Iglu gel... anyone used it??

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Anybody used Iglu (or anything else) for oral thrush? My GP prescribed antibiotics for an ear infection which caused my tongue, gums and throat to be raw and painful. I was then prescribed Daktarin gel to help but my mouth is still troubling me a month later.
Del 14 August 18
First time denture wearer had bad ulcers someone recommended Iglu, put under denture really did the trick. Was able to wear denture with no pain and it also helped heal the ulcer.
Denise 6 March 18
Iglu is excellent stuff I used a three applications after reading the instructions; and the ulcer was gone; true it does feel like a jell-like substance in the mouth but this can be a result of using too much so just stick to the instructions and the tiny amount an deposit it where needed and then reapply after one hour.
Karlos 3 October 17
Has anyone managed to get rid of the lump in the throat after using the gel?
Sarah 25 June 17
hello. can i use iglu ger for nose? Verry hurt nose inside and looks sores and scabs.
will 1 May 17
Iglu is great, works if you read the instructions and apply it correctly.
Carla W 29 March 17
I regularly suffer with mouth ulcers and they are so so painful when healing, sore and hurt so much when I talk or eat. I have tried many things but iglu is by far the best. I don't mind that it's abut messy to put on because it does the job. It acts like a plaster, protection around the ulcer so nothing can touch/bother or inflame the ulcer even more. Lasts ages when you out some on to. I would highly recommend!!!!!
Katie WD 10 January 17
Iglu is the greatest thing on this planet. All you people saying it slips off and stuff are dumb. Dry your tongue by using sleeve or towel where the ulcer is then take an amount which is a little bigger than a pea size and spread it over the ulcer. Dont be afraid to put your tongue back in your mouth or anything, it will taste weird and the wetness of your mouth will eventually take off the iglu but then you just put more on. When i have an ulcer i feel so happy when i got iglu its dumb. When it is on my tongue i dont even touch my ulcer because i know it is there. It is the best.
Joe 5 December 16
I have never used iglu gel but find Anbesol or else rinsing your mouth with salty water to be the best treatments. I have also found that using a toothpaste that doesn't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulpate (SLS) has helped a lot as this causes mouth ulcers for a lot of people. I used to get mouth ulcers all the time but since cutting out SLS I now only get them when I'm very run down.
Carmel 7 October 16
Just to say that this, was difficult to handle, mega awkward, got stuck at back of throat for ages...sorry but I cannot recommend IGLU...
Herta WAIN 9 September 16
I used iglu paste about 3 times and it left me with a glue like feeling and a lump in my throat for 3 months and I still have it my doctor says its my nerves but I wouldn't have bad nerves if this feeling went I know its physical horrible stuff iglu should be banned
maggie i used iglu paste and have been bad with glue like sympt 30 August 16
I have suffered with mouth ulcers for many years,Adcortyl in Orabase was the only treatment
that has ever worked.The active ingredient Triamcinolone Acetonide is very effective and gives rapid relief.
Since Squibb no longer produce Adcotyl it is ridiculous that there cannot be someone else who could,nt
use and produce similiar product.I intend to contact health minister to ask that question,no excuse considering
the many sufferers.I,ll be back.
Barry. 7 August 16
I had iglu prescribed for a sore tongue and mouth.I now seem to have something stuck down my throat which doesn't clear with coughing.
Has anyone had this problem,and if so how was cleared
john 24 July 16
I found the best way to use it was to smear a small amount onto the ulcer after getting the site as dry as possible. Importantly ensure you have some saliva in the bottom of your mouth beforehand. wash over the area you have treated with the saliva and you're sorted. Takes practice but it works.
Chris James 19 July 16
been using iglu for 4 days I think I put too much on after 4 weeks I still feel like a lump of sticky phlegm is there in my throat it is stressing me out will never use it again
maggie b 13 July 16
I have had a funny feeling in my mouth since using iglu it feels like sticky lumps are still there even after 4 weeks
maggie b 11 June 16
Iglu gel is only meant to be a pain relief and not actually get rid of the ulcer.. an ulcer will go in its own time but remedies like iglu gel and bongela help ease the pain. It is a sticky and difficult gel, yes, but it works remarkably. If it isnt working for you then you are doing something wrong. I would recommend putting on before and after eating as eating with an ulcer can become extremely painful. Before bed also as that's when the ulcer is more active in easing down.
Lauren 13 April 16
OMG- Just tried Iglu for the first time. It took an eternity to actually get any to stay on my mouth. It just doesn't stick! And it has a rubbery texture, not a gel as advertised on the packet. It just stuck to my finger instead of on my lip. Useless
David Smalley 6 April 16
Not even sure how I coped with Ulcers without Iglu Gel. Everyone that is claiming it is useless, or isn't reducing or getting rid of their ulcers, be a bit proactive, speak to a GP or do some research, there is no real efficient way to get rid of an ulcer, they are SELF healing and will go in their own time in roughly a week. What Igloo gel provides is GREAT pain relief. I've used bonjella, which is great for all of 15 seconds.... but I can apply a bit of Iglu gel onto the ulcer and the protective seal it forms lasts me for around 3 hours. Use your noggin first and make sure you clean your mouth before hand, wash with salt water, rinse with mouth wash, as that will help speed up the recovery process, but don't rely purely on the iglu gel to resolve the ulcer as if it's some magic cream, that's pretty darn unrealistic. The stuffs great, I've been able to eat meals (Inc ketchup) / drink beverages with 3 ulcers in my mouth, not feel thing and the protective seals are still strong and in tact. 10/10
Charlie 8 December 15
terrible just terrible it doesn't clear the ulcer I've it is terrible
Sam G 22 October 15
Iglu was recommended by my chemist. She said it worked a treat for her brother.
But... No for me.
I applied it at the back of my tongue (that;s my mistake, as the leaflet clearly states not to put it on the back of the tongue)
and the ulcer grew dramatically to the size of a pea.
It could either be an allergy or the back of the ongue is not recommended at all.
We will go back to use Bonjela
Ruby 20 March 15
I have also found in the past that two soluble aspirin dissolved & held in the mouth against an ulcer before swallowing can numb the pain for a couple of hours. Much more effective than any mouthwash. Great relief. Alan.
alan creaney 5 January 15
I'm in my 60s & have had really awful mouth ulcers all my life. L-lysine tablets are a godsend. 1 tab daily & in the 6 months since I began I have only had 2 ulcers, both of which were almost painless & disappeared within a week. A couple of others never even managed to break the skin. Look! I'm SMILING!!! Alan.

