Anyone? Best treatment for vicious tongue ulcers?!!

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hi everyone, i have suffered from mouth,gum ulcers try gly oxide its peroxide for the mouthe comes in a small plastic container and just drop som on th areas 2-3x day swish it in your mouth then spit out it will make white bubbles but thayt just means its foaming out the bacteria in your mouth,it works every time told to me to use it from my dentist try it, it will work😁
chris 11 April 19
I followed the paracetamol method on this thread and it is a miracle. I took a paracetamol capsule, opened it and out the powder directly onto the ulcer using my finger. The pain went away in minutes and I could eat again. Amazing, thank you so much for the suggestion.
Sabrina 16 February 19
I think more people should consider CBD as a solution for this. I eat vitamin gummy bears so i just incorporated CBD gummy bears into my routin. As an adult it has worked wonders. I wish I started it earlier. If anyone else is experiencing a similar issue id suggest looking into it. I personally like the CBD gummies. And have been taking these for the last 3 months with decent success!
Alexcoiny 5 October 18
I suffered for years with mouth ulcers, really debilitating ones on the tongue and cheeks. Tried everything to relieve the pain, but a brilliant doctor made the link between the ulcers and a vitamin b12 deficiency. I now get b12 injected every 3 months and have maybe 2 ulcers in the past 8 years, and theyíve come when Iíve been late with the injection. I think you can get the injection privately of your doctor wonít recommend it. Canít urge people enough to try that,
To try and eradicate the underlying cause rather than pain treatment
Richard 23 February 18
i dont know how to use paracetamol either you keep it as a tablet or powdered on your tongue?
Alwin Sabu 20 February 18
I've had mouth ulcers that won't go away for 4 years .. i applied various types of gels . Tried mouthwashes ... tried various oils what worked for me was apply baking soda then dip a small cotton in clove oil (full dipped) ... keep it in the ulcer ulcers have started to heal .. it's really a very painful method but works wonders
Mars 16 January 18
paracetamol (panadol) rubbed on the ulcer WORKS WONDERS
Jon 5 December 17
Hello all.

I am 22 years old, and for as long as I can remember, I have ALWAYS suffered with mouth ulcers. They come in multiples never less than 3, and sometimes up to 5 or 6.

I have tried ALL kinds of different remedies and to no affect. A few years ago i tried a product called Frador. THIS WORKS AMAZINGLY. I cannot stress to you enough what it does for me. INSTANT relief, halfs the healing time to about 4 days (once the ulcer has fully come out), allows me to eat and speak properly.

I would HIGHLY recommend this. You can get it on Amazon UK, not sure about the other Amazon regions.
James Taylor 16 September 17
How does one use the paracetamol method. Do you cut the medicine so that its exposed or just rub the ulcers with the complete tablet.
RM 10 September 17
Thank you for the parcemotal advise really works ...was in agony to say the least but placing a paracetamol really worked...Thank you so much
Sb 22 August 17
Hydrocortisone 2.5 mg tablets.(Adhesive Buccal tablets).....start working within 24 hours...can buy them from most chemists...not a cure but clears them temporarily!
Jenny, UK 31 July 17
New product my wife brought home (shes an RN) for me for my ulcers called HURRICANE ... I bput it on with a qtip because it is a gel ... It numbs it to stop the pain and other ingredients dissolve it ... Next day they are gone
David L Pinter 27 July 17
I'm a big fan of the product "canker covers". There are the only non-prescription product I've used that dramatically reduces the duration of the ulcer. They form a pain barrier too which for me meant being able to speak and eat. Widely available in the US and maybe available online elsewhere. They are these little tablets that you apply directly to the ulcers. You can break them up for very tiny ulcers and use more that one at a time if needed. They stick to your ulcer and any surrounding tissue forming a seal that stops the pain. The tablet transforms into a gel-like substance as it reacts with your saliva. Slowly over about 8-12 hours it dissolves. I find they work most effectively overnight as you are not moving you mouth, eating drinking, etc. In the daytime they are still effective but tend to dissolve more rapidly. My worst ulcers are due to a wine allergy and can be up to 25 tiny painful ones at a time. The canker covers work well for regular ulcers too.
Meokk 18 May 17
After reading this thread, this was what I gleaned that worked for most people:

Rubbing a Paracetamol or Panadol tablet on the affected area as the tablet melts.

Another solution I have that worked for me was to consume a lot of watermelon. Watermelons are naturally cooling, I think (In Singapore, we have this whole concept or heaty(acidic) and cooling(alkaline) foods - consuming too much heaty foods like fried food causes mouth ulcers).

Eating large amounts of watermelon works for me everytime.
Josh from Singapore 26 April 17
My only advice is to sit a piece of ice on the ulcer, but i'm not completely sure.
Chantelle 14 April 17
Hi guys I get mouth ulcers quite a lot now but I have found an excellent cure. My ulcers shrunk overnight and the pain had gone. I used iglu mouth ulcer gel. Trust me it works so well. Please try it
Luke 1 February 17
Sorry its called Albothyl if you look it up it's for some strange stuff but it really works
Ian 28 November 16
South Korea has this red liquid medicine some kind of internal but external bacteria killer stuff I'm not sure but it really works for the White sores in my mouth it's extremely painful at first but heals in days instead of weeks or months only thing that's not a Korean symbols says:
"Albthyl. Conc. Sol. Policresulen sol. 5ml"
you dip a Q-tip in it then press on sore. only thing that ever worked for me hope this helps :)
Ian 28 November 16
South Korea has this red liquid medicine some kind of internal but external bacteria killer stuff I'm not sure but it really works for the White sores in my mouth it's extremely painful at first but heals in days instead of weeks or months only thing that's not a Korean symbols says:
"Albthyl. Conc. Sol. Policresulen sol. 5ml"
you dip a Q-tip in it then press on sore. only thing that ever worked for me hope this helps :)
Ian 28 November 16
I have suffered with ulcers in my mouth my whole life. About 6 mnths ago i was on 3 different antibiotics and my mouth exploded with ulcers. I lost 25 pounds i didn't eat for 5 days. Since then i get a week maybe 2 or 3 wks reliefe and only on my tongue i get ulcers. Its EXTREMELY PAINFUL. I have searched and teaearched. I read that people with digestive diseas are prone to them. Only one thing i found actually helps. Honey!! It's called "Honey Burn"!! Believe it vurns for maybe 1 minute but the relief is AMAZING!! It actually gives me 2 to 3 hours relief. I pour it directly on my tongue, swish it around. Like i said it burns but the relief is unlike anything else. Plus it heals them in half the time. Instead of 7 to 10 days. My ulcers r gone by the 4th day. I was hoping i could find the reason and stop them all together. My Dr believesbthis to be a vitamin deficiency. He took blood and will let me know. I do suffer from chronic Pancreatitis. I do not digest food on my own. So it prob is the cause but I SUFFER with these. I PRAY FOR EVERYONE that suffers with this! I hope i can finally stop the ulcers from coming back.
Karen Siraco 25 October 16
Am suffering tongue ulcer.... gone several treatment.... but still no changes ... any one Help for Good Treatment
ACP 16 September 16
I have suffered from mouth ulcers for years. After seeing countless doctors an ENT Dr. told me that it might be related to food allergies/sensitivities. She was correct. I have discovered that I have many sensitivities to foods including onions and nuts You can try a food illumination diet to discover if you are having issues with any foods
Holly 7 September 16
I have geographic tongue and tongue fissures. The best remedy in my opinion is children's benadryl. Good luck!
IreneRi 11 August 16
I've got an ulcer at tip of my tongue been using bonjela for last 3 days hasn't helped, tried what most suggested with paracetamol wow what a difference thanks :)
Nik 5 August 16
Hi everyone,

The paracetamol trick really works. I landed on this webpage and within 30 minutes of that my pain was 90% gone. I had about 8 ulcers on my tongue caused by the side effect of a medicine. I could not talk and could not eat, nothing gave me relief and i was having the worst time i ever had with ulcers. But the paracetamol trick eliminated most of the pain now and I will do the same if the pain returns until the ulcers are gone.

Thanks everyone for contributing and letting me and the world know of such an effective treatment. Thankyou all and God bless
hp 21 July 16

I was in pain for 1 month for my tongue blister and I rushed the paracetamol tablet on tongue the pain was gone after a day thanks for all who recommended
preet 4 May 16
I am SO THANKFUL I found this post! Rubbing a Panadol (paracetamol) tablet on the ulcer worked for me! THANKYOU!!!!!
Cassie 20 April 16
I have had really bad mouth ulcers for years now, it's difficult to eat or talk! Really got me down. I used to apply Bonjela, Anbesol or Iglu to the ulcer....however this was a temporary solution. Tonight I have started to rub half a paracetamol tablet (Anadin Extra broken in half) to the affected area and leave it on the sores for a few minutes - unbelievable, the pain goes away for a few hours. I then re-apply the paracetamol tablet again. Hopefully this speeds up the healing process and the ulcers die off.
Anita 30 January 16
I have had really bad mouth ulcers for years now, it's difficult to eat or talk! Really got me down. I used to apply Bonjela, Anbesol or Iglu to the ulcer....however this was a temporary solution. Tonight I have started to rub half a paracetamol tablet (Anadin Extra broken in half) to the affected area and leave it on the sores for a few minutes - unbelievable, the pain goes away for a few hours. I then re-apply the paracetamol tablet again. Hopefully this speeds up the healing process and the ulcers die off.
Anita 30 January 16
Taking Vitamin B complex supplements made my ulcers and mouth sores go away. I think vitamin deficiency is sometimes the cause.
Nan 24 January 16
My 4yrs old suffered from mouth ulcer for 4 days,sleepless nights for 4 nights, a big thank you to all those that said paracetamol works,I tried it by gently rubbing it on his tougue and voila no more pains.Oh thank God he can have a good night rest today.thank you all and God bless u .
Angel 1 January 16
I've had an ulcer on my tongue for a few days now and it hurt like hellllll, couldn't eat, couldn't talk, couldn't swallow without feeling pain! After looking at this thread, I tried out the rubbing paracetamol thing and honestly, the pain is GONE!!!! The ulcer is still visibly there but it has gone down a bit but the PAIN IS GONE!!! Thank you to whoever recommended this first! God richly bless you!
Remi x 7 December 15
I had an ulcer on the side of my mouth and tongue plus it was during Thanksgiving so I didn't know what to do. So what I did was that I put a 2 teaspoon
salt in warm water then swished around my mouth at least 2-3 times a day. After that a nice next week.
Christine 27 November 15
Hydrocortisone 2.5mg Muco-Adhesive Buccal Tablets work excellently!
J M 17 November 15
I posted this in another thread recently, so for fear of being redundant I'll keep this brief, but here's what I have been doing and it works miraculously: take pickling alum powder (from the spice section at the supermarket) and pack a small amount into the ulcer. This hurts like crazy for a few minutes and continues to sting for up to an hour, but the results are astonishing. First, the ulcer hardens up and turns white, then it becomes numbs and within a day or two it just shrinks away. I had a particularly nasty one adjacent to my rear molar on the underside of my tongue and even though the swelling took a little longer to go down than usual and it required a couple applications, within a day I could talk, chew, swallow, and sleep again - and that's not a small feat when it comes to these abominable things.

Keep using lysine, Squigle, and keeping up with a healthy diet to reduce the occurrence of new ulcers, but when you get one that's causing you trouble, give this a shot. The process is briefly painful, but it's more than worth it.

Hope this works!
dw652311 25 September 15
Anbesol is painful but amazing- Bongela but stronger! Constantly get ulcers on tip of tongue and have tried everything. Going for a food allergy test to see if that is a cause, have been slightly less frequent since coming off milk and changing from toothpastes containing SLS. SOREEEEE
Kate 4 September 15
Anbesol is painful but amazing- Bongela but stronger! Constantly get ulcers on tip of tongue and have tried everything. Going for a food allergy test to see if that is a cause, have been slightly less frequent since coming off milk and changing from toothpastes containing SLS. SOREEEEE
Kate 4 September 15
I have a Big Blister on the side of my tongue I have tried many things and nothing helps this is a Blister and its on my side of my tongue please help me out what can I do to get rid of it. Judemae
judemae 21 August 15
I had stomach ulcer in 1992 which subsided by strict adherence to the well tolerated foods. Then in 2012 I had knee pain which made me to visit the hospital and on each visit I will tell my care giver (Dr) that am an ulcer patient. It was unfortunate that I was still placed on strong analgesic irrespective of my warning. My condition became worst in that I developed severe driness of the throat. I lost my sense of taste which I sincerely need your help to return my tongue to normal.
vicky 17 August 15
"I was just given Aloclair ... try it .. it gives some relief .. mind you I am mixing it with difflam spray and anbelsol and brufen and paracetamol .. 22 ulcers and counting .. world record attempt coming up I think
Jem aged 33 and in Pain 8 December 11"

Jem, my son is exactly the same! You're the only other person I've seen on here with that amount of ulcers too! Personally and so far, I think the PARACETAMOL seems to be the way forward along with L-Lysine, and a recommendation to the GP regarding Behcets Syndrome, maybe a scan thrown in for good measure........that should result in something. If it does, I'll post back for sure. PEOPLE HERE NEED RELIEF!
May 30 July 15
Hi guys, i'm 26 and have mouth ulcer 4-5 times a year last 7-10 days. sometimes it because i accidentally bit it, sometimes the reason is unknown. and finally today i read some good article about it

1. Stop using Sodium lauryl sulphite toothpaste, yes that means your coulgate toothpaste
2. I just stop smoking 10 days ago and this is inevitable
3. Need more B12, Iron, Acid supplement (i have low blood pressure/anemia sometimes and it's because lack of these)
4. Stop consuming acid fruit (apple, orange, etc)
5. I'm using daktarin oral as pain relief/ointment

hope it helps
Fella 28 July 15
Paracetamol on the ulcer worked for me.
Rob from New Zealand 9 July 15
hears how to get rid of tongue ulcers first buy on line beutlich hurricane to num the ulcer then hold a silver nitrate stick on it for 6 to 8 secons. with in 2 to 5 days the ulcer will be dead. you can buy on line.
glenn 9 July 15
Wow the Paracetamol idea works so well, I didn't have any tablets in the house so I just dabbed a bit of Lemsip powder on it instead as it has Paracetamol in it and it's sooo much better! (Doesn't taste as bad as a tablet either).
Kat 3 July 15
Rub salt on to the ulcers, it may sting for a bit but the salt will reduce the ulcers because of its anti acidic nature.
Jim 27 June 15
Tried everything on here for these tongue ulcers and I just had to to say thank you to everyone that said rub paracetamol on it. It's done the job no pain at all, only just done it not sure it will last forever but the 1st time I've had no pain for over a week. At one point I thought cutting my tongue out would be less pain than what these have done to my tongue
Toby 7 June 15
Need help! Been suffering with mouth ulcers since I was 14 now 19, I have tried everything! They make me moody, achy and I can't eat or talk! I need something that works I literally have 6 ulcers underneath my tongue and 3 on top of it! Been to the doctors on and off for 5 years now and they just give me any rubbish to get me out of there! I go on holiday in 2 days and want these to go ASAP! Thanks in advance.
Sophie 5 June 15
AK If the ulceration has spread to the outside of your lips, I suggest you check your toothpaste, sounds a bit daft I know, but, seriously check to see if it has SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) in it or cocamidopropyl betaine. If so switch to one that doesn't. Lysine is a cure for some people, so good luck!
Dom Walton 3 June 15
I am 25 F and have suffered from severe recurring mouth ulcers for almost 10 years now. I've been to the doctor/hospital countless times and they are completely unhelpful and useless! Currently I have a bad outbreak of ulcers all over my throat, mouth, tongue and lips. It's been a week and they don't seem to be getting any better, its incredibly painful to eat anything and to even talk :( During my last outbreak which was a few months ago I purchased this mouth ulcer clear advance red light device by llyods pharmacy and it really seemed to help. It significantly reduced the amount of times the ulcers were around for, however this time round it does not seem to be making a difference.. so frustrating!!!! I have purchased some L-lysine tablets and hope they will make a difference!

Does anyone have any advice for reducing ulcers on the outside of lips? My bottom lip is covered in them and I am suppose to be getting married in less than 2 weeks :( :( any suggestions will be welcomed! Thank you and goodluck to you all in finding the solution!!
AK 2 June 15
I'm Joel i'm twelve and I live in the uk . I have been using iglu for my ulcers but it doesn't cure. sure ut protects it but I'm going
to try rubbing paracetamol tablets on it... thingers crossed :)
joel 27 May 15
rubbing a paracetamol tablet on it really works! I didn't think it would at all but it does the pain is gone from my vicious tongue ulcer and most of it fizzed away. The taste isn't that bad but have some water handy to wash the taste away.
Kelly 23 May 15
Whoever said to hold a pill against the ulcer until it dissolves, thanks!!!! It works!!!! I have just tried it, lunch hour at the office (Tuesday 20th May, 2015, 12.45pm Singapore time) , facing your comments, sitting here in misery initially - and sticking a PANADOL on it holding up a mirror, too. It's bitter the powder but it's gone now the pain & the sting (been suffering for days). As it melts I would suggest rubbing the pill against the ulcer and immediate areas around it - it numbs the tenderness that's there. After a while the bitter taste of the pill you get used to it, what's more gratifying is that the pain is going, going, gone! I'm so grateful! It's depressing having the ulcer, I have bags under my eyes from feeling so low and so careful not to talk or eat or drink without aggravating it further. THANK YOU for the remedy - THANK YOU!!!!!! (The bags under the eyes all that's left now, it will go I know - but if anyone can tell me immediate remedy for THAT it'll help too! haha)
Rosita 19 May 15
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Patrick 20 February 15
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Stuartsolf 20 February 15
Thanks for all the suggestion I'm off to try listerine? Mouthwash it's 2.15 in the morning and I haven't slept at all because of this stupid ulcer.
Kay 15 February 15
OMG!! I had an ulcer on my tongue! I swished listerene around my mouth before i went to bed... NOW ITS GONE!! Listerene WORKS all it takes is one sleep!
Not telling!! 6 February 15
Ulcers (contrary to popular belief) are caused by a bacteria that 'drills' into your tongue. Citrus tends to agitate it, so don't use citrus related products. Instead, try using dissolved aspirin tablets on the tongue tissue that is agitated, it normally kills the bacteria
Patrick 30 January 15
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Half a teaspoon of baking powder mixed with luke warm water, dip in the mouth and gargle for 2 minutes then spit out, make a paste using baking powder and use the paste to brush the tounge and inside of the cheeks while also brushing your teeth, do this relaxed for as long as u can, dont mind if you swallow a bit of the baking powder as it is also good for you stomach ulcers as well, take a break and continue doing this until you finish the paste, do this 3 times a day and the following day you will be sticking your tounge out for the whole world to see, this can be a daily routine.
Ramulayo 7 January 15
Get a mouthwash lid, fill it almost to the top with warm water and add salt and honey. Gargle for 30 seconds-1 min and repeat every few hours.
Laura R 21 December 14
hi guys from when i was 4 ive always hade these reacuring mouth ulcers i think the best thing is to use mouth wash it seems to work but the best thing is as soon as you get the slightest sighn of a mouth ulser act emideatly it will go sooooo much quiker use salt water (although this can sting) use a soft tooth brush and mouth wash helps and just keep your mouth really clean to kill th germs!
Natasha 18 December 14
I have a cure that works for me.
It will get rid of the ulcer, and will give you time to find the underlying cause. Mine was from too much citrus and pineapple.
Place an UNBUFFERED ASPIRIN against the ulcer and let it dissolve.

This kills the ulcer tissue and the pain.
Drink lots of water after.
This works for me. Don't overuse or use this if you have stomach ulcers, or other contra-indications.
Jaz Zander 15 December 14
Omg I have one on the very tip of my tounge I held ice on it but that only numbs it for about 10 minutes...I thought salt would help it but that only makes it worse I read some post and I think I'm gonna try them...supeisingly I'm not the only one with this painful thing.I can't sleep at all!I've had it for a while now but I can't stand this pain!I know it sounds gross but while I was eating a snack a little sting came to my ulcer and when I when to the bathroom I looked closely and a piece of it was just hanging there!it hurt really bad so I decided to tear it off and now I have a little hole in the side of my ulcer...I think a little pain went away cuz that was the worst part of it but now I think it is growing back,but worse I don't think you should put salt on it but I'm gonna try a few things u all gave said.hopefully they work but I can't stand the pain much longer!man I think I'm the only 12 year old with this much pain of an ulcer but now that I've read your alls post man I can't even speak!I am surprised like REALLY surprised you guys have the same issue I do!goodluck!but gonna go try some of ur guys advice...thanks and I'll let you know what works!
Im only 12 and I'm not gonna put my name sorry... 1 December 14
REading these post makes me very sad... how ive suffered with these sores on my tongue and ive done just abuat everything here that ive read about. All of these things only aggravate the sore. Hurting it is an instinct that is hard to overcome. cutting, stinging it, burning it, applying anything that hurts it seems to satisfly something inside us. It only aggravates it.
Judy 18 November 14
i just rubbed some colegate on it with a toothebrush and i waited a day and it was gone
bill 31 October 14
Tums tablets let them dissolve on your tongue
Anon 14 October 14
Whenever you find an ulcer starting in your tongue or mouth, use b complex tablets atleast five times daily until it is fully gone.B complex tablets prevents ulcer from getting worse.This only works if you notice and take b complex at the beginning of ulcer formation, otherwise no use.
It really works,Please try if you notice an ulcer is coming in your tongue or mouth.
Tom Jose 20 May 14
One more thing that has worked for me is to put vitamin e straight on my ulcers. Just puncture the capsule and squeeze it on.
Hoju 17 May 14
The best treatment for me was using Kenalog and drinking chamomile tea. This gives an incredibly soothing effect for hours, provided that you don't talk or chew anything. On top of that, make vegetable soup with lentils or beans and blend. It gives you nutrition and you only need to swallow. I've had this ulcer for 5 days, and it only took one day to relieve the ulcer. My ulcers usually last much longer than this, but I think I've finally found out what works best for me.
Hoju 17 May 14
my Friends mum say they are from a lack of fruit ( the stuff in the fruit.. ) so if you can make like a juice with the pulp and skin ( if the skin is edible) then try that, or if you can eat then just eat, also washing your mouth out with warm water and salt ( Dont swallow) these work for me and its normally gone in a few days XD
Maddy Rowland 17 May 14
It's a vitamin deficiency kind of like the beginnings of scurvy they used to get in the old days. Take a strong multi vitamin 2 to start then 2 a day for 3 days. gone! A naturopathic DR told me that a long time ago. It only works for tongue ulcers not herpes sores. It might help those but I don't know
Dee 12 May 14
when i have ulcers ..omg! there painfullll..but after doing mouthwash with listerine it surely worked..the ulcer was gone in noo time! maybe after 2 days or so..:)
possy kat 27 March 14
Benadryl - used a a mouthwash helps, as does raspberry herbal tea!
Barb 6 March 14
Try 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for immediate relief. You can either use it as a mouthwash or use a Q-tip to put it on the ulcer. It also quickens the healing process.
For cure, take vitamin B2 and B6. They surely work! Ulcers disappear within 2-3 days.
There's also a Chinese herbal medicine called 'watermelon frost'. It works wonders too. It's very soothing to put on. It's available in Chinese Grocery or Medicine stores.
Good luck!
The Su 9 January 14
I found that putting ice cubes on the tongue ulcers reduces them and numbs them if you do it go about half an hour putting ice cubes on them
Jack 27 December 13
Hi Everyone,
I used to have re-occuring ulcers all the time on my tongue and in my mouth, painful and depressing. I now do oil pulling everyday and now I hardly ever get them. It's amazing and feels like a miracle. Swish coconut around your mouth every morning for 20 minutes then spit it out. Look it up online there are lots of other health benefits too plus whiter teeth. Good luck!
Stephanie J 23 October 13
I've had a tongue ulcer for like 2 weeks now, rinsing my mouth with salt water only helped for a mew minutes, after that, the pain would just make me cry again. I have gone to the local all-rounder doctor but he just gave me a few medicines and a soothing agent that helps for only a hour or so. Just days into the start of the pain, skin or parts of tongue (i don't know!) turns white and made me desperate. I had to take in only liquid with a small plastic pipe, unluckily, the pills the doctor gave me had to be taken with solid food, which was a problem for me. I could't take any longer, and went to the oral specialist. He pulled my tongue out and started squeezing the ulcer. Hurting like hell, i even fainted. He said to give up on the pills of the previous doctor. I'm still taking those, for 4 days now, the pain wasn't going down but the looks of ulcer got better. The white areas were gone, the ulcer got smaller, but the same pain would be there. Then the specialist gave me a spray which was horribly sour and painful at the first shot, then it would sooth the pain yet curing the ulcer at the same time! But it is still not totally cured yet....under my tongue, there still lies that ulcer that has been killing me. So any quick and natural remedies i can use? Please tell me! I can't talk, i can't eat, especially the eating...i'm losing weight!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyaw Zaw Aung 1 October 13
I've suffered from mouth ulcers since I can remember and the only thing that works for me is FRADOR. Not many chemists stock it but can be bought online, it is in liquid form like Anbesol and if applied correctly gets rid of mouth ulcers within a day!!! Honestly it works!!! Hurts like hell when applied but need to use a cotton bud to dry the ulcer completely first then another cotton bud to apply the liquid (make sure to really rub it in) and it puts a film over the sore so that the pain goes straight after the initial sting. If you do this 3-4 times in the day, last time before bed I assure you the ulcer will be gone by morning....
Tez 29 May 13
hello everyone im 14 years old i have starting getting mouth uclers since last year its really painful i can't eat anything and talk. i have looked all over and research also i have used bonjela,mouthwash and used different toothpaste.
need help give me some suggestion please.
Thank you.
Rana 6 December 12
my underlying cause is a bowel ulcar which was controlled by nicotne, since i quit smoking the bowel ulcar is now treated with pentasa, now i suffer with mouth, tougue ulcars and sore throat , i know if i smoke 10 cigs they will go away for 3 weeks then come back, as i quit last year and had to start again as the bowel ulcar was really bad , so still not smoking im using bonjella compleate but this makes the pain unbearable i found sticking my toungue and letting it dry out relieves the pain, im going back to to see the GP and and anyone with painful mouth ulcars should, blood tests show nothing up. i had to see a few surgons before being diagonsed
joe 25 August 12
Hi. I used to suffer from really bad mouth ulcers until I read somewhere that taking daily Lysine helps. I'd try anything so I bought some and it really works. If I don't take it for a few days I can feel my mouth becoming really sensitive and take a double amount and try to remember to take it everyday. I don't have anything else in my house for mouth ulcers because I just don't get them at all anymore. No idea why it works but it does for me.
Alison 1 August 12
my ulcer is not painful at all and the table salt or dry baking soda really worked :)
minsodia 4 July 12
I cant stand tongue ulcers! i have one under my tongue and it hurts like crazy! Heres a few things i did to ease the pain. First i put plain ol' table salt on my ulcer for as long as i could stand it. After that i would gargle salt water. Then i would fill a cup with half water and half hydrogen peroxide and take a cotton swab then dab it on my ulcer. Next i would take some orajel and put it on the ulcer.
Sierra 26 June 12
I would recommend this to everyone "Triamcinolone 0.1 paste"
however, this medicine requires a doctor prescription.
Ali Mustafa 23 June 12
Hello, I suffer from tongue ulcers at least three times a month due to stress and my menstrual cycle. Sometimes, of it's only one or two, I just let them go away in a week or two. Though if they progress to more than five large ones on the tip of my tongue, I have a terrible habit of biting them off and agitating them. So, I asked my mother what to do, since she suffers from the same as me, and she says her mother always told her to apply pickling salts or "watermelon frost" directly to them for as long as you can stand the pain and taste. But sure enough, the next day after a good night's sleep, it is much smaller and has virtually no pain. After two days, it is completely gone. We always have some in our cabinets. It's very cheap and lasts a long time, and I recommend it to everyone who has the same problem as me!
Miranda 16 21 June 12
Generally, I find that natural home remedies are the best when comes to treating ailments such as mouth and tongue ulcers and yes, sore throats as well. I guess for any method to be effective, you have to have determination, persistence and self-belief. Table salt (evaporated sea salt with a tinge of iodine) do work if used properly. For sore throat relief, mix salt with warm water ( I find it at best ), gargle inside mouth 1-3 times, not swallowing and spitting it all out. Twice a day, morning and night is recommended to aid in rapid relief. For mouth ulcers, follow the same method and apply similar technique. For tongue ulcers, dip and flap tongue ( tongue swirling I call it ) at least 3 times in warm salty water mixture to aid in rapid relief, not swallowing and spitting it out. Again, twice a day, morning and night is recommended for serious ulcers. Next, I recommend drinking warm honey, add a slice of lemon for added taste. It would aid in relieving the healing mouth/tongue ulcers in few days. Do not drink more honey than needed to. Make sure drink plenty of water ( 8 glasses a day ) helps. Avoid deep fried and spicy food at best. Avoid using mouthwash when having mouth/tongue ulcers. Plenty of rest and less stress helps. I hope this information above will assist anyone in wanting to achieve a fast and quicker relief.
Remus 16 June 12
For me a baking soda paste takes a "fever blister" type tongue sore away in a matter of hours. Put a gob of dry baking soda on the sore, then lean over a sink with your mouth open and the sore exposed to air for about 5 minutes (even if you have to hold onto your tongue to keep it exposed) (hold it with a piece of gauze to keep your fingers from slipping). You'll start drooling, so resist the urge to swallow, just let it drip into the sink. Keep it at "paste" consistency; the sore should go away right away. If you still don't get relief, repeat as much as necessary a few times a day. I hope this helps some of you.

My problem is a little different. I have been diagnosed with "Hyperkeratosis". It's a white patch under my tongue which seems to be growing. Anyone have any ideas on how to cure this. Doctors have been of no help yet. They say it has no cure. Had a biopsy to determine whether it is cancerous ...came back negative, but I'm worried because it is getting bigger.
Denise G 10 June 12
Have your doctor check you out with a cat scan. They discoered stage 4 cancer that only showed up in my lymph nodes when the scan was done. Every type of test that could be done had been done. to no avail, but, the scan showed my problem.
Try eating 70 grams of protein per day, tha's helping clear up mine after3 years.
Hijean22may12 23 May 12
I recently had an ulcer and I tried Propolis Tincture which is a not very nice tasting brown liquid which I sometimes take when I feel I'm getting a sore throat as it has a natural numbing sensation that lasts. It also coats things for quite a while so unlike Bonjela which washes off after one swallow this sticks around. It took two days of putting it on twice a day and the ulcer was gone. Fastest treatment I've had. I used Manuka Health's Bio 30. Marmite was always my previous ulcer comforter.
Barry 21 May 12
nothing is effective as watermelon frost
usa 8 May 12
Nystatin for the anti fungal and gargle difflam mouth rinse it number the pain,I was in agony crying to the pharmacist this really helped both can get off doctor but difflam can be bought in any chemist also good for sore throats
Janice 27 7 May 12
I am Yusuf Ramadhan, I treat all types of ulcers using traditional medicine. I have applied for registration with Tanzania food and Drug Authority. Iam Lecturing at the Dodoma University in Tanzania. Contact me for treatment via or +255714246483
I have been diagnosed with tongue ulcers last Monday. They burn like hell. Its been waking me up for like three days straight like 4am in the morning. I have been using ice and drinking really cold ice water. That seems to help temporarily. I was gonna but some orajel but looking at this site the orgajel doesn't remove the ulcers or something like that. I have use the magic mouth wash. I can not tell if that helped because my mouth has been burning so bad. I see stories about how people can't eat or talk, etc up here. Mine has not gotten that far yet. What do you think about clove oil? Does that work really good. I am going to try gargling with salt water and using the baking soda. I am going to see the dentist soon. What kinds of things can he prescribe me for the tongue ulcers?
Rachel 28 April 12
I have suffered with Geographic tongue for last 11 years, I am now 40. It's very sore when I get it and tend to have it a few days out of every month or so. I seem to get a really hot face one day then the next it apears, it takes a day or so to get really sore and can stay anything from a week to 3 weeks. Anything acidic makes it much worse. I have found through the years that using a toothpaste that's free of sodium laurel sulfate is a big help as are zinc and B vitamins. I used to constantly have the condition as opposed to now it's about 1/3 of the time. A major thing I've noticed is if I drink guinness fairly regularly I don't get it as often at all and certainly nowhere near as painful. I don't have many, maybe 3 per week keeps it at bay.
Poppy 21 April 12
Hello people my mum ,today,told me to take some mouthwash and swish it on the infected ulcer area for quite a while-well, as i always say mums know best! its working so far.
will try the warm tea thing. hope my mums suggestion helps you!
Penny 10 April 12
I have found that these following methods work:
Drinking Warm Tea,
Gargling salt water,
Aloe Vera oil/balm or Tea tree oil placed on the ulcer by cotton buds,
Drinking lots of water,
Nystan/ Nystatin (you can get this from your doctor/chemist)

You should avoid any spicy, or citrus foods/drinks, as this will just make the pain worse.
Ali 7 April 12
I have had a problem over the last twelve months with recurring ulcers on my tongue. After trying every product you can buy, I have got some relief from applying Adcortyl gel to the ulcers.Aloclair Gel is also very soothing, and can provide a film over the ulcer, so you can manage to eat something. Good luck.
Lyn 29 March 12
damn everybody complaining of having mouth ulcers but no one with a perfect working solution....i got mouth ulcer for past 3 days cant talk nicely i assume the cause is ciggarate or spicy pringles wont touch them again no smoking too
Asif Tanzania 28 March 12
i used to use clove oil, but have since found that sm33 applied with a cotton tip numbs the bastard and shortens the duration of the ulcer/ ulcers, they still gime me the shits though
mick 21 March 12
aloe vera capsules 5000mg one a day cured me
Virginia 13 March 12
Hello everyone.
I have been suffering painful mouth ulcers for at least 3 days now.
I have tried the following treatments:
Most of them numb the ulcers, but none of them have healed the ulcers.
Is it worth buying L-lysine or isn't it?
It has good reviews??!!
I have been gargling a antimicrobial mouthwash and it numbs the ulcer for about 10 seconds which isn't much of an improvement.
These terribly painful and sore and I NEED SOMETHING TO CURE THEM NOW. Because their are about 5 on the tip of my tongue and I absolutely cannot get rid of them. They make me cry!
Please, I need a stress free, easy, child friendly, mild, nice tasting and quickly healing cure for these annoying ulcers.
Thank you!
Seph 11 March 12
just apply watermelon frost....
jon 6 March 12
I had mouth sores for years. WHen I was diagnosed with CELIAC DISEASE two years ago, and started the gluten free diet, the sore disappeared completely...and haven't returned.
Kate 5 March 12
I'm currently suffering from ulcers on my tongue which are driving me mad. I have suffered from mouth ulcers on and off for as long as I can remember (I'm 33). They occur mostly when I am sick, run down, or stressed. I have also been diagnosed with geographic tongue - and I wonder if there are others here who suffer from the same condition. With geographic tongue there is a map like appearance to the tongue, with red patches and sore lesions. The tongue feels extremely sore and swollen, and feels worse when citric, hot or spicy foods are eaten. Sadly there is no cure for the condition other than avoiding citric & spicy foods :( I'd be interested to hear if anyone else also suffers from geographic tongue. Thanks, Samantha
Samantha 4 March 12
wow! thank you everyone for posting here; it's such an amazing resource.
I'm going to try Giz's 'loving your ulcers away' approach. I used to get ulcers when I was stressed when young [8-14]; I'm here 25-30 yrs later (without having had any) in the same situation - a tongue full of ulcers that have come out of nowhere. Clearly this has to be a sign - I'm in a transition - and something for for me to endure (the challenge is to face it with a different attitude). Interestingly enough I have also picked up William Bridge's book "Transitions" which is a really deep insight into the change (or rather transition) process. I'd recommend exploring the deeper aspects of why we're getting ulcers. There's clearly no medical reason other than stress, so that must be to do with the attitude we are taking to a situation. I'll check in later to let you know how I'm getting on!! [yes, I am probably in as much pain as you!!!]. Best wishes Jez

Link to Transitions on Amazon []
Jez LF 3 March 12
If anyone is suffering from mouth ulcer's (bad one's on tongue etc) I have been cured by taking Aloe Vera capsules 5000mg per capsule one every day. I feel human at last through years of suffering.
Virginia 26 February 12
persistent problematic mouth ulcers may be an indication of BehÁet's disease, please check this out.
Netty 26 February 12
I posted in January this year, the ulcer I had then went away, but the bugger is now back big time I just had a bar of chocolate and suffering, with an ulcer it's sort of agony and ecstasy if eating something you enjoy like a Mars bar, has anybody found a wonder cure? not including cutting your tongue out. failing that, can anybody recommend a chocolate bar tht does not give you jip.
Roger Foulser 24 February 12
I don't know-I'm taking Loritab for arthritis and it doesn't help. Been to Dr. then to dentist. When I thought I'd die from the pain I asked the dentist to prescribe an antibotic. After the first capsule it was such sweet relief. Then I'd hurt, then take the antibotic. Third day now and I feel much better. I haven't heard anyone talk about antibiotics. Tonite going to try salt direct on ulcer and baking soda directly on ulcer (just put some in your hand and add drop or two of water and put paste directly on the ulcer). I also take L-lysine. At least I can talk now. Funny-no problem eating at all. Talking and drinking I thought would kill me.
Tonia 24 February 12
I have not read all the posts but has anyone tried simple old TCP liquid antiseptic.Its cheap ,painless and works for me .Just dab it on neat.Gargling with it stops sore throats (need to dilute it for this).To good to be true..but it works for me.
John 18 February 12
Hi, i'm glad i found this page i have a huge ucler under my tongue i suffer from ulcers as long i can remember. I'm getting married in July so i need to get these sorted i've tried most lotions and potions using betnesol at the moment its a steriod mouth wash it's not great.
Eileen 12 February 12
(2) tablets - 400 mg. Oxycodone ..... if the room starts looking like it is filling up with smoke, no worries, it is just an "optical illusion" ..... but guaranteed no more pain from the ulcers.
Feb. 4 2012 4 February 12
Vegemite works a treat for common mouth ulcers...apply a small amount directly on ulcer& leave as long as you can handle. Repeat as regularly as you can handle. I've used this method to rid myself of them in less than a day. :)
Yogi 4 February 12
My daughter is auditioning for Colleges: Carnige-Melon and several other vocal conservatories in three days. Her stress/excitment/pressure is over the top. Today she has two canker sores on her tongue :{.
I gave her a swish and spit oral rinse called Peridex (Cholorhexidine gluconate)....My dentist gave it to me for mouth sore/canker sores and HONESTLY it was like magic for me. I will repost tomorrow as to how she is doing. I will follow your suggestions and keep her rested, plenty of water and yogurt. Take care........J
Jan 4 February 12
I am cured!!! I cut all gluten from my diet and from that day on, I have had no new ulcers. Before this, I always had at least 3, all the time!

