Everytime I drink alcohol I get cankers...anyone know why??

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Iím almost 60 and donít drink much at all. Back in my 20s and 30s I loved wine, especially with a nice dinner..mostly white, but realized after a long time of trial and error that approximately 2 weeks after drinking wine I developed canker sores in my mouth which could be very painful and caused a very sluggish tired me. Nowadays if I want a taste I can have a sip but not much more. I tried a glass of wine that I was told by the seller may not do that because they didnít use certain ingredients like other wines. Well 1/2 a glass and within 5 days I had a sore and was complaining how I was so tired. I take different supplements I swear by but I am going to try the b vitamins and folate and see if that helps. I have a feeling I may be deficient in those anyway. Glad to see itís not in my head and strange that only wine does it to me. I can drink hard cider or mixed drinks on rare occasions and not see one sore.
Terri 9 May 20
I was told that I had vitamin B deficiency..I went to buy vitamins but to my surprise after starting taking the vitamins the ulcers started finishing but I made a mistake while i was taking medicine i took some wine and ulcers are back again I think beer contribute on the mouth ulcers.
Evelyn 23 January 20
Yep, me too! White wine seems to be my culprit as well. I just got blood drawn today to see what I am deficient in - I have been breastfeeding multiple kids for five straight years now and am positive that I am depleted. I have been b12 deficient in the past so will be curious if that happening again. Has anyone ever looked into the mthfr gene mutation thing as potentially being connected ?
sarah 28 July 19
I did not have any canker sores until I purchased a bottle of wine and now this week I have on big one under my lip hitting my tooth .. PAIN I have been taking Lysine and it seems to be helping
Marilyn 21 March 19
Iím so amazed to find this post! Iíve realised that alcohol was causing horrible ulcers under my tongue and just realised that apple cider is the worst with them appearing within a couple of hours. I needed a good reason to cut back on alcohol but was hoping it was going to be mental strength and not pain that stopped me!! For those that say that wheat is the problem, it may be for some, but I havenít eaten wheat for over 5 years. Iím LCHF paleo- except for alcohol 🙄
Kathie 28 February 19
used to drink beer, no problems. swapped to bourbon and coke or cola, cankers permanently. vitamin b12 injections,Kenalog,watermelon frost, sm33 gel. nothing works. liquid sm33 (painted on) along with bonjela teething gel (which stings like hell) seems to be the only thing that gives relief (doesnt get rid of). not prepared to give up only fun in life.
roseanne 26 November 18
I canít believe how many people get this too! I thought it was only me but every time I drink alcohol, even if itís only a small amount, I suffer from little pimple sores on my tongue and sore ulcers inside my cheeks the next day and they can last up to 2 weeks. Theyíre so sore that they affect my speech and I dread eating anything acidic for weeks. I hadnít realised it was alcohol because I donít go on massive benders and drink loads but itís a definite association and I feel better having read this feed knowing that itís not just me! The comment about folic acid deficiency seems bang on. I have had supplements in the past before for folic acid deficiency and donít recall having the mouth sores, then I stopped taking the supplements and sores appear!
Hayles 30 June 18
I used to drink every day, and whenever I stopped for a day or two I got mouth ulcers.
Then, when I gave up drinking, I had really big ulcers for a few weeks.
Now, if I even have one drink on a friday, I will have mouth ulcers the following week.
This is despite being no-wheat, low carb diet.
And it seems, if I dont get enough sleep, eat wrong, feel stressed, or anything goes out of whack - I get mouth ulcers.

Thats my tuppence worth.
Chanterelle 15 March 18
As a life-long sufferer of canker sores I'm finding some great info in these posts. Alcohol > Folic Acid depletion could apply to my adult life. However I've suffered as a kid when I didn't drink booze. What I did find is that by switching to a non-SLS, non-Floride, non-Tarter control toothpaste, my canker occurances have diminished considerably, and when I do get one, it is is small and goes away fairly quickly. Most of mine these days are brought on by trama - biting my cheek or getting agressive with tortilla chips or more recently super crunchy onion rings - the inside of my mouth looked like a knife fight. Walnuts are a sure fire starter.

