ulcer on Uvula!

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I have a white spot in my uvula one weak ... I used many medicine and. Tablets .but not that over pls help
Vishnu 30 May 18
Last Saturday night i got one .. bingo ,for the whole week i was thinking when i will wake up next morning it will be gone... But no its 6 day n i am still waiting for complete recovery.. Thanks to betadine . It helped a loooot. Later i came to know of Azathromycin .Best off all it ake only 1 day to give final relief
Hai i m dipesh .i dont no what the hell is happening to me.in my uvula there white spot or sores.too much pain ful .pain in ear when i eat drink water.now it should be 5 days. Whst i do can u tell me some better home remidence
Dipesh 23 December 17
I had hernia repair surgery 5 days ago. i woke up with some discomfort in my throat after the GA effect had wore off. The nurses told me that there was some blood when the removed the breathing tube from my throat. The discomfort soon turns into pain and 5 days later I'm struggling to swallow food - it's damn painful. Right now I'm using oral steroid drops on the huge uvula ucler, I know it's not good, but I'm desperate. Hopefully it will get well soon.
Chewy 26 November 17
I have had an appendectomy a week ago and it has left me with 4-5 ulcers on my uvula and tonsils. I have a lot of problem in swallowing as the pain extends to my ears when I swallow. It gets really painful. I'm trying eating curd , ice cream everything. Lets hope they eventually go away. I miss the painless swallowing I used to do before
Dhvanan Trivedi 19 September 17
Anyone also here experience ulcer of the throat/esophagus? I also havd GERD
Ian 4 August 17
I have severe congestion and this causes a bad case of dry mouth at night. Woke up to find my uvula resting on my tongue. Twelve hours later it sort of returned to its normal size, so I figured it got inflammed from the cotton mouth.

The next morning I felt sick--one of those 24 hour bugs, I had the chills even though it was hot outside, etc. That night I felt my throats getting sore, but it was higher up than usual. Went to doctor and strep test came back negative but she put me on antibiotics just in case. This was on Friday. By Saturday morning my uvula was nearly covered with white sores; so painful!

Lozenges help a bit. But man, the pain is brutal...hoping it gets better soon. I'm not sure if I have a canker sore or acute uvulitis, but this virus needs to get the hell out of my mouth!
JP 15 May 17
Just wanted to put another recommendation in there for Canker-Rid. If you are suffering from this awfulness - run, do not walk, to the nearest computer and order some.

I've had some uvula-ulcers for about a week, and have been unable to eat and hardly able to get any calories in - relying on protein shakes mixed with olive oil, and usually wincing after every sip. After applying Canker-Rid, following about 10 seconds of serious burning, the pain is gone and I can eat!
Tim 4 May 17
I gargled salt water and pain literally dropped me. I started out with a swallon uvula the next day it had a tiny ulcer, that turned into lots of ulcers and nownone big mother. 10/10 can't eat drink and swallowing feels like razor blades please help!
Sim 6 July 16
I recently had gallbladder removal surgery and when I woke up, I was like "oh wow that went fast and easy". Boy, was I wrong. The next day I felt a scratch in my throat. Then 3 days later, I had not one, not two, not three, but four sores on my uvula, back of my throat and even one of my tonsils! Last night, after a whole weekend of not speaking and barely swallowing and not being able to sleep, I finally cracked and had a meltdown and then I found this forum. It was somewhat soothing to know that others have gone through it and I was able to calm down.
They're going to go away, I'm making them go away.

So far what works for me is Lidocaine 10%. I spray it on the sores and it stings like a mofo at first but then I get an hr or two of relief. So I can eat or sleep.

I'm also doing rinses with sodium bicarbonate and they provide momentary relief and are supposed to be hurrying up the healing.
Cain 8 May 16
I've had an ulcer on my uvula for roughly 2 months now. swelling has gone down but the ulcer is still there. I was paranoid it was throat cancer as I smoke but luckily after reading so much about it I know it's not. I'm going to quit smoking (God help me) to see if that goes away. I go travelling in about 6 weeks time so I really want it gone by then. I've had two course of antibiotics and as other people have mentioned, no joy. I'm also going to try having less sugar, as I have sugar in my coffee and I have a lot of coffee in the day, and try and eat foods that help the immune system to try and battle it away. I'll keep you updated.....
jimmy 23 March 16
UPDATE Marie: It's Christmas day and I have been keeping with the aloclair and vitamin C. This is definitely tying me over. My Uvula has miraculously healed but it is much better than it was. I can eat and have a conversation. FOOD TO DEFINTELY AVOID: anything too sugary or too salty or acidic this will just trigger a huge amount of pain. Same with anything too hot or too cold. I thought ice lollies would help but they don't.
FOOD THAT HELPS: Lots of room temperature water. Boiled pasta, chicken no salt. Porridge etc.
Good luck to anyone reading this. In my case i am at a point now where i can cope but a few days ago I couldn't. Seemed silly that i had opem surgery but the ulcer on my uvula caused by the general anaesthetic was a pain I couldn't just put up with. Like most things nurses will tell u "it will go in 2 weeks" with no further advice and generally doctors will prescribe antibiotics which do not help! My uvula is still ulcerated and longer than it should be. My throat burns a bit at night and if i eat the wrong thing my ears feel like they will explode. I expect this will last a while as there is no quick fix but i am more comfortable now with using what i bought from Boots pharmacy (see previous log) and when eating the right foods. Rest your voice and relaxing has also helped. Good Luck again and as i said there is light at the end....promise x
Marie 25 December 15
This message is for people living in the UK mainly. I really feel i have to leave this msg as i have found these boards extremely helpful for my recovery. I recently had open surgery. The general anaesthetic left me with a large ulcer on my uvula, elogated uvula (making me gag and restricting my ability to breath) worst of all is just the pain which eggravated by ears and face. Tonsillitis for adults is what i read it being described as and my GP confirm this! I had open surgery across my abodomen but the real pain was with the ulcer on my uvula. I have literally been going out my mind but trying to stay calm. Not being able to drink/eat/swallow was just miserable. I went back to hospital after calling 111 they said it would pass after a 2 weeks. Next day i was suffering too much so GP gave me antibiotics. I still have the antibiotics as GP saw no infection and gave them to me as precautionary. ENT would have given me antibiotics too. So...2 weeks with an ulcer on my uvula....no no no way can I survive 2 weeks. So some info online said that paracetamol and antibiotics dont help ulcers so i stopped with pain killers for 1 day only. I used ultra chloraseptic anaesthetic throat spray from Boots and Alcolair mouthwash also from Boots, make sure to gargle this for atleast 1min 3 times a day. Then take a vitamin C supplement (preferably one you can suck/chew on). Keep water mixed with honey near by and eat bland foods. I stuck with plain boiled penne pasta with chicken breast. No sauce, chopped parsley for some flavour. I am not a doctor. I am just into day 2 of doing this and i can eat and speak. My uvula is still longer than it should be but i am coping much better. I wish someone could have advised me better on this. After open surgery was in and out of hospital and to my GP and no one could really help. I didnt even know what a Uvula was. I was unlucky with the general anaesthetic however it is a common injury. From today i can say that there is light at the end of the tunnel just try to get all the above from a pharmacy. Good Luck!
Marie 22 December 15
So, I'm on day four of my uvula ulcer! This is probably the worse pain I've ever felt. I went to my gp who prescribed a course of antibiotics on day 3 of these still with no relief! This morning I woke around 3am in total agony and decided to look into this further and found this page. Boy am I glad I did as I thought the pain was all in my head! Anyway after reading this page I decided to try the bicarbonate of soda application! Yes is was painful, yes it made me nearly vomit. However 7 hours later my uvula is less swollen and less painful and I've managed to have an hours sleep. So just thought I'd share this again with you all. I hope it helps and I wish you all a speedy recovery 😊
Paula 24 October 15
I suffered from mouth ulcers all my life including getting them on the uvula. I found out after many years of suffering that I have celiac disease which is gluten intolerance. Canker sores are listed as a top symptom. If I eat gluten accidentally I will get these sores on my uvula. I would try a gluten free diet and be very strict about it if you suffer from these sores all the time. also use toothpaste and mouthwash that does NOT contain SLS. it is a known canker sore causing agent.
jayjay 9 October 15
If eating is difficult try eating while letting a cough drop melt on your tounge. Try eating something that goes well with the honey or cherry flavors. It sounds horrible, but try it! Helps me!
Mom 19 September 15
Brush teeth with extra care and tounge! Gargle with mouth wash. Cough drops. Drink cold water through straw.
Mom 18 September 15
My screwed up Uvula is due to singing? When I was in my 20's a few times I would go to musical concerts get drunk, sing the whole night and wake up with a swollen uvula? It would only be enlarged for a day, but the tip would extend and be full of some type of liquid sack? Now I am in my 40's and last weekend I went to a wedding, drank, and sang a few songs and woke up with an enlarged Uvula. I thought it would go away in a day but now I am only on day 4 of having an ulcer on my uvula and I'm ready to have a nervous breakdown. I don't want to go to a doctor b/c it seems they will do little...but I'm reading that it takes sometimes 2 weeks to go away? My question is if anyone else has gotten an ulcer from singing? I can't find anyone else who get's this from singing.
JC-Soup 19 August 15
This is the first time I have experienced having an ulcer appear on my uvula. I've gotten canker sores since I was a kid, either from biting my lip or cheek while chewing, or some other unknown cause. Applying a white aspirin tablet directly to the sore would usually do the trick. A few years back though I started to notice a cluster of them forming on the underside of my tongue, which hurt like hell! Unfortunately the aspirin trick didnt work in this case, and for my uvula ulcer as well. I ended up seeing my doctor and was prescribed an oral mouth rinse that ultimately killed all of my sores within a matter of days. I did not know how or why this occurred and I was really worried at the time! I have began to notice certain things that would trigger these and other mouth issues-such as swollen tongue and a tenderness on the roof of my mouth. Usually I wake up with a very sore mouth after a heavy night of drinking. I concluded that a large intake of alcohol had irritated my mouth and eventually lead to my uvula ulcer. Also tobacco use probably triggered this sore to form in such an unlikely place for me. I currently have one on my upper lip as well, and my tongue and roof of my mouth are sore also. I can only infer that all of this was caused by drinking an excessive amount of alcohol at one time, this may not be a cause for everyone, because no one else I know experiences them after having a few drinks... but I assume that I am more prone to them since I have gotten them periodically throughout my life since my childhood, and just recently, Ive noticed tobacco and alcohol have seemed to trigger these issues; As opposed to just occuring due to a viral infection stemming from some internal cause. The aspirin trick always works for me--in times that it is applicable to the sore, as for uvula and under the tongue ulcers... I recommend talking to your doctor about getting a prescribed mouth rinse, which numbs the sores for a period of time, and eventually heals them! It is inexpensive and often times more reliable than an over the counter mouth treatment such as orajel, which I never had much luck with.

I hope this helps! Godspeed to everyone that is also being tortured by these evil little guys.
Savannah B 20 June 15
If you need some sleep, i find it easier to get a towel, lay on your side and drull. It helps from having to swallow your saliva. Ive had mine for about 3 days now and its not easy ):
Christian vazquez 14 June 15
Hey guys and gals suffering! I too am having my first experience with a Canker Sore on my Uvula, which has in turn caused swollen lymph nodes and a sore throat. I toughed it out for a few days and then went to the Doctor. It has been hell:/ and I an a veteran and have had a son, birthing him may have been less painful.... I was prescribed the "magic mouthwash" consisting of lidocaine. Works for a few minutes but that is all:/ Ibuprofen is not working either, I have been taking about twice the suggested amount and the pain does not lessen, and a sleepy time ibuprofen, not working well either.

DUE TO YOUR COMMENTS ON HERE, I walked to the market and got Kanka and childrens liquid ibuprofen, I will say the Kanka worked for a bit and I have started taking Vit c and Lysine, as well as a multi. I am going on day 6 now and still not alot of relief.... I start teaching tomorrow and am hoping I can talk a little better and not be in extreme pain.

THINGS TO AVOID-chocolate, citrus, too hot or too cold food and drinks. extremely unhealthy foods such as alcohol, tobacco, etc.
THINGS THAT SEEM TO HELP-rest, lukewarm water, gargling peroxide, lidocaine, kanka, vitamins, and I am still searching for a quick cure as well.... I am very healthy and seemingly low stress and have a good diet, so I am curious why these things appear? And I am with you all in stating-why can't the medical industry find a fast cure for this.... ARRGHHHHHHHH I want to scream and stomp and cry but alas, that will not help.

Tip- With the sore being on my uvula, i had my husband apply it, the applicator made me gag but it was worth it, and it did not burn and tasted like menthol.... though let it dry before you drink or eat....
sarah elizabeth 8 June 15
I have an ulcer on my uvula now. I'm in the midsts of a sinus infection, Idk if this has anything to do with it. I've had ulcers my whole life, they hurt like hell. I am gargling salt water, and taking ibuprofen to try to ease the pain up, but as someone said, we are alone to be in misery with this as there isnt a cure for it.
Eric 1 May 15
I suffered from this painful ailment last fortnight. Most of the contributors have suggested many effective ways to get relief from pain.
Here are my 2 cents which i hope would be helpful.
1. One of the most effective ways to cure uvula ulcer is gargling with benzydamine oral rinse. However, kindly note that ulcer would not subside in a single day. It may take couple of days until you notice improvement. It may be helpful to do gargles 15-30 minutes prior to meals. Benydamine has anaesthetic properties which numbs the pain and helps you swallow the food with ease (comparatively).
2. If benzydamine oral rinse is not available at your medical store try using betadine gargle.
Mayuresh 15 April 15
For near Instant relief, use Chloraseptic cool-mint spray available at your drug store in combination with Benzocaine losenges. If possible, go to the emergency at your hospital, they will give you a shot of real anti-inflammatories - this will hurt your arm a touch but you'll come back to life in a few minutes. Hit them up for some t#3's for bedtime while your there. Take them with naproxen or ibuprofen and you should be able to sneak a few hours of sleep in. All this crap is tough on your stomach, mix up the meds as best you can - use acid reducer, ibuprofen, manuka honey and try herbal remedies and make smart food choices to manage side effects on your GI system. Good luck
Graham 26 February 15
7 days of hell so far and no let up. the pain is mental. cant eat or drink. I keep thinking surely this must get better, but every morning I wake up and it seems worse. I have a massive cluster of ulcers covering pretty much the whole uvula. for all the advances in medicine and science surely they can come up with something to destroy ulcers in a 24hr - 72hr period! unbelievable!
Sam 18 February 15
this is all great advice, but nowhere has anyone given a timeline. how loong did it take to heal so you could even swallow saliva without being in agony?
bb king 14 February 15
I suffer from mouth ulcers way too often and I've found that the quickest way to get rid of them is by soaking a q-tip in salt water and directly applying it to the sore. Hurts like a mother at times but it helps wear it down within a few days of doing it.
God bless you and your mouth because I know the pain of mouth ulcers...
Joel S. 20 January 15
Oh man, last week the doctor told me I had tonsillitis so he prescribed me with penicillin and my throat felt much better, but a day after I finished my antibiotics it started to get really difficult for me to swallow and that's when I discovered the giant mother of an ulcer and the bottom of my uvula. Its been about 5 days and I cant eat properly and even water burns and stings it, I also recently discovered I have another giant ulcer at the root of my uvula one on my tonsil and one at the roof of my mouth at the back as well as three at the front of my mouth. I've had ulcers at the front of my mouth before but never at the back of my mouth and I have no idea what to do. The doctor gave my some ibuprofen which only helps with the pain a little and some chlorhexedin mouthwash with tastes like it could be bleach and I cant gargle it for the recommended time as it is constantly making me gag. I have been eating plain icecream which helps numb the ulcers at the back a little and canned fruit mostly canned pears which go down fairly easy although I do have to make sure to remove all of the juice, but other than this there isn't much else I can eat or drink for that matter, I can't sleep properly and when I wake up in the morning the pain of swallowing has me in tears and drinking water only makes it worse. I have red a lot of comments here and a lot of the things that have been suggested I have never heard of or can't find where I am living, is there any home remedies that anyone knows of that will help them to heal quicker or to take away the pain? I use baking soda to numb the ones at the front of my mouth but I can't reach that far back to get the ones at the back of my mouth, will gargling saltly water help? I have tried this for only a day and it seemed to make the pain worse afterwards but long term does anyone know if there is any effect?
Mikayla 31 December 14
Hello, this page helped me a lot when I had ulcer in uvula.