alan creaney 3 January 15
As you all seem to get ulcers. It seems its a vitamin B deficiency, Try taking a couple of yeast tablets a day. I use brewers yeast as that seems to work best for me! Give it a try coz it works!!
gazza 28 December 14
Iglu works for pain relief, and it only heals them faster for me if I apply it as soon as I know I have one coming. Just wondering though, does anybody else find it makes them feel sick after using it?
Naomi 11 November 14
Had really bad ulcer come up on the tip of my tongue just over a week ago. Bonjela is useless so picked up some of this Iglu gel/paste. Can say it is great for protecting the ulcer and reducing the pain in your mouth, however for me, it doesn't speed up or aid the healing process of the ulcer, also, everytime you eat, the gel just slides off and you have to re-apply after eating.
Jamie P 25 September 14
I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I found applying the gel fairly easy as it is a stiffer texture than bonjela so sticks and stays where you want it, however when I have used it it has relieved the pain for a while, but then it peeled off and actually left a blister where it had been applied, and the ulcer was still there. It meant not just the ulcer but the surrounding area was very painful too!
Sarah 31 May 14
Iglu is amazing iv had my ulcer for three days now and it's really helping with the pain however it doesn't seem to clear up as quick as what it would naturally
Khloe 12 May 14
iglu makes my ulcer heal faster its effective and I couldn't live without it because its amazing ! I have ulcers so often it helps
Lol 2 December 13
I have ulcers all the time and use iglu gel. It helps with the pain but i dont think it clears up the ulcers any quicker
Lynz 1 September 13
I have had an ulcer on my tongue for about 1 1/2 weeks now. tried iglu and it relieves my ulcer from the agonizing pain but it doesn't make it better. It makes a dome and does what it says on the tin but heal the ulcer. it is on the tip of my tongue and should be easy to heal. WRONG! it just keeps getting bigger. it is now the size of an end of a pencil!!!!! help anyone? please exuse the name there was already my name up there
DuckFace 9 August 13
It's good for covering the ulcer, but doesn't do much for healing. I usually use propolis, and then put iglu over it.
India 4 May 13
I'm using Iglu in fact I just brought some today from Boots. I have had braces for a few months now and had a check up a few days ago, I had the after effects of that check up in the from of a very painful mouth ulcer with a red swollen cheek :( I put some Iglu gel on it, now the gel is thick and when I put some on my cheek it stuck on there perfectly. It also relieved the pain I was getting from the the ulcer. I find that it sticks well, so sticky that it stuck to my finger and wouldn't come untill I scrubbed at it. I'm still going to use it because it helps for me.
Cassie 7 December 12
I used to use a cherry flavoured liquid that when applied with a cotton bud did what Iglu suggested. Couldn't find that on the market any more so tried Iglu. It will relive pain and stay in place better than Bonjela but I found it actually made the ulcer worse when inspected on a daily basis. So of course you use more! It doesn't speed up the healing process like it suggests but it is good for pain relief. Using it at night is the worst time to use it as it will stick to your teeth.
My ulcer was behind my bottom lip, quite low and on occasion the product would attract to the teeth and gums more which was very frustrating when checking to find it was no longer on the ulcer.
In the end I stopped using it and rinsed with warm salty water an then sprayed with sore throat spray to numb it. Only then did it begin to get smaller.
Marcus Jones - Fareham - Hampshire 15 September 12
This product is awful. I have an ulcer just on the inside of my lip where my front teeth are and when I applied this ulcer cream overnight, in the morning the cream was just stuck on my teeth and clean off the ulcer!! It does NOT stick to the ulcer and I had to use a cotton bud to wipe away the left over crap all stuck on my teeth. Disgusting. And not worth over £5!! I now have a huge ulcer and unfortunatly a good ulcer cream called Adcortyl in orabase has discontinued I have no idea what to use because bonjela just slides off. Any tips anyone?
Katie 14 September 12
I have just bought this today after suffering with an absolutely enormous ulcer on the top of my tongue, left hand side. All I can say is thank god....because it has helped hugely. I think it depends on the location of your ulcer as to how easy this is to use, top of the tongue is very easy. I can't stress how big this ulcer is I have, I was about to give up all hope, but this stuff is helping. Recommended.
Los. 31 July 12
I find this dreadful and to be avoided. It didn't work at all and made my ulcer and the region around it worse. It's horrible glue and it doesn't nothing but aggravate your ulcer and surrounding area.
Mark J 20 July 12
Ehhh I just used this Iglu gel stuff on a wisdom tooth im having a lot of trouble with, the pains receeded quite fast, but this iglu stuff gets stuck in your teeth. :P
Mark H 21 13 April 12
Too thick to put on! Stuck to my fingers but when i managed to get it on the ulcer it lessened the pain but wasnt major. Ive had ulcers since i was a baby and never used anything till now to see if the gels work, but i can safely say it goes a lot quicker without any gels just drink lots of water, de-stress and take your vitamins and you'll find it will dissapear without even noticing
meg 29 March 12
I think Iglu is great for helping the healing process and for providing protection against grazing the ulcer on teeth.