My treatments:
- Keep your mouth clean - baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, salt etc are all good rinses after a gentle, yet thorough brushing.
- Kanker Patches - little disks that you can put on overnight to cover the sore (and the pain) and promote healing. These things work great - a bit yucky in the morning, but most times healing has started and wraps up the next day after taking them out.
- Air them out - if they are on your lips, prop your lip up with cotton balls to expose the sore to the air and let it dry out as long as possible. You can coat the area around the sore with a liquid vitamin E soaked cotton swab so it doesn't dry out the healthy parts.
Mike 7/7/17 7 July 17
I used to have these sooo bad. 15 huge canker sores at one time & they took 2 weeks to go away. After my one batch went away, I would get another. I was miserable, cried myself to sleep many times because of the pain. Im pretty sure I have cracked teeth because I clenched all night dealing with the pain. I have been to so many doctors about these and none know what causes them, how to treat them, etc. I had one doctor give me steroids, that they give to people with herpes!! Don't take anything like this. I wound up with three huge canker sores in my esophagus, thought I was dying because you can feel the pain every time ever you swallow. Had to go to the hospital to have a scope put down my esophagus to checked for cancer, AIDS, etc. The doctors have not been good to me.
A few things I have learned. Red wine is the worst for me. I get a few in a few hours after I have some.
But The main thing that helped me-NO WHEAT- NO SUGAR- look up celiacs. I do not have it , but it's one of symptoms of this disease. I'm am pretty sure I have gluten sensitivity though. I went off of wheat and sugar for 3 months and I feel it cleared my system of wherever it was dealing with. After I did this, I rarely got them and they only lasted for a few days. It's sooo much better. Of course I'm eating wheat and sugar again and I have had a few cancer sores. And possibly my system is getting toxic again. I will have to abstain again from these addictions.
If you are desperate right now- debactum (I think that's what it's called) helps get rid of most. You can get it from your dentist. Convince him or her to sell you a bottle. It saved me many times when mine were bad. Most dentists will not sell you a bottle but my canker sores were so bad, he felt sorry for me. A little bottle is about $80 but it lasted me a few years.
swishing with baking soda can keep your Ph of your mouth in check. Do it 3 times a day. Best to do it when you don't have any. Oil swishing might help too.
But in my opinion, most of us with these sores should be eating really healthy , low acidity diets. Cut out the wheat first and sugar if possible. You will not regret it.
Robin 13 March 17
As a long-term sufferer of canker sores, I can tell you what I learned empirically during the years, and will tell you what works (to some degree) for me.
First of all, I think there are two main aspects at work here that should be distinguished (although somehow related): 1) the origination of canker sores in the skin of your mouth, 2) how your body copes with these. The first aspect will determine how many canker sores you will get, where etc. at an INITIAL stage. The second will determine how these will progress: how many days till recovery, how big and deep they will grow, etc.
For me, factors that induce canker sores are: DEFINITELY alcohol (beer, wine, everything containing alcohol, and this is trongly dependent on how much I drink. Especially for the terrible ones on my tongue), byting my mouth when I'm nervous, spicy food (to a lesser degree). Limiting these factors can help reducing the number of canker sores for me. In my opinion, the reason these things lead to canker sores is simply "mechanical" (they irritate/damage your mouth skin).
The BIG aspect determining the response of your body to canker sores is, though, your immune system. When I'm stressed I get more canker sores, when I have fever I get them a lot.. Both these things are related to your immune system. What was an absolute game changer for me was to start taking vitamin and minerals supplements. Usually every two days. Since I started more than one year ago I don't get less canker sores, but the time to recovery is drammatically shorter. Some canker sores will never become big and will be stopped at an initial stage. Now the maximum days they can last in the worst case is about 4 compared to maybe a week previously. Honestly I don't know which of the vitamins does the job, would be very interesting to know. Reduction in alcohol uptake has helped a lot, as well.
I hope it helps for you
Paul 23 February 17
I was surprised to find this forum. It seems like I have the exact opposite issue! I hardly drank any alcohol until I was 30 and now I primarily drink whiskey, a glass a night. In my teen and 20's and early thirties I had terrible mouth sores, especially when I had a lot of stress. It would really be bad, especially when around the tongue or where it would effect my speech. They would last a couple of weeks most of the time. Ever since I have had a regular routine of whiskey drinking I NEVER have a mouth sore. Occasionally it seems like one will start, or I'll bite my cheek which in the past might trigger it, but goes away in a few hours. I have been considering cutting back on whiskey now that I am 40 and this is my worst fear that the mouth sores come back! Now I am really confused reading all of these accounts that alcohol is causing mouth sores for so many. How can this be?
Dave 27 October 16
So glad to know i am not alone in this! I've drunk plenty in the past years but all of a sudden the last two to three months have made it not even worth it! two days after drinking anything from as little as two corona's, to a mixture of anything, or only red wine or vodka soda water and i break out in a complete mouth full of these. the last episode being the worst, body ache, fevering, inability to drink or eat, or even say! anything. I eat well, drink plenty of water and it seems to occur only after consuming alcohol. The last episode took 10 days to clear before i could eat near properly again. Lately, however, i notice my top lip swelling (which is a beginning sign) after say 4-6 lollies, or 4-5 pieces of chocolate. Doctor doesnt know what to do but a Naturopath put me on straight fresh fruit and vege for three weeks then introduce protein again, and a ginger tea and raw potato tea 3-4 times a day to help alkalise the body.
Mandy 13 October 16
Yes, alcohol may contribute to these small, shallow ulcers.

After a night of drinking, some people may notice a canker sore or two - which are little round ulcers inside the protective lining of their mouths. Unlike cold sores, canker sores are not caused by the herpes virus and are not contagious. Rather, they are auto-immune, which means that your body is essentially attacking itself.

An ulcer is an umbrella term for any hole in a bodily membrane. When it comes to canker sores, the top layer of the epithelial cells wears down, revealing the blood vessels and nerves underneath. You could think of it as a blister with its outer dome dissolved.

There has been much debate among doctors and dentists about what causes canker sores, and how alcohol plays a role. The first thing to mention is that if you get these sores following drinking beer, wine or liquor, you're not alone.

Folic acid deficiency
One explanation is that alcohol can lead to folic acid deficiency, which in turn can trigger canker sores. Folic acid, or folate, is a type of B vitamin that helps in the DNA repair process. By interfering with folic acid absorption and increasing folate excretion through urine, excessive alcohol intake may result in a mouthful of burdensome canker sores.

As a general trend, people who have nutritional deficiencies of folic acid, vitamin B12 and iron appear to develop canker sores more often.

Dry mouth
Another possibility revolves around alcohol's ability to dry out the mouth, leaving it more vulnerable to these little infections. We all need saliva to moisten and cleanse our mouths and digest food. But one of saliva's little-known facts is that it prevents infection by controlling bacteria and fungi in the mouth. Alcohol, a drying agent, dehydrates the body's cells and decreases saliva production. Thus, dry mouth may provide an opportunity for canker sores to arise.

How to help prevent canker sores from drinking alcohol
Whether you're enjoying a glass of wine at home or a few beers at the bar, there are some ways to help decrease your chances of waking up with alcohol-induced canker sores - not to mention morning breath.

Drink plenty of water before going to sleep. Hydrating your body works to combat the effects of alcohol, replenishing cells and keeping the mouth moist during sleep.

