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Iím in my teens and have recently gotten braces (2 days ago). Itís bad enough the braces are really painful, but now due to the hooks on my back molar rings for bands or night braces (If youíve had braces youíll know what I mean) I have these huge ulcers since the hooks have been rubbing against my flesh (ouch!)

Has anyone who has had braces know a good way to help cure and prevent my ulcers? The dentist tells me to clean my teeth, floss and the normal stuff...but apart from that what can I do? These ulcers are KILLING me!!!
Jem 17 April 03
Ive got braces at the moment and have always suffered from really bad mouth ulcers.....they are so painful especially the way that they catch on your brace and just wont heal......sorry dont no how to stop them but i can really feel your pain
hatty 20 April 03
Iíve never had braces, but have always have crooked, protruding teeth. (Back in the 1940s, you had to be rich, vain or both to have your teeth fixed!!) Anyway, Iím still plagued with mouth ulcers, which I know are caused by my tongue catching on uneven teeth. I am now taking 1000mg of Lysine per day (I donít know where you live, but here in Australia you can buy it in either chemists or health food shops). Itís really sold for cold sores, but as itís main function is to assist with soft tissue healing and boosting the immune system, itís worth a try (no overnight miracle cure Iím afraid). I also find that making a mouthwash of soluble asprin or paracetamol gives good temporary relief and doesnít sting like hell, as some other products do. Hope you young ladies donít mind advice from a grandmother !!
Robin 26 April 03
i am 22 and get ulcers. I got braces 6 months ago, and know exactly what you are talking about. What you have are not ulcers, it is just an agrivated spot, that makes this painful hole. It will get better, and you will form a callus there. please trust me. i have both. Braces, ulcers, and the now callused spots.Give it a week or two, and do not agrivate it or you will keep opening it up, and it will not heal.
Kati 14 June 03
ask your ortho for some wax it on the braces where it is rubbing your gums . We pay them enough $$ and they need to supply you with that.
ronda 15 June 03
I used to have braces and know the pain, you can get a dental wax from your dentist to put on the rough areas of the brace so it does not dig into the flesh. this i found helped me a bit, but just keep your mouth as clean and fresh as you can but as kati says, try not to agrivate them, they should soon go. xx
16 June 03
Iím 14 years old and I got my braces off a couple days ago. I think when the dentist was taking off the bracket in the very back of my mouth, he cut the side of my cheek. Everything was fine until this morning. There is a huge ulcer behind my last tooth on my cheek. It hurts worse than any ulcer Iíve ever had! Since itís so far back, I canít prevent it from rubbing against anything. Iíve tried salt; it works a little bit, but now thereís swelling all around the ulcer. So there is this huge sore on my cheek and itís almost unbarable. Does anyone have any ideas for healing?
Thanks so much.
Kacey 21 May 05
Iím 14 years old and I got my braces off a couple days ago. I think when the dentist was taking off the bracket in the very back of my mouth, he cut the side of my cheek. Everything was fine until this morning. There is a huge ulcer behind my last tooth on my cheek. It hurts worse than any ulcer Iíve ever had! Since itís so far back, I canít prevent it from rubbing against anything. Iíve tried salt; it works a little bit, but now thereís swelling all around the ulcer. So there is this huge sore on my cheek and itís almost unbarable. Does anyone have any ideas for healing?
Thanks so much.
Kacey 21 May 05
I am almost 20 yrs old, and just got braces in January. The pain in my teeth by the braces is absolutely nothing compared to these ulcers Iíve had. I know what all of you are going through-ulcers, callouses, sore mouths-it stinks. My orthodontist told me to brush frequently, and rinse with warm salt water-but we all know that doesnít do much good. Iím not sure of what to do for mine, although Iíve considered getting toothpaste that is sodium lauryl sulfate free.
CB 23 May 05
I suffered for 3 years with the ulcer braces combo. The only quick fix that I came up with was using pounds and pounds of wax that I asked for from my orthodontist. I also use Lidocaine Visc. 2% when they are really bad. It helps with the pain for a short period, but it does allow you to relax for about 10 minutes or so. I have found that this helps right before a meal. It allows you to enjoy your food for once and to stop thinking about the pain.

It is important to keep your teeth clean while the braces are on.

Colgate makes an oral antheseptic called Peroxil. Its basically Hydrogen Peroxide with mint flavor. It is supposed to act as a oral wound cleanser. I have found that it acts as a soothing agent for about 10 minutes or so, while keeping your mouth clean.

Try it, and good luck.
Mark 23 June 05
iv just discoverd this website tonight as i have been sufferin very terribly lately. iv had train track braces on for nearly 2 months now and my ulcers have been absolutely terrible. at this moment i am suffering from 3 ulcers all on the inside of my lips and they are huge! i find it so painful andam yet to find something i am stisfied works, though i am off to buy the boots mouth ulcer sticks tomorrow after reading great things about them. i was just wondering if it is a coincidence that they have flared up badly now or wether others have found that their braces have also had the same effect with them.
Angey 3 January 07
out of all,i think im th WORST!

I am very sure.. just had my braces on 2 days ago..ohgod.. besides everything mentioned abv,i've had 2 blocks stuck on my lower molars.. yes, i cnt bite or chew ANYTHING. Thanks to th blocks, my upper & lower teeth cannont contact each other as ulcers are also taking a toll on me..wish me luck =(
phoebe 22 May 09
I've had my braces for a bout a month and i still get ulcers

they are not actually ulcers you get but just holes that are on the inside of you lips
i got mine by not putting my wax on so if you have wax i suggest you put it on now because without it you will have a sore mouth forever

Try gurgling hot water and salt it helps sometimes and make sure you put alot of wax on

if you try to keep the wax on for aslong as you can the ulcers will go away :)
Rachel 6 June 09
I'm 14 and had this from the back molar rings and a bracket that had a small hook on it caused an ulcer in the bottom of the gums. I used the "Iglu" gel and it worked very well.
James 14 June 09
you shold try to rinse you mouth out with warm salty water it realy works and just keep using you're wax. it may not feel as if its doing eneything but it is helping.Or you could try bonjela you can get it from supermarkets it helps ulcers.
keligh 6 July 09
its so annoying to have constant pain in the mount. I cant even eat anything:( Well I am gonna go use some wax now.
Ash 12 July 09
I have to keep grinning to keep the sides of my mouth from coming into contact with the braces but its really tiring to do so and ppl think iam insane when they see my grinning to myself. I've read the aboce posts about the wax and Iam afraid that I'll swallow it or smth. How long can the wax stay in my mouth? I have to change it at every meal yes?
ju 15 July 09
I was told not to use the wax as often because otherwise your mouth doesn't get used to the braces and the ulcers keep reappearing? help! 3 days my braces have been killing me and my ulcers and hell.
alisha 3 November 09
i got my braces yesterday (they hurt like mad) but try using chlorosceptic spray or bonjella cool which has a nice minty flavour (mmmmm!) also try getting a wheat and barley pillow they heat up and are aromacology heat it up in the microwave for 2mins20secs and wear it like a scarf over your mouth. (my braces are killing meeeee!!!!!!)
zak morrison 19 January 10
I have about three ulcers now, and looking at all these repsonses, I'm getting a little bit of everything. "they'll go away in time" or "they'll stay with you until you get your braces off". I just got my braces yesterday so I have yet to find out if my ulcers will go away or not but wax DOES help. It's just a matter of remembering that it's even IN my mouth! (I've swallowed it twice already...and I'm only on my second day!) I'm pretty hopeful that things'll get better, but if they don't, I'm considering in-mouth bandages (wink wink). Thanks for all the help everyone !
KrissyTee123 5 February 10
I've had braces for four days now, and I always got ulcers pretty bad before but I have two HORRIBLE ones now. I found these things called Canker Covers at Walgreens, and they're like patches that you put over ulcers. The have medicine in them and one patch should heal an ulcer in about 8-12 hours. It worked on all of my ulcers except the biggest one, and I think that one will just have to go away with time. I've heard not to use wax, because your mouth will never get used to the braces and callouses won't form. So...I'm really hoping they go away soon, and stay away!
JLD 12 February 10
I am new to braces... and I don't like them..!! My mouth is sore, I can't eat, the inside of my cheeks are killing my and I keep having to lick my lips to stop them from drying out - which just makes me look like a freak..!!!
A very sad Vikki - 13 February 2010 13 February 10
i have had my braces for just under a week andi recently got an ulcer and it hurts i was finding it hard to eat and swallow by lips are sore and the ulcer burst leaving my brace right at the ulcer i have just started using iglo
claire 12 19 February 10
Alright. I just visited this site about a month ago, when i first got my braces on. Now: as a result of a little bit of wax when ever my ulcers were bothering me, they dont hurt any more. i dont even know i had them. they go away in about a week. so just tough it out for the first couple days and you'll be fine :)
about the wax thing though, what JLD said up there ^, that's probably true so i wouldnt use wax all the time. its just when you cant stand the pain anymore.

