Ulcer on tonsil?

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I m 26 yr old i suffer ulcer on tonsil in my right side and trouble its only burning what can i do
L mozumder 23 October 18
Chocolate , peanuts, almond ( mostly are GMO ) fried spicy , sour salty food are main trigger. Stop eating to sped up recover and prevent recurrence
Sonia 21 June 18
Cautions !! .Antibiotic , anti inflammation drug prescribed by ENT will cause gastritis ( stomach bloated and unable to eat ) and reflux.
Sonia 21 June 18
Difflam Bonjeal and many other types of spray are useless and cause trouble to your stomach .
Once cure , take care of diet . fried foods , spicy food, sour salty food buy outside are main trigger.
Drink enough water. Rest and sleep enough.
Tonsil ulcer mainly cause by spicy, hot and fried food. Tonsil stone cause by acid reflux at night. Cannot sleep and food residue from throat.
Sonia 21 June 18
Be aware of those anti-inflammation spray or medication such as Bonjela etc. These medication cause irritate our stomach and throat.
Sonia 21 June 18
I suffered from ulcers on my tonsil what is the perfect and rapid treatment for such problem
Ghada Farid 26 January 18
Less silva taking Forkan100 and darolac. Is dese r d side effects of being less silva. How to recover?
Kalpana shivani 14 April 17
I got an ulcer on my tonsil and it hurts a LOT. Its like the tonsil is being subjected to the concurrent stabbing by a thousand knives. I can't swallow food because it hurts a lot. I don't know how I could make the pain go away.
Billie Joe's Dad 24 September 16
Use Alum, apply directly to the sores and also gargle with alum/water. Works great.
John 26 July 16
Gargle with Listerine. Try to find the one with the least amount of alcohol as it's quite strong and can sting the affected areas. After suffering for almost a week from the pain, I read above someone mentioned gargling with it so I tried it and it helped a lot. The pain has decreased considerably and it's worth trying.
Monique 15 January 16
One more note on my previous post. I just wanted to be clear, use Thieves Oil from Young Living. I know it's expensive and I've tried alternatives, but this one seems to be the only thing that truly works. Clove oil helps with the pain, but doesn't cure the sore. Thieves oil from Young Living takes care of the pain and the sore. Apply Young Living Thieves Oil 2 to 3 times per day and it should be gone within a day or two.
JG 13 January 16
I have a remedy that I've used with success for mount ulcers (Canker sores), and tonsil ulcers. I believe dentists have used this for years, and I'm not sure why it's not more widely known. Put Clove Oil on a Q-tip and apply it directly to the sore. I've found that Thieves Essential oil works best (has clove oil among others). When I do this, the sore burns pretty good for about a minute, then it is numb. After about 24 hours it is mostly gone. Without doing this, the sores last for weeks. I hope this helps someone. I also gargle warm water with a few drops of Thieves oil, which can help with the pain.
JG 13 January 16
I've suffered with tonsil ulcers for years. It seems that as soon as I get rid of them, they're back again. I think it has to do with lack of sleep and stress levels. The best thing to do is try to get some rest. I'm 25 now with a toddler and a newborn and almost permanent ulcers. Good luck to the rest of you though. It'll be a while before I get any sleep. On the bright side, I've lost most the pain receptors in that area. It doesn't hurt till they're about to rupture. Just remember to rest and gargle warm salt water. It does help some.
Kari 2 December 15
I have ulcer in both of my tonsils. They r white. I am suffering from last 5 days. Doctor gave me 2 types tablets (Naprosyn & Triosim) and a mouthwash by which I gurggle thrice a day. But there is no change. I'm having so much pain. aaah it really hurts badly all the day long. I cant eat solid foods. Only liquid. Pls give me suggetions if anyone can.
Sourav 26 November 15
my tonsils and down my throat is covered in ulcers it hurts so much and my head feels like iv been kicked by a horse bearly managed to get up this morning anyone want to help me out and tell if i need doctor or let it run its course
roxanne 27 February 15
I suffered tonsilitus since I was about 23 every 3 months white tonsils severe fever really heavy head full of green snot ear ache u name it I had it couldn't lift my head from the pillow half the time doc put me on penicillin vk cleared everything in a week had tonsillectomy at 33 was ill for a month afterwards nasty operation when your older having them removed never had it for 6 yrs after that then only got it twice no more since then thank god
deb 21 February 15
Is it dangerous to have a ulcer on your tonsils? Got it on my left tonsil its bleeding!!
help me!!??
Devan 26 December 14
i have an ulser on my right tondil it is very painful hurts to yawn , eat , drink , swollow my sliva , so ive tried garggling warm salt water its not very well helping but ive only had it for 3 days now is their any other simpler options i can do to get rid of it without going to the doctors
thank you :)
hayden 22 October 14
I too am affected by persistent ulcers in my mouth. I started noticing them when I first had braces as a teenager and brushed it off as cuts to my gums and lips by the braces. That was partially true, but they carried over into my adult years also. I do get them fairly regularly, maybe on a one to two month basis, but always when I bite my lip/cheek.

Recently I developed one on my left tonsil, and let me say it is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I cannot eat or even swallow my own spit, sleeping is incredibly difficult, so I finally went to the doctor about it. They were surprised at the size of it, about the size of a pinky nail, and prescribed me amoxicillin, lidocaine, and hydrocodone. Unfortunately I do not think this is bacterial as the amoxicillin is not working, and the lidocaine is very ineffective at numbing any pain (it has a mucus like texture and numbs your entire mouth minus the tonsil area,) they hydrocodone is about worthless too, just makes me drowsy.

I have tried many things so far: 1. Salt water gargling (the most effective pain relief method) 2. Tums dissolved in water and then gargled (attempting to change the pH levels in my mouth) 3. Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with water (I use it to clean my mouth and disinfect the wound, but I am not sure on the effectiveness) 4. Iodized silver water gargled and swallowed (my mother thinks it will help and it just might; I used it on my husky's face when she broke out due to a food allergy and it cleared up in a few days) 5. No sodas, juices, rough foods, etc. 6. lots of moaning and groaning

I will definitely be trying some of these remedies namely 1. Changing my toothpaste 2. Taking complex B and C vitamins 3. Not wasting money on the doctors. Everything in this thread points to a viral infection, and these normally go away after week or so, good luck all!
Scott 23 August 14
Mouth ulcers are terrible, worst area to get one in on your tonsil as its hurts 24/7 when you swallow, speak, laugh, drink etc, and they usually last 2 weeks, ive tried alot of different gels etc but they are usless, 1 main reason people get ulcers is our DIET.go to google and type in salicylate food chart and it will tell you how much there are in foods, drinks, chewing gum etc, once you lower or cut out them high salicylate foods, you will be much happier-TRUST ME
benji 14 August 14
I am 43 and have never experienced any kind of ulcers. I first noticed a sore throat a couple of months ago and there was one of those nasty little white chunks in one of the crypts which I removed with my toothbrush. Things seemed to clear up after that. Now a couple months down the road I have this really big (covers my whole right tonsil) ulcer. It's white looking and it is horribly painful especially when I eat; which I'm not doing much of now because of the intense pain. I went to the GP and she said that it was probably viral and that I should probably just ride it out. I'm taking 500 mg amoxicillin twice a day just because I thought it might help. The GP said it probably wouldn't help but it wouldn't hurt either. I'm scared to death I have throat cancer. (I have a lot of anxiety about cancer stuff)... She said if it doesn't get significantly better by the end of the week I should come back. She also said she would prescribe me some magic mouthwash... to numb it before I ate. I also am experiencing a bit of an earache and a headache both confined to the right side and I feel run-down in general. :/
Angie 5 August 14
Hi, I have suffered mouth ulcers for awhile now, I'm 13 years old and have been to the hospital for 7 days because I couldnt eat or drink now they just keep coming back while I was in the hospital I had about 40 in my mouth and down my throat, but now I have fever blisters frequently
I have been to the doctors many times but they keep saying the same thing but I may have to go to an ent to get my tonsils removed......hoped this helped
Racheal 31 March 14
I've suffered with ulcers since I was a child and I'm now 32
my daughter is the same.I've cut out acidic fruits from mine and my daughters diet and we now very rarely get them. Also check your youth paste isn't too minty. We use sensodyne ( the red one). Hope this helps!
Emily 2 March 14
Im from Malaysia and i am also have this ulcer problem..... when i recover the ulcer, the ulcer will be back within a couple week and i can't just like my family. My father said i am a abnormal person always get the ulcer. My ulcer is always on the what you guys called it tonsil. actually, im not understand which side is that. but my ulcer is always inside the tonsil's tube don't know what is it called. Sometime it is at the right side sometime at the left side. If the ulcer is become more fatal i totally even can't drink and eat. If any one know what is that tube called , having the same problem or any method can solve this problem pls reply me. thank you very much!
Marcus 26 January 14
Sorry it looks like ive wrote and essay, just very glad i found this site. Nice to know im not the only one suffering. I have been suffering with mouth ulcers for about 20 years! However within the last year they have got worse. I have them 100% of the time and rarely get any respite from them atall. I get them all over my mouth throat, tongue, cheeks, lips, gums and even the roof of the mouth. Sometimes they are really small clusters and feel like hundreds of papercuts in your mouth or i can get massive ones up to the size of a pound coin! They will just crop up anywhere. As others have mentioned there are literally days when i cannot talk let alone eat or drink, even a sip of water will bring tears to my eyes! Its so horrible and people do not understand how it affects your life. I have tried everything from hot salt water to creams, pastes, sprays, mouthwashes, antibiotics, toothpastes even cutting out all different foods and drinks. I have over the years seen about 5 or more different doctors and no one seems to be able to help. From my experience they do no know anything about them and seem to brush them off not understanding how they make you feel. I been told they are stress or poss lacking in some sort of vitamins etc but i am not always stressed unless im having a bad case of the ulcers and i have been taking vitamins everyday for the last 5 or more years. Also had many blood tests to check these things. Wondering if my next step should be allergy testing as this is the only thing i think ive not yet tried? One doctor one said to me they are cureable but its finding the cause which no one seems to know!! Im in my late 20's and hoping i grow out of them. Sucks big time!!
KC 22 January 14
I've been signed off work due to tongue ulcers this week. So big/sore right at the back, couldn't talk, couldn't eat. Felt like my ear and Eustachian tube was affected, lymph nodes started to swell in the neck. Dr prescribed antibiotics (?) and Nilstat antifungal mouth "paint" = in actual fact it all seems to be working. Perhaps just not having to commute and work is helping (long drive each day = long day). I have also had oral lichen planus in the past and know how painful that can be. Mouth/tongue ulcers come when I get tired and stressed and don't sleep well or sufficiently long. Anyway I live in Australia and we have a lot of Chinese herbalists around, the best thing for general smallish mouth ulcers is Sanjin watermelon frost powder which comes in a small green and white puffer bottle. I have never seen this anywhere else except the Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist I sometimes see and I make sure I always have some in the house. Just puff it on esp just before sleep so it has a chance to sit there and not be "talked" off. Really soothes and heals. I even got my initially sceptical dentist onto it, his son has recurrent mouth ulcers. I got him some, the son tried it, raved about it and my dentist asked me to get a few bottles to keep in for some of his patients that also suffer with mouth ulcers! the packet does not give the address of the manufacturer in China just the name Sanjin. It does give the name of the Australian importer and distributors though. If anyone cannot get it in their own country try: Shen Neng Herbal Medicines Pty Ltd, 1 Clarke St, Guildford NSW 2161 Fax 61 02 9416 9827. I hope this helps some fellow sufferers on here. Tania 12 Sept 2013
Tania 12 September 13
I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and one of my symptoms was mouth/tonsil ulcers. After changing my diet to gluten free no signs of ulsers thus far...YAY!!!
suzanne 30 May 13
Fellow sufferers...