Eat foods high in folic acid. Some breakfast cereals have an enriched source of folic acid. Leafy vegetables and legumes may be another good bet. Consider eating these foods before drinking.
Jake 22 September 16
57 years old and have developed sjogren's syndrome, very dry mouth.
I too thought that I had a very bad mouth reoccurring infection because my mouth would at times be full of cankers. Now I realize that the problem happens when I drink alcohol! Thanks for the help! !!! By the way I found that swishing castor oil in my mouth a few times a day helped to ease the pain and speed up the healing. Mb because it has antiviral /antibacterial properties in it. Just don't drink it or you'll be running to the bathroom.
Drinking alcohol sure isn't worth the pain, now I'm a tea granny. ; )
Kay, from Canada 1 June 16
I'm 44, and do enjoy my white wine. I have been drinking forever......just normally.
But in the past few week, my tongue hurts terribly, it appears that there are little irritations and white splotches, especially on the tip and sides of my tongue. I really really do not want to give up alcohol. I look forward to my glass or 2 a night. (Sometimes I drink vodka instead, like when I'm at a restaurant). After the past few weeks of this painful tongue, I do guess that it's related to alcohol.....but why all of a sudden, after all these years?
I already take B12 vitamins with folic acid; I also take a probiotic daily. I drink a lot of water too.
Any suggestions on what I can do?
Any home remedies?
Thank you!!!!

Laura 15 May 16
I get them too and will try some of the suggestions. One thing that works great for me is when they are starting to come on, I dab them with myrrh on a Q-tip and that keeps them from getting any bigger and they go away. Liquid myrrh is powerful stuff. It will sting slightly but well worth it. It numbs them too so they don't hurt as bad. Myrrh is a must to have for these darn things. Cheers!
Patrick 20 April 16
Wow... thank you , thank you thank you to this blog.. I am 41 years old and have never had such a hard time with mouth sores until recently. It started when my husband and I would try a cheap white wine from the store, several nights a week. The ironic thing is I went to white wine because I had a horrible anaphalaytic shock experience after drinking too much red wine one evening (one I would like to forget). Doctor thought it was the sulfides and the level I ingested. Anyway, I am going to try some of these home remedies, and stop buying the cheap white wine and see if that helps. Thanks to all that shared !! They hurt, and seriously make me crazy!!
Karma F 27 March 16
I quit smoking 15 months ago after smoking for 25 years. I had my lungs tested for cancer but never my throat, I have a doctors apt next week, reading every ones stories gives me hope, Not that I want to get enjoyment out of other peoples pain but I do drink a lot and just switched a few months ago from beer to vodka and tonic, No carbs lol. I don't know, but the more I google things, It's all the same, you eat to much yes, you are going to get fat, If you drink to much a lot of things can happen. funny to much fruit is bad for you. either way I'm going to go to a doctor, I recommend that for anyone.
Dennis 7 March 16
I get mouth ulcers regularly too and alcohol definitely contributes. White wine (Flat or sparking) and sparkling red are the worst. But acidic fruit including tomato's, apples, oranges, pineapple etc also causes them. Aspartame can also cause ulcers so avoid 'sugar free' chewing gum and soft drinks. The only thing that I have found to help is putting kenalog on them as soon as I feel them coming on. It needs to be applied as soon as you feel an ulcer coming and it does stop them. Once they take hold though there is not much that helps other than riding out the pain! Its quite debilitating while they are sore. I think Vitamin B does help some people. I hate admitting that avoiding drinking wine will help but I have also found that it does!
Danielle 22 January 16
I'm surprised nobody is talking about oral thrush, or candidiasis (candida) in the mouth. We all have the candida yeast/fungus in our digestive tract and it's meant to be minimal. A diet of processed food, too much sugar and yeast, and too many antibiotics, will, over time, allow candida to thrive and grow and spread. Candida loves sugar/alcohol/yeast. An outbreak of oral thrush with sores in mouth or white patches on tongue is typical after too much alcohol.
The only way to cure this is to do a couple of months of the candida diet (you google it). It's not easy, but well worth it!!
Lara 12 January 16
Thank you all know we should all be aware of yiest and dairy products and spicy and acidic food/fruits to totally stay away from to be more healthy and happy !!!! Thank you if possible drink only yiest and dairy free beer or don't drink either way we will be sober and more happier with no hangovers problem solved :)
Rina 16 October 15
can you not add pics on here? I get something on my tongue, dentist said its nothing serious.. but main one occurs in same place all the time, just to left of tip, goes white, about 3/4mm feels like a lump sometimes, then gets very white, some layer will come off, then it reduces and can nearly go, think it may be to do with alcohol
phil 7 July 15
I was told by a dental hygienist that it meant lack of vitamin C and I started to take it and they finally stopped. I would get one and go right into another. The vitamin c did the trick. That was 40 years ago.
Two many to count 23 February 15
I had a three month break in canker sores last year. I thought about this a lot trying to figure out what I was doing differently. I was stressed, my diet wasn't spectacular (I ate cocoa puffs regularly, and drank coffee daily). Then it dawned on me. I didn't drink alcohol the whole time. I was working on a fishing vessel in the bering sea and we were not allowed to drink alcohol. I'm going to take one for the team and take a three month break from alcohol while on land, at home, eating what I normally do and I will report back in three months.
I bit my tongue the other day and now I have three canker sores all in the same spot and I have a fourth that is a centimeter in diameter just inside my upper lip. I'll do anything to get rid of these, I can't even talk.
Corey McBride 21 January 15
Thanks guys for sharing this stuff with me I am also suffering for this when ever i drink get a soar tongue at the left front side f my tongue and gets heels after few days I was really tense abut after reading your comments i am bit relaxed and still finding my right cure and wine. .......
Rishi Sangal 7 December 14
Has anybody ever tried Heineken? This is the ONLY beer I can drink and not get canker sores. I have only drank it in glass bottles. I also do not suffer hangovers from Heineken.
Bud light, Miller, Coors, Guiness, etc. all cause canker sores and terrible sinus congestion/headaches the next day. Heineken does not. Give it a try, as a beer lover, I am so happy I can drink a beer again without worrying about mouth ulcers!
John M 16 November 14
A mixture of baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide and some warm water is the cure for me. Just mix them all together and stir until dissolved then swoosh it around in your mouth for about 2 mins, being careful NOT to swollow. Not sure why it works so well, maybe the alkaline pH.
Do this 3x's + a day if you can. Sores should be gone in around 3 days, as long as you avoid the things that cause it as well.
Canker sores occur in me when I eat/drink something acidic, such as coffee, orange juice, pineapple chunks, tomato sauce, alcohol etc.
Avoiding acidic food and drinks keep me ulcer free, but of course once in a while I'm going to eat pizza or drink alcohol, so when I screw up the above mixture does wonders

