes or OJ (acid) for awhile. For now, the RLS has subsided!
rainview 12/11/13 11 December 13
Whole, cultured buttermilk has been the cure for me. My theory is that it replaces good bacterial flora missing in your stomach. It is especially necessary when I'm taking an antibiotic. Buttermilk is not a pleasant taste but I just hold my breath while I drink it and chase it with water. I drink about 6 oz. morning and evening when I have an outbreak.
Ken 7NOV2013 7 November 13
I have a very alternate and weird way to solve this problem. I am a heavy smoker & tobacco eater past 15 years.. In recent years the mouth ulcer were so painful & big that some people thought i had a fight in bar and someone punched me so hard for molesting someone else wife. Things came to a point where doctor suggested i get operated since he thought there were some signs of cancer. Doctors !!!!! and Doctors!!!! hate'em

Well guess what i didnt care and was just waiting for my project to get over. As an IT professional we always have the luxury to do a lots of research online at company's cost. I found the remedy..

Get Castor Oil(transparent) bottles. Drink the full bottle each every night before sleep...I have a to warn you that it tastes very very bad and you may feel very ugly. This i used a laxative to clean the stomach. So with this you may have to stay in the restroom in the morning for atleast 4 minutes till complete packages from your stomach has been offloaded. So be prepared with good roll of tissues an i prefer on weekends... Continue this for 3 days...And see the Magic. I use castor oil following it with pepsi/coke so that it will not make me feel that ugly.

Good lucks!
samir_sony 18 April 13
hi, ive been taking a b complex tablet as well and now have sore gums. its strange this should happen but see someone else has mentioned it. i think tomorrow i will stop taking them and see what happens.
ferret 19 March 13
Can too much of some B vitamin(s) cause cankers and gum sores?

While taking a multi-vit and B-complex pill, I've been plagued by cankers and gum sores. A hygienist mentioned a patient whose cankers had cleared up when he stopped taking B-vitamins that had been recommended by his doc. My dentist suggested tapering off the B-complex vitamins. After 3 days of half a pill/day, my gum sores are almost gone with no new ones or cankers. Too early to tell if it will last.
Everazephyr 8 February 13
Well I seem to have cured my lifelong problems with mouth ulcers!!
I stumbled across the cure whilst trying to treat myself for another problem. I haven't fixed the other problem but haven't had a significant mouth ulcer for over 8 months now which is easily a record.
Actually I tried sublingual B12 a couple of years ago with no effect at all but more recently tried the "active" B12 variant which is Methylcobalamin B12 in 1000mcg sub-lingual dosage.
It turned out the B12's I used a couple of years ago were the common synthetic Cyanocobalamin and these are difficult for the body to absorb. The active B12 is a completely different animal and also gives a very noticeable energy boost which the other B12 didn't. I'd also recommend backing this up with a general B vitamin or multivitamin supplement as apparently taking too much of one B-vit can deplete the body of the other ones.
Stuart 4 August 12
MINE ARE CURED (mostly). Disease w/ low platelets, white blood cells and dry mouth gave me constant mouth and tongue sores. Used a mouth guard and packed wet cooton rounds w/ oral get in cheeks at night. CURE (for me) Large doses of sub-lingual B-12 (Trader Joe's), up to 8000mcg healed my mouth right up. Also discovered dairy allergy gave me swollen mouth, lips and tongue, plus sinusitis. Diet and maintenance B-12 2000mcg keeps my mouth clear. If I indulge in dairy, I up my dose B-12 and break out the night guard (it shuts me up too!). A tip: make plain ice popsicles. they help w/ dry mouth and swollen or irritated mouth tissue. Rite Aid oral gel works better for me than Oragel (and is cheaper).
Skeptigal 2 August 12
My dental hygenist just told me to get B12 tablets that dissolve under your tongue (sublingual) for my mouth ulcers. I did & the huge one on my tongue cleared right up. Now I don't know whether I need to keep taking them or not, but decided to in the hope that it will prevent more. I just realized that the pills come in strengths from 500mcg to 6000mcg. Now I wonder how much is needed to prevent outbreaks. I am going to go with the low dose & see if that works to save money.
Joyce 14 July 12
Hi, I have Neutropenia aka- low white blood cells. Most of my life has been spent with these mouth ulcers, cankas, whatever, they hurt and make me ill. I have been using Etser-C for a few years, 1000 mg per day. They almost never show up anymore and when they do they are hardly noticeable. Believe me this works! Good luck! PS after reading what you folks have posted I am also going to incorporate B-12 into my diet.
Leslie 10 July 12
Different things seem to work better for different people, but in my case taking B group vitamins (inc B12) totally helps when I'm having a mouth ulcer outbreak - makes them go away faster, and seems to stop them coming back. I'm not sure whether the trigger for my mouth ulcers in the first place is a deficiency in B12 though (more likely to be stress-related lol). If you haven't tried taking Vit B12 yet for mouth ulcers I'd totally recommend trying a B group supplement - if nothing else it should help with your energy levels!
Laura 2 June 11
be sure to clean your tounge regularly thats wher the culprit is. try to reac as far as possible. i did this after two weeks of paifull mouth and tounge sores. then the following day ther is no pain at all and is bout heal.
bernie 6 August 10
Suffering for years with mouth ulcers in the last year ten times worse , never ulcer free, at the moment oral surgoen has me on colchine tabs and betnesol mouthwash worked first time but had a tooth out l3 weeks ago so have a massive one on gum plus have broken out this morning within hours they burst , all my bloods are normal had colonoscopy recently to rule out crohns . i do the toothpaste , i have to try b12. some one please help im desperate
yvonne 25 October 09
Just found this site whilst surfing the net. I was a natural therapist before I retired. I always had good success with mouth ulcers. My contention is that if you keep getting recurring mouth ulcers, your blood needs cleaning. Subsequently, I always had a double-sided approach to treatment. Support the kidneys, using kidney cleansing herbs like dandelion root and buchu,and give blood cleansing herbs Like Red Clover (trifolium) and also take sarsaparilla tablets, another good blood cleanser. Remember that "natural" therapies take longer to work than modern drugs, and so many folk "give them up" just when they are beginning to do their wonderful magic!
David Burton 27 August 09
I had mouth ulcers and/or little blood blisters in my mouth virtually all the time, sometimes popping out within hours of a meal. I have eradicated preservatives from my diet as far as possible (we weren't designed to eat them), and take vitamin B12, avoid Sodium Lauryl sulphate toothpaste (Squiggle is great), take lysine, and you know what? I have had two mouth ulcers this year. I guess I am on this for life, but its no real hardship