I and many others experience these painful critters because of a reaction to tea. In my case Lipton---plain old sweet tea. An allergist in Hawaii told me. When I left the tea off, they went away. PS Earl Grey doesn't bother me.
Glenn 6 May 13
I am only 11 and I keep getting ulsces on my tonsils mostly on my left one and the doctor just gives me tablets that never work and he recommends me to go back every time I get it but that's hard claim at school and my parents are always at work,and I get this every week can it turn into cancer?? My doc said that he will have to look how many times I have bin put on tablets before he can take them out but I can't go every time I get it x
Jade 5 February 13
THE CURE FOR THIS IS CALLED VALTREX. I had polka-dotted tonsils all through childhood. Antibiotics failed. Got a tonsillectomy at 16, but the ulcers still recur to this day. They grow in diameter (once to the diameter of a dime!) and multiply. After 25 years and several ignorant doctors (even an Ear Nose & Throat doctor - this is supposed to be their specialty, right?), someone finally correctly diagnosed it as Oral Herpes Simplex and prescribed Valtrex. You take it at the first onset of an ulcer, and the ulcer is gone in a couple of days! It is a miracle drug. It is infuriating that anti-herpes virus drugs have been around since 1974, but doctors are too ignorant to Rx it for this. Even when I go to a new Dr. and request Valtrex, they express doubt that my ulcers are really Herpetic. The results do not lie!
DM 25 January 13
I had my left upper and lower wisdom teeth out two weeks ago and got a terrible infection. I was in serious pain and had a face like a football. I was given two courses of very strong antibiotics which helped the infection but suddenly I have got ulcers in my throat and to the side of my tonsils. It hurts to eat, talk and swallow :( I am constantly taking pain killers, gargle with warm, salty water but nothing takes away the pain and I'm pretty miserable and feel like crying.
Stephie 1 July 12
i was recently suffering gladular fever , now most of the symptoms for that is away iv started to get ulcers in my mouth and 2 on my tonsill its very painful even to eat or drink :(!! HELP
:(:(.... 7 March 12
Hi, I'm 16 and over the past year my ulcer have became increasingly worse. I've been to the doctor and he perscribed difflam oral rinse and three tubes of bonjela, this didn't help at all and the bonjela seemed to irritate my mouth more. I mainly get the ulcers on my tonsils and the back of my throat along with tiny pin-head sized ones under my tongue, they are increadibly painful! I started taking vitamin supliments incase it was due to a deficiency but that was no help at all. I was wondering if anyone knew any good treatments to either prevent them or take the pain away, I can't find anything that works. My doctor told me it is down to stress but I have absolutley nothing to stress about, I'm a teenager! Help anyone?
Rachael 25 February 12
Very good ideas here! I am in day 3 of agony of a chest cold and ulcers all down my throat. Suffered from this since I was a kid-39 now and have tried so many things over the years. I too find even one glass of orange juice can cause them and at the first sign of a cold I get them even in my sinus. I have stuggled with allergies, digestive issues and anemia. I don't smoke or drink and have a very healthy diet as I have epilepsy as well. Am trying zinc pills for the first time and will switch today to SLS free toothpaste to see if it helps. I sometimes take licorice pills for stomach acid/ulcer symtoms so am going to see if that helps too. Thanks for the suggestions, hoping anything works at this point!
brenda 25 February 12
Hi there iv recently had some horibble ulcers on both tonsils big white ones, and some reddish ones! I have tried everything to get rid of the pain. But nothing works, however I tried dissolving some aspirin in warm water and gargling with it. And I found that it eases the pain, but swelling is still there. I was just happy to eat after 4days of no food! Hope it works for anyone else, i would reccommend trying it.
Sarah** 17 February 12
I only seem to get Ulcers when my system is run down and I am not eating properly. All the medications you can use are useless unless you start eating healthy food (fruit, vegetables and lean meat) and cut out alcohol and smokes. Keep your mouth clean, the best things to use is a teaspoon of salt in half a glass of warm water. Gargle and rinse when you wake up and go to sleep and every time you eat something.
elisha 26 January 12
i am 30 and have suffered with tonsilitus and ulcerated tonsils all my life my advice is -
1-do not take the anti-biotics let your body build up a resistence to them on your own it will get less and less as time goes on
2 - gargle with hot salt water regularly
3 - get some rest your probably run down and need to take a break
4 - buy some ice cream! xx
Claire 9 January 12
I have had between 2-5 for 3 out of 4 weeks my whole life. I have tried 10 over the counter things, several others such as Listerine. The ONLY thing that has helped is taking 8,000 mg per day of L-Lysine but specifically from Nature Made. Lately this has stopped working as well and I am now getting them regularly on my tonsils for the first time in my life. Thanks for all the ideas.. I am determined to try EVERY one of these until I find what works.
Marc W 18 December 11
I'm not sure about a prevention, but try getting ulcer gel, putting some on a q tip and applying it to your tonsils.
it reallly relieves the pain!
Anne 14 December 11
Hey everyone, I'm hoping to find an answer to being able to prevent mouth ulcers?
Or at least numb them.
A few months back I had about 10 large ulcers on my tonsils and the back of my throat down to the toothpaste I was using, I stopped using it and began using my old toothpaste once again but it didn't help, they got worse and I then began getting sick because of it, even antibiotics didn't help, on the end Difflam spray and a lot of hot drinks cleared them up, and then a month ago it came back, cleared up with the use of Oraldene and now I have a very large ulcer on the top of my uvula, it hurts like crazy, and my tongue catches the ulcer and drags it forward, it's very uncomfortable and I can't really eat anything without any pain, it even hurts to drink iced water..
Does anyone have a solution?
Alice H 13 November 11
Hi all- try changing your toothpaste to one withoug SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). It is a foaming agent found in most tooth pastes that is known to cause mouth ulcers in some people. This could change your life.
TOm 12 November 11
@tabitha: use toothpaste that contains no SLS & eat yoghurt..those r the easiest & cheapest way which healed me..
andry tjahjono 7 November 11
i dont know what is wrong with me i hate feeling like this, my throat is so sore and my tonsils are a bit swollen ..and i think i have a cold but im not sure i really want to go to the hosp. but i am a worry wart and i dont want them to tell me anything i dont want to hear....
helpp mee pleaseee..!
tabitha dippery 14 november 1st 2011 1 November 11
Hey everyone i have the same ulcer problem and it keeps coming back, i learned that antibiotics are not good to use at all and that u need to have laryngoscopies taken to make sure the virus doesn't cause cancer. My advice is for you guys to just get ur tonsils removed. I guess its the only solution.
Asha 9 October 11
i'm impressed! This site is better than the medical ones, i'm a sufferer too and from what i've read i feel like summarising some theories on the causes.
1. Digestive system problems; lke chrons, celiac disease etc
2. Allergies; to toothpastes with Sls, wheat, etc
3. Diet deficiencies; Vit C, B , zinc, folate and iron
4. Blood disorders; anaemia
5. Stress
thanks guys, ill be having mine removed soon, i've had enough.
angeline 6 October 11
if you ask me ulcers are the one way you don't want to loose weight. To help soothe the pain sip ice water to numb it. then get something to eat quick. Rub Bonjela on the ulcer regulary. Gargle with quite warm salty water 4 to 6 times a day.
Try most of the mentioned above, but l recond we should force our doctors to remove them, when were constintly in pain.
'Mollie" 25 September 11
I hate ulcers and i get the every so often! i've had tonsilitus a few times in the past and just used mouthwash, salt gargles etc to get rid of it and i thought this was tonsilitus again but it's a HUGE ulcer on my tonsil and the back of my throat is red and hurts...have no idea what it is :S bloody hurts though!
Liam 23 September 11
WALLY 23 September 11
Listerine works. The cheapest will do. I've used it for five years and rarely get ulcers after getting them very often. Small ones and huge ones. I stopped using and after 4 weeks of doing so, I have a huge ulcer at the back of my mouth, just where the inner jawline meets. It's painful so am using listerine again.
Dan 11 September 11
i would like to know if a tonsil is something to worry about i also have chrones diease maybe this has somthing to do with this please reply.
shirley 9 September 11
Through tired bleary eyes I have read the replies, most informative, better than any medical sight and Im a nurse! I have not had one for a long long time and have copped back Left tonsil OUCH it makes you miserable combined with a tooth abscess it is double the joy! Thank you for all informative posts it has helped me try home remedies as ABs dont seem to be helping...I got to take better care of myself yes! Thank you all!
FlyFoxx 11 August 11
I have bad cases of ulcers due to Anemia (lack of iron).
C Navarro 22 July 11
i had the same problem like u guys, where ulcer grew on my tonsil, had difficulties in swallowing foods and my doctor already gave me medicine to kill the fungus & bacteria grown inside the ulcer..The medicine (named doxycycline) didnt seem to work and i still had my difficulties in eating for about 10 days..Therefore i can hope no more luckily I found this website and after having read through, i tried lots of the suggestions from you guys and conclude that to TAKE TOOTHPASTE THAT CONTAINS NO SLS and also EATING YUGHURT MORE will help removing the ulcers in a few days only! really! so i conclude myself that i have sensitive mouth, since last time my wisdom teeth was extracted..i really would like to help you guys, because i know i had been suffering those times & clueless-ly knew what to do..