Eric S 27 June 14
KS 11 June 14
alcohol causes folic acid deficiency. i have been taking methyltetrahydrofolate as a supplement and no longer get mouth sores. i had extreme difficulty with them, all over my mouth. folate has been my lifesaver.
shefitz 16 May 14
Glad I found this page I've had the same problem for 6 years and evry year its worse and the crankers occur within 24hours of drinking. I agree that it may be an allergy to alcohol since I have more sympoms such as muscle cramps. The strange thing for myself is that out of all alcohols Taquila does not give me mouth ulcers. A Dr told me I should avoid alcohol all together so im trying that!
geliqua 18 April 14
Hi guys i too didn't know there were so many people with this problem. Mine was not quite so bad just irritating but after a holiday and having a few good wine sessions everyday it got to the point i just couldn't deal with another day of waking up with this awful burning sensation in my mouth mainly the tip of my tongue. Very deppressing especially as i enjoy my wine anyway i was desparete and my grandma used to say ice would fix anything so i sucked on icecubes and had a cuople of strepsils to numb the pain i'm now convinced the ice cured most of it and i haven't had any wine for about 5 days but i have had a couple of dark and stormies and been ok. I don't know if its worth mentioning i suffer with oestioarthritis and shuogens disease and this is what is a problem with the tingling sensations. Old age sucks believe me i am 55 and suffer with my back its so upsetting when you can't even enjoy a glass of wine to wind down the day.
Mystey 10 January 14
I can't drink wine so that rules out anyone questioning wine! The top of my mouth feels like I've put a fire inside it hurts like hell when I eat I'm a big scotch or vodka drinker drink too much However last week I decided to cut back and had one long neck of Sol (Mexican beer) instead of 10 or more spirits through the week! When I went back to vodka on Thursday night woke up Friday fine until I ate now Sunday in a lot of pain! Pain is insane when I eat Is it the beer or my body now has an intolerance to alcohol? I'm so glad to read that I'm not the only one to suffer!x
Kirsty 20 October 13
hi rich.
It is the acidic(example : alcohol) is the cause of your mouth ulcer. It is just like an allergic reaction on specific food,dust etc for specific peoples. In my case, any alcohol, wheat floor,chicken,hen's egg(duck and its egg has not made any issues for me), Potato, some types of sugar. I know many peoples those never developed such a mouth issue,even though they will drink and eat anything that goes near to them :). Avoid acidic food, good sleep(6+ hours),less mental strain will cure this.

Visakh 23 September 13
After 20 years of hideous mouth ulcers, especially painful tongue ones, and worsening wisdom tooth pain, decided to be extreme and cut out all sugar, wheat and yeast from diet. Didn't have ANY ulcers or toothache for 8 months , when I drank alcohol at a wedding. Feel AMAZING! also taking iron tablets. Am sure this helps as blood tests showed I was anaemic. Could easily never drink alcohol again!
Katy 13 September 13
I was getting cranker soares and took lot of time to find what it was causing evnetually i found that beer,whisky, sodas, berries and dark choclate 70% cocoa ( all high acidic foods) led to cranker sores ---Vodka with water with lime is fine as Vodka is neutral go for high quality Vodka
sam 4 September 13
I also suffer from this, and the only cure that I have found is constant doses of Lysine, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lysine, this is an amino acid which seems to help me control my mouth ulcers. Like many of the users on this site I also like a few drinks, but if I dose up on Lysine both before and after going out this seems to neutralise whatever it is which causes the ulcers. I do still get them from time to time, but nowhere near the amount I used to, and for no where near as long. I hope this helps as it has helped me!
Matt 14 May 13
It happens to me too. I used to be able to drink alcohol without leading to canker sores. However, more recently, every time I drink it, be it beer or red wine, I will get extremely painful sores all over my mouth. And it takes at least two weeks to heal. I feel that my tongue and mouth are cut many times every time I speak, eat or drink. No matter how much I enjoy a drink or two, it's not worth it and I hope I have nothing to do with alcohol for the rest of my life.
YF 16 April 13
I don't think beer had anything to do with it, I think it is just alcohol in general. I don't drink beer at all but I get awful ulcers the day after drinking. I've tried sticking to one drink all night including vodka, jack Daniels, amaretto and wine. This didn't help. Alcohol lowers your immune system and therefore lets things in such as mild allergies that you have not yet discovered and illnesses. My doctor has basically said the only way to stop the ulcers is to not drink alcohol!!!.
I've found that taking vitamins the morning before drinking, having a glass of water every now and then during drinking have helped to lower the amount of ulcers I end up with. Good treatments include difflam spray, cordasyl mouth wash, aciclovir pills and ambesol.
Anne 1 April 13
perhaps i should switch to bottled beer and see. hope it's worth the trouble. i currently have two of these wankers on either side of my tongue, and one each on my upper and lower lip. this followed a rather great night of imbibing - tons of beer and a bottle of whiskey. now i am convinced after reading this blog that my cankers are alcohol related. i almost exclusively drink canned beer.
vic 8 March 13
It sounds like you are having an allergic reaction. This happened to me and I found out I am allergic to pickles. I'd say go to an allergist, but stop drinking alcohol, because each time you do it's effecting your histamine response. Each time you run the risk of having an allergic reaction that could close your throat.
Cass 27 December 12
just looked this up because only recently does my mouth feel raw after wine....but maybe I am sleeping with my mouth open....It feels better during the day but comes back after a glass or 2 of wine...
patti 11 December 12
Been drinking for 15 years. And all of the sudden I started getting these sores. I only get them after a heavy night of drinking! I think drinking plenty of water before and after can soothe the problem!
Edwin 26 November 12
omg am so relieved,I thought its some nasty infection then noticed it only happens when I drink.well that's sad...al try my favorite drinks n c which one doesn't affect me.I only get one, bottom lip n pop it like crazy! lol thanks guys
silvy 14 August 12
RAQUEL 11 August 12
I find that I get mouth ulcers when I drink Bottled Beer although i prefer it,if i drink from cans i get no affect infact canned beer seems to relive the ulcers,maybe some kind of bottle wash fluid.
karl 24 March 12
Hi there
Wine does this to me especially the cheaper stuff. I am fine with alcohol but some mixers like cheaper lemonade, diet drinks ie Coke, sodas, orange juice and others leave me just wanting to become teetotal as it is just not worth having a sore mouth afterwards even though it is nice to relax at times. I use tonic water in gin with no problem at all so maybe for some it is the mixers in the alcohol. Worth checking out what you put in your vodka, whisky, gin etc. Good luck.
Scottie 14 March 12
wow I thought Iwas the only one thanks for all the comments B12 I am going to do that and not drink cheap wine
sylvia 11 November 11
i think maybe it's the cheaper wine's etc... that are the problem, i constantly suffer from tongue ulcers after drinking wine if i manage to not drink any for a few days my problem goes away completley. don't know if the expensive one's are any better as don't wanna waste my money testing them
trese 19 October 11
I have to attend a party tonight and I cannot avoid drinks! Could anyone help me find a right kind of drink?