Gluten is in lots of foods, but there is lots of info online to help. Try it. I have suffered with. Mouth ulcers for 40 years and now I am clear:)
Mark B 29 January 12
Everyone suffering from mouth sores is usually caused by two things. One is too much citric acid in the stomach, So back off on the fruits and fruit drinks. Manage the pain with Tylenol or Aspirin. Ibuprofen can add to the stomach problems. Number two. Try Probiotics in a bottle from the vitamin aisle, or a yogurt. Activia is good but a little pricy. Most any other will do. You should eat at least two a day if not three. With the pills or the yogurt, your ulcers, white tongue (thrush) lips blisters, should all go away in three five days. You don't have enough good bacteria in your intestines and your body is telling you that. Listen! To keep them away, one yogurt a day or a pill a day of probiotics.
Chris Hurley 27 January 12
I get mouth ulcers all the time, however they are always on the inside of my lips or inside of cheeks. Although these hurt a lot, I can still eat and talk, just have to avoid it. But a few days ago, I got a big one on my tongue and it KILLS! Literally, I cannot eat, talk, swallow and if I even just nudge it with my teeth, it feels like someone is shooting me in the tongue. I have tried various 'cures' such as Bonjela, TCP, mouth washes, salt, everything you can think of and none of it has worked. Is there any hope or will I have to put up with the little bugga for a few weeks until it goes??
Autumn 19 January 12
Libby, I have had mouth ulcers since I was 11, I'm now 21. I know exactly how you feel... the need for numbness, the dribbling, crying, not moving, talking, eating, everything. Firstly, keep drinking fluids.. water, warm tea, nothing acidic, no juices etc. Something that helped me in the long run... I was tested for anaemia and the results showed I had low ferritin (iron) levels. So I took 3 iron tablets a day for a few months, and I didn't have a single ulcer for a year, once my iron levels were good. It was amazing. I then stopped taking the iron tablets (it can be dangerous to over do it) then recently I started getting ulcers again. I have 3 on my tongue and a few on my gums, and it kills. I'm waiting for a blood test to see if my iron levels are low again. So I suggest you go to your GP and ask for a full blood test. Tell them your symptoms, make them give you the blood test. It took my GP 8 years to finally think I should get this test. You might not be anaemic, in which case I am so so sorry, DO NOT take iron tablets if you aren't anaemic because it can be really dangerous if you have normal levels of iron. So only take them if your doctor recommends it. To help the ulcers, I'm going to try this toothpaste called Squigle that some people say really helps. Also, apparently baking soda - with a few drops of water apparently it helps too. This mouthwash has helped me a couple of times: Antiseptic mouthwash, chlorhexidine gluconate. Another thing - sleep well, rest well and don't lead a stressful life. I have been sleeping 5 hours a night, eating unhealthily and working really hard at uni, getting very stressed - then I got ill, and these horrible mouth ulcers. It's not a coincidence - look after yourself as much as you can. I also read here that Allum powder (can buy it in Asian shops) helps, also L-Lysine. I'm going to try both of these.
Keep strong Libby, I know it sucks, try not to let it get you down.
Ruthie B 18 January 12
I'm 14. for about 2 years i've suffered with ulcers right on the tip of my tongue. they sit in a sort of cluster at the tip and i end up scratching my tongue against my teeth to 'numb' the ulcer. then when i wake up in the morning they are all dry and i have to rub them againts my teeth for me to be able to move my mouth again. its been so bad sometimes, i havnt been able to open my mouth and talk, i ended up dribbling and crying my eyes out because of the pain. i really want it to stop because it hurts so much and it causes my glands to swell up. i've tried bonjela,saltwater,iglo everything else. none of them worked apart from a foreign medicne i took when i went on holiday and sufferd badly then. i started working after day1!! i had to inject the medicine into my mouth but it worled so well. now there back and i need to know what works the best, please give me some advice im in so much pain
libby 12 January 12
Your ENT should prescribe you prescription Carafate 10ml swish & spite every 6 hours it should resolve the pain the problem brings about.
Tia Pre Med 12 January 12
The water treatment sounds different, I presume you should stay near a bathroom, has anybody ever tried whiskey or brandy on an ulcer, I know it eases a toothache, I have had a small ulcer on the side of my tongue for a few days, I have tried the bonjela treatment and it's still there and painful, especially if you forget yourself and clear your teeth with your tongue, now that really is like reaching the ceiling, to be fair it has not stopped me drinking a couple of pints of guinness every day, I am not really a spirit man, but will give it a whirl, by the way I packed up smoking a couple of years ago and since then I get soar throats and ulcers, but I would not even think about smoking again.
Roger Foulser 12 January 12
I have seen that there are lots of LADIES here suffering...Well, I'm a guy, married with 2 lovely kids and as far back as the age of three I remember my tongue ulcers. They used to last 3 days but as I got older they'd last anything from 1 week to even a month...I am healthy, I like to eat everything (in moderation) but I have one now onthe tip of my tongue and its about the circumference of a pea. I have used everything that you ladies and girls have used and I have also had the tip frozen off by the NHS to see what causes it. Nothing, they still return. I have tried ice to soothe it and this seems to really help. so I get an ice cube, put it in a freezer bag and stick it on the ulcer for 10 seconds then break for about 10 seconds then repeat. My wife is worried and can't really do anything about it. I used to think that I could have an operation or treatment but I have taken everything and applied everything I can. Ice for me works best. The ulcer becomes white, then after a few days of trying not to itch it and applying gels, and ice I find that the top layer peels off...(yuck) As a recruitment director I talk a lot and it is so uncomfortable at times. Oh well, hope we can all get better! By the way- reading the part about stopping eating chocolate and bread, I had a chocolate sandwich the other day.....and it was so yummy......but then I got my ulc- ----hey hang on! Wow found the cure - thanks!
Kevin 9 December 11
I was just given Aloclair ... try it .. it gives some relief .. mind you I am mixing it with difflam spray and anbelsol and brufen and paracetamol .. 22 ulcers and counting .. world record attempt coming up I think
Jem aged 33 and in Pain 8 December 11
Update - just splashed out ten pounds on a new product called Isy Calm. An applicator with a gel which promises to sooth and protect and put a protective balm without pain. In desperation I purchased Do not waste your money as I did. This doesn't hurt because it's weak like Bonjella, which is about seven pounds cheaper. Now I will relent and buy the only thing that does work the bad ass cotton bud. I have many ulcers so here is what I do. I apply a small (ouch) bit to an ulcer and then keep the bud propped so the fluid does not run out of the end - in a fridge - then I keep dabbing whatever I can stand on the other ulcers (it really is unbelievably painful - but God it works). So there you go, just don't want anyone to buy ISy and waste a tenner like me
Anna, Birmingham, UK 8 December 11
Hi - I am so pleased to have found this site as people don't take ulcers seriously. Doctors think you are wasting time (so I don't bother anymore) and friends, partners probably think you are a baby. Unless you have experienced it, then you have no idea, so nice to know we are not alone. I have been suffering since I was a child and now I am 38. If anyone mentions Bonjella I will laugh! If a Dr suggests rinsing in salt water I will also laugh. Rinsing in TCP helps somewhat momentarily. As does sucking on a tip top. The Boots cotton bud is fantastic but the pain is extreme and it can't service the numerous ones I have. Yes the ones on my mouth kill but it's the tongue ones that are the worst. Affecting eating, drinking but most of all talking and a feeling of being so snappy. My poor kids. I can't offer a remedy after 30 years or so and it is frustrasting that the medical profession just laughs you away. Give me childbirth any day.
Anna 7 December 11
hey there, iv got a HUGE ulser same size as a pound coin on my tounge, on friday night drunk i slipped and bit my tounge, didnt feel it till the day after, and since i cant even drink water out of a cup, i have to use a straw streight into the back of my mouth, my tounge is swolen twice the size as it should be, and i can't talk, couldn't even think about eating and im starving. im very pain tollerant, i broke my shoulder once and didnt go to hospital till a week later, id say that pain was 7/10, this ulser using mouth wash or bonjella rockets to 9.5/10, after using bonjella it numbs for 20 mins then the pain is back and worse, tried ibupofen to bring down the swelling, no luck. tried paracetamol and tramadol, cocodamol, codine, and none have numbed the pain. tried letting a tyroset desolve on my tounge to numb it and it didnt work, any idea what i can do to my tounge to numb it or get rid of the pain for a while? i feel like getting a red hot spoon and burning the ulser off like a war wound in the medevil times, i want to be able to bloody talk without slavering everywhere in pain!
elliot 6 December 11
Hi everyone, I have a large ish one under my tongue which has been there for 4 days... I have been on the nhs direct website and probs wish i hadn't as got myself paranoid into thinking mouth cancer eeewww.. can anyone help in this matter :-) thankyou xx
Dianne, Norwich 28 November 11
hi everyone, like a lot of you, I've suffered from mouth ulcers since I was a kid. When I think back, I think they started badly in my teens. I was in France recently, had an especially large one on my lip (nice) and others in my mouth. The ulcer treatment I tried there - when I read the instrutions - said they were caused by the usual things, stress, being run down, lack of vit c etc etc but also said they could be hormone related. Light bulb moment! No doctors in the UK has ever suggested that. When I started tracking my cycle, I realise they are particularly bad at certain times of the month. Now I appreciate this may well make some sense to some of the females rather than the guys! I don't think there is a cure - the best thing I found was adocortyl in orabse and they have stopped distribution in the UK (evidently not enough ulcer sufferers) but I have yet to try iglu and plan on giving it a go. In my case, perhap the menopause is something to look forward to!
Lucy, London 23 November 2011 23 November 11
As a pharmacist in America with mouth ulcers, I would recommend your dentist prescrible a Magic Mouthwash with Lidocaine. Different doctors have different recipes but they all consist of Benadryl liquid (antihistamine), Maalox liquid (for coating), Nystatin liquid (antifungal), and Lidocaine (for numbing). You can swish and spit 4-6 times a day (probably numbs your whole mouth) or just dab it on your ulcers or our tongue. I think it's pretty obvious that there is no miracle cure for the painful ulcers and we just have to palliate the pain as best we can until they heal themselves. I would highly recommend for those with large and recurrent ulcers that underlying conditions be ruled out.
Crystal, USA 15 November 11
CORSODYL is the answer! I have had the most horrendous time with recurring ulcers since I gave up smoking over a year ago and tried everything. L-Lysine, all kind of mouth washes, SLS free toothpastes, etc and nothing worked. I was desperate as I was getting up to 10-12 ulcers at a time, all over my mouth and tongue. I have been using Corsodyl toothpaste and mouthwash for 3-4 weeks and I haven't had a single one - I am totally amazed. Buy it and presevere with it, it works - genious!
Nathan, London Nov 14th 14 November 11
I've had them as long as I can remember. Really painful ones- from what I understand, iron deficiency can be a cause. i've been taking iron tablets, but I can't tell you whether that works or not because a) I'm so forgetful I often don't remember to take them, and b) I've been using a type of toothpaste I learnt helped prevent ulcers- and it actually worked! Ever since I started using the toothpaste, until very recently (that's several months), I've not had any. I've started having gum problems, and ulcer problems again though, but that's as a result of my terrible diet. I've just moved to uni, it's to be expected really :')
Anyway, this miracle toothpaste is £4 something from Holland and Barrett, it's called Dr Organic, and is free from SDS's, which are a chemical that help the toothpaste froth up in standard toothpastes. SDS's can irritate the mouth- so try it, see what happens! It's very tasty toothpaste too, very minty :3
Hannah 12 November 11
To Libby: While Candida is an obvious problem that creates 'some' symptoms associated with chronic mouth ulcers, it is seldom the problem with chronic sufferers. These are not 'ordinary' small everday ulcers I am dealing with, these are large and very large, multiple, deeply painful ulcers which are not a result of sugar, yeast or wheat. I did not even begin to experience these until after 2 years of being 100% sugar free, dairy free, yeast free and wheat free. This is an imbalnce in my body's pH or perhaps an autoimmune function. My diet is clean, clean, clean. I have not had ANY sugar, junk foods, chips in years. My diet is 100% vegan, raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, nuts and juices.
Spiritual US 12 November 11
I sufferd from mouth ulcers really bad as a child. They disapeard when i was in my late teens. All through my 20s I didnt have any. I'm 38 now and over the last 4 or 5 years they have come back big time. They are totaly ruining my life. I cant plan anything because I never know how bad they are goin to be. Nothing works. If you get them you get them and thats it. I am however going to try this Squiggle tooth paste. A few people have mentioned it. Can sombody please tell me were I can get some?? I asked the woman behind the counter at my local chemist if she has heard of squiggle tooth paste and she looked at me like I had just asked her if I could borrow a tenner. She didnt have a clue what I was talkin about. I am gettin desperate. I have three on my tounge and 2 on my lip at moment and the ones on my tounge have been here well over a week now. They have normaly gone before this time!
Glenn 12 November 11
Use Aphthasol Paste. Its a paste that your doctor or dentist can prescribe. Put the paste in as soon as you feel like the ulcer is starting and within a day or 2, its gone. Treating it asap is the key to this paste. I have ulcers almost all the time. And if it wasn't for this paste, I wouldn't be able to talk or eat. Hoping this helps some of y'all!
kzig 6 November 11
I HATE getting ulcers!!!makes me sooo p*ssed off. Just gargle salt water for about 20 sec per night and hopefully it will go away in about 4 days..
J Dawn 4 November 11
Hi, im 13, have very swolen/big tonsils and 11 ulsers on my tongue. I cannot eat, sleep or talk. The docs put me on some medicine, but thats about all ive done. The doc has said i might hav glandular fever. Ive had them for 4 days now so its early days. Plzzz can SUM1 HELP ME!
Atif N 3 November 11
It's 4 months now and I still have my ulcer, I got so fed up with it all the other day I went to the Doc and he's going to do a biopsy on here goes, will let you know what happens.
Rock, you're going to have to take your remedy to the office from home, take a small plastic mug with salt already in it cover with plastic wrap and add water when you want to rinse.
Gloria in Australia 2 November 11
Any of you good people have a suggestion for a remedy at the office? No salt to gargle with! All I can find is instant coffee in the breakroom!
Rock 2 November 11
I get ulcers as well. Extremely painful ulcers usually on the tip of my tongue. I'm unable to think of anything else for the pain is so great. Normally they come on every so many months, but for the last two months I keep them. As soon as one heals, another appears. I have always used zinc and that seems to speed up the healing process. I will take zinc tablets and buy zinc lozenges. Mine are usually the result of a food allergy, but I have stayed away from all those foods. Maybe stress!
Ashley Ann 1 November 11
I suffr from mouth ulcers, I have all my life, and I've learned this:

Salt: whether you use it in warm water or straight salt (straight salt is obviously going to be more painful) it only destroys the infection on top and exposes the cut clean and may make it bleed, which is good if you have something to put over it like bongela etc. But doesn't actually kill infection

Bongela: I've found that this does help, it just takes a while, with also you having to put it on everyday...sometimes twice a day

IglŁ: tried it and it only masks the ulcer, doesn't do anything else, plus doesn't work with tounge ulcers, where the taste bud looks like it's gone bad

The best treatment I've found is a certain type of steroid, I got these prescribed by my by a doctor after going to them and explaining my mouth ulcer problem...they told me you can't buy these over the shelf, so don't go looking for them lol, they are steroids that usually you have to put them In Normal cold water and two very small tablets, 1/4 size of a smartie, let them fizzle and dissolve, then all you have to do is do a mouthwash type thing and keep it in your mouth swishing arund where your ulcers are for around 30-40 seconds, do that every day and I guarantee ulcers will have no pain and will almost be gone...I havnt got any more and as they are only prescribed I can't remember what they are called, but I'm sure if you went to the doctors and told them your problem like I did and just say...small pink dissolvable tablets which are a type of steroid...the doctor should know what your talking about...they come in a plain White box as they are not sold in shops (chemists have to order them)...

That's my best advice
Ashley 29 October 11
I have 4 ulcers on the side of my tongue and one of them is right at the back and unreachable - i have tried bonjela - rubbish - orbase - rubbish - Orajel which numbs the mouth but doesnt seem to improve the ulcers. Last night I got up 3 times and garlged with hydrogen paroxide diluted with water - try your own strenghts - this has improved the pain and im going to keep doing it today will let you all know the results. Im also going to get toothpaste without Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in and also the Boots ulcer treatment. See how i get on. Thanks everyone for all the info and to know that Ive not got mouth cancer - dont we all think the worst!! Anyway try the hydrogen paroxide - its really cheap as well. Good luck!!
Cherry 28 October 11 28 October 11
I am a Grandmother with Lupus, I've been having mouth and tongue ulcers for years. I have one now on the side of my tongue, it's been there since the begining of July so thats 3 full months and is about 1cm round (half an inch) I have had 2 lots of antibiotics, all the creams and lotions and pastes, the latest thing after the vitamin E cream is a gel that is also and antibiotic, I brush often and rinse with salty water. This ulcer is not going away so I guess I will have to have the biopsy, has anyone here had a biopsy? did it hurt, did you have to have stitches and did the treatment after help the ulcer. I ordered the canker patches from this site but am having trouble making them stick.
Gloria in Australia 20 October 11
Um... I'm 14 and i've been suffering with this tongue tingling stinging crap for weeks now. I was going to the doctors but it faded away that week but it just came back.

I have ulcers now too, really small ones on the tip of my tongue..... I'm used to them though. I had them constatly from when i was eight till last year. That was how i was so under weight.

But there all clammed 2gether! Not in a big mush with little spaces inbetween it looks like my tongue, like enlarged tastebuds but they feel like ulcers.... I can't drink now. It used to be when i ate junk food, crisps ect... but now when i drink tea.... I hate water but thats the only thing i can eat. The ulcers i can deal with, its the stinging all over my tongue thats annoying me,
Katy 18 October 11
This is the first time I have ever messaged a board but I just had to give you my advice & experience as I have in the past suffered terrible with ulcers when i was in my early 20s. I had a mouthful of nasty uclers that covered the whole inside of my mouth, tongue and gums for about 1 year; lost weight with lack of being able to eat; waking up with my lips the size of Mick Jaggers and basically being depressed as in constant pain and on better days still discomfort. No doctor or dentist could diagnosed what the problem was. My mother suggested I seek alterative medicine. I was sceptical but was at the end of my teather that I would have given anything a try! I booked myself an appointment with a practitioner. The lady asked lots of questions about my lifestyle and diet then we got onto the fun bit which I was very sceptical of!! Basically the practitioner had little glass bottles full or different types of foods and ingredients. I lay down on an exam table, I had to raise my right arm in the air and she would lay a little glass bottle of food on my bare tummy. The practitioner would then exert pessure on my arm trying to get me to bend it. She told me if the food didn't agree with me my arm would go weak and I wouldn't be able to keep my arm raised and if the food did agree with me my arm would stay straight and strong. I was like yeah ok!!! Anyway the process began and I couldn't beleive it!! As soon as she laid yeast on my tummy my arm just dropped and went floppy and I didn't have any strength in my arm at all! Anyway we carried on with this and she wrote down all the foods that did agree with me. She told me I had candida overgrowth and I had to strave my stomach of the foods it thrives on like of course yeast and suger (and no this wasn't mouth thrush...a doctor had already thought of that and gave me medication but didn't do a jot!) Anyhow I went home and only ate the OK foods on the list and within a week I was on the mend! I slowly reintroduced the other foods that had been banned 5 months later and touch wood 14 years on I still am ulcer free!! I would always get a tender month before an outbreak so if that happens now I stop eating bread and chocolate for a week and that nips it straight in the bud! I couldn't believe how well and fast that this alterative approach worked! I strongly recommend that you try this! Doctors don't always have the answers! Best of luck!
Libby 17 October 11
Really happy I found this page, there is a lot of ideas to try. Had a lot of illnesses recently and i usually get mouth ulcers but 2 on my lips and 4 on my tongue at the same time is just taking the biscuit! I tried the salt water thing and it stopped my mouth being so sticky and dulled the pain a little (after the major stinging). I was told Marmite helps. It doesnt, it stings like mad but doesn't help the ulcer. Bonjela gave me short pain relief but again didn't help the Ulcers go away this time unfortunately. Will try a few of the ideas on here, thanks folks.
Stephen 5 October 11
I have very sharp back teeth and always nip the inside of my mouth / cut my gums / bite my tongue, which invariably develops into mouth ulcers. Has happened all my life. Nothing to do with my lifestyle, just bad luck in the teeth department.
Best thing for it? Dab your wet finger in some bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), and then put it straight against the ulcer. Will sting like hell for a minute, then go numb. Do this before bed, and it will be bearable by morning. Do it again in the morning, and it will be gone by nightfall.
This has worked on every ulcer I have ever had - mind you, they are all damage ulcers, not lifestyle ulcers. Good luck, and may all your tastebuds be functional :)
Kelly 2 October 11
If you're in the UK use CORSODYL MOUTHWASH!!!!! You can buy in any supermarket and it REALLY gets rid of your ulcers in a few days and stops the pain as well.
Jedi 28 September 11
use glycerin on ulcers. it will really help u
arun 27 September 11
The main problem is everyone wants to cure something from outside, whereas we need to cure the reasoning of ulcers in the first time, from inside.
Jure 24 September 11
Guys it is all about the sour in your body. Google "basic pulver" and get yourself balanced. Also, sleep, relax, don't eat sweet.
Jure 24 September 11
My 5 year old son has been crying for the last two days with tongue ulcers all over his tongue. Are any of these mouth washes / medications safe for children?
Kathy 18 September 11
I changed my toothpaste a few years ago to one without Sodium Lauryl Sulphate...hey presto, I don't get mouth ulcers anymore...unless I bite my own lip, etc. I was never without them as a child, until I discovered SLS free toothpaste in my 30s.
Simon 16 September 11
I get real bad mouth ulcers, and they really upset me I've tried eveything, apart from cutting my togue off.
Anyway I tried TCP and it was very releiving but tastes awful, but it helped take the pain away for awhile.
So hopefully it helps you guys you can only try. Goodluck
sandy 7th september 7 September 11
I have recently been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I've always had nasty mouth ulcers (luckily mixed in with ulcer-free times) and I would normally use Ambesol and salt, however recently I've been getting ulcers on the sides of my tongue which I'm finding less easy to bear. They look like spots in my mouth with white heads. The current one I have just doesn't seem to want to go, or let me sleep, eat or speak!! Is there a link between ulcerative colitis and mouth ulcers does anybody know? Thanks for this very useful message board.
Hannah 7 September 11
my husband has had constant mouth ulcers for nearly 2yrs now he has had anti biotics numerous
mouth washes herbal tablets bonjela iglu you name it he's tried it he gets plenty of sleep
doesn't drink or eats spicey food doesn't smoke when he does get a small break in between
pain the ulcers are still present just not as intence he's been under the hospital for 6months
now and has been referred yet again to a different hospital cos no one knows whats wrong
he's had numerous blood tests which have come back all clear we've spent hundreds of pounds
on treatments and pain killers we are at out wits end now
louise00 2 September 11
Hello, I'm amazed when some people complain about having ulcers for a few weeks. I've had this one for 5 weeks, bongela and corsodyl didn't work so I went to the dr last week and he gave me steroid tablet you dissolve on the ulcer. Been using them for a week and they don't work either. I will try the vitamin C and iglu gel. I also eat a lot of frouit and tomatoes, I'm vegetarian so it's had not to. will keep you posted.
Lynne from Wales 1 September 11
Hi Everyone, I'm a regular on here. Have posted my story above, so I won't go back over it. Suffice it to say, my ulcers have gotten so unbearable lately that I'm thinking about more radical treatments like immunotherapy. The vitamins and the steroid paste just don't cut it, and I'm practically gargling anbesol at this point to try to cope. Wondering if anyone has any advice/knowledge about immunomodulation drugs? Thanks everybody and hang in there.
Chris from Australia 24 August 11
I used to suffer with mouth ulcers all the time - due to stress (although I didn't realise it at the time). However, I discovered Anbesol liquid and it's pretty good at reducing the pain but it does sting like you won't believe. I now only get them if I'm run down and am currently suffering quite badly with some nasty ulcers on my tongue and right at the tops of my gums. It's great to read some more helpful remedies that others have tried, especially with prevention. I'm about to start a regular multi-vitamin.
Debbie 14 August 11

Hi all...

Just found this site and it is most interesting, as I too have been given the 50,000 mg of Vitamin D, by my MD for a very low blood test of Vitamin D deficiency...and I have been having tongue ulcers. Hmm, Tmoore ,if you are still checking into this site and read my post, please post and I would love to compare notes with you.

I am to taking the vitamin D gel once a week for 8 weeks and I am on week 4 tomorrow. I developed two nasty ulcers a couple weeks ago when I ate a huge red, juicy and very tasty tomato and blamed it on that. They eventually went away. So last week I have been constipated, lovely subject, I know, but...I began eating loads of fruit and today I have another pair of these painful ulcers. Meanwhile, I just happened to have some licorice and ate a bit of it because the posting above suggested that and it is very nice on these nasty things, and it does help. Thanks! Mine are white with angry red around them on the side of my tongue. Hope all are without any of these ulcers by this time. Any suggestions will be appreciated and I thank you. Have a good evening. Brook
Brook Wood 13 August 11
Hello Everyone,

I too was suffering from painful RECURRING mouth ulcers. Sometimes six at a time (yikes)! They were extremely painful and hard for me to talk or eat anything. I visited my doctor who stated there could be a number of factors that were causing the canker sores- stress, poor nutrition and not getting the proper rest. My doctor prescribed a topical gel to be applied on the cankers and Ibprouphen for the pain. (Still did nothing to relieve the agony I was suffering) I explained to my doc that my stress level is usually high due to the demand of my job. However, I never had recurring mouth sores in the past? I started going over my diet and thinking back to any new changes that I've made concerning my health. A moth prior I was diagnosed with vitamin D Deficiency. My doc prescribed me a multi-vitamin to be taken daily and 50,000 mg vitamin D capsules to be taken once a week. I had been taking the vitamin D orally for six weeks around the same time the ulcers started appearing. I decided to discontinue the vitamin D supplements for a week to see if they were the culprits, and sure enough they were. I no longer take the vitamin D capsules and have not had any ulcers for over a month. I hope this may be helpful to someone out there whoís suffering, just know that youíre not alone... Happy Health Everyone:)
tmoore 10 August 11
Probably very few people who will actual do this but as long as I don't get the hard surrounding area around the small white ulcers I actually cut them off with nail clippers (burn them first to kill bacteria) and then rub some bonjela on it. Bleeds like a b*tch sometimes and hurts like hell but like I said as long as it's just the white 'head' of the ulcer and the surrounding area isn't hard and painful then it completely gets rid of it. If the surrounding area IS also hard and painful then don't bother as it will just spread, which I found out the hard way.

P.S. salt water does nothing!
Luke 26 July 11
Cant believe my entry was erased due to my wording, really wanted to know how to get rid of these damn things and your help has been...... well. thank you. goodnight, not the best site and completely useless. Take care. Oh, and i found a solution, gruesome but quick. a pin to the tip of the ulcer, salt rinse, lemon juice and bonjella, it was gone the next day! Take care.
Hattie 22 July 11
i've had a really bad case of tongue ulcers recently, loads of horrible ones on the end of my tongue, made even worse by the fact i have a brace on the back of my lower teeth to scratch them on! i get them every 6 months or so, and i think i've become immune to bonjela, i've tried a few of the homemade remedies - salt, butter, bicarb of soda, marmite! all have little/short lasting effect! i've just tried 'bonjela complete plus' it creates like a false skin over the ulcers and after a bit of stinging, some relief from the pain! it supposedly works for "up to 4 hours" but it only seemed to last about an hour (maybe because i used it on the tongue) but it's still worth it for that hours relief. put it on just before bed and you have that hour pain-free gap to fall asleep. anyway this is only temporary relief and the only other thing i can suggest is to sit them through
Blake 19 July 11
Back to ENT today, and I was sweating it. He re-checked my whole mouth and the ulcer and actually said it's looking better. He said it is not a tumor and he wouldn't biopsy it because it would just irritate it more. He said it is rubbing on my teeth so he wants me to put dental wax on my teeth for a few days to let the ulcer heal up more. He also prescriped a pack of oral steroids just to aid the healing since I have been suffering for 7 weeks with this. If I'm not totally better in another month, he will biopsy it, but he doesn't think I'm going to need it. Relief for now! :)
deanna 14 July 11
Have been prone to canker sores all my life, came down with an ulcer on right side (far back) of tongue about 6-7 weeks ago...tongue hurt for a week or so before the ulcer appeared...ulcer was painful, in bad spot, rubbing on inside of back teeth, etc..i used kanka to kill the pain, spicy food and alcohol seemend to keep it from healing over the weeks, went to ENT at 3 weeks, got some topical steroid paste, seemed to help a little but pain wasn't bad then, he said sore just wasn't healing up. 3-4 weeks later sore is still there, not as painful, just not healing. Going back to ENT today, he said he would biopsy it if it wasn't healed up. Sure hoping it's nothing more serious. Will update.
deanna 13 July 11
Hey. I've read some of the answers you guys put (there are lots!). I can't exactly say I get them constantly, usually there's anise painless break of a month or two.... but when I do get them my solution has always been grin-and-bear-it. From what I hear of your guy's cures, I think im screwed. Im thirteen and the only thing I can get my mom to buy for me is Maalox. It works for about two minutes to numb it and does nothing to get rid of them. As of right now I have like four all in the same place but three of them seemed to have merged into one mega-ulcer on the tip of my tongue.... I used salt recently and it actually seemed to make it bigger.... got any useful household remedies? They'd be much appreciated as I've mentioned I have no access to drugs or foreign remedies .....

I think ill be trying peanut butter.... tasty. And vinegar Xl. Any others would be appreciated
smathorse09 12 July 11
I've got one on the end of my tongue and its killing me to eat anything!! Ive been using cortisol gel, mouthwash and bongela and it seems to just be getting bigger!! :( there are so many suggestions on this i dont know what one to try but im sooooo fed up of it!! hope yours all get better!!
Jennifer 12 July 11
Put some butter on your tongue ulcer! It really works!
jaycee 7 July 11
to tell the truth i am sooo afraid that these will never go away. all my life i've had canker sores but in the last six months every month the canker sores turn hideous. pain is excrutiating, can't talk, eat or sleep. i just don't know how i can do this the rest of my life...the doctors have no idea...umm it's and allergy a viral infection, and hell we just don't know. pay at the desk please.
cindy 6 July 11
I came from the Philippines and the remedy that we have comes from Alum. The taste is tart like an unripend fruit and it might sting a little during the first treatment but it really works. I have been suffering from tongue ulcers all my life and this pretty much is the only thing that works for me. You apply it directly to the affected area and pray to God that you don't pass out........ Just kidding! It's not that bad, it taste bad but you will see almost an instant result. Your tongue will get numb at the affected area and you can move on with your life. You can even brush it after the first treatment. Pharmacies usually have it in powder form and they can order it if they don't have it in stock. It usually comes in crystal form (like a rock) if you buy it from an Oriental store. The crystal you just dab it, the powder you just place a small amount and keep it there for for as long as you can and then rinse with water. I even read that mixing the Alum powder with some honey also works, I just don't know how effective it would be. Hope this helps.
Marcos 5 July 11
I have 1 big ulcer on the inside of my cheek,2 on the insides of my top lip and a right little blighter on the end of my tongue.Ive found that listerine helps a little for sores on the cheeks and lips but not on the tongue,bonjela is useless for all of them just really hurt me! But dentinox teething gel takes away a lot of the pain i used dentinox for the 1st time on my massive ulcer on the inside of my cheek and ever since it hasnt hurt that bad dont know if its just coincidence but after having the ulcer for 3 weeks,2 days virtually pain free after using it its starting to heal! However the one on my tongue is refusing to budge it hurts to swallow,talk,eat or drink and im a horror to be around at the minute,the thing that set my tongue ulcer off was a cheap pure orange juice its done it before but i didnt see the link so im going to avoid it at all costs from now on! Also certain orange/lemon flavour sweets set off little bumps on my tongue (not sore raised tastebuds) so thats another for me to avoid. However thats not much help for me right now,think im going to try iglu next it has some rave reviews i hope it helps i think my poor boyfriend would like a kiss lol. I hope the poor woman with the 3 year old that had these managed to help him without too much suffering for him,poor mite.
Gemma 28 June 11
Hi there a good tip that works for me is using a product called oralgel. It's a product used to relieve the pain of an open cavity. It numbs everything.i used this one night in desperation and it works. You could also use anbesol, stings like hell for thirty secounds, then utter bliss.Other remedies are to put neat bicarbonate of soda, my nan swore by it, again it hurts like a mother but its supposed to get rid of them.
Ildanach 24 June 11
I tried to google Vegimite yesterday and it seems to be an Australian product and they compare it to Marmite as it is a yeast based spread, so it would seem that Marmite should work. If you give it a shot let me know how you get on and I will go out and buy the Marmite. I have been using Corsodyl mouthwash too as someone recommended it and have started taking zinc and vitamin C tablets as it is supposed to help the immune system and maybe prevent the dreaded ulcer coming in the first place. Hit it from all angles!!!!
Kay 23 June 11
Is Vegemite the same as Marmite? I am sipping tea and trying to keep my tongue still, but we have Marmtie if this will work.
Julie H 23 June 11
Please please what is vegemite. I am sitting here hungry and in pain ready to try anything. I know I am stressed at the moment and this seems to bring them on. I'll try to calm down but even if that prevents more coming it's not going to get rid of the monster in my mouth. I'm trying to lose weight but there are easier ways to do it. I've being nearly eating the bongela and taking ibuprofen but it's not working!!!. Never knew toothpaste could cause ulcers going to look for non SLS paste immediately and I have stterimar so going to give that a try too. It's great to find a place to talk to fellow sufferers!!
Kay 22 June 11
I applied vegemite onto my ulcer about an hour ago and it has pretty much gone now, so I really am a happy little vegemite!!!
Vegemite 21 June 11
Alright, everyone brace yourselves and use vegemite. It is excruciatingly painful and you have to use a lot of it but try putting it on the ulcers overnight and I can guarantee you that if put directly onto the ulcer/s themselves, the ulcers will, well, almost completely disappear overnight. I wouldn't put myself through so much pain if this method wasn't extremely affective and efficient, believe you me.
Vegemite 21 June 11
Sometimes caused & irritated by poor or lack of dental work, painful to even think of drinking water & swallow much less eating food. I have personally experienced, more than I like to count my antidote is tough love 70% to 90% Peroxide rinse over and over till you cant hold "it cleanses the wound to allow it to adventually heal. Then straight hardcore listerine hold for 60 seconds until burn goes away
Jim June 17 18 June 11
Steph: If you go to and search for mouth ulcers (after preparing yourself for some nasty imagery), you'll get lots of pictures to compare yours to.

Yours sound particularly huge and severe. (And horribly painful!) I would DEFINITELY suggest going to a doctor since such terrible ones (especially with such a sudden onset, and especially with beginning in the throat) could be a symptom of a more serious problem. You could be lacking in some vital mineral, or it could be due to certain diseases. Or it might just be really bad mouth ulcers with nothing more serious behind them - but you owe it to yourself to have it checked out before something worse has a chance to do more serious harm. If you look, you'll probably find a low-cost community clinic near you so that you don't have to pay much.
Wayne 17 June 11
I need some help. I have been getting these sores in my mouth since December. It started about a year ago- I could feel spots in my throat and then the ones in my mouth started in December. I wish we could post pictures (I know- kinda gross) but I just wish I could show you all what mine look like and see if anyone else's looks like this. Sometimes they are round white sores the size of quarters and sometimes its just a huge white/yellow sore running down the whole side of my tongue and inside my cheeks. I really don't want to go to the doctor as I have no health insurance right now. But it sounds like I have the same symptoms as everyone else. I can't eat and when I talk it's through clenched teeth. So painful!! Does this sound like mouth ulcers?
Steph 17 June 11
I've had canker sores and (more rarely) tongue ulcers my entire life. About two years ago, when I heard about the possibility that SLS was contributing to them, I switched to Verve Ultra toothpaste - it tastes great, works well, and is SLS-free. Within two weeks all my sores were gone. I was in absolute heaven. I wrote a nastygram to Procter & Gamble when I found out that they are perfectly aware of this and have been for years but continue to produce SLS-containing toothpastes with no warning on the label. (Never got a response. Didn't really expect one, but still - that's what I uncaring customer service!)

Anyway, I still get two kinds of sores: Trauma induced canker sores when I bite my tongue or cheek (which I can live with - I just need to chew more calmly <g>), and occasional tongue ulcers - usually no more than two or three at a time, usually for no more than a week, and usually no more than once a month. To say this is an improvement is the understatement of the year. Still, though, I'm looking for a way to fix and prevent those tongue ulcers - they are really unpleasant and, as has been pointed out here many times, people just don't get it.

About a year ago I began to suspect something, and have paid attention to it, and have become convinced: Any time I go to bed with a stuffy nose, my mouth comes open while I sleep, and I wake up with an ulcer on the tip of my tongue and usually one along the side of the tongue as well. So now every night before bed I pay attention to my ease of breathing, and if I'm at all stuffy, I take a dose of Afrin. No more ulcers.