if you guys would like to ask further details regarding my experience suffering with ulcer, you can email me to my email address tekken_mania@yahoo.com my tonsil is now free from ulcers
andry tjahjono 20 July 11
Yeah.. well, i have had something definitely wrong with my tonsils for some time now.I am not negatively incapable knowing that there is a cure out there for what ever this might be.effectively it goes away with in one to, two weeks but the strange thing is that the swelling on the back of my tongue remains not worsening but not getting any better either.i have only ever had one tonsil stone but want to know exactly if a cure is available.cause my taste buds are in pain right now and it looks like they are worsening.if it has something to do with the swelling were the redness is on the back of my tongue could that mean it is tonsillitis or does that mean its something new.Another thing on the right side of my tongue it is getting kind of sore but like i said my taste buds look kind of swollen.lastly, the red bumps on the back of my tongue.. are they ulcers, or are they something else and why cant i seem to get rid of the infection when all i do is try to make it better by using salt water and baking soda and does that method work and should it get rid of the problem if it does. :)
Shawn 13 July 11
One thing that causes mouth sores is a lack of B12 and other forms of anemia. If you suffer from sores in your mouth and antibiotics are not working try over the counter B12. If that works get your B12 checked and do some research not all Dr. know how to really test for the problem.
Asparrow 28 June 11
I started suffering from these canker sore/ ulcers in the back of my throat and tonsils after I had my first child. I usually would just deal with them and would only get 1 every couple months. But just in the last week I got 4 on one tonsil and thought I was dying. I ran a high fever, and had aches and chills for a day and a TERRIBLE headache and backache. I went into the doctor and he actually suggested I take Valtrex (valacyclovir/acyclovir), since these ulcers or sores in the mouth are a strain of the herpes virus- similar to cold sores you would get on your face/nose/around mouth. Theres also a "magic mouthwash" that he prescribed for me. And that is the actual name of it. It has benadryl, lidocain and maalox in it- so you swish and swallow with it every 4 hrs and it numbs up your throat so it doesnt hurt so bad to swallow.
laura 25 June 11
Did anyone's back hurt when your ulcer was on your tonsil ? Mine hurt at the top where your shoulder blade is . All so my legs hurt . Dr. Gave me antibIots.
L.t. 4 June 11
Im so glad i found this...my 15 year old son has been taking Penicillin for over a week now because he has a massive ulcer on the left tonsil and an ear infection. The pain isnt going away and he is still suffering terribly with it!! He is in the middle of his GCSE exams and is causing him a lot of problems!! I will be contacting the doctor again on Monday because i want him to prescribe him a stronger pain killer to get through is exams and then i want him referred to the hospital for this to be sorted for him. I am going to try some of the things i have read on here like the Manuka Honey and extra vitamins to try and help him...I feel for you all that are suffering with this because i see what my son is having to bear :-( I hope you all find a solution x
Jaki 21 May 11
I, too, have suffered from recurrent mouth ulcers. For tonsil ulcers, all I can say is beg your doctor to get a SILVER NITRATE SWAB and dab it on your tonsil. It will cauterize the tissue and INSTANTLY relieve the pain. About 24 years ago when I was pregnant with twins, I had a tonsil ulcer. My doctor was concerned that I had not been eating, so she did the silver nitrate thing and I never had another second of pain. It burns a little when they do it, but no more than the pain you are already suffering. I just recently had another tonsil ulcer and my current doctor just kept telling me to use various mouth rinses, etc. After suffering for over two weeks, I finally convinced him to use the silver nitrate swab and I was once again instantly cured! IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT TRULY WORKS and there are no ill side-effects. Next time I get a tonsil ulcer, I will immediatey insist on the silver nitrate treatment.
Susan 15 May 11
I get lots of mouth ulcers, particularly on my tonsils, although usually on the left side. The worst I had them was a couple of months ago when i had 21 of them in my mouth, on my tongue and on my tonsils. I didnt get any sleep for four nights got headaches, earache and felt dreadful. Took lots of painkillers, used three different types of mouthwash and nothing really worked. The doctor prescribed me a steroid mouthwash and they eventually subsided. I still get lots of them but they come in twos or threes now. They are very sore and stop me sleeping. Lichen Planus has been suggested as the illness and it is being investigated. I will certainly try the honey and take additional zinc. Any suggestions are welcome as oralede, difflam and bonjela are pretty useless against the pain and paracetamol and ibuprofen are no help either
Michelle 6 May 11
i feel something stuck inside my throat for about 4 years still i feel it. i have white spot on my left tonsill. can i feel something stuck if ia have tonsill infection and white spot.
hanee 12 April 11
I usually get the ulcers after a bite of my cheek or if Im particularily run down, currently i took on ulcers on my lips, gums and under my tongue, after two weeks of using cordysl and oraldene mouth washes I am still struggling with them. Its not a case of persistant ulcers just that my entire mouth is raw and ulcers are springing up as quickly as they go. I then developed muscle aches, fever, head aches and cold sweats. So I saw my GP, sure enough I have a viral infection that will take 5 -10 days..... now 6 days later... no fevers, rare cold sweats and a tongue so swollen with ulcers I can't speak and my lips stick to my teeth.

Its crazy annoying and painful to the point of distraction, clove oil gives releif but with so many sores its a painful process and timely... and ultimately not worth it. I drink water and today thanks to this site I shall resume my vitamin regime and boost my vit C D and fish oil levels to see if this improves my condition.

I have always had ulcers and hate when they put the breathing tube in your throat for surgery as I know it will ulcerate my throat in the coming days and its back to eating barb wire. But change diet slightly, use pro biotic drinks to solve the acid levels and issue in the gut that are causing the situation in your mouth, get on the vitamins and in time you will have less ulcers..... Stress?? If anyone knows how to solve stress please let me know...its the most likely cause of this nasty viral infection I have...