I sometimes get the heptiform and I have realized the connection between Alcohol and Canker sores!
CankerMonger 14 September 11
I get them every time I drink vodka, wine or eat salty food. I never think about them at the time when I am drinking, as per usual wake up with them either on my tongue or gums etc. Very painful and it feels like they are there for ages. I've tried putting Bonjela on them however this just seems to make them worse.
Gemma 19 August 11
The brutal thing about all this is that not only does alcohol cause cancers, but so does stress! Or at least for me anyway. So the whole "drinking to unwind" routine is really a lose-lose situation. Like many others on this board, I've has positive results when i have drastically reduced my alcohol intake, and also from consciously being more relaxed and less stressed!
Ryan (Canada) 13 August 11
hi fellow ulcer sufferers..would agree with what seems to be consensus on the white wine front, and also on the cheap red one....also sugar and yeast are clearly bad boys. If those of you in pain havent discovered it yet then anbusol liquid maxi strength numbs them but not for very long...one day lets hope there will an antidote. Yours in solidarity of ulcerdom
Kate-Florence 30 June 11
Guys, have been facing similar problem for 4-5 years now. Havn't stumbled upon a surefire way to prevent them from happening. Though, to get rid of them I have tablets containing folic acid. Thrice a day for 2-3 days and the ulcers are gone! Sadly, only till the time I have alcohol next! :(
Adit 2 June 11
I used to get them, really bad too. My whole mouth, bottom, top, tounge, etc covered! It's been a while now. Brush your teeth before you sleep. Right when you feel something coming(dry burning feeling) put some lemon in your water and swish it around that part. Acidophilus yogurt will help, and your diet.
Don't stress about it!
Chris 28 April 11
Hi Nicola
Re the cheaper wines, I still think that they are very acidic but maybe you could also check out the mixers you use with any spirits you might drink as Coke, orange juice and anything citrus, any lemonade, fizzy drinks might also be a trigger for you, I now only drink gin with low calorie tonic with no effects but it took me a long time just by elimination just what gave me ulcers within 24 hours, worth a try Nicola. Went to a function recently a cheese and wine evening (cheap plonk) and boy did I suffer so for me the wines I can afford is just not worth the pain.
Hope this helps. PS Because wine possibly affects you then perhaps red or white grapes will also. I cannot eat any citrus fruits at all.
Bob 18 April 11
Can't believe such a tiny little ulcer can cause sooo much pain! Honestly you can barely see mine but they hurt like crazy needley bee stings. Mine are nearly always on my tongue, and are definitely wine related as I dont tend to drink much else. I know I am wheat intolerent as bread bloats me terribly and I've stopped eating that, never thought about ulcer connection. Interesting what someone said above about cheaper wines, as just reaslised on reading that, that I don't get them with the more expensives wines. Oh well, when needs must....
Nicola 17 April 11
Drink loads of water before you hit the sack, dry mouth, parched throats, mouth/tongue ulcers are all attributed to loss of vital minerals and vitamins esp. B12 and C. Moderate to heavy consumption of alcohol depletes the vitamins/mineral contents in the human body. Smoking interferes with the breakdown of essential nutrients/metabolism in the body so chances of getting mouth sores/ulcers increase multifold esp. in combination with alcohol. Have had my fair share of mouth sores in the past so always make it point to cut down on finger foods, salted peanuts/chips instead call it a night by having a big glass of water. Common sense, innit?
Neel 4 March 11
I just made the connection from mouth sores to alcohol five minutes ago. I have battled ulcers for months on end. I was prescribed Nystatin and Magic mouth wash compound. Finally the ulcers went away, and tonight I drank a small glass of white wine and only hours later I feel the soreness of an ulcer under my tongue. I drink very infrequently, so I never made the connection before, but from reading this message board I've noticed that most people are in their 20's, just out of college. I wonder if there is a connection there. Either way this has been very helpful. I was worried about my health, but if it's alcohol causing it, then I can go without.
Joe 4 March 11
Calendula drops are a good prevention of mouth ulcers.It's a herb tincture that can be found in most health stores.
sinead 4 February 11
It is directly related to coeliacs, alcohol, sugar and or yeast.