The problem is that the Afrin label warns that "frequent or prolonged use may cause nasal congestion to recur or worsen." And the entry on it warns, "Do not use oxymetazoline nasal for longer than 3 to 5 days. Longer use could cause damage to your nasal tissue and lead to chronic congestion."

So I guess I've switched from seeking a direct Mouth Ulcer Treatment to seeking a nasal congestion treatment that can be used frequently and hopefully as easily as Afrin. (I don't really want to have to boil a pot of water for inhalation treatment every night before bed - I'm hoping for something quick and easy with no side effects. Call me lazy, but if it's not quick and easy then I'm too likely to skip it when needed and get more ulcers.)

Those nasal strips that hold your nostrils open are helpful, but I've found they tend to cause pimples. (They don't for most people, but I guess I have extra-sensitive skin.) I'd just about rather have painful ulcers nobody can see than have a nose covered with zits.

Has anybody else gone down this route? Any successes? Any ideas?
Wayne 17 June 11
i have never in my life experienced pain quite like this. i think the cause is from grinding my teeth in my sleep. im starving but eating is so painful its not really worth it. i have gargled salt water, taken co-codomol, ibuprofen, paracetamol.... nothings working :S.... the co-codomol helped for a bit but it feels worse than ever now. its been 3 days since they popped up and they are getting worse not better. there is on on the underside of my tongue and 2 on each side at the back of my mouth. this is the worst pain i have EVER been in i dont want to talk to anyone and i genuinely feel depressed. iv tried putting salt on them but how anyone does that is beyond me i was crying out with the pain. no pain no gain? it doesnt really seem to have helped.

1) does toothpaste help or not? - there are mixed reviews
2) bonjela is a total waste of time
3) i have come across stuff on the internet about smokers suffering less from ulcers? should i smoke??
4) should i be brushing my ulcers with toothpaste? - again, very mixed reviews about this

im giong to go to the pharmacy tomorrow to investigate this further and will get back to you if i find anything that works.

please help with suggestions! i am so happy i found this blog i dont know what to do with myself this is just something else!
Sophie, UK 14 June 11
sodium lauryel sulphate(SLS) is a known cause of ulcers, it's found in most toothpastes, try switching to a brand without it. it worked for me.........
Ben 10 June 11
Please help :( I have seriously bad ulcers on my tongue, at first i thought i had burnt my tongue but then the next day they started to come up! i have too many to actually count. They are on the edge of my tongue and all over the top and now they have started coming up at the back of my tongue and throat! I used to get them really bad when i was little and get the odd one every now and again but it never lasts for more than a day or two but i've had these for over a week now and they have gotten so bad i physically cant eat anything because of the pain! In the last 5 days all i have eaten is half a tin of soup, 2 bowls of warm porridge, half a bannana (i gave up as it was too painful to eat) and a four pack of vanilla yoghurts, i can just about swallow but even that's getting harder now and every time i do swallow it hurts like hell! I've never had them this bad! I am completely run down at the moment and when i went to my GP they said that they would go after a few days and didn't really seem very concerned but they haven't gone and only seem to be getting worse which i didnt think was possible! To make things worse every time i do eat i end up being sick and this is unbelievably painful on my ulcers! I cant stand this any more! I've tried clorasil mouthwash, those cotton buds that feel like you have dipped your tongue in acid, bonjela, warm salt water, pure salt (which was so painful i actually cried when i was doing it) Ive tried swilling my mouth out with TCP! 'IVE TRIED EVERYTHING! :( Somebody please help! I'm so fed up with this constant agony! Thank you X Steph X
Steph 6 June 11
For a few months my 5 year old daughter has bee suffering from regular mouth and tongue ulsers only small ones but now there are 2 rather large ones on the left side of her tongue front and back tried (sm33) very painfull salt water, tasts like crap,getting some results from savacol alcohol free type mouth wash.! will get back to you on results in 2 days
Laramie 5 June 11
ASHleigh DeCourcy 5 June 11
For the past 18months everytime I fly I have mouth & tongue Ulcers, swolen lips and bruises all over my lips - I have been treated for Shingles but apparently this is not it ... The best thing I found when I could not eat anything was to suck "Ice" this was a life saver, and use Difflan spray to help with the pain. Cannot find the cause? does anyone have any ideas please ?????????????? HELP
Barbs 4 June 11
I've suffered from severe mouth ulcers my whole life, I've tried every medication and home remedy under the sun and I can tell you honestly, the only thing that has ever worked for me is whiskey. Just swirl a bit around your mouth for as long as you can and spit. It hurts like all hell but quickly passes. When I was at my worst it was the only thing that rendered me able to eat a meal. I'd imagine the antiseptic qualities of alcohol probably help a bit as well.
Tony 3 June 11
My sister has suffered from numerous mouth ulcers for the past 16 months that gradually got more frequent so that they were mostly constant, very big and painful,she took folic acid on a chemists advice I think it was pretty high doses ,not sure,that was a couple of months ago and has had no more ulcers,she is still taking the folic acid and recommended it to a friend who also suffered from mouth ulcers and it worked on her too.It was interesting to see here that women who were pregnant stopped getting them,pregnant women have to take folic acid so maybe there is something in that
Kerry 31 May 11
hI GUYS MY 5 YRS OLD DAUGHTER IS IS SO MUCH PAIN AND SHE WON't PUT HER TONGUE IT EVEN WHEN SHE IS SLEEPING SHE HAS TONGUE UCLERS SHE BEEN GETTTING THEM TWICE A MONTH. WE HAVE USED MAGIC WASH HELPS A LITTLE, SALT hurts!!! PEROXIDE HELPS TO ME BUT HURTS AND THE ! DR SAY MAKES IT WORSE. LIDOCAICE/MAALOX/BENA HELPS A LITTLE she has lost weight, not drinking much . so now down to busy test and LAB Work check her for: cmp, cbc with deff, ferritin, sed rate, thyroid prifile ,free T4 , TSH, celiac Panel pruethos Panel, ANemia Panel I hope its not crohn's or Coeliac condition ... but i hope they found out whats going on wih my baby girl ..
ANGELA 21 May 11
Hi guys,

Just a quick post to say I appreciate all the input on this page. I suffer from ulcers on the back of my tongue (right down the back...) when I get stressed out / run down. I've currently got a really nasty patch in the same place as always. This is teamed up with a viral infection which has caused me to lose hearing in both ears :/ Not a happy chap! Anyway, I think I'm going to look into some of your suggestions & see if they can help relieve some of the pain. Currently, I can't talk, can't eat, can't hear anything... Ugh.

Best of luck to the rest of you & your ulcers.
Daz 10 May 11
Hello everyone. I am so sorry to hear about your painful mouth ulcers. My mom suffers from severe ulcers as well and the only thing that she found that helps is Larydol Spray - its an echinacea spray for throats but she says it numbs it and helps the ulcers go away faster.
Give it a try - I hope it helps :)
Juliana 9 May 11

I've just spent the last 10mins reading the posts on this site, as I have a nasty ulcer on the edge of my tongue which has been bothering me since this morning. I put some bonjela on it earlier but got only 30mins respite from it. It has been yonks since I have gotten these things but I must admit I had one only last week. I have been working quite hard over the last month, in work and at home and I have lost some weight in the process. Maybe this is the reason. Anyway, I have just applied my usual treatment and again it has worked. This consists of forcing the area on my tongue harshly onto my teeth and rasping the crap out of the little bugger until it no longer pains me. It is very sore to do, but works a treat (for me anyway)
Bill... Belfast 9 May 11
Just wanted to start out by saying I just got my first tongue ulcer ever on the side of my tongue this past Monday and I can't even imagine how you guys have been dealing with it for years!!! I couldn't even take it for a couple days! Naturally, I found this site looking for cures. I didn't read through many of these so I don't know if this treatment has been mentioned yet.

I contacted a friend who is a pharmacist and they recommended to take 10 ml of Maalox, and 10 ml of liquid Benadryl, mix them together, and swish it around your mouth for about 30 seconds. Do this multipul times a day and DO NOT SWALLOW!!! Apparently the Maalox coats a thickness on the inside of your mouth mixed with the Benadryl which goes to work on the ulcers. Sounds kinda iffy but I gave it a try.

Ill be 100% honest...this ulcer got to the point where I couldn't talk and couldn't eat without being in tremendous pain. It started out on a Monday very light, and by Thursday it was some of the worst pain I've ever felt. On that Thursday I tried this technique. I did it 4 times throughout the day, and now I'm sitting here (Friday) telling you I have almost no pain at all! For me this took 1 day to feel relief and I just figured I had to sit down and share this with you guys. Best of luck.
Chris 6 May 11
Hi all, I stumbled upon this site this morning and have been reading the messages throughout the day.

I'm 27 and have always had mouth ulcers and although painful, none have ever been as nasty as the evilness that is residing on the left side of my tongue right now. There's only a few in my mouth at the moment but the main one on my tongue JUST WONT GO! It's huge.

I start a new job tomorrow and cannot speak yet - it's not even a case of being too painful, I just cannot get my tongue around the words and I'm salivating a lot as well. Yuck.

I sent the boyf out this afternoon and he's picked up some medicines - Boots Own, some Iglu and some vitamin tablets. I'm praying for a miracle so I can start my new job tomorrow without being a mute!

Good luck everyone - I hope you all find your cures!
Miss P, 2 May 11
I would seek help from a Licensed Acupuncturist/ Herbalist, mouth ulcers can be easily remedied. A combination of Acupuncture and some herbal therapy and those ulcers may be gone for good (as well as some more common symptoms that are associated with them- sleep problems, stress, irregular bowel movements, excessive dreaming/nightmares, indigestion, UTI, etc).
IA L.Ac 2 May 11

My throat was loaded with the most painful ulcers I ever experienced. I got strep and on the 5th day of antibiotics, I got thrush. Nystatin helped tremendously; each day I felt less and less pain. After 7 days on the Nystatin, they went away.

However, I must still have a good level of bad bacteria in my mouth because I keep getting an ear ache, tongue pain and sore throat on one side of my throat. It clears after 4-5 days and goes to the other side. It's such a vicious cycle.

I eat plain (greek) yogurt every day and keep my teeth cleaned and flossed, yet, I'm concerned I still have some of the thrush lingering and too much bacteria.

Any recommendations?
Denise 29 April 11
gday old mates, me mrs has a long history of ulcers which annoys me by keepin me up many nights, then i got recommended from an old a a thing called a miswak. its a lil branch off a tree, that when you peel the outside the inside looks like a toothbrush. which is what its been used as in the middle east. so i went to an islamic book store which is where i was told to get it, and bought two. i ended up using one. within a few days of the mrs using it the ulcers eased, and within a few weeks, they never returned. to top it off my teeth have never been cleaner. no more toothpaste for me or the wife.
give it a try, it helped with my mrs n hope it does with you. its been 2-3months since her last ulcer.
michael from sydney 24 April 11
Hi everyone Ė I empathize with those of you who get multiple and continual ulcers, i get random ones on the outside of my gum or inner cheek, i just stretch & squish them for a day or so until the healing process kicks in.

But yesterday I got one on my tongue. Its soo painful, I put some Listerine on it with a cotton bud and its twice as big this morning so I wonít be doing it again!!

I think i may try liquorice as after reading these postings as i remembered reading somewhere its a natural healer so i googled it and found this link which reinforces its usefulness for ulcers.

Iíll update it if works for me :)
Sarah 23 April 11
Proton pump pump inhibitors like lanzolprazole was the answer for me, ulcers all my life, til I took them in 30mg tablets, this was an instant cure for me. I also suffered from a bit of heart burn, was tested for Hylobacter pylori, but was negative, these can also cause mouth ulcers.
Dave steel. 22 April 11
Thank God I'm not the only one!!! I've been stressing thinking the worst of cause!! I have two atm. One at front of my lower lip and a massive, massive one under my tonge. Oh God they are horrible. I've started getting them about 6 months ago. They just appear and cause so much pain!!!!I've seen two doctors now who say I could be low in Vitamin C, need more rest and need to reduce stress levels. Crazy. Thanks for the advice and I'm so so glad I've found this site. :)
Jade 20 April 11
Seen the fourth doctor who at last has referred me to ENT consultant. However, with using adcortyl toothpaste and mouthwashes of tcp, things seem to be improving.
Lyn. April 19th 19 April 11
^^^^^ get to the doctors lyn that doesnt sound good
kal 17 April 11
As well as the ulcers now forming a line down the side of my tongue, the whole of the inside of my mouth feels strange, no ulcers, just sort of numb. No sense of taste either. Has anyone else got this, or am I the only one going slightly mad !!!!
Lyn. April 15th 16 April 11
Thankyou for this web site. A great relief to know that you are not the only one !!!! Tried most of items suggested, nothing works for me. Roll on the cure !!! Good luck to all.
Lyn. April 15th 15 April 11
its simple just dont eat any salt, sugar, or acidic things! basicly just have really boring plain meals that taste of nothing until they are gone otherwise they will just get worse :/
:) 14 April 11
I tried the ALLUM POWDER that someone here suggested and my mum did too, its on now and it stung like hell!! Hopefully tomorrow it will be perfect so fingers crossed! This might work so I'm hoping, Life is suffering but I had these so many times in my Life... And still do apparently. =)
Merree 14 April 11
hi im a 17yr old and ive had tounge cankers for as long as i can rember,i have a really bad one at the moment which is making me ill,ive tried everythink possible from loctions to gel,any tips on how to live with these evil mouth devils,
bradley 13 April 11
well i tried the ground ginger but it didn't help my ulcer disappear it sting a bit i found rinsing my mouth with salt water every 2-3 hours works best still takes a week to go away though...i bought some squiggle toothpaste of an ebay shop it's a bit cheaper if you buy 3 at a time which is what i did.....reading some of the comments it seemed to be recommended by a lot of people i've been using it for 2 weeks now with no ulcers yet so fingers crossed...i also got prescribed some soluble prednisolone tablets from the oral department at my local hospital after being referred by my dentsit which you disslove in water and rinse your mouth for as long as possible which did help the ulcer disappear quite quickly the best thing i found for pain relief was bonjela or oralgel they numb it for a little while so you can eat good luck to everybody whatever you try i'll keep you updated
Brian 40 5 April 11
I have been allergic to Nitrates for many years, you know no take-away, as it causes me immediate mouth ulcers, excema ect... But lately(last 12 months despite not eating the offending Nitrates I have had constant mouth ulcers. Last Wed I got THREE after morning tea at work. Then the light went on. I had eaten a TOMATO sandwich...I eat tomato based food daily...but since Wed last week I havent had any...and NO ULCERS!!! So I did some research and tomatoes are part of the Glutamate family. My mum was very allergic to chemicals. Maybe I just have to add this one as well!!
Lyn 4 April 11
I am 49 years old and really i have a good experince in mouth ulcer or mouth sore gum , it comes in 4 wayes first as aspot inside the mouth, seconed at the edge of the tunge, third under the tunge ( worst part) and last at the back of the mouth ( throught) wich creat less pain ..hhhaha, any how i used many medical stuff-- antibiotics- lotions-salt -ginger -avodyl (mouth wash)..etc i found it only reduce the pain not to remove it , so i used pyralvex (black liquid) its ok but not to remove it , i discover it hase a cycle day between 6-7 dayes and it disapear ,so we have to suffer and at least to reduce the pain , finaly i found sesame oil is the best one to reduse the pain before you eat any things so you can eat without any pain.
Abdullah 3 April 11 3 April 11
Wow this is great. I came across this web site by chance - fed up with the pain of an ulcer on my tongue. I feel better just to know I'm not the only one and also having laughed at some poeple's antics. thank-you.
Having just gargled with soluble aspirin I shall now try as many other remedies as I can find ... ginger, turmeric, licorice ... should be a good supper! I'm sure it will go eventually but having had 4 days of pain I'm a bit fed up with it. :-(
Corinne 3 April 11
Salt water probably the best. Putting salt alone on is just a killer and it probably irritates it more than anything. Whisky is a good for numbing the pain - and I mean dabbing it on not drinking the bottle although I guess that works haha :)
Trev 3 April 11
I am 81 years old and have had mouth ulvers from time to time. I always find that they appear more when I am run down or stressed out. I am convinced that what you put into your mouth for eating is what you get out in life. Diet I am sure is a big problem with the human body and life style. I find when I have a relaxed few days my health improves. Not all of us can afford relaxing but it certainly has proved to me that this is a good cure not just a relief. Pity we all have to have stress and problems in life.
Leonard Desmond Chisholm. 2 April 11
Hey Debbie....I have found that putting turmeric on my tongue sores helps them a lot. I can even stop them from coming on if I put the turmeric on soon enough. I usually get it in a powder form, but you can also use the turmeric root. Let me know if it helps.
Tony 31 March 11
I too have a huge ulcer on the right of my tongue, right beside one of my back teeth, and its the most painful one I have ever had, I do get them now and again, but this one beats the lot. Went to the chemist (I live in Dubai) and they gave me antibiotics and painkillers, but they dont seem to have done anything, cant eat or talk properly, so just reading through all these posts I found one lady who has tried putting ground ginger on it, so have just done that and boy is it stinging, will persevere for now to see if it works. Last night I was at my wits end with the pain so tried putting a blob of salt on it nearly hit the roof with the pain, not doing that again, however it did feel not as sore when I got up this morning. Will wait to see if the ginger works. This site has been a godsend as now I know Im not the only one who suffers like this and the tips are quite informative.
Debbie 31 March 11
My tongue ulcer is always in one spot under my tongue, it is either RAW or sort of sealed over, when it is raw it i So painful, I have seen all sorts of doctors and they always say it looks like some sort of trama, So many many years ago, I found that vitamin B taken regularly seems to keep it under control. Usually one B complex a day keeps things in check, if I miss days (sick etc) and it flairs I need to take it at every meal and within a few days it will seal over. The squiggle is good, not irritating at all - L Lysine did nothing for me.
This site is very informational although the ulcers sound quite different in some instances.
Sandy 30 March 11
I have a huge sore on the side of my tongue which started as a bad ulcer. A year and a half later I still have it and it gets a lot worse when I'm tired or run down. I have tried loads of different lotions and potions and many courses of antibiotics but it never goes. I went to the doctor again today and am now waiting for a referrel letter from the hospital for a biopsy. I'm sure it is nothing too sinister but it constantly hurts and really gets me down. Any ideas?
Lisa 44 March 28 28 March 11
what a great web site.....i suffer from tongue ulcers regularly and didn't realise it was so common i have tried many of the ideas mentioned corsodyl,oraldene,salt water even salt directly by @=$% that hurts... the cotton bud type bonjela,iglu,etc etc but none seem to make them vanish any quicker mine last about a week to 10 days then come back within a couple of weeks...i'll try using ginger to see if that helps or vinegar i can't help with any other cures thanks to everybody's suggestions hopefully one will work.
Brian 40 18 March 11
can you bite them or clip them off? to be honest i think that would be so painful and you would bleed or maybe cut a nerve. What do you suggest doing to get rid of it FAST?
alyssa 13 March 11
To the 49 year old... you are YOUNG, m'dear! I am 73 and am suffering from 'something sore' under the right side of my tongue. Throat hurts on same side. I'll keep up with the salt water and colloidal silver; and am taking Goldenseal Root as a natural antibiotic...just wish it would hurry up and go away. THANK YOU everyone for your ideas and suggestions.
Betty 7 March 11
Trey chewing on a whole clove, or letting it sit between gum and cheek.
Jen 6 March 11
I agree with you Chrissy, natural toothpastes like fennel are best. I have also had good results with 'Squigle' - all other toothpastes just make the ulcers much worse. I tried cutting out all gluten products and was ulcer-free for a few weeks, but now the ulcers are back again. I haven't answered the phone today because its too painful to speak - I've got a huge ulcer on the tip of the my tongue which is agony! My dentist told me that only nice people get mouth ulcers!!
Vee 2 March 11
I've noticed that a lot of "solutions" (candida medication, giving up gluten/juice, gargling saltwater/medicated mouthwashes andsoforth) work in the short term, and then as soon as you think you've cracked it, they come back... My mouth ulcers are certainly related to, but not restricted to, stressful situations, as well as hormonal cycles. They're painful, embarressing, frustrating.
The best thing I ever did was switch to a "natural" toothpaste - I found one with menthol and fennel and no fluoride, and it actually became a relief to brush my teeth, rather than agony! I certainly felt the difference when I ran out and briefly switched to my husband's "normal" toothpaste - ouchy ouch.
Chrissy 1 March 11
Oh just saw teratment survey page doh!
Dave 30 January 11

Been suffering with ulcers on my tongue for many years. I have tried a few different treatments but none seem to work. I think that stress is a big factor which aggravates my ulcers and citrus fruits dont help either. There are loads of good suggestions on here. Is there anyway we could compile a top 10 treatments or some kind of poll for the best remedies?

Cheers and good luck
Dave 30 January 11
I never knew ulcers on the tongue were such a thing until last week when an oral surgeon removed a molar and the bridge it was attached to but did not file the remaining bridge down and left me with what my dentist described as a "razor." Within two hours of the extraction my mouth and tongue were so sore, could not speak, could not swollow; could not eat. Tried salt water and almost fainted. On Sunday was prescribed an ointment of some sort (very expensive) and a mouth rinse. On Monday my dentist filed down and polished the remaining bridge and things are slowly but surely getting better.
Anybody else ever have this sort of experience.
Joyce 1/26/11 26 January 11
can i ask do ou drink tap water. I know what everyone will say tap water is the same as bottled, but here my story.
I have suffered with major mouth ulcers for 30 years. I then went to live in spain and they just dissapeared. The only thing I did different was obviously not drink tap water bottled only, and only drank uht milk.
when I came home I tried no drinking tap water first to see if this made a difference, guess what wow, do not suffer at ALL NOW BUT AS SOON AS I HAVE TAP WATER BANG, ANOTHER BREAK OUT. try it
wayne 14 January 11
I am pleased i came across this too! i am looking for a miracle cure because frankly i am at the end of my tether with these ulcers. i have suffered ever since i was a kid and nothing seems to work. i used to use a paste from the dr which had steroid called adcortyl which worked for me however its now been dicontinued to so i feed totally lost now!! i have a great big ulcer on my tongue which has been there about 4 days now and isnt budging. cant eat or drink much or talk really cos it hurts too much. i know i get them when i am run down or tired and i have 4 little one (4 under 5) and the baby isnt sleeping well at mo so neither am i, i am sure after a good sleep it would go quicker but bonjella irritates it, salt water not doing a thing. I find if i position an asprin on it the pain goes for about 15 mins which is heaven but soon returns. well fed up!
Michelle 9 January 11
It is such a relief to find this site and know that I am not the only one with a misbehaving tongue. I used to get ulcers all over my mouth when I was a child, thought I had grown out of it, however in the past 12 months I have been in agony. My tongue gets covered in tiny ulcers (they look like little white pin heads). I seem to only ever get a couple of days off here and there where I dont have any.

The ulcers I can just about cope with, however I have recently been getting other symptoms which combined with the ulcers are making my life very hard work. I have started getting an extremely try mouth and my whole mouth and throat feels really uncomfortable along with the pain of the actual ulcers. I have noticed that they seem to come up when I have had a restless night, but surely one bad nights sleep cannot provoke a tongue full of ulcers?? has anyone else experienced these symptoms with tongue ulcers? I'm starting to feel very miserable and wondering whether I should return to the doctors and ask about underlying issues that could be causing it.

Would appreciate any help. Thank you
Sarah 4 January 11
For the first time in years I've had a really good Christmas and New year. Drunk loads of alcohol eaten tons of spicy foods, and NO ULCERS!! I still can't believe that something as simple as Ginger, and so cheap, can be so incredibly powerful. This simple remedy really does work. I did have a red dot appearing on my tongue, which is usually the start of a new one, But zapped it with Ginger and it's gone. I urge you all to try this.
Pru 1 January 11
Try ground Ginger directly onto your ulcer, if you dont have it in your cupboard it can be bought from most shops as it is a very common spice. The powder sticks quite easily to the ulcer. If you apply it 2-3 times a day your ulcer should shrink very quickly. After years of painful recurrent ulcers I stumbled on this remedy by chance, it works brilliantly for me, costs a few pence, and works better than anything else I've tried, and believe me afer more than 40 years of ulcers I've tried everything! If you see the little tiny red dot of a new one coming, zap it with the Ginger, and it won't develop at all. Hope this works for you.
Pru 28 December 10
I am suffering with one huge one on the side of my tounge at the moment and a small one on the inside of my bottom lip ===== NOT GOOD WHEN ITS XMAS AND LOTS OF LOVELY FOOD TO EAT !!!!! i do tend to get them when iam run down , i have been really busy workiung and now ive stopped for christmas ive suddenly developed a horrible cold and the dreaded mouth ulcers .I can put up with the small one but the tounge one is soooooo painful and making the pain go up into my ear . I find that IGLOO works quiet well but i have run out until tomorrow when chemist is open.I know that they last approx 7-10 days so just have to get through it
a.carrot 26 December 10
Try a cotton bud with a big dollop of Vaseline petroleum jelly on and rub over the ulcer and surrounding area. I know it is supposed to be for external use but when in such pain I try anything and this seemed to help. I don't think it will kill me, it's not like I am eating buckets of the stuff. I have a large ulcer on the side on my tongue and have tried the vaseline today and found some relief. I have done it twice now and will put some more on before bed. Taking painkillers on their own did not help much. Also I am going to try placing a small piece of cotton wool over my teeth/gum area to stop the ulcer on the side of the tongue from rubbing on it. That's what the dentist sometimes does to protect an area when doing a filling, they pack down between the gum and tongue.
J Newman 22 December 10
OMG, glad I found this sight, I've had very stressy week and beenw ith my bf over sveral nights sleeping rond his, and have developed ulcers since last weekend. I had two on the sides of my mouth but they faded away but 2 little devils have developed on the tip of my tounge, its not like swollen patch, its like the a single tounge buds are rlly blown up and u can see they are a darker red...anwayone had them?
I had a really bad spell of these last spring and went to the doctors who gave me some lozenges to suck, and they did go away after about 4 days. at that time I delveoped yeast infection on my tounge due to stress, so make sure your tounge is okay too guys, I;ve noticed late ngiths and stress develop into ulcers.
I think these late nights at my bfs havent helped. and now I am back home from uni I can relax and sleep.
Bonjela is crap, but hanks for your advice for i-glu my bf gave some, but I lost it haha :(
listerine also can numb the pain but it comes bak after a while.
just sleep and think positive.
jo Tolton 19 December 10
Hello all, I have mouth ulcers everyday of my life since i can remember. I am now now 24 and I have got to the point where i can not handle them anymore. none of my friends and family understand the pain just one causes let alone 9 in the mouth at one time. A mouth ulcer is an exposed nerve!! Hello, they are extremely sore.
I have visited the doctor 5 times this month and they can not help me. they don't seem to know how to treat them. I went for a biopsy to see if i was celiacs. the results came back clear. I have tried every medication they can think of too. I have researched new medication for months and nothing works for me. Frador, myths, TCP, salt, licorice, teatree, aloe vera. Everything.
I feel like I am facing them alone. I even burnt one that was on my tongue for 3 weeks to see if it would heal, but it just stayed there for another week. I have been on Iron and B vitamins for 4 months now so it is not a deficiency. We can send men to the moon but we can not pinpoint these painful holes on our mouth. Isn't that just outrageous? Anyone else got any more causes for why we keep suffering from 20-25 mouth ulcers a month? I just wish my partner would get just ONE to see how painful it is as he doesn't like me taking painkillers all of the time!! Ahhh!!
Maria Marcinkiw, wilmslow 15 December 10
HI just found this web site!! My tongue suddenly came out in small ulcers last Mon and have continued to come, saw the Doc and was given mouthwash which I had to beg for. It's not worked, neither has Bojela, or Obseol, I;ve just had to put up with it. Can't eat and if I try its very painful, I've tried drinking out of a straw and that helps, also luke warm tea. I have fount that not using all these things I've got has helped abit, going to get Frador tomorrow as I used to use that on mouth ulcers and I remember that was very good. I just don't no why I've got them, Doc etc saying am I strssed or run down, NOOO!!! Its been great to read all your comments, what will we do!!!!
Tracybingo 4 December 10
Hi, My heart goes out to sufferers and particularly to children. I am glad to have found this site! Cuase I have recently (2 months ago) had this painful lesion on left side of my tongue, near my wisdom tooth. Tried the usual over the counter stuff (anbesol etc.) didn't work. Saw my regualr doctor he prescribes antibiotics which seemed to have worked. But a week later the pain was back with ear pain at times. I am having a biopsy tommorrow. I didn't know much about mouth ulcers and have been fearing oral cancer. So discovering this site calmed my nerves. I can deal with pain (upt om point of course) but not fear (fear iof cancer).

I hope you all find a remedy!
Nasser 1 December 10
I had stomatch pain for almost 2 months and suddenly got a ulcer like bumb under the tounge near tip middle.
xray,ultrasound (on stomach) and blood test are all normal. I still have stomach pain. Looks like I have ulcer in my stomach too. Tried Apple Cider vinegar,Salt direct on tounge, Zantac, Nexium,Gluten free foods, NOn spicy ,I don't drink alcohol or smoke. one teaspoon on coconul oil (looks to be healing).Read a pdf from David A Hompes ,says ulcers caused by H Pylori and he list some natural and standard treatements. I am still confused. My Dr . says I am all good. I already tried 3 doctors. Doctors in Australia are too afraid.
Meand me only 1 December 10
If you keep getting mouth ulcers with no obvious health reasons, it could be due to food allergies. You may not know you have food allergies even though you may have been eating same stuff for life. For example I have coffee allergy which I did not know until I was 28 yrs. I have been drinking until then, but become so sensitive only after 28 yrs. I suffered many many years with out knowing that. Things like cucumber, chocolate, caffeine could be allergic for most. Observe what you ate before this ulcer formed. Typically, you may feel itchy before forming ulcer which is indication of food allergy.
FDALRGY 30 November 10
uGH!!!! I always have tons of tongue sores!!! Is there anything that I can do to help stop it or try to prevent it?\
randomname102030405050q4987083475098350 25 November 10
Hi there to all readers. I'm 18 years old. I've been getting tongue ulcers on and off for over a year now. I get about 2-5 at a time. After 1 heals another starts to grow. It seemed to dissappear for a few weeks because (believe me or not) of the toothpaste. "COLGATE HERBAL". It really works for me, actually really well. I've been using this COLGATE for about 2 weeks now and for the past 1 week, there is no ulcers coming at all. Of course, brush your teeth after every meal, gargle with hot water with salt inside. If you want to heal quickly, try to also put some salt in the affected area, It does pain a lot but really helps heal. And try to gargle with HOTWATER then IMMEDIATELY WITH COLD WATER. it also helps. Hope my message helped you guys who suffer with tongue ulcer
Satyaprakash Gopinath 24 November 10
I know you guys are going to hate this idea (specially if you dare try it) but it works for me and ive been through all the bad senarios mentioned above and am just about to do it again.

it always works without fail but proberlly hurts the most too.

get a clean stiff toothbrush, drench it in ice water, then stick ur tongue out a bit close ur eyes tightly then scrub the ulcer until it bleeds(i mean really just scrub thru the pain until it bleeds) the longer you can scrub the first time the better because after the first time you "bust it" as you dont want to come back a second time.

works a charm good luck!...and here i go -.-
ME 23 November 10
salt works to if you put it of for 10 mins a day and it will go away
isaac :D 22 November 10
I am soooo glad I found this site! I have had a recurring mouth ulcer on the side of my tongue on and off since May of this year. I used to have them all the time when I was young on my lips and inside my cheek, but never b4 on my tongue, so getting this one really threw me for a loop.
Story: I had a massive panic attack at the end of May followed by a really bad allergy attack then I ate some cashews and got really sick, then 2 weeks later went to the dentist and ' Oh, you have a ulcer on your tongue'. Ever since May, it hasn't stayed away.
Been using salt, and this oral antiseptic called Kanker something, it numbs the area so I can eat, so its not all that bad. But the damn mouth ulcer heals then comes back... heals then comes back. Always in the same location. I only go on the high side of 2 weeks between out breaks if I am lucky, and I am sick and tired of the damn thing.
I am off to my doctor this Wednesday to see if there is anything else I can possibly do, like if I am vitamin deficient or there's some type of bacterial infection... who knows, maybe just unlucky, lol...
I wish all of us sufferers the best and hope for a ulcer free mouth!
tina 21 November 10
Soooooo glad I have found this site. I have suffered ulcers in my mouth/throat for 25 years. Mainly at the back of the throat and found difflam oral rinse works wonders for that. The last 3 months I have now suffered ulcers under and on the tip of my tongue as well as my lips. Difflam doesnt touch them. :( So will now search everywhere for Frador, L -Lysine, Squiggle and Sarakan toothpaste. Thanks everyone! Will let you know which works best! x
Ellie 20 November 10
my son "Arnav" 5 year old had fever and very bad mouth ulcers. cant open his mouth cries in pain doc has pricribed him dolo gel and gylicerin . poor baby is not able to eat any thing his tonge is become white and cant swollow saliva also. what do i do. he is on liquid from two days. please help???
sowbhagya katager 17 November 10
I've been suffering from sores for the past 3 days and it is worse than anything, the sore i have in my tongue which is too far to reach causes a Pain in my ear. I don't have any idea how it affects the Ear.
I ve tried B complex capsules it doesn't seems working. It is surely the days in HELL.
help me for a quick heal
Karthik 16 November 10
Try "Alum", ( McCormicks spice ) I posted a message about it, and it has worked for me for years. It is a salty pickling spice, it somehow after a couple of applications will take the pain away, and help them heal.
lid535 14 November 10
I've been having sores for about 3 years now and the problem is a treatment usually works the first time and then won't the next so i have to constantly find new solutions. Here are some I've tried which worked the first time: Virgin coconut oil (apply on cotton and put over sore just be sure not to swallow it!), Vitamin E (squeeze on to cotton and place over sore), Kamillosan Spray (a lifesaver I bring everywhere with me. After spraying I can eat!), Silver Colloid (gargle throughout the day), Green Tea (gargle throughout the day), Laser treatment (healed a big sore that was on my tongue for 6 months!), Solcoseryl paste (dab sore dry, put paste then cover with cotton), Debactirol, Tetracycline and virlix (gargle), Iterac and Virlix (gargle), Hydrogen peroxide (placed on sore). Others I've tried were mentioned here. I'm going to try Lysine again as many have said it worked for them. A lot of you also said you are anemic. I found out a couple of years ago that I had Thalassemia Minor after taking iron supplements for years. Turned out I had an excess of iron which would not cure my inherited blood disorder. Anyway, while all this has been very distressing, and I have kept my spirits up by reciting the promises of God. That has definitely helped!
patsy 14 November 10
Sounds like everyone's had an ulcer at least once in their life time, more so in others. I know every time I had them it was caused from burning my tongue by hot drinks/food or from constantly rubbing my tongue against my teeth. I remember my 10 year old nephew got them real bad, felt soo sorry for him his whole tongue was riduled with ulcers. I happened to have left over remedies from Homeopathy called Mercurius Sol, there are all different types. Anyway gave him only 1 dose and by the next day there was dramatic relief and the swelling of his tongue had gone, just could not believe it was amazing. I so recommend to anyone who suffers from extreme ulcers to get a consultation from someone who practice Homeopathy. There just might be an underlying cause of these problems, and these people will be able to treat it for life.
TeOne 14 November 10
Hiya, i dont know if this may already have been mentioned on here. I discovered Difflam oral rinse last week You gargle it and it contains an anasthetic which helps for if you are sore and want to enjoy a meal for once!. I feel your pain people x
Trisha 30 October 10
So happy to stumble onto this site... I have 1 ulcer at the very back of my tongue, could hardly reach it with bonjela which turned out to be ineffective (probably because I swallowed half of it!). I've been feeling unwell for the last two days as well, and as I read it turns out more people get physically ill, ie. feverish or even tonsillitis or throat infections, from the ulcer. Luckily for me I do not have them often, but I can only sympathise and imagine what hell many of you must be going through when you get several at a time, all the time... I'm just waiting for mine to go away now, licorice seems the most soothing, and of course avoid anything hot/spicy/citrussy. Has anyone ever tried the butter or coconut milk option? Mine is so far back on my tongue I can't really reach it properly (not without throwing up) so I haven't tried that.
Syl 29 October 10
Try K.P.NAMBOODIRI'S ayurvedic toothpaste from india. See my message under the title ďayurvedic tooth pasteĒ
shiva 28 October 10
I have had 5 ulcers on my togue and a few more under my lips for over a week now ,,
I have been talking strange and today my lips and face is all swollen ...
nothing i use seems to work ,,it may give a few minutes relief but does not get rid of them ...
just now I am using orabase but i find this is only any good at night ...
I am also trying the new bonjela complete ,,,this nips awful when i put it on but it gives a good 15 minutes relief from the constant pain ....
I even got up in the night and run my tongue under the cold water tap ,,,this did not help ,,,,lol
surely there must be some kind of relief that last longer than 15 minutes ......
Debbie M 28 October 10
Hi guys. Thank god im not the only person to suffer with these vile things. Always guarantee I get them on the end of my tongue at least once a month but normally only notice the pain for a day. This time, Im very run down due to stress at work and lack of sleep. I have a massive ulcer on the tip of my tongue and I'd say its the size of a 5 pence piece (few littlr ones together) and they hurt so much. its got to the point i have to stick my tongue out to swallow cus i cant bear my teeth touching it. Ive tried bonjela and salt water rinse to no avail, just cause more pain :-( Im trying an old wives tale tonight of honey. its worth a try, if had it since thurs... and i dont know how much i can take the pain, lol. xx
Dani B UK 18 October 10
Thankyou for this site! I too have been told by doctors and dentists that I'm just one of those people who gets alot of them! I thought I had narrowed the cause to eating banana's and found a few cases online of those being the cause. Alas they have returned although not as often now, at the mo have a penny-sized one on my tongue. Really does get you down, cannot imagine the pain of having a mouthful I've had about three at once before but I really do feel for those of you with lots more! I tried Kanka on holiday in Mexico...don't think it's available in UK, they were sneaking banana in the daquiris to thicken it when I wasn't looking! Brilliant at numbing the pain if you dont mind screaming blue obscenities for a minute when you put it on! Didn't seem to heal the ulcer any quicker though. Iglu works best for me as it doesnt sting and sticks to the area nicely, although its quite messy to use. Going to try the vitamin B12 and lysine I think.....thankyou!
Kate UK 14 October 10
Any suggestions for a two year old with multiple tongue ulcers and a milk food allergy? My little one hasn't slept more than an hour at a time for the past four days and we just are not getting any sign of relief. We have tried orabase rinse and gel and kanka (which was a disaster). Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Sarah 14 October 10
I had mouth ulcers when I was much younger but they came back with a vengence several years ago. Gly-oxide usually helped but not with the ones on the tongue. The first thing I tried and it works is Debacterol (prescription only) but it is very painful to use. It is sulfuric acid on a q-tip. I also have some success with cider vinegar it I catch the ulcer early on. I tried to see if any food was causing the problem but the sores persisted after change of diet. The last dental hygeinist said to try L-lysine but to take bigger dose than recommended and to take it with a multi-vitamin. I take 1000mg L-lysine twice a day and one multi-vitamin daily. The hygenist said she believed the sores are often caused by dental appliances(flippers, retainers etc..) but not so much as an allergy but that allow less oxygen to circulate around the mouth. The L-lysine has worked great for me.
Cindy 7 October 10
It's a relief to hear that tongue ulcers are so common because I've started to freak out and think I had cancer of the tongue and was going to have to have it removed! I mostly just get them on the sides of my tongue and just recently I had an episode of something on top of my tongue as well that was almost like having a burnt tongue with cuts on it. I am though very troubled because one ulcer has been there for awhile about a month it seems. It's gotten smaller and less painful but hasn't gone away so I was thinking maybe I should get it biopsied and looked at a website with pictures of people with different tongue diseases including tongue cancer. After looking at the pictures, I think I'm ok and as much as I hate having these painful ulcers, I'm relieved that's probably all it is and I recommend looking at one of those sites if you haven't when you're down because it could be way worse! For me. I just started getting these ulcers when I was diagnosed as an adult with ADHD so in otherwards when I started taking Adderall. So, if you have kids on ADD medicine that may be it and of course, if you're abusing amphetamines-meth and crack well probably ulcers are probably the least of worries. There were some nasty pictures of ulcers in that scenario and teeth loss but I'm sure those folks aren't reading blogs :( Anyway, I'm so glad I found this page and am going to try some of these remedies or if it gets too bad, just let my ADD run wild!
Kellie Oct. 6 6 October 10
Isnít it amazing how just knowing that someone else suffers from the same problem you do seems to help?