Reason I had this? Weakness of body after bad illness.

What help? A medicine "Solcoseryl" is the only one thing that will give you a REAL RELIEF (or any other substitute that create a film), propably you will swallaw it after around 1hour, but it helps to fall asleep or drink/eat something or just go somewhere and feel no pain for 1hour

Before eating u can also spray lidocaine directly on this, it give around 5-10 minute relief

You just need to SURVIVE around 2-3 weeks with this

As someone mentioned before avoid eating potatos or citrus products

Bocks 13 July 14
Back from dentist visit for cleaning i had twice hit by suction tube in the uvula, after numb gone i feel something in my throat
like piss of meat stuck in my throat when i check in mirror my uvula hanging in my throat blocking airway sometimes specially when sleep
i had to sleep side way and had fever and pain in both jaw. i take amoxic.clavul.pot .for cold ice cream .water salt .honey hoping the size of uvula normal again this my second days still had fever pain in my both jaws,specially when eating. if someone any idea how to easy this Horrible feeling..?
Jordan K 29 June 14
it's a relief to know I am not alone on the swollen uvula and ulcer. Mine was preceding a surgery. I am four days post op and the pain and swelling is NOT any better! I went to an ENT dr. today, and she confirmed the trauma to my uvula and throat was from the placement of LMA (breathing mask) by the anesthesiologist. She prescribed me a Magic Mouthwash. It really helps with the pain so I can eat and get some rest! If you get this prescription you will be glad you did!!! good luck to all!!!
Brynna 23 June 14
This site is like an AA meeting for those of us who suffer from mouth ulcers. It's a huge help and relief to learn one is not alone! I've gotten mouth ulcers all my life, first on the inside of my cheeks, then on my tongue, palate, uvula... They're worse and more frequent as I age. I've eliminated all suspicious foods to the point where I eat nothing raw, no nuts or seeds, no spices or herbs. I use Sensodyne toothpaste without SLS. I regularly exercise and meditate to lower stress, but I still get ulcers periodically. I've seen dentists, allergists, dermatologists, GI specialists - no one truly appreciates the agony or can help me prevent them. Bad flare-ups feel systemic: swollen glands, fatigue, head/ear/body aches along with the intense ulcer pain. I get some relief from Clobetasol Propionate 0.05% Gel, but I can't apply that to the ones way down my throat. I'm a retired nurse and have researched mouth ulcers extensively. The good news is they do go away in 2 weeks, they're not life threatening, and apparently they bind us to other sufferers around the world. Hang in there folks!
Barb 59 March 2014 17 March 14
I just had endoscopy procdure last Wednesday, and first felt a canker sore starting on Thursday. By Friday it was horrible and it got worse from there. I discovered it's on my uvula and it is very large and at the tip, which is now swollen and hits my tongue. I feel for the others posting here, as it is very painful. My Dr. prescribed Acyclovir and Nystatin to rinse with. I also have a perscription for pain. The pain is bad. But now it's Tuesday almost a week after surgery and it feels like it is not getting worse. I am not able to work, since I can't talk, and I'm only drinking protein shakes. Hope this helps.
Katherine 25 February 14
Daniel - oh no, that sounds bad. If you have access to a medic they may be able to give you something with benzocaine in it, that will numb it a bit, failing that natural yoghurt should be quite soothing (you may be able to gargle with it if it is not too thick), honey is also soothing - failing that I guess it will have to be the salty-water gargle, not great, but helps a bit (when I used to get stranded on location I'd carry a 500ml bottle of salty water around, better than nothing... just. ). Avoid aspirin and ibuprofen, they will probably make it worse. Good luck.
Dom Walton 30 January 14
I'm a soldier out in the field right now...with an ulcer on my uvula. Rest isn't an option for me, neither is what I eat.. Any ideas?
Daniel M 30 January 14
:'( always get ulcers around mensturation time this time it hit me a whammy! I have two on my lip, 1 either side of cheeks and 6 on the roof of my mouth and the mother of all....a huge one on my uvula the pain oh dear god it's horrible :'( no eating no drinking agony..and I feel very run down too..just thought I would complain a bit HA.
Alicia 12 November 13
I have got ulcer right at the root of uvula. its really painful and I have my exam on 1st dec for which i have have been preparing since 2009. Nevertheless this worked for me - apply glycerin with ear bud or there is an ointment called Dologel-CT on it - its analgesic and antiseptic. it will give u temporary relief. Glycerin works very well. Here in India we use this traditional remedy of gargling with water having alum in it. It really works well.
Gaurav Garg 3 November 13
Well my uvula last night elongated during sleep and I woke, cause it restricted my breathing and I almost suffocated, I had the same before and I know tomorrow I will have that same unbearable pain again . I now know it is the herpes virus and not a bacterium. So if they prescribe you antibiotics or penicillin , just refuse it. My MD gave me Acitab which I gargle and it helps immediately for cold sores on uvula. There is only ONE cure for a virus and that's Vitamin C. Nothing else can kill a virus! This is the herpes virus and it is very very painfull. The pain even spread to my lower cheek and to my one ear. Acitab 200 was my cure + Vit C.
Giel 6 October 13
Ive been using "Bonjela" usually you would use this for teething babies, this is an adult Bonjela, once youve applied it to the effected area..ie the Ulser it will sting/burn for a 10/15 seconds, but once it subsides you can actually eat, drink water and feel human for a little while.
currently i have 3 in my mouth and 1 on my uvula.
it can also be a acidic imbalance in your body, you can buy citric soda to balance the acid, fizzy drink - it may also be refferred to as sulphuric salts.
so painfull!!!! hope you all get through it.. unfortunately it has to play its course.
cHiLLi 30 September 13
I am so relieved to know that I am not alone with this awful painful throat. Have been on penicillin for over three days, but it hasn't made any difference at all, so I don't think this can be a bacterial infection as antibiotics usually work much faster.

It hurts to eat, drink and even swallow saliva. I find that I can only tolerate tepid drinks - nothing too hot or cold - and as for food, well everything tastes incredibly salty and burns the back of my mouth around the uvula. Noticed yesterday that uvula has a white tip, so am thinking it must be an ulcer. I have given up on the penicillin as I thought that it might be causing the incredible burning and sore tongue. Strange thing is that I don't have any other symptoms and feel perfectly okay, except it is agony to swallow, throat feels on fire and like there is a lump lodged somewhere.
Mel 28 September 13
I had surgery this week and have a double uvula. Apparently the breathing tube missed one and it rested on it, creating the ulcer. I was gagging from the moment I awoke and once the pain meds wore off, the pain in my throat was worse than on the surgical site! It felt like I had a flap in the back of my throat, near my tongue, and it was hard and tough, almost like plastic.

After not eating or drinking for two days, a trip to the ER and then an ENT, I found relief in children's liquid motrin (it hits the uvula as it goes down) 4 tsp every 2 hours, and in Chloraseptic spray. They said at the ENT that this kind of ulcer is equivalent to having a tonsilctomy as an adult. I am on Day 5 now and feeling 65% better which is a HUGE contrast from feeling like I was dying 24 hours ago. I can lay down again too and sleep in 4 hour intervals!!!
Jenn N 21 September 13
Oh goodness I have a canker sore on my Uvula. Totally gonna try this Canker Rid!!! It's the worst feeling ever! I have two on my uvula right now. :( I never ever ever had any problems with canker sores until I started birth control. I had to start it because I was diagnosed wth ovarian cysts and it keeps them away but good god! I am cleared up now with that and i am so getting of of it. Hopefull these cankers will go away!! Did any other ladies have this problem?
Kim 13 August 13
First I bit my cheek and got an ulcer. Then I get lots of ulcers, but most hideous was the one on my uvula.

It's not like a normal ulcer, it really does last 2 weeks! The worst 2 weeks of your life. I really thought it would go quicker, but it doesn't. Even went to the doctor after 10 days but they did nothing.

The best treatment I found: buy a tube of Iglu from Boots (UK). Use a cotton bud to first dry the ulcer, then apply some iglu. It forms a waxy, protective layer which means you can actually eat some food!! The iglu stays on even after eating (lasts a few hours).

Also, gargle for a few minutes with dispersible aspirin every 4 hours (gargle really deep to make sure you hit it). This stops pain/inflammation.

You have to change the way you eat. Avoid acidy foods like fruit juice, chocolate or tomato sauce. Chew every mouthful as much as you can at the front of your mouth, then swallow quickly and follow immediately with water.

Good luck!
Richy C. 19 July 13
Lysine 3000 mg 3x a day cuts it short and if you are an avid sufferer I would take it regularly!!!!!!!
Amber 11 June 13
After surgery I developed the worst pain in my throat. I could not sleep or eat! I went to my doctor and he said I had an ulcer on the uvula. He treated it with silver nitrate and although it did sting for about 5 seconds the pain was suddenly gone. The ulcer went away in 3 days but there was no more pain and I could eat and sleep. The 5 sec of sting was well worth it for me to be able to go from the doctor straight to PF Changs to eat was great!!! The Doctors name is John Rogers he is a family doctor located in The Woodlands Tx. I hope this helps you too.
Barry 4-12-13 8 May 13
The best treatment for ulcer on uvula is Ultraviolet treatment through a small tube. It will heal ulcers in 3-5 days. I have ulcers on uvula three-four times a year. Only Ultraviolet helps to heal them fast. Otherwise it takes a month.
Nurlan 16 March 13
Get Durham's Canker-Rid. Stings like hell at first but works wonders. Had ulcer on my uvula for almost 10 days. Couldn't eat, drink, or sleep. Pain would travel to my jaw and ears. Have had plenty of ulcers before but never on my uvula. This has been the worse pain I've ever expienced. Gargling salt water would only help for about 20 minutes. Durham's Canker-Rid took away all the pain and healed the ulcer really quick. You can buy it on amazon.com
Brian 23 January 13
I had a rhinoplasty on the 20th of this month. As always after surgery, my throat felt sore but nothing that was not manageable. But a few days later, from the 24th, it started hurting real bad, which I thought was due to post nasal drop. Finally, I went to see my doc and he gave me a prescription for magic mouthwash. I used it 3 times in the past 8hrs. I am counting today to be 5th day of the ulcer, so I have atleast another week or so before it goes away completely. Until then, I will have to reply on magic mouthwash.
Dreadfulpainfromcanker 28 December 12
5 days ago I had rhinoplasty surgery and they intubated me during the procedure. The night after the surgery, my throat was sore but I figured it was normal because of the tube. However, each day it progressively got worse and worse, and the pain was unbearable. I cried practically every time I swallowed. I took so many pain medications and syrups and none of them did anything. Finally last night I asked my mother to look at my throat to see if she saw anything. My uvula and the left side of my throat were covered in ulcers and cuts. It was completely white. I immediately looked online and am SO GLAD I found this forum! Nobody else has understood the intense pain I've been feeling. I hope now I can make this go away.
Aubrey 27 December 12
HUGE SUCCESS with Canker Rid. I feel it is THE TERMINATOR is the sore, not a pain killer---but it TERMINATES the cause of the pain (doesn't treat a symptom). Within three days I could swallow again with ease and confidence, any gas coming up through my throat didn't make me cringe in pain and need to stomp the flood, and within a week the sore (large mind you) was gone. Thank goodness. I am fine now....but for all those suffering: My heart and soul goes out to you for the WORST sore I'd ever suffered. I'm right there with you. Tea and honey----honey---hmm... get Get Durham Bee's Canker Rid, you won't be sorry.
Noah 24 November 12
I got one there a few days ago and it is THE WORST one I've ever had. I have been having them, mouth olcers in general, since my Freshman year at college. My father calls me an expert at them. This is the WORST ever. Every time gas comes up in a release (not a burp) through my throat I want to stamp on the floor I am in so much pain. I'd trade a broken arm for it, at least an arm can be in a cast. I had made a smoothie of lettuce, cheese, one whole chopped onion, and water the other night to help quell the pain. I am told onions can help in healing.

I ordered Canker Rid on Eddie's advice at the top. Hope it works, will keep you posted.
Noah 30 October 12
worst pain EVER. Had surgery 3 days ago but seem to be getting progressively WORSE. ihave an ulcer on my uvula that is loving killing me. Feels like glass stabbing my throat every time I swallow. Can't eat, breathe, sleep, drink, without being tortured with immeasurable pain. SO glad to know I'm not alone! Keep on chuggin', fellow sufferers!
Liel 30 October 12
I think I have finally determined the only plausible reason for my canker sores...stress. I'm starting school soon and I just got 3 sores. Two on my lip and one on my uvula. Why can someone not find a cure for these? It really is the worst pain I've ever had to go through; I cry all the time with uvula canker sores. It's absolute torture. This is the 3rd or 4th time I've had one on my uvula. Like Gordy said, the uvula catches on your tongue and drags forward. You cannot swallow or eat and the pain is constant. Someone please find a cure I can't take this anymore! :'( Good luck to all of you that are experiencing this..I'm right there with you!
Christine 1 September 12

As everyone here knows, having a sore on the uvula seems to be THE worse place to have one evaar, and I've had hundreds of canker sores in my life... If I barely nip my cheek/lip/tongue/roof of mouth on some crunchy toast, I'm GUARANTEED a canker sore. If I go to sleep without brushing, I'm guaranteed AT LEAST a few cankers. I've probably not brushed my teeth before sleeping less than 10 times in the last 15 years (that's through 5 years of drunken college parties, near-death flus, etc. etc.).

Anyways, the worse canker I ever had was when I bit my lip a few times (over a couple days) and created 3 small cankers in close proximity to one another. Then they combined into a giant one the size of my pinky nail. Many close seconds were ones in the crease of my mouth (between gum and cheek). This was until I had the one on the uvula. My gawwd, the pain spreads across your whole face and head resulting in a chronic headache in between painful jabs from swallowing. But you all know this.