i was diagnosed with coeliacs this was one of my symptoms even when i didn't drink alcohol or sugary drinks.....
I did eat sweets though. I went on a diet of fresh food and even though i binge drink occasionally they did not return and when they did after one or tow vitamin d pills they dissappeared.
However recently i have been drinking 3 days a week for about 2 months(partying) and they dont seem to dissappear even with the vitamin d. So they can be managed be thankful of that ,i'd suggest getting some calcium and vit d in you and eating fresh foods for a while.
jo 18 January 11
People, I have had similar issues. I've found several really helpful solutions.
1) when drinking, if I take a multiple B vitamin with a glass of water and 2 packets of "Emergency" before going to bed I don't get the sores in the morning. I also don't get a hangover, so it's a double win. Be aware that you will pee bright yellow in the morning!
2) If I have an issue in my mouth, I put just a drop of Oregano. It is really intense, and I guess spicy in a way, but it sure improves my mouth. Might be a yeast thing like mentioned earlier, I don't know for sure, but it really works.
Kurt 29 December 10
You need to eliminate a couple of drinks or foods at a time ie boiling sweets and sweet drinks, lay off them as you will react very quickly if it is allergy related and you drink or eat the same again. If that is not the problem try stopping anything that ends with 'berry' ie blackberries, strawberries as all citric fruit gives me ulcers.
Hope this helps as you can only find out by elimination.
Liz 17 December 10
I am 21 and this has been happening to me since i started drinking, I dont drink beer but everytime i drink sugary drinks without a doubt i will wake up with at least 2 ulcers in my mouth. I have no idea what causes it, i sleep with my mouth closed and dont wake up with a dry mouth but sometimes i have so many i can barely speak, i thought i might be allergic to something that i drink but it doesnt seem to matter.
Demi 17 December 10
Hi there wine 'little ole wine drinkers'
Maybe it is the quality of the cheaper wines. I find that the 3 for £10 in UK maybe a good bargain to some but for others a nightmare with acidity especially if prone to canker ulcers like me, I just gave up the wine altogether as I cannot afford the really expensive ones. I now enjoy white spirits ie gin/tonic or bacardi (without coke) just something milder as a mixer with absolutely no sore mouth afterwards. Does anyone else find that a really good wine is not so acidic? Just a thought as I did have some really expensive stuff given to me in a gift recently , not only delicious but no after effects whatsoever.
Try changing what you drink James and maybe it will help, anything worth a try!
Bob 11 December 10
52 years old. Dealing w/ the same as everyone here since I was in my late 20's. Starting freaking out about HIV or other gifts that "keep on giving". Simple fact of the matter is, drinking booze lowers our immune systems. Any viruses laying dominant will then seize the opportunity. I know I should "curb" my drinking. But, I enjoy the buzz.
I'm sure some folks have the luxury of having a naturally stronger immune system than those of us here. Good for them. But, bad for us. Oh well....I'm sure I'll get mouth & lip sores when I over indulge till the day I die. Sorry, I know that's not what some want to hear. But, it is what it is.
James 10 December 10
I used to think it was me biting the inside of my lip while drunk that caused my mouth ulcers. But now, in the last few mouths, I'm convinced it is just the alcohol on its own. I'm not convinced that it's yeast (as people have suggested above) as I don't drink beer. More likely it is the acidity, as I only drink cider and wine. This would also tie in with the acidic foods link.

Nursing 2 almost-formed mouth ulcers from 2 drinks last night... :(
Mark 19 November 10
I to think ulcers are beer related - thats how I found this site. I have notice that I nearly always get them after a big night. I only drink beer, about 5 liters at 5% alchol for a decent night. I always wake up feeling thirsty - but mouth feels kind of ok. Garanteed, during that day or the next I will get 1 or 2. To make matters worse, last friday I came back from the bar and was hooking into some pasta and chomped big time into my lip - There is now a massive lump with an ulcer on it that has been there for 5 days and it is really annoying me!!!!
Eddy 3 November 10
I've got one on my uvula right now. I've had them in my mouth but this is the first on my uvula. Anyway the doc said try b12, fish oil, zinc, and folic acid. So I went out and picked some up. Took the pills and washed my mouth out with 1tblsp water 1tblsp apple cider vinegar and a small pinch of salt. It has really helped out. One doc said ulcers and another said it was thrust. So I went after both. Anyway hope this helps. Also, has anyone else had a ulcer on their uvula? Sorry bout the bad spelling.