And to all you Sufferers!!!! Good Luck and may your pain be eased..
Grant 7 April 11
I once went to a natrapath because of mouth ulcers, she gave me a dose of zinc and it worked! Hope this helps.
Jenna 3 April 11
hi my ulcer on my tonsil started bleeding alot and the pain has gone down but the bleeding has freeked me out is this normal or not i need a reply asap please
ali 25 March 11
done one message not worked so here i go again.. I had a cold before xmas.. Things got worse.. My ears blocked making me dizzie.. then sore throats both sides on an off.. Then omg no choice but to go doctors.. Had infection with nose, throat mouth all of it.. The cough i had i was sure i had done some damage in throat.
Anyway for last 2 weeks have what looks like ulcer on right tonsil.. not that i even knew when my tonsils were before this.. Also Feel the mucus draining dowm my throat and neck on left side.. Sometimes it eases but at same time when i swolow now feels like that constant lump feeling when you are about to be sick but without the being sick.. latest development is back of tongue well white an furry and front now has gone brown to blue bruisled looking.................................. anyone had that before??? I am getting scared :o(
mandy 20 March 11
done one message not worked so here i go again.. I had a cold before xmas.. Things got worse.. My ears blocked making me dizzie.. then sore throats both sides on an off.. Then omg no choice but to go doctors.. Had infection with nose, throat mouth all of it.. The cough i had i was sure i had done some damage in throat.
Anyway for last 2 weeks have what looks like ulcer on right tonsil.. not that i even knew when my tonsils were before this.. Also Feel the mucus draining dowm my throat and neck on left side.. Sometimes it eases but at same time when i swolow now feels like that constant lump feeling when you are about to be sick but without the being sick.. latest development is back of tongue well white an furry and front now has gone brown to blue bruisled looking.................................. anyone had that before??? I am getting scared :o(
mandy 20 March 11
If you just have a small white dot on a tonsil, than it is probebley not an ulcer, It happens when youve got tonsilitous I think (I get it all the time) At the moment ive got a huge ulcer stuck to my left ulsa, whilst having tosilitous and it really hurts!! If you use a normal toothbrush instead of an electric one than its probebley dogey brushing (You cant get ulcers by eating pretzels unfortunatley :/ lol. If you have an ulcer than wash your mouth out with salt water and buy from a local pharmacy, ulza cream, it stings a little but if you put it on daily and rinse your mouth out with salt water, than in about 3 days, my ulza went. Ulzas on tonsils, REALLY hurt when you do the cream method, so , I wouldnt recommend it? Try sucking on Sothers or throat sweets when ever it really starts to ache than, well, thats the best relif you can get off the ulza. Seriously, Im not a doctor or anything, so I dont know why i am doing this, just EXTREMELY fed up of my tonsilitous/ulza ache :'(
Dr. LooLooZooRoo (Not) 16 March 11
after eating a pretzel from wetzel pretzel on monday i notice my throat was kind of sore then the next day i had a sore throat so i brought some orange juice cuhz i thought maybe it will make my throat feel better but i did notic as i was drinking it it kind of burned but i didnt really think nothing of it ...but this morning for the first time i looked at my throat in the mirror and seen that my right tonsil was swollen with a ulcer im freaking out ....how do i know if im having a allergic reaction or if i have a STD(Herpes)? :-|
ashley baker 25 February 11
James 17 January 11
i have a small white dot on my tonsil dunoo if its an ulcer but its hard to breath and hard to eat any tips any body
bradley 13 January 11
I am currently having two mouth ulcer on the same spot, so it made up to be a 10mm x 5mm huge ulcer,
is that anyway to treat it??
I actually put salt right on it and use my toothbrush to brush it, it bleeds.will that helps??
also should I actually be touching the yellowish layer on top of it??I kept swapping it away.
Jeffrey 13 January 11
HEY GUYS same boat ALL MY LIFE ! started using a natural tooth paste - over 90% reduction almost immediately the theory is commercial tooth pastes damage/weekend the skin cells in your mouth hence making them more vulnerable to ulcers! hope this helps! massively helped me!
James 10 January 11
I am dealing with ulcers on my tonsils right now. It is incredibly difficult to eat or drink anything. I hve found something that seems to work well for me: Lindsay California Ripe Pitted Olives. The solution they are kept in is also really good as far as keeping pain away. It sounds weird but it works in my experience.
Tyler 7 January 11
I get ulcers in my mouth, tongue, tonsils, back of throat when I eat foods I am allergic to. Anything citrus causes them for me, also chocolate, and coffee. I also get them really bad when I eat anything with the preservatives Ascorbic acid or Potassium sorbate. People who get these ulcers might want to do a rotation diet to determine if they may be allergic to something they are eating.
Debbie A. 24 December 10
Cannabis tincture has relieved my daughters ulcerated throat, panadeine forte worked a little bit for an half an hour at the most. I have a bottle of it for another condition but she was in agony so thought I would give her a little to see if it worked and it really has.
Amanda Sermon 14 December 10
V painful tonsills ulcerated really tired and ache everywhere. gargleing with clove oil. in warm water,it helps to calm things down. Had this for nine days now, so I will be seeing the G.P tomorrow

Jan 12 Dec 13 December 10
Wow I am happy to of found this. I am on college visits in LA and I had sore throat, took advil and then by the next day my left tonsil was so swollen I couldn't drink or swallow my spit!! I couldn't eat either. I had to get an IV because my temperature was 103.3 and I was so dehydrated fro not being able to drink. Now two days in my fever is down a little more (with meds obviously) but I noticed canker sores all over my left tonsil. This got me very alarmed being a teenage young woman..but this blog reassured me that I am safe and that my boyfriend isn't telling me something very important.
Julia 10 December 10
Hi All, I have suffered with ulcers all my life, for the first 22 years of my life I would say that I never went 3 weeks without getting an ulcer and mostly they would be in clusters. The maximum at anyone time was 17, which was not good. Anyway so my uncle said he had suffered the same, he said to take a Vitamin C and Iron capsule a day and a Vitamin B capsule. Now I would say I get one once every 3 months, which is all I could ever have wanted. The Vitamin C with Iron can be difficult to get, mostly it's with Zinc, you can get it at Boots though. I recently got out of the routine as I moved countries and have just got one on my Tonsil which is a first for me, glad to hear not as uncommon as I had hoped. So back to the Vitamins for me, just thought would spread what worked for me.
Sal 4 December 10
I currently have badly Inflammed tonsils and they're really big, together with some tonsil stones. I also have some ulcers on my tonsils as well, It Is so painful that I cannot even swallow liquids well. I'm going for my tonsilectomy 6 days later, hopefully everything goes smoothly :)
Ms J 9 November 10
I have painful ulcers on the side of my tongue and on my tonsils. On one occasion the roof of my mother was a complete ulcer. My dentist thought of lupus, my doctor told me it was herpes I OR 2 because of a titer in my blood work.( For the ENT Q4 I am 57 and Never had oral sex with anyone.) I tried all the antivirals medication the mouth rinses nothing helped. Went to ENT told me it was inflammatory reaction did not give me anything. Went to a rheumatologist who thought it might be Bechets. The stick test was positive. There is not a blood test to confirm the diagnosis and the only place I have ulcers is in my mouth. A lumbar puncture could help diagnose but I had an anaphylactic reaction during a block while giving birth to my son. Do not want another one. He put me on colchicine .6 bid this helps but when they flare I have to increase the dose. Can't afford any more doctors but like to know how someone with my problem deals with the fatique and pain. Is there a solution to this problem.
w57 2 November 10
Hello, I am from the Philippines, and I recently had an a tonsillopharyngitis and after 5 days, I am left with a huge ulcer on my right tonsil. I have read each post, and I am really wondering why the ulcer appears commonly on the right side...there must be a logical explanation to this as there have been quite a lot of similar stories here.

I have had pharyngitis twice this year, and I was actually advised by the ENT to have my tonsils removed to avoid any possible complications. The ENT said that it is not painful, but I have searched around the Internet and many said that it was really painful...so I am hesitant now.

I am a chronic smoker, and that is the only cause, I think, why I am suffering from recurring throat problems. I am now really contemplating on quitting...I am now afraid because of this huge ulcer on my right tonsil. My pharyngitis is now better, though I am still continuing to take my antibiotics...it is just the ulcer on my right tonsil that is bothering me. I am getting paranoid...I am thinking if this ulcer might be a symptom of a serious illness because of being a chronic smoker...I really hope not.