ANYWAYS, wanted to share with you this wonderful product I found somewhere during my nights of research. Canker-Rid. It's like magic. Dry the affected area with a paper towel, soak a q-tip with Canker-Rid (I like to leave the paper towel in place while I prep the q-tip), and dab it onto the DRY canker sore (be prepared, it will hurt a lot because of the alcohol). Let it dry for about 30 seconds (once it becomes an amber/brown haze), and you're good. It'll coat the canker with a protective layer that stays on for hours. Best of all, it doesn't hurt, doesn't numb a chunk of your face (like lidocaine products such as anbesol, etc.), and somehow, magically, makes you heal in a fraction of the time. If I start applying the first day a canker sore is forming, it'll never really grow full size, and it'll disappear within 3 days. Mine usually last for 6-9 days, even with regular sea salt rinses (which, previously, was the only thing that seemed to speed recovery by a day or so). Anyways, if you regularly suffer from canker sores, I really hope you find this post, and that this product works as well for you as it has for me. It really has made that small, but very distracting, semi chronic part of my life almost a non-issue.

I found mine on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Canker-Rid%C2%AE-Immediate-Restore-Quality-GUARANTEED/dp/B003AS74JO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1346470598&sr=8-1&keywords=canker+rid

Not cheap, but definitely worth it if it works as well for you. I spent about that much on a bunch of essentially useless stuff in the first 4 days of my uvula canker sore. LOL. I no longer fear canker sores the way I used to. Hope this helps!!
Eddie 1 September 12
I had surgery on Friday to get all four of my wisdom teeth out. The first day of recovery was great since the local anesthetic hadn't worn off yet so i couldn't feel anything but then the second day...oh boy. My throat started off with just a small throbbing pain, but now its become so painful that i cannot drink, swallow, talk without feeling like someone is using a grater on my throat :( I looked in the mirror and half of my uvula is white and ulcer-looking like. i just want it to heal so i can EAT!! im so hungry...
Julie 28 August 12
I love it when you find other people with the same problem. Yes, I did have a tube down my throat, but I also have Laryngitis. I started alternating Advil and paracetemol every 4 hours. This meant I was taking something every 2 hours. The best solution, mainly because the second night I actually slept for 4 hours straight! Solution:
Gargle or just hold REALLY salty water in your mouth. That simple ,just keep doing it repeatedly. You have nothing else to do and it does distract from the pain. You do get used to the taste, and after a few hours you realise the pain intensity has dropped from 10 to 8 so you keep going and it does work. I also had tea with honey.
Judes 18 August 12
Had a rhinoplasty (nose job) last wednesday which involved a tube stuck in my throat, plus swelling of the lips surprisingly - meaning tooth brushing was extremely difficult/painful/risky so avoided for 2/3 days. Day 6 now and two huge ulcers have appeared on my uvula and the pain is almost unbareable, but you have to cast your mind to other things and stop feeling sorry for yourself ;)

I'm going to drink ONLY water, and have some lozenges every few hours.
John 14 August 12
The worst canker shore of all and it's just a small one but on the uvula. Absolutely terrible!
Ouach 26 July 12
Instant relief canker sore on uvula. I posted earlier but misspelled the product KANK-A
Vinny 9 July 12
OK I got the instant relief for this!!! Years ago I had surgery and they let the suction tube wear a hole in the skin over my lower back jaw bone. The bone became exposed started drying out and would chip off. Beings the skin is so thin and hardly gets any blood supply it wouldn't heal and kept getting larger. It was hell and went on for about 2 months. Well I found some stuff at the drug store called KANKA. It's a liquid patch with a local in it. You dab a little on and it forms like a little latex patch over the sore and numbs it. I have never had a sore on my uvula up until about a week ago it's been pure hell. I was reading this forum today and somebody mentioned patches. That's when I remembered I had this stuff in the med cabnet. That's a week I didn't have to put up with the pain I'm kicking myself.
Vinny 9 July 12
Had my wisdoms removed on wednesday all 4 in theater. Thought I'd be fine in 3 4 days. Now have unbearable sore throat wisdom extraction pain and an ulcer on my uvula. It is actually covered in ulcers as you can see the tip covered in white. Cannot eat drink or swallow. It is the worst week of my life ever.
joe slow 1 July 12
Had 1 ulcer on my uvula, 2 ulcers on the side of my mouth and various more on my tonsils. Agreed with all the people here that the pain is unbearable and worse compare to many other medical conditions. Luckily now, after 1 week, 80% of the pain gone. So I am going to share my way of threating these bastards.

First, avoid foods and drinks that are too cold or too warm. Cold beverage or ice cream may numb your throat but they will prolong the healing. Avoid spicy food and oily food are important. I noticed many of you mentioned warm chicken broad. Don't!!! Chicken related food (including chicken egg) and any seafoods are forbidden. They will make our throat worse. Of course alchohol and smoking are forbidden as well.

Drink as much water as you can. I drank around 10 litres of water everyday since I gt them. Avoid sweet beverage as bacteria will be accumulated in our mouth and make the situation worse. Keep our mouth as clean as possible. Anticeptic mouthwash helps. I have no idea any special ingridients in the so called "magic mouthwash" but I think any of them helps.

Honey is another magic remedy. Consume honey before and after sleep helps. Try to find the purest honey in the market and preferably do not mixed honey with other beverage. I found that coconut water is very good for throat problem so try to drink coconut water once a day. Antiseptic lozenges are amazing in numbing our throat so go for it (especially before meal!!). Certain traditional medicine, such as chrysanthemum flower can help recovery so chrysanthemum tea is good. However, avoid commercial chrysanthemum tea as it has been artificially sweetened. Get chrysanthemum flower and make it urself. Try other "cooling" herb tea as well such as Xia Sang Ju, as most of them work well with sore throat and ulcers.

Vitamin B12 is essential for ulcer and sore throat problem so mussel and liver is good. dried mussel and liver (beef or pork) porridge or chowder is amazing and easy to swallow.

However, the most important aspect is our mentallity. Try not to think about them as much as possible (I know it's difficult). Do things that you like. Avoid intense exercise and polluted air. Stay indoor as much as possible. I wear mask while sleeping but its optional. Avoid speaking too much to prevent further damage to throat (I didnt speak for few days). Prepare warm water beside your bed. Whenever the pain causes you to awake from sleep, drink warm water. I know it's suck to drink water after sleep (burn like hell) but you have to do that as much as possible.

I sincerely hope all of us can heal as fast as possible and never ever have these damn bastard ulcer again.
Joseph 27 June 12
I have one right now i cannot eat. It hurts and i can feel it on my tounge. in the mirror i can see it in my uvula. I looked at alot of reviews and the best thing i got was to sleep and drink alot. Good luck to anyone who has them!
Jacob 19 June 12
Like most, I started out with a bad cold and next thing I know, ulcers on the Uvula...feels like sand paper everytime I swallow. Went to see my doctor and he prescribed "Stanford Mouth Wash" and it cleared up the ulcers in 4 days!!! Cost me about $49 dollars, insurance didn't cover it but it was worth the money...

"Stanford Mouthwash"
•Contains: Tetracycline, Nystatin, 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose, Chlorpheniramine

"Modified Stanford Mouthwash"
•Contains: Tetracycline, Nystatin, Hydrocortisone, Diphenhydramine, flavor, Mouth Kote

Link to other Magic Mouth Wash Recipes: http://www.drotterholt.com/magicmouthwash.html

Good Luck.
Believe in the Stanford Mouth Wash 18 June 12
Would die, thats my question because my uvula is bleeding and I cant breath well. I feel like Im going to die. :(
Juliet 29 May 12
Get your doctor to approve a rx for Doxicycline (spelling). Its an antiinflamatory that comes in capsules. Empty the contents of the capsule into a glass of warm water and gargle with it every couple hours. Cleared the sores off my uvula in three days!!!!!
johnman 17 May 12
Difflam Spray is a Godsend for those hard to reach places where mouth ulcers typically grow, it is an anti-inflammatory and acts as a local anaesthetic. Anyone who suffers with mouth ulcers should have this product in their medicine cabinet.
Emma 14 May 12
This thread makes me giggle, not because I like to hear people suffering, but you have the EXACT same symptoms as me! I am not alone, phew. Woke up in the night with a swollen 'uvula' (had to google what that dangly thing in throat was)...now I know it all too well. Once swelling went down on its own, I got the nast blister. It seems at the start of the day it is whitey, and I can almost see a black spot on it? Ew. Then towards night time its more pinky. Weird. Hurts bad to swallow/sleep/eat/drink/live... hoping it goes away soon. I hear it can take 1-2 WEEKS...i know, I was hoping for days :( get well fellow ulcer sufferers surfing the net for cures!
Christina 14 May 12
I just got through reading the other comments and some other people got an ulcer after having a sinus infection and also have ear aches. It might be related
Jaymz 2 May 12
I went to the doctor for a sore throat and he told me I had an ulcer on my uvula its been five days and it feels like its just getting worse. The only thing helping is chloraseptic cough drops and those only help for about 15minutes. My doctor also said it was caused by a virus in something I ate. Hope any of this helps.
Jaymz 2 May 12
I had a bad case of strep last week, penicillin shot on Friday morning, sick all weekend..by Sunday morning I knew my uvula had formed an ulcerated area, as the rest Of the sore throat began to get better...this was a different pain, and what I thought was strep fever, aches, etc I think was the ulcer...so I haven't eaten anything but rice pudding since Friday, it's not even worth it to taste anything else because it will probably send me through the roof...went back Monday morning to doc, he gave me another penicillin shot plus a round of oral penicillin and magic mouthwash...also told me to get on a probiotic after all these meds... Ok, the ear pain was not that bad until the ulcer began to get a little better...now have extreme earache plus can't eat...for me , rice pudding, buttermilk, coconut milk, imitation crab chewed well, soft pasta like egg noodles...no sauces, butter , salt or other seasonings...the magic mouthwash is great and helps alot with ear and throat pain and 4 ibuprofen every 3 to 4 hours...it's alot but oh well...I would rather have labor with no meds, cracked ribs, and kidney stones all at the same time than another one of these...I feel for you people who endure this on a regular basis or have more than one ulcer anywhere in your mouth, notnused to this and am a big baby
Kathy L. 03/ 12 28 March 12
It's been my 1st and I am at the end of the Day 5.
About pain meds. Advil (or any other ibuprofen I guess) but - in liquid gel caps! They are slick, go right in and don't scratch. Don't bite them out though - you don't want an uncontrolled spill. Dosage: 2 pillls do exactly nothing - so it quickly went up to about 6, which in my case gave almost instant result (after 15-20 min or so) - no pain for about 2 hours. And repeat, which pulled me through Days 3&4 at work. The bad thing I went way off the chart (about 60 pills) by the end of Day 4. The pain kept diminishing though - I was giving it a possibility of a doubt that it's going somewhere & it was, by filling everything w\mucus effectively isolating itself.
Mucus - it's protein, right? So salt water _Cl ions? Don't know much 'bout chemistry, at least it doesn't hurt. Or - gargle 2 teaspoons of corn oil. Oil - that's fatty acids, right? They make protein unstuckable & sorta separate the strands? By now the pain is completely gone, and - there's no other way 2 put it - I had to spit a way through to get liquid in - on the opposite side from the ulcer and then the midway. Then clear the vocal chords - trying 2 speak aloud helps 2 localize the clots. It still tries to maintain the full spread w\diminishing resources - I had a cigarette & after 2 hours of sleep found all of it to the back of the teeth covered by dark brown layer w\taste of nicotine. Really made me think ab. quitting, b'way...
hommah 25 March 12
After a few years of getting these horrific ulcers on my uvula, i finally figured out how to avoid them. This may or may not work for those of you who had a surgery. I can only make a suggestion from my experince without anything going into my mouth other than food. Anytime I consume a food that is acidic, such citric fruit, or a food that contains ascorbic acid, i seem to get an ulcer. So i have to be careful and read the labels. The crappy thing so many products contain ascorbic acid because it is a natural preservative. Save time and don't go to the doctor. They are of no help!
Keith 23 March 12
Same as many, I had an operation about 4 days ago. Emergency surgery twice in two days. On the second day. Felt fine while I had paid from recovery, then as the pain subsided from surgery, I started to feel a sore throat. My sore throat then turned into a very sore throat. I thought it was from the tube that's used during operation. But when I inspected my throat I found my uvula was descended and white/grey at the bottom.

After living with it for a day or two I did some research on google and found this site.

Thanks for everyone taking time to leave messages and good solutions.

I found that gargling with luke warm Sally water (repeated 3 times consecutiveley) would help, but not always. Then when the slat water wouldn't work. I started to use alcohol free mouth wash, the mouth wash would take the pain away for at least 30 mins or more.

Don't know if this is a permanent solution or just something that will deal with the pain, I will wait it out for a few days now and if it dosent go away on its own I will see my doctor. I recommend the above to anyone suffering the same problem.

As always I am not a doctor and you should probably seek medical advice if the problem is there more than a few days.
I hate uvula ulcers 19 March 12
I just had an appendectomy and they had to put the tube down my throat. I developed a few sores on my uvula like so many of you. Very painful, I agree. I went back to the emergency room yesterday because it has been excruciating to talk and eat anything. I described what was going on and they prescribed "magic mouthwash" that contains lidocaine. You swish and gargle and it helps numb your throat. You are supposed to use it every 4 hours but it only seems to really last about 30 minutes to an hour. Still, it provides relief. Along with the "magic mouthwash" I am taking the Vicaden (sp?) my surgeon prescribed for my surgery pain along with 4 Ibuprofen every 4 hours just to decrease the pain altogether. I've noticed that abstaining from talking completely helps calm the irritation and helps the pain medication last and work longer. Eating has been the hardest thing but I agree that it definitely helps you lose weight since it's so painful to eat. My wife fixed a buttery noodle spaghetti tonight (spaghetti noodles, Italian seasoning, and garlic) that gave almost no pain for me to eat it. Went down quite smooth. Any hot drinks like tea or even room temperature water is less painful to swallow also. I will often sip the hot tea with every bit of food I have to eat to alleviate the pain. Shortly before dinner, however, I tried putting alum on the sores. I've used it before with general sores in my mouth. It does help speed the healing. To easily reach the sores on my uvula my wife took a wooden skewer and taped a Q-tip to one end. I wet the end of the Q-tip and dipped it in alum. Used a flashlight to see the sores and swabbed the alum the best I could on the sores. I felt it burn a little so figured I did it right. We'll see what happens. The ER doc told me yesterday that those of us that have issues with ulcers in the mouth may have to have a blood test to determine if we have Herpes type II. If so, there is a prescription we can get to take as soon as we feel a sore coming on or in the event we've had some type of irritation to the mouth that we know will cause one. The prescription will stop the cold sore from happening. My advice is to check with your local physician to have a blood test done and get the prescription if you have Herpes type II. Hopefully it's something that can help prevent all of us from ever having to deal with something this painful again.
Erik 19 March 12
I woke up a week ago with a very odd sore throat. I also felt like I was swallowing a flap of skin in the back of my throat. My uvula was swollen and touching the back of my tongue. It is a very odd sensation. My uvula is also very painful and has a large gnarly white spot right near the tip. Turns out this is a canker sore on my uvula. The doctor says that there is little that I can do other than give it a week or two to heal. Gargling with not too salty luke warm water will help. Also, Ibuprofen is about all that will relieve the pain. Doc told me not, repeat not, to use chloroseptic or hydrogen peroxide. These would prolong the ulcer and could even make it worse.