dont worry, it gets better :)
KrissyTee123 9 March 10
brces are killing me as well these sores in my mouth are unbearable and cleaning them is a full time job
charity 3 April 10
Who can help me??? I had my braces on at 5 March.. Next appt was 1 Apr... During that period of time, i have the "ulcers" all the time! You know the front bottom part? The braces are cutting into my flesh.. And the result : My mouth now got this lump of meat hanging, its like getting a knife to cut out that meat.. And its a deep one.. Dentist told me mine is serious as the cut is very deep... So he FINALLY gave me the wax.. (P.S : I ask him for the wax on 5 Mar but he doesnt want to give) Till now, is already 21 Apr.. Guess what? My "ulcer" is not pain anymore BUT that lump of meat is still there n it doesnt seem to heal!!! What should i do??? Will this lump of meat stick with me forever?? (Maybe because i have that lump of meat with me since 5 Mar til 1 Apr...) Please help!!!!!
Daphne 21 April 10
OMG. I just had mine on Apr 19. And within 3 days, ulcers started coming out of nowhere. Wax doesnt really help much, and i dont want to put it in cos its weird. Bonjela also doesnt help much, and i have a event to attend TMR. WHAT SHOULD I DO.
lum 22 April 10
i just got mine yesterday(25/5/10) and im 12.
they are constanly rubbing and cutting my inner mouth..ouch.
thew wax help so much, but it is not good to wear too much, or you will never get used to them.
any tips for eating?
horselover4ever131 26 May 10
i have just got braces they are sooooooo!!!!! sore i cant swallow,eat,drink or talk i have 7bits of wax on at the moment.i have had them for two weeks and thier still sore PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP I NEED A MIRACLE!!!!!
Dayna Shiels 29 May 10
The same thing is happening to me too. I got Braces put on two days ago, my teeth don't really hurt JUST my cheeks are lips. I have sores nearly the size of a dime on my cheeks>:O I can barely talk. Is this normal??
Lizz Maya(: 18 June 10
Just got my braces two days ago. The metal brackets keep rubbing off onto my skin causing HUGE ulcers and they hurt like crap! All I can eat is soup. I can't eat and I hate these stinkin braces. = ="
PrincessNL 25 June 10
i have had braces a while but i have a button type appliance on the roof of my mouth and i cannot move it and i am sure i have ulcers or something underneath it because its is so painful i cannot eat, i've tried everything and it doesn't work. if your pain is that bad go back to the ortho cause they will help you but for ones like mine they're no-help just gotta stick it out.
lexi 30 June 10
Hi I have had my braces for around 3 years now (one of my teeth has got crooked root so it takes ages for my teeth to move). Braces are only painful for the first couple of weeks and then the pain goes away but I did lose a stone within the first month of wearing them as I could not eat much. They also unfortunately cause mouth ulcers so the best solution for that is wax on a bracket/wire causing an ulcer and 'Bonjela Once'. 'Bonjela once' will get rid of your ulcer pain within around 5-10 mins and it will never hurt again. It will also heal really fast. It is not a gel but a cotton bud applicator and it burns the ulcer off. The application is VERY painful but you will feel no more ulcer pain. Very highly recommended! :o)
Karolina 2 July 10
I hear yall, I am 32 and finally decided to fix my teeth. Within 12 hours of getting my braces on, I developed ulcers on the lower part of my mouth. The pain of the braces on my teeth doesn't hurt its the ulcers I find my self constantly cleaning my braces and find that wax helps but hate to have wax due to fear of germs gathering causin tooth decay. The only time my teeth hurt is when it comes to eating i don't like soups so I have stuck with healthy drinks and jello the only thing that keeps me goin is that 12 year olds have lived thru this so can I.
Gloria 28 July 10
i got my braces on a few days ago and i have big sores all over my mouth. Even underneath my tongue!! :( the only thing that i found thats works to relieve the pain is vinegar. it burns the sore when it touches it but its worth it! Hope this help you out!
Lacey 23 August 10
i got my braces on two or three weeks ago, and i have a huge cut on the inside of my cheek! im too scared to use the wax incase it falls off and i swallow it and choke and then die!! :( im a freak of nature, none of these solutions work on me!! Help!! WHAT DO I DO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ;)
D.D. 25 August 10
FOR COMFORT ANYTIME - small shot of lemon juice combined with honey & boiling water!!

Honey honey honey- I am nearly 30 and have suffered with them my whole life. They will be gone in the morning, but unfortunately will return another day!! Ive' tried Oraldene, Bonjella, Absinol, EVERYTHING!!

Give it a try and let me know???

Carlene Sept 2010 8 September 10
I had my braces fitted on Monday. Really painful, not the braces but the mouth soars, I am doing a pretty good Marlon Brando these days.!!!!!!!!!

I hope they go, I am in my mid 30's maybe I should have done in 15 years ago. I will continue, what we are feeling is not pain compared to other people in this world.

Shani 16 September 10
I've had my Damon Braces installed 6 days ago and doing wonderfully. No sores, no pain.
I am on a Primal Diet and corrected my Omega ratio prior to starting this. I don't consume ANYTHING that changes my saliva's PH too far into the acidic region (e.g. sugar, grains and overly processed foods)

Sores can be healed with high levels of L-Glutamine combined with bio-organic sodium (sea salt, not table salt).
If you do not have access to Raw Milk you can purchase Bovine Colostrum Powder and smear it over your gums, teeth and lips to help speed up healing of the sore spots. Colostrum does not cause tooth decay and you can even leave it in over night.

You can avoid cavities by not eating anything containing phytates which suck minerals straight out of your teeth...and by keeping your saliva at a neutral or alkaline PH...rinsing with 9.5 ph drinking water is a good thing to do after eating anything containing sugar.