Unfortunately it does little for pain relief. I usually apply Orajel for the pain then cover with Iglu

I have not had to use either of these since using an SLS free toothpaste and corsodyl mouthwash, almost 3 weeks ulcer free.
Drew 22 February 12
I have just applied iglu and found it great! When you first apply it it feels sort of waxy and pasty, but within seconds it forms a clear shield over the ulcer, instantly relieving pain and protecting/healing it at the same time. Also you only need to use a tiny bit at a time, so for thhe price, it lasts for ages. I would definately recommend this. 5/5! x
vitti 22 February 12
I had 2 mouth ulcers.Tried Iglu having seen Adverts.Treated the easy one on inside of lip and couldnt get near other.Untreated ulcer healed 2 days before the treated one.Wont be using it again.
Robert C 17 February 12
I'm only 11 and I have used this iglu stuff it is quite effective to me but leaves a horrible texture in my mouth really numbs and cools pain but don't eat Or drink with this stuff it washes away easy but I would really recommend it it has numbed and removed my ulcers that have been there for days in a couple of hours very impressed doesn't hurt when you apply it either you could also use ambisol but that does very little mouthwash is painful but effective also did you know using a cold wet teabag on your tongue helps but could cause stinging hope I have helped xxxx
Jessica Taylor ulcer expert and physicist 26 January 12
I have had a terrible ulcer on the inside of my cheek near my rear molars. Kept biting it and the pressure on it during the night made it terrible in the morning. Bonjela just slid off and hardly helped at all. I spoke to the pharmacist in tesco and she recommended I give this a try. I find it really works well. Yes..I can still feel a bit of pain but it really protects it and means I stop knocking it with my teeth and tongue. I found that it sticks well - I dried the area with kitchen roll and then put quite a large amount in a sweeping motion. Amazing! Lasts a while and perfect at night as long as you don't keep running your tongue over it! I feel so much better :).
Suzy 12 December 11
My ulcers attack at their peak at night, probably because of putting pressure on the cheek as I lay my head down. This iglu seems the best thing ever for them - it lets me sleep. I find it pretty great for pain relief, although the weird feeling of having the glue on your gums takes a while to get used to; I keep fighting the temptation to attack it with my tongue! This is also why I think it works best at night, because it's kind of hard to talk in the daytime or eat with the glue. But the only real downside I've found to this product is, like many others here, more of it tends to end up on my fingers than on my ulcer!
Auga 10 December 11
Hey, I've used this for the past few days. I was expecting a lot more in the package, and a lot more helpful with the ulcer, but all it did was cover it up for about half an hour, bearing in mind that if you move your mouth around a lot it lasts a lot less longer. I had an ulcer on my cheek right under my teeth so it lasted even less longer as I do like to talk a lot. I also felt that it made one of my teeth hurt. Overall, I think it's just a matter of opinion with this stuff, depending on the placement of the ulcer and the condition of your teeth.
Hannah 26 August 11
For me it depends on where the ulcer is. Iglu works well on the side of the mouth or lips, but if you have an ulcer at the bottom of your lower gums where it's always wet or on your tongue then it's impossible to get it to stick and it just gets stuck to your finger or floats around your mouth.
Darryl 22 August 11
I had been using Boots own ulcer gel for a week and nothing happened and just got bigger so went back to Boots and spoke to Pharmacist and they recommended Iglu and have used it twice and must say I am impressed so far so lets hope the ulcer goes way soon because it is painful.
Frances O'Keeffe 16 August 11
I had a pain in my wisdom tooth , or around it .. I was due to fly out of the country to india and had 3 days to get better. I never have mouth pains but this was sore like tender gum , I decided i was going to buy the best stuff i could find i seen this for over £6 and thought " it must be good " ....... I have to say its nasty when you start off with it , like having a unwanted sticky substance in your mouth.. or unwanted in mine lol. But once you get to grips with it its great, it says you can apply every hour , i applied maybe every 3 hrs, but i found it most effective during the night.
When its on it feels like you are replacing the skin , i got it on my cheek and it felt like when you used to bite your cheek as a child all bumpy etc, but it is just the gell. Its a nice feeling the soothing and by the way i am due to leave tommorow and i have no pain. its not gone away occasionaly i feel it but considering days ago i couldnt eat i am not complaining.
I highly reccomend this stuff ! - put a bit on your tounge for fun lol the anticeptic is a weird feeling
Darren Galvin 23 July 11
Have just used Iglu for the first time on a recommendation from a friend. Pretty pricey, but after spending a couple of weeks with three beasts of mouth ulcers, I would have paid a lot more. Really worth it if you're suffering. Stays on the ulcer much better than bonjela and nowhere near as painful. Would definitely recommend giving it a go if you're losing the will to live with mouth pain!
Beth 29 June 11
I love Iglu so much - it takes a bit of practice but once you get it right on the ulcer, all pain goes away. Whilst it does come off, I find if I am careful I can eat a meal with minimal pain. Then again, I think I would love any numbing product - like many ulcer sufferers (i assume) just a small break from mouth pain is lovely.
Josie 19 June 11
It works alot of the time, infact i am using it now. it tastes disgusting though, at least it does it's job. it feels like an actual gooey igloo ontop of my tongue. i hate ulcers
Sarah 13 June 11
I've been using Iglu for one of the worst batch of ulcers I've had and it's really helped. No more wincing in pain every time I move my tongue and it touches a tooth and it took away the feeling that my mouth was constantly on fire. It obviously doesn't solve the eating issue because it, like many other treatments I imagine, just comes off. But as it's so difficult to eat with the ulcers anyway I've just stuck to soup etc and sucked on an ice cube before meals to numb the ulcers a bit. Applying it took a few attempts to get right, dry finger and tongue and one 'wiping' motion are key. My only problem now is that my tongue is a bit numb where I've been using it. I also have some numbness in my throat...sure it's a temporary thing but I obviously used a little too much! I used to use a hydrogen peroxide solution years ago - that helps too and speeds up the healing
Helen 3 June 11
I am very disaapointed with Iglu. Trying it since they stopped Orabase which is WONDERFUL. The Iglu does stop the pain briefly, but does not aid my healing process. In fact Iglu (like many other products like Bonjela) seems to make my Ulcers worst, they tend to grow when I apply Iglu.
Paul Swedn 1 May 11
Iglu is rubbish couldn't use it, it set before I could even put it on then I couldn't get it off my finger! I've used Bonjela Once a few times when they get really bad and that works really well but the pain putting it on is bad but goes away straight away and then I get no more pain. I'm just about to try anbesol never tried it before and ive had these ulcers nearly 2 weeks not sure what it will be like but I'll update as soon as I know:)
Amy 27 April 11
@ Jenny: your case sounds almost identical to mine, except I don't have bronchitis, can you let me know what your doctor says please?
Harry 18 February 11
I agree with Ann about Frador, the only thing that works for me, but i can't buy it anywhere at the moment, hope it hasn't been discontinued!
Shirley 15 February 11
A few days ago I developed many small ulcers under my tongue and on the tip. More than 30 tiny, vicious ulcers in total! I'm recovering from bronchitis and suspect it might be related. Years ago I had the odd ulcer but only one or two at a time. Having so many appear so suddenly is shocking and extremely painful. I tried Iglu and found it useless for application on the tongue. Like other users, I found the paste consistency impossible to apply and it wouldn't adhere. I have been using bonjela, which usually isn't too painful - but this time it hurts like crazy and I have to apply it in three stages because I cant take the pain of doing all of them at once! I'm also using Strepsils as I have a sore throat when swallowing. The combination of bonjela and Strepsil allows me to sleep for a few hours at a time, before the pain wakes me and I have to re-medicate. Nightmare. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to get it checked out.
Jenny 2 February 11
I too am a long term sufferer of mouth ulcers. I have tried Iglu and like many other people, ended up with it on my finger and not the ulcer! I have trieddrying the ulcer, even wet my finger, but to no avail. I have gone back to good old liquid Anbesol, which hurts like hell upon application, but at least gives you some respite to eat a meal or have a conversation.
Claire 28 January 11
Battling with a very big mouth ulcer for days now. All the topical gels seem to kill the pain for a few minutes. Went to Tesco and bought their own brand one-off ulcer treatment (around 6 Pounds for two applicators). Application hurt like hell but then all the pain has gone - even now after 15 hours or so.. I don't even know it is there. Wow and with one treatment only. Highly recommended.
Acey 23 January 11
tried iglu,just acted as a sealant similar to bonjela but more efective did nothing to cure the problem!!!! I have found that if i am carefull not to cause any slight abrassion in the mouth e.g chobering certain foods like nuts etc, ican avoid getting them,after 4 weeks anyway.stillmonitoring it!!!!!
johny boy 22 December 10
Anne 14 December 10
Iglu? I brought some today along with some stupid little hydrocortizone tablets because we cant get Adcortyl any more. All I can say is ... epic fail! May as well have applied some silicone sealant for all the good it did. Im going to go to Boots later and pick up some of the one off treatments suggested above.
Damian 9 December 10
for ages now ive suffered with mouth ulcers back and fore dentist said could be stress run down or lacking in certain vitamins i was worried bout mouth cancer but he as assured me its not that. ive tried all the usalll things rinstead pastills bonjela anbasol corlon pellets now i had 1 come up this week yello head nasty 1. he as gave me this orabase paste its horrible your mouth feels all gritty when you use it. i think ive had this before as well. but i hear now bonjela once like Oralmedic is suposed to be good and frador but is frador cheaper than oralmedic as i hear oralmedic and bonjela once u apply the stuff and the ulcer is nealey gone the next day ive read on a forum. but i didnt no which 1 to get frador sounds cheaper than the other 2 names if any 1 can help let me know. on here.
paul miles 25 October 10
Orabase Paste best for common ulce, with Bongela ,use bonj first give it half to an hour then smooth Orabase on top bingo, only use bonge if pain is back otherwise just paste it till healed,I paid 6.95 for IGI no sodding good only good for company and chemists till.dont be a SUCKER. might work for thrush?
DEREK 23 October 10
excellant, first came across in the UK much better that ORACORT which is what New Zealanders use both thro the chemist & from the Doc. Hoping to be able to get it here in NZ.
Lilian 21 September 10
Horrible, horrible stuff. Hard to get on, painful to apply with the amount of pressure required (especially on large ulcers) and comes off again quite easily.
Lisa 15 September 10
Just been prescribed Iglu this for a large ulcer on my jaw at the back of my mouth by my doctor, and I have to agree with others, it's terrible stuff. Very difficult to apply, and just seems to stick to your finger. I've put so much pressure on my ulcer whilst trying to apply this stuff, I've actually managed to make it bleed. Will definitely be trying some of the suggestions made here though! Off to Boots today I think.
Matt 15 September 10
i am useing the gel at the moment ,wen u put ot into your mouth it feels like putty ,and also sticks to your fingers ,at the moment it dosnt seem to b working .
lilly 7 September 10
Big waste of £6, says its a gel when its more like consistency of putty ! If you have a very sore blister why would you want to rub a past on it? I thought it had 'gone off' when I saw how thick it was. No likey !!
Al 7 September 10
I loved this stuff! I had a really painful ucler on the side of my tongue for 6 days. Eating and talking was like agony! I bought some of this stuff, it healed over the ulcer and the pain was sooo much beta! it stayed put for around an hour and I am just so thankful.
I have used it for a day now and my ucler has definately reduced in size!
Carly 27 August 10
I have read in the paper today,that dentists now recommend using BECONASE(nasal medication) for mouth ulcers,very interesting.I dont care what it is,i just want my mouth ulcer to go...
Hammerette 11 August 10
Its dreadful. that iglu stuff made my ulcer hurt more and it made the ulcer stick to my tooth just made the whole side of my mouth sore. i'd rather leave it to heal that put that stuff on it again
Mt 2 August 10
i have use iglu and did not find it very effective. the phamasist said it was the best but i still think bonjella rules it. it give it a biger slimy feeling and that put me off it.
leighleigh 25 July 10
I have used iglu & was very dissapointed as it is not a gel more like a granulted thick cream very hard to spread on an ulcer on the inside of my lip .It did eventually cover the ulcer & felt like a big lump on my lip very uncomfortable & also made me lisp so will not be using it again what a waste of £5.86p.Iwill go back to using anbesol a much easy to use product
Linda 26th may otford Kent 26 May 10
I have suffered with mouth ulcers all my life...and I mean LARGE mouth ulcers. I have tried just about every treatment going and can say that for me Bonjela Once worked the best. I had a really large painful ulcer on my tongue - couldn't eat, speak without catching it on my teeth. Went to Tescos to buy iglu which is what I have been using recently and noticed that they had bonjela once half price. Decided to give it a go and it is great. Stings like mad when you use the it but within 30 secs you are pain free. I used it on Saturday afternoon it is now Sunday night and I am still pain free. I am going back tomorrow to buy some more whilst they are on sale.