So my advice to everyone is look at the postings on here, and try different things until something works. Everyone says that noone knows what causes the critters, but I suspect that its because different things cause them in different people. Keep a food diary, and hopefully you will see some of the triggers

Good luck, and great website by the way...... it has changed my life!!!
Robert 31 May 09
well i have ulcers again. so i start taking the b12 again.

i told my gp that the b12 helped she had no idea (i wonder what exactly do doctors know because they seem half usless most of the time)

i have had a bout lasting 5 weeks now, some heal but more pop up. someone told me to try vit c which has made them worse, then i ate a mint and that made it worse also. it is like my mouth is ultra sensitive to stuff.

so i am taking b12, natural liquirce from the herbal store. and now going to have a big vit pill and some lysine. freaks sake.

i wonder if its because i dont eat much fatty acids in my diet.

the b12 did help but then they started up again, thu not as bad not as big. thu once i get one a whole lot turn up
fed up 20 May 09
Hi, any body knows if 'Neo-B12 Injection' and 'Ostelin vit D' are free from animal's products? I am vegetarian and my blood test showed low vit B12 and vit D so my GP indicated to have these supplements.
vimalena 16 May 09
Clawsy, before I was pregnant I had a Neo Cytamen(B12) injection in my arm once a month. This cleared up my ulcers and stopped them recurring. I have suffered since birth. I hope this works for you too. Now I have not had the injections for 4 months I have a mouthful again.
Sam (Aust) 29 October 08
ok i now got 3 mouth ulcers. one was from a massive bite on my tongue, i expected to get it. Its not as painful as they usually are ...but the body aches are jsut as bad as usual.
2 other tiny ones started on tongue, i think from eating an orange. they were tiny tiny thu did not turn into a crater
so this extra b12 s working.
thu i do think other things cause the ulcers, perhaps this b12 or lack of it was stoping my body from healing properly.
Clawsy 15 October 08
OK now I have seen that the Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B tablets i was taking before were only like 25mcg and 50mcg....
the more recently taken B12 has a lot more in it, like 500mcg. So perhaps it is a matter of dosage amount rather than what type of B12.
ulcers galore 12 October 08
In above post, I was meant to say even some doctors have wanted to get the usual crappy version of B12 banned and the better version only used instead.
Clawsy 9 October 08
OK i beleive that a definency in B12 was making it impossible for me to heal from ulcers. Even thought this did not show on blood tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a strict vegetarian, and need to take B12 once in a while- which is not a problem - (the vast majority of strict vegetarians do NOT have ulcer problems, and to get enough B12 they only need a regular vitamin pill sometimes, plus it has many other health benefits like reversal of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension etc so I am not going to start eating corpses again jsut because of this). ..