Hope this helps <3
NutritionMatters 27 September 10
hey! i just got one ulcer today from my braces. and its sooo annyoing omg. i cant anything T_T i rinse it with salt water and it goes away a little bit quicker.
ivy 24 October 10
Ive had braces for a few weeks and on the second day of having them i got an ulcer and i found it stopped hurting when i put wax on the brace that was annoying it, but now i have on right up the top of mouth and the inside of my lip from my braces and the wax dosnt work, my dentist told me to gargle my mouth with salt water where can you get salt water from ......
Emma 22 December 10
You can use mouth wash. It'll sting for a bit, but then, it becomes numb for a while. It should keep it numb enough to help you be relaxed when you sleep. Dabbing honey on the ulcer would help too.
And if you happen to be in Alaska, eat icebergs. Those ice literally made my ulcers disappear. In 1 night. No, I'm not lying. And in case you were wondering, I ate the iceberg cause it was my souvenir and it was melting, so I just stuffed it in my mouth. I'm 13, what do you expect?
Qwerty 6 January 11
I am near the end of my braces treatment and I can say that wax is most likely your best thing against sharp rubbing on your cheek. The first month does suck and you will get a few sore spots but this will pass once your mouth gets used to it. USE WAX!!! It does not cause cavities* or decay because it comes out when you brush, it is also harmless to swallow it, there is a large amount of wax in chocolate that I know most of us eat silly amounts off. You won't choke on the wax because you only use a tiny little bit. Also Make sure your dentist cuts the excess wire off your bar at the back. This should trimmed very well. More wire will poke out when your teeth start to move but you should be able to drop into your dentist (even without an appointment) because it takes all of 15 seconds to trim the wire. Hang in there it is all worth it you will have a perfect smile.
Jm 14 January 11
I finally went for it at the age of 43 as my wisdom teeth growing down caused my teeth to slighty overlap,had my damon brace fitted 5 days ago and must say its not as bad as i thought.I have a few sore areas and just when it gets too much i pop a little bit of wax on affected areas which is a great relief.As i chose to have braces myself . and had to pay for them it makes me even more determined not to let the braces get me down.Hopefully this will give you all abit of inspiration because if i can go through it at 43 it must be worth it just think how gorgeous your teeth are going to be at the end of your treatment and your gorgeous smile will be the envy of everyone be proud of yourselfs and remeber its all worth it.
yvonne 43 22 January 11
I had my braces yesterday. They told my that on the first night your teeth will kill you, but that wasn't it. my cheeks from the inside (mucosa) are killing me. it feels like I'm having knives inside my mouth making ulcers. However, applying some wax on the brackets more early, makes the ulcers milder and easy to go away.
Ra 27 January 11
i got braces a couple of days ago, they told me that it will hurt for a couple of days then the pain will go but i have really bad ulcers now, i cant eat anything. i put the wax on and it dosent do anything!! anything i can do please? anyone? :(
amyr 30 January 11
I've had braces for 10 moths now. and I STILL get ulcers. Will I continue getting them until the end of my treatment? -_- + Its hard for me to a. stick wax(which actually does work) to the brace at the back of my lower jaw because it's so far back and won't stay in general and b. I can't find where to stick the wax! I put it over 1 brace and it doesn't help I put it over a different one, it also doesn't help. I put it over the wire and it still isn't right. I can't put a whole glob of wax in my mouth to try and cover the ulcer because it'd be practicaly on ever single brace. HELP!
in pain:( 3 February 11
I'm 36 and just got braces - the hooks on my brackets are stabbing my cheeks to death & ripping up my tongue. A friend of mine just told me about this stuff called Gishy Goo for braces. It's longer lasting than wax and can be taken off to eat/brush and then put back on. Google it & check it out. It sounds promising.
Owie 5 February 11
I got braces a week ago and they broke on the firs day so i got really big cuts on my cheek but i went to the shop and got ambosal..i think you can get it in any chemist but you just put it on a cotton bud thing for your ears nd put it on the place that hurst and it works really well
ouch 11 February 11
The pain really is unbearable the constant rubbing of your back brackets against your cheeks is hell! There is a product called peroxyl that will give you relief for about 10 mintues I love it that is the only way I find relief.. They say you will get used to it and it will calus but it has been a month now and it is still hurtin! :(
Ray 18 March 11
I'm 19, I've had braces for over 3 years and just got my first ulcer a few days ago but I'm almost positive it's from the rubber bands I just got the last time I went to the ortho. I get teary everytime I eat, smile, talk, brush my teeth. It's hell.
Kristina 18 March 11
i got my braces yesterday :)
my bottom lip is so irritated from the brackets and i can tell im going to get heeeaaapps of ulcers there.
the wire was poking out the end because my teeth move a bit over night and i left it like that for a while so i have sores on either side. i put some wax on it and its helped cover it up but i left it too late.
a couple of my teeth are moving in the wrong direction/turning the wrong way. did this happen to you too?
any tips on how to smile with them because my lip sits on the braces when i smile
can someone please reply or send me an email:
thanks :) x
casey 19 March 11
I had the same pain, use ORAJEL FOR ALL MOUTH SORES, it works wonders.
Maggie 24 March 11
in 12 and have braces for about 6 months and i still get very bad ulcers on he inside of my bottom lip; they bleed and the flesh falls off and i die !!! i know it can be helped by wax but for me it just doesnt help. i tried vegemite and it worked veryy well! it stung at first but the felt sooo much better (: maybe try this...
hope this helps xx
lilli 12 11 April 11
I got braces two days ago. Pain of teeth not bothering me but pain from braces cutting into my lips and cheeks is horrible. I've nearly used up all the wax the orthodontist gave me and can't find it in any chemist. Any idea where I can buy this? Why doesnt someone just design braces with rounded edges?
Charlotte 15 April 11
I've read l these comments and there is some great advise but everyone seems to be getting sores from the actual braces, my pIn is coming from the elastic bands that I have to put on at night which rub against the inside of my mouth and now I have about 3 sores and all these weird patterns I hav also I hav had braces for about a year now and these elastics are attached at the front of my teeth and not the sides or back like everyone elses. Does anyone else hav the same problem?
Mehreen 18 April 11
try st. john's wort
trust me 19 April 11
Did your orthodontist give you a prescription, because after my braces were put in I got a prescription so you should probably ask your orthodontist at your next appointment.
Nicole 23 April 11
I am 12 and I have had braces for a year.I still have to keep the pain for 2 years. I had to get teeth pulled a while a go and the dentist put so much pressure on my mouth it caused a lump which I thought was an ulcer but it kept gettingg bigger and 2 weeks later I went to a doctor and I found out it was a sist and I had to get it surgically removed.
BraceFace 30 April 11
Vegimite heals ulcers, I've had my braces for seven months and its the only thing other than dental wax that's worked
Casey 27 May 11
I had my braces put on last Thursday and I can handle the brace pain, its the two ulcers that have appeared that are killing me. I am brushing four times a day does everyone experience a really dry mouth around the braces? Off to the chemist tomorrow to get some remedies and I'll use the wax tonight, the brace is only rubbing in two spots otherwise it is ok.
Lorraine 30 May 11
I finally got my braces put on last Thursday. Everything from spacers to fitting and tugging, yanking and tightening didn't bother me as much as it's bothering me tonight. Funny, that Lorraine and I are mirroring exactly the same things , down to brushing 4x daily and most especially at this moment; a really dry mouth around the braces. I am using wax at the moment, but I personally think it feels creepy but grateful that it helps ease some of the soreness caused by all the rubbing and poking. On this particular night, I forgot to apply lip balm and now my lips feel like they're on fire. Ahhhh! I bid everyone, all senior and new 'Brace Faces' out there a , 'Happy Healthy Mouth' ... Smile :D
Face 1 June 11
I just got my braces on two days ago and it is very painful. I can say one thing about getting these things...I am going to lose a lot of weight! I would rather not eat than feel the pain of biting down. This may be the newest weight lose!
Allie 3 June 11
I know how you feel i had my braces fixed 2 days ago i used wax and it helps a little try clean it with salt dont worry it does get better. You aint the only one
Aimee Buchorski 15 June 11
use vegemite!!!!
Ani 16 June 11
I've gone through my fair share of injuries in my life, but none as frustrating as this. I just can't get the wax to stick, no matter how much I dry my brace and wax; the places I want to put it are just too far back. Even if I get it on it falls off as soon as I start to talk or eat. Brushing doesn't help. Mouthwash doesn't help. Warm water and salt doesn't help. Wax doesn't help.
Please someone help, I'm in agony ;_;
A very sad guy who hates his braces... 26 June 11
I've had my braces for 15 months now which hurt horribly (I had teeth overlapping teeth and had to have 8 out.) I usually salt wash twice a day to keep them down but as I have small teeth, wax falls off. I also have the implanon so I can only sleep on one side! When you wax, wax from bottom up, pushing it into the gap. It may hurt but it is the best way to get it to stay. Roll it in your fingers so it warms and softens slightly first! Good luck.
Laura 27 June 11
ive just got my first ulcer, and its been about 2years ive had braces. What i did with my wax, was heat it (normally with a hair drier), however i don't overheat, just enough to soften it, then i mold it into a flat rectangular shape with my fingers, and then press it down firmly over the brackets that are catching on my ulcer! It sticks well and is very smooth :) hopefully, the ulcer will have a chance to heal! Hope this works for you guys too cause i know what these ulcers are like!
Chris 21 July 11
Hi there, I'm an adult with braces.... I have incognito on the top and clear ceramic on the lower so people wouldn't know I had them (aparat from the lisp I now have when I speak.....). It's a whole new experience for me, which will end with surgery. Anyway, I have ulcers on my tongue because of the braces on the inside of my top teeth. Man, it does hurt. I have had two teeth out as well. All in all, my head is feeling like it's ready to explode. It will be worth it at the end, I keep telling myself......!!! My orthodontist gave me this other stuff called Gishy Goo. It is stronger than wax. It's silicone so it stays in place. It's not bad at all for covering sharpe bits and wires. It's nice to read that I'm not the only suffering!!!
Sue 22 July 11
i got my brace 3 days ago and my cheecks and lips and really sore i have some wax at the moment but the ulcers dont go its horrible! Also i broke my brace on the day i had them and its cutting my lip ahhhhhhhhh help mee i cant get it fixed for 2 weeks!!!! And my teeth feel wobbly and when i chew it kills but dont know what to do, i cant eat properly all i eat is cake and i suck mini chedders :L heeelllpppp meeeeee but when i get them of i will have really nice teeth so it pays off!! :) :)
char 28 July 11
Hi I recently got my braces tightened and I think I must have an ulcer, I could barely eat anything yesterday apart from ice cream, a banana and some yoghurt. It looks really sore and big, its either from rubbing of my brace or not enough fruit and veg. I know I just need to eat more fruit and veg and hopefully it will get better. I have used some bonjela to try and make it heal it bit, it soothes it when I go to bed, but its too painful to eat on that side, so I will eat on the other side. Take a look at this website I find it really useful.
Meg 29 July 11
hey i've recently got braces and it hurt for 2 days the hook on the back of the braces was cacthing my gum so i put the wax on the metal and bonjela on the cut that was forming and its not cut me anymore since
maz 1 August 11
i got my braces yesterday and they kill and the best thing to do is ask your orthodontics to give you some dental wax it really help trust me i know how you feel :(
lauren 13 August 11
I have had braces for over 2 years and in that time, yes, I have had ulcers and a lot of pain.
But for the past week it feels like all of my bottom teeth are beings crushed together. I go to the orthodontist next week but I can't stand the pain. If my tounge touches them then it hurts, and to top it off my 12 year old molars are coming in(especially late, 3 years to be exact)
Please help, I have tried oragel and it only helped the first night and Tylenol and ibuprofen work sometimes. Is there anything else I can do.? );
Vicky(: 22 August 11
I got my braces off about 2 weeks ago and I now wear two retainers, a permanent one for my top teeth and a temporary, removable one for my bottom. My dentist told me to gargle with salt water for 4 weeks.. The thing is, I'm 14 and I just keep forgetting. I haven't done it for 1 1/2 weeks now..
I'm just worried if my gums will decay or get really weak or something?
If anyone knows please help :s

And as for ulcers and such, I had my fair share for the year I wore my braces. Dental wax reaally does help! But there's this other synthetic something that I've heard works better. I, personally, got by fine with dental wax. :D
A. Pai 25 August 11
To everyone on here I feel your pain.
Ive had my braces for about 4 months, and in that time I have had countless ulsers, ripped gums and the constant taste of blood. Its not fun at all. For me I find the wax doesnt work, its so difficult for me to get it in the right spot, and then keep it there! And its not good for when your eating when it just comes out or when your chewing gum (yes I know im not meant to but im sure we have all done it)
Recently Ive started using this stuff, that numbs your mouth wherever you put it. Its original use is for babies that are teething, but Ive found it works well on ulcers too. It basically numbs the area, and as long as you combine that with the wax ( but not before your going to eat!) the ulcers go away.
Koda 1 September 11
I just got my braces on today and I already have three sores (one on each inside cheek and inside bitten lip). I'm kind of scared to use wax because I keep hearing how you should get used to it, but I don't want calluses (when that happens am I going to have dry hard patches of skin in my mouth?). Is there something that I can put on my brackets (sturdier and easier to apply than wax) and something that will heal sores without them turning into calluses? Please help! Thanks.
Braceyourself 12 October 11
Ive had braces for almost 1 and a half years now, and it gets a lot better later on. Ulcers or sores rarely happen naturally to me. But i got hit in the face with something and my braces ripped a HUGE cut on the inside of my lip. It turned from an already painful cut into a sore. any movement i do with my mouth hurts it, it hurts even when im drinking water. what can i do, salt water doesnt do anything. I put wax on the braces
alex 18 October 11
I have just got my braces yesterday and my god they hurt and my teeth so sensentive i cant eat probally.. i dont want all the sores so i am trying prevent that from stoping.
howlong till that pain goes away