If you suffer regularly and get a mouthful like me I would contining with iglu when the ulcers are not too bad but will use Bonjela One when they are unbearable. As any mouth ulcer sufferer knows location location location makes all the difference to how you cope with then.
lulu 23 May 10
Try the new Bonjela Complete Plus, it's similar to IGLU but better.
James 26 April 10
Hi, I am currently suffering with 2 mama ulcers and tried Iglu and nothing else works for me! Am very disappointed as it does not ease the pain and its so messy and sticks everywhere apart from where it should! Reading the above feedback i will try Frador!
Jo - Peterborough 14 April 10
I have have mouth ulcers coming up for years, and the best product I puchased was Kenalog in Orabase or Adcortyl in Orabase paste. I am currently living in France and do not know what to buy. Can anyone suggest a product which I can buy here?
Linda 13 April 10
Like all you guys I've had horrible problems with mouth ulcers for some time now. The last time was some months ago when I had three together and I was feeling really down. Good for the weight loss though!! I went into my local chemist and asked if there was anything I could get. She recommended L-Lysine tablets and told me to take two courses of them. The ones she gave me come in a bottle of 60 which you can just pick off the shelf. I took the tablets and I can honestly say that THEY WORK. I had one ulcer shortly after starting the tablets and the pain of the ulcer was so insignificant as to be harmless. Since then there have been two/three times when I was sure an ulcer was going to come about, but nothing. I'm absolutely delighted. The tablets I bought are manufactured by an Irish company called Sona Nutrition Ltd, U50 Whitestown Industrial Estate, Dublin 24, Ireland - www.sona.ie. I'm sure something similar is available in Boots/local chemists in the UK. Best of luck and let me know how you have got on.
Martina - Dublin 7 April 10
i have it on right now, the problem with me is it keeps annoying me because my ulcers right on the tip of my top lip and it has stopped the pain amazingly, but its horrible too feel with your tounge. its fells like wax but it i good for pain relif :)x
Rhiannnonn :) 25 March 10
Everyone complaining about the price of oralmedic and Boots Mouth Ulcer Treatment,
try 'FRADOR' its the same stuff.. but instead of getting it im little sticks.. you get a bottle of the liquid which can be applied with cotton buds and it costs £1.99.
Go to your local Boots and ask for it behind the counter, they should have it..
If not they can order it for you through their unichem system.
Its amazing stuff.
Madeline 3 March 10
Just bought some right now, have the ulcers from hell deep at the back of my cheek. Completely ruined my weekend. I really hope that this stuff helps...
Mark P 1 March 10
iglu gel is best used in the morning, after breakfast, after your tea/coffee once your mouth is feeling relaxed,
when u wake up ulcers are all dried up because of your breathing in the night, but after a cup of something warm your saliva glands are working and ulcers are a little at eae, put the iglu gel on, dont be scared to really apply preassure to got it to stay on the ulcer! also dont be afraid its not all on the ulcer and theres lots around the ulcer, as long as its near to the ulcer!
iglu works best to help you ease into "the ulcers pain" its not a cure, its not a deterent but itll help you get used to the pain being there ! hope this helps.
lizzie 1 March 10
I agree with Mike. I have dried the ulcers and done everything else but it will only stick to my finger.
Total waste of money, and having to order it and go back, wish I had read these comments first.
Gwen 26 February 10
Hi Morag Marshall,