RMK 1 October 10
i am actually experiencing this now i believe is it hard 4 anyone 2 eat n swallow as well ?
misty 26 19 September 10
I agree with a lot of the above comments and also have been trying without much success to find the causes and cures. After having them constantly for 30 years I am now ready to do battle :-) I was told that mine were triggered at age 12 by possible trauma and grief at losing a granparent. From there on being run down and stressed left me more prone to getting them aided by certain triggers - namely;
Fruit esp pineapples, strawberries, kiwifruit, tamarillos. Spicy and too hot foods. Too much yeast hence the alcohol espec beer and breads. Foods that have a rough exterior eg crisps, french bread, peanuts which leads me to too much salt and lastly but importantly is the amount of sugars in cordials, cups of tea , fizzy drinks. Have learnt that too much sugar cannot always be dealt with and balanced hence off-balancing the natural phd levels in the digestive system creating too much acid build up and not enough alkaline. Read 'Acids/Alkalines' section at www.angelfire.com - very informative and what I feel to be the main key in revealing the crux of our ulcer problems. Ps use non sls toothpaste. Good luck everyone :-)
Guy, Southampton 23 July 10
I too have been suffering from cankers since university... After numerous painfull outbreaks I have finally found my triggers to be beer, wine, etc or anything with yeast is seems...Even bread seems to cause break outs, again because of the yeast. I have found a system that works for me, and cut WAY down on the number of cankers: 1. Stop drinking sugary drinks like beer/cider/wine of any kind. (Vodka-Soda seems to be fine so this is now my drink of choice) 2. Switch to SLS-free toothpaste (SLS seems to cause irritation of the mouth and promote canker formation). 3. Limit the amount of bread/grain products eaten if possible. These 3 things have made a HUGE difference in the number of cankers I get and hoepfully this will help the rest of you suffering with the same problem.
Frank 22 July 10
I have realized that when I drink canned beer I get blisters/ulcers on my tongue. I definitely believe that the canned beer verses bottled beer has something to do with it. I am going to go on a Vit. B diet to see if this helps. My Dr. prescribed Lidocaine to numb the pain so that I can eat. It works well but the numbness goes away in about 20 to 30 minutes. So have your food ready and eat fast! Pain killers do not really work for me. Sleep seems to be helping in many ways. I do believe that a lack of sleep and beer/canned beer have caused the blisters in my mouth.
Amber 2 July 10
I find that when I eat pineapple it makes my tongue sore, this is usually then followed with ulcers appearing. Tomatoes doe the same. I gave up smoking 2 years ago and took to eating boiled sweets - they do the same thing now. But since stopping smoking I am getting ulcers in my mouth, under my tongue and now they have started in my throat. Difflam oral rinse (bright green colour) has helped a lot but I think that is because it has an anaesthetic feature to it which numbs the pain. I hadn't thought about the beer but have just come back from Spain and did have far more ulcers and was drinking beer so will watch out for that too. I take a vitamin B complex supplement and this does tend to keep me ulcer clear for longer periods and does help them to clear up quicker too (now 3-5 days instead of 7-10 days!).
Jayne 1 July 10
I agree with you Sara re the white wine but also grapes white or red do the same for me and other citrus fruits, great when you can identify any trigger and keep eliminating the source. I find white spirits ie gin or vidka, bacardi etc ( careful with the mixers though) has little effect on my ulcers. It is a trying time that is for sure for ulcer sufferers.
Bob 1 July 10
Definitely think that there is a connection between mouth ulcers and wine, particularly white wine. It seems to me that its the acid in the wine that causes them. I know that if I go out and drink alot of wine, I pay for it in terms of a massive increase in the numbers of mouth ulcers I get. I also get reflux probs and and acidic feeling in my stomach.
sara 1 July 10
I have found exactly the same. If I don't drink alcohol I don't get ulcers, or very rarely anyway. Everytime I have alcohol (more than a coupla drinks anyway), I get them and they seem to last for an age. can't say I've noticed whether beer or wine related or not, when I have another drink I'll experiment but at the moment it doesn't appeal
Carolyn 29 March 10
Hello, I'm 20 and have been suffering with re-occuring mouth ulcers for the last 3 years. I have had mouth swabs and blood tests but have all come back normal. I to, get to the point where it's hard to talk because of the pain. Alcohol definetly makes them worse, and since reading your comments I've realised there's definetly a link between having foods and drinks high in acidity then ulcers errupting... I'm now going to watch my diet and see if they improve. It's just hard when I like to have a drink now and again!
Hannah 1 March 10
I am afraid I am suffering from the same thing, going through a bad time right now so have been drinking more and my mouth is full of ulcers, tip of my tongue, underneath and on the roof of my mouth, they are really painful and are affecting me to the point where I can't talk properly, it definately is the alcohol, I am going to try the tips on here, hope you all get yours sorted.
tracey b 9 January 10
I find alcohol, including beer and wine will cause my ulcers. I have traced this back to this acidity in both. Tomatoes similarly will trigger one or even a fairly pure orange juice. It all links to acidity and if stressed or run down, this is more likely to happen. A lack of Vitamin B may also be a cause. Hot (salty/spicy) food also.

Just like no one particular cause, there is no one treatment that works perfectly in my experience. Avoiding the above while you have an ulcer / ulcers is recommended and also rest. Warm water mixed with table / sea salt is very good for healing. Swirling this up to 5 times a day helps. Kenalog is also very good to apply for healing. Lots of stuff out there to numb pain that dont heal, bonjlla being one.

Unfortunately I drink lots of cranberry anyway and this does not help me. Nor mercurius viv or lysene.

Avoiding toothpaste with Sodium Laurel Sulphate may help and changing brush regularly to avoid bacteria on brush building up.

Ulcers are terrible things and hopefully the above may help. Cheers.
ChrisD January 2010 3 January 10
Try Peroni lager it is made from Barley and Maize..something to do with the grains and common yeasts in most beers and largers..I found Peroni works
Mich 22 December 09
I am starting to wonder if the sulphites found in most white wine make an outbreak of bad ulcers more likely? I am starting to see a link for me anyway. I seem to get more come out after drinking white wine than other alcohol.
Jo 23 October 09
after many years of ulcers and moaning about them to friends and family, I finally went to the doctor about them. I got a blood test and found out that I had a vitamin B12 deficiency. I now have top-up injections and whilst I do still get ulcers (esp. after drinking too much alcohol ) they are much less often.
bex 30 September 09
i always get mouth ulcers when i go on holiday and when i drink alcohol i sometimes get that many i have hot temps followed by sweating in bed.they kill ive never made the last day of my holiday yet ,when i can say i feel good. found that diflam spay works. but the best cure is good rest and ecencea think thats how u spell it .
carlos 5 July 09
Hi Guys / Girls, well it's been almost a year since my last check in.
The Cankers are still here, awful.

Once again I was drinking, this time it was mostly hard alcohol and a few beers. I woke up with an extremely dry mouth, and with in a day or two a few smaller ones had formed.

It's now been 1 month since I've had them and it's getting ridiculous, they won't go away. The one small one I had formed into 4 or 5 large ones, then once those were gone a few more smaller ones showed up and now they are getting larger.