Please help it brings tears to my eyes
Hanah 16 November 11
Your dentist should of provided you with some wax if not ask for some because you can put wax on the sharp bits
If your braces hurt suck on some ice
Ned 20 November 11
Hi... Just had my braces put on two days ago. Mysterious ulcers have been popping up in my mouth. I don't understand how my tongue seems to be getting hurt too. :( the pain is quite bearable I think. I use wax before I sleep, but i'm trying to get used to the feeling and the ulcers since they'd go away.. Right? Hope everyone is feeling ok!
Sarah 23 November 11
I've had my braces for about 18 months now and i get mouth ulcers quite often. I don't think the wax does much help as it just falls off every time i talk or open my mouth.. I just deal with the pain and sooner or later they go away, just try not to poke them with your tongue or anything and they should heal quite quickly. When they are really bad, i put some table salt on my finger and hold it on the ulcer for about 20 seconds, it stings like mad at first and tastes foul but i think it really does help :)
Emily 24 November 11
hi just got my braces yesterday. the ulcers are killing me so much but the worst on i have is the one on my top gum which is killing me and has caused a swelling on the lip. please help. xx
Megan Humphries 25 November 11
You have to use these wax and turn it onto a ball and then stock it where it hurts ask the orthodontist to give it you it'll make it softer and not hurt you. good luck
Sabah 16 February 12
Dude, I know just how you feel. I just got braces almost three days ago, and I hate them with a burning passion. I just caked the braces in wax, even though it doesn't sound very appealing. But now I have blisters on my lips... it's driving me insane.
Seri 16 February 12
I've had my braces for just over 13 months now and I have a really sore lump where my wire is rubbing and creating a groove just below the lump on my lip (if that makes any sense). The wire stretches a across one of my gaps where I got teeth taken out a year ago (they are closing so slowly!). The lump gets more sore at night when I lie on my side but I can't sleep on my back so I just have to put up with it. I found some wax earlier but it the wire just cuts through it so it wont stay on. I go back to the orthodontist in about a week so hopefully she will give me some advice. But for now I will just use special mouthwash and salt water washes. I hope all of your ulcers and cuts from braces get better too! :)
Anna 21 February 12
I am so glad to have found this site! I am 43 and just had braces put in. What is killing me is the molar metal brackets with the hooks!! How could anyone make such devices that are just so evil??? I am also using wax but it's irritating to have to remove the wax everytime I eat 'coz it re-irritates the cheeks (and tongue) that are already sore. My brackets also have sharp edges on the inside. Yes, I'm also stuck with eating "baby-like" food for now. I hope I do not have to deal with this for the next 2 years!
I am interested in hearing back from Yvonne, who added her post on January 22 (since we're both over 40).
Betty 43 February 27 27 February 12
I have had braces for a while and have sores all over the place- THEY HURT SO BAD!

wax helps but makes me feel like I have stuff in my teeth

im going to try salt water rinse
Maddy 3 March 12
I guess I have just gotten lucky so far, 2 weeks in braces and no sores at all, and eat regular food. I have a toothe here and there every once in a while that hurts real bad, but nothing major. I'm sure that now that I have said something, I will be cursed. I feel for anyone that has sores, i am a baby when it comes to pain. Good luck all
Christina 8 March 12
Ive had braces for over 6months now and ive started to notice that my gums are growing down my teeth and nearly touching my braces :S ive looked on the internet and it says i need to brush more.. but I brush twice a day and use mouth wash three times a day. is anyone else having the same problem? help!
Ryan 8 March 12
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ArityBedrer 12 March 12
Hi!! Oh my...before I share my experience I wish all of the best of luck. Just hang on in there each and every one of you! You can be strong :) just grit your teeth (bad phrase...wasn't it?) and see it through it'll all turn out ok. xxx

I got braces today with my twin brother. He got his top and I got mine bottom. But he's lucky! My bottom teeth are really really really crooked in comparison to his and I have a massive ulcer and cut on my mouth already. Plus: he can still bite. I can't. My slight over/bite means I bite my brace and I'll snap 'em clean off! Plus it is excruciatingly painful when I accidentally close my mouth firmly. :'( will I never have a bite again??....I can't ear because of it. **** I want to rip them off my teeth one by one.....
Gabrielle, 13 years 12 March 12
i just got my braces yerterday. i feel like i cant eat. i have huge ulcers on my lips because the braces have these metal hooks that are scratching everywere. am going crazy
masi 16 March 12
UGH i hate braces sometimes just every few months they ACHE and ACHE it hurts so bad but it might just be me
Ashlyn S 20 March 12
hey I have just had braces and one of my bracket is loose next appointment is not till 12 weeks..I phoned up and told the lady she said I can wait till my next u guys think it will affect my treatment?
henna 21 March 12
god i feel more nervous now after reading some of d above i only got my braces 2 days ago and am in terible pain i really wanted to know when the pain eases up r does it will it b like this for all of my treatment a year and a half dont think i could stick it, im 30 now and have two children to look after kinda thinking shud have done this years ago
shell march 2012 23 March 12