I brought some iglu just the other day to treat two horror ulcers i have recently got and ever sinse i have had bad headaches. I thought i was just imagining it so have been trying to ignore it but it does hurt. Do you frequently apply it? i use it constantly throughout the day and in quite big doses so maybe this could be the cause?
James 13 January 10
does any one out there get a terrible head ache after using iglu
morag marshall 9 January 10
i used iglu mouth ulcer and i say go back to the drawing board it will not stay on the ulcer sticks like hell on my finger and cotton bud..uter rubbish
mike 26 December 09
For those who found it just sticks to your finger, it's like Orabase - you have to dry the spot a little bit first. It only sticks to dry (ish) cheek/gum/tongue. Try just dabbing with a corner of tissue or cotton bud first to soak up the spit, then put it on.
Kate 10 November 09
It helped whilst it was on, but generally makes my ulcers last longer, and get bigger! I've found this with quite a few treatments, including the Boot's cottonbud sticks. I think they all just aggrevate it rather than heal.
Clare 10 November 09
there is something I use in France, and I think it is very very good, acts like an anesthetic for the gum XYLOCAINE VISQUEUSE Is the name, costs nothing over here, but you need a prescription, some pharmacy will give it to you without.

I discovered this like 1 year ago; tastes like rasberry, doesn't last long, like 20 minutes or 30 minutes, but this is plenty of time to enjoy anything you'd like to eat... or talk ior do anyting.
Doesn't cure it, but gives you moment of freedom with no pain, and you can relax
STEPHANE 10 November 09
it is like wax that sets when it touches heat!
Ellie 24 October 09
ive used it. thought it was brilliant. only thing that really helps me
KElly 16 September 09
I bought Iglu and tried putting it on my sons ulcer and found it impossible too thick and gluey just stuck to my finger so obviously think it is useless.For those with recurring ulcers going gluten free may be worth a try
Chrissy 16 September 09
Hi everyone i am new to this. Just thought that i would say hello to everyone! dont really know what else to say. so bye
turoArguttlag 6 July 09
Hi everyone i am new to this. Just thought that i would say hello to everyone! dont really know what else to say. so bye
turoArguttlag 6 July 09
OK, so I've been using this stuff for a few hours now and I can report: good for being able to eat, the pain is sort of 'isolated' and you can't feel the ulcer rubbing against your teeth. Application can be painful because the substance is quite viscous and 'settles' into its glue form quite quickly. Pretty sure it's really going to help heal me up a LOT quicker too.
Chris 2 May 09
Damn! I just bought some Iglu Gel today for the ridiculous price and have it 'on' my cluster of ulcers now. So far so good to be honest, but I haven't tried eating yet. The pain has been really bad and I think I've lost some weight by not eating as much, which is not good for the aspiring weight lifter!