This is extremely painful and makes eating and even sleeping difficult. I would recommend staying hydrated at night because waking up with cotton mouth and a canker sore covered uvula stuck to your tongue is no fun at all.

The doc recommended a new toothpaste from Rembrandt that is for canker sore sufferers. It does not have the foaming agents that remove the mucous lining in our mouths and make us more prone to ulcers. He also said that these are an autoimmune issue and there really is no cure. Great.

I just hope that I never get another one on my uvula because this truly sucks.
Arno 16 March 12
I also have what everyone else is describing. What i would like to add is that being generally run down can contribute to these ulcers. So in addition to all the remedies for the acute pain it is also important to take your vitamins, eat healthy and get lots of rest.
Sam 11 March 12
I just knew if I googled my condition something would pop up,I chewed a to big piece of pizza and it scraped my throat ,thought it was my throat but it was my uvula ,have a white spot and it hurt,gargling with very warm very strong salt water helps,now that I know what I have I can heal it!
JST 25 February 12
Wow! I thought I was the only one. I NEVER get ulcers in my mouth. A few months ago, my uvula blew up so large that I was dry heaving constantly. Then the ulcers came. Just now happening for the second time. It's been 3 days now & feels like evil trolls are stabbing my throat. NOTHING so far is alleviating the pain. Hurts to drink, eat, swallow, yawn, etc. I ended up on some page talking about cancer. That's all I need to hear about. Swollen lymph nodes to boot - good times. Thanks for all your stories - glad to know it's not "just me."
BW 25 February 12
I have more than 15 ulcers on and around my uvula :'( plus a fever...just wanted to complain about it.
JG 20 February 12
Yesterday I had an operation in my mouth and got a chain attached to one of my teeth up in my gum to the back of my gum. It was done with stitches and it is very painful. It is bleeding and I am also now coughing up blood. And above all that I now have a HUGE ulcer on my uvula. Think of the pain I'm in now, bleeding from the top of the gum and coughing up blood with a ulcer on the uvula and have two other ulcers in my mouth. I feel for all of you with ulcers on your uvula.
E.D 10 February 12
I have an ulcer on my uvula as well. It's probably the most painful mouth ulcer I've ever had to endure. Right now, I have an ulcer on the uvula, two ulcers on the left side of my cheek, one at the top near my top molars and one near where my bottom wisdom tooth will eventually be. And I also have a mouth ulcer around the right side of my tongue. It is, the most, painful thing I've ever endured. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. It's constants torture, I can't drink or eat, or even take a breath in without aggrivating it. There's nothing I can say to offer in terms of advice as everything really has already been said, all I can advise anyone to do is if you have a sore throat - check right away if it's anything on your uvula, if you act quickly you can stop it getting as worse as it has with mine. It's not a Hell you want to endure, trust me.
Nick 3 February 12
wow, its amazing when you google something what you find i had surgery on the 24th of jan i woke to a bad sore throat mine is just hanging its hard not to laugh even though this has been hellish they put a tube in my throat if i would have known the result i would've said no im nausiated its so hard to function ive almost felt more misery from this than my painful surgery now its the weekend where am i gonna get atibiotics so sorry fellow sufferers this is the pits i described it to my mom as a parashoot it flaps around all wierd you fell as if your swallowing part of yourself the uvula is so long its just not right its scary to see it all hanging weired and i just dicovered those yelloish dots on mine so grose good luck to all and to me:)
s. a. 28 January 12
Ulcer on the uvula, sounds romantic. Not even close. 35 years old male, have been getting canker sores since I was a kid. Just like everyone else, thought I had a sore throat after painfull swallowing. Felt something in the back of my throat also. Looked in my mouth, and their it was, on the uvula. It made it longer for some reason. Very strange feeling on top of the pain. Folks, there is hope. Time heals, deal with the pain and look forward to its healing. Then I'd recommend fasting from milk, wheat, and citrus fruits for at least 1 month. Up your immune system with whole organic fruits and vegetables. Eat free range chicken, wild alaskan salmon. Throw in 1 gallon of water a day and exercise 3 times a week. Get healthy, you'll feel better and not produce a breading ground for further issues, ulcers.
A.J. 20 January 12
wow who knew? i kept thinking this sore throat felt higher than those in the past...finally looked & sure enough a huge white spot on my uvula! went to doc to get a culture for strep just knew it was but wasn't...have tried gargling with sea salt water, collidal silver spray, hydrogyn peroxide on a qtip, and this morning, gargled with liquid grapefruit extract in water...still hurts...obviously i do mostly natural stuff but the only thing thus far that helps the pain is advil...3...called my holistic clinic and told them everything i had done & their suggestion was to gargle with aloe vera juice...maybe i will try that...:((( hurts like the dickens - oh the doc did say i had a virus, had a 2 point fever and slight ear ache too...
freda 19 December 11
Wow, I am so glad that Im not alone. I have been getting ulcers more that usual lately, though I have regularly had them in the past. About a month ago, I had a huge one on the back of my throat, right where the soft palet starts. Went to the doctor, and they sent me home saying it was a virus. Then, after that one healed, another developed on the opposite side!

A few normal mouth ulcers later, and I thought the episode had passed. And then God struck me down.

Now I am sporting a small, but painful ulcer on my uvula- who knew? Apparently everyone on this page. Anyway, I am now fearing the next few days/weeks, but at least I am in good company.
Claire 29 November 11
I had a scope done (EGD) and when I woke up I immediately knew my throat was not right! It was very sore and it felt like something was in the back of my throat! I looked and noticed my Uvula was purple and by the next day I just wanted to scream!! 4 days after having the EGD it was still hurting so my husband looked and informed me my Uvula was now white, so I went to the ER and they diagnosed me with an Ulcer and give me antibiotics. I has now been 6 days of HELL!!! I much rather be in labor again then have to deal with this. I am glad I found this message board so I can try something that might work.
Staci 28 November 11
This the worst pain I've ever experienced and I was a p.o.w . Dabbing alum .(a white powder for pickling) works better then anything. Good luck
jo 16 November 11
I have just had emergency surgery and when coming to from the GA I realised that something was wrong. Having had numerous general anaesthetics in the past I expected to wake with a sore throat but this was very different. I felt like I had something stuck in my throat. Later to discover it was my uvula. About three times the size it normally is and making it difficult for me to swallow. My surgery was 3 days ago, can anyone tell how long it will take to heal and go back to it's normal size?
Rhian 4 November 11
Hey, fellow sufferers. A couple of things to add. Do be sure that you do not have strep throat, that may need antibiotics and should be treated.
For canker sores, I've used two types of patches with good results, although I'm not going to be able to get one on my uvula! They are 'Canker Covers' & 'Canker Melts' - find them near the toothpaste. The Covers will really stick for 8 hours or more and form a weird gelatinous mass over the sore. They will numb you a bit, but the best part is that they completely seal the sore up so that you can eat and drink. The Melts are a licorice based small patch that doesn't stick as well, but if you can keep it near the sore it is quite soothing and speeds up healing. Based on that premise, I'm making a licorice tea gargle to try on my Uvula. Wish me luck!
Elan E October 11 10 October 11
Wow, I can't believe just how many other people suffer the same as I do when it comes to ulcers in the mouth, particularly on the uvula!! I'm one week into my second encounter and it's as bad if not worse than the last. It's swollen up alot this time and the only thing I have is bonjela, it gives a bit of relief but all I want is the pain to stop. I haven't yet seen my doc but I think I might if it last much longer..
Barry- ulcer victim :-( 9 October 11
As a 20-year sufferer of mouth ulcers, the Uvula ulcer is definitely the worst. This is my first. I've been spraying Chloraseptic every 20-30 minutes, and when it's time to eat (which is far and few between with this thing), I dab benzocaine (20%) onto it with a q-tip. That will numb it quite well for about 5-10 minutes. If anything, this thing is a good weight loss aid..

This is day 5 of having it. My ulcers usually take 10-12 days to run their course. I cannot take the pain and fever-like feeling it is giving me, so I'm heading to the doc today to see if I can get anything better. I will update if I hear anything. I will ask about the peroxide! Sounds like something I should try..
Curtis D. 1 September 11
I HAD surgery , 2 of them and the minute I came to- actually the second I came to- I knew something was very wrong.. This thing was choking me and ridiculously painful.. I figured sore throat . It's all the way they place the tube- the anesthesiologist CAN AND SHOULD AVOID DOING THIS TO ANYONE!!! SO,I suffered FOR FOUR DAYS FINALLY AND DON'T WAIT I WAS DESPERATE I TOOK A TEASPOON FILLED WITH PEROXIDE AND HELD MY UVULA IN IT AND BURNED THAT SUCKER RIGHT OFF!! BETTER IN A DAY!! good luck all of you.. It burns like hell but well well well well worth it. Peroxide is made for mouth debriedment .. Do it but don't swallow it..
Jessica D. 24 August 11
I HAD surgery , 2 of them and the minute I came to- actually the second I came to- I knew something was very wrong.. This thing was choking me and ridiculously painful.. I figured sore throat . It's all the way they place the tube- the anesthesiologist CAN AND SHOULD AVOID DOING THIS TO ANYONE!!! SO,I suffered FOR FOUR DAYS FINALLY AND DON'T WAIT I WAS DESPERATE I TOOK A TEASPOON FILLED WITH PEROXIDE AND HELD MY UVULA IN IT AND BURNED THAT SUCKER RIGHT OFF!! BETTER IN A DAY!! good luck all of you.. It burns like hell but well well well well worth it. Peroxide is made for mouth debriedment .. Do it but don't swallow it..
Jessica D. 23 August 11
Hi, i had surgery on my mouth a few days ago and i have developed Ulcers on my Uvula, it hurts like hell and i cant drink any fluids that ive been told to by doctors. is there anything i can do to help the pain???
K Patterson 15yrs old 19 August 11
Ive just had my tonsils removed, my uvula trimmed and the roof of my mouth tightened ( cant think of medical name) So as u can imagine im in some pain ive not been able to eat properly as it is but when i woke up this morning there was ulcers on my uvula and god knows where else in my throat..can i get anything to spray on these nasty things and can anyone tell me if they are a side effect of that kind of surgery
Andrea parton 18 August 11
Clove oil - tastes bad but numbs pain completely, good for wisdom tooth pain too
Henry 16 August 11
I've just turned 20 and I've had crazy ulcers since I can remember. Went to the doctors a few times and they can't find any reason for having them, but were shocked at the amount of huge scars in my mouth from them. They used to mainly be on my cheeks or lips, but in the last couple years I've started getting them in my throat and on my tongue. At the moment I've got one on my throat maybe 3cm wide and one on my uvula (the first one I've had there) which almost covers the width of it. This is one of the most painful ulcers I've ever had, however it's still not the worst. The worst one I've had was on my frenulum linguae (the thing that connects your tongue to the bottom of your mouth). That was TORTURE, every time I moved my tongue to talk, eat, drink or swallow it felt like someone was jabbing the bottom of my tongue with a hot knife. Quite fed up of all these ulcers now to be honest.
Josh 14 August 11
Just had three widsom teeth pulled, then developed what I thought was a sore throat. Felt like something was stuck in my throat. Looked the next day and there was a nasty white spot almost on the center of my uvula. Doctor told me it the penicillin would take care of it, which it most certainly did not. Got much worse. I am currently on day 4. The pain is excrutiating, like someone is searing my throat with hot embers. I can't eat or sleep. Cepacol lozenges provide some short relief. Worst of all, I just started work and cannot miss this week. I pray that they will heal soon, I've never experienced such agony.
Justin L 26 July 11
Am glad that I have found others with this horrendous pain I have been off work all week with why I thought was a sore throat have Been to the doctors who have said it is a throat infection and gave me antibiotics finally after breaking down in tears in their office only to get a torch and gave a look myself 8 days later as I couldnt understand why it has taken so long to heal to discover I have massive ulcers all over my throat including the uvula so pretty annoyed that it wasn't diagnosed at one point my whole throughout nearly closed up, I am finally on the mend but it is the worse pain and I don't think the word 'throat ulcer' really sums it up I would say kore like throat torture! Just glad I am feeling better and it explains why fruit was making it worse!
Rvix 28 June 11
I read these posts in the midst of my sickness and I learned that what I was experiencing was not uncommon. I am mostly better now after 5 days of being unable to swallow and hence to eat, being largely unable to sleep, and of a low-grade (98.5 - 100.5 degree) fever with the lethargy and aches you'd expect from a higher fever. I didn't have surgery but for some reason I can down with what I'm calling this "Terrible Throat-Destroying Disease". I don't recall having this before. I never had nasal congestion. I went to my doctor who checked me for strep throat (negative) and told me to gargle Chloraseptic (more on that later. He didn't seem at all concerned and got annoyed when I suggested that I felt worse then I feel when I have a cold.

I am not a physician but I have a fair amount of education in microbiology and biochemistry. I live in the USA where some of the medications I read about here are not available.

First what didn't happen:
I didn't die :) My uvula didn't shorten or dissolve or deform. Some of the swelling of my uvula became uneven as the ulcers formed and healed, but I think that once this is over it will be the same old uvula. I didn't give it to my wife, but we did wash dished on "high temperature" cycle. I didn't lose much weight (unfortunately).

What did happen:
It hurt like hell to swallow anything. It was hard to open my mouth. The outside of my neck became sore around my jaw. The glands under my neck swelled up and became painful. I seemed to produce a lot of thick spit (mucous?) which I couldn't swallow. I got a big white spot on the end of my uvula that grew for 2 days then disappeared. Then more appeared on my uvula (smaller) and on the back of my throat. I had a doctor hack at my tonsils when I was 18 but they were infected when he did it and so I had a partial tonsillectomy. The spots seemed to form mainly on what was left of my tonsils. I stayed in bed with a fever, got grouchy, got a headache and an earache and ate little to nothing for about 5 days.

What helped: My doctor told me all I could do was gargle with Chloroseptic which is a spray-on over-the-counter antiseptic. He said to open the bottle and gargle it and then spit it out. I did that over and over and it didn't help at all. I tried drinking cold water and even cold beer. Too cold was bad, let it warm up slightly. I do think the guiness bubbles made it feel better for a short time but maybe that's just because I like beer. I've always been told to gargle warm salty water with a sore throat so I did. This has never seemed to do crap for me and this time it didn't help with the pain at all. It even made the pain worse for a short period immediately after. But what I noticed was that the spots didn't start to move (disappear and then reappear elsewhere) until I started doing this. So I recommend gargling with tepid-warm water with about 3/4 teaspoon dissolved about every 2 hours through the day and then at bedtime and also whenever you get up in the night. This and complete bed rest is what finally worked for me.