I would not have been getting these horrible ulcers if I was taking the better version of B12, the bioactive one, and Not the crappy BS version that is in the regular vitamin pills. The vitamin pills over the counter are crap and have a version of B12 that is not easily absorbed into some peoples bodies. There is crappy version of B12 banned and the better version used instead.

So basically i have been taking the crap arse version B12 and my blood tests have shown it was OK levels (i now find out blood tests do not show the proper levels the body is absorbing if you can't absorb the crap arse version).

So please try a bioactive B12, Seriously this stuff worked on my ulcers like magic. The one ulcer I had when I started the better B12, did not grow at all, stayed pin head size and then cleared up easily. A week later I ate an orange and a painful little tiny lump started instantly on my did NOT turn into an ulcer though, it went away after a few days and was not ulcer like. usually this would turn into a painful horrible crater ulcer.

I feel a million times better........ now my doctor knows I am vegan, my blood tests showed up low normal B12 and iron.... but as i said blood tests dont show the true story.

BTW I have a inlaw who is a meat eater and she has problems with B12 is not to do with being vegan or meat eater.

But please it might pay to try the bioactive B12 tablets. There are vegetarian ones available from health stores. Methylcobalamin is the better B12 to get.

Clawsy 9 October 08
I had pretty much tried eveything to rid myself of mouth ulcers. For some time I was prescribed liquid steroids but this really only aided their healing. Someone then suggested using Lysine tableys and to my amazement this seems to work, I get few ulcers, and they heal quickly. I then got a little too carefree in the last weeks and decided to stop taking the Lysine and have been hit by seven ulcers in the last few days. Lysine seems to do the trick for me...I just hope now that I resumje taking it theulcers will cease.
Donal. 4 October 08
i am buying some bioactive b12 vitamin pills as they are cheaper than the canker melts. i think they should do the trick. will post again.

this is the first time ever that a tongue ulcer has not grown into a huge crater and i am amazed it stayed so tiny then healed so fast.
ulcers galore 4 October 08
oh and i meant taking the standard b/b12 vitamin pills did help but not as much as this bioactive b12 has.
ulcers galore 4 October 08
ok this new ulcer has now cleared up. it never grew, it stayed very tiny like a pin head, did not grow into the usual crater, my tongue did not go white, i did not feel very sick (bit tired but not ill). i did not get the usual aches and pains and exhaustion.
I am hoping i have finaly found the answer to why i get these ulcers now.

i think it must be because of b12, i hope my doctor beleives me.
i have had blood tests done in the past showing low normal iron and b12...
i have always taken vit b supplements , when the ulcers got bad i started taking massive doses of them AND seperate b12 vitamins as well, and lysine. and the mouth wash too.
these things helped.

but taking these canker melts i see they are a bioactive verison of b12 that doesnt have to be processed by my liver first. wher the b vitamins i usually take do have to be processed...

interesting. i have read that blood tests can be usless showing the real b12 levels. gosh i hope my doctor can sort this out. my sister in law gets b12 injections i wonder if i will need them too.
ulcers galore 4 October 08
It is easly days yet but i think these canker melts might be helping.....
I got ulcers for teh past month non stop, the current ones are a healing one - is healing by itself on my gum.....and another snall one starting on the underneath of my tounge.
I tried these canker melts on them. I know the gum one was healing by itself anyways,. but what is pleasing me is that this one on my tongue, while not healed has not yet turned into a full blwon crater of pain.
It is (im so scared in case this jinxes it) it has not grown and is still really small...... This is a first for me.

I using the squiggle toothpaste.And the curasept mouthwash (as i cant use the usual stuff which has alcohol).
And taking lysine and B12 and B and multivitamin tablets.
And now i have tried using these canker melts (I think they are a bit expensive thu).
And this ulcer is not growing so far....

I am wondering if it something to do with B12, I am getting blood tests done in a few days..... last ones showed i was in the low normal range, (but i had been taking vitamins for the days leading up to it).
Perhaps for me i need higher levels than what i have to be healthy?

I am hoping this is the case. I will keep posting on how these things are working.

Clawsy 1 October 08

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vitamin b12?

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