this is my second time having braces i got them 2 days ago and they keep rubbing against my cheeks and i cant talk that well or sing!! I want to eat all the time but i have to eat mac and cheese and mashpotatos over and over again... i hope yall all get through this!! hope a year goesby F A S T!
Swish salt water regularly....dont get so used to wax they only get worse with the wax.... i hate flossing but do it every night. Brush your teeth after every meal. DO NOT EAT ANYTHING HARD FOR A WEEK. IT WILL HURT! Use chapstick alot. Open your mouth and lips and move them around so your can adjust!!! DO NOT USE Tylenol!! it doesnt work!! Ibruprofen works (it should be a blue pill that has liquid in the pill) Relax! It will be fine(:
Caroline Smith!<3 29 March 12
I just had my braces fixed on Friday and I have many ulcers. Sometimes when I try to eat I end up hitting the bottom brackets and it hurts like hell, but that's not my biggest pain. When the orthodontist lady put my braces on she put a big blue lump ting on my top back teeth, one bigger than the other and the one on the left side is the biggest and causing more grief than the ulcers... It stops me from closing my mouth properly and it digs into my bottom back teeth, and I wondered how long will they stay on for?
Claudia 3 April 12
i have always had i general amount of ulcers ands cuts but now i have been told im getting them off next time they ache like crazy and have way more ulcers arggh.
biggest peice of adivce - do not sleep on your face
nicole 4 April 12
I got my braces yesterday and I woke up this morning with a big bloody lip! What the heck does that mean. Also all I have been eating is soup and icecream not complaining but not a healthy diet. Anyhow, my bottom teeth kill and I can't close my mouth because it hurts soo much and it feels like a band is keeping my mouth open. My uncle who is my dentist said that I shouldn't put the wax on because it just gets worse if you do. So much pain for just a long time. The worst thing about the braces is that my teeth are straight and white just there is this one tooth that I just got pulled out and is not coming in. I can't smile and I look like a fool. 2 years is a real long time.
Megan 17 April 12
Hey I've had my braces on for 3 years now and i'm 15. To all of you that just got them on the pain eventually goes away and you get really used to them. But a bracket just fell off my right molar and the wire is sticking into my cheek, I tried putting wax on it, but like a lot of you said wax doesn't stick very well. I have no idea what to do, I'm not going back to the orthodontist for 3 days and the pain is unbearable. Plus it is really hard to attend to a tooth that is so far back in my mouth, what should I do???
Abby 25 April 12
Hi, Im 13 and I've had braces for about a year now, and I woke up this morning with a huge ulcer in my lip, it hurts so much, and what makes it worse, I've just had my brace tightened so my teeth hurt to. What can I do?
Sam 28 April 12
Im getting my braces onthe 14th of may but im dreading it im only getting top braces but have already been told it will be agony so wish me luck!!
Linda 16 1 May 12
I now have top and bottom braces since Tuesday and my metal brackets in the bottom are cutting my toungue up really bad and does anyone know how long until this goes away and stops hurting!!! Help I'm in so much pain. Advice on what to do?
Kathy D. 11 May 12
i had braces like a week ago i have had only two mouth ulcers i used wax on one but the other i just ignored it till it went away i also just had two teeth removed and have two more to come out wish me luck wax bonjela and vigmite helps :)
kadeja 14 May 12
I've had braces for just over a year now, I dread everytime we have to go to the dentist 'cus the assistant always hurts me. I recently asked the dentist when they're coming off and he told me I'll have to wait another year or so... I was crushed!! see, the thing is... I want to convince my parents to move to Santa Barbera so I can go for auditions in Los Angeles, 'cus I want to be an actress, and for that I'll have to be "train track free"... but I'm convinced these wire racks are going to come off this year!!! you'll see me soon on your TV screen...
charene 16 May 12
I went to the dentidt today and he said that he is going to refer me to the orthodontist about my massive overbite, he said that he is certain that I will have to have them! Im really worried because people always comment on how nice my smile is and how good I am at singing, now im not going to be able to do that!! :( All of my friends say it only hurts a little bit on the day you get them, but after reading these comments im really worried and nervous about it! It doesnt help that I really cant handle oain atall either! :( Please can someone reassure me about all of this?
Katie H 22 May 12
If your braces are cutting your tongue or inside your mouth, your orthodontist should be able to give you something to put on the braces to stop it from cutting you, just ask, my braces don't really cut me, I've had them about half a year and had one mouth ulcer and I just left it and it went in a couple of days, the worst thing about getting braces is you have to brush your teeth a lot more as more food will get caught in the brace!
PJ 27 May 12
I'm over 60 years old and have had braces for over a year. I don't get ulcers, thankfully, but my lips and jaws STAY sore. The only thing that helps is using the wax. I buy it at Rite Aid and Wal-Mart. I've tried not using it to help my lips toughen up but they haven't toughened up at all.
Sandra 14 June 12
i've been having braces since two years, the best cure for your case is to apply dental wax, this is usually supplied by your orthodontist, no other go bro......... you'll get used to it in a week or so, good luck mate...
Giridhar 17 June 12
The best way to prevent mouth sores from braces is to apply as much dental wax or dental silicone as you need. Or you could try a lip protector. Dental silicone and lip protectors aren't usually found in local stores, but you can get them from . When you have sores in your mouth, rinsing several times per day with salt water can be very soothing. Do not eat acidic foods or drink acidic beverages (they irritate the sores).
Claudia 22 June 12
EURGH! I just had my 4 teeth out, and had braces in like, 4 days ago. The pain wasn't tooo bad, but I only have them on the bottom of my teeth, and on the top, I have those weird retainer thingys. I woke up this morning and I had a massive pain on the inside of my cheeks, only to find they've kinda got cut by the brace. It'll probably go away, so I'm gonna use Bonjella on it. I probably did this by sucking (LOL, IN A NON-DIRTY WAY) in my sleep, so, I'll just have to see what happens. It was fine on the other days, so, who knows!^^
Sandy 22 June 12
If you dont have a bracket on the very back molars of your teeth does it matter? do they later go out of place???
coolies 28 June 12
My name is destiny and I just got my braces on July 3 (2012), and I didn't anything until yesterday when I made my best friend cut up my pizza :/ it sucked I felt like a toddler. Not the point, I just got them and the lady said I wouldn't feel any pain that day....she lied. 4 hours after Igotthem they hurt and they already started cutting up my lips (I have top and bottom braces) and I couldn't take it anymore. I started searching for a faster way to relieve the pain I called my mom (about 30 mins ago crying) and she told me to use anbesol!! I ask soon as I used it felt it work! It numbs the area as soon as it touches!! I don't have wax but I'd recommend everyone using anbesol!!! But just to make sure it didn't cut up my lip when u was sleeping. I used my extra gauss cut them and put them in my mouth .it feels amazing (even thou I can't feel anything) USE anbesol YOU'LL BE AMAZING!!!!! Sorry this was so long I just needed to let you guys know :)
Destiny! 6 July 12
ive had braces for 3 days now and it is pretty saw but u will get used of it! just the worst thing is, is that u cant really eat i dont no what to eat that is soft thats the worst thing so dont worry its fine when they put them in if u have train tracks x
robyn 16 July 12
Mouth ulcers--yep. Got braces for the first time when I was about 45. I didn't have a clue what to expect. Sure, I signed a release, that mentioned things like potential for root rot, etc. But, nothing I signed said anything about non-stop discomfort or mouth ulcers from beginning to end. Even with the retainer I had issues. After 1 1/2 years of braces and six months of the retainer, finally threw them away. I don't really care what happens with my teeth at this point. Seems to me at some point I have to feel my teeth are okay and free again. I think the biggest issue with braces is psychologial, for adults--having someone else "owning" your mouth. Adults should really think hard before getting braces for cosmetic reasons. There are a lot of issues you are never informed of. In addition to the psychological, there is being treated like an adolescent (because that is what the industry is geared for) and the stress it will definitely add to your life. So, if you are going to do it, be prepared.
Avery S. 22 July 12
I got my braces a couple of days ago, and so far I have only had one mouth ulcer, but the problem is my jaw just constantly aches, like I've just been punched in the mouth, I have taken the recomended amount of tablets for my age for 2 days and the pain isn't fading, is there anything else I can try?
Liddie 25 July 12
I've had braces for about 2-3 years. When you get them, you won't feel any pain. (Numbness) The Dentists will say you won't feel any pain. THEY LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next day, I couldn't eat, talk, and my skin was peeling off inside my mouth. I told my mom I wanted them off (crying cuz of the pain) But after a couple of days, THEY DIDN"T HURT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!! =) Wax or pills also really help when the brackets hurt. But overall, NO PAIN!!!! Your mouth gets used to it that you won't feel pain anymore. Now (2012) I have rubber bands (I think the last phase for braces) getting these bad boys (braces) off before December. They hurt, but I know it will stop.
Marie 4 August 12
Got my bottom braces today and the doctor put a saline type thingy on the bottom of my top teeth(its white and hard) preventing me to bite down and prevents my bottom braces to pop off and prevents my top teeth from chipping. The nurse said tht it would feel awk for a couple of days and then the food will start to grind on the white part. So If the saline thing comes off after like 2 days will my bottom braces fall off? Plz help!
Kathy 8 August 12
I have a red bump on the back of my front teeth right after my dentist put this tie around my 2 front teeth and the teeth on both sides of them. I dont know if it is an ulcer or cold sore or what but it HURTS!!!! I also don't know if it has anything to do with what my orthodontist did. He said the tie would close the gap between my teeth. Is that supposed to hurt like this! The bump looks really red and I don't know if it is just the pain from the teeth shifting position or what?! HELP!
Kayli 14 August 12
i have dental brackets for 10 months already and always had mouth sores almost every month. they are so painful that i wanted them to be detached from my teeth. if only i knew how painful this could cause me, i would not spend money for this. it is causing me so much stress.
mimie 14 August 12
I got my tough braces today and there is blue stuff coming from my brackets should I call my orthodontists none of my brackets are loose though???
Haylee 15 August 12
I had braces in on monday and the pain has gone down but i have an ulcer in my right cheek and due to the molar rings the ulcer keeps getting stuck in side the rings and i have to make my mouth wide to release it , its got worse because its been ripping due to it getting stuck I've tried wax n special gel to relieve it but coz i gets stuck it just is scraped off plz recomment on this coz its reli painful and i don't want braces anymore :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucy 24 August 12
Hey everyone. I'm 13 and I've had my braces for almost two years now but yesterday when my orthodontist changed my top and bottom wires I think he made them WAY to tight! I've handled all the other pain and had my wires changed a million times before, I know it makes your teeth numb and you can't really bite down for a bit but this time is ridicoulis! It's 3:00am and I'm on google trying to figure out some way to get rid of the numbness because even moving my tongue and talking will 'cause pain! HELP HELP HELP! Should I see my ortho about this? I don't think I can stand it much longer, It keeps making me cry, I've never had pain as bad as this!
Izzy 20 September 12
I totally hate my braces it started hurting on the second day and im going crazy:0 i could hardly eat anything i think i have ulcers but im not sure???? i want them off!!!!!!!!!
Chris 24 September 12
I'm 14 and two days ago I just got bottoms braces. This is my second time having braces but I can't remember that much of having them. I can deal with all the mouth ulsers and saw lips but my teeth as killing me and one of my teeth have started to become wobble! Is it normal that all my bottom teeth feel very weak?
Lucinda 3 November 12
I've had braces like a month ago. I have deal with sores in my cheeks, like near the molar ring. But there's this sore on my upper lip and it gets worse because it get hits by the bracket and it is swelling. I am putting daktarin as a gel to cure and it is indeed painful but i think it doesnt help, i am also on my water therapy but i dont know, i dont think these help. Help what to do?
Irish 20 November 12
Urgh, I got braces a few months ago and I recently went for a check up. All my dentist did was put a new hook in (to hook the rubber bands) and change one of them because it was loose and coming out. So now a few days later I have an ulcer on my left cheek. I can deal with ulcers - they are pain but this time on top of that my braces are running against my cheek where the mouth ulcer is and my cheek is slightly swollen :( It hurts like a b*tch! even to talk. I can see the inside of my cheek - the one that's ok is normal colour, pinkish and the other side is red. You can tell thaty left cheek is swollen and I can feel (if I put one hand on one cheek and the other hand on the other) that the left cheek is slightly pudgier < is that a word lol. Anyaway I'm using TCP and Iglu which I just brought today and it did help a bit. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow oooooooow it freaking hurts :(
Cassie 7 December 12
I am 13, I got my twin-block braces 3 days ago and I've never experienced so much pain in my mouth!! I'm not able to eat with it in BUT my orthodontist said not to take it out when I eat?! I've been living on yogurt for the last 3 days :P I seriously want to take them out.. I've taken so many painkillers and none of them work.. Bonjela seems to work but it stings so much when I apply it. can someone please advise me on what to do? :'(
Lauren 21 December 12
Oh great, I'm nearly a teenager, you know, and I've been through a lot of pain in my lifetime, but what I really hate are mouth ulcers or canker sores. Really. And headaches, too, plus stomachaches. No kidding, really.
How do you get rid of these painful sores? I have dental braces on (I've had them for almost a year now) and I think I've already gotten 7-10 sores. They're so painful and they make me wanna cry because of the pain. My cheeks are swollen and soft, and I'm extremely relieved whenever they go away, but then after a month or less the sores come back again. Please, please, help me. I hate mouth ulcers!!!
MouthUlcerHater 22 January 13
I am 43 and have given birth to five children, but have never experienced pain like these ulcers. I got my brace about 2 weeks ago, should have done it 30 years ago I know :( Using wax and bonjela but I actually just want to cry. Trying to teach in this much pain is no fun.
Cate 5 February 13
this website has different ways to ease sores in the mouth after putting braces. helpful for those looking for help with their sores!
Lyn 17 July 13
I have just got fuctional braces. It's the first ever time of having something like this and even braces! I know they are not train track ones but they still kill. My bottom teeth are so sore and I don't know what to do my front tooth I can't touch because it hrts and my gum is so red!
I also have a lisp too which is so annoying and embarrassing!! By the way I'm 12, and does anyone no how long the pain will carry on for?
Violet green 20 July 13
Try buying wax at your orthadontics and put it on the brace that's giving you an ulser. If your braces are tight then have an ice-cream or something (good excuse to have one ;)) since that will make them expand slightly.
And does anyone else have the two blue blobs on the back teeth because I got my braces two days ago and they are uneven so the right one is making my top tooth hurt. Any ideas of what to do would be appreciated :(
Mike 21 July 13
I just got braces 4 days ago! I thought they were going to heaven, but they aren't! I HATE THEM!! I'm 14 and I am going to get them off when I'm 16! I have no idea what I am going to do! When I got my braces on the first day they didn't hurt and I didn't have ulcers, but all of the sudden they started to appear and I now have 6. I tried putting Wax on the barts that my brackets keep rubbing, and I look stupid because I have to open my mouth up with my fingers because I'm in so much pain because of the braces and the ulcers. When I put wax it keeps coming off and it is in the molar area and that is where it is mostly is most. I am very scared.
Meg 10 September 13
I've had braces for a while now and the best thing for mouth ulcers is to use the wax but before you apply it sort of dry that part of your mouth and it should stay on better. They will eventually go away but try not to think about them to much
Samantha 16 September 13
i got brace yesterday everything seemsed fine, until this morning where the brackets had actually cut into my cheek, i have put wax on the bracket but it wont stay on and now it is still sore to talk or more my mouth, because they still rubb, if anyone has answer please help, i got sent home from school today because i cried so much that it hurt they sent me home!! so please any thing that could help i will be grateful for
hannah 25 October 13
I have had braces for a month and a little bit I just got new wires and it hurts a lot but is it supposed to feel like your teeth are uneven because that's what my mouth feels like and instead of my teeth getting straighter they got spaced out and there was never a gap before so I am worried that the braces are making my teeth move differently then they are supposed to. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
Madison 21 November 13
I am 41 and after years of hating my crooked teeth I finally decided to get 6month braces. They were put a week ago and I have been in so much pain since with severe mouth ulcers, the wax doesn't help and neither does the steroid mouthwash my dentist gave me. She had not checked my medical history which includes a suppressed immune system. At no point in my consultation was I informed I could get severe mouth ulcers, nor is it in any of the written information. In addition to pain, I can't eat, sleep, talk and have missed a week of work. I think dentists have a duty to inform patients of potential consequences of getting braces so that patients can make informed decisions. I think they are blinded by the ÄÄÄÄ and lose sight of the patient. It is not good enough.
Helen O'Neill 21 November 13
I have had braces now for three months or so...and at first I was in a lot of pain it was hard to eat and i got sors on the inside of my mouth by my checks..but it went away after a month. Then i got my bottom braces on about three weeks ago and I guess my lower lip rests closer to my teeth beacuse I had a bunch of ulcers. For a week i was walking around with wax on all my lower braces and it looked like my bottom lip was swolen. And the wax stayed on even over night. The trick is to nead the wax and make it soft and push it into the brackets...this does work cause I was even able to eat with it on without the wax falling off. Obviously you need to take it off a brush evey time you eat. My mouth no longer furts to eat and my mouth is back to normal. And i read on a message that someone got there braces on and they dont go back for 12 weeks!!! thats crazy and you should find a new densist. I go once a month, and if something is wrong they tell me to come in imediately. And if I want my rubber bands changed cause I do have ceramic braces I can come anytime I want and its free of charge.
TWill007 11 December 13
i got the bands fitted to my molars (not fixed) yesterday and it has caused me so much pain throughout the night that i finally removed them and informed the ortho.i cud neither eat nor talk properly.
shakira 17 December 13
my mouth herts so much i have sores and i dnt have a ride to get them fixed.well my brackets, on of them fell off and its scatching the side of my mouth what do i do. can i sue if my dentist doesn't fix them, and if he takes them out on my time then doesn't give me any retainer can i sue
shelly 17 December 13
Help me please I'm in so much pain, I got my braces tightened and right after that I developed a skin colored lump on the top of my mouth by my braces that was tightened, it's hurts so bad I cannot eat or swallow its hard to breath sometimes and I just need to get rid of this lump but how? Can anyone help me please?
Alyssa 7 January 14
i just had my damon braces 5 days ago, yeah it hurts my teeth and got some ulcers also due to the scratching of brackets to my left cheeks then I bit my right cheeks when i was eating. eating is also a challenge, soft foods only..but i am positive with the pain is tolerable when i cant take it anymore i take pain killers as prescribed by my ortho and after a few minutes the pain is gone...swishing with lukewarm water with salt in it is also for me i think is effective for sores, yes its painful for a few minutes as u gargle but its worth it after then put wax on the brackets that scratch the ulcer..i do it 3 times a day after taking snacks bcause u can't really take a regular full meal now wen u have ur braces. but its cool.we have to pay the price to get beautiful smiles in 18 months. hope this encourage you. be positive.endure the pain.ul get used to it :)
Myles 25 Jan 08, 2014 8 January 14
The dentist said I can took off my baraces but I still can't close my mouth properly. Is it suppose to be like this since the braces are still on or is it because of my gum that are quite large and shown like Demi lovato? Please help confuse
Megan 19 February 14
Hi everybody,
So glad to hear that I'm not the only one with these problems (well, not glad that you suffer too, but you know what I mean). I got blue rubber elastics put between my molars a while back, it hurt a little and my teeth was very sensitive when eating, but when I then got the metal bands cemented to my teeth three days ago, NOTHING could have prepared my for it. It didn't really hurt to begin with, but the following morning, my cheeks were covered in huge ulcers. Today and yesterday, I have struggled to eat, sleep, drink, talk - I don't even have to move my mouth for it to hurt. Saw a doctor, he didn't really know what he was doing, but I got this mouthwash that makes my tongue all numb and sting-y but does nothing else, and these teeny little pills that are apparently are supposed to dissolve in my mouth but instead just sit by my ulcers and taste gross. So far I am NOT impressed...and I haven't even got the proper brace bit yet!! The ulcers are excruciating, they kept me up until 3am this morning. I was given no warning, no wax, and my orthodontist isn't available to talk to. Great. Please help?!
Hope things go well for you all, that you are pleased with the results :D
Ellie 2 March 14
Hi Im 12 and I have had braces for many many years and here are some tips to reduce pain. The saltwater trick works for your gums, the wax works for ulcers, and Ibprofen eliminates pain whenever you get your braces tightened, chew gum immediately before they start hurting. Also, there is a gel you can buy at the store called oragel and that will solve most if not all of your pain problems. It is realy strong so don't use a lot of it. I hope thid Blurb hepled ya out a bit
P.S., sorry about your suffering
Some guy 14 March 14
If they are fitted correctly, braces will aline your teeth and your teeth will look stunning after the treatment. It is a tedious process to have braces for months or even years, but it is worth it. All the ulcers and the aching is very much worth it.