Iím 73, and donít intentionally bite my cheek or my tongue, but I have a severe overbite, and my jaw is misaligned, so if Iím not super careful, CHOMP! Two years ago, I got a new upper partial, and itís a bit different from previous ones, which compounds the problem. I donít know if I grind my teeth while sleeping, but still Ė the metal in the partial has worn down to very sharp edges, plus my existing teeth seem to have sharp edges at well. Iíve been going nutso trying to figure out what to do about this Ė I canít afford the dentist just at the moment.

Yesterday Google led me to this site, and it was a real Ďahah!í moment for me. I decided to head for the drugstore this morning for some Anbesol or liquid Ibuprofen, but then remembered having seen an ad for a new product Ė KANKA. I dug out my coupon and away I went. They have three products: soothing beads, a liquid with applicator, and a soft brush. I chose the beads Ė 15 apps for $8.50 (in Ohio). There appears to be only one warning: an allergy to any of the Ďcaineí anesthesias.

There are 5 b-b sized beads per dosage, and they melt in your mouth in a bit more than a minute. They taste rather like clove, and you can feel it working before theyíre all melted. Itís reasonably easy to move them around with your tongue and put them where you most need them. The package says you can use them every two hours, but for not more than 7 days total. Within 45 minutes after I did the first dose, my mouth already feels better. I found it to last nearly 3 hours, and then I lowered the dosage to 3 of the 5 beads, which lasted about the same. I slept better last night than for a long time, too. I think this is a terrific improvement.

KANKA is sold on-line and over the counter in all the big pharmacies. Good luck to all of you, whether you try this remedy or not. Youíve all been helpful to me.

Irish 30 September 10
I am 37 yrs old and I've suffered with mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember. A couple of years back I was so disheartened with the lack of effective remedies out there that I decided to look for a natural remedy. I discovered on the internet that Echinacea which is proven to boost the immune system, can also prevent mouth ulcers. I also uncovered a natural remedy called golden root seal that can be bought at Holland and Barrets combined with echinacea in the same capsule. The bottle suggests you take 2 to 3 capsules 3 times a day which at first is a little inconvenient. However after a few months of perseverence I can honestly say that there was and still is a massive improvement. I mentioned this to my Dr during my last visit and he assured me that long term use of this was pretty harmless so long as I take the odd break every now and again. If you're anything like me and at at your witts end with the distress that these little fellas can cause I genuinely reccommend you give them a go. Once again they are called Echinacea with Golden root seal from Holland a nd Barrett. Ps every few months they're half price and definitely worth stocking up on if you find they work for you! Good Luck
Danielle 28 September 10
I am 55 years old, had smoked for about 48 years up to 60 fags a day. Gave up smoking after becoming really in 4 1/2 months ago with lung infection. And then, yep just like you all the ulcers arrived. I have not been free of them since. Yesterday when I was reading the messages on this site I was weighing up my options, zinc supplement, vitamin B12 .... In the end, in desperation because it is Sunday and our Pharmacy was not open I decided to try what one person suggested. He said he takes fresh garlic clove, cuts it in half and puts it straight on to the ulcer. Well I had fresh garlic but decided to go with the jar of crushed garlic I purchase from super market. Burnt a little not as much as some of the products I have already tried, totally numbed my mouth for the rest of the day, evening and now the next morning the one on my tongue and cheek are shadows of what they were yesterday but the big crater I had in the crease between upper lip and gum is still there but completely painless. Aaaah such relief. I rinsed out the grains of garlic from yesterday and applied some of the garlic juice from the jar, again, burnt a little but now it is totally numb and I can at least foresee getting through the day.
Hope this helps somebody else out there.
Valerie N 27 September 10
i get ulcers all the time, and on the tip of my tongue, the worst place possible. Iglu is a really good treatment for them.
Harry 26 September 10
it's nice to know i'm not the only one. i have had them since 4-5 yrs old and about 2 sometimes 3 times a year and like everyone else doctors are a waste of time. and like you all i have tried every medication known to man to no avail. lately i have found it is linked with my gut and maybe something i have eaten. so i take some ducalax in the evening and plenty of squash and suffer some cramps in the morning and then the loo, then carry on drinking through the day. the smell shows that there is some kind of infection in my gut. the relief starts within minutes and then the irritation starts to slow reflexology can travel through the foot to all parts of the body so whats stopping an infection in your gut going to your tongue
richard 24 September 10
Hey gise this web site helps me alot im 13 got a damn big crator of an ulcer on tip of tounge and around it got this white stuff :S
I like this web site cuz it shows me im not the only 1 suffering silently... To all u gise Music is a huge part of my life and ive been so depressed because of my ulcer, no sleep, no food ect... i use bongela once it is helpful yet sooooo painful no where near as painful as pure salt it numbs my tounge and after that i just sit back stick me tunes on and drift off it helps me so much i feel as if im sleeping yet happy and more happy ive been since i had this curse :L but yeah my stuff is Bongela once, corsedel and iglu for when i sleep helped loads. Might wana try it also, u know this white stuff round my crator what isit? its not ichy and yes i do scrape my tounge against my teeth any ideas thank u all gise :)
Dan 21 September 10
i have a really bad ulcer on the tip of my tongue, its sooo irritable and all i wanna do is sleep so i cant fel the pain, i really need something that i can ue around the home to get rid of it asap!! please help me
ash93 21 September 10
get watermelon frost!!!!!!!
kk 12 September 10
mum been suffering. Tried pineapple juice. Nearly killed her! Antibiotice - she took severe reaction and started swelling up. Tried salt etc etc. Had teeth filed. She had blood test and has vitamin d deficiency. Bonjela hurts and was no good. Bought iglu. Fantastic - worked that day!!! Bought boots cotton bud thing. Hasn't needed to use it. Mum a lot happier, mouth was covered, was so miserable I felt so bad for her. Bought the holland and barret tooth past dr organic someone recommended, shes also using that now. Hope this message helps someone.
linda 10 September 10
wow....i used to think that im a special case who enjoys a recurrent ulcer, every 4 months. But happy now to find out that im among soooo many. Anyways these days im having worst time of my life with ulcers. Never had before an ulcer of this magnitude, covering complet tongue i'l try to lay my hold squiggle. Best of luck.
mobirox 9 September 10
Wow, I found this site yesterday and suddenly feel like someone understands how I have been feeling!
Out of the blue I have had bouts of ulcers each lasting about a week for the last couple of months with maybe a couple of days peace between episodes and have felt like I'm going crazy with the pain and tiredness. Mostly they have been on the underside of my tongue both sides, but at worst the whole mouth was covered.

Huge sympathy to those of you who have suffered for years..I've been seen at hospital and tried oral thrush tablets, steroid mouthwash tablets with no joy. Difflam mouthwash sometimes gives a little relief to help make eating easier, but I did have 10 days of just managing water.....

I have just fin a week of anti viral tablets Aciclovir, ulcers are almost gone but whether that is just the end of a cycle remains to be seen. Next step I'm told is a referral to Guys...
I personally think it could be due to stress and being run down, but am going to try some of the remedies listed on this site and will cross everything!

An odd thing one consultant told me to try was use Gaviscon as a mouth rinse, (not to swallow), and oddly it does seem to neutralise the little b****s a bit sometimes but by no means a cure...

Good luck with the battle, and people will eventually understand us when we are talking strange!.....
Jo Sep 2010 9 September 10
Hi everyone. I get ulcers every now and then, not as often as some of you do, but when I do get them, they seriously go to town. Currently, I have about 15 ulcers on my tongue and most of them are on the tip. They're in that pre- epic pain stage, before they go bright white and nasty. Any suggestions to stop them opening? I have loads around the edge of my tongue and did have some on the roof of my mouth, which went nasty and bled. I once had an ulcer that spanned across my upper gum and it was agony! I had to hold my lip out every so often as the feeling of my lip pressing against it was awful. I used bonjela and gargled soluble painkillers to ease the inflammation.
Jess 8 September 10
I tried the following, not sure which actually worked but I no longer get them and I used to get them on the sides of my tongue on a regular basis:
-eliminated thrush from my body by taking P'au D'arco and eliminating all sugar from my diet (still not having any sugar except for occasional fruit). I also only eat yeast free bread.
- no wine or vinegar or sauces, avoid citric acid and other additives by reading labels (basically eating wholefoods diet, avoiding processed where possible). Drink water instead of soft drink or sports drinks. I sprinkle cayenne on cooked chicken, steak etc for flavouring instead of sauce
-doctor prescribed me reflux medication as may have had mild reflux contributing to excess acid in my mouth
-changed my toothpaste to an SLS free toothpaste (in Australia I found a Macleans Sensitive one that doesn't have it in it).
-when it comes to canned tomatoes etc I always look for organic so that it doesnt have extra citric acids added.
-have cut out tea
Even though I miss tea, wine, sugar etc I don't think I will ever go back as I feel so much better and no more mouth ulcers. I may try to phase tea back in at some stage
Amy 4 September 10
try b-complex vitamin tablets from holland and barrett
hassan 1 September 10
When I was at boarding school I suffered terribly wih mouth ulcers that always lasted quite a long while, and my infirmarian nun at the school made me eat a block of live yeast every day, which made me feel quite sick. the block was about 2" by 1" sqare, but I have to say that it evenutually cured my mouth ulcers for good and I have not ever had one since.
NIcola Devlin 31 August 10
This may not work for everyone but my father suffered all his life with ulcers and I had them from about seven years old. Between us over 90 years of suffering.

We tried vitamin tablets, bonjela and tablets from the doctor and so on, nothing touched them, my father suffered all his life.

After many years I noticed that after lemonade they got worse the next day. Also I liked fish & chips with of course tomato ketchup and vinegar. I began looking at all the things I ate. I indentified that sauces have fruit or citric acids etc. in them.

So around age 45 cut back on all of these and read the ingredients on everything I was to eat and was surprised how many have added acid.

I used to suffer from months of ulcers with anything up to seven or eight at time, struggled to eat or speak. Now I rarely get one a year and if I feel one starting I stop the following which I believe increase the acid in my blood and they go away.

I think the following cause increased acidity in my system.

High sugar items, chocolate especially combined with sugary alcohol such as dark rum.
All ketchups and sauces
Fat on meats
wine especially red and grapes are a definite no no.

Soft drinks whether squash, cokes, lemonades, pepsi seven up Ribena and so on.
Fruit juices and fruits such as oranges, lemons limes ie any acidy fruit.

Give it a go and I hope it works for you, it has certainly made my life a lot less painful. Good luck

Bill 31 August 10
I had terrible ulcers as a teenager and remember being prescribed gentian violet which I had to paint onto the ulcer with a throat brush (like an angled paint brush). you had to be careful to let it dry with your mouth open as if it mixed with saliva you ended up with purple teeth and gums. It worked brilliantly but a chemist told me they'd stopped using it as they discovered itvwas carcinogenic.
Now I rely upon Corlan tablets - they clear up my ulcer pretty well overnight as long as I put on on the ulcer as soon as it starts. They can be quite difficult to get hold off as most chemists need to order them in.
Helen 31 August 10
For Marie in Australia. Went to the Big W yesterday, and I just went through every bottle of toothpaste. I finally found one that is free of sodium lauryl sulfate. It's Sensodyne Gentle Whitening. Oddly, all the other Sensodynes did have SLS in them. Anyway, there's one you can use :)
Chris (Sydney) 28 August 10
Hi Kate thanks for your post, i made a visit to the docs yesterday so much pain not enough food, really struggling to eat not ideal when you are a diabetic, anyway after a short diagnosis he confirmed mouth ulcers! and prescribed me a tube of Orabase protective paste, gave it a whirl when i got back home pretty disgusting stuff to use but it does form a protective barrier almost instantly and kills the pain just as fast doesn't last all that long really maybe 45 minutes but any relief is welcome as we all know.

by the way Difflam Spray is available over the counter i asked the doc, many thanks for your advice on the food diary ill give it a try
PHIL WYDELLl 24 August 10
Canker covers are the best thing i've ever used on my ulcers. I got them in America but i think you can buy them online too. They are quite expensive and it's probably advisable to use them at night because they clamp onto the ulcer and swell up to form a big gel patch. they protect the ulcer to give it time to heal and every time i've used them the ulcer and pain has almost gone by the time the gel has dissolved. I can't recommend them enough.

I've always found Bonjela pretty useless and use Anbesol instead. It's like the gel dentists use to numb your gums before an injection, it doesn't last a great length of time but it's long enough to have a relatively pain free meal.

It's a good idea to keep a food diary to see what may be causing them. For me, it's pineapple.
Kate 24 August 10
Hi, my mane is Phil i have also suffered from mouth ulcers form a very early age, even now at fifty years old i occasionally get the odd one or two somewhere around the frontal tongue area. I have recently suffered a terrible flu like virus which lasted around five days, towards the end of my suffering i started with ulcers to the both sides of the underside of the tongue and quite large ones on the top of the tongue these have been megga painful (not as if i wasn't suffering enough already) my good wife bought me the new Bonjela complete plus mouth ulcer care, (a tad expensive we thought at £8 a bottle) which seems to give very good initial relief it forms a barrier over the ulcer, probably best use last thing at night as to avoid disturbing the barrier whilst eating / drinking etc.

Also another medication i have tried recently with excellent results especially at night is Difflam Spray, this medication is used for the treatment of painful sore mouth and throat conditions, it is easily sprayed via a nozzle around the ulcer area for rapid pain relief, it has helped me enormously enabling me to sleep, eat and drink freely again. We keep the spray in the fridge, it was prescribed to my son last year for a sore throat, so whilst suffering the other night i thought i give it a whirl, brill

(i think this medication is only available on prescription but its worth a visit to the docs honestly and it does state on the bottle for sore mouth conditions and they dont come much more painful im sure )

thanks for taking the time to read my message
PHIL WYDELL 22 August 10
Hi, I have got a load of ulcers all under my tongue. I have tried Bonjela, Igloo (which doesn't work), Oraldene mouth wash. You name it I have tried it. I ended up with Corlan Pellets which are Hydrocortisone tabs that are to take down the swelling. You can buy these over the counter. They are ok for 1 ulcer but not 15 like I have at the moment. I have now been to the doctor and she has given me antibiotics, and Aciclovir tablets. I also bought some Difflam mouth wash which is really quite good at numbing the pain. The pharmacist also suggested dispersible asprin to use as a mouth wash for pain relief. I am off on holiday on Thursday so hopefully something will work soon as I can't eat or drink properly!!!
Gaynor 17 August 10
Hi, My name Simon - I sympathise with you all - I've been suffering from Mouth Ulcers from about the Age of 8, I'm now 31 and every few months when I'm run down or feeling under the whether it starts by getting an irritation on the side of the tongue, almost like a burning sensation and then a couple of days later the small ulcers start appearing. The Ulcers can develop anywhere on the tongue, I find the ones at the side of the tongue are the worst as I keep catching them with my teeth when I talk or eat... These normally last a week to 10 days - but its the most painful 10 days as most of already know - you can't eat properly, can't concentrate and don't even want to talk. I can't seem to find any miracle remedy as of yet but the following I use do help:

Corsodyl Mouth Wash
Corsodyl Mouth Spray
IGLU Gel - acts as a barrier cream on the tongue. This is ok until you have a drink or eat something then it washes away. Good for bed time!!

These are all available over the counter in any Pharmacist...

I'm currently on Day 4 and I hope the pain is at its peak :-(

Has anyone come across a strong anaethetic that numbs the tongue completely for a few hours regardless of what you eat or drink. I think if the irritation could go away, then the ulcers would clear up alot quicker...

Simon 12 August 10
Hi, My name Simon - I sympathise with you all - I've been suffering from Mouth Ulcers from about the Age of 8, I'm now 31 and every few months when I'm run down or feeling under the whether it starts by getting an irritation on the side of the tongue, almost like a burning sensation and then a couple of days later the small ulcers start appearing. The Ulcers can develop anywhere on the tongue, I find the ones at the side of the tongue are the worst as I keep catching them with my teeth when I talk or eat... These normally last a week to 10 days - but its the most painful 10 days as most of already know - you can't eat properly, can't concentrate and don't even want to talk. I can't seem to find any miracle remedy as of yet but the following I use do help:

Corsodyl Mouth Wash
Corsodyl Mouth Spray
IGLU Gel - acts as a barrier cream on the tongue. This is ok until you have a drink or eat something then it washes away. Good for bed time!!

These are all available over the counter in any Pharmacist...

I'm currently on Day 4 and I hope the pain is at its peak :-(

Has anyone come across a strong anaethetic that numbs the tongue completely for a few hours regardless of what you eat or drink. I think if the irritation could go away, then the ulcers would clear up alot quicker...

Simon 12 August 10
Dear Marie, So sorry to hear they're bothering you that much you didn't want to eat. I sure know that feeling. One suggestion based on how you said you treated them: you can definitely cross contaminate in your mouth and cause more ulcers. So, for instance, when I apply my dental paste, I use the tip of a Q-tip. But I make sure to use a new Qtip side for each area. My Qtips bills are thru the roof, let me tell ya! But you'd want to use a different cotton ball for each ulcer in the future. Anyway, hopefully they'll stay away this time.
Chris 12 August 10
After writing my post a couple nights ago, i went into the bathroon and was determined to "atack" these ulcers. Firstly I brushed my teeth using my kids toothpaste (coz i dont have any of that squigle toothpaste). I had read somewhere that someone used Iodine on them and they went the next day..... well i didn't have iodine but i had some Betadine sore throat gargle. I dabbed a cotton bud in it and pressed each of my 6 ulcers for a couple minutes continuously. The pain at one stage, especially those on my tongue, was excrutiating. The pain rode like a wave thru my head but i kept at it. After i did this to each ulcer, I used a mouthwash that i held in my mouth for as long as i could withstand the pain. my mouth and tongue felt sort of numb and sore at the same time. Went straight to bed and althought didnt have the best sleep, I woke up and - WALA! each ulcer felt better than the day before, so better that I could eat food without my eyes tearing up from pain. Today, 2 days later, they are virtually gone, even the ones that were just begining to come up.
...... so, i really recomend this, hurts a bit, but they're gone.
Chris - I googled the squigle toothpaste, it doesnt seem like we can buy it retail in australia, but it is avail from australian shopping websites, but delivery is about $12.
Marie (Australia) 12 August 10
Marie, thanks for your post. I just moved to Australia actually. So if you find any products here like the squiggle toothpaste, could you post where you buy them on here? I'll do the same. That blackmores vitamin I mentioned I bought at a pharmacy here in Sydney, and it seems to be helping. My stress levels are thru the roof right now, with relocating, but my ulcers have stayed tolerable since I started taking them. Worth a try.

To Matt, thanks also, so are there any specific Chinese herbs you're taking? I've never tried that but I will.
Chris 11 August 10
Chris - i was reading your post and i have the exact same problem at the moment. Began on cheeks, inside of lips and then on tongue. I too have the white tongue with red tip - very painful!! I am 33 non smoker quite healthy but keep getting these damned ulcers.
At the moment I am really fed up with them. I have 6 ulcers on tongue and inside cheeks, and I have had them continuously for 6 weeks!! When one finally seems to go another pops up.... I am begining to get really upset by this as I am in pain, cannot eat and don't even feel like talking. All i can think about all day are these ulcers and how to move my tongue so it doesnt hurt - the pain brings tears to my eyes.
I've previously gone to the doc and was not very helpful, didnt know cause and told me probably due to stress. I do believe this about stress, if i am stressed out one day then bang the next day i am hit with an ulcer. But I cannot live a completely stress free life.
Reading alot of these posts helps me to try and find something to help me thru this.
I really want to try getting that 'squiggle toothpaste'. I am in Australia so i will have to see where i can get it from coz i've never heard of it, also never knew about LSL free products - will be looking into this. Bonjela and salt water have been no real help, i think it just distracts me as it feels like i'm doing something to get rid of them.
Marie (Australia) 10 August 10
I have had ulcers for over 10 years, much the same experience as Chris except mine don't seem to correlate with stress. My tongue turns white with red patches and Ulcers follow.
However, since taking Chinese Herbs last year they have really reduced and now barely bother me at all. My herbalist has been amazing and after a recent visit to her Tutor I've been prescribed different herbs which aim to cure me altogether but are temporarily predicted to fill my mouth with ulcers. Which they have. It's horrible having them again but there is hope in the near future. I would urge anyone with chronic ulcers to give Chinese herbs or -for that matter- any alternative therapy a go and keep trying. Good luck! Matt.
Matt Gale 10 August 10
TO MARE, who posted today. See my post above. Doctors who don't do their homework often conflate oral herpes and apthous ulcers. They are NOT the same thing. It's pretty easy to get tested to find out if your ulcers are herpetic or not. But any doctor who prescribes you acyclovir for them (I had a doctor do the same thing) is only guessing. If they present more as cold sores, it's probably herpes 1. But you should get tested specifically for that.
Chris 10 August 10
Hello All, I was heartened to see this board, and have read the posts on it with great interest. Bit about my history with apthous ulcers, and a couple suggestions. I'm 33, male. I've had ulcers since I was about 10. My mother gets them and my sister too. Doctors never know what to tell me. Recently, I had them tested for herpes and that came back negative. Up until a few years ago, my ulcers were very painful but infrequent. I would gargle saltwater to heal them. And I could usually predict when one was coming. Argument with a girlfriend or something acutely stressful, and two days later, presto! Ulcer every time. Anyway, about 4 years ago, the problem switched from the walls of my mouth and lips to my tongue. Now, my tongue goes pale white and furry on the top, and rudolph the reindeer red at the tip. Extremely painful, and sadly, chronic. It burns a little now all day long and always peaks at night. Alot of work stress has coincided with this new condition. To be honest, I've been feeling increasingly hopeless about it ever getting better. But a few things that help a little bit that I'd like to recommend. 1) toothpastes without SLS, as everyone knows, help. But in my experience, they only make a difference after the ulcer is already there. 2) Triamcinolone Acetonide, which is a dental paste with steroids in it. I find the paste actually does speed up the healing process. 3) Zinc zinc and more zinc.
With this tongue condition that I've developed, the real catch-22 is with diet. My mouth is in so much pain on a daily basis that I don't have much appetite, which in turn, exacerbates the ulcers. I've been taking this multivitamin called Blackmores Bio-Zinc, which seems to help a little. It's for skin issues, so I guess it speeds up the skin regeneration, not sure?
Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this. As you all know, it's such a nagging frustrating condition. And I'm feeling so resigned to never getting better. If anyone has had any similar issues with the tongue, specifically if anyone used to get them on the walls of the mouth and then it switched to the tongue, I'd be very interested to hear about your experiences. Hang in there, everybody.
Chris 10 August 10
i have had these ulcers on my tongue on & off,since i was a little girl...i remember my dr prescibing folic acid & i had to put this liquid in a small white btl, called gly...something...i forget.then for years i did not have them much at all, now they are back & my doc has prescribed acyclovir, which helps a little & he says it may be from my inhaler, but i am not so sure. why doesnt anyone know how to treat them properly. when i was a child the doc said they are a form of herpes, which come & go...herpes simplex 1
mare aug 10 10 August 10
Omg, have been having really bad small ulcers at the tip of my tongue for almost 2 weeks now. Just came up randomly and I don't know what to do! Have tried Bonjela, Listerine...
Alyssa 8 August 10
Hi All, I just wanted to let you guys know that I also had similar problem way back in 2003. The ulcers were so huge that most of the doctor said it might be a mouth cancer. But then thankfully there was this doctor who really knew the root cause and asked me not to worry. It was just becz of deficiency of follic acid and vitamin B12. I am a veggie and would not eat meat. That had cost me the deficiency. But the easy solution was to start drinking lot of milk. Since then I will have daily one glass of milk and ulcer will not come back. Only when I miss drinking milk continuosly for 3-4 days, they show up! So I would suggest drinking milk daily which will help cure them for good!
Sunny 3 August 10
Hi all, 44 and after continuous ulcers since age 12. I fully agree with Stuarts above lifestyle changes. I have now been ulcer free for 1 week which is amazing, attributed to using Saraken toothpaste and mouthwash both SLS free. I am also taking Wellman Sport; B12 and zinc vitamins daily. In addition I have stopped drinking sugary cordial and replaced with 1 ltr water per day. Since this I have eaten grapefruit, tomatoes and had 2 spicy Indian meals. Minimising stress and getting 8 hrs of sleep each night when possible are certainly helping. And finally which I definetely believe helped was using a silver tipped nitrate stick from the doctors one week ago. I was told to dab the tip just once on the ulcer at the tip of my tongue and me being me and wanting payback against the enemy, I dabbed 4 times - bad move re the pain but as I write this am feeling like the victor after so many years of being the tortured prisoner by such evil lil critters :-) What happens apparently is that the silver nitrate cauterizes the ulcer and in doing so sends messages to the body's defence immune system soldiers to attck and heal the injury site and sets in place the memory paths to defend this particular region to future attack and so far so good. Good luck everyone!
Guy, Southampton 1 August 10
Hi, I relate to most people on this site, I'm 38 and have ulcers on and off for most of my life. On two occasios my mouth , throat and tongue have been covered. One of those times I had two weeks off work and the other I had a month off and spent 3 days in hospital. The nurses felt sorry for me and gave me an extra shot of morphine which was very effective pain relief for 1 night. The past couple of years they have been getting worse and I sometimes feel a bit sick as well when I have an outbreak. Like others have said they just start to clear and others come up. However I started using squiggle toothpaste about 3 months ago and am noticing an improvement. I even had a month with no ulcers :). I just had a few but they didn't last as long and at the moment there are no new ones(very happy) I have noticed excessive sugary or processed foods and coffee makes them worse. Also I have started going to the gym which helps my mental state, reduces stress. Things I have found most helpful are a fresh, clean diet, vegie juices, lots of water(with fresh lemon juice in it is good for the body), trying to reduce stress. I have found doctors to be of no help except for the ones in hospital when I was very sick. Best of luck to you all who are suffering with mouth ulcers, I know how depressing it can be.
Stuart 1 August 10
hi i have an ulcer on the side of my tonge and it really hurts i cant hardly talk or eat, i havent tryed anything for it yet i dont see how you can try anything as a tonge is always wet
jodi 30 July 10
Great to hav found this site, in total agony at the mo, started with a couple, and now looking like a colliflower on the left side of my tonge. Had them since i can't remember, and normally just let them run there course, but this time soooo painful. Have been trying honey, which works a little, kinda numbs it. & sticking my tonge in apot of mouthwash of a night, going to llok into the toothpaste sit, as many seem to say the toothpaste can add to irritation. Chocolate a def no no. Just wish it would go away, feel like biting my tonge off, extreme i know!!! 30 July 10
I suffered from cold sores since I was 3 years old. Inside and outside of my mouth. Virgin Coconut Oil with kill it and heal it! I have used it on little swollen cuts on the side and underneath of my tongue as well with great success! It used to take me at least 3 weeks to go through the cycle and heal, but now it heals in 5 to 7 days. You buy it in the nutrition section of the grocery store. I eat it, cook with it and use it for any and all of my skin problems. Please try it!
Stephanie R 29 July 10
I have had an awful ulcer appear under my tongue a few days ago. Oh my god, agony. I have had them in the past but not like this. It also makes the side of my face and ear hurt too. I have tried bonjela so far but no better yet. It is useful to read through everyone's comments and suggestions here. I am certainly going to try them. Can't believe how many people suffer with these awful things. They make you feel lowsy don't they.
Jo 28 July 10
Has anyone tried hydrogen peroxide? Do not swallow it. Just swish around in your mouth for 20 seconds or so or use a cotton swab and dab on the sores. It sometimes will help when nothing else will. Also, the old Epsom salt and warm water is a very old remedy.
Mary 28 July 10
I have a small tongue ulcer on the side of my tongue going on 2 months. Tried Kenalog Orapaste given by dentist. Also, tried mouth guard and dentist as grinded sharp edges from broken teeth but it still persists. I wanted to try the Frador but cannot find it anywhere. Only site i found is in UK and doesn't ship to United States apparantly. I am very frustrated!
Lois 23 July 10
ok first of all look at your diet, you might be one of those unlucky people who has quite sensitive tastebuds, if that the case then cut acidic food out of your diet, secondly you will keep the pain of and clean the ulcer if you keep your moth clean this means regulary brushing your teeth maybe 3 times a day for a week and rinse mouth out with mouthwash this should kill any bacteria i the area. another cause is a burn to the tounge which just needs to be treated in the same way, and finally it could be stress, best way of dealing with this is to cut the cause of stress out, try a visit to the doctor, oh and another great tip, when you have a tounge ulcer especially at night apply a dab of tooth past on and around the tounge i dont this fro about 3-4 days aswell as keeping mouth very clean and it works quickker than anytihng, be sure to get the more exspensive mouth wash it tends to work better
Grant 16 July 10
There seems to be no cure for this. For over 10 years I have changed my eating habit, diet, sleeping routine, exercise, job and eventually got married just to reduce stress (all the docs I met tell me, it is stress, stress and stress). When it comes I can't eat, no talking and what even make it worse now is that I have a wife who enjoys the moments of my suffering and she calls it moments of silence. is nice to know I m not alone....
Luke 9 July 10
Cure for Tongue or Mouth Ulcers ---drink lots of Water, Take B complex tablets, avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, hot rice or hot stuff, garling with Salt warm water will also cure, take breakfast regularly dont skip breakfast. take coconut water, buttermilk.
Ravi krishna velchuri 9 July 10
I am currently struggling with a broken collar-bone but actually suffering more pain from a huge ulcer on the tip of my tongue. I get them quite often and have tried EVERYTHING including applying alcohol, peroxide, vinegar etc with a q-tip, all of which hurt like hell and seem to have made it worse... For "normal" ulcers I found cider vinegar worked very well on a piece of cotton wool applied to the area for as long as possible.
Showed my boyfriend. He didn't even know you could get ulcers on your tongue!!! He smokes 20 a day!
In the past I've had good results using what is known in France as "Pierre d'alun" ie the stone that is sold in health food stores as a deodorant. Tried it just now and ulcer seems to have got even bigger. Ow.
Ncf 9 July 10
OMG why does the doctors, dentists or who-ever just come up with some solution with all the new technology re health - Help us all mouth ulcer sufferers who are at our wit's end with years of trial an error to find some relief - better stilie: some cure for mouth ulcers which seem trivial to some illnessess which health experts have found cures for - PLEASE HELP!! FROM ALL US OUT HERE SEARCHING FOR A CURE!!" Much Obliged!
BOB 7 July 10
i have ulcers on my tongue and hurts when i try to eat im 15 and i have bad trouble trying to swallow and i had a infection which is under my lower lip which is called impatago witch i think i got through a cut but i seen a doctor and they give me antibiotics so hopes it does job thanks all!!!

get well all!! =]

kind regards
callum 7 July 10
Have been following an alkaline diet for 6 weeks. It has cleared my heartburn but I now have a tongue ulcer and feel sure it is the red grapes. I have been eating them a lot.
Ann 3 July 10
Wow, just found this website and it's so helpful.

I've suffered from Mouth Ulcers, Cankers Sores on my tongue and general stomach issues for the last eight years. I have sought all kinds of advice but I am finding that there does appear to be a number of recurring themes erring on the side of do/dont. I went to a chinese doctor earlier this year to discuss this, since chinese medicine is very stomach to tongue centred. The doctor prescribed me some stuff in chinese, which I had a go with and felt little difference, however the advice was an excellent summation of other stuff I have encountered. I haven't solved this, in fact I happen to have an ulcer on the end of my tongue already, and to be honest I'm sure that some of this is my own fault as I do not necessarily follow my own understanding, however if you'll allow my BAD list it may help a little.

- Alcohol
- Coffee and Chocolate
- Citrus & Tomatoes
- SLS in toothpaste
- Not chewing your food properly
- Spicy stuff
- Lack of sleep

The biggest thing that seems to be recurring is the fact that this feels like such an offending and personal battle, that people just don't really understand. Much of the thinking is that there is obviously some cure around the corner that you just haven't found yet, usually of a chemical nature, however, in some capacity I'm really starting to believe that this is quite a lifestyle thing. My natural inclination is to stress, wolf down my food, sleep little and do a million things at one time. On top of that my favourite things are coffee, chocolate, citrus, alcohol and spicy stuff.

Now the likelihood is that what we have is a cacophony of different issues resulting in similar bouts of pain in the mouth. However the same symptoms doesn't necessarily mean the same issue (thank you House MD for that insight!). In spite of this there does appear to be a number of recurring things that are likely to cause this, which will be different for different people.

So my suggestion to everyone here, and somewhat tongue in cheek to myself (excuse the pun), is to not expect a chemical cure for this issue to magically appear, but instead to really think about your tendencies, lifestyle, and perhaps try cutting some of the suggested things out, sleep more, stress less (stress causes a lot of issues that are rife in 21st century society - that is rarely disputed) and hopefully you, and I, will find a personal solution to an extremely personal problem.

All the best everyone, and I really hope that we all manage to find a way to avoid, cope with or treat this debilitating condition.

Kind Regards
Liam Cahill, UK 2 July 10
Just for me personally, I found alcohol caused my mouth ulcers. Very sad as I love a glass of wine, but I was plagued with ulcers all the time.
Nina 22 June 10
Your dentist may be right, but, diagnosing immune disorders seems not to be an exact process, however, you may want to investigate Lupus and SjŲgren's, and then take it up with your doctor. I hope for you it just goes away though!
Dom Walton 22 June 10
Oh, Hi guys, 1st time writer!

I currently have mouth ulcers all down the back of my throat/ kills!

My dentist rekon, as i have bad joints as well, that it is some kind of auto immune disorder...

Anyone else have the same thing as me. Im 19 and my joints (knees, and ankle) are so achey, clicky and painfull!

Rhian 22 June 10
I'm 29 now and I can't remember a year when I did not have mouth ulcers. I don't get them as bad as some of you folks have reported, but I typically get multiple ulcers at a time and usually in very painful places and they are very large and extremely painful. I have a very high pain tolerance (I broke my wrist and rode my bike 4 miles on it, slept and went to work the next day before deciding to go to the dr for it), but these things are so much worse than any pain I've ever felt. I would compare ulcers with migraine pain; excruciating.

I'm currently suffering from 2 ulcers, one on the side of my tongue and one on my lower-lip in the front. Stumbled on this site looking for something new to try.

Growing up, I was always told to do the saltwater or alum technique and both seem to have the same results, extremely painful when applied, slight numbness for 2-3 minutes, reduction in the size of the ulcer but no reduction in the amount of time before they heal.