I hate Cankers! :(
It sucks too, cause it always seems to happen to me when the weather gets nice out.
Justin 3 July 09
Alcohol is liquid sugar which bacteria thrives on in your system and the bacteria in your system causes these tongue ulcers! I know this because I have only found after much experimenting and tests that the antibiotic Clarithromycin which kill bacteria takes away my huge tongue ulcers. Now if anyone can find something else to kill the bad bacteria in our system without the antibiotic Clarithromycin 500mg 2x per day with a meal..you would make a fortune...still researching....please respond if you know of anything! Also beer has yeast and you may have Candida which is yeast related.
Rose 25 April 09
I don't get ulcers from drinking; but DEFINITELY get them from toothpaste. There is an ingredient - laurel stearate (sp?) that causes the problem. I used to buy toothpaste without it but it is almost impossible to fine these days so I o longer use any. No more problem for six years!
librarian_ 15 March 09
guys and girls, i went to see the doctor recently with the same problem and was advised to buy some dispersible aspirin (300mg), dissolve the tablets, and swirl the stuff round in my mouth. it's been very very good for keeping the pain down, and apparently, it also helps reduce the infection because aspirin is anti-inflammatory.

btw, the events leading up to the ulcer were similar to what has been described. lots of alcohol, followed by sleeping with my mouth wide open, followed by a dry mouth, and finally, the ulcers.
filter 14 March 09
When I have a bad dose, I use alcohol as a sort of painkiller while eating - goes like this: swill some wine around your mouth and surf the pain for a minute until it starts to subside, start eating and wash down with gulps of wine, then have another glass to finish. Too much wine and you wake up with worse ulcers. So the whole process is delusional...
urardo 8 December 08
I developed ulcers after I left college and im still getting them 20 years later. As I was drinking a lot at college and not getting ulcers Im not sure about alcohol being the cause of my ulcers, however its definitely a trigger. If I wake up with a dry mouth due to alcohol consumption and/or sleeping with my mouth open ulcers often appear.
I find a nasal spray helps me sleep with my mouth shut, keeping the mouth moist and therefore prevent ulcers.
Stewart 20 November 08
The beer-mouth ulcer/canker sore connection is what made me realize, 8 years ago, that I was gluten-intolerant. The ulcers or sores are often a symptom of the intolerance. Now I drink only Anheuser-Busch's Redbridge gluten-free beer.
TomF 26 July 08
I noticed this as well, I've just recently turned 20, for the past 2 years or so I've been having extremely bad cankers.

Recently I stopped drinking for about a month, no cancers! It was my girlfriends 19th birthday, a while ago and I had alot of beer that night, the next day 3 cancers, it's been a week since then and they've only grown to be about twice the size! It's ridiculous.

I have tried taking acidophilus yogurt though and swishing it around in my mouth. It seems to speed up the curing process.

What do you guys/girls use to prevent them? I don't want to stop drinking. Next time out I will try Vodka to see if it's just the beer.
Justin 26 July 08
Do you think it is all alcohol or just beer/ale? I don't notice it with wine. I had a beer on Sunday night, however, and by Thursday had an awful mouth full of ulcers.
Holly 25 July 08
YEAST YEAST YEAST!! I really think that this could be a factor in Ulcer Acceleration. If you are out on the tiles and having the odd tipple try to stick to non-yeasty drinks and low in sugar ones. You may have oral thrush and Daktarin or Nystatin or something like that (it comes in a little dropper/squeegey thing) could help you.
When out, also have a glass of water to keep your mouth hydrated - this can be in addiction of an alcoholic one not a substitute!

Hope this helps......remember I don't know what I'm talking about I just know what has worked for me and I would always advocate speaking with a Doctor and/or Pharmacist :-)
Lucie - Crohn's Chick 14 July 08
Unfortunately I have experienced this problem too. I tried to deny that Alcohol was a contributing cause but it certainly is. To prevent ulcers I have had to moderate my drinking. Now whilst my friends get lavishly drunk I have to intersperse drinks with water and ensure that I donít get too drunk basically.
HOWEVER. Recently I have started taking Aloe Vera twice a day (and stopped eating nuts). I buy the pure juice stuff (about £20/2 litres, lasts over a month). I have found (after 10 years of pain) that this really keeps a lid on the ulcers, they donít reach the same size or remain as long. It has helped especially with tongue ulcers.
On the down side I believe that ulcer cures are largely dependant on the individual case but I defiantly recommend giving it a go. Cheers, Matt.
Matt Gale 11 July 08
I am currently suffering from multiple ulcers on my tongue and roof of my mouth -I went out on the biggest beer/cider session 3 days ago and it all started the day after, i too slept with my mouth open and could hardly peel my tongue of the roof of my mouth in the morning...not meaning to be horrible but glad somebody else got this so i know it's sort of normal..i thought i had some kind of disease as i have never had them on the roof of my mouth or soooo many!
Duncan 7 July 08
I am surprised by how many ppl suffer from these like I do! I thought something was wrong with me since I always seem to get multiple sores on my tongue, mouth, etc..Anyway, I realize that everytime I go out drinking (which isnt too often anymore now that Im out of college), I wind up with an ulcer or 2 or 3 when I wake up, or later on during the next day or two. I noticed that when I go out drinking and go to bed, i sleep with my mouth open and wake up with my mouth being VERY VERY dry. And within a couple hours i will develope an ulcer. A couple years ago when i was going out all the time, i would almost never not have a canker sore, but once I graduated and stopped going out and stopped drinking all the time, i would go months without one. I just recently started keeping track of when I get them and it is almost always right after drinking alcohol and me sleeping with a dry mouth. So that explains why in college i used to have so many..but my question is..is it my dry mouth causing them or is it the alcohol contents itself?? Does anyone else have this same condition?? Thanks!
Rich 19 May 08

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Everytime I drink alcohol I get cankers...anyone know why??

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