Things to note;
1. Having braces fitted is a virtually painless experience.
2. The taste of the brace glue is probably the worst part of the brace fitting experience. It's taste is comparable to bile - Yet sometimes you won't even taste it.
3. You can get wax to prevent ulcers, but if you allow your mouth to adapt to the wires rubbing, you will begin to suffer less pain. I decided on this method because I would get food in my wax (despite frequent cleaning, flossing and rinsing), and with saliva as well it was rather unpleasant. Salt applied to ulcers, or rinsing with salt water; can help to heal ulcers or cuts in the mouth.
4. Braces or brace sections will ache the most on the day after fitting.
5. Your teeth will ache for about a week +, meaning that soups, stews and curries (definitely on the day after fitting and the suceeding day after that); mashed foods, soft fruits and vegetables are your best friend in this time. Other foods may be hard for you to chew, and could (Rarely) damage your brace.
6. Brace tightening happens by replacing the initial or preceeding wire with a slightly thicker wire. Your teeth will ache each time your brace is tightened, but not as much as they ached the day after your initial brace fitting.
7. Take care of your teeth. This is a given at any time, but with braces especially. You must ensure you don't leave food in your brace, and be sure to clean your teeth often. I largely avoid carbonated drinks and sweets to keep my teeth especially healthy. Unhealthy braced teeth can become scarred.
8. You will get used to having braces, even if it doesn't feel like it to begin with.
9. It is worth it. If you need braces, getting them will be one of the best decisions you ever make. You will be in pain, you will feel upset about them sometimes, you might even feel a little ashamed - but when you finally have them taken off; if you have taken care of your teeth, your teeth will be beautiful and straight; and perfect-o.
10. Finally - smile. There is no shame in a brace. Get used to smiling, because you'll be doing a lot of it when you gain a brilliant smile when your treatment is over. Take care of yourself and your teeth.

I have had a top brace for 4 months and a bottom brace for a week. I have a 11mm overbite which is significantly large, and requires a jaw extension operation (at 18yrs). I am set to have braces for 2 years prior to this. I am elated to have my braces, but that doesn't mean I can't wait to get them off.