Last night I awoke about 2 am drenched in sweat but i felt like my fever had gone away (the classic breaking of fever, I've got to learn more about that). Today my fever is .2 degrees and I feel way better although it still feels like I am swallowing razor blades. I discovered that those little white spot suckers and the MOST painful areas and if you have one and drink cold water it will hurt like hell exactly where that spot is so you have to try to drink around them ha ha. My voice is almost completely gone. Hoarse is not the word for it. I try not to talk because it seems to frighten people. I am planning to return to work on Monday but I get tired after about an hour out of bed so I am going to take it REAL easy so this crap doesn't return. Why there aren't more treatments for viral diseases (like this) and research leading to treatments for this sort of disease I really don't understand but I am guessing that the companies wouldn't make enough money because it usually eventually goes away (but I understand some of you get this often). We need to form an organization to help and support each other who get this ... oh wait ...

I returned to this site because when I read these posts I saw many descriptions of symptoms, many of which were similar, and many requests for solutions, and little in the way of advice or answers.
John H. Ohio USA 25 June 11
Hi, interesting looking at all the comments. My uvula is killing me. I had a septoplasty/turbinate op. on my nose, just over a week ago, & got a throat infection. I can hardly eat, cos of the pain. I'm going to the docs today. It's also hurting my ears. It's got worse, cos its all across the back of my throat now. I have to drink warm tea. Can't drink fruit juice, even thru a straw - too painful. Just about manage vitamin tablets, dissolvable vit C is too painful too. - Hope u all get better soon :-)
Martin Hoyle 22 June 11
Ive had the ulcer on my uvula for about 5 days now, accompanied with really swollen tonsils, glands, a nice cough and congestion in the nose and chest. i get canker sores regularly but this is my first on my uvula, it hurts like hell, swallowing my spit is hurts really bad and then swallowing food is 10 times worse. i went to urgent care a couple days ago and they gave me lidocaine hydrochloride, which will numb whatever it touches for (it says 30 minutes). ill use it right before i eat, and it seems like its not even working my pain is so great. and the coughing makes it sooo much worse. I just had my first beautiful baby girl 3 days ago as well, and i went down to the ER while we were at the hospital because my wife was worried that ide get her or the baby sick, the doctor told me it was a virus and was contagious and that i should stay away from the baby. so ive barely gotten to hold her, i cant kiss her, I sleep on the other side of the house now. I dont really know what to do, should i go back to the doctors? or just wait out the virus? its really depressing
Alex 30 May 11
ive had my uvula ulcerfor 1 week now. hee are some fast foods ive found to be barable or no pain at all. *on the harder and more painful food its small bites and with a modification like pulling tips off of fries and the hard crust off of chicken* at KFC the mashed potato bowl. at McDonalds the pankaces and eggs. At Jacks the gravy, grits, and eggs. the 3 peice chicken finger dinner with green beans and mashed potatos. at burger king chicken fries. It aslo helps to keep a bottle of water with you to sipp on throughout the day. AND to drink milkshakes with a meal. STAY AWAY FROM TOMATOES AND KETCHUP THEY BURN LIKE HELL!!!!
Michael 28 May 11
Good advice Mike! My ulcer on my uvula is finally almost healed. Here is what I learned over the course of 3 weeks of hell:

No matter how much salt water, peroxide and ambesol you use, it will not speed up the healing process. The best thing that you can do is go to a doctor and get an oral steriod. My doctor prescribed an oral steroid for me, and the swelling went down to normal size in 3 days!

The sore however, lasted a full 3 weeks. I was prescribed Vicodin for the pain, and it didn't help at all! Finally, I tried Ibuprofen and realized it was the BEST for pain relief!!! I got my first full night of sleep when I took an 800mg dose before bed. I made sure to use Ibuprofen regularly to sooth the pain and Ambesol directly on the sore just before eating.

Hope this helps! email me @ derekyoakum@hotmail.com if you need advice or tips.
Derek 27 May 11
I have had canker sores for my entire life, the only thing that helps and prevents is to make sure you always take a Lysine Amino Acid supplement!! I recently was on a long business trip and forgot my Lysine and neglected.....guess what, my first canker sore ever on Uvula!! Lysine everyday...good luck!!
Mike 25 May 11
I am on day 6 of my first uvula ulcer. I get canker sores on and off year round, but about a month ago, I had a serious breakout of canker sores. It started underneath my tounge, then to my lip, then to my tounge and finally to my uvula. It is the second most painfull thing I have ever experienced next to dry sockets. Good to know I'm not the only one. :/
Derek 17 May 11
Oh, and to follow up on my post from above, using that methodology, my latest canker sore only lasted 4 days and the pain was MUCH reduced during those 4 days. In comparison, my other canker sores lasted 10-12 days and were extremely painful and debilitating.
talia 10 April 11
First of all, I'm so sorry to anyone who is experiencing this right now. It truly is an incredibly painful experience. The only good thing about it is that it will eventually go away... But I have learned some methods that help me cope with these little monsters - here's to hoping it can help someone else as well.

In the last year I've had 4 canker sores on or right next to my uvula. The last one came about a month after the previous one, and I still had a new medicine and advice from my doctor. So I had it on hand and was able to try a fairly aggressive regime starting from the Very First sign of symptoms, and I have to say it appears to have helped enormously to both mitigate the pain and also shorten the duration of the canker sore. If I ever get another one, I'll be sure to repeat this routine.

I used:
APTHASOL (Dr. Prescribed, active ingredient: Amiexanox 5%, can be applied up to 4x day)
ORABASE PASTE (active ingredient: Benzocaine 5%, can be applied up to 4x day)

Method (starting on the very first day that I have pain and can see the canker sore):
1) Gargle a mix of half water, half hydrogen peroxide - rinse
2) Follow with a gargle of listerene - rinse
3) Follow up by swabbing full strength hydrogen peroxide on the sore using a q-tip and flashlight. It takes a bit of practice to get the uvula to "sit still." I leave the hydrogen peroxide on there until it bubbles up a bit - this isn't usually painful at all, just challenging to keep your mouth open. Use a dry q-tip to swab away the bubbles.
4) Still keeping your mouth open so the surface of the sore stays dry & using the flashlight to see, put a small dab of apthasol paste on a q-tip and place it on the canker sore (it didn't sting for me). Then gently press the back of your tongue against the paste - this causes it to spread out over the sore and stick. In my experience, at this point, the apthasol will stay on even as you swallow. If I can avoid eating & drinking and minimize talking, I've found the paste will stay on for up to an hour. It doesn't necessarily reduce the pain, but it "protects" the sore. And, most importantly, it's supposed to help reduce the total duration of the sore.
5) Wash hands.

I felt that I could repeat this process 8 times in one day, alternating between apthasol and orabase so as to not exceed the maximum recommended dose for either. Orabase comes in a paste form very similar to the apthasol and can be applied with the same method. The benzocaine in the orabase provides numbing relief, which is particularly nice after having eaten something that is causes pain or right before going to bed. And I found it to provide much MORE relief than "Canka," a brand of benzocaine that came in a gel form which numbed everything but not for very long...I believe that prepping the ulcer with the hdrogen peroxide first was a great way to increase the effectiveness of the Orabase.

I was able to start this on the very first day of symptoms, and actually never felt the need to apply all four doses of either the apthasol or orabase, but if it had been a more painful or aggressive canker sore, perhaps I would have? Also, I'm not sure what a doctor would think of this method! I know you don't want to over-use benzocaine as you can develop an allergy to it that way over time.

I sincerely hope that this helps someone. Best of luck. And just remember: it WILL go away eventually.
talia 10 April 11
Dr. swabbed the canker sore with nitrous oxide. The chemical burn heals faster than the sore. Gargle with warm salt water for relief from the swelling. Eat soft foods. Good luck!
Jen 5 April 11
I started out monday teatime with a splitting headache and sore throat, being a seasoned tonsilitis sufferer thought with the energy loss so rapid it was that again. (just to state i had my tonsils out 14 yrs ago yet still have a milder attack a few times a year), woke up tuesday morning to find another ulcer on my extremely swollen uvula, ear ache and still had a splitting head ache, can hardly move out of bed, eating and drinking is near impossible. Im constantly crying, and its so painful to close my mouth that my tongue keeps splitting because its drying out! ive now had my constant headache for 60 hours, keeping myself topped up on co-codamol but altho the pain is very slightly more bearable im ready to yank my hair out, this is the worst ive felt in so many years
louise 24 March 11
I didn't even have any surgery lately and out of the blue I got an ulcer on my uvula. I'm only on day 2 at most and am not looking forward to what's supposedly coming from what I've read above. It's not too bad overall right now, hopefully it'll pass without being too terrible? Considering all the responses above, I'm expecting the worst... Thanks for the advice and worries.
Alex 24 March 11
just had septal surgery day after had the ulcer on the uvula it is worst pain in the world had it now for 1 week and still aint gone. any1 no how long it takes to go
roddy stanley 23 March 11
gargle with powder alum and warm water.
Matt 23 March 11
It was great finding this site!!! Heres my experience of swollen/infected uvula after having appendix removed a few weeks ago...

I had the surgery on the Wednesday, came out the next day and my uvula was massively swollen from the tubes down my throat, causing me to gag (especially when brushing teeth) and was purple and white. Wasn't giving me any other problem than the gagging but on the Saturday night it started getting sore and by the Sunday, even water was painful to drink. It felt like a stinging sensation (rather than a more sharp feeling that you get with tonsilitis which I've also had). On closer inspection, I found I had an ulcer on the bottom of the uvula.

Anyway went to the docs on the Monday and she said it was infected so gave me penicillin for 5 days. The next day it actually felt worse and when I looked more closely I found I had an ulcer on the bottom of the uvula. So went back to the docs. A different doctor said it was thrush (I had been on heavy IV antibiotics in hospital for 3.5 days and thrush is a common side effect as the antibiotics kill off the good and the bad bacteria in your body). So she gave me oral suspension. I dont think she was completely sure it was thrush so told me to take penicillin too. Whichever medicine worked, after about 30 hours, water was ok and then gradually by about 3 days, food was fine to eat again without any pain.

I found that solid food was actually less painful to eat - anything like soup or gravy that stuck to the uvula was agony! I had to cut my food up and wash it down with a sip of water every mouthful.
For the oral suspension I was given, I put the medicine on a taspoon then just placed the uluva onto the spoon for a minute each time then swilled it at the back of my mouth and swalowed.

I hope that helps!
Caz 14 March 11
I have just started to get an ulcer on the very tip of my uvula. From reading the things on here scares me because I've had a viral sinus infection for about 3 weeks now and someone mentioned something about that and having an ulcer on their uvula, I'm wondering if it's related. I'm hoping that I can put some medicine on it to help, but I don't have any painkillers and it's starting to hurt more when I talk, swallow, or try to eat.
Blake 6 March 11
I have just encountered my 2nd one on my uvula and it's horrible, the last one i went to ent dr and he injected something into my uvula and like 2 days later is was gone, he says it's basically a kanker sore caused by stress mainly women get them. Call dr in morning I can't do this again, not waiting this time for help
Laura 3 March 11
Ive been suffering from a really bad sore throat for the past like 5 days and now i have a small purple spot on my uvula which i assumed was some sort of ulcer . Maybe its a direct result of smoking or maybe its something more serious?
joe 25 February 11
I'm so glad to find this post... apparently misery loves company. :p I have ulcers all over my uvula and if you are reading this page I don't need to tell you how PAINFUL it is. OMG!!!!! Went to the dr - said it's viral. He did give me something called BMX - a combo of Benedryl, Malox, and Xylocain. You put it on a Qtip and put on the ulcers. It's supposed to kill the pain AND help the swelling AND help the ulcer to stop spreading (the Malox part). Wish me luck... and if you are reading this and need help, you might ask your doc for this too. (Hope you feel better soon. THIS SO SUCKS!)
Kimberlee 4 February 11
I have had mouth ulcers ever sinc I was little. I always thought I inherited it from mother and grandmother since my teenage daughter has them as well. I have also suffered from muscle pain for years. I never connected them until a couple of years ago. Who would thought one had anythingto do with the other. It turns out that a number of autoamune diseased are associated with mouth ulcers. I have been diagnosed with Bechets Syndrome. So just to keep everyone aware that there may be an underlying cause. And oh yea, I now have one on my uvula for the first time and it is awful.
Kim 18 January 11
Buy "Kanka" (or Oragel, check active ingredient and make sure it's 20 percent) at any grocery or drug store and apply right to the sore on your uvula. Hurts for 10 secs to apply, then hours of relief. Literally "hours" of relief. "Kanka" is what I bought and it has a little applicator built in that really helps. I would say I hope this helps but I know it will. Also buy Lysine vitamins and take.
Scott 18 January 11
ive just had heart surgery and the ulcer on my uvula ive been left with after intubation is killing me, thank god for this page cos i thought i was dying! the rest of the pain is nothing compared to this! im very glad to know it'll get better as the hospital staff looked at me like they'd never heard of the problem before.
m.b 9 January 11
Relief for Canker soar, this is awful tasting, but cuts the pain from weeks down to a day or two, YES I am not joking, I have used this many times. Go buy some alum, you can find it in the spice section of most grocery stores, wet the tip of a q-tip and dab it in the alum, then dab the alum on the canker sore. The taste is really bad, and it will BURN, but the pain and taste is well worth it. When a friend told me about this I was skeptical, but it WORKS!!!
J Feldt 4 January 11
I had an ulcer on my uvala and it hurt like hell, was white in color, and I had a low grade fever off an on for a week. After a week with no improvement, I finally went to an ENT and after numbing the uvalu with a topical novacaine, he took what looked like a long wooden match and chemically burned it. It was instant relief!!! I mean from terrible pain to instant relief!! He actually gave me 6 of the matches to take home in case I ever had another flare up. The matches actually sorted of rotted before I had another flare up, now I've had luck with soaking the uvala in hydrogen peroxide. I actually fill a teaspoon with it and put the teaspoon at the back of mouth and let the uvala actually lay in the teaspoon. Not as difficult as it sounds, and if you catch it early on, I've never had another serious ulcer.
drew 7 December 10
I had gall bladder removed 9 days ago. Day after operation throat felt sore / ear pain and my uvula was so swollen and covered with white stuff-looked cut as well. I know the breathing tube had caused damage. Went to docs after 5 days and he said it was a severe tonsil infection-didnt seem concerned about the uvula-prescribed antibiotics and throat pain has gone. However uvula is still swollen and feel like I want to gag. I hope it will return to its original size soon.
peter 4 December 10
I have been suffering with canker sores (mouth ulcers) for 41 years. I am now suffering with my 2nd ulcer on my uvula, the first ulcer was three weeks ago. I am suspicious that the first one never completely healed. I am thankful for all the posts before mine. I have written down many good treatment ideas. The best treatment I have been prescribed is Kenalog Orbase. I have been using this product since I was a young child. I call it my "miracle drug". I do not know what I will do if the product is taken off the market. For prevention, I try to stay away from foods that are high in citric acid. Unfortunately, it seems there are those of us who are just prone to canker sores, and we will always be. On a final note, I wish you all quick recovery and a long duration before the next attack.
AmyW 1 December 10
After suffering from recurrent canker sores for over forty years (I'm up there people!) I was fortunate enough to find a dentist who has created a topical cream (that he has a pharmacist mix up for his patients) that REALLY helps with the pain and speeds up the healing time for these terrible sores. I believe it is a steroid based cream with lidocaine in it. Unfortunately, it is not available in stores, but I would highly recommend talking to your dentists or doctors to see if they could work with a pharmacist to compound this cream. It really works - AND it is not painful to apply, unlike many of the topical treatments for canker sores. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to apply to a canker sore on the uvula (I'm suffering from one right now and don't even have any cream or else I'd try to apply it!). Lastly, avoid any toothpastes with sodium lauryle sulphate (most toothpastes). Biotene toothpaste is a good alternative choice.
Julia 11 November 10
FML as if canker sores on my cheeks and tongue weren't bad enough! Now I have one on my uvula... A friend had me convinced canker sores are a type of herpes, but I've been getting canker sores since I was young, and surely before I ever kissed anyone... I dismissed the herpes idea but now that i've got one on my uvula I'm getting worried. I'm guessing its a viral infection... WHAT SHOULD I TAKE TO GET RID OF IT?
SadNSore 4 November 10
Who'd of thought one little mouth ulcer can cause so much pain. Day 3 of no swallowing and pain up into my ears. Just heal dammit!
Boris 30 October 10
this is the most painful thing ever large ulcer on my uvula i cannot eat and am struggling to drink this is worse then tonsilitis,i have ear pain and severe headaches,so painful :(
tamiie 22 October 10
Wow, I found this page when researching what to do for my first ever canker sore on my uvula. I burnt the back of my throat on homemade pizza and like others here, thought the initial mild pain would go away. But when it worsened, I too pulled out a flashlight and found the nasty canker sore. I'm on day 8 and it still hurts like heck, feels lke my whole throat is sore. So in order to not starve, cuz I can't eat much, I've limited my diet to any bland food I can ball up and push past the uvula, then wash it down with a sip of water. Of course that doesn't work in public! Orajel and chloraseptic spray are with me all day and night. Usually my canker sores clear in 10-14 days, but not sure about this one!
Nina 21 October 10
I too have suffered with chronic ulcers for years, but on a visit to my dental hygenist I got some really useful information. She had been to a conference, and one of the topics was mouth ulcers. They said that many people are allergic to sodium laurel sulfate which is usually the first ingredient listed in most toothpastes. I immediately started using toothpastes without the ingredient, and in no time at all, my ulcers were only coming every now and then. Trust me, it's worth a try. That's been a few years ago, and until recently I didn't get them that much anymore. Now I'm positive it helps, because I ran out of the SLS free toothpaste (it's hard to find in most small town drugstores), and now I'm getting them again all down my throat and everywhere else. Believe me, I'll order a case of the stuff from now on. Try it...you never know, it may help. If you're like me, I'm ready to try anything when I get those blasted things! Good luck and hope this helps you too.
Anita 21 October 10
DIFFLAM ORAL RINSE... Using it for throat infection, but it numbs my ulcers too and you can get a spray version.
matthew 19 October 10
I've dealt with ulcers my whole life also, I found that swirling warm to hot salt water around your mouth and mainly over the ulcer helps dry them up alot faster....also seems to help with pain once your done with the salt water do this about twice a day. I also take a q-tip and swab some poroxide helps clean the bacteria around the ulcer to aid in healing them. This is my advice, it works for me!
Chris 13 September 10
I have a ulcer on my uvular at the moment that has made me bed ridden for the last 5 days. It is by far the most painful ulcer I have ever endured. I am finding it hard to eat, drink and take medication for it to heal. I wish there was an easy way to fix ulcer's yet it seems the only sure thing is tme. I've been getting ulcer's on and off for majority of the year in the throat and around the gums and it's really taking it's toll on me. I've had enough.
jesseb05 29 August 10
I also suffer with ulcers, and I do mean suffer! I go through stages of having fields of them for weeks, then nothing for months. I think they are mostly stress related. I have a mammoth one on my uvula at the moment and it is the first time I have had one there - it is driving me crazy! I can't eat or sleep properly and I feel like rubbish! I know most people will thin I am insane for this, but Bonjela has never helped me, and when Kenalog and the other creams, pastes and lotions don't seem to work (which is often), I gargle with Methylated Spirits. I know it seems extreme but 2 days of doing this 4 times a day, guarantees that they begin to clear up. If you can’t bear the thought of gargling with metho, try gargling with 100 proof rum or the like (it is a little more pleasant and has a similar result). I started to gargle yesterday afternoon and have noticed marked improvement. Hopefully it will be on its last legs tomorrow! If you are going to try my extreme remedy just remember not to swallow!