May report back in a few hours with a personal review.
Chris 1 May 09
I've been using Iglu for a couple of days now, and I am very impressed with it. There is no pain on application, and the waxy covering numbs the pain for around two hours. It is of course most effective on areas of the mouth that don't rub or come into contact with teeth etc, but is none the less better than anything else I have tried.
John 17 April 09
Sorry, mouthwash is called Aloclair, and has no effect
John 14 April 09
I am going to try Iglu now. I have tried Bonjela Once and the Boots version in the past, and although it numbed the pain to a certain extent, it was the most painful experience I have ever felt. My lips also swelled up, which I didn't like. Also, if any of the pink liquid accidentally drops on to your clothing, it bleaches the colour completely! Because of the immense pain, I have been sticking to Boots Sore Mouth Gel, and Bonjela. It would be perfect, if only the numbing would last for more than a few minutes! I have been trying a mouth wash designed for mouth ulcers, from the same section in Boots, but it has little or no effect on pain relief or healing.
John 14 April 09
Just bought some Iglu from the chemist and it's worked really well for me and my mammoth Ulcer (which I have named Norris). Applying it was slightly painful, but then it turned into a protective cover and made it possible to talk without my tooth rubbing it.
Funnily enough, about four days ago I bought the expensive "Bonjela Once" application kit. It was incredibly painful to apply (it made me dribble and my eyes water) and then my lip (like Amanda's above) swelled to the size of a cashew nut. Most painful. Won't go back there again :(
Hurtey Mouth 12 March 09
RE: Amanda,

I had the same experience regarding iglu. My lip swole up straight away and it took about 4 hours to settle down. Took so much longer to heal i wouldnt bother with it again. I use anbesol liquid before meals or when it is too uncomfortable, this does the trick :)
James 11 March 09
I've not tried Iglu as I've not been able to find it.

Although OralMedic is very expensive I gave it a go recently and was very impressed. I had 1 ulcer and as promised it completely stopped the pain and covered the ulcer with a protective layer. Based on that I was very satisfied. A couple of weeks later I developed another ulcer so I used OralMedic again. Not so much success this time though. Initially the pain stopped for 2-3 days, but after the protective layer peeled off and the ulcer was 3 times the size. I re-applied the OralMedic and the same thing happened again. The ulcer is now over a week old and huge.
Damien 3 December 08
Just had one of those 10day-won't go away ulcers. Opted to spend more money than usual on Iglu, and found that the active ingredient (Lidocaine Hydrochloride) was perfect as a short-term measure (ie. in order to assist me in eating, brushing teeth) but the waxy 'cap' was a nightmare to maintain, unless I walked around with my tongue hanging out!
The serious issue here, is that since stopping the treatment, I have suffered head & neck aches, a weepy eye and sporadic numbness of my mouth & lips.
LH is a very powerful drug, and I'm not sure it should be available 'over-the-counter' in the dosage that Iglu provides.
yan 27 November 08
I have tried Iglu gel many, many times now - find that it does stick pretty well to where you put it, but the pain relief could be a lot better. To me. this would be an ideal product if it really numbed the pain as well as providing the protective layer.

I find for me, if I have ulcers around my mouth/under the tounge/back of the throat (all the usual places for me!) that gargling with soluable aspirin is about the best for pain relief - and of course, by far the cheapest!

HOWEVER - most aspirins do contain SLS (which is the ingredient I go out of my way to avoid in toothpaste!) so I am not sure if this is a double edged sword, so to speak ....

Paul C 4 November 08
I found Iglu to be useless, i applied it and the first time it seemed to work, all pain was gone, for a little while, however this product caused my ulcer to increase significantly in size and it also lasted considerably longer. I have binned this product and will never buy again. i constantly suffer from mouth ulcers and have found that a combination of pain killers and Gengigel-a minty flavoured antiseptic gel that aids natural healing (which should be available from your dentist) is the best treatment. Combined also with regular rinsing of corsodol mouthwash.
Hope this helps someone out.
Damn those ulcers, they really are horrible!!!!
Amanda 29 October 08
iglu has been a godsend! ive tried everything from a few foods diet to thalidomide and nothing has worked, iglu dont prevent ulcers so not quite a miracle yet!
it is however soo helpful just putting some on an ulcer in the morning and as it wear away you can get used to the pain of the ulcer and it dont hurt as much!
liz 22 October 08
Have had mouth ulcers for the first time ever and pity those who suffer regularly but was advised to use ANBESOL LIQUID which helped numb the pain greatly. Hope this helps!
Chris 22 October 08
I have three little ulcers on my lower lip and one under my tongue. I can't describe the pain everytime I open my mouth, or take a sip of hot tea, or eating. Finally my younger son advises me to go to Boots to get iglu gel. Bless his heart, I did. And the gel works pretty well. It sticks well on my lower lip but under my tongue is a bit challenging. The pain on my lower lip disappeared almost immediately. But under my tongue the paste didn't stay well, I guess that's because it is hard to keep it dry. I am still quite happy about how well it works.
fnovends 19 October 08
Im using iglu at the mo and its brilliant, its like a second protective skin, and takes away the pain, im sold on it and wont use anything else now. It has a slight taste of peppermint and has a waxy type feel to it.
Julie 15 October 08
I picked up Iglu on recommendation from a work colleague as I currently have two very large mouth ulcers right at the back of my mouth, almost down my throat even. Given the location of the ulcers, applying it is not ideal and it feels and tastes like there's a small lump of grainy wallpaper paste stuck in my throat. It doesn't seem to be doing much for the pain of them either.

I'd say it's probably better for mouth ulcers in easier to reach places.
Zak 15 October 08
Picked some up at first chemist i tried. Think is more widespread now and because the adverts are on the TV. Seemed ok but because my current 'little friend' is on my tongue it didn't really stay put. When I'd finally got it off my finger........
Jenny 2 October 08
Behind the counter in chemists... most supermarkets like Tescos do it too...
Rachel Ray 1 October 08
were can i get this iglu gel from??
anisah 27 September 08
I have found the pain releif from Iglu great its tricky to apply as it is more like a paste but its the only thing i have found that actually takes the pain away
claire 24 September 08
I have just recently tried Iglu - very excited that it would help with a horrible ulcer on my lip (caused by being rather too keen to eat some tasty food - and biting a bit more than I should chew).