READ ME :) - SB 16 7 April 14
I'm 12 years old and had braces. The only time they were a problem were when they were first put on, tightened, and when I was introduced to the fellow elastics. I've noticed my teeth were getting straighter and my smile was getting brighter. I grew more excited as time flew by. Now I'm so happy with my smile and not regretting one single second of the soreness. (:
If you ever get the opportunity to get braces, get them! You won't get over that beautiful smile in the mirror after getting them off. <3
Petrified Bubble 15 April 14
I'm 54 years old. My bottom teeth have always been very crowed making flossing and keeping stains off difficult so, I'm Very excited to have my braces :-) The Orthodontist recommended and installed Incognito braces (on bottom only) this past Monday afternoon. The people at the ortho office were very helpful & I received a 'care package' of helpful items including wax along w/written & verbal instruction before I left.
My tongue was a bit confused where to 'park itself to not rub on the bottom against the wires but by nighfall I figured it would 'figure it out so,
I just brushed my teeth & went to bed w/out trying the wax or 'Gooshy Goo' they gave me.
BIG MISTAKE. By morning I had a very sore red area on the bottom side of my tongue.
I tried the Gooshy Goo but it's a mystery to me as it doesn't seem to stick properly even when I dry the are w/paper towel before try to apply & if I wait too long it hardens in shape so:
I have since been applying the wax from one side all the way to the other side covering everything & my tongue is almost completely healed. It feels 'wonderful' to have the wax on :-) USE IT!
Linda 21 May 14
I am having braces since december 2013 .. 5 months ago . And the frst time at night i am suddenly brought in the hospital cause i cant breath .. Its been 5 months of wearing braces and 3 times emergency brought in hospital ... Its really sucks that i cant eat , cant speak well and tge worst is there are times that i cant breath . Thats why my family always bringing me to the hospital . I keep on taking meds like tramadol and clyndamicin cause i am allergic in mefanamic and amoxicilin . Worst is i cant breath, with head ache . Much head ache and like a numb thing up in my head .. Do u guys experience the same thing ?
Daijieh 31 May 14
I am 11'years old yes it hurts at first but later in it doesn't hurt so bad I lives hour and a half away from my dentist so when a bracket or wire is loose or poking me I use the wax most the time
Madison Roberts 16 June 14
I'm 51. I've been wearing my fixed brace for 5 weeks. I wear wax mainly just at night and where I can let my ulcers rub a bit during the day. It is working and my mouth tightening up. Sometime my jaws ache from the constant "looking for a place to settle". I've two lower bite blocks so my teeth only meet in two small places. So I still can't eat harder food. Bonus is I've lost a stone in weight. Lastly the side of my tongue at the back is sometimes very painful and the taste bud type lumps swell up. Usually it gets better over night but I will ask my dentist about it. I'm finding I smile more and my face has stretched a bit so some wrinkle lines around my mouth have reduced too. So sore at times but living with it for 18months so trying to accommodate it all!
janette H 18 June 14
Hi, I just got my braces yesterday they were feeling fine until I woke up the next morning and it was the worse pain in my life. I didn't want to eat,chew,even not moving them it hurt. I read it get easier ever day but I still in a lot of pain during day 3. Any tips on how to make it not hurt so much. P.S I tried getting a hot towel it work ok but still any tips!!!!!!
Ashley 16 July 14
hey everyone im 11 years old and i got braces yesterday and when i woke up this was killing me! i couldnt move my mouth but for some reason it felt comoforyable when i smiled! anyway i really need more advice that wont involve wax.
andrea 17 July 14
Does anyone have a bracket that's much sharper than the others. I know braces can be a little bit sharp but this is too sharp. I've tried wax, but me mouth is to wet to kelp the wax on it. Can anyone help?
Emmy 18 July 14
I am getting braces tomorrow... Any tips on how to relieve the pain quick? Does the pain hurt so much that you could cry? xD I need re assurence that it wont be as painful as I think it will be.
Leila 28 July 14
I'm 13 and I got twin block today. My speech is ridiculous and I can't eat. Everyone has said it really hurts the first few days but so far I've only had a little aching (yay)!! It hurts a little to put them in cause their pretty tight, but the dentist said they will loosen up after a few days! Another problem is the spit in my mouth but that should also go back to normal after a few days. I hope everyone else with braces and functional appliances doesn't have too much pain!
Holly 7 August 14
Hi I just got braces and they absolutely kill I have been told that the first few days hurt the most but I have big mouth blisters and a big swollen mouth like I have had Botox . I'm not worrying though cause I just keep saying to myself, think of the outcome !
Moll august 17 17 August 14
Hi, I'm 12 I have had braces for a year and I have a question, my ortho puts little springs on my teeth to push them out quicker (it works I have to say) but I have got one this morning and already have an ulcer. I don't have any brace wax left so?? Thank you for any tips.
Leah 22 August 14
hi,i am 10.I got braces yesterday.They don't hurt at all but the next 3 to 4 days it'ill hurt like anything because its something new which has come into your mouth and your not used to when a got up my teeth started to hurt.I could not eat anything hard.they are still hurting.And i got a boil.Don't worry your not the only child with the kind of pain.I KNOW HOW YOUR FEELING
antara 14 September 14
I'm 17 I've had my braces for a month now and I like them but the brackets get stuck on my cheek and I keep getting a sore every time my braces run against my lip it's the worst is there any stronger kind of wax that doesn't like melt?
Julie 16 September 14
I got my braces today and I can't eat anything and it feels like my teeth are going to snap in half, is there anyway I can stop the pain?
Emma 29 September 14
Got braces on two days ago, really saw. Use ibuprofen or paracetamol to get rid of pain. When putting on the wax, DRY THE AREA FIRST, it helps so much!!
Dylan 2 October 14
Omg I just got my braces today and they hurt so much!!! when do they stop hurting? I also got these mouth sores please tell me that they will go away, because I don't want to be stuck with three mouth sores for two years. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!
Noelle 11 November 14
Miniburger 23 November 14
Hi,i just got my braces tightened and they hurt like hell.Can someone tell me what to eat.
antara 2 December 14
I had braces 4 years ago and had them pm on a total of 5 years because I moves and then found out they were doing them wrong.
I had a complete hate for them and still do!
When they first got put in I had all the usual aches pains ulcers, inability to eat, sickness everything. My first ortho decided on I don't need any teeth out, that has caused inoperable and unchangeable damage to one of my back teeth that the rings went on, now that tooth is inline with all the others, casing it to sit under my tounge, and has affected my speech now, nothing terrible, I slur words occasionally!

Second bit of fun I had with them, the wires, every stage I went through, anything from 2mm-8mm extra wire was stuck through the hoops, slicing my mouth up over and over, I got fed up one day and pulled out the wire with a fork, it's actually easy and painless and the pressure release was lovely, I could eat normally again with in ten minutes. I spoke to my dad at the time about the whole situation, and we bought loads of sterilising equipment, got out the baby bottle washer and then everytime I had them in(regardless of telling them) we got home pulled it out and trimmed the bugger down, 2 years of that worked.

Another problem I found, the rings flared out at the bottom, I remember this very well as it was like a razor to my tounge, one day one of the rings actually come offsending the wire into my cheek, are pulling the wire and ring out my mouth it had become quite apparent that they are directional and it had been fitted incorrectly in comparison to the other side, causing the razor like effect. The new one was fitted correctly and the razor pain stopped.

After loosing block and bands, wires and rings I was at the end of my teather, I had anger issues as a child and the fact I got told I was wrong over and over by the ortho effected my mental wealther at the time.

After falling out with my dad I moved up the county to burton on trent, and the ortho here was a saviour! Apparently I needed teeth to be removed to allow for the movement, so had four taken out, one small issue regarding the dentist women who was sat of top of me, molegrips clamped to the tooth shaking my head side to side, after 18(!) injections to various parts of my face to relive the pain the bugger come out, along with a crazy amount of blood, where I passed out in the center of town with two tampons in my mouth from the dentist to stop me drooling as I had no facial functionality.

But after a couple.of years with this ortho, the day come those glorious words were mentioned, that it you're teeth are fixed. I had to lie to get it there by bringing my lower jaw a bit further forward as I stopped wearing the bands because apparently there was not much movement with them in, but I don't really care.

A few tips I come across to help all you lot.
It hurts like mad, expect the worse because you get everything, cuts, ulcers, can't eat, headache, jaw ache, abscesses and so on.
When there off due to you're jaw structure changing, you're lower jaw will click, alot, when you're cold it's even worse, mines locked up on me before, I have a tiny bit of cement they left on, when I'm sick and my lips dry up, it does cut them, ulcers again.....
Lots of callus tissue and scarring has left 'nodes' that do get in the way and ulcer. Smokers Mouthwash is you're best friend and so is warm salt water
The wax can work, but doesn't, bigger wires mean you're not eating for the next few days. If like me you're ortho doesn't listen to you, ask to see another

I had traintrack uppers and lowers connected by elastic bands at the back either side, no pre retainer.

My initial ortho was in Edgware in the UK, oppositelidl(several years ago) but is on the same road as the trainstation, before the hospital.
Don't use them.