Methomaniac 24 August 10
Amidst pain from an ulcer on my uvula, I'm feeling good cos there are so many people to share my thoughts and feelings with. I thought I was the only one to have such high frequency of ulcers all around my mouth. This is the first time I have got an ulcer on my uvula and it hurts a lot. I use this liquid solution 'Dentogel'. Not sure if this is available in the US. I got it from India. This helps a little bit. It's like a local anesthetic. Numbs the area. Haven't tried applying it yet but hope this helps. Also hope all of you get some relief soon!
Ryan 25 July 10
I'm happy to know other ppl are living through this. I am so hungry and eating is out of the question. I started having a sore throat last Wed, and Sunday it appeared on my uvula. It is now Friday and it still hurts :(. To even swallow, eat or drink water. I went to the doc wed and she gave me "magic mouthwash" I hope this helps and I've been praying to the good LORD to aid me. I miss eating good food and being able to drink ice cold water. I have no advice b/c I am going through it and nothing seems to help. I hope this is the 1st and last canker sore I get on my uvula. I also hope everyone feels some relief soon!!
T.M July 23, 2010 23 July 10
Another post-operation sufferer here. Relieved to see that I'm not about to die - even iff it feels my head is about to fall off. Had septal surgery on Tuesday and noticed the pain on Thursday. They said I might get a sore throat, but that's the biggest understatement of the year. In no doubt it's down to tubes and breathing through the mouth, but with a blocked nose for the next week or so what choice do I have? Going to try all the most recommended remedies, but seeing as I'm already on anti-biotics I don't hold out much long term hope!
Mark 3 July 10
Oil of oregano drops will numb the pain and shorten the duration of the sore. You can get this at any health/natural foods store. It will also keep the uvula from swelling and hanging down in your thoart. Start off with a drop or two 2-3 times a day and go from there. Please google Oil of Oregano before purchasing to make sure you know the right kind to buy. It is a miracle product for many ailments.
Meg 20 June 10
I've get ulcer only once in a while. Maybe once or twice a year. This week I got 3 of them on my uvula. Dang it hurts almost as bad as tonsilitis, hope I spelled that correctly. So I've started taking L-Lysine. It usually helps them heal faster for me. The main reason I'm writing this, is to tell what i do in the morning. The pain is at its worse at this time. I've found that (real warm) sweet tea with honey helps alot in the morning. I just take some iced tea thats allready made, heat it in the microwave for 2 min., then add the honey. Its alot faster that way.
I have to take little sips at first, but by the time I'm about finised im able to swallow with out much pain.
Bill 18 June 10
This sucks! I'm gonna go see an ear-nose and throat doctor (ETN).
My ear is aching on one side too.
I take I-B Profen
Gargel with Oral-B mouth wash for Canker sores (any drugstore should have it CVS/Walgreens).
I read chewable aspirin works too. I used to crush and aspirin in to a powder and put it on the canker sore directly but I'm havn't put it on my uvala afraid at the moment but it may help. The direct aspirin helped alot in the past on other cankersores.
MP 16 June 10
My uvula is red and part of the upper right pallete. I have tried vinegar and water, goldenseal herb, nothing helps. So, glad I have found the above and will try some of the suggestion. I believe I am reacting to foods, but it gets worse as the day go. Feels like I have a slim ball in my upper throat with no relief. I am healthy, 63 and have never experienced anything like this. Cannot believe what many have gone through. I almost feel like a fluid or a growth or something in the right part of my head. I will continue to pray and pray for all of you that appear to have more suffering.
ss 15 June 10 15 June 10
Just had knee surgery, but the worst pain I have ever felt is from the uvula they chopped up with the breathing tube. I have had strep throat and this is way worse! Oh- the pain, the burning, the gross blistery thing at the uvula tip...the tip looks like it lost circulation (white-color) and it has a bruise on it. It is so elongated that I am gagging on it constantly. I have had four surgeries before and I have never had this happen...awful!
DMH 12 June 10
I have ulcer on uvula now! In the past 1 week, I lived with pain. It is getting better now.
A week before, I cannot breath when i was sleeping. Its because the uvula blocked my windpipe. I think this is the reason I hurt my uvula.
RANDY 11 June 10
I have been having oral problems lately, like for some reason my tonsils have been huge and haven't gotten any smaller ever since I had Mono this past Christmas. I think that my Uvula has been resting on my right tonsil, and now I have this huge ulcer on the side that has been touching the tonsil. It is the weirdest pain in my mouth I've ever had. At first I thought it was sore throat, but then I got a flashlight and bam, there it was. It looks like it's eating away at my uvula, like, there's kind of a hunk of it missing on that side. Kinda weird. My tongue has been feeling really weird. I haven't even been to the doctor, I think I'm going to ask the dentist about it.
Taylor 11 June 10
In comparison to all of you, my ulcers are tiny (the biggest ones are only about the size of a pinhead on a pushpin). From the time I was 3 to the time I was 5, I would only get these at the base of my lower lip. After that, (ages 5-7) my upper lip would be the unfortunate location about half the time (when it wasn't still my lower lip). Then, from 7-13, I had throat ulcers about two-thirds the time, with one-third being at random places in the front of my mouth (This is when my ulcers got there modern pinhead size -- about twice that of what I used to get). Now, at age 14, I got my first uvula ulcer. It is located right at the base of my uvula, and is very painful. Salt water seems to fail on this, but I seem to experience limited success with VICKS Cloroseptic Spray.

If there is anything that will decrease the pain long and effectively enough for me to eat care-free and sleep soundly -- I would be in your debt by one deed.
Logan 5 June 10
I have suffered with mouth ulcers all my life, I am 56. However only had them in the throat in the past few years.
Have one now which is on it's way out after 10 days of misery. A friend told me that it could be a wheat and gluten allergy? So wil give this a try.
Julie 3 June 10
At 45, I am an Australian professional veteran of mouth ulcers - since about 25 i recall. This is the 1st on the dangly bit. I've tried it all and spent a lot of time and funds to rid them. The best time (after an exscrew-shitatingly debilitating two year period) was when a Mr Dentist advised Colgate mouthwash. It worked for another 2 years with a tooth staining side-effect (who cares?). I learned to live with the pain. Life is a trial for us. My name is Alistair - I was thinking Ulistair is better...
Alistair 1 June 10
I've had swollen uvula before but this time I spotted the ulcer cheered me up no end. I am experimenting with bonjela on the end of a cottonbud. The problem is getting it on without gagging and trying not to swallow the minute you have it applied. I'll try to remember to let you all know how I get on. Happy swallowing everybody.
Mark 27 May 10
This is the worst pain EVER. About two months ago I started getting these sores at the back of my throat. Wednesday one developed and then BAM Friday came this TERRIBLE pain. Just realized that there is a huge sore on my uvula. Everytime I brush my teeth I want to spit the dang thing out. It hurts terribly. Fortunately for me, I love to drink ice water and that is truly the only thing that feels good.