I work on the phone for my job now and this is a serious issue for me. I can barely talk on the phone and if I force myself to do it, I exacerbate my ulcers significantly. So, I'm mostly having to rely on the weekends to heal and we all know 2 days just isn't enough time to heal. I end up in a perpetual cycle of pain. On average my ulcers last 6-12 days and nothing I've used actually helps prevent them, or speed the healing process. It's sad, but true in my case. I also use a special toothpaste that does not contain SLS, which cuts down on the total number of ulcers I get, but does not prevent them entirely. My father has the same issue I do, but the non-SLS toothpaste prevented his outbreaks entirely (for over a year now)
Jim 17 June 10
2 biopsies, non-cancerous. i now have a slightly deformed tongue, as the ulcers are in the same identical place. i don't know what to do anymore. any time i'm stressed - it's a sure bet i have a break-out. feels like MOUTH ACNE. :(
i'm 54, menopausal and DON'T NEED THIS, THANKYOUVERYMUCH! arrrrrrrrgh!!!!! gonna try some of the things here. i'll let you know what worked for me. THANKS, ALL!
Juliet - i will try the 'iglu' product you mentioned - I have three ulcers at the moment; the ones on the tongue are often worse as, like other people have said on this site, they make it very unpleasant trying to eat and talk! I have tried the usual remedies; bonjela (I end up swallowing most of it as it doesn't stay!), mouthwash; little joy. I've been using 'Anbesol' antiseptic & anaesthetic for a while - this does numb the pain for a while but it still takes a good few days to get rid of them.
Katy, 12 June 10 12 June 10
New product "iglu" from Boots- no stinging when applied and sticky thickish gel covers ulcer AND stays there. Immediate pain relief. It's been out 3 -4 months. Gives a protective coating...IS AMAZING. I'm 45 and have tried everything else. Current ulcer is 2cm long & 5mm wide under tongue and another on tip of tongue. THE GEL STUCK in both areas...I'm happy
Juliet, U.K. 11 June 10
Bex and Garry, please post once you find oil pulling working. It will benefit others here. Please make sure that you do it the right way. Here are the instructions:

"In the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach you take one tablespoon in the mouth but do not swallow it. Move Oil Slowly in the mouth as rinsing or swishing and Dr Karach puts it as ' sip, suck and pull through the teeth' for fifteen to twenty minutes. This process makes oil thoroughly mixed with saliva. Swishing activates the enzymes and the enzymes draw toxins out of the blood. The oil must not be swallowed, for it has become toxic. As the process continues, the oil gets thinner and white. If the oil is still yellow, it has not been pulled long enough. It is then spit from the mouth , the oral cavity must be thoroughly rinsed and mouth must be washed thoroughly. Just use normal tap water and good old fingers to clean."

Initially there could be mild pain on gums or teeth which will slowly go away.

It has worked for me so quickly and I'm the happiest man on Earth. I hope that it will work for all of you.
Philip 10 June 10
I too like lots of people who have already posted am delighted to see Iam not alone in my suffering. For the last 7or 8 years have suffered with anything from two or three to multiple ulcers all over my tongue. Saw the doctor-no use whatsoever. I am now nearly 37 years old, used to be a company director in London but five years ago moved to the French countryside, the stress less life made no difference, still get mouth ulcers most of the time. Tried all the mouthwashes going and creams, nothing really works just have to wait two weeks for the ulcers to go. Have even tried burning them out with whiskey or rum, does provide some relief after a lot of pain. Today I have just stared oil pulling with olive oil if it works I will let you all know, keep searching for the remedy all and maybe one day we will be painless.
Garry Collins 37yrs old, SouthWest France 9 June 10
This site is really helpful its nice to know i'm not alone with these horrid things. Saw my dentist about them and she just told me to use mouth wash, which i'm already doing, which wasn't very helpful. My doctor say i must be run down and stressed but i'm honestly not run down until i get them! It so frustrating as i am sure mine are not stress related but no one seems to know why they crop up. Anywho rant over :) Am going to try this oil puling thing....fingers crossed.
Bex 9 June 10
Oil pulling really works. Just yesterday I had serious ulcers on my tongue. I was not even able to speak. I have done 4 or 5 oil pullings since then and they have all almost completely gone. Look at this link to understand how to do oil puling,
Please try. You won't regret.
Philip 5 June 10
This site is very interesting... Lots of info and alternative options. For me I think stress is a cause, and chocolate... Pity really since when stressed is when I crave chocolate! Do not think toothpaste in my case as so infrequent. But hell when they do occur! I use a 1/4 teaspoon of salt packed on to the ulcer (always on my tongue) - yeah, it hurts, but it also decreases duration of ulcer. Tried SM-33, Kenalog, but feel salt most efficacious. Will look into other potential causes & remedies now especially B vitamins and folate levels. N.B. Tea tree oil may well work BUT is toxic if ingested so do not swallow it!!!
Kate 1 June 10
i just tried the tea tree and it workks i dont know if it will kiil the ulcar or whatevevr but it took the swelling RITEE dow but when i was holding the cotton bud on the ulcar IT STUNG BAD it was the worst feeliing ive ever had on an ulcar but only lasts for like 15 seconds then when the stinging stops the ulcar is down/ unswolen
john 31 May 10
my mouth ulcars are getting worse every day i havnt eaten in 4 days and i have lost weight i feeel tired all the time and yeahh any help , right nnow im going to try tea tree oil on a cotton bud
john 31 May 10
The mind boggles with all these suggestions but sadly I have tried them all over the past 4 years and nothing works, must say I think that diet and low immune system is the cause but who knows as others have had rwesults from elimination.
Good luck to all us sad ulcer sufferers, at present my mouth is on fire!!
Lots of pain 30 May 10
For those who have inner mouth ulcers the best treatment is drink lemon juice (mix lemon and sugar with warm water)
Believe me it works! I have ulcers regularly like a few times every few months. It just doesn't go away. But can be prevented by drinking lemon juice often (twice or three times a day) as this will prevent any further mouth uclers.

I surfed on the net, and tried many other solutions such as water with salt, those bonjela gel that doctor prescribe does not work, it may ease pain but for those deep stubborn ulcers all you need is to drink lemon juice often and two - five days it will disappear before you know it.

Look i am not here to promote or to criticise but here to help others, who suffers the same as me, and when people share knowledge life is much more better, its just happens that sometimes there is no cure, in this case just effective treatment.

No more ulcer pain anymore!

Thank-you Mr Lemon!
Tim Tim Sydney 30 May 10
OMG Sadie you are a brave person I could not bear to do the scrubbing or scraping my mouth is so sore if it works for you good luck, I feel your pain.
Scottie 29 May 10
I forgot to say...You can buy the CHLOROSEPTIC SORE THROAT SPRAY easily online. Just type it into a google search and shopping results should come up. I assume you can also buy it in most chemists as you can buy it from chemists online, I just always purchase it online. It is usually around £5 and the bottle lasts a long time! Like I said before, I Highly recommend it. £5 is a small price to pay to try it out. And it is great for other throat and mouth pains/issues too such as tonsilitus pain relief.
Sadie 29 May 10
I forgot to say...You can buy the CHLOROSEPTIC SORE THROAT SPRAY easily online. Just type it into a google search and shopping results should come up. I assume you can also buy it in most chemists as you can buy it from chemists online, I just always purchase it online. It is usually around £5 and the bottle lasts a long time! Like I said before, I Highly recommend it. £5 is a small price to pay to try it out. And it is great for other throat and mouth pains/issues too such as tonsilitus pain relief.
Sadie 29 May 10
Hi everyone. Like all of you I too am a regular sufferer of mouth ulcers...the worst ones being under the tongue like the 2 I have under there currently! I'm 21 now and have been getting ulcers for as long as I can remember, sometimes having a few months free and then having many at once, so I have tried many many different treatments. I have finally found a few treatments that work for me, which I will tell you all about to help fellow sufferers! For years I found the best treatment to be straight salt onto the ulcer...hurts like mad but is actually quite a satisfying feeling once the initial pain starts to go and you can feel it kind of numbing it. If you do this regularly through the day I find they go much quicker. The other thing I always do is to scrape off the grey/white dead skin area in the middle of the ulcer, with a toothbrush. Sounds painful, and trust me it is, but if you do this and it bleeds it encourages the ulcer to heal quickly. You can then put salt on after to clean it. I would only recommend those methods to those with high pain thresholds though, as it is a painful process!

However, the BEST treatment which I cannot recommend enough is CHLOROSEPTIC SORE THROAT SPRAY. This is an oral anesthetic spray. It doesn't taste very nice, but completely numbs the ulcer and surrounding area. you just spray this on the ulcer and leave it there for about 20 seconds. You then spit it in the sink, don't swallow! This will make your mouth feel slightly numb where you have sprayed it, but not badly, you can still talk etc, and the relief it has on the pain is the best feeling...anyone who has suffered with large ulcers will understand the relief! trust me, it works. this lasts about 2 hours, so it is something you have to do regularly, but it also cleans the area and definately makes the healing process a whole lot quicker. Also, what I said earlier about scraping the white area until it bleeds, if you spray the chloroseptic on first then you can do this without much pain. You can then even put salt on too if you choose, depending on how bad the ulcer is.

I'm no professional but these are the techniques I find most effective and mean that I can get on without worrying too much about those pesky ulcers! Really hope this helps everyone, I know how bad they can get and how frustrating it can be. If anyone has any other questions ask away, I will try to give as much advice as possible based on my experience. Happy to help you all :)
Sadie 29 May 10
Hello everybody, i have suffered with them from birth and i'm 32 now. Never away, and they vary in numbers. I never have just one though, usually 3-4 is a good spell and have had up to 12. Mine appear everywhere, gums, tongue, throat and inner lips. I have tried everything and sadly for me nothing works. They get worse before they get better. I do think there is a link with feeling run down or depressed, it without doubt makes them worse. Of course, when you suffer with them all the time, it becomes a vicious circle. They play a huge part in my life, and quite honestly at times they ruin it. I'm just glad,at last to find a group of people who understand. Living in the UK i have tried everything mentioned above but always open to new ideas. I sympathise with each and everyone of you.
Mark 29 May 10
I also have have been taking iron and vitaminB12 complex and eating yogurt even the fruit variety and must say there has been a really good improvement, less flare ups unless I drink orange juice or too much sweets then I am fine, I think some of us need to alter our diets but that is so hard to do all the time. Must say I also feel better and have more energy.
Scottie 29 May 10
I have just started taking extra vitamins, and yoghurt as recommended by my doctor. so far they have gone....and thats first time since xmas. happy days!
Anna 28 May 10
I've had what I think to be an ulcer on my tongue now for months. I have not treated it with anything because I've never had one and it really was just inconvienent....Now it is getting a little worse and it seems I might be getting another one on the other side of my pain there (yet)...

It is reddish with a slight white are around some of it and a sore spot in the red.

My question is this...Is this an ulcer...or something worse? I'm going to try some or all of the rememdies suggested on this site...I'll let you know.
David 27 May 10
I have been suffering for the last week or so... had no clue what was causing it, I had been having some stressful family stuff involving my little boy but didnt think it would have been this. I have also just read on another web site that whitening toothpastes can cause ulcers as the abrasive whitening irrates the tongue. I have been using Rembrandt toothpaste does anyone know if this is the case and any suggestions of toothpastes to use. This is killing me although still trying (with much pain and moaning) to eat fairly normally but I dont know how much more I can stand. I am so glad I found this forum though.... It has given me loads of good advice. Maybe white teeth are not worth all this pain ( if this is the reason they are happening).
Julie Millar 27 May 10
What type of doctor should I go to to get these things checked out? When I was about 16 i went to a dentist, she took a culture(very painful) and never contacted me back and around the same time I saw our family practitioner and he pretty much gave me a list of things it could be and didn't try and help at all. That was over 10 years ago and i have never heard of anyone else that has has the same excruciating condition until i just found this site. Well, people always say "oh, yeah i have had those, when you bite your tongue? yeah, they go away, blah blah" but they have no idea and can not possibly sympathize, if they had the same pain, they'd be rolling around in agony like me. I would like to say that I'm glad that there are others out there like me, but I'm not, I wish I was the only one, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I would really do anything to get rid of these things once and for all
Olita 26 May 10
dab white vinegar straight onto your ulcer or rinse whole mouth with. May sting but it helps a lot
ann serle 21 May 10
I dont care if I never find a cure, I'm just so pleased that there are other people out there who talk as funny as me. So so painful but I definitely feel less sorry for myself now. I've had ulcers on my tongue now constantly since Christmas and I can not get rid of them. When they die down, its bag with vengence a week later. I too am a food lover and the stress of not enjoying my food is the most horrible part. Bonjela does not work, salt-no chance, mouthwash-nope. I'll keep searching but this has put a smile back on my sore smile x
Anna 18 May 10
like everyone here i am currently suffering, this is for me probably the worst outbreak i have had that i can remember anyway. on the tongue, under the tongue on the gums etc. like most have tried the obvious so called remedies but nothing works. most just take the pain away for a while, but these cause alot of pain first. tried bonjela, liked the taste but does nothing long term. tried mouth wash with alcohol as this feels like it is doing something but does not last. tried salt and salt water. makes your eyes water but again no long term effects. thought as the alcohol in the mouth wash seemed to numb them i should try whisky, thats garggling not drinking. this stings alot and for a good few minutes, fortunately i am a whiskey drinker so the after taste does not bother me. was going to go to the docs but after reading the above posts dont think i will bother. instead i will try other peoples suggestions first starting with the easiest accessable. maybe something will help becuse i love food. can handle the pain just dont enjoy eating. the answer is out there somewhere. thanks for all the suggestions
tony 16 May 10
I'm only a teenager and I suffer terrible with mouth ulcers. I get them ALL the time. I actually thought that they might be a sign of starting your period that month like spots or really bad stomach ache. I now know this wasn't the case. When I was telling my mum about them, she explained that she used to suffer with them as well. Eventually, the went and stayed away. I haven't tried many cures, potions and tablets but I find that whenever I have a cold, then I get even more ulcers. They are so annoying because they are right at the tip of my tongue and they are REALLY painful as well. I know that the odds of them just clearing up is against me but I am hoping they will. After reading these messages, I have a idea on what to use and try. Thank you everybody for sharing your stories and helping many people!
beth 15 May 10
just gargle salt water do not swollow or you will die my tounge is full of them
hayley 14 May 10
I'm relieved that I'm not like the only person who's suffering from these very very HORRIBLE tongue ulcers...I stay at a hostel and the food they provide us is way too spicy..Two days ago , I developed a couple of horrible ulcers(about 6 ) on each side of my throat (on the palate). The next day, I had a sensation as if my tongue was burnt, and today i've developed a lot of ulcers on the sides and there's a hge line of ulcers on the tip of the tongue tongue seems to have lost shape...the mere sight of it in the mirror is enough to scare me...the pains unbearable...I really dont know what to do...All we get in our mess is spicy food, which makes me jump out in pain when I eat it...Plain,dry food alone causes a lot of pain, Imagine what the spicy food can do!!...I feel totally helpless..It feels as if my tongue is completely burnt...I cry in pain sometimes, but my fellow mates think that I'm a cry baby..I'm feeling helpless..HELP!!
Ashwini 7 May 10
Just found this site because I have been desperately surfing for home remedies for an incredibly sore ulcer on the side of my tongue. Started as a huge blood blister, the blister burst and now the whole side of my tongue is so sore it is so painful to eat and talk. My family think I'm being a wimp but it's really getting me down. Have had it almost a week now, but reading this I realise that's nothing. At least now I know I'm not alone. Not sure what to try - am a bit scared of some of the suggestions. Just hope it goes away soon.
sue 6 May 10 6 May 10
nothing worked for me, the steriod ointments helped the pain a bit. the best thing that has given me the longest amount of pain free what 7/8 months now is EFT or emotonal freedom technique, which is basically acupressure you can do on yourself, you tap parts of the body. I dont know HOW but i know it DOES work for me. good luck
still grateful 30 April 10
I never have had problems with ulcers and my teeth hygiene is very good. I have no fillings, and no sign of Plaque, and brush my teeth regularly. But I have started ....well over the last 3-4 months been suffering with an Ulcer on one side of my tongue which comes back about every 2 weeks. I hope it is nothing sinister. It does not look abnormal but is very painful, and making me talk funny sometimes :). One remedy I have is sucking on an Ibrobrufen, maybe not the best idea. but seems to numb it for a while. Salt water does not really do anything. This is becoming a regular pain in the arse (tongue) ha ha ... Any advise would help.

Heidi 29 April 10
Just found this site today and wondered if anyone can relate to the type of ulcers I seem to get. Basically mine always start as a blood blister. I think I catch the side of my tongue on whatever I am eating and within a few minutes I can feel the blister fill up. Usually I burst them with a sterile needle and within a few days I'm fine. However nearly a week ago I woke up with a blood blister which I decided to leave alone this time, as I had read somewhere that it's best to not burst them. It did eventually burst on it's own when I was eating and it's been hell ever since. I spoke to my GP over the phone as I was in so much pain and she suggested an ointment which I wasn't able to get as it's been discontinued in the UK. At one stage it got so bad I even got up in the middle of the night and went to my local A&E to see if there was anything they could suggest, but as the wait was over 4hrs I went home. I've been rinsing with hot salt water, using Bonjela and taking paracetemol but none of these things seem to have any lasting effect. Is a blood blister the same as a normal ulcer as I'm really not sure what I have or what to do about it and I'm just so fed up of it.
Mercedes 25 April 10
Jeez, some of these comments make my experiences pale into insignificance. I am now suffering outbreak number two of tongue ulcers where previously I only had one or two at a time on the gum line and that hardly at all. Weird. I put it down to two things heredity (dad had bechets syndrome when he was young) and being a bit run down, lots of work, late nights and early mornings. I am trying some of the things suggested above such as B vit complex, non SLS toothpaste and corsodyl mouthwash. I am far too much of a wimp to try salt! I noticed the Tea Tree cotton bud idea but worried it hurts. Anyone care to rate the pain factor for my info? I know that when you have ulcers it's ridiculous to be told your'e stressed and you should just relax because the pain and discomfort can make it a vicious circle but nothing lasts forever and this won't either so chin up and I both sympathise and empathise! Hmm, the pink background of this page and white dots remind me of something going on in my mouth right now and I don't dare put my finger on it. :-)
Nicola Kaye 21 April 10
I haven't read all of the other suggestions, so someone may have said this already but bicarbonate of soda works a treat on ulcers. I had one a couple of months ago which was very painful. I dipped a damp cotton bud in some bicarb and put it on the ulcer neat. It literally disappeared into a small spot within seconds, like a miracle. I've also used bicarb for athlete's foot with the same result. It goes away within a day when conventional treatments take weeks.
Lynn UK 21 April 10
After suffering from worsening mouth ulcers for the last 6+ years (moved from my lips to my tongue then back of throat) i have found a long lasting cure. Colgate Savacol Alcohol free, as soon as i cut/bite my mouth i rinse with that for at least 2 minutes morning and night so they never grow large enough to hurt. Being alcohol free means it doesn't hurt to rinse so you can keep it in your mouth longer, the only side effect is i loose sensation in the tip of my tongue but that is a small price to pay for not having constant pain.
Dom, Australia 20 April 10
Found some relief for longer periods of time with Chloresceptic Throat Spray, will try it over the next day or two to see if it heals quickly - have 6 current ulcers - I know it is caused by over indulgence of white wine!!
una, belfast 19 April 10
I have a terrible ulcer on the tip of my tongue. I've had them in other parts of my mouth but nothing as painful as this! The one thing I stumbled onto doesn't make it heal faster, but does make it more bearable. I have lined the inside of my bottom teeth with dental wax like you get for braces. It keeps the sharp edges of my teeth from scraping across the wounded part of my tongue. Helps a little.
Steph 19 April 10
So Painful
Think i will have my tongue amputated.
arfer thought 19 April 10
I have never suffered from ulcers before, but someone who I take to hospital told me about a real good treatment for ulcers and its not expensive to buy and you can get it in any supermarket which has a good Fruit selection. Is everybody waiting for this? its Pineapple, but I don't mean the juice drink I mean either the canned fruit of pineapples or an ordinary one.

My mouth and tounge was full from side to side with ulcers, but sticking a whole pineapple ring or half a pineapple ring for us who have small mouths inside your mouth until the pineapple is dry it absorbs all of the pain some how and after a few days the ulcers should go away well atleast mine did at the time.

I hope I have been some help to anyone
Chuckles 16 April 10
I suffered from two mouth ulcers a few weeks ago, and one of them (the biggest one) was located on the roof of my mouth such that I could always feel it when I swallowed food or drinks.

I tried gargling with salt water first, but I started getting very irritated at how much pain these mouth ulcers were causing me... so my mom brew some Chinese herbal tea (I can only only remember that it had chrysanthemum flowers, honey, and some other unknown herbs in it) and got me this gel that my grandma uses for treating her mouth sores. The gel was very soothing, and together with the tea, I think it really sped up the healing process. The gel is a dental gel called "Super Relief Formula with Oxygene," and it can be purchased online at Oxyfresh or from your dentist if they have the product (my grandma got it from her dentist). It is apparently made for treating mouth sores, and can also be used for treating oral wounds. If you want to know more, just type in on Google, "oxyfresh super relief formula," and it should be the first link that appears on your results (and no, I am not trying to sell the product, I just want to give back to this website with what worked for me, since when I suffered from the mouth ulcers, I thought I was the only one... but it was comforting to know that others are in the same situation as you (although I do not wish this on anyone)). Anyways, all the best to everyone who are trying to heal their mouth ulcers!
Victoria 15 April 10
Interesting site. I have suffererd from recurring mouth and tongue ulcers for the last 3 years. Starting shortly after i quit smoking. I am also a 57 year old male. I have been to the doctors and oral clinic. Have had lots of tests including cameras up rearend and down throat amd blood tests. All thankfully clear. Doctor has said that is common for ex-smokers to get these horrible ulcers but cannot explain why. You tend to just cope with them in the end as mouthwashes, creams etc only give temporary relief, if that. But I have always thought it cannot be just 'one of those things'. And then a relative who has a wheat allergy mentioned if they do have any wheat occasionally their mouth burned. I thought its worth a try so this is the end of my second week wheat free and toch wood no ulcers have appeared. Apparently ulcers, unless caused by cancer, are always a reaction to something you are taking. Even if that something has never caused problems before. The secret is to find out what iit is and I recommend fellow sufferers ask there doctor for an NHS food allergy test. If mine turns out to be a wheat reaction it does not mean that applies to you. We are all different and so are the causes. Be warned though your doctor may poo poo the allergy theory but stick with it, anything that might cure these horrors is worth trying. I will keep you informed of my progress but just this 2 weeks has been a relief, lets hope it carries on.
duckdundee 4 April 10
anyone who can use anbesol must have a very high pain threshold
i tried it once and was in tears
never again
i would rather let the ulcers run there course
rose wilson 30 March 10
Im 20 years old and I have never really suffered from ulcers before but I got one about a week ago on the tip of my tounge, it has since turned into about 10 different ulcers all around my tounge. It is incredibly painful. Have been taking Anbesol (liquid) it numbs it for a little while but they dont appear to be clearing. This site is most helpful. Think I'll try to get some of the other products on here. Im just goin to try gargling salt water now. Wonder how it will go? haha
Going to book myself a doctors appointment for asap soon too because its getting rediculous and really worrying me
Jon 29 March 10
i can sympathise with every1 on here i have had ulcers for over 30 year now over the past 2 year (since i stopped smoking) i have never been clear of them
they are absolute agony
i have tried everything from whisky to bonjela nothing works
if anyone finds a miracle cure please please post it on here
i will be checking in every week now that i have found this site
rose wilson 29 March 10
Guys! regards to all. Hi am back again. My would be is a nurse. she told me to have 5mg folic acid tablets daily 2.
I think it woks. I am having it since 5 days. the old ulcers r going & nothing new has come.
Joby Komban 29 March 10
I discovered DENTA-MED which is available is a miracle cure.
I also suffer from mouth ulcers all the time as I take methotrexate and plaquenil. At times1 have 3 or 4 big ulcers at once am beside myself with the pain. It not only hurt to eat, but breathing and speaking hurts too. After reserching remedies and trying Garlic and hydrogen peroxide, as well as all the chemist treatments available I discovered DENTA-MED a big tube and it only costs $16.50 AUD so it's cheap, but best of all it works, and its painless. I put it on and it doesnt even sting, and withing 3-4 days they uclers are gone. I also found the tincture of Myrrh worked too, but it does stings and taste foul, but it still works and I got it from Ebay and it was only $6 plus delivery. I have put a couple of friend about these, and they have had the same great results, so I recommend this to anyone who is suffering from these painful afflictions.
Stephanie K, West Australia 29 March 10
HELP! :( I'm 16, about to go on holiday on wednesday and less then a week ago my mouth got hit by two ulcers on my lips, what doesnt help is I also have braces :// bad times for me, now they're healing fine, but what I need help on it that now they've spread to my tongue! I can't eat, drink, brush my teeth, do anything properly, I'm living of cup-o-soups. And I can feel more little bumps forming the little monsters. I've never had an ulcer before and I dont know how they've been caused or how to get rid of them. I'm using bonjela, salt water, rinstead and I'm going to doctor's tomorrow. He may be able to do something but I thought there might be any home-made recipes that could be suggested for me because sometimes they are better :) please help! I'd rather not be on a cruise with an all you can eat buffet when I can't eat anything!
Chesca :) 28 March 10
WOW!! I think I might be the oldest person yet to comment. I am a 49 year old woman. I have suffered, and suffered, with mouth ulcers since my early childhood years. They just appear in mass numbers around the edge of my tongue. But in the past few weeks, I have had 3 massive allergic reactions: 2 times to Vitamin B3, and once to a sulfa based antibiotic. All three reactions have produced swelling all over my body, hives, and my tongue has broken out in massive ulcers! I had 4-5 each the size of a dime on only one side. They cleared, had another reaction and now the left side of my tongue is swollen and I have a nickle sized ulcer under my left side of the tongue. I have been to several doctors....they scratch their heads. I have had several prescriptions...nothing. I am taking Tylenol and Advil alternating every 2 hours, it helps with the pain. Not able to really eat, talk, swallowing shoots pain into my left ear. I am encouraged to hear I AM NOT ALONE! SO SORRY you all are in my exclusive club. I am going to try the silver nitrate sticks, L-Lysine 500 mg 3x a day, colloid silver, and TCP. For now, nothing has worked. I drink cold water and hold ice cubes onto the ulcer. This really is no way to live. Wishing everyone healing, and no pain.
Lori 28 March 10
Good old fashioned TCP kind of numbs it all, doesn't sting and tastes ok too. Don't gargle, put it directly onto the tongue or use cotton wool to swab it on.
katherine 28 March 10
i have 12 on my tongue at the same time, pretty constant for about a month. any advice???
holly 27 March 10
Hi Friends, I have read thru almost all the messages & felt bad for all & a bit relaxed for myself as i am suffering of this curse since more than 16 years & i am only 30 nw. so half of my life i have been dealing with it almost on day today basis. Its really a curse & sometimes it makes feel as if its better to die than to live this type of cursed life. i ahve tried most of the medicines but nothing worked as we all know that different medicines works in different way for different people. finally i have ordered some medicines from bigetica. & am waiting for my order to come & with great expectation to relieve me from this painful situation. i am adding the link here so if someone wants can try it I will surely give my experience after having it. it says i will see the difference in two weeks of having it. so keeping my fingers crossed. Best regards & my prayers to all who suffer with this curse. hope we all come out of it .
Joby Komban, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Joby Komban, Abu Dhabi, UAE 22 March 10
Hi. Im so glad ive found this site. I have an ulcer in the middle at the back of my tongue. Its been there for over a week, also the roof of my mouth is very sore. Have been using pellets that my Dr gave me which has done nothing. My dentist said she don't know what it is so cant treat it, she has referred me to Oral Clinic but that is going to take ages.The roof of my mouth itches which is making it all so worst and its depressing me. I know most of you have it so much worst than me but any ideas would be appreciated please and good luck to the rest of you :-)
Debbie 9 March 10
I get mouth ulcers sometimes and have tried different treatments KENALOG is good becasue it dries out the area and stays in place all night (i put it on when i go to bed) below is soem reading
hope this helps
from Australia
clinton 1 March 10
For years i suffered with bad mouth ulcers (normally about 5-10 at once all around gums, roof of my mouth, on my tongue and under my tongue) and no-one could tell me why. It was so frustrating and got to the point where i collasped because i couldn't eat for the pain it turned out to be Crohns disease and as soon as i was started on steriods they cleared up. Although i am not on steriods anymore if i can control the Crohns then I usually only have the odd 1 at any time. The other option is what was on Embarrassing bodies recently, i condition called Bechets syndrome. it may be worth looking into this too.
In my opinion nothin was really good enough to treat them, you have to make them go for good.
Jo 24 February 10
colloid silver - got rid of most them within 2 days, have upped my dose of lysine (am now taking one with zinc)
(wrote a whole page of stuff and didn't save, not happy!)
please do try colloid silver it works
Linda 24 February 10
I have gotten ulcers off and on all my life. Just recently I had a terrible outbreak on both sides of my tongue which was the most painful thing I have dealt with in a long time.

The cure: I rubbed one silver nitrate stick along the sides of my tongue and it immediately burnt them off and provided instant relief. I cannot emphasize how amazing these things are. They look like a match on a long stick. I picked the stick up at my local pharmacy, but they're behind the counter so you will have to ask the pharmacist. If you can't find any, I know that you can order them from Amazon ($18 for 100 count).

I'm also taking 1 L-Lysine 500mg pill three times a day as recommended by my pharmacist to prevent any other ulcers from developing.
Jason 18 February 10
I got tounge ulcers and I blame it on all the coffee I drink with a ciggy and a blunt to complemet my coffess.... so the coffees start adding up to a lot if you know what i mean... ;) chea! In new zealand we got this Aloe Vera Plant Juice which is 44% real Aloe Vera, that with a nice big fat blunt will see you right in no-time. Goodluck fellow friends
kiwi 13 February 10
oil of clove brilliant get it in an chemist
gerry 12-2-10
gerry keenan 12 February 10
allum powder is the best! its hurts like hell at first then the gum become numb,rub and rub until the white white yellowish puss come off.after that numb it will hurt for at least 2-3 hours. but the next day... you are free from hellish pain! dont forget to gargle after. and yes salt is not really working.goodluck.

i better supper for 3 hours,than live with it and suffer for 2 weeks or more!
berna 11 February 10
ive never had ulcers before. and all of a sudden i just got 8 little ones. they really really hurt. got some on my tongue and inner lip. ive tried everything . cream. salt. even aloe. i cant talk, cause it hurts so much. this is all new to me . HELP :'( IM HURTING
Krisx0x 9 February 10
I didn't know I wasn't the only one to suffer with these tongue ulcers. At least it's some kind of relief to know I'm not alone! I've been diagnosed with Lichen Planus, but that doesn't cover these vicious b******ds. I use Difflam mouth wash which numbs the area for awhile, baby bonjela has an anesthectic in too, but frankly nothing works long term. I'm starting a new singing course tonight with my ulcer in full flight, so that's going to be interesting.. It's murder to talk when you have one, let alone sing - still onwards and upwards. It's been uplifting to know you are out there, though I'm sorry you are suffering too. And, yes, my glands swell up and makes my ear ache.
Faith 3 February 10
hi guys ive been reading through the posts and am delighted to get some new ideas for things that work for mouth ulcers. im 22 and from ireland. have had mouth ulcers since i was a few months old and now they are at the stage where im doing well if i get 2 weeks free of them. have had a massive one right on the tip of my tongue...surrounded by 4 tiny ones... for the last 10 days. pain has been unbelievable!!! just wondering does anyone else's glands swell up when they break out in ulcers?!

some of the things ive tried over the years are:

-TCP (undiluted!) very painful but will numb them long enough to eat some food in comfort
-oraldine mouthwash- doesnt numb them for very long i think
-difflam spray/mouthwash- you'd want to cover the ulcer with it for about a minute to really numb the pain
-Bonjela/Medigel (i wouldnt give to a child for teething let alone an open sore in the mouth- useless)
-Bonjela Once (cotton buds)- these are very good i find but to my absolute horror have been taken off the market in ireland!!! id finally found something that worked for me!!
-Corlan Pellets- these work very well when used with adcortyl in orabase (its like paste!) the adcortyl in orabase is also now off the market in ireland.
Rachel 2-2-2010 2 February 10
Here are some that haven't worked for me:

Salt directly on the tongue
Salt water
Painkillers - different ones including paracetemol (not to get rid of ulcer, but to stop the pain, still hurts)
Steven 2 February 10
I have had ulcers since a child, but since my teens I have to say that I have not had them.

However about a year ago, and this is a complete guess of course, it could be as much as 2 I dont know, thats not important, but I have had one on the side of my tongue. It has come and it has almost gone, but never fully.

Now, about 5 months ago, it came back fairly hard. It seems to be a weak crack in the skin that breaks. Its deep - really deep. Its hard to judge the thickness of my tongue and I try to relax, so these measurements are again an educated guess, but my tongue is about 12mm thick around that area of the scar, and right now as we speak, the crack is well over half way down, possibly 7mm or 8mm.

It has recently developed a second crack alongside it, that has now joined at one end, creating a letter A. Actually, the new crack has joined roughly half way and so its closer to a Y but with one line straight. This letter Y is about 18 or 19 mm long and inside the groove is now a trench.

I have now been to see a doctor, and I am about to go and get a biopsy on it.

It hurts like hell. Not all the time, but most of the time.

I am rather hoping that its only because I have been biting my tongue when I sleep that its there, however, the doctor says not.

I am currently using corsodyl and at first, it certainly did make it look much much better, but then it came back even worse than ever, so Im unsure?

Damion Jones 30 January 10
Oops sorry about that, wanted to msg again.

Here some remedy's I tryed and but it did not help for me.
pineapple slices
Rinstead Pastals
Salt with warm water
Danny 25 January 10
I have tongue ulcers since the 20th Jan
I can't eat some foods like .. pasta,meat,sandwich,rolls,etc.
Too painful to chew.

But anything sloppy is helpful like mash,beans,cheese,lots of soups and yogurts.
Think I regret eating at midnight now or eating too much chocolate in 1 day LOL.

If anyone knows any other remedy's plz let me know? Oh the person above me' Vinegar is a bad thing to have when you have ulcers. Extreme Painful NO VINEGAR AND NO KETCHUP.

Danny 25 January 10
Try applying apple cider vinegar on a q tip to affected areas and take apple cider vinegar mixed with small amount of water morning and night before meals as well as a good overall detox and tonic for body as well as an effective, cheapand natural mouthwash. For other natural "folk cures" remedies try looking at for alot of good natural and common sense information. I chipped a tooth today eating pizza and had sharp edge of tooth cause ulcerated pain to underside of tongue and have just tried apple cider vinegar direct a and guess what relief within 5 min!!
Robbie 22 January 10
I never used to have ulcers, but when I did, Bonjela worked well.
Just recently though, I've had one a month, and Bonjela really isn't helping with the one I have now. It's right at the back on the side so can hardly reach it and it makes it painful to talk, eat and even drink.
I'm not sure what to try anymore??
Rachel 15 January 10
I just found the best combination of treatment products ever!!!!
I was suffering with an under-tongue ulcer, trouble eating, trouble talking and trouble sleeping.
I am in NY and in Duane Reade I bought Orajel Medicated Mouth Sore Swabs. I applied this first. It is a q-tip applicator and numbs the sore. Next step was applying a "Canker Cover" by Quantum Health.
I had never seen this item before but it's amazing. Looks like a small white tablet. I had to dry the sore with a tissue (which was fine because I was numb from the oragel) and then hold this tablet on top of the sore for about 30 seconds. The tablet then affixes itself in place and totally seals up the sore area. It slowly dissolves over 24 hours.

I am so thrilled to have found these products especially the Canker Cover.
The results were immediate and there was no pain at all.
suffering no more 12 January 10
I have been suffering with mouth ulcers for the last two to three years. At the moment I have a terrible ulcer on my tongue and one on my gum. Because they have been appearing only for the last two or three years this makes me think it is something to do with a certain food I am eating. I dont think I am particularly stressed, I came to live in Cyprus six years ago and eat a healthy diet but did over eat and drink at Christmas. I did eat some chocolate at Christmas which I don't usually do but not a great lot and we did go out for an Indian jalfrezi - spicy....
I have sat and read all the stories and tips and have decided to try the TCP and Tea Tree Oil option first. It is very difficult to buy aything here I cannot even buy tcp so when I am in the UK next week I am off to Boots. I will continue with salty water and also I will try disolving a vit C tablet on my tongue before I go to sleep. Not too sure about buying Iglu. Has anyone got any other simple remedies? Lin Cyprus. 12 January 10
Lin Cyprus 12 Jan 10 12 January 10
Ive just had a case of 60 ulcers on my mouth and mainly on my tongue; I donít think ive ever known pain like it!!! The 1st week I tried Corlan and Amoxicillin from the doctors which was no help and they seem to spread however a friend suggested gargling with TEA TREE OIL after two days they have nearly gone and it even reduced the pain immensely, u can either put it on the ulcer or gargle just make sure u do not swallow. I swear it the best thing for them and also vitamin B tablets, hope ive helped someone.
bee UK 12 January 10
When I was nursing in the seventies I was given a vitamin C tablet (absorbic acid 25mg) by staff nurse and told to let it disolve on the site of the mouth tongue ulcer. It was very sore, I persivered and in 24 hrs all swelling and pain had gone and ulcer was gone it 48 hrs. I each an apple a day and other fresh fruit, mainly between or at the start of a meal NEVER to finish a meal and I very rarely suffer from them now. Like everything this may work for some like me and for others it ill not. As I get older I am always trying to find more natural solutions to problems where possible. Bread makers use vitamin C to keep bread fresher longer, so when I use the bread maker I add one to the bread.
fred 2 January 10
Oh no, i love tea and drink loads of it!!!
Sammy, 24. 22 December 09
VITAMIN B 12 worked for me. highest dose you can get, but it cannot be stored in the body and tea or at least tannin stops it being absorbed, so if you must drink tea drink rooibos African tea, you do get used to it! Anything to get rid of those damned ulcers! Good luck
suze, 22nd Dec 09 22 December 09
Ok, i've just placed my order for the toothpaste... fingers crossed!!!
Sammy, 24. 22 December 09
Hi Everyone!
I get mouth ulcers all the time! I am ulcer free for about 2 days... then they are back. Under my tongue, on the sides of my tongue, in the bloody middle and on the tip... my gums, my cheeks, the inside of my lips!!! Everywhere!!
It really gets me down. I cant eat properly... even drinking hurts when they are all over my tongue, i cant talk properly either and get really paranoid that i sound stupid! I also play the sax in a band and it disrupts that too, especially when i get them on the inside of my bottom lip
I have had blood tests and it came back with low iron, so i've been taking iron pills, its kind of helped but i am still getting them. Also came back with a very high CRP level (C reactive protein) which apparently points to an infection in the body... but the doc didnt prescribe anti-biotics so obviously thought that wasnt what was causing it.
I really want to know what is causing this as it is not normal. I dont know anyone else like it... apart from you lot now, and it has made me feel a bit better that i am not alone.
I am fed up of trying to treat them with things that dont work. I am going to try that Squiggle toothpaste though as it sounds good (a little too good to be true but its worth a shot).
I just want to live a normal life... :o(
I dont think anyone who doesnt suffer with them understands. They look at me sympathatically when i try to explain what its like, but they just dont get it.
If anyone finds out what is causing theirs, please PLEASE post it on here...
Sammy, 24. 22nd December 09 22 December 09
My Daughter is 12 and has been getting recurrent tongue ulcers. she was given anti biotics at first..thay worked but as soon as they were finished, ulcers came back. she has been given drops, gel....and now some hydrocortisone pellets...still not working. Feel so sorry for her...cant eat, sleep......feels misearble all time...shes had blood test which originally showed low blood count..but when repeated came back fine. Anyone got any ideas ??? HELP!!!!
Lisa Burfield 22 December 09

I have suffered from mouth ulcers since I was 13. I am now 30 and they seem to be getting worse. I have tried everything, the boots iglu, the cotton buds with red solution, salt and hot water, nothing seems to help, they may numb the area for a long time, but they do not stop the ulcers from returning. I am so happy to find this web site, I don't talk about my ulcers to anyone other than my mum as no one seems to understand. I am relcutant to go to the Dr's as he told me that I should minimize the stress levels in my life, I am a nurse, and I am stressed most days. But after reading this I am going to book an appointment for Monday, I have never had a blood test so I will ask him to do one. My ulcers are awful I get really big ones and they seem to be in the most unsual places, on the roof of my mouth, the side of my tongue, underneath, the tip. I always seem to have 4 - 8 at a time, I never ever just get the one, and as soon as they have gone which often takes 2 weeks I have some more to replace them. I do think that it is to do with stress levels as when I go on Holiday they do seem to go, and for that week I am ulcer free.