My experience was similar to one previously posted - spent more time sticking to my finger than the ulcer!!

Think I will revert to TCP - stings like 'all get out' when you put it on - but the numbing effect is great - just make sure you don't bite the same spot again as you are not as aware it's there ('cos it's numb).

Have now had for over a week (a lot longer than normal) I think it keeps getting aggravated by the lip - am thinking of using vaseline to stop sticking during the night - any other ideas would be great.
Ralph 23 September 08
Hi to all fellow ulcer sufferers, I have just purchased Iglu gel in a desperate help for one very large ulcer I have in the back of my cheek. At first I noticed it was more of a paste than a gel and applying it was a bit tough because of the consistency - but once I managed to apply it to the whole of the ulcer with it, an amazing protective sheet has covered it and stuck onto it - now because my teeth had constant contact to the ulcer causing so my pain, I was not feeling it because the ulcer was now covered - Genius! I can finally smile and talk with out wincing and clutching my cheek in pain!! Also has anyone ever tried Clove Oil? Its very good for numbing the pain - tastes very strong and bitter (and some what like tequila..?) But thats all forgotten once you feeling instant relief (dab a little with a cotton bud)
Rachel Ray 19 September 08
Iglu gel is fine for very small ulcers but for big ones Oral Medic or the Boot's version is an instant cure. I would sell my soul to find the cause -since June 19th I haven't gone a day without an ulcer!
Amanda 11 September 08
Hi, I have had mouth ulcers for about 50 years and am still looking for the miracle treatment. Iglu is not very effective. I have used Adcortyl in Orabase paste for years with limited success but have found out that if I put a layer of Bongela teething gel on first, whilst it doesn't speed up the healing process, it does ease the discomfort. But I would sell my soul for a genuine cure.
Sheila S 09 Sept 08 9 September 08
Hello, just reading up on Iglu and I will be giving it a go as I suffer from recurrent ulcers and have tried pretty much everything else. As I noticed a lot of you have mention that the pain relief from using Iglu isn't great. The one thing I found that does kill the pain by numming it is Lidocaine (prescription only) I thought it worth sharing.
Anna 8 September 08
I am just turnig a corner of having a dreadful bout of mouth Ulcers. Lots of smallish ones all over my tounge,roof of my mouth cheeks and where my wisdom teeth used to be. Have been taking L-Lysine since Sat and doing the Salt Water thing but I'm sure the best thing that's helped me is Frador! Used it as directed and have noticed a huge differnce today. I can actually eat something other than porridge!!
Vicky 27 May 08
How about using Anbesol then a coating of Iglu?
Terry 27 May 08

I must confess, I am somewhat surprised that you say the Iglu gel doesn't stick as it is supposed to. I am quite disappointed in the product too, but not for that reason, as I found it seems to adhere quite well.

My problem comes with the fact that the pain relief is not very good at all - in fact, for me, non existant - it doesn't seem to do anything much for the pain (as it claims to) - which is a shame - if only they could have "upped" the pain reliever, it might have been a very good product.

I currently use (on prescription as slightly cheaper for a bigger tube than the over the counter version) Acortyl in Orabase. Although this doesn't do an awful lot for the pain, applied last thing at night, it seems to speed up the healing process somewhat.

One of the best things (for pain) that I tried was back in the eighties. Oral B made a product called "Dental Gel" - indeed my dentist used it to numb areas of the gum prior to an injection - which is how I got to hear about it.

I was superb stuff - a bit like bonjela in substance, but much, much better at numbing the pain for a long time.

Pity they stopped making this years ago, it was good stuff!
Paul C 25 May 08
I recently purchased Iglu Gel and was very dissapointed. I have suffered with Ulcers for over 10 years to the point i go for weeks not being able to eat solid food. Doctor/ dentist have recommended lots of different treatments, ive tried everything (from herbal remedies in Japan, to the lates products from America) then i heard about Iglu gel and though 'thank god something that sound brill' I have an large ulcer about 1cm round on the back of my toungue at the side, and this supposed 'glue' like substance does NOT stick to it at all. I have even tried sitting with my mouth wide open for about 20 mins trying to let it dry, but 10 mins after closing my mouth I can feeel the layer floating around inside my mouth. the only thing that works for me is letting them run their course. Doctors told me I would grow out of then, but I am starting to highly doubt it!!
Kay 21 May 08
I managed to get Iglu on line, it was not available from the chemists in my area. I was quite excited about it when I read about it in my newspaper, but disappointed when I used it. I do rub anbesol on them before I go to bed, it does help relieve the pain for while, bonjela doesn't seem to work for me. I use Cordysol mouthwash regularly, although too many mouthwashes attack the good bacteria in your mouth as well as the bad so you have to be careful.
Jill 20 May 08
i agree aabesol is great and cost effective and does what is says on the bottle, i have used for ages with no problem
19th may 2008
Margaret (West Yorkshire) 19 May 08
Not tried Iglu yet was gonna give it a go as its new - but is it really worth it??
I've had ulcers for about 10 years now and I've always used liquid anbesol rather than any gels its wellworth trying- it lasts much longer and you can eat as soon as you've put it on - it numbs it instantly for quite a while depending on how big the ulcer is. Its about £3 a bottle in boots and the bottle lasts ages. Have tried most other treatments but the ones that are gels and pastes dont stay on while you eat and thats when I need it numb he most.
Hope this helps
Laura 9 May 08
Yeh, i was going to add that too Nikki. I manage to treat 2 or 3 with one 'dose'. I only use it when i get a really nasty one (or lots at once). It would be too expensive to treat every single ulcer i get but some are bearable and some arn't. If i'm in real pain i use it!!
Emma x 8 May 08

Just thought I'd let you know, I have used Oralmedic and there is a lot of solution in each treatment, so if you have several ulcers at the same time, there is enough liquid in one stick to treat them all during that treatment.