Oh please let this stupid thing go away soon.
Jenny 24 May 10
Just got an ulcer on my uvula and it is so true what everyone else is saying, it hurts like crazy! One day I ate really hot pizza and didn't realize it was so hot until I swallowed it. The next day I had a lot of pain in my throat area but thought it would go away in a few days because of the burn. It ended up forming into an ulcer. I have been on pain meds, gargling with salt water and hydrogen peroxide. I have had this about a week and a half so hopefully over the next few days it starts to feel better. I wish everyone luck.
Nick 18 May 10
I have really been feeling like a wimp.... in tears over the last few days, in total agony. Began getting a horrible sore throat on Friday, and it kept getting worse through the night. Made it into the doctor on Saturday morning and was diagnosed with strep. Began antibiotics. It is now Monday and NO improvement. Went back to the doctor today and was put on anti-viral meds as the dr. thinks it is viral. What I thought were pus spots on my tonsils, throat, and uvula are actually ulcers. I am no stranger to canker sores, have had them all my life. But, this is by far the worst agony I have ever been in! He gave me vicodin for the pain, which barely takes the edge off. He is also sending me to get a CT on my sinuses to see if there are any problems (I have had 3 ear infections in the last 3 mos. as well) So, for all out there, I guess mouth uclers are more often viral than bacterial and just have to run their course.
So, I feel for all of you out there. I don't think anybody can understand the pain unless they have had this condition. Hang in there! The only thing I have found that helps a lot is drinking ICE COLD slushies and popsicles - one after another.
Amy 18 May 10
ahhhh i have an ulcer on my uvula.. and i tell u i would'nt wish it on any1...i am crying with the pain....trying to eat is a nightmare...i have never experianced pain like it...there is a piece of skin hanging down my throat from it...i was put on antibiotics..and still not helpin...i have found gargaling disprin good for about ten mins...i also cryed my eyes out to the doc but no sypathy boo hoo :( :( i feel so sorry for myself...
michelle 14 May 10
Have had my fair share of canker sores/ulcers in the mouth over my lifetime, but never have I experienced one on my Uvula before. This is the worst sore throat I have ever had in my life and it even trumps Strep. It really feels like I am swalling razor blades or broken glass with each swallow. Soft foods are a must and I have tried gargling salt water, hydrogen peroxide, and mouthwash to help it, but they are temporary solutions that don't last long enough. I have also swabbed orasol gel on it and that seems to numb the pain for about 10-15 minutes. I have come to gribs that it is going to take some time to heal and hope that I NEVER get one of these on the UVULA again.
Chris 11 May 10
I used to get ulcers on my tonsils and uvula every few weeks, but I was also suffering really bad indigestion. My doctor thought that the ulcers were a result of acid reflux and put me on tablets to control the acid, and sure enough, the number of ulcer occurrences dropped considerably. Only get them now when the acid reflux is really bad. Reflux might be worth considering as a cause for some people. And gargling with Corsodyl or even just warm salt water helps ease the pain and heal the ulcers.
Jen 10 May 10
Ive got this now!!!! Had it before First time was when i was 17. My uvula was that infected it ended up the size of a golf ball. Not pleasant when its stuck in your throat. It was very hard to swallow as my uvula was being swallowed too, painful. There was also a very very sticky phlem i couldnt get from my throat no matter how hard i tried to spit it out. anyway, It eventually infected my tonsils and then seized my jaw as the infection spread to under my ears. All i was able to consume was an ice cold mcdonalds choc milkshake. 2 a day!!!! I went to see the doc as i knew it wasnt normal. He said it was the worst he had ever seen. He gave me antibiotics and within 2 weeks was ok. Ive got this again now. treating myself though with salted crisps. I know it hurts but the crumbs rip through the crap in your throat and the salt acts as a healer. Brush teeth plenty times and use corsodyl mouthwash, as any ulcers may spread to the tongue. Its healing but boy has it been painful. What purpose does this dangly thing have?????
paul 10 May 10
I am laughing reading all of this because it is all SO TRUE! I can't believe you all feel just like me. This is the worst sore "throat" Ive ever had. Just had surgery and Im positive its from the tube. On top of the ulcer, the uvula is actually ripped right up the middle! I just discovered this 4 days later and will call the doc in the morning to see if I need it stitched or what. I don't understand why they can't get a tube in without ripping, bruising, and ulcerating people's mouths. My surgery pain is almost nonexistent but this pain in my throat is off the charts! I am going to try some of you guys' at home remedies until I can get some of that magic mouthwash. I wish everyone some comfort cuz I know the hell you are feeling!
MelBO 3 May 10
i just had surgery a week ago and 3 days ago i woke up feeling like i had a huge hocker in my throat, when i tried to expell it didn't go anywhere. I noticed the tip of my uvula is white, and it looks like its spreading up to the top. I can not eat or drink, it feels like there is a golf ball in my throat, and until i found this web page, i thought i was going insane. I just want it to go away. This is by far worse than the surgery itself.
JessicaR 20 April 10
Day 7 constant PAIN!!!!!!! 3 dot cluster on uvula. the old stand by of salt water rinse offers little in relief. Antibiotics don't offer any comfort. ear ache right side of jaw like a toothache OUCH!!!!!
mike p 11 April 10
I've just found this page doing a bit of research. I also have a white/yellow spot on my Uvula (for the first time). It started about a week ago, so after 4/5 days I went to the doctor to get it checked out. I've been given some antibiotics and a pain killer but my stools are very watery. Perhaps a small reaction to the antibiotics? Anyway, I hope the stomach is doing enough to absorb some of the antibiotics so they get to the right place. I'm feeling a tad weak and seem to burp more than usual. Any advice? Thanks
Damian Jones 10 April 10
i had one that is just ending. try yorgurt, warm saline water and strong painkillers plus a mouth wash. then believe in God.
James Kamau 15 March 10
I've suffered from mouth ulcers all my life (I'm 62) but 6 weeks ago had the worst attack ever including affectation to the uvula. Also the other ulcers seemed to appear in pairs/symmetrically including the usual places like the sides of the tongue. I used Oraldene etc then eventually went to the docs and he prescribed Diflam & and a more powerful antiinflammatory tabs. that otc stuff. 4 weeks on and there are still problems but the lethargy associated with the condition has reduced (although still there). Dr's last treatment was a non-anabolic steroid mouth wash that may have brought relief. Interestingly I found drinking cold milk soothing. Bananas were a no no !! - presumably the carbohydrate produces irritation. Even now all my nasal and air passages & down my throat feels very sensitive, as though a cold is just starting. There's research to be done here in view of the many sufferers of this debilitating condition that's not really 'appreciated' apart from by sufferers !
Deano - March 14, 2010 14 March 10
I went to the doc's yesterday and they too told me I had an ulcer on my uvula, gave me a shot of antibiotic and prescribed penicillian and something called miracle mouthwash, which is a combination of lidocaine, benadryl and a steroid to help with swelling, gargle for a minute at a time and it helps numb enough for at least an hour. Within a day I felt MUCH better. Also when suffering with these ulcers as much as you would think a cold or hot drink would help soothe it's actually not true - everything lukewarm, the hot or cold just intensifys the pain. Also salt and lukewarm water gargles help...hope this helps!!!!
Reno - March 14, 2010 14 March 10
My uvula's got a 1/2 CM ulcer on it thats yellow not noticed by the three Stevenage NHS Hospital doctors on Saturday (!!!), been to pharmacy to get some numbing tablets but not working, had a quick read of this, looks like it may be more serious than i thought when i was discharged on sunday having been told "nothing is wrong with me"! Anyone reading living near stevenage, do not use that NHS hospital! its soooo discomforting to swallow and is like uncontrollable and feels like theres a golf ball caught in my throat.
alex 9 March 10
My 12 ear old daughter had the same problem after having surgery. The doctors said it was where the air tube caught her uvula. She described it as a flap of skin that she could swallow and then it would come back up. She is finding it so painful....... she is struggling eating and talking. The doctors have given her antibiotics and difflon spray. They have said it will return to how it was over the next 10 -14 days. Our fingers are crossed!!
Annie 12 February 10
How Long do tese things on ur uvula last,I'm dying here???????.......lol.......
Shad 4 February 10
I've got one on my uvula right now...this is day three. I've had worse, but this is pretty flapping bad. Nothing really dulls the pain for long. Eating is very painful, but mornings are the worst! I have noticed most of my outbreaks result from taking antibiotics, so there could be something to that for those of you who are currently taking them. I've never really found anything that makes them heal more quickly. Tried lots of ideas over my 36 years. Hang in there everyone. :)
Eric 31 January 10
Take heart. I had ulcers on my uvula when in adolescence but eventually they eat the uvula away!

Hey presto-no more uvula to worry about.

Unfortunately, I'm not joking.
Nigel Hawkes 20 January 10
Like others here I had an operation, in my case to get a deviated septum repaired, and I guess while they were running the tube down my throat they weren't very delicate. In fact I had a huge bruised lip as well. About 3 days after the surgery my throat started to hurt then on the 4th day it was killing me! I bought some Chloraseptic to ease the pain. As soon as I spray it, it stings so badly I tear up, but then a few seconds later it gets numbed up for a while. That lasts just long enough to eat something. It's getting a little better now on the 6th day. My remedy for canker sores is plenty of sleep.

By the way, for the person that said taking too much Chloraseptic hurts your stomach, read the directions! You're supposed to spray, leave on for 15seconds, then spit it all out.
Jay 18 January 10
I had sinus surgery 1 week ago and I can easily deal with the bloody nose mess; however, the ulcers on my throat and uvula feel like a thousand fire ants attacking its next victim. Been to 2 doctors, apparently there is not a quick pill to fix this only something to kill the pain temporarily (Mabex, Codiene Cough Suppressants). I used to get ulcers in my mouth from eating too much acidic foods and could cure them quickly by using baking soda or Orabase Cream. Unfortunately, my gag reflex still works so there's no chance of putting cream on it. I've resorted to a baking soda gargle (keep your fingers crossed). In the meantime, lay off the chocolate, acidic foods like fruit and milk. Coffee is soothing as is Sprite.
Herb 15 January 10
Someone please help! It all started with an ear ache and my jaw hurting. At first I thought it was the early signs of an ear ache, so I quickly took some Aleve. Half way through my day, the pain came back. So I took some more Aleve...but no luck! Next day everything got worse! I couldnt even eat because of how painful my throat was. So i went to the drug store and bought Cepacol sore throat & coating spray (WORKS PRETTY GOOD...ONLY FOR A SHORT RELIEF) and Similasan earache relief drops (DONT EVER USE THIS CRAP! ITS ALMOST $10 AND IT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL!!!). I used the 2 before bed and upon awakening the next morning..it was the worst pain I have ever experienced. It made everything worse! I couldnt even drink soup broth! So I checked my symptoms on WEBMD.com and I thought I had Peritonsillar Abscesses b/c my uvula was swollen and pushed away from the affected side. Low and behold, I grabbed a mirror and decided to look deeper into my mouth and my right tonsil was the size of a strawberry, covered in spots of pus with a huge thick layer of pus right on top of it. WTF!! AND!!..my uvula had pus on it as well. I rushed to the E.R. and they told me i had tonsillitis and gave me 2 shots of anitbiotics (1 was penicillin), NO PAIN MEDICATION and told me to follow up with my doctor. So when I went to my doctor and he said the bacteria had stripped the linning of my throat and prescribed me Lidocaine Viscous 2%. I used the medicine and tried to eat but it just kept burning in the corners of my cheeks. So forget about the food now! I went to sleep and the next morning my right upper molars were hurting very badly. So I got up to brush my teeth and my tongue and molars were stained with dry blood!!!! I quickly brushed them and they started bleeding outa no where!!!! I flossed inbetween them and inbetween my last 2 molars it is all black (probaly from dried up blood)!!!! i tried to get inbetween them with the pick end of the floss tool but it hurts so bad!! I called my doctor and he doesnt know what is going on! Anyone have any ideas??? please help!!!! :( email me at sp_sparkles@yahoo.com
NiNi 17 December 09
Ive had ulcers all through my mouth for the past 3 weeks. They started in the normal place with two on the inside of my bottom lip which werent unbearable. Then over the next week they started appearing everywhere. Inside my top and bottom lip, on my cheeks, underneath my tongue, and on the back of my throat including my uvula. Its been almost impossible to eat or drink anything and when i went to the doctor last she told me there was nothing she could do and prescribed a stronger form of the kenalog cream i have so i have been applying that at bedtime every night as she said. That does nothing for the ones on the uvula though since you cant apply it there so the last week ive been doing a trial and error of thing and ive found an antibacterial, antiflamatory mouthwash that contains benzocaine that you can buy over the counter at the pharmacy. It numbs your entire mouth, and while the effects only last about half an hour at most its enough to eat comfortably. Dissolvable asprin like disprin also provide some relief.
mel 11 December 09
HEEEELLLP :( I have 7 ulsers on my tounge and lips, But i got 5 big suckers all over my uvula and my god its the most painful thing ive ever had. They started occuring on monday and its now friday. Anyone know how long they last for. In 5 days all i have been able to eat is a pot noodle with the sause drained? Anyone got any tips.
Gavin 4 December 09
yeak I just thought I had a sore throat. Sounds like I found the right web page. Ulcer on my left tonsil and uvula. I try to lean my head to the right to swallow but even that does not work, it still hurts like a mother. Gingerale has helped and I'm gonna try some of the reccomendations I have read today TY. This is going now a week and a half, I am thinking of cutting that dam uvula off and sewing it back on when it gets back to normal lol. I heard that applying baking soda to the sore or ulcer would help speed up the healing. Has anyone tried this yet?
FCMarnold 3 December 09
I had surgery on my septum 5 days ago and now I can't swallow because the ulcers on my uvula are hurting that badly. I have an ulcer 1/2 inch long running from the bottom of my uvula to the top and another one to the side plus numerous ulcers on my tongue and front of mouth all from having the tube rammed down my throat during the operation. I think this was made worse because I had to breathe through my mouth for the first couple of days due to my nose being blocked after the op. I regularly suffer from ulcers so share your pain and experiences but nothing compares to this. It is now giving me ear ache and I can't even get down a bowl of soup it hurts that bad! I've been using Corsodyl mouth wash which helps a little as well as using Aloclair ulcer spray but even these have stopped working now plus 500mg Parasetemol. My favourite method is to use a dry cotton bud to dry out the ulcer then dip the other end in some Anbesol and rub it in. Stings like hell at first but makes the ulcer bleed which speeds up the healing process. The problem with the one on my uvula is I can't reach it and its too big to treat. Going to see the doctor tomorrow to see if it isn't infected after my op. Can't believe I'm in more pain and agony from this then the actual operation!! It sucks!
Cav 29 November 09
Hi everyone. I've suffered mouth ulcers for the past 15 years. I think the worst thing is that there is nothing you can do about them. They need to formulate some kind of steroid or cortizone mouth wash to make them heal faster. I had surgery recently and my uvula was damaged from all the surgical tools in my throat - then it turned into ulcers. The one right at the bottom of my ulvula was the worst. It is the most agonising pain, especially because it takes so long to heal. I found the apsrin helped, and also gargling/drinking aloe vera juice. The aloe juice is great cos it helps it heal faster, gets rid of the germs plus swollowing it fills your belly with lots of nutrients that you miss out on not being able to eat anything. I got mine here : graceglamour.promastore.com.au
Al 24 November 09
WOW!! I typed in "ulcer on uvula" and I got this web site and all of these responses. This is great to find out I'm not CRAZY! This is the most painful thing EVER! I went to doctor for sore throat on Saturday and the uvula was very swollen and red. By early wee morning hours of today, Monday, I have this horrible yellow mass on my uvula. AND everything everyone has posted above is absolutely true ... I feel like something is stuck in my throat, the pain is horrible, the pain has spread to my ears and all over my throat ... and I feel HORRIBLE! What's up with this .... thanks for all the info, guys!
kaybjay 16 November 09
I currently have a number of small ulcers on my uvula and loads of small ones on the sides of my tongue not sure why never had this problem before, does anybody know what i`m suffering from???
d.brewster 15 November 09
Holly crap this thing is killing me! I just had surgery five days ago on my shoulder and afterwards I felt this pain in my mouth. My uvula is swollen and looks nasty. It has this yellow spot on it that covers the whole tip. I can't swallow anything without feeling serious pain in my throat and mouth. What is this and how can I relieve the pain? How long does this take to go away?
Jared 01 11 November 09
I had one on my uvula once. It basically ate my uvula. Now i have a short stumpy thing.
JD 8 November 09
i hate this aaahaha im going to effin cry stupid othoroxyviridea D:< i feel it in my ears too
notsoperfect 8 November 09
Got mt first one on the uvula, but have had canker sores in the mouth before. Thank for all the helpful information...
triumphant 3 November 09
I have an a large ulcer on my uvula right now and it is SOOOOO painful! This is gross, but I was picking at my tonsils last weekend as they get food stuck in the pockets and causes bad breath. The next morning I woke up with a horrid sore throat and very swollen uvula. Went to the docs and they did a strep test...in office one came back negative...but they called the next day to say it was strep. The antibiotics took care of the strep, but now I have this horrible canker sore on my uvula and it's still swollen. My doc actually sent me for a CT scan yesterday thinking it was an absyss??? Of course, it was negative...so he just prescribed yet another, stronger antibiotic and a steroid. Not sure I want to take any more meds as they reek havoc on the digestive system....and probably won't take care of it anyway, right??? UGH
Becca 17 October 09
MARYANNE 21 August 09
Im always prone to ulcer on lips and under my tongue but last Sunday I started to get a sore throat and what appeared to be an ulcer on my Uvula. Went to the doctor on the Thursday who took a quick look and said it was an ulcer and basically pushed me out of the door with normal mouth wash. In the 5 days that followed it absoloutely killed to drink aything including water and eat anything even ice cream, it felt like i constantly had a frog in my throat and my enlarged uvula kept catching when I said certain words.

Took another look and the white batch has doubled in size to take up almost all of my Uvula, went back to doctors who seem just as uninterest and presecribed antibiotics, im 4 days into my 7 day prescription and no sign of improvement. I really dont trust my GP with anything as everything is too much hassle for them and they hav every little time for patients

I know that this isnt an expert forum but should I be worried about anything serious - soluble aspirin take a little bit of the edge of, Diflam does too but the rapid spread of the white patch and the fact that it really hurst and has been almost 2 weeks makes me worry its not just a normal ulcer...taking it to the extreme woul something as nasty as Cancer grow in size that quickly in a matter of days?
MB 20 August 09
I have just have 4 wisdom teeth removed, and my uvula is covered in ulcers aswell as the back of my throat! i guess due tthe tube at the back of your throat. How long does this last as its been 4 days already. on antibiotics too. it sooooo painful!
claire brockton 29 July 09
I have also had the most painful ulcer on my uvula couldn't swallow or ear anything and i got rid of it by putting salt in water and then gargling it at the back of my throat and it does help with the pain relief and does also help to get rid of the ulcer.
Mike 27 July 09
Yep Ive got one, I couldnt believe it when I saw it...At first I thought I just had a sore throat, but it seems like thats the only thing causing the pain. Ive had a chronic headache for over a week now, which I guess can be attributed to this damned thing.