I sympathise with all you ulcer sufferers out there, it is misserable when you can't talk and eat chocolate, thats the 2 vital ingredients of being a women!!!!! I am going to try L-Lysine and squiggle toothpaste, and speak with my GP.

Oh, my friend advised me the other day of gargling with VODKA, I did try this and it does work, for about 1 hour I was totally pain 3. But after an hour the painful blighters are back again..... if you are going to try this remember to spit the VODKA out !!!!!

Louise 30, December 09 6 December 09

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ChungLeeGirl 3 December 09
my tounge ulcer really hurts.. i can't work and haven't been sleeping much :-( have had these for years, but this one i have at the moment is really painful. i'm going on holiday on saturday, and do not want to start meeting family and friends abroad when i can hardly talk. salt and water did the work for me last time.. have been trying tcp and cordosol mouthwash with no luck.. will try some other potions mentioned here.. thank god for internet and for this site
Kash 2 December 09
If you live in England, try "Iglu" mouth ulcer gel. It doesn't get rid of the ulcer but covers the exposed nerve, so it doesn't hurt as much. It's especially helpful for tongue ulcer with can easily scratch against teeth. It takes a while to get used to but I use it all the time now.
Natalie 25 November 09
NaffeeplyLalo 23 November 09
Hi all
Isn't it great that some folk are finding what is the real culprit that triggers of ulcers for each individual instead of running to chemists or pharmacies buying expensive stuff that mostly does not work and sometimes makes ulcers even worse, I have never heard of so much stuff sold by chemists on this site that does not work for ulcers and is just a drain on the finances. the list is endless. I agree that lack of iron must be an indication that the immune system is not as it should be so well done for Sharon's doctor prescribing iron for her. hopefully it stops her ulcers for a long time.
liz 22 November 09
I have suffered with mouth/tongue ulcer's since I was 12 & have tried everything possible to cure them with no success for 40 years. I recently went to the Doctor because I was feeling tired. I was diagnosed as an Anemic. The Doctor prescribed for me Multigen (Iron) tablets once daily. After a month of taking the tablets I noticed I had not had any mouth ulcers. I have been on these tablets for 6 months now and have been ulcer free which is a miracle for me considering I had them for at least 2 weeks out of each month. I also have to stay away from any nut & soy products because each time I ate this I would have a break out the next day. I do not know if this will work for you but it is worth a try.
Sharon S, November 22, 2009 22 November 09
I always found that Adcortyl was best for tongue ulcers as it actually sticks (unlike slidy Bonjela type gels) for a while at least, so hopefully it will be available again soon. (See other threads re: Adcortyl's discontinuation and possibility of getting it online under name of Kenalog). TCP also quite useful to take edge of pain off ones down the sides of the tongue, but doesn't last. Good to hear that Gengigel and lemon juice are useful too, will try!
Jacqui 22 November 09
This may sound horrible but is not as bad as it sounds. I rinse round the ulcers with neat lemon juice several times a day and try to keep the juice round the ulcers for a few minutes each time. It stings a bit but it's a clean kind of sting, not like the pain of the ulcers and it seems to dry them up. Usually three or four days of this is enough to clear up the ulcers and I don't get them very often nowadays. Good luck.
Jane 21 November 09
i ususllt get ulsars every 4-6months which seems quite rare but wen they appear i just sit and cry 4 days! wen my tounge started tingling afew days ago the thort of it made my eyes water. i went over 2tesco 2 pick up some oraldene and i cant cope with salt, bonjela etc and came out with something called gengigel hyaluronan which is totally pain free after normal mouthwash. its a gel based mouthwash and with my routeen of- brush teeth, normal mouthwash then this gengigel the pain has been replaced 4 slight itching and seems 2b nearly gone b4 it even fully came. i also find that chewing strong minty chewing gum helps alot during the day!! hope every1 gets better soon
jacqui 18 November 09
Yes I agree there are many causes but sometimes folk just like myself look for the most expensive ways to try before trying simple things like elimination and cutting out chemicals ie toothpaste, when I found this site I realised just how much stuff is out there for ulcers and most do not work, however I do agree that there are folk prone to ulcers simply because they are run down or low immune systems to dea withl. I was one of these folk who was always at the doctor looking for a cure when all the time**(years )**it has been chemical in toothpaste. I hope someone out there gives it a try.
liz 18 November 09
I'm only a retired school teacher but having looked up symptoms on gluten intolerance [coeliac disease] I have noticed mouth ulcers as one of them.
Marion Davis 18 November 09
Hi again
I can vouch that some of us really have had good or brilliant results for toothpase which does not have the chemical SLS, it never ceases to amaze me that all these mouthwashes or the likes that are prescribed or mentioned could also burn the inside of your mouths making the problem worse, especially the open canker sores on inside cheeks, these mouthwashes are so strong that is for sure as I have been a recipient of most of them and been in tears with pain after using some of them, even had mouth blisters after use and not forgetting the cost of trying them all, and then put in the bin!!. Really the simplest methods just like any old fashioned cures that mums or grandmas used to try ie salt water washes and trying elimination of just what is a trigger to upset your mouth surely is better than antibiotics, expensive stuff which usually irritates more, is anyone out there of the same opinion as myself as I have tried most things and have found the irritant for myself (SLS free toothpaste) which has given me so much help for 14 weeks now I feel I need to shout out to please just try it -no doubt folk have problems with health but everyone out there suffering is not ill as this site should be an answer for the medical profession to find a cure in this day and age when they can find a cure for the most awful illnesses imaginable, it is really beginning to worry me that so many people are suffering for want of a simple cure.
liz 17 November 09
I am up at 2.48am because I can't sleep with the pain of tongue ulcers. Using Corsodyl mouth wash and have tried Bonjela Once - not effective. Aloclair - marginally effective for 10 minutes, salt water mouth wash - a touch effective for 30 mins, am going to try some of the suggestions particularly SLS-free toothpaste. But am having chemotherapy (the reason for the tongue ulcers I'm told) does anyone know if the remedies mentioned on this site are okay if having chemotherapy, I guess I'll have to check that out. But have found this site really helpful thank you everybody.
Shirley 17 November 09
hey guys, most health food shops sell toothpaste that is free of Sodium lauryl sulfate. It doesn't necessarily have to be squigle toothpaste.

and yes I second everything you guys are saying. Ulcers suck!
Steph 15 November 09
Can't sleep from the pain. I've got the entire right side of my tongue lined up with ulcers. This is week 2 :( I used to get them farily frequently but then started a vitamin regine of a Centrum Forte (has high dose of B12 & folate) and also NON-ACIDIC vitamin C -sometimes called Ester C (hard to find). If I was on that combination then I was good to go. But I've since moved to the UK and can find neither (Centrum, but not Centrum Forte) and now the ulcers have returned. The agony....
Christine 13 November 09
about 4 on the tip of my tongue right now, 5minutes ago I just applied the NEW Bonjela ONCE, not the crappy gel I've been using the alst few days...... ONCE is very expensive, about 8 quid for two treatments!
First impression - OH MY GOD! it felt like I put acid ont he end of my tongue - far worse than any thing else I've put in there..... 10 mins later the pain is gone, but it feels like I've cut off the end of my tongue - and my tongue has turned white where it was applied, just like it was acid! Hmmmm.

Will report back later, but has totally killed the pain from the ulcers for now..... interesting!
The Noogs 13 November 09
Hi all. Still suffering from my first ever ulcer, it is huge, on my cheek next to the wisdom teeth. It's been really painful for two months. I've tried the most things than the others here, to no avail. Had the biopsy taken today, local anesthetic, they cut out a small slice, part the healthy tissue and part the ulcer. The bleeding stopped in about an hour but I don't need extra pain so taking Neuroefen + . Will get the results next week so will update then. The damn thing is a curce, taken over most of life. Bought a smoothie maker so having all my fruit & veg in fluid form with nice youghurt. I can only really bite sometehing when fully drugged with strong painkillers. This is not the kind of life anyone should live. Everything revolves around the little bugger !! And the funniest thing is that prior to the ulcer I've been living and eating extremely healthily for the past two years. Oh well, life is a bitch sometimes :)
CM 12 November 09
I have the biggest ulcers on the side of my tongue towards the back of my mouth, which is causing me terrible ear ache also. I have been washing my mouth out with salt water, using rinstead pastilles and corsadol, and still no difference. I now have another ulcer right next to the existing one, probably the size of a small finger nail. I feel so groggy, cant sleep or talk properly, and I am finding myself getting grumpier and grumpier as I cant eat anything- cant chew and it hurts to swallow. Ouch. Does anyone has any food suggestions, apart from Soup?? x
holly 11 November 09
I have suffered with mouth alcers since a young child. My mother tried all sort of home remedies. Some would take the pain away temporarily but did not heal the ulcers. As an adult I went to numerous doctors and dentist and was always told the same thing " there is nothing you can do for them." A couple years ago I found a toothpast made by Rembrandt that is specifically for canker sores and it does help. Also my dentist recommended an alcohol free mouth wash. I use one call ACT Anticavity. I have yet to find something that will take them away. My outbreaks do occur less frequently but I still have them and they are just as painful. I am currently on day 5 of an outbreak of 6 ulcers. It is almost impossible to enjoy a meal. Mostly eat soft foods that don't irratate the ulcers. Would appreciate any suggestions.
Jo Ann, Fla 9 November 09
I have a very painful ulcer on my tongue...its causing pain to may right ear and that normal? I have been gargling salty helps for the time i do it...and painful when i dont..!
shahbana, London 9 November 09
Thank god for this site, I thought I was the only one with this problem!! I have the same, ulcers all around the sides of my tongue, tip etc and so painful I sometimes find it hard to talk, and eating is just out of the question. My tongue feels like its on fire, sides are sometimes blood red and scares the hell out of me!. I went to see my doctor who referred me to hospital where I had a biopsy and told me I had Oral Lichen Planus. I was given steriod mouthwash, difflam and Adcortyl orabase paste which are temporary fixes. I was also told factors such as stress, low immume system, feeling run down can trigger them. Lack of iron, B12 are also causes. Im making sure to top up on vitamins, and will try SLS free toothpaste as mentioned above.
A...London 1 November 09
After trying "Bonjella Once" I know why it's called Once - you never want to experience the pain again! And it didn't work and was expensive. The Bonjella adult gel is Ok for a bit of short term relief. At least I feel lucky that I've only got the one sore when I read how much other people are suffering. Still feeling sorry for myself though and it hurts too much to talk so I can't even whinge!!
Jill 1 November 09
Please try squigle tooth paste this truly works. I have had canker sores my whole life until i switched
my tooth paste.i am 42 years old and i switched my tooth paste over 10 years ago. Squigle is made in
Philly Penn. USA
andrew gall 30 October 09
I have suffered from mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember, started getting one at a time for my early years.....excruciating pain.....or so I thought!!
I'm 38 years old now and in recent years, as my pain threshhold seems to have risen, they seem to be coming along in small gangs AND appearing on my tongue, which, as anyone here knows, is more than just a painful inconvenience, especially when they are along the side, right along the tooth line!!
Anyhow, I am now suffering my worst infestation EVER. I have just counted 26 on the sides and base of my tongue AND a further 8 on my lips and gums, what have I done to deserve this, I am currently sitting in my kitchen, not too far from a knife block, and am wondering how bad could life really be without my tongue??
Went to the doctor this morning and finally made him concede that I'm not just 'unlucky', so he has referred me for a blood test next week, hopefully it will reveal I have some form of easily treatable blood definciency, otherwise I'll just have to look forward to my next bout with no idea of WHY??
Does anyone have any idea what treatment is effective on the tongue?? I tried 'bonjella once', the really expensive cotton buds (there's pain I don't want to experience again), but they were ineffective, bojela gel is ok for ten minutes but is not a remedy, plus it involves putting a dirty finger in your mouth if you don't have all day long access to hand washing facilities. If you don't have remedies then some sympathy will probably help, I am a man after all, which means that MY ulcers are worse than anyone elses. LOL
Andrew 27 October 09
Hi, I too have heard that Adcortyl is being discontinued but my pharmacist recommended IGLU instead. It seems to be working okay but not as well as adcortyl. It also costs 6 quid which is quite expensive. My sore tongue is driving me nuts!
Soz 23 October 09
I have had a single 2cm ulcer on my tongue for nearly two years. my dentist has twice referred me to the fax/max surgeon who has insisted on twice biopsying it. Lichen planus was one result and aytipical, hyperkeratotic cells was another, but they could offer no treatment. And it is of course still there!! I think they are as stumped as everyone on this site. I suffer from oral allergy syndrome and can eat very little fresh fruit or veg, so my diet is hard to manage but I have found Sainsbury's Fruity Sparkling Gel toothpase is the only one that I can comfortably use.
Have tried almost all the above and also homeopathy, kinesiology, cranial chiropractic and ignoring the whole wretched thing but I am amazed at how many people are suffering this nightmare scenario without result.
Am almost at the point where I will let them take part of my tongue away
HJB 23 October 09
Wow, what a brilliant site. Like everyone else came across it looking for info on recurrent tongue ulcers...Am convinced mine are due to being run down and exacerbated by hormones - they've been relentless since my periods came back after having a baby. Hard to know what the solution is though, apart from winning the lottery and retiring to that stress-free life....
Julia 20 October 09
Ok, I suffer from tongue ulcers. One of my friends told me to go to the dentist and ask for (forgotten name) a brown burning liquid they cotton bud on your tongue ulcers.
So they applied it, 5 minutes of PURE agony, and within 10 minute ALL of my tongue ulcers were gone. Will try to find out the name

Jim 17 October 09
I have had recurring mouth ulcers since I was 14 I'm now 35. The most I ever had at any one time was 6 and they were BIG and bloody painful. The only thing I found that worked was Adcortyl - for those who say it slips of your tongue etc. use it at night just before you go to sleep it stays on for much longer because you're not moving your tongue around much. Anyhow went to get some Adcortyl today to find out (after visiting 6 chemists) that here in the UK its been discontinued or there is a manufacturing problem and nobody can get it anywhere. Bummer!! It is really the only thing that had any effect - used as soon as you felt an ulcer starting it would be gone the next day... Anyone know an alternative?
Barry 28th Sept 09 28 September 09
hello all,
I have read some of these messages, and some are quite similar to my situation, I gave up smoking 6 years ago, due to finding out I was pregnant, and having a tooth out, I had a bad experience at the dentist while I was pregnant gave me up to eight injections to numb me as as nothing worked, finally she pulled the tooth anyway, after I had an inflamed mouth and couldnt face returning to the dentist, I covered my mouth in vaseline, as every sort of food seemed to burn my mouth, after this I had hospital appointments confirming I had Lichen Planus, which is my white cells attacking my own white cells, and all to do with my immue system being low, but this also comes with tongue ulcers, which usually come around just before PMT, but if I eat the wrong thing it can attack anytime, like now the mouth ulcers have come a week to early, and I do find Natural Yougurt a great soother, I have had steriod inhalers, steriod mouthwash, and one doctor prescribed me corlan pellets, which I have kept hold of, through sheer desparation, one night I had to cancel a works do because it involved eating out drinking etc, just before christmas I told my doctor I had enough of these mouth ulcers, so he gave me these pellets, there small white tablets that you let disolve on your tongue, they taste uck, but who cares, when your in that much pain, I sucked a few that night, probably too many, and blow and behold, in the morning, it did not hurt they had ceased hurting me, I changed my tooth paste I only have aloe vera tooth paste and I do not touch any mouth washes unless its aloe vera, when ulcers are up and running I stay away from all the obvious, any sort of fruit, all nuts, chocolate, pure orange juice is banned, (I always react the next day), when im in great pain in the evening I have Natural yougurt which takes the pain down and I find it soons disappears, corlan pellets are good but only suppose to be a tempory solution, they do tend to put weight on, so I try not to take too many. I asked the consultant about asprins as I have always chewed them if I had a tooth ache, but he said it was a no no as its a tempory fix and will burn your tongue and make it worse and probably the pain would last longer, if you irrate it this way, I also found that placing a very small guaze would help me overnight under my tongue or by the ulcers, to stop my teeth accidently biting down on them or catching on them helps me get through the night, I havent choked or swallowed the gauze as of yet, and somehow the gauze or tissue has always stayed in place. I hope some of this info helps, I have learned to live with this illness, but as somebody above said on here, learn to love your ulcers, de-stress, its time to rest etc, which is quite right, I will def have ago, but can anyone tell me has anybody gone onto incapacity or disablility through this painful conditon, In the past Ive been in so much pain I couldnt bring myself to talk, to people as as soon as air hit my mouth it would sting like mad, I just wondered how it effects people working and has anyone given up work because of the pain etc.
jessi 26 September 09
Hi guys, I am fortunate enough to not suffer with mouth ulcers but my brother's tongue is covered in them. Just small ones all over that look like the whole surface has come off. One thing that provides some relief is 75mg Aspirin tablet just put on the tongue and left to dissolve - I guess the painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties are what helps? We are currently going down the consultant referral route for him and he has been referred for a gastroscopy, they have also prescribed Lanzoprazole to reduce acid build up and prevent reflux as they feel he may have stomach ulcers. However, when I mentioned his problem to one of my colleagues (I am an ICU nurse) she said her family suffer with Behcet's Syndrome which is an autoimmune disease that can be hereditary but can skip generations. It manifests as really severe mouth ulcers, eye inflammation and sometimes genital ulcers. This is not the picture my brother has but is certainly worth considering if you have any of the other symptoms. It's one of those conditions that's so rare a Dr would only consider it if they's encountered it before I guess. Anyway, though I'd post just in case this helps anyone.
Clare Bettison 22 September 09
Hi ml
I have just replied to last message from charla re toothpase which contains Sodium Lauryl/Lauryth Sulfate (SRL) and honestly I am so amazed as after using it I am ulcer free for 6 weeks now - amazing results from the first 2 weeks. I was more inclined to blame, wine, grapes, nuts, citrus fruits, sweets, spicy foods when really it has been the chemical in toothpaste. I have suffered on and off (mostly on) for years, with really large inside cheek ulcers, swollen and so painful, my mouth feels perfect inside now as even my glands were swollen at times with the ulcer inflamation. It is so depressing and makes you feel so unwell, like you and your husband I have had tongue ulcers also. Anyway I live in Scotland and the toothpaste I am using is Sensodyne Blue Gel without SRL, it is pleasant to use. It has worked for me and surely anything is worth a try, your pharmacist will perhaps have many of SRL free toothpastes to choose from. Better than spending a fortune like I have on stuff that works for a few days and back the ulcers come as vicious as ever.
Good luck if you try it and if it works do let the rest of us know. I am also back to enjoying all the foods I thought were the culprits and feel so well now after thinking my immune system was low.
Liz 21 September 09
Just thought i would put my 2 cents worth in and ask a questions.
Both my husband and i have always had what i would consider normal mouth ulcers - eg ones from biting yourself or batches on the inside of cheeks or lips when run down but a couple of year ago we both (at the same time) got them all along the sides and tip of our tongues (and also the whole top of the tongue was very sore as well at times) - we were in agony for about 8 weeks before i one doctor finally gave us a prescription for Flagyll (antibiotic) which seemed to clear them up. Ever since then we both seem to come down with them periodically (thanksfully not that often and never as bad as the first batch) but always at the same time. Have tried a couple of different GPs and none seem to have any idea what they are from or how to get rid of them (they don't seem to think the Flagyll should of actually worked...) they seem to be a bit confused about why we are both getting them since it seems that ulcers generally arn't contagious (we don't get coldsores so don't think it is that).
The bad news is that this week both my young daughters (4 & 1) also seem to have some little ulcers on the tips of their tongues now too...:(
Anyway my question is has anyone else noticed that their ulcers spread to other family members?
ml 21 September 09
Hi there charla, ask your pharmacist for toothpaste without SRL, after years of agony I have been ulcer free now for 6 weeks, for me it has been almost a miracle after trying and buying everything on the market and
blamed food allergies when no doubt it is the chemical in toothpase I am allergic too.
Best wishes.
Liz 21 September 09
i'm 28 and have been getting them for what seems like forever.... i remember having a terrible case when i was about 10 years old (my tongue was literally split at the tip) and they pop up every 4 to 6 months and last for weeks at a time. i'll have 3 or 4 on my tongue at once.... as soon as one of them goes away, another one pops up somewhere else on my tongue. i've found that i can treat the ulcers somewhat, but not the cause..... i rinse with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water. if i do this as soon as i feel one coming on, it minimizes the pain for the duration of my breakout. i can't make them go away, but this at least helps them to not make me want to run into oncoming traffic. i tried putting the peroxide (undiluted) directly on the affected area and OH MY GOD that was horrible pain. i decided to sissy it up and dilute it. crest also makes a mouthwash (whitening rinse) that is peroxide-based.... i started using this because it doesn't taste as bad as the peroxide/water mixture. good luck to all..... these ulcers really suck, but i'm glad to know i'm not alone.
charla 21 September 09
Thank you for all your comments... I am new to this website and have read some useful comments, I have just counted the ulcers on my tongue and have at least 11 and that is without the ones around my gums, cheeks and lips... To say I am in pain is an understatement at the moment!
I have tried a lot of these products and none of them seem to work unfortunately, I will try and request a food intolerance test even though the DR said there is nothing he can do for me.
I will also see if there are any other treatments out there, my Mum bless her keeps looking out for new products to treat them but they never seem to work.
Charlotte 20 September 09
Hey all

I have been suffering from two really sore ulcers either side of my tongue and now I have numerous ones inside both cheeks I ve been to both the Doctr and Dentist and they both say they will heal of there own accord... that was ten days ago and now im starting to worry which im sure is adding to the reactionI unlike you havnt suffered for years this is a fairly new experience for me but having tried a number of things without success gargling with salt water mouth washes, bicarbonate of Soda can any one suggest anything will they go away should I go back to the gp? all help greatly received
Paul 15 September 09
I have 3 terrible uclers on my tongue nd im going to a sleepover but the problem is it hurts when i talk because its on the side of my tongue nd it rubs on me teeth ive treid everything the dentist sed it should go away soon but it hasnt also i have hugh ones on the back of my tongue on each side nd ive had them since i was 7 im now 12 :(.
rebecca 6 September 09
I have also scraped my tongue on a sharp-edged tooth; I'm wondering if the dentist will file them down? I'm suffering with two ulcers now... they last for weeks. The thing is, I thought I had this licked once I started using toothpaste without SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE, because my ulcers disappeared completely after I switched. Once, when I was out of toothpaste, I went back to something like Crest or Colgate and really paid for it -- never again! Now I use Rembrandt for Canker Sore Sufferers -- make sure it's that one, because the others (with the possible exception of one I think was labeled "sensitive" still have SLS in it. Anyway, I don't know what caused this round, except for possibly stress, lack of sleep, and irregular eating times. But that's my normal!
joanne 2 September 09
hey all i last posted on this site 2 yrs ago, i recently got a filling in my tooth and the other day the tooth broke leaving the filling open to touch and a very sharp edge on the tooth. needless to say i have a monster ulcer on the side of my tongue which keeps scraping off the sharp edges of my tooth, giving me shoothing pains in my ear. every swallow is dreaded. cmon all u lab scientists give us a cure!!!!!
ste. eire 21 August 09
Well since i posted in July i got rid of them for a couple of weeks but they came back last Sunday the battle continues.
Mike 21 August 09
Im suffering with these toung ulcers for less than a week, and it cause so much pain to me. I cant focus with my job. I always have this small bottle of Pyralves solution with me to ease the pain and hopefully to dry them, but it seem to not working so fast. It's so frustrating when you wanted them healed yet not!! Im planning to visit a doctor tonight after the shift to get the their prescriptions. Hope ill get better then. I'll keep you posted guys.
jaycenn 20 August 09
i have a group of them right now on my tongue, right on the tip arghhhh
but its gettin better but i dunno if salt is working
Mop face 18 August 09
don't worry , ulcergirl, they are ulcers, your descriptions fits mine, sometimes i think my tongue is too big for my mouth as a bite./catch my teech
nelle elyob 11 August 09
i get ulcers on my tongue and a few in my cheek. the ones on my tongue are not like a proper white ulcer they are like taste bud size but lumped up like little beads and the KILL! my teeth are scratchin the onees on the side of my tonguE! is it stress? everyone seems to be mentioning BIG ulcers but mine are small and i have about 15!!!

are they even ulcers or somethin else?
Ulcergirl 6 August 09
For one small ulcer, try a low dose dispersible asprin placed directly on the spot. If you can catch it very quickly, it can sometimes be stopped from developing any further. also speeds up healing time for more advanced ulcers
Gigi 5 August 09
I, too, have an ulcer on the end of my tongue. It started out as a little white 'bump' and has since opened up. That was about 5 days ago. My tongue is sooo sore (you all know what I'm saying here!) and is so swollen that it doesn't fit properly in my mouth. Apart from the very attractive look this gives me, it means that I am holding my lower jaw stiffly and somewhat to the side whic has resulted in nasty jaw ache. I have gone down the Bonjela and crying pitifully route. Ever the optimist, I expect it will be a little better tomorrow.
Louise 5 August 09
Gentian violet, my mother always put this on my ulcers. I bought some online, try it, so far so good
di 3 August 09
Past 3 days tongue has swollen on one side - must have bitten it during the night, doh! Now have 1 cm ulcer and it's driving me bonkers! Been out on 2 social evenings with booze involved which has not helped at all. I've been using bonjela which doesn't really do anything at all but is inoffensive in taste at least. Wife went out earlier and bought me Bonjela once...zapped it on my tongue and holy sh*t! The pain is more than a sting I would say as I hit the ceiling in agony. It probably works on the lower lip OK but on the tongue sadly not as saliva washes the red stuff away fairly quickly. The main pain subsides after 10 seconds but I don't think the stuff has worked. Avoid coffee too! I've decided to suffer without anything but salt water. It definitely suppresses the appetite!
Ed P 2 August 09
Hi. I have mild neutropenia (don't make neutrophils, a type of white blood cell) and so get attacks of ulcers all the time. I have just bought some squigle toothpaste and some ulcerease anaesthetic rinse 'cos they are driving me insane. Currently got two clusters of ulcers down the back of my tongue (1st time on my tongue). Trying to get adcortyl to stay on it tonight but don't hold out much hope! Just hope royal mail will be efficient and bring my order asap!!!
Amy, Mirfield UK 30 July 09
BTW, I switched to a SLS free toothpaste and in combination with everything esle, it has helped. But when having a full attack, CODEINE. sorry, but it is the oly thing that helps with that PAIN from hell
Sarah, Italy 22 July 09
my mouth sores, this time, have abated for the time being. i attribute this to the B12 shots and the mouth medicine.
Mouths sores CAN be a symptom of anemia, so make sure to get adequate iron intake and B-vits.

Good luck, I feel your pain
Sarah, Italy 22 July 09
Hi my name is mike out of the blue 6 months ago i started gettting them the last 2 days i have been using a mixture of 1 TSP of salt 1 Tsp of baing soda and warm water small glass mixed i rinse with this 2 mins spit out 2 mins spit out and 2 mins. I do this 3 times a day and has keep the pain level way down. I have only done this for the last 2 days will let you know if this clears them up or holds them at bay.
Mike 22 July 09
I have been having these sores on my tongue for 3 years and every dr I see says we dont know what to do for this.Yesterday I went to an ear nose and throat dr. he seemed to think it is caused from acid reflux. I have also been getting a sore throat on and off for no reason . He gave me acid reducer to take and prescription for a combo of nystatin/lidocaine/cefzil/benadryl liquid to swish and swallow. I will report back and let you know if this has worked nothing else has.
sharon 18 July 09
Hi, I am Sarah, and I was so happy to find this site. I suffer from Crohn's disease, have for over a decade, and even though I have most of the disease under control, I still get the mouth sores. I wanted to DIE yesterday as they were all in my lower lip and tongue, and I am a wine taster for work. OUCH!!
I live in Italy, and have also tried the Alovex. Ok, but not much. I seem to get these when i don't take iron(USe SLOW-FE) and adequate Bvit intake. yesterday I got a shot of B12, used the Alovex and another liquid that REALLY helps for pain called LOCORTON.
Today they seem to be abating and healing. Stress, lack of sleep and bad nutrition all seem to make mine worse.

Good luck.
Sarah, Italy 18 July 09
I found a helpful home remedy online and it really worked well, mix some milk of mag and some liquid benedryl, and swish it around in your mouth then swallow, twice a day at least or as needed for the pain. I was amazed it worked in a day and the next day i was able to talk without wincing and swallowing. I do notice when I get them if i use alot of salt in my mouth it does two things, it numbs the area i pour the salt on and let it sit, and two it helps it heal faster too. The sight I read, said that its kinda like having stomach ulcers in your mouth, so you have to use an antiacid to help tone down the acid, so I bought a small bottle of each medicine and when i need it I just pour a small amount of each and Swish and Swallow. IT does help. I promise.
Annette N from Mo USA 12 July 09
Just read this thread completely through and would like to add a little to my last note, I have had ulcers since I can remember and never go many months without one or a dozen of the beasts, and the moment 7 solid months of them, so you don't grow out of them they have been telling me that since I was 5 I am now 56!!! but interested to see how many of you also have celiac (Gluten intolerance) did not know the like (no one tells me anything) have ordered squiggle the only thing I have read that I have not tried, Igloo and Docs prescripts all tried nothing worked, salt, bi carb and that new Boots stuff no good, SLS free tootpaste but Squiggle sounds to be a step more than that so heres hoping!! and am trying LLysine, I always Take B Complex without the ulcers are twice as many so that has helped but still suffering, have not eaten now since last Monday only Ice cream and cool soup eery thing with a straw. so great to find this site cos as one of the others said if you aint had these blighters you don't know how miserable it make you and I do try to keep smiling but it ********* hurts Lol all
Stephanie Overson 11 July 09
My togue is the same, I have not had a free week since January on my tongue and the inside of the lip, tongue is now quite a lacy shape and I am losing weight as I can't eat properly, all bloods are clear although I do have Gluten Intolerance, nothing seems to work though I have tried the lot from GP and the Chemist would just like to prevent them, and now working through elimating various foods no luck so far there is no rhyme of reason to the damn things, DAd and my brother also suffer, does that Squiggle really work will get some I think, only just found this sit. Stephanie 11 July 09
Stephanie Overson 11 July 09
I have exactly the same-my bloods are all ok and now I have an appointment to see an oral surgeon. I am not convinced that mine are not food or hayfever related. My tongue looks like there are chunks missing from the sides and the ulcers are mainly on the edges and the tip-it's so sore!!!
Catherine 11 July 09
For the past three months now iv been getting painful ulcers on the tip of my tongue. they are usually very small and red and the taste bud goes white. iv tryed kenalog wich is a steroid cream which does help the pain and is meant to help get rid of the ulcer. Also try putting bi carb soda on the ulcer it stops it from aching. I just have no idea why im getting them once every two weeks.Had blood tests to check my zinc level and for other factors that may be causing the ulcer but it all came back fine. it did start after i burnt my tongue on hot food but i dont see why they would still be popping up because of that happening months ago. i know this may sound like a stupid question but ulcers arnt contagious are they?
Steph 5 July 09
Holy monkeys that's a lot of responses. I don't normally get ulcers, but have recently succumbed to a bout of them around the edge of my tongue. I've tried the typical over-the-counter stuff which is nigh on useless. Mine were 'numbed' with hot drinks and I'm finding peppermint tea with honey quite good. For the overall issue though I'm trying the homeopathic remedy: Nat Mur (30c) seems to have taken the edge off at least. Good luck all
DanT 4 July 09
I am in South Africa as well Viviana. I am desperate and have been on the web today for 5 hours looking up things. An trying to get hold of Squigle toothpaste which seems so good but can't find it here. Does anyone in South Africa have suggestions. Apparently Sodium Laureth Sulphate in toothpaste can cause the ulcers. It would be wonderful if that is all it is. Am also going to try Lysine. Dischem recommended it to me.Iron helps me a bit.
Carol 2 July 09
i stopped eating food after my gf broke up with me, like 10 days later i got these tongue ulcers which are agony, now i cant eat but im in pain too gah (16 days now all ive eatin like is a little ice cream a can soup) Anyways is it not eating or stress thats caused this ?!?!? IDK but omgee its painful ima try all ur suggestions & just like thx everyone whos left a message here
jade 1 July 09
Now enduring at least 18 ulcers on the tip of my tongue and closeby. Having read many of the previous comments that go back for 1 year now, at least there is some comfort to know one is not alone! My ulcers sprang up out of the blue - they are a rare ocurrance for me (my great sympathy to all you who are frequent sufferers, I truly empathize!). Because this is a rare ocurrance, I can narrow the cause down to a few possibilities; The day before the erruption I ate quite a lot of pineapple - a rare thing for me to do. Also the day before the erruption, I received some major news regarding a personal trauma from two years back. My wager is it was the pineapple that caused it. (maybe I'll try it again later to test my hypothesis for the benefit of this forum).
I live in Hong Kong. My doctor basically told me I have to grin and bare it while waiting for the virus to run its course. So no insights from this neck of the woods either I'm afraid. What I have found to give me solace in this ordeal is a sense of humour. Also, it is good sometimes to keep your mouth shut!
Im. 29 June 09
hi just got told by doctor my huge 2p size sore right in the middle of my tongue is an ulcer. ive been prescribed a tablet with hydracortazone in which you have to desolve on the tongue 4 or 5 times a day. the chemist had to order them in and have never heard of them before ' fingers crossed will let you know if there any good.
kath 26 june 09 26 June 09
I have been suffering from tongue ulcer for 8 years.Earlier I used to had it once in two months but recently it appears frequently.I found, stress is the main cause for this.For medication, some type of gel for mouth ulcer gives some relief from pain.I think good sleep,relaxation and keeping away from "stress" can help you in this problem.
Ashik 21 June 09
I just got my first ever tongue ulcer! I'm an amateur compared to some people on here. I get one ulcer on the side of my mouth a month maybe, more recently. Haven't worked out the causes yet and haven't worked out a decent solution either.

Usually I apply salt directly to the ulcur and enjoy the pain as I know its hurting the ulcur more than its hurting me. But salting the tongue is weird. it tingles like crazy. I hope I'm not killing taste buds.