I will get back on this post as soon as the ulcer on my right tonsil is gone. This thread started 2008, and it is now 2010. I hope the others who got the same ulcer get back on this site again and update whether they are cured already and tell what they did to make the ulcer go away.
Mr. A 31 October 10
Apparently antibiotics don't help the ulcers as they are a viral type rather than infection. Could most likely be caused by and dirty, or unusual partials being caught by the tonsil.
Another sufferer! 29 October 10
I felt malaise for a few days and then noticed two canker sores on my lower lip. The next day I had more small canker clusters under my tongue. The following day my throat started to kill and two more huge clusters of cankers appeared on my upper lip on both sides s well as on my uvula (droplet thingy). I started freaking out because I have never seen so many canker sores at once. (aprx. 15) I went to the doctor and he said it's just coxsackie virus and that it'll go away on it's own and to take Advil and put orabase on the cankers. I read that it mostly only affects children and that I should have spots on my hands and feet as well which I don't. I feel like the doctor misdiagnosed me and just brushed me off. I now have the biggest canker sore I have ever seen in my life on my right tonsil and my throat hurts so bad that I can't even swallow water. I don't know what to do...
Adam 14 October 10
Guys i have been brushing my teeth with oral tooth paste i have noticed an 80% decrease in all mouth ulcers and the severity of such!!!!!!!!!!!!

its honestly wonderful!
Andrew 11 October 10
*Ask your doctor or dentist for a prescription for TRIAMCINOLNE ACETONIDE dental paste, 0.1%. *I think the name brand is Kenalog in Orabase. I don't know if you could use it on tonsils(it's a thick paste so I would think that would make you gag), but for any other mouth ulcers it will cure them. My entire family suffered for years with these, and now we rarely get one, and if we do it's gone in a day.
Lea 8 October 10
Hi, I have got little ulcers on my tonsils. I suppose I am lucky compared to some of you - they do not hurt - BUT I am feeling sick and gagging all the time as it's like something is stuck in my throat. I get married in two weeks and I am so worried that they will still be there. From what I gather it's pointless going to your doctor as they will not do anything. Has anyone had these? they do not hurt but make you feel sick and gag..... Any help would be really appreciated.
Kirst 24 August 10
I had then in my throat and whenever I drank or ate something I could basically point to each hot spot they hit cause the pain was horrible! I know have ulcers on my tonsils and back of throat + on the back of my tongue. I have been suffering from them for over 2wks now. I do not sleep well due to the pain, swallowing is a nightmare and I found myself trying to avoid doing it. I looked down my throat with a well light flashlight and found so many ulcers on my tonsils and back of throat and when I move my tongue it painful, just like swallowing or drinking anything, just horrible horrible pain. I drink alot of cold water and gargle with warm water but to be honest nothing seems to help ease the pain or get rid of them. I thought I had strap throat, cause I had a bad cold before hand, but was told it wasn't strap but lots of ulcers in my throat area and down the back of my tongue. Oh, as far as that EMT saying it's " mostly caused by oral sex" He's full of it! I am so tired of Dr.s and other health care people putting the blame on something they do not understand or know about as " sexual causes" If it is caused by yeast then say so, but stop blaming it on " sex " The human body is covered in Yeast and sometimes it becomes unbalanced " not because of sex, oral or whatever " It just does, if this is what causes them " ulcers" then treat us for that and help us get rid of them, because they are the most painful, sores ever and worse than having gallbladder surgery! No joke! To back up my thing about " sex" I am non sexually active and have no plans to become sexual active, oral or other wise until I am ready too. So, you see not everything is " sexual infected induced!" I got a bad cold and then hit with these horrible painful ulcers and it seems a lot of people on here are saying the same thing loudly but not being heard! I will change my toothpaste give that idea a swirl and see how it works along with the vitamin B's and C. I am up for anything to finally get rid of these horrible, painful, never seeming to go away ulcers! I feel for everyone on here who has them and can not get rid of them, they do cause life alterations and make everyday mobility seem immobile. I understand and suffer with you, I hear your pleas for help, but like you NO ONE listens or cares to really help solve this horrible problem, just like to blame it on sex this sex that.. BS is what i say to them.
Suz 23 August 10
I have ulcer on my right tonsil and I am crying becuase I had a date.....:-(
Naveed 23 August 10
I think I mite have one now as well. For me it seemsto come only when I get super stressed, but gets so bad it hurts to talk and swallow and eat at all. Asked the dr about them and she said that you can't realy do anything about it but do throat losanges that might numb it. If any other information for me let me know please.
Brittany 5 August 10
I had a bad case of tonsilitis when I was 20. Ever since then I have had ulcers, deep pockets/tunnels going into the tissue on my tonsils. Sometimes they build up with a white stinky plaque that I have to scrape out with a spoon or push out with my finger. If I don't do this, the bacteria sits and builds in the holes and I will get sick or become drained and exhausted.

Does anyone else get this? Saline gargling helps but does not heal the ulcers - it just helps them stay clean.
Michelle 10 July 10
ii have just started having ulcers on my tonsils, i can't understand why i have them, they are not painful but its like havibng hair at the back on my mon=uth when i swallow, which gets annoying more then anything. i dont know wheather to see a GP or wait? hopefully they will just clear up? had them for about 2 weeks, had the one now i have two, maybe its just a diet thing?
lisa worrall 7 June 10
my daughter is 23 weeks old and has ulcers on her tonsils. its great reading all these posts so i get more of an understanding of what pain she is in! she ended up in hospital with dehydration cause she cant drink. was hoping this would be a once off, but from reading all these posts, i think this will be the first of many! :-(
she has food intolerances, sounds like this could be a part of it! my poor baby girl!!!!
lillybrays 31 May 10
ive had ulcers on and off for years now. been to imunoligists and a number of GPs. All kinda just having a stab into the dark, prescrbing antibiotics until the other day i went to the surgery and had a consult with a new doc. after she had a look she new straight away. he asked if i get cold sores, which i do and she said that the ulcers where related to the herpes virus that causes cold sores and because i was so runned down from work and stress that my body had just reacted differently. she prescribed me zorvirax in tablet form. nxt day i had relief. also fund that voltaren 25 eases pain dramatically. hope this has been of some help cause i dont wish this pain upon anyone.
sam 28 May 10
Omg all you poor people who have suffered with these ulcers for so many years! I now know what I have been getting, thanks for that, but ow ow, I thought I had some sort of mouth cancer! Could the ulcers also be further down my throat as I'm hurting there too? Feels like iv had some popcorn and some is stuck out of reach. It's driving me mad! I will not suffer these crappy tonsil thingys for my next 20 years, I'm looking in to having my tonsils out because this is hell, I can't be my normal "tryandgetawordinedgeways" girl. Good luck all, hope you find what your searching for x
Lulu 7 May 10
My daughter developed a viral infection which resulted in a severe case of herpetic gingivostomatitis--diagnosed by a dentist. She was hospitalized and tested for many diseases, viruses, etc and the biopsies done revealed
only erythema multiforme. Bechet's was ruled out via immunoassay biopsy. She continues to have mouth and
tonsil ulcers which develop after a few days of extreme fatigue. After reading all these personal stories, I am
wondering what was the initial problem that resulted in continuing mouth ulcers. My daughter (who is 30) never
had mouth ulcers until the strange viral infection. Any response would be appreciated.
MAUREEN 7 May 10

I have suffered with tonsilitus since I was 12, Im now 33, for the last 8 years nothing until a month ago. I also suffer with cold sores so badly that I have to take oral acyclovir tablets. I now have a large white ulcer on the same tonsil that was infected a month ago. I have used orabase on it directly which just gave my pain in my ear. I ve gargled with salt water and had throat pastiles. Im not sure whether its stress related as Im in the middle of exams or whether its connected to the herpes simplex virus? i do think they go hand in hand along with tonsilitus.