Warm liquids go down pretty smoothly, and also dampen the pain when I swallow something that irritates it. Today is the first day its actually feeling better. I hope it goes away soon because its driving me crazy!
Disco 20 July 09
someone help! i had surgery a couple of days ago and the tube the dr intubated me with has caused my ulvula to become elongaged and drag against my tongue. cant speak, eat, just drink. this is the most frustrating illness i have ever had. the dr gave me some antibiotics which doesnt seem to be helping. apparently antibiotics dont even work anyway (waste of £7.20!). how long does it take for th uluva to shorten itself? im constantly gagging!
alexa 17 July 09
I'm on about my 10th episode of "Canker-on-de-uvula" and haven't enjoyed a single one. I've heard from a few sources that acetaminophen is a better choice than ibuprofen. I'm no pharmacist but apparently ibuprofen interacts with the sores differently causing them to worsen overall, even though it takes the edge off of the pain. I only bring it up because I have noticed a correlation with how intense they become as they run their course based on what type of pain medication I'm using. Also, one of my best friends has become a bottle of VICKS (fast-acting) Cloraseptic sore throat spray. Feels so good for anyone looking for a few minutes relief - to eat or drink or talk. Be careful not to use too much though (I've given myself stomach aches). I also had a question... does anyone else crave things that make their cankers hurt even more? Every time I get one I start craving salty chips, lemonade, tomatoes, chocolate and anything else that makes me miserable. Why!?
chris 1 July 09
This is the second time I've had a canker sore on my uvula. It might be the worst pain I've ever had. Can't swallow, drink, eat, or sleep. I have 2 other ulcers in my mouth. I'm gargling with closys mouthwash--hoping that it might heal faster. But it is truly unimaginable pain.
Dan 7 June 09
had my wisdom teeth extracted under GA, found myself with a terrible sorethroat when i woke up and the doc said it was cuz of the tube they had to stick into my nose into my throat. the pain lasted after 4 days and when i finally went to check it out, i realised i had 2 ulcers on my uvula! the horror! didnt think it was common till i chanced upon this page heh heh gearing up for a horrible week ahead
evaan 17 May 09
I noticed an ulcer on my Uvula over the weekend, it is day 3 and i want to have the thing just cut off!!!
It hurts so bad, i can't eat, drink, let alone swallow spit! Went to the Dr. today and he gave me a numbing solution to gargle but find it hard to get in the back of the throat and it only last for about 10 minutes! THIS SUCKS!
Breezy 12 May 09
I have been told that for mouth ulcers garggle with warm salt water, it DOES work. it is soothing and makes them go away faster. I dont do it as much as I should but I would think a few times a day would be good for real bad uclers. When you are sick drinking hot chamomille tea with honey it it helps to get better faster and so do banannas.
Carrie 11 April 09
I have been having ulcers for many years now, particularly on the side of the tongue - but generally anywhere. I even had a biopsy on the tongue which was non-conclusive. However, after seeing several 'experts' it was suggested more than once that the problem could potentially be a reaction to chemicals used in fillings (I have several). On large filling was next to an area on the tongue that I constantly got a bad ulcer - I had the filling removed and replaced with a gold in-lay, and although I do still get ulcers elsewhere, they seldom occure next to the new gold in-lay anymore. I hope this may help other people! I wonder if there is a major issue here for us ulcer sufferers with fillings???
acl 3 April 09
Yulk! I have been having mouth ulcers and boy this is the first time I have one on my uvula. 4 days of hell and counting! This one comes with ear ache, difficulty in swallowing, fever, headache, name it! Doc put me on advil and antibiotic.
Joe 2 April 09
Gee, my first canker sore on my uvula has begun. Given all the "rave" reviews I'm looking foward to a truly amazing next couple of weeks. Oh well. Maybe I'll lose some weight.
tnr 23 March 09
Ulcers in the back of the throat are the worst. I have a few ulcers (no idea how many) on the uvula plus the bits of the throat surrounding that. Its giving me terrible earache and after my 4th day of eating virtually nothing I now have a headache. My Doc gave me some stronger painkillers but am scared to stop using Disprin / Anadin Extra (which are great for this). I think they are starting to go now but I don't think there is much you can do apart from gargle (if you can) with salt water, take painkillers & rest. I found that strong menthol chewing gum nummed the area quite well. Good luck everyone.
GPS 9 March 09
my god this is painful, got an ulcer on the left side of the uvula - swallowing is very difficult. This is worse than toncillitis
kjd 28 February 09
I sympathize with all of you who commonly get ulcers. I get them from time to time as well and it's usually when I am stressed out. Right now, I have a very painful one on my uvula. It hurts while speaking, eating, even drinking and can give one a migraine. What I have found to give relief is to dry the ulcer with one end of a cotton cue-tip and then apply a dab of Zilactin (over the counter pain reliever for mouth sores) to the ulcer with the other side of the cue-tip. Yes, it will burn a bit when you apply it and you have to let it dry for at least 30 seconds. Afterwards, your uvula may catch a bit on your tongue, however, it will give you 4-6 hours of pain relief and really helps when trying to get some rest at night. I hope that this tip will help and give you some relief, take care.
JJL 20 February 09
thanks ina ! i have just finished a weeks worth of penicillin and top of throat is better, ulcer is still there but not as bad and i have slight pain on swallowing ! i guess its a question of time ? i will see how it goes but dont really want more pills !! i think the mouth needs to repair and heal much like the rest of the body ! regards and grateful to more comments ! jj
jj 16 February 09

Strange, my first ulcer there occured after my last surgery too ...
ina 16 February 09
im suffering with ulcers on my uvula and it too hurts like hell. i have found that *soluble annadin extra* is good and can be gargled. *co codamol* is also good. either of these taken regularly help with the pain. recommended mouthwashes are *corsodyl* and *oraldene*. at those times when it really needs a hit i suggest *ultra chloraseptis* which is an anaesthetic throat spray. this is usually good after eating (if poss). AVOID trying to eat chocolate!!!!! i have also found that the more upright you can sleep the less likely you are to wake with that nasty stuck, dry, and painful feeling. do not, as i did hammer the mouthwashes and sprays as it aint nice on the mouth. TCP is soothing and good but rather potent and leaves your whole mouth feeling manky. stick with either mentioned mouthwashes. also drink lots of warm drinks.
cjallen72 11 February 09
just had appendix surgery and have a little white ulcer on the avula ! now got antibiotics and hope it clears it.also top of mouth hurts when i belch ! im putting it all down to the tubes that went in mouth for operation . anyone else had this problem following appendectomy ?? thanks
jj 5 February 09
actually, how long it take to feel less pain which means can eat with little pain. As my gf is now having. Quite worry and feel pain for her.
john 4 February 09
I have got 7 ulcers on my tonsils an yes on my Avula..They hurt like crazy when i go to swollow, i have had them for 3 days now and still haven't gone. I wish i could use Bonjela to get rid of them, I am on penicillin antibiotics to help get rid of them but they are still there...I am also using this antibiotic mouth wash to help out...
Michelle 2 February 09
I too have an ulcer on my uvula which I agree is awful, making me gagg as like a few described feels like something stuck down my throat, very unpleasant, was going to visit the Dr tomorrow but don't think it's worth it, been gargling with soluble paracetamol, numerous cough sweets and TCP which I found really helps. Saw the ulcer after a week of very painful sore throat, so not sure how long it's been there so hopefully coming to the end of it's life!! Not sure if my tonsils are swollen don't look down there too often, just been feeling very sorry for myself, what a rotten way to spend a weekend!
Amanda 1 February 09
i've just had surgery where they had to put a tube down my throat, and as they've dragged back out they've hit every lump and bump along the way, resulting in 14 ulcers popping up in their wake - all down my throat, tonsils, uvula, mouth, and tongue. i can't eat, drink or speak it's so painful. have near overdosed on difflam spray trying to get some relief but to no avail. i was at a friend's house i hadn't seen in months last night and couldn't enjoy a drink with the rest of them, or sing on the singstar (!) and ended up going home early because of it. the worst thing is you sound like such a wuss when you blame it on mouth ulcers, because people who've never had them chronic can never really understand just how badly they affect you! i'm sure they all thought i was just being boring. ah well. am on antibiotics after the surgery so am hoping and praying this clears them up, and am planning a little trip to the doctors to see if i can have any food allergies tests - this is by no means a one off, sadly, and usually i can't blame it all on surgical wotsits :(
emilie 1 February 09
had swollen tonsils and uvula for the past 4 days, day 2 i was almost in tears everytime i swollowed.
The swelling has all gone down but my uvula has been left elongated dragging on my tounge, its all all deep red, with yellowish patches, aswell as this theres a lovely big ulcer on the left hand side of it, never had this before, quit smoking 3 weeks ago, think that might have anything to do with it?
Craig 27 January 09
hehe just realised its a good job i know that its called the uvula - as saying 'i've got an ulcer on me dangly thing' looks a bit strange - especially as i'm female. hehehe chuckle chuckle
Sparkly Kate 24 January 09
I get ulcers regularly since having glandular fever. Can end up with several in mouth at once. So was just online as have had a sore throat and looks like I've got an ulcer on me dangly thing (which i've since found out to be the uvula). Came up with this page.... hope you guys all have been feeling better. Didn't realise how lucky i've been - happy to say to date my ulcers haven't been too unbearable. I find tcp quite good once I've removed myself from the ceiling after applying it. Good luck peeps with finding good remedies
Sparkly Kate 24 January 09
I suffer with these ulcers regularly and the only thing that really seems to help is a mouthwash meant for Oncology (cancer) patients. The brand is Prevention and they make a few different types but the Oncology mouthwash is what you want--it has a yellow and orange label and is sold at most drugstores. It's a glycerin and menthol solution with zinc that soothes and speeds the healing of the ulcers. It doesn't hurt like salt water or hydrogen peroxide and it really does seem to help quite a bit. I even managed to find a small mouth-spray version they made that I can carry around in my bag to use throughout the day. If you have recurring ulcers this stuff works very well and eases the pain.
Jenny Jen 4 January 09
I have an ulcer on right handside of my tounge and it really hurts when I eat becuase it hits of my teeth. Just wonderin what is the best cure for this?
Rosie 24 December 08
Ive read that gargling cayenne pepper water can help with ulcers inside your mouth.. you should try it. It also doesnt hurt at much as it might sound
Gar 13 December 08
Oh my god, i thought this was a problem unique to me, i've got a big yellow mess of an ulcer on my uvula, and ti's the worst, i thought i was a seasoned ulcer veteran till this baby came along, joking aside, i just want to curl up and sleep it off. And no ammount of spraying i with difflam is helping, but at least i know there are others who have had this. I really didn't think the uvula lengthened, it's so annoying, keep thinking i have something stuck at the back of my throat.
Rick 8 December 08
When I get the sort of ulcer that catches on my wisdom teeth or blisters up my uvula, I blast it with difflam spray (taking care not to inhale). It's painful to do, but it gives me a window for eating/talking without tears... It's a toss-up which is the most painful location - the cheek/wisdom teeth one shoots up the side of my face leading to ear- and eye-ache(!) but I can't even swallow my spit with the uvula one.
urardo 8 December 08
Hey, I just recently went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with have a viral/bacterial infection of the sinuses. I awoke one morning noticing that something didn't feel right when i swallowed. Well my uvula grew quite a bit and was dragging on my tongue. I thought this was just a common sore throat symptom. So the next day i started eating nachos, which were awesome except for the fact that my upper throat had a burning sensation. I got up and checked my mouth and noticed that i uvula now had about three ulcers on it. Well my mom asked me if it could also possibly be puss pockets. So she called the doctor and asked him about this weird occurrence. He said that if they were ulcers then it was caused by a virus and that nature had to take its course. Now if it was a puss pocket, which is caused by bacteria, the antibiotic would handle it. So now im just waiting for it to clear up and wishing my uvula doesn't fall off.
AXEL 26 November 08
I have two 2 cm + sized ulcers right now, one on each side of the uvula. I literally feel like I am going to die. I have viscous lidocaine (prescription required) that I dab on with a qtip. It lasts about 10-15 minutes, but is enough to get some fluids and ensure plus down my throat. This is week three and counting.

I am curious about cauterizing... anyone ever had lasar or Debacterol on something this large?
misery 3 November 08
i STRONGLY disagree that its the most painful place to have one (ive had a few there) im suffering with an ulcer at the moment that really is the mother of all ulcers, im 21 and have had ulcers for as long as i can remember, been to the doctors countless times, given blood, given mouth swabs, you name it! but this one is just an absolute joke, its right at the back of my cheek, where your jaw closes at the back past where your wisdom teeth grow on the soft lining of my mouth! ive got a very good pain threshold when it comes to ulcers as i get them almost weekly but this one has nearly had me in tears in the last 24 hours its causing me to have THE worst ear ache ever, my jaw is killing and my whole cheek is constantly on fire :( and worse yet i cant get my finger back there to get any kind of pain relief on it!! does anyone know of any good mouth washes or pain killers that will just give me a break from the pain? i cant open my mouth at all to talk or eat and ive got to drink through straws :(

as for your unfortunate ulcer, try the bonjela that you have to swab on, it hurts like HELL for a few seconds but i promise you its worth it! you can get it in sainsburys, its abit expensive but works brilliantly for ulcers in that part of your mouth/throat :)
ste 3 November 08
Me Too

I get ulcers all the time but this is the first time here on my uvula and boy do I feel sorry for myself. I feel quite ill and its killing me boo hoo. If I get any more I also asking my doc to get rid of it. Apparently they can lazer them away
Stephanie 2 November 2008 3 November 08

I just got my first one on the uvula and I get them common place in my mouth!

If they become regular i'm telling the doc to get rid of it! :lol:
Dorjan 15 October 08
hey Gordy,

yep been there a few times myself, congrats, you have now experienced the most painful place to have an ulcer with out a doubt! my uvula just turned into a yellow mess, unfortunatley any application (unless you have a really big mouth!) is near impossible, i found dissolvable asprin, to offer some decent relief - but looking at the date i hope for your sake your over it! for a decade or more i only got them in my mouth, then i once got them in my throat and now that appears common place, then on my uvula once and now im up to 3 or 4, hopefully this doesnt become common place!
Nick 9 June 08
It must be the most painful thing in the world!! Uvula has swollen up, got longer (?) and catches my tongue which drags it forwards! argh! . Swallowing is a no go! either is eating. anyone know how to help with an ulcer there! also have a huge ulcer just inside my lip! but I can cope with that one! :(
Gordy 26 May 08

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