I'm going to try cutting out some of the foods recommended on here and see if that stops them coming.
Andruw P 15 June 09
I just stumbled across this site and was wondering if maybe reoccuring ulcers are what I have.
I have for the past few years been getting a whiteish painful spot on the tip of my tongue. It feels as if my tastebuds are swollen. Touching my tongue is SO PAINFUL! Ihave been to the doctor and the dermatologist but they were useless. It hurts more at night though for some reason. I have tried lots of creams (orabase etc) etc but they seem to slip off my tongue. Do you think its a tongue ulver?? Thanks heaps
Louise 11 June 09
I seem to get one every other month, just gargled some TCP neat. Can't feel anything in my mouth at the moment not even the damn ulcer on the side of my tongue. Have to try again later and see what happens............
Annoyed Ulcer Sufferer 8 June 09
What a relief to find this website. Have been an ulcer sufferer since childhood days - am now 31 and am fighting a batch of stubborn ulcers under tongue AND a huge one between my top and bottom mouth ( where your mouth joins!) So talking/eating/sleeping is total agony. I can see that even my jaw/lypmh nodes are swollen. Looks like I have got gout or something. Am at home with a toddler who wants my attention ie talking/singing ALL day and feel so bad that I am neglecting him by keeping speech to minimal.
Like one post before, being preggars with him was the best 9 months because it was ulcer-free. Even the odd ulcer came as normal but heal within 24 hours!! My usual regime of gargling mouthwash and Bonjela and when I am brave the salt treatment! Thanks for all the tips - have a list next to me and will go to Boots as soon possible to try it all. Thanks to whoever set this website - it is nice to know am not alone facing the immense pain of ulcers
mum2josiah 8 June 09
Iv suffered from mouth ulsers since i was 3 years old now i am 26, there are many causes off ulcers from diet, not brushing your teeth (creating lots of bacteria in your mouth), stress, biting your jaw, being rundown or in my case it is hereditary. I attended many holistic and herbal specalists & have tried many remedys from cayane pepper to l-lysine and manuka honey they dont work it is a myth , blood tests will show up very little. If you suffer from mouth ulcers there is no remedy to eradicate them forever. 6 months ago I was getting a check up with my G.P and mentioned that i was suffering from serious ulcets at the time, she gave me a paste like cream called Adcortyl in Orabase maunfactured by E,R Squibb & Sons, in ireland by Bristol-Myres Squibb Pharmaceuticals. It creates a lasting film over the ulcer which keeps food and fluid off the ulcer while it works to fight off the bacteria that is in the ulcer. When you feel the ulcer coming on treat it straight away with this cream and it will not develop. if you have an ulcer that is develpoed treat it with Adcortyl three times a day and you will feel the ulcer clearing up after one day some times I can feel it works instantly. at the moment I have 4 ulcers one on my lip, 1 in my throat & 2 on my jaws they are quite painful but following treatment from this cream i can it working straight away . The downfall of this product is that it feels quite unusual in your mouth and is very difficult to apply in your throat but is worth it as it works very affectively and very very fast !!! You have to go to yur G.P. to get it as it is a prescription and is not available over the counter but thrust me it is worth the money to pay the price of a visit to the G.P as this stuff gives serious relief. Remember ADCORTYL in ORABASE ( a yellow tube with red writing)

James 8 June 09
I have had ulcers in my mouth before as well. But nothing as excruitiating as the one I have on the side of my tongue right now. I can't talk very well, eat or sleep either. My doc had prescribed that "Magic Mouthwash" for me last Saturday. Before that I have tried rinsing with salt water, and mouthwash by Crest. Ugh, feels like nothing helps. Still not getting better. My doc is going to be sending me to see a dermatologist. What can they do? I avoid many different foods and drinks. Now, only if it was possible to avoid stress, lol. But, I am glad I found this site. I hope to find something that'll work for me.
Jenny 6 June 09
I have had ulcers on my tongue for the last year on and off and the only thing that seems to work is TCP antiseptic dilluted with water, if you use this as a mouth wash three times a day, they should clear up quite quickly. Does anyone else get a sore throat with the ulcers?

Vivienne 6 June 09
I had ulcers on my tounge which were persistant for 9 odd weeks went to the Docs, she said not cancer but need blood tests. But said id have to ride it out. So annoying coz I was recommended difflam spray by my dentist. Within 2 days they cleared and haven't had one since. It's brilliant. By at any chemist. Just annoying that Docs didn't tell me about it.
Sonal 5 June 09
Since october last year I have had mouth ulcers that do not heal. I am in South Africa. Don't know if I can find the remedies all of you mentioned. I will try. Went to a maxillofacial surgeon today, he said they did not look cancerous but wanted to do a biopsy immediately. I could not do it as I was very nauseous when he touched my tongue. Am supposed to go back to do it, but will try a few things before I go. I did find they were getting much better when I used a teeth whitener that contained peroxide called Absolute White (from USA) as luck goes, it is not in stock anymore so I will try to use pure peroxide. I even tried other teeth whiteners but they did not help. So far have not found any jel or medicine that has helped. Sensodyne toothpaste helps a little. I am such a chicken I don't know if I want to do that biopsy. :( I'll see. I am sensitive to wheat and a million other things, my diet is very good, but I have the occasional slice of toast which I will cut out. i am curious if any of the people above have ever thought they could have candida? I take probiotics everyday and I did rule it out. But it is true, stay off gluten, dairy products, strong spices and sugars.
Viviana 2 June 09 2 June 09
i have been subject to tongue ulcers for years. Not sure if it's ok for anyone else, but the most effective thing I've found to speed up healing, is a very low dose dispersible asprin placed directly on the ulcer. No use for multiple breakouts tho'!
Gigi 26 May 09
I have been suffering with tongue ulcers for 6 months now., having up to 12 at a time. had blood tests which showed a ferratin (something in iron) deficiency. i am taking tablets for this now but still getting daily ulcers because it can take another 6 months to raise my ferratin levels. My tongue feels like its on fire. I like a drink most evenings and do wonder if this is not helping,( though it does numb the ulcers)I did stop drinking for a few weeks and still suffered. Igloo does not seem to stay on for very long. I would love to find a cure as i think it would make me very rich!
Tracy 24 May 09
goodness - my occasional ulcers are nothing compared to what many of you have to cope with. I never realised that ulcers were such an issue and will take them, and remedies, more seriously. I found you from looking for tongue ulcer cures - it feels like I have one long ulcer down one side of my tongue - ouch - and I can't talk sensibly or eat and recognise that "waking up hoping it's gone" feeling someone mentioned above! Going to get L-lysine and take that as a matter of course as I do get ulcers often enough for some prevention to be a sensible idea.
Thank you for all the suggestions and for those who follow up with what works and what doesn't - this is brilliant.
Barbara 19 May 09
i have tongue ulcers and it feels like a sponge and a burning sensation is on my tongue am i worrying over nothing ?
brandon 16 May 09
Hi, I have suffered from mouth ulcers for years as well. Right now I have a big one on my tongue and its making me miserable.
Kenalog I have found to be good. It sticks to the tongue, or gum where the ulcer is.
It is the most horrible thing in the world, isnt it?
Pam 15 May 09
Hi there, I googled Mouth Ulcers and this page came up. I have two massive ulcers, one underneath my tongue which is about 2cms (HUGE!!) and a little cluster of ulcers under my tongue where it joins my gums. The big one is by far the most agonising pain I have ever felt in my life. I can't talk properly or eat. The only thing that has offered temporary relief is the boots mouth ulcer treatment. It's a cotton bud full of medicine that you hold against your sore. I swear to god the pain will send you through the roof, but once it subsides, the difference is amazing! If the ulcer is really bad, you may need the treatment daily for a few days, but it really does help!
Oh, and to top it all of I have a humungous coldsore on my lip. UGH! Well any other tips much apprectiated. Ta x
Nic 12 May 09
Hi everyone, recently had 27 mouth ulcers in one go (the worst ever, cried constantly with the pain and off work) went to my Gp who has referred me to a dermatologist but in the meantime prescribed sucralfate tablets 1gram as a mouthwash and Doxycycline 100mg as a mouthwash. within 24hrs I was painfree and felt so good after severe pain for 7 days. Have had mouth ulcers since I was 17 and am now 38, getting worse instead of better but the above amazed me with how good they were. since then none of the usual 2-3 ulcers tthat are normally there. also given up chocolate.
catherine. 12 May 09
Like Jay, I also tried adcortyl, and I think it's working better for me than any other over-the-counter medicine I've tried. It's very sticky and talking is a little tricky (or should that be twicky) when it's on your tongue, but it soothes pretty fast. However, I also find the effect wears off after about an hour.
Jack 12 May 09
I suffer really badly and got really f**ked off when my doctor said it was due to stress. I went to another Doctor who did a blood test and turns out I had low vitimin b6 so 1st off get that checked out. Other than that Frador is fantastic!! but went to get some today & boots don'tsell it anymore so you have to go to a chemist like Lloyds x x
Michelle 8 May 09
i have allways suffered ulcers and used adcortyl which sticks to the tongue, nomally just a couple round side or tip of tongue but have eleven on there at mo worse ones are ones right in midle which are more like holes,, thank god for ice cream!
i was allso diagnosed with crhons disease a few years back and while they were testing me asked if i suffer from mouth ulcers as is a common thing
jay uk 3 May 09
Hi all! Just to share, first time in my life, experienced having only one ulcer under the tongue next to my molars. Stings like nothing I had ever experienced before. Ooooooooouuuuuuuccccccch!!! (And I haven't tried garling with salt yet and I don't intend to kill myself). Have been suffering pain for several days now. Pain was unbearable, hurt every second. Hurt even more when I talked, ate, rinsed my mouth and swallowed saliva. Pain killers didn't work. Hurt even while I sleep. The whole mouth felt so sore, I felt terrible and I had to sleep the pain away. The pain was worse than having my 2 wisdom tooth extracted last month, I could eat without pain the next day.
I am using a powder called "Watermelon Frost", found in our local pharmacies. It always healed those ulcers that were on my lips. This time since the ulcer is under the tongue and in contact with saliva, it's taking a longer time to heal. Strangely, I experienced no pain while I slept last night. Found out while reading about the cures of painful ulcers that the papaya I unknowingly ate last night really worked! Shall continue to eat tonight for a pleasant sleep!
So to all you sufferers, try eating papayas. God Bless all with ulcers and may He heal us real soon. Amen!
Lis/Singapore 30 April 09
I've kind of made a link between sulphites and mouth ulcers (sulphites are E220 to E228, natural preservative). Sulphites cause mouth swelling, which in turn causes cuts from the teeth. I also believe that sulphites make the mouth lining weaker, again, causing ulcers. Not sure if SLS is similar to sulphites???!! Anyway, I have been better (not cured) since cutting sulphites out of my diet.
PG 27 April 09
I have had ulsers on my tongue for a few years now and have narrowed it down to a bacterial infection somewhere in my body which doctors have not found. I know it has to be a bacterial infection somewhere because if I take the antibiotic called Clarithromycin 500MG 2x per day (with a meal) they go away. And they will stay away as long as I am on this antibiotic. I can eat spicy food and eat all citrus etc. and be under stress it doesn't matter they will stay away. I know I can't stay on this antibiotic, but I am posting this to see if anyone else has a clue as to why this makes them go away so well. I have just discovered this in the last 6 months and have been off and on this antibiotic because I want my symptoms to come back to run a new test or to show the doctors my tongue. I am going to try a new rare disease doctor since unfortunately mine just retired and will update all if I ever can figure the exact cause. I hope this maybe a piece of the puzzle. I will check back here to see if anyone has tried this antibiotic for tongue ulsers.
Rose 24 April 09
I have had the same ulcer on my tongue for 18 months. I have tried all the creams and mouth washes available. My dentist referred me to hospital to oral surgery. They wanted to take a biopsy but in the end decided to cut the whole ulcer out. test were done and the ulcer was not cancerous. It was so painful. I was relieved to finally be rid of the ulcer though. However, I am so upset. The ulcer returned about two months after it was cut out but it came back under the biopsy site and is now even more painful than before. The doctors say I may need another biopsy. I wonder if it could be a very deep seated infection because it seemed to improve when I was put on a course of anti biotics. I am so fed up I don't know what to do and dread the thought of the ulcer having to be cut out again. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so did you find a cure?
CD 23 April 09
i'm glad im not alone in this! suffering a bout of tongue ulcers now, like 10 all over my tongue and it hurts to even move my tongue around, so imagine how it feels when i try to talk and eat!!! not good! i use this Oracort - E paste that is reaaaally good with mouth ulcers, unfortunately, it couldn't stick to the tongue long enough to help. but it's a godsend, none the less. not sure what my cause is, doctor mentioned lack of sleep and that i am one of the few (looking at this thread, there are more than just 'the few') who will be extremely prone to getting ulcers.

i've tried salt (salt water and also just salt on the ulcers) and it hurts like hell!! bonjela doesn't work at all. tried listerine but it doesn't ease the pain. :(
j 20 April 09
I seem to cause mouth ulcers all the time by chewing on my gums and it's become a habit, which I really do want to stop but can't seem to! I did, however, go through a 2-3 week spell of just chewing actual gum constantly & this did help but then I started chewing my actual gum again :( any ideas how to stop chewing my gums? Sounds daft I know but it's honestly become a near enough habit! Also, have recently started getting tongue ulcers...and bloody hell...they sure do hurt especially when you try to remove bits of food from your teeth! Read a lot of comments about remedies, these cotton buds seem good?
David C 12 April 09
hi everyone,
truly distressing to suffer these things, i've been in constant agony with them for 4-5 yrs. However i've had none for 2 weeks now. look up the smoking thread on here if you've given up recently it'll be compulsive reading. And everyonre try LYSINE good luck guy's
Dan 30 March 09
Thanks for all the ideas on this site. I suffered several years ago when I was teaching but they went when I left!!! I'm now back teaching and so are the ulcers.. for me therefore, I think it's stress! I'm trying to cope with them with the methods suggested but I'm thankful I'm on a temporary contract at school and maybe i need to have a more relaxed lifestyle!!
Maggie Pierce 30 March 09
Hi, i love this site. I am 19 and have ulcers occasionally for as long as i can remeber, but recently i have been getting them constantly almost, alot worse when i am run down and coming up to my period. I dont think i could live if i had as many as some people on here. You must be incerdibly brave. I have been to the doctor several times and not much luck, i use difflam rinse and corsodly gel. neither get rid of the pain but ease it enough to be able to eat without wanting to cry!!!!
Bonjela is the most useless thing invented, causes pain and no relief i have found.
I have used the 'bonjela once' stick once on a very large open ulcer with 2 others around it on the inside of my lip.and i never will again. I have never experianced such agony.
Also i currently have the most painful ulcer i have ever had. It is on the tip on my tongue where i had a spot on it and bit it. I cant talk or eat without pain, and have to talk with my tongue out which makes me not understandable!

From the suggestions on here i am goign to try lysine, and corsodyl mouthwash as well as carrying on with the difflam. And possibly iglu.
I just wanted to say to everyone out there who had ulcers, that people dont understand how much pain they cause but at least here everyone seams to! this site is a life saver!! =]
katie Weston 30 March 09
I have always suffered with mouth ulcers but over the last few years they seem to be getting bigger and lasting longer. I am currently having dental treatment and thus wear a fixed brace even though I'm 31. I have learnt to cope with the rubbing by keeping well hydrated. Adcortyl helps on ulcers on the cheeks or gums but useless for tongue as it slips off. I have a large nasty ulcer at the back of my tongue on the side which rubs against my teeth. Having shed many tears and unable to eat/talk/sleep I became desperate and bought some Oralmedic (cotton bud thing with red liquid) It contains acid so I knew it would sting but oh my god it was the worst pain in my life - made me sob violently and was shaking so much afterwards that I had to sit down. Tongue still a bit sore but not sure if I managed to treat the whole thing properly due to position and sheer pain. Hopefully it will ease soon. Any other tips greatly appreciated I am currently up for tongue amputation!
Rachael Norwich 29 March 09
i've just been struck down mouth ulcers, worse one being on my touge at the side,like many of you's i've been getting them since i was a kid i am now 40,i dont get them as othen now ,somtimes i dont get them for months,i would love to know what causes it,my parent always said it was because i never ate my greens,so that turned me into a bit of a health geek ever since,but made no difference to my ulcers,ive tryed all the medication thats been out,you name it,the latest ones being them buds you snap to release the solution,then you press on the ulcer,my god they hurt so much ,especially on the cankerious ones.i recon it some sort of virus you carry ,like the cold sore one,what ever it is ,i wish they would find a cure,
wayne,manchester 28 March 09
feel kind of relieved at sharing such symptoms with so many but also dismayed that this could now go on indefinitely- ulcers started month or two before i gave birth to second child and have never really gone for more than a couple of weeks since..anyone know of any hormonal/ diet research related to this?
kathos 23 March 09
Mouth ULCERS, oh no I.m in total agony!!!!! I'm not really bothered with them but have stopped smoking 4weeks ago and I'm told that they are common for people giving up smoking and I'm wondering why?? does any one know??cant get to a chemist till 2morro morning as it's Sunday night and I live in the country so no shops open here till 2 morro.Can anyone give me a home remedy I'm going CRAZY.............with the pain,did'nt sleep last night,pain really sore,please someone HELP!!!!!! Regards Margaret xxxxxxx
MARGARET 22 March 09
Hi Hannah,
I'm sorry to hear you are suferring with these aswell and it really is a living nightmare for many of us. I too have found this site great. I'm 25 and have suffered these for 4 years they just started one morning and haven't stopped!!!
Firstly i'd like to say that you MAY have to accept that your gonna suffer these indefinantly. I have done this and find them easier to cope with. I gave up with doctors a couple of years ago they are truly ignorant it seems in this area!
However i have learnt to control the severity and intensity of my mouth ulcers with L-lysine tablets i take two 1000mg a day and this has reduced them alot and when they do pop up i put ADCORTYL in ORABASE on them. you should get this in a chemist and the tablets in a health food shop! Also a tip put the ADCORTYL on just before bed and it's like a miracle because this can heal them in 2-3 days rather then the 7-8 days. It works by forming a paste seal over the ulcer and it contains a steroid which really does the trick for me! I hope this can help some! Dan in rainy England!!
Dan 13 March 09
I am so happy i found this site!
i am 14 and have been getting ulcers since i was 10. it was because i was anemic. i find now i get them when i have my period. I take iron tablets, vitamins, eat healthy, am sporty, and always have a clean mouth. But i still get them. i went to the doctor and she said that i was just one of those people that got them. Not much help. I rinse my mouth with salt water and bi carb. The bi carb soothes. And i use bonjela. They still hurt like hell. I have 10 and the moment and havent eaten properly in a week and i am sick and not sleeping properly and not talking.
So one day i put salt directly on the ulcer. NEVER EVER DO THAT. i was the most pain i have ever been in. and it didnt help at all
i have about 10 at the moment so can anyone help me
by the way i live in Australia so just say stuff that i can buy here
Hannah 13 March 09
Man am i glad i found this site. Been to 3 doctors appointments this week, all with a different answer... infection/flu/virus.

Im 25, male, never really had mouth ulcers before.. maybe one or 2 back in the day when i had bracers... and i lead a pretty full on life, i manage a retail store, and devote all my spare time to traveling the country performing with my band. (i am a singer)

All of a sudden last week i get sick with (what i thought) tonsilitus, only to wake up the next day with a tongue covered in ulcers..

i also found when i bit a dry piece of skin off my lip, they spread to there.

Ive been washing my mouth out with Difflam c, which tastes like petrol, but does help numb your mouth for an hour or so. Thankfully the last doctor gave me some panadine forte.. so ive been able to eat a little.

Will definately be trying the licorice and berocca tablets today. Thank you to everyone for putting in, no one i have spoken too really understands the pain, im not a wussy guy by any stretch, but ive been in tears and already lost a bit of weight just this week.

So will be back to update on how it goes, and good luck soldiering on guys
Matt 12 March 09
This site is great !!! It's so nice to see people who understand !!!

I've suffered with ulcers for years now. I've been to the doctors a few times but all they say is 'you'll grow out of it' and give me a spray called Difflam whick doesn't work at all. It numbs the area for about 1 minute !!!! I was about 10 then, I'm 25 now and still getting them just as bad.

I've tried bonjella, salt, orabase (for toothache but is brilliant, for numbing to have a meal) and the Boots cotton buds which are good but make me cry with the pain.

I've constantly got at least 3 ulcers in my mouth at once and they're huge. I've usually got one on the tip of my tongue and sometimes even in my throat. I once had a 2cm diameter one in my throat and was off work for days with it.

I find myself unable to eat, talk and just feel generally run down and feel like crying all the time. Just today I haven't spoken a word and have spent the day curled up sleeping with my 2 month old daughter. Luckily my partner understands and just lets me feel sorry for myself but as my ulcers last for days and come back within a week of going I moslty hve to try to ignore them and carry on.

Stragely the only time I've been ulcer free is during my 2 pregnancies. Not quite so lucky in my 2nd, had a few minor ones but within a week or so after giving birth they're back and just as bad as before.

I cant bare to think I've got to spend the rest of my life like this. My partner has asked me if he thinks I'm suffering from depression.....These ulcers are enough to bring it on...yes, I am depressed !!!
Melina 7 March 09
I've just read this thread from top to bottom. So many of you are suffering far more than I, you have my utmost sympathy!

I've recently had a couple of really painful ulcers on the side of my tongue. After a week with a volcanic looking growth on the side of my tongue I was ready to consider tongue amputation. I can barely conceive of the pain those of you that get constant ulcers are going through. Another annoying aspect is that your mouth feels like there is something extra in there, like when you get food caught between your teeth, so I find myself worrying at the side of my tongue as though there is something caught on it. It's amazing that I don't end up biting it off.

I'm currently using Frador to numb the pain before eating. I'm going to try the Iglu gel as well. There's mention above of a treatment available from boots which has a cotton bud that you snap and a red liquid, does anyone know whether this is the same as Frador?

Everything I've tried to date just limits the impact of the ulcer in terms of pain management. I don't think I've used anything that causes it to go quicker.

All the best to you.
Mark 7 March 09
I suffer very badly with tongue ulcers as I push my tongue into my bottom teeth during sleep. GP has suggested this is stress related but I am also keen to find dietry links. I have been thinking of going to see a clinical nutritionist to pin point any downsides to my diet. Im 7 weeks pregnant at the moment and have 3 massive and painful ulcers. I am also a training consultant so lisping during presentations isnt great. Sympathy to all who suffer, they are horrible and painful and get really get you down. Will let u knowwhat nutritionist says.
Cath 4 March 09
bonjela once works a treat.. stings like hell but the next day the pain is halved and day after no pain at all ;D yay
jak 4 March 09
hey guys! Ive been getting ulcers foreeever and im only 17 and half the time i cant eat because there so so sore! my mums tried getting me everything but nothing gets rid of them for me, bonjela takes the pain away for a while but my ulcers last like about 2 weeks and they kill! right now i currently have two that are getting bigger and have now joined into one and i cant even speak normally! i wish someone could just find a cure :( it ruins a night out when you have to hope you get a straw to drink through!
stephanie 3 March 09
I've got this little bastard on the right side of my tongue, at the friggin back! Using Kenalog numbs the pain temporarily I've found.
Slik1 3 March 09
Hi folks, I am suffering at this precise moment with a few ulcers on the tip of my tongue, had them a week now, so depressing! I have been using ANBESOL, it numbs the ulcers, but sadley not for long, I find myself having to take the bottle with me everywhere I go, to keep the pain at bay. But reading this site has made me set my mind on going to Boots and getting the cotton bud thingy, and then I hope to God that will be the end of it. I don't get them that often, but I have been stressed and I have just gotten over a cold too. I hope never to get em again! My sincere sympathy to all of you on here, the hell some of you must be going through, at least with toothache it can be sorted in a day, I would rather have the tootache, and that's bad enough to have LOL!!
Christine, South Wales, 2 March 09 2 March 09
I have suffered from severe mouth ulcers for years and have used all the over the counter medicines and prescribed and nothing seems to work. However I recently changed dentists and was referred to Eastmans Dental hospital for a biopsy and have been diagnosed with Lichen planus and prescribed a steroid mouthwash which I have to use 4 times a day and then go back and see whats happened. I will keep the site posted but having had these ulcers for the best part of 30 years to actually have a diagnosis is a break through it is an auto immune disease which explains why they never go away.
Kay T, London 2 March 09
I had a huge ulcer under on tongue a month ago which took its usual course of 10-14 days to subside. It was ok for a week till another huge one broke out on the same spot which surprised me because it had recurred so soon.
Again it became painful till day 10 and I was waiting for it to shrink but this one persisted. It continued to burn till day 14 and would not subside. By this time, I was also developing a low grade fever, feeling lethargic, sleeping a lot and tired and irritable most of the time. One night all I had was a cup of coffee to relax and this ulcer flared up and tiny little red spots also appeared on the edge of the tip of the tongue!
I gargled with salt water, orofor but with little effect. I was desperate and became paranoid that it be mouth cancer
and God must have heard my prayer for help that I had stumbled on this site and read so much to my great relief that there are many fellow sufferers of mouth ulcers.
What I did was a trip to the pharmacist:
(1) He prescribed FASIGNY (500mg Tinidazole) which comes in a small packet of only 4 tablets (Pfizer, so must be tested and safe) which I swallowed on the spot in the shop.
(2) Also I was given LYSOBACT( an enzyme) to chew. Only 1 for every 2-3 hours to a max of 5 a day. Which I faithfully continued...
(3) A friend swore that Lysine worked for so, so I went to GNC and bought L LYSINE 500. which I took 2 (3 times that day) on a empty stomach
(4) That night I also put some coffee powder(this was something I heard on a radio talk show by a specilist in alternative medicine and he claims this simple trick with prevent ulcers from recurring). Any type of coffee power, Iused some Maxwell instant which I had at home.
(5) And to really kill this ulcer, I was determined, I also put some salt which is my last recourse because it just hurt so much till I cried.
I went to bed that night tormented, but OMG it worked. I worked up feeling the pain had subsided (at least 70%), for me to eat and taste my food. The red spots were gone and the tongue was no longer so whitish.
(6) FInally, I am going to continue to watch my diet (no chocalates, number of coffee drinks to be limited)
Will cut down on fruit juices that are acidic like oranges and pineapples; and start on my intake of acidophilus (this is wonderful to keep at home because it does help in cleaning the digestive tract).
Hope all this sharing helps!
Carrie , Malaysia 27 February 09 27 February 09
I've suffered with ulcers on my tongue for years and have one at the moment that's causing the usual amount of grief. They usually last for a couple of weeks and feel like there's a needle inserted into my tongue. I've tried the usual stuff (bonjela, mouthwashes, ibuprofen etc) but am grateful to everyone on this message board for all the other suggestions - will give them a try.
Andy P, Notts 24 February 09
There is only one thing that has ever worked for my tongue ulcer and thats IGLU, its a thick gel like paste that you put on the ulcer and it sticks to it and seals it, unlike other gels it actually does stay on it, it also sticks to your finger and you have to peel it off like superglue but thats why it works! It gets rid of the pain for 2 hours and then you need to reapply. I was in so much pain and this stuff is just incredible, you will not regret buying it. It is expensive about £6 or £7 a tube but you only need a tiny bit so it lasts and you are pain free.
katherine, London 24 February 09
so happy to have found this site,,,,2 thumbs up. taking the advise of your survey, I use ibuprofen for the pain, along with the liquid anbesol (for pain and drying up) . then I bought the sensodyne toothpaste that is free of the SLS(sodium laurel sulfate). I plan to take the l-lysine (vitamin or mineral?) and to get the tongue scraper. I am too old to have this kind of pain and inconvenience. have been suffering these ulcers on a regular basis (every other month) for about 3-4 years. it started up out of nowhere, seemingly, and has not let up. thanks again
carolyn harris 16 February 09

im 18 and i got an ulcer rightttt on the tip of my tongue, its being a pain, a right pain at that! Ive done neat salt, my gosh THE PAINNNN, doesnt numb it that good and i have no bonjela at hoping it shifts soon ive had it three days and im off to Edinburgh tomorrow for a holiday!!! how annoying....

ive had a fair few of these before and they go after a day, this is my longest yet. BLAHH! so many people have the same problem sure does make me feel better!
Hayley 15 February 09
Kay, I've had dreadful mouth ulcers for about 3 years now - I've tried everything, mouthwash, squiggle toothpaste, taking vitamins etc - I had my last horrific bout about 3 weeks ago when I had a virus...since then I've started to use a tongue scraper every morning and night before I go to bed....I haven't had the sign of one since (as I said, I've had them constantly, for about 3 years now). I'm keeping everything crossed and touching wood whilst writing this, but I've been eating everything I thought caused them....salty things, chocolate, spicy foods, and it doesn't seem to matter.
Jill 5 February 09 5 February 09
I am only on my second ulcer (well nearly), but i had a huge ulcer on my tongue between xmas & new year. at first didnt know what it was, previous ulcers have been painful but tiny. this one was the size of 50p!! Went to docs and they gave me antibiotics, it went after 10days. But tonight felt a familar pain and lo it is back in the exact spot. think the docs was useless so will be trying out some of the above, very informative, thanks guys x
helen 4 February 09
Dear all

I haven't had an ulcer free day since the end of November 08! As soon as a batch of them die down more come up and not just one or two - at the moment I've got 7 on my tongue that are making me lisp and 3 in the front bottom gum. I've tried all potions but because I get ulcers so often I can't tell which ones work to so I've resigned to rinsing my mouth with boiled then cooled salty water (ouch!)
I think there may be something in the wheat/gluten thing - although I just can't cut this from my diet. But what I've noticed more is when I have too much sugar (biscuits, cakes, sweets etc..) I get more ulcers than normal. But again, because I get them so many so frequently it's all a haze!
I've learned to deal with the pain but I'm paranoid of doing anything sexual with my partner as some people think there are links with the herpes virus (hence why L-Lysing works for some people??) Does anyone have any opinions about mouth ulcers being contagious? It's really frustrating as my partner is working away at the moment and every time he comes home I've got a mouth full of ulcers.
Gina G 3 February 09
Hi Fellow sufferers. Have just visited an allergy clinic in the UK and the doctor looked at my mouth ulcers and tongue ulcers and said bread. Suggest gluten free diet. I also have swollen glands opposite each ulcer like someone has hit the side of my jaw. Almost certainly ulcers are an immune problem, ie: one is run down. Yet my bloods are all OK! Stress is detrimental but other environmental factors might be present. I'm doing a course with this private hospital and they test all irritants, give you neutralising doses to self inject under the skin and boost you with various supplements. Keep your fingers crossed! Final thought is ulcers might be a relapse of the EBV virus which basically has a go at you when you are low and can be one of the main causes of chronic fatigue.
Tim B 31 January 09
THE BEST product to u is TEA TREE OIL on a cotton bud it will kill the ulcers ive always had them check it out,
Margret62 30 January 09
I developed ulcers round the edge of my tonuge this week for the first time and its been unbearable. I went to my GP today who came me some yucky paste that I had to wipe straight off and it made me want to be sick. After reading this WONDERFUL page I now have lots of ideas to arm myself with.

I'm too much of a wimp for salt and was going to try Bonjela but Iglu is now on my shopping list and I have some Corsodyl mouthwash in so will try that once I've finished typing.

Thanks everyone
Funnily enough I do have a slight wheat allergy but not full blown Coeliacs .....
Sue 39 29 January 09
my daughter had sores inside her mouth and the pharmacist told us to use one part liquid benedryl and one part milk of magnesia and it really worked.
marie 27 January 09
I have suffered with ulcers all my life. Being a musican has not always helped, especially when i get them on my tongue. I have just found out i have coeliac disease. I would recommend that you look at what is going on in your stomach as the mouth is the end of it and a lot of what happens in our mouth is due to our gut.

It is just a matter of dealing with them... i am off work today as i can't speak and i am in far too much pain. Slightly depressing but you need to stay positive. All the best.

Kathy Chesham
Kathy 26 January 09
thanks to this website I know now that I am not alone- that is a healing thing in itself- I have a painful ulcer at the very back of my mouth under my tongue, pain seems to spread on to back of my throat- at least I think its an ulcer, I can't see a thing back there so its impossible to identify. Eating v. painful and difficult, I am so irritable! Doing anbusol, bonjela, ibuprofen- now I have some tips for other stuff that I can try- took some B12 500mcg that was recommended... will get a new toothbrush and keep my drinking mug to myself in case its catching. Thank you so much for this website.
Liz 26 jan 09 26 January 09
my son and I suffer from canker sores a lot. I know he inherited this from me. I have not found anything to stop them once we get them but dairy is the key for us. If we have any dairy two or more days in a row, we get canker sores. Right the side of his face is swollen with them. He can't stay away from ice cream. His father and his doctor both think I am crazy but I know that is the connection.
Eli 24 January 09
I suffer badly from tongue ulcers...i currently have two...i cant sleep, eat and it hurts everytime i talk. ahhhhhhh please help. i live in england what can i get from the chemist thatwill help straight away...??? its driving me mad...
Alana 21 January 09
I was suffering from a tongue ulcer for six months. It would disappear for a day or two then come back for a month at a time at least. I did some reading and I think my problem has been solved. My ulcer is gone and it's been one and a half weeks now. I hope this might work for everyone who suffers from this.

First thing I did was stop my ingesting of food that contained "monosodium glutamate", "sucralose", "aspartame". Those are bad things for the human body. I have felt physically much better since also. I still eat hot salsa, pizza, drink coffee and pretty much do everything as before, but I look at all labels to make sure I'm not buying something with that poison in it.

I did a body cleanse. It's called "FirstCleanse" and I wasn't running to the bathroom as I've read from other people's experience with doing these cleanses. My ulcer was still present until the last two days of this cleanse and being poison aware. I finished that cleanse and I purchased another cleanse called "detox7" and started it (detox7 is cheaper than firstcleanse and I'm past my first cleanse now). I decided to do another because I feel two weeks on a cleanse wasn't long enough, and both these products do not contain anything that is bad for the human body . Some cleanses do contain bad herbs and you can gather that info from bad experiences (headaches, bad bowel movements, general complaining about symptoms after starting the product). I did not have problems with "firstcleanse" and have not with "detox7" now. I have one bowel movement a day.

I was also having some pain in my stomach before the cleanses. I saw a doctor and she said no problems with colon cancer, I'm just constipated. She advised me to not start the cleanse, but I don't think of someone with a degree in health is really a good thing, it's more of a money maker I think. The more problems one has, the more money they make. If you have insurance, it's an all-out field day for them. I don't like doctors.

I started the cleanse anyways, stopped taking what the dr prescribed me and my problems slowly went away. My stomach pain was minimal by the last day on the first cleanse, but after the next day from starting the second cleanse, it was just about gone. It's been less than a week on my second cleanse and my stomach doesn't hurt at all. I really think besides the cleansing, being aware of not ingesting poisons manufactured by money launderers was a big reason for my problems to go away.

I don't know if my ulcer will come back, but for it to be gone for a week and a half so far is a miracle to me.

Duane 19 January 09
Thank you, everyone - seeing this site and all these messages has given me a lot of cheer and hope. Though I've yet to try any of the suggestions you've all made (and believe, I'll be trying them ALL), it's such a relief to have something to actually try!

No one in my family suffers, so it's impossible for the pain to be taken seriously, and Bonjela is pretty much just thick water in terms of usefulness as far as I'm concerned.

So I'll start buying and trying. Thank you all, and I seriously hope one day A CURE IS FOUND.
Emily 16 January 09
Long time Ulcer sufferer...1st time writer!
I have observed that Ulcers do seem to appear more when I am run down. One catalyst for this is drinking heavily at weekends.
I also strongly suspect that the original split where the Ulcer occurs happens when I am asleep.
Sleeping with your cheeks down in the pillow can cause teeth to split gums/ tongue etc...

On Anbesol (liquid) at the minute. Its OK. Need to try them all though.
Any advice additional advice on what is best, please advise...
Cart 15 January 09
I'm English but I live in Italy and I've always had ulcers. Like many of the people who have written in, I often have 3-4 ulcers going at any given time, lovely! On the inside of the lips, on the tongue (small and large), on the inside or outside of the gums...who knows what each week will bring!

My 2 main jobs have been a waiter and a teacher. I'm still a teacher now, and in both cases I have to talk all day. As the days wears on, the ulcers get more and more irrtitated, and I feel less and less like talking, to the point where, I'll do the necessary talking with clients and even less with my poor colleagues. Ulcers really do have a significantly negative impact on your life!

As for the cause, I dont know. But I point the finger at food. Tomatoes are a killer for me, as are the citrus fruits and seedy vegetables like peppers. I'm 28 and it's only in the last year that I've started being more observant and reducing or eliminating certain foods. However, I would say that it can also depend on the quantity of a certain food. Last year, during the summer holidays, I came out in about 10 ulcers plus a cold sore. One of the things I picked up on was that I had been in the salty sea everyday, often with a snorkelling mask plus mouthpiece. Moreover, almost every day for those 2 weeks, I had tomato and mozzarella sandwiches! Therefore I believe that the body can tolerate a certain quantity of a food but once this quota is reached then it has to find a way of dealing with the unwanted substances...voila'...mouth ulcer breakout!

Now I would say that I have the situation a little more under control, but even as i write I have a couple of ulcers (with a new one waiting to burst out on my tongue, due to me eating peperoni sausage last night!). Today at lunch I also had tomato sauce with the pasta and so far so good. I think is because I haven't touched tomatoes in over a week and so I'm under the level of ulcer breakout! Some of you may say, 'why are you eating tomatoes if you know that they do you harm?', and my answer is that recently I also did an allergy and intolerance test to find out if they were any foods that I shouldn't be eating. As you may guess, the doctor gave me a long list of things which I couldnt eat (including pasta, tomato and wine! For God's sake, I live in Italy!) but also said that in the case of intolerances it's important not to cut out the food completely because it's possible to develop a full-blown allergy.

Since that test, I had a month or so where I was very strict with what I ate and the ulcers went away. Since then Ive slowly slacked off (because the foods that were ok to eat were so few and so boring) and lo and behold the ulcers have crept back in. As a knee jerk reaction I marched into the local pharmacy and asked for some mouthwash. they gave me one called Alovex (which contains Aloe Vera and other natural, soothing materials).. this stuff cost me 10 euro (£10 in todays money) and lasts a week and quite frankly, didn't do much. It didn't reduce the life of the ulcer and it didnt really reduce the pain for much more than half an hour. I also now use a cream (here it's called Cikaflogo and contains the usual Aloe Vera etc - cost 8 euro) and I find that if I start applying the cream as soon as I see the ulcer, then the ulcer doesn't grow very big and it lasts only a few days as opposed to 10-14 days. Thhe cream also lasts longer than the mouthwash so you get more for your money. Apart from that, I'd be interested in trying the Allum powder mentioned above as well as Iglu gel and the stuff from Boots.

From reading the site, I understand that I am a relatively mild sufferer and my heart goes out to people who have really bad ulcer problems and that you find a cause and remedy as soon as possible. Also thanks to Dom Walton for creating a place where people with highly irritating ailments can vent their frustrations, understand a little more about it and find ways to combat it.