I m quite tolerant of pain however my concern is that its some sort of immune problem. Ive had swollen aching gland on and off for 8 weeks now. I stopped taking the acyclovir as my gland swelled under my chin. Maybe you can over do it with medications?
Claire 5 May 10
I am a mouth ulcer sufferer since I had glandular fever 20 yrs ago, I am now 37. It is a relief to see that there are so many others out there who are suffering like me, sometimes I have felt perhaps my pain threshold is low and that others would be fine with them. I am just starting to heal from having 4 visible ulcers at the back of my throat for the last month. I become mentally and physically drained when I have them, which doesnt go well with 2 small children and a full-time job. My doctor prescribed 2 antibiotics which didnt work and I started using Corsidyl which is helping but I am not sure if it is that or whether they have run their course. A kineselogist told me that my body cant convert Vit. B and she prescribed a Vit B converter which did give me some relief. Has anyone else been told this? I find chocolate and oranges (in any form) cause and irritate them. Solpadene is great for short term relief but be careful as they are addictive!
Edel 4 May 10
I have currently got huge ulcers at the back of my throught (either side), on the dangly bit and also down my throat. They are an absolute killer, particularly the ones down my throught. It feels like swallowing razor blades. I have hardly eaten or drank anything for a week because of the pain and have only spoken about 20 words in 4 days and am off work due to this. Because my throat isn't 'functioning' properly my mouth is constantly filling up with saliva which I have to spit out all the time as it is too difflicult to swallow. The first one started about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I went to Doctor over a week ago, basically did nothing. Waited another 5 days and more came so went back and another doctor gave me some anti-biotics which have not done a lot at all. I know this is the case as I have always suffered from them but not as severly as some of the others who have posted. I too agree that it is far worse that childbirth!!! Sometimes I do get them when I am tired/run-down but alot of the time I can see no reason. I try all the suggested cure's but for me nothing really does anything for these severe ones. Corsidyl mouth wash, Rinstead pastels and Difflam spray/rinse works quite well for small ones in front half of mouth/tongue. Like most other people have said, there seems to be no definitve answers/cures. Sory.
Lloyd 4 May 10
i just got back fro the doctor thinking that i have strep throat, well i was excited to have strep and well now i learn that they are ulcers. From what it sounds like everyone who gets them once always has them? is this true?
james 3 May 10
I have monsters on my tonsils. BIG MONSTERS ULCERS! I got it last month and now it's back again. More pain!
Ty 28 April 10
i've got a massive ulcer on my tonsil, it's really hurting me! it's difficult to eat and im up all night in pain! HELP :(
Beth 27 April 10
I've had mouth ulcers on and off all my life, I'm 33 and think I have identified some things that can cause them. I don't get that many now (I will explain my theory in a bit). I was recently in hospital for an operation (hernia), a couple of days after I got one on the inside of lip, one on the outside of my lip (quite unusual) and I have a monster on my right tonsil which was on the way out after about 10 days, but now I see another forming. One thing I am sure of, is Ibuprofen in responsible for all of these, as the break out is severe and I took a lot of nurofen after the operation. My mother had colon ulcers after taking anti-inflamatories and was told that it was a known link. So try sticking off those. My main theory is linked to diet though. A friend of mine was diagnosed as coeliac after a number of issues (although mouth ulcers wasn't really one of them). Anyway, he was so pleased with the results I thought I would try and reduce my wheat intake to see if I felt any better in myself. The main thing I eliminated from my diet was pasta, I love pasta and was eating a lot of it. I started eating rice pasta instead which is gluten free. After a while I noticed I was getting far fewer uclers. Over about a 4 year period now I am convinced that normal pasta is a major contributor to the problem, as I rarely get them now. Sometimes if I deviate and eat a bowl of normal spaghetti, within a week I have an ulcer. So maybe there is a link between wheat, obviously we know coeliacs don't absorb vitamins so that will definitely cause problems, but with my experience, beer, bread and most other wheat products are not an issue, but PASTA definitely is. Maybe give it a try.
Will 21 April 10
i have one right now.it hurts.....
neeraj 21 April 10
i had my tonsils removed 6 days ago due to tonsil stones, and on the 4th day i started to develop mouth ulcers right next to the wound where my left side of the tonsil used to be. it hurts like hell, the pain from the removal of tonsils has almost gone but this mouth ulcer is huge and when it kicks in it is PAINFULLLLL. goodluck to anyone that has a tonsillectomy, it does hurt but if you have tonsillitis / tonsil stones and frequent sore throats, think of it as 1 - 2 weeks of hard pain and annoyance for a lifetime cure of tonsil problems.
feelgood 14 April 10
can you get an unlcer on your tosils from making out with somone? i never had them before and i met a guy and made out with him then a month later i got an ulcer on my tonsils?? someone please help!!
sarah 9 April 10
hi. i suffered from glandular fever at the end of last year. i got really bad tonsilitus. i have been fine since. but today only one of my tonsils has become inflamed and hurts a little. I think its an alsur but im not 100% sure - could it be tonsilitus?! im going to france on Saturday 11th April... three days! do i need to see a doctor or just rest my voice?! pleaseee helpp me! i have read through your comment, Dr. Q. i might try the honey! but should i see a doctor?
L.A 8 April 10
Eat less heaty foods like fried/oily/salty foods. They help.
Biny 6 April 10
Hi all. I am a Doctor with the ENT Dept in a local university hospital. I thought I would give you some advice on how to deal with this problem as I have had several people talk to me recently about this very problem. Firstly you must understand a bit about the tonslins and note that a large perportion of the population have very sensitive tonsils, or malfunctioning ones. They are a part of our lymphatic or immune system, although they are not directly involved in preventing systemic infection, but more so help fight with upper airway and mouth infections. The ulcers that accumulate in the mouth are normally caused by a combination of distructive micro-viruses and/or bacteria. Most commonly now, they are being caused by oral sex. Unfortunately people dont normally see the harm. What you need to do is kill the micro-organisms and relieve the symptoms. I will give you two options here. I reccomend to my patients they take Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is a special honey in that it is monofloral (Manuka Bush) and that it is High in antibacterial properties. I suggest you buy <+10 and slowly swallow a teaspoon amount twice daily for two weeks. That will help kill the bacteria and also kill any that may be on your tounge. Also, to help with the Inflamation and pain, purchace a Benzydamine Hydrochloride spray or gurgle. It is a non-steroidal Anti Inflamitory and will help reduce inflamation and has local anasthetic properties. Also where possible, drink hot drinks such as ginger tea. and on top of this, you need to keep up the intake of your vitamines such as vitamin C and B and Zinc. Drink frech orange juice or take a 1000mg tablet for v-C every day. If you feel virul effects, such as muscle pain, neck pain, headache, nausea etc, go to your gp.

I hope this helps.
Dr. Q
Dr. Q 4 April 10
Have been wondering what these growths on my tonsils are for a few months now. They are not painful but do feel like I have grit at the back of my throat at times. Always suffered from tonsillitis since I was about 11 and spent time in hospital 3 years ago with quinzes. Should I go to the doctor with this as i've read they are a symptom of an underlying problem?
Nat 20 February 10
i had my tonsils out when i was 17 and it hurt like hell and was left with two lovely scars one either side ice white and now after 5 years i have suddenly got an inflammed ulser type thing where the scar on teh right side is does any one know anything i can do for this ?
Bubi 13 February 10
Try using grapefruit seed extract. It appears to be very effective in killing off the harmful yeast/bacteria which cause problems in the throat and guts. It is amazingly effective and is cheap. You add a few drops to water to gargle with for mouth/throat problems(it is very, very bitter so make sure you dilute it) or you add a few drops to orange juice to drink for gut problems. try googling grapefruit seed extract and you'll be amazed at how it has worked for people.
Honda 29 January 10
I have been a long time sufferer of tonsil related things. I get ulcers only on my tonsils several times a year. For me, I am a gagger and cannot apply any numbing or antibiotics to the tonsil directly so I have to tough it out or go to a doc for medication. The best thing is to avoid eating really dry foods like dry breads and don't drink or eat anything that's too acidic. I drank apple juice the other day and it was really bothering my ulcer. Soups or warm drinks are good just like any other time you're sick with something. There are also over the counter numbing mouth sprays. You spray it where ever orally and it numbs it real nice for temporary relief. They often don't taste great but hey if you want to avoid a doc for this which they'll usually say wait it out then go buy some. Another fun thing with ulcers is they can cause referred pain in your ears which I have. I hope to have a tonsilectomy at some point in the future.
Joanna 24 January 10
I have six ulcers on my tonsils and ache all over. I also keep feeling tired but have never suffered from this before. Have been taking ibuprofen to ease the aching but it still really hurts to swallow. Have i got tonsilitus? Do numbing gels work on tonsils? Please help.
Emma 20 January 10 20 January 10
Well, I've only just got my first ulsur on my tonsil and I must say, it is rather painfull! I went to the doctors and they said I dont need antibiotics, all I should do if I am in real pain is to gargle with paracetamol and then swallow, but it doesnt seen to be making any differece! My ulsur is on my right tonsil, every person I know who has had one it has been on their right tonsil. Very rare, is anyone gets any information on how to prevent and stop it once you have one, please post it, I would be very gratefull! Beacause I must say, it is killing my throat!
Thanks xx
Me 15 January 10
anonymous 8 January 10
The sheer fact of the matter (for myself atleast) is that ulcers that are at the back of the mouth, tonsils, and pillars are insanely painful. Almost regardless of how many there are, you are going to be pretty miserable about the whole thing.
All I would like to see, is a licenced, almost dental strength numbing solution that you can safely swallow. As this would give you that ability to tilt your neck back, rocking the solution to the back and to the source of pain, so that the solution glides past, and 100% numbs you completely without fail. The problem with lidocain, is that it's awsome for any other positioned ulcer... It's almost as painful as bonjela on those already inflamed tonsils / for which I would love to speak to them about!
Seen as breaking into hospitals and stealing morphine is illegal, dangerous, morally wrong, etcetcetc the only options I have to control the pain is luke warm water available at all times, soft food, and Solpadine Max (caffeine free version) behind the counter jobby. Other than that, it is entirely possible that for some of you, gaviscon original can somehow deaden the feeling quite a bit. Don't take too much of this, I am meaning before bed, just a small amount left to run down against the ulcer, for me, deffinitely helps.

