Red Meat and Ulcers

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I have been eating a
Ot of roast beef in the past two days and I am dying in pain all night
Roseanne 3 October 13
Anti inflammatory medication caused a bad ulcer outbreak in my mouth, so if you need to take them, make sure the doctor prescribes a coating medication to take first.
Cissie 14 August 13
I find that aspirin, ibuprofen, and all the other NSAID pain and inflammation fighters cause me to get mouth ulcers. Paracetamol (also called acetaminophen) does not cause the ulcers for me because it is not a NSAID.
TomF 23 October 09
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thenuts 23 October 09

I just want to reply to one point: not eating red meat. My ulcers are definitely being caused my my vitamin B complex deficiency and red meat is one of the main sources of both vitamin B and iron. I'm convinced that I get ulcers now after years of not eating enough meat.
Cindy 13 July 09
Hi Anthony. Interesting point about avoiding antibiotics, and therefore avoiding red meat and milk. I very rarely take antibiotics, but I wonder if I'm getting exposed to them through milk? Also agree about not bothering to go to the doctor - mine is very helpful, but I do believe there is currently nothing that can be done to stop these little beggars!I have to disagree about the aspirin though - holding soluble aspirin on my ulcers is the only way to stop the pain for me - if there is a lot of swelling I switch to ibuprofen after a couple of days (being careful not to take both painkillers at the same time, it's scarily easy to forget how much you are taking when you are in pain!). It sounds naff but it has transformed my life - when I had bad attacks before I was tired, hungry, grouchy but those humble white tablets changed all that - don't know why I didn't think of it before!
LouiseB 13 September 08
I can't agree with a lot of your points in the message.
5 - Secondary infection in large ulcers is a big problem. You need to take something then
7 - See num 8
8 - Soluble Anadin has made my life worth living for the last 6 years or so

Not looking for a disagreement, what ever works works! but just wanted to make sure people like me (who can't survive without pain medication) knew there was a balance.
Steve 12 September 08
People who have never had bad mouth and throat ulcers can't imagine that they can be so painful. I suffered from bad ulcers for the first half of my life and have even been hospitalized from a throat infection of ulcers due to not being able to swallow even water!

I do not think there is one magic cure, and I think also that based on the incredible complexity of the human body, there are some cures that are suitable to some people but not to others. Here is what works for me:

1) Do not eat red meat or anything with a beef product in it (see #4 below). This was the biggest factor in improving my ulcers. If you do not eat red meat you should also probably take an iron supplement.

2) Do not take Vitamin E tablets or supplements. For some reason, Vitamin E gives me ulcers...

3) Avoid foods that are very fibrous, like baked beans. These tend to 'rip the lining off my throat' (that's the scientific term!) and if the abraded area gets infected then it is all systems go on the ulcer front for 14 days.

4) Avoid very sugary foods (e.g. lollipops and hard candy, and cheap chocolate). The sugar will make it more likely that bacteria are in sufficient numbers in your mouth to infect a small cut. Also, many hard candies contain beef by-products.

5) Don't take antibiotics if you can avoid them. Avoid foods that may have a high content of antibiotics (e.g. red meat and some other kinds of meats, and milk--drink sugar-free soy milk instead).

6) Keep your mouth clean. Not just by brushing twice a day but by having your teeth cleaned and scaled by the dentist once EVERY six months. The smoother the surface of your teeth, the fewer bacteria can stick to them.

7) Rinse your mouth in plain soda water, if you do get an ulcer. Don't bother going to the doctor or spending money on creams, gargles etc. None of them worked for me. Rinsing your mouth with salt water is probably only slightly less painful than walking on your own lips and is not effective at making the ulcers go away--it just keeps your mouth clean, which does help. (Incidentally, sea water is much better to use than mixing a salt/water rinse yourself, just in case you get one at the beach!) Soda water does not hurt as much and I suspect that the carbonic acid in the soda water helps to calm the ulcers and keep them clean.

8) Do NOT take aspirin for the pain of an ulcer--it makes them (the ulcers, not the pain) much worse. Take paracetamol instead, and not the soluble kind--just the tablet kind.

9) Is anyone scientifically researching ulcers out there? There are two things I think you should be looking at. The first is why smoking decreases both the likelihood of getting an ulcer and the duration of the ulcer. (I do not recommend smoking to cure an ulcer but it is true that ulcers hate smoking as much as the person at the next table in the restaurant.) The second is why at about the 7 to 10 day mark in the 'life cycle' of the ulcer, it stops hurting but is still there, at the same size as the day before, when you were ripping your hair out over it.
Anthony Richards 9 September 08

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Red Meat and Ulcers

8 messages in this subject.