Hope this persuades you to give it a try as it really takes the pain away straight away.

Nikki 8 May 08

I've not tried these personally - simply because of the cost. As you'll know, apart from Boots own, you only get 2 applications per £5.99 pack (Boots own is 3) - if, like me, you get loads of ulcers, then buying this stuff all the time just isn't practical. I guess it's ok if you just get the odd mouth ulcer now and again, but for some of us, the cost plus the fact you only get 2/3 applications per pack rules it out.

Don't get me wrong - I am lucky enough to be able to afford it, if I so chose, but it just isn't practical if you suffer with loads non stop. And I should think lots of people could not afford to keep buying this stuff...

But - glad it works for you. One day, I might try some!

Paul C 7 May 08
You're wasting your time with anything other than oralmedic or boots mouth ulcer treatment (exact name) these both cauterise the ulcer therefore sealing the nerve endings. One treatment stops pain immediately. Try the boots one for yourselves as this is a bit cheaper but just as effective. You'll wish you'd found it yonks ago!
Emma x 6 May 08
Paul, Ive used it and think it works well. I bought it from Chemist Direct for £4.99 - you can get it here http://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/iglu-gel_1_14805.html - well worth a try!
Laura Phillips 6 May 08
I have been using Kamistad Gel from Germany's Stada for 15+ years. It has the same pain-numbing ingredient as Iglu and it works great (much, much better than Bonjela, Rinstead pastels etc) - for mouth ulcers AND tooth aches (basically numb any pain in your mouth - ulcers, gum infections, teeth aches, tonggue bites etc, etc)
Kamistad Gel has been available over the counter in most countries of the world for decades. I do not know why it took so long for a Lidocaine product to come here
I have just orders a couple of tubes of Iglu over the net. The fact it forms a cap over an ulcer makes it seem better for mouth ulcers than Kamistad (which washes away after a few minutes - I find it's OK for 30-60 minutes when it needs reapplying). But maybe it is not so good for general mouth/gum/tongue/teeth aches and pains. I will find out when I get my order of Iglu.
Kamistad comes ina tube with a narrow end like model aeroplane glue. You do not put it on your finger and then onto the ulcer, but use the fine end to apply it directly. I presume the same is true for Iglu - I'll find out soon!

If you ever think about buying Kamistad, note that Google will return mostly German websites, and tha not only are most German websites only in German, but usually don't deliver internationally and almost never accept credit cards! (just bank transfers)

For Your Information: This is an over-the-counter medicide abroad. Even if it were a prescription medicide in the UK it would be legal to buy it from a foreign website and have them post it to the UK for personal usage
Andrew 5 May 08
Just to update this thread as promised, I eventually managed to find some in a Sainsbury's Pharmacy in the end...

I agree with Jon's posting above - whilst it certainly sticks to the ulcer, like the claims say, it does very little in the way of pain relief. Very disappointing. After all, pain relief (as well as helping to heal) is really what us suffers want. Since the manufacturers have come up with this forumla which sticks to the ulcer (not unlike Orabase I thought) it's a pity they seem to have missed the trick with no real effective pain relief.

I will keep trying it, but so far - pretty disappointed!

Regards to all

Paul C 2 May 08
Apart from independent pharmacy, you will be able to get the product from ASDA Pharmacy, Tesco Pharmacy and Sainsbury Pharmacy.
Stuart 1 May 08
The manufacturer got back to me very quickly, which was very nice. Alas, Iglu is designated pharmacy only so I will not be able to sell it from the shop.
Dom Walton 22 April 08
Hi all, I managed to track down this stuff & was very excited to try it out... but I was disappointed. It is ok but not great. The gel covers the ulcer and stays on ok but it didnt really take the pain away for me. I couldnt get through a meal without it becoming totally ineffective.
Jon 21 April 08
Hi Dom

E mail address same as ever, so apologies - never got the mail! Hope u r ok and all going well!

Yeah, the iglu stuff does seem really good - bit of a breakthrough, if it really does stay on the ulcer for quite a while, as has been suggested. As I say. the chemist I have ordered from should have it in about Weds, so I'll try it out and report back then!

Be good to hear if you get any feedback from your enquiries...

Take it easy

Paul C 20 April 08
Hi Paul,

Great to hear from you, I emailed a while back but it bounced back, has your address changed?

I found information about Iglu gel here... http://emc.medicines.org.uk/emc/assets/c/html/DisplayDoc.asp?DocumentID=20777

Here is an excerpt...

"Iglü Gel is strongly mucoadhesive, thereby localising the active ingredients in a depot over the site(s) of application and forming a physical barrier to protect the sensitive and delicate underlying lesion as it heals.

Applied topically to mucous membranes, lidocaine hydrochloride produces rapid, local and superficial anaesthesia which lasts for up to 30 minutes. Its mode of action is to prevent initiation of nerve impulses.

Aminoacridine hydrochloride acts as a broad spectrum antiseptic by disrupting microbial metabolic pathways."

I have contacted whom I believe to be the most appropriate company in the UK, hopefully for further information and to establish availability.
Dom Walton 20 April 08
Nope, sorry - noy yet - the chemist I have ordered it from (the only one that was willing to order it in for me, by the way) said it will be here next Wednesday. So, I'll write an update then - no doubt I'll still have an ulcer or two to try it out on....

Obviously you can order it online from various places (don't think you can currently get it from Dom's (website owners shop here) as yet... However, obviously you pay the p & p - hence why I got in ordered in a chemists - works out cheaper, as the product is no cheaper online.
Paul C 18 April 08
Paul any update... want to know if its worth ordering???
Chase 18 April 08
Well, I have tried just about everywhere (I live in Sussex, UK) and this is very hard to get hold of. Yes, it is supposed to work really well, according to reviews I have read and a 'Daily Mail' article featured this last week with a glowing report.

I have managed to order a tube from a local chemist, which should be here within the week. I will report back once I have tried it. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Anyone used it, in the meantime ?
Paul C 16 April 08
Ive just found out this product exists & in theory it sounds great; acts like a plaster to protect ulcers. Has anyone used it though... does it work?!?
Kate 16 April 08

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Iglu gel... anyone used it??

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