Glenn 11 January 2009 11 January 09
i'v 2 really soar ulsers on the tip of my tongue,there like boils,and i think there's a 3rd coming :-(....absolute agony when i talk but having a job lik hairdressing,i just have to fight through the pain.just wondering does any1 know are they contagious?
Cait :-) 10 January 09
I frequently suffer from several very painful ulcers and a few weeks ago i got several very bad ones at the same time and ulcer like sore on my actual lips. my lips are now fine and i have one ulcer im tackling but i also have a huge growth on my tongue. being so prone to ulcers I am assuming it must be an inflamed/irritated/infected ulcer - does anyone have any knowledge of this happening before or what else it could be that isnt quite an ulcer but is ulcer related?pharmacists keep giving me bonjela its useless!!:-(
Louise 29 December 08
Hi everyone
I'm from the UK and I'm new to the site... and to be honest i didn't even realise a site like this existed! But im very thankful it does, i felt like such a baby the last few weeks because ive had ulcer after ulcer, mostly on my tongue, and its affected my speech, my sleep, eating and my overall mood. I have been so short tempered and impatient with everyone around me purely because of the pain in my mouth! Nobody seems to understand what it feels like either, which i feel daft for saying but its true!
Ive always had ulcers since i was a child and have been to the doctors a few times over the years because some have been so bad my tongue was swollen and i developed a hole in my tongue which i needed steroid cream for! My doctor always put it down to me having my tongue pierced but i had them before the piercing.. and still have them now i dont have it pierced anymore!
Im considering going back to my doctor to discuss my concerns with him, i have had ulcers constantly for about 3 months now, they are appearing in the same places on my tongue and nothing works. The only thing i find helps me sleep is taking pain killers and some of my dads prescribed mouthwash (which he has for the effects chemo has on his mouth) which numbs the pain for a while but doesnt make them go. I'm only 24 and im dreading having them for the rest of my life like this!?
Any help or advice anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone!
Katie 14 December 08
I have gotten mouth ulcers since I was 16 currently I am 32. They are such a pain. I was ulcer free for the last 5 months but they are now coming back now. I have tried SLS free toothpaste it worked for a while.
I really wish through this forum we could find a cure/solution for this "disease" that we all suffer from.
I would highly suggest getting a diary of all the foods that you eat duing a mouth and make cut back those have certain juices, starches that may trigger these.

Just frustrated!
Dee 14 December 08
I applied hydrogen peroxide with a Q-tip directly on the ulcers after I brushed my teeth (before I went to bed and when I woke up in the morning) and it seems to be helping the ulcers. They aren't as painful and they appear to be going away.
Susan 11 December 08
I have coeliac disease and have always suffered mouth ulcers now my 3 year son has got the most horrible ulcer all across the bottom of his tongue. I am considering getting him tested for coeliac too but what can I do to help him now, tried bonjela (useless) warm drinks (leaves him crying in pain) some disgusting paste recommended by pharmacist which just leave him slobbering and drooling everywhere! Even ibuprofen and paracetamol are not helping. Does anyone know if any of the medications above are suitable for a 3 year old?
Emma 10 December 08
I have been using 'Sterimar' seawater spray to clear my nasal passages after a septoplasty op. On a whim I sprayed it onto some mouth ulcers that had developed and was amazed to find instant and lasting relief. This natural sea water diffusion spray is quite remarkable.
Tony 6 December 08
Suffered for years,never believed in natural remedies.Then one day took it upon myself to take three chewable vit.C tablets before sleep. Do not chew,just let disolve 500mg.I hope to God this helps some poor soul the way it has helped me. Give it months.And its cheap. And yep,too much booze and not enough sleep brings em on!Good luck fellow sufferers.
Laurence Jewell 6 December 08
I really sympathise with everyone who suffers regularly from mouth ulcers. I've had them all my life - with the exception of six months several years ago when I was travelling around South East Asia. I don't have any absolute cure because I still get them a lot... but I think the six months travelling was a very happy and stress-free time of my life, and I think those are both factors in whether you get ulcers or not. My strategies for trying to prevent them and keep them under control are:
- try to keep stress down by getting enough sleep, hot baths, trying not to run around doing too much
- have a healthy diet, fresh fruit, lots of vegetables and pulses, nuts and seeds, plenty of water
- try to limit the following in diet: salt, alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, tomatoes, citrus fruits
- using Corsodyl mouthwash (which seems to disactivate your taste buds...) and taking L-Lysine tablets
- keeping my mouth clean
- I notice I usually get them the week before my period

I will try some of the remedies suggested on this board - including the Squiggle toothpaste, the Boots cotton buds and the Allum powder. Good luck to everyone!
Bee 2 December 08
Hi Everyone - I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned Coeliac Condition (allergy to gluten and wheat). I have this and it is an ok condition to live with, sure I cant eat the wedding cake and I have to pass on the offer of a hobnob with tea.....

I get a lot of ulcers, usually on the lower lip, sides of my mouth and on the tip of my tongue. I am absolutely convinced that there is a link here between intollerance to wheat and gluten containing products and I would advise anyone sufferoing with ulcers to question this link with their GP or dietician.

Coeliac condition is an auto-immune reaction caused by the small intestine coming into contact with a protein called gliadin (found in wheat, barley, rye and sometimes oats). When this occurs, the villi (these are the hands which grab all of the nutirents from your food) go into inflamatory reaction and lose the ability to absorb nutrients. This reaction quite obviously causes ill feeling and malaise in the patient - and is recognised to cause MOUTH ULCERS.

Coeliac Condition can be complex - many people have different evels of tolerance, but if your ulcer problem is serious, and you want to discount potential causes, you may want to pursue this query.

A good source of info can be found here:

I hope that this helps

Chris Brown, Norwich UK
Chris Brown 2 December 08
I had my drink spiked last Friday and ended up completely chewing the sides of my tongue. Most of the dead skin has gone, so its just a really sore section left. The worst part is that it completely lines up with my teeth, so I can't talk, or eat. Its getting me really down, plus with the side effects of whatever was put in my drink. I suffer from mouth ulcers regularly and usually just use Bonjela (does very little, but tastes nice!) and Anebesol. But right now nothing seems to be working. I'm rinsing with salt water regularly and mouth wash. I live in the UK, anyone have any better suggestions?

Thakn you
Victoria 26 November 08
I have just had a bout of ulcers under my tongue.
12 on one side and 6 on the other.
I tend to have suffered with them over the years..and I remember my gran used to get them regularly.
I tried bonjela and Iglu..Iglu was better..Then I remembered a tincture called Frador that you used to be able to get..I found it on the on-line chemist shop so ordered the meantime I tried Boots own treatment..a single application within a cotton bud filled with ..well actually what is in a tincture.
Stung like heck but it feels so much better!!!
It really is brilliant and well worth a try.
Andy P 31 October 08
Ulcer on tongue, i think was born with me... and hope it will be with me till i live :)

Some controlling methods i found...
1. Drink lot of water (no HOT water)
2. If having ulcer, gargle with solution of RockSalt and water (one or two drops of glycerine is recommended)
3. Completely stop SPICY items consumption (can afford for 2 days right ? )
4. If at all u consume spicy items.. never allow debris inside mouth... this is most definite cause of mouth ulcer.. clean it up immediately after party time...
:) 30 October 08
That was supposed to be Neo Cytamen...sorry!
Sam (Aust) 29 October 08
Neo-Cyamin injections (B12) should help prevent them. I was born with ulcers and have had them ever since, I'm now 30. My doctor gives me an injection in my arm every couple of months and the ulcers cleared up. I am now pregnant and they won't give me the injections, hello ! 3 newies this week. Morning sickness and mouth ulcers....Youch!
Sam (Aust) 29 October 08
Oh my god... cannot believe so many people suffer with so many, i tend to get 2 or 3 but on a regular basis ! the boots cotton buds at £6 really work but make your eyes water, bonjela should just be taken off the shelf... it does nothing. best wishes to everybody looking for there cure.
dave 28 October 08
I've finally shifted mine to great relief. After nearly 2 weeks i can eat properly again

It was iglu gel that did it.

It is brilliant stuff, available from pharmacies. i used it in combination with cordosyl mouthwash and it did work. Try it if you haven't. it's pricey but worthwhile
Nick 28 October 08
Hi i've been using SM-33 gel and that seems to help as does the warm salty water. I've just recently got a hugh ulcer on my tongue and it has been giving me gum pain and ear aches (only on the side my ulcer is!) it is so so so painful! someone told me that if you get them on your tongue you've been telling lies!!! lol Im a teacher and therefore am talking most of the day... by the time night hits im sleeply but i wake up from the pain! i now haven't had a good sleep for 2-3 nights now due to the huge thing! I am also glad that i found this site... I have also had ulcers since i was young especially when i had braces! ouch! thank goodness the ulcer is now getting better!
Kym 28 October 08
hi everyone ... ive not suffered severly with mouth ulcers ... ive had a few but not ones that seemed to last or cause to much pain ... but this last 2 weeks wow i have 2 -4 that will not go away
ive used the neat salt ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... rinstead pastles ... sume gluggy type stuff i got from the pharmesist over the counter after askin his advice ... used that for a week ... still no relief .. grrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrr
as many have said they would sooner give birth ... im feelin the same ... it truly amazes me how such a little ulcer can cause so much pain and discomfort ;-((((((( ... i didnt realise so many people suffered till coming across this page ... and for those of you who have more than i have i feel so much for you ... it must be a absolute nightmare ... and for those with children who have them my heart goes out to the children
thankyou for making m feel im not alone in my suffering and im not adnormal ;-) xxx
JANE 25 October 08
well if you get a cup fill it will luke warm water,
then pour lots of salt in and stir with the flat end of a spoon,
stuck your tongue in it and keep it in for 2 minutes it really helps.
Hannah 22 October 08
Hi, my doctor suggested that tannin can be soothing to ulcers, so I tried holding a warm, damp teabag on the ulcer for a minute or two after I'd made a cup of tea. It did seem to reduce the pain but, as everyone else is saying, it did nothing to reduce how long the ulcer stayed.
Sue 21 October 08
Hi there, i'm a 17 year old currently off school with tonsillitis and swollen gums. Not only do i have these but i also have 2 ulcers at the side of my mouth and 3 huge ones on the surface of my tongue, which combined with the tonsillitis make it nearly impossible to eat / drink. I'm attacking it from almost every angle, i have phenoxymethylpennicilin for the tonsilitis, and i'm gargling salt water and using oraldene medicated mouthwash as well as rubbing anbesol and adcortyl in orabase (which is a steriod cream available from chemists in the uk)

I was wondering if anyone could suggest anything else that might help as these ulcers are causing me a lot of pain and are stopping me doing anything.

By the way, for ulcers that i normally get the orobase is VERY good, it is very strong and not really meant for chilren, so if you've never used that, and suffer, give it a go as it is very effective.
Nick 21 October 08
I have tried bonjela on my ulcer but it I just seem to swallow it as it's on the tip of my tongue! The pain has been so bad I tried to pull it off my tongue and just ended up with 2 and a lot of bleeding. I hope it goes soon because I can't go without my food!! They normally go after a day or so but this is just taking the pee pee.
pregnant kimblob 20 October 08
i have found big dosages of B12 have worked for me. My blood tests did not show me as needing it, but obviously I did because my ulcers have cleared up almost instantly.
I am not sure if it was the type of b12 i started to take - the new one is bioactive/Methylcobalamin , instead of what i was previously taking "cobalamin" or "cyanocobalamin" or if its the large dosage these new pills are. old pills were 25 and 50 mcg, the new pills are 500 mcg.
but it has worked for me.
ulcers galore 12 October 08
Jessica 11 October 08
Hi, I've had recurrent ulcers since 2001. At worst I was on oral steriods to releive inflamation (I couldn't talk or eat etc). These were every day for all those years, it ruled my life. Over the last year or so I've had increasing Sinus problems/post nasal drip and since I started using a Sinus rinse kit (Nielmed or something like that, there are also Neti pots which are similar) that ulcers have reduced by about 90% in occurances and inflamation. I now think that all those years I suffered from Silent Post Nasal drip that caused the inflammation in my mouth and didn't know it. Hope this helps someone.
Dale 7 October 08
I had a few ulcers on my tongue and it hurt soo much when I ate/drank anything. But instead of going out and buying something, my grandfather once told me that vinegar was good for killing off any bad bacteria etc, so I tried putting a few drops of ordinary malt vinegar that you put on fries or whatever, and OMG it stung like a %$#!@*! for about a minute, but its worth it because the pain goes away straight away. Seriously its stings for about a minute but its worked for me. I can happily dirkn a cup of tea without wincing at the pain of those stupid ulcers arghh! I recommend it if your brave :) Hope this helps guys.
Rachel 6 October 08
Hi guys.... i was just sitting at work in complete agony when i stumbled across this page and its made me feel great to know im not the only person who gets whopping ulcers on their tongue!!! the cause of mine is that i bite it in the night and then i get between 6-12 ulcers all over my tongue!!! im in agony and have tried everything and nothing works!! i have an appointment for the maxio facial unit in a couple of weeks! as they are not sure why i dont wake myself up when i bite it in the night!! iv also got to go for a brain scan! does anybody else suffer the same as me?? i work in sales and its a complete pain as everytime i answer the phone im in agony and i cnt eat anything!!!
lauren 23 September 08
At the end of the day its like a cold. If you treat it, it will go away in 7 days and if you dont treat it , it will go away in 7 days!. After many years of suffering with tongue ulcers I have yet to find anything to make them go away any quicker. Its great for the diet though!!!!
Doreen 18 September 08
Hi every one im suffering to from ulcers on my tounge nothing i try seems to work so im suffering in silence i do rinse out my mouth with cordsil
Lindsey 14 September 08
Helen, have you tried ulcerease from doms on line shop? takeit out with you and use it just before you eat, it may give enough relief for you to eat, it doesnt last long though.
gail b 8 September 08
The past 2 weeks, I've had a really sensitive tongue - feels like it's burnt all over the top of it. 8 years ago I was referred to the oral dept at hospital because I was having up to 50 little ulcers on my tongue at any one time. This feels a bit like it, but different, as the ulcers are much larger. I'm coming out with big and much more painful than usual ulcers on the edges of my tongue. I seem to have about 3 all the time, and as soon as one goes another ones comes to take its place. I used the Boots cotton bud stuff and it helped, but makes eating horrible as everything is tasteless. But I guess that's better than coping with the pain. But it's so expensive and painful when you first put it on. And I'm going out for my birthday meal, with friends, and want to be able to enjoy it. And it's all spicy food, and buffet thing so it's going to hurt like hell and really aggravate the ulcers. Any immediate ideas? I want to enjoy my birthday and can't go anywhere else or cancel as 30 other people are coming :( HELP?!!!
Helen 6 September 08
Ho Hum....six weeks ago I started taking L-Lysine 1000mg per day, since it seemed to work for many people on this site. For a few weeks I was ulcer-free, and thought I'd hit the jackpot. Now...I have 6 in my mouth, two on the togue, two up on the upper gum, one on the floor of my mouth and the biggest one ever just inside my lower lip. The last mentioned one is so painful....its 2am now and despite taking some major pain relief and smothering the ulcer with Kenalog, I'm still in terrible pain. I'd cheerfully chop my mouth off if I could. So I guess the L-Lysine didn't work.

When I mention the ulcers to anyone, they are always experts on what I should be doing. I do get sick of this - if they had an inkling of what its actually like to have this pain and discomfort they'd keep quiet about it. My daughter gave me a great lecture yesterday, said I take too many vitamins. If I didn't take them, she'd say I was lacking in them. Sheeeeesh !!

I find that the worst part of this, is that it really drains me. I can't eat, talking is exhausting, and I just feel so wrung out when I have a lot of ulcers at once. Just wish I could sleep for a week, and wake up with a healed mouth.

Thanks again for this site - its the only place where I feel like others actually understand my situation.
Stella 3 September 08
i have had tonsillitis twice in the last month due to massive ulcers on my tongue. i've had to take lots of time off work and i am on my last warning. all because of ulcers. i wish my bosses got them then they may understand but they just look at me funny or start talking about the ulcer they had once, 2 years ago....IT'S NOT THE SAME!!!
bov 2 September 08
Hello fellow sufferers. For me it was oranges. Always been to gym, run etc etc. As I eat lotsa fruit and veges its not every day I ate an orange but 3-4 times a week loved an orange after a workout. Same regime and food tastes for decades but over the past 2 years continually getting ulcers under the tongue. Someone told me to try not eating oranges/citrus for a month or so. Gave them up for a couple of months ... I had no ulcers. Out of curiousity (and because quite frankly I was really craving them) I started eating them again and lo and behold, ulcers came back. Went off them again and no ulcers. May not be same for everyone. Some people it may be the toothpaste etc mentioned in this thread. All I can suggest is test one of the things mentioned - ie cut out citrus, and see how you go. If it doesnt get better, try a different toothpaste for a month or so and see how you go. Good luck.
charles 2 September 08
My wife bought me a tube of Medijel which numbs the area for a short while. It helps, but Lysine tablets are the best course of action.
Jez 27 August 08
Hi there,

Im a fellow sufferer of mouth ulcers, mainly on the tongue. Im only using Bongela which doesnt even work now i just like the taste! When i went to New York a few years back i had some come along and i went to a chemist and got a similar product to Bongela but it made my whole mouth go totally numb and i couldnt feel a thing which was great. Does any one know of any over the counter gels which have a similar affect? thanks in advance
Ben 27 August 08
i had really bad ulcers for months and i went to my dentist. He was unsure so i got referred to the hospital dentist.
They took a biopsy of a piece of my tongue and it turned out i was having a reaction to malaria tablets! I was cabin crew at the time for an airline and was taking the tablets every month. As soon as i stopped the malaria tablets i was cured.
michelle 23 August 08
I am really happy to find this site.....I have been in agony the last week, cant eat, cant talk and have felt generally unwell like i have a throat and an ear infection! All because of three ulcers on the right side of my tongue! I keep waking up thinking today is the day the pain will stop, and its still there...I am not brave enough to put salt on them, have tried adcortyl, and dont find it helps for more than a few seconds. Bonjela doesnt work. was wondering what else can i try? I am soooo desperate for a solution. I am getting irritable and frustrated!
Renee London 15 August 08
My worst episode was a whopping 32 ulcers. I believe if you suffer from Mouth ulcers regularly there is a underlying cause. I was diagnosed with Crohns disease a year after, never get them now.
Bri in Nottingham 13 August 08
i always suffer from mouth ulcers and get them in front of my teeth on my lower lip i have tried using bonjela but that does not seem to work any idea? i am getting braces soon and i get them on my lower lip its going to be agony plz help me
evie in pain 31 July 08
I've suffered from mouth Ulcers for about 20 years and have tried loads of different treatments with varying degrees of success however I think it's worth trying Iglu which I got from Boots for the first time a few days ago. It didn't get rid of the ulcer on my tongue, which I still have as I type, but it is pretty good at soothing the pain and, unlike something like adcortyl, it forms a seal around the ulcer and stays on for quite a while
John 30 July 08
Help me please! First., I guess it is nice to know that i am not a freakthat others ahve these same issues. BUT, I would not wish mouth ulcers on my worst enemy. I have five right now and a fever blister so I am a site to behold! i want them gone!! Have had them my WHOLE Life and nothing works other than patience and 7-10 days. I am convinced there has to be a cure. Does anyone know!! Thanks!
Amy 29 July 08
Ewwww I had a massive ulcer like that under my tongue a few months back Michelle and it took about 6 weeks to go :| It was nasty to say the least, since between then and now its been they usual pesky 3-4 a month down the side of the gums, but now ive got a beast of a one at the back of my jaw which I was sure was a wisdom tooth comin thru for a few days until it reared its ugly head, and one only about 1cm big at the side of my tongue at the very back, so I feel like throwin myself out my window (i only live on the ground floor, dont worry)....Ive tried every single thing, from bicarb (which my nan insisted worked back in the day) to the expensive things from the chemist...i need a mouth transplant :D
Louise 29 July 08
I'm not sure if the small sores on my tongue are ulcers or not - they don't look like ulcers - but they sting like hell and I can't eat or talk properly. All of the above mention large ulcers - does anyone else have small ones like me and what can I do ????
Laura 28 July 08
Hi there! Have just found this site as am at home at the moment with 6 ulcers all over my mouth. The worst one is under my tongue and is about 2-3cms long and is the worst one that I have EVER had and I have been having ulcers regularly since I was 14!

Have just been to the Doc's and she has given me Daktarin and am going to have blood tests for amenia and Crohns disease but I think the last one is just clutching at straws. So nice to find this site as like someone else said - unless you have suffered from them you just can't describe the pain to anyone else. Feel a bit down and depressed as haven't eaten properly for a week!
Michelle 28 July 08
Hi, I have fould Oral Medic is the only thing that works for mouth ulcers. One treatment brings relief and starts the healing process.
Linda 28 July 08
Hey Guys, Ive been getting Cankers for years now. Im yet to try the SLS free tootpaste but L-Lysine has been such a help for me. As soon as I feel that feeling in my mouth (you know the one) that a canker sore is starting, I take 1000mg tab of L Lysine everyday for about 2 weeks. Lately I have increased the dose. It really helps (in my case) prevent the sores developing into really bad ones. I dont take it every day when I dont have cankers but I usuallly continue taking them for a week after the sore/s have gone. Ive found that tomato sauce can bring on cankers sores in my mouth, and I think raw tomatoes aswell. Certain fruit juices can aggravate them to, and chocolate can be a culprit. Im going to get some of the SLS free toothpaste and combine it with L Lysine. I will keep ya posted!!
Spacebucks 18 July 08
Betty Boop,

thanks for the information ! I looked it up, and found that colchicine is prescribed for Behcets disease, and one of the symptoms of this is recurrent mouth ulcers of the nasty, vicious kind - just like everyone on this site suffers from ! I'm definitely going to get checked out for this - if something as simple as colchicine can help, then I'm all for it. I'm really surprised that very few people on this message board, mention that their Dr. has checked them out for Behcets...since mouth ulcers are one of the main symptoms, you'd think they'd look into that straight away. I guess, like many things in this crazy old world, its up to us all to look after ourselves and not expect others to do it for us.
Stella M. 17 July 08

I've been using Colchicine for 4 years now. I take .6mg twice a day. I can't say that I no longer get any canker sores but they are significantly reduced. I may get a couple a month instead of 3-4 constantly. Also, when I do get them now typically they go away quickly and aren't near as large like they use to be. I do have an occasional exception to that but taking this medication has dramatically improved my quality of life.
Betty Boop 16 July 08
The more stressed i become the more ulcers i get. My best advice is try to get more sleep and stress out. Use an antibacterial mouthwash everyday. Change your toothbrush regulary and visit your dentist twice a year for a good teeth clean. If i get ulcers i pour salt directly onto them and leave it there until the white ulcers turn red. Its absolute agony but it seems to get rid of them quicker.
Jason 16 July 08
Its such a relief to know that I'm not the only person in the world with a terrible case of mouth ulcers. I've tried many cures,avoid various foods, use non-SLS toothpaste, and am currrently waiting for some Iglu from England. I'm hoping for some relief....we can't buy it here in Australia so I've had to get a friend to buy it for me. I'm interested in Betty Boop's use of Colchicine - it is for gout normally. I wonder how it is helping Betty's ulcers? Good luck to you anyway Betty, anything is worth a try. Thanks, Dom, for this site - it is great to be able to share information. Even though we all seem to be still in the dark about a cure !
Stella M 15 July 08
Just come back wiv my daughter from maxio facial appt, We are going to try a steroid based asthma inhaler directed onto the ulcers. will let you know how we get on.
Gail B 15 July 08
Ive got a throat infection and sinus infection and a mouthfull of ulcers. Someone shoot me please!
Jason 14 July 08
Have any of you tried Colchicine? It is a drug that has to be prescribed. I'm have been taking it for about 4 years. I have no side effects. I take 1 pill twice a day. It is .6mg. Also, it is rather inexpensive as far as drugs go. You can get a 90 day supply from Wal-Mart (U.S.) for $10 with a prescription. This little pill has dramatically changed my life. I'm not saying I never get an ulcer. But at least now it is the exception. I use to have them constantly.

Also, as far as Squigle is concerned. I have used it and didn't notice any difference. However, from reading on this site for years it has helped many people. I do think a toothpaste without Sodium Laureal Sulfate is important. I use one of the Sensodyne toothpaste that does not contain SLS. You have to carefully read the labels because all but one does contain it.

Hope this helps!
Betty Boop 13 July 08
I too suffer badly from mouth ulcers. The most I've had at any 1 time was 16 (some were smaller than others). When I smoked I didnt get mouth ulcers, but every time I gave up the ciggies back came the mouth ulcers. I have stopped smoking 4 years ago and in the beginning it wasnt too bad but now well.......back they came. I have discovered a few foods that bring them out 1. Chocolate 2. Grapefruit juice 3. Pineapple 4. Brazil nuts and I seem to have a problem with sugary things BUT trying to avoid isnt easy. Wld like to try squiggle toothpase-any comments on that ?????
Jackie 12 July 08
Karen here again. Well the Boots mouth ulcer treatment that I put on a week ago ( 4 messages up ) really did help me. I didnt have any more pain aftet putting on the first treatment and ulcer now gone. ( fingers crossed ) I will definately keep a stock of it at home ready for the next little critter !!
karen 12 July 08
my little boy is 3 and has had infection then a virus and now he is getting mouth ulcers > If there anything you you know that can help please let me know
ryan stevenson 9 July 08
i really simpasize with u guys or girls. i often get mouth ulcers, i will get them all at once. sometimes for a couple of weeks i will be fine and then bang they will get me. on my tongue, on my cheeks, on my lips, they are a pain in the .......... i work on work site and wen u have to try to yell at someone across the site with ulcers all over your tongue, it hurts, it hurts like hell and it makes me hard to understand as well. ive been to doctor and they just say its stress, not very me i think i might be allergic to a food, could that be it? does any one else seem to have this reaction to fruit? i thinking especially oranges? gud luck
Dustin 5 July 08
im so fed up of my whole mouth is covered with it inc my tongue...its v depressing as ive tried all over the counter products and even been to doctors..they cudnt help me so reffered me to maxio facial....i had an biopsy done ..nothing came out of it...dey gave me some steriod tablets to rinse...betamethasone sodium they are afraid they dont seem to work..ive had all other blood tests done too..again everything came back normalim frustrating wen u dont know wats causing it...the hospital ppl still have not been able to tel wats causing goin back to hospital on mon for a check up..i cant eat or bear the pain of giving birth then puttin up the grief with these ulcers....uuuuurrrghhhh....
sonya 5 July 08
Hi Karen back here again. Just had fabulous 3 weeks ulcer free since my last vicious ulcer under my tongue. Was so good to eat, drink, speak and sleep again ! ....However 3 weeks later I have yet another one under my tongue ( other side this time ) . I usually use all the usual lotions and potions and adcortyl cream works ok, although I only use it at bed time as its so gunky to use. But this time I went to boots and splashed out the £6 plus on the Boots mouth ulcer treatment. I was pretty sceptical at using it as I thought I had tried everything . It is a cotton bud ( you get three) and you snap off one end and a red liquid goes into the bud at the other end. Dont know what the red liquid is and it hurts like hell ( as bad as putting salt straight on ) my daughter even secretly filmed me jumping around in agony as I put it on !! worked like magic ! After a couple of minutes of climbing the walls, I didnt feel any pain, and that was at 7 pm last night. Its now lunchtime and its still ok !! (Dont know how long it is supposed to last, but its great !! ) I would recommend anyone to try it if you havnt already. I know a few people on the website have tried it and it hasnt worked for them, but good luck !
karen 4 July 08
When my sisters & brothers were little, we used to have mouth ulcers all the time. My Nanna from overseas came to stay with us for a while. She treated our mouth ulcer with a pinch of ALLUM POWDER to the sore area. Get ready for major stinging...#*@%+#! BUT after an hour it's healed and you are free from the curse! You can find ALLUM POWDER from any Asian Grocery shops. By the way, salt doesn't work!
ozbzwifenmum24_7 26 June 08
I loved my ulcers away. For all the agreement that stress is a major factor in causing ulcers, I do not see any psychological response strategies. So here goes: Many years ago, for years, the more I got, the more hate and pain and misery I felt - the more ulcers I got and they would not go away. Then I started doing a really stressful job - teacher of kids who did not want to be there. For some crazy reason I tried a totally different approach: when the first three ugly mean vicious ulcers arrived I pretended they were old friends come back to give me a laugh over old times. The rational anchor for this madness was that the ulcers were there to do me a favour: to say you are totally stressed out, you must respond and relax. And the response is: I love you, ulcers: thanks for the painful, fun reminder. This must be superficially genuine: frequent physical smiling is essential. I must emphasise, I do not like pain or false smiling.You will find that if you burst out in laughter telling close friends that you have a mouth full of ulcers, the laughter may be completely genuine: given the pain you are in, this is such a ridiculous attitude, it is so stupid, you have to laugh. But it worked for me, every time for the last 17 years. Since then I have only had ulcers for more than three days when I have had a cold or similar and then they last as long as the cold. At the moment I have a stomach bug and have a mouth full of them and am smiling like a fool. Any suggestions on avoiding becoming ill in the first place, most welcome. My last suggestions: Love life, and yourself. And good luck.
giz 21 June 08
ps I got squigle. It came really quickly- i got it from here. Karen i live in uk too. Anyway- dunno about healing ulcers BUT it doesnt BURN AT ALL!!! Like normal toothpaste that stings the hell out of ulcers- squigle is very gentle. it doesnt hurt them which is very cool so at least thats something.
Kay 12 June 08
Gail- noooo orange juice. ahhhh. Well if your daughter is similar to me fruit and fruit juices are horrible!! i can handle an actual apple and banana but anything in the orange family/berry family/kiwi pineapple is a no no. its acid content- even grapes at times slice my tongue open. i have my appnt on monday-- i will tell you what he said.

Kay 12 June 08
Karen, you and Jess (daughter) seem to be following the same path. We have an appointment for maxio facial next month, they are talking about biopsy, i hope they have plenty of rope to tie her down! Jess exists on raw carrot sticks when she has a mega bout, Not had an allergy test, but we have gone through eliminating things to see if shes any better, no joy there, although i feel orange juice tends to make things worse. Please let us know how you get on
Gail B 9 June 08
I've just started trying gargling with tea (black tea, steeped then cooled.) tea is a natural bacteria fighter. i'll let y'all know how it works.
joy 9 June 08
Aww Gail, thats awful. Y'know you cant help but feel miserable because its right there in your mouth. Talking/eating just sucks. I did order Squigle actually- should be getting it this week. Try everything- somethings gotta work. I just rinsed with Oraldene- makes your tongue fuzzy and numb but the pain is gone!! Has your daughter had an allergy test?? I did another thread about all the foods that i cant be doing with. Have a look in there and see if its anything like that that she is eating in her diet. I had carrot sticks and a tuna on soft today. I never thought i would see the day when I eat carrot sticks on their own but thats what its come to. They say that ulcers last about two weeks- but they are miserable two weeks. Of course mine have been longer than that- i do have an appointment with the maxio facial guy in a few weeks. Lets see what they say. You have to have it really bad to go to the doctors/hospital and i have this time round. Theyre just hanging around on my tongue and now i cant tell whether its the medley of potions that is making them linger or im just stressing myself out and just keeping them there. No win.

Oh well- they HAVE to get better at some point! Lol
Kay 9 June 08
Thanks Karen, she has spent most of the day sobbing saying exactly that.
Gail B 8 June 08
feel so sorry for your daughter gail B, hope she can get rid of the wicked things, she should be having fun at 17, and not in pain with ulcers. i will keep my fingers crossed for her xx
karen 8 June 08
Just clic on the mouth ulcer shop link at the top of the page for squiggle. Had results back, no evidence of cealiac, now they want to do a biopsy, anyone else had one? More ulcers today, my poor girl hasnt been free for months,
Gail B 6 June 08
Try liquorice. Dr on TV said, 200 yrs ago it was used as a medicine, before it became a sweet. I have a mouthful of ulcers and just tried a piece. Suddenly, no pain, its heaven, such a relief.
If u cant get squiggle toothpaste, try SARAKAN, from Holland and Barrett. . .it does help, as other toothpastes contain an ingredient which can make them worse.
Anita 6 June 08
I lost weight over the last two weeks as well- its silly. The other day I got so sick of eating bland food - i ate a normal meal and sufferred for it after. I am using Frador and flossing, keeping mouth very clean- and drinking lots of water. They did get better as what i was putting in my mouth was so boring it was just enough to keep me going but to think that as soon as i eat anything good its going to flare up again sucks. I do have a Drs' apppointment coming up soon. I have had ulcers for a very long time but this bad patch at the mo is ridiculous. I want to try =to squiggle toothpaste as well. Will search later- as normal toothpaste burns and doesnt help at all.
Kay 6 June 08
Try ulserease from Doms on line shop, it gives my daughter (17) pain relief enough to eat a meal. Dont thnk there is anything we havnt tried. Tried the Boots stuff at the weekend, and it was very painful, (and expensive!) also caused her to look like she had been in the ring with a heavy weight boxer. dont think its any use as a long term treatment, but may be useful for a huge crator. she is currently being tested for cealiac. Desperatly need a cure as this is debillitating, weight loss when she cant eat, unable to talk, in constant pain and so very unhappy
Gail B 4 June 08
last night got desperate and tried the salt staight on the tongue.......AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
I thought I had a fairly strong pain threshold after having two ten pound babies without painkillers !!! Believe me...this does not compare . It took me ten minutes to get down off the bathroom ceiling !! To all of you who use salt.. well done !! you are very brave.. I will continue to gargle with salted water ( i do think that helps me ) and use corsodyl mouthwash, bongela and the usual lotions and potions. I am so glad to have found this site, its excellent as i feel I am not the only sufferer ! My ulcer is slightly less painfull today, I always find it takes a few days to hit a peak ( and boy is that a tough day !! ) and then it slowly eases off. probably lasts up to a week altogether, but three days of sheer pain. Is everyone else the same ??
karen 4 June 08
I live in England, can you tell me if Squiggle tooth paste is an American product ? I will try anything today as I have had my worst ulcer under my tongue for the past 4 days ( I get them regularly but this one is a swine ! ) cant eat properly, cant talk properly, cant sleep etc etc and getting very grumpy !! tried bonjela, aloclair etc etc. even started on a homepathic remedy called arsen from the chemist but so far not done anything. Been to dentist and doctors who both told me I have a stressfull life ( full time job, 2 teenagers etc...the usual !!) and the only thing I can do is win the lottery and retire !! ( very helpful !! ) So if anyone has any advise on big sore ulcers under the tongue I would appreciate it...thanks
karen 3 June 08
Try using the Squiggle tooth paste, it prevents them. I have suffered from mouth ulcers for as long as I can remember. Then over a 1 1/2 years ago I found this site and brought Squiggle and I've not had once since. Now when I bite my lip/ Tongue/ mouth I put squiggle straight onto the cut and it doesn't form into an ulcer. Its less harsh so doesn't have all the toxins in that the regular tooth pastes have....which are what supposedly cause the ulcers. I can't rave about it enough, when I used to get them it could be up to five a time. My Dad suffers with them too and he hasn't had any since he starting using this about 6 months ago.
claire 30 May 08
I too had a full blood work up and all levels are fine. Try the L-Lysine. Apparantly I've had them since I was a baby, i remember my Dad getting me to rinse my mouth with salt water as a child then handing me a tea towle to bit on for the pain :( I went for a few years with hardly getting any but I have been a bit unwell and tired since the birth of my second child which I think has triggered them again. I'm sure mine will settle again soon. Hope yours are better today.
vicky 28 May 08
I did that boots one a little while ago- i dont think i managed to get the ones on the RHS of tongue entirely though--- but yeah it feels like i have numbed/burnt my tongue or like a sponge is on it! i ate scrambled eggs on soft bread for dinner- boring but i thought it best. I bought zinc,vitamin B but didnt get frador.... i could get that tom i guess if this doesnt work. Thanks vicky! :o) Lol

They will pass eventually but what a bore! people who dont get ulcers just dont get it! or if they do then they think its exactly the same as yours - which i dont reckon is true. people have diff types of ulcers and also the place where you get it is important. Also a bad spat is way worse than a general one. general i can cope with but i am being a baby with these ones cos im feeling peed off all the time and hurts to eat and not being able to eat anything nice is enough to put anyone in a bad mood.
Kay 27 May 08
Kay - I've used Frador on my tongue over the weekend and it's great stuff. Use it as directed and keep your tongue stuck out for a few secs to let it dry. The stuff stayed on the ones underneath my tongue all night. I totally empathise with you. I treated 13 yesterday and they where the ones I could reach. Today I've only treated 3 and that was this morning. I started taking L-Lysine on Saturday but also had some stuff from the Dr's called Nystatin in case I have oral thrush...grosse. Not sure which has worked but something has. Have no taste buds though today and it feels like I've burnt my tongue but at least I can eat something other than porridge!
Vicky 27 May 08

I always have ulcers- constantly. Maybe get a reprieve for a few days but then they come back. Iím generally ok with them, as I have got so used to them BUT at the moment I have some really bad ones all around my tongue.- the whole outside edge and well frankly they are evil!! I know I am run down at the momentĖ Iíve had a lot on since Jan and Iíve got a cold so I get that is a factor in all this in the ones I have at the moment. Also, it seems everything I eat makes them worse. Mind, that is always a problem- most fruits/chocolate/baguettes/some cereal/ketchup/tomato/cheese/toast/salty things/vinegar the obvious ones but I generally ignore this as well as Iím quite good with the irritation and pain and I canít not not eat as it doesnít leave me all that much in my day to day diet. I have used bonjela/daktarin and gargled with hot salty water but its just not working.

Is there anything anyone can suggest for hideous tongue ulcers??? I have that boots cotton bud one but it obviously is for inside cheeks/gums as it needs a dry area and hello its my tongue so thatís no good.

If it helps- I have a good diet/pretty healthy/keep fit/drink lots of water/take vitamins Ė so I canít think of what else I can do in my lifestyle that will affect these little buggers! When I was 14 I went to the GP and said ulcers Ė a real pain and was informed that unfortunately I am just one of those people who get a lot- that pretty much shut up me up and I havenít been back since about them. Two years ago I have a full blood work and nothing came up- so I donít think my health is the issue here.

Anyway, any suggestions?? I would be very grateful. I do at times go to the chemist for advice but want some advice from people who actually suffer like me cos then I know it works! :o)

Kay 27 May 08

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Anyone? Best treatment for vicious tongue ulcers?!!

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