I only wish that truely mad painkillers were made available to adults easily.
Shaun 21 December 09
Holy Fu kin shit I got an ulcer on my tonsil for the first time i am 26..day 1 was pretty small on day6 an it is bigger by four times than any one I have had before never on my tonsil... an way more painful on the tonsil... how long is this night mare gonna last OMG can hardly talk....BTW had it my whole vacation.
james 20 December 09
Try Ayurvedic medicines
Nitin 16 December 09
I had my tonsils out and my ulcers dimished considerably - also didn't get tonsillitis anymore! Your tonsils can become more of a source of infection than a force for good - go to see an ENT surgeon. Adult tonsillectomy is at least 2 weeks off work and VERY VERY painful though!!!
Kate 16 December 09
I don't think that will stop the ulcer, would be nice if it would, but it is also said that having tonsil remove will have problem fighting bacterias and viruses in the future. As we all know tonsil help protect our body from those nasty bacterias and viruses coming in through our mouth. And having tonsil remove will be permanent, so better to think twice. But good luck though for whatever decission you may make. =)
Blah 16 December 09
Hi everyone- it is also comforting to me to see how many people suffer from the same symptoms that I do. I am 22 now and have battled ulcers since grade school. They seem to be directly linked to stress in my life, but I refuse to believe that I am any more stressed than the rest of the people walking the Earth! And how do you just remove stress?! Anyway, I am currently researching the results of removing your tonsils for people with chronic mouth ulcers, (I have also had them directly on the tonsil- which ended up being mononucleosis). Many doctors have said that removing your tonsils will not prevent ulcer breakouts. But I, like the rest of you, am willing to try anything at this point. Besides, if they are so baffled by what actually causes them, then who is to say what will actually stop them? Who knows- but I intend on having my tonsils removed over the holiday and I will certainly let you all know if I get any sort of relief from these horrible little white monsters!!
OverAnbesol38 14 December 09
Hi there Bob, have you changed your toothpaste for the family or all been eating really spicy or acidic foods, maybe a food diary for a week would help. The chest tightness just might be a chest infection symptoms which you and your wife have picked up. Just a suggestion as anything is worth looking into. For help with the ulcers I swear by SLS free toothpastes and there are lots of them in the pharmacies to choose from.
liz 30 November 09
Any ideas???? I have developed mouth ulcers on the roof of my mouth. I went to Doctor and he said nothing to worry about and it will sort it self out. 3 weeks lata and ulcers have not gone away and my chest has become tight. My Wife has also picked up the same symptoms and my daughter has just got a ulcer in her mouth. Any ideas or experience would help.
Bob 30 November 09
NaffeeplyLalo 23 November 09
Apply Bongela mouth ulcer gel or advanced ointment for mouth ulcers (u can get some that cover up the ulcer like a temporary skin) directly to your tonsil - this works well for me. If u have no fever, u don't have tonsolitis. Gargle soluble aspirin (annadin extra is best) and oraldine or TCP.
Nigel 22 November 09
I went to the doctors complaining about a sore throat, which hurt my ears when i swallowed. She said i have a ulcer on my tonsil, told me to take paracetomal, use difflam spray and gargle Aspro-clear. Doesn't seem to be working though, and the pain is still quite bad.
Caroline 18 November 09
I just got back from the doctor for a sore throat; right side tonsil. The doctor said I have an ulceration on it like everyone is talking about here. She said it's from a virus or from a small scratch that turned into an ulceration. If you eat rough stuff or do not chew your food real good, you can get these over and over. Also, she told me to take 1 tsp. of Mylanta, mix with 1 tsp. of children's liquid Benedryl and gargle and swallow 4 times per day. I just started this treatment so I don't know if it will work but it's worth the try. She says it will take 7-10 days to heal without treatment and I'm on day 6...very painful, want to rip my throat out!!! Hope this helps.
Karin 10 November 09
ive jus got one now its my first ulcer in my thout and it really hurts its swelling some of my mouth. i think its bacrerial infection it started as a sore thout and now you can clearly see the ulcer i am going to go doctors a.s.a.p but does any1 know how to sooth the pain untill i get it treated
matt 18 October 09
OMG I am not even joking how annoying these things are I have had a mouth ulcer on my tonsils for the third time now and I used to get tonsillitis quite a bit too. The doctor said that if I get tonsillitis one more time this year I had to get them out, but I haven't had it since, now I'm stuck with these stupid things and they drive me crazy!! Are they like another form of tonsillitis or something??? And is tonsillitis linked with them?

Caitlin Roughan 23 September 09
i'm so happy to have found this page. i have suffered from all of the above for many, many years. My childhood was misreable with them but as an adult, i have suffered in silence I must say. they scared me and i didn't really want to tell anyone about them. i find myself in constant pain, daily. i find myself not wanting to talk much. with a one year old and a five year old, this does not work well. i'm so tired of the pain. i am about to be 38 and have suffered for as long as i can remember. i have about 3 big ones in the back of my throat right now and i want to cry. this is awful, i wish a doctor would get ahold of this page and give us all some real advice. seems like everone is in the same boat here. i do like the idea above about naturalpaths. i think i am going to try and find one. i have many other chronic issues that need to be addressed but, tired of the same old stories from traditional doctors. antibiotics and leave us alone please. my other chronic condition is chest colds with a soar throat and lots of snot. does anyone else have this problem too? are they related at all? seems like when my chest is tight and hard to breath, i do get more ulcers on tongue and throat. I only about one week of cough free days a month. i'm so used to it, it seems normal to be hacking away. no i don't smoke cigarettes. i do smoke a little pot! helps the pain...anyway, enough i guess, wish we all could get some help.
kc 16 September 09
i just got an ulcer on my left tonsil for the first time. How long does it take to go away?
emily 15 September 09
Anyone knowif you can use corlan pellets on an ulcer near the molar but while still on antibiotics for treatment for tonsillitis? The doc prescribed it but reading the warnings, it says one shouldn't use with infections ?!?!?TKs..
sean 11 September 09
Try a corner shop Tim
herbert 11 September 09
does anyone know where to get difflam in Mumbai india? Im here on business and have an ulcer on my tonsil....
Tim 9 September 09
I have never had an ulcer on my tonsil but there is something there now. It looks like I swallowed a kidney bean and it got stuck. It's kinda purple in color with a small white spot in the center. It doesn't hurt but I know it's there. I found this while looking at my throat to see if it might be red from coughing due to sinus'. Could what I have be a throat ulcer? Could it have been caused by a cold? I am searching for answers. I went to the doc and he gave me some antibiotics but did not mention ulcer.
Claire 2 September 09
A rare syndrome called Behcets causes chronic mouth ulcers, I am currently being investigated for this, maybe worth looking into for those of you who still have not answers
Sarah 1 September 09
I too suffer with mouth ulcers, and at present is nusring a huge ulcer on the dangly bit at the back of my throat, which is verrry verrry painful and hurts me to talk. this is the third week and it still dos'nt look as if it is going. I have taken the ususal mouthwashers, gels and sprays, but a pensioner friend of mine suggested I put oil of cloves on it, which I have, because quite honestly I will try anything now and although it tastes horrible and stings for a while, it does actually give me a few hours pain free. It wont get rid of them, but it is sooo good to be able to eat something that dos'nt feel like barbed wire going down my throat!!
Sue 28 August 09
I just found out i have a ulcer on my right tonsil.I had a sinus infection first.Swollen gland under my jaw and throat,but my throat never hurt.I felt like i had a jaw breaker moving around when i swallowed.I constantly have to clear my throat never can bring it up though.My ear feel clogged and headache. I also am a smoker,does this mean i have cancer?
Michelle 28 August 09
My son (2) had recurring ear infections and sinus infections. Last week the ENT removed his tonsils and adenoids...came out and told us he had ulcers on his tonsils. The ENT said the ulcers were also causing the ear/sinus infections Perhaps getting your tonsils removed will solve this issue for so many of you. I hope it does in our case.
JM 24 August 09
I have suffered with recurrent mouth, tonsil and throat ulcers all my life. I have coeliac disease and this is what causes them (deficiencies, ususally B12, folate or iron). I have had a relapse of my coeliacs (after going away on holiday) and once again have an enormous ulcer on my left tonsil. It's so huge, the doctor has put me on steroids and sent me for some bloods and sure enough, I'm low on B12, folate and iron. Often mouth ulcers occur when you have digestive disease such as Crohn's, ulcerative colitis or coeliac disease. Worth checking these out if you mouth ulcers along with other symptoms such as stomach pains, lethargy or myalgia.
Kat 21 August 09
dry them and put a liquid bandaid over it .. before bed and a few times a day. Cuts the heal time in half for sure
joe 13 August 09
I am suffering with an ulcer on my left side of my tonsil. I have had one before on my right. I have been getting a lot of acid coming up lately, due to not taking my nexium. I wonder if the ulcer is caused by that. I have noticed, with the ulcer, i also have a runny nose and my ear hurts. Is that all connected in some way?
deb 12 August 09
Some of you may be getting canker sores in the back of your mouth and on your tonsils. The most common cause of canker sores is an allergic to the detergent SLS, which present in most toothpastes. Rembrandt makes a special toothpaste for canker sore seufferers. I used to deal with ulceration of the mouth and tonsils on a constant basis, and avoiding products containing SLS has greatly reduced my problem.
Michael 7 July 09
hello. i suffer from mouth ulcers on my tongue and mouth and my mum also suffers with them very badly. we have found that rinsing them with soluble paracetamol and aspirin REALLY helps to kill the pain as the painkiller goes directly to the source of the pain. you can also take these alternatively every two hours so you dont have to be in any pain. hope this helps.
sonia 6 July 09
Hello, I had my wisdom teeth taken out under GA 5 days ago and I now have numerous large ulcers around the tonsil area and where my wisdom teeth were removed. I am taking ibuprofen, codeine, paracetamol, rinsing with hot salt water regularly, using difflam rinse to numb the area and corsodyl mouth wash. I am still in a lot of pain that I feel is more from the ulcers than the swelling from the operation. I have spoken to a relative who is a dentist and he has said time and rest is the only anwser as there is nothing else that helps. I believe mine were caused by the trauma from the removal of my teeth under GA. I normally get smaller mouth ulcers every so often if I bite my cheek but not as severe as the ones I have now.
Annette, 27 20 June 09
Look up vincent's angina of the tonsil. Caused by the same bacteria that produce trench mouth.
Wayne Jones, CRRN 10 June 09
i hav about 100 mouth ulcers in my mouth throut and tonsil i dono wat to do?
mary 25 May 09
Hi my name is theresa.. for as long as i can remember I also suffer with mouth ulcers.. my doctor many years ago felt i had an allergy towards toothpaste. I went to my local health shop and purchased Aloe Vera toothpaste.. I could not believe the difference in few days, ulcers gone, and did not return till i visited my dentist and told the dentist about my ulcers, and using health shop toothpaste. My dentist was not happy that i was not getting fluoride and recommented that i try shop toothpaste again.. How i wish i had not done this as with in a few days i now have mouth ulcers on my gums, tonsils, and pain in my ear.
I've now gone back to healthshop toothpaste and started back on vitimin B6 complex
Theresa Griffin 24 March 09
I have an ulcer also on the dangly bit that looks like a punch bag between my tonsils - it actually feels like it's been used as a punch bag and is making my throat close up