Troy Medina 8 December 14
Hi I am 13 and I had my twin block put on yesterday. I have to wear it for 23 hours a day and can only take it out to eat and clean my teeth and twin block. I've never been in
So much pain before. It hurts so bad, especially on my bottom front teeth. I also can't talk and it keeps me awake all night. I just hope its all worth it, just for 'good-looking' teeth. I was perfectly happy with an overbite, it looked fine but I guess well see how this torture turns out.
Nicole 23 December 14
I've had my twin block retainer for nearly two months now and I still have a lisp!Everyone makes fun of it even my friends :(I've looked online and it said that a lisp only lasts a few days or a week but I still have mine!When will I get rid of it or will I have it forever?
Alex 4 January 15
someone 21 January 15
Hi I'm 15 and I had my braces about 4 days ago, my teeth have stopped hurting now but I'm getting loads of cuts in the sides of my lip and cheek, when I put the wax on it was great, (I recomend using wax if your getting sores) but yesterday I lost my wax and can't get anymore untill next week, somone please tell me what I can use in the time being, the pain is awful!!!!!!!!!
Morgan 1 February 15
I first got braces in August of 2013 and was given twin blocks to try fix my overbite. I wore them religiously for 2 months despite the lisp and the hassle of having to clean them. Soon I just got fed up wearing them and took them out. When I went back to my orthodontist for a progress check I told her I wasn't wearing them and it just wasn't working for me. So she decided to give me fixed braces but the drawback is I have to get two teeth removed to fix my overbite. Right now I only have braces on my bottom teeth as they have to move so far before I can get the teeth removed and the top ones put on. I have had my train tracks for around 5 months and although there is less hassle and no lisp they are quite sore some days. Usually when I get them tightened they will hurt that day and then for maybe two days after but the pain fades with paracetamol. Very frequently I will get ulcers where the braces are at the very front of my mouth which usually appear when I wake up as my mouth is dry when I sleep and it runs of the brackets. Overall I think it has been worth changing to train tracks and getting braces as in only a few months people have noticed that my teeth look straighter already!!! If anyone know how to prevent these ulcers when I sleep let me know. I use wax sometimes but it always falls off :(
Megan Grant 3 February 15
Just got braces two days ago and I there are scratches that appears on my mucosa.What should I do? When will the pain go away?
Mary Ann 9 February 15
I had been wearing a twin block for 10 weeks and my orthodontist suddenly decided it was time for fixed braces. I only have them on the top jaw but it still hurts real bad and the sores on my mouth are horrible. Its constantly cutting the inside of my cheeks. My mom refuses to buy wax, insisting its nothing. Someone have any advice??? Xx
Nicole 5 March 15
So I've had my twin blocks in for a week now, it hurt like hell the first few days but gradually got better, but now where the bottom block ends just under my tongue is so sore, any advice on how to ease the pain? They're glued in so I can't access that area very well :((
Lucy 16 March 15
I just got my bottom braces on 2 days ago and they hurt super bad! Not only that but i have a massive sore inside my mouth. AND NO WAX! What i have been doing to avoid the pain is gargling salt water every morning and night and making home made gaws by rolling up paper towel into little rolls and it really works i also recommend texting friends that had braces or have them and ask what they do or did when they got sores in there mouth
izzy 9 April 15
Hi, I have had fixed braces on both my upper-jaw and my lower-jaw for about 8 weeks, today I just got them all tightened and it hurts so bad. It hurts more than when I first got them put on. I also have so many mouth ulcers and cuts all over my mouth. My orthodontist have me some wax the first time, but it was such a small amount that it only lasted me 1 week :( My mouth is just hurting everywhere and if anyone knows how to ease the pain then that would be very helpful. Also I am not allowed to go buy anything because my parents just say it is nothing and they aren't willing to pay for any wax or anything. If you have any advice then it would be very much appreciated xx
Emily &#128156; 20 April 15
Hey, i just recently got my braces on a couple days ago and as they were putting them on i touched my tongue to the bare adhesive and now my tongue is all swollen and orange. If anybody could relate to this and knows some solutions that'd be great! Thanks! (:
Braden 14 August 15
I've only had braces on the top front four since June 25 and I was basically used to the pain because I already had my palatal expander in for 2-3 months. Two days ago I got the full wore put it and i have no idea what to do about my cheek it feels like the wire cut it and I have no wax for the actual brackets
Alyssa 15 August 15
I have got my braces in and I find peppermint mouthwash
helps it leaves the actual ulcer but takes away the the soreness

Ella Green 4 September 15
I got my braces almost 3 months ago and yes my teeth were a little sore and achy from the pressure for the first few days, but I wouldn't say it was painful. The part that IS painful, however, is these damn molar bands with the little metal hooks that are digging into my cheeks! Kinda feels like someone is taking a serrated knife and sawing and stabbing the inside of my cheeks. Now THAT hurts. But I guess that's the price you have to pay to have healthy, beautiful, straight teeth. No pain, no gain, right?
Erin 19 September 15
I always waentd to be different Julia, never waentd to look the same as everyone else. You look so good in your afos, I'm sure people will want to copy you. You're a STAR. I have CMT1a.. xx June Griffiths
Mougan 26 September 15
Julia! You go girl! Being different also means you are an Original! And you dnfaeitely are! We love you! Great article! Tania,GG and Ethan! Tyler and Ray too!
Praveen 26 September 15
I got braces today too. Can you put vasilene on it?
Billy Sefton 23 October 15
OK, how about this- two of my wisdom teeth haven't eutpred yet! Does having half of my wisdom (teeth) make it dangerous?!Soon Anush will have her own teeth in her hand to learn more from.:)
Jorge 28 November 15
Oh my G..... I have braces, lower level put on three days ago and the ulcers are hell. The sharp bits of metal and everything associated with braces is caveman style, like dark ages shite, that should never be attached to anyone, let alone young people going to school. I'm an adult, so having a lower brace which is needed due to teeth moving in older years etc..... I didn't know how bad, how much pain etc I'd have to suffer. I just got out a nail file and filed the sharp bits of metal which do feel somewhat better. Metal Braces are so primitive they should be banned. How does anyone expect young people to go to school, do exams under such agony. You have to be kidding me.................. So if you are a Mum or Dad, please no braces for kids.... perhaps invisilgn if you are in a health fund, and surely there is something better out there than what I am suffering at present. I'm not a wimp. Two back operations, went fine, really doing well, and three children................. Braces can constitute the level of having a bad infection. Oh did I mention the ulcers, the swelling, the lumps in throat, urgh.................. Say no to Braces. They truly suck.
Suzanne Williams 11 December 15
I have had twin blocks for about 6 months now! I hate them so much but I'm so close to getting rid of them and getting fixed braces. I were them regularly but not to school. The lisp goes the more you wear them, it gets a lot better. I don't even notice them anymore but still not comfortable wearing them at school. It has helped my overbite so much, more than I ever thought it would. I would just say to keep wearing them and push on with it as I feel as if it is definitely worth it. Also they are gone before you know it!
Hermione 14 March 16
I got my twin block braces about 2-3 weeks ago now. I was told I'd have to wear them for 9 months as my overbite is really bad. I have a terrible lisp and they told me it will go away soon. But my problem is that under my lower brace I have 2 blisters, one each side of my mouth, they hurt. I was told that wax would help, but it really didn't. So my mum suggested bonjela teething pain relief gel. It works but it takes forever to soak into my gums. What else could I use to sooth my mouth blisters?
Ashleigh 17 April 16
I brace block thing about a month ago and the bottom brace hurts so bad to put it in and digs into my skin... Is this normal?
Millie 12 July 16
Ok so I got my braces the day before school started. Yeah you won't believe the type of hell I've been living. I didn't think I would really need the wax because when I did try it on it would not stick. Finally when I realize that this pain isn't just from my gums but also the sides of my cheeks. I cannot tell you how much wax I've had to use. Sores keep popping up every day I have at least 5 and it is only day 4. I have been applying wax since day 2 I do not understand what else I have to do to prevent sores from popping up. So what should I do? I asked the orthodontist, "here you go more wax!" Thank but no thank you it takes me at least 2 hours to put it on because I have to remove the old wax, brush my teeth, then floss and then reapply wax. The wax already takes forever to keep on. I have been told by friends they never got sores and they never had to use wax which I find hard to understand. Then they tell me you get use to it DRIVING INTO YOUR SKIN. What on earth is this?! Why should I a 16 year old entering her junior year be going through this pain when I have applied so much wax I could create a sculpture the size of the first Ferris wheel. Is there an alternative to wax? If it's another type of wax don't recommend that to me thanks. Will I get use to the braces driving into my skin as the months go by? How do I get rid of sores instantly since so many have been showing up?
Joanna 6 August 16
I just got removable braces (top and bottom) and first they were fine but they have started to cut my gum and lips and they are near impossible to remove without pinching me!

I have to wear them in bed, but take them out for eating and brushing my teeth. I find it really hard to remove them because I think they are too tight!

Is this normal for braces to cut, rub and pinch?!?
Emily 18 December 16
i have had my braces for 2 days now and my mouth kills i have 2 ulcers on my tongue and it has cut my lip open from the bracket but i got unlucky as i got twin blocks they kill i want them off
india 27 january 17 27 January 17
You will get Ulcers/Sores they will pop they will irritate you but that's braces ! You can try bongela etc but the pain will come and go!!!!! My ulcers come and go and just ignore it and in a week it will go away just calm down its a long process!
loosh 5 April 17
Alright, braces. They suck, basically. Yes, they are uncomfortable. Yes, you have to get them tightened every 2 months, and yes, not to quote Shikamaru here but, they are a drag. Unfotunately, that's just what you're gonna have to deal with. They will cause mouth ulcers because the world is against us all, but if you have Bonjela, Pain killers and wax, you're all good. I'd suggest using these and others if necessary, because if you don't take anything, you're literally making yourself want to die for the next year.
Olive 18 November 17
Hi I have the same problem to and what I do I push the braces forward then I clean around the affected area with the interdental and the mouthwash and all the other stuff they give you then I push the actual ring itself forward and the tooth back because what is happening is that the tooth wants to go back but the ring is going back with it which it is not supposed to be doing hence why the rubbing on the gums and painful ulcers. I would also suggest call your dentist or orthodontist to book an appointment because it could be that the ring has bent around the wrong way. But I hope this helps
Zipporah 1 December 17
Hello Everyone
Just thought I would share my experiences with twin block braces my 11 year old daughter currently has. She found them very difficult for the first week (painkillers and plenty of tlc) but after this they really started to feel a lot better. Her speech improved and she felt a lot more confident about wearing them. She doesn't wear them to eat but she does to drink. She has had them for 6 months now and has to have them for a further 6 months. She has had a few issues with ulcers because they have rubbed at times. If they do rub make sure to go to your orthodontist and ask them to grind/sand down the section of plastic or tweek the metal bracket that is causing the problem. There is no reason at all that an orthodontist shouldn't be able to do this for you. If it doesn't work the first time, go back again and keep on going back until they feel pain free! If the orthondontist won't do this for you I suggest you threaten to find another more understanding one. We don't need to have children putting up with pain of ulcers. Good Luck everyone - and persevere, they are worth it! Hope this helps.
Karen Jones 4 January 18
I have had my twin blocks for 6 months and you get really used to them, I donít even notice them any more but I have had a blister for them once that was really painful so I just left the bottom one out for a while. But I wear mine all the time including to eat and do sports so this didnít affect me but I f you donít wear them enough and then leave them out even longer then they wonít work
Izzy 16 March 18
Coconut oil, keeps mouth moist, alleviates symptoms and reduces friction
Jodie 8 April 18

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