How can something so small cause us so much pain? The only thing that works for me when I get ulcers is to avoid anything sharp like crisps, and anything acidic. Take pain killers and drink lots of cold water to try and cool down the burning sensation
Alison 19 March 09
i have an ulcer on my tonsil at the moment and when i went to the doctors today all she prescribed were these pellet things which are just supposed to numb it but they dont particularly work,
and it is so painful,
is there anything i can buy over the counter maybe that will help ?
michelle, 9 March 09
This is my first ever ulcer near my tonsils, i am still confused as to how it could of gotton so worse, because about a week ago i fell ill with a minor cold and sore throat, but my tonsils and throat are fine now, just a cough and i have a verrry painful ulcer on the right side of my throat, but closer to where my wisdom teeth should grow, but on the exact corner where my mouth opens so its painful to talk. i have only been using TCP to treat it but all its doing it numbing it for a while and giving me heartburn all day.. (i think thats what its from!) also have to be dosed up on ibroprufen all day :( sick and tired of this, i really hope this isn't the start of a lifetime torture!
Yasmin 8 March 09
Try going to a naturalpath. Antibotics usage makes you have more and more symtoms of ulcers on tonsils, white tongue and other tonsil problems. It sounds like everyone has some type of yeast in their body which plays major havic in the throat, nose and other problems within the body. Taking a very high dose of pro-biotics (can find at a vitamin store and wholefoods but the best is through a naturalpathic doctor, they have a higher strain) everyday to combat the yeast overgrowth. Allergies also can give tonsil problems plus stress too. But basically having too much yeast in the body makes these problems reoccur. Best bet is to see a naturalpath and get yourself proper treatment - never good to just take a medicial pill like antibotics to solve a problem unless its definitely in real infection. Good luck!
Shay 4 March 09
hi got ulcers on my tonsils a little sore has antibiotics still there have not gone what so i so now 4 weeks later
stephi, grimsby 2 March 09
I have had ulcerated tonsils before, and i now have another ulcer on one side of my tonsil feel pretty tired etc too. Is this tonsilitis?
Mel 23 February 09
i have the same problem, doctor told me to eat yogurt more and more every day and also milk. it helps. make it ur routine, even when u don't have ulcers.
Deep 12 February 09
i used to uffer with my tonsils, still do every now and then. this time i have an ulcer on the dangley bit between my tonsils, i reccomend people try difflam oral rinse
loops 10 February 09
I really can sympathise with you all. I have not been able to go to work today to teach as i have so many ulcers that I can't speak! It is so painful. I have suffered with mouth ulcers my whole life. There are not many days when i am ulcer free! It really does make me irritable. Doctors have previously told me that it was stress and i was run down. I think the ulcers run me down! I have recently been diagnosed with Coeliac disease. Ulcers are a symtom of that. Now i know why i have them which is comforting but it does not make it any easier. Corlan pellets for the big ones up the back, Adcortyl in orabase for the ones on the tongue and difflam spray to help you eat. Between all that paracetamol helps the headaches. Don't use ibrufen, it causes more. It might be worth getting your gut checked out. That is where it all comes from. I wish you luck.
Kathy 26 January 09
Hi there. I have suffered with mouth and throat ulcers now for 33 years and they are increasing in size, some measure 15mm long and almost as wide. They can last upto 6 weeks and i can have up to 13 in my mouth at any one time. Im very lucky if i can have 5 days out of every 6 weeks where i dont actually have any ulcers in my mouth. These ulcers are driving me mad and cause me to have social problems. As most of the time im in such excruciating pain and find it very difficult to communicate verbally with people, including my own children and family members, not to mention work clients and colleague. I find myself short tempered a times as the pain in just constant with no relief. I have tried so many different treatments bought over the counter at the local pharmacy or prescriptions from my family Doctor. NOTHING WORKS!!!!! I agree with comment made above mine. The Pain is MORE painful than childbirth. I would prefer to give birth everyday then to cope with the continous pain these ulcers cause. Oh yeah!! I didnt get one ulcer during both my pregnancies...
Allyson 8 January 2009 8 January 09
hi everyone. I also get ulcers on the back of my mouth and tonsils. Currently I have 2 on my left tonsil and 2 behind my last molar on the area where a wisdom tooth would be (if not pulled years ago). They are so painful and I have been looking for years for the problem causing them. No doctor can seem to give me any answers. I constantly have them, this is not normal...nobody should have a mouth ulcer all the time. I seriously probably go 5 days a month withough one. I am just fed up and venting so sorry this is so long, i'm just happy to know i am not alone out there. I have been taking a vitamin supplement for the past 6 months and L-lysine which I must say neither have done anything for the ulcers. I do occasionally use a silver nitrate stick to get rid of the ones closer to the front, which I must say is more painful that childbirth haha. anyways, thanks to anyone who can help
stephanie 8 January 09
There are many reasons why people get ulcers. I get the because of lack of vitamin uptake in my GI tract due to Crohn's disease. I am a nurse and became very curious as to why I exactly I got them and the best way to treat them. Most mouth ulcers are viral infections which means they won't go away with antibiotics. My Dr. takes silver nitrate sticks and kills the virus inside and than puts me on antibiotics to heal from the inside out. If your mouth ulcers became severe I would also suggest having you Dr. put you on a steroid such as prednisone. A small dose of 5mg BID for about 10 days without taper. I would also suggest taking a daily supplement of Vit C 1000-2000mg QD and or a Vit B supplement. I hope this helps.
NRS DaViD 2 November 08
anyone know if ulcers on tonsils lasting more than 3 weeks is normal?
Isaiahyap 22 October 08
hi, i am 24 years old and i have recently have a ultra big ulcer that is somewhat yellowish in colour and lasting more than 3 weeks. is that normal?
Isaiah 21 October 08
to be honest, anything you try might work or might not work! but after 15 years! if you have a ulcer it tends to be there for a max of a week! when mine turn white ie a white head on them, i know within 2 days they will go! after other 3 days or so they will come back! they is no cure!
mike 25 August 08
Thanks for getting back to me! I'm glad I'm not alone. I thought I had an alien growing on my tonsil!

The ulcer seems to be reducing in size now. I'm not sure if it is the antibiotics or the mouth wash I got from the pharmacy; it's called oraldene. You can gargle with it and it seems to be doing the trick.

Will keep you posted!
Liam 25 August 08
yes! i get them on like the sides of the back of my throat and it is so painful that i can barely talk. very bad.
brittney 25 August 08
Hello, i heard from a friend that the antibiotics you take clear the infection up and help fight the ulcer however it doesnt clear the infection 100% and which make them reoccur!
mike 24 August 08
Hi Liam, I have had a number of mouth ulcers on my tonsils....one was so big, i was prescribed antibiotics to clear it up. I have had a couple on my tonsils since but they have cleared up. I actually have one on my tonsil at the moment and its sooo painful. I am still looking for a treatment that is effective! I suffer from them alot and would appreciate anyone who can recommend a treatment.
Alice 24 August 08
Is it possible to get an ulcer on your tonsil?

I have suffered with tonsil stones for some years now. Recently, my right tonsil became infected. The doctor prescribed antibiotics and the stones and infection went away. Now I am left with what looks like an ulcer towards the base of my right tonsil. It is about 10mm across. It doesn't hurt as such, but it is uncomfortable.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Liam 23 August 08

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